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twst-shenanigans · 20 hours ago
twst Incorrect quote #270
MC: “I’m kind of crushing on someone... but I’m worried about telling you who it is cause you’re not going to like it...”
Vil: “Just rip the bandage off, potato.”
MC: “It’s Neige.”
Vil: “Put the bandage back on.”
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hanafubukki · a day ago
Long Night
Summary: It would undoubtedly be a long night for you if the way he chuckled gave any indication.
Pairing: Lilia Vanrouge x Female Reader 
Notes: Trying my hand at a more mature themed writing. If you are not comfortable with such content, please block the tag: Deflowered Also, not using the tag list on this because I did not want to make anyone uncomfortable in case they don’t like mature content. 
Warnings: Suggestive/Mature Content (more on the suggestive end though)
Tumblr media
“Look, look at her. Look at the way she begs for you. This is what you can look forward to.”
Lilia, your Lilia spoke as you sat on the lap of another.
But that was wrong; you weren’t on the lap of another. You were on Lilia’s.
But this one was from the past, and he looked different from the one you see daily.
He also almost attacked you before your Lilia saved you.
But now, somehow, everything turned out this way.
It wasn’t enough; this new Lilia wasn’t giving you enough.
Not quick enough, at least.
“Please,” you begged.
The one in front of you stared at you, bringing a hand to your cheek.
He cupped your cheek and wiped at the tears gathering in your eyes.
You could see the lust in his eyes, and yet, he didn’t move.
You heard a chuckle from behind you.
“Now, don’t keep my beloved waiting too long. While I adore her begging face, I also love the one she makes when she’s thoroughly pleased.”
You felt hands sliding until...
“Lilia!” you gasped.
You couldn’t help but bury your face in the neck of the past Lilia as you writhed some more from the pleasure that your Lilia gave.
You could hear the one in front of you chuckle.
And you knew, between the two of them, you have a long night ahead.
Tumblr media
AN: What did you think? I wanted to write it more suggestive rather than explicit, and I quite like how it came out.
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random-twst-things · 20 hours ago
Mc in Vargas class: I hate PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: I'd rather break my arm then do PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: I'd rather not be able to walk then do PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: Should I break my arm to skip?
Idia: Me to- wait, what?
Mc: I said, should I break my arm to skip?
Idia: Why? 😶
Mc: so I could skip?
Idia: No, I mean, why not skip like a normal person?
Mc:.....That's what I'm doing? 🤨
Idia: No, because no sane person would break their own arm to skip when they could just walk away and out the class....
Mc: .....because I don't want to get in trouble by skipping?
Idia:....*looks at them with the most judgmental look they could make*
Tumblr media
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simpforsimeon · a day ago
Yuu: What do you call a cow that's sick?
Riddle: What?
Yuu: *snickering* Cow-VID *wheezes*
Riddle: I'm done, I am a done with you and your shitty humour, Yuu!
Yuu: Come on, that's actually really funny! *still wheezing*
Riddle: No, it’s not! *insert angry Riddle face*
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asian-ascian · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
twst has me in a chokehold, so take a fake manga cover featuring my main yuusona Micah
the context is that everyone assumed micah was a guy since it’s an all boy’s school and she had no idea how to explain to everyone that she is not, in fact, a guy, and also she thinks it would be v funny to haruhi fujioka her way through this mess. shenanigans ensue.
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callaboy · 7 hours ago
being cater's boyfriend who he always posts on his magicam
Tumblr media
this man loves to show you off at any chance
he wants everyone to see how attractive you are but also that you're his
suprise pictures everywhere.
while you're eating, in lessons, napping, just walking around
he thinks you look good everywhere and he can't help but let other people see it too
he tries to convince you to set up your own account, if you do, you let him mostly run it
its nice how much attention he pays to you, if it was anyone else you wouldn't care about the attention, but this is your cater
to someone else, you'd probably look like any other guy on magicam, but youre his, you don't even compare to the others, they all blur together
Ace and Deuce were confused on what was happening at first
but it didn't take long after Trey explained how whipped Cater was for you that they got used to it
The other houses caught on pretty quickly, if you were somewhere, Cater wasn't far away
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rinne4112 · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
The first years *except Ortho* are tasked to clean the hallways. It seems that someone used the wrong soap... They need Ortho's help-
Link to Prompts:
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iamlittlelostsoul · a day ago
Are asks open? If so, can you write a fluffy epilogue of twst boys x reader x yan ver of them set in 6 months from now to give the reader some time to adjust
Tumblr media
THANK YOUU this is my first time getting requests and I really appreciate it!!
I hope this reaches your expectations although I don't think that I've made it that fluffy but I hope all is good!:D
Just so everyone knows my asks are always open and I'll do my best in answering it all!☺
Mending Hearts
Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 of which is which...
Twst boys x reader x yan!twst boys
It's been 6 months...6 months since the incident. And they barely made much progress...
6 months since the love of their life came back but is in a terrible state and despised and feared them so so much.
3 months since they found a spell to see Mc's memories to find the truth and is horribly haunted by it.
They were so lost...
They wanted to help...but how?
How can they help someone that used to love them so much but now despised them so much that they would rather drop dead than have them close...
If only they could find a way to turn back time to avoid such things happening maybe their life would remain as it was? or become official lovers and all...?
But this won't stop them from trying...
It is a challenge but if it is to get them to trust and befriend them once again or at least...have them not look at them with eyes filled with fear, uncertainty, and so much hate.
it has only been 6 months so it's ok! Even if it would take them years and so to help them. It's ok even if...it means having to return them back to their own world...
So it is not the time for them to dilly dally and lose hope. It's time to pay them back for everything they've given to every single one of them.
In those 6 months, they started with itty-bitty steps...by allowing them to adjust at their own pace and also 'finally' getting a therapist and a counselor for the school.
They've also sought advices and to do's and not to do from people with a wide knowledge of such cases.
They did their best to not to trigger traumatic flashbacks by avoiding sending too many presents, less contact, and trying to be as calm and patient as they could whenever they are nearby to not overwhelm and pressure them.
Instead of forcefully conversing with them in person instead they try by giving encouraging notes/messages or simply encouraging them to let out everything they feel and etc. Or sending them flowers and little trinkets.
"Hello Mc! This is Riddle...I can't really say to you to stop worrying or everything is alright so...instead, I wish you to get better soon! If you are still not comfortable with our presence it's ok take your time! I know you might be thinking I'm doing this to control you and all but all of us are being sincere in proving we are better than our alters.
you should open the little box by your bed. It's ok the queen of hearts never really gave a rule about doing such things...so I hope it could comfort you in some way. P.s it's a hedgehog btw...just so you know." -Riddle Roseheart
" Ace and Deuce hereee. Get better soon!! We don't really know what to tell you but we hope you start healing well. We really missed you...we made you something...it's the same tart we made on our first birthday party...so we would be really happy if you eat but it's fine if not just...just try to not throw it out the window or... just get well soon." -ADeuce
"Hiii! This is Cheka uncle Leona's nepew!! Remeber me? I heard from uncle Leona that you wernt feeling good :( I'm sorwy jus t so u know uncle and I relly like you mama papa tool! Get well sooon! Uncle tld me I canot relly sea yu know witch made me sad but its okay! I maid you this drawing of you and me plus uncle and mama and papa eating cake in the guarden! I hope this comes tru! Get well soon big sister/brother!!!" -Love Cheka!💗
"Human it is I Sebek! Eat your meals, get some rest, stop hurting yourself and love yourself...You deserve to do so, I'm not asking on behalf of my young master, everyone and for myself but for you. I will not force you to do anything you dislike but at least take great care of one's self. Hate us if you wish just care for you so take this Tamagotchi the diasomania dorm bought for you ." -Sebek
They couldn't blame them to start crying and panicking when they were nearby or when receiving their gifts and letters...so it's ok. But of course, they also seek professional help to also avoid another overblot.
Because of it all slowly they start having improvements like them not having panic attacks when passing by and on some occasions, they would even text back.
It was very little but for them it is everything.
It motivates them to do more but notes not to overdo it, to go forward because little by little they are slowly but surely putting down their walls.
They even had the chance to sometimes be able to chat with them in person but behind doors/walls.
Grim could even visit them occasionally in person!
And some of the trinkets and presents they gave them weren't always thrown or burnt.
it was a great improvement which made them so so glad!
although they still try to commit suicide and inflicts self harm it was less worst than before.
So they continue to do as they did and would only do things when they feel comfortable in doing so.
It has already been 2 years already and...
"Hey Mc, Let's sit here!" Ace shouted as he sat at an empty table.
"Mmh...kay" they answered.
"Myehehehe! Look Mc! I passed the test!" Grim proudly said.
"That's nice!" They said with a soft smile as they petted the cat monster's head.
Although their reply tends to be rather dry and empty at times it is fine. They are happy to study, hangout, and spend time alongside them.
The graduates would also often visit them when they have time they too notices the differences but are satisfied to how it is now.
"Ace! Deuce!"
"Shit...heyya Riddle-senpai! Long time no see!" Ace said as he nervously rubs the back of his head.
"Oh you to are wanna be the end of me!!! Just because I'm not always in school means the two of you could just go and break the queen's rules!!!! Hah I shouldn't have entrusted the dorm to the both of you..." Riddle said as he massages the bridge of his nose.
"Ahahhaah....sorry dorm leader." Deuce said sincerely apologetic for the trouble he's been causing.
"Hello-I Riddle calm down...I've brought some newly baked tarts everyone." Trey said upon arrival.
"Epel Flemier!"
"Oh no....Good afternoon Vil-senpai!" Epel said with a 'sweet' smile. "why is he here. He already graduated! JAJSJSJDJ I thought I finally escaped him." He whispered.
"I've heard that! Have you been doing your skin care? Why is your skin so dry and your hair! AJJDDJJDDJC"
"hello Mc and everyone! Seems like everyone's having fun lemme join too!!"
"Kalim-hah there's no stopping him."
"Good day all."
Soon all of them are finally present in the cafeteria causing a lot of the 2nd to 1st year's to admire them although with such childish displays from each and everyone of them Mc can't help but chuckle and feel more at ease.
Hearing Mc laugh at their antics made their hearts swell with pride and joy. They've did well. Although they wouldn't be like the person they were before it makes them so happy to see them feel more comfortable than before since the incident.
Although it was quite a shame they couldn't take their friendship to another level yet...it was still fine. They can't really put all their efforts to waste when they've already reached this far! They just need to be more patient and understanding.
Besides if it weren't for their new found 2nd and 1st year's friends they couldn't have done better.
"Heyya Mc, Acey, and Juice-senpai's!” Kroner a nice and goofy 1st year although he is quite dumb but he makes great food and and...talks to squirrels...
"It's Deuce not Juice, Kroner!!!"
"Oh, Sorry Bruce-senpai"
"Doesn't he remind me so much of you deuce" ace said teasingly.
"Shut it Ace!"
"Ohhh~! There you are Kroner! Hello senpai's" Yza a very power hungry 2nd year (just like Azul lol) that stick to them like an annoying leech! He has the face of a dinosaur and totally shameless!
"Hey there Yza!” Kroner cheerfully said after all he is his henchman.
"Hey there Kroner!" Yza said with the most fakes and plastic smile.
'Plastic annoying dino' is what most of them thought.
'Today isn't so bad. Everyone is having tons of fun and the air felt light and comfy.' Mc thought as they watched them with a very fond smile.
It has been really hard for them to trust, love, and smile once again. Without their friends, they would have long been 6 feet under. It was a really traumatic experience and they truly wish these kinds of moments stays forever and that they would NEVER meet their alters once again.
Their heart may have shattered and was beyond repair, but their friends still gave their all in sharing theirs slowly while slowly but surely building up their broken heart, although the cracks remain they built a foundation to make be like how it used to be yet warmer and filled.
'I really am lucky to have such people by my side. Soon I will be finally spending these moments with less worry and pain.' They thought as they join in the fun.
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lmnlad · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
fish-sitting a fussy octomer
uni has been at my back so ive been incredibly busy;; reblogs are absolutely appreciated !!
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iamyoursimper · 29 days ago
Idia : If a stranger came up to you and said "I'm your dad's friend, He told me to pick you up" what would you say?
Idia's kid : I'd say "You're lying my dad doesn't have any friends!"
Idia : Not where i was going, but ok.
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pointedly-foolish · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
as usual, click on the image for a higher quality
just a bunch of cat!azul spreads.
date: 08/08/22
like my work? consider ordering a commission // buying me a coffee // checking out my art tag or my masterlist | links can be found on my desc
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squidwen · a month ago
TWST Scenario #3
Vil: If you bothered to make an effort with your appearance maybe you wouldn’t look like a potato.
MC: Sound advice coming from the man who dyed his hair to resemble a turnip.
Vil: *cracks his knuckles*
MC: *rolls up their sleeves*
Rook: Roi du Poison! Trickster! Please, there’s no need for this violence-
MC: Not now, lampshade.
Rook: *nocks an arrow*
Epel, from a safe distance: Fight! Fight! Fight!
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therooknook · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Absolutely starstruck 💫
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twst-shenanigans · 2 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #249
MC: “Look! A star is falling. Make a wish.”
Neige: “I wish MC will go on a date with me.”
Vil: “Oh dang, it flew back.”
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mashed-potato101 · a month ago
Mc: I want you to help me blackmail Crowley for all the shit he put me through
Azul: Okay, but what do I get in return?
Mc: I will give you hugs and kisses everyday
Azul, smacking the contract on the table: Sign here
Tumblr media
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twisted-fishbaiit · 2 months ago
Pillow fight!🪶
Tumblr media
First years sleep over
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bluesylveon2 · 2 months ago
Crewel: remember, no boyfriends until you graduate. Actually, don't even look or think about a boy
Yuu/MC: but this is an all boys school!
Crewel: did I stutter?
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