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*after class*
Mc: Who wants Smash with me after school?
Sebek: WHAT!
Ace: Yes I do.
Deuce: *blushing*
Jack & Epel: *just staring*
*Jack leaves*
Mc: No it's not. Come on Sebek don't u want smash with me?
Sebek: *blushing* M-maybe
Epel: I'm in too...
Mc: Yay, this is going to be a proper Smash Bros tournament.
Ace: Wait what?
Mc: Yeah, I just bought more game controllers and... Wait a minute, if you didin't talk about Smash Bors, what were you talking about?
*All boys are silent*
Mc: Now let's make it so that I go as far away from you as possible and none of you come near me. Except Deuce.
Epel: What that is unfair. Why?
Mc: Because Deuce knew how to keep his mouth shut
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saayatsumu · 2 days ago
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yeehaw if you think epel is a gremlin
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mimitwst · a day ago
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Welcome to MimiTWST'S Cafe! We have NRC'S Boba Teas on the menu~! ☆:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:☆ All 7 Dorms make their debut! Choose your Soul~. ♡( ◡‿◡ )
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student-in-devildom · a day ago
The one shared Braincell by 3
Yuu: I don't have a favourite that's absolutely ridiculous
Ace: Are you sure about that? It doesn't look like it
Yuu: shut up I am very certain
*says yuu as they're hugging deuce closer to them and petting his head*
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Something random that came to mind this morning on the way to work and to tide you guys over until I can post some asks/stories:
Twisted Wonderland Monster!AU: "What the fluff?!" Challenge
You know the challenge. The trend where pet owners stood inside a doorway with a large sheet while their pet watches, and on throwing it up and rushing to hide behind the door or in a hallway they record their pets reactions. Quite silly and adorable, but still good fun to see the confusion on their faces before they find the owner and show their relief!
Now...imagine Yuu doing this to the monster boys. >v>
They have to play their cards right though, as if they do it to too many people before they can prank everyone then it'll ruin the surprise! So they have to be sneaky with who they try the prank on first. Namely...
The first years.
"What's with the sheet, Yuu?" Deuce asked, pointing to the white blanket that the human was carrying under their arm.
"It's a surprise," came the response, standing in the doorway leading to the hallway. "I've got a trick I want to show you guys. A little...human magic."
"Huh? But...didn't you say that humans in your world can't use magic?" Epel asked in confusion, tilting his head.
"Yeah, what's the big deal, hench-human?" Grim asked.
"They can't...at least, not the kind of magic you guys use! This is special human-grade magic~!"
"Human-grade magic?" Jack repeated. "Is it like the magic humans used in the past?"
Sebek huffed as he said, "Surely this magic cannot begin to compare to even the greatness of Malleus himself?"
"Well, maybe not," they responded, knowing that the basilisk would get agitated if they tried messing with him. "But it's still a neat trick! Wanna see?"
"Sure, why not? It's better than dealing with homework right now," Ace said, stretching out his arms and wings before sitting down on Deuce's back as the centaur huffed. "Show us what you got!"
The first years watched as Yuu unfurled the sheet, holding it up so they could see it bunch up at their feet--just enough to cover them if they held it up the whole way. They raised and lowered it a few times, making sure that everyone's eyes were on them. Then, they threw the sheet up, obscuring them from view before it fell--and Yuu was gone.
"Fygah! They're gone!" Grim screeched in panic.
"Wha-?! Yuu!?" Deuce yelped, Ace falling off with a yelp as he and Epel rushed over. "Yuu! Where did you go?"
"Yuu? Yuu!!" Epel called out, peeking out into the hallway. "They're gone!"
"What?!" Jack gasped.
"Impossible!" Sebek shouted, rushing over with the others to see for himself. "I-it's true! They've vanished!"
The first years rushed around the hallway, searching high and low for any trace of the missing human but coming up empty. Not even Jack could pick up their scent, mentioning that there was a disturbing smell in the air (which Epel confirmed was the smell of onions, much to the fu dog's disgust).
"Okay, Yuu, you can come out now," Ace said, smiling despite the anxious flutter of his wings. "You got us good. This isn't funny anymore!"
There was no response. Then...
"Hee-hee-hee~! What's wrong, fellas?" one of the ghosts asked, the others appearing around them with mischievous grins. "Did you lose something?"
"We can't find Yuu!" Grim said, looking ready to tear up.
"Aww, well then, maybe you should look at things from another perspective," another ghost said.
"Yeah. Perhaps the eyes of a mouse," the third ghost said, the others giggling knowingly.
"The eyes...of a mouse?" Epel repeated. "What do you mean?"
"Take another look around and you'll see~!" They cackled as they disappeared, leaving the first years to look at each other in confusion.
Grim sighed as he leaned against the wall, grumbling, "Man...how are we supposed to find Yuu when they vanished into thin air?"
"...uh...Grim? Has that small door always been there?" Deuce asked.
"Eh?" Peering behind him, Grim blinked at the sight of the door he was leaning against. It was almost perfectly blended in with the wallpaper, easily overlooked on first glance. "Whoa! Where did that come from?!"
Curious, Epel leaned in to press his ear against the door. Then, he knocked:
Tok tok-tok tok tok...
"Whoa!" he and Grim yelped as they jumped away, muffled laughter from behind the door erupting before it finally opened to reveal Yuu hidden in the storage space.
"Gotcha!" Yuu said, laughing at their expressions as they climbed out. "Took you guys long enough, huh?"
"What even was that?! We were looking everywhere for you!" Ace said, looking gobsmacked. "Seriously! That wasn't magic at all!"
Snickering, Yuu said, "That? Was the 'what the fluff' challenge."
Silence. Then-
"Challenge?!" the first years shouted.
"Yup! And the ghosts got it all on camera," Yuu said, pointing at the ghosts who waved as one held up their phone. "Say hi to Magicam~!"
Despite the initial scare and confusion, the first years soon began to get curious about this challenge and wanted to see how the upperclassmen would react to this "human-brand magic".
Oh the wonderful shenanigans Yuu will find themselves in should they introduce memes to the monster boys~! 😂
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flipppyflopp · a day ago
Tumblr media
The protagonists turn their back on a happy ending, returning to the villain’s side. 🍎
Finally continuing my little Book 5 series with a piece showing the aftermath of the overblot battle with Vil. I took some inspiration from Snow White and had Vil and the others mimic the scene at the end with the dwarves around Snow White. This piece challenged me in terms of composition and background and I’m not completely satisfied, but I’m ready to push on to other ideas and pieces!
There will be two or three more pieces in my Book 5 series and I’ll post them all together at the end, so look forward to that! Also, don’t know if anyone has noticed but the lines for each of these pieces rhyme 👀✨
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mymainwastoocluttered · 8 hours ago
Track and Field Club's Camping Cuddles
Coach Vargas said the tents can hold one or two students, but how about two and (technically) a half student?
NOTE: I only write for female reader, but everyone is welcome to read it!
Poly Relationships between club members (Character/Reader/Character)
— (っ˘▽˘)(˘▽˘)˘▽˘ς)
— Jack/Reader/Deuce
You feel so lucky every time you get to spend time with your boyfriends, and tonight is no exception.
They're both so cute, trying to make sure that you're comfortable, that the cold mountain air doesn't bother you, that you don't overheat in the night, that the food and snacks had been enough... How can anyone not fall for these boys? And you're the lucky girl that got to be with both of them!
"I'm so lucky to have you guys."
Both of them turn to look at you, their synchrony making you giggle. The three of you are already on the bed, with you on the middle, Deuce to your left and Jack to your right. The two had been discussing what their future tasks would be before going to bed, and you were just admiring them.
Much how you now admire their blushy faces.
"... What's that about?" Jack asks, trying and failing to appear like you didn't make him very flustered.
"I feel really lucky right now. You two are so sweet and I... I love you two so much."
What a trio you make, a dense ex delinquent, a sweet lone wolf wannabe and an overworked crybaby.
You blink the tears away, but can still feel the burn. The boys panic for a second, but calm down once you assure them they're happy tears cause by an overwhelming good feeling. And now their faces are even redder than Riddle's hair.
"If... If anything, we're the lucky ones," Deuce says after a pause, probably to gather his thoughts. "I know I am."
"I... Why you two gotta get like this suddenly?" Jack grumbles, rubbing the back of his head, but his annoyed expression loses all strength with the blush. With a huff, he gives him, offering his lovers a soft smile. "I feel the same. I'm very lucky to have you two in my life."
"Aww... I'm so happy!" You squeal, wiggling under the covers, before puckering your lips. "I'll be even luckier if I get some goodnight kisses~"
To everyone's surprise, even his own, Deuce is the first one to lean down and kiss you, chaste and sweet, right on the lips. When it comes to physical affection, Jack is much more comfortable with it than Deuce, who tends to be afraid of hurting you.
You barely have any time to shake off the daze Deuce's kiss left you on when Jack does the same, his kiss much firmer but just as sweet.
This is officially the best night of your life.
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shannonmanorart · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 5 of Twisted Wonderland had me itching to do a boy group styled poster of the NRC boys.
I only just recently had the time to do it but it was fun break from...all my background heavy prints with a lot of characters...
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evil-catboy-duo-fan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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heccfriccart · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wooo part 4! Might take a quick break after this one, but we'll see how it goes :)
part one / part two / part three
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coralinnii · a day ago
Legend has it... Twisted Halloween series
Tumblr media
Behind pumpkin spice lattes and sweet candy, there comes stories of the things that go bump in the night. Legends and myths carry with them stories of those who may or may not have lived to experience it. 
For each character for each day (except weekends) starting today, there will be a short blurb for every student character inspired by a horror trope or legend in the spirit of Halloween month. I will be writing on the spot for every story so the genres (no beta we perish like big people) will be dependent on how the stories end up so even I can’t tell how it’ll be. This is purely motivated by my love for things spooky and/or ooky. I will write warnings for each blurb if needed but I’m warning you now since I love horror stuff, it will not be the happiest of stories. I’m probably not gonna go full dark but this is a forewarning. 
This is the index, but it may change depending on how the blurb will end up. 
Day 1. Silver (ghost!Yuu x exorcist!Silver) 
Silver works as a police officer during a hit-and-run trial, and he’s trying to console the victim of the incident. He’s trying his best to convince you to leave before it’s too late.
Day 2. Jack Howl (werewolf!Jack x childhood friend!Yuu)
You and Jack were so close as kids but he keeps refusing to have a sleepover with you when you reached high school. Then one day, you found out the reason on your way back one night.
Day 3. Epel Felmier (incubus!Epel x victim!Yuu) 
Your classmate was so confusing. So sweet and demure, but sometimes he seems to turn into someone else, someone with less than good intentions. 
Day 4. Rook Hunt (slit mouthed woman!Yuu x ghost hunter!Rook)
You missed the days where your immortal life was easier, when most people run at the sight of you. But, this creepy hunter keeps chasing you!
Day 5. Leona Kingscholar (demon!Leona x demon hunter!Yuu)
You get a kick out of debunking ghost stories and haunted places with your disgruntled friend, Leona. Except this night’s adventure was more than you ever expected to experience. 
Day 6. Idia Shroud (VC ghost!Yuu x target!Idia)
Idia has this unprecedented confidence behind the screen, with fans and friends at his fingers. However, one casual online chat broke his confidence as he say something he can’t take back.
Day 7. Floyd Leech (merman!Floyd x swimmer!Yuu)
A nobody at school, your only solace was taking in the serenity of the ocean cove away from the big city. However, a dweller has more than happy to show you a part of his world.
Day 8. Vil Schoenheit (Huli Jing!Yuu x fiance!Vil)
People call you the unrivaled beauties and with rumors of engagement in the air. Vil was prepared to devote himself to his beloved but his old friend Jack warned him that you were not as you seem. 
Day 9. Trey Clover (candy witch!Trey x partner!Yuu)
The man from the pastry shop near you was so sweet, also offering endless sweets on your way to work. You were melting in his touch when you two started dating. This was a man who was as sweet and pure as sugar, right?
Day 10. Jade Leech (cannibal!Jade x partner!Yuu)
Your husband was always experimenting with every dish he made but he smiles when you take a bite each time so you think it’s no big deal. Afterall, what’s the worst to come of it?
Day 11. Malleus Draconia (dragon god!Malleus x sacrificial bride!Yuu)
Traditions must be upheld, even at the expense of morality as you were lead to what many said was instant death. It didn’t matter to you, you were willing to give yourself to the being of inhuman power.
Day 12. Cater Diamond (imposter!Cater x skeptic!Yuu)
Everyone knows him and was just that approachable but not to you. You couldn’t explain the shiver you feel when you lock eyes with him. You only hope he doesn’t notice you.
Day 13. Platonic!Ortho Shroud (medusa!Yuu x nonhuman!Ortho)
You were cursed to exist as history’s most hated woman. Your gaze leaves all living beings petrified but all you wished to feel the loving embrace of another once more
Day 13.5. Lilia Vanrouge (grim reaper!Lilia x ex!Yuu)
He disappeared after breaking your heart and honestly you were thankful because moving on would be impossible if he stayed. As you almost got rid of him in your heart, you two meet again…and he looks distraught to see you.
Day 14. Ruggie Bucchi (street kid!Ruggie x ???!Yuu)
You and Ruggie despite hardships, never worried so long as you had each other. You would also look after each other, no matter what.
Day 15. Kalim Al Asim (bitten!Kalim x survivor!Yuu)
The two of you dreamed of wedding bells, laughing children and boisterous family dinners. Now, the only thing you pray for is to keep hearing his heartbeat.
Day 16. Jamil Viper (Djinn!Jamil x owner!Yuu)
He can’t be here. How can something you can’t even see or prove be here. In your house, in your room, trying to slither into your heart.  
Day 17. Azul Ashengrotto (crossroad demon!Azul x human!Yuu)
He may be greedy but he knows that good things come to those who wait. And the moment the wait is over and you decided to make the deal, it would be worth it.
Day 18. Ace Trappola (ghost bride!Yuu x survivor!Ace)
Ace was not a romantic man but he could be for the one. He kept denying it but he was looking forward to your wedding, even dreaming it…even when it was impossible. 
Day 19. Deuce Spade (hitchhiker ghost!Yuu x civilian!Deuce)
Deuce couldn’t just leave you alone, shivering in the dark. After all, this road was notorious for car accidents and mysterious attacks. 
Day 20. Sebek Zigvolt (soldier!Sebek x ghost!Yuu)
He was a devoted man through and through. He promised he would return to you and in return, you promised to be here when he does, no matter what.
Day 21. Riddle Rosehearts (Frankenstein monster!Riddle x assistant!Yuu)
He was a monstrosity. A freak of nature and you wanted nothing to do with him, even if he was someone you once loved.  
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twst characters as things from my class gc!
Tumblr media
UM. HELLO THERE. so, i wish i could say that YAY HIATUS IS OVER I'M BACK, but.. nope, it's not over yet. i think these first months of uni will be very busy for me and when i finally manage to get some free time, my energy levels are just too low for writing, haha.. so yeah, i'm not sure when i'll be able to go back to writing imagines.
but i didn't want this blog to be totally dead, so i decided to do this fun little thing! i saw a lot of people doing posts like this and my class gc is. well. a whole circus, so i thought i should try this too. idk if these are going to be "in character" but i hope they sound like something twst characters would actually say.
this is going to be mostly heartslabyul, because i feel like our class really has heartslabyul energy jnmfdkdldf.
riddle: *a voice message* "trey, tell them that if they don't come to this event, they WILL regret it and the headmaster will kick their asses. no, actually, i'd be okay with doing it myself. you can just send this message to them. i wish everyone a good day, a good life.. and i wish for those who won't come to at least have pretty tombstones when i'm done with them."
ace: oh well, looks like i'm gonna get my ass kicked.
cater: i'd rather get my ass kicked than go to that event and die of cringe.
deuce: i'm sorry, i don't really get this, can someone send me their notes?
riddle: here *sends a pic of his notes*
ace: oh, of course you're the type to have ✨a e t h e t i c ✨ notes.
cater: you forgot the 's'
ace: oh, of course you're the type to have ✨a e s t h e t i c ✨ notes. (edited)
(for context: one of my classmates mentioned that he's really into cooking and he's been trying to learn how to bake, but my prof said that there is no need for a man to learn how to bake unless he wants to impress a woman and even if he does it to impress her, she's gonna start using him, because now she knows he can bake. yes. he was very serious about it)
trey: the fun thing is that i'm actually bi and i already have a boyfriend, so hearing that i'm allowed to bake only to impress women is.. an interesting experience.
fem!yuu: i don't care that you already have a bf, i'm still gonna make you bake for me.
cater: so i tried to take a pic of professor trein for fun, but i couldn't take a normal pic from this angle, so it looks like he's on top of the world and he's looking down on all of us
cater: this is so deep, i know
(these are other messages after that one baking incident)
jamil: what's the deal with him saying that cooking for women is not masculine enough?
lilia: i got it, boys, we're only gonna cook for other men from now on
epel: the things that we have to do to keep our masculinity..
cater: marrying a man that you cooked for is the next step
(again, for context: we have to make a short video introduction for all of us and we're planning to make it look like a tv show opening, but we don't know what song to use)
ace: seriously, y'all are acting like that one shrek scene
ace: idia goes "ANIME OP", cater goes "POPULAR SONG", idia is still sending anime ops and cater is still suggesting popular songs meanwhile lilia suddenly goes "A RANDOM SONG FROM THE 80'S"
trey, saying this to ace and deuce: i don't know how to stop you two from fighting all the time, so i'm just gonna send random recipes every time you two start arguing.
trey: and it looks like i already have to send the first recipe.
yuu, showing a drawing they made for a class event: i wasn't able to fit in all the letters, so i had to do it in a more.. creative way.
ace: ah yes, happy inter
translation day everyone
azul: *a voice message* you got it all wrong. we, dorm leaders, have other things to do and you all still have to do these tasks. so have fun with all of these assignments, hehe~
yuu: *also a voice message* hehe.. hehe.. hehe.. *STARTS CRYING*
vil, sending a picture of his tired face: can you see how tired i am of reading all this nonsense now
deuce: i'm gonna be honest, i wish i could put more effort into this, but i can't
ace: dude, no one here has put any fucking effort into this
kalim, trying to do his dorm leader duties and write a class schedule + add professors' names: um. guys. i just realized that i don't know any of our professors' names
kalim: also, what is even the headmaster's first name
yuu, who's too tired of crowley's behavior: crowley. it's just crowley. write it like that
bonus: twst characters as songs that were sent for that one video introduction thing. i am only gonna do some characters, because some songs are too "local" and obscure for everyone's understanding hdfkdmfk
ace: all star by smash mouth
cater: not exactly a song, but someone sent a tiktok that looked like this very ~aesthetic~ and pretty sitcom intro.. but with bts members. it just feels like cater to me
trey: friends opening theme
ruggie: never gonna give you up. i just feel like he would send it. or ace.
floyd: you spin me round (like a record) by dead or alive
kalim: parappa the rapper ost. or azumanga daioh opening
vil: listen, if i had to assign both by todrick hall to anyone in twst that would be him or cater
idia: *SIGHS* someone decided to send bnha openings. yeah
lilia: anything from maneskin's discography
silver: wake me up before you go go by wham! get it. get it, it's because silver is always sleepy and-
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rinne4112 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
The first years *except Ortho* are tasked to clean the hallways. It seems that someone used the wrong soap... They need Ortho's help-
Link to Prompts:
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lk2222 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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sweetbunpura · a day ago
In the Future: Yuu
Fem!Yuu ahead.
Single, Not married
Yuu, no doubt, bunks with Ace, Deuce, and Grim in the Queendom of Roses once they leave NRC.
They rent out a small 2 or 3 room apartment: if 2 room, ace and deuce bunk together and yuu shares with Grim, if 3 room, everyone gets a room, but grim still bunks with Yuu.
Yuu continues boxing off to the side while she searches for a job, ends up taking one at a animal rescue.
She has totally come home with at least 2 dogs before. They only kept one tho, a three legged dog they named Hopscotch.
Deuce takes up a job to help pay for his police training while Ace is currently looking for a job.
All 4 of them are menaces and often have the neighbors complain about them.
Yuu, the more level headed but not by much, always has to apologize to the neighbors. 
 Every so often they visit Trey’s family bakery for treats and to spurge.
They also often see Riddle there in the bakery and catch up with him. 
All in All, they get along just fine.
Yuu dating Leona, Married to Leona
Leona waits to marry Yuu once she leaves NRC. Grim, of course, follows after her.
Yuu has to learn a lot about the royal life and it overwhelms her at points.
Leona helps her out whenever he can.
Yuu still boxes off to the side, but now that she also has royal duties, that time is becoming less and less.
Leona tells her to pursue it anyway and he’ll handle most of the royal work.
They often work in sync together when handing any of the work, Farena often jokes that Leona isn’t seen without Yuu by his side.
Yuu often spends time with the royal guard, learning their fighting styles in the process.
Leona loves being with Yuu, sometimes calling her his missing half. Yuu calls him sappy but kisses him none the less.
All in All, it is a very happy and supportive marriage.
Yuu dating Floyd, Married to Floyd
Floyd jokes that he’ll ask Yuu to marry him when he graduates, Yuu thinks he was joking. He was not, he popped the question live on stage to her.
She nearly died right there on the spot, but says yes.
Once out of NRC, Yuu and Floyd move into a house a few miles near the new Mostro Lounge. Grim follows after her, although he’s still on edge from being around Floyd.
Floyd 100% supports Yuu in her boxing endeavors.
Because of this, Yuu is able to box full time and worked up to becoming a pro.
Floyd constantly has any matches Yuu is playing on the TV screen at the Lounge. He always loudly cheers her on. 
When Floyd can make Yuu’s matches, he always shouts out to her while holding up a sign saying how much he loves his shrimpy.
Yuu loves the nonstop support and thrives to have an undefeated record.
On her off days, she visits the Lounge and is always offered the VIP seat with Floyd always serving her.
On both of their off days, they chill in the house and sleep in while cuddling up to one another.
All in All, it’s a wonderful and very supportive marriage.
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dotster001 · a day ago
Enemies to Lovers part Five out of however many it takes for my coworker to get off their high horse and like Vil already!
Summary: The time has come to choose the new Pomefiore housewarden, and you and Deuce get a front row seat.
Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Six.
You and Deuce were in a set of Pomefiore robes that Vil had pulled out of storage, and were  sitting with Epel's family in a seating area for participants' families and friends. 
Before Vil had gone off to prepare himself and Rook for the event, he had given both of them a stern warning to behave. You were sure as hell not going to behave if the situation presented itself. 
You'd been in the Pomefiore throne room many times, but today it was looking a little different. The seating area was off to the left of the throne, and diagonally facing the normally empty area  in front of the throne. Today, there were five lab tables full of ingredients and potion making supplies. 
At length, Professor Crewel entered the throne room, followed by the five students in the running for next housewarden, Epel third in the line. He always was adorable in your eyes, but today, something was different about him. He looked absolutely radiant.
The line halted in front of the throne, and Crewel joined the seating area, taking the empty seat next to you. 
"You are in for a treat today, pup," Crewel whispered to her. "Potionolgists all over the world would give anything to be able to watch this."
The crowd had been murmuring, but it all ceased when Vil entered. He was in his full Pomefiore robe, crown delicately worked into his hairstyle, makeup giving him an otherworldly shimmer. He arrived at the throne, and sat gracefully, crossing his leg with practiced ease.
Rook followed closely behind, carrying a decorative box, with a clasp that was a sword piercing a heart. He took his place, standing to Vil's right. He handed Vil the box, and stood at attention.
"Students, visitors, contestants, today you are going to witness the crowning of the next Housewarden," Vil stated, voice booming to every ear in the room. "Contestants, please introduce yourselves, state your year, then state your intentions."
The five contestants each took turns stating their names and years. The two before Epel were third years. And then it was Epel's turn.
"Epel Felmier, second year. My intention is to prove I am worthy of representing the fairest queen."
"Kick their asses, baby!" Deuce shouted loudly as you let out a whoop. Epel threw you both a wicked grin, as Vil stiffened and rolled his eyes. 
The last two boys introduced themselves, then Vil spoke again.
"The representative of the fairest queen is chosen by a trial. The representative must be able to brew the most potent poison." He opened the box, and pulled out a jar, and an apple. He opened the jar, then, holding the apple by the stem, dipped it into the contents of the jar. When he pulled it back up, the apple was quickly decaying, bleeding juices all over the box and jar, before it just outright disintegrated.
"This is the poison I brewed when I was chosen," Vil stated, returning the contents to the box, then handing the box to Rook.  "You will have twelve hours to brew a proper poison. We will then test them to prove your worth."
He flicked his pen, causing a large hourglass to materialize.
"Your time begins now."
The five boys moved to various stations, each clearly knowing what they were doing, beginning their potions with practiced ease.
You let your eyes wander to Vil. If not for his eyes flicking about the room, you could easily mistake him for a beautiful statue.
Deuce leaned over to Crewel. "What are his odds?" He whispered.
"Vil had been training Epel for this since the entrance ceremony. Despite being a second year, he has a high likelihood of winning against at least three of his competitors," Divus pointed at another second year, who was at a table a row ahead of Epel. "That is Morgan Hexe. Should Epel slip up, he is destined to be the new Housewarden."
You watched as Morgan's green eyes flicked through his notes. He definitely had an aura about him, which usually meant…
"Is he fae?" You asked Crewel, thinking you had been quiet enough. 
However, Morgan's eyes met yours, as he smirked and winked at you, before pulling his long purple hair into a bun, and continuing his work.
"I think that's your answer," Deuce whispered, clearly having noticed the exchange. You looked at Vil, but he didn't seem to have noticed. Not that you cared. 
"So it's probably between those two?" You reiterated.
"Correct," Crewel responded.
Normally something like this would have been boring, but watching the contestants brew their potions was riveting. The tension in the air was palpable, and it was becoming quite clear who could hold up composure under pressure.
Crewel used the opportunity to teach Deuce and you about various poison brewing things, pointing out mistakes or good points whenever they arrived.
The hour glass had only a third of it left when the room was filled with a violent yellow explosion.
"That's my cue," Divus said as he stood up from his seat, approaching the third year whose potion had exploded. Luckily for everyone, and unluckily for him, he was the only one injured in the explosion.
Divus treated his wounds, and after some deliberation, both seemed to agree that he was unable to continue in the competition. He took his seat, gracefully, and watched with the crowd for the rest of the event.
Vil left the throne for the first time, and went to go see the student. He said something to him, which made the student beam with pride and straighten his posture as Vil returned to his throne. You would have to ask him about that later.
As the last grain of sand in the hourglass dropped, it dissipated into a shower of purple glitter. Rook set a table in  front of the throne, and the remaining four contestants brought their potions to it.
Vil left his throne, and summoned an apple. He placed it into the first potion, removed it, and set it in front. He did this with all four potions, then picked up each apple to observe it closely.
The first one had shriveled and faded in color. Epel's was next, since the person before him had dropped out. His apple had turned black, and looked like it was bleeding thick ink. Vil squeezed it, and the thing practically burst, covering everything the table and his hand with the substance. Vil nodded approvingly as Rook handed him a towel to wipe his hands. The next one was quite similar to the first, except for a couple burnt holes in the flesh. Then it was Morgan's turn.  His apple was a sickly green, and breaking into pieces wherever it was touched.
Vil waved a hands at Crewel, who took a second glance at the apples, before whispering to Vil, who gave a curt nod.
He walked back to his throne, but instead of sitting, stood down left of it.
"Epel Felmier, please take your place as Pomefiore's new Housewarden," he said, giving a warning glare at you and Deuce, who were about to start cheering.
Epel walked around the table, and took a seat on the throne, looking as though he was destined to sit there from the beginning. He stared straight ahead as Vil removed his crown.
"Epel Felmier, do you strive to embody the fairest queen in all you do?"
"I do," Epel said in a confident voice.
"Then, I now crown you as my successor," Vil placed the crown on Epel's head, then stood back away from the throne, conceding his time here was over.
The audience cheered. You and Deuce stood in your seats and shouted the loudest of anyone. 
After a moment, Epel raised his hand for silence.
"My first act as queen will be to kiss my king," he grinned his wicked grin, and gave Deuce a "come hither gesture", which he happily complied to. You watched Vil roll his eyes, and pinch the bridge of his nose, as you giggled, and Epel tossed an arm around Deuce's neck, pulling him to his level, and kissed him passionately. After the kiss, Deuce returned to his seat with the most lovesick expression on his face.
"My second act as queen is to appoint Morgan Hexe as my Vicehousewarden. Do you accept this position?"
"Yes my queen," Morgan said, a satisfied smile on his face, as though this is what he wanted the entire time. He took his place in Rook's old spot to the right of the throne.
Epel stood from the throne, and addressed his new subjects with dignity and confidence.
"As the new Housewarden of Pomefiore, I invite you to the after celebration. There will be food and drink for you. All are welcome." 
With that, he swept out of the throne room, followed closely by Morgan. When your eyes met Vil's, he was smiling and his eyes were filled with pride. 
He approached you as everyone headed to the celebration, and took your hands in his, giving them a soft squeeze.
"Do you understand now, sweet potato? Do you see what it was all for?  Do you understand the world that has opened up to Epel today?"
You grinned, but gave a playful eye roll. "Okay, you win this round, Schoenheit." 
He scoffed, but placed one of your hands on his arm, as he escorted you to the celebration.
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