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TWST Incorrect quotes#186 Mal...
Mal: Look, I know you think my judgment's clouded because I like Yuu a little bit Lilia, holding Mal's notepad: You doodled your wedding invitation Mal: No, that's our joint tombstone Lilia: My mistake~
Tumblr media
Look me in the eye and tell me this isn't canon
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WHO APPEARS WHERE or in which vignettes/personal stories characters appear *NRC boys only, no Grim or staff
Did this for references Sharing, in case someone may find it useful! I checked every card, but there might be something I missed. Please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll fix it!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Schl - School Uniform
Hllwn - Halloween cards
FG - Fairy Gala
Silk - Jasmine Silk
Boa - Apple Boa
GM - Ghost Marriage
UB - Union Birthday
Port - Port Fest
Bean - Beans Camo
Camp - Outdoor Wear
Strgzr - Stargazer Wear
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Silver: So, Father, is this thing between Malleus and Yuu supposed to be a secret?
Lilia: Hardly. The only people who don’t know Malleus loves Yuu are Malleus and Yuu.
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Tumblr media
a beautiful family 😌
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I really liked what you wrote for my ask, so I just can't help myself send another, hope you don't mind🥺
Diasomnia+pomefiore and Azul reacting to their s/o getting an offer to join RSA
Diasomnia, Pomefiore, and Azul Reactions to S/O Getting an Offer to RSA
You're not going.
Malleus doesn't want to be separate from you, and doesn't want you to be charmed by RSA.
He doesn't want you to be tricked into leaving NRC either because of RSA's building or students.
When you told Malleus about the transfer request, he caged you in his arms and pouted.
You would not be going anywhere until you stop considering RSA and stay at NRC. <3
How nice of them to send you an invite.
But you don't need that so he'll just burn it for you.
While he will (begrudgingly) be supportive if you choose to leave, he really wants you to stay.
Is aware that you have no intention to actually leave.
Does not let you go to RSA and gives you a lecture on why you shouldn't go there.
Wants you to stay really bad and is always holding your hand so you don't let go of him.
Rips the letter up while you're not looking.
Scowls at the mention of RSA, and tells you that NRC has so much more to offer.
Really, Sebek isn't good at long-distance relationships and doesn't want to lose you because of his mistake.
Doesn't want to be away from you because he would be right about to text you and then he would fall asleep and then you would worry because you didn't know what happened.
Long-distance relationships aren't really ideal for Silver, and not wanted either.
Silver pouts at the transfer letter and unknowingly gives you puppy eyes. (That look should be illegal)
Spends a lot of time with you and tries to bribe you to stay at NRC with kisses and affection.
Never. Plucks the transfer invitation from your hand, crumples it up, and throws it away.
Pouts and crosses his arms.
Refuses to let you go to RSA and be charmed by people that don't compare to Vil in the least. They don't deserve you, and Vil won't let them have you.
Is actually insecure that long-distance dating will end your relationship faster than anything.
Yes, you're right across the island, but he can't see you during the school week, and you've both got studies to focus on. Over the weekends, Vil is booked with acting, modelling shoots, more studying, and his responsibilities as the Pomefiore housewarden.
He can see you in person sometimes, but what if something unexpected happens while you're both out? It all has to be planned.
What if you need Vil because you're hurt, or feel unsafe? It wasn't planned, and he can't be there for you.
You are both busy people, and you can't even fall asleep to each other if you go to RSA. He won't even get to hold you.
Vil knows that he isn't as easy to hold on to and love, especially how there always seems to be something going on. He gets limited time with you already, and he won't let it decrease further.
You. Are. Staying.
Vil doesn't want his private life with his lover to be planned like the rest of his life is.
Won't straight up crumple the paper, but his brows furrow when he reads it.
He doesn't want you to be away from him, you're too precious.
While Rook is a quick thinker, and can come up with solutions, he hates not being able to do things spontaneously. Especially with you. He doesn't want to plan your relationship.
Love can't ever be.
Rook doesn't think he gives you enough love as is, and would be absolutely tortured if you went to RSA.
Immediately pulls you to him and doesn't let you go. Kisses you to leave you breathless and then whispers to you
"Love, don't leave me."
Does not want a long-distance relationship, and will do every cheesy romantic thing in, and out of the book.
Will rile you up and fluster you so that your only thoughts are him. That way, you won't think of RSA, and you'll stay at NRC with Rook.
Doesn't let you go until you rip the letter apart.
Is upset at RSA for trying to take you to a school full of Vils, and doesn't hide his frustration that they sent you a letter.
Epel doesn't like RSA in the least, and will hold this against them.
Also insecure that if you go, it will be the undoing of your relationship.
Really wants you to stay because you have so much fun together, and you rely on each other for support.
Gets a hold of your hand and refuses to let go unless you toss the transfer paper.
Is really really happy when you toss it and admits that he could have been nicer about letting his thoughts out..
Epel didn't lash out at you, he just held on to you really tightly.
Stares at the paper for a whole 10 minutes.
What are they giving you to consider switching schools?
Is this a prank? Are Jade and Floyd waiting outside the door?
Shrinks at the thought of you going to RSA. Azul has a busy schedule and tries to spend as much time with you as possible, and that time would decrease if you were to leave.
Gives you a sad and pleading look while rubbing circles on your hand. You don't really want to leave, right?
"Accidentally" mistook the letter for an old document and put it in the shred pile.
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MC Who is Completely Aware of Disney.
I should be writing my book but instead this scenario has finally won over. Ever since I first heard about the game I've been thinking about this lmaoo.
MC doesn't know about TWST (that's a whole other beast) but they know Disney properties and make the connection very fast. Throughout the story comparisons are probably made, and these are the reactions (dome genuine some just funny) that I think could follow. (With a little bit of Polyam implications because I am that bitch)
Riddle is heartbroken.
You're telling him his whole life, the queen he's looked up to, has aspired to emulate in his every action, is the bad guy???
(^^Everyone else in the dorm kinda new this was coming tbh. The rules don't help the whole "dictator of wonderland" thing.)
Ace and Cater are just offended at the depiction of card soldiers and how that's what they represent.
But while Cater can at least understand, Ace will fight tooth and nail against this.
("I didn't follow Riddle, I punched him! I'm not his stupid soldier.")
Deuce may or may not question his entire life.
(^He stopped being a punk for his mom's sake but does that make him a card soldier? Is he a weakling? A follower? Existential crisis sinks in.)
Trey just wishes you never mentioned this please Riddle is having a breakdown.
Doesn't totally help if you tell them it's your favorite movie.
Ace may brag a little to the other dorms though.
Cater has no opinions but definitely likes the fact that his partner knows so much. He also likes this little bit of chaos because he gets you to himself for a while. Everyone else is too busy settling their life crises while Cater has accepted his turbulent existence long ago.
(Maybe that's what happens when you have so many sisters?)
Leona probably doesn't believe you, and if he does, he just does that little annoyed sneer that makes it hard to tell exactly what he's thinking.
(The fact that he is basically repeating Scar's various mistakes definitely weighs on him... but it also hits Ruggie and Jack hard too. Ruggie especially, who can't imagine how this schoolyard play could potentially evolve into full on murder)
Jack doesn't know where he fits in but for a long while he tries to keep you away from Leona and Ruggie.
It's an immature move. He knows it, you know it, they know it, but the dorm as a whole also seems to acknowledge that maybe he is right to be afraid.
Leona would much appreciate you not bursting into song. Ruggie, on the other hand, encourages such behavior.
Lion man might ask you to tell him about the other dorms. Something about hearing their stories makes him a little less self-concious.
(Especially Sleeping Beauty. Leona still has it out for Malleus lmao)
Azul probably doesn't believe you, and if he does, he probably makes excuses.
(The twins don't care all that much tbh.)
"Sometimes at the theme park Ursula's head comes off her animatronic"
^Melt down moment
Please just let him be the guy is barely surviving as it is don't shake his roots.
"My guy she literally kept merfolk against their wills I don't think she is who you should be idolizing."
He needs to rethink everything.
But Floyd and Jade kinda like the songs.
(Which is why I advise you not to even introduce them to the music, if you know it by heart. Jade might just absentmindedly hum it but Floyd can and will terrorize with it.)
Once Azul calms down he might ask you more about Disney marketing so he can possibly expand his buisness
It never stops with him 🙄
Jamil is the one with the most notable reaction.
Probably immediately recognizes the similarities between himself and Jafar. Whether or not he sympathizes is unknown.
Kamil just finds it funny and really wants to know as much as possible.
He's so interested!
But like any similarities go right over his head because he's way too focused on the emphasis you put on the genie.
Tbh it just feels like telling a story to a child and a maturing teenager. Both find interest in different ways and neither want to hear your version of a Robin William's impression.
Eple is fucking furious because he understands right away that he's basically a pun.
Rook teases him with this information.
(^^As he does with several others.)
Vil is incredibly upset with the suggestion he'll never be fairest in the land.
("You'll always be the fairest to me" *cue an insult about you being a potato whilst a fierce blush begins to spread up his neck*)
Rook tries to use any information you have and apply it to other students. Y'know, like a stalker.
^^also very interested in romance scenes. He may try to recreate a few with you... or even worse (or better depending on how you view it) might give the others dating advice.
Rook doesn't know about personal boundaries, really.
Epel still can't give over that he's most likely named after a fucking apple. Probably resents apple carving now.
Vil is still glad he's in this dorm and not another.
Idia doesn't seem like the type to really care
Ortho makes up for that.
He's very excited to compare modern history with what you know. Also loves hearing about the music.
Probably gets more excited about properties outside of the realm of the dorms (Tangled, Mulan, Pixar, ext).
If you don't tell Idia, don't worry, somehow it gets back to him via Ortho.
An excited little brother talking about Disney movies is perhaps one of the most normal things you'll experience at that school
^That's how you might get Idia interested in hearing your tales. But he's never really looking forward to hearing Hercules
Mallues is APPALLED
Silver really doesn't care all that much.
Maybe Sleeping Beauty is not the best representation of their dorm founder.
Lilia assures you that's not what happened and he's well aware of this.
"Bro I didn't write the script"
Sebek is a menace he won't even hear you speak about this blasphemy.
Malleus might have an identity crisis.
^^ He's well aware of the fact that this doesn't change anything, really, but it's a lot to mull over. The worry that maybe the story you know has some truth, and he is destined for a similar path kinda screws with him.
Sebek grows a hatred for forest creatures out of fear they might be conspiring against the dorm. Silver is so confused.
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Tumblr media
Silver ; He's so cool & pretty 🥰
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kimbap-r0ll · 9 days ago
Can you do the same thing you did for Jack, Idia, Leona, Riddle in the other reading about the ghost groom but with Diasmonia. If you can’t do all four then just Lilia and Sebek is fine!
Hello, thank you for the ask! I had a lot of fun with the last one, I hope you enjoy this one as well!
Diasomnia (separate) reacts to their fem!s/o with a ghost groom
He's surprised at first at why you aren't in Ramshackle during the late night. But then Grim runs to him telling him what happened, Sebek is following behind Grim and shouting the same thing. Apparently you were about to be sprited away by a ghost groom of some kind.
The fae prince won't take this lightly. Though most may think he's pretty chill, when it comes to someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he's a bit possessive. The entire school will feel a certain rumble and Malleus basically runs to wherever you could be. He finds you soon enough at the dining hall, a wedding dress and all.
"I'm sorry, but what are you doing trying to take my rose?" Malleus says in a calm yet terrifying voice, his eyes are glued on the ghost groom who looks angry that someone interrupted the wedding ceremony. You're just happy to see Malleus again, but in the back of your mind you can't help wonder if he's going to overblot :/
The ghost and the fae are about to duel it out (and potentially destroy the entire school grounds) but then a bridesmaid ghost jumps in between the two of them and cries for mercy. "We just want to see the prince happy for once, please let him at least get this chance," the maid said. But Malleus wasn't having it :/
Thankfully, the groom was moved by the maid's courage and quickly called the marriage off. The wedding ceremony was instead held for the groom and the maid, who was just overjoyed by the situation. You snuck next to Malleus who looked relieved that you were alright, but you could also see a blush creep up his face.
"You look beautiful," he commented, a small smile playing on his lips. Dang it, he beat you to making the partner flustered. The two of you share a waltz at one point in the night, it's quite magical. You're just happy Malleus is with you and he's feeling the same way (also dreaming of what kind of a wedding you two will have)
He thought it was a prank when Grim and Silver came running to him about you being abducted by a wedding-frenzied group of ghosts. But after attempting to call you a few times, he realized that yeah, maybe you really were about to die
He decides to look at the dining hall first, remembering what happened between Eliza and Idia the last time something similar occurred. Turns out he was right, and you were standing at the front of the aisle with a terrified look on your face. You looked like you were about to cry, and he was not having it!
"You all won't mind if I interrupt the wedding, right?" Lilia hung upside down right in between you and the ghost, scaring the both of you. He jumps down and keeps you behind him as the ghost was about to attack.
"What are you doing, trying to steal my future wife?" the ghost shouts. "Excuse me, but you're the rude one, spirited creep," Lilia taunts back, only escalating the tension. Before the ghost can land a blow on Lilia and before Lilia can shoot some magic, a maid throws herself before the ghost and gets hit instead! You make a loud gasp and the ghost prince himself shouts the maid's name. The maid thanks the ghost prince for everything, but that now her time is almost over. "N-no, please, don't leave, you're the one that's been with me since forever," he cries, and with a simple kiss it was clear that there was some kind of true love's magic going on.
This helped kick you out of the bride position as the maid and the groom instead got married. The party still went on, with Lilia and you happily congratulating the newlyweds. Lilia gets pulled to sing some songs too at some point haha.
But Lilia can't help stare at you for most of the night. You looked stunning, just ethereal with the way the ornaments were placed in your hair, the way the dress hugged you, etc. "Did I mention how cute you look, love?" he says, placing a hand in yours. You blush as he laughs at how adorable you look being flustered.
He's sleeping when Grim runs and basically jumps on his stomach. Silver yelps and shoots up from his bed, looking around dazed at the crowd that's in his room. "...What?" he then gets a bunch of people yelling at him that somehow you were about to be spirited away in some ghost marriage. Oh. That.
Though people thought he might go back to sleep, he bolts out and just runs to the dining hall. He knows that the hall is likely where the ghosts would want a ceremony, thus rushing there. He was right, and he saw you in a beautiful dress. He almost forgot he was on a mission to save you because of how much he loved how you looked haha
He runs but is confronted by the guards of the ghost prince. "Move, I need to save my love," Silver says in a stern voice. You shout his name in joy but the groom looks at Silver with disdain. "Your lover?! What imposter are you!"
Silver manages to fight off some ghosts but help is quickly found in the form of Sebek and Lilia. Silver runs to the front of the aisle to save you, but before he can continue (and before you can kick the groom in the face) a maid runs from out of nowhere and tackles Silver. "There! You can now kiss her, my lord! Please, I just want you to be happy!" the maid shouts, but her eyes look sad. Thankfully, the groom caught on after a few minutes of struggling from you and Silver.
"No, I think I know who loves me and who I love back," he suddenly says. Silver and you pause, staring at the guy. He then declares that the wedding shall instead be between the prince and the maid, to which all the ghosts (and students) rejoice. Silver sighs, saying what a pain this prince was.
The party goes on but you just take Silver's hand and leave early. "I know you want to go back to bed," you laugh. He nods, but he keeps his eyes glued on you. You look beautiful. He hopes that he can dream of you two having your own wedding tonight, but until then, he just happily strolls through the hallways with you in hand.
People were looking for Sebek but Sebek was already looking for you haha. He realized that you weren't at Ramshackle because he didn't see you in the hallway at 6:32:42 pm. Grim and Crowley are shocked at Sebek's preciseness and keenness, but Lilia just says he's the same as ever.
Sebek basically runs around the whole campus before stopping by at the dining hall, seeing a flood of ghosts and students there. To make matters worse, you were at the front of the dining hall with a wedding dress, in front of a ghost! He blushed at how beautiful you looked, but he quickly pushed his way to the front, quickly dodging all of the ghosts that tried to stop him.
"CEASE THIS FOOLISHNESS! LET HER GO!" Sebek booms at the ghost, causing both you and the groom to flinch at Sebek's intense aura. "And who may you be, green bean?" the ghost retorted, an annoyed expression on his face. "G-green what?! No matter, I am Sebek Zigvolt, and the beauty standing next to you is my partner!"
Both the groom and Sebek weren't having it with each other. There was absolutely no way to convince either party to give you up, so there was a brawl that was started. The two of them were shooting magic at each other until a maid jumped in between the two of them and told them to stop, saying it was pointless to fight like this. She explained the ghost prince's dilemma and how much it would mean for her and the other ghosts to see him happy again. Thankfully, this was what moved the ghost prince's heart.
"No, you're wrong, I don't want to marry that human," the prince says, cutting off the maid's argument against the ever-so adamant Sebek. "I want to marry you," the prince placed a hand on the maid's. After that, the wedding between you and the ghost was called off and instead it was between the maid and the prince. You were relieved, and so was Sebek, with him giving a proud smile at you.
"I'm just glad you're safe," he says when you two are together. "B-but I also wanted to s-say you look beautiful in that dress," he stammers out a bit later. "Aw, thank you, my handsome," you smile at him, making him blush even harder. He can't help but imagine you two getting married, and just how enchanting you would be there too. But before he can get carried off, you and Sebek return back to your respective dorms.
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How would house heartstabul or diasmonia react to Yuu giving them a hand made present?
{Hello :3 I like this request! I'm a die hard crochet fanatic and baker, so I always give random gifts to the people in my life. Hope you like it!}
Characters: House Diasomnia. Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrogue, Silver, and Sebeck Zigvolt
Prompt: Reader gives them a hand-made gift. Pre-relationship Warnings: Spoilers of individual character background and past. Lillia is a reoccurring pest in all the scenarios. Read at your own discretion
Malleus Draconia
Present: Clay Gargoyle
Well this is rather unexpected. Last he recalled, it wasn't his birthday neither a holiday
Is there a human tradition that he is missing? Why are you giving him a box that's covered in enough glitter to blind someone
Yes, he must be missing something. With how you gaze at him expectantly, he can't help but want to prolong the moment.
Alas, that would be too cruel. You've gone through the effort of bringing him a gift. It's only fair that he restrains himself this once
"You bring me an offering, yet I don't know what for. I presume it is safe to open?" One too many times has Lilia pranked him this way. Not that anyone else would dare it, but he wouldn't put it passed you
He opens the box swiftly with bright green glitter falling all over his uniform, yet he can't be bothered to care. Staring back at him is one of the smallest gargoyles he has ever seen
His eyes widen in surprise, as he reaches in to grasp the tiny statue
A fool would think it store bought. It was almost the size of his palm, and lifting it into the light showed many small imperfections in the craftmanship. The shape was slightly off, and while the paint was detailed, it was clearly done with the unsteady hand of an amateur.
What caught him off guard the most was the gargoyle's smile, completely opposite of the stoic image many were crafted with
It was a mockery to tradition, and yet he loved it more than any other
He shifts his gaze forward, looking at your gleeful form. You explain that Crowley had gifted you art supplies as a hobby for stress-relief, and that making him the gargoyle was the first thing you wanted to try
Malleus feels warm. Something unfamiliar yet not unwelcome. Neither is this heartfelt present
You had thought of him and even remembered his 'unique' interest. This gargoyle was crafted with his image in mind, and he was going to treasure nearly as much as its artisan
and treasure it he does. It is cleaned every morning, and rests close to his bed. No one is allowed to touch it, not even Lilia. Sebeck and Silver have asked about it before, but Malleus only responds vaguely about the statue's origins.
One time Sebeck commented on the paint job, and Malleus was greatly offended. Sebeck then thought that Malleus made it, and tried to repent with his life. Lovely.
"Thank you. This gift is one like no other and I am grateful for your craftmanship. I hope to repay the joy you have given me this day when I am able"
Lilia Vanrouge
Present: Crochet Cardigan
Oho. Is that the unsuspecting perfect of Ramshackle walking the halls? And what kind of goodies lie in that golden box. It looks a bit too big for them to carry...perhaps he could "offer a helping hand"
He swoops down from the ceiling, and lands just in front of them. Naturally they scream, which is expected
Uh huh. Yes. He knows not to startle you. Uh huh. Yes he's listening, but what is in the box?
Lilia predicts that someone had given you a present, and was planning to steal borrow it
Maybe 'lose' it amidst said borrowing
Definitely was unprepared for you to willingly shove it in his hands.
He made a show of slowly pulling apart the ribbon on top, removing the lid, and meticulously folding each piece of tissue paper inside
Oh how he loves that impatient expression. Like a child being denied their favorite toy. Show him it more please
"Ah ah ah. I am old and you will be patient for me, no?"
Though he loses his edge when he sees what's inside. A button-down cardigan lays perfectly folded in the box. The body and sleeves are black, with ruffled ribbing being the same shade of pink as his hair. It has three silver buttons attached so the cardigan can be closed, and near the breast is a lime green pocket in the shape of a music note. His dorm name is embroidered on one of the cuffs, and on the other is his first name. Both are done in the same green as the pocket.
He lifts the jacket out of the box, and notices that it is tailored to his measurements; a stark contrast to his saggy, oversized dorm uniform
He unceremoniously drops the box and his current jacket, slipping it on effortlessly
It absolutely reeks of you thanks to his heightened senses. Enough to mask the scent of everyone else in the hall to where he can only sense you and you alone.
Almost forgets that you're with him. Almost
"You have done well. This is fine work indeed, and you even tailored it to my measurements. Tell me, how did you know my size, hmm?"
He doesn't go so far as to wear it all the time. It instead is a staple of his loungewear and casual clothes
One time he spilled tomato juice on it. NRC be thankful that black hides stains well because his pissy mood would soon become everyone's problem
Present: Herbal Essence Pendent
Something smells...earthy. Like strong mint and lemon. Normally more undesirable notes would come from the alchemy hall, like the scent of tar or smoke
But what concerned Silver more was that the hall smelled of anything at all. It was nearly the dead of night and students should be asleep
He should be as well, but Malleus had run off again. Normally he could be found on the outskirts of Ramshackle, but neither himself or the dorm perfect were there
Needless to day, a truce was made between Silver and Sebeck for the night. Silver would scour the classrooms while Sebeck would check the other dormitories. Now they had two hopeless fools to find
Back in the present, he knew who was inside the lab before even opening the door. Gentle humming drifted out of a tune he had never heard before, and inside was the perfect. They appeared to be pouring a mixture into a small pendant.
Weird thing to do at this hour, but Silver has seen worse
He tries not to startle you by making his footsteps loud. It fails, but he tried at least. Now to get you to bed-
Why are you hiding the pendant behind your back? You're flushed too, perhaps ill and the mixture is a medical potion?
He offers to call for the nurse after finding Malleus, but you choose to present him the pendant instead. He smells the mint and jasmine again, feeling slightly more awake than before
You snuck away to make this for him after learning about herbal medicine. Scents like peppermint, coffee, jasmine, and citrus were good for helping people stay more alert.
"You...did this for me? Why?" He knows why but doesn't want to say it himself. Silver hates how drowsy he can be and the impression it gives others. All he wants is to become a strong knight, and give back what he has been given.
You made him this knowing all that, and he is grateful. The pendant is small enough to hide under his uniform, and is a simple circular, white-wooden jar attached to a silver chain. There is a cork on the top and opening it shows the herbal mix inside. You even offered to refill it with new scents when he runs out, and he is touched deeply
He doesn't need his father to tell him what this feeling is. Though Silver isn't quite ready to admit it to himself, let alone anyone else
"Thanks. I will make use of this and keep it close"
Mint and lemon is now his signature cologne according to Lilia. His father also doesn't reign in his teasing, since 'refills' have now become one of Silver's favorite late night excursions
Sebeck Zigvolt
Present: Personalized Bookmark
Needless to say, Sebeck is mad
Who does this human think they are? Challenging him to a duel and even thinking that they could win
Foolish. Utterly foolish. Master Lilia should have crushed their hopes in the moment instead of waiting to tell Sebeck about their proposal
Now he has to find them and set things straight. He doesn't have time for this and definitely doesn't want to leave Malleus unattended with Silver
So why are you shocked at him banging on your bedroom door? Yes, he welcomed himself into the dormitory but you started it with this proposition for a fight
He's going to bury the fact that you are still in pajamas somewhere far in the back of his mind. His heart is only racing from how absolutely angry he is at you. No other reason
He confronts you, and you have no idea what he's talking about. He can't help but flare up more. Master Lillia told him so and-
Master Lillia
"Master...why have you forsaken me in such a way? I cannot believe that I allowed myself to be played like this"
So, Lilia essentially lied to him. Again.
And now he had to apologize to you, a magic-less human. Not his favorite thing but this is his fault. He's disturbed you during your hour of rest for his own stupidity
You notice his betrayed face, and confuse him by retreating into the room. You reach into a drawer in the bedside table, and after a moment find what you are looking for
'A peace offering for whatever has happened,' you say and place a small item into his outstretched palm.
It's a paper bookmark made of pressed and preserved flowers. They look to be from the botanical garden on campus, a place he likes to visit. They're held together by braided rope. Sage green and black weave the flowers together and then lead into a tail. At the edge of the tail is a wooden "S," that acts as a weight for the bookmark.
A simple gift and clearly handmade. Sebeck feels weird being given such a dainty present. It greatly contradicts the strong and reliable image he shows to others
You stand in the doorway, hunched in and waiting for him to say something. He opens his mouth to reject the offering and apologize for his behavior. Yet, he only does the latter
For some reason, he wants to keep this small piece of you. He wants to keep the happiness the marker gives him, although he can't pinpoint why this floating feeling is overtaking him
"I apologize for my earlier outburst. There was a misunderstanding and I take responsibility for interrupting your leisure period. As for this...I will accept it. My gratitude" he curtly bows, and takes off.
He returns to his dorm, and does not miss how Lilia cheekily asks if he 'brought anything home'. Sebeck does not lie to him, and lets him have his fun. For now, he's excited to use his new present with one of his newest novels
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Tumblr media
Well, does he?
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ruucellcore · 4 months ago
"Child of man gave me their ice cream cone tip, and I knew who I wanted to spend my life with."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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TWST Incorrect quotes#120 He did find it cute
Yuu: You ever see something that changes your life and you're just like "huh.."
Mal: I saw you
Yuu: Honestly that's so cute and sweet but it kinda makes this awkward because I was gonna show you a picture of Grim in a turkey costume...
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I can't fckn believe this
Tumblr media
he remembers
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Lilia: Do you mind if I slyly mention that you're single?
Malleus: DO NOT DO THAT.
Lilia: Khee hee. Don't worry. You won't even notice.
Few moments later
Yuu, entering: Lilia-san, you want to see me?
Lilia: Malleus is single.
Malleus: *internally screeching*
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Can I request the reader going up to malleus and says "carry me on your shoulders" and now they're going around the campus, the reader gripping malleus horns in order to not fall of 😭 how would everyone's reaction be to see the magic less human literally riding THE MALLEUS DRACONIA?
side note your work is amazing <3 ! Make sure to take breaks !
Reactions to Reader Being On malleus's Shoulders
Almost everybody:
Jaw hanging open.
And you're touching his horns. HOWWWWWW?
If it were anyone else, they'd go bye bye.
Is very confused and doesn't bug the two of you in fear.
Ruggie, Azul, Leona, Jade, Ace, Vil, Rook:
Could not care unless you're bugging them.
Thinks that you could be a beneficial connection since THE MALLEUS doesn't mind you being on his shoulders.
Does not piss you off. Ever.
Wants to carry you next.
Is screeching.
Is telling you to get down.
Stops working and has a breakdown.
Thinks it's adorable.
Hi anon! Thank you for the side note!
Also, about the 'make sure to take breaks',,,,,,,,,,
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MC's Neverending Sleep Overs
Hello I am back again. I decided to continue the little sleep over post. Make it big. This is like, before the relationship of Polyam!Mc. They aren't dating yet but it's flirtatious.
I hope you enjoyed! Idk how I feel about the flow, but I want to write a more platonic version and a more romantic version.
If you liked this and are able to, please consider contributing to my Ko-fi! No pressure though.
In the beginning the dorm was a lot more empty than you felt comfortable with.
Yeah, sure, you liked your space. In fact, one could say you were ecstatic to learn you got to have your own space despite quite literally showing up out of no where. However, that's all you can actually keep up with in such a large dormitory.
Besides your room, the small bathroom you use, and the living area -all of which had seen better days- the rest of the house started off as a mystery to you. One you were a bit to scared to actually solve
(^This was mostly due to your fear of what you may find hidden behind the many doors of Ramshackle, as well as your desperate desire to avoid the ghosts at all costs.)
It didn't remain that way for very long though, as soon you were being joined by the first years of Heartslabyul, who were starting to be thrown out of their own dorm at an alarming rate.
Ace pretty much spent his first two weeks sleeping on the dorm's ratty old couch, sometimes having to fight Deuce for the position whenever the other began to rebel.
When Cater (or one of the Caters, you weren't ever too sure of who you were talking to at first) started showing up just to "check in" on the freshmen, you knew things had to change.
"Stop showing up at my dorm uninvited!"
No one actually acknowledges your rage, but you let it slide. There's a lot going on and honestly you're more concerned with learning potions then keeping Ace from stealing your good blankets.
And besides, with all the time you invested in making the tart for the dorm leader, be should be out of your hair soon enough, right?
That's what you were thinking, up until Riddle overblots.
In those moments you don't think you'll be making it back to the dorm period.
Fortunately you were wrong, but the event was so jarring that nightmare begin to haunt you everytime you drift off.
You quickly come to miss Ace and Deuce's presence.
And you learn quickly that they miss yours as well! Both for varying reasons, of course, but it quickly returns to that familiar state before Riddle's breakdown. One where you couldn't shake them even if you tried.
Cater comes by a lot more now too. At first he used to make up an excuse to stop by -then crash- but he gave up on that excuse rather quickly. He definitely sleeps in his dorm uniform half the time.
^Or at least, whatever he is wearing. Definitely the type to sleep in jeans whenever he's feeling too tired to get pajamas on
Trey visits with food (and Riddle, occasionally. He's still a little embarrassed about the whole rampage overblot thing) but doesn't find himself joining in the sleepover often.
When he does though he always makes everyone clean up their messes. What a king.
Jack is the next to join your merry band.
He doesn't often spend the night -only coming over when needed- and he's usually gone before you wake up.
He might be your favorite tbh.
(Around this time you also start to get the occasional visit from the tweels and Kalim. They never stay, but both parties are far too nosey to ignore such a large gathering)
It stays this way for a while whilst you attempt to sort out the whole issue with Leona.
Riddle only starts joining the crew after the whole savanaclaw incident.
This is mostly because his shame has kinda melted away since he's no longer the only one who has lost control. Also because Leona has no shame and immediately claims your couch afterwards. Rip.
From here it really just spirals.
The most common visitors are usually the first years.
Epel comes to escape Vil, Deuce and Ace have just decided your dorm is their home, and Jack tends to show up out of fear someone is going to do something stupid. He's usually right.
(Sebek is the odd man out here. He'll come over during the day but he's got a stick up his ass most the time.)
Rook and Vil do not sleep over. However, Rook will usually join in the morning to get (you) ready. Probably video chats with Vil the whole time. Epel is in hell.
Idia doesn't come over ever but Ortho does on occasion. You'd think people would be calmer with the android child around but for some reason that just creates more chaos.
Lilia has a habit of just sleeping places and it scares nearly everyone. Malleus finds it funny.
Crowley occasionally shows up to look for people because your dorm has become the Lost and Found for students.
Azul never comes into your room and has only stayed the the night maybe once or twice. Never at the same time as Leona though and he's usually incredibly nervous.
The tweels will come into your room and they will go through your stuff. They have no care whatsoever.
Everyone else is fairly respectful. But Pomefiore and Diasomnia are full of judgy brats that will subtly question your home. Thankv goodness most of them are not everyday visitors.
Jamil and Deuce seem like the type that will just start cleaning absentmindedly when they start to recognize some place as one they like to be in. Which you are incredibly thankful for. Deuce especially since he was not helpful at first.
Kalim always likes to try and make every night less of a sleep over and more of a slumber party. This is never good.
^ Reasons why: 1) Ruggie has been banned from playing Simon says because everytime he is Simon he makes people copy him, so that they lose. 2) Sebek always throws a hissy fit at the commotion whilst his emo dorm stands in the corner watching the chaos 3) Floyd has bitten someone during twister 4) MC has broken down crying at midnight multiple times because they just want to sleep and now the music club is doing karaoke.
But when everyone leaves for vacation, admittedly you do miss the chaos.
Oh well just gives Grim more room to bug you
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Tumblr media
Diasomnia × Hogwarts 🪄✨
I think Hogwarts uniform would look great on TWST characters❤️
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