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Tumblr media
Chrys makes the mistake of calling Azul out Directly (Azul what is wrong with you)
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can you tell my heart is speaking? {misc.}
@diodellet​ requested: how would these characters react to getting an anonymous love letter from their crush who, ~plot twist~ has really really illegible handwriting? (like doctor's penmanship but ramp it up by 200% hahaha) like who would try to deduce the sender's identity or who would mistakenly throw the love letter in the trash?
this was one of those requests where i read it and INSTANTLY got inspo - even though it ended up a little silly. i hope you like it!!
!! information !!
characters: ruggie + jamil + rook + lilia + sebek
reader: gn!
cw: none!
masterlists ⇿ requests
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie is one of the easier ones to slip a note when he’s unaware. Just ask if Crewel needs to bother Leona about retaking any tests, go tell Leona about these tests until he threatens to bite a piece of you off your body, then slip into Ruggie’s room and leave the note squarely on his pillow. Most of the guys in the dorm don’t care enough to watch the weird freshman and remember what they’re doing, or they just assume you’re dropping something off for Ruggie as you tend to do.
When Ruggie gets the letter, he at first thinks he’s too tired to read. But then he blinks a few times, holds the letter closer and further from his face, and realizes that, no, his vision is just fine. He’s just got a mysterious letter to figure out, on top of all his regular work. Now, he just has to figure out if it’s a ransom note or a love note…
His consideration of it being a love note is 100% a joke. He doesn’t mean it. But after checking all of his belongings (the stash is still meager, but it’s been growing substantially) and realizing nothing is missing, he crosses ransom off the list. So he starts wondering if he forgot to repay someone, or if somebody could be collecting an IOU. But the list of people he allows to hold favors over his head is notably short, and they all accuse him of trying to hasten the process of them deciding what to use him for when he asks them about leaving a message for him. Ok, so it’s not debt collection, either.
At lunch, Ruggie holds the note in the sun and turns it around in his hands. Some of the symbols actually look like words…written by the kids back home, of course. When he thinks about it like that, he can actually make out a few words: confess, his name, and…love??
OH. So he was right when he found the note. He laughs at himself then, and is thankful he chose to sit by himself in the courtyard today.
That makes narrowing down the suspects way easier. There’s only one person in this school who even pretends to like him, and luckily it’s the one person he doesn’t mind getting a love letter from. Yeah, he wishes he could actually read what you wrote, but something tells him he’ll hear it straight from the horse’s mouth soon enough.
Did you think he’d run straight to you like a lovesick prince and clear the air, saving you from your multi-day suffering of wondering why you haven’t heard a response? You’d be right! - well, partially, about him beelining for you. But you know he’s going to tease you for your handwriting, mentioning how some of the kids back home wrote better than you. Lucky for you…a lot of them can write so well because of him. He’s not the neatest writer out there, but you can READ his handwriting, which would be an improvement on your part.
Ruggie showing up at your door nearly gave you a heart attack, even though it was what you’ve been hoping for. You noticed instantly the piece of paper held in his hand, full of your deepest thoughts and feelings for him. But why did he look so confused?
“What does this say?” He immediately asked, not allowing you to get a word in. Your eyes darted from his face to the note, an embarrassed heat creeping up to your face.
“Uh. Well. If I wanted to tell you, I wouldn’t have written it out, you know?” 
Ruggie stared at you for a few moments before laughing, crumpling the paper in his hand as he did so. Your heart sank - was he really going to reject you in such a cruel manner?
“Listen up, prefect! I’m going to give you some lessons in penmanship,” He declared. “I used to teach some of the kids back home, so this should be a breeze.”
“Oh, okay,” You agreed, not wanting to sound too eager. You didn’t wanted to say it (out loud), but he got a million times cuter when he talked about the kids in his neighborhood. “But...what about the letter?”
“I can’t read it.” 
“But don’t worry!” With the mischievous look on his face, you were suddenly reminded that Ruggie wasn’t simply some innocent underdog in the school just because he wasn’t one of the infamous overblots. “Your final exam will be rewriting it, and I’ll be watching you write every single word.”
You couldn’t tell if he was being flirty or mean, but your heart did somersaults anyway.
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Jamil Viper
Jamil is a difficult one to catch off guard, especially since (mostly unbeknownst to you) he has a crush on you, too. When you’re in the room, he finds himself watching you from the corner of his eye (or sometimes straight on during his less subtle days), noticing little things that only make him all the more wistful.
The one time he won’t do this is during basketball practice. This is for two reasons: one, he’d die of shame if he missed an easy shot because you were in the room, and two, he happens to be in a club with one of the people who would instantly blurt out any strange behaviors from him if spotted (Floyd). At least Kalim has the sense to stop talking when Jamil gives him a very pointed glare that would only encourage Floyd further.
So, as long as you rope Ace into your plans, talk to him by the bleachers for a second and sneakily place a letter on Jamil’s bag, he probably won’t even notice. And if your note is just on a piece of paper and not enveloped with stickers (please make it discreet, he would also DIE if he had a very obvious love letter on his stuff, regardless of who it’s from) then he won’t even suspect anything until he’s already reading the letter!
…unfortunately, Jamil can’t read the letter.
He tries! He really does! For about 30 seconds. Then he decides it can’t be deciphered and is probably a stray page of somebody’s notes that got stuck on his bag somehow. Ace, who is very aware of what it actually is, tries to casually question Jamil as he crushes it in his hands.
Jamil responds flippantly, saying he couldn’t make sense of it and it’s nothing any of them need to worry about. Before Ace can casually try to offer to decode some of it, Floyd takes that as an invitation to snatch the paper ball, shout a popular baseball player’s name out (nobody is sure if he chose a player of the wrong sport on accident or not), and throw it in the wastebasket across the room instead of the one right next to him. (It makes it! As the basketball club cheers Floyd on and Jamil rolls his eyes, Ace swallows nervously. He’s 90% certain that you just got rejected, hard.)
Ace not-so-subtly breaks the news to you the next day, and he winds up pulling Deuce into ‘Operation: Cheer Up The Prefect!” This involves ice cream (coincidentally they bring home more than you need in their own favorite flavors) and keeping you as far away from Jamil as possible. With how brutally Ace told the story, you’re positive you’d die of embarrassment if you had to meet him face-to-face.
But Ace notices during practice one day that Jamil keeps staring at him. When they take a water break, Ace almost implodes in relief when he’s finally approached.
“Hey, Ace. Is anything wrong with the prefect?”
“You care?” Ace asked, purposely taking the bite out of his words. 
“Well...” Jamil shoves his hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt - sweat tank? - and looks to the side, as if choosing his words carefully. “Kalim was planning another party, and I need to know if they’re sick or anything so he doesn’t get sick.”
“Oh. Yeah, they’re fine.” Well, as much as he hates it, Ace feel sorry for you. This guy is ruthless. But he can’t just leave it at that - he’s gonna get you closure, whether you wanted him to or not. “Hey, what did you make of that weird letter on your backpack the other day?”
“You still remember that? It was a piece of-” Jamil stopped, looking right at Ace. Shrinking away, Ace watched Jamil as his eyes shifted slightly, trying to figure out if Ace was messing with him. “What do you mean, a letter?”
“...I may or may not know the basics of what it said. And could’ve read it. Because I know who wrote it. And I can read their handwriting.”
Jamil’s eye twitched once as he started to connect the dots. He looked more annoyed than horrified, which Ace couldn’t decide if it was good or bad. “This letter is sensitive in nature if you only know the basics of what it said, and it just so happened to be the event right in between the prefect talking to me every day to avoiding me when ‘they’re fine?’ Did I get that right?”
Ace laughed nervously. “They don’t call Scarabia one of the smartest dorms for nothing...”
“Sevens,” Jamil cursed, turning on his heel. He was out the door before anybody could ask him what he was doing, but Ace figured out where he was headed. You were in for quite the surprise. To walk out like that...Jamil must really like you.
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Rook Hunt
Epel tried to fight you tooth and nail when you asked him to deliver the letter. However, after several rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors and even more accusations of you cheating, Epel finally (and begrudgingly) agreed to be your mailman. If Vil wasn’t in the room when he delivered it, he would’ve just tossed it at Rook and been done with it. However, he handed it over with as much grace as he could, listened to Vil’s curt corrections, and scurried out of the room (while Vil called out something against said scurrying.)
Rook knew exactly who wrote the letter as soon as he saw the first word. With handwriting as unique as yours, how could he not? You thought you could hide it when romance seized you so wholly you couldn’t help but express it in written words? How foolish!
Rook began giggling like a madman, and eventually, Vil’s curiosity got the better of him. “What do you have there?”
“It seems the little lovebird has finally decided to sing their song!” Rook exclaimed. Vil wasn’t sure if he’s ever seen such pure glee before.
“Ah, of course. Any highlights?” Code for give me the details, please!
“I would tell you, but I’m afraid I can’t read a single word.”
“Huh?!?” They don’t talk about the utterly disgraceful noise that left Vil’s mouth at that.
See, Rook knows what he received through deduction alone. He’s been expecting you to make a move for some time now, actually! And while he’s touched by what you decided, it’s such a shame that your feelings didn’t break through like you thought they might! Fortunately, Rook gets told he speaks cryptically all the time, so he can play your little game with you if you’d like.
Suddenly, you have Rook trailing you even more than usual, spouting long, wordy praises(?) and sonnets that put Shakespeare to shame. He uses excessively flowery prose and more dramatics than usual, so what little words you catch just don’t make any sense. You enjoy the show, and you’re happy to see he hasn’t rejected you entirely, but you’re also completely lost on any progress you thought you would’ve made with the letter.
Rook has had his fun. Now, it was time for the moment you’ve certainly been waiting for - he was going to answer your feelings and return them in full!
With the recent theatrics, he decided a simple flower and a knock on your door would be enough to express how genuine he was being. After all, he didn’t want to overwhelm you entirely and have you doubting him! So he knocked on your door between the end of classes and dinner, certain you’d be winding down from the day and have a second to spare.
When you opened the door, Rook bowed and offered the flower in his hand to you. “Ah, mon cœur, how lovely it is to see you again. I’ve come to officially accept your feelings and see...if you might be interested in pursuing a relationship with me? You know I do love a good pursuit.”
You took the flower cautiously, an eyebrow raised. “But I thought..”
“Oh! Nothing.”
“No, no! Do not be keeping secrets from me already!” Rook lamented, straightening his posture and grabbing your hands in his. “Tell me what it is that confuses you.”
“Well...” All of a sudden, you were feeling very embarrassed and sort of like a fool. “I guess, when you started with all the poems every day, I kinda thought...that meant we already were in a relationship?”
Rook blinked at you, unable to hold back his singular laugh. “My feelings are as strong as they have always been. I could feel the passion in your letter, I could see the love-”
“You couldn’t read the letter, could you?” You sighed. “Grim warned me this might happen...”
But Rook, thoroughly amused with the situation, only brought your hands to his face and pressed a gentle kiss on your knuckles. “Perhaps we are soulmates, then, if we so thoroughly understand each other with such indirect communication.”
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Lilia Vanrouge
Are you confessing to Lilia via letter because it’s old fashioned and romantic, or because you’re scared? As you walk up the hill to the front door of Diasomnia, you still can’t figure out the answer for yourself.
If you know Lilia well enough to even considering there’s a CHANCE at a successful confession, you’ve definitely picked up on how he’s much…more than he leads on. Even if you didn’t know him that well, with the way everybody who knows him respects and admires him, you’d have to be stupid not to know SOMETHING was hiding beneath those “innocent, adorable eyes” and those “boyish good looks” and his “smooth, youthful cheeks.” (All, of course, are direct observations made by the fae himself.) So perhaps the chance at being gently let down is greater than you’d hoped, but certainly you’re trying to appeal to his more private side, right?
You approach the door, stand frozen in front of it, and slip the envelope with his name beneath the door before hurrying away. Okay, you wrote your confession because you were scared.
Lilia allows you to leave the dimension of his dorm before curiously picking up the letter. You aren’t very good at hiding your tracks, but against fae, most humans aren’t. He smiles at the hearts you’ve drawn on the envelope, carefully peeling off any stickers to keep. What a sweet way of telling him things he already knows.
Oh, he doesn’t mean to be demeaning! You’re simply so cute, it’s hard for him not to coo over every little thing you do! He’s been carefully tiptoeing around the subject for ages, but if you were brave enough to confess to him first…perhaps it’s time for him to truly confront the feelings that have been building ever since he met you. You are strange, and you are reckless, and you are oh so dear to him. It couldn’t hurt to at least see where a relationship would go within the year, right?
(Read: Lilia has some hangups about the difference in your lifespans, but fae aren’t exactly known to be selfless creatures. Lilia doesn’t hoard jewels and gold so much as he does the people he holds close to his heart, so it was really only a matter of time before you found yourself by his side anyway.)
Of course, even if Lilia can read the letter just fine, he has to have some fun with it! The hope and apprehension in your eyes when he meets you next is too enjoyable not to toy with, just a little. So, instead of asking you to dinner, Lilia asks if you need help with your unit on hexes and curses. Confused, you cautiously agree and suddenly, instead of a date, you have a two-person study group. At least he’s not avoiding you completely?
Lilia has you carefully drawing out the symbols in your textbook while he watches with his sharp eyes. You’re almost positive he’s leaning too close to you on purpose, and you’re 100% sure he’s being such a perfectionist just so he can fluster you more. When he purposely puffs a little air on your neck just as you’re finishing this round of symbols, making you jolt and mess up an otherwise perfectly straight line, Lilia clicks his tongue and begins to tell you to start again. You interrupt him.
“You’re being weird again.”
“Am I?”
“Yes,” You respond, turning to face him. Ah, right, he never backed away and now your faces were inches apart. Leaning back, you turned your head and huffed. Normally you’d find this endearing, but now you were beginning to feel like a toy. “What’s with this whole studying thing, anyway? I never mentioned having trouble in class. Actually, I’m doing just fine.”
“And yet you accepted my help anyway?” Your face began to heat up. Lilia backed away to give you your space again. “No, I just thought I might help you, since whatever curse you slipped underneath my door was absolutely abysmal.”
“I’ve gotta say, though, hearts are a strange choice of rune...”
“Oh,” Your face got hotter, and you sighed. “Listen, Lilia, if I overstepped...”
Before you could finish, Lilia leaned in again, one hand on the back of your chair and the other on the table. You weren’t caged in at all, but you felt as if leaving would be a big mistake - not that you wanted to, of course. Lilia was smiling, the carefully constructed way someone does when they’re waiting to prove you wrong.
“Don’t say that, little one. It appears I’m the one that overstepped. I only meant to tease you a bit, that’s all. I never meant to imply I wasn’t interested.”
• • • • • • • Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek’s eyes have been on you all day (more than usual). Lilia joyfully proclaims that he has “‘got it bad,’ as the youth are now saying,” but Sebek knows it’s deeper than that. Sebek knows you are planning something.
You and your two friends (which, now that he’s got suspicions, he refuses to admit are also his friends) have been hunched over something, whispering conspiratorially and laughing all day. What’s more is that the Young Master has been hanging around you at night more and more frequently. Dots are connecting in Sebek’s head, and he doesn’t like it one bit.
Before he can best decide how to confront you, you leave with your little entourage. But what’s this? Upon closer inspection, Sebek realizes you’ve left behind a piece of paper. He scans it closely, once, twice, then realizes…
Sebek is beside himself with grief, fury, and shock at your audacity. At your betrayal!! How could a human such as yourself - weak and simple-minded and kind and attractive and determined - stoop to such lows?! This isn’t right! It keeps him awake at night, and he decides the next morning that he must confront you before you do something you cannot undo.
You hear loud, aggressive banging on your door far earlier than Ace and Deuce ever arrive at your dorm. Excitedly sending the two a text saying Sebek is right on time, you jump down the stairs and try not to be too excited. After straightening yourself out one final time, you take a deep breath and open the door.
...Only to see a very frantic Sebek?
“HUMAN.” His voice is loud as always, but it almost sounds more tense than usual. You’re thankful Grim is the only other one in the dorm who sleeps, otherwise you’d have some very angry roommates right about now. “What is it that you’re planning?!”
“What am I planning?” You repeated. This was not how you were hoping this conversation would go.
“Don’t act like I haven’t seen you and the others plotting in the shadowed corners of the school!” From his pocket, Sebek presents your letter and waves it in front of your face. “I know this is a secret code, and I know you’ve got something nefarious up your sleeves!”
“What? I don’t-” You grab his wrist to stop his waving, only to look past the paper and see him so worked up, he’s got tears in his eyes.
“If you denounce all your evil plans to me right now, I’ll let you off with a warning! As a future knight of the young master, I really shouldn’t be making such deals, but-” And he cuts himself off, like the emotion is too much for him to handle. It’s almost sweet, how he offers up his integrity just to keep you afloat. Or maybe he’s finally accepted that Malleus actually likes you and would miss you if Sebek were to chase you away. It was hard to tell.
What wasn’t hard to tell was how distressed Sebek is, so you took the paper out of his hands and look at it. Deuce did warn you that your handwriting was rather messy. It would make sense that he couldn’t read it. How he got this idea in his head, you weren’t sure, but you didn’t want to watch him suffer for much longer.
“You figured me out, Sebek,” You responded sadly. Sebek looked absolutely scandalized. “I wanted to leave the young master vulnerable, so I was trying to take out the rising star that would one day defend him.”
“And how did you plan to do that?” Sebek scowled at you. You heaved a dramatic sigh.
“...You. I was trying to take you out.” For the effect, you paused for a moment before continuing. “On a date, actually. This isn’t a plan written in code, it’s a love letter.”
Sebek stared at you before clearing his throat. “OH.”
It was going to take a while to sink in and even longer to convince him, you could tell. You ushered him to your couch before he could faint.
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What If mini: Jamil Was Housewarden?
Tumblr media
This is just a quick exploration of third-year Jam as Scarabia's new housewarden. Nothing too elaborate as this is more of a teaser for my new hair related TWST series following "Rookified TWST."
This time the sketches will be colored and digital, so prepare for that! This new series will explore TWST characters swapping hairstyles with another character. They may end up being super cute or extremely cursed, who knows?
If you have requests for characters you'd like to see swap hair styles, feel free to comment!
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Twst boys reacting to you doing this pose
Tumblr media
He isn’t sure what you’re doing, but he does it back. He thinks maybe it’s a new magicam prank and he wants to seem cool. If you do it to him repeatedly, he’ll probably just laugh at you over time
“Oh? Do you want a hug?” Immediately you are being hugged. If this was your goal, great! If not…oops? If you do it to him repeatedly, he will continue offering you hugs
Stares at you before looking away. He pretends not to see it. If you do it repeatedly, you will eventually get him asking what you’re doing. He will not understand and will make no attempt to understand
Does it back, no questions asked. He will do it back whenever you do it to him, and sometimes even initiates it, seeing if you’ll do it to him
“Stop that. What are you doing? This is unseemly, I demand you stop at once.” He doesn’t like it, he doesn’t know what it is, he just knows that it’s improper. He’s making headway in being lax but he will absolutely not tolerate this kind of silliness. If you do it repeatedly, you will get collared.
He doesn’t really pay any attention to you doing it. If you do it repeatedly, you may get varying reactions from being ignored, laughed at, or picked up from under the armpits and carried around. Depends on if you’re interrupting something or not
He understands and does it back immediately. If you do it repeatedly, you might get him to do it back but it’s honestly a 50/50 chance because he might be busy
Doesn’t understand, also thinks you want a hug. Doesn’t ask, just ushers you into his arms. If you do it repeatedly, he may or may not notice as a whole? But he will silently offer you a hug.
Hates this. Stop making yourself bigger, it’s threatening. He won’t do it back, but he does feel the urge to. Probably tells you to knock it off. If you keep doing it, he’ll probably just sigh and ignore it
Unsure what this means. He’s not sure if you’re being silly, wanting a hug, or trying to start a fight. Probably just looks at you with his “you’re so stupid, this is adorable” face and continues working. If you keep doing it, he will eventually figure out what you want, but won’t indulge in it just to annoy you
Every time you do this, you are asking to be manhandled by Floyd. He might squeeze you (nicely?) or pick you up and carry you around, or he might do it back. If he’s in a bad mood, he will glare at you and tell you to scram.
He thinks what you’re doing looks fun and immediately joins. You now have a partner in crime, because Kalim starts doing it to you, to Jamil, to other people. He’s a menace. You have no option but to do it repeatedly
He hates this and wants it to stop but won’t say anything. If you do it repeatedly, he might begrudgingly do it back exactly once. You have to gang up with Kalim to do that though
“Stop. You look stupid.” Another person who isn’t a fan and wants you to please not. If you do it repeatedly, he will literally just corner you against a wall and try out one of his old villain monologues to see if it’ll scare the piss out of you. You won’t do this repeatedly
“Excellent form! Beautè! Bravo!” He’s a fan of you doing this. Probably won’t do it back, but he will support you doing it. If you do it repeatedly, he might join you once when you’re doing it to someone other than him
Does it back, no questions asked. Will continue your conversation completely normally, all while posed the same way as you. If you do this repeatedly, he might end up doing this specifically to piss off Vil
Will do it back, so long as you’re alone with him. If you do it in front of someone (like at board game club or something) he’ll just flush and try and hide in his jacket. Unless it’s exclusively with Azul, which he will gladly do it with you so he can watch the octopus loose his shit. If you do it repeatedly, he will begin amping it up slowly by turning on kazoo covers of meme songs.
Doesn’t know what you’re doing, but Idia does it too so he’s joining. In your antics with the shroud brothers, at some point you will recreate this meme. Idia uses it as a react image on discord
Tumblr media
Doesn’t understand, will never understand, but dragons do something similar when either starting a fight or attracting a mate. He’s both flattered and offended, and will do it back exclusively to see how you react. When you smile at him, he starts thinking you’re dating. If you do this repeatedly, he might ask you to meet his parents.
His response is to t-pose. He’s seen the youth stuff he’s hip with the kids. If you do this repeatedly, he will literally follow you around t-posing. You will end up birthing two memes at nrc
Tumblr media
He’s not paying any attention, he’s half asleep and annoyed. If you do it repeatedly, he will probably eventually ask you what you’re doing. Might do it back, but only when you’re alone (he will show up to your dorm, do this pose in the doorway, then wordlessly leave)
He gets angry and starts yelling at you about the indecency. Reaction very similar to Riddle, except Riddle had the authority and power to fuck with you while Sebek is just annoying. When he finds out that Malleus is happy with this, he will stop yelling at you but will still quietly hate it
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Hiyah! Could I request headcanons for Leona and Trey and Jamil (seperately ofc) with a female s/o who is great at making Japanese food and snacks and shares them with everyone including their families?
Fem! S/O makes Japanese food and sweets
Author's Note: Everyone can be in the kitchen, not only women. If you think women only belong in the kitchen, then go away!
Pairing: Leona, Trey, & Jamil x Fem! Reader
Warnings: Female Reader
Tumblr media
At first, he would be napping then get woken up by you to try something you made.
He would say that he's losing sleep because of you, but we know the truth.
One day while at Savanaclaw, you borrowed the kitchen and Leona was napping in his room. You were cooking up a storm as Jack came back from his workout and you offered to cook something since he was curious about your cooking.
Leona woke up to a savory aroma and followed it all the way to the kitchen to see Jack eating your food as you listened to what he had say about it.
The audacity of your friend/his underclassmen
He strolled over and rested his chin on your shoulder then opened his mouth, indicating to feed him.
You gave him some, but after that, Leona would hang around you more if you cooked and would buy you some ingredients or cookbooks you wanted.
He would taste test your food and tell you if anything was wrong with it.
Teases you that if he dies, it's on your hands.
He took you home and found you spending your time in the library as well as kitchen, experimenting or researching new flavors to use in your craft.
Its safe to say that Cheka enjoyed your food to the point he would always ask Leona if you made anymore yummy food whenever he sees him either when at the palace or visiting Leona at NRC.
The Cooking Duo
Trey would probably ask for your help when he tries to make Japanese sweets.
Totally just for the assistance, not to spend time with you.
Anyway, you two would spend time together in the kitchen, even fi you're cooking food while he makes sweet.
He would taste test in the exchange of you doing the same of his sweets.
Will give you detailed analysis about everything but will also give you simple feedback like it's good to spite you.
You both do this to each other.
During break, he took some of your food home and within the week, he texted that your invited over during break if you weren't busy which you weren't.
when you asked him what suddenly brought this, he told you that his family ate the tableware of your food and were wanting to meet you.
You showed up to the house and was welcomed by a bunch of Trey's younger siblings. His parents told you that they wanted to sell your sweets as a holidays time treat in exchange that they'd pay you.
Agreeing, you help around the bakery and get to hear about how Trye was when he was younger from both parents and customers who've been around for a while.
Trey and you hardly had a moment by yourself without his family spying on you two.
Covered in flour at times? Yes.
When you leave, his siblings are holding onto you, not wanting you to leave.
Another one where you two would probably have cooking dates.
Would be straight forward with you if you ask him to taste test your food.
You both you exchange lunches with each other for the other to have a taste of what you both made.
Safe to say, Kalim and Najma were fans of your cooking if you sent any home with him. He has to hide it from Najma, espcially if he brings some home.
Would suggest different flavors to use in your recipes.
Just don't give him anything date flavored.
Enjoys when you make curry and rice for him to eat.
I could see him refusing to share if someone asked to try your food from the lunch you made him.
When the Training camp is over, he is immediately happy when he realizes he can eat your food again without Vil breathing down his neck.
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treysimp · 11 hours ago
You can ignore this if you're not taking requests but your recent Ace x reader fic got me thinking...what about Ace and Floyd being wingmen for Jamil with reader?? Cause they're the basketball club who does anything but basketball 😂
Backboard - GN!Reader/Jamil Viper (Explicit)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Reader’s body not described nor are pronouns used (things are described as going in holes without specifics lol), mutual pining, grinding, heavy petting, kissing, dirty talk, talk of penetration, ask to tag for more.
Words: 3.3k
Silly author’s notes: Hey so this was probably a fluff request but uhhhh it became uhh smutty by accident so... oops?
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Tumblr media
“Prefect!” Yelled a familiar voice behind you. Before you could turn around to see who it was, you felt two different hands clap onto each of your shoulders.
With a blur of teal and ginger, you felt yourself being swept away to who knows where while Ace and Floyd bicker about their club.
“So I was sayin’...” Ace coughed stiffly, glaring at Floyd as his jaw tightened “...what was I saying, Floyd?”
“Oh!” Floyd nodded, “You were saying…” He tilted his head to the side in a look of confusion and not-at-all-subtly was mouthing words to Ace. 
Snapping your gaze to your redheaded friend, you missed the first part of the sentence, but you could make out Ace mouthing the words ‘you idiot’.
“I’m clearly missing something.” You say, trying to dig in your heels to stop your two troublemaking friends from continuing to orchestrate your kidnapping.
“Oh, come on, don’t be like that!” Floyd whined, “We just wanted you to watch us practice! Finals are coming up and Jamil’s been on our asses about improving.” 
“And that involves me how?” You say, crossing your arms but allowing them to start walking you again. You had a huge crush on the hardworking and clever Jamil, not that you would ever admit it to anyone. If the smirks on Ace and Floyd’s faces were anything to go by, though... you might not have been as subtle as you hoped. 
“He’s nicer to us when you’re watching!” Ace said with a grin, “Come on, don’t you want to do this for your besties?” 
“Yeah, shrimpy! We’re besties!” 
“Um, I’m pretty sure that I am the bestie, Floyd.” 
“If you’re the bestie, how come I’m the one that got slapped by them the other day?” 
“Floyd!” You exclaimed, “I told you that was an accident! You surprised me!” 
You had slapped Floyd across the face two days ago when he had jumped out and screamed bloody murder as you were walking out of the bathroom. Fight-or-flight instincts kicked in, and you learned that day that apparently you are a ‘fight’ person. Floyd’s reaction was to cackle and then pretend to run and cry to Jade, who teased that he was disappointed that you had only slapped Floyd and not him yet. 
Dangerous, both of them.
The three of you had finally reached the gym, so it seemed like that particular thread was going to be left forgotten. Grabbing your hand, Ace pulled you inside.
“Jamil! Look who wants to watch us practice!” He exclaimed, holding your hand up in the air like a referee calling a boxing match. 
Jamil’s face did not show even the slightest change of emotion while he stared at Ace. “You’re both ten minutes late, you know.”
“Yeah yeah, but we’re here now, right? Let’s get practicing!” Floyd said playfully, grabbing one of the discarded basketballs off the ground and biting his tongue while he tried to spin it on the tip of his finger. Well, you supposed that was a kind of basketball practice. 
“Uh, if you’d rather only club members be here, Jamil, I don’t want to bother you.” You offered. You would rather stay, but not at the cost of annoying him, even if Ace saying that he was nicer around you made your heart flutter. 
Jamil sighed, his neutral expression falling into a gentle smile.
“You are fine to stay, if you wish. I very much doubt that you were brought here only of your own volition.” He said, side-eyeing Floyd and Ace who had gotten distracted enough within seconds to be horsing around and making repeated missed shots at the home team hoop. Jamil pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Did he really always have to play babysitter? 
“Go ahead and take a seat, Prefect.” Jamil said, lightly touching your elbow to steer you towards the bleachers. You go to sit, unconsciously stroking the skin that his fingertips had just ghosted by. This was going to be bad for your heart, you could already tell. 
There was a strange dynamic between the three at practice, you could tell that they were all talking to each other while playing, all three pairs of eyes darting between each other and sometimes even making it your way. Both Floyd and Ace had been going out of their way to talk to you and were being strangely flirty. They were calling out that shots were ‘for you’, winking at you, saying things like ‘if I get three baskets can we go out on Saturday’, or walking off the side of the court to talk to you while everyone else continued to play. It was not your usual dynamic, and it was very confusing.
Jamil however, looked pissed. He was playing a great game, especially since the ever mercurial and unnecessarily tall Floyd was playing seriously for once. There was a flurry of movement, sneakers squeaking on the court, the echo of the ball bouncing and every so often you would catch a word of one of the boys’ mysterious conversations. Unfortunately the only part so far you were able to glean were the words ‘cute’ and ‘fuck you’, so… not much in the way of success so far.
Practice went on that way for a while and then came to an early close. Since Ace and Floyd were late and the second years had a big test coming up, they were leaving early. You decided that the least you could do is help pick up, so you volunteered to help Jamil put all of the equipment away. He gave you another soft smile and thanked you, showing you the equipment closet and instructing you on where everything went. 
You thought that Ace and Floyd would have left by now, but they were huddled together and whispering, which frankly made you nervous. Jamil called you back to reality as he got your help to grab the last of the practice gear and hauled it into the closet, letting out a sigh as you finally got everything put away.
“So Jamil, do you…” You began, but you were interrupted by the lights turning off and the door slamming shut with a loud clack. The distinctive laughter of two of your new best frenemies rang from behind the closed entryway and the sounds of loud running footsteps got quieter and quieter.
Those assholes.
Jamil was closer to the exit than you were, and you could hear him rattling the door while trying to turn the handle.
“It’s locked,” Jamil groaned while burying his head in his hands. He didn’t trust those impulsive assholes for one second, and they still got him with this elementary-level setup. “And the light switch is on the outside.”
You walked uneasily forward and called for Jamil softly, your shoulders relaxing as soon as you felt the warmth of his arm. You tried to look at his face, but it was just a bit too dark.
The darkness was actually lucky for Jamil, because that meant that you would only see outlines of shapes rather than see him grinding yet another layer of tooth enamel off in stress. He was going to strangle those boys with his bare hands. 
Okay Jamil, breathe. You can get out of this. He inhaled slowly and exhaled on an eight count. Calm. Calm. Collected and calm. 
“I’m so sorry you got wrapped up in their pranks,” Jamil said, sighing as he rubbed the back of his neck in a self-soothing motion. The good mood he had from having you helping him significantly dampened. 
“I don’t mind an excuse to spend time with you, even if I wish the circumstances were a little more fun.” You said with a bubbling laugh. 
Your laugh sounded like a chime in the spring, it felt like a fresh breeze caressing Jamil’s burning skin. You were going to be the death of him. 
How was he supposed to focus on finding a way out of this escape room when all he wanted was for it to be even smaller so he would have another excuse to feel the brush of your cool fingertips on his boiling body?
He had been dying for the entirety of practice, having to listen to Floyd and Ace try to egg him on by talking about how cute you were and how they were going to steal you away if he didn’t make a move. They had been offering to ‘wingman’ for him as soon as they had realized that he seemed to have a soft spot for you, but he had refused the offer. 
Apparently, they had decided to go ahead and take matters into their own hands anyway. Idiots.
Jamil is snapped out of that thought by a loud clatter further in the supply closet, accompanied by your voice letting out a yelp, then followed quickly by a loud expletive and more noises. 
“You okay?” He asked into the darkness, blindly walking forward while waving his hands warily in front of him. The closet wasn’t that big, but there was enough junk in it to make it a bit of a maze.
“Yeah!” You reply with a slight hint of frustration, “I was just trying to see if there was anything useful in here but…” A groan, a shuffle, and your voice sounded quite a bit nearer, “That was a bust.”
You sighed, “My phone is in my bag so I don’t have a flashlight. I’m guessing yours is also?” You asked, wanting to kick yourself for not keeping your phone in your pocket for once. 
“Same.” Jamil chuckled sardonically and began reaching out his hands in the direction of your voice. “Maybe we should work together, huh?”
“Probably. That’s why you’re the famous genius, Jamil.” You said teasingly, feeling along the wall to where it sounded like Jamil was.
Jamil was going to combust if you complimented him like that again. 
He scoffed, “Is the otherworldly non-magical yet still straight-A Ramshackle Prefect, really going to try and call me the famous one?”
It sounded like Jamil was almost right in your ear now. You decided to use that to your advantage. Your eyes had adjusted just slightly, and you were pretty sure you could see the barest outline of the handsome sorcerer you were trapped with. 
You quietly sneak behind him and snake your arms around his waist, feeling his entire body stiffen under your touch. 
God, he was so cute. Your next sentence was breathily whispered over the shell of his ear.
“I mean if one of us should have a fan club it’s you. How do I sign up?” You murmur, taking joy in the quiet gasp that fell out of Jamil’s mouth. “You're always so busy, how do you keep it up?”
It was taking every well-trained muscle of his body to not start shaking in a mixture of intoxicatingly new and intriguing emotions your touch gave him.
“You should be a little more careful in the dark, you know? You did just fall after all.” He mumbled, waiting for a moment for you to relax and reply to his light jab. 
He felt your arms loosen as you began an undoubtedly sassy reply. Jamil took the opportunity to spin around and pin you against the wall. One palm next to your head and the other next to your hips. He could just barely see the cheeky grin on your face. Were you messing with him?
“You should also be careful when it comes to playing with others,” he hissed, pressing his body closer to yours, the sweet scent of dried Scarbian flowers escaping from the fabric of his clothing. 
You felt dizzy from the almost touch, the enthralling smell of him, the heat of his gaze. Would it be too forward to just pull the clothes off of him with no explanation? Well, yes obviously, but should you do it anyway? While you were mulling this over, you felt warm breath fanning over your lips. 
“Jamil?” You asked shakily, feeling the body heat of the man in front of you seeping below your skin. 
“Yes?” He replied, moistening his lips with a lick of his tongue. 
“Can I touch you?” You nearly whimper, desperate to close the millimeters of space between the two of you as soon as possible. 
Jamil barely makes out the start of a “yes“ before you were on him, devouring him with kisses for dear life. It felt like you had waited years to feel him, to taste him, to explore the soft cavern of his mouth with your own. You listened to his moans and gasps for air like a symphony made just for the two of you. 
The darkness added to the thrill of exploration as you felt your way across his body: his gorgeously defined shoulders, the flexibly sleek muscles of his chest, his abdomen. 
It was so sudden, you both had barely even talked today, but your eyes had been burning into him as you had daydreamed for the past hour about how much you wanted to put your hands on him and make him speak your name.
Watching him focused on the court, the way his hair would fly in the air as he would duck and weave like the finest silk, the glint in his eyes when he would see an opening, and the dangerous grin that would grow on his face when he took advantage of the opponents single moment of weakness to their doom. You would stare at him, his smile wide, his perfectly smooth complexion gleaming with sweat, just a hint of scarlet on the tips of his ears and the ends of his fingers from the exertion. Laughing in joy for securing that final point they needed to win the match. How could you not be enthralled by him?
You thought of how the world seemed to stop spinning when he danced, how wide he would smile, the crease of his eyes, the sway of his hips. He was intoxicating.
And now, he held your chin in his hand, gently guiding your head back against the wall he had the rest of your body pinned against, his other hand cushioning the back of your head from the hard surface. Pupils blown wide, chest heaving. 
Jamil worried that he might be dreaming and would wake up any second now. He moved closer to your body again, unwilling to miss out on a second of feeling your skin before he awoke. If this was a dream, then he would make sure to take every advantage. If this was reality, then he would just need to thank his lucky stars for the opportunity as soon as he could.
Moving his lips down the shell of your ear, he traced his tongue down from your lobe to the base of your neck. Jamil’s knees almost buckled in overwhelm as he heard you moan his name while you threaded your fingers at the nape of his neck and pressed your body against him as hard as you could. He pushed you flush to that goddamn wall, scraping his teeth on your soft skin onto your pulse point as you gasped and murmured praises for him, scratching at his back with your nails and pulling at the roots of his hair. 
It felt like he was on fire, it felt like the world would end the second that you were no longer touching him. He needed more, he needed every last drop of your affection that you would give him. Kissing a path back to your face, Jamil smoothed his tongue over yours as he gave your soft appendage a strong suck, pumping your tongue with his mouth as the messy kisses and overwhelming sensations caused your lips to redden and swell from the rough contact. 
You separate for air and stare at his almond eyes in a daze. The brief thought that he could ask you to do anything at this moment without even bothering to hypnotize you first and you would do it without question. Jamil’s hands had begun exploring more of your body, squeezing at your chest, stroking his thumbs over your hip bones, tracing the curve of your ass. He would map out every inch of your body until he had memorized it, this was only the beginning after all.
You pushed your fingers under the hem of Jamil’s shirt and started tracing the lines between his stomach and his hips, kissing up and down his jaw and whispering how beautiful he was, how long you had wanted to touch him, and how lucky you were. 
This seems to have gotten him worked up faster than anything yet. Jamil balled up your shirt in his fists to pull you back for breathless kisses, telling you how much he wanted to feel you, how your every action affected him so, and the sheer amount of times he had seen you look into his eyes and smile and how he had to do everything in his power to not pull you away to his room to fuck you right there. Shove himself inside of your shaking frame as his fingers trace the shape of your tongue to make sure that you don’t get too loud. Permanently indent the shape of his fingertips into the divots of your hips as he slams into you over and over, praising your name like you had both been made for the express purpose of being with each other. 
You wished he had, but it wasn’t too late to start. 
You shamelessly told him the details of how you would touch yourself to the thought of him at night, stroking, bucking, biting your lip near bleeding from the imagined sensation of him, his cock, and the repeated sensation of your bodies meeting over and over as you both screamed each other’s names so loud that your voices would be hoarse the next day. 
You felt like you could burst from this heavy petting and erotic descriptions of your collective fantasies alone. You already knew that he was perfect, but you had never been this aroused before in your whole life. You needed relief, you needed him.
“Jamil…” You breathe out, feeling Jamil’s lithely muscled arms envelop you in a desperate embrace, clearly trying to resist (and then immediately failing) to grind his hips against you in a desperate bid for relief from the flames that were clawing their way out of his body inch by inch. 
You were so aroused right now, you didn’t know what to do. Unfortunately for the two of you, there was an audible shuffle and a knock outside the locked door and both you and Jamil’s heads snapped up, separating from each other in surprise. 
A sliver of light flooded in from the door, and Ace and Floyd’s giggles floated in along with it.
“Sea snake? Shrimpy? You alive?” Floyd called, snapping the lights on while you and Jamil grimaced and covered your eyes from the bright lights. 
Jamil didn’t answer, he just held his head high as he plastered on a fake smile, pulling you along with him to the door. 
“Ace? Floyd?” Jamil began, tilting his head to the side in a closed-eyed grin.
“Yeah, Jamil?” Ace beamed, scratching the back of his head like he was a kind samaritan waiting to be thanked for their act of charity. 
“You two are the dumbest motherfuckers alive. Go run laps until your legs give out.” 
Both Floyd and Ace’s expressions went slack, and the two boys nodded and began sprinting outside. You looked at Jamil quizzically. 
“Did you just…?”
“They’ll be fine, they need the exercise anyway,” Jamil replied slyly, his fake smile melting away into a genuine one. 
“So are we going to your room or mine, gorgeous?” He cooed, leaning to place a chaste kiss on your cheek.
You went to his.
Tumblr media
What TreySimp? A plot got away from you? How shocking! How novel!
Okay anyway Jamil is a babe he is a hottie I love him etc etc etc I am insufferable with my 500 fictional boyfriends sue me
Let me know what else y'all wanna see. Love you, reader!
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marsgod · a day ago
can i request a scenario similar to the scene in the movie where ursula takes ariel’s voice but it’s azul and reader?
how would their lover(leona, ruggie, jamil, cater) react to it? especially if they traded their voice for their own good 🫢
maybe their under a contract of has a life-threatening injury that azul has the power to heal because the staff are taking too long
⇢ Leona, Ruggie, Jamil, Cater x Mute! Gn! Reader
⇢Warnings; romantic relationships, gn! reader, azul is a capitalist<//3, fluff,
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Whoooo, Leona is pissed, pissed, and even more pissed. Leona hasn’t exactly interacted with Azul much, they stayed a fair distance away and just never really tried to make talk farther than a nod and maybe a “how’re you?” just to be polite, if Leona finds out that you “gave away” your voice, he was so close to just hitting you upside the head because what the actual fuck could’ve been so important as to give away your voice.
If he finds out you gave it away for his sake, to Azul? Omg you are fucked royally by him showing his semi-gratitude, him telling you your a dumbass, and cuddling, and you cannot deny it, because you can not talk<3 Seriously though, Leona will go to Azul and it’s on sight until 1. Azul gives you your voice back, 2. Gives you a better/more fair deal cus c’mon, that deal was bs, 3. Just gives you your damn voice back already.
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie isn’t having it, he doesn’t even need to hear what you traded your voice for (though, he’d love to heart it) before marching up to Azul and giving him exactly 1 warning, telling Azul that if he doesn’t reverse the contract then he’s going to go through hell for however long it takes.
Ruggie is on Azul with no restrictions, he’d absolutely use his unique magic to terrorize him indefinitely and Azul can’t do SHIT because the contract with you prevented anything danger from happening. Azul can def try to defend himself, but Ruggie is usually gone, or staring with a smug grin.
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
As soon as he hears what had happen, “listening” intently to whatever excuse you have for trading your voice. He doesn’t have to hear the rest as soon as he reads “Azul” and “contract”, Jamil scoffs at you before he’s dragging you to Octavinelle by the hand and going straight to Azul directly.
Listen, Jamil isn’t fond of Azul in the first place, so this isn’t really exactly helping Azul in this department. He won’t fistfight Azul, but he’ll definitely have a dignified conversation that’s definitely not filled to the brim with thinly hidden threats..
Tumblr media
Cater Diamond
Cater, who hasn’t interacted much with Octavinelle much besides the usual formality greeting and asking Jade for help with exactly one pic of a plant for his socials, he hasn’t exactly been buddy buddy with Azul. Not friends but it’s not like they hated each other… Until Azul pulled that “Stealing your voice” crap, you! The voice that literally sounds like the seven themselves crafted and edited your voice’s pitch to perfection.
Yeah, safe to say, Cater isn’t happy and would definitely ask politely (passive aggressively), but will then get a buncha different people (his alternative acc’s) to harass Azul’s accounts, specifically if it’s his official account.
Tumblr media
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kaleidoscopewonderland · 15 hours ago
Why the NRC Vice Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats
Notes: This is an addition to the 'Why the NRC Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats' post I made. Ruggie and Jamil are my favorite characters so I was pretty excited to write them, but I have far less experience writing with Trey, Rook and Lilia, so I hope it turned out okay!
Side note--Jade's part turned out way too long and I couldn't figure out how to shorten it. That most endearing enigma of an eel baffles me to no end.
I attached the intro again below. Also, the link to the Housewarden part can be found here.
That is all, enjoy! ♡
You are a proud cat parent, and no, the cat in question is not the talking fire weasel known as Grim, nor did you adopt Cheka or anyone else affiliated with the Savanaclaw dorm. 
In fact, the cats you are a parent to don’t talk, nor do they attend school, do magic, or any other remarkable anthropomorphic thing. These cats are state-of-the-art housecats, found and raised in your very own Ramshackle dorm. 
You had found them around the perimeter of the dorm not too long ago, just a group of mewing kittens with no mama cat in sight—your logic didn’t really have a say in the matter because your heart adopted them immediately, so much so that you didn’t let Grim so much as complain about his new dormmates. 
Once you were certain they were abandoned, you went to great efforts to make sure you could keep them. Crowley conceded only after you promised they’d be your responsibility, and after you reminded him that he’d placed you--a harmless and helpless student--in life-or-death situations daily (you reckon some of your pals in Octavinelle and Scarabia would have been quite proud of you for that argument). 
You also went to great lengths to make sure the kittens were well taken care of, and since Grim wasn’t going to let his tuna budget budge one bit, you took a few sacrifices upon yourself. You cleaned up a nice little room to keep their litter box in, purchased fresh litter from Sam, cleaned it, made sure the kittens were bathed, got beds for them, made them towers and toys from the scraps, fed them from your own plate… 
Having gone above and beyond for the little guys, it became quite obvious that even the grumpiest of them was smitten with you. They ran to greet you at the door as you returned from class, cuddled with you whenever you were available, and meowed whenever you felt like talking to them. You took good care of them and kept them out of harms way, and so far no NRC student had a bad encounter with them. Most who had pet your cute little dorm mates actually found them to be quite endearing, although one person in particular was not too happy with them at the moment… 
Oh, why you ask? Well, it just so happens that...
...Ace and Deuce claim to be cat dads.
Was that the cats' fault? No. Was Trey going to be petty about it anyways? Absolutely.
Don't get him wrong--he wasn't mean. In fact, Trey went above and beyond to fulfill the cat dad role, so why was it Ace and Deuce who got the title?
He supposed his ire should've been directed solely at Ace and Deuce, but jealousy just made him all-around irritable. He'd be hanging out with you and your cats one moment, and in the next that idiot duo would burst in, pick up your fur babies and confidently declare 'daddy's home!' as if they'd just returned from their day-job in a world of 1950s stereotypes.
Ace even got in the habit of kissing you on the cheek. Trey was going to lose his mind. What is with all this domestic roleplay??
Obviously the cats were the catalyst (or should he say cat-alyst?) to this madness. Was it something about their adorableness that made Ace and Deuce want to blur the lines of platonic affection between the three of you? Or did they just want to confuse everyone else and make Trey's life miserable??
Trey couldn't help it--he was down bad. And now he's gonna have to suck it up and watch your cat children project their need for another parental figure on the two most questionable choices in parents known to man.
Whatever--two can play that game.
Trey's unique magic turned out to be quite handy with that--after all, any baker worth their salt would know how to bake cat-friendly treats, and it just so happened that Trey could make it taste or smell however he wanted with his signature spell.
Did your cats like tuna? Chicken? Turkey? Beef? He was certainly going to find out.
The next time Adeuce waltzed in and tried their little act--they had to be doing it on purpose, Trey decided--Trey simply opened up the container he'd brought and let the smell of the treats speak for themselves.
You watched in wonder as your cat children wriggled out of the arms of Ace and Deuce, promptly flocking to Trey in alertness and excitement. Trey shook the little dish in front of them, coaxing all of them to come closer....
...and suddenly he's looking at you, smirking like he'd just won something. You had no idea what that was about.
"Dude," Ace crossed his arms, scowling. "Not cool. What, are you trying to be the cool uncle or something? Deuce and I were petting them."
"Cool uncle?" Trey hummed absentmindedly. "No, I don't think so. That's not quite right."
"But we're cat dads..." Deuce mumbled quietly, looking at you to sort out the conflict. Instead, you shrug.
"My babies will do what they want to do. If you want them, call them over. If they don't come, there's nothing I can do."
At that, Ace and Deuce immediately began to beckon the cats over. "Come to daddy!" and "Pspsps" were just a few sounds that left their lips, and they went so far as to drum patterns into the floor as if it would intrigue the cats enough to separate them from Trey.
It didn't. Trey had never felt so victorious in his life.
...they're expensive to take care of.
Respectfully, Prefect, Ruggie is now certain you have no self preservation. Absolutely none.
You weren't seriously feeding them off your own plate, were you? And buying them all that stuff--the litter and litterbox and other essentials, that money adds up you know!
Look, from one penniless person to another, you need to get it together. He's genuinely concerned that you're going to run yourself into some sort of debt you can't get out of, whether it be getting yourself in some cat-contract with Azul or just damaging your health by giving food that was meant for you to a bunch of cats you just met.
And yeah, the cuteness factor wasn't about to work on him. You were cute, did that mean he was always gonna listen to you?
...well, he didn't always listen to you, did he?
...okay, fine, the cats were chipping away at his resolve. But someone between the two of you had to be the practical one!
Eventually Ruggie gives in--fine, he'll support you and your cats the best he can. He can do a babysitting job here or there, he'll fetch food for you guys, he'll even help with the litterbox if you get overwhelmed.
He won't even charge you for it--remember this generosity when he asks you out on a date, okay?! Or just the next time you have a donut.
The idea of the two of you sharing like this actually makes him... kind of happy. He likes the idea of this unspoken partnership with you--sharing food, sharing life, sharing responsibilities.
You're a very sweet person, Prefect--only a bleeding heart like yours would take in a bunch of kittens when you live in conditions like these. It's not his thing, but he admires you for it.
Even more, he loves that selfless kindness you've always shown him too. It was one of those things that first caught his eye about you.
And hey, let's not forget--Ruggie doesn't mind using situations to meet his end goal. This time it just so happens his goal is winning your heart so... what an opportunity, isn't it?
Don't forget, Prefect, you can always rely on Ruggie Bucchi if you need a hand with your cats. You might have the self preservation skills of a deer on a highway, but that just makes him all the more perfect for you.
...they make you homesick.
Yes, Prefect, he can tell. He sees it in your eyes—one moment you’ll be all smiles and giggles as you smother your cats in affection, the next you’ll get all quiet and stroke their heads from a distance with a feather-like touch. Usually these mood swings come as you’re gushing to them—telling them all sorts of happy things from your homeland until suddenly it hits.
He’s the same way. Well, he doesn’t spontaneously lament as often as you do, but he will come across things in Octavinelle that remind him of home, and for moments he can’t help but wish he could return for just a little while. You—who had no idea if you could even return to your home from here—must've felt awful when these feelings arose.
He considered suggesting that you stop with your affectionate rambles, but he can’t blame you. Once you started calling your cats ‘family’, it was inevitable that you’d think of your family back home. Not talking about it—even if all you did was talk to your cats like a crazy person—would just suppress the feelings that would be there either way.
Still, he regretted that it had gotten this far.
What bugged him most, however, was that the source of your amplified homesickness was also your source of comfort, and thus whenever Jade visited it was your cats that you held so closely, so carefully—not him.
It was to your cats that you confessed your feelings, murmuring to them all your shy little secrets. Not him.
It was—well, you get the gist.
Jade certainly understood privacy and space—he craved plenty of it for himself, in fact, but he supposed it was his fault for thinking you might somehow see him as a source of comfort—one that could compete with adorable land creatures such as your cats.
Then again, he and Floyd had been awfully delighted to harass and scare you upon Azul’s orders that one time… maybe your distance was understandable.
Still, he was capable of fulfilling that same role your cats did, and there was nothing wrong with letting you know that, right?
That’s why the next time he saw you get that far-off look in your eye, he wasted no time in waving your cats off your lap and insisting you follow him. You were shocked (and a bit irritated to be separated from your fur babies), but you followed willingly.
You didn’t even ask him what was up—that part made Jade very happy, it was clear you trusted him. Or maybe you just knew him well enough to figure out what he might be doing. You looked pretty unsurprised to be dragged into the Mostro Lounge, though that expression changed when Jade pulled you into Azul's VIP room, whispered something in his ear, and then watched as the housewarden pushed up his glasses and left.
"You're alright with a little privacy, am I correct?" Jade asked charmingly, silently urging you to sit down. You do so, not without caution.
"Depends if you're going to murder me or not."
He placed a hand over his heart. "Oh Prefect, how could you accuse me of such a thing? First of all, I would never intentionally harm you. Second, I wouldn't take you here if I had any intention of murder--we've been seen together now, so that's too many witnesses. My alibi would be in shambles. Do you think me so careless?"
"I think it's curious that you'd choose to bring me here so suddenly. Did you want to tell me something?"
"I suppose you could say that. Rather, there is something I'd like to show you... wait a moment, please."
He promptly left the room, leaving you alone in Azul's VIP room--the very place Azul had such tight security on not too long ago. In your mind, you could have done anything--snooped around, checked for contracts, wrecked some havoc... no wonder you and the Leech twins got along.
You just sat there though. Jade returned with a large glass filled with a magical-looking liquid--nothing different than what was regularly served in the Mostro Lounge, though this was clearly personalized for you.
"Ah, poison," you say. "Interesting choice. I always thought you'd find a way to take me out with mushrooms, but..."
"You are so silly. You do know how endeared you've made yourself to me, do you not? With my legs I find every place outside the ocean to be positively fascinating, but there's no place I enjoy standing more than by your side, so..." He caught on to the look of wonder on your face, chuckled, and poked your cheek. "Do stop with the poison jokes, please."
"Yes sir..." you mumble dumbfoundedly. You accept the drink, giving it a sip; it tasted light and mellow, infused with all the sweetest flavors you liked best, refreshing and satisfying down to the drop. "Wow. So, uh... why are we here then, Jade? You wanted to show me something?"
He nodded. You waited expectantly.
"Answer me this first," Jade said finally. "Who do you trust more, me? Or your cats?"
You give him an incredulous look. His visage, however, reflects nothing but seriousness.
"My... uh, you?"
"You hesitated."
"I'm not sure where you're going with this," you admitted. "Do I gossip to my cats every secret I've ever held close to my heart? Yes--but would I, say, let my cats make me a drink?" You sip the drink Jade brought you in emphasis. "Definitely not." "Then allow me to ask this--what is the key to having access to your secrets? To the trust you give those cats?"
His stare was intense, but after processing, you couldn't help but laugh. Jade blinks at you, not understanding your reaction.
"You... haha... are you jealous of my cats or something?" you snicker. "You don't want to hear those secrets, Jade. I talk to them about my home--the place I come from. It's all pure nonsense, you know everything about me that's important. You probably know too much, actually."
Jade pouted at that--actually pouted, in a way his brother Floyd might. "What if I do want to hear? Prefect, I brought you here to say you can trust me." He closed his eyes. "You always seem to get homesick with your cats around, but you talk to them so much anyways. I could be your solution to that problem. I love to listen to you, so it would be a win for both of us."
"I get homesick because I'm away from home, Jade," you giggle. "You see me get homesick around my cats because when my cats are around, it's usually just the two of us. I trust you more than nearly anyone else at this school, Jade, that's why I feel safe to show my homesickness around you, even if I don't exactly talk it out. My cats don't make me homesick--they're part of my home here, part of the cure to my homesickness... and so are you, so don't worry."
"Is that so, Prefect? Do you really mean that?"
You grin, lips partially stained from the decorative drink he'd made you. "I do."
Jade smiles. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Prefect."
...they get too much of your attention.
Oh, and yeah, he's jealous. He's done trying to hide it. He puts on enough fake smiles for the rest of Scarabia--now he just scowls when he sees your cats around, even more so when he sees you coddling them like a mother hen.
You know, with all his chasing Kalim and with all your running around the school on Crowley's orders, mutual free time between the two of you is something he considers precious. Do you just not feel the same, ooooor?
Of course, you--in all the joys of being a new cat parent--hardly let his sour mood and stinging comments sour your happiness. Not only do you spend your free moments smothering your cats in affection, you drag him into it as well!
"Truth or dare?"
"Prefect, they're just cats, they can't play-"
"Hush, Jamil, it's not your turn yet."
Jamil scowls at you. One of your cats meow at you and you boldly translate the sound as 'dare'.
"I dare you to come show Jamil how cute you are," you tell your cat. Noticing your affectionate tone, the cat in question naively wanders into your lap, only to be lifted up in your arms and held Lion-King-style in front of Jamil's face.
"So cute, right?" You giggle. Jamil sighs, rubs the cats head for a moment, and glares at you again.
"What is the purpose behind these games, Prefect?" he drawls. "Do you never tire of these childish games? Or are you so in denial that you think your pets are capable of listening, understanding, and feeling? They're cats--just pets, and pets that could never be capable of caring about you the way I--ahem, the way people can."
The look on your face tells him he's already taken his criticism too far. He opens his mouth to apologize, but you cut him off--not unkindly, but with determination.
"Maybe they are childish, you're right. And no, I don't think they're capable of a human's range of comprehension and emotion, but I do love them a lot, so I enjoy doing mindless and silly things if it means bonding with them. I invite you along because if anyone deserves a break its you, and I enjoy doing mindless and silly things with you too. Are you saying you no longer wish to join us?"
"No!" That's not what he meant at all.
"Okay? Then what am I doing wrong?"
He didn't like how you worded that question--you said it like you felt bad, and that was never his intention. As a show of good will, he picked up one of your cats and got to explaining.
"It's just that... you give these guys so much attention," he said, holding up the cat in his arms. "I'm not sure how I am to compete with them."
"Well, that's why I combine these moments! So I have more time with both of you!"
"Yeah well... what if I want more alone time with you? Just the two of us?"
You tilt your head. "Just the two of us?"
He hates how long you take to ponder the statement. A minute later, you smile understandingly.
"Okay, sure! I appreciate you telling me, Jamil. Let's spend more time alone together! I'll get a babysitter for these little guys."
"A babysitter? They're cats!"
"Baby cats!" you argue. "I still have to make sure they're taken care of. I'll let them alone a little more as they get older, but... my efforts to extend our time together start now. Thanks for telling me, sweet pea."
"Don't... don't 'sweet pea' me," he muttered, sounding secretly pleased with the nickname. "And you don't have to--aah!"
He stood up suddenly, backing away quicker than you'd ever seen him move before. He stood on the couch, pointing to the ground with a shaky hand.
"Kill it! Kill it now!"
"Kill..." you look at the ground, and find a little bug scurrying along the floorboards. "Aah!"
"Aah? What do you mean, 'aah'?! You're not scared too?!"
"Scared? Jamil, they're gross!"
"So I don't wanna kill it!"
"Kill it anyways!"
"I don't want to-"
You cut yourself off when one of your cats lurches forward, pinning the bug in one go. Dutifully, it picks up the critter in its mouth and carries it over to you, dropping its corpse at your feet with a cocky swish of its tail. Jamil gags.
"Oh. Good... good boy?" You say confusedly.
Slowly, you find a paper towel and remove the creature from the floor. Jamil reluctantly comes down from the couch, gazing at your cat with a new look of appreciation.
You turn to see him holding the bug-killing cat in his arms, scratching it's ear and cooing over it just as you had been a while ago. He looks at you, clearing his throat.
"Let's... Let's hang out with your cats more often."
...they're wary of him.
Trickster, he loves you dearly, but--please don't laugh! This is serious.
It's like someone told them he was a hunter or something--and they understood?? Was it Ruggie? Leona? His money was on Leona.
While he did get theatrical about it (mostly to make you laugh--in his opinion, it was the most beautiful sound in the world), he still considered this fact quite soberly.
Did you agree with your little ones? Were you wary of him as well?
Upon his dramatic laments (which he had no problem spontaneously declaring outside the Ramshackle dorm, might you add), you had assured him that your opinion was not analogous to your cats and, in fact, you felt quite safe around him.
You had no idea why your cats were so timid around Rook either. You playfully suggested that maybe they were bashful because he was so handsome, to which he laughed and swept you up in his arms.
Still, he never quite got over it... until.
"Oh, mon petit jouet, is that for me?"
Presently, you were asleep on the Ramshackle lounge sofa, studying for an upcoming potion exam Rook offered to tutor you for. He'd been opting to let you rest for a while he watched a few of your cats play.
The cat that had a dead rat in its mouth. It was lucky you weren't awake to pay attention, or else you might have freaked out upon seeing such a creature in Ramshackle. Rook simply plucked the corpse from the mouth of your pet and congratulated it with its hunt with a pat on the head.
"It seems you are not so scared of me anymore, are you little one?"
He disposed of the animal before you could worry. When he returned, more of your cats were standing in front of him, tails flicking.
"Oooh, do tell, little ones," Rook grinned. "You mean there are more little pests to be hunted?"
The cats meowed at him--the same way they meow at you when you talk to them! Rook was absolutely delighted.
"Then allow me to get my bow. Let's deal with this problem before our sweet little trickster wakes up, okay?"
By the time you woke up, Rook and your little fur babies had already taken care of the problem. Upon peeking your eyes open, you saw a sight you didn't expect--Rook, sitting cross-legged on the floor with your cats climbing onto him, begging for attention as if you'd never pet them in your life.
"I think they like you more than me," you say, voice still a bit groggy. Rook looks at you with stars in his eyes.
"You think so, mon cœur? We had a little bonding time while you were asleep." Dismissing your cats, he crawls over to place a delicate kiss on your forehead. "How was your nap, trickster dearest?"
You smile sleepily. Had you not just woken up, you might have been more flustered by the action. "Lovely. Where were-" you cut yourself off with a yawn. "-where were we? In studying?"
"We were just talking about the chemistry between you and me."
"The... chemistry..." you repeat sleepily. "Wait, wha-" "Nevermind that now, trickster. Let's get back to studying for that quiz, oui?"
Ortho (platonic):
...they've officially made Idia go insane.
Since when?? Since when has Idia had the courage to leave his dorm and visit yours without any further prompting from his little brother?? Since when??
Ortho is confused. Pleased, yes, but also very confused.
Had cats really been the solution all this time?
Ortho was used to fighting tooth and nail to get his big brother to go out, interact, make friends and be more confident. Sure, the easy solution was as genius as it was pleasant and practical, but now that he no longer had to fight that battle he wasn't really sure what to do with his time.
Actually, now he had a new problem on his hands, which was that Idia has turned your Ramshackle dorm into his new hideout.
Literally. It's a techno-wizard's paradise in there. You went from barely having proper plumbing and heating to having a multi-monitor gaming setup just sitting out in the dorm's guest room, i.e. Idia's room part two.
Ortho, however, was a pleasant and happy soul. He wouldn't be deterred by this rapid change of events. Instead? He would just overcome and adapt.
Sorry Prefect, but now you have two people moving into Ramshackle. I hope your ghost friends don't mind.
Ortho finds that he gets along with your cats really well. They're still essentially kittens--they have a nosiness and curiosity that makes them come across as friendly, and in terms of boundaries they didn't seem to mind a good cuddle now and then.
Sure, Ortho got mad when they ran away from Idia a few times, but he supposed he understood... Idia had a tendency to smother your children almost as bad as you did--you were like two freakishly happy parents in a bad sitcom with the way you treated those little guys.
No, seriously, Ortho could hear the laugh tracks when you guys made cat puns or spat off a cheesy Disney-channel-esque line. You were like that cliche couple that worked at a funeral home and made death jokes whenever the opportunity presented. You and Idia should not be that happy-go-lucky, it was kind of freaking Ortho out.
Anyways, for being kittens your babies were suprisingly tolerant of Idia's cat obsession, so Ortho supposed all was well in the world.
Besides, Idia staying over meant both of them got to get a new sort of sleepover experience--Ortho loved spending the time with you and your cats!
...they're overprotective of you.
Look, Lilia gets it. As a parent, you want to protect your family with everything you have--but as someone who is capable of taking a metaphorical, as the youngsters call it, 'chill pill'... your children need to calm down.
It's like trying to get past an army of tiny, furry Sebeks--except instead of worshiping Malleus they're instead obsessed with you, not letting anyone or anything touch you that isn't themselves or their food.
Apparently this has been a problem for multiple people, Lilia has come to discover. Your friends Ace and Deuce could no longer hug you in the Ramshackle dorm, nor could Grim curl up on your lap or receive any pets. Strangers weren't even allowed to walk near you, lest they face the wrath of your oh-so-scary kittens.
Lilia was so cute! Why did they think he was such a threat? On top of that, he's just so sweet and lovable and an expert with kids, furry or otherwise, so...
Why wasn't he an exception? True, he was glad that they weren't particularly scared of him compared to everyone else, but...
He missed the way things used to be, okay? Him popping up from behind you or above you, giving you a little fright and then making it up to you with a hug....
Or just showing up in front of you, kissing your forehead or cheeks just to watch your face crinkle in mock-annoyance...
Or even... popping out of nowhere to say hello. He's lost his surprise factor, because every time he tries to sneak up on you in Ramshackle your kittens alert you with a dramatically loud meow!
He had to come up with a plan. Something to get that physical affection from you he was desperately lacking.
"Lilia? What are you doing?"
"Prefect! I was just..."
...not trying to lure your cats into another room, that's for sure. He would never shut the door on him just so he could attack you without warning. Never.
"...bonding. With... them." He decided. You giggle, crouching down next to him and petting one of your kittens.
"Awe, are you really? How sweet!" you pick up another kitten and rub your nose against theirs, and... seriously, Prefect, when is it Lilia's turn?
"When is it my turn?"
"What?" You look at him, and suddenly, he's looking away, grinning and chuckling like he'd just told an inside joke to himself.
"Do you want an eskimo kiss too?" you say playfully. Lilia--who's not very used to being caught off guard--freezes when you lean a little bit closer, noses almost brushing....
And there goes your minions. Oh well--at least you tried.
"Hey," you huff at your cats. "Don't be stingy. Lilia's sooo sweet, he deserves all the love too, okay? Behave."
You give it another try--cupping his cheek and leaning in—and Lilia can feel his heart pounding. The cats hiss again, this time coming in between the two of you as if they could separate you by force. You sigh and pull away, and Lilia starts to feel irritated by your cats (despite how much as he adored them).
You grab him by the wrist and drag him outside. Once there, you shut the door behind you and throw your arms around him, finally giving him the eskimo kiss he'd been wanting.
"Being a parent is so hard," you whine. "I'm soooo touch starved! I expected to lose finances and food and all, but not affection! I'm literally losing my mind..."
“Oh? Kheeheehee..." you feel his arms sneak around you, pulling you closer. He has a playful smile on his face, lower lip tucked under cute pointy teeth. "I think I might be able to help with that, Prefect."
Oh, and nevermind on the cat thing. They can be as overprotective as they want, so long as he gets to be the one you go to for your affection refill ♡
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employeeofdamonth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
twst texposts ;^)
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rattlingmebonez · a day ago
Might as well make my first Twst post on this god awful app my appearance and body hcs for the characters, if you have a problem i quite literally do not give a shit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of these were done on different days, some a few weeks apart then others so they may look a lil off (the most recent and last one was the Ignihyde one)
(Proshippers and Racists dni)
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moonymoss · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I did the thing with the characters and the funny text posts please like it twisted fandom
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iprefertweels · a day ago
Today’s mood
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really want to be a cool, collected Jade type but I know I’m more of a Jamil
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the-trinket-witch · 2 days ago
Twisted Fears? Twisted Archives? What I'm trying to say is, "NEW AU ROLLING OUT"
So since I’ve gotten into TWST, I’ve also been wrangling my residual Magnus Archives Brainrot. I’d finished it just as I hopped aboard, and it’s seeped into my enjoyment of this fandom too. For those who aren't into 🏳️‍🌈 Horror podcasts, The Magnus Archives takes the idea of Primal Fear, separates them into 14 Eldritch Powers, akin to deities, and they have tangible power and presence in our world. Their influence is brought onto others by way of Avatars-humans and artifacts that have been touched by and can use powers from that Fear. 
Now With That all in mind, The AU/concept I've been drawing is more or less answering the question: Which Twisted Wonderland Characters would be touched by different fears to be Its Avatar?
This is more of a personal writing project, BUT, I am more than happy to accept requests or prompts regarding it. It is predominantly going to be a Horror AU, with possible Yandere themes. I’ll be accepting requests, headcanons and Ideas for this so send them my way! I'll be editing this periodically when I add new art to this project, so keep an eye out on that.
As for the Listed Avatars and Domains, I have:
Azul: The Buried-Fear of tight spaces/suffocating/drowning/overwhelment/everything crashing down around you.
Lilia: The Vast-Fear of Falling/too wide open space/the feeling of insignificance against things MUCH bigger than you
Cater: The Lonely-Fear of isolation/fully being cut off from others and society
Yuu/MC: The Stranger-Fear of The Uncanny/unfamiliar
Leona: The Corruption-Fear of decay/filth/corruption
Riddle: The Desolation-Fear of destruction/pain/burning
Floyd: The Slaughter-Fear of wanton/unmotivated violence/pain coming any random moment
Jade: The Spiral-Fear of being lied to/madness/deception
Jamil: The Web-Fear of being controlled/trapped/being unaware of one's own entrapment
Rook: The Hunt-Fear of being seen/pursued as Prey.
Vil: The Flesh-the insignificant feeling knowing we are just Meat and Bone/Feelings of body dysmorphia/body image discomfort
Idia: The Eye-The fear of being watched/having secrets exposed/the drive for knowledge even at personal cost
Ortho: The End-Death…
Malleus: The Dark-self explanatory/fear of what we can't see lurking in the dark/the unknown
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coquirii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
do u see the light mf? fanart for a fic
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britishassistant · 2 days ago
Does yuu have a fan club?
And do the characters have a fan club (both civilian and villain)?
Thank you for the ask, dear anon!
Yuu only has as much of a fanclub as local tv reporters normally have! (Plus a few supervillains who weight the scales a bit…)
Which means you’ll have folks who think very fondly of them and always have the TV on when Yuu’s on, or watch clips of them on the internet, but no diehard screaming fans or merch producers like what The Prefect has. (Yuu still cannot get any royalties from those who make this merch. They are pouting forever about this).
The same goes for Yuuken, but unsurprisingly, all the supervillains have their own fanclubs to varying degrees. Some even use their fanclubs to recruit prospective new minions. You have a group of ready and willing followers right there after all. Who’s to say that, after some heavy vetting, some diamonds can’t be found in the rough?
There is also a highly active RPF fanfiction scene for the superheroes and supervillains in universe.
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twisted-lover-boys · 16 hours ago
Hi Jin<3 the saga of beast man continues and I was wondering if you can do the dorm leaders and vice dorm leaders(only if you want,sorry if it’s a lot!) with a dog beast man/or wolf? You don’t have to,and sorry if it’s a lot for me to ask!
With A Dog Beastman
{not proof-read}
And now we jump back into regular animals—
I’ve done the dorm leaders so much that its starting to get tiring lol
So I’ll do the vice dorm leaders instead for this
Tumblr media
Trey was always under the impression that you were this tall and ferocious dog beastman, especially when he met you and when your relationship began
Little would he find out that his boyfriend was such a sweetheart who only wanted the best for him
Trey thinks it’s funny how he can tell your emotions simply by your tail wagging. It’s rather adorable hearing it thump when he’s around
He gets a special privilege of scratching behind your ears and seeing you melt
He finds your whining adorable because whenever he has vice dorm leader duties and he can’t hang out with you, you whine to get him to stay. It’s worked more than once…
Despite knowing that you’re just a sweet boy, Trey knows that you throw hands easily. Someone tried to disrespect him one time and he left with a broken nose from you
Trey is always reminded that you’re just as sweet as you are deadly…and he likes it that way
Tumblr media
Ruggie was skeptical of you when you first met and got together because he knows dog beastmen can be kind of rabid
He was surprised you ended up being so sweet to him
Ruggie thinks it’s funny whenever your tail wags when he’s around or just talking to you. It gives him an unfamiliar giddy feeling
Ear scratches are shared between you two. He scratches you ears and you scratch his. It’s a win-win!
He is no stranger to whining as he’s done it himself from time to time so your whining to stay doesn’t work in him…sometimes…
Despite being a sweetheart to him, Ruggie is reminded of how ferocious you can really be. He managed to find himself in trouble with some other students and you just went feral
As much as he says he doesn’t need help, he happy you do it anyways. Both in making sure he’s healthy and protecting him
Tumblr media
Jade is skeptical of everyone he would consider a threat, and that went for you when he first met you and got together with you
He feels rather silly he assumed you were a threat with how sweetly you treat him
Tail wags are very funny to him. You can’t hide how happy you are to see him and it makes him genuinely smile
Ear scratches are also very funny to him because he’s the only one who gets to touch them and see you melt into his hands
Jade finds your whining adorable. It never works in him of course sometimes but it just shows how much you love him
He isn’t used to seeing you act so ruthless but…he can’t deny he likes it. He never would have considered himself in need of protection but when a few students get out of hand, he knows he can rely on your power
Jade’s loves you because you’re so sweet and interesting. You’ve captured the poor eel’s heart
Tumblr media
Jamil is pretty untrusting to others he doesn’t know, that included you in the early stages of friendship and your relationship
With how sweet and caring you are with him, he would’ve thought his worrying was for nothing
Tail wags, although he doesn’t show it, make him very happy. It makes him feel wanted by you and that makes him giddy
Ear scratches is something he does on occasion to show affection and watch you melt but he isn’t opposed to you forcing his affection on you
Whining will never get Jamil to stay. Of course he loves you but he has duties to uphold. Just don’t remind him of his off days…
Jamil was admittedly shocked about your savage behavior when it came to protecting him. He’s always claimed he never needed it, mostly out of independence and your own safety, but he appreciates it nonetheless
Your mixed sweet and ferocious behavior still throws Jamil for a loop but he loves his boyfriend no matter what side he sees
Tumblr media
Rook kept a close eye on you when you first met and when you got together. Out of safety or curiosity still remains a mystery
Your very sweet nature took him for a loop at first but he quickly grew to love your personality
When you wag your tail when you see him, Rook gets all giddy for you because you only do that for him
Scratching behind your ears also makes him giddy because only he can touch your ears and watch you melt under his fingers
Whining works on him like a charm. He can’t resist the temptation to lay down and rest with you and admire you. You’re his handsome boyfriend after all
Rook is someone who looks like he wouldn’t need protection and they’d be right but even the great hunter gets in trouble. The first time he saw how ferocious you were, he couldn’t stop completing your form and poise
Rook find beauty in everything he sees and his rabidly sweet dog boyfriend is no exception
Tumblr media
Lilia, although it may not seem like it, was very wary and interested in you because of how rough you look
He found it extremely funny when he found out how sweet you are to others
Tail wags are funny but sweet to him because it shows him how much you love him
He does ear scratches whenever he wants attention and just watches you melt into him. It’s a great way to have a relaxing day from school
You get back at him by whining at him to stay with you instead of going somewhere else. It has worked on multiple occasions and he isn’t afraid to admit it
Lilia will never forget the time you shows how dangerous you can be. Some students didn’t take well to him and before he could even defend himself, you did it for him
Lilia is an interesting man and he finds his boyfriend interesting to. He wouldn’t have it any other way
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marsgod · 2 days ago
Idia, jamil and rook w/ sick reader pls?
⇢ Idia, Jamil, Rook x Sick! Gn! Reader
⇢Warnings; no specified relationship, gn! reader, sick! reader, fluff
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
I’m so sorry if you were expecting him to coddle and take care of you, but no, Idia will see an opportunity to not hang and to stay inside. But like, he has no idea how to actually take care of a sick person.
Idia will get you a bowl w a plastic bag, a cup of water, and might put some pain reliever on the night stand (that’s if you tell him to get it) and then stays in the corner doing whatever.
He thinks that this is the best possible way to get you to full health, and if you ask for anything else besides more water, medicine, or food then he doesn’t know how to help you
srsly it might just not be in his capabilities
Idia is queasy and he looks like he’s waiting for his turn to puke while holding your hair or holding water for you
he might actually throw up once you’re done..
on the off chance he doesn’t feel queasy, he’s still not looking at you cause the guy knows that his face is one of absolute disgust but he doesn’t want to offend you
He also doesn’t want you touching his game station, at all, he barely wants you in his room bc you might infect his everything
“.. What do you mean you’re “bored”? You get to play games and watch TV all day!”
-718373782/10, it’s boring w him (unless you find watching him do whatever from the bed is interesting)
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Jamil is the best at taking care of you, not so much as being there for you bc he will make you stay in bed, but he’s not staying in there with you. At all.
Jamil will walk into your room long enough to give you water, food, whatever and will consistently check up on you
but will not stay or talk w you unless needed
it’s not that Jamil gets sick easily, he doesn’t, he just doesn’t see the point in staying unless you’re in obvious pain
and he has stuff to work on and other Jamil things🥲
He hates throw up, he’s not like Idia where he’s extremely queasy w it
Jamil just really hates the smell and the probable mess
That being said, he’s making you brush your teeth and will force you to down mouth wash before giving you water bc he doesn’t want you to accidentally swallow your own vomit
(what a nice guy)
He also restricts your diet temporarily to easy to make soup (except he, for whatever reason, makes it more complicated and delicious than need be)
Chicken noodle, etc. it doesn’t rlly matter cause he’s not making you anything else, besides maybe different soup, and you’re not allowed in the kitchen until you’re not infected anymore
“No, go brush your teeth, you don’t need to swallow your own vomit, that’s going to make you vomit more.”
In summary, not the worst and actually knows how to take care of you so 181737272/10 better than Idia.
Tumblr media
Rook Hunt
Probably the best caretaker here tbh, Rook is careful and obviously takes care of himself and has to know how to not.. die? ig, when he’s sick and has to know how to not drag it out longer than needed.
Rook knows how to cook (not as good as Jamil but whatever) and does it often
he’ll do constant checkups for you, to the point where it’s a bit annoying but endearingly? Kinda cute ngl
Rook also doesn’t get sick very easily, like, almost never- which is prob why he’s taking care of you, and really, are you complaining?
he’s not fond of vomit, but he’s used to other absolutely horrid smells and is desensitized
Rook will hold your hair back for you, or at least pat you on the back while comforting you
he already has both mouthwash and water ready for when you’re done<3
Rook might need to leave ofc to make food or something, but he won’t leave you alone for long til the next checkup
whicg is really when he’ll move in your room “to make sure you’re not lonely”
“Ah, worry not, I shall prepare some soup for you!”
Tumblr media
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