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Replaced? (Part 4)
Part 3
Female reader!, Twisted Wonderland fanfiction, angst
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TW: belittling, breakdown, fainting, mentions of starving self, mentions of being dehydrated, stress…
Tumblr media
Part 4: I just wanna leave.
- I never thought you could act like this towards an other girl, towards the ONLY other girl.
Riddle had this look on his face, a look you hated to see as a child. One that described how disappointed he was, how much faith he had put into you but it just vanished into thin air after he heard some well built lies… You were not that close with the Heartslabyul housewarden, you respected him highly and would always see him as a broken kid who grew up in an awful environment. But now, you saw him as a stranger: you didn’t recognize him anymore, just like you didn’t recognize Ace and Deuce… Will Trey and Cater also think like the rest of them? Will all of Heartslabyul see you as what you’re not? A monster that finds entertainment in bullying a girl out of jealousy..? Your ears started ringing, you could feel the rage building up in your stomach and boiling hot.
- Listen- I don’t know why but she hates my guts..! I wouldn’t have said those things if she didn-
- Enough Y/n. Don’t try to justify what’s not justifiable… it’s a pity it has to come to this.
- What do you mean? Jack said, a frown on his face.
Riddle sighed, an exasperated one. He looked over at Jack, giving him a glare that said it all: "Stay out of this."
- Y/n L/n, as for respect of the students in my care and for respect towards the victim, you are forbidden, as of now, to step a foot in The Queen of Hearts’ dormitory.
- W-what..?
- Isn’t this out of proportion?! Jack growled, his hands tightening into fists.
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, finally making your eyeballs turn red and shiny. Could you take anymore of this? Could you really stand there as all your friends will reject and throw you away like a mere stranger? A mere bully?
- Riddle listen-
- Sorry. I cannot listen to this anymore.
The wolf was startled, just like Riddle. Grim gulped: he never saw you snap like this at all.
- Do you really think your in position to raise yo-
- Yes I am!! I’ve been putting up with this shit for too long!! And it’s only been two days!! You had trouble breathing, holding onto Jack’s arm as you felt yourself getting weaker. I am done with this bullshit!! Vanessa has been nothing but an arrogant little bitch with me!! She told lies, stole from me and even blackmailed me!!
- Y/n you’re gonna have to calm dow-
- What in tarnation is going on-
Cater walked by, Trey at his side. Deuce and Ace were following behind, Vanessa running after them. Trey looked worried but you feared he’d follow Riddle in every decision he’d make. Cater walked towards you, picking up his pace as he saw how distressed and upset you were. He saw your tears and was quick to catch them, looking at Jack for explanations until he realized you were still digging daggers into Riddle’s eyes with your own.
- What the fuck happened to her?! Riddle??
The genuine worry on Cater’s face made you realize one thing: you were NOT okay. Jack had his arm wrapped around your waist as he felt your grasp onto his arm getting weaker and fading slowly. He tried calming you down, purring in your ears: "it’s okay", "you’re fine"… and then, darkness. What was happening, you didn’t know. All you could say about the entire situation was that you heard Jack and Grim panicking, Trey ordering the other about what had to be done: carrying you to the infirmary, making sure you just fainted and nothing worse… you heard Cater yelling at Riddle, accusing him of being the cause of all this. Riddle defended himself, telling everyone that you accused Vanessa of being the reason behind your state. The girl and Ace were quick to argue while Deuce couldn’t even be heard. All their voices started to fade away, no sound reaching your ears after a while… pure darkness. Pure loneliness…
~ A while later ~
You woke up in a dim lit room. You could tell it was the infirmary by the smell of clean sheets and all the white you saw: the bed was oddly comfortable, you took a glance around yourself only to notice Grim resting on your chest, purring loudly. Sitting on some chairs around your bed was Jack, his arms crossed over his chest while he slowly started to drift off to sleep and Cater. Cater was wide awake though. He held back a yawn and almost fell off his chair when he saw your eyes open.
- Y/n!! How are you feeling??
- F-fine..? You didn’t even know.
You didn’t know because of how tired you were: you were sleep deprived.
- Oh hello Y/n. Jack said half asleep. How are you..?
- What did the doctor say..?
Cater and Jack looked at each other. What? Was your state serious? Were you in danger? Grim spoke up suddenly:
- You need sleep! Food! And even water!! You’re in too much stre- Cater slammed his hand on Grim’s mouth.
- We said we were gonna take it easy! Geeeez-
The redhead then proceeded to explain to you what had happen while you were out. It turned out you really were sleep deprived, just like Grim said. But your body was also weak because of the lack of food and water in it. Jack then said that you had unconsciously drink the water the doctor gave you, mentioning it wasn’t enough considering you most likely were dehydrated.
- And you also were under a lot of stress.. doc said it wasn’t healthy. Cater added.
- I see.
You still felt angry, your blood still boiling hot in your body. It didn’t matter if you needed to eat or drink, sleep or relax, right now you wanted to punch a bitch.
- When can I leave the infirm-
- Where is she?
The voice that was heard just now was a deep one. A deep voice with both concern and rage in it: you quickly figured who it was by the sound of it.
- M-Malleus Draconia?? Cater said with worry. Who are you talking about..?
- Obviously the student Y/n L/n. Where is sh- his eyes fell upon you before he could finish his sentence.
"Oh dear Seven" you heard him say under his breathe: the way he looked at you, sadness in his eyes but also anger on his features… he walked towards your bed, in a hurry. Before you could even blink or say anything, his arms were draped under your legs and around your back, picking you up and holding you protectively against his chest.
- What are you doing? She needs rest! Jack said.
- She will rest where she will be protected. I trusted you guys since you’re her friends but clearly, her stress was due to you being the most selfish and horrible people.
- Mal’… it’s not them… your nose started itching. Cater and Jack were there for me…
Your throat ran dry: you were already in need of more water in your body but the sadness that filled your lungs suddenly made you wanna cry. You wanted nothing more than to sob, cling onto Malleus as you screamed out the pain your weak being was feeling. Too much pressure, too much stress, too much sadness, too much rage… you helped them all. You had to deal with their stress, anger and sadness: when they threw pamper tantrums, when they overblotted, when they left you… you were always there, suffering for them to be happy. You realized, only now, that everything was too much for you to handle anymore.
- I-I just wanna leave… please… you choked on a sob, finally crying out your pain.
Malleus looked desperate to help you, soothing you gently with his voice, whispering in your ear: “it’s gonna be just fine”, “do not worry anymore”… he held you closer as he indicated to Grim to follow where he would lead.
- Cater Diamond, Jack Howl, I apologize for misjudging you two. He slightly bowed to them, careful not to drop you even though his hold onto you was firm enough. Please do tell the ones who caused Y/n to fell ill and to be this upset that I will personally deal with them if her state worsen. Understood?
Your two friends gulped and swallowed hard as the horned man’s glare was most certainly enough to make the strongest mage in the world shake with fear.
- Y-yes sir!! Cater obliged.
You cried into Malleus’ chest, feeling him take his leave from the infirmary. He walked down the hallway, making sure to shield your shaking form from the prying eyes. Grim was on your tracks, following him up close, staying by your side no matter what. Your throat was hurting, you started to have a headache, your eyes itched from how much tears you were pouring onto the Diasomnia housewarden’s chest…
- I’m bringing you to Diasomnia Y/n. You’ll stay with us for as long as you need to. Don’t worry okay? He said in a reassuring voice.
- Can… can you tell Floyd and Jade..? Tell them I’m staying with you…
Malleus nodded, telling you he’ll make sure to bring the twins to you as soon as possible. But for now, he wanted you to rest: you had to be laid down into the most comfortable bed and eat the most delicious meal. The fae obviously told Lilia to take care of everything, you would be treated just like a princess.
~ At Diasomnia ~
- I’ll stay by her side Malleus. Why don’t you go tell the Leech twins about this?
- I should yes… but it’s upsetting leaving her behind.
Lilia pushed him out the room, hurrying him into the hallway while he gently closed the door behind him. He reassured him that he would keep an eye on you and will tend to all your needs while you were here.
- Take care of her.
- I will.
On these words, Malleus took his leave, making his way to Octavinelle as he entrusted you to the short man. You were still asleep after all the crying you did: you were weak, your body still lacked sleep and water. You also didn’t eat in a few days, which was due to all the stress everyone put you through and the insecurity you felt because of Vanessa. Dried tears stained your cheeks as you slept somehow peacefully, your form shaking a bit due to the cold temperature at Diasomnia.
- I’m sorry you had to go through all this alone Y/n. Lilia sat next to you on the bed.
He brought the covers up to your chest, tucking you in. He then added another layer of warmth with a blanket that he laid on top of the bedsheets. He had cautiously prepare a glass of fresh water on the bedside table for when you would wake up and he made sure to ask Silver to cook something that would boost your energy. It was best to keep Lilia away from the kitchen, right?
- Malleus won’t let anything happen to you again.
To be continued…
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horrible shirts for the twst guys again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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myuunji · a day ago
Yuu’s pronoun is they/he.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy yumeversary Treyyy 🙆💖
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Science Club is now in session!
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Day 4: Breath Play
 ‘Look at this skull
                                 Isn’t it pretty?’
Tumblr media
Summary: Trey just had his breath taken away from him.
Warning: Sexual Activities, N-sfw content, Porn with no plot, Dom! Reader. Don’t like just keep scrolling.
 Trey loved the feeling of your hand around his neck and the and the squeeze you did when you thrust. he locked the feeling of not being able to breathe slightly but still you being kind enough to let him actually take a breath.
You were so kind to him even in the circumstances he put you in.
 You and him have always done this before though you will always worry do you want too far when you did so, of course he comfort you all that I'm telling you he was fine.
Though you still couldn't get enough, you wanted him to be OK, so in between sessions you would always ask if you were holding too tight.
   “You're ok, right?”
   “Y-yeah, I’m- I’m fine, j-just k-keep going~”
  And keep you did.
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tunabesimpin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just normal heartslabyul things ^v^! + the scrunkly!
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noirezki · 5 months ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Mc: So, how many did you refrain from collaring today?
Riddle: Thirty two
Mc: Good for you
Mc: Here, have a strawberry
Riddle, expectantly: I've also refrained from fourteen severe maimings
Mc: *Hands him a second strawberry*
Mc: Positive reinforcement
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akaipepo · 21 days ago
to all my fellow trey si- i mean haters out there 👊🏻🌌
Tumblr media
i can be fast as fuck when i want to but not when i need to 💀
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fungifanart · 2 months ago
Trey: Hello there, we’re here to collect your wish if you’d be so kind.
Random student: Why should I? I’m way too old to do childish stuff like wishing on a star or whatever.
MC, standing next to Trey: Do it or else I’ll rip your goddamn ears off. How’s that for an incentive?
Student: Yeah? And who the hell are you? You’re not dressed like a Stargazer so why’d you think you can just jump in on this conversation?
MC: I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limpdick unicorn if you don’t make with the wishing. That’s who the fuck I am.
Trey: Ok. Jesus.
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deepseadevotion · 4 months ago
He sends you a dick pic and you send this back to him, reactions
Tumblr media
I'm fucked up over driving classes and I hate them sm so I wrote this and I'm going to inflict the psychic damage onto all of you to cope
Charachters: Cater, Trey, Leona, Idia, Malleus, Lilia
🔞 contect because... weenies
Dude spend HOURS trying to find the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, everything needs to be PERFECT, otherwise he's not sending it.
There it was. The perfect picture. Everything about it was perfect.
And then
Then you have the AUDACITY to send something like that to him.
How dare you?
How dare you be this funny?
Screw you. He loves you so much god damn it, he's got his dick out, it's hard, and he's wheezing his lungs out.
Because of you.
Please come see him rn he wants to kiss his amazing comedian S/O
Gonna be honest, you need to bring up the subject.
And he says "sure", like the tiny little fool he is.
Doesn't spend too much time on it but makes it look decent.
Y'know, just a nice little treat for yo-
What is that.
Baby what is that. Why.
He's confused.
Then it clicks.
You set him up.
You so nicely asked for a dick pic. All because you wanted to use the reaction picture. Also probably because u wanted a dick pic but we can ignore that for now.
He sends a grumpy cat meme in responce.
Puts a lil' effort into it but tbh he'd just rather have you there with him.
Checks the phone occasionally to see when you've responded.
Stares at the image send back to him.
Stares it a bit longer.
Tries to decide what to do now.
For once he's. He's really not sure what he's supposed to do here.
Leaves you on read by accident.
He's not mad he's just very confused.
Took him alot to send it, he's shy like that.
The picture is a bit blurry and somehow he managed to make his dick look shy, but y'know, decent picture all in all.
Tbh the meme gets a good laugh out of him, if you ever end up sending him nudes, he'll just send it back to you.
It's an inside joke now.
If you two ever have sex, he's first gonna pull the picture from his phone.
"so cool"
Please laugh with him.
Malleus: blame @malewife-central for this one /j
Okay so he can't use a phone.
But this doesn't stop him.
He spends hours trying to draw his own dicks
Honestly it's a really good drawing too. Shading, lighting, every single detail is immaculate.
Then he puts it in an envelope, puts a wax seal on it, and sends it to you with magic. The letter burns if anyone but you opens it.
He waits patiently for your responce.
It comes in the form of a carrier pidgeon he'd gifted you.
He opens the envelope.
Teleports to you an asks for an explanation.
You end up spending a few hours with him, explaining the meme.
No he doesn't have his pants on.
Another one whose not mad, just very confused.
Well on a good note, he knows how phones work... probably.
He'd prefer you there with him, pictures like these seem so detatched, but y'know he has no problem with sending the picture either.
He sees the meme and falls to the ground in tears. He's shaking, crying, trying to stop himself from cackling in the hour of our lord, 22:02/10:02pm
Also teleports to you. His dicks still out but u can ignore that.
You've broken this man he can't stop laughing, like seriously it's been 10 minutes.
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twst-shenanigans · 2 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #247
*content ahead may be uncomfortable/triggering for some to read*
Riddle’s Mum: *holding a ping pong paddle* “Oh I remember playing this with my son. I used to beat Riddle all the time.”
Trey’s Mum: “Oh you were good at ping pong?”
Riddle’s Mum: “No, I was good at discipline.”
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flick-ren · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘Doodle Suit’ vs ‘Paint the Roses’? No no. They’re best friends
Doodle Suit is absolutely superior tho-/j
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myuunji · 6 months ago
Mask AU ft. Heartslabyul🌹
Tumblr media
I was feeling funky so!!! I design. I think it's cool concept if their weapon is made of red paint that can transform :D
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mlk082 · a month ago
Can I ask for a follow up for the hand holding recent prompt with: Malleus, Cater, Trey, Azul, and Kalim, Jamil? Ty!
"Can you hold this for me?" - Malleus, Cater, Trey, Azul, Kalim, & Jamil
Would do anything for you. You don't even have to ask, Malleus is very attentive, and knows all the signs when you need something.
When you asked him to hold something for you, he immediately said of course, no questions asked.
Stares and smirky-smiles when you just want him to hold your hand.
Kisses your hand while looking you in the eye, and intertwines your fingers. Making sure to rub circles, so you know.
Can see you smiling, and it's the most beautiful thing ever.
Of course Cay-Cay would. Cay-Cay would happily save his S/O from whatever thing they can't carry themselves.
Just. Hand.
That's the cutest shit ever, and now he doesn't have a reply because your cuteness left Cay-Cay speechless.
Does not let go of your hand once, and will take full advantage of holding your hand.
Will drag you everywhere with him because "I'm still holding your hand." Like the fact your hand is removable from his does not exist.
Lovely boyfriend he tries to be for you, agrees to hold whatever you need, and asks you what it is.
Chuckles and smiles at you when you give him your hand to hold.
"You could have just told me."
But doesn't mind you being cheeky and cute, Trey just needs to get you back now.
Eventually tells you that he needed to get something, and brought you along. Pulled you into an embrace, because he needed to get you into his arms. (ahahaha)
Prides himself on being a gentleman, so of course he would hold whatever you need him to, no payment required.
Be it a bag, your books, Azul would hold the door open for you always, anything.
Watches you put your hand in his and intertwine your fingers and give a light squeeze. AND THE SMILE!
Is blushing because he has heart attacks with how fast you make his pulse beat.
This should be illegal. Moves like this shouldn't be allowed, Azul's pour soul. You and your way of flirting sometimes-
But doesn't protest one bit and loves holding your hand.
Takes full advantage by always keeping you close, and giving/receiving affection while never letting go of your hand. (No payment required my ass)
Sunshine would always hold something for you. Offers to help with everything, so you don't have to ask most of the time.
Smiled when you put your hand in his. Kalim LOVESS holding your hand. Instant happiness.
Doesn't let go. Ever.
"You need me to hold this? Alright then. I won't ever drop it. I'll keep it close to me, like this!"
Holds your hand protectively to his chest, but ends up holding your hand normally after a bit.
If you give an affectionate squeeze, he's doing it back, and then it's back and forth until you're both laughing.
"You shouldn't carry things that are too heavy for you." Thinks it's a weight altering potion project thingy that you need to hand in for class. Or something of sorts.
Will agree to hold something for you, but will ask what it is before putting out his hand to hold.
The last time you wanted to show him something, it was a caterpillar you thought was 'cute.' Poor boy was frightened at 1) why the hell you were holding that thing, and 2) WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BRING IT INSIDE! IN A RADIUS CLOSER THAN TWO TOWNS OVER NEAR HIM!
(fyi, caterpillars are insects, but not bugs. Bugs are a type of insect, but are categorized differently.)
You just wanted to hold hands.
Well, why didn't you say so? He would have obliged.. But doesn't say anything because your hand is much much nicer and PREFERED than a bug.
Squeezes your hand like he's annoyed at your antics, but he isn't, and the way he tries to hide makes it obvious.
Damn, that was cute.
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kyooshi · 3 months ago
Gen z mc being having as much of a death wish as they are mentally unstable
*During overblot*
Riddle: *throws rose bush at Mc but misses”
Mc: If you wanna kill me do it properly dipshit!
Mc: ...
ever since that incident now everyone is on high alert on the MC because they genuinely think they want to off themselves, which leads them to have several heart attacks just by watch them
Trey: MC... You really shouldn't put that much cereal
Mc: why not?
Trey: well, if you eat too much of it then it may and can potentially kill you
MC: shit really?
Trey: yeah, so can you like no—
MC: *dumps the entire box*
Trey: MC NO—
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yandere-daze · 3 months ago
Vice-Dorm head Headcanons to their reaction when MC suddenly runs up to them and hugs them wrapping her legs around their hips so they have to hold her like she's a koala? Just cute and fluffy plsss 💖
Hello hello! Sorry for the long wait but here you go! I´m also writing this for a gn reader with they/them pronouns so everyone can enjoy ^^
Edit: Man look at past me, apologizing for the long wait when this has been sitting in my drafts for months now since then. Now I can truly say sorry because I seem to have greatly underestimated how much time this would take me back then jfskjbaf
Likes and reblogs are appreciated!
gn reader
warnings: none! just fluff
Vice dorm leaders and their reaction to Mc running up to them and wrapping their legs around them, so they have to hold them like a koala
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
You know how hard-working your boyfriend is and how little breaks he gets because he has to keep both Riddle and the entirety of the Heartslabyul dorm in check. You tell him that he needs to take proper care of himself all the time but to no avail
So now, you decided to take matters into your own hands. If he wouldn´t take a break of his own accord then you suppose you would just have to force him to
You see Trey in the garden when you decide to set your dastardly plan into motion. Without any warning at all, you charge at him without any warning so it´s only natural that he fails to get a proper grip on you and you both almost fall to the ground as Trey struggles to keep standing
He´s still a bit caught off guard but soon he considerably calms down and there´s a small smile on his face
“Trey, I will not let go until you finally take a break. Take this as a warning”
“Well, it seems like I have no choice but to comply then. Riddle can wait for me some more...I think.”
So yes, you two spend a nice break all huddled up together and just chatting the day away. You both needed some more time together so Trey is actually pretty happy about the stunt you pulled even if he later reprimands you that you could have gotten hurt
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
You´re visiting Mostro Lounge because you´re feeling lonely and you knew your boyfriend would be found there
Azul and Floyd give you a nod of acknowledgment, though the former frowns, clearly concerned over the mischievous glint you have in your eyes but not willing to involve himself in whatever you were planning to do unless it actively hindered his business
Knowing your way around the restaurant already, you enter the kitchen where you can see Jade working, just as you had expected
Hearing the door open, he starts speaking up but soon stops when he sees just who came into the kitchen
“Floyd, can you go to table 9 and tell them- Oya? Now, what are you doing here, my dear?”
You don´t explain yourself and just rush at him. Jade, being a quick thinker, had a good idea what you were trying to do and so put down the plates he was holding to prevent an accident from happening
Naturally, Jade catches you without any issue, his large frame no doubt aiding him in that department. He lets you hold onto him without any complaints but he will softly tease you about it
“My, my, is someone feeling affectionate today? You just couldn´t wait until I was done with my shift, could you? I see how it is~”
You can grumble about it all you want but he´s certainly not letting you off the hook for this even when you don´t hear him complain about it even once the entire time
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Jamil is so focused on his work that he probably doesn´t even notice you approaching him until you´re right behind him. Only then does he hear the loud fall of footsteps behind him, immediately turning around then because he thinks someone is about to try and pull something on him
The poor boy barely has any chance to register what is happening before you jump at him and you almost fall over were it not for his fast reflexes and quick thinking to push himself up by holding onto the edge of the counter behind him so you don´t tumble onto the ground
Once the situation finally settles into his mind all Jamil can do is let out a sigh, acting exasperated at your spontaneous nature that almost resulted in an accident but he can´t stop the small fond smile on his face from showing how he really feels about the entire thing
“Really, why do I even put up with you?” He shifts his body a bit so he can hold you more securely as he narrows his eyes at your playful smirk but there´s no real bite behind it
“Because you love me”, you reply without hesitation
Jamil can only sigh as he rests his forehead against yours, the small smile returning to his face
“ I guess I do”
Tumblr media
Rook Hunt
This man is a literal hunter so the second you step foot into his vicinity, he knows that you´re there. It´s like he has a sixth sense for you or something and you don´t know if you should be impressed or scared honestly
So sadly, there is absolutely no way to surprise Rook with this, he´s able to tell what you´re planning by just reading your face as if it was an open book. Oh and once it finally clicks with him he´s overjoyed!
Opens his arms for you to jump into with a huge smile on his face. Hah, isn´t it just so adorable how you so eagerly wrap your legs around him and hold onto him? It honestly makes his heart beat like crazy and he´s laughing joyfully the entire time
“My little trickster, what a joyous surprise you prepared for me ( liar!) What could I have done to deserve such a sweet embrace, pray tell?”
“I just wanted to hug my boyfriend, is that so wrong of me?” You say and snuggle into his body, enjoying the warmth that was slowly spreading through your own body from the close proximity
Rook merely chuckles and boops your nose affectionately.
“Why, of course not! My heart is filled with love as soon as I gaze upon your radiant form and so I dream of holding you just like this whenever we part. Truly, a marvelous idea!”
Tumblr media
Lilia Vanrouge
You probably hesitated for a bit when the thought of doing this first crossed your mind. Like, he looks so small, would he even be able to hold you if you jumped at him like that? Or would he just topple over? Would you crush him??
All of these doubts ended up being unfounded though when you decided to go through with it after all. It would still be funny if you both just fell to the ground together, right?
So you run up to Lilia and somehow he just knows what you´re trying to do. Did he hear you mention it to Grim? Who knows
But he´s actually very eager for you to do so, he´s quite the affectionate person and he´s looking forward to your flustered expression when you cling to him
It all goes surprisingly well, you jump at him and wrap your legs around him and Lilia can just hold you up without any issues? Where does he hide all that strength??
He just chuckles and holds you even tighter, secretly enjoying the chance to flaunt his strength for a bit and getting to be so close to you
“Hold on as tight as you like, dear, I´m not going to let go anytime soon, fufufu~”
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tunabesimpin · a month ago
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Birthday boy gets his big birthday tea cup unfortunately Ace thought it'd be funny to shove riddles face in the cake... ;;^v^
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