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mintmoth · 2 days ago
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A commission for @thatlethalsoul of the alchemical mishap that lead the birth of the nightmare that is Jaydia ✨
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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
[Idia's Room]
Idia: There’s my pretty lover.
Yuu: I’m not going with you to Comic-Con.
Idia: W-What? Can’t a man just be happy to see his lover?
Yuu: He can, but it’s still not changing my mind.
Idia: Well, maybe what’s IN my PANTS will change your mind?
Yuu, hopeful: Really?
Idia pulls a paper out of his pocket: It’s a list of this year’s panelists.
Idia: It’s LONG, isn’t it?
Yuu ( ≖_≖) (❛ω❛ ) Idia
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not-idia-shroud · 2 days ago
MC: It's Grim.
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teleport-teapot · 15 hours ago
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what if fairy gala but it hits different
this was supposed to be a sketch but uhh
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vaa-sya · 2 days ago
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saayatsumu · 2 days ago
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yeehaw if you think epel is a gremlin
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hajimeshoe · a day ago
overblot squad with an MC/S/O who was done with life the second they entered twisted wonderland.
The no bullshit type who also instigates when in goofy moods. They don't smile often.
Anyone who threatens them... it kinda goes like "give me a reason... I dare you..." and s/o will fuck your life up if you physically harm them.
They have a resting bitch face, and they ALWAYS look angry or annoyed. A lot of people ask if they're upset.
When in contact with overblots, instead of trembling with fear, they act like they just got told to do chores as they started doing chores.
And when they deal with overblots in fights, they genuinely get annoyed when the overblot squad acts like they're the only ones dealing with that kind of stuff. (Literally looked at Jamil and told him he was a slave to people born richer than him just like everyone else)
A realist and pessimist at the same time.
Sleeps way more than Leona, and will not wake up until they feel like living. And their social meter is extremely low.
They eat a lot. Like- a lot. And they will sleep it all off
MBTI is an INTP to give you the rest of the context
Coolio! I'm an ISTP-T, which I found out while trying to figure out different MBTI personality types because I was hella confused. Also, We don't technically know who's overblotting from Diasomnia yet, right??? So I can leave my precious dragon boy out of this, right??? No? Well, it was worth a try *cries in not wanting to think about a Malleus overblot* -Sorry this took so long! I just moved and had no wi-fi until today
OB!Gang with INTP S/O
Would honestly be frustrated
"You've broken fifteen of our 810 rules in less than an hour! How DARE you!"
He was apologetic after he overblot and stopped getting on your case for every dorm rule you broke.
No wonder you're friends with Ace and Deuce
Wants you to stop causing fights so badly
Like, why are you either causing fights or sleeping??? Are you secretly related to Leona???
"Wait, you told Jamil WHAT?"
Bro gets sick of you when you're awake at this point-
Like, he threatened to turn you to sand during his overblot and you just held out your hand with a sarcastic smile-
Honestly, though, he's glad you aren't opposed to his naps or sleep schedule, a lot of the time he'll also be willing to nap with you even if he's already had one
But if Ruggie wake's him up, then he's trying to wake you up too <3
Fairs fair, after all
He doesn't give a fuckk if you instigate fights, he'll watch it in amusement
You would get along with Floyd so damn well and Azul swears on what little of his sanity is left that you two are never meeting
Both of you would be causing fights together left and right-
He loves you, he does, but- OH FUCK THE TWEELS ARE HERE! Take a nap while he locks you in his office where you three can never meet, yeah?
He's also low-key wondering if you're Leona's secret sibling or something despite the fact that you're magicless
He'll let you sleep in his office when you need to
He also does everything in his power to try to get you to smile and gets a little insecure when he's unsuccessful
Azul just starts to have some self-doubts because "I'm their boyfriend, why can I never make them happy?"
However, cuddles and reassurances can fix this!
He did get a kick out of you looking at Jamil and telling him to get over it
Jamil is just glad that you don't need 24/7 supervision
You won't burn down the house trying to cook, you won't somehow accidentally cut your arm off with a spoon and you can be left alone longer than a toddler without anything going to hell?
In this case, he practically considers you perfect with how often he's dealing with Kalim
Also, you were egging him on when he overblotted???
What's wrong with you? You have no magic-
Oh, wow...you won...
"Everyone's a slave to richer people, Jamil, get over it and eat a snickers or some shit!"
Okay, first of all, you're audacity-
Aaaand now he's stuck with you
"Isn't it supposed to be "You kidnapped me, I'm calling the cops?"
"Nope! You kidnapped me, so you clearly want to put up with my bullshit!"
The only actual issues he has is when he has to go drag you out of a fight or get you to stop hyping others into fighting for your entertainment
Then he just hypnotizes you and pulls you away while scolding you like some sort of child
Honestly looked up child leashes on the twst version of Amazon to see if they had a two pack (one for you and one for Kalim)
"Love, don't start fights, it's not beautiful at all", "My sweet potato, sleeping too much can be bad for your skin!", "SPUD! As much as I love you, if you do not cease this nonsense then so help me-"
All are common phrases from Vil when it comes to you ❤
Just tell me- how did he fall in love with you??? Like, you're a cross between Kingscholar and Epel and he is about ready to pull an evil queen on both of them some days
But he adores you despite your incorrigible habits that he tries to help you break
Don't expect to sleep in when dating Vil, though. Once he decides you've had enough? He's cursing your bed, pillows and blankets
All in the name of love, he swears!
Idia tries to get you to just stay in his room with him to stop you from getting into fights
He's respectful - lets you sleep for as long as you want
Although he get's a little loud when he plays video games sometimes
Ortho will honestly bother you more about your sleep schedule than him
Confused dragon boi <3
He's a sweetheart and is confused as to why you're starting fights "Because it's fun"
Totally did not ask Sebek to accompany you during school hours in order to protect you, keep you awake during lectures, and keep you out of fights- definitely not, how rude of you to accuse him of that
he would never, Malleus is completely innocent!
"Malleus Draconia, I am TRYING to sleep so if you do not get your screaming cucumber from my bedroom then so help me nobody will be able to save his suicidal ass!"
Oh, you're pissed off now
Welp, time for him to go save Sebek from his (surprisingly dangerous) magicless Child of Man
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leonkae · 2 days ago
I've fallen down the rabbit hole of these so here's my contributions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 14 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#184 The pros & cons
Idia: Pros and cons of dating me. Idia: Pros. You'll be the cute one and ortho will love you too Idia: Cons. Holy shit, where do I begin-
Tumblr media
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diavolosbaby · a day ago
Twisted Wonderland request. I'm in my 30s now so I'd be old enough to be a teacher but what if we stepped that up to a guidance counselor? y/n would be a crucial part in the overblot students' therapy. it doesn't have to be romantic just something that was on my mind
Being the NRC guidance counselor
Characters: overblotters
Genre: angst a bit? Reverse comfort, platonic, maternal figure more than friend or lover
Format: one big paragraph mess (just my thoughts on how’d it go)
Pronouns: they/them (gn reader)
Being the NRC guidance counselor would include some things that aren’t exactly in your line of work. For example, deadly tantrums (the overblots). Crowley would hire you right after the first overblot and have an assembly introducing you. When you go up to speak and tell your intentions, no one really takes you seriously. But when Leona’s over blot happens and in such a public setting, people start getting tense. You want to help, so you send out a survey and have everyone fill it out. You look at the results and talk to individual students. In fact, you spoke to Azul before his overblot. He didn’t say anything concerning, but you knew better. He wasn’t being open. You didn’t blame him, he didn’t know you. After his overblot though you started noticing the pattern in the overblots. It was the house wardens. So of course your next target was Kalim. You stayed over the holidays to watch him and noticed him acting differently than how everyone had described him. Of course, since two new students always seem to be with the overblotters and they only started when they came along, you brought that up with Crowley. He dismissed it and you didn’t bother bringing up your suspicions to him again. He never listened. What threw you off is when The vice housewarden overblotted and not the housewarden. You thought this job wasn’t for you, investigating wasn’t the job for a guidance counselor anyway. No one would blame you if you looked for work elsewhere. You were almost going to throw in the towel, until a student willingly knocked on your door and asked if you had the time. You were ecstatic, they actually had problems they wanted to talk about. With you! That student was Vil shoenheit. You listened and you gave him solutions and similar situations such as his. He came in annoyed and left relieved. You thought it was going well, until he overblotted as well. You were in the dirt, you didn’t prevent anything. But hey, more people willingly come to talk to you now and you schedule weekly sessions with the students who overblot. You track their progress on growing as a person and offer them a place on campus if they just need to calm down. You talk riddle down, You reassure Azul, Vil, and Idia, you build up Jamil and Malleuses’ self identity. Even if Leona takes advantage of your office and takes naps there because he needa a “mental health break”. It was a mess at first, but you’re really helping. You can feel it. They don’t feel like going to you is a drag anymore, they go to you happily because they know you can help them.
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random-twst-things · 20 hours ago
Mc in Vargas class: I hate PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: I'd rather break my arm then do PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: I'd rather not be able to walk then do PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: Should I break my arm to skip?
Idia: Me to- wait, what?
Mc: I said, should I break my arm to skip?
Idia: Why? 😶
Mc: so I could skip?
Idia: No, I mean, why not skip like a normal person?
Mc:.....That's what I'm doing? 🤨
Idia: No, because no sane person would break their own arm to skip when they could just walk away and out the class....
Mc: .....because I don't want to get in trouble by skipping?
Idia:....*looks at them with the most judgmental look they could make*
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angelltheninth · 7 hours ago
Different Kind of Heat
Pairing: Alpha!Idia Shroud x Omega!Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, omegaverse, heat/rut cycles, mating marks, phone sex, mating press, knotting, creampie, masturbation, fingering, blowjob, toys, possessive sex, breeding kink
Word count: 1.8k
Kinktober Day 4: A/B/O
A/N: next part of my kinktober. As you know I'm a big fan of omegaverse so and I do like Idia quite a bit. It was nice to write him a little unhinged.
Tumblr media
The first few hours of your heat has been manageable. The school staff gave you your own room in a special part of the school dorm, specifically for omega's who go into heat. The school can't afford to have a bunch of students popping out babies. That is why even when there was mating, because the staff weren't idiots and knew that their students would seek each other out, they at least wanted those involved to be safe.
You had everything you could need. Enough food and water in the fridge to last you a week, clean clothes in the closet, the softest bed you've slept on in a while, and a variety of toys that you could use to make your heat easier if your fingers weren't enough.
As much as you appreciated all of that none of it was enough. You plunged you fingers deep into your heated cunt, trying to find some, or any form of relief in your current horny state.
The ring of your phone startled you, but not enough to stop pleasuring yourself, especially when you saw that it was Idia who was calling you. He's always very considerate, even offered to spend your heat with you when he found out it was approaching. But you didn't want him to miss out on classes just for that. He told you the same when he was in rut and you respected that.
You did want him here. You wanted him more than anything. His warm body against yours, his fangs on your neck, his hands all over you, exploring, touching, his tongue and mouth licking between your folds right before he gives you his cock and knots you.
"Darling, can you hear me?" His voice was gruff, a little more strained than usual, almost like he just got over a cold and had a sore throat. You liked how he sounded.
"Mhmm. Sorry, I- It's... starting to get real bad." The sound of his voice, his thoughtful hum right next to your ear only made you reach for a nearby blue dildo and push it in, your pussy taking it all too easily.
"It sounds like it. I only wanted to check up on you. How's my dove doing? Do you need anything?" It was so sweet how thoughtful and concerned he was.
"Your cock." You were way past any need for decency, " Idia I need you to come here and fill me up with your seed." Idia's growl came in through the phone, sending shivers down your spine and into your cunt as you doubled the pace not caring if your moans got too loud.
"Keep talking. Just keep talking love, what else? How do you want me? What do you want me to do to you if I was there? What does my omega want?"
"I want you to claim me. Bite me. Mark my cunt with your cum. Give me every last drop. Mount me and breed me. Make my cunt beg for your cock. Fuck! Idia, please." You throw your head back, dropping the phone and clenching the pillow next to your head as your orgasm crashes over you.
You hear Idia's voice still talking but your heat ridden brain doesn't catch any of it, the sound fading into white noise as you try to catch your breath.
"Go open the door." Those are the words that you recognize clearly first. It gives you pause.
"Huh? The... door?" With a groan you slide the dildo out, letting the slick length fall next to the bed as you raise yourself on your elbows and look at the locked door. You're still dizzy as you move on wobbly legs and slowly unlock your room door.
The scent hits you as soon as it cracks open just a little. Like sulfur and cotton candy, and little bit of smoke. Unmistakably Idia. Unmistakably your mate.
"Surprise love." Idia smirks while still holding the phone as he pushes into the room, his scent wrapping around you, making your brain overload with lust. You almost drop on your knees right there and then, "I know it's not really the protocol but I've spoken to the Headmaster already. The way I see it, if I help you then your heat will be over quicker, and you can go back to class. So let me help my girl out yeah?" His cock was already staring against the zipper as he took off his jacket, quickly followed by the rest of his clothes.
Before he could set his clothes to the side you grabbed his jacket and took a big breath of his scent, "Next time leave this one with me."
Idia smiled and cocked his head to the side, sending comforting pheromones your way, "It's my favorite. But I suppose I wouldn't mind it smelling like you." He would smell like you. He'd be wearing your scent. All the time.
Now you did actually drop to your knees, right in front of his throbbing cock and closed your mouth and hand around it without even a second thought.
"On your knees for me already?" Idia patted the top of your head as you sucked him off, needy and sloppy and wonton, moaning every time your lips touched his swelling knot. "Make sure to get me ready for you."
Oh you will, his cock was already slippery and wet from your spit, making it very easy for you to pump your hand across his throbbing shaft. Idia's hips jerked every so often, a breathless moan falling from his lips as you focused your attention on the red tip of his cock, tapping it with your tongue before closing your mouth around it again.
"Stop." You could tell that the command was as painful for him as it was for you. You pulled away with a needy whine, your eyes cloudy and lips stained with bits of his pre-cum. "Don't worry." He smoothed his hand into your hair, "I just want to come inside of you. Is that alright?"
Your eyebrows shot up at his words, you didn't expect him to be quite so forward. Then again he was currently in the presence of an omega in heat. An omega that wore his mating mark. You tilted your head and watched his mouth drop open a his eyes narrowed in on the base of your neck. "More than alright."
You scrambled towards the bed, your back falling against the soft pillows as you let your legs fall open, giving Idia a full view of your wet pussy, "I see you're ready for me too." He smiled as he stroked his cock, "Condoms?"
Shaking your head you parted your folds with two fingers, "I'm on the pill. I want to feel you. All of you. Every inch."
You watched Idia's eyes darken, his hair flaring up at the tips as he knelt above you and pressed the tip of his cock against your entrance. He felt so hot. He always ran hot, but this a different kind flame. The kind that threatened to consume you whole. And you'd gladly let it.
He sank in slowly, groaning while being enveloped into your soft heat, "Gods above and below. You're sopping wet darling. I think you might even be able to take my knot on first try." You nod your head eagerly, your hands settling in his shoulders for leverage, "Yeah? Does my omega want to be knotted that bad? I saw that dildo at the foot of the bed you know. It's pretty big. You were getting yourself ready weren't you? Ready for my cock. My knot."
"I was thinking about you." You confess as you breathe his scent in, "I just wanted you here with me. No one else Idia. Only you. Only my alpha."
"I like the sound of that. I'd gladly call myself yours. And after this, after tonight you can wear my mark on full display. I don't care what anyone says. I want them to know who you belong to. I want them to know whose cunt this is." He snaps his hips forward, sinking into you all the way to his knot, "Open up for me baby, take my knot."
His blunt nails scratch your thighs, his mouth snapping as he growls and keeps pushing forward, intent on getting his knot in.
"Whose are you hm? Whose pussy is this? Say it." His mouth closes and sucks on your mating mark. You come again, all over his dick, finally letting his knot slide into you with a loud, satisfying pop.
"Yours. It's all yours alpha. All yours to fuck and use and breed however many times you want." You drag your nails across his back as you sink your teeth into his neck, renewing the mark you previously made. "Prove I'm yours. Mark me with your cum."
Idia throws his head back, his hair now in full flames, teeth clenched so hard you're worried he's about to break them, "Mine. My cunt. My girl. My omega. Mine, mine, all mine!" He chants like a prayer, thrusting one final time before giving you his warm load.
Your eyes roll into the back of your head, your brain barely registering the sharp pain of Idia's teeth sinking into your neck.
As the aftershocks started to subside you ran your hands over Idia's shoulders, your eyes clear enough to see the renewed mark on his neck, filling you with a sense of pride and love. "Thank you. I needed this."
"What are you thanking me for?" He kissed your mating mark, then your shoulder just as gently as he whispered against your skin, "I'm your mate. I'll always be here for you when you need me. Even if it means failing a test or two."
"E-Excuse me? Failing what?" Your heat wasn't gone but your head was now clear enough for you to be at least a little bit mad at him, "Idia!"
He laughed, "It's alright." He nuzzled his nose against your throat, pressing his chest against your soft breasts, settling on top of you, "Because you're my best study buddy. Which is yet another reason why it'll be good for me to help you with this heat."
You rolled your eyes, a smile on the corner of your mouth, "You're very lucky you're both cute and extremely lovable. Otherwise I don't think I'd put up this."
"Oh?" He quirked a brow at you, "Are you sure that's all you like about me my darling?" He rolled his hips forward, his cock dragging against the front of your wall, right over your most sensitive spot. You barely swallowed down a helpless moan, much to Idia's delight, "I knew it."
"You're awful." You smile against his cheek as you give him a quick peck before wrapping your hands around his neck and bringing him closer, tucking him next to your head. You're still tied by the knot so it'll be a while before either of you can go again. You're fine with that. You have Idia here, his love, his comfort, his warmth both in and out. That's all you need, all you'll ever need.
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Tumblr media
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evil-catboy-duo-fan · 2 days ago
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simpingseafood · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I know his PE uniform looks different, but i remembered about this only at the end ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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coralinnii · a day ago
Legend has it... Twisted Halloween series
Tumblr media
Behind pumpkin spice lattes and sweet candy, there comes stories of the things that go bump in the night. Legends and myths carry with them stories of those who may or may not have lived to experience it. 
For each character for each day (except weekends) starting today, there will be a short blurb for every student character inspired by a horror trope or legend in the spirit of Halloween month. I will be writing on the spot for every story so the genres (no beta we perish like big people) will be dependent on how the stories end up so even I can’t tell how it’ll be. This is purely motivated by my love for things spooky and/or ooky. I will write warnings for each blurb if needed but I’m warning you now since I love horror stuff, it will not be the happiest of stories. I’m probably not gonna go full dark but this is a forewarning. 
This is the index, but it may change depending on how the blurb will end up. 
Day 1. Silver (ghost!Yuu x exorcist!Silver) 
Silver works as a police officer during a hit-and-run trial, and he’s trying to console the victim of the incident. He’s trying his best to convince you to leave before it’s too late.
Day 2. Jack Howl (werewolf!Jack x childhood friend!Yuu)
You and Jack were so close as kids but he keeps refusing to have a sleepover with you when you reached high school. Then one day, you found out the reason on your way back one night.
Day 3. Epel Felmier (incubus!Epel x victim!Yuu) 
Your classmate was so confusing. So sweet and demure, but sometimes he seems to turn into someone else, someone with less than good intentions. 
Day 4. Rook Hunt (slit mouthed woman!Yuu x ghost hunter!Rook)
You missed the days where your immortal life was easier, when most people run at the sight of you. But, this creepy hunter keeps chasing you!
Day 5. Leona Kingscholar (demon!Leona x demon hunter!Yuu)
You get a kick out of debunking ghost stories and haunted places with your disgruntled friend, Leona. Except this night’s adventure was more than you ever expected to experience. 
Day 6. Idia Shroud (VC ghost!Yuu x target!Idia)
Idia has this unprecedented confidence behind the screen, with fans and friends at his fingers. However, one casual online chat broke his confidence as he say something he can’t take back.
Day 7. Floyd Leech (merman!Floyd x swimmer!Yuu)
A nobody at school, your only solace was taking in the serenity of the ocean cove away from the big city. However, a dweller has more than happy to show you a part of his world.
Day 8. Vil Schoenheit (Huli Jing!Yuu x fiance!Vil)
People call you the unrivaled beauties and with rumors of engagement in the air. Vil was prepared to devote himself to his beloved but his old friend Jack warned him that you were not as you seem. 
Day 9. Trey Clover (candy witch!Trey x partner!Yuu)
The man from the pastry shop near you was so sweet, also offering endless sweets on your way to work. You were melting in his touch when you two started dating. This was a man who was as sweet and pure as sugar, right?
Day 10. Jade Leech (cannibal!Jade x partner!Yuu)
Your husband was always experimenting with every dish he made but he smiles when you take a bite each time so you think it’s no big deal. Afterall, what’s the worst to come of it?
Day 11. Malleus Draconia (dragon god!Malleus x sacrificial bride!Yuu)
Traditions must be upheld, even at the expense of morality as you were lead to what many said was instant death. It didn’t matter to you, you were willing to give yourself to the being of inhuman power.
Day 12. Cater Diamond (imposter!Cater x skeptic!Yuu)
Everyone knows him and was just that approachable but not to you. You couldn’t explain the shiver you feel when you lock eyes with him. You only hope he doesn’t notice you.
Day 13. Platonic!Ortho Shroud (medusa!Yuu x nonhuman!Ortho)
You were cursed to exist as history’s most hated woman. Your gaze leaves all living beings petrified but all you wished to feel the loving embrace of another once more
Day 13.5. Lilia Vanrouge (grim reaper!Lilia x ex!Yuu)
He disappeared after breaking your heart and honestly you were thankful because moving on would be impossible if he stayed. As you almost got rid of him in your heart, you two meet again…and he looks distraught to see you.
Day 14. Ruggie Bucchi (street kid!Ruggie x ???!Yuu)
You and Ruggie despite hardships, never worried so long as you had each other. You would also look after each other, no matter what.
Day 15. Kalim Al Asim (bitten!Kalim x survivor!Yuu)
The two of you dreamed of wedding bells, laughing children and boisterous family dinners. Now, the only thing you pray for is to keep hearing his heartbeat.
Day 16. Jamil Viper (Djinn!Jamil x owner!Yuu)
He can’t be here. How can something you can’t even see or prove be here. In your house, in your room, trying to slither into your heart.  
Day 17. Azul Ashengrotto (crossroad demon!Azul x human!Yuu)
He may be greedy but he knows that good things come to those who wait. And the moment the wait is over and you decided to make the deal, it would be worth it.
Day 18. Ace Trappola (ghost bride!Yuu x survivor!Ace)
Ace was not a romantic man but he could be for the one. He kept denying it but he was looking forward to your wedding, even dreaming it…even when it was impossible. 
Day 19. Deuce Spade (hitchhiker ghost!Yuu x civilian!Deuce)
Deuce couldn’t just leave you alone, shivering in the dark. After all, this road was notorious for car accidents and mysterious attacks. 
Day 20. Sebek Zigvolt (soldier!Sebek x ghost!Yuu)
He was a devoted man through and through. He promised he would return to you and in return, you promised to be here when he does, no matter what.
Day 21. Riddle Rosehearts (Frankenstein monster!Riddle x assistant!Yuu)
He was a monstrosity. A freak of nature and you wanted nothing to do with him, even if he was someone you once loved.  
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eponinexxvii · 3 hours ago
Ignoring the Housewardens (II)
a/n: y'all liked part one more than i thought y'all would? i lowkey made that because i was bored and it was just supposed to make me laugh (like calling floyd and jade thing #1 and thing #2) anyways, thanks for the support ig? also! i mostly just reblog fics but i'll sometimes make stuff like this so enjoy!
i forgot to tag this last time but it's gn!reader x the characters. in kalim's it says "you guys" but i always say that even if it's all women so lmk if that counts as gender neutral. technically speaking the reader isn't described at all (only description is having eyebrows in vil's) but yeah, i said "you guys."
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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