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The Key to My Heart (Housewardens)
Reader has a secret she keeps locked in her chest. He knows he has her pure, full love when she gives him the key
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
A bit, uh, macabre. Little bit of body horror. If you know Pirates of the Caribbean... Yeah. That.
— <3 <3 <3
— Riddle
Riddle has always known of the existence of the chest. He remembers clearly the orientation day, the girl dressed in baggy cerimonial robes, holding a small chest for dear life.
He hadn't seen it after that, though. Even when he went to Ramshackle, the chest was nowhere to be seen. Even when they started dating, he would never see it. Not that he wanted to pry on her personal matters, of course, but he couldn't help but be curious.
And his patience is rewarded eventually.
The two alone in her room, Grim gone for the day, the door and windows firmly locked. Riddle knows whatever it is she'll reveal, is extremely important and must be kept a secret, and he's touched by her trust on him.
He's less touched when he sees what's in the chest she placed between them on her bed.
A living, beating heart greets him, sounding like a constant drum.
He doesn't know how to feel. He has seen hearts, of course, he's the son of great healers, human anatomy was the first thing drilled in his mind.
But still, there's just something... Something raw about it. Something... Ironically visceral.
"This is my heart," the Prefect explains. "My only weakness. This body of mine cannot die unless my heart stops."
That... makes so much sense. Definitely explains her recklessness when it comes to overblots. She can't die by normal means, no. Not without a heart.
"And this... This is the key to this chest. The only one in existence. I carry it everywhere," she shows him the old key, and he does not has the mind to process its intricate details. "But I want you to have it."
"... W–what?"
"Riddle Rosehearts, this is the key to my heart, and I want you to carry it, forever."
— <3 <3 <3
— Leona
Leona honestly has no idea what's going on. He thought the worst when his girlfriend suddenly asked him to come to Ramshackle so they could speak alone. Thankfully, she's not breaking up with him.
But the chest sitting in front of him on her bed is not making him any less confused. Specially since he can hear... Soft heartbeats coming from it? And muffled by the material of the chest is the scent of meat, fresh, living meat.
"This is my heart," the Prefect states, nimble fingers doing a quick work of taking a heavy looking key from around her neck and opening the chest. "This is why I can't die. While this heart beats, I shall not die."
"... Why?" Leona asks instead of cursing like he first planned to. Give him a break, even he hasn't seen this amount of... Of gore. He's not sure if he's asking why her beating heart is out of her body or why she's showing it to him, and he'd appreciate either question being answered.
She chooses the second one.
"Because... It is yours. I'm giving you the key to my heart, to keep."
— <3 <3 <3
— Azul
Azul has heard the stories of sailors. Human sailors. Despite the merfolk's slow but sure integration on land, the good part of the population is still pretty wary, so he always had to sneak out to go listen the drunk sailors tell stories about gold and jewelry and treasure beyond comprehension.
So when he saw the chest on the hands of the mysterious magicless girl, his first thought was that one tale about the man who fell in love with a Sea Goddess, only to then get stuck with a dreadful job after her bitter betrayal. A man who, in his suffering, ripped out the tormented heart in his chest and locked it away.
Needless to say, he doesn't need to be given context for it when she finally shows him the chest, alone in Ramshackle. He observers the beautiful carved images on the sides, commits the texture of the wood to memory, caresses the time's scratches and bumps.
He refuses to let her open it, mentioning the tale of the sailors. He feels like he'll faint if he actually sees the fragile thing that keeps her loving existence with him.
But the key he accepts gladly. Azul will wear that around his neck until his very last days.
— <3 <3 <3
— Kalim
Kalim is no stranger to fear.
Some may think the contrary, what with his sunny disposition and optimism, but Kalim is no fool. Only fools have no fear.
And more than that, Kalim is way more aware than people give him credit for, or at least he has been working arduously to be so after being part of the reasons behind Jamil's overblot.
So when his girlfriend, his lover, his love, hands him the key to the chest where she keeps her heart, Kalim is consumed by fear.
Fear that he'll fail to protect the heart. Fear that he'll forget it somewhere and leave her vulnerable, fear fear fear
But then she grabs his hand and places the key to his hand and oh. Oh.
— <3 <3 <3
Kalim swears on everything he has ever cherished that he will not fail at keeping her heart and her safe.
— Vil
Vil plays with the heavy key in his hands, the silence between the two thick as he processes what his girlfriend just told him, what she just gave him.
The key is honestly beautiful. A bit on the older side, but the intricate arcs of its head are elegant and, dare he say, noble. A skeleton key like none he has ever seen before. Worthy of her ethereal heart.
All his life, Vil has been playing the villain. All his life, people have feared his cursing touch. Including Vil himself.
Yet here she is, his beloved, giving him the two most important things in her life —no, giving him her life. Trusting him to guard it, to care for it. Accepting whatever he might do with it.
He could reach in and stop the beating so easily.
But instead, Vil kisses the key, and then its previous owner.
— <3 <3 <3
— Idia
Curses. Idia is particularly... Acquainted with curses. So he immediately knows.
"It's warm..." He mumbles, a finger gently touching the beating heart, curious eyes watching as it speeds up.
"For I am alive."
He'll make sure of it.
His girlfriend doesn't need to say anything else. He knows. He understands. He gets the concept. He can even go beyond his gloomy disposition and muse that maybe, maybe it isn't a curse, but a blessing, for nothing could kill you.
— <3 <3 <3
— Malleus
Malleus holds the key without gloves, even after his girlfriend warns him that it is made of iron and it shall burn his hands.
He does not care, however.
Not when this piece of iron and a wooden box are the only things between them and their life together forever. A fragile, human heart inside a box, defenseless, even a pencil could do the job. And then she'd be gone.
He feels his eyes water when she places the key in a little bag and then gives it to him, the fabric protecting him from the burns.
Her heart in the open, and all she can think of is his well-being.
He truly chose the most peculiar human to love.
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Deuce: Azul-senpai, what did Yuu have that attracted you?
Azul: So many things. Their quirks, kindness, smile and especially their BODY.
Deuce: R-Really?
Yuu: Relax. We're the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.
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mrs-schoenheit · 2 days ago
Adeuce : We are not paying for that
Floyd: *annoyed* why not? you ordered 42 coffee
Adeuce: We said 4 tea 2 coffee
Tumblr media
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mintmoth · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alright everyone pose for a picture and give a Happy Halloween! 🎃✨
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Tumblr media
idia and his 50-attack stick i love this event already lol
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Hi! If that's okay could i request the first years reacting to the MC being liked by Lucius? Like, every time they got class the cat hops off Trein's lap to go snuggle with them and Trein just lets them? (Ofc as long as they're doing their work n all but still)
Lucius' second favorite human.
❥ ⌗ characters: Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier, Sebek Zigvolt.
❥ ⌗ tags: crack/fluff, romantic not specified if it's an established relationship or mutual pining, mentions of jealousy but it's funny, not proofread, kinda Ace and Sebek slander but its ok cuz i love them
❥ ⌗ a/n: written from the perspective of a cat owner!
Tumblr media
Ace is jealous.
Constantly bothers you about how annoying Lucius is and how he approaches you because you're just as annoying or something like that. It's stupid I know. But he lowkey wishes Lucius liked him too.
Not because he likes cats. I mean, Ace can stand them, but in reality this idiot just wants to brag about professor Trein's infamous cat liking him too. And also he wishes you gave him attention too in class, since Ace constantly bothers you and tries to talk to you, but you tell him to shut up and pay attention and he just goes angry cat mode.
His nagging gets worse whenever Lucius is in your lap.
Tumblr media
Deuce is also jealous, but he's not an stupid idiot like Ace <3 (affectionate)
He goes all 'pspspsps c'mon kitty…' but is instantly rejected by the cat who is totally ignoring him.
Constantly asks you tips about how to approach a cat, since he gets a bit scared of… scaring it. He thinks it's his fault Lucius doesn't like him, animals were scared of him back then anyways…
He takes it so seriously like please Lucius is just mean please.
Tumblr media
Jack is… uncomfortable. A bit.
He assumes you might just attract animals since this is unusual behaviour from Lucius, does this… also affect him?
He wishes you would also pet him, you WILL never know. He hates being jealous of a cat and he knows you would gladly rub his ears if he asked… but he's not going to ask. That's one of the reasons he feels slightly uncomfortable.
The other reason is obvious, I don't think I have to say it.
Tumblr media
I don't think Epel is a huge fan of cats, he can stand them, but I personally think he's more of a dogboy.
He just thinks seeing you with Lucius is cute, and doesn't mind a lot. Has tried to pet him before and almost got scratched… so he personally does not like Lucius, and sometimes worries about him absolutely betraying your trust because cats are just like that (from a cat owner)
In general, Epel doesn't think much about it.
Tumblr media
Sebek has been attacked by Lucius multiple times, deserved.
He's everything a cat hates, he's loud and doesn't know how to deal with a cat.
To make it even worse he goes all THIS THING WILL DISTRACT YOU when Lucius is around like the theatre kid he is, grabs Lucius and gets instantly attacked.
After a while he reluctantly accepts that his efforts for separating this cat from you are completely useless.
Sebek doesn't completely hate Lucius, but it's just… ok let's admit it he's jealous. He's physically mentally spiritually unable to admit he's jealous but it's just so obvious he doesn't like it too much when you're paying attention because of that dumb cat! Now he will have to help you re-study because you were focused on the cat— no, it doesn't matter if you were paying attention, m-maybe you missed something, so he's the only one capable of helping you!
Tumblr media
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sk2lton · a day ago
you get lost while visiting the mall with him. 
part two / part three
— warnings: cursing (ace), joking threats (ruggie, ace)
— characters: jade, leona, kalim, jack, ace + ruggie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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countingsheepboi · 2 days ago
Your (e/c) eyes opened to the morning light filtering through the blinds. A small yawn escaped you lips as you tried to sit up.
Though soon you realized a problem. Leona, your ever so lazy boyfriend had a death grip on you. Try as you must, his muscles tried harder.
He had wrapped his arms around your waist, while his legs tangled with yours. It did not help that his tail was also surrounding you.
You shifted, but nothing happened.
“L-e-o-n-a, I need to get up,” you groaned out.
His ears twitched but he remained asleep. 
“I need to pee!” you cried out, squirming more violently. He responded by gripping you tighter.
“Not my problem, herbivore...” he grumbled out. “Just go back to sleep,”
“It so it your problem when I wet the bed!” he promptly ignored you. In which you groaned with displeasure.
Damn him and his impossibly hot muscles! 
You had only one thing to try. You leaned up innocently, seemly going to cuddle him. He relaxed. His fatal mistake!
You bit his ear.
He yowled as he scrambled up. You took the chance to bolt up and out of the room. After all, nature was calling.
“DAMMIT (Y/N)!” he yelled. H
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Tumblr media
a beautiful family 😌
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kalimmunchies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
malleus my beloved
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
Hi! If you write for Twisted Wonderland, Can I request corruption kink with Vil??
I've been wrecking my brain for inspiration for this when it finally hit me today.
Pairing: Vil Schoenheit x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, cum eating, praise, degradation, creampie, semi-public sex, classroom sex
Word count: 1k
A/N: It's always the Reader getting corrupted, this time it's reversed.
Tumblr media
Normally Vil asked you to stay longer in order to study. He liked study sessions with you, it was quiet and he had such a pretty sight to look at. Well it might have been a little distracting for him but the two of you always managed to get work done.
It was already past noon when Vil pressed you against the glass window, one hand on your hip, holding your skirt up and the other pressing into your shoulder, the combined grips keeping you in place as he thrust his hard cock into you.
"Are you sure... ah... no one's going to come in?" Vil chuckled behind you, pulling you harder onto his cock. "Well other than you." As embarrassed as you were you couldn't keep the need out of your voice.
It only seemed to stoke the fire and drive from Vil, evident in the way his cock pulsed and throbbed as he pulled out and settled back in, stopping for a few seconds. While a part of you was grateful for a little breather there was another much hornier part of you that wanted him to get on with it.
"Don't worry darling, I'm not done with you yet. Just waiting for the two students down there to pass. If you're quiet they might not notice their star student being a complete cock slut." In order to test your resolve he jolted his hips, surprising you, making you let out a loud whimper. "I wouldn't have even dreamt of fucking you here. But you... I guess you bring out this side of me. You made me imperfect. With your lovely smile, your charm and your wit, your kisses and affection. And gods your cunt."
His hand left your shoulder and intertwined on top your own, lacing your fingers together, pressing it further into the glass as he starts to hammer his hips into yours.
You take a deep breath, trying to clear your head but all you could do was to press back into him, which only made him go harder, blurring your thoughts with pleasure and a slight sting of pain as your knees start to give out beneath his thrusts.
"You're the one who started jerking off in the middle of the study session. Don't pin this on me." Not that you were really complaining about it. Your cunt felt too good for that.
"And who crawled towards me on all fours hm? Who encouraged me to keep going? To lock the door and take my pants off? Who moaned and moaned, choking on my cock? You. All you my love. The things I want to do to you, the things you put in my head, the ways I want to use and please this tight, pretty hole of yours. I can't... I can't think right anymore. I don't care if anyone sees us, sees me fucking you. I'd keep fucking you. It's all you. So you better take responsibility for making me this way." You could hear the clear strain in Vil's voice, a little sound, almost like a whimper.
You arched your back and turned your head towards him, "I do don't I?" You purposely made your walls clench and flutter around him, right around his tip. "How's this, my Prince? Your cock seems to like it."
He always likes it. At first he was a little reserved in showing it but over time he became more and more open with his desires, initiating sex more often than not and going for a very long time, sometimes resulting in the two of you having to skip the first class because you wanted to nap and snuggle.
"Trying to get me to come again? You're already dripping my cum across the floor. And your desk... in fact." He pulled you back and maneuvered you over to your desk, "You want cum so bad then fucking lick it off you little slut."
You couldn't refuse his order. After all he always followed yours before, it was only fair that you returned the favor. And now it made a bit more sense that he asked you to thoroughly clean your desk before you started having sex on it.
"Fuck. You really ate it all up." He pressed your head into the hard wood and lifted one of your legs up on the corner of the desk, his cock reaching deeper than before with his new angle, "How about your cunt? Do you think it can take one more? I'm about to burst sweetheart, you can take it can't you? You can be good for me."
"Yes. Yes, I can. I will be. I'll be good. Just for you Vil." You gripped the edge of the desk in a white knuckle grip, trying your best not to black out as another orgasm, you don't even know what number anymore, flowed through you, a park of pleasure going from your clenching hole all though your body.
"Beautiful. You're so beautiful sweetheart. I love how you take all of me, all of my cum." Vil kept fucking you through your orgasm until his pace got too sloppy, to unhinged as he emptied his cum deep in your core, rutting until his balls were completely empty.
The sound of your combined heavy breathing was all that was heard in the classroom as Vil pulled you into him and collapsed into the nearby chair, his cock still snug inside you.
"How was that my darling? Enough of an adrenaline rush for you?" Vil's hips settled on your hips as his soft lips found your neck, pampering it with soft kisses and even softer words of love and praise.
You let out a heavy sigh as you settled in his lap, leaning your back to his front. Your hand reach back and found his blonde locks, angling him for a perfect kiss. "Perfect. Just like you." His smile was so bright from your words it was like looking into a sunrise illuminated by a sunset. You couldn't help but lean back for another kiss. And another. And many more after that as you waited to get the feeling in your legs back. Until then you were fully planning on enjoying the feeling of Vil's lips on yours, his tongue pushing and prodding, his mouth marking up your neck, and the comforting fullness and pressure of his cock and cum settled inside you.
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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
[Ramshackle Dorm]
Deuce: Grim is irritating today.
Yuu: You know, I do have a way to get him out of our hair.
Ace: We can just lock the door, you don't have to kill him.
Yuu: You can't kill him. He'll just respawn at the last save point.
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arent-i-the-fairest · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞’𝐬 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞 (𝟐)
↓ (idea for plot was given by this anon!)
vil is seething over the fact that you and neige have become so close. but when he finds out you have no romantic feelings for the boy, and are only into “mature” guys, he becomes smug and doubles down on showing off how mature he is.
part one here!
author’s note : ueuuueuyuey desperate vil p2 is here
Tumblr media
“don’t you think neige and trickster’s blossoming friendship is just so lovely to see, roi du poison?”
vil doesn’t reply, but no, rook. no he doesn’t. at all. he wishes he never invited you to that photoshoot so that none of this (you and neige getting closer) would’ve ever happened.
he’s been taking L after L, and this might just be the biggest one— and of course it’s from neige of all people. but is he really surprised at this point? (no)
vil’s obviously really hating this, but y’know who isn’t?
epel. the boy is thriving seeing him mad, and plans to do something that’ll hopefully tip him over. he needs some revenge for all the work vil’s made him do.
lunch with the pomefiore trio is always a good time. today is not particularly the best example of that. (for you, at least. it’s a wonderful one for vil.)
“y/n, are you in love with neige?” epel asks in that soft, innocent voice.
rook is looking at vil, vil is looking at you (very intently, might i add), and you’re looking at epel. straight up staring at him like he’s gone insane. he just smiles a little wider and bats his eyelashes in response.
“you’ve gotta be kidding! god, no! neige?? he’s like, practically a baby to me!” you sputter. epel raises an eyebrow. “he’s 17. that’s older.. younger? no, olde— whatever. either way, there’s only a few years between the two of you, y’know.”
“mm, ‘kay, well, he’s still not my type. he’s too childish.” you explain. “huh. that’s got me wondering, what is your type?” epel asks.
“older ‘n maturer dudes. the opposite of neige. he’s just so cutesy and stuff, it makes me see him as a little brother. there’s no chance i’d fall for him.” vil’s hands fly up to his mouth to cover his grin. “—plus, i’m already into someone.”
( ˘ ω ˘ ) ~
hearing you say what you did at lunch yesterday was among one of the best things vil’s ever experienced. to know you haven’t fallen for neige’s charm like everyone else makes his heart swell.. and his ego inflate.
—cause well, he fits your tastes perfectly, does he not?
the trio sat in vil’s room. “how exciting lunch was yesterday, ahaha~!” rook sighed. “don’t you think so, epel?” epel forced a grin and nodded. “yeah. though it didn’t really go how i wann’ed it to.” he whispers under his breath.
“well, roi du poison? do you think you are the one trickster loves?” vil scoffs, throwing his hair over his shoulder. “obviously. i’m the only one who fits their interest.” “what’bout leona? i-i mean—” epel slaps a hand over his mouth. (and starts praying for his life.)
“hah! him? tell me, do you think of sleeping all day, not attending classes, and slacking off on dorm duties as mature?” vil asks, narrowing his eyes. “oh! oh! what about roi des roses?” rook asks, sitting up.
“. . i don’t appreciate the two of you thinking there could be someone as good as me. but riddle? i suppose he could be a possibility— if he didn’t so frequently have temper tantrums, that is.” he laughs. “but enough of these questions.”
“—just one more!” rook exclaims. vil sighs. “what is it?” “how do you plan on getting trickster to confess?”
“hmph, accentuating my maturity, of course.” “may i assist you like last ti—” “no.” “oh.”
you and neige were sitting together, and vil decided he’d try and intervene somehow.
“ooh, it’s vil!” neige points towards him, and you give him a smile. “vil, hey! what brings you here?”
“you two seem to be enjoying yourselves, i simply wanted to know if i could join.” you nod, patting the empty space beside you, urging him to sit. “of course you can!” neige giggles. “i wanted to catch up with you anyways! how’ve you been?”
“busy, as always— having to do my job and leading pomefiore at the same time. it’s nothing i can’t handle though.” he looks at you out of the corner of his eye, searching for any kind of admiration on your face.
“wow~” neige gasps. “it’s incredible how well he can take care of things, isn’t it, y/n?” you nod. “it’s really respectable. it’s like you’re a full grown adult, haha!” vil’s face reddens a bit, and he laughs.
“so you’ve noticed~!”
“appreciate the purchase, little imps! see you ‘round~” the bell on the door jingled as you two exited the shop.
“thanks so much for paying, vil— i kinda feel bad though, haha!” you scratch the back of your head. “there’s no need to.” he grins. “i don’t mind paying at all. in fact, i’ll pay for the two of us every time we go out.” he winks.
“o-oh! you really are capable, aren’t you?”
( 〃▽〃)
the last moment at sam’s store wasn’t the last time vil acted like that. far from it. he’s been stepping up and doing things for you, showing off how responsible he is, the list goes on.
“hey, i don’t know if it’s just me, but vil’s been acting kinda funny.”
epel snorts, continuing to carve away at an apple. “it’s not just you. he totally is. it’s ‘cuz..” you look expectantly at him. “naaah, nevermind.” he’d rather not have vil after him for outing his plans. you just shrug it off.
“well anyways, i find it cute. like— attractive cute.”
“i didn’t wanna know that.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I need to create more Chrys content" I say to myself before making this mess lmao
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sohanelyddgd · a day ago
Tumblr media
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adrianasunderworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Same Leona, same.
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azulsluver · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
nothing bad here, just wanna headcanon twst characters//including staff favorite body part for smooches!
                       mwa mwa mwa
He loves your hands, they fit so nicely with his in a way that comforts their beating chest. Bringing it close to their face to cup their cheek in your palm, kissing it tenderly until you gush at him in embarrassment. Grazing his lips over your knuckles and planting small kisses on the tips of your fingers. He tends to keep your hands warm at all times, even when his face is oddly cold at times.
jade, malleus, silver, azul
Neck kisses happen when you’re in his graps, wrapping his arms around your waist to place a chaste on the back of your neck. Smothering his face back and forth until you give him the attention he craves from you, leaving little love bites in hope you’d do the same.
jack, ace, idia, epel
 Your lips are so kissable no matter the condition it’s in! Licking the bottom of your lip just faintly it would catch you off guard. Said to be the warmest kisses he’s ever had, making excuses to have your lips on his until you’re both embracing each other. Making such convenience that you two would bump into one other, so he’ll accidentally bump his lips to yours. 
floyd, lilia, kalim, sam, deuce
Not only are your cheeks pinch-able but kissable, redden angrily as he kisses it as an apology. He’s a busy person yet he won’t leave without a kiss on the cheek, to reasure you that you aren’t ignored...and to get a cute reaction from you as well. He expects you to leave him one as a reward for being so lovely.
cater, ruggie, vil, crowley
Head filled with many love. He would caress his fingers through your hair gently before settling his lips on the base of you head. You would catch him doing this when the two of you are laying together or sleeping. The slight sniffles and kisses leaving you loved and cared for.
riddle, sebek, jamil, crewel, trein
Tummy kisses. Don’t lay down with him, he’ll attack your stomach with kisses until you’re hurt from laughing too much. Besides that, he loves your stomach no matter how big or small, fumbling it with his hands as he lays wet kisses that leaves you smacking the back of his head. 
leona, trey, vargas, rook
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