Yandere platonic head cannons with Grim fighting with some seagulls?
Yandere Grim
Tumblr media
You had a new hobby.
You had made a habit of feeding the seagulls that flocked to your yard.
It was a really relaxing activity.
Although it cost a lot of money.
Seagulls were surprisingly greedy birds.
Grim didn't like this.
He was jealous of those birds that took your attention away.
Why can't you feed him the same way?
Are seagully's more important than him?
He often thought about these things in his little yandere cat mind.
Grim decided to try to scare the seagulls away.
But it didn't really work.
The seagulls didn't even notice him.
Then it's time to try the sacrifice.
That is, annoying the seagulls on purpose until one of them attacks you.
Then go home crying and forget the part of the story where you annoyed the seagull.
Grim war with seagulls is long.
He won't let them distract you.
His Mc
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Soul mate au with yandere Idia?
Yandere Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
Idia is comparing himself to others.
And this would be one of the biggest reasons why he hated himself so much.
He was just a weird Otaku who didn't even have a soul mate.
With time, Idia got used to it.
However, he wouldn't have time for a soulmate.
He had Ortho and video games.
At least that's what he wanted to think.
But still Idia was happy when one day a red thread appeared around his finger.
Idia met you by chance.
It was one of the few times when he decided to leave his room.
In that moment, Idia literally crashes into you.
At the same time, he notices that your red thread is connected to his.
Idia would blush really badly.
He would probably run away quickly.
Or behind the nearest corner.
He would be watching you from behind it.
With very big smiley on his face.
Idia would be a stalker.
A really big stalker.
At first, he doesn't dare to contact you.
He doesn't want to mess things up.
Instead, he calmly figures out things that his soulmate likes.
Idia would also take a lot of pictures of you.
He thinks you're beautiful/handsome.
Idia will soon learn your daily rhythm.
He knows everything about you.
As a "proper soulmate" should.
He also knows that you want to return to your own world.
That thing really hurts him.
Idia doesn't want you to leave him.
At first, Idia would try to get to know you via the Internet.
If that doesn't work, kidnapping is the thing.
Actually, it's not kidnapping.
Instead, he tricks you into eating apple seeds.
You know?
(In Greek mythology, Hades tricks his beloved into eating pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate was enchanted and because the lover ate the seeds, she cannot leave Hades and the underworld. One seed equals one month. )
Now you really can't leave him.
Idia is ok with the fact that you don't love him.
You must be just a tsundere.
Idia is sure that as time goes by you will start to love him.
You have to.
After all, you are his soulmate.
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*At the dorm leaders' meeting*
Riddle: And I need your signature on this. Idia I'll get it from you later. *mumbles* although it would be much easier if you were physically present at the meetings.
Idia: *mumbles* No. Being outside is dangerous for an otaku like me. There are things like other people, sunlight and Mc with a bucket of water.
Riddle: Mc with wath?
Mc: *trying to hide a bucket of water*
Idia: Mc with a bucket of water. I don't know what Mc is trying to do with it but for some reason they follow me with it.
Mc:*Succeeded in hiding the bucket of water* THAT'S NOT TRUE! *mumbles* But if it was, it would be for academic studies. Not because I stay up every night wondering how your hair will react to water.
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* turns on the kitchen lights *
* noticed Mave *
Uuuh... What are you doing in my kitchen and how did you get in to my house?
Tumblr media
Maven: *camera in his hand* ........... *turns off the lights* I'm not here. Or actually I'm here buuuuuuuuuut... buuuuuuuuuut this is a dream. Yeah, this is just a dream. Go back to sleep Y/N. Do not care about me. I'm just a dream. *stands still* just go... *mumbles* I'll just stand here. Yup. I'm just waiting here for you to go to sleep and for me to take a couple of pictures. *blushes* Oh, you're still here?
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HOW DARE YOU? Why are you attacking an aspiring writer? Yeah they may have quoted your work but is it that bad? Or you're not popular? Can't you share your popularity a little with your colleague?
Colleague? No, I can't call @yourboibi123 a colleague. If they were a colleague, they would write their work themselves. Now they just steal the hard work of others.
And no, I can't share my popularity with others. I've never written this before, but I've put a lot of effort into this blog.
There was a phase where I almost failed my school because of Tumblr. There was also a phase when I stayed up so late writing that I didn't have time to eat properly before school started. I have even sometimes used school hours so that I could post three writings here.
I was very stupid...
But I didn't make those stupid choices so someone could steal my work and pretend they did it!
Why does anyone need to gain popularity by stealing other people's writing? Why don't they just do their opinionated writings? I have worked hard to achieve this and I intend to destroy anyone who tries to steal my writing.
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Maven we should get married 😍
Tumblr media
Maven: Yep, they're next week. It was supposed to be a surprise but I can't hide it anymore. Don't worry I've taken care of everything. I even have a wedding dress/suit for you.
*waves his hands* Surpriseeeeee
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Can I request Yandere Snake with a fem darling who can play flute?
Yandere Snake
Tumblr media
I mean there's a reason why Snake falls love with you so quickly.
You probably participated in the circus.
That was the reason Snake met you.
At first he was really shy.
But that changes when he hears you play for the first time.
Your playing sounds really enchanting.
Really magical.
All he can do is stare at his place.
It also has a calming effect on snake's snakes.
Of course you notice that you are being stared at.
After this you start to get to know each other. Slowly but surely.
After this, his obsession also starts to grow.
Of course, slowly but surely.
Snake is afraid that you will leave him for someone else.
He sends his snake to watch over you.
Because of this, he always knows where you are and what you are doing.
He would try to give you gifts.
But if that doesn't work he will kidnap you.
Snake just can't live without you.
He's a little sorry.
Don't worry Snake will bring your flute with him too.
You can still express yourself.
He loves to hear you play.
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what would yandere Sebek look like in soulmate au?
Yandere Sebek Zigvolt
Tumblr media
Sebek was disappointed when there was no red thread around his finger.
This fueled his insecurities.
He suspected it was because he was half fae and not full fae.
Sebek decides to bury his sorrows and dedicate himself to Malleus.
This is the purpose of his life.
And then that day happens.
Sebek finally finds the red string on his fingertip.
At first he feels bitter.
So he has a soul mate, but the age difference is huge.
Even in this world, it's not okay.
He decides to continue to devote himself to Malleus.
However, everything changes when he sees you in class.
At first, Sebek would be shocked.
He doesn't understand why fate would have tied him to an ordinary person.
He was also a little disappointed.
Sebek had assumed that his soul mate would be a fae.
( Malleus)
After that, Sebek is angry.
How dare you be that close to Ace.
After all, you are HIS soulmate.
Sebek would take this oath very seriously.
And he would expect the same from you.
A relationship would be a must.
Sebek starts planning your future.
A future that doesn't include returning you home.
At the same time, Sebek tries to "teach" you the ways of your new home country.
If Sebek found out that you were trying to return home, he would get angry.
Sebek would shout that you are as crooked as other people.
This would be the reason why he would lock you out.
Sebek is not going to lose his soulmate.
This is best for everyone him.
Even if you are his soulmate it doesn't mean he won't punish you.
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@yourboibi123 still didin't delete removed work from their blog that they stole from me.
This is not a threat but a promise but if you keep stealing my work I will keep making call out posts
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Public call out to @yourboibi123
@yourboibi123 has stolen my work and is passing it off as they own.
Tumblr media
Link to originally
Tumblr media
Link to originally
In terms of this story, it is good to know that @otomeanimemanga-fandom-writer is my second Profile where in 2021 posted my own works that had not received much visibility.
Tumblr media
Link to originally
Tumblr media
Link to originally
Tumblr media
Link to originally
Tumblr media
Link to originally
Tumblr media
Link to originally
Tumblr media
Link to originally
This is not even everything. There are at least three more of these. Total plagiarism. Even the GIF of those posts is taken directly from the original. And they probably didn't know that my "main blog" is this big. Probably they just deliberately targeted a small blog so that this wouldn't become such a big deal. This really says a lot about their morals.
And if that's not enough. Nope.
They still had to take @silversparkz art and post it on their own account and still admit that it is not their doing. They didn't even tag the original artist on it. And a mere mention is definitely not enough.
Tumblr media
Link to originally
That is really shameless and gross.
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Maven, what are your thoughts on shy peeps?
Tumblr media
Maven: *click* I got picture about you. From here. This will be my new phone wallpaper. Could you do it again? I'd like it on video. *mumbles* and make a 10h version of that video.
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People who steal my work are playing with fire. But then you know you're popular when someone plagiarizes your work.
However, I will warn you now this one time. If I ever find out that someone has ever stolen my OC I will do my 100% best to destroy your entire career on Tumblr.
I am not joking...
Stealing normal work is a different matter. Oc are something personal. They are like my own children. There will be no advance warning. Callout post will come immediately. I am also 100% ready to take the case to court.
All kindness flies out the window the second you try to steal my Oc
This is not a threat this is a promise.
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Someone has steal my work again
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For Obey me how would a pletonic relationship would be with the cute sheep mc w/ Mammon, Lucifer and Beelzebub?
Like mc is that later back sibling yet can be strict when needed
Tumblr media
"Oh hi Mc I'm just eating lamb do you want to taste too?... Oooooooooh"
Beel tried to eat you at first.
He didn't know you were an exchange student yet.
( I would have done the same. Whenever I see a pink sheep running around I try to eat it. There's nothing unusual about a pink sheep. *sarcasm* )
Beel would be sorry later.
He would try to apologize by bringing you food.
First he would ask Satan what food the sheep like.
You are the only human sheep that Beel shares his food with.
Usually Beel would carry you from place to place.
Devildom can be a dangerous place.
There are many demons here who want to hurt you.
Beel avoids eating meat around you.
He feels that you are looking at him accusingly.
Especially if he eats lamb.
Beel would love to pet you.
He would also like to sleep with you when he has nightmares.
Your wool is really warm.
Tumblr media
"Look closely Mc, here is a picture of Lucifer's credit card. *shows picture* I want you to grab it and bring it to me. NO MC DON'T EAT THE PICTURE!"
His human sheep.
Mammon would try to train you to steal Lucifer's debit card.
Or, actually, Leviathan's bank card also works.
Mammon trusts that no one can be angry with you for long.
But you really are a stubborn sheep.
Also, when Lucifer hears about this he will take you away from Mammon.
At least Mammon is not as bad as Satan.
Mammon refuses to admit that he thinks you're cute.
Especially when you follow him around.
Or when you climb into his lap and demand to be petted.
Mammon is trying to keep you away from his money and chores.
You tend to eat paper.
Mammon would try to teach you away from this habit.
He doesn't want you to eat his money or his homework again.
He would definitely buy a harness for you because you are so energetic.
Or several harnesses because somehow you always manage to bite the strap.
You don't really appreciate Mammo's possessiveness "kindness"
Tumblr media
"MAMMON!!! Didn't I say you can't teach Mc how to steal credit cards? SATAN!!!! Stop bringing Mc to my office just so they can mess up places and eat my important papers!!! If you can't be nice with Mc, I'll take them away from you."
You can see Lucifer's hair turn gray the second you enter the portal.
You are a sheep...
Why did Diavolo want a sheep for the exchange program?
He tries to stop Diavolo from completely embarrassing himself.
It fails miserably when Diavolo tries to talk to you.
First, he must make clear to Diavolo the difference between a sheep and a human.
However, you can stay.
Every other day Lucifer tries to stop Mammon who is going to teach you how to steal credit cards.
And on those days when Mammon behaves Satan is a problem.
Satan has a compelling desire to teach you how to set Lucifer's office on fire.
Which he thought was harmless at first.
But then you learn how to open a gas canister.
You are a frighteningly intelligent sheep.
Because his brothers don't know how to behave, Lucifer takes you away from them.
He usually puts you on his lap while he does paperwork.
Your company is surprisingly nice.
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Yandere Malleus finding out his friend mc is his soul mate? I'd like it to be something like the first time you make skin contact with them it shows up. So he was unaware until they both touched for the first time. Please and thank you!
In this Au, people only start to see colors when they touch each other.
Yandere Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Malleus was used to not seeing colors.
Fae lives very long life.
And sometimes they spend half their lives without a soul mate even being born.
But Malleus believes in fate.
He believes that fate will see to it that he meets his soul mate.
After this, you two get a happy ending.
Malleus thought of you as just a friend at first.
Okay, you're his first friend and that's why you're important.
Malleus was comforted by the fact that you hadn't found your soulmate either.
Now he wasn't alone in that.
However, he wondered why you avoid doing many things.
It's because you don't want to find your soulmate.
What if your soul mate is an asshole?
You don't want to be stuck with an asshole for the rest of your life.
This is why you don't touch anyone or do other things that might reveal who your soulmate is.
Which is difficult.
As soon as you entered the new world and couldn't see colors, you knew you were in trouble.
Luckily, the Soulmate Au fanfic had prepared you for this.
However, unwanted touch will eventually occur.
You and Malleus were normally out for a walk.
Suddenly you fell and Malleus tried to catch you.
Because of this, your hands touched each other.
Malleus felt like his head would explode.
Suddenly he saw all the colors around you.
Who would have imagined that the world is so beautiful?
And you are certainly the most beautiful person in the world.
His soulmate.
It was as if the yandere switch inside the Malleus had been turned to the "on" position.
Bedroom eyes can describe the way Malleus looked at you.
You looked at him again like chewing gum stuck to your shoe.
It would be clear that Malleus would never let you go.
During your friendship, you had to listen to him complain that he hadn't found his soulmate.
You wanted to get out of the situation and Malleus wanted to have sex with you.
R.I.P that Friendship
Your friendship lasted an amazing two months.
After this, Malleus starts to drown you with gifts and affection.
It feels like he is with you every single second.
According to Malleus, you should be lovers because you are soulmates.
Kidnapping happens very quickly.
Also, forget about the dreams of returning home.
Malleus bribes Crowley so he won't even try to find you a way back home.
A truly "unfortunate coincidence".
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Can I request some general headcanons for yandere Kaneki Ken?
Yandere Kaneki Ken headcanon (Re-make)
Tumblr media
Kaneki would be a really clingy, paranoid and self-conscious yandere.
He just wanted someone's love.
Even though Kaneki knows you can never truly love him.
However, Kaneki believes it's because he's a monster.
Not because he kidnapped you.
Kaneki would fall in love with you if you were kind to him.
He would cling to it really desperately.
Kaneki needs love.
He has a strong need to please other people.
Especially you.
Kaneki would first try to date you in "normal" ways at first.
But it doesn't really work.
Kaneki cannot be completely honest with you.
This thing bothers him.
Kaneki wants you to be happy together.
So kidnapping is the best option.
Kaneki won't punish you.
He doesn't think you're doing anything wrong.
The fault is always with him.
At worst, Kaneki would just lock you in a room.
He apologizes later.
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The half-eaten jar of Ramen is whispering secrets in my ear again. It says that there is less than half an hour to send Soulmate Au requests.
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