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mall-0-ry · a day ago
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michelletsw · 2 months ago
The first years with overbolts:
Y/n: Time for plan G.
Ace: Don’t you mean plan B?
Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Deuce : What about plan D?
Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Jack: What about plan E?
Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. Sebak dies in plan E.
Ace : plan E sounds nice.
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fuzzybonefluffy · a month ago
Azul said that you behave like a grandmother of first-year students
Azul: gently taps on the table MC/You: taps back Adeuce: what are they doing? Jamil: Morse code Azul: aggressively taps on the table MC/You: slaps on the table TAKE YOUR WORDS BACK-
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kalims · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kiss your best friend,
parts. heartslabyul, savanaclaw, octavinelle, scarabia, pomefiore, diasomnia, rsa
characters. riddle, trey, cater, ace, deuce.
includes. gn reader who can be seen as either yuu or another alternative universe.
cw. kissing? mutual pining, crack.
note. those tiktoks where the bsf is straight outta wattpad /j reminder that the event poll will be closed on sunday ust+
Tumblr media
—ㅤriddle rosehearts
expectedly turns very red.
just stares at you in the most flabbergasted way possible, looks at your lips then snaps his gaze back to your face again and again.
probably is too stunned to speak but when he swallows the bile in his throat, "what in the world are you doing?!" seriously though. he has so many questions.. why, when, what that he wants you so answer ASAP.
in complete denial that you admit to wanting to do it then apologizing if it took him by suprise.
sensing that you feel dejected by his negative reaction he's quick to assure you, in a mixture of shyness and shame he avoids your gaze. "you can't just go around kissing other people so suddenly! urgh.. atleast let me take you to dinner first.."
—ㅤtrey clover
blinks but looks pleased nonetheless.
well he certainly didn't expect that. in the years you've been side by side he had his suspicions that you felt the same but never acted on it.
spares you this handsome, killer smile as he leans in again. trey's quick to adjust to the indirect confession you just did so since you made the first move he supposes its his turn next.
he does applaud you for your bravery. trey doesn't know if he'd ever have the courage to do so if you didn't. "you're quite bold." he chuckles, thoroughly enjoying the tough exterior you put up despite you probably flustered inside.
"mind if I get another taste?" sir this isn't you tasting out bakery treats—
—ㅤcater diamond
consider him shocked for once!
legit paused and recoiled back from your kiss, peck(?), whatever suited you best but you can't blame him! he thought it was like the "oh my god they were roommates thing"
wait a minute it feels like be just got slapped by reality. did you actually just kiss him?!
probably remembering he's still gaping at you he flashes you a rare, seemingly genuine smile. "sooo... what are we now?"
"friends with benefits?" you joke.
"oh. not what I had in kind but that's alright with me!"
"cater i was joking."
—ㅤace trapolla
visible disgust.
even goes as far as to wipe off the kiss wherever you placed your lips on it.
stares at you with a feigned weirded out look but no matter how far 'faking it till' he makes it goes' he's ultimately unable to hide the red ears from you.
if you try to point it out he'll only respond with vigorous shakes and something along the lines of feeling too good for yourself.
^ in serious denial but still wants more.
"that was disgusting.. I'm gonna be sick." ace blanches then fakes a hurl. "—do it again,"
—ㅤdeuce spade
shocked & flustered^tm (I'm too lazy to put the symbol bye)
slowly backs away and grips his mouth (kinda like tamaki at that once scene LOL) while slowly turning pink. not red because red is riddle's thing and no one can do riddle's thing.
is too shy and his mind is going a thousand million miles an hour <- exaggerated cause it's deuce.
the definition of "WTH OMG AKVSJABAJS" + inner crisis mode activated, I knew he was an idia kinnie somewhere deep there
pledges to you that he will be the man in the relationship, the pants, the— insert weird analogies.
loves u know and idk why he's going so fast. would probably not marry anyone else because boy is DEDICATED now.
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drac0nia · a month ago
┈ leona, malleus, ace x reader. lowercase intended. g/n reader. mild swearing. plot convinces ?
Tumblr media
dazed, confused, and somewhat annoyed; waking up from his precious nap, he was met with being shook awake and have been told that his lover's boyfriend is coming over. "the hell y'mean your boyfriend is comin'?" said he, in a husky tone, rubbing the bridge of his nose before realising what your words meant.
he huffed, grabbing your wrist then pulling your body to his; placing most of his body weight on you whilst he cuddles your form. "well tell 'em to cancel and come back tomorrow. i'm gonna keep 'ya busy for another few hours."
amused of how hard you try to somewhat push him in your bathroom all of a sudden; was there surprise waiting for him in there? "whatever do you wish to achieve by moving me to the bathroom, my dear?" he chuckles. you repeat your sentence again before he stood still as a rock after the realisation hit him. boyfriend?
thunder grumbles outside, malleus once so happy, could now be recognised as 'nihilleus'. "i see... well, such an ordeal like this shall not irk me. surely you are just toying my emotions to amuse yourself, no?" the look he gave you and how he held your hand so tenderly was enough to pull on your heartstrings, and stop your little joke on him.
merely scoffs at what you said, he spent enough time on the internet to know what you're doing. frowning at your failed attempt, you pinch his cheeks out of spite. "oi! it's not my fault you're bad at pranks!"
he pushed you on the bed before play fighting with you. in the end, he has both your hands pinned on the bed while he attacks your face with kisses. "go attempt another prank again, i'd looooove to see how you mess that one up." he giggles before smooching you again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 2 months ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#45 Tea 'dates'?
Ridd: We need more help. Maybe I should call my friend Trey: ... You're what? Ridd: My friends. Cart: Is he saying“friend”? Ace: I think he is being sarcastic Deu: No, no, no, this is delirium, they've cracked from being awake all night. Hey, Riddle! All of your friends are in this room! Ridd: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, and I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks!
Tumblr media
Yuu*Getting a call from riddle all of sudden*Hello?Riddle am I late for our afternoon tea?
Trey,Carter,Ace & Deuce:
Tumblr media
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shadyturtlething · a month ago
twst boys as romance cliches/ AUs
Tumblr media
ace trappola - childhood friends to lovers au
okay so he's def the childhood friend who always bullies you
but when anyone else makes fun of you he's like: hey only i can do that
weirdly close. attached at the hip. people would think you were dating if you didnt swear up and down that he was like an annoying little brother to you.
probably practically lives over at your house
laughs at you when you talk about your crushes to mask his disappointment
would prob only confess if one of your crushes actl showed interest in you
so jealous. soo jealous. and the petty kind, too. super clingy when you're actually together,but makes fun of you when you ask for affection
deuce spade - intimidating/delinquent but actually a sweetheart
Ookay while i know he doesnt seem that intimidating. he has that "delinquent switch" or whatever
has a bad rep of delinquency and people tend to avoid him.
has a really intense looking face all the time so people say hes always angry but its really just his rbf
probably got paired up for some sort of charity project or fundraiser.
you'd be scared of him at first but then you realised not only is he seriously passionate about the project he's also a total dork and super cute while he's passionate
once he realizes he likes you he'll be a whole mess around you. it's super obvious but you're gonna have to be the one to confess here..
riddle rosehearts - stuck up honor student / academic rival
you swear with all your might you hate this guy. he's such a wet blanket, so stuck up. when you asked him if he wanted to go to group karaoke, he told you off for breaking some mysterious set of rules and even had the nerve to suggest that you focus on your studies instead of "fooling around". damn him!
you resolved to beat him in the next examinations. when your grades come to a tie, the both of you eye each other with distaste from across the room.
he resents people like you. he thinks you dont take life seriously, seemingly always messing around and yet achieving improbable scores.
that is, until one day, he finds you sprawled out dead asleep in the library at 3 am, hunched over a stack of books because you couldn't get it no matter how hard you studied
for reasons you can't fathom, he offers to tutor you in that subject the next time he runs into you. you accept, though hesitant.
study buddies! you guys often go to a nearby bakery to study. riddle's almost cute when he lights up over the strawberry tart like that...
ruggie bucchi - petty thief au
you catch him red-handed one day when he's trying to sneak your wallet out of your pocket. he runs away ofc, but you somehow manage to catch up to him. somehow.
you demand that he make it up to you. when you realize that he literally cant, you force him to get a job to help you out at your short-staffed workplace.
after learning of his circumstances, you constantly prep food for him to give to his family and the street rats, disguising it as leftovers because they won't accept handouts.
actually...pretty nice to be around despite his constant teasing. he's a hard worker and you find yourself taking him out for frequent dinners in order to thank him for his help and hard work ( are you his sugar daddy???)
mischievous to a fault. teases you about your boyfriend but still lets you cry into his shoulder when he breaks your heart before leaving to beat him to a pulp.
when he catches feels ruggie prob tries to distance himself from you because he thinks there's nothing he can offer you in a relationship
but you're not having that. you chase him down and demand to know what's going on
you end up reassuring him that just being with him is enough for you.
leona kingscholar - royalty au/ scorned second prince
this one's more or less canon anyway the difference is that you're also royalty. the one and only beloved child of a shining empire and thus promised to the crown prince. nevermind that he's way older than you ( set before farena becomes king)
you start living at their castle in preparation for the wedding
leona's the black sheep of the family. the younger brother with awful rumours floating around about him. moody. violent. lazy.
like canon with malleus, you probably meet him in the palace gardens and start hanging out with him without knowing who he is. you just think he's some cocky lion.
quite flirty. takes pride in the fact that he, a second born scoundrel, can make the beloved future spouse of his older brother, who has everything that he doesn't, flush a million shades of pink with just his words. still doesnt tell you who he is.
but after a while, he...genuinely likes hanging around you? you don't mind that he's lazy and cocky and rude? and seem to be fond of him regardless, bringing him little trinkets that reminded you of him
gets more moody everytime you bring up preparations for your wedding but you cant tell why
when you find out who he is, he thinks you'll wanna stop hanging out with him, but you reassure him that that isnt true.
gets possesive. probably leads to an arguement or even a fight over you, but because farena does love his younger brother, he probably lets the too of you get married without much fuss.
causes a huge scandal
you leave the castle with leona, probably. he doesnt need riches and gems when you're right here.
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forgwater · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
extra wedding photos part 5
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choclatecoveredlove · a month ago
can i ask "Your Favorite???" with the first years + ortho (plantonic) please
Yes ofc! I love my first years :) I hope you enjoy!!
( ´ ▿ ` )/ not proof read bc i’m tired and going to bed
Tumblr media
he knows he’s super cool and attractive so ofc you’d like him
and he’s had a partner before so he must be desirable
he’s kind of an ass but you luv him i guess
he’s gonna brag to everyone he knows
especially riddle and deuce
underneath the smugness tho he’s flustered
“ Oh? Can i get a recording of you saying that? I want to rub it in riddles face- would help me win a bet too. Haha.. did you actually mean it? You did? Well of course you did!”
he is spouting gibberish at 100 miles a minute
his brain no longer works, it is mush that is only fueled by love for you
he honestly thinks this is a dream
he dreams about you so it’s not too far off
will stand there for a solid 30 minutes processing the whole conversation
“the- huh- whaaaa- i don’t?? sorry? i think- you’re- huhh??”
wag wag wag
he’s trying not to be obvious about how happy he is to hear you say that
but his tail gives him away
his face is bright red too
he won’t say much because he doesn’t wanna give away his feelings but he does, in fact reciprocate the favoritism
“Oh. That’s … nice of you. Um- Ruggie needed me to do something so I gotta go.”
thinks you’re trying to butter him up for something
he does not appreciate being used >:(
if you perhaps mean what you say he’ll be really pleased
cause he thinks you’re pretty swell too
he’s not super cheesy but he will tell you he cares about you
“ Are ya messing with me? You better not be. Well that’s all well and good ‘cause you happen to be one a my favorite people too.”
he thinks youre so sweet to say that!!
he’s never had anyone to say that too him before (except idia ofc)
he really loves that his second favorite big sibling said that to him
because of the sweet gesture you made saying it to him he makes sure he does a nice gesture for you
the nice gesture comes in the for of a gaming console so you and him and idia can all play together even if you’re not in the same room
“ That is very kind of you to say prefect! It truly means a lot coming from you. I would like you to know that you’re my favorite person too, other than Idia of course.”
he’s mad at you
malleus is supposed to be your favorite!!
he’s also extremely embarrassed and flattered
he’ll never tell you that though
it’s kinda obvious if you look at his face though
it is bright red and he is sweating profusely
“WHA- Human!! You can’t just say things like that out of nowhere! Especially incorrect things!! Malleus-sama is your favorite person! Silence!! I’m not blushing!”
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t4twst · a month ago
TWST cuddle hcs!!!
Part 1: ♡♤♧◇Heartslabyul◇♧♤♡
Part 2: Savanaclaw and Octanivelle
Riddle Rosehearts
Oh hes SO apprehensive at first
If you're not romantically involved already, he will absolutely freak out at physical affection like that
But even when you ARE together, it takes a while for him to get used to physical affection
But one night, late into a pre-exam study session, he finds his head drawn to your shoulder
You drag him to bed, where the two of you fall asleep surrounded by papers
He's surprisingly nice to cuddle with. He's cozy and he smells like rosebud tea.
He finds comfort in your arms that night and some nights after, but he also enjoys bringing you similar comforts
He likes hearing your heartbeat when you hold each other.
Trey Clover
He is warm and strong and he smells like nice cologne and powdered sugar and it's so perfect to rest with your head on his chest
Trey is often affectionate, but this kind of physical affection is limited to his romantic partners
Oh he is so good to cuddle
He likes to play with your hair while he holds you, sometimes kissing the top of your head.
Sometimes he sneaks cookies into his room so that the two of you can snack, cuddle, and watch a movie or a show the two of you like
Cater Diamond
He's a fun cuddle buddy
Like. Hes good to watch smthn with
The two of you with a movie on (I feel like Cater would put on Mamma Mia)
When you kiss him his lips taste like strawberry chapstick
He likes it when you rest your head in his lap. And his sheets are sooooo cozy it's great
He likes casual affection and will dramatically drape himself across your lap sometimes
But sometimes Cater really just needs to be held, one of your hands stroking through his soft ginger hair
Sometimes he needs to fall asleep with one hand on your wrist so that he can feel your pulse, know you are still here
He is so happy to have you on those nights
Ace Trappola
This fucker leans in to start cuddling you and then starts tickling you I know it
Chronic sheets hog
He is warm though
And kinda peaceful when hes asleep
And maybe it's a liiiiittle nice when he hold you like yr a teddy bear
Maybe it's okay when he wakes up and you almost catch him staring at you
He almost says you looked pretty
You kiss the smudged heart on his eye and his face turns red enough to match it
Deuce Spade
Hes so nervy oh my god
Hes very cozy when you get to it
But hes practically shaking having someone he likes snuggled up to him
He likes it when you play with his hair, the same way he likes playing with yours
He enjoys being the big spoon. He likes feeling like he can protect you
Sometimes he enjoys being the little spoon too. He thinks you're so radiant that he loves being in your arms
Bonus Adeuce
Yall will be watching a movie and inching closer and closer until you all end up squished together
Ace will whine about his leg falling asleep but he likes being cuddled up with both of you
Deuce is exhausted and comfy. This is heaven
Sometimes yall take turns for who gets the middle spot
Ace and Deuce both would do anything to be cozied up between both of their partners
You never finish the movie, often falling asleep or distracted by something theyve got going on
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prince-rukatinaka · 15 days ago
The one thing he won't ever stop doing, even if you tell him to
(1) Twisted Wonderland Masterlist
The one thing he won't ever stop doing, even if you tell him to #2
Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Ruggie Bucchi, Azul Ashengrotto x gn! reader
This just randomly appeared in my head I have ideas for Kalim, Epel, Rook, Idia, Lilia, Malleus and Sebek as well...sooooo yknow what to do if you're interested *wink wink*
Ace Trappola won't ever stop mocking and teasing you.
Oddly enough, there are two types of people he just can't stop being an ass to; people he can't stand and people he loves, like friends and family. Now, you are his lover, his partner. There is no way you could ever escape that shit eating grin of his as he pulls out yet another dumb phrase to get your blood boiling. Beware of his lies: he will promise he will stop if you take away his touch privileges as revenge (hugs, kisses, cuddles, ect.), but it will start all over again once the next day arrives. Until then you can enjoy a well behaved Ace cuddling up to you, as if he's the goodiest goody out there.
Deuce Spade won't ever stop showing how much he improved from his delinquent days to you.
No matter if you knew him when he was a delinquent or not, you know of his former life style, so he wants to prove to you how good of a guy he is either way. A guy who treats his lover with respect, a guy who protects his lover from any danger, a guy who helps out his lover, no matter how small the problem seems to be. He wants to prove that he is worth your time, attention, your love and affection. It becomes such a habit over time, that he simply cannot stop doing it. Even if he manages not to openly show it, he will continue doing it in his head.
Ruggie Bucchi won't ever stop stealing food from you.
You're not eating faster than usual, he is sneaking little bites from your plate when you're not looking. Sometimes he even does the good old "Hey, look over there!" and takes a bite from the pastry you're holding, while you're busy looking for the not existing something. This isn't even about him being hungry and not having enough food, it's more about annoying you. He is not above guilt tripping you into giving him your food, but he will pay you back one way or another. To him, this is a kind of fun thing to do. And honestly, he thinks you look gorgeous when you give him that side glare whenever you catch him. A pretty convincing reason not to stop.
Azul Ashengrotto won't ever stop trying to look the absolute best for you.
You can be the messiest, most unkept person on earth and he will still believe if he regains the tiniest trait similar to his past self, you will think of him differently. He wants to be your number one in every category. Especially in the early stages of your relationship, he was extremely nervous around you. If one strand of his hair wasn't laying right, he was panicking, and kept fixing himself, hoping you wouldn't notice. It's better now, but he's still anxious whenever he gets ready to meet up with you. He doesn't think it will ever completely go away, and he honestly doesn't want it to just vanish. To him it's one way to prove that he truly cares for you and how you think of him.
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allium-snails · 20 days ago
Love Gardener
MC opens their arms after a long day and says "I need love and affection." Their S/O happily obliges.
Heartslabyul Edition-
Tumblr media
Boy is shy af
Once the question fully leaves your lips he turns scarlet
You thought he was angry at you for asking such a "insolent" question and was about to leave when he grabbed your wrist
He stuttered out, "I-I would like t-that very much."
Smiling you lead him over to the bed, lay down and pat your chest, signaling him to lay down as well
Shakily he sat down, and laid his head on the spot you were patting
Shy boy quickly turns into emotional boy
He's never experienced affection quite like cuddling
(Mother Rosehearts is awoman of high class, she can't be seen being affection, even to her own flesh and blood)
He cries softly into your shoulder whilst you pet his hair and whisper sweet nothings to him
Eventually he falls asleep from crying so much ❤️‍🩹
"*sniff*Mother...*sniff* why?"
Ace Trappola:
Oooh boi
Now listen Ace, while very physical affectionate, is a tsundere
With that comes his denial of liking any physical affection
You could be straight up hugging him like a koala to it's tree and he would say, "You're so needy all the time, give me some space."
Then 5 minutes after giving him said space he goes,"..I actually liked that could you do that again?"
This mf-
But anyway, once you ask him for some much needed cuddles he "reluctantly" agrees
On the inside however
He's doing the f-ing Carleton
He stoked to hear that you want to be so close to him ❤
"Huh? You want t-to cuddle? F-fine, but don't be surprised when I take all the blankets."
Deuce Spade:
Mans is both excited and scared
More accurately, a nervous wreck
He's never been this close to with anyone besides his mom
(Deuce 100% would cuddle with his mom when he was a little kid)
Being so close is a new experience for him
However he was determined to learn
When you guys went to cuddle his shoulders became as stiff as rocks, face bright pink, and heartbeat about to jump out of his chest
You tried petting the top of his head to calm him down a bit but that just made him more tense
So you just decided the best course of action was to lay on his chest
Don't ask him about his heartbeat, because he's just gonna turn into a stuttering mess💙
"My heartbeat? I- uhm, it's just that- uhm"
Trey Clover:
Mans is too sweet
The moment those words leave your lips he stops everything
(Which made you a little scared that he was upset at you)
He looks over at you with the sweetest, most adoring gaze and says
"Of course darling, just let me finish making these sweets for the unbirthday party and I'll cuddle you for however long you need."
Once he finishes up he carries over to his room and attacks you with his love
Like legitimately bombs you with kisses and hugs and IT'S TOO MUCH
"You know you can for cuddles anytime. All you to do is just ask."
Cater Diamond:
My boy here is exploding both on the inside and the outside
Long story short, he's all over you oon the outside and completely panicking on the inside
To be quite honest with you I don't think Cater is quite used to tons of affection
He probably isn't even that touchy of a person tbh
But when it comes to you
He just melts into your arms
All he wants is to lay his head on your tummy and listen to the sounds of your heartbeat and gurgling of your stomach
He also doesn't want this to ever end so let's hope you went pee before bed🧡
"What are doing babe? Stay with me, it gets cold without you here."
Hello everyone! No I am not dead, just trying recover after some serious burnout. Sorry I didn't tell y'all about it but I'm back and I'm hopefully gonna start making posts more. I plan on making a masterlist to both introduce people to me and my blog but also make it easier for people to find whatever the heck work of mine they want to read. I have something pretty big coming in the very soon future that I'm very excited about and I hope you all are as well. Anyway, thank you for reading this end part rant and I hope you all have an amazing day.
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fuzzybonefluffy · a month ago
Adeuce&Grim: Kicks the door down looking panicked MC/Yuu/You: What did you do? Adeuce&Grim: Nobody died! MC/Yuu/You: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT???
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kalims · 4 months ago
<- 1 2 extra
high school otome au
includes: epel felmier, ace trapolla, deuce spade, jamil viper, leona kingscholar, riddle rosehearts, malleus draconia, jade leech, floyd leech, silver, neige leblanche, ???.
warnings: set in another universe, some things are canon to the original twst timeline but not all, gender neutral reader, pretend we are smart.
usually I don't go past 8 characters for twst but this will be an exception. anyways what the fuck am I doing in my life LOL
Tumblr media
✦ you — the new transfer student whose on a scholarship personally assigned by crowley himself. your presence alone strikes great curiosity to students. but when you're clearly surrounded by many guys full of different, colorful reputations they don't suppose they have a chance to become your freind. or another?
✦ riddle rosehearts — the student council president who seems to terrify every other student. he's strict, he's an honor student, he has authority, he's riddle rosehearts. the one student that gets classrooms running to fix themselves and since you were new you weren't spared the mercy when he caught you snacking on a pair of tarts in the middle of a class, promptly demanding you come with him as the class sends you mental prayers. you learn he's quite lonely when you see him sit by himself in lunch, his other friend named trey seemed to be absent. he looks suprised when you sit next to him and offer him a tart. the conversation goes smoothly, people stare when he butters up. and now you're given more passes to some rule breaches compared to other students.
✦ epel felmier — your childhood sweetheart. you've known epel ever since you were in diapers, both your mothers are great friends and teases you both about marriage to each other. it became more clear and embarrassing the more you grow up. it's a nice thought really but with all your studies going on, you don't suppose you have the time to date. one day epel starts complaining about how his new upperclassmen moaned about beauty and his 'soft face' you merely laugh and tell him that you'd always be glad to see him as 'your man' (did you miss his red face, or his hopeful eyes?)
✦ jamil viper — a junior whose a regular on the basketball team. you officially meet jamil when trein had him volunteer into tutoring you, you die a little on the inside when you see the look on his face. it's stoic, and relaxes but you can't can't but see that there's a rageful storm behind his eyes. he doesn't talk much, but when he does his voice was so beautiful that you can't help but blurt out that it is. he looks scandalized, and shocked. as if no one ever told him so. he closes his eyes and hopes you don't hear his heart beating loudly. for once he hopes that the gods will give him a chance to have this one thing. (if you ask he'll never introduce you to kalim)
✦ ace trapolla — your roommate, he's apart of the basketball team. crowley had graciously given you an apartment to stay in. it's rather old, definitely dusty compared to the other dorms but it definitely works. you're only slightly upset when he tells you that you're to dorm with two other people. it's dead in the night when the door abruptly slams open, you grab a broom to defend yourself in case it's am intruder and shove it forward when you hear a creak. it hits a boy with a sweaty forehead and the familiar basketball uniform. you apologize profusely when he mumbles about you being the new roommate.
✦ deuce spade — your other roommate. other than ace he's apparently striving to be an honor student like the council president. you learn that he has a mother than he so dearly loves that he'd be easily labeled as 'mommy's boy' and his aggressive, delinquent side comes out when a bunch of jocks bumps into the both of you coming from a trip to the local store for some eggs. the collision makes them fall and break, when the jocks laugh deuce starts clenching his fist so hard that you can see me veins behind it... aaand he socks one of them in the face. (too bad he looks even more upset when he learns they weren't fertilized.)
✦ leona kingscholar — a player who ever rarely appears in class, you only actually see him whenever there's soccer tournaments held. he's unsurprisingly arrogant, a trait you knew to expect when it comes to athletes. he told you he'd take your teeth if you didn't apologize after accidentally trampling his sandwich. for the next following weeks he makes you run around as his errand runner and you've no choice but to comply lest he actually takes a tooth. now you're basically a few months after meeting him he just starts approaching you in the middle of a game and asks "well? did I do good?" the crowd watches in amazement when he doesn't leave immediately (to probably go nap back at his dormitory as he usually does.)
✦ malleus draconia — a mysterious man you meet in the park you tend to relax in. it's abandoned, rather eery but all the well comforting. apparently you're not the only one who found it. malleus is a tall guy, he's easy to spot in broad daylight, and hard to discern when it's in the middle of the night. he blends in with the shadows easily but it's like he's meant to thrive in the sunlight. you both eventually end up sitting on a bench together, not saying anything. the silence is enough to comfort both of you. you're pleasantly suprised when you see him in school the very next day, confused when everyone scatters when you walk in the hallways. half aware of the tall guy following closely behind you with a happy smile.
✦ jade leech — the guy whom you believed to be your one true love, you never really approached him. only casting aside fleeting looks. he's tall, a gentleman, knows how to cook, and a beautiful face. well you've only come to know that he's apparently sadistic when he's led you on many times before treating you horribly. you witnessed him dump you without any regard and leave you heartbroken. you're not happy when he displays a sudden interest in you once again. does he really think a bunch of flowers (your favorite) is gonna make you all good again?
✦ floyd leech — the brother of your ex-boyfriend. he knows of your feelings and uses it for his own entertainment, usually like threatening to expose your feelings whenever he feels like it. he's hands down one of the most terrifying guys on the campus, his tendency to have moods makes him greatly feared. there's more and more menacing rumors about him but it's strange because you never really see him angry anymore. (the students itch to tell you that floyd responds positively to your presence and any trces leading to his angry mood completely disappears.)
✦ silver — a junior whose on the horse riding club. you muse that he resembles somewhat a disney princess, he's beautiful, the animals come scurrying to him whenever he sleeps, and everything he does is like the forces of nature itself shift to make himself look more ethereal than he already is. he's quiet, a little intimidating on the front since he looks quite strong. but you realize it's not really true when you see him shyly present you a flower as you both laid on the grass side by side. the moment is interrupted by a green haired boy who starts screaming about club activities.
✦ neige leblanche — a flowery boy from the rivaling school full of honorary, righteous students. neige is a celebrity, you never really expected to meet him not befreind him at all. true to the rumors, he really is a good natured, pure hearted boy who wishes nothing but the best for others. including you, but you're once again. still unkownst to the fact that he believes that there is nothing that might ever reach your greatness. he thinks that no one could ever be good enough to have you.. but alas, he can't really say that when he hasn't met everyone. the least he can think of is himself..
✦ ??? — he witnesses. he was always the second choice, you already have a best freind, epel. so he can't assume the position of yours when you already have one. he's witnessed and witnessed, boys falling for you left and right when you're so oblivious to some of their feelings. you're so lovely, so charming, so beautiful. you're so perfect that he wants to make sure that you're nothing less. he wonders when you'll finally notice him when everyone else never intentionally, or unintentionally ignored his presence. they're full of envy, admiration and lots of else but you have no idea who he is, and he will make sure you do, he will make sure you know what he is capable of, what lengths he's going to do for you, and what he will do with you.
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Can I request first years reaction headcanons to a spell gone wrong and now Mc is stuck in a wall. Front half on one end and back end on the opposite side
Stuck In a Wall - First Years
Laughs at you.
Is like- "Oh Crap!", but laughs at how funny the situation is.
Takes a photo.
Tries to undo it and starts to panic when he can't.
"Well, uh, I guess you're stuck there for a bit longer.."
Tries to get Deuce to help but it's not working and Ace does not know what to do.
Considers getting a teacher, but really doesn't want to get scolded, so opts for Cater instead.
Begs him not to tell Riddle.
Oh no! Are you okay? Feels bad.
Is sorry for getting you stuck in the wall and really thought that he was ready to try out the spell he learned.
Also freaks out.
Tries doing other spells to reverse it but nothing is working and it's getting worse somehow.
Deuce doesn't want to cause further damage to you or the wall, so he actually gets a teacher. While he got scolded, he knows that he deserved it for getting you stuck.
Apologises to you and promises to not use you like that again unless he's tried it on himself or Ace first.
OOPS! Is a bit more calm about it.
Are you okay?
The wall isn't squeezing you, right?
You aren't getting crushed right?
Tries to tug you out.
Stops trying when you yell "OW" for the 30th time.
Doesn't try to reverse it himself and gets a teacher immediately afterwards.
Apologises for getting you stuck.
Oh fuck fuck fuck!!!! Is panicking that he got you stuck in a wall.
Also tries to tug you out of the wall.
He didn't chop you in half right????
Tries using other magic to reverse it.
Considers giving you a potion to turn you into a liquid, but scratches the idea because he doesn't know the potion or spell to turn you back.
If Rook pops up, he'll ask Rook, but if not, Epel will get a teacher.
Gives you apple juice that his mom just sent him as an apology.
He is so loud, the bloody wall shook.
"Could you stop yelling before a painting chops my head off?"
Apologises over and over while creating spells to get you out of the wall.
Won't tug you.
Gets Silver if he's around but will usually opt for a teacher.
Continues to apologise to you.
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luxthestrange · 2 months ago
TWST!Memes #25
Tumblr media
Everytime they come into class...
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mymainwastoocluttered · 27 days ago
Basketball Club's Camping Cuddles
Coach Vargas said the tents can hold one or two students, but how about two and (technically) a half student?
NOTE: I only write for female reader, but everyone is welcome to read it!
Poly Relationships between club members (Character/Reader/Character)
Ace is a brat, Floyd is a biter. Jamil is pretty.
Maybe part one of a series? Maybe not?
— (っ˘▽˘)(˘▽˘)˘▽˘ς)
— Jamil/Reader/Floyd
Jamil has no idea how this has become his life (that's a lie, he absolutely knows), but trying to fluff pillows with almost two meters of eel trying to lay on his lap like an extremely oversized dog is not how he imagined his life going... Not that he is complaining. Much. Floyd's loopy smiles and soft bites to his waist are very endearing.
"Aww, look at you two~"
And here comes the third member of their odd trio, the one that somehow managed to bring all of them together. It had been quite the rollercoaster of feelings and misunderstandings, what with Jamil's denial, Floyd's obliviousness and (Y/N)'s stubborness. They all cried at least once during their Relationship Talk™ (™ courtesy of their girlfriend). Grim woke up to the three of them cuddling on the run down couch of Ramshackle Dorm, and Jamil learned the hard way that Floyd running and Floyd flying are practically synonyms when he panicked over being late to make Kalim's breakfast.
And that eels can run very well carrying two people and a cat in their arms.
"Not so loud," Jamil whisper-yells, shoving a pillow on Floyd's face, knowing that won't stop his boyfriend anyways. "She's not supposed to be here, remember?"
"If she's not supposed to be here, why you fluffing her pillow, Sea Snake~?" Jamil can't see it, but he knows Floyd has his toothy grin on show. "And the spare blanket in your bag-"
"Aww, Jamil" (Y/N) coos, closing the tent behind her and kneeling near them. She leans forwards and he gladly takes the greeting kiss offered. "It's a good thing Vargas made me and Grim sleep on a tent outside, it's easier to sneak out."
"You could've been in danger, though," he watches as his girlfriend takes the pillow from his hands and places it down, kissing Floyd softly, the eel giggling in happiness.
"Considering I'm under Crowley's 'care', danger has become an old friend."
"I'll gladly squeeze him for ya, Shrimpy!"
"Maybe in the future. Right now, I just wanna cuddle with my boys."
Thankfully, the eel doesn't feel like being a brat tonight, so other than demanding goodnight kisses from both of them, he goes to bed willingly. Floyd's kisses are always electric, alluring, dangerous, and funnily enough, the viper is the one attracted to that sweet poison. (Y/N)'s kisses are gentler, kinder, firmer, ensuring him that everything is alright and he is safe.
"Where did you leave Grim?" he asks, because he knows best than anyone what she would never leave her furry companion to face any danger.
"I left Grim with Ace, to help him stay awake and keep his mouth shut."
Floyd giggles again, pulling her down to lay where their makeshift beds meet, her back pressed against his chest. Jamil takes his place on the other side of their girlfriend, covering them with the blankets to stop the chilly mountain air to get to them. His face finds the crook of her neck, her and Floyd's arms find his waist.
Glued together, they sleep.
— (っ˘▽˘)(˘▽˘)˘▽˘ς)
— Jamil/Reader/Ace
"You are the most infuriating person I've ever had the displeasure of meeting and I have to teach Kalim basic decency every single day."
"You wanna kiss me so bad, it makes you look stupid~"
Ace laughs when Jamil groans, enjoying the annoyed but still helplessly endeared expression on his pretty face. Seven, Jamil is so pretty, it's unfair. If Ace were a little less confident (cocky, Jamil would correct him if he could read minds), Ace would be wondering how the hell did he score someone like that.
But, then again, Ace managed to score (Y/N) too, and the Housewarden of Ramshackle is the biggest catch in the whole school.
Speaking of her.
"Floyd is having so much fun scaring the fairies, I feel a little bad for them."
"The more entertained he is, the less headache for us," Jamil promptly answers, offering her one of his rare soft smiles.
He unfairly gets the first greeting kiss, but Ace is always ready to upstage anyone. When she turns to him, he cups her face and kisses her deeply, practically pulling her to his lap. She's blushing cutely when they separate, and the redhead can only pretend he isn't just as red despite being the one to start it.
"We're here to sleep, not make out."
"Again, Jams, if you want a kiss, just kiss me, no need to play tsundere~"
Much to his surprise, the Vice Housewarden does exactly that, grabbing the first year's jacket and tugging him forward until their lips meet.
Jamil's kisses are warm, scalding even, they taste of spice and whispers, they make Ace's heart speed up and his lips tingle. Ace barely has any time to breath before he's being brought to another kiss, this time with their girlfriend. Her kisses are lukewarm, like before bed tea, sweet and fluffy like a dream, making his heart slow in a satisfied hum.
Next thing he knows, they're all cuddling together under the covers, enjoying the closeness they rarely are able to enjoy at school.
— (っ˘▽˘)(˘▽˘)˘▽˘ς)
— Floyd/Reader/Ace
"Don't bite me!"
"But you're soooo soft~"
Floyd giggles when Crabby glares at him, his big eyes and blushing cheeks making him look like a pouting little crab. Makes him want to bite his Crabby even more, and squeeze him real good.
"You guys are biting and no one called me?"
"Shhh, not so loud. Jamil may not care, but the others might," Shrimp scolds him, but her smile and the playful boop to his nose contradict her words. She's so soft and pretty, he wants to bite her.
So he does. And she answers with a cute little squeal and giggle, gently biting him back. No matter how many times he assures her that he can take her bites, what with her flat teeth and weak human jaw, she still insists on being gentle. Someone so delicate treating him so delicately is so fun to see~
In contrast, Crab has no problem sinking his teeth on Floyd's shoulder, trying his best to leave a mark as dark as Floyd usually leaves on them. Luckily for him, Floyd's human form has softer skin than his merfolk form, and he manages to leave a big purple bruise. So fun, he is so fun~
"Now, let's to sleep! Coach Lob– Vargas is going to wake us up really early tomorrow."
Floyd giggles at her slip up, not resisting the sudden urge to kiss her pretty lips. He has never resisted that urge, anyway. Her kisses always start a bit shy, but soon enough she's biting his lips back and running her nails up and down his neck, going from a helpless Shrimpy to a treacherous Siren.
"I'm feeling like a third wheel here," Crabby complains, arms crossed. Azul likes to say Floyd is a brat, but he has never seen this side of Crabby, and he shall never see it if the merman has any say on it.
Instead of answering, the eel breaks the kiss with their girlfriend and kisses the complaining crab. Kisses with Crabby are fun too, starting with the redhead trying to dominate Floyd the best he can, full of determination and rebellion. He has yet to win, though, for Floyd enjoys making him give in and melt, becoming docile like an anemone.
The night goes by far too quickly, if you ask Floyd. One moment they're all laughing under the blankets, exchanging kisses and bites, the next Coach Lobster is waking them up with his annoying loud voice.
Floyd has a sudden urge to have lobster for breakfast.
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