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Jealousy, Jealousy - Rook, Jade, Malleus
Isn't usually.
He loves you, and he knows you love him.
Why would Rook be jealous when you’re together almost every night?
And he knows where you’ve been all day.
He knows that your pupils don’t dilate when you talk to other people, just him.
In the event that a friend got too touchy, he is more concerned about your comfort, rather than jealously.
If you spend so much time away from him doing studies, he recites poems until you tell him to stop moping and you study together.
But you usually spend the night over, or he goes over to you.
So whatever the reason he is jealous for, Rook doesn’t like it.
Watches you to see if you’ll walk away from whatever because you saw Rook, and then goes up to you to swoop you away.
Isn’t aggressive, but is bolder with you.
Has a hand holding yours more, kisses you more, is around you A LOT
It doesn’t matter how small your tasks are, he’s coming with you.
Dotes on you more.
Can he do anything to help you? Are you tired, do need some water? A snack perhaps? Do your feet hurt, do you want to sit down?
Will even give you tips on your homework and practice potions with you.
And that’s how you know. Jade studies with you, sure. And yeah, he gives you tips, but it’s much more fun watching you fail and pout before he helps you actually make a potion.
But he isn’t an ass, and just helps this time.
Will take you to the small town off campus and spend a day with you. You can go to shops, get ice cream, go to the beach, or Whatever else people do in town.
It’s suspicious how he’s being more sweet than usual, so when you ask if you forgot a special day or something
“Not at all. I just wanted to keep you with me. I thought that maybe we weren’t spending so much time together.”
It’s such a normally posed sentence, but the past week, Jade picked you up from class. He doesn’t do that.
And Floyd got pissed at you because he visits Jade between classes and he didn’t find Jade and it’s your fault.
They toast.
Is pouty, but tries to hide it. You can see it though.
Malleus does not like the feeling of jealousy.
As he puts it, Malleus doesn't like you being away from him for so long because what if something happened to you? What if you told him you'd be in the alchemy lab and you weren't there?
And it's because 'someone needed help with something.'
Dear, that's sweet of you, but don't worry him like that.
Dotes on you more than usual, and gifts you random things. Sometimes it's flowers he twisted into a crown, other times it might be an item from a picture you took a screenshot of.
Spends wayy more time with you.
Anytime you need him or not, he's there.
And nobody, nobody, is getting too close to you.
Will almost hit them with a shot put ball because they were asking you too many questions.
You're with him more than anyone else, and he knows you love him, so Malleus likes to call it 'being protective of you', rather than a term like jealousy.
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TWST!Memes #39
Tumblr media
Lux:Your welcome for the "Feels"
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OB Gang With S/O Who Chews Skin Around Nails
@shiba-inu2006 I'd normally class this as an emergency request if I had wi-fi when it was requested. It honestly hits a bit personal here because I do the exact same thing. I sincerely hope this helps comfort you a bit <3
He would likely find out because you were avoiding him
He was looking everywhere once he'd had enough of you not speaking with him
Once he had found you hiding in your room, absentmindedly chewing the skin around your thumbnail...he snapped.
"WHAT are you DOING?"
Not the best response, I know, but he is panicked. He loves you more than he can ever put into words.
But he will take your hand and start cleaning up the blood if you chewed it enough to bleed
He’ll hold your hand from then on whenever you’re stressed and he’ll write a study guide for you for the year to limit your stress
Leona knows
You know he knows by the way he holds your hands whenever your hearbeat picks up, or when you raise your hand to start biting. Leona will nap with you in a way that he can keep your arms down in case he doesn’t wale up in time to stop it. He’ll put his arm by your mouth even.
“Bite me whenever you’re stressed, it’ll take a lot more than that to hurt me”
He trusts that you’ll be more gentle with him than with yourself
If he walks in on you chewing your skin, he’ll gently tug your hand out of your mouth and clean it up, then he’ll let you vent to him about whatever is stressing you out
I hc that Azul used to self harm, so he understands why you cope with stress by injuring yourself
He’ll do whatever he can to help you, use all of his gathered abilities and knowledge
You are the one thing Azul doesn’t want to lose, after he feels like he’s lost everything
The first time, Jamil will hypnotize you to stop
But after that, he’ll research ways to help you
Chewlery if you need it, fidgets. He’ll cook for you and will even do your homework if you meed him to
He’s another one who will let you vent
His solution is manicures
He’s an actor, he understands stress and will suggest better coping mechanisms for you - even share some of his
He’ll help you with alchemy if you need it
He’ll also let you study with him
Vil would make some tea for you both and play some soothing music. He’ll give you a massage, cuddle with you, and do his best to fix up your hands
Rook can handle the dorm while he takes care of you
Idia would distract you
He’d play video games with you while cuddling, and have some coffee for you two
He'll try and keep something like a controller in your hands - just to keep them busy
You'll be asked to help him work on Ortho, or he'll just have Ortho watch you some days - just to try to make sure it doesn't happen again
Malleus will be confused
He won’t really understand until you explain to him why you’re doing it
And then he’ll do everything in his power to help
School? Lilia can teach it all to you in a way that will make it easier to understand and he can help you study. Toxic friends or family? He’ll have a “chat” with them. Your own mind? He’s there, he’ll let you voice your thoughts or, if you don’t want to, he’ll distract you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek insisted. Lilia's just being a menace
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Hi!!! Could I ask for some fluffy HCS for Riddle, Malleus, Vil, & Floyd when they realize their s/o who has a “horrible memory” due to the fact that they don’t pay attention to things that don’t interest them has in fact memorized everything about them?
s/o knows their favorite color, their favorite ways to relax, their personal beliefs and what makes them motivated, etc. etc.
they just generally care deeply about them and seem to subconsciously seek out and happily memorize something when it’s related to their boyfriend ❤️❤️❤️
This is me, you’re asking me to write about myself. My memory is horrible, Anon, absolutely atrocious. But I can remember the most useless shit and/or certain stuff about people.
I hope you enjoy these headcanons!
Info: Yuu is reader
Riddle Rosehearts
Yuu’s poor memory is a small pet peeve of Riddle’s but he knows that some people can’t help that their memory is bad. It could be due to a multitude of things, almost all of which are out of a person's control.
But when he finds out Yuu’s horrible memory is simply because they don’t pay attention he isn’t happy. Is absolutely going to lecture them about not paying attention and probably brings up how it could harm their relationship.
That's when Yuu reveals that they’ve memorized everything about him up till this point. His favorite color, his birthday, his favorite food, animal, star sign.. Everything. It's touching to him that they go out of their way to remember him above all else but..
That doesn’t give them an excuse to slack on their studies. Yuu cares about him deeply, so maybe the key to their improvement is him. He offers to teach them in hopes that it will improve their attentiveness and grades. 
It kind of works. They certainly pay attention to him, but unfortunately not so much the material he’s trying to show them. Though there is slight improvement.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus has lived a long time and as such doesn’t remember everything himself either. He’s got other things to worry about than remember every trivial detail of the last two centuries.. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it though. In essence he sort of understands Yuu’s struggle to an extent.
That is until it's revealed to him that Yuu simply don't care about much to remember it. He finds it amusing, its adorable that his lover picks and chooses what they do and don’t deem important. Though it could cause some issues in the future..
He does know Yuu remembers everything he’s told them about himself, and even things other people have told them. Their memory seems to be centered on him and nealy nothing else.
He finds this touching and immensely endearing. Knowing he’s the most important and interesting thing to them is a blessing to him. They’re the same to him, his precious lovely partner.
He won’t exactly go out of his way to help Yuu improve their attentiveness, he’s more than happy it being solely on him. Though he will admit their grades could use some slight improvement.
Vil Schoenheit
Another one who has a slight pet peeve revolving around Yuu’s bad memory. He’ll chide them and definitely try to help them improve, self improvement is a big thing for Pomefiore after all.
And then either Rook tells him or he notices that Yuu doesn't have a "bad" memory, no, they actively choose to not pay attention. Vil is not happy, he's going to scold them for it and practically drag them into the pits memorization hell. 
Once Yuu reveals that they remember everything about him and the things they find important or interesting he's flattered, but that isn't enough to save them. Vil is steadfast in his resolve to improve his partner's attention span. 
There will be improvement, even if Vil has to send Rook out to make sure Yuu is keeping up with their schedule, if not they're getting dragged back to Pomefiore and not leaving until the material is drilled in. 
At least their grades are improving and they get kisses as rewards, right?
Floyd Leech:
Floyd can recognize Yuu's lack of attention to things that don't interest them because he's in the exact same boat. He's just more open about it, rather than hiding it behind a mask of "bad memory."
Doesn't blame them, doesn't see anything wrong with their pack of attention. College is boring, there's so many other things they could be doing than sitting through lectures. 
Once he finds out Yuu remembers everything about him and finds him to be the most interesting thing to them he's ecstatic! They're getting squeezed for being so cute!
Doesn't help them improve at all, if anything he enables them, or rather they enable each other. Why pay attention to a boring lecture when they could be running around doing dumb shit and having fun?
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Bros the type of guy...
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
bros the type of guy to visit you at midnight to see if you're awake and if you were, he'd asked you if you'd like take a walk with him and you feel safe knowing he's there with you when you both take a midnight stroll (and because no one is dumb enough to attack him)
bros the type of guy who would try to help you study and is very patient about it and understanding. he's never irritated if you're slow at learning or struggling to memorise, he'll take his time with you (as it is also an opportunity for him to spend quality time with you) and try to explain and teach you things
bros the type of guy to trust you with his tamagotchi, gao gao-kun when he's really busy and is unable to tend to his virtual pet. if you also have one, he'd do the same for you if you're unable to care for yours either
bros the type of guy to use "love", "my love", "dearest" as petnames
bros the type of guy to brush a strand of hair out of your face in the morning when you're still asleep, leaning down to kiss your forehead and stroke your cheek
bros the type of guy to bring you up in conversations with zero awareness of him doing so such as "ah yes, i remember the prefect talking about this. perhaps I'll get it as a gift." "the prefect enjoys this activity as well, it's quite endearing seeing how cheerful they get when it comes to it." prefect this, prefect that
bros the type of guy to send you letters when you're both far apart from each other since he has no knowledge on how technology works. his letters are always so sweet and heartwarming. he'll mention things that remind him of you, and how he wishes to bring you with him next time
bros the type of guy to randomly kiss you when you rant about something you're interested in and as he listens, his eyes trail down to your lips and without a second thought, he bends down to peck them. it catches you off guard, with you going "huh?? what was that about???" he simply smiles and says, "forgive me, i couldn't resist myself. please continue with what you were saying, my love."
bros the type to be a little jealous. not in a way that it's unhealthy, he would trust you and fully believes you love him just as he loves you and he would never stop you from having friends and spending time with them. i feel like the most he'd do is get a little pouty and try to spend more time with you, you were his first friend and first love, he just loves you a lot. he wouldn't get jealous much if people hit on you because he knows you wouldn't indulge them nor cheat but will intervene if they start going too far and making you uncomfortable but that's assuming there's actually people bold enough to even try to flirt with you if they know Malleus is your boyfriend otherwise if not, they'll find out once they see him approaching when they do too much
bros the type of guy who'd love being both being big spoon and little spoon
bros the type of guy to hold your hand while sitting next to you and say, "I'm here, love" when you're upset and/or crying. you can lean against him or even embrace him and he'll do the same thing back because he loves you. he's a great listener and will do whatever you ask him to do try and help you through whatever you're going through and may even ask Lilia for some advice unless you didn't want him to tell Lilia about it or something that could hint to you being upset
bros the type of guy who'll get anything that interests you and would also gift you some of the rarest rocks, stones or crystals on the damn planet
bros the type of guy to keep everything you give him, whether it may be considered junk or not. he'll keep it like it's treasure and will get upset if any of it goes missing. even if you tell him it's fine, he'll feel bad it's missing because anything you give him, he cherishes
bros also the type of guy to literally wear a friendship/love bracelet or necklace everyday if you ever decide to match with him and he would never take it off and would refuse to do so. only exceptions is necessary like cooking or showering/bathing or in a situation it could get ruined
bros the type of guy to listen to everything you tell him, even if it's just about drama, something random, or your interests. even if he doesn't understand nor isn't interested in the topic it itself, he would always listen because he loves to listen to you talk and knowing what makes you happy just as you do the same for him
bros the type of guy who doesn't really dwell on the fact that you are human and therefore have a shorter life span than he does. he's probably has moments when he thinks about how short your life span is and the fact that one day he'll lose you and he's afraid of it happening. otherwise at the same time, it's more of a reason to really cherish every moment. rather than focusing on his worries and fears of losing you, he spends every moment he can with you, spending quality time together and makes sure you know he absolutely loves you and how much you mean to him
bro highly appreciates you as a person, his friend/lover. you make him feel like he's not alone, and you are his whole world. bro would defend you with his life if anyone had something against you, would always support you, always there for you, listen, spend times with and would love you endlessly
I'm hopeless man
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author note: hello yes this is the beginning of Operation Give Malleus a Friend!! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ i don’t really know what direction i’m going with this but may i be setting up for a love triangle? no but does Leona know that? no (・ω<)☆ jealous Leona fic coming soon? more likely than you think
Please note that this is a female character.
characters: Malleus Draconia, F!Black Footed Cat Reader (Platonic)
Tumblr media
You enjoyed watching the stars. It was something that you’d do back in the Sunset Savanna, climbing up on the roof of your home to gaze at the endless skies above, thousands of twinkling lights ready to greet you every night. It was maybe one of your favourite parts of the Savanna. 
You hadn’t found many stargazing spots you enjoyed at Night Raven College. The Savanaclaw dorm was out, lest Jack spot you in the lounge or outside the dorm and pester you. The sports field could work, but you didn’t like the idea of lying in an open field, for anybody to see. And then you found the semi-abandoned dorm on the cusp of the school grounds. 
The courtyard of Ramshackle Dorm was peaceful enough, considering that ghosts haunted the halls. Either way, they never bothered you, so you perched yourself upon a tree and enjoyed the view. You didn’t really know the prefect of Ramshackle, so you didn’t know how happy they’d be with you laying on their roof.
But you soon came to discover that you weren’t the only one who’d frequent the courtyard of Ramshackle dorm at night. On the first night you spotted the horned student, you paid him no mind and before you knew it, he was gone. The next night he was back again, and you found yourself engaging in a staring content of sorts with him. Bright green slit pupils bore into your feline ones, and you merely stared back, undaunted. Neither of you said a word, and eventually he teleported away, leaving pretty green fireflies in his wake. It was the third night that you finally decided to converse with him. You engaged in another staring contest, and after a long moment you decided to lean forward on the branch you had settled on, breaking the three day silence that had reigned between you so far, “that thing you did yesterday, which left the fireflies? That was cool.”
He seemed surprised by your sudden compliment, or perhaps it was something else, as he hesitated for a moment before he responded. His wrist flicked, and a single firefly floated out of the palm of his hand. You watched the floating insect as it drifted away from his palm but did not stray too far. 
“Why do you dwell here, little beastman?” You raised your eyebrow at his address for you, but merely settled back on your branch. “I like to watch the stars here.” You responded nonchalantly, with a small shrug of your shoulder.
The fae glanced up before looking back at you, “the stars?”
“The stars. Watching them reminds me of home.” Your eyes end up back at the sky again and you both lapse into silence again. When you look back down again, you expect him to be gone, only to find him also staring up at the stars. His eyes seem pensive, as if he’s considering something. You are almost reluctant to disturb him. Almost. 
“F/N,” you say simply, “My name is F/N, not ‘little beastman’.” 
The fae focuses his attention on you again, his lips downturning slightly, “has my manner of address offended you?” 
“No, but I guess we’re midnight friends now, so you might as well know my name.” His eyes widened at you statement and again he hesitated, before slowly a smile began to spread across his lips. “I see. Then perhaps I shall permit you to name me as you like.”
Your eyebrow raised again at his words, something you were seeing becoming a common theme with this fae, and your head tilted in intrigue, “would I need to? You’re Housewarden Draconia, right? From Diasomnia?” you swear you could see a hint of disappointment in his eyes, but you had no idea why, “but if you’d like a nickname... Huh. I guess I’ll just call you Mal-senpai, then.” 
Malleus’ eyes grew once again, and he appeared quite lost for words. You swung your legs idly from the branch, and observed the fae before you. You didn’t know much about him, apart from whatever scathing comments Leona had batted out from time to time. But that was Leona, and you were pretty sure many people on campus had scathing comments about the lion beastman also. 
“So,” you broke the silence again, seeing that the contemplative gleam had entered Malleus’ eyes again as you observed him, “why do you dwell here?” Malleus’ eyes focused once again, and he pressed a hand to his chin idly, “I am fond of the peace in these ruins. Until recently, these ruins were abandoned and I was able to enjoy nightly walks undisturbed.”
Your eyes widened slightly and you felt slightly taken aback by his statement, “Oh. I hope I haven’t ruined your walks. I guess I could try to find somewhere else...” You couldn’t help but grimace at your own suggestion, not really keen on leaving the comfortable spot you’d recently laid claim to. 
Again, a glint appeared in Malleus’ eye that you couldn’t identify, and he was quick to cut you off, “You do not disturb me, lit-- F/N. I do not find myself disturbed by your presence.” You found yourself grinning at his more stilted way of speaking, finding it amusing yet oddly endearing. 
“So, you like walking around ruins?” you ask, taking the opportunity to get to know your new friend before he decided to vanish in a flurry of fireflies again. “You could say that exploring ruins is one of my hobbies,” Malleus answered, “in actuality, my club activities comprise solely of visiting ruins and studying their gargoyles.” 
Your ears pricked up at that, twitching in intrigue as you took a moment to process, before pointing an inquisitive finger Malleus’s way, “the Gargoyle Studies club? I was supposed to join that club!”
Malleus seemed surprised by your words, his head tilting minutely, “you were?”
“Yeah!” you exclaimed, “well... I wanted to join but... When I visited during freshmen recruitment season, there was no one at the classroom. I did wait but, no one showed up.” You shrugged a shoulder, and Malleus continued to look surprised. 
“I see... This appears to be a lapse of my judgment. For I am the only member of the Gargoyle Studies club.” Malleus lamented, and you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that his eyes seemed akin to a scolded puppy at this realisation. “Don’t worry about it,” you attempted to pacify, not wanting it to dampen the mood.
“... Would you still consider joining the Gargoyle Studies club?” You were surprised by his sudden proposition, and even more surprised to see him staring at you keenly. 
“Well I’m part of the Science club now...” The keen expression from Malleus’ face fell and he frowned, almost looking like he could pout, “... But I guess I could quit.” 
A smile graced Malleus features again at your follow up, almost smug in origin, “I will come for you when I proceed with club activities next.” 
Your lips quirked at his intimidating phrasing. It wasn’t a surprise that most of the student body was terrified of him when he so casually spoke such sentences. But from what you’d seen tonight, once you looked past the questionable word choices and intimidated stature, he seemed like every other student in this place.
With a push of your palm, you slipped down off of the branch and landed gracefully at the base of the tree. Now that you were on the ground, Malleus towered over you, to the extent that you had to crane your neck. That would take some getting used to. You flash Malleus a friendly smile and gesture forwards,
“Well then, shall we walk?”
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Diasomnia, What... | Diasomnia
Notes: I just played the Halloween event again, and I got to the Diasomnia chapter in book four... reference the title for my thoughts. These boys are so chaotic, I just wanna pinch their cheek!
This is just sort of a drabble now that I've got fresh inspiration. Enjoy! ♡
"All we have to do is keep this door shut like our lives depend on it!"
"Great Seven, Sebek, you've said that like thirteen times..."
"Master Malleus has entrusted this task to us!"
"I know..."
A giggle behind them seems to startle Silver and Sebek out of their... conversation? Both boys still have their arms locked and pushed against the door, but their heads spun around to zero in on you, dripping in blood.
Fake... fake blood.
"Prefect!" Silver's eyes were wide at the sight of you. "Oh dear, you're hurt!"
Keeping one arm against the door, Sebek frees his other arm to swat at you--you're standing too far away for him to reach you, but he continues to reach for you like you're a too-cute stuffed animal in a claw machine anyways.
"Prefect, you need immediate assistance! Your human fragility cannot handle-"
"You guys are so silly. I'm fine--it's fake, you know? I was just helping everyone out with scaring the Magicam Monsters away--Grim and I are the half-alive victims on patrol from site-to-site. That way I can still wear this sweet costume the ghosts made me."
You spin around, showing the costume off. Sebek and Silver sigh.
"I'm happy to hear you're having fun," says Silver with a reserved smile on his lips. A sound comes from inside the house, and suddenly Sebek and Silver have their whole bodies pressed against the door again, preventing any exit. You raise an eyebrow at them.
"So I'm guessing... I shouldn't enter my dorm now?"
"Oh, you mustn't," says Sebek. "And this time, human, I say it for your own sake. Master Lilia is scaring some Magicam Monsters in there!"
"Father would surely be able to spare you," Silver advises kindly. "But he's having a little.... too much fun with his prey right now."
Screams come from inside the house. Sebek and Silver both shiver from memories of being given the same Halloween treatment.
"Terrifying..." Silver mutters.
You sigh as well. "Let me guess--'no one would ever actually live in this dump of a place', did I get that right? As they walked in? Honestly-" you give something of a sheepish laugh. "At least my dorm fits the haunted house vibe, ghosts and all. I'll have to work on it."
"It's not that bad," Silver tries to comfort, and--behold--a piece of roof single falls just in time off the top of your dorm. Silver, Sebek and you stare at it blankly. "...maybe Lord Malleus wouldn't mind us stopping by to lend a hand though..."
"Maybe we should get Master Lilia out of this dump before it collapses." Sebek adds and, upon your offended look, simply says, "What?!"
"Well, if I can't go in, I guess I'll just keep you guys company until the ghost is clear..." You decide, pretending not to see the way Sebek sputters at you ignoring him. Or maybe he's sputtering at your pun--it was pretty good after all.
"Good idea," Silver grins. "You don't want to be an accidental victim to what's gonna happen when the Monsters find a way to escape-"
He's cut off by green flames spawning around your yard, a thunderous voice calling out to two individuals with phones and selfie sticks in-hand. Malleus appears amidst the flames, and in a voice resembling the very type of spirit he's dressed up as, he... lectures them?
...It's scary enough. Had you not known your dear Tsunotarou as closely as you did, you'd certainly be running for the hills; you wouldn't even need the terror build-up that Lilia had undoubtedly gave these two inside. By the flames alone, the couple in front of Malleus looked terrified.
"Human!" Sebek hissed at you. "Stop your giggling!"
"I can't be flattered?" you ask innocently. "Whether you're doing this out of your own annoyance or not--you guys are protecting the place I call home. It's sweet."
"Is that really something to giggle over?" Silver asked, sounding genuinely curious.
"Probably not..."
And yet, you still laugh.
As Malleus is scarring the Magicam Monsters for life, he just so happens to glance over at Silver and Sebek. He shouldn't be surprised to see you there--his eyes have a naughty habit of always finding you, unconsciously or not. You're standing there next to his two knights, a huge smile on your lips, dripping in... blood??
With one final scare, Malleus sends the couple running, shouting apologies and promises as they flee. In a second the housewarden is in front of you, hands on your shoulders, inspecting you for the source of your injury. You just blink at him curiously until you finally catch up to what is going on.
"Oh! This is fake blood. Scary, isn't it?" You laugh again. Malleus stares at you, blinking slowly, until finally a dazzling smile breaks across his lips.
"Kheeheehee... did you think our little Prefect was hurt, Malleus?" Lilia croons.
The vice housewarden appears beside you, wiping some fake blood off your cheek with his thumb. "You look like a mess, dear, why don't you go inside and wash up. I promise our dorm will be here to protect you in the meantime--no one will be able to enter your dorm with us around."
"I'm offended, Lilia. You're sending me off without so much as a 'Happy Halloween'?"
The fae surprises you--you feel a doting kiss pressed on your cheek, and as he pulls away his thumb traces over the kiss he'd just placed. He gives you a cheeky smile.
"Happy Halloween, Prefect."
Malleus's eyes narrow at the sight--and while to others it might have looked like he was glaring in pure jealousy, half of his expression was because he was trying to find a smooth way of doing the very same thing to you--send you off with a kiss on your cheek. He didn't have the audacity of his father--instead, he grabs your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips.
"Happy Halloween, my friend." He gives you a toothy grin. "Do not fret--we'll be out here until the end of the evening, so do consider coming out to enjoy our display."
"They've done that every night this week, though..." Silver mutters. Lilia pats him on the back, which was a very fatherly way of saying 'we don't mention that part'.
You don't even have time to turn around before a sloppy kiss is pressed against your other cheek. Sebek--the culprit--looks like he's having an internal crisis over his own actions.
"Be safe! Happy Halloween!"
Alas, Silver was not going to let you leave without giving you a parting gift as well. "Happy Halloween, Prefect."
He places his kiss on your forehead, and then goes back to guard by your door quietly. All four of your favorite Diasomnia boys smile at you, and you laugh before lunging forward and planting a kiss on each of their cheeks in return.
"You guys! Awe! Happy Halloween--oh, and hey, this may be off-limits territory to anyone else, but don't be afraid to pop in for a drink or a place to rest, okay? It makes me happy that you guys are so close by... bye-bye for now!"
The door shuts behind you. The air outside suddenly turns lovesick.
"They're just the most adorable little thing, aren't they?" Lilia says in a thoughtful tone, his mischievous smile still on his lips.
Malleus stares at the door you disappeared behind. How long was it socially proper to wait before he takes you up on the offer of a visit?
"The best," he agrees.
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sara-scribbles · 3 hours ago
Rumor Has It
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland Leona Kingscholar/GN!Reader (one-sided), Malleus Draconia/GN!Reader Word Count: 1,090 Note: Like I said, this is probably better for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to publish it anyways. I might try to write some spooky (not really) prompts later. Warning(s): angst
There’s a rumor going around that the Ramshackle prefect has somehow befriended the fearsome Malleus Draconia. 
Leona usually doesn’t care what gossip travels through the school as long as it isn’t about him. However, this particular rumor drew his attention because it was about you and the horned bastard.
So when he arrived at the library during your usual study session, which usually meant you worked and Leona took a nap, he couldn't help but stare. You finally look up from your notes, meeting his piercing gaze.
Chin resting on the palm of his hand, he regards you quietly. After a beat of silence, he scowls. “You’re friends with that lizard,” he states.
Your brows knit together as you try to wrack your brain on who Leona could be referring to. Understanding dawns as your features smooth. “You mean Malleus? You could say we’re friends...”
“Better be careful that monster doesn’t make you his next meal,” he scoffs.
Rolling your eyes, you wave off his comment. “Malleus isn’t like that. He’s…” you pause as you try to find the right words “he’s different, but he’s nice. He wants to make friends even if he’s a bit intimidating, but that’s not really his fault.”
“Sounds like you like him.” His eyes narrow. Leona notices the way your features soften and your lip curves upward slightly when talking about the lizard. There’s a brightness in your eyes that is hard not to notice. A sort of soft ache settles in his chest as your eyes widen as you quickly babble out a denial.
“We-we’re just friends!” Tugging at your shirt collar, you avert your gaze. “Go to sleep, I can’t study with you talking to me,” you grumble.
Before he can say anything else, a sharp ‘shhh!’ from Riddle forces him to snap his mouth closed. He buries his head in his arms, but can’t sleep as your expression floats in the front of his thoughts.
There’s a rumor that the Ramshackle prefect is giving out chocolates to a certain Malleus Draconia.
He hears your footsteps before you come into view. In his usual napping place in the botanical gardens, you peer down at him from above. His nose twitches when a small red box is placed on his chest. 
“What’s this?” He sits up as he takes the offered box.
“I made chocolate,” you explain. “Anyways, I thought you’d like some, though I’m sure you already received plenty from admirers.”
Taking off the lid, perfectly square pieces of chocolate sit in neat rows in the box. He pops a piece in his mouth. The chocolate is smooth with a sweet yet bitter taste. “Dark chocolate…”
“Yup! I thought you might like it over milk. Plus, dark chocolate is supposed to be better for your health,” you inform him with a grin.
“Not bad, herbivore.” He covers the chocolates to save for later. “So, you like me?” He smirks as you give him a gentle saw on the top of his head.
Adjusting your book-bag, you shake your head. “Of course I like you. I wouldn’t let you nap on me otherwise.” Glancing down at your phone, you sigh. “Sorry I have to head to class. See you later?”
He gives you a halfhearted wave before settling back down for a nap. Your footfalls retreat in the distance as he finds himself unable to stop the small smile on his face. 
However, his good mood doesn’t last for long as he hears some students gossiping later in the day. He feels a jab in his chest again and absently touches his chest. He’s still clutching your box of chocolates as he stalks through the campus to Ramshackle dorm.
In the distance he can make out your figure at the gates of the dorm and the taller form of the lizard. You hand a similar red box over with a laugh. The chocolate he ate before leaves a horrible feeling in his mouth.
His keen hearing picks up your words as they float down the pathway. “...make gargoyle shaped chocolates. I hope you like them, Malleus!”
Leona’s jaw aches from clenching so much. “Thank you, child of man. These are…amazing.” He can hear the awe in the overgrown monster’s voice.
When he nears, you look over. Your lips are pressed into a pleased smile, and your eyes glitter brightly. “Oh, Leona? I thought I was meeting you in the library.” The glitter fades as you meet his gaze.
He throws the other male a look before shrugging. “I decided I wanted to take a nap at Ramshackle.” He saunters right between you and the horned bastard and deftly grabs your arm. He pulls you away without stopping as you give a quick good-bye.
One glance over his shoulder, Leona can’t help but feel victorious as the great Malleus Draconia stands by the gate looking dejected. Serves him right.
There’s a rumor going around that the Ramshackle prefect has fallen for Malleus Draconia.
Leona hears this rumor while waiting for class to start. His ears twitch as the students around him gossip in hushed whispers. He grinds his teeth as he hears that monster’s name mentioned with you again.
Leona leaves so he can’t hear anymore. His head pounds as he decides he needs a nap before he ends up snapping at someone. His walk through the empty halls is interrupted by a familiar laugh. Your laugh.
His blood runs cold as another, deeper, laugh mixes with your own. He doesn’t want to believe the rumor, but his heart can’t stop pounding loudly. As he rounds the corner, he sees you with the lizard. You’re leaning against the stone wall of an alcove while the lizard hovers over you.
You hold the monster’s hand as you jabber about something. He doesn’t take his eyes off your face as he listens intently. You two are intimately close, and there’s no denying that there’s something going on. You’re too engrossed in your conversation to notice Leona pass by. 
It’s for the better.
He’s not angry at you. No, he’s angry at himself for not acting. He should’ve done something the moment those idiotic rumors started going around. But he brushed them off, and he foolishly believed you would eventually pick him. Yet, he never really gave you a reason to choose him, and maybe you took his behavior as just a part of who he is. 
Rumor has it that Leona Kingscholar is in love with the Ramshackle prefect, but he was too late.
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lethargic-cremture · 18 hours ago
pov: you introduce what instant noodles are to malleus 🥺
Tumblr media
do not repost w/o permission, pls just rb instead
heres a low effort sketch - sorry i've been away for quite a bit. its my birthday month and also all my assignments deadlines are due this month too.
anyways i was inspird by some fics here about yuu/you eat instant noodles with malleus so yee
also yes i love my fav characters in turtlenecks and imagine malleus rocking in turtlenecks though a a aAaa
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mlk082 · 21 hours ago
Oddly specific, but could you write about how Malleus, Lilia, and Leona would take care of a reader who works at a hospital and has been working overtime and is getting burnt out, but refuses to relax? Thank you. 🥺
Burn Out - Malleus, Lilia, & Leona
Doesn’t like forcing you to do anything.
But he can't sit there while he sees you hurting yourself. You need proper sleep, and he's afraid that any moment you'll pass out somewhere because all forms of you is exhausted.
Emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.
Here is a herbal tea to calm your stress. How about you take a nap? His arms are always open to you. Would you like a snack?
Tries doing these little things for you to gently coax you to sleep and relaxing without actually forcing you.
But if you don't take it, he starts to get a bit worried.
When you finally come home, he's sleeping with you, and he won't let go the next morning until you call work to tell them you're taking a day off.
And he's still not letting go. You just stay in bed and catch up on sleep. But if you really won't, then you just sit and look pretty.
Dear, don't you know that's not good for you?
And he knows you know so he isn't going to tell you that.
Instead, Lilia will tell you his deduction of your burn out, and proceed to say that he wants you to rest.
He knows you know the damaging effects so he isn't going to repeat it.
He'll mention it casually when he puts you in a lock so you stay in pillows and blankets.
Doesn't want to resort to locking you down though, so asks you nicely to stay and take a day off.
You need a mental health day, and he's more than glad to help. Anything you need.
Chocolate, sleep, tea, alone time, all of it. But you aren't allowed paperwork or any work in general. Just rest.
Will say that you look tired.
Will then pick you up, and it doesn't matter how much you complain, you're going to bed. He does that sometimes anyway so it shouldn't be a problem.
He knows you want to, so take a breather will ya?
You're sore in all aspects, and he doesn't like it when you're cranky, so get your ass to bed and stay there.
You don't have to sleep right now, but you aren't doing work.
How about the two of you go outside and lay in the grass under the sun?
And yes, the two of you because he knows you'll run off and really burn yourself out if he doesn't keep you on a leash. (not literally, it's a form of figurative speech.)
He doesn't want to add to your stress though, so he'll be a charming asshole and coax you into relaxing.
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luxthestrange · a day ago
TWST!Memes #37
Tumblr media
Again Iike Idia,I dont see Mal Romanticly but...doesnt this just Feel How this woulda gone down?...With You and Mal
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choclatecoveredlove · 2 months ago
Your favorite??
synopsis: when asked who your favorite person is you respond with their name. they respond accordingly.
dorm leaders x reader
Tumblr media
are you- are you serious???
face is even redder than his hair
he can’t function for like a solid 20 minutes
has to make sure he isn’t hearing things
for the record you’re his favorite person too
he won’t admit it though because as a dormhead he has to remain unbiased
“Prefect, about what you said earlier, about me being your favorite- did you um.. did you mean what you said?.. Y-You did? Well I appreciate the sentiment.”
smug as hell
yeah of course he’s your favorite
he basically knew it already
honestly though it makes him so happy
he’s somebody’s #1 for once???
immediately pulls you into a tight hug and refuses to let go
“What’s wrong herbivore? Don’t you wanna be held by your favorite person? … And for the record, you’re my favorite person too, so don’t go sayin’ that about anyone else, ‘kay?”
oh shoot you killed azul
his brain is just white noise for like a solid hour
floyd and jade have a great time teasing him about it
he cant believe someone said something so nice to him
does he cry later when he thinks about it? yes
“ I’m the prefects favorite, really?!? This isn’t a joke?? I mean.. of course I’m their favorite. Um please excuse me, I have to do something..”
he’s your what??????
well youre his favorite too!!!
but so is jamil
oh and his mom and dad and his siblings and-
but now he wants to throw a party to show how happy he is that you said that
“Huh?!? Do you mean it?!? Wow, that’s so sweet!! Hehe you’re so cute! You’re my favorite person too y’know!!”
he’s definitely heard that before
it means a lot more coming from you though
he already knew that he was though
he’ll make you say it whenever he’s feeling down
will make you say it in front of neige
he is your fairest one of all
“Oh? I’m your favorite, do you truly mean that? That’s very sweet of you potato. Since you shared a secret with me I’ll share one with you as well, you’re my favorite as well.”
passes out
ortho has to wake him up
bright pink hair
super embarrassed but also super cocky at the same time
like he’s a loser shut-in but also he’s a genius so why wouldn’t you like him???
he doesn’t associate with a lot of people so it’s kinda hard to pick favorites but you’re up their
“ I-I-I’m your what??!?!? You can’t just say things like that!!! I guess I get it though- I mean I’m basically a genius so why wouldn’t I be your favorite!!”
woah no one has ever said that to him before (sebek is the exception)
after the initial shock wears off he becomes smug
i mean why wouldn’t you like him
he’s a crown prince, handsome, and incredibly talented
“ Child of man, I did not know you felt so strongly about me. Truth be told, I feel very strongly about you as well, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. Shall we begin our courtship now?”
A/n: Umm okay first work is fine idk i threw up before writing this so brain is a little fuzzy. hope you enjoy at least!! and feel free to request something ^^
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tezret · 2 months ago
Fae Culture
Malleus standing at the end of your bed: You’re ethereal
You/Reader, looking over at him: Was it really necessary to wake me up at… *looks over at phone* 4am to tell me this?
Malleus: Yes…
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kalims · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jealousy, jealousy,
I reckon yuu has atleast some people admiring them for their 'heroic' acts for each dorms, ironically enough
characters. riddle, leona, azul, kalim, vil, idia, malleus.
includes. gn!reader, flowers aren't limited to girls.
cw. each has a student from their dorm/another liking reader, book 5 spoilers? kinda.
note. this was supposed to be for celebrating 4k and originally I had a fic that I was supposed to publish but I got really busy w/ school and stuff so I supposed I'll just drop this 😚 I'm also sick btw *cries
Tumblr media
if someone asked you; "what do you think the students see you as?" you'd probably answer, "a wannabe I guess." technically you were sure that you were right about your guess. if there's anything that you'd know about a school that worships villians is that they'd hate someone whose the polar opposite.
which is you, with you basically 'saving' the dorm leaders and all. atleast the person in question didn't seem to pick at you for helping them and not going like 'I don't need your help.'
which is also why you're.. shocked to say the least when some random student you can't say that looks familiar hands you a bouquet of flowers, clearly flushing at your stare. you notice a white envelope tucked into the variety of flowers as well as a box of chocolates.
funnily enough you wondered if twisted wonderland celebrated valentines day on a different month.
albeit the possibly hundred other gazes from the other people. why'd they have to do this in the cafeteria exactly? it would've saved you the trouble if they did it on a more private scale.
you can only smile at them politely. honesty feeling a mixture of embarrassment and shyness cause you've never received such a bold confession yourself. "thank you?" you feel a little bad when they deflate at your short answer to their gifts but nevertheless pleased.
"you're welcome. I tried to pick out the flowers for someone as special as you but it can't compare." they absent-mindedly state. you can't hide the grin on your face, you just met this person and they're already flattering you. it feels nice to be appreciated.
kinda cringe but you take it back this person is really cool.
— riddle rosehearts
bystander number 1. who wants to collar that person by anger, along with jealousy then proceed to stomp away. riddle would actually do that but only when you're not around cause you'd probably not be too happy if he punishes your 'friend' and he wants you to see him as the 😇 reliable young lad everyone loves.
suddenly had the will to impress you and one upped everything the other person did. so they got a 49 on the magical analysis test? that's too bad, riddle got 50. get on his level. so they answer correctly only when called? well riddle's voluntarily raising his hand and getting them all correct. oh they can cook?
oh well. he can do everything else better else than cooking so it doesn't really matter. you'd be a fool to choose someone else over him. but he supposes its part of the charm, infatuatingly enough.
— leona kingscholar
bystander number 2 who either just doesn't care or is secretly really mad. knowing leona it's probably the latter because it's leona and if there's something he hates it's probably getting upped by some random person whom he's clearly better than. you must be really blind if you have the audacity to ramble about said person to him.
went really grumpy for the span of days to weeks. ruggie literally would do anything you ask if it meant that leona's gonna be to his old self, lazy sure but he didn't used to place this much work on him!
your fault or not you'd probably also get affected by his drastic change of attitude. bro literally ignored you as well as everyone else, reverting to his mean self but treating you with more bitterness. it's probably not your fault but he doesn't regret a thing because you actually look upset when he pays you no mind. so you do feel something for him 😒😏. flashbacks to kaeya
— azul ashengrotto
bystander number 3. who's borderlining between wanting to get depressed then crawl in his octo pot to cry and absolutely ruining everything this random cheap made. I mean, really? those aren't even your favorite flowers! where did they get them, at the nearest dollar store? if he were them he'd give you the most expensive flowers you'd ever lay your eyes on!
and that's what he does actually; literally showed up on your doorstep with a handsome smile and gave you the most prettiest flowers you've seen yet. consider yourself charmed! bro literally made you forget about that other person for days until you saw them like a month later which is kinda bizarre..
the twins don't let you know that azul put them up on a 'job' to keep em' away. but it does use for good blackmail material against the jealous octopus.
— kalim al asim
bystander number 4. legit doesn't get jealous. kalim literally is just happy that you have admirers like him because you deserve it! he'd be more upset if you didn't have admirers honestly. okay but lowkey though, he isn't trying to compete at all but you receive a large bouquet, definitely much grander than the one you received and a heartfelt letter tucked into it.
how was that person supposed to win you over when kalim does it better?? ok but this is like the jamil situation in book 5 LOL.
if he actually somehow gets jealous he feels bad because he knows he'll do it better ( not condescending /gen ) so he just resorts to trying to win your affection and forgets about not trying then completely overshadowed the other person's previous attempts. bro only spared a 'I feel bad' look then smiling again because yay! you like him better now :)
— vil schoenheit
bystander number 5. AKA, the one who knows he'll do better and actually does do it better ( condescending ). vil doesn't even bother doing anything cause he trusts you enough to make the.. correct, choice. you do know that he's one of the most sought off person in the world, right? you'd be a fool to not see that.
okay but maybe he is a little paranoid that you actually will choose them so he actually does put in effort..
I mean nearly everyone is scared terrified of rook right? what's one more person to the count? he totally does not purposely send out rook to stalk them so he can expose them on social media .. or make him stall them somewhere so he has the chance to whisk you away and you losing the ability to see them for this day.. oh well, it's better to just spend it with vil since you're free anyways..
— idia shroud
bystander number 6 who was there but actually not there..? physically not present but he was there, somehow.. *looks at camera in the far, FAR corner of the ceiling*. idia doesn't know whether to start crying because you actually looked happy with their CRINGE. confession.. the crying is a more intense period than azul's btw.
or.. actually there's no or, that's just what he's gonna do. close his electronic device, crawl into his bed and cry into his body pillow. fear not. little brother ortho to the rescue! ortho actually suggested destroying any evidence of a 'disappearance' if that poor soul just happened to not be present for years but idia quickly shot that idea down, he actually pondered on agreeing but no way he's gonna let them win by that!
hijacks all their phones, PC's, whatever other stuff so that it's completely off, no other person can fix it besides him. and he's definitely not gonna do that so the person ghosts you for weeks, so you get mad and ghost them irl.. wow his masterplan actually worked. no ortho pls don't force me to 'comfort' them..
— malleus draconia
bystander number 7 who genuinely doesn't see the appeal of this basic little b— human :). like? hello?? he's right here, open your eyes child of man. no need to tolerate the pathetic display they just did that doesn't live up to your very existence, they might as well compare you to gravel on the floor from how poor they executed their weird analogy.
he could legit go on and on about every single feature you have, your eyes, mouth, face, shape.. he would present you a microsoft presentation for it if you ask and it literally is godly description type of thing. you could finish listening to one of them and you'd be in TEARS ☠.
bros so sentimental. he thanks lilia for the advice of microsoft presentation because you now look completely convinced. malleus has the pride to spare the other person a smirk when your attention is fully on him :D.
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malleus-apprieciation · 11 hours ago
Malleus Draconia
At the sound of the door opening followed by a pair of footsteps walking in, Malleus brings his attention from his book to the person who had just entered his room, You. He watched as you walked towards him, gesturing for him to move arms a little so you could duck under and lay your head in his lap.
He closed the book he was holding and set it aside on the table beside him. He grabbed one of your hands and gave it a kiss, smiling down at you.
"Is everything alright, my love?"
"Mhm." You nodded, playing with his hand that held yours. "Just wanted to come and see you."
Malleus chuckled and began to trace his fingers on your cheeks. You closed your eyes and relaxed from his gentle touch. "Well, I'm very pleased to have you here. Your presence is always welcomed."
Ah shit.
"So, what were you reading?" You opened your eyes to stare into his.
"A book about a very lonely man who lived in isolation for most of his life as he was feared by everyone else until he met a young woman by accident in the forest."
Wow, that kinda sounds familiar. No I'm shitting, I'm unoriginal and can't think of a random book description bruh unless I decided to make up some bullshit crack one.
"That sounds cool."
"It's quite interesting, would you like me to read to you from the beginning?"
"Yeah, sure." You turned to your side just so you could hug his leg to feel more comfortable, listening once Malleus grabbed the book from the table and read each word out loud.
After some time, You couldn't help the tiredness that began to overcome you and tried to keep your eyes open (fighting for life bruh). It didn't work out you as were lured into sleep by Malleus's soothing voice.
It wasn't until he heard you lightly snoring did he look down, noticing that you had fallen asleep to which he then smiled and continued on with his reading.
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kaiijo · 6 months ago
the housewardens crushing on you
characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, vil, idia, malleus notes: descriptions + mentions of food/eating, Idia’s takes direct inspo from the vignette “that party animal from class” other crushes: first years
riddle rosehearts
Bless him, Riddle is so high-strung around you. He just wants to give off the impression of being someone who is refined, dependable, and put-together, which he is under normal circumstances. But with a crush on you, he's constantly caught off-guard by your praise and compliments and seems to permanently have a red face.
“Are you sure all the roses are red, Trey?” Riddle asked, eyes sweeping the garden for what felt like the hundredth time. And, for the hundredth time, Trey assured him that yes, the roses were red; the mouse in the teapot had a smear of jam on its nose; and, per rule 228, as it was Wednesday, no one picked any flowers.
“Why’s the housewarden so tense today?” Riddle heard one Heartslabyul student ask. His friend responded, “I don’t know, it’s just another Unbirthday party.”
Riddle huffed, the urge to collar them growing, though he refrained. It wasn’t just another Unbirthday party, it was the one he personally invited you to, so it had to be perfect—or at least close to that.  
Trey placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It looks great, Riddle. This could be the best Unbirthday party that we’ve put on.”
Riddle nodded, silent, still examining the area for anything out of place. Then, he heard Cater’s loud voice, followed by Deuce and Ace’s, and then yours. He straightened and brushed down his uniform just as you entered the garden.
“Merry Unbirthday!” Trey cheered, prompting the other Heartslabyul students to follow suit.
You laughed, “Thanks! This all looks great!”
“Riddle did most of it,” Trey said. “He picked out the tea and pastries and everything.”
Riddle shot a glare at Trey, who just smiled and winked back at him. With a rapidly reddening face, Riddle motioned gracefully to the table at the center of the celebration. “The guest of honor sits there.”
“Aww, this is so awesome, Riddle!” you said as he led you, pulling the chair out for you.
“Thank you. I wanted you to have the merriest Unbirthday.”
“Well, this certainly looks very merry,” you said. “Can I try one?” You pointed at the cookies neatly piled on the tiered tower.
When he nodded, you added, “Actually? Can you pick one out for me?”
“Me?” he asked, his collar feeling too tight and too hot all of a sudden. When you gave an affirmative hum, he paused and thought hard. You often stayed away from super sweet treats and he had seen you go for the carrot cake as your after-dinner dessert… Riddle pulled out one of the spice cookies, holding it out to you.
Cookie still in Riddle’s hand, you leaned forward to take a small bite, flavors bursting immediately. You savored the slight heat of the cookie and enjoyed the way the flavors made you think of autumn. “That’s delicious!” you said. “Did Trey make these?”
Riddle looked away from you to try and hide his blush. “I did, actually… with Trey’s help.”
“Incredible,” you said. You waited until he faced you and said, “I want to thank you for this again. I don’t think anyone’s ever done anything this nice for me before.”
Riddle’s face went bright red.
leona kingscholar
You have to look past Leona’s gruff exterior and scathing sarcasm to figure out that he likes you. To the untrained eye, it’s hard to tell but when you know what to look for, it’s much easier. Ruggie figured it out pretty quickly when he saw Leona going out of his way to help you multiple times even if it inconvenienced him. For Leona, his actions are a lot louder than his words.
For Crewel’s class, you had to get a plant from the botanical garden and study it. You had actually spotted Leona earlier, luxuriating on a bench in a sunny patch of light. You didn’t say anything to him, knowing better than to disturb him during his midday nap.
As you and your friends surveyed the gardens, you stumbled upon a bright red flower with equally vivid green leaves that you had never seen before. You reached for it but before you could touch a petal, a strong hand caught your wrist. “Are you stupid or something?” You looked up to see Leona glowering at you, ears flicking.
He motioned to the plant. “That’s a Coccineum Solani. If you touch it, it’ll spit out poisonous liquid,” he said, dropping your wrist.
“Yeah, maybe you should pay attention in class more, then you wouldn’t need saving.”
“That’s a little rich coming from you.”
“I at least know better than to touch a plant that looks like that.” He continued, “Don’t you know that bright colors in the wild can mean something’s dangerous?”
“I think so.”
He rolled his eyes and said, “You’re lucky I was here or you’d be dead on the floor.”
“You’re right,” you said, grinning at him. “You’re my hero, Leona!”
His ears twitched and he asked, “What were you even going to do with the flower?”
“It’s for Crewel’s class, we need to bring back a plant to research.”
He pointed to your left, at a lilac flower. “That’s a hibiscus flower that’s native to the Sunset Savanna. Go pick that, it’s not poisonous.” He turned, saying over his shoulder, “I’m going back to nap. Try not to make a racket.” He didn’t go back to his original spot, though. Instead, he laid down on a bench near you, telling himself that he was only doing it because it was close and he wanted to get back to sleep fast.
azul ashengrotto
Azul crushing on you is pretty sweet. He’ll get more flustered around you, slipping out of his calm and collected self more frequently. He draws up contracts and makes deals with you as a way to spend time with you, even though it would be a lot easier to just ask you. He also gives you discounts to the Mostro Lounge and makes up some super lame excuse when Floyd and Jade ask about why you’re the only one receiving them.
The week of finals before winter break was always pretty hectic. The library was filled to the brim with students checking out books for classes or trying to find quieter places to study than their dorms. You were no exception, searching for a very specific book on animal linguistics.
You ran your finger over the book spines as you went down the aisle, finally finding the book you were looking for. However, before you could pull it out, you heard a voice from behind you. “If you’re studying for Professor Trein’s Animal Linguistic test, that’s not the best book to use.”
“Hey, Azul,” you said, looking over your shoulder at him with a smile. “Which one would you recommend, then?”
“A Complete and Comprehensive History of the Origins of Animal Linguistics,” he answered. “There’s only one copy in the library and I’ve already checked it out.”
“Oh,” you sighed, shoulders slumping.
Azul quickly added, “I can share it with you, if you’d like.”
“Really?” You eyed him, half-joking, half-serious. “What’s the catch?”
“It’s a small price,” he said. You waited, nodding for him to go on. He fixed his glasses and cleared his throat, saying, “You’ll study with me.”
“That’s your price?” If you had looked a little closer, you could have seen the growing pink on his cheeks. “Isn’t that more of a disadvantage to you?”
He shook his head quickly. “No! I-I’ve read that studying with someone else boosts productivity and success.”
“Where’d you read that? Because studying with Ace and Deuce doesn’t—”
“Somewhere,” he said, a little too hastily. He adjusted his tie and asked, “So, do we have a deal or not?” He summoned a golden contract and a pen. With a small smile and a shrug, you signed your name on the line.
“Excellent,” he said, rolling the contract up. “I’ll see you in Octavinelle tonight? Around five?”
“Yeah, that sounds good!”
As you retreated, Floyd sidled up next to Azul. “Aww, it’s funny to see you get this red, Boss! You look like Goldfishie!”
“I’m not red,” sniffed Azul, though his face said otherwise. He looked at Floyd with narrowed eyes. “Don’t you have a shift at the Mostro Lounge right now?”
“Yes, but it’s so much more fun to see you with a crush! You look so squeezable when you’re with them.”
“Floyd, get back to work.”
kalim al-asim
You have to be very oblivious to not know that Kalim has a crush on you. From the way his cheerfulness grows exponentially when you’re around to the flirty and respectful touches to your shoulder and arm to the extravagant gifts he gets you that come all the way from the Scalding Sands.
As you placed the new necklace that Kalim had given you into your jewelry box, you took a step back and stared into the box. In the past weeks, Kalim had gifted you a bunch of stuff: jewelry made of real gold with real gems, specially handmade pots for your succulents, silk blankets and shirts, finely woven carpets. He had even commissioned the one-of-a-kind jewelry box you were looking at.
There weren’t any special occasions that prompted any of this. Your birthday was months away and the holidays just as far in the future. You appreciated the gifts, but a) they would take over your room soon, b) you didn’t need all this, and c) you sort of felt that you were taking advantage of Kalim in a way, even if he was giving you all this unprompted.
As you walked past the gym, you heard the squeak of shoes and the rhythmic dribbling of the basketball. You peeked in, seeing Floyd, Ace, and the man you had been looking for. “Jamil!” you called, and said man paused his drills, tucking the ball under his arm and walking over.
“Do you need something?” he asked, not unkindly. When you nodded, he said, “I’m guessing it has something to do with Kalim?”
“Yeah.” You shared your concerns with Jamil, and he listened patiently, nodding.
“I’ve tried to tell him to stop,” he said wearily. “Or at least to slow down. But we both know that Kalim isn’t the best listener.”
You opened your mouth to respond, about to say that it was so sweet but so unnecessary of Kalim, when you spotted him out of the corner of your eye, approaching from down the hall. He shouted your name, bounding over. Jamil glanced at you as you shifted your attention.
“Hey!” you said before noting the object in Kalim’s hand. “Is that—?”
“You mentioned that you were looking for a new hand cream,” he said, taking your hand and placing the bottle in your palm. “It’s my mother’s favorite and her hands are always really soft and nice.”
“Oh,” you said. You looked at Jamil, who just used his eyes to point at Kalim. You knew what you had to do, squaring your shoulders. “Kalim, I need to talk to you.”
“Okay… that sounds scary,” he said and you gently grabbed his elbow, leading him away from the basketball club.
You took a deep breath, collecting your thoughts. “All your gifts have been super nice, Kalim, but I think it’s gotten a little excessive.”
He visibly deflated right in front of you and you hastily added on, “It’s no that I don’t appreciate them, I really, really do. It’s just… I don’t know, I feel like I’m using you? Does that make sense?”
“Not really. I’m giving them to you because…” For once, Kalim seemed almost shy, shifting his weight. “I’m giving them to you because I really care about you, I think as more than a friend.”
vil schoenheit
Vil doesn’t actually act a lot different than before now that he has a crush on you. He really just ups the ante in trying to impress you — taking a lot more time with his makeup and outfits, working constantly to improve himself so he could be worthy of you. He made conscious choices to try and incorporate things he knows you like into his routines. If you like sparkly eyeshadow, he’ll wear more sparkly eyeshadow.
Vil was a little surprised when he heard you had joined the Equestrian Club. It wasn’t that he thought you hated horses or anything, it was just that  you never mentioned it before, and while Vil admired horses’ majesty and strength, taking care of them was not the cleanest of things to do.
When you had caught wind that Vil canceled Film Studies for the week, you were shocked, and you were even more shocked when he, instead, showed up at the stables, dressed in the prettiest riding gear you had ever seen.
“Vil! What a nice surprise,” you said, finishing with tacking up your horse. “I didn’t know you were interested in horseback riding.”
“I figured I should try it, it’s quite an elegant sport.”
“Right!” Your horse nudged your face with its snout and you giggled, reaching into a small pouch on your belt and pulling out two sugar cubes, feeding them to her. “Here, I’ll help you set up.”
After you finished tacking up Vil’s horse, the two of you led them to the ring, where Riddle, Sebek, and Silver were already taking some warm-up laps. “Vil,” Riddle said, trotting over to the two of you as you mounted your horses. “This is quite a surprise.”
Vil smiled coolly, replying, “I’ve always had an interest, but I had responsibilities to the Film Studies club before.”
Riddle nodded and said, “Just follow us, we’re not doing anything taxing today, just letting the horses stretch their legs a little and maybe we’ll bring them out.”
Vil nodded and as he got his horse moving, you saw how much of a quick learner Vil truly was, as he eased into riding in no time with bits of advice from you and Riddle.
“I must say,” Silver said as Vil passed his horse, “you’ve gotten this pretty quickly.”
“You look so elegant,” Sebek said. “Of course, not as elegant as the Young Master—”
“Sebek,” Silver sighed out, exasperated.
“Thank you,” Vil said, moving his horse forward to ride next to you.
“They’re right, Vil! I’ve never seen anyone learn so quickly,” you said.
“You’re very sweet,” he said. “I did have a very good teacher, after all.” He gave you a warm smile and walked his horse ahead, and you were glad that he did so he wouldn’t see catch you placing a hand on your rapidly warming cheek.
idia shroud
Please handle Idia with care, he’s very fragile when he has a crush. He doesn’t have the confidence to approach you in-person and often settles for watching you from afar and sometimes from his room through the cameras he set up around school. He doesn’t do it to be creepy, he really is just that helpless.
You were leaving class when you saw the most unlikely quartet of Kalim, Rook, Cater, and — the one that made the group unlikely — Idia. The panic and obvious distress was written very clearly over Idia’s face and you figured that you’d help bail him out of this.
Kalim spotted you and waved. “Hey!” The other three turned around, and Idia looked like he was about to faint. “We were just about to head over to Scarabia!”
“Oh? What’s the occasion?”
“We’re going to get to know Roi de sa Chambre better,” Rook said and Cater nodded along enthusiastically. You glanced back at Idia, who was bright pink with visible beads of sweat on his hairline.
You nodded before turning to Idia, asking, “Isn’t there a new event for that game that you like? I’m surprised you’re choosing dinner over that.”
“I-I—” Idia stuttered before opening his tablet. yeah!! im super excited for the event! i really want to play it asap
“Oh!” Kalim jumped a little. “Why didn’t you say so? We’ll let you do that, but you owe us a meal, yeah?”
“Aww,” Cater said, pouting. “So no Idia?”
Rook clapped a hand on his back. “But we’ll still get delicious food!”
“That’s right!” Kalmi cheered, “Jamil’s still cooking.” He turned to you and asked, “Want to tag along?”
“No, I actually want to check out the game too. But definitely another time.”
As the trio made their way to the Hall of Mirrors, you saw Idia let out a deep breath. He wouldn’t meet you eyes though, keeping them glued to his screen as he tapped away. tysm!! idk what i would’ve done if you hadn’t stepped in!
“You looked like you needed help. But I wasn’t lying, I’m going to check the event out too.”
you play??
You nodded. “Yeah! Actually—” You pulled your phone out. “Give me your ID so we can be friends.”
You saw his face turn a deeper pink. Your phone buzzed and you saw a text from an unknown number with Idia’s player ID. “Cool!” you said, turning to walk back to your dorm. “I’ll add you as soon as I get back!”
If you looked back, you would’ve seen Idia’s hair flare up.
malleus draconia
Malleus has been isolated for most of his life, so he doesn’t have a lot of experience with crushing on someone. At first, when he begins to develop feelings for you, he seriously believes that he just has a stomach ache. Either he figures it out or Lilia tells him, but he eventually does acknowledge his feelings. He’s so, so soft with you when he has a crush; he doesn’t want to scare you away so he’s generally much gentler with you than others.
“Oh, I didn’t know anyone would be out here this late,” you said, walking onto the sports field late at night. Malleus stood in the middle, staring up at the night sky. You approached, stopping to stand beside him. As you breathed out, your breath puffed in the brisk air.
“I didn’t expect anyone this late either,” he said. “What brings you out at this hour?”
“Couldn’t sleep. You?”
“I like the night air,” he said. “And watching the stars reminds me of when Lilia would take me to the roof of the castle in Briar Valley.”
“Ah,” you said, sitting down on the grass and patting the space beside you. “Do you miss Briar Valley often?”
He sat next to you and answered, “I suppose so. It’s not all the time but I get aches for it now and then. It felt simpler then, but it was…”
You waited for him to continue and when he didn’t, you gently prodded, “It was…”
He considered his words carefully. “Solitary,” he finally said. “Even though I had Lilia and Silver and Sebek, it was quite solitary.”
You nodded, not sure how to reply and you don’t think that Malleus expected one from you. The two of you sat in a comfortable silence, listening to the wind rustle the leaves in the trees and the chirps of crickets and other nocturnal creatures in the distance.
You pulled your cardigan tighter around you. You hadn’t anticipated it being this cold nor did you think you would be sitting in one place for so long. Malleus noticed your slight shivering and he slipped his blazer off, placing it on your shoulders. You looked at him. “Won’t you be cold, though?”
He shook his head. “I don’t get cold often.”
There was no room for argument in his reply but you still felt guilty, so slowly and carefully, you scooted closer to him until your arms and legs brushed against each other. You felt him tense a little and then relaxed, not moving away. He leaned into you lightly, and you didn’t move away either.
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