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twst-shenanigans · 2 days
twst Incorrect quote #295
MC: “When you see him, please don’t freak out, ok?”
Crewel *cough* father figure *cough*: “To think you think so lowly of me. I’m not going to freak out. Whoever you’re dating, I’ll accept him.”
MC: “Ok... You can come in.”
*Floyd enters the room*
Crewel: “Leech get out of the way. I am about to see who MC is dating.”
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 day
MC: *who wasn't listening to the announcement and completely missed the point of the beanfest*
MC: *has been gathering ingredients and making snacks out of them and giving them to the players (doesn't matter if they're team monster or team farmer)*
Grim: *is already out of the game* Myah... I don't understand why no one's attacking you yet.
MC: Hm?
Leona: Hey, Herbivore. Do you have any snacks left?
MC: Yes. Do you like barbeque?
Leona: When did you have the time to cook?
MC: I asked Hornton to roast them for me.
Leona: Tch. You better hide. The monster team are on their way.
MC: Oh, perfect. I need to return this cooler to Trey.
Leona: ...
Leona: How are you still intact right now?
MC: Hm?
Grim: Don't ask.
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random-twst-things · 18 hours
*An Overblot happens (again)*
Sebek, jack, epel, Mc/Y/N/Yuu, grimm and ace in the cafeteria: ....
*Sebek, picks up epel*
*Ace carrying grimm*
*Jack turning to Mc/Y/N/Yuu*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Don't. You. Dare
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blackopals-world · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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underqualified-human · 22 hours
Cater's latest post on Magicam is a picture titled "Self-care night with the homies" and it's ? Yuu in a face mask, sitting in a beanbag chair, talking to a full-length mirror that clearly shows Ursula's reflection, also in a face mask and drinking wine.
? Yuu is sharing all of the gossip.
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bm-san435 · 1 day
bagithi Babaーーー
Tumblr media
It was my first thing in my head when I saw the event title.
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breadcheese444 · 1 day
Tumblr media
Through a lens of black and white
ⓒ nwingmission
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myuminji · 3 days
Yuu's pronoun is they/them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
college au
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iamlittlelostsoul · 2 days
Since I didn't see any rules I'll request it based on my own taste!
✎ Riddle Roseheart x reader (can be they/them, he/him, she/her) angst: Imagine dancing to the music, dancing with him on the day of your marriage yet at the end of the day it wasn't you but just your ghost and his broken heart.
✎ Malleus Draconia x reader (same thing) angst: Flower language with Malleus, giving him flowers was a normal occurrence yet on the day you left him, a bouquet mixed with Purple hyacinths and Tulips.
✎ Silver x reader (same thing) angst: The joy of one person can be shared through simple acts, but what if those daily activities are what brought your separation?
Hello @whatevermywpis!!! THX for dropping by!!!
I'll do my best in writing all your Req's ideas!! And yes just like what I most of the time use reader is still going to be gender neutral.
But I'll start with your first idea! ^v^
Hope you'll like it >//<
Their Final Waltz
Riddle Roseheart x gn!reader
A lovely tune play in the background at a lovely ballroom.
'It was our favorite melody.' he thought smiling at them as they smile back at him.
There were not so many people invited to this celebration...only people closest to them.
The guests enjoyed the party with the couple some were enjoying themselves with wine, and food, chatting with the other fellow guests, while some are on the dance floor but all are equally happy for such a lovely event.
Riddle stood from his seat as he heard the main song play. He offers them his hand with a bright smile, and they take it as happy as he.
The two walked to the center of the room. Then Riddle faces his partner, taking the lead as he places one of his hands on their partner's waist while the other still latched on their hand.
Moving along with the music, they danced. Riddle's eyes shimmered with love and happiness. He finally married her/him and he's finally their husband!
"I can't believe we've finally reached to this point. We've went through so much and finally, we are wed!" he happily says as he lead his partner.
"Mmh, I know right! It felt like it were only yesterday were we fight the blots and all those crazy events!" they said giggling as Riddle spins them around.
"hehehe...am sorry for that one time too. I swear it will never happen again." he says determined and truly a little guilty.
"Aww~ Riddle no need to apologize! It's all in the past, and besides everything's all good already!" they said kissing Riddle on his cheeks.
"Hey! Under the queen of heart's order Rule number-....oops- habits." He says laughing.
"Hahahaha! This is why your coworkers are a tiny bit afraid of you."
"Hey! Im trying, ok..." he says with a slight pout.
"Hehehehe~ I know. And you're doing so well!" they said leaning their forehead on Riddle's.
"Mmh..." he says happily nodding as he too leans his forehead on them.
"You should try doing 'that' too...." they said as they stopped dancing and looks him straight in the eye.
"That? What do you mean?" He asks confused.
"You know what I meant Riddle...." they look at him with pity as they let go of his hand and moves a step back from him.
Riddle looks at them shocked and confused. Everyone that was dancing with them were now all at the sides.
"huh, what do you mean love?" He says as he reaches his hand towards them.
"....you know, It's time...to move on...Riddle" they said as Riddle's hand passes through their body.
"Wait- no nonono! Please don't go...you-you're not dead yet." he says dropping to his knees, tears threatening to come out. "You're not dead yet.....you..are not dead."
"I wish so...maybe next time. But not now...let's meet again and finish our favorite song?" They said...as Riddle notices their body looking more transparent.
They sat down beside Riddle and looks at him with pity. "Hey....it's not your fault ok?...I will forever love you." They said with a pain-filled smile before disappearing.
Riddle broke down. He wailed and cried as he hits the floor repeatedly. He wailed and cried as his best friend Trey and Chenya runs up to his side and tries to console him...same goes with his other friends like Cater, Ace, and Deuce.
"It was my fault..." he cried in Trey's arms. "I could have saved them.....I-I could have...yet I wasn't able to do so. I-I failed them."
"Riddle no is to be blamed....it was too sudden. We were all too late." Trey says as he hugs his friend.
All the lavishing decorations, all the flowers, all the food, and the whole party...could never felt so dull and dark.
Why oh why do the gods have to be so cruel sometimes?
...To take such a lovely person to a lonely man.
It always have to be the kindest and purest of heart that lives the shortest...
If only an event like when they were still at school happened for him....something like when the ghost Eliza comes to get her groom.
Riddle would have taken their hand unhesitatingly if it were them looking for a groom. He would gladly wed them and follow them to the afterlife.
'Hah, his mother is truly right about this one...love along with a very lonesome goodbye truly made him mad.' And he misses them dearly...
The warmth of their skin, felt cold to touch.
The sound of their gentle voice, never to be head again...
Their sweet gentle smile, now buried 6 feet under.
And the pranks and tricks...the rule breaking and everything....he would never see nor witness it again.
And all he could do is break down and cry.
Cry and scream his aching heart out.
"My love...how am I to move on?...how could I ever live a proper life without you...my beautiful rose."
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Continuous adventures of the MC/Yuu variants
[Synopsis]: More shenanigans with the various types of MC/Yuu
Tumblr media
[Valorant x TWST: Agent Deadeye, Agent Yami, and Agent S.Wift]
MC/Yuu Kiritani: What…
MC/Yuu Fabron: The…
[Points their guns at each other.]
MC/Yuu Kiritani: Why are you me? Who sent you?
MC/Yuu Fabron: Nobody. Why are you copying Riftwalker’s style? You seem…Tacky, as the word I’m implying.
MC/Yuu Kiritani: Excuse you! Why are you wearing clothes like that French bastard?
MC/Yuu Fabron: Don’t demean my brother like that.
MC/Yuu Kiritani: BROTHER?!
Miyeon: *Watching the two Valorant MC/Yuu variants fighting*
Deuce: Should we stop them?
Miyeon: Not yet. This is fun watching two different variants from the “same” universe.
[During towards the end of the Glorious Masquerade Event]
Agent!MC/Yuu: Now this is my kind of fight. *Summons their Tour de Force 2.0 out*
Deuce: Woah, wait! Don’t shoot-
Agent!MC/Yuu: *Shoots at Rollo*
Rollo: *Knocks over unconscious*
Deuce: MC/Yuu!
Agent!MC/Yuu: What? It’s not bullets this time. I came up with tranquilizing pellets. In forms of ammunition.
MC/Yuu Han: You.
MC/Yuu Fabron: Merde.
MC/Yuu Han: I remember you from last time. You barely shot my ass. Luckily, you missed.
MC/Yuu Fabron: I never miss. You just run away like a little scared child.
MC/Yuu Han: *Scoffs* How old do you think I am?
MC/Yuu Fabron: Same age as me?
MC/Yuu Han: Really? You look like you’re in your mid-30s.
MC/Yuu Fabron: I beg your pardon. When we return to our respective worlds, I would be one to take you out.
MC/Yuu Han: *Scoffs* When you return to your world, tell your Jett it’s her fault for the Venice incident. Thanks to her, my sister is accused for something she never committed.
Tumblr media
[Self-Aware AU x TWST: Gamer MC/Yuu/[Y/N]]
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: *Almost losing a round on Apex*
[lsr69no]: Haha! If you’re female, moan on the mic!
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: Why? You can’t hear your mama moan anymore? That’s gross!
[lsr69no]: Shut up!
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: Thought so! *Instant kill the other player* Sicko mode.
Tumblr media
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: Fuckin’ creep.
[The First Year gang were watching the whole game on the phone stand.]
Ace: *Wheezing from laughter*
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: Ace? You good?
Deuce: He was laughing when you were roasting the other player.
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: Oh, I thought he was dying. Wait, can you guys die?
Jack: I don’t think so. Unless you delete our coding.
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: True, but I’m not that kind of genius.
Ortho: I can ask Nii-san.
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: …
The rest of the gang: …
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: …Were you watching the whole time?
Ortho: I was!
MC/Yuu/[Y/N]: Please don’t tell your brother from what I said and what the idiot commented during the game.
Ortho: Understand! I won’t break the promise.
Tumblr media
[SCP-TWST-2020: Dr. MC/Yuu (SCP!MC/Yuu)]
[Dr. MC/Yuu’s Laboratory/Office]
SCP!MC/Yuu: *Experimenting with SCP-387*
Azul: Good morning, Dr. MC/Yuu.
SCP!MC/Yuu: Oh! You came just in time. I need you to participate in an experiment involving SCP-387.
Azul: Dr. MC/Yuu, I’m afraid I cannot be involved with your work as last time I was here, your Knotty Stalkers almost killed me.
SCP!MC/Yuu: Right, sorry. It confirms no matter what dimension you’re from, you still get affected by the Knotty Stalker.
Azul: *Shivers from the trauma* I cannot forget their beady eyes.
SCP!MC/Yuu: I promise this Safe Class object won’t kill you. It’s just Lego pieces that become sentient after pulling them out of the box and building some parts together with bare contact.
Azul: (c" ತ,_ತ) …
SCP!MC/Yuu: …Fine. I’ll sign a deal with you. A visit to SCP-267 but I’m monitoring since it’s dangerous by surprising items.
SCP!MC/Yuu: Uhh…Azul? Why did you construct the entire ocean in my lab?
Azul: *Just finished building a statue of the Sea Witch* …I enjoyed the experiment.
SCP!MC/Yuu: *Snaps an image of the whole ocean diorama for logging records* This is a success for today’s experiment. Let’s clean before something happens.
Tumblr media
✨[Reblogging helps creators and creates more content.]💫
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curatoroffiction · 3 days
ok so there's this meme that goes "im going to defeat you w/ the power of friendship & this gun i found!" can i rq a TWST MC with this except they're totally unaware about it and the other characters just question on how MC can even have the power of friendship in a school full of villains
I've been mulling over this ask for days now, and I cannot figure out a good continuation of this prompt - But I didn't want it to sit in Ask Purgatory, so I wanted to publish it in case any of my followers love the prompt and wanna add to it. Sorry I couldn't figure out a good continuation of your prompt!
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
MC: *laughing*
Malleus: *frowns*
Lilia: What happened?
MC: He's sulking because Ace pointed out that we have no pictures together despite the fact that we're best friends. *laughs again*
Lilia: *chuckles* Malleus, you should know that friendship is strongest when you barely have any pictures together.
Malleus: I have just realized...
Malleus: How am I going to reminisce my time with them after they passed away?
MC: Imaginatio—OOUUUCHH!
Malleus: *has pinched their cheek* This is your fault. You should've been fond of taking photos, but no.
MC: Why are you blaming me—*laughs*—I don't like taking pictures because I don't feel photogenic!
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hikaru4520 · 19 hours
Mc:I trust Ace & Deuce.
Jack:You think they know what they're doing?
Mc:I wouldn't go that far.
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gigisafeplace · 3 days
Yuu: Y'know I hate you, right?
Ace: You've been telling me that since we've met... Why?
Yuu: I just thought you'd look really pretty with long hair.
Ace: Why are you telling me this?
Yuu: 'Cause, if you somehow got really long hair I'd give you a pretty pass to being an asshole. I gave Deuce one already, he's not an asshole but he is stupid which I hate just as much.
Ace: I'll go look for some spells.
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lmnlad · 4 months
Carrying the Dorm Leaders
Part one // two // three
— Heartslabyul
Tumblr media
— Savanaclaw
Tumblr media
// reblogs are absolutely appreciated!
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leinyy · 7 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s so adorable omg
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