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Deuce: Azul-senpai, what did Yuu have that attracted you?
Azul: So many things. Their quirks, kindness, smile and especially their BODY.
Deuce: R-Really?
Yuu: Relax. We're the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alright everyone pose for a picture and give a Happy Halloween! 🎃✨
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kenchann · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
idia and his 50-attack stick i love this event already lol
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TWST Incorrect quotes#162 Otakus
Idia: I hate when girls/boys/NonB ESPECIALLY my partner think that we're gonna leave them all the time-"Oh your gonna leave me because I'm not good enough!~"
Idia*Starring into the camera with a blank face*PREFECT IM LUCKY I EVEN GOT YOU!-What do you mean? I AM BUILT LIKE A TWIG!! I LOOK LIKE EVERY BASIC WHITE BOY WITH BLUE HAIR!! you are probably gonna be the first and last lover I have!
Idia: I'm hideous, I appreciate that you have enough confidence in me that you think I can pull another girl/boy/NB but I really cant*Drinks energy drink like it 'alcohol'*You are stuck with me cause there no way
Idia: nobody's gonna be lined up at my door like "I wanna date him" I don't even know how you put up with me half the time, I'm lucky you even looked in my direction-WHAT YOU MEAN IM ABOUT TO LEAVE YOU? WHERE AM I ABOUT TO GO?WALMART?
Tumblr media
In the Devildom, House of lamentation
Levi*In the other end of the camera*I KNOW RIGHT!?!
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Tumblr media
a beautiful family 😌
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Hi! If that's okay could i request the first years reacting to the MC being liked by Lucius? Like, every time they got class the cat hops off Trein's lap to go snuggle with them and Trein just lets them? (Ofc as long as they're doing their work n all but still)
Lucius' second favorite human.
❥ ⌗ characters: Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier, Sebek Zigvolt.
❥ ⌗ tags: crack/fluff, romantic not specified if it's an established relationship or mutual pining, mentions of jealousy but it's funny, not proofread, kinda Ace and Sebek slander but its ok cuz i love them
❥ ⌗ a/n: written from the perspective of a cat owner!
Tumblr media
Ace is jealous.
Constantly bothers you about how annoying Lucius is and how he approaches you because you're just as annoying or something like that. It's stupid I know. But he lowkey wishes Lucius liked him too.
Not because he likes cats. I mean, Ace can stand them, but in reality this idiot just wants to brag about professor Trein's infamous cat liking him too. And also he wishes you gave him attention too in class, since Ace constantly bothers you and tries to talk to you, but you tell him to shut up and pay attention and he just goes angry cat mode.
His nagging gets worse whenever Lucius is in your lap.
Tumblr media
Deuce is also jealous, but he's not an stupid idiot like Ace <3 (affectionate)
He goes all 'pspspsps c'mon kitty…' but is instantly rejected by the cat who is totally ignoring him.
Constantly asks you tips about how to approach a cat, since he gets a bit scared of… scaring it. He thinks it's his fault Lucius doesn't like him, animals were scared of him back then anyways…
He takes it so seriously like please Lucius is just mean please.
Tumblr media
Jack is… uncomfortable. A bit.
He assumes you might just attract animals since this is unusual behaviour from Lucius, does this… also affect him?
He wishes you would also pet him, you WILL never know. He hates being jealous of a cat and he knows you would gladly rub his ears if he asked… but he's not going to ask. That's one of the reasons he feels slightly uncomfortable.
The other reason is obvious, I don't think I have to say it.
Tumblr media
I don't think Epel is a huge fan of cats, he can stand them, but I personally think he's more of a dogboy.
He just thinks seeing you with Lucius is cute, and doesn't mind a lot. Has tried to pet him before and almost got scratched… so he personally does not like Lucius, and sometimes worries about him absolutely betraying your trust because cats are just like that (from a cat owner)
In general, Epel doesn't think much about it.
Tumblr media
Sebek has been attacked by Lucius multiple times, deserved.
He's everything a cat hates, he's loud and doesn't know how to deal with a cat.
To make it even worse he goes all THIS THING WILL DISTRACT YOU when Lucius is around like the theatre kid he is, grabs Lucius and gets instantly attacked.
After a while he reluctantly accepts that his efforts for separating this cat from you are completely useless.
Sebek doesn't completely hate Lucius, but it's just… ok let's admit it he's jealous. He's physically mentally spiritually unable to admit he's jealous but it's just so obvious he doesn't like it too much when you're paying attention because of that dumb cat! Now he will have to help you re-study because you were focused on the cat— no, it doesn't matter if you were paying attention, m-maybe you missed something, so he's the only one capable of helping you!
Tumblr media
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you get lost while visiting the mall with him. 
part two / part three
— warnings: cursing (ace), joking threats (ruggie, ace)
— characters: jade, leona, kalim, jack, ace + ruggie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Your (e/c) eyes opened to the morning light filtering through the blinds. A small yawn escaped you lips as you tried to sit up.
Though soon you realized a problem. Leona, your ever so lazy boyfriend had a death grip on you. Try as you must, his muscles tried harder.
He had wrapped his arms around your waist, while his legs tangled with yours. It did not help that his tail was also surrounding you.
You shifted, but nothing happened.
“L-e-o-n-a, I need to get up,” you groaned out.
His ears twitched but he remained asleep. 
“I need to pee!” you cried out, squirming more violently. He responded by gripping you tighter.
“Not my problem, herbivore...” he grumbled out. “Just go back to sleep,”
“It so it your problem when I wet the bed!” he promptly ignored you. In which you groaned with displeasure.
Damn him and his impossibly hot muscles! 
You had only one thing to try. You leaned up innocently, seemly going to cuddle him. He relaxed. His fatal mistake!
You bit his ear.
He yowled as he scrambled up. You took the chance to bolt up and out of the room. After all, nature was calling.
“DAMMIT (Y/N)!” he yelled. H
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Hi! If you write for Twisted Wonderland, Can I request corruption kink with Vil??
I've been wrecking my brain for inspiration for this when it finally hit me today.
Pairing: Vil Schoenheit x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, cum eating, praise, degradation, creampie, semi-public sex, classroom sex
Word count: 1k
A/N: It's always the Reader getting corrupted, this time it's reversed.
Tumblr media
Normally Vil asked you to stay longer in order to study. He liked study sessions with you, it was quiet and he had such a pretty sight to look at. Well it might have been a little distracting for him but the two of you always managed to get work done.
It was already past noon when Vil pressed you against the glass window, one hand on your hip, holding your skirt up and the other pressing into your shoulder, the combined grips keeping you in place as he thrust his hard cock into you.
"Are you sure... ah... no one's going to come in?" Vil chuckled behind you, pulling you harder onto his cock. "Well other than you." As embarrassed as you were you couldn't keep the need out of your voice.
It only seemed to stoke the fire and drive from Vil, evident in the way his cock pulsed and throbbed as he pulled out and settled back in, stopping for a few seconds. While a part of you was grateful for a little breather there was another much hornier part of you that wanted him to get on with it.
"Don't worry darling, I'm not done with you yet. Just waiting for the two students down there to pass. If you're quiet they might not notice their star student being a complete cock slut." In order to test your resolve he jolted his hips, surprising you, making you let out a loud whimper. "I wouldn't have even dreamt of fucking you here. But you... I guess you bring out this side of me. You made me imperfect. With your lovely smile, your charm and your wit, your kisses and affection. And gods your cunt."
His hand left your shoulder and intertwined on top your own, lacing your fingers together, pressing it further into the glass as he starts to hammer his hips into yours.
You take a deep breath, trying to clear your head but all you could do was to press back into him, which only made him go harder, blurring your thoughts with pleasure and a slight sting of pain as your knees start to give out beneath his thrusts.
"You're the one who started jerking off in the middle of the study session. Don't pin this on me." Not that you were really complaining about it. Your cunt felt too good for that.
"And who crawled towards me on all fours hm? Who encouraged me to keep going? To lock the door and take my pants off? Who moaned and moaned, choking on my cock? You. All you my love. The things I want to do to you, the things you put in my head, the ways I want to use and please this tight, pretty hole of yours. I can't... I can't think right anymore. I don't care if anyone sees us, sees me fucking you. I'd keep fucking you. It's all you. So you better take responsibility for making me this way." You could hear the clear strain in Vil's voice, a little sound, almost like a whimper.
You arched your back and turned your head towards him, "I do don't I?" You purposely made your walls clench and flutter around him, right around his tip. "How's this, my Prince? Your cock seems to like it."
He always likes it. At first he was a little reserved in showing it but over time he became more and more open with his desires, initiating sex more often than not and going for a very long time, sometimes resulting in the two of you having to skip the first class because you wanted to nap and snuggle.
"Trying to get me to come again? You're already dripping my cum across the floor. And your desk... in fact." He pulled you back and maneuvered you over to your desk, "You want cum so bad then fucking lick it off you little slut."
You couldn't refuse his order. After all he always followed yours before, it was only fair that you returned the favor. And now it made a bit more sense that he asked you to thoroughly clean your desk before you started having sex on it.
"Fuck. You really ate it all up." He pressed your head into the hard wood and lifted one of your legs up on the corner of the desk, his cock reaching deeper than before with his new angle, "How about your cunt? Do you think it can take one more? I'm about to burst sweetheart, you can take it can't you? You can be good for me."
"Yes. Yes, I can. I will be. I'll be good. Just for you Vil." You gripped the edge of the desk in a white knuckle grip, trying your best not to black out as another orgasm, you don't even know what number anymore, flowed through you, a park of pleasure going from your clenching hole all though your body.
"Beautiful. You're so beautiful sweetheart. I love how you take all of me, all of my cum." Vil kept fucking you through your orgasm until his pace got too sloppy, to unhinged as he emptied his cum deep in your core, rutting until his balls were completely empty.
The sound of your combined heavy breathing was all that was heard in the classroom as Vil pulled you into him and collapsed into the nearby chair, his cock still snug inside you.
"How was that my darling? Enough of an adrenaline rush for you?" Vil's hips settled on your hips as his soft lips found your neck, pampering it with soft kisses and even softer words of love and praise.
You let out a heavy sigh as you settled in his lap, leaning your back to his front. Your hand reach back and found his blonde locks, angling him for a perfect kiss. "Perfect. Just like you." His smile was so bright from your words it was like looking into a sunrise illuminated by a sunset. You couldn't help but lean back for another kiss. And another. And many more after that as you waited to get the feeling in your legs back. Until then you were fully planning on enjoying the feeling of Vil's lips on yours, his tongue pushing and prodding, his mouth marking up your neck, and the comforting fullness and pressure of his cock and cum settled inside you.
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Making a Tied Fleece Blanket for the NRC First Years
Notes: I made matching fleece blankets with one of my best friends and sheesh, if someone made one of these for me I would absolutely melt. So that’s pretty much the plot of this—the NRC first years melting like pining snowmen in sunshine.
I am presently in my Sebek era so please, just this once--put the Sebek slander aside and enjoy how cute he is. His part is probably my favorite one in this list, he's just so precious...
Anyways, please enjoy! ♡
This is definitely the first year that teases you about making him a blanket.
He's too grateful for it to truly come off as mean, but he's got that "are you in love with me or something" energy all the way until you threaten to take it back; that is when he changes his tune.
Like "no, this is mine now, shove off"
Jokes on him though, because with the way he's constantly wrapped up in that blanket in the Heartslabyul dorm, he gets teased way more than he's ever teased you.
Trey teases him, Deuce teases him, Cater teases him... even Riddle has said some things! Dude... not cool.
He does what he wants, though, so tease him or not he's still walking around with the blanket draped on his shoulders.
"What's that, you guys? You're jealous the Ramshackle prefect hasn't made you a blanket? Well, it's not like they could go around making one for just everybody... I guess they had to pick their favorite... hm."
In essence your blanket is the heart of 90% of the teasing Ace is involved with, whether he be the victim or the assailant. It's an endless cycle, and it's going to continue to be until someone either removes the blanket from the premises or one of you confesses your feelings.
Ace isn't embarrassed to use the blanket when you're around--in fact, whenever you're in the same dorm for the evening, he'll have it draped on his back like a cape.
Just call him the King of Hearts and Blankets.
Let me tell you, if anyone ever damages this blanket, they are in for it.
Spill something on it? Dead. Rip it? Dead. Get cat or Grim hair on it? Dead.
He's not about to share this blanket either. He'll waste every breath bragging about it, but everyone else can only look, not touch.
In general he's probably the loudest about receiving this gift from you. He loves the thought that went into it, loves the practicality, loves how warm it is... and, most of all, he loves how it’s from you.
Good choice in gifts, Prefect. Now it's his turn to spoil you--brace yourself!
This sweet, sweet boy... is literally so confused.
Was it his birthday? A holiday? Did you mean to give this to him?
Once you confirm that, yes, you meant to give this blanket to him for no reason in particular--he's speechless. I mean, really speechless. He almost couldn't thank you because he was so stunned by the gesture.
He immediately tries to think of ways to return the favor. He'll offer to study with you more, bring you a few drinks or snacks before class, little things that he hopes add up to bringing you the same amount of joy that you brought him.
You catch on quickly, though--you just know him so well, don't you Prefect? You tell him he doesn't owe you anything, that you had fun making the blanket so really it was a win for both of you. He still doesn't know how to express proper appreciation for the gift, because he seriously treasures that thing.
The first thing he does is send a picture to his mom--of course he wants to show her, it was one of the best gifts he's ever gotten! Bad move, though, because now his mom is trying to convince him that the two of you are unconsciously dating and--even though she's never met you in real life, she's kind of starting to sound convincing...
Or maybe she's just trying to help Deuce realize his feelings for you, but either way, some sort of message is getting across. And that message makes Deuce's heart pound every time you're around.
He brings up the blanket so much that eventually you assume he likes the pattern and shape of it, so one day you buy a bunch of fleece and invite Deuce to Ramshackle to teach him how to make one for himself.
Grim likes to lay on the fabric as you work and wrinkle it up. It proves very difficult to get much of it done, but well... Deuce loves the time he's spending with you. Maybe if he weren't already trucking along at the pace of a snail with a broken back, he'd try to go a little slower and extend your time together.
All good things must come to an end though.
Eventually his blanket is finished, and proudly he hands it off to you, telling you it was his thank-you for spending the time with him and teaching him. It's a little messed up--his cuts were uneven, some of the strands he cut never quite made it into a knot, he'd accidentally had one of the layers of fleece flipped on the wrong side...
Still, you already treasured it. Now you both had cute fleece blankets! It was perfect!
Immediately you propose a movie night together where both of you can curl up under your blankets and watch something on TV. Deuce accepts readily, but the whole time he can't help but think....
He wanted to have this evening together with you again, but next time, he hoped it would be in a more romantic context.
Seeing you all curled up in the blanket he made you gave him the confidence he needed. It was decided then--the next time you two do this, you would be aware of his feelings, and hopefully you'd be able to call your time together a date.
Just you wait, Prefect! He's gonna give you a confession you deserve!
Now, since you were an individual who came to Twisted Wonderland as poor as dirt, Jack was in the business of lending you clothes to wear during your outside-of-school adventures, since you couldn't very well buy much for yourself. It was mostly hoodies and jackets, but he let you know you had free rein to his closet any time you needed, regardless of what you wanted to borrow.
He just wanted you to keep warm, okay?! He meant nothing else by it! It was just a friend looking out for a friend, so...
Anyways, because you did this you'd often tell Jack constantly how much borrowing his hoodies and jackets meant to you, and he never really understood why you were so grateful. They were just clothes, right?
You would try to explain it to him--that wearing his clothes just made you feel so safe and comfortable, and you enjoyed having a reminder of him on your person whenever you could, it just made you feel so close to him and it truly melted your heart that he would be so considerate. He'd usually just brush your words off with an embarrassed and curt "Don't worry about it", but now things were starting to change.
He didn't think wearing a hoodie was half as life-changing as you making him a whole blanket. For absolutely no reason at all, just because you cared about him.
His tail was wagging even before you handed it off to him. You talked about how you made sure to get the right size fabric, pick the colors and patterns you thought he'd like best, cut the fleece and tie the knots with care--you were just so thoughtful, he wasn't really sure what to make of it??
And the blanket was so soft and warm and it smelled like you-
Not to mention, every time he saw it he couldn't help but think about how you'd tied every single one of those knots. All by yourself.
All this just to show him a little bit of love. Gosh, he was just melting inside.
He protects the blanket with his life. He's somehow convinced himself Ruggie is out to steal it, to the point where he's threatened the poor hyena, then yelled at Ruggie when he replied with, "Dude, I don't want your weird homemade blanket, I could make my own".
Like no Ruggie, you couldn't. This one was magical and special and perfect. You wouldn't get it.
It's not just a gift to him. It was a token of your affection, proof that you had been thinking of him. Even if it got too hot in the Savanaclaw dorm to use as a blanket, Jack would just fold it up and use it as a pillow for the night, because frankly he was quite addicted to it.
During that one Camp Vargas trip, though, he'd made the reluctant decision to leave the blanket behind--he didn't want it to get damaged, you know. That trip though... he slept horribly, he really missed that blanket.
So much so he almost invited you to stay in his tent as a replacement. Almost.
...He'd have to work up a lot more courage to do that in reality, though.
Basically, that blanket is his ultimate comfort item. Whether he's stressed, or angry, or just having a grey day, you could easily find him in his room with the blanket in his arms.
He just hopes one day he can make it so that you two could share the blanket you made--maybe on a movie date, or just lounging together in one of your dorms? Don't worry Prefect, he's building up the confidence--he's just waiting for the right time, he refuses to mess this up!
And you didn't make it with any fabric Epel would consider 'girly'. Kudos.
As hard as it was to witness, Epel had a whole enemies to lovers arc with the blanket. It's like his internalized toxic masculinity had a fight to the death with his crush on you and his crush won over, not without an epic anime battle taking place in the middle.
He just stood there at first, wondering if this was the equivalent to receiving chocolates and flowers and stuffed animals. The homemade quality felt very... gentle, and the panic of you not seeing him as the man he wanted to be was high-key freaking him out.
He was overthinking everything. After a minute of gawking you just told him he didn't have to pretend to like it if he didn't, and it was only when he blurted out how much he loved it that his thoughts started to clear up.
That was right... he loved it.
Okay, so he loved the blanket. But what did you mean by giving this to him?
Epel always had this sort of stormy look when he was overthinking--it was like you could see the dark clouds rolling in his sky blue eyes, like you could feel the electric of impending lightning in the air around him. Finally you ask what was on his mind, and he tells you.
Oh, was that all? Silly Epel, you didn't need a reason to do something like this! You did it because you thought of him--don't worry, you had fun making the blanket, so it's not like you were putting in rewardless labor just to send him some kind of subtle message he was missing.
You suppose you'll make the message as clear as possible. "I was thinking about you and wanted to show you how much I care about you."
...so he loved the blanket a bit more now.
That's basically how things were going--he'd notice something about the blanket, or just think about it a little more, and suddenly he was more and more attached.
Can you imagine his reaction when Vil said something about the colors clashing with the established palette in his room? Like listen here you social media clown, this blanket is perfect and precious and it belongs everywhere so why don't you shut up and mind your own business?!
Vil was terrifying. It worked out okay, though, because Vil soon found out the blanket was from you, and his previous interest in harmonious aesthetics was quickly replaced by an interest in Epel making a move on you.
Come on baby potato, you represent the Pomefiore dorm--the dorm of beauty and grace and perfection. There's no way you shouldn't be able to woo the Ramshackle prefect, you hear?
Just know that if Epel starts to act differently around you, it isn't entirely because of the blanket. There's also a Vil involved, and that Vil really wants the two of you to get together.
How many times did you have to explain to this guy that the blanket wasn't a ploy to get Malleus's attention?
No, you didn't want him to give the blanket to Malleus on your behalf.
No, you weren't trying to curate Malleus's favor by getting in good graces with one of his knights.
No, you weren't trying to bribe him to tell you more about Malleus. You were well aware he'd do that for free, anytime and anywhere.
Goodness, Sebek, can't you see this is just about you? You care about him. You made a blanket to show your affection for him. Those were the only elements in the equation.
Oh, and you did see the patterns of fleece in Sam's store that made you think of him. That factored in too.
Sebek still tries to connect your gift-making and gift-giving to Malleus, but you don't really mind. If you were the type to crush on perceptive and sharp men you'd be making the blanket for someone like Jamil or Azul, not this overenthusiastic mint-chocolate-chip half-fae with the same gung-ho personality as Naruto's Rock Lee.
Ooh, better yet, he's got the energy of Nishinoya from Haikyuu. Kiyoko was to Nishinoya what "Wakasama" was to Sebek. Now that's a critical-thinking analogy English teachers ought to praise you over.
You have to admit, you're a little surprised because… well… Sebek thanked you after that by saying your name. Not "human", not "Prefect", not some insincere nickname that implied inferiority--your name.
Like an equal??
If Lilia hears about this he's gonna think you and Sebek are one wedding bell away from tying the knot. Something about that blanket has made Sebek respect you on a whole new level and, frankly, you were starting to wonder if it was just Lilia playing a prank on you at this point. It was almost too good to be true.
Unlike some of the others, Sebek doesn't really bring the blanket up that much. Sure--he uses it, he loves it, but he doesn't really see the point to it. Driving it into the ground that he likes it might make you regret giving it to him, and that was the last thing he wanted.
Instead, he made sure to express his full gratitude in one fell swoop--through a beautifully written letter, done in remarkable penmanship and expressed with words that made clear his obvious intellect.
Dear Friend,
I write you this letter today in response to this most lovely gift you've bestowed upon me--a fleece blanket of two patterns, containing a duplexity that shows a comprehensive and vast understanding of my nature and values on your part. I commend you for your consideration and obvious attention to craft and detail. One should think such a wonderful gift would be more fitting for Lord Malleus who, although he is remarkable and admirable in every way, doesn't quite fit the character you've established within the finer details of this blanket. Alas--I can tell you've crafted this entirely with me in mind, and the more I dwell on the details the more I feel as if I understand myself with the lens through which you view me. The green is a shade I recall telling you I adore, and the lightning pattern that so resembles the Thorn Fairy's magic is an ode to one of my favorite stories to tell. You've shown you truly listen to me and care about what I have to say, which is a precious and priceless thing.
I write this letter to thank you for your kindness. In this letter I vow to return your affection tenfold, to such lengths that a human like you could never replicate. For my master is Malleus and Malleus alone--I serve my land, my family, and my mentors with all my heart and strength, but so long as I'm around I can still promise you will never need to feel alone, for I care just the same about you. My protection, my respect and my strength is yours to trust in.
Thank you again, Prefect. I shall treasure this gift for all my days to come.
With utmost respect,
Sebek Zigvolt
He may still be trying to come to terms with the idea of dating--not always an easy thing, being a knight to the Prince of Briar Valley--but he has Lilia, and it's no secret Malleus and Silver approve of you as well.
Stay strong, Prefect. You just might be getting a confession soon.
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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
[Ramshackle Dorm]
Deuce: Grim is irritating today.
Yuu: You know, I do have a way to get him out of our hair.
Ace: We can just lock the door, you don't have to kill him.
Yuu: You can't kill him. He'll just respawn at the last save point.
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mintmoth · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I need to create more Chrys content" I say to myself before making this mess lmao
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arent-i-the-fairest · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞’𝐬 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞 (𝟐)
↓ (idea for plot was given by this anon!)
vil is seething over the fact that you and neige have become so close. but when he finds out you have no romantic feelings for the boy, and are only into “mature” guys, he becomes smug and doubles down on showing off how mature he is.
part one here!
author’s note : ueuuueuyuey desperate vil p2 is here
Tumblr media
“don’t you think neige and trickster’s blossoming friendship is just so lovely to see, roi du poison?”
vil doesn’t reply, but no, rook. no he doesn’t. at all. he wishes he never invited you to that photoshoot so that none of this (you and neige getting closer) would’ve ever happened.
he’s been taking L after L, and this might just be the biggest one— and of course it’s from neige of all people. but is he really surprised at this point? (no)
vil’s obviously really hating this, but y’know who isn’t?
epel. the boy is thriving seeing him mad, and plans to do something that’ll hopefully tip him over. he needs some revenge for all the work vil’s made him do.
lunch with the pomefiore trio is always a good time. today is not particularly the best example of that. (for you, at least. it’s a wonderful one for vil.)
“y/n, are you in love with neige?” epel asks in that soft, innocent voice.
rook is looking at vil, vil is looking at you (very intently, might i add), and you’re looking at epel. straight up staring at him like he’s gone insane. he just smiles a little wider and bats his eyelashes in response.
“you’ve gotta be kidding! god, no! neige?? he’s like, practically a baby to me!” you sputter. epel raises an eyebrow. “he’s 17. that’s older.. younger? no, olde— whatever. either way, there’s only a few years between the two of you, y’know.”
“mm, ‘kay, well, he’s still not my type. he’s too childish.” you explain. “huh. that’s got me wondering, what is your type?” epel asks.
“older ‘n maturer dudes. the opposite of neige. he’s just so cutesy and stuff, it makes me see him as a little brother. there’s no chance i’d fall for him.” vil’s hands fly up to his mouth to cover his grin. “—plus, i’m already into someone.”
( ˘ ω ˘ ) ~
hearing you say what you did at lunch yesterday was among one of the best things vil’s ever experienced. to know you haven’t fallen for neige’s charm like everyone else makes his heart swell.. and his ego inflate.
—cause well, he fits your tastes perfectly, does he not?
the trio sat in vil’s room. “how exciting lunch was yesterday, ahaha~!” rook sighed. “don’t you think so, epel?” epel forced a grin and nodded. “yeah. though it didn’t really go how i wann’ed it to.” he whispers under his breath.
“well, roi du poison? do you think you are the one trickster loves?” vil scoffs, throwing his hair over his shoulder. “obviously. i’m the only one who fits their interest.” “what’bout leona? i-i mean—” epel slaps a hand over his mouth. (and starts praying for his life.)
“hah! him? tell me, do you think of sleeping all day, not attending classes, and slacking off on dorm duties as mature?” vil asks, narrowing his eyes. “oh! oh! what about roi des roses?” rook asks, sitting up.
“. . i don’t appreciate the two of you thinking there could be someone as good as me. but riddle? i suppose he could be a possibility— if he didn’t so frequently have temper tantrums, that is.” he laughs. “but enough of these questions.”
“—just one more!” rook exclaims. vil sighs. “what is it?” “how do you plan on getting trickster to confess?”
“hmph, accentuating my maturity, of course.” “may i assist you like last ti—” “no.” “oh.”
you and neige were sitting together, and vil decided he’d try and intervene somehow.
“ooh, it’s vil!” neige points towards him, and you give him a smile. “vil, hey! what brings you here?”
“you two seem to be enjoying yourselves, i simply wanted to know if i could join.” you nod, patting the empty space beside you, urging him to sit. “of course you can!” neige giggles. “i wanted to catch up with you anyways! how’ve you been?”
“busy, as always— having to do my job and leading pomefiore at the same time. it’s nothing i can’t handle though.” he looks at you out of the corner of his eye, searching for any kind of admiration on your face.
“wow~” neige gasps. “it’s incredible how well he can take care of things, isn’t it, y/n?” you nod. “it’s really respectable. it’s like you’re a full grown adult, haha!” vil’s face reddens a bit, and he laughs.
“so you’ve noticed~!”
“appreciate the purchase, little imps! see you ‘round~” the bell on the door jingled as you two exited the shop.
“thanks so much for paying, vil— i kinda feel bad though, haha!” you scratch the back of your head. “there’s no need to.” he grins. “i don’t mind paying at all. in fact, i’ll pay for the two of us every time we go out.” he winks.
“o-oh! you really are capable, aren’t you?”
( 〃▽〃)
the last moment at sam’s store wasn’t the last time vil acted like that. far from it. he’s been stepping up and doing things for you, showing off how responsible he is, the list goes on.
“hey, i don’t know if it’s just me, but vil’s been acting kinda funny.”
epel snorts, continuing to carve away at an apple. “it’s not just you. he totally is. it’s ‘cuz..” you look expectantly at him. “naaah, nevermind.” he’d rather not have vil after him for outing his plans. you just shrug it off.
“well anyways, i find it cute. like— attractive cute.”
“i didn’t wanna know that.”
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Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#163 Matchmaker
Silv: Hey, Yuu, are you free on Friday? Like around eight? Yuu: Yeah? Silv: And you, Father? Lilia: Umm... yes? Silv: Great! Because I'm not, You two go out without me. Enjoy your date*Yawns as he pats Lilia's shoulder to go to bed* Lilia: Did he just-
Tumblr media
Silver"I need a parent that can cook..."
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azulsluver · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
nothing bad here, just wanna headcanon twst characters//including staff favorite body part for smooches!
                       mwa mwa mwa
He loves your hands, they fit so nicely with his in a way that comforts their beating chest. Bringing it close to their face to cup their cheek in your palm, kissing it tenderly until you gush at him in embarrassment. Grazing his lips over your knuckles and planting small kisses on the tips of your fingers. He tends to keep your hands warm at all times, even when his face is oddly cold at times.
jade, malleus, silver, azul
Neck kisses happen when you’re in his graps, wrapping his arms around your waist to place a chaste on the back of your neck. Smothering his face back and forth until you give him the attention he craves from you, leaving little love bites in hope you’d do the same.
jack, ace, idia, epel
 Your lips are so kissable no matter the condition it’s in! Licking the bottom of your lip just faintly it would catch you off guard. Said to be the warmest kisses he’s ever had, making excuses to have your lips on his until you’re both embracing each other. Making such convenience that you two would bump into one other, so he’ll accidentally bump his lips to yours. 
floyd, lilia, kalim, sam, deuce
Not only are your cheeks pinch-able but kissable, redden angrily as he kisses it as an apology. He’s a busy person yet he won’t leave without a kiss on the cheek, to reasure you that you aren’t ignored...and to get a cute reaction from you as well. He expects you to leave him one as a reward for being so lovely.
cater, ruggie, vil, crowley
Head filled with many love. He would caress his fingers through your hair gently before settling his lips on the base of you head. You would catch him doing this when the two of you are laying together or sleeping. The slight sniffles and kisses leaving you loved and cared for.
riddle, sebek, jamil, crewel, trein
Tummy kisses. Don’t lay down with him, he’ll attack your stomach with kisses until you’re hurt from laughing too much. Besides that, he loves your stomach no matter how big or small, fumbling it with his hands as he lays wet kisses that leaves you smacking the back of his head. 
leona, trey, vargas, rook
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Replaced? (part 2)
Part 1
Female reader!, Twisted wonderland fanfiction, angst
I wasn’t expecting so much support for the previous part of this fic! I’m so glad you all liked it! Here comes the expected part 2!
A quick disclaimer, you’ll see it in the TW but I wanted to add more details to it: I do not recommend reading this if you suffer from a body dysmophoric disorder or if you feel insecure about how you look, as this part will have a few of this… it is not my responsibility if you decide to proceed despite that.
Remember that you’re beautiful as you are and no one or anything could change that, all there’s left is for your mind to adjust and for your heart to accept yourself, remember you’re loved and cherished❤️
TAG: @thelegendaryfluffypotato13 @minteaspoon @mellowberrie @prefesro @lidokchan @m1lkbunbun @christadarling @idkanametoputhere @o01101bean11010o @alankorex @crystal-freak24 @cyanpasm @raymioo @bakikikiki @1ocalb0zo @ara-arashi @hornehlittleweeblet2 @riivine @obsessedwithfanfiction @rainys-personal-garden @mobbu-min @a-single-pizza @simpformalleus @justgiulia @jam-blogs @momokos-world @mikk-o @irislikethegodess @mestiza-reader
TW: feeling inferior, insecure.
Tumblr media
Part 2: What’s happening?
Ten turns. Eleven now. That’s how many times you had turn your body around in your bed. It was about 9 AM, a foggy Saturday morning and your motivation to get out of bed jumped out the window hours ago. Your bedsheets now were a mess, half of your pillows had fallen at the end of the bed and Grim was gripping your pyjama’s pants to prevent his miserable fall. You had done all your homework the night before: Floyd had knocked on the front door so hard that you almost screamed, his hair and clothes were a lot messier than they usually were and his knuckles on his left hand were swollen red… damn. You really wandered what he could’ve done.
He had your stuff under his arm, grinning at you with that same stupid face you would giggle at, but in that moment, you were still pretty down because of the previous events. Ace yelling at you, Vanessa, Deuce lecturing you like a failure of a child… that got you wondering if they didn’t just completely abandoned you for this girl: you could understand though, she was prettier, funnier… all of that. And all that made you sad, tired, exhausted even. You really just wanted to crawl under your bedsheets, holding your pillow close to your chest and let the walls of your room see your tears.
That’s what you did. And so, here you were, awake after only a few hours of sleep. You had cried, a lot, and you felt weak for doing so, you didn’t want a stupid and futile accident to get such a hold on you but you couldn’t help it: a piece of your heart had shattered, a tiny one, but big enough to make you want to sob. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but when your two best friends yelled at you like you had just hurt their favorite person… they never defended you like that. So why her? You felt vulnerable, like it was your fault your friends decided to take her side instead of yours, your fault that they’d rather hang out and eat lunch with her, your fault they found her more interesting than you. In the end, you and Vanessa were both magicless, but she had this charm that you didn’t have, and that, was the reason you were alone to cry right now.
- Deuce caught her tears like he never did for me. He rubbed her back, reassured her… I never had that, nor with him, nor with Ace…
Grim looked up. He had his face buried into a pillow right next to your thigh, he had try going back to sleep but had fail yet again. His ears perked:
- That’s what I’ve been telling you… they’re assholes.
- Then why did they pretend to be my friends? Did they just took pity on me?
- I think… they failed you. So they’re making everything right with Vanessa.
By tossing you aside. That would make sense: you always throw away your messed up doodle or fucked up draft, you’ll always end up keeping the nice, perfect version, no one wants a failed attempt. They didn’t want you anymore, you were nothing but the draft they kept until perfection, and perfection was not you.
- But it’s no big deal!! Why am I like this! God! I’m so dramatic! Aren’t I?!
The demon cat climbed on top of your chest, putting one of his paw on your cheek, preventing you from crying yet a second time. He was worried about you: it was rare to see you so distressed, even when you fell into this world, completely unaware of anything, you managed to stay calm and collected. You were sad and anxious, you were being abandoned by your two closest friends, Grim knew it too: it was only a matter of time before they officially left you behind, like trash they would toss onto the side of the road.
- It is a big deal. They’re treating you poorly! And all that for a stupid human!
- I’m a human too, Grim…
- But you’re my human... And you’re not stupid.
This was your last straw: you choked on a sob and held the cat close to you, hugging him lovingly: if Deuce and Ace didn’t want to have your back, you knew Grim would have it, and you would have his as well.
~ Around lunch time ~
After crying for a few hours, you decided to get up on your feet and go out. So, you got ready with a simple outfit, there was no need for the uniform since it was the weekend, you then went downstairs, followed by Grim. You noticed how quiet everything was: no Ace snoring on the couch, no Deuce panicking about his lost notes, there was an absolute and pressuring silence, and that bothered you. It bothered you to be alone, you would have no problem with it on another time, but considering what happened prior to this day, being alone wasn’t what you wanted the most… Ramshackle was empty, and so were you.
- Oh! You’re awake.
You turned around only to be met with Vanessa who stopped in her tracks at the top of the stairs: she was… you couldn’t lie… beautiful. She could’ve made everyone stop whatever they were doing to look and stare at her in awe. Her long blond locks were up in a high ponytail, iron curled to perfection, a cute red ribbon around it. Her face was adorable, shiny brown eyes, almond shaped that were giving her some long eyelashes -with more volume than they needed- and the colour of her irises making her freckles more recognisable. She had put on a peachy, glittery gloss on her lips: lips that were slightly parted so you could catch a glimpse of her perfect, straight white teeth. Her entire outfit made you scream jealousy, you could never look this good, right? Such a pretty white dress she had on… you hated her body, you hated it because you couldn’t have it… thin thighs, flat stomach, a normal sized chest… everything about the way she looked was perfect. No one ever bullied you for how you looked -only some lighthearted jokes- because you were already perfect. But she was prettier. And that cut you deep inside… but despite the angelic apparence she had on, which you knew was only a costume of her choice, she was looking at you, her eyes piercing into your soul, with disgust plastered on her face: she resented you…
- I thought you would’ve still be in bed.
- It’s noon…
- That I know. I just didn’t think you’d show your face after yesterday.
The last words she said with such hate, like it burned her throat to let them spill out from her mouth… she will not forgive you, that was for sure. Grim’s blood was boiling:
- It was an accident you idiot! Why would she leave someone in the rain?!
- Because she’s jealous to not have all the attention all over her, that’s why.
No time to answer, you were beyond shocked and so was Grim: she left after that, saying something about Ace and Deuce taking her for a tour of the campus, while still looking you up and down, grinning at how dumbfounded you now were. You stayed still, only twitching a little when she slammed the front door behind her. You eyes, glued to the floor. Grim was calling out your name, he tried getting your attention so hard but you couldn’t hear him: only a ring in your ears before it happened.
Blood was dripping down your hand as the pain running in your knuckles yanked away from your throat a painful growl. It hurt. But not as much as the words that kept bouncing around in your head… the mirror was as shattered as your heart. Pieces of glass fell to the floor as you sunk down next to them, your back against the door, Grim panicking…
~ In the evening ~
Your head was throbbing, you had this twitching pain in your hand… you felt distressed when you opened your eyes, finding yourself being somewhere different than in the entryway of the dorm: it was your bedroom. You were staring right at the ceiling, the light in the room was dim, only a candle that was near its lifetime end had been lit up on your nightstand. You looked at it, to your left, and surpassed a yawn. You felt as if you had sleep an entire day.
- Ah good. You’re awake.
- J-Jade..?
Jade smiled at you kindly, walking towards your bed and sitting by your side. He brought to your forehead a slightly wet and cold handkerchief he had cautiously prepare for when you’d wake up. His face was stoic: he showed no worry, no distress, just a calm and collected expression on his features.
- Floyd was very worried about you, you know?
- He was..?
- Mhm~ He wanted to share lunch with you but only found your injured body on the floor.
“Injured body”… your body was fine. It was just your hand that was wounded. You noticed bandages wrapped around it so you assumed it wasn’t that deadly of a cut. You looked up at Jade:
- Where is h-
- Shrimpyyyy!!
You only had time to blink before a long shadow jumped on top of your small self. It was heavy!
- I’m so glad you’re all better now!
Floyd. You couldn’t help a small smile to form on your lips as your hand ruffled his hair. His face had find its way into your chest and he nuzzled into it, hugging your waist as he hummed a happy tune, happily sighing when you patted his back. You didn’t think he would get so worked up over you but here he was: holding you close and feeling relieved that you were fine. His brother took it as a clue to leave, smiling as he closed the door, letting you two be alone for the time being. A dark veil then casted over your eyes as you closed them, resting your head more comfortably into your pillow, still rubbing and drawing circles on the man’s back. After a while, he looked up at you, a pout on his lips, cheeks puffed and a frown:
- I almost died on the spot when I saw you dead on the floor Shrimpy!
- Aren’t you overreacting? I just fainte-
- I’m not! Why did you even faint?!
You gulped. Your saliva struggling to go down your throat as you clenched the hem of the bedsheets in your not injured hand. Now you remembered: you only fainted because of the hundred thoughts that went through your mind the moment Vanessa left you alone at the dorm. So many hurtful words that you didn’t even hear! Hurtful words that your subconscious yelled at you… painful insults about you… so many things you wish you never heard. “Don’t blame yourself, Y/n!” you thought: it’s true, it wasn’t your mistake to feel down and then have a breakdown, it was Vanessa’s. You inhaled deeply, letting out a shaky sigh a couple of seconds later.
- Well… remember when Ace yelled at me yesterday..?
Floyd’s face turned dark and he tried getting up. You held him back with all the strength you could put into your muscles:
- It’s not Ace’s fault! Gosh… it’s about what he said… Vanessa.
- If it’s her fault you fainted then I officially don’t like her.
Welcome to the Vanessa hate club… you played with his earring and sniffled as your nose got itchy, signalling you that tears were going to pop up at the corner of your eyes at any moment. You looked out the window only to notice how dark it’s gotten, it must’ve been past 8 PM by now…
- She said that… I should’ve stayed in bed and not show my face after what I did yesterday…
- She also said Y/n was jealous to not get 100% of the attention! Grim jumped on the bed.
Floyd let out a sight but not an exasperated one: one that seemed to expressed how annoyed and upset he was, his blood was boiling and he must’ve been shaking because you felt his hands tremble when he brushed your skin for a second. You were scared he was about to unleash his anger out on Ace or Vanessa, he would’ve been capable of giving them "the squeeze" if it wasn’t for you calming him down… he had anger issues just like you.
- I’ll be fine… I’ll just avoid her…
You could’ve kicked her out of the dorm, but in the end, it would’ve been your fault, you were the one that would take all the blame. Why? Because she already had Ace and Deuce eating in the palm of her hand, just like two ignorant young birds. She also had the stupid Headmage on her side, since she was such a "poor, poor dear"…
You wished she never came here…
~ The next day, in the morning ~
You had woke up by Floyd shaking you around like crazy, saying that Jade had make you and Grim some delicious pancakes for breakfast: naturally, you both had run downstairs. The morning was calm… too calm. You knew something was up in the thin air, something bad… and it will happen to you. You were cautious with your every move, keeping an eye on the surroundings.
- We’ll be on our way Y/n. I hope we didn’t bother you too much by staying the night?
- Of course not, Jade! Thank you again, so much, for staying by my side.
Jade smiled at you, patting your head before putting on his coat and heading out the door, walking slowly to give his brother the time to say goodbye.
- Have a fun Sunday Little Shrimpy~ His smile faded right after that. Call me if a bitch messes with you.
You laughed and nodded, reassuring him that everything would be fine and that you could handle yourself from now on. That was true, right..? Vanessa was out, once again, to hang out with the Adeuce duo, and therefore, you and Grim would be alone for the day, nothing to worry about so far.
- Thanks Floyd, I’ll call you if anything tries to kill me! You joked with a smile and pushed him out the door.
He only laughed and followed his brother down the path, Jade already walking faster, the both of them waving at you. Grim then jumped on your shoulder, struggling to hold back a yawn:
- They’re not so bad.
- I thought you hated them, Grim.
You playfully rolled your eyes to the sky when he called out your name in a whine, saying that a "Great Mage’s opinions" could indeed change.
~ In the late afternoon ~
You and Grim has spend a few hours cleaning the dorm, well, mostly you, but he did try to dust some shelves. It had been so time consuming for the both of you that neither of you noticed the clock indicating that it was already 4 PM, also known as snack time. You disposed of the cleaning supplies and put them back where they belonged, telling Grim to go wash his paws while you would do the same with your hands. Suddenly, a knock was heard on the wooden front door: you dried your hands in a towel and hurried towards the entrance, opening the door quickly.
- Jack! Hello!
- Hey Y/n. He rubbed the back of his neck.
He was a bit shy to meet up with you alone, you could tell, but that made you smile. He handed you a medium sized bag that smelled of delicious pastries and you inhaled it loudly, taking the paper bag in your hands.
- Thank you! Grim and I were getting hungry!
- No problem… I heard about your injury. How do you feel?
- Oh? The twins told you? Well, I’m feeling much better thanks! You showed him your hand, still wrapped in bandages, in different angles. But fainting was the worst part…
Jack seemed surprised, telling you that he had no idea you even fainted… you felt bad to not have reached out to him earlier today, he was your friend after all, you should’ve let him know sooner. He then reached his huge hand out, patting you on the head.
- It’s okay… I just find it odd that Ace and Deuce didn’t tell me…
- Yeah… we’re not on the best terms at the moment… You looked down at your feet.
The wolf grabbed the paper bag from your small hands, delicately, as he closed the door behind him. He took of his shoes, noticing how clean Ramshackle was, guiding you to the lounge with a hand on your back, warm and comforting. You both sat on the couch, Grim following you guys and sitting next to you. Jack then took the pastries out of the bag and displayed them on the coffee table, letting the demon cat grab and stuff his face with a small raspberry tart.
- What happened? It’s not common for these two to be mad at someone, right?
- Nothing special… they just prefer the new girl…
- I see… well… I guess you can say they weren’t the best of friends. Look at it the positive way, Y/n: that’s less people to worry about.
That made you smile slightly: he was right, it was less people to worry about… even if you loved these people a lot. Ace and Deuce were your very first friends at Night Raven, so it would be difficult to imagine your days going on without them. You tried to forget about this for now and grabbed a strawberry tart, biting into it. You had Grim, Jack and the others. It would be fine.
~ Late evening ~
You turned the faucet of the kitchen’ sink off. You had clean the few dishes that were left scattered in the sink and you also took out the trash, tossing out the cardboard plates and box from the pastries you had eat earlier. Jack had already go back to his dorm, bidding you and Grim goodbye as he walked down Ramshackle’s path. You kept going onto small cleaning tasks until you heard the door slam shut in a loud noise.
- Oh, Y/n!
You gasped, turning around so abruptly. Your skeleton almost jumped out of your skin!
- Vanessa- you scared the crap out of me!
- Oh! My, my… I’m so sorry!
- Don’t slam the door…
- I’m sorry, really!
Don’t give me that sweet angel talk, I know it’s fake, you snake. Was what you thought in that moment, but you never voiced it. She seemed to be looking way too sweet right now… her face was soft, adorning a gentle smile on her glossy lips. She walked towards you, still smiling and twiddling her fingers. Her eyes suddenly found their way on the floor, analysing every inches of the wooden planks, some strands of her hair falling over her shoulder and chest.
- I really wanted to apologise for not being there for you…
- What?
- You know… I feel like we had a bad start, and I’d like to start all over again! She paused for a moment. I heard you got injured today, and I wanted to apologise for not helping you then… I really hope we can be friends in the future!
Some dust must’ve been stuck in your ears after cleaning or maybe you were getting audition problems because you swore that she just apologised… hmm… what the fuck? Yeah, no. You were not buying that shit. She had caused you a lot of worries in only two days… how could she be sincere now? That’s why you got suspicious: she was not being genuine, she obviously hated your guts, for some reasons, and she wasn’t going to "play friends" with you just for the sake of it, you wouldn’t have allowed it anyway… You let out a heavy and irritated sounding sigh, surprising her.
- Quit acting. I know you’re saying that to make yourself look good, of course you don’t want to be friends. You hate me.
She was certainly taken aback by your statement, she probably wanted you to play along, but you wouldn’t fall for it. She clenched her fists, gritting her teeth and kept on going: "I’m so sorry!", "Please forgive me!", "I wanna be friends!"… all lies. You head was throbbing in anger, your entire body was shaking with rage. She was getting on your nerves reaaaal good. You couldn’t deal with more of this two faced snake anymore, this girl was going to drive you completely nuts.
- Shut up!! Don’t you play the innocent, sweet angel with me! You’re a witch! A real bitch!!
- W-what..??
- That’s right! I won’t fall for your trick! Get out of my sight!!
Everything about her changed suddenly: her features twisting into a devilish smile, her eyes piercing into your weak soul. Time stopped for a second as her hand reached into her pocket to grab something. It was her phone. Her grin only got wider and wider as her eyes shot bullets into you, making you shiver. Why did she grab her phone? What’s she gonna do? What’s happening?
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