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Your call is heard!
You hated crowds.
Whether was it your social skills or your hatred for the people's wings? You have no clue, but the later option seems stronger.
However to scout for your next victims, it's inevitable that you have to blend yourself to the crowd and find your next target to sabotage in the race, and avoiding the ones that you're already done with. There's just this one-
"Hey Yuu! Wait for ol' Cay Cay will you?"
Feathers! Cater Diamond information:
Cater Diamond, you like to call him a social addict since he always rambling about recent trends or post everytime you meet to the point you always try to ignore him when he speaks up
He was one of your past target, you shot his wings with a sharp pointed arrow, which cause him to having a not-so-peaceful landing. That injury forced him to be outed from many race till he recovered again.
You're not to sure if Cater suspects you but it's better to not get involved with him, despite not having many connections than your other targets, he's still a big threat to your work and you're not looking forward to go to jail.
He always try to engage in a conversation with you, to even desperately trying to get small talks out of you, you just never cared to respond and stayed silent in hopes he'll leave you alone which take HOURS
Although he had made some remarks about your wings, probably hinting that he knows your secret. You heed no minds to those remarks as long as you disposed of every evidence, without proof, you're just a normal citizen
His intentions may have more of a deeper meaning, he always look at you with those...eyes. They're weird, creepy and makes your stomach churn everytime you feel those eyes lay on your body.
"I've had a feeling I've felt your presence somewhere during that fateful day, maybe we're destined for eachother! Come on, it won't hurt if you just say one word~~"
You always hoped to avoid him in the future
But you always see him more everyday
Some secrets need to be kept no matter the cost, right?
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underqualified-human · 2 days ago
This song encapsulates Medea!Yuu and their relationship with their mother perfectly
[more thoughts under cut]
'he' refers to literally any TWST boy, platonic or not
'go ahead and give him this' - 'this' could refer to Medea's spell/potion book or a vile of the poison she used to kill the princess of Corinth.
Medea automatically assumes anyone [mostly men] who tries to get close to Yuu is only doing it to try and use them for their own personal gain, or to try and get Medea's help with something. Because of this [and the fact that they grew up running away from people who wanted to kill their mother for multiple accounts of treason] Yuu grew up lonely and with a lot of trust issues.
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[ Prologue Ch. 3 ]
Kitsunes Guide to Therapy
MXTX novels are always good great to reread 10/10
I like to imagine Yuus voice being like a combination of whispy soft and velvety 
Aponias voice basically
soft smoken wise mischevious person anyways 10/10 terrifying
Theme song for Kitsune Yuu? Beautiful is boring :p
You thought i published this fanfic and dipped, but no ITS ALIVE
I'll be completely honest, returnning to school hit me like a truck and I kept deleting what I wrote because it was unsatisfactory and I thought you guys deserved better so I had like 4 rewrites lol.
Anyways I think i've gotten into the writting thing so we'll be back on schedule soon 
Prologue Ch.1
Prologue Ch.2
Yuu had been through many living conditions.
Whether it be hiding in the pouring rain when they finally got a physical body for the first time and finding out what a cold was. Or accidentally burning themselves that one time, and all the mud that also happens after the rain.
They stared with a blank face at the clearly almost falling apart house, and withering dead trees with a strained smile slowly forming. "This is..." Yuu paused in their speaking "That's too much charm." 
Seemingly ignoring them Crowley spoke without pause "Right, right. Please come inside."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The body kitsune! Yuu uses is androgynous looking but in the end, has no gender.
And yes they do have red eyeliner on the lower lids of their eyes :)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
. q .
The strained smile increased as they saw the literal soggy carpets, a flipped over table, and a chair on the ground. "Staying here will at least keep you out of the rain. I'm going back to do more research. Make yourselves at home."
Before Yuu was able to say anything the headmaster quickly dissapeared.
They gave a light chuckle with not much humor giving a whistle "Aaah~ The dust looks like snow~"
Yuu looked around the room not finding a single broom in sight, letting out an exaggerated sigh they sulked their way towards the window.
"It's raining..."
They gave a soft smile resting their face onto their hands as they listened to the pattering of the soft rain. Although it was.....Quite an interesting house, looking at the positives, it wasn't as bad as it could've been.
And looking at the realistics, the house was shit.
most disgusting thing they've ever seen both on the inside and the outside.
Not really most disgusting.
More likely now a new runner up in the top 60 horrible and discomforting things they've seen through their life as a ninetailedbeast----kumiho----hulijing---inari-----Kitsune..... 
You know what, yeah Kitsune.
They were halfway sure the house was one bad day away from collapsing apart
Or sinking into a sinkhole
"Oh well~" 
They gave a loud yawn, stretching their arms out and letting the unfamiliar ceremonial robes hood fall onto their shoulders. The human disguise faded away, the familiar fox ears and 9 tails reappearing and their originally atleast average height returned to the much much taller height.
"HyIIIiII! It's really pouring down!"
Yuu turned "Hm?" Their ears gave a twitch as they listened closely to the familiar voice. 
"GYAAAAH!- I KNEW IT WASN'T MY EYES PLAYING TRICKS ON ME! YOU DO HAVE THOSE FREAKY FOX EARS AND TAILS!!!" Yuu stared at the familiar dark gray furred creature, blinking slowly looking around the room trying to dishuffle their memory clutter.
Yuu lost count after 7834 years of being alive, didn't help that memories from centuries ago were still technically 'fresh' and 'new''.
"Oh right you tried to burn me alive"
Not as if that made Grim more disinguishable from the other memories, about 324 people have tried to burn them alive.
Key word tried anyways, none of them have ever succeeded, and some were more closer to ending themself then others. Shoutout to the trauma that kept building up through the thousands of years they lived through, atleast they could joke about it to the ancestors.
Still probably not good for their mental health but....
Blue flames erupted once more charging directly at Yuu. 
The kitsune watched as the flames inched closer and closer with each second with amusement. Pulling their hand out palm facing towards the flames their fangs barely visible as they opened their mouth. 
"Come on out now"
A screech of a fox was almost deafening as a much much larger kitsune spirit erupted forth its jaws wide open, completely nullifying and consuming the attack. "Hmn...decently powered attack, thanks for giving it to me" a smile graced their lips "N-NyAnGh?? WHat tHe-!" With stride they walk towards Grim gently kneeling down to semi get to his level. 
"Well then. How about we get to talking now."
Just as Yuu was about to grab onto Grim, a noise outside of the room made them look up. Their fox ears twitched lightly as they came closer, carefully listening to the noises. 
Grim although a little shaken, quickly brought himself back standing and carefully walked towards Yuu. Hiding behind the, honestly speaking, VERY FLUFFY AND BIG tails, though still peaking his head out just a little bit. 
Furrowing their eyebrows Yuu then froze up their eyes widening before quickly gaining composure of themself. 
In a split second they snapped their fingers their kitsune form quickly fading and returning to the shorter statured human body. They summoned a talisman which they hid behind their back as they used their other arm to push the old wooden door open with a creak.
What greeted their sights was something they didn't expect at all.
Ghosts(?) or whatever you would call them, were floating right infront of them. Though not the vengeful bloodied spirits they were accustomed too, more like, pillow shaped. Almost cute if you ignored they were ghosts. 
Definately not like the mutilated spirits they would need to exorcise time to time. 
The former tension in their muscles loosened as the talisman behind them fizzeled away. 
This..This was not something they were expecting.
In their world, where the remnants of dead gods were reeking havoc by forcing their resentment on spirits ready to move on. A ghost that looked this, cute?...Friendly..? Was completely unheard of.
Their former negative expression faded away into a more curious and confused one as they tilted their head taking a step closer. 
"The people here got scared of us and left.."
"We've been looking for ghost pals. How about you guys?"
They looked with a perplexed expression at the ghosts, was that supposed to be a threat? Well that's another new experience, they've never been threatened by such non threatening looking ghost before. In addition that was the most polite threat they've ever been given.
Oh right the tanuki.
Now with no hiding place as the kitsunes tails were now gone, Grim stood shakened before shaking his head "Grim the Great Magician isn't scared of some ghosts!!" With a shakey voice like that it was hard to believe what he said was true, nonetheless blue flames erupted forth, barely missing Yuu by just a couple of inches.
And missing the ghosts by many inches.
"WoAh! Watch where your aiming!" One ghost exclaimed, Yuu winced slightly as the blast of blue fire almost hit onto the very  v e r y  flammable wood. "You'll be burning the place down if you keep that up." They noted with an amused expression as they turned their head to look behind them, "Shu-sHUT UP! Don't try to give me orders!"
Despite the remark Grim made the amused smile lingered on Yuus face as they rolled their eyes. "If you do listen to my orders I'll give you some tuna~" they teased with a smile, "Wah..?! Mmmngm...I-I'm the great Grim.. I won't let one-"
The not so frightening ghosts charged towards Yuu and Grim, forcing former to move backwards and the later to give out a yelp. "Ack! Their bunching in on us!" Grim turned his head to face towards Yuu with an annoyed snarl "And YOU! WHy aren't you using your freaky fox powers?!" Yuu gave a wink "What could you possibly mean? I'm just a human~" 
Grim, realizing Yuu wouldn't help him at all, gave a frustrated noise before turning to face towards the ghosts. "You better tell me where to aim then!"
Yuu gave a laugh "Of course!"
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My Twisted wonderland Mc!
(click on it for better quality)
✯𝐻𝑎𝑝𝑝𝑦 𝐻𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑒𝑛!✯
Tumblr media
I'm really excited that I finnaly got to draw him :>
(he's a scarecrow btw-he did it to scare Crowley)(*it worked*)
Ik that in the past couple of days I haven't really posted anything other than reblogs and sorry about that!
We'll soon get back to our usual program😌 andd creativity has sparked and I now have a comic idea for my mc who currently goes by the name yuu
If you want me to draw your twst oc/mc in their Halloween costume I'd be glad to!(just show me refrences like from piccrew or anywhere) Also if you want me to draw any of the boys in their Halloween costume I gladly will! I wanna work on my digital art skills(and also socializing with people) and also if you want to reblog this and show me your oc/Mc I would lovee to see them :o (I'm a sucker for character designs)
Anyway I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day/night and make sure to drink some water! I can't wait to see some designs:D
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yuusishi · 2 months ago
Vil x MC thoughts
Tumblr media
Vil, staring at MC blushing: I can't believe I, Vil Schoenheit, fell in love with such a stupidly dense person.
MC in eye contact with Vil: lmao who're you crushing on
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There’s an urgent knocking at Ramshackle’s front door, and it only grows more urgent as you and Grim play rock, paper, scissors to determine who has to go deal with whatever mess is waiting outside. As if the one knocking senses your trepidation and is having none of it, the banging becomes loud enough to drown out even Grim’s gloating as you approach.
With desperation on his face and a surprising proposition for you, who do you see at the door but-
Or, reasons why they’d ask you to fake date/fake get engaged/fake get married:
(Gender neutral reader)
Riddle Rosehearts
His mom really is trying to control his life down to the last detail, and Riddle wants no part of any marriage she’s arranging. But he needs some romantic backup to convince her to back off his love life, so please please please help him, he might even let you break a rule or two for this.
Ace Trappola
Ace made a bet that if you two dated you’d make it past the six month mark, sheepishly admitting he hadn’t considered he’d need your help for this. He’s thrilled when you’re on board with the lovey-dovey act, ‘cause wow you’re convincing everyone, maybe even him…
Deuce Spade
Deuce accidentally told his mom that he’s dating someone- no, he doesn’t know how, but please, you’re the only person who can and will help him, and he can’t make his mom cry.
Cater Diamond
As ever, Cater’s motivation is Magicam-related. There’s a contest for cutest couple, and you’re too caught up in the realization that Cater said you’re cute to even ask what the prize is.
Trey Clover
This man is too sensible for typical fake dating shenanigans so I’m going to break the fourth wall and say he doesn’t get the top secret family recipes from grandma until he gets engaged; do it for the baked goods!! Just don’t add oyster sauce!!
Leona Kingscholar
Leona’s family has been annoying him to get engaged, and in a fit of frustration (Cheka was yelling right in his ear), he told them he already was. Of course he’s going to ask one of the few people here he can actually tolerate to fake being his betrothed.
Jack Howl
Jack is another pragmatic one and very serious about relationships to boot- but perhaps Jack made a bet with Ace that he could actually date someone without falling in love with them… oops.
Ruggie Bucchi
At least at first, it’s all business: couples’ discounts, double coupons, the wedding registry- think of the wedding registry, prefect! Right up until he remembers you don’t get to keep the gifts if you don’t get married. But there are worse things than staying married, right?
Azul Ashengrotto
After a great deal of consideration and thought about his future and who it would be most advantageous to spend it with, Azul has produced a marriage contract- okay, fine- it’s the tax benefits.
Jade Leech
Tax fraud. He’ll be quite frankly astonished if you need more explanation than that.
Floyd Leech
Okay so Floyd got bored- what do you mean that isn’t enough of a reason, being around Shrimpy is always fun, and he’s BORED, weren’t you listening?
Kalim Al Asim
His family has started forwarding all of the mail from oh so eligible suitors (checked for poison first of course), and it’s starting to take up too much space in Scarabia, so could you please help him, prefect? 🥺
Jamil Viper
Kalim is refusing to pick someone to marry unless Jamil has a partner he loves too. So as much as this pains him, given all ten things he hates about you, all of the suitor mail has flooded the Scarabia kitchen and lounge… and he thought he saw a bug hiding in there.
Vil Schoenheit
Our perpetually typecast villain hero has decided that one way to change the narrative is to become one half of a perfect couple. And since casting the role of Twisted Wonderland’s sweetheart within the confines of Night Raven College is no mean feat, he’s found himself at the doorstep of the one person capable.
Epel Felmier
Epel mentioned a lab partner on a phone call with his very excited parents only to realize at the end of the call that he hadn’t said the word “lab.” So now they’re clamoring for him to visit home with his partner, so could ya do him a favor and come out to Harveston with him, eh?
Rook Hunt
You’d mentioned how convincing Rook had been in his love poems for Eliza, so the hunter turns around and professes his own love for you in verse… wait, is he making this up on the fly or not? Somehow you think this one is real.
Idia Shroud
Scarred by his experience with one (1) phantom bride, Idia has decided the best solution is… well, to never leave his room again. But on the occasion he does, it pays to have a fake partner with an equally fake engagement ring on their finger. Now if only he can figure out why his hair turns pink when he talks to you.
Malleus Draconia
Human-fae politics aren’t typically on your radar, but they sure are after Malleus explains that a political marriage between the future king of Briar Valley and a human would… help to smooth things over. And given that there are a grand total of two humans who aren’t afraid of him, and one of them is Silver… yes, the emerald the size of your face is an engagement present, will you accept?
Sebek Zigvolt
If Malleus must consider marrying a human for peace, then Sebek will unquestioningly follow in the young master’s footsteps. This just means you are the most acceptable human here, human! Nothing more! Now please hold his hand.
Silver’s proposal, genuine or not, is downright princely… up until he falls asleep in the middle of it. Oh, his motivation? Well, you started out with no family or history here, and he understands that, and how lonely it must be. Consider this one way to ensure Diasomnia will adopt you.
Lilia Vanrouge
To be honest, you barely follow Lilia’s convoluted scheme as he explains it, and you’re not sure how much is scheme and how much is actual interest in you. After enjoying the confusion for a day or two, Lilia clarifies that yes, he does like you. But will you still crash a fancy party with him? He really does need a date to distract the host while he steals an ancient sword or six after all.
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motivationwho · 5 months ago
On a cliff of a random mountain...
Riddle, grabbing Azul's arm to prevent him from falling : Azul, you're too heavy! I can't hang on..
Azul : Pretend I'm your dormmate, Riddle!
Riddle : *lets go of Azul without hesitation*
Riddle : *immediately grabs Azul's arm again*
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mrs-schoenheit · 13 days ago
Adeuce : We are not paying for that
Floyd: *annoyed* why not? you ordered 42 coffee
Adeuce: We said 4 tea 2 coffee
Tumblr media
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kalimmunchies · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi *faints*
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treysimp · a month ago
"I’m not sure how better to say this... do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 6:
GN!Reader x Heartslabyul (Ace, Trey, Riddle, Cater, Deuce)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before you could fully turn to see a reaction, you feel a hand roughly grab your shoulder and spin you forward, pushing you into the front door of Ramshackle with a horribly-loud creak.
Your body was enveloped in a sudden warmth while a pair of lips found yours, kissing you harshly and breathlessly, barely giving you time to gasp between desperately pressed caresses. 
They wound down, got softer and kinder, and finally  Ace  removed himself from you. His face had a pretty flush and he was gasping from the aggressive kisses he had just subjected the both of you to.
“Are you kidding me? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to come on to you and it's been this fucking easy the whole time?” He dove back in for more, hands grabbing at your hair, smothering you in unsaid feelings, missed opportunities, and the pure strength of his want for you.
“I can’t-” gasp, “believe-” a breath, “I didn’t-” a moan, “do this sooner.” 
Ace had pinned you to the door, his hands holding your biceps against the wooden planks. He was panting and shaking, you could see each breath puff in a cloud of condensation as it hung in the air. 
You were in shock. You liked him, obviously. You wouldn't have asked him to make out with you if you hadn't, but you had no idea that Ace felt so strongly. It thrilled you.
You hoped and prayed that you had a shot, trying to contain the jump of your heart every time he would swing his arm around your shoulders or pull your sleeve to run faster from some sort of impending trouble (that was almost certainly caused by him).
“Ace.” Your voice was much shakier than you would have liked. His red eyes snapped to you, softening by just a hair.
“Yeah?” He leaned his forehead against yours, loosening his grip on your arms and letting his palms fall to your waist. He seemed to recognize that he needed to relax for a second for you to process his sudden admission.
You took a shaky breath before you continued. 
“A-aren’t you going to come in?”
Cocking a brow and face pulling into his signature smirk, Ace took a step back from you and allowed you to finally push the door open. Putting his hands behind his head, he started innocently whistling while he walked inside the lounge.
Maybe it was just his imagination, but he swears that this was the best this shitty place had ever looked. He supposed that wasn’t really what mattered right now. 
But… the idea of you taking extra care to clean when you hoped to invite him inside stirred something deep inside of him, but he decided to push that thought down for now. He planned to spend as much time with you as you would allow, after all.
Taking a seat on the couch and beckoning you over with his hand, Ace patted his knee.
“Have a seat, Prefect. I’d love to know more about what you have planned for tonight.” He grinned.
You obliged, climbing onto his lap. Ace felt his throat dry out. 
For all the bluster and confidence he tried to exude, he felt so out of his depth looking at you. He constantly stumbled over his words when you were listening, not to mention how many school supplies he had dropped while daydreaming about you in class. 
Or the sheer number of close calls he almost had with his schoolmates seeing him doodle variations of your names mixed together. He wanted you to take Trappola, but he was willing to compromise. He wouldn’t mind taking yours either, but you would have to bring it up yourself, as he would be too embarrassed to broach the subject.
Ace was head over heels for you, and he has no idea when it started. As soon as he noticed his quickening heartbeat when you were around, he quickly admitted that he was infatuated. 
Admitting to himself that he liked you was the easy part. He had instead spent all of this time agonizing over how to tell you. 
He found ways to touch you whenever he could justify it, but even he admitted it just came off as friendly contact between friends. He tried to monopolize your time whenever he had the chance, but between classes and your demon-cat babysitting duties, there were few opportunities.  
And yet after all that, you asked him. You wanted him. He could barely contain himself. You were seated above him, moonlight caressing the planes of your face as your eyes gazed into his and he wondered for a brief second if this is what heaven felt like. 
He was going to take everything you would give him, that was a promise.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You turned around slowly. Time to face the music. You braced yourself for rejection, tried to scramble with the best explanation for how you were ‘totally joking’ or ‘just wanted to see what you’d say’ but the excuses died out in your mouth as you saw the two hands that were pinning either side of your body to the door.
“You shouldn’t tease older guys like that, you know? You might get into trouble.” Said  Trey,  looking like he could eat you alive at this very moment. 
His eyebrow was cocked in derision, his lip curled into a smile that spelled trouble, but you couldn’t help the quiver of your lower lip at his sudden closeness. He had to know what he was doing to you, right?
Trey grew ever closer, it felt like his golden eyes were calculating every movement you made and each rise and fall of your chest. You wondered if he could hear your heart beating, as it certainly was ringing in your ears. 
Taking one hand to your chin to tilt your face towards his, he smiled. 
“I’m not going to be here on campus for you next year, you know? I don’t know when I’d be able to see you.”
It was a warning, clearly. Kind as ever, he was trying to protect your feelings and maybe also his own. He hasn’t said no to you yet though. 
“I also… I also don’t know how long I’ll be here.” You began, willing yourself to make eye contact with him. You took a deep breath and willed yourself to continue.
“That’s why… that’s why I want you now. Because I don’t… I don’t know what day will be my last one here.” You finished, voice shaking. It felt so vulnerable, that you wondered if stripping right here in front of him wordlessly might have been easier than this conversation.
This was a very difficult admission from you, but it was the conclusion you had come to. You had spent so much time watching him, seeing his care and kindness for everyone around him, and decided that if you didn’t tell him that you wanted him, you would regret it forever. 
Today being the day that you admitted your bottled-up feelings to Trey was an impulsive fluke on your part, but your mind was already made up. If he wanted you, you were all his.
Trey’s eyes widened momentarily and then softened into a sweet smile. 
“Well, if you’ve already made up your mind, who am I to stop you?” He mused, closing his eyes in a satisfied smile as he tilted his head to get a better look at your flustered face.
Slowly, gently, Trey guided your chin to him as he leaned forward to place a soft kiss on your lips. 
It felt like fireworks went off behind your eyelids. You pressed yourself forward, grabbing Trey by the lapels to pull him closer to you. You could feel the smile on his lips as he returned your clumsily aggressive kisses, carding his hands through your hair as he hummed in pleasant satisfaction. 
Trey reached behind you and pushed open the door you had been unintentionally guarding, not breaking the procession of kisses for a single moment as he led you to your couch. 
Walking clumsily backward, you landed gracelessly on the couch when the back of your knees hit the lip of the cushions and buckled in surprise. 
Glasses slightly fogged, Trey stared at you in awe, mouth slightly agape at the beautiful mess you were. 
You noticed a slight dimple in his cheek that you had never seen before, and a tiny smattering of freckles that sat on the bridge of his nose. How long had you longingly stared at him and never noticed these things? It made you want to know everything else about him.
Trey licked his lips lightly in thought. He wasn’t one to make decisions without thinking them through, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to afford the time in this case. 
He had written off you as a possibility. He knew that his attraction to you would pass, no matter how intense it was. 
Trey noticed how others looked at you, some of them even being his underclassmen. Watching the eyes that wandered your body, memorizing the way you walked, the way your shoulders shook when you laughed, how your brows knit when you were thinking, the smile you would give him any time you ate something he made. 
He knew that even if you didn’t know it, you had stolen the hearts of many people around you, including himself. And yet, you both were here, you wanted him. How could he say no?
Standing up straight, he removed his glasses and tucked them inside the breast pocket of his jacket. 
He decided that was going to ruin you tonight, and any other nights that he was able.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Really!”  Riddle  sputters, his brows knit in irritation “you should…. you really…” he trails off, his eyes frantically darting around your face as if a puzzle piece would magically fall into place if he just had the final hint.
“…You really should ask in a more romantic way than that.” He finally finished, fingers drifting to your tie to straighten the lopsided knot.
Your eyebrows involuntarily raised to the sky.
“Is that a no, house warden?” You ask. You wanted to start hysterically laughing, oh my god how could he possibly be so cute? 
Waiting for his response, you placed your hands on top of his to still the fingers that had been fussing over your tie. 
You were going to get him to answer your question in a forthright manner if it killed you.
“It’s not-not a no!” Riddle sputtered, pretending to wipe his mouth with his sleeve to hide away his increasingly flustered face. You noted that he had kept his other hand in your grasp though, feeling him shake gently beneath you.
“Next time I expect flowers! Or chocolate!” He finally shouted, pulling both of his hands away to cross them over his chest haughtily. You couldn’t hide the grin splitting your face.
“Oh? You’re already planning on next time?” You said, smoothing your hand over his ruby hair. 
Riddle seemed to finally register his slip of the tongue as his face lit as scarlet as the rest of him. 
“No!” Riddle practically screamed. You were glad Grim wasn’t here tonight, as he definitely would have woken up upon hearing this exchange.
You raised an eyebrow, “No?” 
Riddle’s gaze was fixed on the floor, face knit in irritation. 
“Only if you play your cards right.” He finished, turning his head away with a huff. 
You couldn’t stop the giggling that bubbled from your chest, God he was the cutest. How did he do it? 
Not being able to help yourself, you wound your arms around his body, pulling him close to you as you buried your head in his neck. 
Unsurprisingly he smelled great, like sweets and roses and some other sort of soft musk that was no doubt from some sort of expensive atelier. It was so charming the things he did to take care of himself for the sake of appearances. 
You idly wondered if there was a rule about smelling good in Heartslabyul. There probably was, but you decided that asking would only mortify Riddle further, and you wanted to get him to do more than talk to you tonight. 
Riddle was stiff as a board, arms hovering around you awkwardly for a moment until he finally relaxed, pulling you snugly into his arms. 
“Do you really want to kiss me?” You could barely hear Riddle mumble, his voice muffled by your hair as he nuzzled it into your neck to mirror the way you had been holding him. 
You pulled away slowly and held him by the shoulders, eyes boring into his shy grey gaze. You took a moment to take in the loveliness of his face for just a moment, relishing in the closeness you had never been afforded before now. The red eyeliner around his lashes, the rosy sheen of his heart-shaped mouth, and a tiny mole you had never noticed on top of his eyelid. So lovely.
“Yes. I do.” You said softly. 
If you could believe it, Riddle got even redder. He cleared his throat and seemed to make an internal decision, twining his hands behind your neck as he pushed himself forward to meet your lips. 
His lips were stiff but very, very soft. You pressed gently against him, massaging your mouth against his in hopes of loosening him up. It seemed to work, as you heard the smallest of moans as Riddle tried to mirror your movements, lightly sucking on your lower lip. It was shy, but also heartbreakingly genuine and careful. 
You both separated slowly, you wished you could take a picture of the expression on his face. 
Gorgeous eyes half open, glossy lips slightly swollen from the contact, he pulled the bottom of said lips into his mouth to chew on it lightly as he snapped his gaze to the side. How was he even real? His beauty shines like a fairy tale prince, and yet this gorgeous boy thought himself a villain. How ironic. 
“Again.” He whispered, pushing his face back towards you with more aggressive energy, seemingly having gained confidence now that the spell of your first kiss was broken. 
His kisses sped up and gained in ferocity, each time you separated for breath being punctuated with another ‘again’. His affection grew more demanding, his chest grew tighter and each breath became more labored. 
“Let me inside.” Riddle finally demanded, his hands curled into the lapels of your jacket. “I want to come inside.” 
You swallowed audibly and nodded, pushing the door open while Riddle pulled you inside of Ramshackle.   
(NSFW Conclusion)
AMAB!Reader // AFAB!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You’re such a tease, Prefect!”  Cater  giggled, his gaze on his phone as he typed away at a message. Tucking a stray strand of ginger hair behind his ear, his green eyes sparkled while a little fang peeked out from behind his lip. 
“I think your fans would kill me if I made a move on you.” he punctuated with a wink, tucking his phone into his pocket as he placed a hand on his hip. 
You let out a long belly laugh at the statement. “My fans? I’m not the one who’s  Insta -famous.” 
Cater wrinkled his pixie-like nose, “What’s ' Insta' ?”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s a thing in my world.” You said with a smile, covering your mouth with your hand to stifle your unending giggles.
Cater’s eyes softened as he looked lovingly at the way your face screwed up while laughing so hard at his statement. It was sweet that you thought he was kidding.  
“I know I’m handsome and all, but you really can’t throw away your charm and innocence on a playboy like me.” Cater said with a smirk, his expression reminding you very much of the cock-eyed grin he had given the incoming students at orientation. 
Not that you had that much time to pay attention on that chaotic day, but even in the chaos you couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous guy whose black diamond under his eye punctuated his perfect cheekbones. 
You had never asked why his mark was colored red now and black at that time, but you assumed it was some other Night Raven tradition that you had no clue about. 
It was pretty funny that he was trying so hard to play off your request. It hurt a little bit too, but it was still funny. 
“Playboy? Yeah, right! You and who?” you teased, poking him in the ribs. Cater looked visibly offended.
“Um, that’s because none of them go to this school.” He said with a huff. His excuse was lame and he knew it, but he had an image to maintain, you know? 
You covered your mouth with your hand to cover the smile spreading across your face, oh, so he was going to play the ‘my lover lives in Canada’ card, huh? Well, you weren’t going to let him off so easily.
“That’s a shame, I wanted to know your type.” You said, biting your lip and willing yourself to look disappointed. 
Cater felt a lump form in his throat that he couldn’t manage to swallow as he fixated on the teeth that were worrying over your lip. Fuck, that was so unfair.
“W-well…” he stuttered, “My type is, uh…” Oh sevens, why did he even start this sentence?
“Someone who laughs at my jokes... Um, someone who I can talk about anything with… Someone who doesn’t judge me for being… for being myself.” His face was burning. For once, Cater couldn’t look you in the eye.
He didn’t think you would pick up on it, but every single one of those requirements was just part of the ever-expanding list of why he was head-over-heels for you. It was too much to hope that you would reciprocate though. Why would you like him back? It made no sense.
“Oh… that’s very interesting…” You said, tapping your finger to your chin in thought.
“My type is you though.” You moved your eyes to the ground sadly, knitting your fingers with each other as you intentionally studied your cuticles.
Cater felt like his eyes might pop out of his sockets as he froze in shock. He had tried to play off your offer to him earlier, genuinely believing that you were just teasing him. 
What was he supposed to make of this? His face burned a bright scarlet as he covered his face with his hands. Were you really…?
“You’re kidding.” He mumbled. His chest was heaving in a way that looked very much like the precursor to hyperventilation. 
His thoughts were racing, what was he supposed to do? Did he believe you? Did he keep trying to play it off? What was the right choice? 
You stepped closer to him, gently taking his hands from his face and holding them in your own. 
“I’m serious.” You whispered, feeling your face burn at the admission. 
You stared at the shaking hands that you held in yours, thinking about the time that you attended his club’s concert and saw how those same fingers moved so deftly along the neck of his guitar. 
His hair was stringy from sweat, stomping precisely on his pedal board to switch the sound of his instrument as his eyes scanned the crowd and met yours. You felt like your heart would fall right out of your chest at that moment. It made you want to climb on the stage and jump him right there, as silly of an impulse as that was.
Cater stared at your face with an unreadable expression, you dared to spare him a glance, biting your lip even more fervently than you had been just a moment ago. You weren’t sure what you would do if he rejected you now.
Thankfully, you didn’t have to worry about that for much longer, as Cater had swallowed his nervousness to swing forward and trap you in a passionate kiss.  
You gasped in surprise, which gave Cater the opportunity to push himself even harder against you. Nibbling at your lips and pushing his tongue into every crevice that he could conceivably reach, he was overwhelmed by the feel of you. 
He tasted the hard candy that he had given you earlier, having spent much of the evening visibly distracted by the movements of your mouth as you rolled the sweet around with your tongue. 
It had made him think just a bit too deeply about what else your tongue might be able to do. 
You both separated, glassy eyes connected in a haze of mutual attraction and longing. 
“I gave you a chance to back out.” Cater said breathlessly, “It’s too late now though.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silence. You turned around to see if he heard you, but the boy in front of you was still as a statue.
Deuce’s blue-green eyes were almost completely round as he stared at you, unblinking. 
“...Deuce?” You called gently. Did you break him? 
Seemingly shaking off the brain fog that had overcome him, Deuce’s face began reddening like a cauldron coming to a broil. 
“...I’m in love with you.” Deuce said it so fast that you almost couldn’t understand him, but you did catch the word ‘love’ and now it was your turn to freeze in shock. 
“L-love?” You sputtered, you couldn’t have heard him right. Right?  
Deuce nodded at you seriously. Eyed steeled, jaw clenched in anxiety. 
Your heart felt like it was going to leap out of your chest. You were shaking, you wanted to scream in both joy and anxiety.
Deuce cleared his throat and continued his thought.
“I’ve been in love with you ever since I first saw you,” His breathing was shaky, it was embarrassing. He had imagined looking much cooler when he ran the scenario through his mind all of those times before.
It seemed like he might lose all of the courage he had built up at any moment, but he had to tell you. 
His words started to tumble out of his mouth at light speed, words blurring together as the thoughts and feelings that he had been bottling up for so long began bubbling over and spilling out.
“You’re gorgeous, you’re kind, you always support me, you take care of everyone around you and run straight into danger if it means helping someone! You suffer through me being a dumbass, you sit and study with me even though your grades are way better than mine and…” 
He paused for a deep breath. He wasn’t even sure if he could articulate how he was feeling, but he was going to try anyway. 
“Every time you look at me I feel like I could die happy. I feel like you could stab me through the heart right now and I would thank you for it. I feel the same thrill I felt when I won a fight with none of the pain! I just…” 
He felt like he could cry, he had spent so much time trying to change, trying to make himself into someone new, someone his mother could be proud of… someone lovable. 
Someone that maybe you… maybe you could love him. 
You couldn’t restrain yourself any longer as you pulled Deuce into your arms, holding him tightly, aggressively. You peppered his hair with kisses, petting his back soothingly, trying to still the erratic beating of your heart. 
Deuce slowed his breathing in your embrace. He counted his breath, in and out, in and out. It was calming, your arms felt like everything he wanted them to be.
Feeling better, Deuce lifted his head to take in your expression. He felt bad that he had just spent the past few minutes having an emotional dam break and then had just sat in silence. 
You looked perfect. Your expression was a stunning mixture between embarrassment and joy, your hair was slightly mussed from pulling Deuce to yourself so suddenly. 
He decided then and there that this was the end of holding back. 
Raising a gloved hand to your temple, Deuce trailed his hand down the side of your face, taking in a shaky breath as you leaned your face into his touch, closing your eyes to focus on the sensation. 
“Please let me kiss you,” he whispered, mouth a mere inch away from yours, eyes locked on your lips to read your response. You nodded wordlessly, staring as if hypnotized by his gaze.
He was so careful with you. It felt like you might disappear at any moment if he was too rough. Soft, curious, experimental, he moved with his entire focus on how your mouth moved and how you tasted. Both of you separated for a moment to catch your breath, his eyes seemed to almost glow.
“...Perfect.” He exhaled, pausing between his thoughts to begin kissing along your neck. Soft nibbles and moans escaped his mouth as you tilted your head to give him better access. Your hands grasped his back tightly, pulling him as close as you could dare. 
Your head was spinning at all of the new sensations, the emotion of it all, and the way that you felt any self-restraint leave you with each hesitant kiss along your neck, your collarbone, and the shell of your ear. 
“Deuce…” You gasped, “Deuce please…” Pulling away from your tight hold, Deuce’s eyes returned to looking at yours. His chest was heaving, and his clothes felt oppressive and tight. 
“Please, please let me have more of you.” 
He swallowed, Adam’s Apple bobbing at the action. Eyes scanning your face for any hint of reluctance on your part. He found none. After a moment of silence, he nodded. 
“I’ll give you anything you want.” 
Tumblr media
My boys~! My beautiful boys! This was a little more tender than some of the other dorms, haha. Sorry, I was just in a mood for sap I guess.
Sexy will still come, I promise. I just wanted cute lead-ups.
As always, let me know if you have prompts and requests.
Love you, reader!
Requested tags: @naniky
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mastersdomaine · a month ago
What if the dorm leaders saw our kisses and cuddle pile with the first years?
"caught cuddling and kissing!" twisted wonderland dorm leaders.
synopsis: somehow, someway, the dorm leaders happen to see your cuddle piles and kisses with the first years! how do they react?
characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, jamil, vil, idia & malleus x gender neutral! reader | mentions of first years x reader
includes: cursing, stalker-ish! idia, malleus is referred to as tsunotarou
note: sorry if idia and malleus are out of character because eng. server doesn't have their book.
riddle rosehearts: dorm leader of heartslabyul
he noticed the two were gone because it was surprisingly quite at midnight. usually, he could heard ace being a dumbass and deuce trying to stop him from being a dumbass. he goes to their dorm room and sees them not there. they must've left the dorm!
riddle did not give ace and deuce sleepover passes! before storming out of heartslabyul and to ramshackle (where he was sure the two were), he should've checked with his vice dorm leader to see if he had given them sleepover passes. if he did, he would've known that trey gave them sleepover passes so that they could go over to ramshackle.
upon arriving at ramshackle, he checks the windows first. it's late and it's the weekend so he wants to see if you and the troublesome duo are awake. he sees the adeuce duo and you, but in addition, jack, epel and sebek!
he watched as you kissed sebek, then jack, then ace, then deuce, and then he watched epel kiss you. he was pissed! at first, he was upset because you kissed two of his dorm members (the most troublesome ones at that), but he was pissed when epel kissed you! that should have been him!
he should be held in your arms while you both kiss! not epel! he should be cuddled up to your side, not deuce! he should be holding your hand and tracing shapes and words on it, not ace or sebek! you should be leaning on his chest, not jack's!
riddle would love to never ever admit this out loud, but he's jealous of first years. he does wish if he could take their places. if jack, epel and sebek were in his dorm, they'd all be collared. be prepared ace and deuce, tomorrow morning when they arrive back at heartslabyul, they'll be collared for their crimes!
he storms back to his room and pouts.
leona kingscholar: dorm leader of savanaclaw
he found out when jack asked to go to your dorm for a sleepover. he didn't care much, but he did just say, "yeah, go for it." and told jack to leave his room.
he forgot about it later on and he couldn't sleep. leona does have a random habit of getting you to come to his dorm, or go to your dorm when this happens. after calling you like 20 times with no response, he decided to go to your dorm, much to his demise.
when leona arrives at ramshackle, before busting to door down to yell at you for not answering his calls, he sees you doing something disgusting. leona saw you kissing jack - his underclassmen and dorm member!
he feels like vomiting. then you're kissing those two troubling heartslabyul herbivores? and the protégé(epel) of that prick(vil)? wait- that one kissed you back?! he's pissed, he feels like turning all of them into sand.
he's too angry to even try to sleep now. he can only assume you kissed that screaming one who always talks about malleus? disgusting.
jack doesn't get punished, but you and jack can see the anger that leona carries towards jack for a while. one day while he's sleeping in the botanical garden, he sees you walking by and grabs you to the ground with him.
you're now forced to sleep with this lazy lion, and he makes you kiss him goodnight. he won't kiss you back, but every time you're nearby and he's trying to sleep, you're required to kiss him goodnight or sleep with him.
azul ashengrotto: dorm leader of octavinelle
no first year in his dorm is in your cuddle pile, but he still did found out. he was attempting to look around ramshackle to see if it would be a good area for monstro lounge 2, but he instead got to see you doing unspeakable things with the first years...
azul saw you cuddling them! you were holding them or they were holding you. he even saw you kissing them, he felt like crawling in his pot and dying. but of course you wouldn't want to cuddle him, he is just a stupid, ugly, octo-twerp, but he still feels bad! :((
as he watched you kiss them, he is filled envy. he wishes to be them, but he wished desperately to hold you or hold onto you and receive kisses from you. fuck, if he's bold enough, he'll initiate the kiss like epel did!
he's upset with you and those stupid first years. he'll get back at them, but not at you, he loves you. but how should he get the others back. a contract? sick the leech twins on them? no, he leaves it alone.
but every time you see him, he either becomes really bold, really clingy(behind closed doors), distant, or really sad around you. don't worry, just hold the octo-baby and cuddle, comfort, and kiss him! he'll be happy after that!
kalim al-asim & jamil viper: dorm leader and vice-dorm leader of scarabia
no one from the two's dorm is in your cuddle pile either. but kalim and jamil find out about your cuddle pile and kisses when kalim went out for a magic carpet ride. but recently kalim has been reckless on these rides so jamil decided to come with him.
kalim makes a pitstop to ramshackle, his favorite dorm besides his own because you're there. he looks through the window to the lounge to see you and some of the first years cuddling!
if jamil wasn't there, kalim would have entered ramshackle and joined the cuddle pile. but jamil had to tell kalim that he wasn't invited and it'd be rude to intrude.
kalim pouts at this, but when he sees you kiss them and epel kiss you? he begs jamil to let him go inside so he can at least get a kiss from you! kalim has to be physically held back by jamil to stop him from going inside.
jamil decides it time to leave and pulls kalim onto the magic carpet to fly back to scarabia. "i really wish if i could go in there with them. a cuddle pile with [name] and getting a kiss from them? i'd love that!"
in return to kalim's statement, jamil says, "why not invite them over too scarabia for a cuddle pile?" kalim perks up, "really? then we could invite all of scarabia!" jamil shuts down his idea, "no, that's too many people."
"a third of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "half of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "how about a quarter of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "oh! i know now! it can just be me, you, and [name]!"
jamil lets out a surprised gasp, "yes, i suppose that would work. but wouldn't you like it if it was just you and [name]?" "no, it wouldn't be a cuddle pile if it was just two people. plus, i'm sure [name] would love to have you as company!"
the next morning, kalim ran up to you on main street. "hey [name]! can't you join me and jamil for a cuddle pile later tonight at scarabia? thank you! bye!" he ran off leaving you confused but happy for the scarabia cuddle pile later that night.
vil schoenheit: dorm leader of pomefire
he was going to send rook to see if epel hadn't had anything bad happen to his appearance, but rook had left campus this weekend, meaning he would have to check on his own. yes he's losing his beauty sleep, but he'd hate for his progress on epel to be ruined because of a silly sleepover.
vil looked through the window, seeing quite the sight. it was right when you first kissed sebek. then he saw you go to jack, then ace, then deuce and now- epel?!
you kissed epel first, and then he watched epel lean up and kiss you instead. he didn't know wether to be happy that epel had been bold, yet graceful like his teachings or upset that epel was kissing you. you!
the only person you should be kissing is you is him. no one but him. none other than vil schoenheit is fair enough to kiss you. yes, he's upset that you had kissed the other spudlings, but he's most upset that you had kissed epel.
when epel returned the next day, he had no idea that vil was going to make him do the most. extra etiquette classes, extra ballet classes, extra formality classes, everything. epel never got an explanation for the behavior, but he didn't get a break from it.
[name], you need to quickly get to the pomefire dorm and help epel out of his mess by kissing and cuddling the fairest of all, vil!
idia shroud: dorm leader of ignihyde
idia knew of this because both you and ortho practically begged idia to let ortho go. idia didn't let ortho go because he knew those other first years were going to be there, and what if they broke ortho?!
however, he did see everything that went on because - and you don't know this - he has cameras in ramshackle. everywhere in ramshackle. your room, the kitchen, the common room, outside, everywhere.
he watched the night go on, every activity that went on, he felt jealous of. you wanted to invite ortho, but not him? he's sad.
idia saw as you started to fall asleep with sebek, jack, epel, deuce and ace, he should be cuddled up next to you!
he loses it when he actually sees you kiss each one of them. why wasn't it him instead? very self conscious. he suddenly falls into a deep state of depression when he watches epel kiss you and then lay back on your thighs.
not only does he get the thigh pillows, but he got to initiate a kiss?! a very bold first year it seems. he's very sad.
malleus draconia: dorm leader of disomania
he didn't know because sebek surprisingly went to lilia, not wanting disgrace the great malleus with something as stupid as a sleepover.
he was doing his usually walks around ramshackle, waiting for you to come out and greet him. by now, you'd usually be out to see him. maybe you were asleep?
he looks through the windows to see if maybe you're getting ready to leave the dorm to meet him, but he's met with no sight. he instead sees you kiss sebek! he's sad. he means- go sebek! yay! but then again, you should only kiss him! malleus should only get [name]'s kisses!
he gets pissed, actually angry, when he sees epel crawl up and kiss you, initiating the kiss. the anger turns into sadness and he pouts.
very sad dragon boy walks sadly back to disomania.
the next night, malleus visits again and he sees you. he perks up again seeing you. you two continue your conversation into the early hours of the morning. when it is time to depart, he demands to same treatment those first years got.
"tsunotarou, good night." you say, hugging him. cuddling? done. now, all he needs is that kiss. "child of man?" you let out a hum of acknowledgment, "there is a human ritual i'm not familiar with. could you help me understand it?" you tell him to ask you and you'll try to explain it.
"a good night kiss. could you explain it to me?" he asked. his plan is in motion and he knows you won't refuse. "well, it's a kiss someone gives to another person before they sleep. there are a lot of scientific reason behind it but i don't really know." you tried your best at explaining.
"ah, i get it, could you give me a good night kiss?" he's bold about it, he knows what he's doing but he disguises it as stupidity. "o-oh, okay," you kiss him once on his cheek, "good night, tsunotaro." then on his forehead, "have sweet dreams, 'kay?"
"good night to you too, child of man." he returns his own kiss to your forehead. "thank you for showing me, have a good night."
kissing? done. now, he only has to get you to cuddle him in a bed and kiss him like that.
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tallyanimatez · 2 days ago
You always despise everyone in this world.
As someone who was born without wings, you were regarded as the lowest living thing in the society. Some are made into slaves, some run far away, or some find jobs to live in this world.
Ironically, sabotaging the racers is your job.
The flight race is about to start soon, so you prepare your potions, gears and your de-attachable wings. Your job is to make sure Grim wins so he can bring home the money for you and that noisy crow.
You never appreciated him for grubbing almost all the money you and Grim got from the prizes, but you can't deny the fact that he was the one who taken you in when no-one wanted you...
You would have rotten away if it wasn't for him
You try your best, with an invisible potion and scentless potion in both hands, looking for a good spot to shoot one of the participant's wings and sabotaging their equipments without leaving a clue behind.
All it takes is for one single mistake
And your life will be hell
Feathers AU
Authors note: Oh boi I actually enjoy writing something for once, as you guys can tell by my dumb brain, I had 0 clue what to name this au so I just came up with this.
So yeah! I'm looking forward to building this au actually, since I have a general story building, but request are open so feel free to go ham.
Peace out ✌️
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beetea07 · 2 months ago
Protective Malleus
*Ace puts a hand on Yuu's shoulder*
Malleus poping out of a bush: DONT TOUCH MY CHILD OF MAN!
*Floyd pats Yuu's head*
*Vil doing Yuu's makeup*
*Enyone hugs Yuu*
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not-aphrodite-at-all-lmao · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Yuu: *walks in* Oh, hi Lilia, do you kno- Is that a baby you are holding???
Lilia: *holding a baby* Why yes! I found this poor little one all alone without a parent!
Yuu: Um... Where exactly did you find them?
Lilia: Oh! I found them inside a store at some random person's a shopping cart! But there was no parent taking care of it! How cruel, really
Lilia: Oh?
Lilia: If they really wanted their kid, they wouldn't have left them alone! *pouts*
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mee-op · 26 days ago
malleus says that he has a friendship bracelet for you so you hold your hand out to him but then one of your wrists is in a handcuff and you see malleus putting himself in the same handcuff you're stuck in.
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aviagax · 2 months ago
what would the dorm leaders do when they realize they have a crush on g/n!mc?
ℝ����𝕕𝕕𝕝𝕖, 𝕃𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕒, 𝔸𝕫𝕦𝕝, 𝕁𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕝, 𝕍𝕚𝕝 & 𝕀𝕕𝕚𝕒 𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕔𝕣𝕦𝕤𝕙 𝕠𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦!
I actually had a similar idea in my mind a while ago so I decided to do this request because I can! =D
Warnings: Anxiety, Ignihyde chapter spoilers!
~I know this may be a bit cliché, but is that going to stop me? NAH.
~Anyway, every time he sees you his heart just starts beating faster and faster and people around him think he's getting angry again, but no no. It's either Trey who tells others the real deal or they get it on their own after it happens a few times.
~When talking with you, he stutters a bit and loses his trail of thoughts sometimes, which he later scolds himself for mentally.
~Thinks your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. Yeah nobody expected that I know.
~If there are any subjects you are not-so-excellent-at, you can count on him! He has a literal whole ass library of his own notes and is more than eager to share.
~That being said, he also looks at you proudly every time you receive a good grade or accomplish any task successfully. He's very supportive towards the people he cherishes unlike his mother and sincerely believes that better results in studies would make you a better future. And a better future means your happiness… right?
~He just really wants to impress you. Makes himself appear reliable and taller as well as flex a bit with his own knowledge and skills.
~So of course he'd love to take you on a horse ride and give a little lecture about horse care and different kinds of breeds. It would honestly feel magical spending time with those majestic creatures and the prefect Rosehearts himself.
~If you're a fan of sweets, he would ask Trey to teach him a thing or two about baking after reading somewhere or being told that the way to a person's heart goes through the stomach. He knows that it's not really anatomically possible, but metaphors are a thing for a reason. Maybe he could make himself appear worthy of your love on the next unbirthday party?
~I feel like Leona would try to ignore his feelings 💀 At first at least. He'd try to reason with himself that he's fine as he is and there's no need to make stuff complicated.
~Alright this is it
~Since some time (weeks/months) passed and he somehow still cannot manage to get rid of his crush so he decided to actually get to know you better himself because there were limits to how much he could ask Ruggie and see if you're worth the trouble.
~The truth is, even before he actually starts showing interest in you, he's somehow more… uh… it's easier to deal with him for you than for most of the students, but you might be tackled to the ground and forcefully made a pillow at most random and unexpected times.
~Naturally, after getting a bit closer to you, his crush didn't dissipate, but rather got stronger so feel honoured that the lion prince himself decided to grace you with his affection.
~For outsiders, nothing really changes that could be pinpointed as romantic or stuff. The two of you don't even spend that much time to be considered a couple or things like that.
~But Leona is always there for you whenever you need him, whether to help you with a tough subject or try to cheer you up with endless teasing and lazy cuddles.
~Doesn't care much about all that official stuff so as long as you're content, your relationship might be whatever the hell you want it to be. Although he may ask you if you're already dating or something just to be sure.
~Just like Leona he's insanely embarrassed by his feelings for you and be tempted by the prospect of squeezing himself into his octopot and not leaving until this stupid crush is gone.
~Obviously, he can't do that, because as a businessman, he cannot let his grades and sales go down. No, no no, no no.
~It's a matter of time before the twins notice the weird changes in their boss' behaviour and decide to "help" him out.
~At first you might be spooked by two sadistic skyscrapers with concerningly sharp teeth cornering you a little bit too frequently to be considered normal. The fact that they're looking at you like their prey with mischievous smiles does NOT help.
~You might not even know how you found yourself at the Monstro Lounge so often, being served suspiciously cheap food with the feeling of being observed, but not being able to quite point out by who.
~You tried questioning the eels, but the answers they gave you were unclear at best. Azul who strangely forgets how to speak human every time you approach him was no help either.
~But you might start to get the idea if you look close enough.
~Coincidentally, Azul is always "just nearby" whenever you need to carry a set or heavy books, or feel hungry, or need any help with… anything at all.
~Unless it's the flying classes. Please don't ask him to show you his flying or he just might drown himself in the nearest puddle before anything else.
~He tries to keep his gentleman and professional face, but the more time you spend together, the more the mask cracks and you begin to notice someone else shyly peeking at you from behind the used up confidence and broken smile. Someone much more gentle and insecure.
~But that someone is also very timid, so she shies away soon after you encounter him. Have patience though, he'll come back soon enough.
~Honestly, instead of any kind of courtship, he might just adopt you because of how used he is to taking care of people. It's a way to keep you close, and you certainly can't be worse than Kalim, right?
~When he's not with his master, he likes to spend time with you. Sitting in silence and watching sunsets together gotta be one of his favourite activities ever.
~I feel like Jamil would be one to invite you for lazy activities. Not for lying down and cuddling- no way, just the thought makes his heart explode inside his ribcage-
~More like eating lunch together he'd absolutely make some for you an say he got leftovers, walking to classes, watching him play (or playing with him, if you're more of an energetic person) basketball or hanging out in Scarabia dorm, doing absolutely anything. As long as it's with you, he's looking forward to it.
~Kalim is your wingman and fan no.1 even if he doesn't realise it himself. He just somehow most of the time ends up making the situation even more romantic… or messing up lots of stuff and leaving Jamil to clean it up – and if you choose to help him out or just keep him company, this somehow also ends up romantically.
~... Until he comes back 15mins later crying that he burned down half of the kitchen. Yeah.
~Jamil might unknowingly spoil the hell outta you. Simply out of habit. All you have to do is mention anything. Briefly, just mention and in his mind he would go "noted 📝" and make that for you on the nearest occasion.
~Would probably know your favourite foods, drinks, flowers, and many more by heart. He didn't even realise when he memorised them, he just did it out of instinct. It just felt right to… *six of crows flashbacks*
~Absolutely best partner material, but gets jealous and grumpy easily-
~At first, his feelings are taken by him and expressed as interest. Just some additional attention from him. Something to notice, but not overthink.
~However in no time, it became obvious that the "interest" was something way, way stronger.
~"You're in love, Roi de Poison!" Rook will be your dream matchmaker! You will be together in no time!
~Well, that explains why he felt a very strong urge to apply an extra red lipstick and the most expensive eyeshadow when he knew he'd see you somewhere.
~He wanted your attention. He wanted you to look at him with your beautiful eyes that could use some eyeliner but beautiful nonetheless. He wanted to have you by his side so he could cherish you properly.
~It goes without saying that loving scolding, dress up and make-up lectures, long hours of shopping and dinner dates are a must. But there are other, more intimate aspects of Vil's courtship. The soft look in his eyes every time they spot you, the warm hand on your back or shoulder, the invitations to his room. All those things that no one else could get. The things reserved for you.
~I don't think Vil would be much for romantic roles. You know, since he played the villain often and the "bad guys" are usually left single.
~But he has quite the charm. The charm that makes the screaming crowds go quiet the moment he enters the scene. The charm that makes everyone fall to the Queen's knees.
~So why is he the one who got charmed instead? Why can't he get enough of your presence? He wakes up rested the best when he dreams about you, but when he doesn't, it feels so empty. So lacking. You're a curse and a blessing. A sweet apple dripping with poison that makes him want more and more, until he doesn't even belong to himself anymore.
~Is this how it feels to be the seduced one instead?
~Idia was never one for physical affection. It was something his parents didn't really give him. Neither could the Styx staff. Only his little brother, but even that came to an end quickly. Embracing a humanoid, no matter how similar to his younger sibling still didn't feel the same. As time passed, he had mostly weaned on physical touch.
~So how is that possible..? Why does he- Oh god what a weird feeling. Why does he want a hug from you?
~Why do you look so soft? So huggable? And you smell so nice too. He can smell it every time he passes by you. Even if it's not often, it's a smell he cannot forget.
~How do you occupy his thoughts like this?? He cannot beat the final boss because he keeps thinking about you! Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Did you hack into his system? How is that even possible???
~Ortho noticed quickly, and his concern soon was replaced by delight. Big brother is in love! They have to show y/n-san how skilled big brother is so he could gain affection points!
~"Ortho no please stop"
~And so, you ended up being approached and asked various questions by a very friendly robot boy. It wasn't bad actually. He asked about your likes and dislikes, interests and favourite things to do.
~You could just shrug it off as him collecting data, but you also noticed a certain blue-haired otaku leaving his room a little more often.
~Idia did that, yes. But what really mattered to him was approaching you online. A sudden stranger texting you might creep you out, but what if you met in a multiplayer game? The one you play frequently? That wouldn't be suspicious, right?
~To nobody's surprise, befriending you online came easier to him even if you already knew each other in real life.
~After a few weeks, when you were worried about something or just needed to talk to someone, you would often sit down in front of your computer and text the GlomySamurai who would reply quickly every time.
~Quite a win-win, I'd say. You get a new online friend and he gets to build a closer relationship with his crush. Maybe soon he could change his relationship status from single to… t-taken?!
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mashed-potato101 · 4 months ago
Malleus: What do you mean I cannot be with my child of man!?
Lilia: I'm sorry, Malleus. Remember what Disney said during the meeting: This is not an otome game and we can't be in a relationship with them
Malleus: O...tome??? What is tha- Hold on... A meeting???
Lilia: wait-
Sebek: How did we manage to go to the meeting without bringing waka-sama!?
Lilia: Look, it doesn't matter now. Malleus, you can't court the prefect because this is not a dating simulator
Malleus: Fine then. If this isn't a dating simulator... THEN I SHALL TURN THIS INTO ONE!
Lilia: Eh-
Sebek: WHA-
Lilia: *sniffed* He grow up so fast
Silver, waking up: Eh? What happened?
Tumblr media
Inspired by @thedianaclark's comment from here
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