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mirayladraws · 2 days ago
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So I saw this post at @onemoremerlinincorrectquote (sorry I couldn’t find the exact post I only did a screenshot) and I knew I had to draw it
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incorrectghostfiles · 2 days ago
Ryan: You know what they say: if you can't beat them, curl up in a ball and protect your organs.
Shane: Nobody says that.
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picklepie888 · 9 hours ago
Van Helsing: Whilst we prepare for our confrontation with the Count, remember that he is no ordinary man. Regular weapons will do him no harm. Only holy objects can be used to kill the Count.
Quincey: Gun.
Van Helsing: I repeat myself, Mr. Morris. Only holy objects can defeat the Count.
Quincey: Guns are holy. They make lots of holes.
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radicaldadood · 2 days ago
All verse crossover part 3
Rise!Leo, taps mic: My turtle brothers. From Raphies, to Donnies, to Mikeys.
Rise!Leo: Aprils to Caseys...
Rise!Leo: last but not least. (Y/N)s~ *wink, finger gun*
All (Y/N)s: *giggles/wave*
Other Leos:
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twst-shenanigans · a day ago
twst Incorrect quote #270
MC: “I’m kind of crushing on someone... but I’m worried about telling you who it is cause you’re not going to like it...”
Vil: “Just rip the bandage off, potato.”
MC: “It’s Neige.”
Vil: “Put the bandage back on.”
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kimjun · 2 days ago
y / n: Guess what?
Jason: What?
y / n: I'm getting married!
Jason, getting furious: WHO IS THE BASTARD! WHO IS -?
y / n, hitting a marriage certificate: It's you, sign here.
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justspicysixthings · 22 hours ago
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stranger things + psych // (pt. 4 - the steve & robin as shawn & gus edition)
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waterfire1848 · 2 days ago
[ Batfamily doing an undercover mission. ]
Bruce: You two are sure you’re not gonna be spotted?
Jason: Absolutely. Our cover makes us invisible.
Dick: Excuse me, ma’am. Do you have two minutes to talk about the environment?
[ The woman runs away. ]
Jason: Nailed it. Now no one will make eye contact with us.
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menace-behaviour · 2 days ago
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kram6496 · a day ago
Wanda: every mother makes a child with a little magic
Y/N: d-did your parents not explain the birds and the bees to you?
Wanda: what do bird and bees have to do with children making?
Strange: (laughs) well… good luck with that, Y/N
Wanda: Y/N, will you help me make my boys or not?
Y/N: oh definitely! I just want to be sure you know how it actually works!
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not-idia-shroud · 2 days ago
MC: It's Grim.
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luxthestrange · a day ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#186 Mal...
Mal: Look, I know you think my judgment's clouded because I like Yuu a little bit Lilia, holding Mal's notepad: You doodled your wedding invitation Mal: No, that's our joint tombstone Lilia: My mistake~
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Look me in the eye and tell me this isn't canon
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picklepie888 · a day ago
Dracula, Oct. 3 & 4-
Dracula: Those meddlesome humans are ruining my plans for world conquest. But they've so foolishly excluded their smartest member. I shall feed from her and curse her with vampirism.
Jonathan: *wielding a whole ass machete and fueled with the rage of a thousand demon hornets* I WILL PERSONALLY DRAG YOU TO HELL MYSELF!!!
Dracula: OH SHI-
Dracula: Well, that didn't go as planned. Time to flee the country and go back home. At least I can sneak away without the Nerd Squad suspecting me.
Mina: *tracking him with the mental connection he gave her* Thanks for the mind-reading powers, loser!
Dracula: I have made a terrible mistake.
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rare-apples · a day ago
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The true wives of mlp
Click pic for better quality ☺️💞
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tattycoram · 2 days ago
Kidnapper: We have your ARC trooper
Rex: Which one I have three
Kidnapper: The loud, annoying one who never shuts up
Rex: Which one I have three
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justspicysixthings · a day ago
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stranger things + reductress headlines
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marksandrec · 2 days ago
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Marks and Rec: Misc #2444
(Ol' "Ulterior Motives" Bergara...) (Dialogue from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.)
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