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mrs-schoenheit · 2 days ago
Hear me out …. Tighnari!Yuu x Jade Leech
A series of…
Jade : What do you think of this mushroom prefect?
Tighnari!Yuu : *eats the mushroom* *vomits* *pass out*
Jade : Poisonus it is ^ ^
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lovelyyandereaddictionpoint · 20 hours ago
First years with mexican american fem yuu who made them some food as friendship ( and them knowing that they are from another world because some of them where at the ceremony )
They’re mostly excited to taste what you have to offer 
And their excited to know more about you and your culture 
The best way is through your food 
Of course everyone wants to be on your goodside so the goal is to be positive
when you put of plate tamales in front of Ace and Deuce they’ll try it
“Oh, this is amazing! What’d you put in it?”
“Hah–ack! Is it supposed–ack be this hot!!” 
“So you’re saying you don’t like it?”
“That's not what I’m–ack–*cough* I like it but its just too–ah” 
Ace is going to shove his mouth
Or when you pass a slice of tres leches cake to Jack, Epel, and Sebek
Jack is the first to try as they all look at the plate like you just put a plate of Lilia’s cooking in front of them
“I will try it first.”
Jack makes the first stand as if he made some major declaration he takes a bite
“The textures are different but it still tastes pretty good.”
“I wanna try!”
“SO DO I!” 
Turns out they all love your food
So expect that next time you pull out your lunch Grim and Deuce are teaming up to distract you while they swipe some of your food
Otherwise it's a good time 
They’re all really honored that you decided to share this side of you 
Though be prepared for when they demand you try out their home dishes
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 2 days ago
Yuu: (holding Grim)
Ace: why are you always holding Grim?
Yuu: because I like holding Grim
Ace: and he doesn't try to burn you?
Yuu: not anymore at least
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I love your blog so much but I've never gotten to make requests. You're one of my favorite writers. ❤ Can I request Headcannons for Ace as a boyfriend but this is readers first relationship?
Sorry for taking so long lol
Ace Trappola
Tumblr media
Okay this wouldn't be Ace's first dating relationship.
However, it was your first.
That's why you were nervous.
Ace would probably be the one to confess his feelings for you.
And so you two start dating.
Dating Ace is a roller coaster ride.
Let's just say that he is a little too honest in some respects.
However, Ace does not mean to offend you.
He will definitely rub your relationship in Deuce's face.
If you would like to go watch his basketball games, Ace would be happy.
He becomes more powerful when you're watching.
Ace holds a PDA.
He always has an arm around you when you're around him.
Ace also enjoys a little teasing.
He doesn't mean it in a bad way, though.
Ace would like to be a little spoon.
He would love to rest his head against your chest.
Since you are an Ace partner, you also sometimes run into problems.
He has a tendency to cause them.
You will also receive gifts from him.
Ace loves to see a smile on your face.
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4e7her · a day ago
october writing prompt #3 - handholding
characters: ace trappola, twisted wonderland
contains: yandere themes, detachment / disassociation, hurt/comfort, reader referred to in second person pov, gender neutral reader
It’s been a difficult day, you vaguely register, looking up at the cloudy skies with detachment.
Of course, most days at Night Raven College were, magicless student and all. It had just been especially infuriating today - you didn’t care to relive the details, but it ended with you here. Annoyed, but more importantly, tired.
You walk without any thought to your movements or where you were going, letting life take you where it would. You just… didn’t have it in you to think about these things right now. You just wanted to find somewhere peaceful.
So out of it, you don’t even realize you’ve sat down in a clearing that must be on the outskirts of campus until you’re blankly looking down at the palms of your hands, eyes stinging with unshed tears. Flexing your hands for a moment, you sigh, and instead look up at should have been the sky.
Instead, though, Ace is there looming over you with an expression somewhere between irritated and concerned. Had he been trying to get your attention for long?
“-finally. Seriously, what has you so out of it, Prefect?” His voice cuts through your fog and he shakes his head, scowling slightly as he looks down at you before he must’ve caught sight of your tears - expression twisting so fast you almost missed the frenzied desperation to help somehow in his eyes. “Shit, no, what’s wrong?”
A feeble giggle, a shake of your head, and a shrug. That’s all it takes for him to understand, and for tears to start running down your face in earnest.
You hiccup between shaky breaths, just barely holding back from sobbing, and Ace looks so panicked that you laugh a little bit. It’s hysterical, but you’re not sure what else to do. So you cry, and you mumble incoherently, and you reach out to him.
You’re not entirely sure what you’re asking for him to do, and it’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue either. In that confusion, he decides that the best course of action is to hold your hands.
It’s comforting, but you still burst out laughing, shuddering breaths stabbing through your lungs and cheeks starting to hurt from smiling. It was just- it was so ridiculous.
Who sees a crying person and decides to hold their hands instead of, I don’t know, hug them? Especially when said crying person is the one who reaches out in the first place.
“Wh-? Don’t go laughing at me, that’s just rude.” Ace’s pouting brings you back down to earth, and you’re glad for the unintentional grounding that he’s doing. “…You want a hug?”
He waits a moment, but as soon as you nod your consent you’re wrapped in his arms.
“You don’t have to tell me what you’re cryin’ for, but I hope you know that I’m gonna fix it either way.” His voice holds a darker tone than normal, but you don’t notice - instead reveling in the comfort that his hold brought you. You never would’ve thought that Ace, of all people, would be the one coaxing you through a breakdown.
Him, though? He was intent. He had eyes on you virtually all day, and whenever he was there, everything seemed fine. What had gone wrong?
He’d have to figure it out and fix the issue, obviously - that wasn’t even in question. He’d do anything for you. You deserve the absolute best, and clearly no one else in this school would give it you.
Not that Ace would let them in the first place.
The last person who tried had learned their lesson quite well, he thought. And, luckily, you had never noticed. He took measures for it anyways, but he was glad that he didn’t have to use them.
It was just proof that you loved him as much as he loved you, wasn’t it? You were always so perfect like that. He couldn’t wait to make whoever made you cry suffer.
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astrea-archive · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⌕ OPEN THE CLOSET ; halloween event
— day 02, ace trapolla
› content : gn reader
› summary : Ace bet Deuce to create the better costume, although you do need to model to try clothes out right?
› a/n : ace x you matching costumes of ketchup and mustard + you two ACTUALLY smell like ketchup and mustard /j
Tumblr media
As it was in NRC, it was nearing halloween week and the costume's for heartslabyul hasn't been decided. The dorm gathered in the lounge to discuss although it ended up in arguments between each other.
You and Grim acompanied Riddle and Trey into choosing a costume, that was your initial thought. But now you four were standing in the lounge helping Riddle quiet down the dorm, he succeded into and continued the discussion. While The housewarden and vice discussed, Grim saw Ace still arguing with Deuce. The cat urged you to go to them
Heading towards the arguing duo to ask, Ace suddenly pulled you beside him while his arm wrapped over you shoulder "Me and the Prefect will make the better costume! Just you wait!"
"Ace? What are you talking about?" You questioned to look at him. While Deuce butted in saying sorry that you were dragged into another one of Ace's shenanigans.
"What are we doing? Were gonna make a way better costume than what Deuce suggested" Ace replied with a pouty face against Deuce. Well, you had no choice.
The golden sun shines below two freshmen in the garden of Heartslabyul, "So, how exactly are you making this costume of yours?" You looked up you companion, Ace with a teasing smile.
"Obviously, we can look up tutorials on Magictube and they sell fabrics at Sam's shop!" He said with crossed arms.
"Well what are you waiting for? Lets go!" You say while pulling his arms immediately, and it seemed like the sunlight really pit you in such a .. gorgeous angle. Your smile perfectly paired with.
Finally having all the required materials, fabric, stitches, needles etc. You and Ace attempt to plan and stitch out some fabrics as practice, failed. Some Magictube tutorial's maybe? Failed.
A few more attempts and you two were making ... progress...
It seemed this was gonna take longer than expected, but you were free to help him. Slowly, watching tutorial, looking up ideas, stitching precisely, ang guiding each other.
After 8 hours of work, you two sewed up 2 pretty decent vampire costume. His had some heart symbols placed around secretly. Both the costumes were inspired by victorian style whilst having a classic black and red color combo.
After you two had tried it on, it fit perfectly and went with your styled hair and Ace's hair slicked back. "I can't imagine the look on Deuce's face after he sees we've done this so well!"
He looked absolutely charming, all that's need to be done was show Deuce. But maybe you two could do this more often?
Tumblr media
© astrea-archive: do not repost, copy, or plagiarize any of my works.
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twisted-lusty · 18 hours ago
Stop with such games
Relationship type: GNlM
Tumblr media
With his ass raised up, Ace had problems enduring such a cruel punishment you applied over him with no mercy, in an attempt to discipline your lover over his considered bad behavior. But of course, this ginger male had the guts to fight back somehow… staring at you with a provocative smile, your beloved one expression slowly started to become one of mockery, like he was wondering if it was everything you got.
You knew very well that his intentions were of pissing you off and make you lose all control over such a bastard sinner, however, after taking a deep breath you placed over his warm and delicate skin another hit. Strongly grabbing the scarlet hair locks of his dumb head, you pulled them back and whispered a single thing over his ear: “Stop with such games, you little bitch.”
“What if I don’t want to?” Asked Trappola with a lustful expression and with his ruby eyes filled with the deepest desire of such a sinful soul. Sighing over his behavior, you slowly took off the belt you were wearing… if he wanted to play hard, you would be sure of making him play hard. Tying up his arms over his head, you flipped him over the bed, having the view of his beautiful hard dick and challenging expression. With your hands, you started a slow, yet corrupting rhythm against his erected member, making him squirm and let out a delicious moan - which by his part, he tried to suppress as best he could.
Smiling over such a reaction, you came back to say in a murmur close to his ear: “Well… so that means I will need to play with you until the point you are begging for some forgiveness.” A grin slowly started to bloom over the face of your rebellious lover, who particularly loved such an idea… and oh lord, how much such a smile pissed you off. Speeding up the rhythmic of your stroking, you watched the male twist his body and let out from his soft lips a bunch of struggling moans… but each time he dared to come closer and closer from reaching such a sinful climax, you just stopped to please his primal desires. Oh sweetie… Ace would be so mistreated on your hands… you will make sure to edge him until the point he surrenders himself for such a lustful madness.
Tumblr media
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octo-hyacinth · 2 hours ago
Hi hi! I love your writing so much! I was wondering if you could write about the First Years finding out that Mc is deaf (like maybe Mc's hearing aids run out of batteries so they can't hear them anymore)
ooh im so glad you like my writing <3 enjoy!
First Years with a Deaf S/O
Characters: Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier
Content Warnings: Ace being the least helpful (to no one’s surprise), but he still cares, fluff obviously lol
A/N: I’m surprised I wrote this as fast as I did! Sorry it took a while to start, but it only took me a couple days once I did start,,, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
It was just like any regular day, you were walking to class with Ace and Deuce, and you were trying to resolve yet another conflict between Ace and Grim, something about stealing food, but you couldn’t actually get many words in. Unsurprisingly, it was just the two bickering and occasionally turning to complain to you, like you could fix anything while they were still talking.
You were starting to give up, and were zoning out, and after a minute, it was so nice, like they’d miraculously gone quiet and let you have some peace.
But wait.
Why would they do that?
Ah, of course. The batteries of your hearing aids died.
Almost right after you came to that realization, Ace tapped you on your shoulder, and started saying something that you couldn’t understand, obviously. He tried speaking again before registering the completely lost look on your face, then he seemed to remember that you had hearing aids and they didn’t last forever. He made a I’ll be right back sort of gesture to Deuce, and grabbed you by the arm and started walking you back to Ramshackle so you could get some new batteries.
As you rummaged around for them, he just leaned against the wall, watching you silently. But once you got your hearing aids working again, he grinned.
“Heyyy, Prefect’s back in action. You doin’ alright now? Maybe you should keep some batteries in your pocket from now on so I don’t gotta keep walkin’ you back.”
Deuce Spade
Unlike Ace, Deuce may not catch on quite as quick, but he’s definitely not gonna tease you at all because your batteries died.
You were in alchemy class, paired up with him, and you were both trying your hardest to measure the ingredients right and put them in the cauldron in the right order. Deuce was reading out instructions to you, being careful to say everything word-for-word, since you’d probably understand it better than him, and you were doing most of the measuring and pouring. But at some point, everything went quiet, and as you turned to him to ask him to keep going, you realized he was still talking.
At the same time, he looked up and was wondering why you stopped, and he tilted his head in confusion, and judging from context he was probably asking what was going on, but you tapped your ear, then shook your head. It took him a minute to understand, but eventually it clicked for him and he raised his hand to get Crewel’s attention, then left the room in quite the hurry.
After about ten minutes, he came back up to your spot, breathing heavily, and held out his hand to you. He was holding batteries for your hearing aids! How sweet.
Once you replaced them and could hear again, you thanked him, and asked him how he got ahold of some so quickly. He simply smiled at you fondly.
“Heh, don’t worry about it. Just know I’ll always have your back, okay?”
Jack Howl
It was late in the evening. The setting of the sun flushed everything in an orange tint, its last rays shining through the windows of Ramshackle while you were sitting comfortably with Jack and the rest of the first-years, having a movie night.
Your head rested gently on his shoulder as he leaned against the couch, yet with near perfect posture. You never caught him slouching, ever, even when he was at his most relaxed.
The movie was building up to its climax, and the final showdown was about to finish, and almost all the boys were yelling and whooping and cheering at the action scenes, and you were getting pretty invested yourself, but then you stopped being able to clearly hear what was going on. You let out a soft “aw, damn it” as you got up to look for some batteries while, unfortunately, the boys would get to keep watching the movie.
But before you could even leave the couch, Jack rested his hand on your shoulder, gently pushing you down, clearly wanting you to stay in your spot as he got up instead.
Only a couple minutes later, he returned with fresh batteries for your hearing aids, and opened his hand, like he was waiting for you to give them to him. So you tentatively set them in his rather large palm, and he delicately replaced the batteries for you as fast as he could (clearly keeping the movie in mind), and handed them back so you could put them back on.
The sounds of the battle immediately flooded back in, and you couldn’t help the warm smile that spread across your features. You told him how sweet he was for getting and even replacing the batteries for you (you didn’t tell him you probably could’ve done it faster, it’s the thought that counts after all), and he averted his eyes to the ground, but he was clearly biting back a smile, and you could see his tail wagging a bit as well.
“It’s nothin’. I’m glad to be able to help ya in any way I can. I didn’t want you to miss out on the movie, anyway. If you need help with stuff, I’ll always be here for you.”
Epel Felmier
You were sitting out on the fresh grass in front of the school with Epel, watching him carefully carve another apple. It was a nice day out, you said, and you wanted to hang out with him somehow during some of your precious free time. He had mentioned a while back how he was into carving out apple designs, and you excitedly suggested that you watch him. You were quite interested to see what he could do, after all.
And after some time, more and more carved apples started to surround him, each with a beautiful, intricate, unique design, and he seemed to not mess up once with his precise cutting.
After a bit of prompting, he started to explain the steps to making one of his simpler carvings, a little swan with layered wings. You tried following along with your eyes, but you quickly realized at at some point during the tutorial you’d stopped hearing him, and you groaned out loud, quite exasperated at how often your hearing aid batteries seemed to die.
Epel looked up from his project, quizzically tilting his head until you tapped your ears and rolled your eyes. He noticed the irritation, but he had a little grin on his face as he dug around in his pocket for a few moments. He finally held up his hand proudly, like he was saying “ta-da!!” with just his body language. He was holding a pair of batteries for your hearing aids? But how would be possibly know to hold onto them today?
Once you replaced them and could hear again, you heard him chuckle and give a cheeky smile.
“Ah always keep a pair of ‘em in mah pockets, every day, just in case ya ever need ‘em and yer not anywhere close to Ramshackle. Guess today was the day, huh? Ah try to be helpful, y’know, just fer you. Glad it finally worked out an’ ah got to do somethin’ nice fer you.”
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yuushrimp · 11 hours ago
Ace Trappola Fairy gala
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here a little drawing for my friend’s birthday 🥳
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ristelmornigstar · 2 days ago
Day 2: Floor Sex
‘Why don’t you join me in this game
                    He is impatient and won’t take no for an answer.’
Tumblr media
Summary: Ace has been behaving weirdly as if late and it’s starting to tick [Y/n] off in a bad way, it seems [Y/n] has to teach him a lesson or two.
Warning: Sexual Activities, N-sfw content, Dom! Reader, Porn with no plot. If you’re disgusted by it, go away. And if it’s short, my apologies.
 If someone were to be close to Aces room they would most likely hear the sound of moaning and groaning, and the sound of skin slapping together. The unfortunate ones would hear it when they passed by but the ones who already were warned by the others would immediately go the opposite direction.
 Ace was on the floor of his own bedroom, whining and begging to the man above him. This could have all been avoided if he just followed the rules you have set up for him, but of course he had to misbehave and this was the consequences of his actions, not that he didn't mind he clearly was enjoying himself.
Ace looked like a mess his hair was all ruffled and Was bad maintained, he was moaning and groaning and under him was a pit of his own fluids.
 His face was tear stained and there was drool going down his mouth, his eyes kept on trying to roll back but he was trying to focus on you.
His nails nose scratched the floorboards had tightly as he felt the side of his hip, he felt like he was in a daze, and he couldn't get enough of you.
 The way you feel him up so much and left him almost breathless, he felt like he was going to pass out due to overstimulation.
   He heard your voice purr out his name, he felt weak and yet he loved this feeling so much he wanted more of it.
   “Promise me that you’ll behave from now on.”
   “Ah~ I-I will Nnh~ I p-promisessss~”
   “Good boy~”
   He was truly in cloud nine because of you, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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elysia-nsimp · 8 hours ago
Welcome to TWST characters as things my friends and I have said over the years and have quoted!
Enjoy lmao
Idia: Thank you. I appreciate you remembering my wants and needs- what the fuck why do you have so much cobblestone
Trey: The only “time” you can run from is the spice
Jade: I’m gonna rip out your spinal cord and strangle you with it
Floyd: bet
Lilia: no dropamole was guac-ed today
Idia: The triad of things that make us funny: depression, neurodivergency, and trauma
Azul: All things I have
Jade: like, you just casually simp but-
Azul: Floyd competitively simps
Ace: the spice girls?? never heard of em. ive only heard of the spice cats.
Yuu, referring to the twins: That’s the difference: one of them murders people, the other one is just horny.
Deuce: A space is called a space because there’s space in the space and if there’s space in a space, it’s space.
Azul: [sighs]
Floyd: hey wouldn’t it be funny if I ran across the train tracks while that train is coming
Floyd: watch what I can do
Floyd, attempting to do a backflip and failing:
Idia: I called it a dumbass and it started working
Kalim, giggling: I bet this is eggscruciating huh
Riddle, about to pop a vein:
Cater: this is bullying and harassment i am cancelling you on twitter dot com
Ace: Drowning Jesus Christ in milk was removed from the Bible’s public release for being too violent
Trey: what
Jade: The ninth wonder of the world: the backside of tongue
Floyd: Go Go Gadget Tongue
Floyd, tipping his fedora: m’shrimpy
Floyd: just give her a concussion so she forgets that she lives there and only remembers where she used to live so that she finally leaves /j
Lilia: A scale of 26-89
Malleus: 142
Lilia: I want to be cold and surrounded by dead bodies
Azul: …it would just add more tragically “”romantic”” gestures…
I have SO many more if anyone is interested
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tunabesimpin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just normal heartslabyul things ^v^! + the scrunkly!
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twisted-fishbaiit · 2 months ago
Pillow fight!🪶
Tumblr media
First years sleep over
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 13 hours ago
Ace: Yuu why do you always favourite Grim?
Yuu: I don't! I love Grim and all not Grim's equally
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mintmoth · 4 months ago
And so we continue yet again
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ace you're not even being subtle (but then again neither are they)
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strawberry-pie-thoughts · 4 months ago
Clueless Duo
MC: Ok, this isnt too different from my world let me handle it
Deuce: You mean your country right?
MC: No... The magicless world where I came from?
Ace: Sorry if you forgot to tell us you were an ALIEN!
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noirezki · 4 months ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Jack, giving Mc a pep talk: Things are going to be difficult but you-
Ace: are going to be difficulter.
Epel, hyping them up: That's the spirit! Be a problem to your problem! Mark your territory!
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