#twst x you
* At 3:00 AM*
Azul: *Answer the phone* Mc is late. Do you have something to say to me?
Mc: Azul I can't sleep because I wonder how paper works under the sea. In general, paper disintegrates in water. But you still use paper when you make contracts. How does it work.
Azul: Is this why you called me? Mc the paper is enchanted so that it does not disintegrate in water.
Mc: Ooooooooooooh okayyyyyy...
Azul: was that all?
Mc: Yeah- Wait Where do you get the ink? Is someone selling to you or are you using yours? If you use yours is it called milking? Can octopuses be milked?
Azul:.... Mc I don't know if I feel threatened or hurt... Are you in drunk?
Mc: No! I just need answers...
Mc never didin't get these answers...
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thewritingdoll · 2 days ago
𝑜𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒹𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒 ⎹ 𝓐.𝓐.
❝ ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ⤻ twisted wonderland / kinktober 2022 / @dollsotome-library
❝ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ⤻ overblotted!azul ashengrotto x headmage!reader ( f! ) ; floyd & jade leech are there, too
❝ ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ ⤻ nsfw! none of my writings are meant for anyone under the age of 18, and any minors interacting will be blocked on site.
❝ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs ⤻ this is a dark fic, noncon but technically forced consent, tentacles— lots of tentacles, frottage, anal, free use mention, exhibitionism, face fucking/sloppy head, titjob, bondage, dumbification and degradation, choking & autoerotic asphyxiation, student/professor, implied age gap but all parties are 18+ ( reader is older )
❝ ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ⤻ 1.3k / mini musing
❝ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴇ ⤻ i do not consent to having my work reposted / translated / stolen in any capacity for any reason. please reblog and leave a comment to support content creators! my work is very rarely proof read so mistakes may be present. all characters / pairings i write for are 18+ with no exceptions.
Tumblr media
“Oh, my dear headmage, it’s a tad bit late for tears, isn’t it?” Azul crooned, as if the obsidian tentacles roped around your neck wasn’t forcing your head down— giving you no choice but to take him hilt deep in your mouth. the best you can muster for a response is a gag and a squint, tears streaming down your hollowed cheeks when the tip of his cock prods against the back of your throat, threatening to break the barrier and dip into the constricted canal. “You are the one that signed the contract, after all.”
Jade hums, watching from the corner of the desk with one hand resting on his chest, the other bent behind him, like a dutiful butler to his overblotted housewarden. “Well, I do believe she was under the impression that you were only going to take her signature spell as collateral,” he chortles to himself, soft and wicked in equal scores, “and she was in such a bind that she didn’t even bother to read through the agreement. Devilishly clever of you to throw the college into chaos, only to strike a deal with the headmage and trick her into giving you the ownership of her body in exchange for peace, Azul.”
your fists clenched, and if your arms weren’t wrenched at your back, coils of tentacle binding them together, you might’ve been able to reach for your pen. but Azul was everywhere. the massive tendrils engulfed your entire office, seemingly ambushing you— each one with a mind of its own, but you knew that wasn’t the case. Azul was meticulous in ensuring that every, single one was assaulting you in accordance with his own desires. your body was already littered with sucker marks, welts raised each time they pry themselves from it. the two controlling the furious bobbing of your head was most intricately woven against your torso, cradling your breasts together, they create a sheath for another one to glide between, leaving your mounds dripping with the blot that slickens each organic chord. then, of course, it was impossible to ignore the one cinching your legs together from ankle to thigh, worming in the middle to slot between your weeping folds. the suckers seal against your clit, and the draw more blood to the nerves, swelling it further. each time the seal is broken with a pop, you slide back and forth over the ridges underside, and you moan, hapless, with a mouth full of cock— spit bubbles and webs of drool oozing out from both corners of your mouth as it’s stretched tight over Azul’s cock.
“Now, now, Jade…” Azul was having trouble speaking as clearly through his puffing breath, thin brows drawn together, “there’s no need for the praise. We all played our parts, didn’t we?”
Floyd scoffs. the wild twin was staring with hungry eyes, both hands splayed out on the desk behind you, “Yeah! All the more reason we should be able to touch. Come on, I want to play with her, too!”
Azul cuts his crystal gaze to his henchman, “I promised that when she wasn’t serving me, you could have your fun with her, didn’t I?”
their eyes meet, and Floyd pouts, reaching out to give your ass a hard squeeze, “Yeah, sure, but… I want to fuck her now.” his other hand comes down hard as a slap and does the same with the other cheek, using the handful of both to spread them apart. “Let me fuck her little asshole, at least.”
“When I’m finished tenderizing her.” Azul replies, flippantly, but you could feel a brand new assailant. another, pesky tentacle, slick with inky blot, takes advantage of the unoccupied, vulnerable hole, and smears itself against it. with a hard shake of your head, you protest, but Azul takes one look at your furrowed brow, and smirks, lusty. “I wouldn’t dare feed her to my closest friends until I’ve loosened her into delicious submission. She’s still just a little too up tight.” you knew it was over, then. the tendril pushes into your ring, squeezing inside, filling you with quick jerking pumping. luckily, the thick extremity is slimy enough that the insertion isn’t over painful, but there’s no denying he’s forcing you to take more than your body was designed to. you yelp, muffled, and gurgle a slew of swears, which are promptly quietened by the tendril squeezing your neck and pulling you down. there’s a pop, not one you can hear, but one that you feel, when your lips press against his base and balls, the tip and first couple of inches pounding their way into your throat. “Now that… that feels good, yes…”
your eyes widen, and you choke, but you’re already being dribbled at a near-break beck speed and force with the new depth he’s found. he drills himself so fiercely into your throat that your eyes roll back after several, loud-clucking moments, lips smashing against his base over and over again. Azul moans, drawing in a shaky breath, and one of his hands comes up to clutch his own throat, squeezing hard whilst the tentacle does the same to yours. “Ahhh…!” Azul’s head is thrown back, nails digging into his own neck.
“Looks fun!” Floyd pouts, winging out. his head tilts to one side to get a better look. “I want my turn. I want to help squeeze the brains out of her!”
the reasonable twin looks to his brother, clicking his tongue against his teeth to make a tch sound. “No, brother, we should be thankful Azul is going to dumb her down for us. Think about it,” he pauses, stepping forward to swat Floyd’s hands from your ass, “when he’s finished with her, she will be so fucked out and thoughtless that you will be able to do whatever you want to her, and she’ll simply babble and take it.”
Floyd’s eyes light up with excitement, “Eh? Whatever I want?” for a moment, he grins wide, but then suspicion creeps upon his countenance, “How do you know it’ll happen so fast?”
Jade quirks a brow, gesturing to you. you’re whimpering and gagging, eyes glassy and rolled to the back of your skull, but you were no longer clenching your fists, nor were you squirming or protesting. you were becoming a breathing cocksleeve already, bouncing back and forth against the extremities that impaled you on both ends. “If you watch closely, you can see every, last thought being fucked right out of her pretty head.”
“She’ll have none… left… by the time I’m done with he—her,” Azul groaned, hips rocking to meet the rapid bobbing, “the agreement is that she’s my — and Octavinelle’s— cumslut now. If the poor, unfortunate bimbo had bothered to read the fine print, she would’ve known that she gave up her position as headmage and her right to think about anything other than servicing her masters’ cocks, morning, noon, and night.”
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marsgod · 2 days ago
Hello! May I please request a gn!reader that loves marine science and all things ocean and how they would get along with the Octavinelle boys? Reader did not know that the Octavinelle trio were merfolk until the events of Book 3 unfolded. (Platonic please, if you don’t mind)
hey hey! sorry this took so long<3
⇢ Octavinelle x Gn! Reader
⇢Warnings; Platonic relationships. gn! reader, marine biologist! reader
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengretto
He’s definitely interested in any facts you randomly go off on about, especially if you start ranting about Octavinelle and how much you love it all
It’s an ego boost for him&lt;3
But not rlly, Azul is actually interested in the facts, he also definitely learned something new about himself during your rants about octopi
Skip forward to book 3, when you happen to learn about them being mermen, he bluescreens damn near every time you ask about his mer-form
and asking him to change into it
.. He’ll do it maybe once but from then on it’s only on special occasions (or if he’s in an extremely good mood)
please just compliment his form, not specifically cause it’ll change the fact of when he’ll reveal it to you (..maybe tho?)
and definitely not because of the bias discounts..
and definitely because he’s genuinely pretty and god damn he needs the boost in his confidence (also the truth)
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
While he also is very interested to hear about anything you have, Jade likes to create mental notes about any other mer-creature hybrids that may help convince them of one thing or another
Already knows about him and his twins’ hybrid species, you can’t really surprise him with anything but he likes to give you any facts that pop into his head
just to watch you become confused and scramble to add it to notes or attempting to evidence of said creature doing that
It’s not that it hasn’t crossed his mind to show you, Jade just wanted to wait before you went and started turning him into the guinea pig
But like, the wait was worth it because hearing your excited gasp and nearly trip over yourself to grab anything you could about eels to do.. whatever and sketch, to pics, whatever was super amusing to him
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
Floyd is equally energetic as you are about it, he can list any defense tactic any sea mer-person can do once he gets going, simply due to either scaring, fighting, or some other “experiment”
He definitely doesn’t even attempt to hide his mer-form away, and loved the attention you give him in that form
Be careful because he will try to squeeze and/or bite you if you’re not paying attention
srsly watch out bc he has sOME CHOMPERS
he went nomnomnomnomnomnom-
He’s very pleased by the little human being absolutely enchanted with his eel teeth and whatnot, but don’t think that stops him from messing around with you
because it doesn’t<33
Tumblr media
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tallyanimatez · 2 days ago
Your call is heard!
You hated crowds.
Whether was it your social skills or your hatred for the people's wings? You have no clue, but the later option seems stronger.
However to scout for your next victims, it's inevitable that you have to blend yourself to the crowd and find your next target to sabotage in the race, and avoiding the ones that you're already done with. There's just this one-
"Hey Yuu! Wait for ol' Cay Cay will you?"
Feathers! Cater Diamond information:
Cater Diamond, you like to call him a social addict since he always rambling about recent trends or post everytime you meet to the point you always try to ignore him when he speaks up
He was one of your past target, you shot his wings with a sharp pointed arrow, which cause him to having a not-so-peaceful landing. That injury forced him to be outed from many race till he recovered again.
You're not to sure if Cater suspects you but it's better to not get involved with him, despite not having many connections than your other targets, he's still a big threat to your work and you're not looking forward to go to jail.
He always try to engage in a conversation with you, to even desperately trying to get small talks out of you, you just never cared to respond and stayed silent in hopes he'll leave you alone which take HOURS
Although he had made some remarks about your wings, probably hinting that he knows your secret. You heed no minds to those remarks as long as you disposed of every evidence, without proof, you're just a normal citizen
His intentions may have more of a deeper meaning, he always look at you with those...eyes. They're weird, creepy and makes your stomach churn everytime you feel those eyes lay on your body.
"I've had a feeling I've felt your presence somewhere during that fateful day, maybe we're destined for eachother! Come on, it won't hurt if you just say one word~~"
You always hoped to avoid him in the future
But you always see him more everyday
Some secrets need to be kept no matter the cost, right?
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twst-b1txhes · 2 days ago
OM!MC and OM characters fall into Twst while during meeting :D- like they fell into desk. And Broke :)
Riddle : *red as Strawberry tart*
Leona : *sleeping*
Azul : ......contract? :D *hold the contract*
Kalim : :0 another friends?! :D *being sunshine*
Vil : great. Another potatoes. (Asmo hear this and get angry :D)
Idia : in his room and didn't notice.
Malleus : didn't invite as well :)
Y/N : oh. Another victim like me.
Yuu : .....God.?
Yuuken : wtf is happening-
OM!MC : *fake dead because someones staring*
OM characters : *fake dead too :)*
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wolken-himmel · 2 months ago
8k Followers Special
In which an alchemy mishap gives (Y/n) the ability to confer a blessing of good luck onto anyone, simply by kissing them.
Now, (Y/n) has a line of students lining up to be smooched.
Idea by anon.
Tumblr media
"(Y/n)! Kiss me!"
"No— kiss me! I need it for an upcoming alchemy test!"
"Please— I need the luck to get the first wagyu sandwich at the cafeteria today!"
Although the Ramshackle mansion was under a complete lockdown, with the windows barred and the front doors closed off with a large bookshelf, the entire building shook due to the masses outside. Voices of hundreds mixed into one large mess, and only a few reached your ringing ears. Stuck with Grim, Ace, and Deuce in your dorm building, this hadn't been how you had expected to spend your afternoon.
The offset for this disaster had been an incident in alchemy class just earlier that day.
As you had been busy chopping up some leaves, you only noticed too late when your lab partner threw something strange into the potion mix. You narrowed your eyes at him and grumbled, "Grim, why did you add my lip balm to the kettle?!" You desperately tried to fish the little container out again, but it had already sunken to the bottom, its viscous content mixed into the rest of the liquid.
"Uh— it looked a little bit dry?" Grim explained innocently. "And I thought it could use a little bit of hydration."
From the table next to you, Ace couldn't help but snicker as he mumbled, "Your logic is flawed, Grim."
That seemed to have flipped a switch inside of the cat monster, and you had to hold him back in order to prevent him from attacking the red-head. "Tsk, no— don't you dare underestimate me!" the cat wailed and thrashed around to free himself from your grasp. "Me, the great Grim! Most powerful magician of all time—"
In his fit of anger, he had managed to knock over the small kettle on your desk. His paw had hooked onto the rim, making the kettle topple over, and the content to splatter all over you. The pinkish liquid mostly landed on your face, and only a few splashes appeared to be on your white lab coat.
A frustrated whine escaped your lips as you practically flung Grim at Ace. "Hey! You clumsy cat—" you yelled out in anger, only for that anger to morph into frustration. Taking off your safety goggles to wipe the pink liquid off proved to be a difficult task. "Uh... it's so slimy..." And it only became worse when you tried to remove the smudges on your face, especially your lips.
"Don't worry, nothing happened," Deuce assured while putting the kettle back into its original place. "But... your lips are kinda pink? Oh— and very well hydrated, thanks to the lip balm Grim added!"
Ace's smile turned into a mischievous smirk. "You should sell the recipe to Azul and market it as a magical lip balm. You'd get rich."
Grim seemed to approve of this idea, especially once money was mentioned. But, before he could voice his utter approval, you grabbed him once again tightly. "Come here, Grim! Revenge be upon you!" you exclaimed as a battle-cry before you squeezed him as tightly as you could, playfully burying your face in the patch of fur between his ears.
"Stop!" Grim laughed out loudly. "That tickles!"
Your little cuddling session was put to an end when a shadow looming over you blocked the light of the chandelier from above. The two of you froze in your places upon noticing that it was none other than Crewel who stood in front of your desk. "Grim and (L/n), your concoction looks marvellous," the professor said, sounding surprised as he looked at the remains of the pink substance in the kettle. "It's been a while since I gave an A to first-years, but you two deserve it."
"What— an A?" Ace cried out in disbelief. "For his glorified lip balm?"
Crewel, unbothered to react to his outburst, stepped over to the Heartslabyul duo and eyed their kettle suspiciously. "Spade and Trappola, your potion looks... chunky. You get a D." Without another word, and not allowing any protest, the professor disappeared to the next table.
Ace looked like he was about to explode. "What?! That's so unfair!"
Deuce, on the other hand, simply sank into himself in resignation. "Seems like you're lucky today, Grim..."
"Share your secret with us!" Ace exclaimed hastily. "Do you carry a rabbit's paw with you? Did you get up with the right foot?"
Grim shrugged. "Today was nothing special, aside from the little accident a few seconds ago." Having wrought his way out of your arms, he jumped into his own chair again and brushed his messy fur. "And then (Y/n) grabbed me and tickled the hell out of me—"
"Wait, Grim—" Deuce interrupted, "you have a lipstick stain on your forehead."
And indeed, there was a perfect, pink imprint, reminiscent of a pair of lips, on the patch of fur between his ears. A frustrated cry escaped his lips when the cat tried to wipe the stain off with his paw, but to no avail. The imprint couldn't even be smudged.
"Oops, must have been me," you cooed innocently.
"Yes, (Y/n)'s kiss gives people good luck!"
For a moment, Ace's eyes wandered between the two of you, more specifically Grim's lip imprint and your own pink lips. As if a lightning had struck him, the red-head jumped to his feet and gasped. "And your luck just started to kick in," he exclaimed and turned ro his partner. "Do you think what I'm thinking, Deuce?"
The sceptical glance you shot your two best friends, who really did seem to share one brain cell, didn't deter them from their theory. "I think it's just a coincidence," you remarked and waved them off.
"Ew, I can't get the lipstick off my fur!" Grim cried out, by now violently scrubbing his forehead.
"Alright, (Y/n)," Ace exclaimed excitedly. "Pucker your lips for us."
"No way I'm gonna kiss you guys!"
"It's for science," Deuce said and gave you the best puppy eyes he could muster.
A shiver ran down your back in playful disgust, especially when you grumbled in a low tone, "...alright, but make it quick." You feigned to gag. "I'll have to wash my mouth with soap afterwards."
"On the lips, please~" Ace said.
"Me too!"
You glared at them while scooting closer to your two friends. "You're idiots," you mumbled while pressing a quick kiss to Deuce's lips first in rather shy fashion, clumsy too. The tips of your noses touched briefly, and your cheeks were a bright red. When you pulled away, his lips were stained a soft pink as well.
Ignoring the way Deuce's looked like he was about to explode, you turned your attention to Ace and collected all your willpower to press a kiss onto his lips. Once it was done and over with, Ace chuckled out in amusement, "Hey, we gotta take our chances." Then, with his lips a faint pink, he leaned back into his chair, relaxed.
Before anyone could speak up again, Crewel had appeared by their table. "Spade and Trappola, it seems like I gave your previous test the wrong grade," the professor explained while handing them out their corrected papers. "You both get ten points added to your last test."
"Really?!" Deuce yelled out in disbelief, looking like he was about to cry out of happiness.
Ace threw his hands into the air. "It's working!"
As you were busy wiping your lips rather violently, you muttered quietly, "You're welcome... Just don't go around telling everyone about this."
"Of course!"
Yes, that's what they had said — assured you, promised you — and look in what a mess you were now: almost everyone on campus knew about your new ability to confer luck to a person with a simple kiss. The rumour had spread like wildfire, and now a massive amount of students had surrounded the Ramshackle mansion, demanding entry and to see you.
The furniture used to bar the front door wouldn't hold up much longer against the pounding from outside, and Ace, Deuce, Grim, and you were basically sitting ducks until your timely demise when you would be swarmed by your fellow students. And eventually, the bookshelf gave out and was pushed aside to allow a flood of students to enter.
This was it. This was how you would die.
However, it came to you as a surprise when Grim stepped forward, in front of the three of you, and put his paws out to stop the mass of students in the hallway. "For a generous 50 Madol, you can get a good luck kiss from (Y/n)!" he exclaimed, which caused the screaming and yelling to quiet down. His control over the crowd was astounding; instead of trampling all over you, they obeyed his command and got into line.
"Guys, why—" you stuttered out hesitantly.
"If you can't fight them," Grim explained, "just profit off of them."
Ace began laughing. "That's what Azul would say."
Upon noticing the unwillingness in your eyes, albeit mostly fear upon realising the sheer quantity of students in your home, Deuce put a hand on your shoulder and shot you a smile. "Come on, we'll make sure everything stays orderly," he shouted over the background noise.
The three's expectant gazes lingering on you, you were left no other option than to exhale and comply in resignation. "Fine, but get me some lip balm first—" you grumbled under your breath, "before my lips fall off from smooching a bunch of guys..."
"You heard my henchhuman!" Grim exclaimed in excitement. "Let's get to kissing!"
In no time, your three friends had managed to transform the ocean of students into one neat line... mostly. Although it was still loud and stuffy, you at least didn't feel overwhelmed anymore. The loud voices bickering and chatting still protruded the air, accompanied by the sound of Madol coins clinging loudly as they were handed over to your friends.
You took a deep breath and readied yourself to start kissing away.
The first in line was a group of Heartslabyul students. Much to your surprise, the three most prominent members, that being Riddle, Trey, and Cater, were in that group, as well. You eyed them curiously, and a smile grew on your lips once it was their turn to be kissed.
"Riddle, I didn't expect to see you here," you teased playfully.
Although his cheeks did turn a soft red, he quickly crossed his arms and let out a frustrated huff. "Don't worry, I'm not here to get a kiss myself. I don't really believe that luck can outweigh hard work in the long run—" His monologue was interrupted by a series of coughs from behind him in the queue. "Rather, I am here to make sure Cater and the rest of my dorm members don't do anything stupid." With that, he stepped aside without a kiss.
"They wouldn't dare to do anything like that," Trey remarked while stepping beside Riddle without having been kissed, as well. "And besides, a little dose of luck can be the little sprinkle of salt needed to perfect a cake that required a lot of work, to bring out the true flavour and sweetness."
"Yeah! You should try it out," Cater cheered and opened up the camera app on his phone. "Of course after I got kissed."
You couldn't help but roll your eyes in amusement. "Where do you want the kiss, Cater?"
"Well, my right cheek is fine! I wanna take a pic to post on Magicam," he explained and wrapped his arm around you sideways. With the lense of his phone trained onto the two of you, you pressed your lips to his cheek for a little while longer, until the familiar lightning of the camera struck. "Hehe, thank you~ What a memorable day!" A satisfied smile on his face, he walked away while diddling on his phone.
"You, too, Trey?"
An amused chuckle escaped the vice dormleader's leader's lips. "Actually, I'm just here to make sure Riddle doesn't collar anyone... I don't need luck for anything particular today," Trey explained, rubbing his neck sheepishly as he gazed at Riddle next to him.
"You two are just adorable," you cooed and broke out into a grin. Before either of them could react, you had already pressed a kiss to their cheeks each.
Trey was caught off-guard. "But— we didn't pay!"
"Shush, just go along," you said and waved him off.
Riddle, on the other hand, looked like he was about to explode with how red his face had gotten. His hands were clenched into fists as he seethed out, "Violating my personal space would normally grant you a collar..." However, he seemed to calm down soon enough, the sudden outburst leaving him flustered and embarrassed. "But you're lucky I'm lenient today..."
At last, Riddle shyly walked away, and Trey followed him worriedly.
Next in line was a group of Savanaclaw students, and at the very front of the queue, none other than their dormleader.
"Leona, hey— what would you need luck for?"
"I need to pass this semester, and that requires all the luck I can get— at least Ruggie always says so," he explained rather casually. "He urged the two of us to come here..."
"Right!" Ruggie chimed from behind his dormleader. "I myself need a little bit of luck to strike a few good paying jobs."
You hummed and leaned forward to press a kiss to the lion beastman's cheek, only for him to grab your shoulder roughly just as your lips were about to meet his skin. "What do you think you're doing, herbivore?" Leona hissed under his breath, glaring at you.
"Uh— kissing you on the cheek?" you asked in utter confusion.
"I want a kiss on the lips."
You narrowed your eyes at him. "No—"
Before you could free yourself from his grip and yell at him for his cheekiness, Grim appeared beside you and waved his short arms around. "That makes double, Leona!" your fellow dorm-member exclaimed happily.
"I'm willing to pay," Leona retorted.
Your jaw clenched and your hands tightened into fists, you hissed out, "You're a cheeky one."
He simply shot you a grin and raised his eyebrow mockingly. It took you all of your willpower to squeeze your eyes shut and press a quick kiss to his lips instead of slapping him for his audacity. "Wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked while you pulled away with a warm face, whether from being flustered or angry, you didn't know.
As he walked away in satisfaction, you were allowed to take a deep breath. "Ruggie, how about you?"
"Just the cheek will be fine!" he chimed, and you pressed your lips against where he had pointed to. A grateful grin appeared on his face as he ran after Leona. "Thank you, (Y/n)! I got a few job interviews to attend now. Catch ya later, shishishi..."
Next up, Jack and Epel.
You shot the wolf beastman a curious look. "Hey, Jack. Why are you here?"
"Just here to stop Epel from punching anyone," Jack grumbled while holding back a feral Epel by his collar. "He has the tendency to start fights when his dormleader isn't around to supervise him."
"You sure you don't want anything?"
A chuckle escaped your lips, and you tilted your head to the side, deep in thought for a moment. When you had made up your mind, you speedily leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto Jack's cheek. Before he could even register what had happened, you had pulled back again. "Here you go, it's on the house! Just because you're so sweet," you said, laughing. The gesture left Jack speechless.
"I... uh—"
"Now, where's Epel?" you asked while letting your gaze drift around, in search for the small boy that had vanished from Jack's side.
"Hey! I'm down here!" A look to your right revealed Epel, squished between two other Savanaclaw students. His lips were contorted into a large scowl as he marched up to you and puffed his chest out. "Way to make fun of my height..."
"Oh, sorry. It's just really crowded here." You shot him an amused smile. "What do you need the luck for?"
"I want lots of folk to buy my family's produce! Things have kinda slowed down again after Vil's advertisement."
"That's nice of you."
Epel nodded happily, an innocent smile growing on his lips. "Ma and Da will be so happy..." he muttered under his breath, his smile widening after you had pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. Without another word, he took off and disappeared into the crowd again, Jack following after him in concern.
Your eyes followed after them until they became one with the masses again.
"What a sprawling business you have up and running, prefect."
A turn to your left revealed a trio of three suit-clad students being the next ones in the queue. You narrowed your eyes suspiciously, quietly muttering, "Oh, the fish mafia."
Jade gasped, offended. "What an unsavory nickname for us gentlemen."
Your remark merely drew a chuckle out of Azul's lips. Although, his charming smile soon turned a little bit more serious again as he explained, "We're just here to get lucky, no shady business." At that, your shoulders drooped forward in relief, much to his amusement. "I just need the luck to get our newest menu to be popular."
"I'm just here in the hope of getting lucky on my next trip to the mountains," Jade said fondly. "There are these special mushrooms I wish to stumble upon."
"And I just wanna be lucky in general!" Floyd chimed and threw his arms into the air.
Your eyes wandered between the three of them for a while, suspicious of their true nature and intentions. However, when you couldn't find any trace of dishonesty or deception, you muttered, "Alright, that doesn't sound too bad..." You ignored the way their eyes flashed strangely and rubbed your eyes in exhaustion. "Is cheek fine for you three?"
"Yes," Jade and Azul replied.
Floyd, on the other hand, exclaimed, "Lips, please!" His answer earned him strange looks from his two fellow dorm-members, and even you couldn't suppress the surprised expression on your face. An annoyed grumble escaped Floyd's lips as he waved all three of you off. "Hey, I've got nothing better to spend my money on, anyway." Unabashedly, he stepped forward and puckered his lips.
A nervous chuckle escaped your lips before you mustered all your courage to lean forward and press your lips against his. Floyd let out a disappointed sigh when you pulled away, and he would have demanded another one if it weren't for Jade's hand latching onto his shoulder and pulling him back. Jade was easy to please with a kiss to his cheek, and he retreated with a satisfied smile. Lastly, Azul, who was rather queasy when your lips made contact with his skin. When you pulled away, his cheeks were dusted a light pink, and he stammered on his words. So much that Jade spoke on his behalf.
"Come by to try our newest menu some time, prefect," the vice dormleader announced calmly. Without another word, the three Octavinelle students disappeared from your sight.
"Oh- Oh! We're next, Jamil!"
"I can see that, Kalim..."
Your attention was drawn to your next customers: two Scarabia students.
"Hey, (Y/n)!" Kalim exclaimed once he stood in front of you, unable to stand still any longer. "I need the luck to uh... get a lot of candy! I want my coins back at Scarabia to be turned into these yummy chocolate ones, by some strange case of luck!" The smile on his lips was large and innocent — adorable, even.
"Really, that's it?" You raised an eyebrow, and he nodded eagerly. So, you grabbed the sides of his head gently to hold him still, eliciting a little giggle from him. The kiss to his cheeks made his giggles grow louder, and when you had completely pulled away, a goofy grin had appeared on his face.
You removed your hands from Kalim's face and turned to his companion, who until now had stood beside him quietly. The questioning look you shot the Scarabia vice dormleader caught him off-guard.
"I... uh, I actually haven't been able to think of anything for myself," Jamil said awkwardly, taken back by surprise when he saw Kalim hand Grim the money for the two of them, despite Jamil's protests. "I've been too busy trying not to lose Kalim in this mess." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.
"Oh, I'm sure you'll find something later on." Withour wasting another minute, you leaned forward and pressed a sweet kiss to his right cheek. The gesture left him dazed, almost hypnotised, and he immediately raised his hand to touch the patch of skin that your lips had touched.
Before Jamil could mutter as much of a 'thank you', Kalim had already grabbed his hand and pulled him away, saying that he wanted to look for his sweets now.
A smile grew on your lips at his words, but you were snapped out of it when a sneaky pair of hands suddenly grabbed a hold of your right hand and cradled it softly. Looking to your left revealed a blonde with large purple hat; it was none other than Rook. And Vil stood beside him impatiently.
A large smile decorated Rook's face as he got onto his knees, all the while still holding onto your hand. "Mon ange, I am here to have you confer your blessing upon this humble hunter, in the hope that he may score a lucky hunting session!" he cooed and gave your hand a gentle squeeze. "Of course, that hunter is none other than moi!"
"Rook, hello," you said and helped him to his feet again, amused by his antics. "Cheek is fine?"
"More than fine," he cooed, eagerly holding out the left side of his face for you. When your lips made contact with his pale skin, you swore you heard a swoon escape his lips. "Merci, mon ange!" The hunter shot you a charming smile before retreating to his dormleader's side.
You straightened your back to shoot the other blond a smile. "Good evening, Vil. What would you need luck for?"
"Working in the acting and modelling industry always requires a little bit of luck for auditions and what not," Vil explained smoothly. "So why not? I have nothing to lose."
"Alright. A kiss on the cheek?"
Vil shook his head and raised his arm instead. "On the back of my hand, please. It's not good for my reputation to run around with a lipstick stain on my cheek."
Although his request made you raise an eyebrow, you simply shrugged and took a hold of his hand. In one swift motion, you raised his hand and pressed a gentle kiss onto his knuckles. "Here you go, Mr. Schoenheit," you said while letting go of his wrist again.
Vil nodded in satisfaction and sauntered away elegantly, Rook following him loyally.
"Idia, this way!" the next person in line shouted.
"I-I don't want to, Ortho! I've changed my mind!"
A surprised look flashed over your face when you realised that it was Idia — in person, might I add — approaching you, or rather, being forcibly pushed towards you. He clamoured loudly, but Ortho wouldn't cease to stop his rocket boots until the two of them stood right in front of you.
Ortho shot you a friendly smile. "Hello, (Y/n)... please, would you be so kind and bless my big brother with luck?" he asked, his smile growing sheepish when Idia tried to wind his way out of his grip like a frenzied animal. "He may not look like it now, but earlier, he was a madman raving ecstatically upon hearing of you."
You hummed and turned to Idia. "Sure, where do you want the kiss?"
"C-Cheek, please..."
In contrast to his previous behaviour, Idia froze when you brought your face closer to his. He clamped his eyes shut and ceased to breathe — right until he felt your soft lips on his cheek. The tips of his hair flared up into a soft pink, the shade of the lipstick stain on his cheek. And only when you pulled away to make sure he hadn't fainted did he allow himself to smile in a silly and relieved way, as if he had braved a difficult fight.
"See?" Ortho chimed, also relieved. "That wasn't so hard..."
A chuckle escaped your lips at that, and you even leaned forward to pat his shoulder. "And you also get one for free, just because you're adorable, Ortho!" you announced before closing in and pressing a kiss to his forehead.
The robot-boy gasped in surprise, although his eyes soon fluttered close in appreciation. "Me? Oh, thank you! You're so generous!" A giggle escaped his lips as he pushed Idia forward and exclaimed, "Big Brother, say thank you as well..."
"T-Thank you..." Idia stuttered out, looking like he was ready to bolt out of this crowded place any time soon.
On their way out, the two Shroud brothers bumped into an entourage of Diasomnia students.
Sebek seemed to lead the group through the masses, rudely pushing students to the side and forcing his way through. "Finally! I managed to cut a way through the mass of people! This way, Master Malleus..." he exclaimed and gestured for his dormleader to step forward. "Everyone, make way— make way!"
"Oh, Sebek. This isn't making you popular..." Lilia muttered in amusement.
Silver, who had until then managed to fall asleep while standing next to his vice dormleader, jolted awake and let out a confused gasp. "Huh— Where are we going, Father?" he asked while struggling to catch up with the rest of the group.
Lilia floated up to ruffle the second-year's hair. "Just getting a good night kiss, Silver."
Once they arrived in front of you, you shot the group of a sheepish smile. "Oh, hello you three— and even Malleus..." Your eyes grew wide upon spotting the tall fae looming over you.
A giddy smile decorating his face, the dragon fae explained, "I could not resist the idea of being blessed with luck." Sighing wistfully, he began scratching his chin with his gloves fingers. "After all, I can certainly need it to receive invitations to some festivities I look forward to attending."
"Understandable, and you three?"
"I will use the luck to protect Master Malleus even better!"
Through his chuckles, Lilia managed to explain, "Silver wants to be lucky enough to not fall asleep as often anymore." Then he paused upon realising that the second-year in question had fallen asleep again. "And as for me? I think I'd like to have this luck make my culinary creations turn out even better than now!"
"Sebek, that's so you. Silver, that's totally understandable. And Lilia, you'll need the luck."
The first to be kissed was Malleus, who simply closed his eyes innocently, even having to bend down a little bit for you to reach his cheek, and then patiently waited for your kiss. A satisfied chuckle escaped his lips as he stepped back to eye you intently.
Next up were Lilia and Silver; as for Lilia, you simply pressed a kiss to his cheek, and as cheeky as he was, he returned the gesture smoothly, much to your surprise. You broke out into laughter and waved him off. As for Silver, who had fallen asleep, you simply pressed a kiss to his forehead. He stirred a little bit, but didn't wake up otherwise.
And last was Sebek. He straightened his back and raised his head like soldier in front of his king, ready to receive an order. His antics caused you to roll your eyes, but you nonetheless leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Although he might have been exploding inwardly, he tried his best to not let it show too much. So, when he walked back to Malleus' side, he was as stiff as a board.
Smiling, Lilia exclaimed, "We thank you for your generosity, (Y/n)!" Without further ado, the group of four turned around and walked away in closed formation.
A look of relief flashed across your face when you realised that the queue had come to an end for now, that the Diasomnia squad had been the last ones to be kissed. You sighed leisurely when Grim, Ace, and Deuce approached you. Your lips were sore, and you touched them to notice that your fingertips hadn't turned pink. "This is the end. My lipstick has worn off, anyway..." you muttered, confirmed by a look into a nearby mirror.
Ace got onto a chair to announce, "Everyone, we're sold out forever! Don't come back tomorrow or the day after that." A wave of disappointed sighs echoed through the living room of Ramshackle as the remaining students poured out.
"And as for us, we made tons of Madol!" Deuce cheered.
"(Y/n) and everyone sitting on a tree!" Grim began singing. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"
You mustered your most angry glare to direct at the cat monster. "Don't you dare continue that rhyme..." you hissed and wagged your finger at him.
However, Grim simply continued jumping around and singing, "First comes money. Then comes luck. Then comes my tuna!"
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yuusishi · 2 months ago
Vil x MC thoughts
Tumblr media
Vil, staring at MC blushing: I can't believe I, Vil Schoenheit, fell in love with such a stupidly dense person.
MC in eye contact with Vil: lmao who're you crushing on
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rs-wonderland · 3 months ago
Malleus: Wait- you don't have a lover?
Yuu: I have strict parents. What about you? Why don't you have a lover?
Malleus: You have strict parents :)
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mastersdomaine · 2 months ago
"cuddle piles and kisses," twisted wonderland first years.
synopsis: after being invited to [name]'s dorm for a sleepover, the first years end up cuddling to sleep. before they fall asleep, [name] makes a point to kiss all of them goodnight - leaving them flustered before bed.
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, & sebek x gender neutral! reader
includes: nothing but fluff i think..?
note: the requests will be posted soon because there's a lot and i've had a really bad case of writers block recently.
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
it was 2:48 am on a saturday morning. the first years were all in ramshackle for a sleepover that you had organized. you've done almost everything that you had planned to do except sleep. so here you were, with your first year besties cuddled up in a pile of blankets and pillows.
ace -- was to the far left of you, holding your hand while facing towards you. he wasn't cuddled up close to you because deuce was there. he was still satisfied with being able to hold your hand, an intimate thing he wants to do with you that he's only been able to fantasize. his thumb traced random letters and shapes on the back of your hand. when you start to doze off, he traces: i love you, and a bunch of hearts on the back of your hand.
deuce -- got one of the arguably best spots in the cuddle pile after epel. he was curled into your left side, lying his head on a pillow and your chest and his arms wrapped around you. he loved how close he was to you and he slept almost baby-like with how he could hear your heartbeat. it was reassuring, and each calm and rhythmic 'thump!' gave him more reasons to love you. (it also made is own heart beat a lot faster unlike your calm ones.)
jack -- was like a pillow shifted to the right. your was head on his chest and it was near his heart and he had to thank the great seven for letting him stay calm so his heart wouldn't beat 100 miles a minute. he enjoyed the feeling that you were relying on him partially. he even built up the courage to play with your hair/shoulders. he was like a masseuse! (his tail was also wrapped around your waist because if it wasn't, it'd be wagging a lot in satisfaction!)
epel -- had what everyone envied. he got the best place, the best pillow, everything. he got the lap spot. his head was laid on your lap as his hands were wrapped around your waist drawing shapes near jack's tail and deuce's arms. he soon realized he had the best spot in the cuddle pile. he got to use your lap and tummy as a pillow while being really close to you! your free (right) hand played with his hair and he loved it. (he was thankful for once that vil liked to keep his hair so soft.)
sebek -- was to the far right of you. he was facing the ceiling, but had no contact with you unlike the others. you offered him your hand which he declined because, "i don't need some pathetic human's hand!" but he did feel slightly upset when you pulled your hand and used it play with epel's hair. but when epel fell asleep you removed your hand from his hair and grabbed sebek's hand yourself, intertwining your fingers. he fell asleep much happier and more comfortable with the reassurance that you're there. he squeezes your hand gently on occasion, and if he's lucky, he get's a squeeze back.
you were all cuddled up nicely after this successful sleepover. you were all beginning to nod off before you remembered one thing that you absolutely wanted to do. you didn't know if they were sleeping and you defiantly didn't want to wake them up if they were sleeping. hesitantly, you say, "are you all still awake?"
small mumbles of affirmation came from each person to signal they were in fact awake. you smiled, the plan would work! you nudged epel, asking him to get up. he complied, although a bit grumpy he'd have to give up his thigh pillows temporarily. you removed jack's tail and epel and deuce's hands from your waist softly.
you crawled over to sebek first, leaning down to give him a kiss on his forehead. "goodnight, sebek. thank's for coming to the sleepover, i hope you enjoyed it! sweet dreams," you placed another one on his cheek. "g-goodnight, human. sweet dreams to you to as well."
luckily it was dark or else you would've seen the blush that painted his cheeks. sure, it wasn't a kiss on the lips but it was a kiss. he was ecstatic. his joy didn't show on the outside except for the blush, but his joy would show in his dreamland fantasies where he got an actually kiss on the lips from you.
you then turned around to jack. you kissed his forehead, they you ruffled his hair and gave affectionate scratches to his ears. he had to literally sit on his tail so that it wouldn't start wagging. he was so happy but he hid that. only a faint blush covered his cheeks.
"g'night, jack! sweet dreams. sorry you'll have to miss your morning run for this, but i hope you enjoyed it," even in the dark, he could see your sincere yet apologetic smile. "i enjoyed it so it's fine, [name]. sweet dreams and goodnight to you too." you kissed his cheek and then ruffled his hair and scratched his ears again. the wolf beastman hoped that because it was dark, you couldn't see his flushed cheeks.
you crawled over jack and deuce's body to ace, who was propped up on his elbows watching your interactions with the others. that means he was next and he was so excited! "night, ace. have sweet dreams, kay?" you gave two kisses to both of his cheeks and ruffled his hair playfully. "night to you too, [name]~" he cooed. although he seemed chill about it, his cheeks were hot from being so flustered.
you returned to you spot in the middle, where epel crawled back on your lap and deuce laid his head on your chest. you leaned your head over to the side to kiss deuce's forehead. "night, deuce," you kissed the bridge of his nose because you couldn't reach his cheek. "dream about me, 'kay?" you said it in a teasing tone, leaving his heart beating even faster and making his cheeks extremely red. "good n-night to you too, [name]," he says before yawning. he was defiantly gonna dream about you.
epel waited a few seconds before crawling up to your face. he had the best spot in the cuddle pile but he missed out on the best part of it! "where's my good night kiss, [name]?" he teased, but you could pick up the actually question in his tone despite being tired. "i couldn't get to you with deuce on me, but you just made it easier," he didn't understand what you meant by making it easier, but he found out when your lips connected with his cheeks.
"thank's for coming tonight epel. it must've been hard to convince vil, but i'm glad you did it. good night epel. have sweet dreams." you were about to lean in to deliver a kiss to his other cheek but he beat you to it. his lips connected with yours, giving you instead a good night kiss. "good night, [name]. i hope you have sweet dreams as well and liked my gift for inviting me." he gave a teasing smirk before crawling down and laying back on your thighs. he kissed your stomach a little before resting his head.
later, that morning, you were the last person to wake up. before you woke up, ace and deuce were yelling at epel because they witnessed him kissing you. sebek tried to stop them because he was annoyed with their yelling. jack, on the other hand, tried to stop them from yelling so that they wouldn't disturb your beauty sleep. they all (and would never admit this) thought you looked amazing while sleeping, they only wished if they took a picture of you.
they were all so very thankful that you invited them over for the sleepover. they had the most amazing dreams thanks to having the cuddle pile and your good night kisses. please do invite them for a sleepover again, [name]!
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
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butterflyemi · 4 months ago
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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kalims · 3 months ago
Hi, there~! So I have this really fun idea in my head. I would like a headcannon in which the fem! reader asks the Dorm Leaders to be her pretend boyfriend. But what happens when the boys fall in love for real? Super fluff, please! Thanks!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
today's promise.
parts : one, two, three.
characters : riddle, leona, azul.
cw : book 1, 2, and 3 possible spoilers. implied harassment, fake relationship, eventual pining, fluff, this post is long-term fake relationship kinda thang.
includes : fem!reader.
wc : 7.1k words, 39.7k characters.
note : I tried to basically make the thing diverse, which included me stealing an idea from spy x family. the whole party scene basically 👩‍🦯 also I originally had no plans to post this yet, but since it's been a long time since I've active I figured to just put it. don't expect the next part to be out anytime soon lmao, I'm exhausted. sorry that this came out like a month and a half late
reblogs are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
✦ riddle rosehearts — when a creep is borderline harassing you and you need help to get rid of them. what better way was to drive them out with no needed force?
what the hell? you shove your newly acquired phone further under your blazer, shrinking a little when crewel's line of sight passes by your figure. you start praying to the gods, wherever, whenever to give you mercy when you feel another buzz sounding from the device.
they were anonymous, an unknown number that told you to just call them C. which is kind of hilarious since it just reinforced your impression of a troll on them.
it's been a few weeks and a few days since you've started to receive– admittedly concerning texts. of which you've brushed up as a troller, your previous thought ended up far too wrong when you received a mouthful of detail on your current attire.
which would've been normal if they also didn't pair it with a descriptive text about your classes, and what you do when you get home.
you sent the person a simple text to leave you alone, before pressing the block button. you didn't hear from them for a day. it was apparently temporary peace until you found a sealed letter in your seat, the signed name caught your attention immediately. 
– C :)
it's contents were too morally wrong to even say.
so you decide to entertain them for a while. getting to know each other, never really answering their questions that are too personal for strangers to know of. you started off asking their name, they didn't grace you with a reply.
next you tried asking if they were on the same yearl, it was simple. but it would greatly slim your suspects if they said yes.
they said yes.
next, you asked. what dormitory are you in? 
heartslabyul, C replied immediately. 
well they clearly thought that your knowledge of their dorm would do harm.
"hey, riddle!" the boy himself slows down his steps. peering behind him curiously, the previous stern look in his eyes slightly softens when it only catches of one of his close freinds. "prefect. something you need?"
"yes actually."
he listens dutifully. and at some point riddle just halts in his steps, and in turn you do aswell. "someone is bothering you? unbelievable! it's off with their—" he fumes. an immediate scowl gracing his features. there is a noticeable fury brimming behind riddle's eyes.
you grimace. a pool of uneasiness starts to rise in your stomach. it wasn't as though you were afraid of them, but more like..
the lack of evidence would most likely pin the blame to you instead.
"I'd prefer a more.." you gesture at his reddening face. "peaceful approach."
your method is certainly.. interesting it wasn't like riddle disliked it but he would've preferred to get the problem apprehended right away. but then again he can't really speak since he isn't their target of offense.
he looked embarrassed to hear your whole grand plan. he doesn't want to say no because who is he? a dorm leader to turn away from someone who is suffering at the hands of his fellow student.
riddle seems immensely more furious than you'd ever seen him when you inform that its a heartslabyul student. he would honestly just start marching onwards his dorm to interrogate the students themselves but even compared to the whole population of the school. there's still a lot of students in the heartslabyul dorm.
but since both of you figured it'd just do harm, you somehow convinced him to abandon his previous idea and proceed with yours instead: it's simple, probably effective if done properly, no one would question it since they don't know the behind the scenes, and maybe it's a chance to get to know riddle a little better. 
the first week was very awkward. you'd think he'd forgotten about it since he barely does anything to make the promise realistic but you threw the whole assumption out of the window since he seemed far too tense when you attempt to make a physical affection towards him.
thankfully his embarrassment and red face was usually mistaken for a blush of shyness so it had done a lot despite it being an unconscious effort from riddle. students had taken notice and started to gossip, much to his dismay. but then again the whole plan wouldn't have worked if word doesn't get out.
"us suddenly entering a.. relationship so suddenly would be suspicious." riddle says one day. matching your pace and looking straight ahead. as a whole, he was completely right. even after the whole overblot incident. you and him didn't really show any indication of actually being interested in each other romantically.
you nod. "yeah... but they wouldn't have any proof that this is a fake you know. therefore this could work." riddle shakes his head at you. "that is a weak contradiction."
apparently but expectedly, C caught word of the whole thing. and created a whole new number to start bothering you with. the first thing you see is them questioning you about the riddle, addressing the rumors and if they were true. in a way that depicts them looking absolutely crazy.
you would send the whole convo to crowley and hopefully get them suspended, even better if expelled but you don't really know the exact location of this person. you've tried getting an ignihyde student to help you, since they're basically geniuses with tech. but you've come to learn that they use public phones to contact you.
no not the free ones like from your old world. a whole, actual smart phone would be free to use in various stores in case of an emergency. if this was back in your world it would've been 100% robbed already.
(not canon I think this is for plot purpose)
the second week ends up going smoother than the last. you both agree showing affection in public but on a more minimal note, like how those sappy couples do. ace and deuce naturally find out first. walking into you and riddle seatedt on a bench with you casually leaning your head on his shoulder, to which he responded with placing his over yours. you both stare at the pages of a history book.
admittedly with great reluctance and the embarrassment he thought he'd gotten rid of.
ace had screamed so loudly that it made his housewarden jump from his seat and set his enraged eyes on the former. he was expectedly punished for possibly disturbing nearby students with the loud noise. and riddle took personal offense from his reaction alone.
you watch calmly from the sidelines, involved with the chaos as always though being only left to witness it.
"honestly dude? ew, why housewarden?!" ace groans. finally cornering you in the ramshackle dorm, traces of red paint all across his hands. deuce follows behind him, nodding and looking torn. of course, they didn't need to know so you just resorted to telling them the classic. "we hit off."
they didn't leave you alone. and had the most weirdest excuse to pull you away from riddle whenever they happen to see you two together. you can't tell if it's because they're lowkey protective or they just wanna spite riddle, mainly ace but deuce seems reluctant but involved regardless.
cater, of course finds out a few days later after your first year freinds do. I don't know what you expect but he's the main reason why the majority of NCR. are aware of your current status with the housewarden. if there's a fast way to get everyone aware of your status, leave it to cater and his trusty skills with social media.
cater might go a little overboard sometimes but he'd probably start of with something like hinting -> posting pictures of you and riddle (his first one was in a library, with riddle looking over your shoulder as you sat.) and -> captioning the posts with the most obvious shit like love birds. 🙄
...and he is also the reason why you are being spammed online by a bunch of curious fellow students.
contrary to what the adeuce had thought. trey was actually the one who found out first. riddle being unable to hide it with his obvious behavior and eventually confiding in trey with a red face and sputtering words. of course riddle didn't relay your secret, you trusted him enough to keep and aid you after all.
(only him.)
eventually the whole thing just starts to blend with his whole schedule. suddenly the hand holding, cheek kissing, and affection in general doesn't affect him as much as it did before. on the contrary, he sometimes finds himself enjoying it which is outrageous because he thinks it's inappropriate to feel such a thing towards you when this whole thing is just..
in fact he starts to incorporate you into his life. he makes that he brews two cups of tea to bring over in the mornings, one for you, one for him. even better if you both caught moment alone in the gardens, just with the occasional chatter (with riddle making sure your student and personal life is doing okay) and the silence whom you don't know how it melted from awkward to comfortable.
as a second example, there is a special spot for you whenever there's an unbirthday party. sweets especially to your taste, or just general pastries like bread if you aren't too into sweets. (don't ask why you're now seated next to his seat, on his very own special table while your freinds are staring into your soul.) did I mention he completely disregarded grim and even asked adeuce to take care of him while he gets you all to himself?
thirdly. he'd grown accustomed to squeeze you into his schedule, another example being study sessions on a quiet spot in the library consisting of the torture of school, ensured after classes of course. but if riddle is beside you, helping you along the way surely it won't be too bad?
it all would've gone alone fairly well if azul and kalim didn't come barging in the middle of one of your sessions, kalim exclaiming over a new addition to their study group? while azul wears a suspiciously polite look. riddle nearly screams in suprise before going a little red at the realization–
he'd forgotten that he, along azul had taken the intuitive to tutor kalim. well, it was mostly him believing that jamil should have a break, therefore ending up up offering. he's not sure about azul though but he definitely had some kind of ulterior motive.
now the two are some kind of third and fourth wheels to your 'not dates' azul is now excessively asking a lot of questions. probably having noticed the now close intimacy you two share. some simple, and some far too embarrassing to answer.
you had to pull riddle away before he actually collared a fellow dorm head, there's a slim chance he will since riddle is always so formal, respecting and strict. azul didn't break any rules so there wasn't a need for a punishment.
slim but definitely not impossible!
he wasn't aware at first. too entranced to notice that his red faces weren't from embarrassment or shame anymore but from actual shyness. he seems to grip your hand a little tighter, spending so much time with you that there was a moment where he forgot he had duties to attend to.
ah.. you almost forgot, the creep that had been bothering you wasn't heard from for... days? your days had been going so splendidly that it brought you the blessing of forgetting about them…
as a final precaution you swipe open your messages and to your absolute delight the last time they texted you was about a week ago. nothing was heard which meant that they hopefully got the whole memo.
"riddle, thank you." you smiled at him one afternoon. riddle raises a brow at your frankly, rare thankful behavior. "for what?"
you beam at him, so blissfully that his hearts starts running laps. it had such a hold on him that he had to verbally clear his throat. "they're gone! I didn't notice but they haven't been bothering me anymore." who? they? who is they?
you don't know if you were hallucinating but it almost seemed like the strands on his head, shaped like hearts, drooped as if it broke.
"so.. you don't need me--my help anymore?" he questions quietly. the answer is so clear in your head, but even you pause in silence. unable to answer.
riddle doesn't know how he got the courage to do what he had in the following moments. maybe a burst of effort to keep you with him.
he huffed. "hmph, prefect. you've stolen something from me." your face constricts into slight horror but mainly confusion is present as you point at yourself. "me? I have?"
he grabs your finger and navigates it to point at his chest. "yes. stolen items must be replaced. there isn't a problem if I want yours right?"
"👁👄👁" that was smooth.
✦ leona kingscholar — when you've accidentally told your freinds that you're in a relationship in a spur of the moment, and now have to prove it to be true.. or else.
it was nice having freinds. other than a pair of boys atleast, you love ace and deuce but sometimes.. you'd just prefer it if sometimes we're a little calmer.. and not full of half hearted brawls that you always get dragged into.
socializing was a pain in the ass sometimes, and definitely hard to do when you know absolutely nothing about the new world. so you literally felt like some foreign kid in a new school, on a new continent, starting school. 
so you'd guess it's the reason why you started clinging onto a pair of ladies, just your age. they were attending another college a few ways over NRC, they were apart of a sorority. as crazy as it seems that those actually exist here aswell.
well.. not exactly clingy but you let them basically do anything they want to you. they're actually really nice. it sounds like you're just a loser but you'd just rather not walk up to someone and go. "hey! wanna be freinds?" it sounds way too awkward. 
"you're really pretty, you know?" A twirls a lock of your hair and giggles. you blink in slight embarrassment and guiltily stare at your shoes. "thanks.."
B perks up from the bed. "well yeah! im suprised you haven't got a boyfreind yet." she teases. behind her sits C, C grunts and not so violently pulls B from the hair which causes the girl to jerk back.
"stop moving.." C mumbles. 
B sits up, exasperated. "whatever.. anyways! the house is gonna host a party next month." she points at you. "you in?"
you pause and think about your schedule. it's clean, right? finally, you nod. "yeah."
A grins "for once were letting in plus two's! you better make sure you bring someone. kay?"
who the hell would you even bring? well… ace or deuce would count but if you brought one the other is bound to start following as well. kinda like they come in a two in one package.
"speaking of… do you have anyone in mind?"
B leaps up and starts squealing. "oh MY GOD!! don't tell me you're gonna bring a boyfriend!" she laughs. slapping you playfully. in the spur of the moment you answer.
"heh… in your dre–"
"um yeah.."
they all pause. "WHAT?"
"so you're telling me, you told your freinds that you have a boyfreind? " leona scowls. leaning his cheek on his palm as his tail lazily swishes behind him peering up at you, looking half asleep.
he groans. "out of all people.. me, really?" you sigh and nod mutely. "sorry. it was in the spur of the moment, i kind of... blurted it out and they don't believe me."
leona makes another sound of seeming irritation. "so your pride is on line? fine.. remember, you're indebted to me after this."
he pauses. "oh, for the record. you're gonna listen to whatever I say. got it?" you can only nod. he was the one accepting after all, it hardly seemed like a fair deal but whatever gets him to succumb to your one wish.
this will be okay right? this will be beneficial to him, even better if it requires minimal effort
leona still can't wrap the thought of why, you've chosen him out of all students in the school, even one of your so dear, first year best freinds would be a better choice. he internally sighs at your carelessness. If you hadn't been so quick to be defensive then maybe he wouldn't be in this situation at all..
but then again he would still need to lift another limb if he ended up not accepting with ruggie being busy in the meanwhile. he thinks, watching you scurry around. obviously struggling and lowkey annoyed at his vigorous commands. is this how a king feels? to be able to get someone to obey without much complaints.
ruggie doesn't know what in the seven is going on and why you were like some kind of new, additional servant to the housewarden but he doesn't really care, if anything your involvement had made his life a lot easier.
and what does ruggie appreciate? something to lessen the load of work leona just piles on him! nice see you again prefect. now you're gonna be someone that ruggie's gonna use to skip out on all the work he deems to hard for his poor, overworked self. be ready. he's gonna work you to the absolute bone.
accompanied by lots of school works, upcoming tests and more errands from crowley. adding leona's needs didn't exactly help your case. if anything it made your headaches more frequent and, more prone to passing out because you could literally see your vision blur at random times in the day.
your 'freinds' ended up inviting you to some kind of acquaintance party. which you'd be stress free of going to if it weren't the fact that they insisted for your so called 'boyfreind' to come along. for a couple of freinds, they sure are persistent on humiliating you. but what can you do? they have more influence than you.
"there's a party, I need you to go with me."
you had told leona when he had his back turned to you. "hngh... what a pain..." you could hear him mumble and perhaps even the small disappointment of knowing that you'll be going alone. it's not that you minded his reaction to the situation, if you went alone then you'd be proved as a liar.
the party was in a few weeks. prior to the party then you'd go along as his errand runner until the day arrives. even then, there's still a small bubble of hope. despite the fact that you're sure he won't even bother. for now you'd trust him, leona isn't known for his promises. but he helped you during that time in octavinelle, even if the intentions were made to benefit himself.
..and if he just put up with your little plan. he'd get an obedient little 'servant' he can boss around with ruggie. if you can deal with crowley then you surely can put up with leona. at the very least, his commands are just him being his lazy self compared to the piles crowley would give you.
his commands usually being "fetch me another pillow in the closet." or "get me meat from the kitchen." leona being leona.. = never putting the effort to do something rather than snooze the whole day.
the first week consisted of you mainly getting more packed with work. crewel noticed the tired face you sported in class, he even caught you sleeping several times. usually he'd whip up a good punishment.. but, maybe you need it. of course he'd confronted crowley about it but you don't exactly know.
and your whole load got lighter, even if it isn't a lot. and using the confusion into advantage the following days goes by with you feeling lighter than you'd ever been.
leona still stayed the same. you don't even know why you went to him. he didn't make it believable nor initiate anything that implies that he'd chosen you. you were frustrated because even your freinds had noticed despite their being not even from NCR. you'd never posted about leona, only the occasional food pics you'd post on magicam.
they'd still pester you about showing his face.
of course. the school doesn't even know about your whole predicament so if leona doesn't want to, then why even bother? after all, they're not the ones who you're appealing to. slowly this whole things seems very useless since you'd just end up indebted to the lion who didn't lift a finger to help you.
"maybe jack would have been a better option?" you mumble randomly. carefully folding a piece of shirt that definitely belongs to leona, it's scent is eerily familiar. you fan yourself with your hand, it's absolutely hot in here.. how do these boys even survive in the heat?
unkownst to you of the lion that just walked in on the right time to pick up on your words despite still being far away from you. if there was one thing leona hated– it was being compared.
this is weird, what would leona want to call for you? "for your hard work, I'll give you a little prize." leona stretches. ears twitching pleasantly at the sensation of his bones popping. then he lays down and glances at you side ways. "what're you waiting for? come here." while you stood dumbly in the middle of the botanical garden.
and that's how you ended up casually tucked under leona's arm on a patch of green in the botanical garden. the grass tresses tickle your face as if it was caressing it. it brought little comfort to the racing heart you had, and you feared that leona could pick it up. "well this isn't bad is it?"
he opens his eyes and peeks at you, a little exasperated. "herbivore. calm down will you? don't catch feels for me so fast." before you could answer he's already fast asleep, even going as far as snuggling closer like you were his pillow!
"that's not..." you trail off. awkwardly adjusting your position as you'd tried to wriggle out prior, which ended up being a fail since you failed to recognize how strong a lion could be.. you sigh and succumb to your ultimate demise. might as well catch up on some sleep, right?
(is it really a coincidence for leona to suddenly pull you to nap just after you've looked so exhausted? I will leave you to interpret that.) <- a factor to his invitation, the minor one being him hell bent on proving that he's obviously better and not one to compare to.
"leonaaa.. leonaaa! I know you're in here.."
ruggie ends up finding his housewarden and the prefect of ramshackle snuggling into each other like a pair of lion mates.. er... lion and human mate?? was that even okay.. a lion and a human together wasn't very common, lions liked to stick to other lions. uncommon but you're not the only case.
the second week passes by with less stress than the first one. you're now somehow obligated to attend leona's mandatory morning, afternoon, and night naps. the fact that the leona himself is dragging himself to your class instead of actually sleeping to drag you to sleep with him. (that was confusing) is suspicious enough as it is.
so jack ends up having an urge, something to resolve his curiosity that he can't help. though he has an inner crisis, he ultimately ends up asking you about it to which you casually reply. "oh, leona? we're... together.." you mumbled.
what now 😃
jack is honestly quite confused. come on now. you and the housewarden? that's the pair that no one would expect. if he remembers correctly. you and leona barely talked to each other and even got into a few disputes yourself! it just sounds kinda bizarre given how he treats you like a nobody.
^ typical leona behavior to everyone else but still.. 
from what you know. leona doesn't own a magicam, hell. you haven't even seen him carrying a phone around. but apparently you were wrong when ruggie casually showed you leona's page like it was nothing. you woulda assumed it's just ruggie trying to mess with you if the followers didn't have the verified user of @/farena. people from leona's homeland struck you as people who don't really care about technology but guess you're wrong again..
(leona wasn't following back)
somehow theres actually stuff that the page has: for example a blurry picture of leona sleeping. and the caption being messy letters that you used enough brain juice to form 'unca leona'. you laugh and follow leona as a joke, scrolling through his page full of blurry pics and selfies from cheka. some from the king himself.
though you don't know if you're suprised if leona followed you back or how he was still awake. his 0 following now turned into 1.
now you have a curious big brother in your dms whose curiously asking who you are. and your freinds pestering you once again, this time quering about the mysterious follow of a prince! you almost forgot they knew your social media.
you end up ignoring them in favor of actually getting to know farena. you suppose that if you'd told leona he'd definitely get upset and stingy with you so you decide on not letting him know. farena exchanges greetings with you before going into a discussion about leona.
as if some kind of flip. he did a 180° and is now telling you embarrassing stories about leona. sending you old pictures of a young leona that you'd never thought you'd see.
what an entertaining night..
the third week arrived faster than you had thought. you were mainly focused on completing your tasks as well as balancing your student life. if anything both are pretty much the same. at that time, leona had pretty much given you access to everything he owns. he no longer makes a fuss over you arriving at the dorm, if anything. he seems pleased.
and sometimes he calls for you himself! last time you remember he was just about seconds from grumbling away because of your presence alone due to the confiscation if your dorm! and now if lions could purr you could pretty much imagine him doing so because he seems so intent on letting you sleep next to him.
did I mention he kicks grim out of the bed when he thinks you don't know as you both sleep? someone get this cat a break because you are both grim's blessing and nightmare. all these boys are doing crazy things to sever his bond with HIS henchman! >:(
oh you wanna sleep on his bed? wait for him would you?  you're hungry? fine. lion prides usually have their individual fair shares anyways. basically the epitome of "we share everything." this doesn't extend to him only you know, so there's unspoken rule that you have to share yours too. he doesn't really ask much but you're starting to question why he keeps taking your blankets, returning it and then taking it again after a few weeks.
(I'm sure you know)
surprisingly leona's attendance to class had been so frequent whenever you were somehow involved to the point where trein had asked you to 'help' him in class. by that he really meant being some kind of assistant.. not that you minded (you did) but why?
oh… crewel is his potionology teacher? he hates the professor because he treats leona like a goddamn puppy. so leona just skips it all out until somehow you had gotten involved. just when he was about to step out from the classroom to skip you enter to pass a stack of paper to crewel. the man asks you to assist him with some things.
why's he suddenly in his seat??
did I mention that lions are quite possessive of things they claim?
the weeks just blur in comparison and now you're walking to the party alone. shivering at the unfortunate winter blessed upon the streets of.. this world or whatever.. it's been only a few times since you've left campus, a majority only ever to visit the girls. 
you peer at your watch. he's 32 minutes late... you sigh, shoving your cold fingers in your pockets. what was the point in waiting anymore? you'd be more of an embarrassment if you turn up to the party more late, and partnerless..
the cold, merciless winter doesn't do justice against the icy feeling your heart adorns.
that's how you arrived at the doorstep of your freind, particles of visible snow clouding your attire. as they struggle to hold in their laugh. "you're late!" I know..
"c-pfft..come on in!"
you nod. dusting off the snow over your jacket and hanging it. it's too bad. you look down at the attire under your coat. cause for once you had actually tried to make an effort to make yourself look presentable. to try and make yourself look appealing even, in the slightest hopes of impressing…
hm. you shake your head and stand awkwardly in a corner, everyone doesn't seem  to notice you.
this normalcy--, you glance at someone making hand motions. then their hand bursts into a dance of fiery, passionate flames. --is something I can never get.
after all… there is no such thing as magic back in your world. it's dull, boring and certainly tempted to just pluck away all your hopes and burn it when you start high school. 
you ended up staying for more or less, half an hour. you let yourself explore the house, it was quite big. smaller than ramshackle but it looks more regal and clean. you're almost jealous. the food was good, there wasn't a lot of meat. mainly vegetables. 
the most you could do was escape to the front porch to ignore their never ending remarks. your phone in your hand as you engage in small, admittedly idiotic talk with your two best freinds, seated on a swinging, wooden..swing thing. housewarden collared me again. ace's text read. it provided you with small warmth to fight against glacial temperature.
you smile.
you don't have animal ears like the savanaclaw beastmen but you can almost hear a pair of footwear crunching in the snow. then there's a pair of shoes entering your vision. you look up and--
"this party's boring, let's go." he doesn't acknowledge the fact that he basically stood you up for like an.. hour or two? you always knew he was prideful. instead he engaged in a minute length staring contest. until he slouches his shoulders and sighs in defeat. "fine, have it your way."
"you know I set up an alarm, I missed it." you blink and stare at him from your peripheral vision, it looks like he's going to continue. "can ya believe that? I'm disrupting my sleep for you. tch, so don't act so sad when I've gone through all the trouble. all right?"
".. you don't need these losers anyways. all you need is me."
you stay quiet when he sits down beside you, spreads his legs and slides his arm behind you, stretching. like he owns the house. the swing creaks under his weight.
it doesn't feel so cold anymore. "I'm here now so you owe me." you shake your head. the whole thing was basically pointless but you were too happy to end the whole pretending thing. "what do you want.?"
he grins. "you."
you gawk. "huh?!"
me after writing the last part..👩‍🦽
✦ azul ashengrotto.
"to sum it all up, you would like an experience?" azul hums. the slightest tip of his hat casts the ever mysterious persona over his face, making it more eery.
you blankly nod. a bit embarrassed to admit that you've come to him for the silliest of reasons: to experience a relationship to the full extent.
you weren't that desperate. just.. curious. you know what they say don't you? curiosity kills the cat.
azul assumes a confident look. "hehehe.. I can do that, aren't i so kind." for I, am gracious.
woah is this some kind of deja vu..
this time around, after learning through your past lessons. you've skimmed every part of the contract for any loop holes that might and will be used against you.
oh.. this whole thing was a grand plan was it? to get you to be his anemone.. servant? but wasn't he banned by crowley from ever using his unique magic? perhaps there's still some kind of catch that you haven't caught on yet. you cast one more suspicious look at the smiling azul before signing your signature on the very bottom.
anyhow, the details of the contract was for azul to help you experience a relationship. in return you'll be an additional help, whenever. if he needs a helping hand you'd be inclined to aid him.
there was this absolutely embarrassing silence that made you want to self destruct. because he's just there smiling like nothing is wrong as he tucks the contract into his... sleeve? what the hell how could that fit in there. 🙁
you shake your head just as he extends a hand towards you. when you look up he displays you an awfully charming grin. "shall we?" you take his hand. "where are we going?"
"I must not let a lady walk by herself, no? even it isn't night. it is still dangerous."
it was first thing in the morning when you set out to octavinella since you knew azul would be up anyways, plus there were less students around the campus. even your grim was fast asleep in the mornings, you'd have to go back quickly if you don't want him to make a fuss about the lack of breakfast. not that crowley provided you with it anyways..
when you arrive in ramshackle. grim is already on the front porch, looking gravely hungry. his ears perk up when he catches sight of you. and then droops again when he sees azul on your side, to him. looking very suspicious as always. "hey you! what're you doing with my henchman!" grim screeched. obviously still scarred from his previous experiences that weren't so pleasant with the octavinella dorm leader.
you had to restrain grim before he could start tearing up azul's coat.
the first week is relatively normal. and azul actually makes it so that you feel as though you're actually in a relationship with him. but you've both come to an agreement that the affection will remain to a certain 'professional' extent, as he is not entirely comfortable with it. which you've come to learn, he isn't used to it.
you once accidentally bumped shoulders with him when you were sitting on a long chair with a few other students, his glasses fogged up for some reason, his face was tinged pink and he jerked back so far that you thought he actually hated you for 10 seconds straight.
he kind of stayed more hyper aware of his surroundings after that.
I kind of got off topic so let's continue the whole thing going around the first week.
azul has made it possible to organize some kind of dates, exclusively only ever happening whenever he's sure that both of your schedules align. It's surprisingly a daily occurrence since the first and second year's schedule are pretty much the same. (if I'm wrong please inform me.)
it wasn't too long before the tweels found out. maybe a couple of days after you've made the deal with azul. after the promise of floyd leaving him alone if he'd tell them why he's acting to affectionate with the prefect of ramshackle, which ends up with floyd looking a little disappointed and jade, bemused.
"ehh.. that's too bad, I thought you actually charmed shrimpy.. your game is weaker than I thought."
"excuse me?!"
"fufufu.. most entertaining, azul looks flustered."
after more comments from floyd. azul eventually makes a promise that he will absolutely charm you to fall in love with him merely out of spite of his childhood freind. and you're just confused why he's taking the whole thing a lot more seriously.
second week is filled with vigorous efforts of azul trying to woo you after doing excessive research of your own interests. he isn't usually so fired up over floyd's teasing as he'd basically grown up with it, but for some reason he is?
you're just confused why he's suddenly so determined to treat the whole thing more seriously than before. you don't exactly find the sudden change unpleasant, just a little suspicious as to what made his transition so apparent.
you always 'accidentally' bump into azul at the most convenient times. it usually happens whenever a class had ended and there isn't another for a while. azul just smiles and invites you to sit with him for lunch. which is a suprise since he was so adamant on keeping the deal under wraps.
you could only sit beside him. silently weeping at the prying stares many had thrown your way. the twins ended up sitting in your table (you could've sword azul's glasses cracked when floyd separated you two and sat in the middle of you and azul)
jade only displays a cool, menacing smile as usual.
by then you'd gotten unusually close with the trio. finding out things you hadn't even assumed, like how azul seems so aggressive with the twins sometimes out of goodwill. now you have a pair of lowkey protective eels and a stupefied octopus that can help you for a price scam.
being friends with them had its pros, came with it was the cons. which included several of the students that tried to be freindly with you being less talkative, suddenly paling in the middle of the conversation. (unkownst to you about the two glowering eels behind you)
the possessiveness is given by all three of them. for a reason still unknown but you're still skeptical.
the information that this whole thing is just playing pretend would most likely be tucked neatly in the back of your mind. where you'd admittedly forget for a few moments, too deep to escape from the temporary loneliness and certainly too real to register that it isn't.
here's the thing. azul is absolutely great at deceiving, you're already aware the moment you learned just how many contracts he'd 'earned'.
and unfortunately for you. there was a time where you'd actually thought he genuinely loved you because the way his eyes just.. sparkle, crinkling up and the soft smile.. you just rather shake your head and convince yourself that it wasn't real, it never was.
"thank you for your help, as promised. I'll help out with whatever you need as payment."
azul's brows creases. "wha—oh.. ahem. I see, much appreciated. let's talk about the details later." he nods. uncharacteristically quiet.
there is a moment of silence before he speaks up again, looking more confident than ever. "just wait a second. would you like to extend the deadline?" you blink in bewildered and gape like a fish.
so all you could muster up was a small. "huh?" where was this going and where did he get the idea? you can almost feel your heart just about to swim away! the offer is so tempting but you aren't sure about what he wants..
you shake your head. "for um.. how long?"
he smirks. "forever."
okay I lowkey got embarassed writing that so bye 👋👋
🏷 : @dicetheroll @ravynous @gh0stbastard
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*At the dorm leaders' meeting*
Vil: So Mc what were you thinking of doing this weekend?
Mc: Smash
*everyone stares at Mc*
Leona: *instant waking up*
Azul: *blushes* Oh with who
Mc: With my friend.
Riddle: *is Red* You what-
Mc: Smash with friends
Vil: *almost choking on tea*
Azul: *almost choke's too*
Malleus: *whisper to Kalim* Kalim what is smash?
Kalim: I have no idea...
Leona: *laugh really hard*
Mc: What... Why are you acting strange? I just said that- Ooh. Pervert's. I meant I'm going to play Smash bros with a friend.
At this point, all the dorm leader's are relieved. Even Malleus and Kalim who don't realize what's going on.
If you're wondering where Idia is, he left as soon as the meeting officially ended
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magicpumpkin3 · 14 days ago
May I request HCs of the Dorm Leaders (Separately) with a [S/O] [Gender Neutral] (Romantic) who can curse out in their native language whenever they get angry? Like in one scenario: [Y/N] got so fed up with the One-Brain Cell gang (First Years) that they willingly cursed out in their mother tongue to the group, giving them an earful of a lecture like an angry mother who found their kids caused trouble at school. How would they react to their partner who can speak in another language? (Examples: Korean, Russian, Spanish, etc.)
(Note: Scolding in any language is lethal.)
(Note 2: Ignore @//swiftyangx12)
- @sanctum-of-ramshackle
Note: *laughing in bilingual* Oh dear, It's going to be such a delight to write
Note: It took almost a year...Well, that was something -
Riddle Rosehearts
I see Riddle as a person that thinks, that curse words are forbidden and that no one should use them well, at least not around him.
So, let's just say, when reader cussed out because of the stupidity of the holy trio, I think it was for the best that no one had a single clue what the hell they were saying, because otherwise Riddle would've collared them.
So, let's Imagen a scenario, where Riddle found out what the bunch of gibberish words ment. He is soo not pleased, the dorm leader really thought that reader was better, then that. Of course there was some scolding and ect, but at the end of the day, he kind of get's it, it's Deuce, Ace and Grim after all. But that's still not an excuse!!!
He's also really interested in learning some basic words in readers native language. Even those cuss words sounded beautiful.
Leona Kingscholar
So, like Riddle, he has no fucking clue what you said. Well, he gets that it's probably something like cuss words but he's not quite sure.
Now, let's clarify that he gives zero shit if you cuss or not. Like, he gets it, shit happens, let's move on. And to be fair, I'll lie if I say I don't think he's the type to use cuss words in he's day to day life.
So, when you let all your anger flow in the middle of an overbolt fight, he's all in for it, even the overbolt kid was stunned by the nonsense you said.
Does Leona want to learn the language? Fuck yeah he does, it would make so much easier for him to cuss and make fun of other people, omG. Overall, he thinks that you're hella cool when you speak your native language.
Azul Ashengrotto
So, I don't think I need to say it again, he has no idea what you said, he has some suspensions but he's quite sure. Azul new that sometimes your brain just glitches and some words happen.
To be fair, I'm not sure how he feels about cuss words. I think he's okay when there's some used, but not like fuck fuckedy fuck fuck fuck.
So, when you started screaming at the trio, he thought it was one of those days when your brain farts some words. He haven't even thought those could be some inappropriate words. Twins on the other hand...oh yeah, they knew-
When he found out, Azul was quite impressed. He hadn't heard anyone curse so passionately, so boy couldn't even be mad at you properly!
As for the language, he finds it mesmerizing. Does he want to learn it? Oh hell yeah! It could be your secret language that only both of you could talk on~
Kalim Al Asim
First of, this is a child. But in all honesty, I think he dislikes cuss words, but not as passionately as Riddle. But still, don't swear around him plz
He is truly curious about you knowing another language, especially when you speak it! It sounds so beautiful coming from you, he is definitely into learning some words. Lemme tell you, the way he was staring at you, when you rained hell fires apun the idiot trio, was something.
Now, we all know that he had no idea what you said, but let's pretend someone told him God help that poor unfortunate soul
He is shocked to say the least, I think he would just froze up with this face 0_0, like. He doesn't blame you, but at the same time it feels wrong to him to hear you cuss in your native language.
Vil Schoenheit
Okay, I feel like he's kind of like an Azul when it comes to the adult language, doesn't mind it, but when it's too much he'll ask you to stop.
Now, you speaking 2 languages is interesting, but at the same time he knows it's semi-normal to be so fluent He has Rook by his side, like c'mon
He would love to learn your language, but I feel he'd actually just learn the basic set of words and of course speak without accent bc perfectionism
Vil is no idiot and he sees with whom you're dealing. He understands, no judgement, yell at them all you want, he will just watch and might trow some disapproval glance in their director, just so they could feel the fault.
Idia Shroud
First of, he's a fortnighter. He's a gamer for crying out loud, I bet when he's comfortable he swears at least once in 3 sentences. So yeah, you can swear all you want, he's not amused.
As for the language, he's quite fond of it. It sounds very majestic when you start to talk on it so to speak. He simp-. And let's be honest here, the fist words that he'll ask to learn are the cuss once, we all know it.
So when he heard you scolding the trio he makes a few mental notes 1)Ask for the translated version. 2) Don't get on your bad side 3) That was hot-. Idia is really amazed how good everything sounded, almost got hypnotized there.
He wants to learn the language not only because he can then swear around people and be unnoticed or at least around himself, but he also wants it to be a semi-secret language between you too, so you can talk about whatever you want without being afraid of someone ears dropping.
Malleus Draconia
Okay, so yet another child. It's like dealing with Kalim but this one is a bit sly. He understands that cuss words have their place in the world but Malleus doesn't feel the need to use them or at least around you.
Malleus has great interest in learning your other language, he thinks that's it's going to be your aristocratic language thing, which he also finds quite romantic.
When he overhead you cussing in your mother tongue at the trio he was amused. Malleus in all honesty found this hole situation hilarious and interesting.
And yes, even knowing cuss words in your language he will not use them just to make you a tab bit mad~
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treysimp · a month ago
"I’m not sure how better to say this... do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 6:
GN!Reader x Heartslabyul (Ace, Trey, Riddle, Cater, Deuce)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before you could fully turn to see a reaction, you feel a hand roughly grab your shoulder and spin you forward, pushing you into the front door of Ramshackle with a horribly-loud creak.
Your body was enveloped in a sudden warmth while a pair of lips found yours, kissing you harshly and breathlessly, barely giving you time to gasp between desperately pressed caresses. 
They wound down, got softer and kinder, and finally  Ace  removed himself from you. His face had a pretty flush and he was gasping from the aggressive kisses he had just subjected the both of you to.
“Are you kidding me? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to come on to you and it's been this fucking easy the whole time?” He dove back in for more, hands grabbing at your hair, smothering you in unsaid feelings, missed opportunities, and the pure strength of his want for you.
“I can’t-” gasp, “believe-” a breath, “I didn’t-” a moan, “do this sooner.” 
Ace had pinned you to the door, his hands holding your biceps against the wooden planks. He was panting and shaking, you could see each breath puff in a cloud of condensation as it hung in the air. 
You were in shock. You liked him, obviously. You wouldn't have asked him to make out with you if you hadn't, but you had no idea that Ace felt so strongly. It thrilled you.
You hoped and prayed that you had a shot, trying to contain the jump of your heart every time he would swing his arm around your shoulders or pull your sleeve to run faster from some sort of impending trouble (that was almost certainly caused by him).
“Ace.” Your voice was much shakier than you would have liked. His red eyes snapped to you, softening by just a hair.
“Yeah?” He leaned his forehead against yours, loosening his grip on your arms and letting his palms fall to your waist. He seemed to recognize that he needed to relax for a second for you to process his sudden admission.
You took a shaky breath before you continued. 
“A-aren’t you going to come in?”
Cocking a brow and face pulling into his signature smirk, Ace took a step back from you and allowed you to finally push the door open. Putting his hands behind his head, he started innocently whistling while he walked inside the lounge.
Maybe it was just his imagination, but he swears that this was the best this shitty place had ever looked. He supposed that wasn’t really what mattered right now. 
But… the idea of you taking extra care to clean when you hoped to invite him inside stirred something deep inside of him, but he decided to push that thought down for now. He planned to spend as much time with you as you would allow, after all.
Taking a seat on the couch and beckoning you over with his hand, Ace patted his knee.
“Have a seat, Prefect. I’d love to know more about what you have planned for tonight.” He grinned.
You obliged, climbing onto his lap. Ace felt his throat dry out. 
For all the bluster and confidence he tried to exude, he felt so out of his depth looking at you. He constantly stumbled over his words when you were listening, not to mention how many school supplies he had dropped while daydreaming about you in class. 
Or the sheer number of close calls he almost had with his schoolmates seeing him doodle variations of your names mixed together. He wanted you to take Trappola, but he was willing to compromise. He wouldn’t mind taking yours either, but you would have to bring it up yourself, as he would be too embarrassed to broach the subject.
Ace was head over heels for you, and he has no idea when it started. As soon as he noticed his quickening heartbeat when you were around, he quickly admitted that he was infatuated. 
Admitting to himself that he liked you was the easy part. He had instead spent all of this time agonizing over how to tell you. 
He found ways to touch you whenever he could justify it, but even he admitted it just came off as friendly contact between friends. He tried to monopolize your time whenever he had the chance, but between classes and your demon-cat babysitting duties, there were few opportunities.  
And yet after all that, you asked him. You wanted him. He could barely contain himself. You were seated above him, moonlight caressing the planes of your face as your eyes gazed into his and he wondered for a brief second if this is what heaven felt like. 
He was going to take everything you would give him, that was a promise.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You turned around slowly. Time to face the music. You braced yourself for rejection, tried to scramble with the best explanation for how you were ‘totally joking’ or ‘just wanted to see what you’d say’ but the excuses died out in your mouth as you saw the two hands that were pinning either side of your body to the door.
“You shouldn’t tease older guys like that, you know? You might get into trouble.” Said  Trey,  looking like he could eat you alive at this very moment. 
His eyebrow was cocked in derision, his lip curled into a smile that spelled trouble, but you couldn’t help the quiver of your lower lip at his sudden closeness. He had to know what he was doing to you, right?
Trey grew ever closer, it felt like his golden eyes were calculating every movement you made and each rise and fall of your chest. You wondered if he could hear your heart beating, as it certainly was ringing in your ears. 
Taking one hand to your chin to tilt your face towards his, he smiled. 
“I’m not going to be here on campus for you next year, you know? I don’t know when I’d be able to see you.”
It was a warning, clearly. Kind as ever, he was trying to protect your feelings and maybe also his own. He hasn’t said no to you yet though. 
“I also… I also don’t know how long I’ll be here.” You began, willing yourself to make eye contact with him. You took a deep breath and willed yourself to continue.
“That’s why… that’s why I want you now. Because I don’t… I don’t know what day will be my last one here.” You finished, voice shaking. It felt so vulnerable, that you wondered if stripping right here in front of him wordlessly might have been easier than this conversation.
This was a very difficult admission from you, but it was the conclusion you had come to. You had spent so much time watching him, seeing his care and kindness for everyone around him, and decided that if you didn’t tell him that you wanted him, you would regret it forever. 
Today being the day that you admitted your bottled-up feelings to Trey was an impulsive fluke on your part, but your mind was already made up. If he wanted you, you were all his.
Trey’s eyes widened momentarily and then softened into a sweet smile. 
“Well, if you’ve already made up your mind, who am I to stop you?” He mused, closing his eyes in a satisfied smile as he tilted his head to get a better look at your flustered face.
Slowly, gently, Trey guided your chin to him as he leaned forward to place a soft kiss on your lips. 
It felt like fireworks went off behind your eyelids. You pressed yourself forward, grabbing Trey by the lapels to pull him closer to you. You could feel the smile on his lips as he returned your clumsily aggressive kisses, carding his hands through your hair as he hummed in pleasant satisfaction. 
Trey reached behind you and pushed open the door you had been unintentionally guarding, not breaking the procession of kisses for a single moment as he led you to your couch. 
Walking clumsily backward, you landed gracelessly on the couch when the back of your knees hit the lip of the cushions and buckled in surprise. 
Glasses slightly fogged, Trey stared at you in awe, mouth slightly agape at the beautiful mess you were. 
You noticed a slight dimple in his cheek that you had never seen before, and a tiny smattering of freckles that sat on the bridge of his nose. How long had you longingly stared at him and never noticed these things? It made you want to know everything else about him.
Trey licked his lips lightly in thought. He wasn’t one to make decisions without thinking them through, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to afford the time in this case. 
He had written off you as a possibility. He knew that his attraction to you would pass, no matter how intense it was. 
Trey noticed how others looked at you, some of them even being his underclassmen. Watching the eyes that wandered your body, memorizing the way you walked, the way your shoulders shook when you laughed, how your brows knit when you were thinking, the smile you would give him any time you ate something he made. 
He knew that even if you didn’t know it, you had stolen the hearts of many people around you, including himself. And yet, you both were here, you wanted him. How could he say no?
Standing up straight, he removed his glasses and tucked them inside the breast pocket of his jacket. 
He decided that was going to ruin you tonight, and any other nights that he was able.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Really!”  Riddle  sputters, his brows knit in irritation “you should…. you really…” he trails off, his eyes frantically darting around your face as if a puzzle piece would magically fall into place if he just had the final hint.
“…You really should ask in a more romantic way than that.” He finally finished, fingers drifting to your tie to straighten the lopsided knot.
Your eyebrows involuntarily raised to the sky.
“Is that a no, house warden?” You ask. You wanted to start hysterically laughing, oh my god how could he possibly be so cute? 
Waiting for his response, you placed your hands on top of his to still the fingers that had been fussing over your tie. 
You were going to get him to answer your question in a forthright manner if it killed you.
“It’s not-not a no!” Riddle sputtered, pretending to wipe his mouth with his sleeve to hide away his increasingly flustered face. You noted that he had kept his other hand in your grasp though, feeling him shake gently beneath you.
“Next time I expect flowers! Or chocolate!” He finally shouted, pulling both of his hands away to cross them over his chest haughtily. You couldn’t hide the grin splitting your face.
“Oh? You’re already planning on next time?” You said, smoothing your hand over his ruby hair. 
Riddle seemed to finally register his slip of the tongue as his face lit as scarlet as the rest of him. 
“No!” Riddle practically screamed. You were glad Grim wasn’t here tonight, as he definitely would have woken up upon hearing this exchange.
You raised an eyebrow, “No?” 
Riddle’s gaze was fixed on the floor, face knit in irritation. 
“Only if you play your cards right.” He finished, turning his head away with a huff. 
You couldn’t stop the giggling that bubbled from your chest, God he was the cutest. How did he do it? 
Not being able to help yourself, you wound your arms around his body, pulling him close to you as you buried your head in his neck. 
Unsurprisingly he smelled great, like sweets and roses and some other sort of soft musk that was no doubt from some sort of expensive atelier. It was so charming the things he did to take care of himself for the sake of appearances. 
You idly wondered if there was a rule about smelling good in Heartslabyul. There probably was, but you decided that asking would only mortify Riddle further, and you wanted to get him to do more than talk to you tonight. 
Riddle was stiff as a board, arms hovering around you awkwardly for a moment until he finally relaxed, pulling you snugly into his arms. 
“Do you really want to kiss me?” You could barely hear Riddle mumble, his voice muffled by your hair as he nuzzled it into your neck to mirror the way you had been holding him. 
You pulled away slowly and held him by the shoulders, eyes boring into his shy grey gaze. You took a moment to take in the loveliness of his face for just a moment, relishing in the closeness you had never been afforded before now. The red eyeliner around his lashes, the rosy sheen of his heart-shaped mouth, and a tiny mole you had never noticed on top of his eyelid. So lovely.
“Yes. I do.” You said softly. 
If you could believe it, Riddle got even redder. He cleared his throat and seemed to make an internal decision, twining his hands behind your neck as he pushed himself forward to meet your lips. 
His lips were stiff but very, very soft. You pressed gently against him, massaging your mouth against his in hopes of loosening him up. It seemed to work, as you heard the smallest of moans as Riddle tried to mirror your movements, lightly sucking on your lower lip. It was shy, but also heartbreakingly genuine and careful. 
You both separated slowly, you wished you could take a picture of the expression on his face. 
Gorgeous eyes half open, glossy lips slightly swollen from the contact, he pulled the bottom of said lips into his mouth to chew on it lightly as he snapped his gaze to the side. How was he even real? His beauty shines like a fairy tale prince, and yet this gorgeous boy thought himself a villain. How ironic. 
“Again.” He whispered, pushing his face back towards you with more aggressive energy, seemingly having gained confidence now that the spell of your first kiss was broken. 
His kisses sped up and gained in ferocity, each time you separated for breath being punctuated with another ‘again’. His affection grew more demanding, his chest grew tighter and each breath became more labored. 
“Let me inside.” Riddle finally demanded, his hands curled into the lapels of your jacket. “I want to come inside.” 
You swallowed audibly and nodded, pushing the door open while Riddle pulled you inside of Ramshackle.   
(NSFW Conclusion)
AMAB!Reader // AFAB!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You’re such a tease, Prefect!”  Cater  giggled, his gaze on his phone as he typed away at a message. Tucking a stray strand of ginger hair behind his ear, his green eyes sparkled while a little fang peeked out from behind his lip. 
“I think your fans would kill me if I made a move on you.” he punctuated with a wink, tucking his phone into his pocket as he placed a hand on his hip. 
You let out a long belly laugh at the statement. “My fans? I’m not the one who’s  Insta -famous.” 
Cater wrinkled his pixie-like nose, “What’s ' Insta' ?”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s a thing in my world.” You said with a smile, covering your mouth with your hand to stifle your unending giggles.
Cater’s eyes softened as he looked lovingly at the way your face screwed up while laughing so hard at his statement. It was sweet that you thought he was kidding.  
“I know I’m handsome and all, but you really can’t throw away your charm and innocence on a playboy like me.” Cater said with a smirk, his expression reminding you very much of the cock-eyed grin he had given the incoming students at orientation. 
Not that you had that much time to pay attention on that chaotic day, but even in the chaos you couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous guy whose black diamond under his eye punctuated his perfect cheekbones. 
You had never asked why his mark was colored red now and black at that time, but you assumed it was some other Night Raven tradition that you had no clue about. 
It was pretty funny that he was trying so hard to play off your request. It hurt a little bit too, but it was still funny. 
“Playboy? Yeah, right! You and who?” you teased, poking him in the ribs. Cater looked visibly offended.
“Um, that’s because none of them go to this school.” He said with a huff. His excuse was lame and he knew it, but he had an image to maintain, you know? 
You covered your mouth with your hand to cover the smile spreading across your face, oh, so he was going to play the ‘my lover lives in Canada’ card, huh? Well, you weren’t going to let him off so easily.
“That’s a shame, I wanted to know your type.” You said, biting your lip and willing yourself to look disappointed. 
Cater felt a lump form in his throat that he couldn’t manage to swallow as he fixated on the teeth that were worrying over your lip. Fuck, that was so unfair.
“W-well…” he stuttered, “My type is, uh…” Oh sevens, why did he even start this sentence?
“Someone who laughs at my jokes... Um, someone who I can talk about anything with… Someone who doesn’t judge me for being… for being myself.” His face was burning. For once, Cater couldn’t look you in the eye.
He didn’t think you would pick up on it, but every single one of those requirements was just part of the ever-expanding list of why he was head-over-heels for you. It was too much to hope that you would reciprocate though. Why would you like him back? It made no sense.
“Oh… that’s very interesting…” You said, tapping your finger to your chin in thought.
“My type is you though.” You moved your eyes to the ground sadly, knitting your fingers with each other as you intentionally studied your cuticles.
Cater felt like his eyes might pop out of his sockets as he froze in shock. He had tried to play off your offer to him earlier, genuinely believing that you were just teasing him. 
What was he supposed to make of this? His face burned a bright scarlet as he covered his face with his hands. Were you really…?
“You’re kidding.” He mumbled. His chest was heaving in a way that looked very much like the precursor to hyperventilation. 
His thoughts were racing, what was he supposed to do? Did he believe you? Did he keep trying to play it off? What was the right choice? 
You stepped closer to him, gently taking his hands from his face and holding them in your own. 
“I’m serious.” You whispered, feeling your face burn at the admission. 
You stared at the shaking hands that you held in yours, thinking about the time that you attended his club’s concert and saw how those same fingers moved so deftly along the neck of his guitar. 
His hair was stringy from sweat, stomping precisely on his pedal board to switch the sound of his instrument as his eyes scanned the crowd and met yours. You felt like your heart would fall right out of your chest at that moment. It made you want to climb on the stage and jump him right there, as silly of an impulse as that was.
Cater stared at your face with an unreadable expression, you dared to spare him a glance, biting your lip even more fervently than you had been just a moment ago. You weren’t sure what you would do if he rejected you now.
Thankfully, you didn’t have to worry about that for much longer, as Cater had swallowed his nervousness to swing forward and trap you in a passionate kiss.  
You gasped in surprise, which gave Cater the opportunity to push himself even harder against you. Nibbling at your lips and pushing his tongue into every crevice that he could conceivably reach, he was overwhelmed by the feel of you. 
He tasted the hard candy that he had given you earlier, having spent much of the evening visibly distracted by the movements of your mouth as you rolled the sweet around with your tongue. 
It had made him think just a bit too deeply about what else your tongue might be able to do. 
You both separated, glassy eyes connected in a haze of mutual attraction and longing. 
“I gave you a chance to back out.” Cater said breathlessly, “It’s too late now though.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silence. You turned around to see if he heard you, but the boy in front of you was still as a statue.
Deuce’s blue-green eyes were almost completely round as he stared at you, unblinking. 
“...Deuce?” You called gently. Did you break him? 
Seemingly shaking off the brain fog that had overcome him, Deuce’s face began reddening like a cauldron coming to a broil. 
“...I’m in love with you.” Deuce said it so fast that you almost couldn’t understand him, but you did catch the word ‘love’ and now it was your turn to freeze in shock. 
“L-love?” You sputtered, you couldn’t have heard him right. Right?  
Deuce nodded at you seriously. Eyed steeled, jaw clenched in anxiety. 
Your heart felt like it was going to leap out of your chest. You were shaking, you wanted to scream in both joy and anxiety.
Deuce cleared his throat and continued his thought.
“I’ve been in love with you ever since I first saw you,” His breathing was shaky, it was embarrassing. He had imagined looking much cooler when he ran the scenario through his mind all of those times before.
It seemed like he might lose all of the courage he had built up at any moment, but he had to tell you. 
His words started to tumble out of his mouth at light speed, words blurring together as the thoughts and feelings that he had been bottling up for so long began bubbling over and spilling out.
“You’re gorgeous, you’re kind, you always support me, you take care of everyone around you and run straight into danger if it means helping someone! You suffer through me being a dumbass, you sit and study with me even though your grades are way better than mine and…” 
He paused for a deep breath. He wasn’t even sure if he could articulate how he was feeling, but he was going to try anyway. 
“Every time you look at me I feel like I could die happy. I feel like you could stab me through the heart right now and I would thank you for it. I feel the same thrill I felt when I won a fight with none of the pain! I just…” 
He felt like he could cry, he had spent so much time trying to change, trying to make himself into someone new, someone his mother could be proud of… someone lovable. 
Someone that maybe you… maybe you could love him. 
You couldn’t restrain yourself any longer as you pulled Deuce into your arms, holding him tightly, aggressively. You peppered his hair with kisses, petting his back soothingly, trying to still the erratic beating of your heart. 
Deuce slowed his breathing in your embrace. He counted his breath, in and out, in and out. It was calming, your arms felt like everything he wanted them to be.
Feeling better, Deuce lifted his head to take in your expression. He felt bad that he had just spent the past few minutes having an emotional dam break and then had just sat in silence. 
You looked perfect. Your expression was a stunning mixture between embarrassment and joy, your hair was slightly mussed from pulling Deuce to yourself so suddenly. 
He decided then and there that this was the end of holding back. 
Raising a gloved hand to your temple, Deuce trailed his hand down the side of your face, taking in a shaky breath as you leaned your face into his touch, closing your eyes to focus on the sensation. 
“Please let me kiss you,” he whispered, mouth a mere inch away from yours, eyes locked on your lips to read your response. You nodded wordlessly, staring as if hypnotized by his gaze.
He was so careful with you. It felt like you might disappear at any moment if he was too rough. Soft, curious, experimental, he moved with his entire focus on how your mouth moved and how you tasted. Both of you separated for a moment to catch your breath, his eyes seemed to almost glow.
“...Perfect.” He exhaled, pausing between his thoughts to begin kissing along your neck. Soft nibbles and moans escaped his mouth as you tilted your head to give him better access. Your hands grasped his back tightly, pulling him as close as you could dare. 
Your head was spinning at all of the new sensations, the emotion of it all, and the way that you felt any self-restraint leave you with each hesitant kiss along your neck, your collarbone, and the shell of your ear. 
“Deuce…” You gasped, “Deuce please…” Pulling away from your tight hold, Deuce’s eyes returned to looking at yours. His chest was heaving, and his clothes felt oppressive and tight. 
“Please, please let me have more of you.” 
He swallowed, Adam’s Apple bobbing at the action. Eyes scanning your face for any hint of reluctance on your part. He found none. After a moment of silence, he nodded. 
“I’ll give you anything you want.” 
Tumblr media
My boys~! My beautiful boys! This was a little more tender than some of the other dorms, haha. Sorry, I was just in a mood for sap I guess.
Sexy will still come, I promise. I just wanted cute lead-ups.
As always, let me know if you have prompts and requests.
Love you, reader!
Requested tags: @naniky
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tallyanimatez · 2 days ago
You always despise everyone in this world.
As someone who was born without wings, you were regarded as the lowest living thing in the society. Some are made into slaves, some run far away, or some find jobs to live in this world.
Ironically, sabotaging the racers is your job.
The flight race is about to start soon, so you prepare your potions, gears and your de-attachable wings. Your job is to make sure Grim wins so he can bring home the money for you and that noisy crow.
You never appreciated him for grubbing almost all the money you and Grim got from the prizes, but you can't deny the fact that he was the one who taken you in when no-one wanted you...
You would have rotten away if it wasn't for him
You try your best, with an invisible potion and scentless potion in both hands, looking for a good spot to shoot one of the participant's wings and sabotaging their equipments without leaving a clue behind.
All it takes is for one single mistake
And your life will be hell
Feathers AU
Authors note: Oh boi I actually enjoy writing something for once, as you guys can tell by my dumb brain, I had 0 clue what to name this au so I just came up with this.
So yeah! I'm looking forward to building this au actually, since I have a general story building, but request are open so feel free to go ham.
Peace out ✌️
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lilia-sspouse · a month ago
I took some time to think ... I have thought of becoming a Lilia Stan, Again and Forever. 🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Additional tag : @aphrodites-letters They seem to like Lilia.. So why not? 👀
Feel free to express y'all love for Lilia, Cause I can relate. 😍🫶‼️
All thanks to @bucketofforks ,, <33 They told me the credits!
Links! Links! Links! 💞
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wolken-himmel · 4 days ago
In which Azul asks (Y/n) to be his dance partner for a PE extra credit class. However, there are a few obstacles.
Firstly, he can't dance. Secondly, he might have a little crush on the prefect.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
Despite the busy clanking of dishes and chattering of students outside of his office, Azul had been staring at the mirror on his desk for more than half an hour already. A look of desperation was etched onto his face, and his reflection mirrored that expression perfectly. His silence was broken by a wistful sigh that escaped his lips.
"(Y/n), oh dear (Y/n), please..." Azul muttered. "Will you be my partner for Vargas' dancing class?"
The remnants of his voice echoed out into a heavy silence again, only to be broken by uncontrollable laughter by none other than Floyd. His face was contorted into a giant grin as he shifted in his seat across from the desk. "Jade, look! The boss is preparing to propose marriage to Shrimpy," he teased and held his rumbling stomach.
The dormleader tensed in embarrassment when even the usually more composed Jade broke out into amused chuckles. "Well, Azul... I've never seen you so worked up before," Jade remarked and tilted his head to the side. "It's been about an hour you've had us sit here with you... You do know that chaos is happening outside right now?"
Azul jumped to his feet and slammed his fists onto the table. The act of desperation caught the twins off-guard. "That's because this is a dire emergency! I'm about to flunk PE— and the only way I can salvage my grades is by participating in this dancing class for extra credit."
"Oh— dancing is so much fun!" Floyd chimed in excitement. "Although... I can't imagine you dancing, boss. That would be a strange image in my head."
Exactly then, the desperation on Azul's face increases tenfold. "That's the issue: I can't dance at all! I'm as clumsy as Kalim in a porcelain shop in this human form. You don't want to see me dance, really. It's pure embarrassment."
Jade hummed in acknowledgement. "And you have heard of the prefect's dancing skills, so you wish to ask for—"
"Yes. That's the gist of it."
"But..." Floyd trailed off, "don't you have a crush on—"
"Shut your mouth, eel!" Azul shouted at the top of his lungs and shot Floyd the angriest glare he had ever mustered.
A knowing grin appeared on Jade's face. "Well, look at it more positively, Azul. That's two birds with one stone, eh? Just make sure to not embarrass yourself too much in front of the prefect."
To that, Azul opened his mouth, only to close it again without having uttered a word. His pale cheeks had warmed up considerably, leaving a soft redness on his face.
"Don't worry, boss. We'll cheer you on! Now go and catch your fish!"
And without being allowed to protest whatsoever, Azul was pushed out of his office by none other than the twins. With each eel holding his arm, he was — against his will, might I add — guided out of the Mostro Lounge and towards wherever they suspected to find you.
They struck gold when they found you alone in the library, hunched over a thick book with yellow pages. Without any warning, the eels pushed their leader out from behind the bookshelves.
The yelp that escaped Azul's lips caught your attention, and your eyes flitted up to meet his nervous ones. After having gulped down his anxiety, he stepped forward and shot you a small smile. "(Y/n)? C-Could I talk to you for a moment?" he asked carefully.
"Oh Azul, yes of course." You pushed the dusty book away from you and turned your whole attention to him. Once you had done so, you noticed the way his anxious eyes darted from one place to another. You furrowed your eyebrows in concern. "Hey, you look really pale... Are you alright? Did Floyd get you in trouble again?"
"No, no... That's not it," Azul said, chuckling softly. Then, he took a deep breath and summoned all his courage. "I'm sorry if this sounds like a strange request, but please hear me out. Perhaps you might have caught wind of my lesser prowess in flying classes—"
Your lips quirked up into a grin. "Yeah, I saw you dangling from your broom the other day. I was really concerned for a second."
His courage slipped down the drain as quickly as it had appeared. The smile on his lips wavered, but he caught himself just in time. "Well, then you get how dire my situation is," he continued with a twinge of desperation to his tone. "If I don't improve my grades through a bonus class, I'll fail PE... So, there's this dancing class next week that will give a boost to my grades. I wanted to ask if you'd like to be my dancing partner. I've seen you dance a few times when you worked at the Mostro Lounge— when you thought that nobody was looking."
"I've never seen you so nervous before, Azul." You quirked an eyebrow in surprise.
"Please," he muttered and clasped his hands together. "I'm really in a pinch here, (Y/n)."
Much to his relief, your surprise soon morphed into a smile of delight. "Of course, I'd love to be your dancing partner! This will be so much fun." An excited sigh escaped your lips. "Do you know how to waltz? I think that will be the main focus of the dancing class."
A nervous chuckle escaped his lips at that. "Floyd tried to teach me, but he said I'm a hopeless case." He bashfully rubbed his neck. "I had to buy him new shoes after our lessons."
"I'm sure you can't be that bad, Azul..."
"That's kind of you to say, but don't underestimate my clumsiness with these legs."
And really, you had underestimated his inability to dance. The consequences would haunt you after weeks of dancing classes and the final examination. As you lounged in the Ramshackle living room after everything was said and done, you let out a heavenly sigh as you submerged your aching feet in a bucket of ice cubes.
Grim, who had dumped a fresh batch of ice into your bucket, shot you a questioning look. "Do you need more ice for your feet, henchhuman?"
"That should be enough, Grim... Thank you," you said gratefully and patted the empty couch space next to you.
Without wasting any time, he did as you asked and happily curled up beside you. "So, did you pass that dancing class?" he asked curiously while drifting off to sleep.
You hummed proudly. "We did! But... my feet paid the price." A sheepish chuckle escaped your lips as you moved your aching feet. Although the pain had already subsided, you winced when you noticed how swollen they looked. "Azul really stomped on my feet more than a dozen times."
"I don't get why you were so keen on helping him out," Grim scoffed and forced one eye open. "What has he ever done for you?"
"He was just so adorable when he asked me to be his dancing partner... I couldn't say no."
That was when the cat monster's eyes shot open in what looked like horror. At once, he bolted to his feet and launched himself at you. "No, don't tell me—" he wailed out and grabbed you by your collar to shake you back and forth.
An airy giggle escaped your lips, only reaffirming the cat's suspicions. "Hehe, yes... Azul is really adorable. What is there not to love about him?"
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