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Ignoring the House Wardens (I)
a/n: this is my first attempt at a fan fic so don't roast me please. also i made this really fast so excuse any mischaracterizations
Riddle Rosehearts
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Leona Kingscholar
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Azul Ashengrotto
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A Magical Homecoming | Leona Kingscholar
Word Count: ~5.6k
Summary: At NRC's first ever homecoming you ask Leona Kingscholar to dance, but he declines. Then something happens, and Leona comes to regret his decision...
Warnings/Notices: Spoilers go up to Book 3-4ish. The prefect is assumed to have attended public school in their world for the purpose of this fic.
Author's Notes: This video inspires the scene towards end of the fic. I personally recommend watching it after reading it to avoid spoilers (there are no words for how much I love this scene by the way, it gets me in my feels every time).
This fic has been in my drafts for awhile and it has an admittedly clunky start, but I really like the ending! Gotta love a little jealousy trope now and again, and Leona's just perfect for a prompt like this.
Much love, and I hope you enjoy ♡
During big events at NRC, students were usually required to wear those ceremonial robes without sash nor sleeve out of place.
Crowley must have felt different about this one, though, because you were given the ‘OK’ to dress however you wanted—an implicit cue for all the students and staff to dress as fancy as they could, then gather into the event hall for an evening of mingling, music and dancing.
According to rumors, Crowley had implemented the school dance to encourage the student body in their upcoming competitions against the rival school, RSA. What had actually happened, though, was that the headmaster overheard you telling Grim about the homecoming dances from your world and got a little too excited about the concept.
To make the matter more appropriate, the RSA staff had recently challenged NRC to a 'friendly game of Spelldrive', and the headmage was willing to do anything to keep the school morale up. He introduced the dance to the school in his 'benevolence', acting as some sort of cultural icon for bringing such an obnoxious tradition to Twisted Wonderland.
You were in an entirely new world and still couldn’t escape all that public school nonsense, huh? Woe is you.
Nevertheless, many of your friends were over the moon about the concept, Cater especially. You weren’t in a financial position to purchase something to wear for the evening, but the charismatic junior was itching for a chance to shop with you again, and he’d generously insisted on helping purchase your outfit plus a fancy collar for Grim. Now that, Crowley, was benevolence at his finest.
So here you were, dressed to the nines with the approval of Cater’s artistic eye. You’d never dressed so fancy in front of your peers before, so even as the dance was just beginning you got swarmed with compliments, and you gave just as many as you got.
Ace, Grim and Deuce got to dance with you first—nothing like a fancy waltz, but instead the same overplayed pop tunes you’d expect to hear at a dance in your world. Both boys had grabbed your hand at one point and pulled you into a goofy version of a ballroom dance, and Grim had the honor of clinging to your back throughout it all, finding his height to be a bit problematic amidst the dancing crowd.
The songs got less silly though, and were eventually replaced with more formal and pretentious tunes that less people were ready to dance to. Thus came the mingling part of the evening—you talked with nearly all your friends in Heartslabyul before making your way to the snack bar. You weren't surprised to see Ruggie there, even less surprised to see him sneaking food into his pockets.
He grinned as he caught your eye, cheekily slipping some plastic-covered desserts into the inside of his jacket. “Fancy seeing you here, Prefect,” he remarked, then took in your outfit. “Cater?��
“It screams him, doesn’t it?” You laughed, spinning around to show off the outfit in full. “He took me shopping and—despite my insistence—purchased it. I was just planning on showing up in my uniform. I’m too broke to afford something like this.”
“You and me both. This is a loan from Leona,” Ruggie replied wryly. “Makes for plenty of pocket space. You want a snack while there’s anything left?”
You smiled and selected a snack and a glass of punch. Ruggie snuck some more food in his pocket before doing the same, except he kept his snack on one of the cheap plastic plates and didn't bite into it. You caught on to his actions and gave him a disapproving look.
“You’re still doing favors for Leona at a dance? Don’t you get a day off?”
“What’re you fussing over me for, you weirdo? Shyeheehee… you don’t need to worry about me. Everyone else is going to come out of this dance with cringy memories and sore feet, meanwhile I’ll come out of it with profit and snacks.” He gently patted his pockets for reference. “I’m not willing to share my wages, but I’ll share my company if you want. Sure it’s a good idea for you to hang around here alone?”
His ear twitched and head tilted as he glanced around the room. Ace, Deuce and Grim had found themselves in a circle with some of the other first years, and your other Heartslabyul friends seemed to have scattered back into the crowd. You look back at Ruggie, who had that look of mischievous amusement on his face.
“Don’t take this as me fussing over you or anything, but you do get into fights… a lot," He snickered. "Since we're friends, I won't even charge you for my protection. I'm off to deliver this snack to Leona, you coming?"
He walked off without waiting for an answer, and you trotted after him, making sure he saw the dramatic pout on your face.
"I don't go looking for trouble you know," you defend yourself.
"You don't," He agrees. "But you are a magicless student in a school full of mages, and you're not the best at laying low."
"Are you implying that I make myself a target?"
"You're a fun one for sure," He teased, and you playfully shove his shoulder.
Ruggie led you fairly far away from the dance floor--to the very corner of the hall, in fact, which was lined with chairs but had very few people occupying the seats. Draped across several of them was Leona, one arm behind his head as a pillow and the other draped tamely on his stomach.
He was beautiful.
Ruggie gives you a cheeky look out of the corner of his eye; it was only natural he’d be aware of your affinity for Leona, after all, you'd frequently offer to help him with tasks just to visit the sleepy housewarden.
The hyena muttered a joke about you giving Leona a 'true loves kiss' to wake him, which wasn’t well-received by you. Amused, Ruggie walked up and gave Leona a restrained whack on the shoulder.
"Food's here, Leona-San."
Leona groaned. Ruggie scowled and whacked him again.
"Why'd you even come to this thing if you're just gonna sleep here in the corner?"
"Grrr... because Crowley expects all the housewardens in attendance, and it's only a matter of time until he sends his minions after me..."
The prince finally peeked his eyes open, and immediately they landed on you. He smirked.
"Speaking of minions..." He remarked. "Good to see you, Prefect. Where's your pet?"
"Grim?" You asked dumbly, as if you had multiple. "Oh... with Ace, Deuce, Epel, all of them. I ditched the whole group, apparently."
"Atta prefect," He drawled. "You should do that more. This dumb party blows."
"This dumb party is my fault, so be nice," you crossed your arms in pretend offense. Leona raised his eyebrows.
"You mean you're the reason I got dragged out of bed to dress like this?"
His outfit wasn't out of the ordinary, honestly--he had on neither jacket nor necktie, and his pants were obviously the ones from the NRC uniform. He had on a simple black dress shirt, though, and a black vest adorned with heavy gold patterns. He had his usual jewelry--at least, the jewelry he wore with the Savanaclaw uniform--on his wrists and neck.
You nodded. He rolled his eyes.
"Whatever. I'm sure Crowley's the real one to blame for this."
"There ya go, being all soft on the Prefect again," Ruggie teased. Leona shot him a look. "I'm gonna go back to the snack table incase they set more stuff out. Good luck with things, Prefect."
He saluted and walked off. You recalled him offering his company and protection just a few minutes ago and snorted.
"You're really lucky to have him, you know," you murmured fondly as you watched Ruggie engage with the snack table once more. Leona shot you a look.
"He's a sweetheart."
You snorted at his grumpy expression. "He is! He's such a sweet guy. He does a lot of good for you."
"He..." Leona pointed at Ruggie. "...is about as sweet as acid. He does ‘good’ because it's mutually beneficial—you’re the only one I know who'd coddle someone with gifts and favors just because."
"I wouldn't coddle just anyone," you defended as you took the seat next to him. "Only Ace, Deuce, Grim, and my favorite people from your dorm... Oh! And Kalim and Jamil. Well, I guess I would do it for Epel too, and Ortho and Idia..."
You laughed again. "I'm not a pushover at least! I'm aware of the resources I have, it’s not like I overexert myself—I just like to share with people I like, be it time, gifts, effort or compliments. They're love languages."
He gave you a dry look—one that called into question your decision to talk to him about love languages of all things—but rather than mock you he just sighed and ruffled your hair.
"You're a special one, I'll give you that," he remarked. "Hey, move over or else I'm going to use your lap as a pillow."
"My lap is always available for my favorite prince, my liege," you giggled, and he waited until his head was comfortably settled in your lap to give you a look. His hands folded over his stomach and he closed his eyes, and after a feeble attempt to resist you ended up running your fingers through his hair. His ears twitched at first, but the only sound that left his lips was a relaxed sigh.
After a few minutes you were sure he'd fallen asleep. You'd much rather sit here with him than partake in the awkward dancing, you decided. Here, the music was at its quietest--it gave you a chance to recover from the headache it gave you earlier, and the lack of glittering and glowing decor was also a pleasant change. The party was fun, but Leona was better.
Besides, here he was entirely available for you to admire. His outfit looked amazing on him, and his relaxed expression was incredibly endearing, not to mention his hair... He was attractive, no doubt about it, and with him in the middle of his nap you could look at him for more than two seconds without him teasing you about it. Dreamy.
You found out he was awake when you stopped playing with his hair to wave at your friend across the room. His eyebrow twitched. "What do you think you're doing, herbivore?"
"Huh? You're not asleep?"
"How could I be, with you petting me like that?" He had the audacity to make a face at you. "You're really brave to be doing that, aren't you?"
"Oh..." You held your hands awkwardly in the air, looking for a place to put them that wasn't entirely bizarre. "Sorry."
"I didn't tell you to stop," He added, closing his eyes again. That gave you the courage to tease him.
"But what about your nap?"
"I was enjoying myself. Make your decision now though, herbivore, because if I do fall asleep I'm not fond of being woken."
You laughed. "Don't I know that. You scary, scary lion."
His eyes closed again, but this time the conversation continued--he asked you lazy questions and hummed as you gave long answers, him knowing exactly where to pry in order for you to reveal your best stories. You told him about your recent adventures and shenanigans, plus silly stories about you and the other first years.
As the night continued on you were still enjoying yourself, and the music matched up to your mood. By now it had morphed entirely from pop tunes into extravagant waltzes, fanciful music with highs and lows that cast bursts of magic and energy into the air. It was as close to a 'slow dance' moment you'd expected from the night, and since Leona was clearly still awake, it got you thinking.
"Hey, on a scale of willing to do something with me to entirely exhausted, how sleepy are you?" You ask. Leona hums.
"Depends on what we're doing."
"Want to dance with me?"
He went quiet--not just a pause, but long enough that you think he might have fallen asleep. After a moment, you tried your luck again. "Leona-"
"No thanks."
"Oh, okay."
The disappointment in your voice was obvious, but you didn't pester him about it. You continued to play with his hair and listen to the music, and right after the next song began you were approached by two figures, one with a bubbly bounce in his step.
"Prefect! Look at you!" Kalim gushed as he ran over, Jamil slowly behind. The housewarden reached over Leona's head to grab your hands, holding them in the air and stepping back a bit to look you up and down. "You look amazing!"
"Hey, screech owl," said Leona, peeking an eye open. "Care to take it down a few hundred decibels?"
"Oh, were you asleep? Sorry Leona-San," Kalim laughed, and then continued to fawn over you, not deterred one bit. "This color suits you so well--I have some stuff in this color that I'd be happy to give you! You need to come back to Scarabia sometime, it's been forever since you stayed with us, and we always have a free room for you and Gri-"
Jamil cut him off with a hand on his shoulder. "Kalim, back up. You're being a disturbance."
Anyone else might have found Jamil's words to be hurtful, crushing even, but Kalim was hardly affected. He did, however, release his grasp on your hands. “Oops, sorry."
"You look amazing, Kalim. You too, Jamil," You added, giving them both a grin that matched Kalim’s enthusiasm. Kalim was decked out in white with tasteful gold decor, and Jamil donned a dark red suit over a black shirt, his sleek hair threaded with gold as usual. Truly, that duo always looked amazing.
"Thanks," Kalim grinned. He sat at the free space next to you, causing Jamil to roll his eyes and sigh. Unlike the housewarden, he stood stiffly, arms crossed as he analyzed the situation and recognized the futility of getting Kalim to tone things down.
It was, after all, a party. That was where Kalim shone brightest.
"Hey you," you waved at Jamil, who gave you a reserved look. "Stop being responsible and go enjoy yourself. You look too nice to not be dancing or relaxing or doing whatever it is Jamil Viper wants to do. I’ll steal Kalim in the meantime.”
"You know I can’t let you do that."
"Relax friend," you reply to him, gently patting Kalim's shoulder for emphasis. "I've got your housewarden all safe and sound right here. He'll be in my TLC until you return. I deal with Ace, Grim and Deuce all day--I'm more than capable."
"TLC?" Kalim asked obliviously.
"Tender loving care," Jamil clarified, giving you a stern look. Kalim let out a little ‘awe’ and joined you in your nagging.
"You heard the Prefect! Go have fun!"
Jamil's eye twitched. "Right. Then I can return to you in a coma and this one... who knows what trouble you'll get into, Prefect," he sighed, but eventually gave in. "I'll be back soon, Kalim, so don't leave. Thank you for your unnecessary concern, Prefect." He added, before turning and walking away. You didn't miss the calm smile that graced his lips before he was completely out of sight.
"You look great tonight too, Leona-San!" Kalim said pleasantly as you watched Jamil go. He eyed your fingers in the prince's hair in fascination—impressed that Leona was letting you near him at all, probably.
"Can't you tell I'm napping?" Leona replied, eyes still closed. His tone was completely different from when he was talking with you--he spoke grumpily and tiredly, that same tone he used when he spoke about Cheka.
"Oops. Sorry." Kalim hushed, but it didn't last long. In a matter of seconds he was bubbly and chatty again. "You guys really do look good, though. Cater posted your outfit on magicam, Prefect, but it doesn't hold a candle to seeing you in person. Did you dance yet? I bet you shone on the dance floor."
You laughed at his rapid-fire compliments. "I danced a little with Ace and Deuce, but I’m not so sure you could call that dancing. I’ve been a bit awkward on my feet today..."
Leona smirked at that. "That wasn't the impression you gave when you invited me," he commented smugly, eyes still closed.
"Awe, you guys danced?" asked Kalim. "That's great! I bet everyone's been fighting for the chance to dance with you guys. Since you're not taken for now, Prefect, would you like to dance with me next?"
The question caught you off guard. You had wanted to dance with Leona... but he rejected your offer, and even if it wasn't with him, a part of you still really wanted to dance, at least to one song.
"You know I have limited dancing skills, right?" You said hesitantly. "With your skill level I'd slow you down."
"Dances like these are meant to be slow," Kalim replied with a dismissive wave of his hand. "It's really easy, you can follow my lead. Besides, it's much more fun dancing with someone than dancing alone."
You hesitate again. In any other context you'd jump at the offer--Kalim was just too friendly to pass up--but now you had a lion on your lap. Instead of immediately addressing Kalim, you affectionately combed through Leona's hair and spoke to him in your sweetest voice.
"Leonaaa? I know I've been your pillow for a bit, but would you mind letting me up?"
The sweetness didn't work. If the bitter expression on his face wasn't enough of an indication, his voice certainly gave away his distaste.
"Don't feel like it."
"Please? I can be back soon if you want."
“Who says you’re not taken anyways?” He continued. “You can’t be my so-called pillow and go dancing with the little herbivore friend you invited over here. Haven’t you thought this through at all?” He complained.
“I just want to dance for at least one song…”
“You could’ve done that earlier. You said you did.”
“Well, I want a partner dance, I mean,” you clarify. “Like… like what everyone else has started doing, waltzes and all that. You were the only one I had asked for that…” You admitted, combing distractedly though his hair with your fingers.
He was silent for another moment, and then finally, "I told you, once I fall asleep, I don't like to be woken up. If you're planning on getting up then don't plan to come back."
His words were cold, and it felt like a rejection all over again. You glance at Kalim who—thankfully—paid no mind to the conversation, and instead was watching the dancing crowd with a wondrous look.
"Sorry," you mumbled to Leona. The sweetness in your tone involuntarily disappeared. "Would you please sit up a little?"
He did, but it was the only thing he did outside of ignoring you completely. Instead of bidding you goodbye as you got up, he curled to face the wall and used his arm as a pillow instead.
You didn’t get to dwell on it before Kalim had pulled you closer to the music, grinning excitedly at you and giving you a little bow before holding his hand out. “Are you ready?”
“Um, I'm really not sure how to dance to songs like these..."
"No worries, I can show you!"
"Are you sure? I might accidentally trip you or something."
"You won't," he promised, and then extended his hand to you again. "Do you trust me?"
Do you trust me?
You still really wanted to dance with Leona--it was only natural to want to dance with the guy you liked--but if he wouldn't, Kalim wasn't a bad alternative. Whereas Leona might have been impatient with your clumsy dancing, you knew for a fact Kalim was an excellent dancer and also extremely sweet. At least this way you wouldn’t have to feel ashamed about your amateur-hour moves.
Not that ashamed, anyways.
"...I do," you decide, putting your hand in his. Kalim grinned and showed you where to place your hands, holding one in his own and lightly placing his free hand on your back. The next song started at just the right moment, and slowly he began to guide your shy feet into a simple, engaging dance.
For the first song you kept your your gaze on the floor, watching your feet move along with his. He complimented your concentration and asked if you were interested in dancing more, and by that point you were feeling confident enough to look him in the eye and chat as you danced around the room.
It was silly, really—the two of you together were full of laughter and lighthearted stories. Your conversation carried into another dance, then another, until eventually you and he joined some of your other friends.
At the end of the party, when everyone started to head back to their dorms, you noticed Leona still laying in that corner of the gym and felt a little bad for leaving him there—then again, he’d pretty much told you not to come back to him, right? You at least decided to go wake him, but Ruggie beat you to it and Grim was demanding your attention anyways.
That concluded the night. You found out later Crowley had crowned himself homecoming king (which wasn't really how that worked, but you guess no one else would've known anyways) and even after, you got filled in on the stories from your friends' evening that you'd missed.
It had been a wonderful night, both the time spent with Leona and the time without. For the first time ever, you were looking forward to another homecoming.
Leona had liked you for a long time.
He wasn't sure when it started, but he wasn't dumb enough to ignore it either. He knew he wanted to confess to you, and he was pretty sure you had some sort of feelings for him as well, but waiting for the right moment was something he did best. Even if he wasn't the most patient by nature, when it came to strategizing for what he wanted suddenly he could wait years without taking another step forward. It was all about making the right move at the right time.
Not just laziness, though perhaps that also played a part.
Then there came competition, and suddenly, Leona wasn't so patient anymore. His confession had a deadline, and he had no way of knowing when that deadline was, only that his choice to not dance with you had sped it forward. He was almost in a panic when he saw you walking with Kalim in the hall that Monday, and his day got even worse when Ruggie offhandedly reported seeing you and the Scarabia housewarden eating together at lunch.
He needed a plan. Well-crafted, yes, but fast.
"Another sleepover in Savanaclaw?" You asked, brows knit together as you processed Leona's offer the following day. "I thought you hated it when I was there."
"Well sure, it was a huge inconvenience when you were there because of that cephalo-punk," Leona confessed, rubbing his temple as he recalled that particular catastrophe. "And the yowling you and Grim did... you're very lucky I had other reasons for helping you out, I was ready to feed you to the wolves."
You grinned at that. "And that reason was because you adore me, don't you? I mean, I can't blame you. There's no way you didn't fall for me after my performance on the Spelldrive field."
He laughed. "You mean when you got knocked out?"
"They say people look peaceful in their sleep, I bet you saw me in the nurse's office and thought I looked like an angel."
You were right about that... but you didn't need to know that.
"Anyways, about your offer," you said, getting back to the point. "I do love spending time with you and the others... but Savanaclaw is sooo hot. Do you want to camp at Ramshackle instead? There's less people there, so you could nap without interruption, plus there's tons of space and, most importantly, it's not hot enough to make me evaporate."
The offer was tempting. A chance to sleep at Ramshackle? Gosh, he hoped this plan worked--hoped this wouldn't be the last time you extended the offer--but for the moment, he couldn't stray from his plan. "I'm sure. I'm hot myself and you seem to handle me just fine, so come over. I'll be waiting."
The smile that grew on your face was breathtaking. Literally--the way it slowly grew as you processed his flirting, followed by the subtle lip bite as you tried to hide your amusement--everything you did, it made his breath catch in his throat.
"Cute." You said. "I guess that convinced me. Does the offer extend to Grim?"
"Hell no."
You laughed.
"I'll head over once he's settled for the night then," you said. "I'm looking forward to it, Leona, I'll see you tonight."
That concluded that part of the plan. Leona's next step was much more exhausting.
At least he wasn't doing it alone. No, he was way too clever to subject himself to all that work.
"Why on earth do I have to help you get a date?" Ruggie complained, stringing fairy lights through the lounge while Leona lazily tidied up. "You should've just danced with the Prefect during that weird party-"
Leona growled. "You're welcome to call it quits then, runt. You know you're not helping me out of the goodness of your heart."
"I might‘ve for the Prefect, but you still owe me for bringing them over to you during the dance,” Ruggie snickered. “I’ve done my part, financial compensation is more than an expectation as this point.”
“Yeah yeah, whatever. Move those chairs, would you? I’m going to make sure no one’s gonna interrupt us tonight,” Leona decided, only to be met with an ‘oooooh’ from Ruggie. That bratty hyena…
Leona had messaged you a little while ago telling you to meet him in the Savanaclaw lounge, as opposed to his dorm room like you expected. When you arrived, the sky was already beginning to grow dark—the lounge’s pool was lit up, and fairy lights were strung around the tents and tables. A huge space was cleared at the center of the lounge, and there Leona stood in the same attire from homecoming night, except his hair was now pulled back all neat and tidy. In layman's terms, he was stunning.
He grinned at your reaction, looking all too pleased with himself.
“You like it?”
“I feel like I’m walking into a dream…” you murmured as you approached him, even pinching yourself to confirm. “This is… wow, what is this? Did you like the homecoming party that much that you wanted to throw another one?”
“I didn’t like the party so much, no,” Leona replied candidly. “What I did like, however, was you.”
The way you reacted was all the proof he needed to know his plan had worked. This was perfect. That'll show that stupid screech owl--no one is going to take you away from him, that was for sure. After taking a moment to soak in your adorable reaction, he got closer to you and offered a hand.
"I made the mistake of rejecting a dance with you a few nights ago," he said. "I'm fixing that mistake now. Do you accept?"
You shake yourself out of your flustered state, and shoot him one of your more coy looks. "Do you have music?"
He laughed. "I suppose you're expecting me to say something like, 'the only music we'll need is the music in my heart', right?"
"From you? I was actually expecting you to either insult my hearing or my intelligence," you tease, slipping your hand into his. "But that very princely line of yours will do nicely too."
"No. My heart has many things to say to you--later--but it doesn't sing."
You don't know if it was the halfhearted scowl on his face or just your joy in the moment, but you laughed. Leona pulled one hand away to signal across the room (it seemed Ruggie was also in attendance, well hidden on one of the chairs across the lounge), and suddenly music started to pour from a set of speakers. It wasn't too loud--you assumed that was to avoid disturbing the rest of the dorm, but it was loud enough to coax your feet into dancing.
"Hey," you said as Leona pulled you into a waltz. After dancing with Kalim, you matched his steps easily. "Where is everyone else? Only Jack should be in bed at an hour like this, right? Well, Jack and you."
"Perks of being a housewarden," he replied simply. "I don't mind an audience, but I'd rather have you all to myself for now."
"And Ruggie?"
"Got paid to be here, so I'm sure he's counting bills rather than watching us," Leona grinned.
He pulled you around the lounge, dancing and twirling. You supposed it should come as no surprise that he was light on his feet--he may be effort averse, but he was still good at everything he did.
You didn't expect him to dance with you for more than one song. He was 'fixing his mistake', right? By the time the second song started to play, though, he hadn't let you go, and that didn't change for the third, forth, or fifth song either... and you weren't sure how it happened, but at some point, he'd gotten close enough to you that he could whisper the song lyrics in your ear, close enough that you could rest your head on his chest, close enough that your dancing feet faded out of focus, until the only thing you could focus on was you and him and how close his lips were, which went way beyond his intention of 'fixing his mistake'.
You'd figured out by this point that this was no platonic gesture. The mere thought had your heart pounding in your ears from the second he took your hand in his. He seemed just as lost in the moment as you, and had it not been for Ruggie, you were sure that neither of you would have called the moment to an end.
"Sorry guys," the hyena said in an unapologetic tone. "Lots of Savanaclaw members have sensitive hearing, and it's getting to be pretty late. I'm sure you guys have naps to take and conversations to have anyways, so..." He offered a dismissive wave, turning off the speakers and heading to his room. "G'night."
Leona scowled, still holding your hand in his as if he were unconsciously waiting for the music to start up again. When he didn't, he slowly released you, taking a small step back.
The sound of a door closing signaled Ruggie had left the room, and Leona took another long moment to speak up. "...if this wasn't clear, this isn't just about that night. The dance. You won't need a dancing partner again... the only person you'll need is me. Just me. I'll be your partner from here on out, alright?"
You couldn't tell if he was being grumpy out of flusteredness or if he was just being blunt, but you did want to tease him either way. "My partner?"
"Not just for dancing."
You grinned. "So like, an in-love-with-me partner."
He must have just been being blunt. Rather than acting embarrassed, he just returned your grin. "That would be correct, Prefect."
He held your hand, pulling you closer, whispering in your ear just as he had with the lyrics of the song.
"I'm in love with you."
...couldn't be more blunt than that, could it?
You throw your arms around him, braving a kiss to his cheek followed by a whisper of your own. "I'm happy to hear that, because I'm in love with you too!"
"I would hope so. I put in a lot of work making Ruggie do all this."
"Oh, did you?"
"I did. It was exhasting... to watch."
You laughed. "You really don't deserve him. He's more than just a sweetheart at this point--he's a saint."
"Like I said, I paid him," Leona replied. "And anyways, give me some credit. I was the brains behind the operation--there's no way I was going to fall short after you chose to dance with the screech owl."
"Is that your name for Kalim? How sweet of you to give him his own nickname!" You teased. He rolled his eyes, groaning under his breath.
"Not the point, Prefect."
"Maybe not. Doesn't matter--you were the one I asked to dance that night. You would still have been the only person I'd want to ask. Kalim's a great friend, but you're much more--I think you knew that, given I let you sleep in my lap."
"Mm... yeah," Leona yawned. "Can we do that again now? All this dancing made me tired."
"Sleep in my lap?" You pretended to mull it over.
"Meh. Just nap with me. C'mon." He threaded his fingers through yours, pulling you in the direction of his room. You smiled and followed after him.
"Sounds like a plan, my liege."
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hajimeshoe · a day ago
overblot squad with an MC/S/O who was done with life the second they entered twisted wonderland.
The no bullshit type who also instigates when in goofy moods. They don't smile often.
Anyone who threatens them... it kinda goes like "give me a reason... I dare you..." and s/o will fuck your life up if you physically harm them.
They have a resting bitch face, and they ALWAYS look angry or annoyed. A lot of people ask if they're upset.
When in contact with overblots, instead of trembling with fear, they act like they just got told to do chores as they started doing chores.
And when they deal with overblots in fights, they genuinely get annoyed when the overblot squad acts like they're the only ones dealing with that kind of stuff. (Literally looked at Jamil and told him he was a slave to people born richer than him just like everyone else)
A realist and pessimist at the same time.
Sleeps way more than Leona, and will not wake up until they feel like living. And their social meter is extremely low.
They eat a lot. Like- a lot. And they will sleep it all off
MBTI is an INTP to give you the rest of the context
Coolio! I'm an ISTP-T, which I found out while trying to figure out different MBTI personality types because I was hella confused. Also, We don't technically know who's overblotting from Diasomnia yet, right??? So I can leave my precious dragon boy out of this, right??? No? Well, it was worth a try *cries in not wanting to think about a Malleus overblot* -Sorry this took so long! I just moved and had no wi-fi until today
OB!Gang with INTP S/O
Would honestly be frustrated
"You've broken fifteen of our 810 rules in less than an hour! How DARE you!"
He was apologetic after he overblot and stopped getting on your case for every dorm rule you broke.
No wonder you're friends with Ace and Deuce
Wants you to stop causing fights so badly
Like, why are you either causing fights or sleeping??? Are you secretly related to Leona???
"Wait, you told Jamil WHAT?"
Bro gets sick of you when you're awake at this point-
Like, he threatened to turn you to sand during his overblot and you just held out your hand with a sarcastic smile-
Honestly, though, he's glad you aren't opposed to his naps or sleep schedule, a lot of the time he'll also be willing to nap with you even if he's already had one
But if Ruggie wake's him up, then he's trying to wake you up too <3
Fairs fair, after all
He doesn't give a fuckk if you instigate fights, he'll watch it in amusement
You would get along with Floyd so damn well and Azul swears on what little of his sanity is left that you two are never meeting
Both of you would be causing fights together left and right-
He loves you, he does, but- OH FUCK THE TWEELS ARE HERE! Take a nap while he locks you in his office where you three can never meet, yeah?
He's also low-key wondering if you're Leona's secret sibling or something despite the fact that you're magicless
He'll let you sleep in his office when you need to
He also does everything in his power to try to get you to smile and gets a little insecure when he's unsuccessful
Azul just starts to have some self-doubts because "I'm their boyfriend, why can I never make them happy?"
However, cuddles and reassurances can fix this!
He did get a kick out of you looking at Jamil and telling him to get over it
Jamil is just glad that you don't need 24/7 supervision
You won't burn down the house trying to cook, you won't somehow accidentally cut your arm off with a spoon and you can be left alone longer than a toddler without anything going to hell?
In this case, he practically considers you perfect with how often he's dealing with Kalim
Also, you were egging him on when he overblotted???
What's wrong with you? You have no magic-
Oh, wow...you won...
"Everyone's a slave to richer people, Jamil, get over it and eat a snickers or some shit!"
Okay, first of all, you're audacity-
Aaaand now he's stuck with you
"Isn't it supposed to be "You kidnapped me, I'm calling the cops?"
"Nope! You kidnapped me, so you clearly want to put up with my bullshit!"
The only actual issues he has is when he has to go drag you out of a fight or get you to stop hyping others into fighting for your entertainment
Then he just hypnotizes you and pulls you away while scolding you like some sort of child
Honestly looked up child leashes on the twst version of Amazon to see if they had a two pack (one for you and one for Kalim)
"Love, don't start fights, it's not beautiful at all", "My sweet potato, sleeping too much can be bad for your skin!", "SPUD! As much as I love you, if you do not cease this nonsense then so help me-"
All are common phrases from Vil when it comes to you ❤
Just tell me- how did he fall in love with you??? Like, you're a cross between Kingscholar and Epel and he is about ready to pull an evil queen on both of them some days
But he adores you despite your incorrigible habits that he tries to help you break
Don't expect to sleep in when dating Vil, though. Once he decides you've had enough? He's cursing your bed, pillows and blankets
All in the name of love, he swears!
Idia tries to get you to just stay in his room with him to stop you from getting into fights
He's respectful - lets you sleep for as long as you want
Although he get's a little loud when he plays video games sometimes
Ortho will honestly bother you more about your sleep schedule than him
Confused dragon boi <3
He's a sweetheart and is confused as to why you're starting fights "Because it's fun"
Totally did not ask Sebek to accompany you during school hours in order to protect you, keep you awake during lectures, and keep you out of fights- definitely not, how rude of you to accuse him of that
he would never, Malleus is completely innocent!
"Malleus Draconia, I am TRYING to sleep so if you do not get your screaming cucumber from my bedroom then so help me nobody will be able to save his suicidal ass!"
Oh, you're pissed off now
Welp, time for him to go save Sebek from his (surprisingly dangerous) magicless Child of Man
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yanmaresu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
BW Sketch of Fem Overblot Leona _(:3 」∠)_ I tried to practice some perspective
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leonkae · 2 days ago
I've fallen down the rabbit hole of these so here's my contributions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mimitwst · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Welcome to MimiTWST'S Cafe! We have NRC'S Boba Teas on the menu~! ☆:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:☆ All 7 Dorms make their debut! Choose your Soul~. ♡( ◡‿◡ )
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polkapo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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ddeltacrane · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Its been awhile I didnt draw Lele.
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himbo-writer · 2 days ago
🍬Trick or Treat 🍬
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Leona kingscholar x afab! reader
Contains: pirate leona, semi public, sir kink, hair pulling, degradation, praise, breeding, edging.
Halloween, a day everybody loves. Candy, costumes, laughter who wouldn't love this day full of fun in a single night? You personally loved the holiday since it meant you had a week full of decorating the school for the ghost. It also was because this year you got to see your lazy boyfriend is a Halloween costume.
Normally the two of you would just go buy candy but this year was really special since it was your first in twisted wonderland. You decided to get a matching costume and dress as a pirate like him. It was a surprise for later but he found out and told you to at least dress as a sexy pirate.
You took his words to heart getting Vil to help you modify your costume so it shows off more of your chest. Overall it went from a normal pirate costume to a slutty pirate, you tried it on two days before Halloween and it fit perfectly hugging every curve right. The long pants now snug booty shorts while the classy top was a ruffled top with a deep v-neck cut.
In all honesty you where shocked by just how good you could look in a costume. You stached the costume away until it was the day of Halloween to surprise leona.
The day of Halloween finally arrived and you where more than excited to show off the outfit for leona once he got his break. Getting ready and doing one final check in the mirror you decided to change your panties for a thong that would show on the sides of your shorts. Just to add a little more flair.
As soon as it hit 3:30 you left heading for the Colosseum in hopes to catch him while he's still awake. On the way several people where staring you down and some even asking for a picture with you. You didn't mind the attention but it wasn't all good as some of the men tried to get hands with you but thankfully there where others around to help.
After the wall you where finally at the Colosseum and found leona giving his final stamps to a group of teenage girls. They all seemed so pretty and tall, "hey mr. pirate you doing anything after this" one of the girls asked obviously flirting with him. He didn't seem interested but she wouldn't give up, "if you're free I'd be happy to see you again" she said batting her eyelashes.
This pissed you off to some degree but instead of causing a scene you decided to play it cool. Walking over to them calmly leona seemed intrested in your choice of clothing while the girls seemed impressed. "Sorry to interrupt this conversation but I need to borrow my boyfriend so he take a break" your words leaving them shocked.
Leona smirked as you took his hand leaving while the girls stood with their mouths wide open. "Was that an act of jealousy herbivore" he asked already knowing the answer, "it most certainly was not" you huffed dragging him to the cafeteria.
"I didn't know I had such a sexy girlfriend" he mused as a small blush spread across your face. "Thank you but right now where getting you food" you said holding his hand in yours. "What why? I'm not exactly hungry for food but rather-" he stopped pulling you close to grad a handful of your ass, a yelp leaving your lips "you" his voice low and stern.
"Baby are you serious right now" you asked looking up to see his smug smirk squeezing your ass harder. "Fine but where" you asked not wanting to draw attention too much, "how about..." he paused thinking for a second "here in front of all these people" he said. The color drained from your face at his words, he couldn't be serious could he!?
"Let's go back to the ship theres a little spot in the captain's place, and I am the captain" he mused hand fondling your ass waiting for an answer. "Fine..." you hated to admit in kinda turned you on at the idea of being caught. You walked about to the shop to see Jack bow in charge of the stamp station, "huh leona I thought you where going on break" he asked then spotted you next to him.
"We decided to just relax here together" you said trying to get him to stop asking questions. The heat between your legs grew hotter the longer you waited, "ok but don't be on break longer than 30 minutes" he said. You nodded walking onto the ship to the captain's place, as soon as the door was closed and locked leona pushed you over the desk.
"God I can't wait another second I need you" his voice low and sterin, wasting no time pulling your shorts off grinding his cloth erection against your cunt. Small whimpers escape your lips as he grinded harder, "fuck I need you" his voice shaky as he pulled your panties down exposing your cunt to the cool air. Sticking two fingers in without warning working your pussy, "your this wet just from some dirty talk? You really are a whore".
"Oh be quiet and fuck me" you spat needing so desperately to be touched, "where are you manners you need to beg for it nicely" he mused pulling his fingers out the empty feeling making you whimper. "Fine, please fuck me sir" you said not caring how embarrassed you where, you needed his touch.
"Good whore" he smirked pulling his cock out and pumping it a few times before lining the tip with your entrance coating it with your juices. Small whimpers fell from your lips before he thrusted deep inside you in one motion, the force pushing you harder against the desk. "Oh fuck-" you scream before a hand comes over your mouth muffling your moans.
"Good little whores don't scream" he spat thrusting harder as your whimpering continued. His thrust where hard and deep with the tip of his cock kissing your womb begging to be let in. "Holy fuck- your squeezing my cock so good, of fuck that's it baby" he praised you while your sanity was slowly fading from the way his balls slapped against your cunt.
"Mhh" your voice barely auditable as Leonas hand covered your mouth preventing you from letting everyone know what you where doing. "Be a good little bitch and take it" his words adding to the pleasure as you where nearing your high. The feeling of cumming on his cock was nearing as his thrust fastened and grunts grew louder.
"L'ona- I'm gonn-" your voice spilling out as his hand lost it's grip on your mouth, "what you're gonna cum already we can't have that" he smirked before stopping completely ripping the euphoric feeling from you. "Bu-but" your pleas falling on death ears as he stayed completely still, "if you wanna cum you're gonna beg like a good bitch" he spat.
"Please" voice shrill as tears started to form in the corners of your eyes, "please what you know how to beg". "Please fuck me sir. I need you to fuck me" you pleaed tears streaming down your face, "good whore" was all he said before he was balls deep inside your cunt, screams of pleasure falling from your lips.
The euphoric feeling coming back quick as his thrust where animalistic and sloppy, "gonna breed you like the good whore you are". Moans falling out like your tears as leona continued his attack on your cunt, now puffy from the abuse. "L'ona I'm gonna cum-" your screams definitely where heard by somebody but you didn't care all you cared about was leona stuffing your cunt.
"Fucking hell your squeezing the shit out of me, wanna be breed like a bitch in heat?" Words vile as his thrust became impossibly harder, "Yes Yes please breed me like a good bitch in heat" screams of pleasure filling the room. His hands snaked there way into your hair pulling it making your back arch, the feeling making it hard not to cum.
"Leona I'm gonna cum, please let me cum, and breed me like a bitch" you screamed as he buried his cock deep in your womb painting your insides white. The feeling of his cumming inside you causing you to spasm on his cock coating it with your juices. Strings of "oh fucks" falling from your lips as leona groaned finishing cumming, "holy shit that was hot" he said breathless.
The two of you didn't move for a minute catching your breath coming down from your high. "Hold on baby I'm gonna pull out" he said slowly pulling out as you whimpered still sensitive from just cumming. A small trail of Leona's cum leaking from your cunt, "fuck that's hot" he whispered pulling some tissues out his pocket.
"Babe I'm gonna wipe the cum up just hold still" his voice sounding far as your head was still fuzzy. He cleaned you up and helped you get dressed before walking out of the ship to get you food and water.
Once off the ship you where met with a flustered Jack, "um Leona do you think next time you can take your um private business to the bedroom" he muttered. Your face turned bright red at his words while leona couldn't care less and simply said sure and left with you hitting his arm.
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faebaex · 2 days ago
author note: hello??? not a soulmate au fic??? who thought it was possible  ̄∀ ̄ also why specifically a black footed cat? Bc they are so cute! They are also considered the deadliest cat in the world >ω< anyway, i have some more fics in mind with this particular reader, specifically some platonic ones with a certain someone ¯▿¯
Please note that this is a female character. 
characters: Leona Kingscholar x F!Black Footed Cat Reader
Tumblr media
“The sun beating down on you. The soft breeze tickling your skin. 
“... /N...”
You hummed, your ears twitching softly. 
“... F/N...”
Huh. The birds were loud today. Did they usually come to this part of the Savanna? Hopefully they’d buzz off soon.
“... F/N! Come on, first bell is going to ring.”
A gentle shake of your shoulder had you startling awake, squinting to see a white haired wolfman looming over you awkwardly. You groaned, moving to roll over, “go away, Jack.”
Another shake, “come on, if you’re late to class again it’ll be another detention.”
You huffed as you sat up, still half asleep as you squinted and tried to adjust your eyes to the light. You were in fact not bathing in the sun in the Sunset Savanna, but actually hidden away in the ferns of the temperate zone in the botanical gardens. Perhaps not as hidden as you thought, considering Jack still seemed to find you. 
You stood languidly, not at all in a rush, no matter how impatiently Jack frowned down at you with his arms crossed. You brushed off your uniform, shaking off your blazer that you’d been using as a makeshift sheet before sliding it back on. 
“What class do we even have?” You mumbled, fingers attempting to comb your hair back into place. “History of magic,” answered Jack as you began to leave the botanical garden, you slightly trailing behind the more eager wolf. 
“Why do you even do this, Jack? As if you care if I’m late to class. Also, I’m nocturnal, if you hadn’t noticed, so this is a major drag...” You grumbled, feeling slightly irritable at being disturbed during your lunchtime nap, even if he was only trying to help, in his own way.
“You’re right,” retorted Jack bluntly, “however, Ruggie-senpai has entrusted me with the duty of making sure you get to class, and I will not disappoint my superior!” Ruggie? Why was he bothering you? Or specifically, why had he set Jack to bother you? What an inconvenience, this was definitely getting old fast. 
“... Whatever. Can I borrow your history textbook?”
You hide in the shade of the trees as you watched Ruggie hanging up his load of laundry outside the Savanaclaw dorm. You took his distraction with hanging out what looked like Leona’s uniform to stalk towards him silently, succeeding in getting behind him without him noticing you. “... Senpai.”  
You watched as he spooked, his ears and tail straightening as Leona’s uniform shirt slipping from his fingers and fell into the dirt. Ruggie whipped around, not looking any more relieved when he saw that it was you who had snuck up behind him. 
“A-ah F/N, I’m actually really busy at the moment. You know how it is, I gotta finish with Leona’s laundry and then start on--”
“Why did you tell Jack to follow me around?” You cut him off, your slit pupils honing in on him like you would pounce on him at any moment. Ruggie cringed, his cagey demeanour not making him look any more innocent.
“I don’t know what you’re talking--”
“Jack told me.”
“Aw man,” Ruggie grabbed Leona’s wayward shirt off of the dirt, throwing it over his shoulder before lacing his hands behind his head, “why does Jack always got to be such a stick in the mud...” 
You said nothing, your gaze still zeroed in on him as you waited for him to talk, quirking an unimpressed eyebrow. Ruggie breathed a long suffering sigh. “Look, this isn’t me!” he unlaced his hands to hold them up defensively in front of him, “Leona told me to do it, and well... I didn’t want to tell you what to do so... I delegated to Jack. I didn’t think he’d snitch, though...” He muttered under his breath. 
Leona? Your head tilted to the side in disbelief and you narrowed your eyes at Ruggie, wondering if he was messing with you. Did he think you wouldn’t approach the Housewarden over this? Ruggie could sense he was in danger, as he immediately tried to assuage you. 
“I’m telling the truth! Why else would I go through all the trouble of recruiting Jack of all people? With all the work that Leona gives me anyway, why would I bother you if Leona didn’t demand it? ... No offense...” Ruggie added, a tad bit nervous at the thought of facing your wrath. He certainly understood it, having been on the receiving end of Jack’s helpful nature before. 
“Why is Leona bothered about whether I go to class or not? He’s hardly one to talk.” You huffed, your brow furrowing in frustration. Ruggie shrugs, turning back to his laundry as he pulled Leona’s shirt off of his shoulder and began to hang it up. “Beats me. Maybe he’s been getting stick from Crowley about Savanaclaw’s attendance.” 
You hummed, your tail swishing in irritation as you turned to head back inside the dorm, but not before throwing a comment over your shoulder at Ruggie, “I won’t forget this.”
“Aw, don’t be like that, F/N!”
It had been a week since your conversation with Ruggie. And what a week it had been. You weren’t willing to let this slide, sure Jack wasn’t all that bad to be around but the constant herding from class to class got tiresome after the first time, let alone every class, every day. So you decided to give your housewarden a taste of his own medicine. 
Every day this week, you’d disturbed Leona’s naps at every opportunity. One way or another, you’d make sure that whenever he laid down to rest in the botanical gardens, something would happen that would inevitable force him up. Setting off the sprinklers, making noise - you made sure the temperate zone was no longer the best place to catch a nap. But now it was the end of the week, and you decided to confront Leona personally. 
It took a moment to find him, hidden away amongst the foliage in the botanical gardens. He was lying on his back, napping without a care in the world. You stalked silently, until you loomed over him. Pulling a small water bottle from your blazer pocket, you released the cap and held it over Leona’s face.
Drip... Drip.... Drip...
Leona frowned as the first drop hit his forehead, his brow scrunching. And then another came, followed by another... You heard him ‘tch’, the back of his hand coming up to wipe at the water as his eyes slowly opened... Looking directly into yours. 
You recapped the water bottle, shoving it back into your blazer pocket. “I have a bone to pick with you, Housewarden.”
“Don’t tell me you’re the one who has been disturbing my naps.” Leona groaned, his eyes sliding shut again.
“Annoying, isn’t it? After all, you sent Jack to ruin mine.”
Slit green feline eyes found yours again, “Jack? As if.”
“Tch, it’s not my problem that hyena can’t do his job properly...” Leona replied gruffly, shaking his head and languidly letting out a yawn. You leaned forward, your hair falling from your shoulders towards him, “Well, call them off. Or it will be your problem - because if I can’t nap, I’ll make sure you can’t either.” 
Leona’s eyes narrowed at you, “is that a threat, frosh?”
You narrowed your eyes back, “a guarantee, Housewarden.”
The two of you glared at each other for a long moment, a stand off between two of the most stubborn personalities in Savanaclaw. Eventually, Leona sighed and his hand shot out to grab hold of your wrist and before you could brace yourself, he had tugged you down beside him. “If you want to nap so bad, nap now.”
You glared at the lion, who simply ignored you and settled back down, his eyes already closed. Was that a yes? Would you be able to return to your nap schedule, undisturbed by the likes of Jack? You huffed, rolling onto your side. This wasn’t over. 
“Stupid lion...” You muttered under your breath, receiving a soft snore in response. Seriously?! He’d fallen asleep that quickly? How does he do that? You grumbled some more as you got yourself comfortable, your own eyes sliding shut. You weren’t going to turn down a free nap...
When Ruggie came to find Leona, to corral him to yet another of his make-up classes, he groaned and laced his fingers behind his head. With Leona’s arm slung around your neck, and you curled into his side fast asleep, he knew that his job just got that much more difficult...
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diavolosbaby · a day ago
I think I’ve got a good one. Can I request Leona, Trey and Kalim with a male s/o who usually doesn’t like being touched, but is alright with them doing it ‘cause they’re lovers. However, they get into a serious argument and in the aftermath they try to touch him in someway to start apologizing only for him to slap their hand away and say “Do not touch me.”
characters: Kalim, Leona, Trey
S/O who tolerates physical affection but during a fight yells "don't touch me!"
Genre: angst
Format: headcanons, mini fic
Pronouns: he/him (male reader)
- You often got into arguments with him, but never really that serious or went on long 
- This time though, he had passed a line and didn’t see anything wrong with it 
- He had wanted you to sleep with him, you agreed but weren’t feeling up to cuddling 
- So you asked him not to, he was annoyed but agreed. 
- You woke up to him holding you 
- You got up and woke him up, confronting him and asking if it was on purpose 
- When you screamed not to touch you, his ears actually laid flat 
- He was shocked, then angry 
- No no, he doesn’t apologize easily in a fight so if you want him to realize his wrongs your want will be for nothing 
- Usually you both would slowly start talking more, no sorries, no forgiving,
- You both just get together again slowly and surely 
- If you don’t show any want to get closer to him again, that will probably be the end of the relationship tbh 
- Unless he himself sees himself very clearly in the wrong, his pride won’t allow himself to come to you without you coming to him as well 
- He will miss you but he’s not a beggar. 
- Definitely won’t beg and most times won’t apologize
“Leona get up.” you said sternly while shaking him the best you could. He groaned and asked you what you thought you were doing. “I said I wasn’t in the mood to cuddle, I woke up and you were straddling me, was it on purpose?” you asked calmly, hoping it was just instinct and he didn’t go against your wishes. “So what if I did? You were asleep and wouldn’t know anyway so why does it matter..” he said groggily. “Well obviously I knew because I woke up. I have boundaries. Why don’t you ever listen to me?? Like actually listen to me??” you raised your voice a bit. “You’re overreacting. Fine, come back when you ARE in the mood to cuddle so we both get our way.” you shook your head and stomped off, calling him a prick on your way out.
 He always wanted to touch you
You didn’t hate it, but you couldn’t say that you loved it either
You loved that he loved you. And you knew this is how he showed it.
Sometimes though, he touches you too much and you have to tell him to stop. 
It takes telling kalim something at least 30 times before it sticks, which can get a bit obnoxious
Like this one time, where Kalim was holding onto your arm and pulling you around everywhere while shopping. 
You didn’t mind it at first, but you were starting to get annoyed and told him to stop. 
He laughed it off and didn’t stop. So you told him again. 
And again, and again, and again. 
He kept laughing, and it was starting to piss you off. 
When you yelled at him to not touch you, he flinched and recoiled quite noticeably. 
If you were apologetic after yelling, he would tell you not to apologize and that he is the sorry one 
Yeah he’s pretty glum and tells you he won’t touch you anymore 
Actually doesn’t touch you for the rest of the shopping trip, or at least until you tell him it’s ok to, and even then he asks if you’re sure 
If you’re still mad at him after yelling, he will start crying 
Crying, but apologizing 
Says he won’t do it anymore and asks if you’re gonna break up[ with him while sobbing 
Unlike leona, he will always apologize first in a fight and would most definitely beg you not to break up with him
He’s sincere but a situation like this where he doesn’t know when to stop and won’t listen to you is bound to happen again, just a fair warning
      You pulled your arm away and yelled at him. He backed up. Shocked. “Why don’t you listen to me?? Why don’t you EVER listen to me!! God kalim it gets exhausting! It’s like you have to respect or regard how I feel!”  You walked out of the store and Kalim was quick to follow. He didn’t mean to make you so upset, as he was running towards you tears brimmed his eyes as his voice cracked while yelling after you. “Wait MC I’m so so sorry, please! Please don’t break up with me, it won't happen again!”
- isn’t much of a toucher either
 - holds your hand and puts his arm around your shoulder and that’s only sometimes
  - so when he tries to hug you from behind and you yell at him, he’s shocked 
 - will try to fix anything and everything he did 
 - won’t apologize until he knows what he did 
 - He had forgotten your date. 
 - you wouldn't be that mad if it was just a  simple accident, but it wasn’t that simple.
  - Trey had postponed the date by putting other things before you 
   - will stand there and let you yell at him all while listening to you and trying to put himself in your shoes 
- he won’t get angry, he won’t yell or insult you, he’ll just cross his arms and listen with a focused expression 
- he genuinely wants to make it better
He put his hands up in the air as his eyes went wide. “Woah woah what’s wrong?” he asked innocently, wanting to comfort you. “Don’t do that. Don’t be sweet now. God! How hard is it for you to put me first??” He saw your sadness behind your rage and that made his stomach cramp. “Oh no...I did it again, didn't I?” he asked with an exhale, obviously disappointed in himself. “I’m sorry MC..I don’t know what’s been up with me.” he sighed. “I’ll take you out right now, yeah?” “No, don’t even bother, I know the outcome.” you said with a puff. 
He’ll make you your favorite treats as apologies but he knows that isn’t enough. He’ll get you gifts and offer you favors free of charge. When you do come around to forgiving him, he will have a whole apology speech memorized for you.
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bunnwich · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When @comingyourlugubriousness & @oseathepebble were drawing theirs I also had started mine! Azul gave Yuuta a "beastman for a night potion." So what do you say? Ya gonna tip this bun fat marks to bully you while you drink your fruity beverage?
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evil-catboy-duo-fan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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glidiaxoxo · a day ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Leona's Halloween costume if Ruggie had to pick it
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Legend has it... Twisted Halloween series
Tumblr media
Behind pumpkin spice lattes and sweet candy, there comes stories of the things that go bump in the night. Legends and myths carry with them stories of those who may or may not have lived to experience it. 
For each character for each day (except weekends) starting today, there will be a short blurb for every student character inspired by a horror trope or legend in the spirit of Halloween month. I will be writing on the spot for every story so the genres (no beta we perish like big people) will be dependent on how the stories end up so even I can’t tell how it’ll be. This is purely motivated by my love for things spooky and/or ooky. I will write warnings for each blurb if needed but I’m warning you now since I love horror stuff, it will not be the happiest of stories. I’m probably not gonna go full dark but this is a forewarning. 
This is the index, but it may change depending on how the blurb will end up. 
Day 1. Silver (ghost!Yuu x exorcist!Silver) 
Silver works as a police officer during a hit-and-run trial, and he’s trying to console the victim of the incident. He’s trying his best to convince you to leave before it’s too late.
Day 2. Jack Howl (werewolf!Jack x childhood friend!Yuu)
You and Jack were so close as kids but he keeps refusing to have a sleepover with you when you reached high school. Then one day, you found out the reason on your way back one night.
Day 3. Epel Felmier (incubus!Epel x victim!Yuu) 
Your classmate was so confusing. So sweet and demure, but sometimes he seems to turn into someone else, someone with less than good intentions. 
Day 4. Rook Hunt (slit mouthed woman!Yuu x ghost hunter!Rook)
You missed the days where your immortal life was easier, when most people run at the sight of you. But, this creepy hunter keeps chasing you!
Day 5. Leona Kingscholar (demon!Leona x demon hunter!Yuu)
You get a kick out of debunking ghost stories and haunted places with your disgruntled friend, Leona. Except this night’s adventure was more than you ever expected to experience. 
Day 6. Idia Shroud (VC ghost!Yuu x target!Idia)
Idia has this unprecedented confidence behind the screen, with fans and friends at his fingers. However, one casual online chat broke his confidence as he say something he can’t take back.
Day 7. Floyd Leech (merman!Floyd x swimmer!Yuu)
A nobody at school, your only solace was taking in the serenity of the ocean cove away from the big city. However, a dweller has more than happy to show you a part of his world.
Day 8. Vil Schoenheit (Huli Jing!Yuu x fiance!Vil)
People call you the unrivaled beauties and with rumors of engagement in the air. Vil was prepared to devote himself to his beloved but his old friend Jack warned him that you were not as you seem. 
Day 9. Trey Clover (candy witch!Trey x partner!Yuu)
The man from the pastry shop near you was so sweet, also offering endless sweets on your way to work. You were melting in his touch when you two started dating. This was a man who was as sweet and pure as sugar, right?
Day 10. Jade Leech (cannibal!Jade x partner!Yuu)
Your husband was always experimenting with every dish he made but he smiles when you take a bite each time so you think it’s no big deal. Afterall, what’s the worst to come of it?
Day 11. Malleus Draconia (dragon god!Malleus x sacrificial bride!Yuu)
Traditions must be upheld, even at the expense of morality as you were lead to what many said was instant death. It didn’t matter to you, you were willing to give yourself to the being of inhuman power.
Day 12. Cater Diamond (imposter!Cater x skeptic!Yuu)
Everyone knows him and was just that approachable but not to you. You couldn’t explain the shiver you feel when you lock eyes with him. You only hope he doesn’t notice you.
Day 13. Platonic!Ortho Shroud (medusa!Yuu x nonhuman!Ortho)
You were cursed to exist as history’s most hated woman. Your gaze leaves all living beings petrified but all you wished to feel the loving embrace of another once more
Day 13.5. Lilia Vanrouge (grim reaper!Lilia x ex!Yuu)
He disappeared after breaking your heart and honestly you were thankful because moving on would be impossible if he stayed. As you almost got rid of him in your heart, you two meet again…and he looks distraught to see you.
Day 14. Ruggie Bucchi (street kid!Ruggie x ???!Yuu)
You and Ruggie despite hardships, never worried so long as you had each other. You would also look after each other, no matter what.
Day 15. Kalim Al Asim (bitten!Kalim x survivor!Yuu)
The two of you dreamed of wedding bells, laughing children and boisterous family dinners. Now, the only thing you pray for is to keep hearing his heartbeat.
Day 16. Jamil Viper (Djinn!Jamil x owner!Yuu)
He can’t be here. How can something you can’t even see or prove be here. In your house, in your room, trying to slither into your heart.  
Day 17. Azul Ashengrotto (crossroad demon!Azul x human!Yuu)
He may be greedy but he knows that good things come to those who wait. And the moment the wait is over and you decided to make the deal, it would be worth it.
Day 18. Ace Trappola (ghost bride!Yuu x survivor!Ace)
Ace was not a romantic man but he could be for the one. He kept denying it but he was looking forward to your wedding, even dreaming it…even when it was impossible. 
Day 19. Deuce Spade (hitchhiker ghost!Yuu x civilian!Deuce)
Deuce couldn’t just leave you alone, shivering in the dark. After all, this road was notorious for car accidents and mysterious attacks. 
Day 20. Sebek Zigvolt (soldier!Sebek x ghost!Yuu)
He was a devoted man through and through. He promised he would return to you and in return, you promised to be here when he does, no matter what.
Day 21. Riddle Rosehearts (Frankenstein monster!Riddle x assistant!Yuu)
He was a monstrosity. A freak of nature and you wanted nothing to do with him, even if he was someone you once loved.  
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