#twisted wonderland x you
* At 3:00 AM*
Azul: *Answer the phone* Mc is late. Do you have something to say to me?
Mc: Azul I can't sleep because I wonder how paper works under the sea. In general, paper disintegrates in water. But you still use paper when you make contracts. How does it work.
Azul: Is this why you called me? Mc the paper is enchanted so that it does not disintegrate in water.
Mc: Ooooooooooooh okayyyyyy...
Azul: was that all?
Mc: Yeah- Wait Where do you get the ink? Is someone selling to you or are you using yours? If you use yours is it called milking? Can octopuses be milked?
Azul:.... Mc I don't know if I feel threatened or hurt... Are you in drunk?
Mc: No! I just need answers...
Mc never didin't get these answers...
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thewritingdoll · 2 days ago
𝑜𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒹𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒 ⎹ 𝓐.𝓐.
❝ ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ⤻ twisted wonderland / kinktober 2022 / @dollsotome-library
❝ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ⤻ overblotted!azul ashengrotto x headmage!reader ( f! ) ; floyd & jade leech are there, too
❝ ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ ⤻ nsfw! none of my writings are meant for anyone under the age of 18, and any minors interacting will be blocked on site.
❝ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs ⤻ this is a dark fic, noncon but technically forced consent, tentacles— lots of tentacles, frottage, anal, free use mention, exhibitionism, face fucking/sloppy head, titjob, bondage, dumbification and degradation, choking & autoerotic asphyxiation, student/professor, implied age gap but all parties are 18+ ( reader is older )
❝ ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ⤻ 1.3k / mini musing
❝ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴇ ⤻ i do not consent to having my work reposted / translated / stolen in any capacity for any reason. please reblog and leave a comment to support content creators! my work is very rarely proof read so mistakes may be present. all characters / pairings i write for are 18+ with no exceptions.
Tumblr media
“Oh, my dear headmage, it’s a tad bit late for tears, isn’t it?” Azul crooned, as if the obsidian tentacles roped around your neck wasn’t forcing your head down— giving you no choice but to take him hilt deep in your mouth. the best you can muster for a response is a gag and a squint, tears streaming down your hollowed cheeks when the tip of his cock prods against the back of your throat, threatening to break the barrier and dip into the constricted canal. “You are the one that signed the contract, after all.”
Jade hums, watching from the corner of the desk with one hand resting on his chest, the other bent behind him, like a dutiful butler to his overblotted housewarden. “Well, I do believe she was under the impression that you were only going to take her signature spell as collateral,” he chortles to himself, soft and wicked in equal scores, “and she was in such a bind that she didn’t even bother to read through the agreement. Devilishly clever of you to throw the college into chaos, only to strike a deal with the headmage and trick her into giving you the ownership of her body in exchange for peace, Azul.”
your fists clenched, and if your arms weren’t wrenched at your back, coils of tentacle binding them together, you might’ve been able to reach for your pen. but Azul was everywhere. the massive tendrils engulfed your entire office, seemingly ambushing you— each one with a mind of its own, but you knew that wasn’t the case. Azul was meticulous in ensuring that every, single one was assaulting you in accordance with his own desires. your body was already littered with sucker marks, welts raised each time they pry themselves from it. the two controlling the furious bobbing of your head was most intricately woven against your torso, cradling your breasts together, they create a sheath for another one to glide between, leaving your mounds dripping with the blot that slickens each organic chord. then, of course, it was impossible to ignore the one cinching your legs together from ankle to thigh, worming in the middle to slot between your weeping folds. the suckers seal against your clit, and the draw more blood to the nerves, swelling it further. each time the seal is broken with a pop, you slide back and forth over the ridges underside, and you moan, hapless, with a mouth full of cock— spit bubbles and webs of drool oozing out from both corners of your mouth as it’s stretched tight over Azul’s cock.
“Now, now, Jade…” Azul was having trouble speaking as clearly through his puffing breath, thin brows drawn together, “there’s no need for the praise. We all played our parts, didn’t we?”
Floyd scoffs. the wild twin was staring with hungry eyes, both hands splayed out on the desk behind you, “Yeah! All the more reason we should be able to touch. Come on, I want to play with her, too!”
Azul cuts his crystal gaze to his henchman, “I promised that when she wasn’t serving me, you could have your fun with her, didn’t I?”
their eyes meet, and Floyd pouts, reaching out to give your ass a hard squeeze, “Yeah, sure, but… I want to fuck her now.” his other hand comes down hard as a slap and does the same with the other cheek, using the handful of both to spread them apart. “Let me fuck her little asshole, at least.”
“When I’m finished tenderizing her.” Azul replies, flippantly, but you could feel a brand new assailant. another, pesky tentacle, slick with inky blot, takes advantage of the unoccupied, vulnerable hole, and smears itself against it. with a hard shake of your head, you protest, but Azul takes one look at your furrowed brow, and smirks, lusty. “I wouldn’t dare feed her to my closest friends until I’ve loosened her into delicious submission. She’s still just a little too up tight.” you knew it was over, then. the tendril pushes into your ring, squeezing inside, filling you with quick jerking pumping. luckily, the thick extremity is slimy enough that the insertion isn’t over painful, but there’s no denying he’s forcing you to take more than your body was designed to. you yelp, muffled, and gurgle a slew of swears, which are promptly quietened by the tendril squeezing your neck and pulling you down. there’s a pop, not one you can hear, but one that you feel, when your lips press against his base and balls, the tip and first couple of inches pounding their way into your throat. “Now that… that feels good, yes…”
your eyes widen, and you choke, but you’re already being dribbled at a near-break beck speed and force with the new depth he’s found. he drills himself so fiercely into your throat that your eyes roll back after several, loud-clucking moments, lips smashing against his base over and over again. Azul moans, drawing in a shaky breath, and one of his hands comes up to clutch his own throat, squeezing hard whilst the tentacle does the same to yours. “Ahhh…!” Azul’s head is thrown back, nails digging into his own neck.
“Looks fun!” Floyd pouts, winging out. his head tilts to one side to get a better look. “I want my turn. I want to help squeeze the brains out of her!”
the reasonable twin looks to his brother, clicking his tongue against his teeth to make a tch sound. “No, brother, we should be thankful Azul is going to dumb her down for us. Think about it,” he pauses, stepping forward to swat Floyd’s hands from your ass, “when he’s finished with her, she will be so fucked out and thoughtless that you will be able to do whatever you want to her, and she’ll simply babble and take it.”
Floyd’s eyes light up with excitement, “Eh? Whatever I want?” for a moment, he grins wide, but then suspicion creeps upon his countenance, “How do you know it’ll happen so fast?”
Jade quirks a brow, gesturing to you. you’re whimpering and gagging, eyes glassy and rolled to the back of your skull, but you were no longer clenching your fists, nor were you squirming or protesting. you were becoming a breathing cocksleeve already, bouncing back and forth against the extremities that impaled you on both ends. “If you watch closely, you can see every, last thought being fucked right out of her pretty head.”
“She’ll have none… left… by the time I’m done with he—her,” Azul groaned, hips rocking to meet the rapid bobbing, “the agreement is that she’s my — and Octavinelle’s— cumslut now. If the poor, unfortunate bimbo had bothered to read the fine print, she would’ve known that she gave up her position as headmage and her right to think about anything other than servicing her masters’ cocks, morning, noon, and night.”
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aphrodites-letters · 2 days ago
I request bath time with vil. (Nothing gross just wholesome<33)
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Bath time
Tumblr media
Aphrodite's note!: eeek! How cute!
Characters!: Vil Schoenheit · Gender Neutral reader
Tumblr media
It was a long day for the two of you. And a very sweaty exhausting day.
You ended the school day with P.E, you did stretching, runed a mile, did jumping jacks, flied the broom, and did 100 pushups... Of course, anyone was going to be exhausted! But Mr. Vargas said that was so simple and only a little bit! He is insane!
But oh well, you are in peace now. Well almost, in peace.
If you're being honest, the situation you are in now is quite... Awkard. You have never taken a bath with someone. Vil insisted on you sharing a bath with him. He doesn't want you to remain sweaty any longer, and Vil knows very well how many hours he spends taking a bath, he likes taking his time in baths after all, not to mention the many products he uses to keep his hair healthy and shiny. Sharing a bath with him would give you the ability to wash yourself sooner.
And yet, although Vil is your boyfriend, it's still so awkward!
However, your red cheeks and hunched form did not remain unnoticed by your boyfriend.
"Potato? Please, straighten up! What is up with that face, hm?" He asked as he poured some hair shampoo on his hand.
You straightened your back, the bubbles covering your chest "Sorry it's just... I have never shared a bath with someone" you confessed. Vil hummed "I see... Well, there is no need to feel embarrassed by all means; I am your lover after all" he said.
It was silent for a moment, until Vil glanced at you.
"Do you need help washing your back?"
You stopped and nodded at him "Yeah, I hope you don't mind" you said. Vil shook his head "Of course don't. here, come closer" he said and grabbed your hand, pulling you softly to him.
You smiled and turned around, your back facing him.
Vil grabbed the loofah and started to wash your back softly. It was relaxing. You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment. That is until you felt a soft kiss on your left shoulder.
"... I won't lie, I was a bit angry at Vargas... I believe he went a bit to the extreme with all those pushups we had to do. However, I enjoyed the stretches" Vil said.
"Well, I hated every part of it" you commented.
Vil let out a chuckle and kissed your cheek "You must get used to it potato. Exercising is an important element in beauty. It keeps you healthy and strong"
With a giggle, you turned your head around to reach his soft lips. You both shared a soft, passionate kiss. His lips tasted like heaven, and they were warm and just oh so perfect like the rest of him. When you two pulled out, you stared at each other's eyes with adoration. You reached to caress his cheek "I love you, my beautiful Vil"
He smiled a bit, his cheeks turning into a light pink. He reached to grab your hand and kissed the back of it "I know. And I love you very much too, my silly potato"
You fully turned your body around, now fully facing him. You hugged him and laid your head on his shoulder "I want to stay like this forever, in your arms"
"If you wish, we can stay here a bit longer. Although we will eventually have to get up. But for now, just enjoy the peace" he said and hugged you back, enjoying the warmth of your love.
You surely don't regret sharing a bath with him.
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated <3
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ai-dev · a day ago
My Twisted wonderland Mc!
(click on it for better quality)
✯𝐻𝑎𝑝𝑝𝑦 𝐻𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑒𝑛!✯
Tumblr media
I'm really excited that I finnaly got to draw him :>
(he's a scarecrow btw-he did it to scare Crowley)(*it worked*)
Ik that in the past couple of days I haven't really posted anything other than reblogs and sorry about that!
We'll soon get back to our usual program😌 andd creativity has sparked and I now have a comic idea for my mc who currently goes by the name yuu
If you want me to draw your twst oc/mc in their Halloween costume I'd be glad to!(just show me refrences like from piccrew or anywhere) Also if you want me to draw any of the boys in their Halloween costume I gladly will! I wanna work on my digital art skills(and also socializing with people) and also if you want to reblog this and show me your oc/Mc I would lovee to see them :o (I'm a sucker for character designs)
Anyway I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day/night and make sure to drink some water! I can't wait to see some designs:D
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mastersdomaine · 2 months ago
"cuddle piles and kisses," twisted wonderland first years.
synopsis: after being invited to [name]'s dorm for a sleepover, the first years end up cuddling to sleep. before they fall asleep, [name] makes a point to kiss all of them goodnight - leaving them flustered before bed.
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, & sebek x gender neutral! reader
includes: nothing but fluff i think..?
note: the requests will be posted soon because there's a lot and i've had a really bad case of writers block recently.
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
it was 2:48 am on a saturday morning. the first years were all in ramshackle for a sleepover that you had organized. you've done almost everything that you had planned to do except sleep. so here you were, with your first year besties cuddled up in a pile of blankets and pillows.
ace -- was to the far left of you, holding your hand while facing towards you. he wasn't cuddled up close to you because deuce was there. he was still satisfied with being able to hold your hand, an intimate thing he wants to do with you that he's only been able to fantasize. his thumb traced random letters and shapes on the back of your hand. when you start to doze off, he traces: i love you, and a bunch of hearts on the back of your hand.
deuce -- got one of the arguably best spots in the cuddle pile after epel. he was curled into your left side, lying his head on a pillow and your chest and his arms wrapped around you. he loved how close he was to you and he slept almost baby-like with how he could hear your heartbeat. it was reassuring, and each calm and rhythmic 'thump!' gave him more reasons to love you. (it also made is own heart beat a lot faster unlike your calm ones.)
jack -- was like a pillow shifted to the right. your was head on his chest and it was near his heart and he had to thank the great seven for letting him stay calm so his heart wouldn't beat 100 miles a minute. he enjoyed the feeling that you were relying on him partially. he even built up the courage to play with your hair/shoulders. he was like a masseuse! (his tail was also wrapped around your waist because if it wasn't, it'd be wagging a lot in satisfaction!)
epel -- had what everyone envied. he got the best place, the best pillow, everything. he got the lap spot. his head was laid on your lap as his hands were wrapped around your waist drawing shapes near jack's tail and deuce's arms. he soon realized he had the best spot in the cuddle pile. he got to use your lap and tummy as a pillow while being really close to you! your free (right) hand played with his hair and he loved it. (he was thankful for once that vil liked to keep his hair so soft.)
sebek -- was to the far right of you. he was facing the ceiling, but had no contact with you unlike the others. you offered him your hand which he declined because, "i don't need some pathetic human's hand!" but he did feel slightly upset when you pulled your hand and used it play with epel's hair. but when epel fell asleep you removed your hand from his hair and grabbed sebek's hand yourself, intertwining your fingers. he fell asleep much happier and more comfortable with the reassurance that you're there. he squeezes your hand gently on occasion, and if he's lucky, he get's a squeeze back.
you were all cuddled up nicely after this successful sleepover. you were all beginning to nod off before you remembered one thing that you absolutely wanted to do. you didn't know if they were sleeping and you defiantly didn't want to wake them up if they were sleeping. hesitantly, you say, "are you all still awake?"
small mumbles of affirmation came from each person to signal they were in fact awake. you smiled, the plan would work! you nudged epel, asking him to get up. he complied, although a bit grumpy he'd have to give up his thigh pillows temporarily. you removed jack's tail and epel and deuce's hands from your waist softly.
you crawled over to sebek first, leaning down to give him a kiss on his forehead. "goodnight, sebek. thank's for coming to the sleepover, i hope you enjoyed it! sweet dreams," you placed another one on his cheek. "g-goodnight, human. sweet dreams to you to as well."
luckily it was dark or else you would've seen the blush that painted his cheeks. sure, it wasn't a kiss on the lips but it was a kiss. he was ecstatic. his joy didn't show on the outside except for the blush, but his joy would show in his dreamland fantasies where he got an actually kiss on the lips from you.
you then turned around to jack. you kissed his forehead, they you ruffled his hair and gave affectionate scratches to his ears. he had to literally sit on his tail so that it wouldn't start wagging. he was so happy but he hid that. only a faint blush covered his cheeks.
"g'night, jack! sweet dreams. sorry you'll have to miss your morning run for this, but i hope you enjoyed it," even in the dark, he could see your sincere yet apologetic smile. "i enjoyed it so it's fine, [name]. sweet dreams and goodnight to you too." you kissed his cheek and then ruffled his hair and scratched his ears again. the wolf beastman hoped that because it was dark, you couldn't see his flushed cheeks.
you crawled over jack and deuce's body to ace, who was propped up on his elbows watching your interactions with the others. that means he was next and he was so excited! "night, ace. have sweet dreams, kay?" you gave two kisses to both of his cheeks and ruffled his hair playfully. "night to you too, [name]~" he cooed. although he seemed chill about it, his cheeks were hot from being so flustered.
you returned to you spot in the middle, where epel crawled back on your lap and deuce laid his head on your chest. you leaned your head over to the side to kiss deuce's forehead. "night, deuce," you kissed the bridge of his nose because you couldn't reach his cheek. "dream about me, 'kay?" you said it in a teasing tone, leaving his heart beating even faster and making his cheeks extremely red. "good n-night to you too, [name]," he says before yawning. he was defiantly gonna dream about you.
epel waited a few seconds before crawling up to your face. he had the best spot in the cuddle pile but he missed out on the best part of it! "where's my good night kiss, [name]?" he teased, but you could pick up the actually question in his tone despite being tired. "i couldn't get to you with deuce on me, but you just made it easier," he didn't understand what you meant by making it easier, but he found out when your lips connected with his cheeks.
"thank's for coming tonight epel. it must've been hard to convince vil, but i'm glad you did it. good night epel. have sweet dreams." you were about to lean in to deliver a kiss to his other cheek but he beat you to it. his lips connected with yours, giving you instead a good night kiss. "good night, [name]. i hope you have sweet dreams as well and liked my gift for inviting me." he gave a teasing smirk before crawling down and laying back on your thighs. he kissed your stomach a little before resting his head.
later, that morning, you were the last person to wake up. before you woke up, ace and deuce were yelling at epel because they witnessed him kissing you. sebek tried to stop them because he was annoyed with their yelling. jack, on the other hand, tried to stop them from yelling so that they wouldn't disturb your beauty sleep. they all (and would never admit this) thought you looked amazing while sleeping, they only wished if they took a picture of you.
they were all so very thankful that you invited them over for the sleepover. they had the most amazing dreams thanks to having the cuddle pile and your good night kisses. please do invite them for a sleepover again, [name]!
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
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butterflyemi · 4 months ago
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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mrs-schoenheit · 13 days ago
Adeuce : We are not paying for that
Floyd: *annoyed* why not? you ordered 42 coffee
Adeuce: We said 4 tea 2 coffee
Tumblr media
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magicpumpkin3 · 14 days ago
May I request HCs of the Dorm Leaders (Separately) with a [S/O] [Gender Neutral] (Romantic) who can curse out in their native language whenever they get angry? Like in one scenario: [Y/N] got so fed up with the One-Brain Cell gang (First Years) that they willingly cursed out in their mother tongue to the group, giving them an earful of a lecture like an angry mother who found their kids caused trouble at school. How would they react to their partner who can speak in another language? (Examples: Korean, Russian, Spanish, etc.)
(Note: Scolding in any language is lethal.)
(Note 2: Ignore @//swiftyangx12)
- @sanctum-of-ramshackle
Note: *laughing in bilingual* Oh dear, It's going to be such a delight to write
Note: It took almost a year...Well, that was something -
Riddle Rosehearts
I see Riddle as a person that thinks, that curse words are forbidden and that no one should use them well, at least not around him.
So, let's just say, when reader cussed out because of the stupidity of the holy trio, I think it was for the best that no one had a single clue what the hell they were saying, because otherwise Riddle would've collared them.
So, let's Imagen a scenario, where Riddle found out what the bunch of gibberish words ment. He is soo not pleased, the dorm leader really thought that reader was better, then that. Of course there was some scolding and ect, but at the end of the day, he kind of get's it, it's Deuce, Ace and Grim after all. But that's still not an excuse!!!
He's also really interested in learning some basic words in readers native language. Even those cuss words sounded beautiful.
Leona Kingscholar
So, like Riddle, he has no fucking clue what you said. Well, he gets that it's probably something like cuss words but he's not quite sure.
Now, let's clarify that he gives zero shit if you cuss or not. Like, he gets it, shit happens, let's move on. And to be fair, I'll lie if I say I don't think he's the type to use cuss words in he's day to day life.
So, when you let all your anger flow in the middle of an overbolt fight, he's all in for it, even the overbolt kid was stunned by the nonsense you said.
Does Leona want to learn the language? Fuck yeah he does, it would make so much easier for him to cuss and make fun of other people, omG. Overall, he thinks that you're hella cool when you speak your native language.
Azul Ashengrotto
So, I don't think I need to say it again, he has no idea what you said, he has some suspensions but he's quite sure. Azul new that sometimes your brain just glitches and some words happen.
To be fair, I'm not sure how he feels about cuss words. I think he's okay when there's some used, but not like fuck fuckedy fuck fuck fuck.
So, when you started screaming at the trio, he thought it was one of those days when your brain farts some words. He haven't even thought those could be some inappropriate words. Twins on the other hand...oh yeah, they knew-
When he found out, Azul was quite impressed. He hadn't heard anyone curse so passionately, so boy couldn't even be mad at you properly!
As for the language, he finds it mesmerizing. Does he want to learn it? Oh hell yeah! It could be your secret language that only both of you could talk on~
Kalim Al Asim
First of, this is a child. But in all honesty, I think he dislikes cuss words, but not as passionately as Riddle. But still, don't swear around him plz
He is truly curious about you knowing another language, especially when you speak it! It sounds so beautiful coming from you, he is definitely into learning some words. Lemme tell you, the way he was staring at you, when you rained hell fires apun the idiot trio, was something.
Now, we all know that he had no idea what you said, but let's pretend someone told him God help that poor unfortunate soul
He is shocked to say the least, I think he would just froze up with this face 0_0, like. He doesn't blame you, but at the same time it feels wrong to him to hear you cuss in your native language.
Vil Schoenheit
Okay, I feel like he's kind of like an Azul when it comes to the adult language, doesn't mind it, but when it's too much he'll ask you to stop.
Now, you speaking 2 languages is interesting, but at the same time he knows it's semi-normal to be so fluent He has Rook by his side, like c'mon
He would love to learn your language, but I feel he'd actually just learn the basic set of words and of course speak without accent bc perfectionism
Vil is no idiot and he sees with whom you're dealing. He understands, no judgement, yell at them all you want, he will just watch and might trow some disapproval glance in their director, just so they could feel the fault.
Idia Shroud
First of, he's a fortnighter. He's a gamer for crying out loud, I bet when he's comfortable he swears at least once in 3 sentences. So yeah, you can swear all you want, he's not amused.
As for the language, he's quite fond of it. It sounds very majestic when you start to talk on it so to speak. He simp-. And let's be honest here, the fist words that he'll ask to learn are the cuss once, we all know it.
So when he heard you scolding the trio he makes a few mental notes 1)Ask for the translated version. 2) Don't get on your bad side 3) That was hot-. Idia is really amazed how good everything sounded, almost got hypnotized there.
He wants to learn the language not only because he can then swear around people and be unnoticed or at least around himself, but he also wants it to be a semi-secret language between you too, so you can talk about whatever you want without being afraid of someone ears dropping.
Malleus Draconia
Okay, so yet another child. It's like dealing with Kalim but this one is a bit sly. He understands that cuss words have their place in the world but Malleus doesn't feel the need to use them or at least around you.
Malleus has great interest in learning your other language, he thinks that's it's going to be your aristocratic language thing, which he also finds quite romantic.
When he overhead you cussing in your mother tongue at the trio he was amused. Malleus in all honesty found this hole situation hilarious and interesting.
And yes, even knowing cuss words in your language he will not use them just to make you a tab bit mad~
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lilia-sspouse · a month ago
I took some time to think ... I have thought of becoming a Lilia Stan, Again and Forever. 🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Additional tag : @aphrodites-letters They seem to like Lilia.. So why not? 👀
Feel free to express y'all love for Lilia, Cause I can relate. 😍🫶‼️
All thanks to @bucketofforks ,, <33 They told me the credits!
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villainessxassassin · a month ago
Hello saw requests are open Decided to give it a shot
Can I request the dorm leaders reacting to their s/o pointing their finger at the first years (specifically ace and deuce but it'll be funny if the rest of them are included) and being like
'ya know these nuisances are the reason why I'll probably die early before I even get married to you one day'
sorry if this wasn't what you expected or if you see it as too short for your liking. we have a lot of dorm leaders x reader requests so apologies again for our tardiness! We promise to make the next ones in the future longer!
and I might have misunderstood the ask -kishira
warnings: really short (I'm sorry😭), oh and azul gives you a marriage contract (jokingly), or maybe not👀
Tumblr media
"W-Well surely you do not mean what you say—
Ace! Deuce! Cease your trouble-riddled acts or it's off with your heads!
And no I'm not saying this to prolong your life so we can get married!"
Acts cool and composed but his red face contradicts it all. If these nuisances were to be the cause of what you said, then they certainly must be taught a lesson!
Tumblr media
"Oh? I didn't think you'd be that weak to have surrendered yourself to these herbivores.
though if you were to make reality what you just said, I might take it back— not that I have any once of faith in it anyways"
Oh he has a lot of faith you'll make it reality, and of course he's not one to voice off his own thoughts, so he settles for a small glare given to the 1st years as they shudder.
Tumblr media
"You wouldn't mind binding your words to this marriage contract now would you?
Leaving out the part of you dying of course. A shame it would be to this contract if that were to ever happen you know."
He gave you the piece of paper as a joke, heck it wasn't even a real contract, but he was surprised when you actually signed the thing. Time to make it authentic then.
Tumblr media
"Please don't die just yet because of them! If you do then how will we ever get married?"
"Don't worry, I'll be making preparations for when the time comes, so i hope you can handle your 1st year friends with care ti'll then"
You can't tell if he said that seriously or as a joke due to his firm laugh, but unbeknownst to you he really did mean what he said, like he really really meant it.
Tumblr media
"I'd appreciate it if you were to not die here in my presence
but this marriage you speak of can surely be arranged, so I hope you're willing to wait for me when the time comes"
The guy looks so neutral you aren't sure how to respond, but vil himself also doesn't know how to respond to what he said, so ya'll stayed there standing while looking each other lovingly in the eye
Tumblr media
"Ngl I have to agree, if anything they'd already be escorting you to your death bed-
WAIT! d-did I hear you correctly? surely not! you shouldn't say such things that still have the slightest possibilities of becoming true!
He doesn't know why he's scolding you, but just know he's doing it with a touch of pink dusting his face and the ends of his flaming hair as he scurries off mumbling to himself.
Tumblr media
"Quite the bold claim you've made child of man
Although I shall be ensuring what you say becomes reality, I'm hoping you can live long enough to walk down that aisle."
He knows you're not weak to just die because of some trouble making 1st years. Becomes more protective of you while giving the 1st years a close eyed smile with a menacing aura surrounding him.
Request are open until august 20
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kalims · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
you like me, don't you?
heartslabyul : savanaclaw : octavinelle : scarabia : pomefiore : ignihyde : diasomnia :
ortho's part is of course platonic and merely like a prologue of sorts that is connected to idia's part
Tumblr media
"big brother is very fond of you."
ortho says with a happy chirp, he's positively beaming—clasping his hands behind his back as if he just didn't expose idia's most probable secret that he'd die if it ever got out.
you can only pray that he didn't actually die since it did got revealed, to you no less.
you blink. "... is that true?" as a response ortho nods enthusiastically, it seems like the energy for idia was leeched off by none other than his brother. given how the older one seemed quite gloomy mist of the time and the younger one was the complete opposite.
"lately, elder brother has been acting strange." ortho starts. it sounded like a matter that would've been taken with a little caution but he still upholds the robotic-like smile.
even you question how he's able to put up such a convincing smile.. for a non-human.
"how so?"
"rather than playing games he keeps checking your messages, and feed to check if you've replied or posted." to your suprise there's a holographic video popping up in the air. true to his words there was a video of idia sitting on his chair, keeping on switching tabs. "I've scoured the internet and the only possible I've gotten was that he displays romantic interest in you."
... just how many secrets will ortho spill. you kind of pity idia.
as expected. idia starts to sink, and shrink in his seat the moment he registers your words that were aimed towards him like it was gonna hide him from the embarrassment he's about to face with horrified eyes.
"w-where did... no i... i don't know what you're talking about."
he denies quickly, shaking his head. the volume of his words alone speaks how much he's feeling. a bark of a dog compared to it would be louder than him.
you notice that the proud, bright flame of his hair starts to decrease the more he tries to hide himself in the seat. "you were gonna ask where I got that, right?" he gives you a nervous side eye and stays silent.
"ortho says you like me!" you chirp happily. matching the same exact energy the younger brother displayed when he quite literally exposed his elder brother. speaking of idia he looks even more horrified.
idia startles and actually falls over from his chair. "huh?! no... ortho you betrayed me.. y-you have no proof."
you shake your finger. "the recordings from your brother says other wise. so you were that ghoul777 account that keeps liking my posts in less than a minute."
"that's not me!"
"open your magicam."
his hair seems to be flaming pink from shame and embarrassment.
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*At the dorm leaders' meeting*
Vil: So Mc what were you thinking of doing this weekend?
Mc: Smash
*everyone stares at Mc*
Leona: *instant waking up*
Azul: *blushes* Oh with who
Mc: With my friend.
Riddle: *is Red* You what-
Mc: Smash with friends
Vil: *almost choking on tea*
Azul: *almost choke's too*
Malleus: *whisper to Kalim* Kalim what is smash?
Kalim: I have no idea...
Leona: *laugh really hard*
Mc: What... Why are you acting strange? I just said that- Ooh. Pervert's. I meant I'm going to play Smash bros with a friend.
At this point, all the dorm leader's are relieved. Even Malleus and Kalim who don't realize what's going on.
If you're wondering where Idia is, he left as soon as the meeting officially ended
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thewritingdoll · 2 months ago
𝒶𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝓅𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓎 ⎹ 𝓕.𝓛.
❝ ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ⤻ twisted wonderland / @dollsotome-library
❝ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ⤻ floyd leech x reader ( f! )
❝ ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ ⤻ nsfw! none of my writings are meant for anyone under the age of 18, and any minors interacting will be blocked on site.
❝ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs ⤻ literally all smut because i’m a whore, oral sex / face fucking, semi public sex, spit kink, orgasm denial, degradation, floyd should come with his own warning
❝ ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ⤻ 1.5k / mini musing
❝ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴇ ⤻ i do not consent to having my work reposted / translated / stolen in any capacity for any reason. please reblog and leave a comment to support content creators! my work is very rarely proof read so mistakes may be present. all characters / pairings i write for are 18+ with no exceptions. enjoy!
Tumblr media
you could stay like this for hours.
sure, your knees were tender from being dug against the floor for so long, and the corners of your mouth were starting to ache; your jaw tight and sore, and your arm was getting tired from the relentless pumping.
but then, he moaned like that and none of the discomfort mattered anymore.
you could stay like this for hours as long as it meant he kept making those sounds.
a soft, breathy whine of your name, and your eyes flickered up. they trail along the length of his torso, tracing the join of his purple button down until it ends and the taut, slick skin of his sweating, heaving chest began. you’d already marked his porcelain flesh with teeth and tongue from collarbone to earlobe, leaving thick, purple marks in the shape of your kiss, and your gaze leap-frogged from lovebite to lovebite upwards over his clavicle and neck. he always wore your signatures with pride, brandishing them like brand new tattoos for all to see. now was no exception— he catches you staring and his mouth twists into a wicked smirk, flashing sharpened teeth.
“You like to watch me, angelfish?” he croons, golden gaze glimmering. “Wanna see how good you can make me feel?” you would’ve nodded, if your head wasn’t bobbing— mouth full of his cock. still, Floyd expected some kind of answer, so you manage a garbled mhm and pair it with a flutter of your lashes, begging him to give you a show. in the dimmed glow of the Mostro Lounge, he was celestial, bathed in aquamarines. long legs spread, kicked out for you to fit right between them. once the lounge closed for the night, it had been all too easy the moment he plopped down at one of the empty tables for you to follow and drop to your knees.
it was almost pathetic just how wrapped around his finger you were.
“Haaa…” it’s a shaky exhale, his lids slitting when you swirl your tongue around the swollen head of his cock, teasing the most sensitive portion with the very tip of your velvety muscle. to ensure that not a single inch of him is neglected, you squeeze your fist around his thickness, pumping from the very base to tip, kissing the side of your hand with each stroke. you’re gifted with a drizzle of precum for your fervent flicking— the rawest form of his desire intoxicating you the very second it coats your tastebuds. “That’s it,” he whines, and even though you want to close your eyes and savor him, you’re entranced by the visage of him writhing in the chair, his jagged pearls grinding with his jaw sewn tight, “Like that… please…” you were already obeying, pumping faster, sucking harder. it wasn’t so often that anyone made Floyd this docile or hopeless, and you would be lying to say that it didn’t make you feel like a goddess.
that was, of course, until you felt the weight of his hand on the top of your head.
you half expect him to push down, force his entirety down your throat. it wouldn’t have been the first time, and so you allowed your jaw a moment to relax, so maybe (fingers crossed) you wouldn’t gag on him this time.
but Floyd’s willowy fingers comb through your hair, grasping the very roots to urge your head back. his cock slips from your swollen lips, and you lean back, falling on the cool, hard floor on your bum. you hadn’t noticed how wet you were until you felt the damp patch of your panties shift against you. you did love sucking him off.
Floyd is beaming; grinning ear to ear in the sleaziest way, his eyes twinkling as he hunches forward, leaning close. “Lemme see here, open that pretty cocksucker!” he exclaims, breathing hot air on your lips until they hang open in acquiescence. your own breath is heavy and excited, the tip of your tongue hanging out over your bottom tier. “So submissive,” Floyd purrs, “and you love every minute of being my bitch.” he didn’t have to ask— he knew you did, and he emphasized his certainty by shoving his free hand into your uniform skirt and panties so abruptly that you squeak and arch your back when he cups your sex.
“Shut up,” he mutters, but his tone isn’t malicious. he’s staring at you with the fondest, hungriest eyes you’ve ever seen, “you’re so cute, angelfish!” his tongue slithers out swiping over his teeth, before curling under yours. at first, you think he wants to play, and you twist yours, but his lips envelop your tongue, instead, and he suckles on it as he rubs you, the tips of his first two fingers zeroed in on your clitoris to coax it with hard spearing to swell further. you mewl, grinding your hips in sync with his massage, riding his fingers until they’re soaked. Floyd grins, dragging the edges of his teeth over your tastebuds before he lets go, taking a second to stare at your countenance. your eyes were closed, mouth open wide and tongue dangling for him, and lusty whimpers drip from your tiers. “Is it so sensitive?” he teases, excited and he chortles when you nod, “Look at you, getting all worked up from just my fingers. You’re just so easy it’s both pathetic and adorable. I could do anything to you, couldn't i? I could get away with anything as long as I keep playing with this little pussy.” he wasn’t wrong, either. you were rubbing yourself on his hand like a bitch in heat, begging to cum and moaning for him, and all he had to do was sit there and let you.
you definitely weren’t expecting what happens next, however. his tongue disappears back into his mouth and he works it around for a moment, before his lips pucker and he launches a mouthful of spit into your open cavern. you flinch when your lips are peppered with his saliva, but resist the urge to lick it up; instead, allowing it to dribble down to your chin in thin strips.
“Wanna… cum…” you breathe out, eyelids fluttering. you were already on the cusp, your stomach knotting up, muscles pulling taut, back arching. you could feel it tugging at you, eager to spread like wildfire and engulf you. Floyd watches you, even more enthralled, and suddenly snatches his hand away, leaving you unfulfilled. you whine, eyes wide and disappointed as your hips quiver. “W—wait—“
“I don’t want you to.” Floyd replies, careless as he brings his hand up. he spreads each digit in front of your face, showing you just how messy you were. his fingers were coated in shine, and strings of slick web them together, “Teasing you is so much more fun.”
“Floyd!” you whine, sitting up on your knees and rubbing your thighs together in hopes to stimulate you enough, but it was too late; the pending orgasm had already melted. “Please!”
“Nuh uh,” he answers with a roll of his eyes, smearing his sticky fingers over your open mouth, forcing you to taste yourself and making a bigger mess of your face, “and stop using that warm fuckhole to bug me about it and wrap your lips around my cock again.” the hand that had been idle in your hair pushes your head down again, and you welcome him into your mouth again with a gurgled moan. “Azul and Jade will be back soon, and you know how much they love to ruin our play time in the lounge, so hurry up and make me cum.” you look up at him, eyelashes wet, as he uses the grip on your hair to dribble your head on him until you’re drooling, bobbing helplessly, and your moans are broken clucks. Floyd takes one look at you like that and exhales in adoration, “and I’ll take you back to my room and tie you up with my scarf. Then, I’ll tongue fuck your greedy, little pussy until you cry.”
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namjoon-koya · 4 months ago
I see you’re a fan of twisted wonderland👀 how about a headcanon with grim (platonic of course)
a/n: I’m stuck in the fandom and I can’t get out 😭
Tumblr media
Grim definitely sleeps on top of your stomach the moment he sees that you’re finally asleep and won’t move much in the night, if you’re a light sleeper you might feel grim knead at your blanket at night. If you confront him about it he’ll definitely tell you that you’re just dreaming, but that won’t stop him from kneading.
Grim loves you, yes he may call you his minion; but he really does love you. Grim often fears when Crowley will tell you one day that he find a way for you to get home, Grim fears being alone and now that he has you he’s grown a strong attachment to you.
oof you’re definitely a parental figure to him, especially with how much trouble him, deuce and ace get into. You pretty much debate on buying them a backpack leash with how many times you catch them doing something suspicious, during the winter time you FORCE grim to wear a scarf. “I told you! I don’t wanna!” “GRIM! You’re going to get sick now put the scarf on!” Of course he wears it.
If Grim catches you paying attention to Lucius he WILL pout about it, “just say you don’t love me anymore.” “Grim—“ “just say it I can handle it.” It will probably take 10 cans of tuna for Grim to accept that you love him and not Lucius.
You both can often have deep conversations with each other, usually at night when neither of you guys can sleep. “Hey minion, you asleep yet?” “Nope.” You hear a soft shuffle before feeling soft fur brush against your cheek, grim settles beside the pillow next to you. “Do you miss your family?” You think about your answer for a second before answering Grim “it’s a bit hard to miss something you don’t remember, but it’s okay.” Grim just stares at you confused at your answer “how it is okay?”
You gently rub Grim’s ear making him lean more into your touch, “because I have you guys, sure you guys might drive me insane at times; but I would probably give up going back home if that meant I could stay with you guys.” Grim doesn’t say anything instead he nuzzles closer to you, even if he didn’t say anything you could hear the small purrs from him. “Goodnight Grim.” You say giving his ears a gentle rub again before falling asleep.
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http-rae · 4 months ago
little otp prompt (୨୧)
Tumblr media
yuu; what are you doing?
floyd, hanging upside down from a tree branch; shrimpy~! i'm trying to kiss you!
yuu; you're going to fall... please come down.
floyd; ...
floyd; shut up and kiss me, i'm getting lightheadead.
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mastersdomaine · a month ago
What if the dorm leaders saw our kisses and cuddle pile with the first years?
"caught cuddling and kissing!" twisted wonderland dorm leaders.
synopsis: somehow, someway, the dorm leaders happen to see your cuddle piles and kisses with the first years! how do they react?
characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, jamil, vil, idia & malleus x gender neutral! reader | mentions of first years x reader
includes: cursing, stalker-ish! idia, malleus is referred to as tsunotarou
note: sorry if idia and malleus are out of character because eng. server doesn't have their book.
riddle rosehearts: dorm leader of heartslabyul
he noticed the two were gone because it was surprisingly quite at midnight. usually, he could heard ace being a dumbass and deuce trying to stop him from being a dumbass. he goes to their dorm room and sees them not there. they must've left the dorm!
riddle did not give ace and deuce sleepover passes! before storming out of heartslabyul and to ramshackle (where he was sure the two were), he should've checked with his vice dorm leader to see if he had given them sleepover passes. if he did, he would've known that trey gave them sleepover passes so that they could go over to ramshackle.
upon arriving at ramshackle, he checks the windows first. it's late and it's the weekend so he wants to see if you and the troublesome duo are awake. he sees the adeuce duo and you, but in addition, jack, epel and sebek!
he watched as you kissed sebek, then jack, then ace, then deuce, and then he watched epel kiss you. he was pissed! at first, he was upset because you kissed two of his dorm members (the most troublesome ones at that), but he was pissed when epel kissed you! that should have been him!
he should be held in your arms while you both kiss! not epel! he should be cuddled up to your side, not deuce! he should be holding your hand and tracing shapes and words on it, not ace or sebek! you should be leaning on his chest, not jack's!
riddle would love to never ever admit this out loud, but he's jealous of first years. he does wish if he could take their places. if jack, epel and sebek were in his dorm, they'd all be collared. be prepared ace and deuce, tomorrow morning when they arrive back at heartslabyul, they'll be collared for their crimes!
he storms back to his room and pouts.
leona kingscholar: dorm leader of savanaclaw
he found out when jack asked to go to your dorm for a sleepover. he didn't care much, but he did just say, "yeah, go for it." and told jack to leave his room.
he forgot about it later on and he couldn't sleep. leona does have a random habit of getting you to come to his dorm, or go to your dorm when this happens. after calling you like 20 times with no response, he decided to go to your dorm, much to his demise.
when leona arrives at ramshackle, before busting to door down to yell at you for not answering his calls, he sees you doing something disgusting. leona saw you kissing jack - his underclassmen and dorm member!
he feels like vomiting. then you're kissing those two troubling heartslabyul herbivores? and the protégé(epel) of that prick(vil)? wait- that one kissed you back?! he's pissed, he feels like turning all of them into sand.
he's too angry to even try to sleep now. he can only assume you kissed that screaming one who always talks about malleus? disgusting.
jack doesn't get punished, but you and jack can see the anger that leona carries towards jack for a while. one day while he's sleeping in the botanical garden, he sees you walking by and grabs you to the ground with him.
you're now forced to sleep with this lazy lion, and he makes you kiss him goodnight. he won't kiss you back, but every time you're nearby and he's trying to sleep, you're required to kiss him goodnight or sleep with him.
azul ashengrotto: dorm leader of octavinelle
no first year in his dorm is in your cuddle pile, but he still did found out. he was attempting to look around ramshackle to see if it would be a good area for monstro lounge 2, but he instead got to see you doing unspeakable things with the first years...
azul saw you cuddling them! you were holding them or they were holding you. he even saw you kissing them, he felt like crawling in his pot and dying. but of course you wouldn't want to cuddle him, he is just a stupid, ugly, octo-twerp, but he still feels bad! :((
as he watched you kiss them, he is filled envy. he wishes to be them, but he wished desperately to hold you or hold onto you and receive kisses from you. fuck, if he's bold enough, he'll initiate the kiss like epel did!
he's upset with you and those stupid first years. he'll get back at them, but not at you, he loves you. but how should he get the others back. a contract? sick the leech twins on them? no, he leaves it alone.
but every time you see him, he either becomes really bold, really clingy(behind closed doors), distant, or really sad around you. don't worry, just hold the octo-baby and cuddle, comfort, and kiss him! he'll be happy after that!
kalim al-asim & jamil viper: dorm leader and vice-dorm leader of scarabia
no one from the two's dorm is in your cuddle pile either. but kalim and jamil find out about your cuddle pile and kisses when kalim went out for a magic carpet ride. but recently kalim has been reckless on these rides so jamil decided to come with him.
kalim makes a pitstop to ramshackle, his favorite dorm besides his own because you're there. he looks through the window to the lounge to see you and some of the first years cuddling!
if jamil wasn't there, kalim would have entered ramshackle and joined the cuddle pile. but jamil had to tell kalim that he wasn't invited and it'd be rude to intrude.
kalim pouts at this, but when he sees you kiss them and epel kiss you? he begs jamil to let him go inside so he can at least get a kiss from you! kalim has to be physically held back by jamil to stop him from going inside.
jamil decides it time to leave and pulls kalim onto the magic carpet to fly back to scarabia. "i really wish if i could go in there with them. a cuddle pile with [name] and getting a kiss from them? i'd love that!"
in return to kalim's statement, jamil says, "why not invite them over too scarabia for a cuddle pile?" kalim perks up, "really? then we could invite all of scarabia!" jamil shuts down his idea, "no, that's too many people."
"a third of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "half of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "how about a quarter of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "oh! i know now! it can just be me, you, and [name]!"
jamil lets out a surprised gasp, "yes, i suppose that would work. but wouldn't you like it if it was just you and [name]?" "no, it wouldn't be a cuddle pile if it was just two people. plus, i'm sure [name] would love to have you as company!"
the next morning, kalim ran up to you on main street. "hey [name]! can't you join me and jamil for a cuddle pile later tonight at scarabia? thank you! bye!" he ran off leaving you confused but happy for the scarabia cuddle pile later that night.
vil schoenheit: dorm leader of pomefire
he was going to send rook to see if epel hadn't had anything bad happen to his appearance, but rook had left campus this weekend, meaning he would have to check on his own. yes he's losing his beauty sleep, but he'd hate for his progress on epel to be ruined because of a silly sleepover.
vil looked through the window, seeing quite the sight. it was right when you first kissed sebek. then he saw you go to jack, then ace, then deuce and now- epel?!
you kissed epel first, and then he watched epel lean up and kiss you instead. he didn't know wether to be happy that epel had been bold, yet graceful like his teachings or upset that epel was kissing you. you!
the only person you should be kissing is you is him. no one but him. none other than vil schoenheit is fair enough to kiss you. yes, he's upset that you had kissed the other spudlings, but he's most upset that you had kissed epel.
when epel returned the next day, he had no idea that vil was going to make him do the most. extra etiquette classes, extra ballet classes, extra formality classes, everything. epel never got an explanation for the behavior, but he didn't get a break from it.
[name], you need to quickly get to the pomefire dorm and help epel out of his mess by kissing and cuddling the fairest of all, vil!
idia shroud: dorm leader of ignihyde
idia knew of this because both you and ortho practically begged idia to let ortho go. idia didn't let ortho go because he knew those other first years were going to be there, and what if they broke ortho?!
however, he did see everything that went on because - and you don't know this - he has cameras in ramshackle. everywhere in ramshackle. your room, the kitchen, the common room, outside, everywhere.
he watched the night go on, every activity that went on, he felt jealous of. you wanted to invite ortho, but not him? he's sad.
idia saw as you started to fall asleep with sebek, jack, epel, deuce and ace, he should be cuddled up next to you!
he loses it when he actually sees you kiss each one of them. why wasn't it him instead? very self conscious. he suddenly falls into a deep state of depression when he watches epel kiss you and then lay back on your thighs.
not only does he get the thigh pillows, but he got to initiate a kiss?! a very bold first year it seems. he's very sad.
malleus draconia: dorm leader of disomania
he didn't know because sebek surprisingly went to lilia, not wanting disgrace the great malleus with something as stupid as a sleepover.
he was doing his usually walks around ramshackle, waiting for you to come out and greet him. by now, you'd usually be out to see him. maybe you were asleep?
he looks through the windows to see if maybe you're getting ready to leave the dorm to meet him, but he's met with no sight. he instead sees you kiss sebek! he's sad. he means- go sebek! yay! but then again, you should only kiss him! malleus should only get [name]'s kisses!
he gets pissed, actually angry, when he sees epel crawl up and kiss you, initiating the kiss. the anger turns into sadness and he pouts.
very sad dragon boy walks sadly back to disomania.
the next night, malleus visits again and he sees you. he perks up again seeing you. you two continue your conversation into the early hours of the morning. when it is time to depart, he demands to same treatment those first years got.
"tsunotarou, good night." you say, hugging him. cuddling? done. now, all he needs is that kiss. "child of man?" you let out a hum of acknowledgment, "there is a human ritual i'm not familiar with. could you help me understand it?" you tell him to ask you and you'll try to explain it.
"a good night kiss. could you explain it to me?" he asked. his plan is in motion and he knows you won't refuse. "well, it's a kiss someone gives to another person before they sleep. there are a lot of scientific reason behind it but i don't really know." you tried your best at explaining.
"ah, i get it, could you give me a good night kiss?" he's bold about it, he knows what he's doing but he disguises it as stupidity. "o-oh, okay," you kiss him once on his cheek, "good night, tsunotaro." then on his forehead, "have sweet dreams, 'kay?"
"good night to you too, child of man." he returns his own kiss to your forehead. "thank you for showing me, have a good night."
kissing? done. now, he only has to get you to cuddle him in a bed and kiss him like that.
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jd-loves-fiction · 5 months ago
how do you think Leona and Malleus would deal with their s/o peaking into the room and shyly asking to sleep with them just to be with them? S/o isn’t a particularly clingy person, so this does not happen often where s/o asks, they’re just feeling lonely tonight and want to be with their lion/dragon man, quietly cuddling to sleep?
🌑imma do this one in headcannons :)
Tumblr media
❖ 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 ❖
Oh he'd melt
His sweet, sweet Child of Man comes to him for comfort? He's never felt so special
He'll open his arms wide, beckoning you into them
Like I said before, i don't think Malleus really needs sleep
At the very least, he doesn't need a lot of it
But he'll lay down with you, hold you in his arms and listen to your breaths even out
He doesn't even hesitate, also doesn't think anything weird of it, he understands what you need at that moment and he's absolutely ready to give it to you
Also feel like either Lilia has done this for him, or he's done it for Silver or Sebek
Diasomnia just all looks like cuddly boys :)
Tumblr media
❖ 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 ❖
Blushy blushy catman wondering how in the Great Seven are you so damn cute
He's taken aback by the sudden vulnerability
But after just a moment of hesitation, he wordlessly lets you in
Leona is cuddly, no matter how much he huffs about it, he love cuddling and is completely ready to give you the comfort that you need
No words are exchanged, he simply pulls you against his chest, hand against the back of your head, petting your hair while purring
Like mothers do for their cubs🥺
Pls I'm so soft for this man
He will only let himself fall asleep when he's sure that you're comfortable and sleeping like a baby
Then, he takes a deep breath, inhaling your lovely, comforting scent before closing his eyes for the night knowing that you'll be alright
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