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moonymoss · 11 hours ago
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I did the thing with the characters and the funny text posts please like it twisted fandom
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gawzzedrawzze · 2 days ago
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character creation
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llondonfog · a day ago
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chapter 7 diasomnia spoilers—
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twistfantasies · a day ago
Hello! Congratulations on 1000 followers! It's always so nice to see creators get the recognition they deserve.
I was wondering if I could request prompt 77. "It's an honor just to know you like this." With Silver?
Thank you so much, and once again, congratulations! :)
Prompt #77: “It’s an honor just to know you like this”
Character: Silver
Have you ever felt that someone was watching you? It’s odd how people have a sixth sense for that kind of thing. The saying ‘eyes like daggers,’ is born from truth, as a stare from afar can be just as noticeable as a hand on the shoulder.
Which is why Silver is not surprised when you turn from your conversation and wave to those at his table. He might have returned the gesture if Malleus had not beat him to it.
The process repeats the next day.
And the next.
And the following.
And the one after that too.
It keeps repeating. Where he cannot help but stare at you from afar. In the dining hall, in the library, in the walkways, the lecture hall - everywhere. His eyes trace you in the distance until your sixth sense activates and turn his way. Only to smile and wave at his young lord. Utterly unaware that the eyes you often felt came in pairs of two instead of one.
Your smile was not for him, and he could not pretend it was. His liege - the one he owed his life - was utterly infatuated with you; and why wouldn’t he be? If anyone was to be at Malleus’ side, Silver knows that you are worthy. You will treat Malleus with the love he craves, the attention he deserves, with both the kindness and strength he has seen time and time again since you arrived in Twisted Wonderland.
He can think of no one better for his liege and future king. His resolve only solidifies as the days go by and the love between you both becomes undeniable. On the eve of your first kiss, Malleus returned to the dorms utterly entranced. None had ever seen him so happy, and that night Silver truly accepted what could never become.
His chest ached throughout the night and into the following day.
Instead of staring from across a distance, you clung closer than ever before. Merely cutlery and a table divided Silver from your side, as you happily enjoyed your breakfast next to Malleus.
Silver could not help but watch you for the first time up close. From the curve of your lips, poorly suppressing a laugh at one of his father’s jokes, to the way you twirl your fork in between bites.
To his surprise, for the first and likely last time, you turned to wave at him. The feeling sent an unfamiliar jolt in his stomach, briefly wiping his normal impassive expression away in alarm.
“Silver? What’s wrong?”
Your voice screamed alarm bells, and caught the attention of his family. At Silver’s side, his father studies his son intently and steadies him with one hand.
“Nothing,” Silver gathers himself and picks up his fork,” “I was struggling to think of a proper congratulations…thank you for taking care of Master Malleus. He…we, are lucky to have you,”
“What? That’s it?,” you giggle, and his chest pulsates, “you’re so weird. I don’t know why you said it that way but I’m glad to be your friend too, dummy,”
His heart throbs harder and the air feels hard to breath. Silver has never experienced a pain like this before; and yet, deep down he knows it will never end. His master must remain his top priority, and as for you? Well, so long as you are happy then that is enough. It has to be enough.
“Indeed…It is an honor to know you just like this,”
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kami-kun1003 · a day ago
TWST au where Silver isn’t nearly as chill with Sebek as he is in canon (as far as we know) and it basically goes like this
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kalimmunchies · 19 hours ago
What they would do if they had a 'hit tweet' [disomnia]
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spooscribbles · a day ago
I've just had the greatest idea for a twst au I think and I am obsessed with it already
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"Then sent him to you like a lamb to slaughter."
"Yes. It was rather unfortunate; he knew nothing of what they were expecting him to face. He was a convenience to them. Just another of many chances they take to attempt to get rid of us."
"You pitied him?"
"No. Rather, I pity them for what they'll have to face once he grows under my guidance."
"You're planning to keep the human child."
"You're talking as if you already knew I would."
Click for HQ. Do not repost or claim. Only reblog <3
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italoniponic · 2 days ago
Cherry I had an idea!
Do you know those trampoline places? Like they're facilities filled with trampolines and you can go there and jump and have a good time? I imagined taking a few select TWST guys there and it's so funny.
Taking Octavinelle: Floyd is probably trying to do all the tricks and having a blast, he also tries to bounce you way too high. Jade probably prefers to stay off to the side, but offers you water and reels in Floyd for breaks when needed. Azul tried jumping for a few minutes and then Floyd started trying to bounce him higher, causing Azul to scream and he decided he was done after that.
Diasomnia: Lilia is having the time of his life. Silver probably gave it a try at the suggestion of Lilia, but doesn't do it for very long. Sebek refuses to jump, but after some pleading and puppy dog eyes from you (and a brief nod from Malleus who wants to make you happy) he decides to try it. Spoiler alert: he has a blast. Malleus also tries jumping and quite enjoys it. The image of this man on a trampoline brings me so much joy.
I never saw one of those tbh but I know that they do exist, I just don't go out much nor have the money or courage to go to lmao
[future Cherry: oh God... I misunderstood the whole ask lmao]
Floyd finds a way to have fun with anything until he gets bored, a bit like a hyperactive child lol Jade keep your brother safe for the sake of himself and others especially others, including me
poor Azul holding the trampoline like his life depends on it tho he can swim LOL
Lilia & Floyd are all up to chaos in these kinds of places. It will be hell to bring them for a aquatic park
I imagined Silver going up the trampoline stairs, he reaches the top and then he falls asleep the moment he's about to jump and he simply falls into the water so smoothly AND IDK WHAT TO DO??? then he wakes up and it's like "oh, I missed my jump"
*breaths in* BOI
love how Malleus just gives that final push to Sebek do things. He's having so much fun but if you ask him, he will probably refuse admitting having those feelings lol
okayy so, as I was reaching Malleus part, something inside me told to actually search a trampoline and... IS THAT JUMPING THING THAT IT WASN'T THE TRAMPOLINE I WAS IMAGINING LMAOOO
as you may see, I was thinking about those pool planks/diving boards and facilities that have more to do with swimming. I'm so, so sorry! I screwed all my reply and since I've delayed so much, I just wanted to answer you already. Oh God. Look, all my life, I associated diving boards with the word "trampoline"
granted, in portuguese trampolines (as in the jumping platform, made of elastic) are called "elastic bed" or the common form, "jump-jump". I remember the old days when I got in a lot of those, my kid times...
glad this is text or I wouldn't be able to face you, Anon lol but some of my answers goes in hand with the original idea so...??? my Gracious Lord, I'm so tired and my brain is barely functioning
thanks for the ask, Anon! sorry I screwed everything up. may this mistake don't make you lose all hope on me <3
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yumedu · 2 days ago
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silversparkz · a month ago
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time for another cooking event! (╹ڡ╹ )
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fisheem4mmal · a month ago
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Short little thing of when Malleus first met Silver
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mintmoth · 2 months ago
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Other people have colored my comics before but I thought I'd give it a go myself with one of my existing ones lmao
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llondonfog · 2 days ago
"Heh— what a strange child, you're not frightened of me at all?"
Silver blinks up at the figure bleeding out of the forest shadows, darkness clinging to them like a second skin. He's certain he's not dreaming this time; he's not sure his imagination could conjure up a stranger with such a piercing crimson gaze that peers at him as if sifting through every mundane thought in his head and finding him completely, utterly ordinary. He's also fairly sure that he's not imagining the stained sword held loosely in black-tipped fingers, a stance beguiling how easy it would be for the fae (if the tipped ears weren't clue enough) to cleave it through the air and any obstacle in his way.
Reaching up to gently pat at the squawking bird perched on his shoulder, he hardly managing to soothe her displeasure at their sudden intruder as he gazes warily back at the fae.
" . . . Blue says you must have come from over the valley, she thinks you're a soldier."
"And you disagree?" The fae seems genuinely curious, an elegant dark brow lifted and what almost seems an amused gleam in those reptilian eyes as if they were simply chatting in a market square and not the middle of a forest.
Silver winces; he hadn't thought his doubtful tone had been so obvious. In for a penny, in for a pound, he supposes.
" . . . Your hair is pink," he points out mulishly, feeling a flush creep over his cheeks as a grin begins to widen on the fae's lips. "You look like an overripe strawberry, everyone would target you."
There's a beat of silence before raucous laughter fills the glade, an unsightly noise for the slim being before him as the fae flashes sharp teeth in the dim lighting and beams at him as if he's told the funniest joke in all of the Valley.
"Well now! Where have the Seven been hiding you?"
Silver swallows hard; suddenly, it feels like he had made a great mistake taking the lefthand path this morning.
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sugoirensan · a month ago
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So,, I made this chart bc I was curious lol
idk what you'd use this for but it was cute to compare everyone also I made it in about 3 seconds so there's probably spelling errors or smth but yeah
Oh yeah and for clarity, double fangs means they have fangs on both the bottom AND top of their mouth; singular means they only have their fangs on the top!!
Also, please note I only referenced card illustrations! I ignored sprites and chibis, so results may vary depending on what you're looking at-
(Someone mentioned how Ortho has both shark and normal teeth, I believe he only has normal teeth in some of his sprites, but all of his illustrations feature shark teeth so that's why he's placed where he is ^^
Edit: Ortho's lab wear card (before groovy) actually has normal teeth! Didn't notice that until checking just now- I might go back and edit the Ace category to be 'shapeshifting' and add ortho to the list haha)
And who knows, maybe I'll make one referencing sprites and chibis too sometime!
Don't repost this please I beg
also please don't comment anything weird on this post, this post was just made for fun lol
Edit: glad everyone is enjoying this post!!! Just as an fyi, I also have a height chart here for anyone who's interested <3
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shkanoin · 2 months ago
calling your boyfriends ‘bro’, the electric boogaloo
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terristre · 3 months ago
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ambimakesarts · 3 months ago
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Behold the complete set of TWST redraws!
I actually planned ahead this time instead of whatever I did last time.
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