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Tumblr media
・✶ 。゚there’s something intimate about the way gojo holds you as he fucks you.
♱ warnings — f!reader, unprotected sex, creampie, some soft sex w gojo & him holding your hand as he fucks you.
♱ note — this is very much for this nonnie . i hope u see this ! fank yew 4 giving me this excuse 2 write about ‘toru . i’ve missed him so much ><
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the squeeze of your walls around gojo’s cock is tight but the way his hand is intertwined with your own feels even tighter, and it makes something warm burst and heat along your skin when you feel his lips graze along your jawline.
“squeezin’ real tight, sweet thing. you like that?” he drawls, he’s breathing as heavy as you are and fuck—it feels good, he always does. your brain is hazy with the way he’s holding you, intertwined hands almost gentle in comparison to how deep he’s fucking you, panties hanging around your ankle before he’s pressing another kiss to your cheek.
“i can’t hear you.” gojo laughs, a breathless croon that’s low and ragged in your ear, and you’re wound so tight you feel something burn and twist in your stomach at the sound before he’s squeezing your hand against his — arm curling around your waist to keep your chest pressed against his broad one.
“it—ah, it feels so good, ‘toru.” your legs hook around him with a squeak when he pushes deeper, lips pressing against your cheek and you can feel the way they curl into a grin along your skin, your words making him shudder above you before he’s pinning your intertwined hands above your head.
“oh yeah? can tell. pussy’s so greedy f’ me, princess.” gojo pants against you, hips pressing tight against yours so you can feel the strength in them — making something delightful burst and ache inside of you when his cock smoothes along your swollen spots, making you exhale in reverence.
he’s groaning into each kiss he presses into your skin, your eyes rolling back as you try to meet every wet connection of his hips with little, needy rolls of your own. you’re so soft and pliant for him, drinking up everything he gives you and more, knuckles almost white with how tightly your squeezing his larger hand with your own to ground yourself.
“fuck—satoru! please, wanna cum.” you whimper, tight and needy and you hear gojo hum teasingly against your cheek with your plea, but you can feel the way his cock throbs inside of you all the same. “hmm, i hear you, sweet girl.”
the next draw back and wet clap of his hips feels like it knocks the air out of your lungs, intertwined hands pushing higher above you as you chant out choked moans of his name, desire heavy in his rhythm as he fucks into you.
you feel his arm uncurl it’s way from your skin to let his fingers split through your folds instead, easily rubbing sticky circles into your swollen clit along with the perfect drag of him inside of you that has you seeing stars, stretching you wide around his thick cock as your tits bounce beneath him.
“shit—pussy’s fuckin’ made f’ me.” gojo’s words feel like they burn you in the best way, making your eyes roll back as his fingers twist around the puffy mess of your clit — making your hips twist in time with the deep press of his cock along your fluttering insides.
“satoru.. g-gonna cum.” you cry as your voice takes a pitch higher, fingertips almost white as you squeeze them around your intertwined hands.
“go ahead, nice ‘n pretty f’ me. yeah?” his voice drips like honey through you until your ears ring with the next deep stroke of his cock into you, rocking your hips in tandem with his restless flicks and rolls of your clit as you cum while he sucks at your pulse point.
gojo curls himself over you with the next tight squeeze of your cunt, his thrusts losing his pace as he fans the flames of your orgasm, cumming so thick and heavy inside of your twitching walls it makes his whole body shudder with a shameless, long groan into your neck.
you feel pliant and limp beneath him when his thrust ease into slow, shallow grinds — hearing him moan sweet and whispery into your ear before his hips are halting and he’s pulling back to look over you with a drowsy sort of smirk through his messy, snowy bangs.
“stop staring at me, ‘toru.” you grumble, a pout sitting on your lips that are still swollen from his kisses. but he chuckles and smears a kiss along your hands that still lay intertwined, before he’s leaning in to press one against your lips after with a pout that almost mirrors your own.
“what? no thank you, satoru. my sweet girl is so mean.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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garxu · 2 days ago
➪ 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐱 𝐓𝐨𝐲
Tumblr media
➪ 𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: Ryomen Sukuna, Toji Fushiguro, Suguru Geto
➪ 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 537
➪ 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: How these men react to finding a toy you've been hiding from them.
➪ 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: +18 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘!! 𝐌𝐃𝐍𝐈!! Masturbation, usage of toys, dom!sukuna, dom!toji, dom!geto, name calling, degration, edging, overdtimulation, dumbification, bondage, blindfolding, rough sex, squirting, sub!reader, fem bodied!reader, vaginal sex. (Let me know if I missed any)
➪ 𝐀/𝐧: I am going to hell already... might as well go in style.
➪ 𝐌.𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➪ 𝐒𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
➪You will wish you never had that dildo to begin with. You should have hidden it far away. Very far.
➪ Sukuna found it under your pillow one night, it just accidentally came into view.
➪ The most devious smirk came upon his face, and you immediately knew that you were in big trouble.
➪ You dare own a sex toy, when you have Ryomen Sukuna as your boyfriend? Well, it's time to teach you a lesson.
➪ Sukuna will force you to spread your legs and use that thing in front of him, and he will not allow you to cum, at all. 
➪ You came on it? You kind of hurt his ego… He would never show it though, but he will punish you for releasing on a toy. 
➪ "Such a dirty slut, I told you not to cum on that thing"
➪ Sukuna will break the toy into pieces before railing you so hard you'd forget your own name.
➪ He will not let you cum… not for a while at least. 
➪ Or… he will overstimulate you, it will hurt, and if you think after he's emptied his balls in you only once, that he will stop?
➪ He will not. Expect to be up all night telling him how perfect his cock is for you.
Tumblr media
➪ 𝐓𝐨𝐣𝐢
➪ When he found the small vibrator on your nightstand, similar to Sukuna, he smirked.
➪ Toji made sure he would punish you for having that, without him knowing
➪ That was how you found yourself lying on your shared bed, with him sitting between your legs, and the vibrator working its magic on your throbbing clit.
➪ Toji was refusing to let you have his cock, and he kept on edging you with the toy, over and over until you were a whimpering and whining mess under him.
➪ You were getting so desperate for your sweet release, but he refused to give it to you.
➪ "That's what you get for having fun without me, sweet girl."
➪ Finally, he let you have your release, his whole expression darkened at how you squirted from it. A low growl escaped his lips as he finally freed his massive cock.
➪ "Now you're gonna do that… but on my cock"
Tumblr media
➪ 𝐆𝐞𝐭𝐨
➪ He didn't necessarily find a toy… BUT what he found was a pair of handcuffs. And obviously, he got lots of fun ideas with them.
➪ One of those ideas was blindfolding you and cuffing you to the bed while he railed you.
➪ Thus, that's how you found yourself cuffed to the bed, with a blindfold covering your eyes.
➪ And Geto on top of you, mercilessly pounding into you with his thick cock, his groans filling the room and mixing with your sweet moans and cries of his name.
➪ "Look how perfectly you take my cock, sweet sweet girl."
➪ He loves to whisper little praises into your ear while he abuses that pretty pussy of yours.
➪ He also likes to have you cuffed to the bed while he lets his tongue and fingers work magic on your weeping cunt, he loves to hear you beg and squirm under him, but not being able to actually touch him.
➪ Seeing you so desperate and all to his mercy turns him into a wild animal.
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cozylychee · a day ago
Tumblr media
a few jjk men and this meme
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sugar--baby · a day ago
asking detective!satoru to walk you home after the late shift because you're nervous to go alone + invite him up when you get there😉
𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐧’ 𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐭𝐡𝐲
𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 ❥ Satoru walks you home one night. And you find yourself giving into his flirting, inviting him to stay for the night.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ❥ explicit, soft!satoru, detective!reader, detective!satoru, admiration/body worship/praise, soft and sweet sex, pussy job, pussy eating from the back, thigh fucking, fingering, squirting for the first time, embarrassment/flustered feelings on reader's part, reassurance, making out, overstimulation, light bites because satoru can’t help himself you’re yummy, satoru gets jealous, satoru is so clearly in love and reader is in denial, first time together, reader gets overwhelmed and flustered by satoru easily, touch starved!reader, touch starved!satoru, jerking off in front of you, drinking wine together, dacryphilia, cocksucking, just the tip teasing, light begging, anal prep, anal/toys (butt plug, pumping vibrator butt plug dildo aka the tip moves and it as a remote control, magic wand vibrator) + lube, mirror sex, satoru takes the sips of wine and lets it trickle into your mouth by kissing you, cockwarming, aftercare, friends to lovers, cream pie
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 ❥ 9.5k - 34 min read time
Tumblr media
The ghost face killer is taking it up a step, the bodies which have been showing up more mutilated. Based on the rope marks and some differences in the wounds you concluded the killer is holding them somewhere. Because of this, you couldn’t shake the feeling that his regime of terror over your town is only getting worse. While he lurks within a house around this sleepy town.
Unlike the previous towns, he hasn't moved on yet. Which gives you more time to work alongside the oddly insightful detective Satoru to catch the man stalking these streets, wreaking havoc. Causing you to curse the foreboding walk home that awaits you. While you make a mental note to call the car shop to see how much longer the maintenance of your car will take.
Biting into your bottom lip while staring at your feet, wondering why you're getting nervous in front of Satoru now. Since the question you have on the tip of your tongue is far from scandalous.
“Only if you call me by my first name. Kidding, I could call it in early and I can take you home." He closes the file he has been reading over, trying to glean information from. And while he stands up, he places his briefcase on the table and stuffs his files inside. While you say,
“Only if you call me by my first name. Kidding, I could call it in early and I can take you home." He closes the file he has been reading over, trying to glean information from. And while he stands up, he places his briefcase on the table and stuffs his files inside. While you say,
"Thank you, my car is in the shop." You knew that Satoru living so close to the station never drove over. Only using the station's black car to head to the various locations to look at whatever crime scene and to question subjects, Since his flasher two-seater car normally drew too much attention.
You say with a small smile, "I'm ready to be up in bed stretching out and relaxing." Heading towards the front doors of the empty department with Satoru in tow. Ready to leave the place behind.
Feeling some eyes on you, you glance behind you just as Satoru looks up. His cheeks turn a pale pink shade of pink after getting caught staring at your ass. While he smiles and says,
"I feel you, a bath and bed are high second and third on my list of things I want to do." It wasn't the first or last time that his gaze would wander. And remind yourself that you shouldn't sleep with your partner.
You ask, "What's the first?" You glance over at him while he winks at you. And you wish he was wearing his sunglasses to spare you the pretty sight of his breathtaking blue eyes. He says,
"You, nice and slow." Telling yourself that see Satoru every day at work, it wouldn't be wise to complicate the professional relationship you've maintained with him over the two years. After being transferred over to his department and his last partner Kento Nanami wanted to be placed with someone else.
Rolling your eyes and pushing open the heavy doors of the department. While Satoru shuts off the lights before joining you outside. Locking the door behind you, with the keys the leader of your department and his closest friend Suguru Geto, gave him.
Wrapping your arms around you, the cool of the wind seeps quickly through your jacket. And say,
"Does flirting with me help you pass the time faster? Though after two years I figured you would get bored with it." Satoru shrugs his jacket off, placing it around your shoulders. While you draw it tighter around yourself to ward off the chill of the cold night.
Satoru says, "I could never get bored with the hungry way you look at me while biting your lip when I wind you up too much. If only you would let me wind you back down." While you lead the way down the sidewalk with Satoru walking next to you.
The way you whisper, "Gojo fuck you." Without missing a beat he tells you,
"You can do that anytime, anywhere. You could fuck me with the department while telling me how much I get on your nerves. We can fuck in the alleyway's darkness-" You cut Satoru off,
"That wouldn't be a good idea. I'm boring in bed anyway, I don't get that wet, so it's kind of painful and I'm not that loud." Trying to ignore the heat between your legs and the frustration twisting your stomach. And you refuse to let yourself imagine his shirtless bare body laying on his desk. While you ride him, burying his cock deep inside you while you fuck away the stress mounting from the ghost face case.
Satoru says, "It's natural for some not to get wet enough. It shouldn't have to hurt for you, there is lube. But maybe your partners weren't good enough for you. Were they doing foreplay and taking the time to get you all hot, bothered yet relaxed for them." Wrinkling up your nose as you recall your pitiful sex life that had rapidly killed your sex drive Satoru seems hell-bent to bring back from the dead.
Snorting before telling Satoru, "Foreplay? You mean the five minutes after undressing me right before they stick their dick in to flop around for a minute or two before nutting." Satoru lets out a heavy sigh next to you before he says,
"Sweetness you really haven't someone make love to you, or even fucked properly. Which shouldn't be surprising since what you said sounds like just the bare minimum of sex.” You stop at the corner of the end of the streets, glancing at each road from the four-way stop.
In this town at one in the morning, the shops were all closed. And the roads were mostly empty. With one car driving away from where Satoru and You stood, as far as you could see.
Walking across the street and saying “Love making, fucking, sex, what’s the difference?” A part of you is growing more fond of the idea of letting Satoru attempt to live up to his talk. Since no one else would have to know, and it could just be a one-time thing. If only you were that type of person who wouldn't mind that sort of thing. It would make having a one-night stand and then moving on easier.
Satoru says, "There is plenty of difference, sex is just basically trying to get a nut, fucking is more passionate trying to make the person remember you. While lovemaking is getting off on the other person's pleasure." And the question slips out of your mouth before you can stop yourself,
"What would you do with me?" You blame stress, frustration, and exhaustion for the reason your brain didn't filter that question straight into the trash. But choose to send the thought straight out your mouth.
"If I only got one night with you love making. I don't give a single fuck about professionalism. You are always so high-strung it makes me want to take care of you and see you relax into vulnerability." You glance over at Satoru before taking the right down the sidewalk. While wondering how he could be so straight word, telling you these things as if you were blossoming lovers, enchanted by each other.
Satoru says, "If you let me take you to my place fucking. I have a spare room with some extra toys in, which I would love to use on you." You stop holding your hand up and telling him,
"Satoru please stop being a tease, I'm not that type of girl that can just fuck. Then move on, I'm going to want more." You were more honest than you intended to be. And your heart is hammering while you hope he lets the last part slip. Only to let go of this hope when he steps in front of you.
He smirks down at you, it's lopsided catching your attention and making it hard for you to look up from his lips. While he says, "If anyone is a tease here it's you, you're so mean to me every day. Coming to work looking so pretty in these suits, with your soft lips looking all glossy." Glancing up into his eyes, which even in the dim light of the street lamps still look dazzling. The dim lighting made his blue eyes look gray.
Satoru adds, "You are not very good at hiding your attraction towards me and the way you look at me I know you are undressing me in your head. The way I'm slutting you out several ways in my head when I close my eyes and wrap my hand around my cock every night. So if you want more from me, that isn't a problem you can have whatever you want from me." Biting into your bottom lip before saying,
"It would complicate things for work if we started sleeping together." If it didn't go well, you would still have to see him at the satiation. And possibly work together still if you couldn't get a new partner.
Satoru asks, "What if it complicated things for the better?" Without missing a beat he adds, "We could keep things to ourselves mostly, I am going to tell that asshole who fucked up his shot that I'm the only one who really knows how to make you cum." He cups your face while you place your hands on top of his. He slowly leans down giving you enough time to tell him to stop.
You close your eyes and wait but you don't feel his lips press against yours. Opening your eyes while Satoru says, "Ask me to kiss you." Pulling his hands away from your face. And telling him,
"We aren't far from my house. Let's go." You couldn't bring yourself to it. Having your first kiss with Satoru on an empty sidewalk during the dead of night isn't what you imagined. But maybe you could let him spend the night since it would also be dangerous for him to walk back to his house alone. And you couldn't deny to Satoru or yourself that you crave his touch. So maybe just once you could give in.
Missing his large warm hands cupping your cheeks already. You slip your hand into his, which he squeezes while saying, "Sweetness you're driving me crazy, but I'll drop it." Your heart plummets into your stomach at the thought of Satoru's random fits of flirting fading from your day.
You say, "I was thinking since we are close to my house, and it's late you should come inside. I've been in these clothes all day, let me shower and change." His response comes quickly,
"Don't shower, I know I made you really fucking horny early today. Why do you think I wear these tight button-up shirts? With just enough chest to catch your wondering eyes. I love how you think I don't notice you occasionally undressing me with your eyes." Your cheeks are burning you say,
"You are seeing things. I'm too busy to be undressing you with my eyes." He drops your hand and wraps his arm around your shoulder. Pulling you to his side and tucking you underneath his arm. While you grab onto his shirt, the warmth of his body seeps through the thin fabric.
Satoru chuckles and tells you, "Don't be shy about it, nothing wrong with lusting after me and having all these pretty little fantasies about me. I've been thinking about your pretty pussy making your panties damp. I want to taste the tangy flavor of your marinating pussy so how about you just change, no shower."
You say, "Gojo your words are filthy." Yet you didn't want him to stop.
Satoru telling you what he wants to do to you and how he jerks off to the thought of you making your pussy soak your panties. These confessions along with Satoru's previous talk about the difference between mindless sex, intense fucking, and passionate lovemaking has you wanting to find out the difference between the last two.
He says, "Satoru, come on sweetness too flustered to say my first name now?" You point at the house a large rose bush growing up the lattice that stops below your bedroom window. The light on your porch shows your fluffy black cat Cosmo curled up on his chair deep asleep.
You say, "Here is my house, you get to meet Cosmo while I freshen up." You pull away from Satoru, reaching for your keys inside of your purse. While Satoru says,
"Don't avoid answering me, if you want to cum you better say my name, I want to hear how my name sounds on your lips." Ignoring Satoru and crouching down as Cosmo lifts his fuzzy head giving it a small shake. While trying to calm down the pounding of your heart.
Rubbing Cosmo's chin while telling Satoru, "Not avoiding just wanting to tell you about Cosmo is a little cuddle bug who loves his chin scratches." You stand up and fumble with the keys, cursing yourself mentally while struggling to open the door. Which at long last you get open.
Shuffling through with Satoru behind you, you set your purse down on the table by the front door. You flip on the lights just as Satoru grabs his jacket and slips it off your shoulders. While he says,
"Yes you are, you get so damn flustered by me, you can barely even say my name," Pulling off your thin jacket, opening the nearby closet door, putting up both of the coats. While you tell Satoru,
"It's the vulnerability of it, you've been flirting with me while I make eyes at you for how long now. What if I disappoint you?" Taking your shoes off while Cosmo rubs the side of his body against your leg. With his fluffy tail held high in the air, the tip flicking while he lets out a long squeaky cry of despair.
You close the door after Satoru puts his shoes up. Then you follow Cosmo who darts off towards the kitchen. With Satoru trailing behind you he says,
"Sweetness I'll only get disappointed with myself if I can't get you to relax enough around me to relax. Trust me sweetness you are going to be beautiful whining my name while I make you cum repeatedly." You don't look at Satoru while you turn on the kitchen lights. And head towards the pantry where you bring out a scoop of cat food for Cosmo.
Only to freeze in your steps with the cup of bits in your hand. Your attention stuck on Satoru unbuttoning his shirt, instead of on the hungry Cosmo rubbing against your legs. It takes a few moments before a shrill meow gets you to glance down at Cosmo.
Remembering your task and walking over to the empty bowl. And Satoru waits for you to turn around. Before telling you,
"I want to see you needy and vulnerable, I want you to trust me I'll take care of you. Always have since becoming your partner and always will, sweetness I've already taken a bullet for you twice. Trust me, we won't do anything you aren't comfortable with and can move as slow as you need to." Setting the cup down on the island of your kitchen and grabbing Satoru's open button-up shirt.
Holding his shirt open and frowning as you stare at the bullet wound on his gut. Which was the second one he took for you. You softly sigh before asking.
"So you really want to make slow sweet love to me? That sounds dirty....hmm you are already having me do weird things." He cups your face and leans down, softly kissing your forehead, you can feel him smile into the kiss. And when he pulls back telling you,
"My cock and balls are aching at the thought of feeling your soft pussy squeeze me because I'm making her feel so good she is creaming on my cock. Mm not filthy enough I want to see the soft pleasure drunk look in your pretty eyes while you moan my name." Letting go of Satoru's shirt and placing your hand on his abs only before quickly dropping your hands.
The warmth of his soft skin and the hardness of his body underneath your fingertips is overwhelming. You say, "I'm not used to touching others, it's a bit much. Your hands, lips, and name alone get me flustered. You are also too forward and open, talking about lovemaking when you can't love me." Satoru drops his hands from your face to your hips, which he softly squeezes. While slipping his thumb underneath the waistband of your pants.
Satoru dips his head and softly kisses your neck, smirking as you softly gasp. He says, "I love how sensitive you are, don't worry I'm touch starved too. Most nights I'm too tired to do anything but go home and touch myself while thinking about you." Three more soft kisses follow along the shape of your neck.
The soft whine that passes your lips sounds so needy. That you can't believe it came from you. He asks, "Do you want to see how I look touching myself thinking about you. You said you wanted to change, you can change in front of me while I jerk my pretty cock."
The lingerie you hadn't worn for anyone but had still gotten for the sake of a confidence boost. And because a small part of you had always been hoping for a person to come along worth wearing it for.
Your cheeks burn while you mumble, "I have something I want you to see me in if we are going to do it." Swiping his thumb from side to side scrambling your thoughts. Which don't gather again until Satoru pulls away and slips off his shirt with his familiar cocky smirk on his soft lips. You then add,
"And I want to see you play with yourself." The last three words come out of your mouth slowly. And Satoru groans,
"I can't want to have you telling me every filthy thing I'm doing to you. I want to see your flustered and embarrassed face as you describe every single detail." With your body burning with eating, and your pussy throbbing. You open your mouth to say something but your words catch in your throat.
Closing your mouth and walking out of your kitchen and towards your bedroom. Satoru follows behind you after he turned off the kitchen lights. He says,
"Mmm the next time we spend the night together I want to see your pussy out from the back while you have these tight pants of yours around your thighs. Fuck sometimes all I can think about is bending you over my desk and pulling your pants down to see your sweet drooling pussy." You hear the clink of Satoru undoing his belt buckle and you say,
"I think about you tying me up with your belt so you can do whatever you want. I feel lazy when I say that I want you to spoil me. The thought of letting go and trusting you'll take care of my every need. It sounds too good to be true." You are grateful he is standing behind you, unable to see your face.
Turning on the bedroom light and making your way straight towards your dresser. Where you catch yourself in the vanity, wide-eyed and almost visibly trembling. Your knees are growing weak as Satoru comes up behind you, causing you to have to grab onto the dresser for support.
He tells you, "Nothing wrong with wanting to be spoiled, you're wound up so tight and stressed all the time. After all, this is the first time I've seen you so soft and flustered. And as much as I enjoy seeing you focused on working on various leads, I like this way better." Grabbing your hips and pulling your hips up against him.
Placing one of his hands on your lower back, bending you over. The hand resting on your hip slides up along the length of your body. Up to your throat, Satoru wraps his long fingers around your neck. Before pushing your head up with his thumb to make you look up at him in the mirror.
You ask, "What about you, you've been so stressed about this Ghostface case. After working the past thirteen hours I doubt the last thing you want to do, is all the work in bed." Looking off to the side avoiding the sight of Satoru's large body standing behind you.
Sliding his hand from your throat to cup your lower face, making you look into the mirror. Where you watch as Satoru places his long cock on your back. The warm, hard cock and soft balls resting on your back, causing you to clench your pussy around nothing.
He says, "You already spoil me enough by showing me your adorable grumpy face every morning. I get to watch you slowly come alive with every sip of warm coffee. By now I think I've learned your taste in coffee fairs well since you always enjoy what I order for you. I love paying attention and learning everything single detail about you." Letting you go and stepping away from your body.
You stand up and make work up buttoning your shirt while you say, "You're too forward." Slipping your shirt off while staring down at the dresser instead of at yourself or Satoru. Who tells you,
"I know what I need sweetness, tired of acting like I’m not hungry and touched starved wanting to devour you. I’m a grown-ass man with a long-time crush, frightened by commitment yet unwilling to see you with anyone else. And you are a grown woman scared of intimacy." Undoing the clasp of your bra, slipping it off, and placing it on the dresser.
You ask, "So what if I am? Besides, we aren't talking about true intimacy or commitment. Just one night between friends to relieve stress." Unbuttoning your pants and pushing them down with your panties. Which you kick to the side after it piles around your feet.
He tells you, "It doesn't have to be, I could take you out to dinner then you could come by my place. And I can show you what it's like to get fucked. We could spend more time outside of work getting to know each other. Let things fall into place naturally." Turning around to glance at Satoru who sits naked on the bed. He had abandoned his pants and underwear on your bedroom's floor.
You ask, "If commitment scares you, then how do I know you won't cheat or just back off the moment I'm finally become comfortable being intimate with you? Maybe we shouldn't, but I want to." Biting into your bottom lip while he tells you,
"If you are having any doubt, we don't have to keep going. You could go take a shower and enjoy yourself, and I could either see myself out or stay the rest of the night. We could watch a movie."
Seeing him sitting naked on the edge of your bed, with his thick thighs spread apart to let his heavy balls hang. While his long cock sticks out, with thick white pre-cum covering his slit, about to drip onto your floor.
"I want you to stay and afterward we could since we are both off we could stay up a little later. You could join me for my shower and I only have wine if you want to have a glass with me while we watch a movie." Running his hand through his hair, messy up his fluffy white hair even more. And getting your attention from his hard cock to his flexing arm.
He says, "We can have a glass now. While we take our time with each other. And if I haven't tired you out, we can watch a movie. Don't worry I'll clean you up afterward if you are too tired to shower." Cupping his balls while spitting into his other hand. He wraps around his cock, smearing with his spit while he visibly lets his attention drift up and down your bare body.
You can barely bring yourself to turn back towards your dresser while you tell him, "I'll get dressed then go pour us a drink." Pulling a seer babydoll lingerie which has pretty see-through lace on the top and the long ribbon that hangs from the bow in the middle being your favorite parts about it.
Slipping the dress on and hearing Satoru moan behind you as the slick sounds of Satoru pumping his fist up and down his cock quickens. You then grab out the see-through matching thong and slip it on.
Standing in front of a naked Satoru who is stroking his cock while massaging his balls. He groans, “You look so perfect for me to ruin.” Satoru’s cock jerks in his hand. He pauses with his large hand covering his head, which he softly squeezes. Before smearing his oozing pre-cum down the length of his cock. Showing the pale tip of him is slowly giving away to a pink hue.
Your lust slowly overcoming your nervousness you tell him, "After I get the wine since you want to taste me, it's only fair I taste you too." You want his balls covering your face and to be the one to make him moan. He says,
"Sweetness tonight is supposed to be about you, so if that's what you want you can have my cock. If you get on your knees and let me go get the wine for us. Just tell me where the bottle and glasses are." He lets go of his balls and cock, grabbing a pillow with the dry hand that cupped his balls.
Satoru drops the pillow onto the floor close to the edge of your bed. Which he points at until you kneel on the pillow, looking up at him. While he stands up he tells you, "Hold your hands behind your back, I'm going to tie both of your wrists together with the pretty ribbon here." His cock isn't close enough to your face.
Holding your wrists over each other behind your back while Satoru walks behind you. Crouching down and reaching around you to grab the ribbon. Which he binds your wrists with while you tell him,
"The wine is in my fridge and the glasses are in the cabinet right by the fridge." He softly kisses your neck before leaving the room. And you miss him the second he is gone.
Your heart is racing, your body is burning, your pussy throbbing and your head is switching between being an array of jumbled-up thoughts and one thought; how good his long cock is going to feel inside of you.
Sometime later when Satoru comes back with one half-full glass. He sits down and swirls it telling you, "Open your mouth." Before taking a sip and then bending over, pressing his lips to yours and letting the wine trickle slowly into your mouth.
After you swallow the sip of wine, you whine into his mouth. While he lingers, his tongue slowly rubbing yours. Before he pulls away and tells you,
"Pairs well with your soft lips and sweet whines." He takes another sip and leans down. While you open your mouth, the cool wine isn't enough to cool off your burning face. And when you swallow another sip, he slips his tongue inside your mouth, loudly groaning.
This time he doesn't pull away so soon. And you savor the sweetness of the wine on his soft. Until your lungs burn from the lack of air, forcing you to pull away from him. While he smiles sets the cup of wine on the bedside table next to him and you.
Satoru says, "One thing before you suck my cock, I need you to say my name first and ask for my cock like a good girl. Make sure you look at me when you say it so I can see your adorable flustered face."
You look up and plea, "Satoru please let me make you feel good and suck your cock." Wrapping his hand around your cock and then cupping the back of your head. Your attention drops to his cock so close to your face.
Opening your mouth and wrapping your lips around his head, Satoru's pre-cum is almost sweet mixing the tangy taste of his sweat overpowering the taste of the wine. And when you moan, he pushes your head further down onto his cock.
He groans, "Fuck that is, your lips are so soft and your mouth is so hot. Stick your tongue out and hallow your pretty cheeks for me." Sticking your tongue out, relaxing your throat, and hallowing your cheeks. While you slowly take more of him.
It takes less than half of him to fill your mouth. And when you take him into your throat he groans, "Fuck princess is my cock too big to fit in your mouth that you are going to take me into your mouth like a good girl? Hmmm you deep throat my cock just like that." Holding your head down while you lightly bob your head, keeping him deep in your throat.
Your throat squeezes his cock while you gag around him, Satoru still doesn't let you up. Not until your eyes burn and tears roll down your cheeks, he lets you up and says, "You look pretty with your makeup running down your face. And your lipstick all smeared." While you are catching your breath Satoru adds a question,
"Do you like how my cock tastes?" Catching your breath and looking up at Satoru telling him,
"You're sweet and salty at the same time. I love how heavy your cock is on my tongue." His eyes widen while he wraps his hand around his cock. Smacking you across the face with his cock as you stick your tongue out. Which prompts him to smack his cock on your tongue.
Satoru smirks while he coos, "Oh what's with these filthy words you're usinggggnnngg!." Wrapping your lips around his head and taking him inch by inch till he fills up your throat. While rubbing your tongue along the bottom of his cock and groaning around him.
Satoru’s soft breathy moans of, “Fuck, fuck mmmn good girl.” Have you bobbing your head faster, as spit trickles down your chin. Pausing with his cock in your throat before pulling back.
Sucking on his head swirling your tongue around it. While he says, “Feels so fucking good, so sloppy and wet." Sliding more of his cock deeper into your throat, trying to take more of him into your throat. And when you gag around him, your throat squeezing his cock while fresh tears roll down your cheeks.
Pulling back and shallowly bobbing your head, taking only as much will fit into your mouth. While you breathe in through your nose, trying to ignore the ache forming in your jaw.
Satoru says, "You're already crying so much just from gagging a few times around my cock. When was the last time you had such a handsome cock to suck on like this?" You pull away looking up at Satoru you say,
"Three almost four years. I've been busy. Am I bad at it?" He chuckles and you look away pushing out your bottom lip with a pout. He tells you,
"I wouldn't be groaning if you were, I thought I was rather vocal about how I feel about your wet, hot mouth. But then again, you seem rather oblivious to a lot of what I've said. So let me show you how good you made my cock feel." Wrapping his hand around your throat and pulling you up as you quickly get on your feet. While he stands up and leans down to kiss you.
Parting your lips while he mimics the action, his tongue slipping into your mouth. While his hand around your throat slides back to cup your head. His heavy groans mix with your loud moans. And when he breaks the kiss letting you breathe, your lips feel puffy and tingly from the lingering feeling of his soft lips against yours.
Walking behind where you stand on top of the pillow he says, "Marshmallow is your safe word princess." Dropping his hand from the back of your head to your side. Slowly caressing along the shape of your waist, over your hip, and down to your cheeks. Which he softly gropes before sliding his hand up.
You ask, "Why the safe word? What are you going to do to me?" Reaching around with his free hand to rub your puffy nipple through your lingerie. Satoru tells you,
"Nothing you don't want, and the safe word is so I can overstimulate you within your comfort. You are going to trust me to take care of you while you are vulnerable for me But the moment your submission and intimacy becomes too much just say marshmallow." While he leans down, biting down on your shoulder causing you to whine,
"Satoruuu." As you tilt your head to the side, your knees buckle. While the hand that was caressing your body wraps around your waist to hold you up.
He pulls away and says, "I love how sensitive your neck is, how you melt every single time so quickly. It makes me wonder how sensitive your sweet pussy is." Dropping his hand from your chest to between your legs. Where he rubs your clit through your panties. While groaning,
"You've already soaked through your panties." You grind your hips, pressing your thighs together trying to trap his hand between your legs. The first bit of pleasure that isn't given by something else other than the toys you had stored away in a bedside drawer. And when he pulls his hand away the whine you make has him cooing,
"Fuck princess you sound so desperate you're making me feel bad for pulling my hand away." Softly kissing where he bit, sending shivers down your spine. While you say,
"It's been a while since I've only been using my toys." Your cheeks burning from how needy you sound even though he barely touched you yet. He slips his fingers back between your leg, rubbing circles on your clit through your panties. While he asks,
"Where are your toys? I want to see what you use on yourself, princess." Quickly you answer him with an unrelated question,
"Where is this princess nickname coming from?" Satoru pulls his hand out from between your legs. While you quickly follow your question with, "They are in the top drawer next to us." Satoru pulls away and you watch him open up the drawer while he tells you,
"Good girl, and it's because you look like a pretty princess dressed up for me to ruin." Reaching in to pull out a thick bulbous buttplug with a sparkling jewel for its handle. Along with your bottle of lube, he adds,
"Princess you have so many wonderful things I can use on you. Bend over for me, after the number of times I've thought about fucking your ass I need to see her stretch to take this toy of yours." You bend over only for Satoru to push you onto the bed, arranging you with your ass in the air and your feet hanging off the bed.
He pushes up your lingerie he groans, "The outline of your pussy in your panties looks so damn yummy." Slipping your panties off and down around your knees. Satoru leans in and softly kisses your pussy lips. Pushing his tongue past your lips and pumping it inside you while you clench around him.
Satoru stands up, and you jerk forward as you feel the wet tear-shaped plug. And then he says, "Oh wait I can't forget this." He pulls away and moments later you hear the pulsing vibrations of the magic wand. Which he holds between your legs, pressing it to your clit. While swirling the tip of the buttplug against the ring of your ass.
Satoru tells you, "You look so beautiful bend over in front of me with your wrist tied behind your back. And your tight little asshole slicked up. Does the vibrator feel good on your attention-deprived pussy? Once you cum for me I'm going to lick your pretty pussy clean."
Pushing the toy into your ass the intense pleasure of the toy pulsing against your clit overcoming the burning stretch of the plug getting thicker. Satoru moans, "Mm fuck love to see your ass swallow the toy, wonder how pretty she will look taking my cock." He slowly starts swiping the toy from side to side. While you whine into your blanket, letting it muffle your sounds.
Satoru grabs your wrists, pulling you back and lifting your face off the covers. While telling you, "Don't muffle any of those pretty sounds I didn't flirt with you for the past two years for you to not let me hear how pretty you sound when I make you cum. Fuck the way your pussy is clenching just begging to be filled up with my fat cock."
His words and his attention on your pussy push you towards an edge quickly. As the pressure builds in your gut and your slick drips down your thighs. He groans, "It's so hot watching the toy tug on your tight asshole." Letting go of your bound wrists and grabs the jewel of the buttplug, pulling it out. Then slowly slipping it back, letting you take the thickest part of the plug over again.
Satoru stuffs the toy inside you and grabs your hips. Pulling them back as you jerk forward the quick oncoming peak is too much for you to handle. Causing you to cry,
"Satoru it's too much. Nnngg please Satoru please please please toruuplease." Your words are slurring together while your thighs are trembling. And every time you clench you can feel the thick toy in your ass even more.
Telling you, "I'm got you princess you can let go. Let me see your thick juices trickle past your lips as you cum for me. You look so beautiful my princess." The praise and reassurance tugging you off the edge. And the moment later Satoru stuffs his face into your pussy.
Satoru doesn't give you a moment to come down from your high before he builds you back up again. He pulls away and says, "Need to spoil my puffy princess pussy get her used to cumming over and over for me. I wonder if I can make you a rotten brat that I can fuck the attitude out of." Burying his tongue back inside your pussy.
Stilling the toy against your clit while you whine, "Toru! Fuck! fuckmefuckme please feels so good it hurts. Don't stop please don't stop, your tongue isnnnggh!" He curls his tongue rubbing that sweet spot inside of you.
Pulling your hips away as Satoru grabs your hips, digging his nails deep into the squish of your hip crease. Pulling you back and holding you in place while he strokes the inside of your soft pussy with his tongue.
Clicking the button on the handle of the wand, sending stronger vibrations through your puffy throbbing clit. And you cry, "Satoru I'm going to make a mess on your face if you don't. Nnng something feels-lease don't stop eating my pussy wanna cum again, it feels so good when you make me cum."
The pressure building between your legs is greater than the high of cumming the first time. While your pussy spasms around Satoru's tongue. While he keeps you from running from his tongue and your toy.
Curling his tongue and pumping it faster inside of you while groaning into your pussy. While he rubbing circles into your clit with the wand making you grind and buck your hips. His grasp tightens to keep your hips trying to keep you still.
There is some panic bubbling up within you as the intense pressure between your legs becomes too much not to burst. Yet it keeps building, as this wet feeling gathers between your legs. So you warn Satoru,
"I'm about to-" You can't even get the words out before your gush on Satoru's face. While your body burns with embarrassment as thick cum pours out of your pussy onto his face. While you try your best not to rip the ribbon binding your wrists together. You are shaking when Satoru pulls the wand away and slips his tongue out of your pussy.
You say, "I'm sorry that was too much on your face." And Satoru is quick to say,
"Sorry for what? You did so well for me squirting all over my face. All your cum tastes so tangy flooding my mouth. Was that you're first time squirting?" He undoes the ribbon around your wrists, before tugging on the ribbon around your neck. Which holds your lace top up.
He asks, "What safe did I give you again?" Grabbing your hips and pulling you off the edge of the bed and onto your feet. Slowly pull the lingerie off your body while you say,
"Marshmallow, I need a moment but I don't want to stop not yet. You haven't gotten to cum yet." Stepping out of the lingerie that pools around your feet. While Satoru grabs your hips and urges you to turn around to face him he tells you,
"I'm enjoying being the first one to make you squirt. Lay there on the bed for me and relax while looking pretty for me princess." Pushing you back down onto the bed, watching you bounce with a smile. He grabs the bottle of lube and pours some onto his cock. Slicking it up and groaning as he studies you while you lay on the bed.
Watching his head vanish in his fist only to appear a few seconds later as he slides his hand down along the length of his cock. Before letting himself go and grabbing both of your thighs, pressing them together and holding them to his chest.
Squeezing his lubed-up cock with your thighs and moaning, "I've worked out with you countless times yet your thighs remain squishy hiding how muscular they are." Slowly rocking his hips, his cock vanishing between your thighs. Only to appear again when he pushes his hips forward.
Satoru groans, "Every single time I thrust my cock my balls hit your warm wet pussy." His cock rubs against your clit for a moment and the intense pleasure runs up your spine as you jerk your hips.
You whimper, "Your cock is so pretty and hard, I can see how deep you are going to be inside of me." Satoru grins down at you, while he speeds up his pace. And you add,
"You're so damn beautiful it's not fair. Every single day I want to mess up your hair and kiss the stupid goofy grin off your face." His messy snow-white hair fell into his beautiful blue eyes. Which is like the ocean in its various shades of blue.
The blue of his eyes complimented the pink of his flushed cheeks. While the pink of his cheeks matches the head of his cock. Glancing up from his cock to see him smiling down at you,
"You can do that any time you like. As long as you call me pretty first. But beautiful is reserved for you sweetness. You should see how beautiful you are right now. With your thighs rubbing my cock and your pussy soft and wet against my balls." The way he groans as he bites into his bottom lip. While you whine,
"I want to feel you on my pussy." The smirk that overcomes his smile tells you he understands. So when he says,
"But you're already feeling my balls on your pussy isn't that enough. Or does my needy princess need more?" Slowly he paces down letting you feel his heavy sack drag along your lips while he thrusts his hips forward.
You say, "Yes please." And his response of,
"Tell me how much my princess needs my cock. Then you can have it." You look away only for Satoru to push your legs up by your side into a mating press. Leaning over your body while leaving some space that when you glance between Satoru's and your body you can see the tip of his cock so close to touching your clit.
His pre-cum dripping from his slit onto your throbbing clit. The sight causes you to move your hips hoping to rub his cockhead with your pussy. And when Satoru pulls his hips back you say,
"Please Satoru your princess needs you to fuck her pussy I've been waiting for too damn long dreaming about what your cock looked like based on the big bulge you have when you man-spread like a whore in our private office." Which is only granted because Satoru is really close to Suguru.
Satoru pulls away while he says, "So you do eye me up like I'm candy." He grabs the lube and reaches into your drawer to pull out another buttplug. This one is longer, with the ability to pulse and vibrate. And you say,
"There is a remote to that one in there." Satoru grabs the only remote in your small collection of toys. Before taking his previous place while you grab onto your thighs. While he sets the clean toy, controller, and lube down before pulling the plug out of your ass making you whimper his name. Causing Satoru to groan,
"Can't wait to feel your pretty pussy around my cock. She looks so pretty glancing up, all slicked up and ready to take all of my cock." Kneeling by the edge of your bed and dipping his head to trail kisses along the inside of your left thigh. Getting closer between your legs, only to kiss along your pussy lips. While you whine,
"Satoru please please I want to cum on your cock. I need to have your large body pinning me to the bed, want to know my pussy makes you feel good. Toru you can even cum in me at this point I don't care just please don't tease me anymore." Satoru licks a long stripe up your slit to your clit which he suckles into his mouth.
Swirling his tongue while you tangle your fingers into his hair. And just as quickly as he started Satoru stops, looking up at you from between your legs, he warns you. "Careful now I just might." Kissing your clit and then pulling away and standing up and walking into your bathroom with the dirty plug.
Walking back into the room with the cleaned-up toy. Which he placed in the drawer before standing in front of you again. Satoru's gaze slowly drifts down your body as if he is trying his best to memorize it.
Caught up in the moment the words flow off your tongue easily, "Please make a messy creampie out of your princess's pussy." Grabbing the lube and dildo off the bed, he slicks it up before setting the bottle of lube down. And lining the toy up with your clit. While he asks,
"How can I tell my pretty princess no when she begs so sweetly for me to breed my yummy pussy?" Pressing the tip against your ass while he presses the button to turn it on. You softly moan while he pushes the tip inside of you.
The head thrusts, slipping in and out of your ass. While Satoru watches slipping three of his fingers past your pussy lips. Spreading them apart and spitting inside your pussy before pushing the spit deeper. Biting down on your thigh and groaning when you cry,
"Nnnttoruu." Pressing soft kisses on the bite the moment he lets your thigh go. While he pushes the toy deeper inside of you, the cool smooth toy rubs and pulses inside of your ass. And when it's all the way inside the head moves faster, fucking your ass and making your hips writhe.
Satoru stands up, slipping his fingers out of your pussy and flipping you over. Before wrapping his slicked-up fingers around your neck. While he wraps an arm around your waist, lifting you off the bed and pressing your backside to his chest effortlessly.
Turning around and walking over to your dresser, your feet not touching the floor till he closes the small gap. Satoru tells you, "You are going to see what you look like taking my cock for the first time. And even though I want to spoil you after having blue balls for the past two years I need to hear you beg for it a little more." He lets go of your throat and grabs his cock. While he says,
"Grab onto the dresser." Doing as told while Satoru lifts you up, bending you over and lining his hips up with yours. Before pushing his tip past your lips and lightly thrusting his hips. While you whine out,
"Please." Only for Satoru to encourage you by saying,
"You can do it, princess, beg for more than just the tip." Biting into your lip at the pleasure that comes just from having his head stretch your pussy. His cock is hot with a thick head that tugs on your pussy every time he pulls away. Letting go of your bottom lip and looking at Satoru in the mirror while pleading,
"Please fuck me Toru need your cock to fill me up, please. I need more than just the tip please, I promise I'll take your cock like a good girl, please." Slowly fucking his cock deeper into you with each word you say until he is balls deep inside of you.
Satoru groans, "Fuck, princess your pussy is too good not to cum in." You clench around Satoru, your eyes rolling back as you bite into your bottom lip. The girth of his cock stretching your pussy out makes you feel the pulsing dildo trusting inside your ass even more. Satoru chuckles,
"Do I feel that good inside of you, princess? Maybe I can get you addicted to my pretty cock and have you coming back for seconds." He slowly pulls his hips away only to thrust his cock deep inside of you with one quick rough push.
A small wave of panic washes over you with the intense pleasure bringing with it that thought that you might not handle his pent-up excitement too well. With the real possibility that every thrust is too much for your pussy to handle. But when Satoru groans,
"That's it cry for me princess, is the pleasure too much for you to handle? You are already doing so good for me." The desperate need to do whatever it took to have him praise you replacing the panic. While you give into the building pressure between your legs letting it drown you instead of trying to fight it to withstand it.
Satoru groans, "Princess I can feel the toy vibrating inside your pretty ass. While your pussy is getting tighter, are you going to be a good princess and cream on my cock for me? Let me feel your pretty pussy clenching while I fill you full of cum." Picking up speed with everything thrust scattering your thoughts as a string of moans slip past your lips.
Telling you, "So beautiful and all mine isn't that right? Your sweet moans, puffy nipples, stretch mark, the curve of your waist, and your drooling pussy all belong to?" His possessiveness you flush with heat as you finally realize that Satoru might be serious about more than just one night.
Sobbing to Satoru, "Your's! It's always been yours it's why I can't say yes to a single guy who asks me out. Because they aren't you. Please Satoru need you to cum, please, cum please cuuuumm." He lets out a string of curses as thick white hot cum spurts out of his cock. And he whines,
"It's not fair your pussy it too damn good making me cum too quickly. But before my cock softens maybe I can stuff your ass too." He slips his cock out, his thick cum trailing after it. And Satoru quickly pulls the toy out of your ass and slips his cock inside. Pausing and letting out a sob of,
"Fuck your ass it's too tight. Mmm fuck I'm too sensitive." Satoru takes some steps back, sitting on the edge of the bed while he adds, "I wanted to fuck you some more, see you cum one more time before we stopped." He grabs your legs and spread them apart. Before grabbing the wand left on the bed and turning it on its strongest setting, then pressing it to your clit. He asks,
"Do you think you can cum while keeping my sensitive cock warm with your sweet soft ass?" He rubs small circles into your clit while he stuffs two of his fingers past your lips. And you can see yourself in the mirror, spread out on his lap. While he plays with your pussy and keeps your ass stuffed.
Whining, "I can be a good girl and cum for you. Fuck your fingers feel so good and your cock is so deep. Want to cum so badly please my pretty toru keep rubbing my sweet spot just like that." Something about the way he watches you in the mirror has you squirming underneath his gaze. He repeats,
"Your pretty toru?" Before adding, "Mm call me that again, whose owns that pretty cock stuffed inside your ass? And who is playing with your sweet little princess pussy?" You don't think you should be able to cum that quickly but as you whimper,
"You're my pretty toru, and I have my handsome cock stuffed up my ass while you finger your cum deeper into my pussy. I want to do this every night with you, want you to spoil me, want to make you cum instead of letting you jerk off." That peak washes over your quickly, leaving you trembling in Satoru's lap. While he coos,
"That's it, good girl." Satoru takes the wand off your clit and slips his fingers out of your pussy. Setting the wand to the side and grabbing your hips slowly lifting you off his softening cock.
Easily he cradles you to his chest, taking you to the bathroom where he sets you on the toilet. And the exhaustion hits you all at once as you close your eyes, all too eager to climb back into bed. Satoru brags,
"I told you I would tire you out, don't worry we can have a movie marathon tomorrow after I take you out for breakfast. I know you don't like crowded places so we can get our food to eat at the park. That is if you don't mind walking with me some more." Finishing and wiping as you hear the water rush into the sink. You stand up and softly mumble,
"Mmm mmm can." While Satoru presses a warm rag to your neck, cleaning the lube that had gotten on your throat from his hands. Satoru chuckles,
"Oh sweetness are you that tired? It's a good thing I'm here to take care of beautiful sleepy princesses like yourself." You can't muster up more than another soft groan. While Satoru softly wipes your body clean with the rag. Before sweeping you off your feet, carrying you to bed.
Placing you on your feet next to the bed, so he can pull back the covers. Less than a second after he does you quickly climb into bed. Laying down on the fair side to give Satoru enough room to climb in. And pouting when he doesn't, instead covering you with the sheets. He tells you,
"Don't worry princess I'm getting you some water, cleaning my cock off then I'm cuddling you." He leans down and softly kisses your forehead, the tip of your nose, and both cheeks before pressing his lips to your own. Lingering and softly moaning against your lips before pulling away and walking out with the wine glass while you call after him,
"Hurry, I miss you." Satoru comes back with a large grin on his face. While he tells you,
"I was just in here covering you with kisses after making sweet filthy love to you and you're saying you miss me? You're already too spoiled and needy my princess, I love it. You should crave me more, then maybe you will want me as much as I need you." He hands you the glass of water which you take a few big gulps of before setting aside. While you tell Satoru,
"I need you to cuddle me." While he walks into the bathroom. Where you hear the water rushing. While he cleans himself he tells you,
"Soon enough princess." Coming back into the room he adds, "I won't let you go until noon." He quickly makes his way to the bed, slipping under the covers, and letting out a heavy sigh. Before wrapping a heavy arm around you, pulling your body to his.
Only to roll on top of you, while keeping too much of his body weight from crushing you, he presses you into the mattress. You can hear the laughter in his voice while he says,
"We are sleeping like this."
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maginxlia · 2 days ago
Starring JJK Men ✰ As Side Pieces
The Cast Line Up Satoru, Suguru, Toji , Sukuna and Kento
Rated TV-MA
Contains Adult Content
Minors this isn’t for you
Summary✰ The Men as your Sneaky Links/Your man on the side! warning this ish hot like it came out the microwave! Btw I don’t condone cheating. Repost cause the tags are doing me dirty
No pronouns up in Here but the Reader has a kitty
Gojo Satoru
✰ Satoru Takes the role of side dick Seriously like his reputation is on the line
✰ Anytime or anyplace he’s ready to pleasure you right, just call him and he’ll come running
✰ He has you down in his phone as “🔒” cause he got the master key for you baby
✰ He could be in a fight against a curse and he’ll stop right in the middle of it just to take your call; After he gets off the phone with you he wraps the fight up quick as hell cause You Need Him!
✰ Your deadbeat husband never deserved you in the first place and Satoru will be The first to tell you this, you finally got what you deserve… Him
✰ Satoru has fucked you on every surface of your home and he’s proud of the fact
✰ At this point he’s not a sneaky link, there is literally nothing sneaky with the nasty shit he does to you
✰ Hickeys on your neck, bruises on your thighs and his seed leaking into your panties for days make it hard for you to hide your affair from your husband
✰ Ever since you got with Satoru you've been able to do things you were never able to do, From different positions to deep throating him perfectly. He’s training you to fuck better and you don’t mind: you have even become more flexible
You laid upon the plush Mattress of Satoru’s bed as he lowered in himself into you, your pussy was already tender from the five orgasms he had given to you earlier but you couldn’t help but wet your lips from anticipation
His hands held your legs for the perfect mating press.
As he entered you Satoru couldn’t help but moan and shudder against you “ ah you’re taking me so well like I knew you could, You’re so wet, tight, and gorgeous” he said breathlessly as he fucked into you like a deprived madman
In this position, you felt so good as his dick tenderly kissed parts of you no man had ever reached before, your eyes had tears of pleasure in them as he fucked you dumb. Your hands roamed his toned body as you felt his muscles ripple as he thrust in and out of you as you screamed his name
“Always so fucking perfect for me. Always doing your best” he grunts out as he presses you deeper into the mattress, his balls slapping your ass so deliciously. his left hand grabbed your face to lock eyes with you “ Come on baby, and cum for me” his words were all you need to cum hard around his dick making your toes curl
He fucked you delightfully through your orgasm before he came deep inside you, Satoru propped himself on his arms while his dick was still buried deep in you as he kissed your lips tenderly pulling away for you “ I hope you’re not too tired, I’m ready to go again baby”
You were always willing for Him.
Geto Suguru
✰ Suguru relishes the fact that you CHOOSE to Fuck HIM over your husband, you really need his dick bad huh? He is superior after all
✰ He doesn’t blame you for getting side dick from him, Your husband is quite the Pathetic man chasing after his pleasure from outside hands
✰ That's why Suguru feels no pity as you climb into his car and the first thing you do is feel up on his dick, you deserve to get dicked down right. You’re worth it babe
✰ Suguru has rules for you though: He never fucks you at your place and you can’t play with yourself anymore, He takes full responsibility for your pleasure and he wears it proudly
✰ Fucks you in his car, at his place, and at any hotel that is near enough cause he Needs you to be under him
✰ When he’s done with you he wants you to stay beside him because he doesn’t want you to go home to that cold lonely place (He catching feelings)
✰ Loves when you talk to your husband on the phone while he’s in you, it drives him to fuck you harder so you can moan out and let your husband know you’re getting it good
You’re currently seated on top of Suguru as he thrusts up into you, his hands are wrapped around your throat so pleasantly as your left hand laid on his firm chest, and your right hand?? It held your cell phone that you were currently talking to your husband on
“Yeah.. I’m .. alright.. just doing … Yoga” you answered your husband as Suguru hands tighten around your throat, his hips jackhammered up into you at an unbelievable pace making you tremble as he smiled up at you
You nearly moaned out when he pinched your nipple out of nowhere “Ahh.. NO I’m fine.. Just this pose …is very hard ..to hold” you could barely keep it together while your husband kept questioning you as You were rolling your hips around to keep up with Suguru thrusts. Suguru played with your clit with his hand that wasn’t around your neck
Tumblr media
His dick in your pussy, his hand around your neck, and his fingers on your clit were making you touch and feel every constellation before you knew it you had came around his dick, dropping your phone in the process as your eyes rolled back in bliss
Looking down you got a fright when you came down from your high, Suguru had your phone in his hand with a devilish look in his eyes “Yeah I’m sorry Man but They’re getting dicked down Reaaal Good right now, They’ll call you back when they’re fully satisfied” you only stare in shock as Suguru end the call on your screaming husband.
Uh oh.
Fushiguro Toji
✰ Toji doesn’t give a damn if you're married. Hell he’s going to fuck you like you’re his anyway
✰ Your husband is a wimp, a chump, and a loser who rather go out to play instead of enjoying what he got at home. Toji doesn’t respect the man.
✰ That’s why he fucks you in the bed you share with your husband whenever he can
✰ Honestly, You’re too kind Buying Toji sweaters with the credit card your husband gave you, if you’re giving Toji is taking.
✰ The same can be said about your body. if you’re Giving him an inch of you, every night Toji is greedily happily going to take it while making you scream his name so loud that your neighbors can hear you
✰ He wishes your husband would catch him while he’s raw balls deep in you, He really wants to beat the hell out of your husband
✰ He’s very bold with it. Parking his car on the front lawn of your yard, Taking his clothes off and leaving a trail of them from the front door to the bedroom, Leaving his dirty underwear where your husband can easily find it. All this so your husband can know you’re getting fucked by a Real Man
You’re on your knees as Toji fucks you from behind, his thumb delightfully rubbing circles on your clit as your face is pressed against the mattress
Your words are coming out all broken as his dick reaches places inside you that only he can touch “fee sooo goo” you moan out
Toji Hips stopped “ Use your words, I haven’t fucked you that silly” He grunts into your ear. “Toji it feels so good” you moan out perfectly as his hips start back to thrusting into you “ That’s what I want” He voice deeply says as his thumb finds your clit again making you squirm against the onslaught of pleasure he giving to you
You couldn’t help your body involuntary clenching on his dick as he stuffed you full of him making Toji Grunt against you, without any control You came around his dick so prettily as your body went limp against the Mattress.
Toji wasn’t far behind you as he greedily chased his own orgasm, coming deep inside you before giving you a few more shallow thrusts. He got off of you and sucked your juices off his thumb while he cleaned his dick off with one of your husband’s clean silk shirts only stopping to smile at you when you both heard your husband scream out “WHAT THE FUCK?”
Toji cracked his knuckles, Oh it's on.
Ryomen Sukuna
✰ The King of Curses has you whipped
✰ Sukuna got you driving him around in the car your husband bought you, He fucks you in the penthouse your husband paying for and he got you waking up out of your sleep late at night for a dick appointment cause you need him so bad
✰ You are a proud addict of his and you could never be ashamed of being addicted to the Man who calls himself the king of curses
✰ How many times have you Crawled on the plush wool carpet of your bedroom to Sukuna?? You’ll never know. You have no shame, you’ll live on your knees for eternity if it pleases Sukuna
✰ In Sukuna's eyes, you are his and he will kill anyone who disagrees including that worm you call a husband who treats you like a worthless object.. especially him.
✰ You won’t hide the fact Sukuna fucking you on the side (Not like you can) You proudly show your bruises and love bites that Sukuna gave to you
✰ The Aura around you makes people back the fuck off including your husband who hides from you
✰ Being Sukuna’s pet comes with its benefits and immense pleasure that no other can replicate
Currently, Sukuna had you in front of your full-length mirror fucking you dumb while he held you up in his arms
Your back was facing his chest as he held your legs wide open with his hands, you couldn’t do anything but drool on your chest and moan obscenities; His dick had you all the way intoxicated, and the way it was moving in & out of you?? Had you hypnotized
You closed your eyes when you were close to cumming, making Sukuna stop his thrusts “ Look at what I am doing to you, I want you to study it. I want you to worship it” He growled into your ear.
The tears forming in your eyes were from the lack of movement you were feeling, You wanted to cum so badly so you did exactly as your king said while he went back to fucking you deeply
The noises of his grunts and your dirty moans feel the room. His claws digging into your flesh was an Additional sensation to push you over the edge as your pussy throbbed around him “ My King can I cum?” you were able to force out Coherently knowing damn well he would stop if you didn’t say it right.
“You can cum pet” Sukuna growled into your neck before licking it. With his permission you came hard, you were trembling uncontrollably with each squeeze your pussy gave his dick
Sukuna came with you but he wasn’t done yet, He continued to fuck you all through the night until you were pleasantly sore. He was going to make you high off of him and you are going to dedicate each orgasm he gives you to the love of him.
Nanami Kento
✰ Never in a million years, Did Nanami think he’ll fall for someone already married
✰ Nanami was always too busy to cater to his personal life and Needs, personally he never saw himself as sidepiece material, He viewed marriage as a sacred thing that no one should interfere with but then you came along and changed everything for him
✰ It started innocent enough, long conversations on the phone with you and spending his free time with you as friends but it blossom into something more
✰ Your husband is a drunken brute who is always too busy entertaining his drinks and strange women to even show you a drop of love
✰ Hell Nanami didn’t even feel sorry for the fool as his relationship with you grew into something lust filled
✰ Nights When he gets off late from work and He come by your place to pick you up, ✰ A bouquet of roses awaits you on the passenger seat of his Lexus
✰ After you two kiss, Nanami driving you to a five star hotel where your passion filled night can began
✰ He always have a glass of bourbon before he makes love to you, it's a tradition that relaxes him
✰He never fucks you, Nanami makes tender love to you and he worships your body; Never to leave a harsh mark on you
Nanami had spent an hour kissing and worshipping your pussy, the orgasms he gave you were bountiful and heavenly.
Currently he was finally inside you, his thrusts were soft yet with a purpose as his tongue circled around your nipple. You couldn’t help but arch your back to his Ministrations as Your fingernails clawed his back, you were lost in pleasure
“You’re so perfect and beautiful” Nanami moaned up at you “Like you were made just for me “ he said before his lips caught yours, your tongues dancing with each other
Nanami was relishing the way your pussy squeezed and pulled him in like you were starved for him, the sensation made him tingle as your hands held onto his arms
He was hitting your G spot so good that you couldn’t help but moan into the kiss, his hand holding your own as he helped you along the way to your orgasm. The sound of you two making love filled the room so pleasantly.
Nanami's free hand found your clit as he tenderly rubbed circles matching up to the pace he’s thrusting into you, his eyes staring into your own as sweat beaded down his face. You came while holding his hand, your free hand brushing back his hair as he came with you
“Ken” You softly said, “Yes dear?’ He answered back, “I think I’m in love with you” you breathlessly said
If only you knew he had fallen for you long ago
Likes, Comments, Reblogs And Asks are Appreciated & Loved
Please Don’t Steal My Shit
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qissu · 2 days ago
The yakuza's wife part II  ➢ Toji x pregnant chubby f! reader
wc: 2k/15 minute read
cw: Smut, Somnophilia, Pregnancy sex, Slight Praise
part I
It didn’t take long for toji to impregnate you, helping you along every step of the way. Once it became your 2nd trimester you went for your check up, sadden that toji wasn’t able to attend, but you snagged another ultrasound photo to show him the progress.
He was there to pick you up, pulling up in a all black tinted car, stepping out to open the door for you.
“How’s the baby, is everything alright?”
You pull out the ultrasound, swaying the photo back and forth in your hands.
“Everything’s good! I just can’t wait to find out what we’re having when it’s time.”
Toji pulls you into his arms, gripping you by the ass as he pulls you in, kissing your forehead.
“I already know.”
He ushers for you to get into the passenger seat, closing the door behind you as he walks over to the drivers side.
“How do you know?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He smiles at you before turning away, paying attention to the road as you nag him the whole way home, trying to figure out his answer.
There was still sun out when you made it safely back home, rubbing your belly as toji opens the car door for you.
“I’ll meet you inside in a few, I just have to take care of something.”
Toji kisses you on the lips before walking off, letting the maids help you back in your room.
You haven’t had a nice relaxing bath in a while. You sat on the side of the tub running the water, when it’s warm you come out of your clothes, resting back as you place your hands over your stomach.
You could feel the baby kicking. “Seems like you’re going to be causing trouble everywhere you go.”
Smiling to yourself at the thought of you raising a child, it still shocks you how far you’ve come, and how toji is protective of you even more.
After lathering your skin in soap and washing it off you sit up to drain the water out, breathing heavily as it takes a lot out of you.
“Can I come in?”
You hear toji knocking at the door.
He walks in with a razor in one hand and his phone in the other. “It almost slipped my mind that I’d be helping you shave, are you ready?”
He walks in front of you as you wrap one leg around the bathtub. You felt a little self-conscious, but didn’t want to have a full bush when pushing out a baby, having toji to assist you every time your bush grows out.
It’s really nothing to worry about but you just can’t stop thinking about how doctors and nurses will be all inside of you, looking at it.
He sits his phone down on the side of you, focusing his attention on your vagina. “I could do a little cute heart, or two balloons.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at his response. “Okay I’ll just trim it down.”
You watch as his movements become gentle, slowly lifting your belly up as he focused on trimming it down.
"I know I said I'll be around more often, I don't want you to feel as if your all alone in this, but my decisions are to protect you and our unborn child."
You have notice how consumed he's been in work and the argument you got in with him about a week ago. He hasn't been sleeping much and when he does he'll always tend to your needs. You seemed like a burden to him.
"Moments like this, no arguing, just us talking always put me at ease. Seeing you after a long day helps more then you think."
He looked up at you smiling before looking back down. It takes a few minutes, when he’s done he helps you out the tub, letting you head to the room before him so he can clean up.
When in the room you take off your bath grown and put on your silk robe, wrapping the front of it as you plop down on the bed.
“Ahh…I should take baths more often.”
You couldn’t wait up for toji, when he’s in the room your fast asleep, he kisses you on the forehead before following your lead.
Throughout the night you tossed and turn, moaning in your sleep as you feel yourself becoming aroused, not being able to sleep you woke up.
Rubbing your eyes before looking over at toji, he was knocked out. You laid against his chest, tapping him on the arm, but he doesn't wake up, he was deep in sleep.
"Toji⎯I'm horny, please wake up."
You felt tears swelling in your eyes, the same as when you get hungry during the night, but he didn't wake. You lift up, pulling the covers back as you reach for his pants.
You laid against his lower torso, using the street lights creeping in from the curtains, pulling his pants down until his dick was visible.
His dick was soft as you grabbed ahold of it, greedily slapping the tip against your lips. "Wake up toji, it's no fun when your asleep."
You sucked on his foreskin, rubbing it against your bottom lip until you expose his tip, placing the tip in your mouth. You run your left hand up and down his torso, using your right hand to hold his dick still.
Twirling your tongue around the tip before using your tongue to lick in between the slit of his dick.
He moaned out in his sleep, moving his hips upward before letting it rest once again. It doesn't take much to get him hard.
You could only watch as his dick harden in your hand, growing a few more inches. You look up as his dick towered over your face, only the outline of it's shadow reveals along your face.
You hold and squeeze at the base of his dick, only using your lips to tug at the skin as your lips move towards his tip once again. Over the slit of his dick you drool as much as possible, using your saliva to lubricate it before swallowing it whole.
Feeling his dick in the back of your throat as he slowly awakens. His cheeks a light visible pink/reddish color. You eye ball him as he tries to sit up, but you push him back down.
"Don't be shy toji, let me see that pretty face." You smirk as you continued to give head.
Toji won't admit it but he loves when you say such words as your going down, enjoying every second of it, Knowing that'll lead to a better orgasm if you take control every few times. You were a completely different person when horny.
Saliva and precum foamed at the sides of your mouth. Each time his dick hits the back of your throat you curl your tongue around it, squeezing onto as he struggles to slam his hips into your face. He wants to be gentle, but you make it hard for him.
Using both his hands he clamps them over his mouth, trying not to moan, your mouth leaves from his dick, reaching over and grabbing one of his hands before going back down on him.
"It's okay to cum quick, I promise I won't be mad." You said while smirking.
"W⎯Hanh⎯what kind of man would I be if I did?"
"Just give in, I'll make you feel good."
His fingers tighten around yours in agreeance, the sounds of you deep throating his dick turns him on. The veins in his hands were more visible as he orgasmed, letting out deep groans of pleasure.
"Now was that so hard you big baby?"
You lift up, sticking your tongue out and letting his cum drip down his tip all down to the base before going back down and swallowing it all. Loads of cum was seeping down his tip, too much to even swallow.
He felt shameful to have cum so easy. His first nut in a while and he was a mess, his dick twitching as cum gushed out, overflowing down the tip. He was holding back a lot, enough to get you pregnant, again if it was possible.
You sit up, mounting him as you pull him into a hug, comforting him. "You know one round isn't enough to satisfy me."
Your lips hover over his forehead, he could feel the warmth from your lips nearing as you press your lips against his temple. Leaving a warm spot against his skin.
Using your leg strength you squat over him, angling yourself over his dick. You miss a few times which causes him to laugh.
"Seems like you need it more then me." He helps you, grabbing ahold of his dick, guiding you over it until the tip was rubbing back and forth against the opening of your pussy.
You begin to do deep strokes against his tip, letting your pussy juices marinate on his tip as the opening of your pussy was pulsating, ready for his swollen dick to penetrate.
Just pressing a little bit of the tip inside he could feel how desperate you were, almost swallowing the rest of him. "Ohh⎯you need it that bad baby?"
"Show me how much you missed me."
You wasted no time. The sound of your ass slamming down on his thighs was loud as you took all 7inches of his dick, balls deep. The tightness of your insides squeeze violently against his dick, making him feel as if he could cum again, but he kept his composure.
“Pregnant pussy feels different, you’re sucking me in so good."
You wince from the sudden movement you did, one eye closed and the other open as you try your best to grind on his dick, seeing you struggle at first toji helps you.
Letting your hands run down his back, scratching him and biting down on his neck as he does slow deep strokes, taking his time to allow your insides to open up.
With each slow thrust he could feel your stomach rub against his shirt. His right hand goes to wrap around your neck as his left is guiding your body. His right hand tightens softly around your neck as you do deep strokes on his dick.
You remove your lips from his neck, leaving a bite mark, you moan out his name softly.
"T- toji…toji."
"I can't hear you. louder." He smirked, coercing you into saying his name repeatedly.
You could feel the cold warmth of his wedding ring against the nap of your neck as he forces you too look at him. As you continued to moan he goes for your lips with his.
Opening your mouth with his as his tongue slides inside, letting the kiss get sloppy by the second. He could feel your moans vibrate against his lips and with each kiss he'll suppress them.
He move down to your bottom lips, sucking on it before tugging gently with his bare teeth.
"Mmm…Hah..just like that, I needed this." In a hushed tone he whispered out.
"You're so cute when you're pregnant and horny, it's a beautiful sight."
You started to blush from his words, looking away as he continued to let you ride him. Both his hands move towards your ass, groping your ass cheeks.
"Your pussy's getting wet just from slow strokes, it's hard to not fall in love all over again with all the lewd sounds it's making."
"I--I'm gonna cum, t--toji."
"Then let it out baby, be a good girl and cum on my dick."
You pull him into a hug as you orgasmed, you let your head rest against his shoulder when you did. It felt as if your energy was slowly draining out of you.
You let out one last delayed moan as he rubbed your back. You could go on but you felt so much more weak all over.
Toji helps you lay back, gripping your thighs until they bruised slightly. He lets his hand hover over the outside of your pussy. Twirling your trimmed pussy hair, you winced in response to it.
"I can't help but admire the work I've done down here."
Your stomach was in the way, making it hard for you to see what he was doing.
"Oh don't worry, I'll treat her good."
He gets comfortable on the bed, when he does he's face to face with your pussy. Using his thumb to rub against it, outlining it as he continued to admire it.
He spreads your pussy open, watching as it pulsates in front of him, begging to be eaten out.
"Is something wrong?"
He doesn't respond with his words, only his mouth. Using his right hand to keep your pussy open as he used his tongue on your folds, outlining your folds with his tongue.
"Mmm…I missed you so much."
He started to jokingly have a conversation with your pussy, but soon after he was demolishing it. Spitting on your pussy lips before sucking on both of your folds.
Since they were more loose due to your pregnancy and the hormonal changes in your body you felt self conscious about it. Toji loved how loose your pussy lips were. He made sure to take extra care of them.
He move his hand from your pussy, letting his tongue slip between your folds to suck near your clit, not wanting to make you cum easily.
To the sounds your pussy was making against his tongue, he starts to jerk off. Although it was difficult because your legs kept wrapping around his head, he didn't mind the tight squeeze.
Toji was getting off to the sounds of your moans as he ate you out, using your voice as he squeezes his tip with his thumb.
"Mmm..just like that baby girl, just like that."
Your insides started to swallow his tongue forcing his head to deepen in your pussy, your clit was rubbing against his forehead, making you desperate to grind against it to cum, and you did.
Your cum attached to his forehead leaving thin strains as you continued to grind against him to orgasm. You were getting wetter by the second, hearing the sound of your pussy squelching as you felt sensation from both your clit and his tongue.
Your hips raised forward as you orgasmed, toji quickly latched his lips onto your clit, you were sensitive at this point, but he didn't care. Your clit jolted in his mouth as he moaned while sucking and slurping on it.
It was hard to reach over and move his head but he didn't stop every time you tried to force his head away , toji was eating pussy for his own pleasure.
He continued until you oragasmed again, this time he was quick, pressing his dick inside as you tighten around his tip, he already had prepared himself by jerking off.
"Hanh⎯fuck, I love you."
Being a dad must have been catching up with him, he was getting tired faster then usual. He let you ride him once more, not wanting to do missionary because he was concerned for the baby.
As your on top you couldn't help but share a laugh together. He pushes the wet hair away from his face, getting a better view of you.
"I won't lie, I was doubting this would work because of the baby."
He caressed your stomach as he spoke.
"It's okay, you don't have to be scared to fuck me…I can take it."
"You can, but will the baby be able to?"
You grab his hand, intertwining your pinkie with his. "I promise, so get rough if you want me knocked out for hours."
How could he resist? He was madly in love with you and your unborn child.
Toji had you in missionary, holding both of your hands over your head as he forced his dick inside, you missed this toji, the rough one.
He was balls deep, with hunger in his eyes. He was milking the hell out of your pussy with his dick, it became too slippery that he would have to go down from time to time and slurp it out before continuing.
As you both orgasmed he filled you up with so much cum that it forced his dick out.
Your legs were left open and shaken as your eyes rolled to the back of your head.
He laid back out of breathe, he would normally clean up but he felt exhausted and so did you. He takes his drenched shirt off before pulling you into his arms.
You didn't care at this point you were still in shock from your orgasm.
"Mmm…I promise I'll be on 10 next time…just let me close my eyes for a few minutes."
After those words left his mouth he was knocked out, snuggling against you. You soon followed his lead.
Through the rest of the night you would be sleeping in different positions, on top of him, on his side and once you pushed him off the bed, surprisingly he slept through it all.
The next day he awoke to an empty room, everything was cleaned. He walks out the room into the kitchen when a whiff of eggs and bacon hit his nose.
"You could have gotten the maids to cook."
"I gave them the next two days off, I wanted to do something special for you, now come sit."
He follows your orders. The rest of the morning was filled with laughter. Toji watched as you smile while eating. It never occurred to him that he'll be sharing his future with someone he loves dearly.
I'm the luckiest man in the world.
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kentoberry · 2 days ago
YOU GET SICK ! — jjk men.
Tumblr media
ABOUT : how the jjk men take care of their sick s/o !
STARRING : toji fushiguro, kento nanami, satoru gojo.
NOTES : gn reader , mention of being throwing up in nanami's part. — this is 100% self indulgent and i can't even hide it. [ minors dni as i post nsft content. ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
· he's trying his best, and that's what counts.
· at first, you might find that toji accidentally babies you. it's somewhat condescending, but his only experience in dealing with sick people comes from how he perceived nannies in the zen'in clan taking care of poorly toddlers. he'll definitely be making airplane noises when he spoonfeeds you some medicine, and would even swaddle you in cosy blankets like you would an actual baby. although annoying, it's something extremely endearing. you can even see the tips of his ears turn red in embarrassment when you offer him some pointers.
· affection isn't toji's strong suit, but when you're not feeling the best, he's surprisingly sweet (so much that you wish you got sick more often). he knows he's warm, so he keeps you wrapped in not only a bundle of blankets, but his arms too. you can use him like your personal heater, and he won't complain one bit. expect a lot of cuddles and even more forehead kisses !!
· toji also tries to pick up as many household chores as he can ! he'll cook something simple for you, make sure all of the dishes are done, and every room stays mostly spotless. he'll let you help out a little bit (for example, he lets you bark orders at him whilst he cooks!).
· lord. . . he's perfect.
· nanami is attentive, yet rigorous when it comes to taking medications, eating enough, and staying hydrated. he's working from home whilst you're sick, and will be extremely stubborn if you try to convince him that you'll be okay and that he should go in to work.
· whether you're feeling too hot or too cold, nanami likes to have you lay with your head in his lap. he'll wrap you in many blankets if it's the latter, tucking you in tightly while you watch something of your choosing on the tv. he adores this position because it makes him feel as though he can watch over you best, and he can't deny how darn cute you look whenever you gaze up at him. usually he'll have one arm draped over your torso and another propping up his book.
· speaking of books, if you struggle to get comfortable or to sleep, nanami will offer to read to you. his deep voice is extremely calming, and you'll find youself relaxing in his hold in no time. either he'll simply pick up whatever book is closest too him and narrate a few chapters, or (especially if you're really struggling) he'll grab one of your favourite tales off of the shelf and read it to you.
· you don't need to worry about anything at all, nanami has it covered! he's cooking every meal, ensuring that your cabinets and fridge is staying stocked full, and even taking care of your laundry. further proof that he thought of everything can be seen in the scrunchie that he keeps on his wrist, a quick solution if you find yourself hunched over in the bathroom and need your hair kept out of your face.
· man child.
· satoru is one to boast about never getting sick himself, so when his s/o finds themselves falling under the weather, he panics. shoko has to put her phone on silent because of the wall of texts that he sends her, full of questions and panicked exclamations. she'll offer up some general advice to shut him up, because she can tell that he's acting a little bit overdramatic, even through text.
· when gojo finally gets himself together, he transforms into a big teddy bear. the man doesn't realise that he too will fall ill if he doesn't stop peppering butterfly kisses all over your face. you had to use a chunk of your depleted energy to fend him off of you, but even then satoru refuses to remove his arms from your waist.
· he carries you everywhere too !! he carries you into the bathroom and sits you on the counter whilst you both brush your teeth, settles you down on a barstool in the kitchen as he struggles to find something in his cupboards that isn't overwhelmingly sweet.
· in the end, satoru settles for locating every single blanket and pillow in his apartment and building a makeshift nest on the couches. he orders any takeout foods you crave, and will certainly abuse his power and have some of his students pick up any medications or other things that you need. the remainder of the day is spent bundled up together and watching some of your favourite shows and movies, and satoru watching over you as you doze off in his arms.
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crimsonkenjii-writes · 2 days ago
Hiii!! I love your work and I have an idea! How would jjk men react to a situation where reader got some real happy news and subconsciously jumps on them out of happiness and kisses their cheek and runs away....IN FRONT OF EVERYONE HAHAHAHAHA
Like how would they deal with everyone looking at them cause everyone else OBVIOUSLY knows who they have a crush on.
Thanks and have a lovely day 💕
Itadori Yuji
Yuji is already a touchy and expressive guy so he barely even processes your behavior as out of the ordinary. He was just more happy that you were sharing your excitement with him. That you enjoyed him enough to think of him first about your happy news.
He is all happy and jumpy with you and automatically holds you when you pounce on him. Yuji doesn’t start malfunctioning until you kiss his cheek.
He turns bright red and is still processing if you had really just done that as you’re running away. His hand grazing over his cheek where he can still feel the ghostly touch of your lips.
His peers are laughing and pointing at him, teasing him about how red he got and that they’ve never seen him so flustered. He just tried laughing it off and playfully tells them to shut up.
Yuji can’t focus on anything else for the rest of the day. His mind keeps wandering off to the thought of you kissing him. And this behavior definitely doesn’t slip past his friends either.
Megumi Fushiguro
Teasingly tells you you’re being too loud but can’t stop himself from smiling from seeing how happy you are. He also is super touched that you thought of him first when you found out about your happy news and practically ran to him to update him.
Let’s out a groan followed by a small chuckle when you jump on him but immediately holds you. His grip tightening a little because he doesn’t want to let go and wants to hold you against him a little longer, even for a split second.
When you reach up to kiss his cheek his whole body goes rigid and his heart drums against his chest. Heat immediately rising in his face and a prominent blush spreading across his cheeks. Shouts at you when you start running away.
His friends are laughing so loud to see him so flustered and keep teasing him about it. He aggressively tells them to shut up and storms away to escape everyone’s gaze to allow himself to cool down.
Toge Inumaki
Toge hypes you up even more, he’s extremely supportive about whatever you’re happy about and loves that you came to him first to tell him.
The biggest smile is on his face and when you jump on him, he holds you tight and brings you in closer to him. When you kiss him on the cheek his eyes go wide and stared at you. He’s giving you a look of disbelief and is processing if you had just done what he thought you did. You run off before his mind can fully wrap around it and is standing there in a daze.
Panda wastes no time to tease him and laugh at him. Talking about how lovestruck he looked from getting a kiss from his crush. Keeps talking about how that’s the first step and next is a committed relationship. Toge is slowly getting more and more red as he tries to shush Panda with his limited speech.
Yuta Okkotsu
Super happy and matched the same energy with you. A big smile on his face as you blather on about your happy news. He holds you like it’s nothing to him and a usual occurrence when you jump on him.
You kiss him on the cheek and his face immediately turns a bright red. Let’s out a little squeak of shock and stands there frozen as you run off. His classmates are laughing their asses off over how red and dazed he is. They also keep joking about how dense you must be if you haven’t realized yet how hard this man is crushing on you. Yuta is so obvious about his crush on you because of how nervous and giddy he gets around you and only you.
Nanami Kento
The cutest little smile on his face as he stares at you in admiration as you excitedly tell him the news that made you so happy. His heart swells from how extremely cute you look to him right now.
Nearly spilt his coffee when you jumped onto him but would rather catch you and stop you from falling instead of his coffee. Holds you tightly around your waist but tells you to not act like that at work. (But in the kindest way)
You peck him on the cheek and he stands there frozen. He can very clearly hear his own heartbeat in his ears and he feels his whole body start to heat up. Watches you run away and groans out, thinking how unfair of it was of you to fluster him like that and then just run away.
Glares heavily at his coworkers for laughing and pointing. Gojo’s laughing the loudest and nearly rolling on the floor with tears in his eyes. Kento just “tch’s” in annoyance and leaves the room
Gojo Satoru
Hyping you up as well and matching the same energy with you. Super happy that you’re happy and gladly turns off his infinity to let you jump on him. Holds you tight against him and his smile widens.
You peck him on the cheek and run off, leaving poor, flustered Satoru a mess in the staff’s lounge. His hand reaching up to touch the spot where he swears he can still feel your lips. His heart pounding against his chest as his body heating up from embarrassment.
Looks back at his coworkers to see them pointing and laughing and it makes him even more flustered. He just points right back at them and tells them to shut up.
Geto Suguru
Such a cute little genuine smile on his face. His hands tucked away in his sleeves as he just admires how cute you look going on about telling him the good news.
Easily catches you and holds you when you jump up on him and lets out a small laugh, warning you to be careful not to fall. His hand tightens around you, savoring the feeling of you being so close to him. You kiss his cheek and run off and his eyes widen. His gaze watching you as you run and he calls out your name to try and bring you back.
His heart is thumping loudly against his chest but he manages to keep his blushing at bay. He turns to his family to where his two girls are pointing and laughing. Nanako taking pictures of his flustered form on her phone as she laughs loudly. He warns her to delete the photos before he takes her phone away for a week.
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eiflawriting · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
──✧ 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝗐𝗁𝗒 𝗂𝗌 𝗂𝗍 𝗌𝗈 𝗁𝖺𝗋𝖽 𝖿𝗈𝗋 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗍𝗈 𝗅𝖾𝗍 𝗀𝗈?
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀──✧ 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬
𝖻𝗅𝖺𝖼𝗄 𝗐𝗈𝗆𝖺𝗇, 𝗌𝗁𝖾/𝗁𝖾𝗋 𝗉𝗋𝗈𝗇𝗈𝗎𝗇𝗌. 𝖺𝗇𝗒𝗈𝗇𝖾 𝖼𝖺𝗇 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖽 𝗃𝗎𝗌𝗍 𝗋𝖾𝗌𝗉𝖾𝖼𝗍 𝗆𝗒 𝖻𝗈𝗎𝗇𝖽𝖺𝗋𝗂𝖾𝗌. 𝖽𝗂𝗏𝗈𝗋𝖼𝖾𝖽 𝖼𝗈𝗎𝗉𝗅𝖾, 𝗄𝖾𝗇𝗍𝗈 𝗂𝗌 𝗃𝗎𝗌𝗍 𝗆𝖺𝖽𝗅𝗒 𝗂𝗇 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝗒𝗈𝗎. 𝗆𝖾𝗇𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝗌 𝗈𝖿 𝗌𝖾𝗑 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝗌𝗈𝗆𝖾𝗐𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝖽𝖾𝗌𝖼𝗋𝗂𝗉𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝗌. 𝗁𝗈𝗇𝖾𝗌𝗍𝗅𝗒, 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗂𝗌 𝗃𝗎𝗌𝗍 𝖺 𝗁𝖾𝖺𝖽𝖼𝖺𝗇𝗈𝗇 𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝗂 𝗍𝗁𝗈𝗎𝗀𝗁𝗍 𝖺𝖻𝗈𝗎𝗍 𝗈𝗎𝗍 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖻𝗅𝗎𝖾. 𝗆𝖺𝗒𝖻𝖾 𝗂 𝗃𝗎𝗌𝗍 𝗐𝖺𝗇𝗍 𝗍𝗈 𝗐𝗋𝗂𝗍𝖾 𝖺𝖻𝗈𝗎𝗍 𝗆𝗒 𝗆𝖺𝗇. 𝖺𝗇𝗒𝗐𝖺𝗒𝗌, 𝗉𝗅𝗌 𝖽𝗈𝗇'𝗍 𝗅𝖾𝗍 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝖿𝗅𝗈𝗉 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾 𝗆𝖾. 𝗄𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗄𝗌, 𝖾𝗇𝗃𝗈𝗒! 874 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩. 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝘄𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗯𝗲 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗹𝘆 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱.♡ 𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝗽𝗹𝘂𝘀 𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗬, 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗼𝗿𝘀 𝗱𝗼 𝗡𝗢𝗧 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁. 𝖺𝗏𝖺𝗂𝗅𝖺𝖻𝗅𝖾 𝗍𝗈 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖽 𝗈𝗇 𝖺𝗈3.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who you divorced two years ago, but still attached to because there’s something about your love that you can’t let go. being college sweethearts, practically falling for each other at first sight. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who even after two years kept himself available to you with just a phone call away if you ever needed him. putting together furniture. bringing your groceries upstairs. checking the oil in your car. cooking for you when you didn’t feel like doing it yourself. nanami didn’t care how big or small it may be. he would do anything to spend time with you. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who you talked to every night before bed for hours about who knows what. he would want a breakdown of how your day went from start to finish. “did you eat?” “did you drink enough water or get enough rest?” “how was work?” he just wanted to ensure that you were okay because you had said otherwise, it would ache his soul. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who grew jealous after discovering you’ve been dating again. he hated knowing that other men were potentially getting a side of you that should only be reserved for him. and maybe—just maybe, if the date went well, you would invite them over to your apartment to continue the night. the thought alone nearly killed him. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who didn’t know the dates you went on never went past the table. the men never piqued your interest. boring, to be exact. and really, all you could do is think about him. even got to the point where you accidentally called one of your dates “kento” because you were too consumed in your thoughts. you were supposed to be sitting here with nanami—not them. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌�� who you thought about as you laid in bed, wet fantasies imaging in your mind when you needed to please yourself. growing sexually frustrated, feeling like a nymphomaniac from craving his touch. his name would air sinfully through your plush lips, circling your clit, thrusting those slender fingers in your cunt. it just wasn’t enough, and you needed more. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who you would call at two in the morning, “hey, do you want to come over?” knowing nanami will say yes because he shared the same sexual cravings. you’ve been with other partners since divorcing, and no one has seemed to please you like how you did for each other. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who would sensually roll his hips, thrusting his cock into your dripping cunt as he whispered sweet praises in your ear. telling you how beautiful you are, how good it feels being inside you. increasing his pace while he lapped at your neck, sighing in approval from hearing you moan his name. “i’m right here, y/n. keep saying my name like that, sweetheart.” 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who was the only man to ever make you cum, not needing any direction to your sweet spot. fucking that pretty pussy into oblivion until he milked every last drop of his seed inside you. serenading his apologies against the crook of your neck as he left gentle kisses along your flesh. nanami begged for your forgiveness, saying how much he loves and misses you. that he’s changed, but you just can’t seem to let that hurt go. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who lacked communication, never letting you know that he’ll be returning home late, constantly working extra hours. his reason was to retire early and ensure you were set for life because he refused to ever let you work while being with him. however, nanami failed to realize his negligence in your marriage caused you to feel lonely. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who didn’t join you for breakfast anymore, just grabbing a banana out the fruit bowl with a simple “have a nice day.” no kisses goodbye. no more of those warm hugs he gave because he didn’t want to be without you for eight hours. no more bonding over books you read together while enjoying a cup of tea he brewed.
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who rarely slept with you, always finding his way to the couch or guest room, claiming he didn’t want to wake you. but little did he know, you remained awake until you felt his arms wrap around your waist to give you a kiss on your shoulders. you know, the little acts of affection he did to show you he still loved you. 
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who left you no choice but to divorce him because you just weren’t happy anymore. the marriage wasn’t the same. it was filled with silence and loneliness on your part. you know he loves you. that’s not something you would ever question. it just seems like he’s grown weary of your marriage, and it was time for you to find happiness elsewhere.
𝐄𝐗𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃!𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 who realized he lost you. no matter how many times he’s begged you, pleading with you to give him another chance—you just can’t. he had over a year to get his shit together but didn’t. nanami is that one ex you’ll probably never get over. you’ll love him from a distance. who knows, maybe, later on, you’ll take him back? but he needs to know how to be without you the way you were without him. 
𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜. ♡
𝙩𝙖𝙜𝙨 — @dejwrites @sailewhoremoon @obitohno @tojissword @ripperdoc-is-daddy @animupiglett @maginxlia @bunniieboo @protectpancakes @charminstasia @mitskisaveme @sinssoul @caribbeanwifey19 @blondmirah @whoatherenelly @cas-is-my-bestie @noticemeakusenpai @urlkssknt @allukanezuko @sunnytalia3 @bbrton @cari1bunny @captaindsina @nova-siims @annie-franny
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mornings and secrets ; suguru geto
you are avoiding geto suguru. he decides the best course of action is to show up to your dorm at 2 in the morning.
suguru geto x gn reader, mutual pining, jealousy, confessions, fluff!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
geto suguru was your closest friend. he knew you like the back of his hand, as well as his own reflection. in the short time you had both been at jujutsu tech, an unspeakable bond had formed between all the first years- but especially you two.
geto knew when you were excited. he noticed when you were frustrated, or upset. he could tell when you were nervous or scared. and most importantly, he knew when you were avoiding him- like you were right now.
it had been a week, tops, since you'd last held a conversation with him. whenever he'd try to approach, you'd find some excuse and make a beeline towards the closest exit.
at first, he assumed that you'd just needed space. that was fine- he'd give you as much as you wanted. but then he had seen you talking to shoko and gojo he knew that it wasn't you simply needing a break from everyone- it was just him.
one night, through the walls, he heard your laugh as you lazed in shoko's dorm room. a touch of envy grasped his heart and suffocated him- he wanted to be the one making you laugh, to be the one you had late-night conversations with. geto couldn't handle it anymore- which is how he wound up at the door of your dorm room at 2 in the morning.
you were awoken by his knocking on your door. blearily, you rose from your bed to open it and see who had the nerve to bother you so early in the morning.
you shook your hair out, not bothering to turn on the lights, and clicked the door open- its hinges squealed as you pulled the handles to reveal- suguru. oh.
you opened your mouth- then closed it again. he looked upset, you could discern his furrowed brows even in the lack of lighting. he looked you dead in the eyes and you felt the exhaustion drain under his potent stare.
"suguru? what're you doing here? it's like," you pause, turning back to glance at the clock in your room, "it's 2 in the morning. is something wrong?"
your words are muddled but you know geto understands. he's no stranger to your tiredness, a result of many late-night conversations when you'd been less than well-rested. those moments are ones you cherished, despite your inability to recall much.
you'd say something really, really stupid and borderline unintelligible, geto would spur you on to continue your nonsensical rant, and it would end with him keeling over laughing and you dazed and confused.
but you never really minded the puzzlement you'd felt. geto was laughing, and he was laughing because of something you'd said- that was all you could ever really ask for.
"you've been avoiding me." suguru is concise and doesn't dance around the subject at hand. you almost wished he did- you miss talking to him. that, and you don't really know how to respond.
on one hand, he is right. you have been avoiding him, and you feel so immensely guilty for it- but on the other, you think you'd rather die than come clean about the real reason.
you shift uncomfortably in the doorway, pursing your lips. his eyes are still burning a hole into you and you have to look away, a mixture of embarrassment and shame painting your face.
"i guess i have been."
he doesn't respond for a second, but you glance up and see a flicker of hurt dance across his face before it's gone again, lost to the darkness of the hallway.
after that, he doesn't miss a beat, taking a step forward. you subconciously back into your room- you're both standing inside now, and he's still fixated on you, you, you. "why?"
geto's voice is rough and hoarse. you can tell he's trying to disguise his upset. a fresh wave of shame washes over you- knowing him, your absence has been eating away at him for the past week.
you decide that he deserves to know, and that there is no better time for secrets than 2 in the morning.
you meet his eyes for the first time that night. they're dark and wanting in this lighting, and you take a deep breath. he stares. you begin.
"i was avoiding you because i thought it would make how i feel go away."
a crease appears in geto's brow- he's rehearsed a million directions this conversation could have gone in. this was not one.
"how you feel?" suddenly, he feels like an intruder as he parrots your words. you look so tired and dismal and beautiful despite your grief and if he's being honest, what right does he have to be interrogating you at this hour?
who does he think he is?
you shuffle and plop onto your bed, looking straight ahead at the wall. he returns his attention to you.
"i feel like i like you, more than a friend should."
(the wind whistling can be heard from outside the dorms. rain dances on the rooftops and fills the hollow silence following your words.)
"i thought," you continue, after a short pause, flopping your back onto the bed, "if i ignored it and avoided you then maybe it'd go away. i don't want to ruin what we have. i love you, y'know."
he is silent and you screw your eyes shut, preparing for the bitter rejection. you expect to hear his footsteps leaving your room. instead, you feel a dip in your bed next to you.
cracking your eyes open, you see geto laying next to you, head turned towards you. he's smiling.
"you could never ruin this." he says it and he looks like he means it, so you start to believe his words, just a little.
"i love you, too, and nothing could change that." he holds out his pinky finger.
it's a juvenile oath, the one you're about to make. maybe it's immature, and maybe it's meaningless in the long run, but right now it matters. it matters more than anything.
your pinky fingers lock. it is quiet and the rain sings. a kiss is shared, in your bed, so sweet and filled with forevers. he tastes like dark chocolate and copper.
gojo and shoko can't find either of you. it's breakfast time the next day, and neither you nor geto had shown up.
"seriously, where the hell are they?" shoko grumbles, rubbing her temple where a headache is already beginning to form.
"dunno, but i guess that means more food for us!" gojo is jubilant as he feasts on another serving of pancakes which is practically drowning in artificial, sweet and sticky syrup. shoko gags.
"while you're doing that," she sighs, "i guess i'll check their rooms."
geto's room yields no answers. yours, however...
"oh my god."
shoko and gojo's respective reactions to seeing the pair of you pressed into each other in your bed speak volumes. gojo continued cheering nonsensically. shoko smirks. you're panicking and trying to explain everything away. geto smacks gojo upside the head.
suguru acts annoyed at his friends, and he does a good job of it, too. but really, he couldn't be more amused and elated- their teasing meant it was real, not just a dream.
he decides then that there is no better way to wake up.
Tumblr media
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sunamour · a day ago
misbehaving — chapter two.
Tumblr media
<- chapter one | chapter two | chapter three ->
Tumblr media
chapter 02: barking up the wrong zenin tree [ series masterlist ] + gojo x f!reader / sukuna x f!reader ; wc 9.9k
summary: you and your accomplice are happy to spite gojo satoru, but unknowingly, you’re not the only ones playing the game. (or — in which you’re happy to parade sukuna around as your boyfriend and go with the flow, but someone else is thinking of the long game.)
+ content warnings: fake dating, modern au, alcohol consumption, i may have gone a little soft here, mention of drugs. smut: oral (fem receiving).
notes: sobbing someone should really tell me not to get carried away write so much :’) gah I've been sick this week so I'm a bit out of it but slow burn for the first few chapters so hehe enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Be careful that he breaks your heart.
I hear he’s super dangerous, if you need help just let me know, okay?
He’s not keeping you against your will, is he?
There’s many more things people have told you about Sukuna. Whether it’s from the Zenin office or from the staff working at the many resorts he takes you to, they all come to one conclusion.
Sukuna is bad news.
“Your apartment sucks.”
You just think he has bad manners.
“You’re welcome to buy me a new one. I’d like a loft, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a great view.”
But hey, so do you.
A scoff. “I’m not your sugar daddy.”
“Damn it, and here I thought I could seduce you into it.”
Even without having to see him, you can feel Sukuna rolling his eyes. He has a bad temper, mostly towards other people, also has nonexistent patience most times, but he’s fine. To you. Just fine.
“So, how do I look?”
Slowly, you open up the bedroom door to see Sukuna lounging in your living room, feet dangling off the edge of your too-small couch, flipping idly through the channels.
Sukuna’s all decked up in a black tailor-made suit that had been sent to his house that’s probably tailor-made for him and expensive, not that he cares much about getting wrinkles on it. It had come in a box, coupled with a waistcoat—he doesn’t wear that though, hates it. Oh, and the white dress shirt inside again, unbuttoned to his chest, as always. As he likes it. As you like it.
You’re nervous though; you don’t really wear dresses like this ever. When Sukuna said he’d buy the dress you’re going to wear to the charity gala, you never thought it’d be something like this. A simple black halter backless dress, neckline plunging down just past your chest, with a flowy finish down to your ankles, single side slit on the right up to your thigh. You feel a little exposed, a little out of place, but you come to learn that Sukuna likes that.
You’re starting to think he just loves being able to make you anxious, maybe it’s payback for all the times you mouthed off on him. You look down over the dress, appraising yourself; wondering if it’s too much, though it can’t be—you’re going to a gala full of rich people, your too much could be their too little.
Ever your knight-in-questionable-fashion, Sukuna shifts from the couch over to you, taking one of your hands and twirling you on the spot slowly, taking in the sight of you. “You’re fucking hot, you know that?” he praises, and it’s something that still gets to you.
Sukuna’s really mean, are you sure he’s not making you miserable? So the people say. You’re beginning to doubt them.
“Sometimes I think you just want a doll or something, with the way you keep trying to dress me up,” you grumble, trying to calm yourself. It’s true though; he’s bought you more clothes than anything, complains about your style most of the time, complains that none of your clothes would ever be appropriate enough for wherever he’s taking you. And, well, what Sukuna wants, he gets. Because he’s managed to effectively replace your entire wardrobe with designer clothes. Of his choice.
Thinking about it now, you’re not even sure which one of you is the winner here.
“Aw, c’mon baby, if I wanted a doll there are far better options out there,” he teases as you spin back around to face him.
Fucker, you think as you kick him in the shin, at the usual place you do when he’s being annoying, because apparently that’s muscle memory now.
“Ow!” He grabs at the spot you kicked, glowering up at you. You’re not even sure if it still hurts him at this point. He must be so used to it. “See, other girls would be obedient and not kick me all the fucking time, especially if I spent a motherfucking fortune on their stupid wardrobe.”
“Nice try, Sukuna, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one you do that for.” And something gets you all smug being able to say that.
Sukuna smirks, not that you can see anymore as you cross your arms and turn on your heel back to your bedroom. You’re really not bad at all.
You grab the last part of your outfit—your purse; the black Saint Laurent purse, the one with quilted leather, the one that Sukuna had gotten you that one time to match your other black dress from that one brand that you can’t even remember because he’s bought you so much already. Shut up, I have more money than I know what to do with, he says every time you try to protest it.
As you grab it and sling it over your shoulder, giving yourself one last look in the mirror, you feel Sukuna’s chest pressed to your back, his hand pushing away the hair from your neck, bringing his lips to your ear.
“When Gojo sees you, he’s gonna regret ever letting you go,” he tells you, grinning at the goosebumps searing on your arm already, just from this simple contact.
Before you can say anything further, he places his hands on your waist and throws you down onto your own bed, your hair haphazardly thrown over your face. You blow it out of your vision, groaning because you know that if he takes it any further, you don’t have the will to stop him.
You grab your phone by your side, having flown out from the purse after he threw you down. It’s already 7.45pm. You’re supposed to be there by 8pm. It takes about a twenty minute drive from your apartment to the venue—you’re already late.
“Sukuna,” you whine out, “save this for later, we have to ah—” You can’t even finish your sentence because he already has his mouth against your underwear, his tongue on where your clit should be.
He pulls away momentarily, acting coy, “we have to what?”
With a roll of your eyes, you lace your fingers through his soft pink locks. “If you don’t finish what you started, I’m gonna fucking kill you,” you breathe out, cursing yourself inwardly for falling prey so easily.
Your boyfriend, on the other hand, seems to have absolutely no problem with that. “So demanding, can’t even ask nicely for it,” he coos, tutting, slowly pulling away, but you tighten your grip around his hair.
He’s absolutely reeling from this, you know that smug look on his face well enough. Sukuna can hold your body hostage whenever he wants, and you let him because every single time it feels good. So good you want to savour every moment but you don’t even have to because he’ll keep doing it again and again and again.
“Please,” you moan weakly, your pleading expression being the one that holds Sukuna hostage, though you don’t know that. He’ll never let you know that. 
Without so much as another word, his grip around the back of your thighs tighten, pulling you closer to his face, your dress a forgotten mess around you, your braided bun sporting more than just a few loose strands. Sukuna likes you like this, a pretty mess under his ministrations, and to think, he doesn’t even have to fuck you to see this. Just his tongue playing with your clit through your sexy little panties is enough for you to see stars.
Sukuna pulls your flimsy lace to the side, greeted by the sight of your pussy all nice and wet for him, as it always is. Fuck Gojo for gatekeeping you all this time. If Sukuna had seen you before the party, he’s pretty sure he would’ve made a move on you long ago. Even if it is just for sex. He’s pretty sure you’d go with it too, but maybe that’s just him.
“God, you’re so good with your tongue,” you moan out, back arched, practically grinding your clit against his face. He chuckles and you feel it reverberating through your body, a shiver up your spine.
He loves it too, how much more vocal you’ve gotten since the first night he’d taken you for himself. You’re a lot more shameless now, a lot more fun, he realises, after you stop moping over a lost could’ve-been love as if it was your entire life.
Sukuna pushes his tongue into your pussy, his nose rubbing against your clit and why the fuck do you have to taste so goddamn good? All the caviars and steaks in the world can’t compare to this; you’ve become his favourite meal and for a picky man like him? He thinks that’s a feat for you. He ponders upon telling you though, you’re smug enough as it is.
You clamp your thighs around the side of his head, feeling his fluffy pink hair tickling your bare skin and that familiar knot in your stomach barely holding it together. “Su-Sukuna,” you whine, your hips instinctively trying to crawl away thanks to the oversensitivity of the sensation, but his hold on you is firm; you’re not getting out of this one. “Fuck-fuck fuck fuck, I’m gonna cum—”
His fingers dip deeper into your flesh, “do it, cum on my face, baby.” And god his voice is so deep it goes right up into your head and if he keeps singing your praises telling you shit like you taste so fucking good, y’know that? and you’re close, hm? wanna see you cum, baby, you’re gonna lose your goddamn mind.
“It-it might ruin your suit,” you gasp, a stupid excuse, knowing that any second now you might.
“So ruin it,” Sukuna dares you, a hand moving from your thigh to your clit, pressing down on it as you squeal at the sudden pinch, the familiar feeling of crashing over the edge washing over you.
Sukuna chuckles as he swallows the taste of you, licking his lips as you stare at him, all fucked out and pretty like that, dressed head-to-toe with everything that he bought you. That Shu Uemura hairpin holding your bun together, the dress from Versace he got tailor-made for you, the Saint Laurent pouch he got to replace your old worn department store one, and the black strappy Louboutin heels with the red accents. Crimson, like his eyes. Crimson, like you’re his.
There’s one thing he doesn’t recognise, though. The gold chain link bracelet around your wrist. “Where’d you get that from?” Sukuna’s curious—if you’re about to go and flaunt your fake love in front of Gojo’s face, you better not be wearing whatever he gave you. Even if it does look pretty on you.
You adjust yourself and stand up, both of you back to business in no time, turning your attention to his line of sight. Oh, the bracelet. You grin, holding it up to him for him to see it clearer, like a proper hand model. “This thing?” You ask as Sukuna grabs the handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the remaining cum off his face before tossing what’s probably a very expensive piece of cloth into the bin. “I made it myself, it’s pretty nice right?”
Sukuna eyes it meticulously. You’re not even sure what he’s scrutinising, but considering you made it yourself, you’re nervous about what he thinks. You’re nervous about what anybody thinks. His eyes shift from the bracelet, to you, and then back to the bracelet again, shrugging. “It’s jewelry, what do I know?”
And just like that, just when you think he can stand to be a little more encouraging, he shoots that hope down. You shrug it off though, you’re determined to make him recognise you someday. Just something on your personal bucket list of things you want out of this. You don’t even know how long you have to complete this little list of yours—all Sukuna had said when you asked him previously on how long he needed you around, he’d said when I say it’s done. Vague. As always.
That’s why here you are, a year along. Not that you’re complaining. You’re pretty sure Satoru’s just as spiteful as you are, posting pics of himself with various girls after bearing witness to your vague social media posts that you had been careful not to place Sukuna in...yet. All for tonight’s big reveal.
So far Sukuna’s been playing along with you, casually making Satoru see you’re doing just fine without him. Heck, you’re doing even better. He’s being more himself than actually trying to help you though, if you’re being honest. Somehow, Sukuna just loves to play hooky at work and takes you to impromptu trips around the world; wherever he feels like at the time. It’s why he asked Toji for that favour to hire you as his personal assistant. Because Toji doesn’t fucking care if you overspend on your vacation days. Doesn’t care if Sukuna whisks you away any time of the day.
Just take your little girlfriend and be gone, Toji always says, every single time he sees Sukuna stroll into his office like he owns the place. That’s been your past year, being whisked off to country after country, all expenses paid without a care in the world. That’s also how you come to know that Sukuna likes beaches, away from the bustling big cities and reminders of the corporate jungle. He likes going to places like Bali or Bora Bora or the Maldives; he’s taken you to these places more than once.
“I should really work more during my internship, you know,” you chided him once, after a twelve hour ride to Paris, your first ever trip.
You were tired but he seemed wide awake, as he usually always was whenever you took these little vacations. “You got your whole life to work, live a little,” he had told you, without even turning back.
He has a point, which was why you learned to let go and just go wherever Sukuna decides to take you. Plus, he’s not actually bad company. (Minus that first night in Paris, but what’s past is past.) Sure, he isn’t the nicest person out there. You’re actually struggling to find anything that’s considered ‘nice’ about his personality, but he isn’t horrible. At least, not as much as Satoru and Geto had made it seem.
“You’re not as repugnant as I thought you’d be,” you mumble absentmindedly as Sukuna helps to secure a diamond necklace around your neck. You’re too scared to ask him how much it costs. His gifts are far too expensive.
Sukuna scoffs, because how much more honest can you get? He looks at you in the mirror, and you have your eyes wide like you didn’t mean to say that out loud. “That’s because I’m not a complete dick to you,” he reminds you, re-enforcing that he can, and that he just chooses not to.
“Should I be honoured?”
His expression deadpans, flicking your forehead that could’ve probably bruised you if he did it seriously. “Don’t get cocky, woman,” he tells you before relegating to the living room to grab his phone.
“Wait, you haven’t helped me with my bun yet.”
“It looks fine. You look hotter when it’s messy.”
He’s not even looking at you, just scrolling through his messages. You sigh, looking at yourself in the mirror. You can’t even tell if he’s telling the truth or trying to shut you up so you can leave. But, you suppose, you already look leagues better than you would’ve if you’d dressed yourself, so maybe you can let a little messy hairstyle slide.
You start adjusting your nipple covers, making sure the lifting tape is secure. Sukuna eyes you quizzically. “What the fuck are those?”
“Nipple covers,” you state simply, giving them a final adjustment. 
“The fuck are they for?”
“You know, to make my boobs look nicer in these kinds of dresses.”
“But your boobs look fine without them,” Sukuna says, and times like these you find it borderline funny how you’re having a conversation about your boobs and nipple covers with someone you didn’t even know a year back.
“Okay, I’m good to go,” you declare, trying not to trip in such high heels.
Sukuna sighs, noticing how slow you’re walking, before offering his elbow. You grin at the gesture (because it looks like he can be polite, still) and then burst out laughing when you notice something.
“The fuck are you cackling like a clown for?”
Your one hand looped around his arm, your other trailing a path down to his pants, where you can definitely see that he’s still hard. “Babe, if you wanted to fuck me all you need to do is ask,” you tease.
Fed up, Sukuna just rolls his eyes and walks as fast as he can, tugging you along behind him. You squeal when you actually trip over your heels, though he makes sure to catch you before you fall. “The next time you irritate me, I’ll let you fall face flat on the ground, m’kay?” He’s wearing a big shit-eating grin on his face. “And I don’t need to fuck you. I’m not a horny fucker like you.”
A total lie.
Totally fucks you in the back of the limo, makes sure you’re all weak in the knees by the time you reach your destination.
Tumblr media
Gojo is bored.
It’s been what, not even an hour into the gala and he wants to just get out of here and get a drink. Utahime sure wouldn’t mind, she hates his guts, screams at him whenever she can, even if this is hosted by her family. Though, at least the most boring auctioning part is over, now everyone’s just socialising.
“Stop looking like such a sourpuss and smile,” Gojo Sr nags him, as he always has to at parties like these. Important investors are attending this event and if they so much as see how absolutely disinterested the newest heir of Gojo Corp is, they might lose faith, and that cannot happen apparently.
Rolling his eyes, Gojo sulks off towards a corner of the room. If he can’t abide by his father’s rules, he’ll at least try to stay hidden from view. Though it’s hard, given that he’s a six-feet-two white-haired guy with striking blue eyes to top it off.
“If you roll your eyes any harder they’re going to pop right out.”
Gojo turns to see Geto walking towards him, a hand in his pocket while the other is busy swiveling the glass of champagne in his hand. He doesn’t come alone, has Gojo’s date in tow; Yuki Tsukumo. Though, it’s nothing more than for mere publicity. The sole young heir of Gojo Corp seen attending a gala with renowned model Yuki Tsukumo—that’s the only thing his father wants. A walking billboard to let everyone know who Gojo Satoru is because he’s going to head the family business in the near future, even if everyone who really knows him is aware that it’s not what said child wants.
“Then you can serve them on a stick and give them to my father,” Gojo quips, unamused.
Because god forbid a child doesn’t want to continue their family business that’s undoubtedly filled with corporate jargon that he doesn’t care for and riddled with corrupt dealings that’s not even worth the trouble they could bring.
“Someone’s extra bitchy today,” Yuki comments, taking the empty spot next to Gojo and leaning against the wall. “Suguru, you should call Y/N and get her to come here, maybe then this guy’ll loosen up.”
Gojo stops whatever he’s doing and glares accusingly at his best friend, who’s now sheepishly smiling at him. “What? Shoko’s been so busy at the hospital lately, I had to find somebody to complain about you to,” he says, shrugging.
“How about you try not complaining?” Gojo challenges.
Geto snickers, “how about you try not being so lovesick so that I don’t have to?”
If this wasn’t a charity gala where his family’s reputation would be on the line, Gojo would probably throw his drink at Geto right now. And Geto would do the same. And chaos would ensue. But this is a charity gala where his every move is watched, so Gojo just drowns his discontent with liquor, the good old-fashioned way.
“While you boys bicker, I’m going to visit the open bar,” Yuki comments offhandedly, making a beeline for it.
This is a waste of time, Gojo thinks, because all he’s doing tonight is showing his face, acting the role of a dutiful Gojo heir. Though he really couldn’t care less about parties like these, and even less about the people attending them. If he’d taken you here he’d be fucking you in one of the empty rooms already. And you’d look so fucking hot in whatever you wear. You make discount clothes look luxurious, that much he gives you credit for.
Geto tuts. “I don’t get it, if you liked her, why didn’t you just get together with her?”
“I didn’t. And I still don’t.”
“Liar.” Geto never believes that, but Gojo is running out of patience with the topic, as always.
Just as he’s about to suggest that he and Geto make a move and sneak out the back, his attention is shifted to the entrance where surprised gasps can be heard. By the looks of it, some waiter accidentally dropped the tray of champagne. Bye bye to their job; Gojo knows that Utahime’s parents are almost as anal as his own father. Not a single mistake is tolerated.
From the corner of his eye, he can see that Utahime’s father and his own are sitting next to each other, whispering to each other. Undoubtedly about shit like youth these days are useless and how our kids are so unappreciative of our efforts.
The next moment Gojo shifts his attention back to the entrance, he catches sight of someone he didn’t think he’d see tonight.
It’s you.
You’re here. You’re beautiful. That dress is beautiful on you; it looks expensive. Your hair’s the perfect kind of messy. You’re smiling. Wide. What’s gotten you so happy? You’re perfect. So perfect.
Beside him, Geto whistles. “Your girl cleans up good,” he comments, though it mostly falls on deaf ears. But if Gojo had heard it, he’d agree.
Gojo’s about to walk over and pull you aside, about to take you the fuck out of here so he can talk to you. But then his gaze drops to your arm. It’s linked around another arm. Who the fuck are you with to be invited here?
And then he sees that patch of pink hair and he’s furious. Anyone else; if it was anyone else then maybe he’d be fine with it. Anyone but him.
“What the fuck is Y/N doing with Ryomen Sukuna?” Geto’s as surprised as Gojo is. The last he knew, you didn’t have a clue who the hell that guy was.
Now here you are, sexy as ever with a demon spawn as your date.
Geto looks over at his best friend, his blue eyes transfixed on you and Sukuna. That look is enough to tell Geto how tonight is going to go down, and it’s nothing good.
Tumblr media
“Ready to put on a show, baby?”
Sukuna takes your hand and steadies you as you step out of the limo, a kiss to the back of your hand. You know it’s all an act, but you don’t deny that the gesture makes you feel good.
“Let’s go.”
The moment you enter the ballroom, you can only think one thing: majestic.
Art on the walls to the side, lining the entire row. A humongous chandelier in the middle of the room, hung on a splendidly tall ceiling. The ground is all red carpet with gold and black embellishments, a wooden dance floor in the middle, though it’s now currently being used for mingling.
Definitely a little too royal for your comfort.
Before you can appreciate everything else around you, your gaze flies over the many round cocktail tables scattered over the ballroom to lock eyes with the specific shade of blue you hate to admit that you missed. It’s not the usual calm shade you’re used to, as though the ocean is more honed to a tsunami today. All it does is give your ego a big upgrade.
You feel lips pressed to your temple. Sukuna’s fingers turn you to face him, a warm smile on his face. It’s warm enough to make your heart skip a beat, because you don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile like this before. You’ve never even thought he was capable of it.
“Careful, princess, he’s staring,” Sukuna tells you, and you remind yourself that this is just a play. Sukuna’s fulfilling his role, and you have to fulfill yours. You’re the one who asked for it after all.
You nod gently, his fingers tipping your chin up, and you grin as though he’s just said something impossibly sweet to you. From afar, Satoru is still staring, you can feel it. “I know, baby, now kiss me like you love me.”
Your assertiveness earns his approval. When you bat your eyelashes up at him like that and grin the way you do with your pretty little smile, Sukuna doesn’t have to think twice. “Let’s teach him a lesson, hm?”
And then Sukuna kisses you right in the middle of the walkway, both his hands cupping your face tenderly as you do. The people who manage to catch a glimpse of it are nearly sure they’re out of their mind because since when does Sukuna ever treat a lady properly? Sukuna barely ever bothers about his dates, yet here he is, a picture-perfect vision of a man in love with his woman.
When he pulls away, that smirk is back on his face. Yeah, that feels better to you, more natural, less fake.
“Remember, you’re mine,” Sukuna reminds you—of the plan, you have to emphasize to yourself. His eyes trail down your figure, liking what it sees. “He’s gonna go nuts.”
You grin, “he better.”
Sukuna ruffles your hair, gently so that it doesn’t get too messy or else you’d make a fuss, and you making a fuss is enough to annoy him and neither of you want that. “Time to do what I do best,” Sukuna says, adjusting so he can intertwine his fingers with yours and lead you deeper into the room, pretending like he doesn’t know exactly where the target is. “Now, time for you to love me like your life depends on it, ‘kay?”
This time, he walks at your pace, making sure you don’t fall over and embarrass him. To his credit, for someone who’s never loved anyone else but himself before, Sukuna knows surprisingly well how to play the part perfectly. You’re pretty sure that there’s girls around you who’re watching Sukuna treat you like a queen and falling head over heels for the person they think he is.
As you enter deeper into the ballroom, you manage to catch glimpses of a very pissed off Satoru and a very exasperated Geto. You feel a little bad for Geto, being the innocent person that will inevitably get dragged into this mess. You can’t tell what they’re talking about, but by your guess, Geto’s trying to convince Satoru not to make a scene. Or advocating for the opposite.
Satoru is still pretty, navy blue suit hugging him nicely, loose tie around his neck, white hair falling comfortably around his face, cerulean eyes now fixed on you and only you. Next to him, Geto holds his own, his hair now shorter than you remember it, falling to his shoulders, half of it done up in a bun. He catches you staring and is quick to grin at you.
“Hey, Y/N,” Geto warmly greets, opening his arms and you giggle, accepting the hug. Sukuna stays by your side, though Geto does a good job of acting like he doesn’t exist, like he’s just mist in the air. You know that the Gojos and the Zenins don’t get along, but by association, you guess Geto’s leaning more towards his friend. “We missed you around here, didn’t we, Satoru?”
When Geto turns around, both you and Sukuna follow his line of sight, a very calm and collected Satoru walking towards you, a smile on his face like he isn’t fazed at all. “Yeah, not everyday my girl disappears on me like that,” he says, and you have a hard time deciphering how Satoru really feels beneath that veil of his.
My girl like he still knows he has a hold on you. That smile directed straight at you as if he’s trying to see through this facade. Is your acting that incorrigible?
Satoru stuffs his hands in his pockets, and you catch a gleam of the light from the overly huge chandelier caught against the thin gold hardware bracelet around his wrist. The one you made for him. The one he used to wear everyday and still does. Or probably just fished out tonight as a coincidence.
Sukuna is quick to act, cutting in just before Satoru can reach over to you for a hug. “It’s my girl now,” Sukuna corrects him, and the both of them stand just centimetres apart, staring at each other like they’re two dogs about to fight in a ring. “But I get it, a girl like Y/N, must suck to lose her to me, huh?”
Unfortunately, Satoru is never one to back down from anything. “I hardly think getting my reject is considered me losing her to you,” Satoru sneers, and it stings having to hear it so up close. “Besides, it’ll only be a matter of time before I get her back.”
Sukuna chuckles in that eerily evil way only he can, “she’s not like Mei, but you’re welcome to try, trust-fund kid.”
Mei? You’re not so sure about where it’s going, but the last thing you want is for a fight to break out. You inch closer to Sukuna, putting your arms around his waist, and like he understands what you’re thinking, he takes a step back from Satoru. They’re both still wearing those condescending expressions of theirs, eyes locked in a staring contest. Geto sighs, wondering if he should just walk away before anything can develop here.
Luckily for you, just as Satoru is about to open his mouth, a familiar voice cuts in.
“Y/N, is that you?”
Tumblr media
“Another package came in?”
The person on the other end of the line sighs wearily. “Yes sir, what should I do with it?”
“What are they, ice cream?”
“Nah, pop.”
Sukuna rubs at his temples and sighs. And just when he thinks he’s gotten enough headache for the night. His eyes flit over to you, across the room, conversing happily with Grandpa Gojo. From what you’ve let slip before, apparently, he’s somewhat of a parental figure to you. Sukuna doesn’t really care about that, though. But beside you, steering a little too close, is that damn Gojo Satoru.
Taking a deep breath, he shrugs it aside. He decides you’re not that dumb to let someone who broke your heart back into your pants again, or at least, not this quickly. Or maybe you are, but that’s not his problem. He really shouldn’t give a shit.
“Oh,” the person on the other line snaps him back to the present moment. “That old man is here too.”
With a resigned breath, Sukuna sighs into the phone, “just don’t do anything, I’ll be right there.”
Now, Sukuna hates Gojo’s guts, but he’d rather take on an entire night with the kid than face that elder. Not that he ever has a fucking choice.
Reluctantly, he stuffs his phone back in his pocket and makes his way back over to you. At least one of you seems to be having a good time here. He’d like to continue spiting Gojo with you, but you’ll have to carry on by yourself.
“Hey babe, c’mere for a sec,” he calls over to you once he’s close enough. You bound excitedly over to him and he’s wondering what’s gotten you so high like this, but that’s a thought for another time. He has other pressing matters to attend to.
You hold onto him when you reach him, obviously still not used to the height of those heels. Maybe he’ll let himself think it’s cute how you hold onto him like a kid. It’s cute. Maybe.
“What is it?”
“Having fun over there?” He adjusts the straps of your dress as he asks you.
You shrug, pouting slightly. You need to stop that. Sukuna pulls on your face, and you swat his hand away. As usual. “It’s fine, I was thinking we could go dance a little and watch Satoru’s eyes pop out of his head,” you giggle and Sukuna wonders how the hell he managed to find someone as petty as he is.
It’s nice, being friends with you. Huh, friends. 
“Sounds great but I can’t,” he tells you, glancing at his watch. “I have to go somewhere, I’ll take a cab. You can call my driver to take you home later.”
“Oh.” Is that disappointment he hears in your voice? He feels like he just stripped a kid of their playtime. “Everything okay? If it’s another client I can help.”
Eager. You’re always eager to help. You’d been helping him secure clients left and right since that night. You’re good with your mouth, apparently. Modest and demure at the right times, and bold and confident with the right people. You’re pretty sharp. Pretty bimbotic when he needs you to be. Pretty useful. Not for what he’s about to walk into, though. He’s pretty sure you’d just malfunction on the spot and maybe run. You’re still a goody-two-shoes after all.
“Nope, nothing like that,” Sukuna says, vague as always. He grabs a glass of champagne from one of the passing waiters and chugs it down, setting the empty glass on the table. “I gotta go, see you.”
You’re left a little puzzled as he just turns and leaves, left wondering what could’ve gotten him that slightest bit frazzled.
“Wow, your boyfriend just left you like that?” You hear Satoru’s familiar voice next to your ear. “What a dick.” It’s taunting, challenging, spiteful. Much like you right now.
As Sukuna’s pink locks disappear past the entrance, you turn to face your ex-fling, his pretty blue eyes still as pretty as you remember them to be. Maybe even prettier after all this time apart.
“Of course you’d know, you’d be the authority on that,” you remind him bitterly, and he merely smiles, probably surprised that you talk back to him now. What happened to all soft-spoken and meek and quiet?
The band comes back from their break, a slow song coming on that you’re too unrefined to recognise. Satoru holds his hand out, those long fingers beckoning you. “Dance with me.”
You really shouldn’t be that eager in taking his hand, but old habits die hard. A part of you is still singing at the fact that Satoru’s trying, but when he wraps his arms around your waist, you feel the familiar sense of discomfort, much like the first night you went on a drive with Sukuna.
Except now you always relegate to Sukuna to feel safe, in a weird sense. He’s volatile and he can be a dick, always insensitive and insulting you somehow if he wants to, but in the face of someone who you actually trusted, someone who actually hurt you, Sukuna feels more like safety. No matter how much longer you’ve known Satoru.
“You’re awfully stiff,” Satoru comments, brows knitted in concern before he turns on it and sends you that dazzling smile of his, pink lips still the same amount of kissable they’ve always been. “I can help you with that, you know.”
Your ego is dangerously inflated right now. You snort, “I’m taken, Satoru. Or have you already forgotten?”
He shrugs, continuing to sway with you, keeping his eyes only on you. “I remember,” he says, “but I’m pretty sure Sukuna’s a much shittier dude than I am.”
“So you admit you’re shitty? Huh, never thought I’d see the day,” you bite back at him, catching him off guard. “And not true by the way, Sukuna’s been a complete gentleman.”
That... is also not true.
Sukuna is not a complete gentleman. Sure he eats you out like he’s drunk on the taste of you but he also always expects you to go along with what he wants, otherwise he’ll just throw you over his shoulder and drag you with him. That’s mainly why your colleagues are so used to seeing him there, hijacking you during work and then carrying you out of the office and into his private jet for a vacation.
Although, you suppose, if you enjoyed it, then maybe you shouldn’t complain about it.
He’s been nice to you, yeah, but you wouldn’t say he gets an A star for how he treats you. Definitely not as boyfriend material as you’re parading him out to be.
Unfortunately for you, Satoru can see through you. He always has. “You’re a terrible liar,” he calls, pressing his forehead against yours, his messy white hair soft and fluffy against your skin, his beautiful azure eyes looking oddly gentle as they peer at you through thick white lashes.
And maybe you’re not as strong as you think you are, because you let him lead you out of the ballroom, out to the balcony. When what few people there are outside see that it’s the Gojo kid entering, they slowly file out. That’s been the norm whenever a Gojo looks for a private space. People just know to leave them alone.
It seems kind of lonely to you.
“What are we doing here, Satoru?”
He rests his elbows against the stone balcony railing, right hand in your left, pulling you to him. He’s quiet, which isn’t usually like him, and you’re beginning to get conflicted. In a weird way, this is what you wanted, isn’t it?
For Satoru to make an effort. To get the feeling that he’s not completely done with you. But now that he is, you feel almost... guilty, somehow.
You don’t actually have a boyfriend, get a grip, you tell yourself. 
It’s then that he rests his head on your chest, and you’re thankful that you’re not as easily flustered as you used to be. Well, looks like Sukuna’s taught you plenty of things.
“Stop fooling around, Y/N,” Satoru says, breaking the silence. Now both of his hands are interlocked with yours and he pulls his head up to look at you. You’re in between his long legs and you find you can’t pull away. You really should. 
For once, you’re not really sure what that look in his eyes mean. Which sucks. Because you used to know him like the back of your hands. You’re not sure where this conversation is headed. You don’t know what to brace yourself for. A part of you feels guilty for lying to him, though another part of you is screaming that it serves him right.
Your body is pressed against his, and he feels a little more familiar. The same fingers coming up to your face to pull your head closer to him, the same citrusy cologne that fills your senses that he knows you love.
“What’re you doing, Satoru?”
...knew he was using you for sex, using you to get over this chick, and you still confessed?
Sukuna’s words serve as a reminder in your head. A reminder of your foolishness, as Satoru so kindly pointed out, though you know he must not mean the same thing.
And unluckily for you, whatever empathy you had for lying to your once best-friend is about to hit rock bottom once Satoru opens his mouth.
“You’re only with him to spite me, aren’t you, baby?” Satoru whispers against your lips, and you feel the anxiety constricting around your chest because he’s actually right. All of this was out of spite. And if he had stopped there, then maybe you might’ve reverted to the weak person you once was, kneeling to the all-knowing Gojo Satoru. But he doesn’t. “Come on, why else would he even bother—”
Satoru can’t even finish his sentence because you realise you’ve just slapped him across the face. Hard. Really hard. Your left palm is kind of numb from the impact, you wonder how his right cheek must be feeling now. You hope it hurts.
Why else would he even bother talking to you? That’s it, right? Insinuating that Sukuna wouldn’t have even looked at you twice if it weren’t for the fact that you just happened to be connected to Gojo Satoru somehow? The former may have been true, but for someone you once loved to say that there’s no use to you outside of himself—you swallow your tears.
“Fuck you, Gojo.”
That’s the last thing you say before you hightail yourself out of there. Away from what made you run into Sukuna’s arms in the first place. You’re only mad because you actually expected something out of Satoru. You actually wanted to get your best friend back, back before you ever let him fuck you that first night in your too-cramped apartment on your too-small bed.
Sukuna’s right; your apartment sucks.
You’re crying and people are staring and waiters are asking you if there’s something they can do for you but you ignore them. You barely even notice them, really. If you listen really closely you can hear the sound of someone calling your name, but your anger’s too potent to risk talking to whoever it may be.
It’s definitely not Satoru. He won’t do that shit for you. Won’t chase you down like you want him to, and that’s what sucks—because a part of you still wants him to.
Beyond irate, you take off your heels and start walking barefoot the rest of the way to the limo Sukuna left for you. You’re the least classy person in this place, but you don’t have the patience to care. You grab your phone out of your purse, wanting to call Sukuna and tell him to please fuck my brains out so I forget and how these heels are so fucking pretty but they hurt my feet way too much but you can’t even do that because it’s already dead.
What a fucking night.
“What’s your address again, miss?” The driver asks you as you enter the limo, trying to key something into the GPS on his phone. From the rearview mirror, you can see that he’s noticed the makeup running down your face, but he’s polite enough not to mention anything about it.
You pause for a while, contemplating different hotels because your apartment sucks. A hotel would be great. You could charge it to Sukuna’s card, he gave you one for a reason after all.
“Um, where’s the nearest hotel?”
Tumblr media
Left behind, Gojo watches as you speed off across the lawn, absolute disregard for the grass you’re stepping on that was just mowed, your silhouette disappearing into the same limo that you probably came in.
Jaw clenching, he shakes his head. You’re making him fucking lose it. You definitely took what he said the wrong way. And he’s an idiot enough to phrase it as such.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
“I told you to behave tonight, yet here you are causing a scene.”
Jesus, can’t he get a fucking break? It’s bad enough that he accidentally pissed you off, but having his dad on his back for the entire evening is like the nail to his coffin.
“I didn’t cause anything.”
“Oh, please. People saw that barbarian slapping you,” his father spits, and Gojo nearly punches him for just calling you that. “I told you that girl would be a good-for-nothing, didn’t I?”
Gojo’s amazed that he’s still standing still in front of him. He should be grateful that his son hasn’t moved an inch because if he did, it would’ve hurt either his face or his ribs. Or maybe his dick, if Gojo was feeling petty enough.
“Oh father, how could I forget?”
Because really, he’s sincerely asking. He can’t even count the amount of times his father’s taken a dig at you, as hypocritical as it may have sounded. Gojo is stupid, he really fucked up, he knows. But there’s always something concerning about the way his father tells him that you’re not fit for this family. That you can’t join the Gojo family. That you’re too nice.
What the fuck does that even mean?
Elders these days make no fucking sense. Except maybe his grandfather. At least he treats you nice enough. But his father always gets the final say.
“You should go back in,” his father tells him, a cigarette between his fingers.
Gojo hopes he gets sick and dies early.
“You don’t have to tell me twice.”
As Gojo Sr watches his son trudge back to the ballroom, back to Geto and Tsukumo, back to his grandfather, he sighs. 
Not one of you understands a goddamn thing.
Tumblr media
“You’re finally here?”
Sukuna scoffs. “Of course, your favourite adopted son in the whole wide world is always at your service.”
The elderly man rolls his eyes, putting his pipe away. “Lucky me, then.”
Both men are dripping with sarcasm, the harsh neon lights illuminating their nonplussed expressions. Sukuna nods at his workers to leave them alone, and they file out fast enough. None of them like Sukuna, but they hate Naobito Zenin even more.
But none of that hate can trump the distaste Naobito feels for Sukuna. Sometimes Sukuna wonders why they even took him in. Just because Toji found him alone in the streets? As if the Zenins were that charitable to take care of a stray.
“What are these doing here?” Sukuna asks, gesturing to the packages on the table.
Naobito grits his teeth and turns his nose on him. “What else? More clients, more shipments. Everything you have, you owe to me. I’m just collecting,” he reminds him, a threatening look on his face, as if daring Sukuna to defy him.
Sukuna wants to. He really wants to give this guy a piece of his mind. But he can’t. Naobito has had a rope around his neck, ever since he was accepted into the Zenin family. Though it wasn’t so much an acceptance as much as tolerance. He didn’t even know why they took him in in the first place, especially when all the elders knew were shitty upbringing.
“I thought you said I wouldn’t have to do this anymore by now.” Sukuna feels only shame having to say those words, like admitting that his own hands are tied, that he can’t legally think of any way out of this were it won’t have consequences for himself. Because he really can’t, because Naobito’s right—all he ever had and has now belong to the Zenins.
That’s why Naobito can. He has the means to. He has every means to pin all of this on Sukuna and not a single charge against himself. The sheer amount of influence the head of this family has is astounding. Probably not as much as the Gojo family does, but close enough. Maybe if he had been born into the family he wouldn’t have had to do this. But luck rarely shines on him, that much he’s known.
The elderly man only draws closer to Sukuna. “You do as I say, or I’ll put you behind bars,” he warns him, gesturing for his driver to go get the car. With a stern look, he eyes Sukuna, a glint in his eye—the same glint he wears when he’s figured something out. “You know, I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to offer someone else as a replacement.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
Naobito cackles, “I’ve seen you parading that pretty little thing around, stole one from Gojo Satoru, didn’t we?”
If it was anyone else, he’d sell them out in a heartbeat. But from Naobito’s face, he can tell he’s been waiting a while just to bring this up. Waiting for Sukuna to crack just a little.
“She’s useless, trust me,” Sukuna tells him. “Just a fucking hole I’m having fun with.”
Naobito hums, pondering, but doesn’t say more. He’ll just have to let everything play out. “We have a meeting with the CEO of KC Pharmaceuticals soon, don’t screw that up,” he simply states before strolling out of the empty club, impervious to Sukuna’s distaste for the entire situation. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, boy.”
It takes everything in Sukuna to not bash his head in. He should feel grateful to the man who took him in. He should treat him with respect like everyone else seems to (with the casual exception of Toji because he knows that’s a family feud he doesn’t want to get involved in). Yet all Sukuna feels is contempt.
Raising a kid just to use his premises as a place of distribution seems a little far-fetched, but you can never put anything past the Zenins.
Deciding he’s had enough of this for tonight, he fishes his phone out of his pocket after stuffing the damned packages into the safe room. Your number’s at the top of his contacts. Thanks to your contact name on his phone.
You’d tried bargaining for a sweeter name but he refused. He thinks it’s awfully cute how you still try to sneak his phone and change your contact name. You still do that sometimes. You always fail though.
He hits the call button but it goes straight to voicemail. Did you let your phone die? He wouldn’t be surprised if you did. You’re all forgetful and airy laughter and uncontactable whenever Sukuna really wants to find you. You just have shit timing.
It’s been at least an hour after the supposed gala was supposed to end.
Sukuna sighs. He really, really hates your apartment but he hates Naobito more and he needs some kind of fucking distraction tonight or he might actually try to snuff him in his sleep. So he hails a cab and tells the driver your address because it lives in the corner of his mind rent free, not where a shithole should be, a snug position next to your perfect ass and your airy laughter which he really shouldn’t commit to memory but his insufferable brain apparently doesn’t even listen to itself.
It takes about a half hour to your house, and your spare key is under your stupidly thin mat (which you should really place somewhere else because that’s way too obvious), and strangely enough all the lights are off when he steps in. Are you not even home?
A normal person would probably leave the moment they figure that you’re not there. Sucks for you then, because Sukuna does whatever the fuck he wants, but you know that. If you had anything to hide, he figures you probably wouldn’t have told him that one time where you hid the spare key.
Curiosity is strange, Sukuna never thought he’d be curious about you but here he is, wandering about your house while wondering where the hell you’d be.
He opens one of the doors to see a gigantic, seemingly organised mess. Things are strewn all over the carpet on the floor, the table on the side of the room filled to the brim with what looks like raw materials. For your bracelets, he figures, as he rifles through the desk. All beads and crystals and tweezers of some sort? He can’t even tell, doesn’t know a thing about jewelry making. You must love making these a lot—you probably make some for others too, judging by what Gojo was wearing around his wrist at the gala earlier.
A text comes in, and he finds himself instinctively looking for your name, but it turns out to be Toji.
Wanna come to Kang’s? Mika and Seiri are here.
Seiri’s being annoying. Asking bout you and shit.
Sukuna snickers. He can imagine. Ever since that time you told Seiri to fuck off that night he first fucked you, he hasn’t touched her since. And considering how big a fish anyone associated with the Zenins are, he can imagine how scorned Seiri must feel.
He could. He could go over and drink his guts out and fuck her brains out and go back home without any consequences, but he’s tired. And he doesn’t think that Seiri can cut it anymore. Not after he had a taste of you. You’re such a fucker like that.
Blow her off for me, Sukuna texts back before getting a cab home. You’re such a fucker, disappearing at the worst times. 
Disappearing when he needs you.
Tumblr media
Sukuna’s familiar white walls and cold marble floors greet him when he gets back. It’s already past midnight and you’re still fucking gone and if you’d already given yourself back to Gojo then maybe he gave you too much credit back then. Thought that maybe the dozens of vacations he took you on might’ve shown you that one single guy was not worth crying over but what does he know about stupid fucking love?
Not a single thing. He thinks he probably never will.
Tossing his wallet and phone onto the kitchen counter, he shrugs out of his suit and shirt, deciding that he’ll annoy the hell out of you tomorrow because today has just been shittier than he imagined it would be and he doesn’t think he can handle you right now.
You’re loud when you’re whining and you can whine a lot, especially if it has to do with Gojo and your face is so annoying when you talk about him and strangely enough you can’t seem to leave Sukuna alone somehow because you’re here.
On his goddamn bed.
Sleeping with your legs sprawled out, wearing nothing but his plain white tee.
Which looks fucking hot on you.
You’re such a fucker. He really shouldn’t have taught you how to pick locks.
Sukuna thinks the right protocol is to try not to wake someone when they’re sleeping, but if you expected that from him, joke’s on you. He only sighs and pushes you to one side of the bed, effectively startling you from your sleep.
You’re still groggy, and Sukuna’s getting sleepy.
This is strange, he’s never actually slept on the same bed with you if there wasn’t any sex beforehand. He doesn’t think he has the energy to fuck you, and he doesn’t think you have the energy to help yourself either if you wanted to.
Whatever, he’ll make do. He just has to share the other half of the bed with another human being. It’s nothing he’s ever done before because, yeah, the Zenins have always had way more bedrooms and mattresses than they could do with anyway.
This is weird, but he tells you to stay on your fucking side of the bed anyway, doesn’t kick you out or anything. He figures that’s a bad way to treat someone you’re technically accomplices with. Even if it is just the petty dealing of making Gojo Satoru miserable.
He turns his back to you for good measure. But you don’t listen to him. He groans, because you’re always so spoiled, doing whatever the fuck you want. You have your body coddled up against his back and he turns and he’s about to fucking tell you to fuck off to your half of his bed until he manages to shut himself up before he gets any words out.
Because you’re sobbing. You’re actually fucking sobbing. The last time he’s seen you do this was one year ago when he first saw you, all the way back in Geto’s house. He hasn’t seen your tears since. Not one bit. What the fuck is he supposed to do with a crying baby again? Pat their back and shit?
“Hey, Sukuna?”
You’re oddly timid tonight. You’re usually boisterous and all up in his face because apparently you’ve been afraid your whole life of pissing off Gojo Satoru but when it comes to Ryomen Sukuna you just yell and demand and tease when you see fit. Women are weird, Sukuna thinks, letting you bury your head in his chest because he doesn’t know what the fuck to do with a crying girl in his bed.
He rubs your back for good measure.
“What do you want?” is the reply he settles for. He doesn’t hug you back, doesn’t wipe away your tears. Sukuna doesn’t even know whether he should just yank you off of him.
Sniffles and more sniffles before you finally speak up again. “Nothing.”
What the fuck, woman?
Sukuna is trying his best not to fucking lash out at you for being so weird. What do you mean ‘nothing’? Jesus, what’s so hard about opening your mouth? It’s not like you ever had any trouble before. But then again, when it comes to Gojo you’ve always been particularly weak.
That bastard probably insulted you again somehow.
As if you read his mind, you speak up again. “He said I was only good for spiting him,” you confess. You’re not sobbing anymore, Sukuna notices. You’re just plain tired. He can see it in your eyes. You had a moment of weakness, a moment where you let Gojo’s words go in over your head. Just from your words alone, Sukuna can probably tell what exactly he said to you.
“You are good for spiting him, though,” Sukuna debates, adjusting so he’s on his back, your head coming up to lie on his bare chest. Your fingers are gentle against his abs, idly tracing the pattern of the red and black dragon at his sides. “But even if you had nothing to do with that bitch, I probably would’ve still tried to fuck you.”
You snort, trying to hold back your laughter. It’s Sukuna’s own weird way of comforting you, whether he realizes it or not. “Yeah, you sure about that?”
“Of course, babe,” he drawls, obviously trying to keep himself from dozing off. “Would’ve bent you over the table that night we met. So goddamn annoying trying to seduce me with those pretty boobs of yours.”
And strangely enough, even Sukuna’s crass words of affirmation are enough for you. You’re smiling because he can’t see you, happy that you’ve at least managed to get to a place with Sukuna where it feels like you’re actual, real friends. Yeah, that’s what this is, just accomplices slash friends. That’s all you want from this.
“Did I do a good job seducing you?”
Sukuna’s probably a second away from dozing off completely, but he still manages one last reply. “I don’t fuck anyone but you, don’t I?”
And by the time you dare look up, he’s fast asleep, though you have a hard time remembering when his arms came around your shoulders, holding you tight against his body. It’s a little uncomfortable, your hands would probably go numb if you fall asleep, but it feels oddly comforting.
He’s never been like this before. Even when you slept together whenever he brought you overseas. It always ends with you on one end, him on the other. He’s not a cuddly sleeper. Probably not someone who enjoys much innocent body contact at all.
Maybe you can let yourself feel special just for one night.
Yeah, one night wouldn’t hurt, would it?
Tumblr media
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tender-rosiey · 2 days ago
How would gojo act when his mother loving son DOES grow up, or even better if gojo over here’s his teenaged son telling his mom that he doesn’t think Toni’s good enough for her💀(in a wholesome platonic way obviously)
old man — gojo x f!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: it’s either writer’s block or i am just too busy; I hate it here
Tumblr media
gojo doesn’t know whether to be thankful his son turned out this way or whether to despise it.
on one hand, he is now sure there will be someone to protect you when he isn’t around, even if he knows that you are capable and most badass and hot woman his eyes have seen, but who can stop a man from worrying about his wife?
plus it’s amazing to play pranks on everybody with your son.
but, on the other hand, he lives in constant competition with son for your attention. not a moment can pass without his son trying to butt in.
gojo just came back from a mission and wants a welcome back kiss? no, his son wants to cuddle with his mom right now.
gojo would like to go on a date with you, his beautiful wife, and spend sometime alone? too bad, your son is tagging along. what a nice family outing it has become.
the moments the both of you shared alone were rare, but you enjoyed them to the fullest nonetheless. your son’s clinginess has been more tamed as he grew but he no doubt adores you and he makes sure you know that.
today was yet another where gojo was on a mission overseas, and you had your precious and lovely son to keep you company until he came home.
although he was quite the cheeky and sassy kid, but he had an undeniable soft spot for you and he loved being in your presence, better yet having his hair stroked by you.
something his father also enjoys.
you hum, “yes, honey?”
“why is dad such a loser?” he asks and your hand stops its movement.
noticing that you’re still caught in your initial shock he continues, “he is an old man with white hair and even his students are embarrassed by him; why are you with him?”
“you know your father is just 37, right?”
your son shrugs, “that’s old by my standards.”
“so I am old?” you ask and he shakes his head instantly.
“no, you look younger than him and are a million times prettier than him,” he assures and you smile teasingly.
“picking favorites, aren’t you?”
“I love him too, but it’s just that I am obviously better anyways so that leaves him to be in last place,” but he continues before speak up, “first place being you then second place being me.”
a laugh leaves your lips while your son closes his eyes in concentration for a moment before announcing something, “dad, i know you are there.”
you hear a grunt of pain before someone falls on the ground and you assume it’s your husband, “satoru, is that you?!”
happily, you make your way to him and give him a hug which he gladly returns despite his pain from the box your son threw at him using his energy, “hey honey,” he softly says with his face buried in your shoulder.
your son watches from the couch with a pout but lets you guys greet each other nonetheless.
“I missed you so much,” satoru says before pressing a big kiss to your cheek and you giggle in return and pat his head which makes him grin.
“me too, ‘toru,” you smile, “but how long have you been here?”
his grin immediately turns into a pout at that and you can see his eyebrows furrow, “long enough to hear the words of my ruthless son,” he half-heartedly glares at him.
the boy rolls his eyes before walking to his dad and looking up at him, “hey old man.”
“I am not old, you sassy teenager!” your husband argues and your son smirks but it drops as soon as he sees his dad smirk as well, who puts a hand on his son’s head to ruffle his hair, “speaking of which, I don’t think you want your mom to know about—“
“ALRIGHT!” the boy covers satoru’s mouth and looks at him with a nervous smile, “D-DAD YOU MUST BE TIRED; GO CHANGE!”
“what did you not want me to know about?” you ask and your son looks horrified.
satoru pats his son’s head one last time before going upstairs but not without giving you a kiss on the lips.
“N-NOTHING!” he hears his son scream and satoru smirks, the evil one has fallen.
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15s-notebook @todorokichills @missrown @shrynkk @simplyxsinned @beautiful-is-boring @bakugossanity @izukus-gf @irethepotato @thekaylahub @luciferspen @aeanya @sweetcloudsimp @moon-catto @fiona782 @ginneko @kisakitwister @iamjustasimpxd @psychopotatomeme
Tumblr media
copyright © tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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thecheekyminx · a day ago
Too Loud
Toji x reader
Minors and ageless blogs DNI
A/N: no thoughts head empty, only Toji. Driven by my pussy on this one, ngl
Warnings: fem afab reader, big dick Toji <3 also boyfriend!Toji but he’s a menace, spanking, pet names (baby, princess), degradation (calls reader a slut, filthy), mention of voyeurism, cumshot
Word count: 807
╔═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗  
“You’re being too loud, baby. Ya want everyone to hear you?”
If you’d had the wherewithal to respond, you would have rolled your eyes and snapped back with something witty at your awful boyfriend. But with the pace and depth he was bullying his cock into you, your eyes were already rolling back for a different reason and you would be lucky to utter any coherent words at all.
He had you pressed against the mattress on your knees, hips propped up and back arched, letting him pound into your cunt at the perfect angle to hit all your good spots while his balls slapped at your clit. You’d long since lost the ability to hold yourself up, and settled for hugging your pillow for dear life, Toji’s hands gripping the fat of your hips being the only thing keeping you up now.
Toji was the one who discovered just how loud you could be. Before him, you thought yourself a quiet partner, with the occasional soft moan or two. But something about Toji, the expert way his cock reached unknown depths in you and how he ground his hips against yours, combined with his absolutely filthy speech, brought out the volume in you. In fact, you'd already received an embarrassing number of noise complaints that just so happened to coincide with Toji's visits to your bedroom, and you had a feeling another was coming your way.
You were losing focus with the pleasure, not even focused on cumming anymore and just enjoying the ride. But a loud smack shortly accompanied by a sharp pain on your ass cheek brought you back. You couldn't help but tighten in response, yelping out a loud moan, and Toji's lip curled, slowing down to a cruel pace, dragging his dick along your sensitive walls.
"What did I just say? You gotta keep it down, princess."
"Fuck off, I can't help it– ahh!" you started, cut off with a yelp at another sharp slap to your ass.
"You want everyone to know what a slut you are for me? How good I'm makin' you feel, huh?" Toji brought down another harsh slap on your ass before bringing his hand up to your neck, not to choke you but just to pull your head up off the pillow.
He pressed closer to you, the fat head of his cock pressing close to your cervix, making you squirm against him. "I bet those college boys next door love to hear you, but what about that grandma across the hall? Bet she'd be mortified to know just how filthy you really are."
You could feel your cheeks burning, but you couldn't even say anything in your defense. You bit back a whimper as Toji started to thrust again, returning to his slow torturous pace, barely pulling out now and instead opting to bury himself to the hilt each time. The head of his cock began to rub at the perfect spot within you, and your clit ached for attention, body begging for release.
"Fuck, Toji, please.." you couldn't help but pant out, turning to glance at your torturer of a boyfriend. His blown out pupils and burning lust in his gaze only made your walls tighten on him, and his eyes fluttered shut for a moment, obviously approaching his end as well.
"Fine, I'll help you out. Just remember, those pretty sounds are all for me." His hand that he'd kept on your throat moved up to cover your mouth, while his free hand now snaked down your front. You felt his hips draw back a little before slamming back into you, and you moaned into his hand almost immediately.
Toji's rough calloused finger found and circled your clit before rubbing circles onto it. That combined with the rough pace he now set immediately raised your pleasure, pushing you closer and closer to climax, and Toji could feel it in the way your cunt fluttered around him. The moans were constant now, the only barrier being Toji's large hand, but the constant banging of your headboard against the wall gave you away regardless.
Your moans pitched up in volume as the pleasure increased until finally your climax hit you hard, and your jerking body accidentally ripped you away from Toji's hand at the last second, unleashing a loud moan that filled your entire apartment. The gorgeous sounds of your moans combined with the way your pussy hugged his cock brought Toji to his release as well, and he quickly pulled out to paint your backside with his cum.
As you came back down from your high, you could hear Toji snickering behind you, smacking your ass one final time before moving off the bed, and you buried your face into the pillow, burning with embarrassment.
"Well, princess, I think they all heard you now."
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savory-script · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
c: m. fushiguro x reader
wc: 10.8k
tags: canonverse, sorcerer!megumi, sex pollen, intense religious imagery/allusions, depiction of a false Eden, temptation & fall, heavy reference to Paradise Lost
the reader: she/her, jujutsu sorcerer, assigned partner to megumi fushiguro, sarcastic dickhead
cw: dubious consent (as a result of sex pollen), aged-up characters, unprotected vaginal sex/cunnilingus, bloodplay, light hair pulling, canon-typical violence, descriptions of murder
notes: it's time for another re-upload from the old blog! this was originally uploaded as part of the heavenly bodies collab, hosted by @ / chiwhorei here on tumblr many moons ago.
this is probably my favourite fic from the old blog, so I probably should have saved it for last, or something but... it's here now.
[m. list]
Tumblr media
“For contemplation he and valor formed, 
for softness she and sweet attractive grace:
He for God only, she for God in him.” 
You are pliant and ready for him, splashed over the lush grass like a ray of heaven’s light. Megumi has never been so consumed. And yet, the way fat leaves of clover stick with the dew to your arching back would turn even the most righteous man to sin.
He draws himself from you, pressing the pads of his fingers into the meat of your velvet thighs. You are silk and thick, sweet, syrupy honey, and to be graced by the purity of your vulnerable form, he thinks, is nearer to Paradise than he will ever tread.
As he bends over your trembling form, blood drips warm and iron from the point of his chin. It drizzles lazily over your lower lip, and he watches in wonder as your tongue slips fluidly across your flesh, tasting him like holy wine. More blood pools eagerly over his injured tongue, and he ducks abruptly against you, sealing his mouth over yours. You keen into him, and he lets the iron flavour pour over your palate.
Megumi parts your thighs and drives himself into you, again and again, picking up a brutal, performatively forceful pace that has you crying into the lifeblood he feeds you. He lets go of the voice that curls tightly in the back of his throat. Together, your pleasure shoots skyward as he climbs toward his immortal peak.
He is lost in you. Lost in the agony of wanting this for so long, of punishing himself for something that could have been taken so easily. The filthy desires he repressed, lying next to you in dingy motel rooms in every backwater town in the country. He would have given his life to have you look at him like this, with God in your eyes.
five hours earlier
“Shit. Fuck. I think that was poison ivy.”
“It wasn’t. You’re fine. Keep going.” The exasperation bleeds into every syllable as Megumi barely slows his pace to let you catch up. You lost the trail almost two miles ago, and with the sun sinking into the mountain peak, it’s getting harder to avoid tripping over the obstacles that the groomed trail is so kindly clear of.
“How would you even know? Have you ever even seen poison ivy? You know, I was in-“
“If you say Girl Scouts one more time-“
“No, but I’m just saying, when I was in Girl Scouts, they taught us this rhyme, so we could stay away from it. It was, like… leaves of green, leave it… leaves of-“ You bring a hand to your temple, conveniently swatting a too-friendly mosquito before trying to rub the rhyme back into your brain.
Megumi sighs deeper, if possible, and pulls to a dead stop in front of you.
“Leaves of three, leave it be.”
You purse your lips tightly, glancing back at the jagged, four-leaved greenish patch of vegetation you’d stumbled through.
“I don’t think that was it.”
“Yes, it- “ Megumi scrubs his hands over his face. He gives a sharp little whistle, and the Demon Dog who was traipsing through the undergrowth in front of him lifts its head and lopes eagerly back to his side. It drops its haunches to the soil, thumping its heavy tail.
“Please tell me you’ve found something,” he mumbles, dropping to one knee and scratching gently behind the dog’s ear. It stands immediately, lifting its nose to the before dropping it to the dirt and trotting away again. It’s definitely tracing something, though you're still not convinced it hasn't simply caught the scent of a fat little cursed rabbit.
You’ve been trekking through the woods all day, hiking into the deepest parts of one of the country’s largest national parks. There aren’t many missions that involve hiking so far out of civilization. Given the tendency of curses to gather in areas of high-density population, incidents this far into the wilderness are fairly uncommon.
Unfortunately for both of you, they’re not impossible. Gojo seemed a little too pleased, handing you both your assignment a couple of days ago.
“Well,” you puff, leaning against the tough bark of a nearby oak. “Since we’re not getting anywhere fast, maybe we’d better…”
“Here,” Megumi grunts, handing you his phone, with the screen lit up on a couple of PDFs. “I saved all the important details regarding the case before we left. And for God’s sake.” He shoves a metal canteen at your chest.
“Drink something, before you pass out.”
You curse at him under your breath, snagging the canteen. The water inside tastes like stainless steel, but it’s better than sweating all your fluids into your uniform.
You sip idly at your lukewarm refreshment while you scroll through the documents on Megumi’s phone, refreshing yourself with the case you’d been well-briefed on during the long drive to the trailhead.
The deaths began about a month ago, continuing in staggering numbers as the summer wore on. At first, the park had nothing to do with the official investigation, since nearly all of the casualties were first reported from the homes of the victims. Before long, however, the common thread drawn from the weave of each case was a recent visit to this park.
That, and the distinct, wing-like pattern that bled from the backs of every victim, spreading across the floor where each body was discovered.
One of the photos from the briefing was attached, detailing a dimly lit apartment and a stark chalk outline drawn on the wood flooring. Much like the briefing stated, dark stains stretched out from either side of the outline’s shoulders, smeared from where they would have lain, but flaring into the distinct shape of feathered wings beyond the outline, clear as day.
Many of the affected hikers were backpackers, who often shrugged the trail in search of better places to camp. It seemed that the longer they spent in the mountains, the sooner the curse came back for them.
“Thanks,” you rasp, powering down the phone and handing it back to Megumi as he uncrosses his arms.
“Ready to keep going?” He lowers his chin to meet your gaze with a moment of sincerity, his eyes strikingly pale in the desaturated colours of approaching dusk.
“As I’ll ever be,” you quip back, stretching your hand out with the now-empty canteen. Megumi takes it from you at first, but furrows his brow and turns it over. A few measly drops slide from its chrome mouth, dripping onto the leaves of a fern at your feet and rolling lazily towards its stem.
“Oh, no,” he grunts. “You finished it, you get to carry it now.”
“What? That wasn’t in the briefing,” you squawk, but he pushes it into your hands anyway and turns around, hooking his thumbs aggressively into the strap of his backpack. He calls for his shikigami, and the dog appears seemingly from nowhere.
“The dog’s picked up the curse’s scent,” Megumi calls over his shoulder. “We’re getting close. Be ready.”
You sling your pack over one shoulder to hook the canteen to its nylon straps, but Megumi’s already traipsing through the trees again, following the waving banner of his dog’s black tail.
As dusk fades into silvery night, the lush greens of the forest bleed into dull foliage and blackened wood. The trees seem to grow thicker the higher you climb. You're not high enough for the air to grow thin, so the ozone seems to condense alongside the brush, settling in warm layers of dew on every inch of your exposed skin.
The shadows grow so dense that the colours blur into each other completely, including Megumi, his black hair, his black uniform, and his black dog. The only proof you have that he’s still in front of you at all is the bobbing white strip of exposed skin at the back of his neck, a pale flash of dewy, vulnerable flesh.
You clap a hand self-consciously over the back of your own neck, tugging the cowl of your jacket a little more tightly around your ears.
There’s a change in the air, when you duck under the low-hanging bough of an ancient maple, branches thick and heavy with fertile keys. The oxygen seems to hang differently here. There’s no other particular way to describe it, but you’d know the feeling anywhere.
Megumi’s right. The curse is nearby.  
As you duck into the clearing, you pass a huge crabapple tree, with branches extending into the forest beyond like an umbrella. Its boughs are laden with velvety blossoms and simultaneously weighed down by plump, ripe fruit.
You crane your neck to keep staring at it as you walk by, feeling the cold, slow creep of mystery as it seeps into your veins.
The trees give way suddenly to a lush carpet of long grass and tall, fragrant wildflowers. Narrow stalks of evening lychnis and spring lupines sprout among thick patches of autumn-yellowed goldenrod and late summer lily-of-the-valley.
“Fushiguro,” you shout across the field, projecting to be heard over the syrupy, perfumed breeze.
Megumi’s already a few steps ahead of you, pausing to glance over one shoulder at you. His eyes, previously dark and unreadable in the shadowy woods, are suddenly vibrant and matching the moonlit grass that brushes about the knees of his pressed trousers.
Your chest gives a weary little shudder. You’re growing too tired to pretend like he isn’t beautiful, windswept and backdropped by nature’s gold.
“The dog,” he calls, lifting an arm to urge you in his direction. “It found something. Come on.”
The shikigami has already discovered its prize by the time you reach him, and Megumi’s standing a little ways away with his hands shoved deep into his pockets.
"What is it?" You step carelessly between the boy and his dog, but Megumi reaches for you with a harsh "lookout," grabbing you harshly by the upper arms and pulling you backward. His grip is strong enough to hurt, but you collide gently with his chest, feeling the airy ghost of his jaw as he dips his chin to avoid hitting you.
"You should start looking down more often," he grumbles. His voice rolls into your ear careful and measured, like a confession. When he lets you go, he runs his fingers up and down your arms for a heartbeat before stepping back.
“Sorry,” he adds. It’s not until he’s taken his distance and your brain’s started working again that you hear it- the slow, gentle gurgle of the mountain creek that crosses your path. It wouldn't have been a disaster if you'd stepped any further, but Megumi's saved you a pair of wet socks.
The shikigami is still parked contently a few feet from your left side, bowing its dark head to lap carefully at the clear running water.
“This is the place,” Megumi confirms, nodding toward the dog in question. He doesn’t need to explain it to you. Shikigami don’t get thirsty.
“We should probably leave our supplies here,” you suggest, unshouldering the backpack full of carefully packed clean water and extra layers. There’s a part of you that wants to rest here, knowing that your muscles are running on little more than adrenaline at this point.
But you trekked up here as soon as you could for a reason. The longer it takes for you to exorcise this curse, the more victims it will be able to claim.
Megumi lays his pack in the grass, straightening up slowly and adjusting the hem of his jacket. He recalls his shikigami, who disappears into a wisp of black mist. His eyelashes lift fluidly, letting his eyes glint when he fixes you with a determined stare. Your pulse stalls as he offers you a hand.
Despite your fear, exhaustion and trepidation, you’re smiling.
“Might as well be.”
His fingers are cold, wrapping around yours. The night bleaches most of the colour from your vision, but you can already imagine the way his fingertips would be flushed, the same peachy shade of strawberry-pink that he gets about the nose and cheeks in the coldest part of the year. You remember vividly the scorching maroon of his ears on a long winter mission once, when he’d taken your frozen hands between his own to rub the life back into them.
Megumi’s already tugging you forward, bringing you from your reverie and giving your shoulder a little bump.
“Focus,” he chides. “You can’t afford to be distracted in there.”
“I know.” You shake your head, filling your lungs with fragrant night air one more time.
The creek is narrow enough to be taken in a single step, but you both steel yourselves before you cross.
Crossing the river will summon the curse if it's as near as you suspect.
There’s a definite shift in the atmosphere as you touch down on the other side, touching down and dropping hands. You take a few steps into the meadow on the other side of the creek, peering into the darkness for any sign of the cursed spirit.
Nothing happens.
“Maybe that wasn’t it,” you quip. But as you turn around to face Megumi again, it’s already too late.
The creature towers over him, easily the size and form of a first-grade. You reach for him, but it's not enough and the scream dies in your throat as the curse delivers a devastating blow to the back of Megumi's head, sending him sprawling into the grass before he can even react.
You’re lifting your hands, activating your cursed technique. Megumi’s already moving again, which floods your brain with just enough relief to give you room to think. When he flips onto his hindquarters he slaps his hands together, shaping them wildly. Blood pours over his bottom lip when he moves to speak.
He’s got a near-permanent scar across the breadth of his tongue, given how many times he’s bitten it.
But the curse moves faster. Its jagged mouth spreads in a wicked grin, darting around your attacks to re-appear behind you.
“Jujutsu sorcerers,” it delights, in a screech that rings through the hollow of your brainstem. “Children of God. I’ve been waiting for you.”
Intelligent speech. Your eyes find Megumi’s in an instant.
It’s a special grade.
You don’t have time to adjust to that new conclusion, because in the next instant, the curse has disappeared again. Instead of darting away like before, however, the curse melts into the ground, pale mist exploding through the grass and rolling toward you.
“It’s lowering a veil,” Megumi roars. “Get to the creek!”
He’s scrambling to his feet, but you take off. The adrenaline that buzzed lowly earlier thumps in your ears like a drug now, pushing you faster and faster. The edge of the creek draws closer, but by the time you jump, it’s already at your heels. It seems to accelerate as it reaches the water’s edge, engulfing you all at once and erecting a border that stops you midair, throwing you violently back into the grass.
You’re too late.
The veil crashes down around you like an iron wall, bleeding into the trees and curving into the sky. The meadow around you doesn’t disappear, like you’d expect in the domain of a cursed spirit. But it’s morphing beneath you, shifting and growing as the sky above lightens from pitch black into a the peachy-lavender fade of perpetual dusk, long, golden-hour shadows lit up by the last rays of a sun that set hours ago.
The trees that surround the clearing shoot upward, growing thousands of years of height in an instant. The branches, some still dotted with late-spring buds, leaf out all at once, with trees that were once bare suddenly weighed down by heavy fruits. Fruits that do not belong in this part of the world, nor on this sort of tree.
As the last of the changes are solidified, and you’re left to take stock of your new surroundings, the curse does not re-appear.
“Are you alright?”
Megumi’s already pushing himself up onto one elbow, using the back of one hand to wipe streaks of blood from his chin. Every time he moves his lips, fresh blood pools at their corners. It’s easy to see how quickly his mouth fills with blood even from where you lay.
You try to call back to him, but the air won’t come. Gesturing vaguely across to him, you stay flat on your back, focusing your energy and taking tiny sips of air until the wind comes back to you.
Then, slowly, you sit up. The light from the horizon is unfamiliar but strangely, fantastically beautiful, and though you’d been thrown harshly back from the creek, your landing was soft.
“Fine,” you call. The wind catches your jacket as you straighten up, fluttering the crepey wool against your skin. You didn’t realize just how much you’ve been sweating on the way up the mountain, but cursed or not, the fresh breeze feels nice.
“Your mouth,” you call back to him. Your voice comes a little softer than you intend, but you chalk it up to the shortness in your chest and the strange, reeling sensation that’s racing through your head. You run your fingers down the side of your face, rubbing gently at your temple to try and dissolve it.
“I’ll be fine,” comes his reply.
“Know that from experience, do you?” You call back, grinning as you remember the countless other times he’s limped off a job with his mouth full of blood.
You can still make jokes. And he can still roll his eyes. Things can’t be that bad if he can still roll his eyes.
“The curse’ll be back any second,” he growls. “You should be ready.” But you’re already laughing again. The laughter flows unbridled and unconsciously from your belly, and when you look at him again he’s all blurred around the edges.
“You’re hot when you’re mad,” you slur. The words drip from your tongue before you can catch them, escaping before you can scoop them into your hands, slapping a palm over your face. But you can’t even bring yourself to be embarrassed.
“I m-mean, I’m hot, I… don’t feel right,” you confess. Megumi squints.
You’ve lost the energy to shout across the field at him, so you roll slowly onto all fours and crawl across the grass toward him. You regret that decision as soon as you execute it, suddenly hyperaware of the way your chest dips into the grass, the way your thighs brush past one another.
Megumi’s still propped up on his elbows, staring openly with an illegible expression.
“I feel drunk,” you spill, giggling all over again at the mere revelation of it. Megumi drags his eyes away from you and rubs two fingers over his forehead, heavy-lashed eyes falling shut.
“Thought I hit my head or something,” he rumbles. “Something doesn’t feel right.”
“Take some deep breaths,” you gasp, laying back in the grass. “I hear that helps.”
Your eyes are closed, but you can feel the light of the veil on your cheeks as you take deep, greedy gulps of air. It was fragrant on the normal side of the creek, but in here it’s thick and heady and sweet as honey. You want more, reaching up to unbutton your jacket, letting its velvety touch curl against your chest, your neck.
“Megumi, ‘sso hot…” Your voice is coming in a slow, rolling groan now, and when you pull the flaps of your jacket apart there are goosebumps rising to the surface on your newly exposed flesh.
Somewhere buried in the back of your head, you want to think about the curse, the attack, the victims, but you can’t bring the thoughts to the front, or bring yourself to do anything about them.
When Megumi doesn’t respond quick enough, or scowl and blush at the casual way you’re calling him by his first name, your mind pushes you to check in with him. But when you sit up and open your eyes, you’re hit by such a staggering wave of thick, sweet fragrance that it knocks you over again, and you topple headfirst into Megumi’s chest.
He’s on fire, bathed in sweat and hot to the touch. He grunts thickly on impact, bringing his hands to the curve of your hips. His fingers leave burning prints on your body, and all you can think about is the sharp contrast from the chill of his grip before you crossed the creek.
He pants your name in earnest, sitting up and propping you in the curve of his shoulder, too.
“You’re hot,” you enthuse, tracing your fingers down the center of his chest. “Really hot. Too hot. Lemme…”
You reach for his buttons, but your fingers barely brush the top one before he flinches away from you.
“Don’t touch me.” His voice is low and firm, but there’s a thread of something like desperation glimmering in his tone. He scrambles back away from you, chest heaving even as he lays back in the flowers.
He looks up at you, frightened and vulnerable.
“I want it,” you voice. You can’t bear to keep the words down any longer. They are burning your throat like too much vodka, water swallowed the wrong way.
“Don’t say that,” he hisses. “Please don’t say that.” Megumi sinks his teeth into his lower lip, tilting his hips away from you. He’s clutching at the grass, every muscle in his body drawn tight as a bow.
“I can’t- I-I can’t, I’m not f-fucking around. Megumi.” Your voice breaks as you try to flip onto your knees. Your skin is tender, too tender all over. Chafing against your soft underwear, rubbed raw in the delicate cotton of your undershirt. You’re feverish, but it runs deeper than that. Like your nerves themselves are overcooked, seared in the boiling blood that races through your veins.
“Stop,” he snarls. He’s drooling blood at this point, sputtering thin streams of it through his clenched teeth. When you say his name he throws his head back and you can see just how flushed he is, maroon creeping out from under the collar of his coat.
“’m not gonna,” he pants. “Not this way.”
Not this way. Those words pierce the fog in your mind, lingering in the long-held desire for him that you’ve been swallowing so well. He is Megumi, pretty Megumi, perfect, nurturing, thorough, careful Megumi.
You’ve wanted to shatter that veneer from the moment you met him.
“Please,” you beg, squirming clumsily out of your jacket and pushing it away. The dew that hits your back and shoulders when you lie down again is cooling salve to your burning skin, but it practically turns to steam upon contact, fresh, pounding currents of heat into your limbs.
You sit up, head spinning.
“I’m letting you. I’m asking you to.” When he does not move toward you, you bow your head and your vision starts to go fuzzy.
“I feel like I’m gonna die if we don’t.”
Megumi’s gone frighteningly still, head tilted so you can’t see his eyes. There’s a drop of sweat emerging from his hairline, and you watch its path intently as it rolls down his temple and drips off the point of his jaw.
“Come here,” he rasps, barely audible. But it’s all the approval you need.
By the time you reach him, he’s already unbuttoning his jacket, but you quite literally can’t keep your hands off him. You reach in to help him, fumbling with the top two buttons as he brings his fingers to the tall neck of it. You manage to get one and a half undone before he gets fed up and starts to pull the whole thing over his head, struggling out of the tailored coat and dashing it to the grass at his feet, rolling you away from him in the process.
“Still hot,” he groans, getting shakily to his feet with his eyes trained permanently on you. Underneath his jacket he’s wearing a tight white singlet top, clinging to the broadness of his matured chest and translucent with sweat. As he drops his chin his fresh mouthful of blood spills over again, dripping down his face and drizzling a messy splatter onto his shirt.
“Fuck,” you sigh from the grass.
He’s never bled raw man like this before, rugged and powerful and needing. While he’s always been bigger than you, he never carried it this way. He’s never hulked over you like he does now, never swelled with the promise of carnal desire.
You crawl forward, grabbing Megumi’s thighs and using the strength in them to pull yourself upright. He doesn’t hesitate to reach down and grab you under the arms, helping you to your shaky feet and pushing his hands into the folds of your jacket to wrench it free from your shoulders. You’re wearing a cotton tank top much like his underneath your jacket, just enough to keep the sweat away from your dry-clean-only jacket without being too bulky.
As you climb up his chest, you come face-to-face in the middle. His eyes are striking in the golden light of the veil, lit like morning dew on silvery leaves of sage. The pale petal-softness of his skin is streaked darkly by his blood, tinted scarlet from this angle.
It still pours thickly from the corners of his lips, heavy and sweet like holy wine.
You want to taste.
He seems to come to the same conclusion as you, leaning in to find your mouth as your tongues collide at the apex of your touch. His blood pours hot and metallic over your palate, fingers scorching down your bare arms as he gathers your heated form against his chest. Any reservations you had a moment ago, laying in the grass, are gone.
He is all you feel. He is all you see or care about or want. The compulsion is overwhelming.
It feels sweet to sin in Paradise.
He kisses you open and urgent and needing, like he would take you into his ribcage and swallow you whole. Like you were born from him, and he’s finally been given the chance to reclaim you for his own.
He combs one hand down the back of your head, slipping the fingers of the other into the hem of your tank top and curling them where the sweat gathers at the small of your back. You, overwhelmed by his sudden, pressing need, push your fingers against the edges of his clothes, feeling the wetted-down bristle of his chest hair, the sparse fluttering of his heart behind the firm press of his sternum.
“Need you,” he gasps into your mouth, pulling back for a breath and a half. Just long enough for you to strip your tank top away, hook your thumbs into the waist of your fluttery trousers and step out of them, too.
Megumi is flushed from hairline to collarbone, heavy-eyed with fresh blood smearing his lips and chin. He is wild and terrifying and beautiful like this, swiping the fluid from his mouth with the clear shape of his aching desire standing out against one thigh.
You would fall to your knees, lay yourself at his feet and pray, if he wasn’t grabbing you in the next instant.
He pulls you so harshly against him you lift onto your toes, letting him grab handfuls of your ass, knead the fat of your hips and sink his teeth into the curve of your throat. The toe-curling sensation of his bloodstained breath sends waves of aching pleasure through your belly, enough to pull strangled cries from the throat he marks shamelessly with his injured tongue.
He drops to his knees, keeping you cradled tightly against him as his thighs push forward and his hips rest back. All at once you’re tugged astride his lap, and then the hot press of his dick is unmistakable. You wrap your arms around him, clutching at his back and raking your fingers into his hair as he continues to mouth at your tender neck.
“Gumiiiii,” you whine, drawing out the last syllable of his name on a lingering breath. You grind desperately into his lap, rubbing yourself so shamelessly on the swollen ridge of his cock that he curses quietly into your skin.
“Need to cum,” you plead. The pain is growing quickly unbearable, flaring into a need so urgent it cannot be ignored. The tender swell of your aching clit is easily pinned against the firm surface of Megumi’s lap, and your fingers tighten in his hair as you find the rhythm of your pleasure and chase it.
“Let me-“ he grunts, but you’re holding him fast, and the wave of your first paranormal climax washes over you, sudden and untimely but never unwelcome. Your cries spiral higher in an instant until you’re sobbing into his ear with devoted pleasure as your hips stutter and sway over his twitching cock.
When it’s over, the ache does not subside. It spikes aggressively in your belly, harder than ever, and before you can even finish properly you’re squirming against him again.
“Come here,” Megumi insists. He braces an arm across your chest, pinning you quickly to the grass in front of him. The dew-slicked strands hug your shoulders and cradle your neck, and you let your head lull to the side as he hooks one hand into the waistband of your underwear and uses the other to shove your tank top up over your tits. He’s already drooling blood over your skin as he dips his head and mouths at your plush belly, working your ruined underwear down to your knees and letting you squirm the rest of the way out of it.
Fed up with the sticky fabric of your clingy top, you lift your back and shoulders far enough out of the grass to tug it off, too. And suddenly you are bare for him, naked and vulnerable. And though he leaves dizzy prints of runny blood down the length of your torso, the ache is too overwhelming to do anything but let him unabashedly in.
Megumi pushes your thighs apart, lowering his head to drink you in.
He will devour you, flesh and blood, and you’re going to let him.
His tongue is warm and slick as he laves it down the length of your slit, digging his thumbs into your folds. He pulls back, lower lip already rusty and stained from the mess of his tongue. There’s a part of you insisting that he must be in pain, that he cannot be enjoying himself like this.
But then he spreads you between his thumbs, presses his chin to the base of your slit, and slips his tongue as far forward as it will reach without so much as flinching.
You groan in deep unison, a perfect chorus. He prods you open with the slick iron strength of his tongue, licking long and slow until you’re shivering, nipples pebbled, goosebumps racing up the column of your spine. Your thighs twitch inward around his head and he lets you keep them there, trembling against either side of his hairline.
He sends quiet, open-mouthed puffs of air over your aching folds as he works his tongue inside you, pulling away suddenly with pinkish drool spilling from his mouth. He looks up to meet your gaze as he dives in one more time, this time sealing his mouth around the tender ridge of your clit and starting to gently suck.
“Ah, a-ah, M-meg-gumi, please,” you stutter, driven wild and shaky and stammering by the overwhelming pleasure that clouds your brain. Every nerve in your body seems to sing with sensitive promise, but when he flicks his tongue against the hood of your clit, the pleasure flashes like lightning and you’re hopeless to do anything but ride out the waves of thunder.
He grunts into you, and if you focus for an instant, you can feel a gentle lilt in the press of him against your thighs and pelvis. He’s squirming between your legs, rutting slowly into the grass as he laps fresh spots of blood onto your skin. You want to stop him, touch him, feel the ecstasy bubbling beneath his drawn muscles. But your pleasure’s spiralling rapidly downward and you’re not holding on tightly enough to resist anymore.
“C-oming,” you warn, aching shocks of hypersensitive pleasure tightening in your belly. “Fuck-ah, ‘gumi, please-“
Your grip slips. The rope is pulled clean through your fingers. You fall again, spine arching clean off the bedded-down grass to ride Megumi’s face as he grabs your hips and tries to keep you still. He groans low and stiff into your fluttering pussy, twitching and huffing and digging blunt fingertips into your flesh.
When your hips settle once more into the grass he lifts his head, smoothing thick palms down each of your thighs and catching his breath.
He is a vision, lips and chin smeared in rusty-pinkish drool and blood and spend, thin rivulets of it catching themselves in the neckline of his shirt and pooling against the fabric. His cheeks and nose are flushed deeply, his eyes heady, tongue slack.
You have never wanted anything more.
“Fuck me,” you spit, but Megumi’s already miles ahead of you. He rears back, shoving his dark trousers and undershorts down over his hips. The stretchy fabric comes away sticky and dripping with whitish fluid. But his cock is relentless, pink and curving eagerly toward his belly, bobbing obscenely as he rids himself of his bottoms.
He collapses forward between your thighs, frantically shoving his soiled shirt up over his waist with one hand while lining himself up with the other. He nudges the swollen head of him up between your aching folds, and while you help him push the flimsy, ribbed-cotton undershirt over his head, he gives a moment of pause and fixes his eyes on yours.
“You know Fushiguro-san, right?” Gojo’s covered eyes seemed to twinkle anyway as he took a step from your side, gesturing toward the sorcerer whose hands were shoved deep into his pockets.
“Actually, I don’t think we’ve met,” you replied, glancing between Gojo, who’d accompanied you on you’re the train all the way to Tokyo, and the stranger, who couldn’t even seem to accompany you with a proper glance.
“Megumi, this is the new sorcerer from out of town. You remember when I told you about her, right? She’s new, so play nice.”
“I heard we’re going to be partners,” you tried, tilting your head a little in an attempt at meeting his gaze. “I’m looking forward to working with you, Fushiguro-san.”
Megumi lifted his eyes, and for a moment you caught the dazzling spectacle of their shockingly pale shade. His dark hair swept down his forehead in a stark contrast, revealing strong brows and long, thick eyelashes, black as night.
But he wasn’t looking at you. He was scowling straight up at the spot where Gojo’s eyes could be, if you could actually see them.
“I already told you,” he grunted. “I don’t need a new partner.” Gojo’s smile drooped for the barest instant. There was a heartbeat of quiet between them. And then he spoke.
“No,” he agreed. “But she does. Besides, I already assigned you a new mission together. And you’re leaving tonight. So take care of her, okay?”
He excused himself before Megumi could protest, disappearing into the courtyard and leaving you alone, tucked under the shady awning of the staff dorms.
Finally, your new partner looked at you. If you’d known just how accustomed to that scowl you were about to grow, you probably wouldn’t have stared so dumbly.
“Alright,” he sighed, shoulders dropping. “We’d better get ready to leave.” He turned to head back to his dorm, then paused.
“Oh yeah.” When he looked back at you again, his expression was gentler, if only by a hair.
“What’s your name?”
Megumi bows his head against yours, eyelashes fluttering against your cheeks as he whispers your name soft as a prayer. You comb sweat-slicked stands slowly back from his sticky temples. There’s blood on his breath, but his touch is sweet like ambrosia.
Many missions have passed since that first disgruntled introduction. And with every night spent away from home, every near-death trap you fought yourselves out of, your devotion to him only multiplied.
He draws one hand up the back of your thigh, urging your thighs apart. When you’re spread for him he eases forward, and your chests still as he stretches you quietly open, slippery and molten but gentle and steady.
The fill of him is unparalleled, simultaneously melted-wax hot and soothingly cooling. It’s now abundantly clear that this is what your frayed nerves have been begging for, the remedy for your desperate fever.
Megumi is staring down at you with Heaven in his eyes, bottomed out with his messy hips pressed to yours. He digs his fingers into the flesh of your thigh, hooking it over his curled leg as he bends forward to revel in all of you. Fresh blood drips from his mouth, landing in fat drops on your lower lip.
Caught up in the power and majesty of him, you lick it up eagerly. That seems to spur him on suddenly, since he dips his head and tastes you swiftly, pouring his tongue into your mouth as his hips begin to roll forward. Overwhelmed by his warm closeness, you press your chest upward, arching your spine to seal yourself to him from mouth to pelvis. When he takes his distance again, he pushes your thighs into the grass, plants his knees, and you lose yourself to him.
Megumi takes you desperate and merciless, gripping you tightly enough to bruise as he screws his eyes shut and fucks you with devastating power. His legs slap your rippling flesh at the apex of every thrust, his cock spearing fearlessly into the runny mess of you. He draws himself back with a breath of hesitation every time, slowing just enough to drag his blunt tip against the tenderest heights of your insides. He seems to bring forth fresh handfuls of wet arousal every time, spilling into the bloodied mess he left behind and sending sparkling pleasure like glittering firecrackers across your vision.
“Good,” he gasps. “Perfect. So p-perfect. God-“
“Gonna cum again.” you hiccup, clinging to him. “Can’t take it- please.”
“N-no, I-“ Megumi’s hips stutter alongside his voice, but it’s too late for both of you. He flattens a palm against your sternum, pinning your shoulders to the grass as your mind goes inside-out and your clenching depths flutter and gush. He cries out, hard and guttural, driving himself balls-deep and releasing tight spurts of slippery cum over your twitching walls. You’re squealing, overstimulated and fitful, but his cock is still hard and heated and you’re far from spent.
He doesn’t even stop fucking you, letting the oozing cocktail of your shared climax coat his length in a few deep, slow thrusts. You’ve barely got time to gather your bearings before he slips an arm underneath you and flips you onto your belly. His cock slides out of you in the process, bobbing wetly against the back of your thigh, but he hitches his hands in the grooves between your hip and thigh and pulls you up onto your knees, reaching between you and forcing himself home all over again.
“Fuck,” you gasp, spreading your thighs and arching your back.
“That’s it,” he stumbles, gliding a hand up the length of your spine, securing his fingers at the back of your neck.
From behind, he bottoms out so far you can feel the length of him pressing up into your belly, keeping you stuffed full of the load he gave you moments ago. You keen back against him, keeping your arms and chest and face pushed firmly into the ground while he starts into a ruthless rhythm all over again. As he bends over you, putting his strength into the hand on your neck, he pushes you more firmly into the cool ground and lets the rest of your body absorb the impact of his powerful thrusts.
You’re beyond words at this point, beyond thinking. All you can do is close your eyes and take him, focus on the way your tits are shoved rhythmically against the plush dirt, the sharp ecstasy he forces through your body when his cock finds the tenderest parts of you.
“M-mmmmm,” you groan dumbly, brain making some attempt at forming the syllables of his name. All you can make are unintelligible sounds, though, biting your lower lip to manage the overwhelming pleasure and digging your nails into the lush meadow.
“G-got more for you,” Megumi warns behind you. “Gonna… g-gonna give it all to you. I can’t h-hold back anymore, I’m s-sah-“
The apology dies in his throat when he reaches another harsh peak. This time you can feel his balls twitching between you when he drives himself forward and stays there, emptying into you with another fierce groan. The warm flood of him triggers a climax in you, and he barely gets three full thrusts in before you’re wracked with shivers and clamping down hard around him, humping madly back against his hips with tears of pleasure streaming from your eyes.
All semblance of control vaporizes between you in that instant. By the time you’re coming down from your high, Megumi’s losing it all over again. Before you can even gather yourself he’s collapsing over your spine, crying out in maddening ecstasy and filling you once more.
“Fuck!” he shouts. “I can’t stop, I c-can’t… y-you’re so much, I’m gonna- uhnnnnngh-“ He’s cut off by your tense peak, thoughts driven away when your sopping pussy clenches and spasms around him again.
“Just keep going,” you beg, hoarse and sobbing. Your heartbeat thumps loudly in both ears, painfully rushed and sending shakes into every muscle. The pleasure’s been driven too far. There are sparks behind your eyelids. No matter what you could’ve done, you catch yourself thinking, it wasn’t enough. You’re going to die here anyway, poisoned by the curse that so easily got the better of you.
But Megumi is beyond worrying. His stuttered little babbles ramp into frantic cries as his fingers close into the strands of hair at your nape, pulling your back into a sharp curve as he breeds you ravenously. His thighs strain with every powerful force of his hips, and he seems to reach a new climax with every other thrust.
Your own peaks have almost completely blended together at this point, your core and legs pulled frighteningly tight. If he lets go now, it feels as if you would simply fall apart at the joints, topple into pieces at the hands of the only man you’ve ever trusted.
He loops an arm under your waist and hauls you upright, throwing you back against him and chanting at you like a prayer, “so wet, so much, gonna give you everything, you’re so fucking hot I’m gonna die, gonna die, gonna d-d-d-“
His breath cuts off, and for a moment you think it’s really happened. There’s cum pouring down your thighs and leaking into the creases of your ass, blood and drool from his injured mouth streaking down your front in a crimson waterfall.
But then he draws a deep, slow, shaky breath, and you’re breathing again too, and he’s pulling back from your spent body and his cock is going soft and maybe, just maybe, the worst of it’s passed.
He holds you for a weak moment, wavering at your sweat-soaked back. You’re both filthy and soaked and stuck all over with blades of grass and the stray petals of wildflowers. Patched all over in blood and cum and drool. Baptized in your own fluids and wrung dry all over again.
“Megumi.” Your head is spinning, vision swimming. Megumi’s hands go slack at your hips. You turn just in time to watch him fall, slumping at the knees to collapse into the grass. As soon as you try to think too hard, the urge to sleep edges in. You’re exhausted, bathed all over in the warm, pleasant, easy weight of pleasure. You deserve the rest.
When the darkness comes, you let yourself fall.
The sky’s gone threateningly low and dark and grey when Gojo Satoru finally shows up.
“Gojo-san,” Nanami calls from across the clearing, weaving carefully through the crowd of sorcerers and administrators and assorted supernatural investigators. There’s a sizeable perimeter set up around the veil, but Gojo cuts through the crowd with ease.
“Haha! No wonder you sounded so urgent on the phone,” Gojo laughs, pocketing the device in question and slipping his hands into his pants pockets. “This veil is huge. How long did you say they’d been trapped in there for?”
Nanami licks his lips, pinching at the bridge of his nose.
“It was three days, when I called,” he starts. “Now it’s been more like five. A hundred and fourteen hours and counting, actually.”
Gojo whistles.
“Let me see what I can do about it.”
He steps through the milling crowd. Some greet him with measured relief. Others roll their eyes. Either way, they get out of his way, granting him a clear path up to the shimmery barrier that forms the curse’s veil.
“So nobody’s been able to cross in or out since this came up?” he calls over his shoulder.
“Not a soul,” shouts Nanami. “I don’t know what you think you’re gonna…”
Gojo places his hand on the veil, gentle as a lover. He takes a slow breath. Then another. Then another.
“Hail, holy Light, offspring of Heav’n, first-born,” he whispers under his breath.
“What did you say?” Nanami catches up to him, brow furrowed. But Gojo’s already laughing, hooking a thumb into the edge of his blindfold and tearing it over his head.
“I see what’s going on,” he chuckles. He turns to find Nanami’s gaze, eyes swimming with bright promise.
“See you in a minute.” He winks. His fingertips melt into the veil. Then the rest of him goes, too, disappearing smoothly into its borders.
When your consciousness swims back to the surface, the first thing you can feel is overwhelming thirst. Your mouth and throat are cracked and inflamed and horribly dry. But the rest of your body is still floating, and when you look down at Megumi, whose chest you’ve been pillowed against, you feel nothing but blissful adoration for his sleeping form.
The fresh babbling of the creek beyond him calls to you, though, so you rise slowly. You’re still bathed in evidence of everything you shared with Megumi, but you bask in it, the mark of your ecstasy.
You walk as if on air, drifting naked and unashamed across the open field toward the edge of the creek. You stoop, dipping your hands into the clear, fresh water and taking a deep, full sip. The flavour is sweet and soothing to your tired voice. As you’re reaching for another mouthful, you spot something moving in the grass.
“Oh!” The surprised yelp escapes your throat before you can stop yourself.
There’s a snake in the grass at your feet.
It’s unlike any snake you’ve ever seen before, a stark shade of silvery-white, almost iridescent at the parts that catch the light of the veil. It’s sliding smoothly past, seemingly paying you no mind.
And then it stops. It lifts its head and looks straight at you, with a pair of beady eyes in the most vibrant shades of blue you’ve ever seen. It holds you in its gaze for a long moment, then drops its chin and dashes away, slithering madly toward the edge of the woods.
Before you can question yourself, you’re following it.
“Wait,” you call quietly, stepping over Megumi’s sleeping form. You just catch the glint of it in the corner of your eye again, and whatever awareness of your surroundings you had before drops away quickly as you work to keep the serpent in your field of vision.
It leads you away from the meadow and into the trees, weaving around a lush grove of tall maples with their branches laden with full, ripe oranges. You duck under the prickly branch of a pine, bearing thick clusters of blueberries where the spiny cones should be.
Finally, you come to the place where the serpent has come to rest, winding itself around the low-hanging branch of the largest tree you’ve ever seen. Its trunk is easily as broad as a building, stretching just as tall.
It must be the largest tree in the grove. And it bears a fruitful combination of broad green leaves, rich white blossoms, and the roundest, reddest apples you’ve ever seen. You’re turning to look back toward the edge of the grove when the serpent speaks to you, in a voice you’ve almost certainly heard before.
“You look a little worse for wear.”
Its words seem to echo clear through the hollow of your brain, startling you into turning back toward it. When you straighten your neck, the serpent drops its head from the branch, levelling its eyes with you.
“You know me?” You ask, pressing a hand to your belly. You’re still warm and full and bloated, but the curiosity the serpent begs is quickly overriding any quiet need that’s building in the back of your mind.
“Sure I do,” the serpent responds. “Don’t you know me?”
You consider this for a moment. “I don’t think so.”
The serpent laughs, a strange, high, thin sound that unsettles and intrigues you all at once.
“No,” it replies. “No, you wouldn’t. Not here.”
“I think…” You trail off, suddenly thinking of Megumi again, surely waking all alone in the flowers already. “I have to-“
“Hold on,” the serpent prompts. “Just for a moment. Isn’t there something you came here for?”
“No,” you protest. “No. You lead me here. I only followed you.”
“Now,” the serpent scolds. It slides forward, dropping onto your shoulders in a cool, fluid weight. “I don’t think that’s very fair of you, is it? To pin all the blame on a harmless creature like me? It’s in my nature to lead, after all.”
Its tail coils under your arms and around your waist, flexible and strong all at once. Lazily, the serpent drapes itself across your shoulders, wrapping its upper body around your throat and resting the tiny flat of its head by your ear.
“You chose to follow. And look where I’ve lead you.”
With the coils of its body the serpent urges you forward, toward the drooping branches of the majestic tree. You step quietly into its canopy, burying your nose into one of the fragrant blossoms. But it’s the fruit that catches your eye, and you reach for it instinctively.
“Looks ripe, doesn’t it?” The serpent’s voice sounds so abruptly in your ear that you pull your fingers sharply back from it, feeling a sudden flush of shame.
“I can’t take it.”
“Why not?” The serpent’s tongue flickers, whisper-soft against the shell of your ear. “Nobody else is going to eat it. If you don’t take it, it’s just going to turn rotten and fall on the ground. Get crushed and die. Is that what you want?”
“I don’t think it’s mine,” you press. The feeling is indescribable. But suddenly your floating, buoyant bliss is gone, replaced by the first drags of concern and sorrow that you’ve felt since…
No. You can’t remember ever feeling this way.
“What if I told you,” the serpent continues, “that eating this fruit will turn you into who you used to be again?”
Just like that, the sneaking feeling that had been drifting about the edges of your mind closes in all at once. You haven’t always been here. You haven’t always had this. Megumi. Bliss.
“I was somebody else.” The words come vacant, formed near-mindlessly on the tip of your tongue.
“You weren’t just anybody else,” purrs the serpent. “Untold power. Neverending possibility. I bet you’d like to find out, wouldn’t you?”
None of this is real, your mind echoes. Not even the way he wants you.
“I don’t want to go back there,” you insist sharply, tears blurring in your vision. “I can’t.”
“You can,” the serpent presses. “You have to. You’re needed.”
“I’m not,” you cry, wiping fat tears from your cheeks. They spill over relentlessly, filling your chest with heavy sobs. “I’m not needed. It’s not real.”
“You don’t want him like this,” the serpent presses. Its voice drops, sounding suddenly genuine. “You’re right. It’s not real. He’s not real. Not like that.”
“Stop it!” The sobs are coming uncontrollably now, toppling you to your knees. “Stop talking, please.”
The serpent listens. It lets you cry, lets rivers of your tears cut through the blood that cakes your cheeks. You hiccup and sniffle, spilling gooey snot and salty tears into the fertile soil.
“Tell me,” you sniff after a long moment. “The person I used to be.”
“I can’t tell you more than you already know.”
“Please, serpent,” you beg. “Tell me one thing. Just one thing.”
“Alright,” it replies, “but only one.”
“Does he want me,” you breathe, curling your fingers in the dirt, “like he does here?”
The serpent laughs again. This time, the sound chills you harshly to the core.
“Yes,” it declares. “Very badly. It would take a fool to be blind to it.”
Relief spreads cool and alive into your chest.
“Okay.” You stand, one slow limb at a time. You dust the earth from your stained knees. You curl your fingers around the plump swell of the lowest-hanging fruit. “If you mean it, then I can… I’ll try.”
“Good girl.” The serpent smiles into your ear. “I don’t think you’re going to regret it.”
In a swift, deliberate motion, you twist the apple and pull it from its bough. It comes away easily, ripe and ready.
You press it to your lips, feeling the tough skin under your tongue. You can still taste the bleeding press of Megumi’s mouth on yours, if you think about it.
But you will not lose him to this taste. And so, with a resigning sigh, you bite.
The skin gives way to crisp, supple, sweet flesh that breaks easily into your mouth, bursting with ripe flavour across your palate. It’s exquisite, breathtaking, all-consuming, the taste that will bring you back to yourself.
Yet it is not the blissful return to reason that you feel when you hear your name from across the grove.
You turn around to find him standing there, still bare, still bloody, still looking at you as though you are the first woman he’s ever seen. The only one who will ever matter.
You’ve still got the apple in your teeth.
“What’s that?” He asks, sleepy and mussed. He’s rubbing the back of his neck, grass stuck to his thighs and shoulders and feet.
The serpent slips from your shoulders and disappears into the undergrowth.
Your stomach turns.
“Try it.”
You take a few steps toward him, holding the bitten fruit out in both hands. Megumi takes a step back.
“I don’t want it.”
His refusal lands hard across your shoulders, desperate panic building rapidly in your lungs.
“No, you have to,” you plead. “You have to eat it and come back with me.”
“No,” he barks. “I’m not. I won’t. You shouldn’t have eaten that.”
“But,” you stopped, breath suddenly shallow and hard to find. “It’s not real.”
“Come back to the river.”
“The river isn’t real,” you plead. “This isn’t real. You’re not real and I’m not real, but if you eat this we will be and we want each other there, he promised.”
Megumi stops backing away. His eyes are shifting. When he looks at you again, he seems to understand. He lets you come near, lets you press yourself close to him. You take his jaw in one hand and pull his mouth to yours, wondering if he will taste even a hint the sweet perfection waiting on your tongue.
“He promised,” he murmurs into your mouth, softer all of a sudden.
“He promised,” you confirm. “I promise.”
Megumi cups his hand against yours, bringing your fingers, and the apple, to his mouth. He kisses the tips of your fingers, then finds your eyes as he sinks his teeth into its flesh.
As soon as he does, the apple melts between your fingers. You recoil in horror, whipping around suddenly to face the tree it came from.
The tree’s not there anymore, either. Only the scrambling form of the special-grade curse.
“Fools,” it spits. “Mortal, lowly, insolent fools. You who gazed upon the gates of Paradise would so quickly give it up. All barriers to your eternal bliss, cheated away for-“
There’s a flash of violet light. And then the curse is little more than a collection of limbs with a gaping hole at its center.
It collapses into blackened sludge and dissipates in a swath of blue flame. Nearby, the serpent drops from the orange-laden maple.
“Well, I think that’s enough excitement for one day,” it calls. The sky opens, apricot-bathed light and perpetual rays giving way to blackened clouds.
The first drops of rain hit your forehead, cheeks, chin, shoulders. The fantastical trees around you return to their usual height. Their normal shapes and foliage is returned. And Gojo Satoru stands before you where the serpent once lay, applauding slowly.
There’s a smattering of shocked murmurs and hesitant applause from behind you. You and Megumi whirl around in unison to find the gaggle of gathered sorcerers, including Nanami Kento, averting his eyes.
The pressing shame of your naked state settles in as the pouring rain spills down your bare back and chest. You turn to Megumi instinctively, but quickly avert your eyes again when you remember that he’s naked, too.
“For Chrissake, cover up. This isn’t a nude beach,” Gojo calls from behind you, approaching with two folded blankets. They look terribly scratchy and worn, but you snatch one quickly from his palms, wrapping it around your shoulders.
The sky is dark with rain, but it can’t be later than midafternoon. As you clutch at the folds of your blanket, the number of gathered sorcerers, umbrellas and parked vehicles begins to dawn on you.
“H-how long-“ you stutter, Gojo, who’s fixing the blindfold back over his eyes, jerks his chin toward Nanami.
“A hundred and twenty-two hours,” he calls, watching another sorcerer tap that onto a tablet stuffed inside a plastic bag. “Just over five days.”
“That’s impossible.” You turn back to Gojo. Megumi’s already turned his back to both of you, blanket wrapped around his waist, like he’s impervious to the chill. He might as well be, given the scarlet flush that’s already creeping down the back of his neck.
“It passed like-“
“Hours, I know,” Gojo interrupts. “The veil was crafted to work that way. That wasn’t your average special-grade,” he explains. Megumi, too embarrassed for eye contact but too intrigued not to pay attention, tilts his head to bend an ear toward your conversation.
“It was feeding off of your cursed energy. Most special-grades would try to kill any sorcerers that crossed its path. This one set up that veil to keep you confined, feeding off your power so it could grow stronger. It’s a little frightening if you think too hard about it.”
His tone is idle and casual, punctuated with a chuckle, but you are thinking too hard about it.
“After you didn’t report back for a few days, needless to say, we started to miss you.”
“Why couldn’t anybody else pierce the veil?” Megumi speaks up for the first time since the veil dropped, turning around with his brow fixed and his cheeks scarlet. You can tell by the tremor in his voice that he’s fighting utter mortification to get the words out. “The curse had no prior knowledge of you. So how could it have formed the veil’s parameters around you?”
Some part of you feels the same way. Another part of you is still blithely hoping that Gojo will take pity on the situation and let you off without too much teasing.
A final, third part of you seethes with the knowledge that that’s never going to happen.
“It didn’t,” Gojo replied. “It formed the veil’s parameters around the world it had created. If you could fool the veil into thinking you were a part of that world, then you could pass through it easily.” He laughed. “Lucky for you, I know my bedtime stories.”
You look across at Megumi, swallowing hard. The shame you’ve been keeping at bay surges forth when you find his eyes. Even though you know it was a spell, and even though you know you were both under it, you can’t help but feel awkward and stupid, suddenly aware of everything you shared behind that veil.
He looks up at you from beneath the low press of his brow. And somewhere in his gaze, there’s a swirling hint of the way he’d looked at you back in the grove.
The first woman he’s ever seen.
“Come on,” Gojo quips, pulling you both from your reverie. He settles a hand on each of your backs, steering you toward the crowd. “Let’s get you into some real clothes.”  
You call across the warming span of the courtyard, edged by the leaves that fall from the turning trees at its borders. You’ve just spotted Megumi’s retreating back as he heads for the staff dorms, so you jog to catch up, waving your phone above your head.
It’s been two weeks since Gojo found you, naked and bloodied at the top of the mountain. While you haven’t shared a bed again, or vowed to take up where the veil left off, things have certainly changed between you. You catch it in the wave of softness that falls over his expression when Megumi turns and spots you, the bare curve of a smile that finds his mouth.
“Hey,” he greets, and a rush of warmth crashes over your heart.
“Hey yourself,” you gasp, fading to a stop in front of him. “You couldn’t have met me halfway?”
Before he can finish rolling his eyes, you hold up your phone again.
“Nanami-san called. He wants us to join him in Osaka as soon as we can.”
“Okay,” Megumi answers in stride. “I’ll go get packed. Ten minutes okay?”
“Yeah.” You smile, loving the easy way the conversation’s finally flowing between you again. “I’ll see you back here in-“
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Adam and Eve,” calls Gojo, strolling idly by and looking far too pleased with himself.
When you’d finally been released from the infirmary two weeks back, you’d returned to your rooms to find a brand new copy of Paradise Lost leaned jauntily against your pillows. Each bore an inscription inside- for next time, G.S.
Just as you suspected, not a day’s gone by that he hasn’t brought it up.
“Evening, Gojo,” you call, voice dripping with mock-honey. “Thanks again for the save. Could have done without the snake part, though.” You shiver dramatically. “I hate snakes.”
Gojo smiles mildly. “Next time I’ll come as the angel, with a flaming sword.”
You’re both rolling your eyes and turning to go when he stops you again.
“Hey!” he calls, digging into his pocket. “I heard you’re taking an assignment. Heading out to meet up with Nanami-san, right? I got you something.”
He draws his hand from his pocket with his fingers closed around something small enough to fit into his palm.
“For protection,” he notes, tossing it in Megumi’s direction. It unfurls as it sails through the air, and Megumi fumbles for a moment before catching it in both hands.
It’s a strip of condoms.
“Have a nice trip,” Gojo sings, already halfway across the courtyard again.
Megumi opens his mouth, but the words die in his flushed throat. He casts you a sideways glance.
“Don’t,” he threatens, voice wavering already. Your lips are pressed together so tightly it hurts, but the snort escapes your nose.
“I’m not,” you plead.
“You are.” He stutters this time, eyebrows twitching. “It’s. Not. Fun-“
It’s funny.
You descend into mad fits of laughter, together, before he can prove otherwise.
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i can't help but wonder about the "i'm gonna marry you but i don't want kids" with gojo. because he probably would be the one to bring it up
omg im sorry this took so long but,,,,, here we are 👀 as always linking the usurper!gojo tag and the masterlist for this au warnings: the no kids talk!
it’s hardly subtle.
he doesn’t ease you into it; he isn’t coy. he all but storms into your chambers, after dark but before you’ve snuffed the candles keeping the room light enough for your reading.
he doesn’t bother to tell you why, but you know—instinctively, because you know him and you know his advisors and you’re well used to his moods when they’ve been particularly nagging about his duties as king—what’s set him off. the indication that it’s worse than typical is that he keeps that odd eye jewelry perched upon his nose, chain gleaming yellow in the light of the flames as he stalks over to your lounging form upon the bed.
his arm finds your legs over the nightclothes you wear, wraps around them firmly to move them just enough for him to perch on the edge of your mattress. they don’t leave, even as you set aside your book—you expect him to lay his head on it, anticipating the typical song and dance of his pouting and whining as you push him away only to relent and let him hold you as you both drift off into slumber.
instead he hovers. even sitting he looms over you, hand tightening on your thigh and thumb rubbing soft, meaningless patterns through the fabric of your dressing gown that soothe the nerves set on edge by your inability to see the look in his eyes.
a beat passes. you wonder if he’s calmed.
but when he speaks it’s terse, low, with the kind of simmering rage he keeps close to his chest for only those pitiable few he despises utterly, and he dips his head to look over the frames of those onyx lenses and regard you with irises dark with something terrible.
“i will not give you a child.”
the statement bowls you over. your breath hitches, if only because of the way he stares—deadly serious,
“i will not allow you to bear my children. i might be amenable to a ward, if you so desire. but i will not seed you,” his grip tightens on your thigh, “and it should go without saying that once we marry neither will any other.”
you haven’t a clue how to respond to such a thing.
he speaks as if it’s a confession; as if he’s betrayed you somehow. he holds you like you’ll disappear, or flee—and perhaps, had he told you this months ago when you’d been flighty and diffident with his affections, your rigidity might have led you to. but it is now, and you haven’t fled yet, and your beloved is nothing if not unconventional and shameless in his eccentricity.
you ponder on that too long.
“say something,” he demands, sounding almost small.
“why?” spills from your lips without thought; not petulant, or angry, but confused. not just by him—by you. you ought to be devastated, no? you ought to be angry. you assuredly are not.
“my bloodline as it has been for generations is a scourge,” he tells you readily. “i will do everything within my power to wipe it out. therefore, i cannot have an heir. not even one.”
not even one. not a single child. the thought washes over you like the temperate water of the lake on your grounds back home, the very one you’d once played in regularly as a child. the very one your mother had once mentioned taking your own children to, someday; children who you never fantasized about, children who never had faces or names, children who you never set aside letters or dresses or trinkets for to gift on birthdays.
not even in those teenage years spent with your current betrothed, the only man you’d ever thought of kissing and caressing you, had you once envisioned a life with children. they’d only appeared once you’d been brutally introduced to reality, and had to accept the promise of a life with a rich man who doesn’t love you.
a life which your king has gallantly shattered, and replaced with something far brighter.
“i will bear the burden of prevention,” he tells you soothingly, as if your silence has been about the effort of this request. “you needn’t worry that pretty mind over it. over any of this, my queen—“
“i am not yet your queen,” you interrupt, instinct bidding you to speak where your mind remains miles away.
“my bride,” he amends, ”look at me.”
you do.
“i want you,” he says, as if it’s some known truth of the universe, written in the stars. “i want you fervently, ardently. i won’t have another. but i will not give you my children. if you cannot take that slight, then so be it.”
the emotion that has been welling within you since the first words he'd spoken has become so intense it’s impossible to listen properly. you cannot name it without ruminating; you lay beneath him, eyes widening, not quite seeing—or hearing the words he continues to say—as you let it all sink in.
but when his hands fly to cradle your face, you’re snapped from the daze, attention suddenly brought back to the man before you.
“oh, oh, precious girl, don’t cry.” cry? his thumbs wipe away tears from your cheeks. you hadn’t even realized they’d been falling. “don’t cry”—he almost laughs, yet his voice breaks—“you’ll break my heart.“
“no,” you gasp, “no, my king, i’m hardly sad, i’m… relieved.”
that’s it. you’re relieved. he’s removed a heavy weight from your chest and you hadn’t even known of it. you will not have to bear him children. the assurance floods through your veins like liquid joy. not ten, not five, nor two nor even one; none whatsoever.
“relieved?” he repeats, blinking in surprise.
you’d never even considered the possibility. from the moment you’d known of your place in this world you’d resigned yourself to the role of childbearing. only now do you realize how much you had been dreading such a thing. only now do you understand the fear, and the relief.
“i… don’t believe i want children either.” the statement feels so final it ought to be terrifying, but it settles into your bones with a tangible rightness.
your betrothed regards you in shock. his hands fall from your face—and then they latch to your body, one on your thigh again and the other behind your neck, pulling you up and flush against him as he kisses you harshly.
“you’re so perfect,” he breathes into your mouth, unreactive yet pliant against him. “made for me, just for me, i swear—“
you kiss back, making his rambling cut off in a strangled growl as he only tugs you in closer and deepens the embrace. he’s still speaking, but it’s unintelligible; praise, certainly, muffled compliments and manic devotion. he’s relieved too, you realize. foolish to think him confident in this declaration. foolish, you’re coming to understand, to think him sane in any circumstance which might take you from him.
(if you are made for him then he is made for you, surely. this relief would be impossible for any other to give you.)
he pulls away when he realizes you’re still crying. you catch your breath, blink back the tears, let him fuss over you until your voice is solid enough to speak.
despite the relief, there is lingering hesitance; lingering fear. “you say you will bear the burden of prevention, but what of the burden of blame? they will talk, as the months go by. they will call me barren, unfit to be by your side; they will demand you take on a mistress—“
“i won’t,” your betrothed snarls, grip on your thigh almost painful with how fiercely his fingers tighten, “i would never, and i’ll cut down all those who speak ill of you.”
your laughter is disbelieving, wet with the traces of saltwater. “hardly a sound plan to run a court, my king. unless its intent is for running it to the ground.”
“for you, my heart? anything. i would raze this kingdom if it spoke your name without awe.”
that shouldn’t be comforting. it ought to be terrifying. instead you reach up to hold his cheek, and his eyes flutter closed at the contact.
“kiss me again,” you command.
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I still not over him 🥺
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riviera white knight.
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ʚ♡ɞ CW ;step daughter! reader, stepcest, somno, guilt, slight noncon touching
ʚ♡ɞ A/N ;repost on this new acc bcs tumblr hated my last one xx
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God have mercy on you.
God have mercy on him.
The current state of the present is a normal bedtime routine– intertwined on the bed as the night sky fades out into a dusky aurora. The two of you gleam together, Nanami with his perpetual sweat, and you with your lusty youth, like a sparkling firecracker that dances on the street lamps outside.
Your breath has long since slowed, and your heart rate has evened out into a sibilant, rhythmic metronome of its own. He watches the tide of your chest rise and recede, the darker tint of your nipples almost visible through the thinness of your flimsy nightwear.
And he can only stare as the straps of your nightgown slip off the perch of your collarbone, sliding down your skin like fingers that belong to the devil himself. His fingers twitch to touch you, but there is little he can do but stare; his tired eyes are possessed by the demon of lost sleep, and his mind has veered away from static radio silence and into lustful territory.
It is a travesty to sleep next to such a beautiful creature of electric shocks, and he knows that just a single sinful touch will end the already withering dignity of his hapless ‘fatherhood.’
Nanami tries to be a righteous man, he really does.
Because he prays that right now, you are at rest. May you dream of aurochs and angels, of paradisiacal faraway lands and of a prince charming of your own that will save you from him.
He prays that you do not and will never know of the weakness of his self-control, because for now, you remain deadly still as he slowly, gently inches his steady hand up the flesh of your warm thigh, fingers just sliding under the hem of your rising nightgown.
He pauses twice for every time you let out a shuddering breath that doesn’t match your usual pattern, and in one of those two pauses, he contemplates recoiling and pulling his hand away from you as though you’ve burnt him.
It’s not too late, is it?
But it is.
It’s too late as soon as Nanami feels warmth pulse through his fingertips, alternating with the strange, foreign chill of your skin. You’re cold, and terrifyingly so. It’s almost as if you lay under a philtre of death, but he’s already struck a bargain with the devil, and he can no longer turn back.
Soon, he arrives at your dormant innocence, glory-hot and lightly pulsating as he can feel just the faintest hint of arousal seeping through your underwear. He must stop and think it wrong how he now has his hand under his step-daughter’s skirt, but the alluring sweetness that beckons him further and further to you has his head muddled with carnal babbles.
He hesitates for a brief moment, carefully eyeing your sleeping form for any trace of awareness slowly seeping into your form, but when you remain a sleeping beauty, he continues. His fingers stroke the soft film of your underwear in sole introspection, and he inhales sharply when he feels your cunt throb lightly against his feather-light touch.
You would never, ever let him do this if you were awake, but for now, you aren’t in the present realm, and your consciousness still sleeps. And now, Nanami wonders: is it truly a sin to lay his eyes on and claim something as precious as you when he’s been tormented by you for so, so long?
And then, it happens.
Your eyes flash like a storm that meets with a sea monster, glinting in the dark as you wake from slumber, now staring at him with a mean, tired look on your sleep-addled face.
“Shh, go back to sleep, darling,” Nanami whispers with a mix of burning embarrassment and desire, his fingers still intertwined with the girlish lace lurking beneath your nightgown. He doesn’t know whether to move or not, but for once, he’s frozen in place.
How ironic that you’ve brought more apprehension into him than most cursed spirits have.
You’ve caught him red-handed as you blink hard a few times, trying to rid sleep from your brain. You rub your thighs together in solemn discomfort, and his hand peevishly grinds between your skin, unbeknownst to you in your idle stupor. He thinks that, for a moment, you’ve simply decided to roll over and return to the land of dreams, but when a scowl fixes itself on your face, he knows it’s not about to happen.
“Stop touching me,” you grumble with exhaustion. “Go away.”
Ah, of course.
Of course, Nanami can only go against your will for very long, and with you now awake, albeit drowsy, he is now forced to retract his steps and feel the slight regret of his deeds wash over him as he drags his palm out of the valley of your thighs, out of your gown, and lay rest onto the sheets.
It’s like trying to drown Poseidon in water. He cannot feel anything but what he wishes to feel, and what he feels now is shame, and a little bit of wishful thinking for something more.
More, because these ghostly touches will never be enough.
“Sorry, sorry. I’ll let you sleep,” he says, voice gruff and low from momentary disuse.
And let you sleep he will, but for a small price.
A kiss.
Anything you desire, anything you wish for– a kiss is the only toll you must pay.
Your eyebrows crease just slightly as you understand the silent command. You lean in despite frowning the whole time, and you let Nanami capture your lips in a kiss. It’s soft, and it’s seemingly chaste on the surface. He kisses you a second time, and then a third. You taste like sacred ambrosia, and he can’t help but bring a hand to steady your jaw as his tongue enters the cave of your mouth, flicking in and out and mixing your spit and his.
When you whine softly and grab at his arm, nails digging into his skin in wordless reprimand, he finally pulls away, a thin string of saliva connecting the two of you and a darkened haze glazing his brown eyes.
You fall back onto the bed with an exaggerated eye roll, and he stares at you for a few moments, trying to think of something to say or do. He’s never been one to be at a loss for words or action, but here, he seems almost helpless to his miserable need for you.
He knows he ought to bring you a glass of water, but you don’t seem thirsty. He can still do that, just to fill the silence if nothing. You continue to glare softly at him, though it is less deadly compared to your daylight glares and even more dampened by the obvious flush on your cheeks.
And as you continue to stare him in the eye, you arch your back just slightly off the bed, reach a hand under your dress, and you pull at it– repugnantly so. You make sure that your nightgown covers you as best you can, and once you do, you flop back onto the bed with a dramatic flourish.
Nanami does his best to ignore it, but his indifference is feigned a second too late, and it doesn’t slip under your sharp gaze. The corner of your lips twitch into a small smirk of satisfaction, taking petty amusement in taunting your dear old man.
You let out a low groan and finally toss your head to the side, facing away from him and displaying nothing but your bare back to his lecherous eyes. Your gesture is one of irritation, if not lethargy.
“You know,” you murmur, and there’s a sultriness to your words that sends palpitations pounding up his neck, “you’ll never be my dad.”
Abruptly, you turn away from him with finality in your actions and shiver from a sudden fit of cold.
He knows. Of course he knows.
And truly, Nanami had tried. He had tried to become a father to you. But in the end, all his efforts were futile as the lustful beast in him continued to grow and claw at his psyche.
He can never be your father. Not properly, at least. Even now, his mind shamelessly wanders into territories plundered by only sinners of the most base kind. He looks at your pliant, slowly sleeping form, and all he can think about is clamping a hand over your mouth, tearing your troublesome clothes off, and bedding you.
He thinks about emptying as many loads of his seed inside you as deep as physically possible, with the head of his cock pressed against your cervix and his balls pressed flat against your ass.
How easy it would be to overpower you in terms of strength. Raw, primal strength. If he wanted to, he could breed your fertile womb and let his seed take. He could hold you down and finally indulge in all his shameful wants, all while burying his face in the crook of your neck while apologies mindlessly spill out his lips, trying to make everything better for you as he kisses you with the softness of a lover and the promise of a soulmate.
But although he could do all that, Nanami doesn’t.
He may rule you in body, but you rule him in mind and heart.
One win for him, but there remain two losses in this battle of thorny love.
And even now, when the devil has whisked you away into unconscious sleep and you lay dormant as a rock beside him, he doesn’t touch you anymore; he isn’t even roused by anything but the threat of your threadbare chastity.
He remains scalded by you, by the ice that’s bitterly frozen around your heart and by the ice in your words.
Your contempt never fails to scorch Nanami. Many will think that men like him– men who are seen as nothing but lust-driven creatures with a predatory gait, can never feel love.
But he does. He feels love in all its forms when it’s with you.
A day doesn’t go by where Nanami doesn’t think about you, or even worship you in the clandestine confines of his mind. All he wants to do is throw you onto the bed, ravage you, and crush your beautiful fragile neck between his large fists.
You roll over on the bed, even further away from him now, and the spot where you once were is now screaming with heat. You will pierce him forever with those eyes, with that siren-like voice of yours, for there is little to no affection for him in that little heart of yours.
But Nanami has to make sure that you love him. If not now, then soon. One day, at a less miserable time, you will love him. And you won’t love him in the way a daughter loves her father, but you will love him as a lover, because to think otherwise is unbearable to him.
You dangerous girl, the source of his personal rise and demise; a little devil in disguise.
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