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Personally, the idea of saying the most chronically online shit to Sebek would be funny as fuck
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night in da woods
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New art and merchs for Ichiban Kuji!
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Sebek insisted. Lilia's just being a menace
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TWST Incorrect quotes#189 Man boobs
In PE class
Jack/Sebek: Come on, give me five more. Five more! Yuu: No!*Laying on the ground from pushups* Jack/Sebek: Five more... and I'll flash you*Blushing and looks down not really expecting you to do it* Yuu: One!... two!...*Starts pushing up faster and with more gusto* two and a half!- Okay, just show me one of the them*Pants and looks at him*
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blushing-concubus · 2 days ago
Hi, hope you're having a good time! I would like to request Sebek with a G/N reader who has knowledge within the medical field, they're smart and strong. They're usually assigned to give first aid to anyone who gets injured in PE classes but they're reckless when it comes to themselves and would usually end up being wounded.
Feel free to ignore it if it seems like a topic you don't want to write ^^
A knight falling for a healer, a favorite trope of mine <3
Info: Yuu is reader, Medic Yuu
Tw: Mention of various injuries 
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek developed a respect for Yuu before falling for them. Medics are important, they keep things running and heal the wounded so they can fight another day. 
Sebek himself has some loose medical knowledge, that's required of all knights, but it certainly pales in comparison to what Yuu can do. He begrudgingly admits.
But once they actually get together he has the utmost respect for his partner and their abilities, healing and nursing is no easy feat, even if the injury is something as minor as a bruise or a scrape. Infection is still a possibility, with medical attention Yuu provides it lessens the chance significantly. 
Seeing Yuu take initiative whenever someone gets hurt during PE always leaves Sebek puffed with pride seeing his partner work so efficiently. Temporarily Splitting broken bones, icing sprains, stopping significant bleeding, Yuu has covered just about everything in class. Just goes to show how reckless the students at NRC are.
Sebek himself isn't safe from Yuu's doting, either, as much as he insists he's fine whenever he get injured after knight training or had a fluke fall off his horse. He's going to get healed, whether he likes it or not.
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he’s just a proud dad of three boys 
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They all loook so good
Lilia looks so good on here Omg please the way he’s staring?? Ahhhhh skdjdjdkf the way he gazes at you those those eyes and that hand sksdnmfdm
And malleus front and center and looking ready to use magic
Then you have sebek ready to lecture you but he looks so cute and adorable so it’s fine ajsnsjd and then you compare HIS BUILD TO SILVER?!?!
Sebek is more broad shouldered and silver more thick anddodjjdfjf ahhhhhhhh
Silver is buff in his own way but…silver, that baton, the way you have it held 👀👀 skdjdjdjdnfkff please sir, lilia what have you been teaching your son??
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Diasomnia, What... | Diasomnia
Notes: I just played the Halloween event again, and I got to the Diasomnia chapter in book four... reference the title for my thoughts. These boys are so chaotic, I just wanna pinch their cheek!
This is just sort of a drabble now that I've got fresh inspiration. Enjoy! ♡
"All we have to do is keep this door shut like our lives depend on it!"
"Great Seven, Sebek, you've said that like thirteen times..."
"Master Malleus has entrusted this task to us!"
"I know..."
A giggle behind them seems to startle Silver and Sebek out of their... conversation? Both boys still have their arms locked and pushed against the door, but their heads spun around to zero in on you, dripping in blood.
Fake... fake blood.
"Prefect!" Silver's eyes were wide at the sight of you. "Oh dear, you're hurt!"
Keeping one arm against the door, Sebek frees his other arm to swat at you--you're standing too far away for him to reach you, but he continues to reach for you like you're a too-cute stuffed animal in a claw machine anyways.
"Prefect, you need immediate assistance! Your human fragility cannot handle-"
"You guys are so silly. I'm fine--it's fake, you know? I was just helping everyone out with scaring the Magicam Monsters away--Grim and I are the half-alive victims on patrol from site-to-site. That way I can still wear this sweet costume the ghosts made me."
You spin around, showing the costume off. Sebek and Silver sigh.
"I'm happy to hear you're having fun," says Silver with a reserved smile on his lips. A sound comes from inside the house, and suddenly Sebek and Silver have their whole bodies pressed against the door again, preventing any exit. You raise an eyebrow at them.
"So I'm guessing... I shouldn't enter my dorm now?"
"Oh, you mustn't," says Sebek. "And this time, human, I say it for your own sake. Master Lilia is scaring some Magicam Monsters in there!"
"Father would surely be able to spare you," Silver advises kindly. "But he's having a little.... too much fun with his prey right now."
Screams come from inside the house. Sebek and Silver both shiver from memories of being given the same Halloween treatment.
"Terrifying..." Silver mutters.
You sigh as well. "Let me guess--'no one would ever actually live in this dump of a place', did I get that right? As they walked in? Honestly-" you give something of a sheepish laugh. "At least my dorm fits the haunted house vibe, ghosts and all. I'll have to work on it."
"It's not that bad," Silver tries to comfort, and--behold--a piece of roof single falls just in time off the top of your dorm. Silver, Sebek and you stare at it blankly. "...maybe Lord Malleus wouldn't mind us stopping by to lend a hand though..."
"Maybe we should get Master Lilia out of this dump before it collapses." Sebek adds and, upon your offended look, simply says, "What?!"
"Well, if I can't go in, I guess I'll just keep you guys company until the ghost is clear..." You decide, pretending not to see the way Sebek sputters at you ignoring him. Or maybe he's sputtering at your pun--it was pretty good after all.
"Good idea," Silver grins. "You don't want to be an accidental victim to what's gonna happen when the Monsters find a way to escape-"
He's cut off by green flames spawning around your yard, a thunderous voice calling out to two individuals with phones and selfie sticks in-hand. Malleus appears amidst the flames, and in a voice resembling the very type of spirit he's dressed up as, he... lectures them?
...It's scary enough. Had you not known your dear Tsunotarou as closely as you did, you'd certainly be running for the hills; you wouldn't even need the terror build-up that Lilia had undoubtedly gave these two inside. By the flames alone, the couple in front of Malleus looked terrified.
"Human!" Sebek hissed at you. "Stop your giggling!"
"I can't be flattered?" you ask innocently. "Whether you're doing this out of your own annoyance or not--you guys are protecting the place I call home. It's sweet."
"Is that really something to giggle over?" Silver asked, sounding genuinely curious.
"Probably not..."
And yet, you still laugh.
As Malleus is scarring the Magicam Monsters for life, he just so happens to glance over at Silver and Sebek. He shouldn't be surprised to see you there--his eyes have a naughty habit of always finding you, unconsciously or not. You're standing there next to his two knights, a huge smile on your lips, dripping in... blood??
With one final scare, Malleus sends the couple running, shouting apologies and promises as they flee. In a second the housewarden is in front of you, hands on your shoulders, inspecting you for the source of your injury. You just blink at him curiously until you finally catch up to what is going on.
"Oh! This is fake blood. Scary, isn't it?" You laugh again. Malleus stares at you, blinking slowly, until finally a dazzling smile breaks across his lips.
"Kheeheehee... did you think our little Prefect was hurt, Malleus?" Lilia croons.
The vice housewarden appears beside you, wiping some fake blood off your cheek with his thumb. "You look like a mess, dear, why don't you go inside and wash up. I promise our dorm will be here to protect you in the meantime--no one will be able to enter your dorm with us around."
"I'm offended, Lilia. You're sending me off without so much as a 'Happy Halloween'?"
The fae surprises you--you feel a doting kiss pressed on your cheek, and as he pulls away his thumb traces over the kiss he'd just placed. He gives you a cheeky smile.
"Happy Halloween, Prefect."
Malleus's eyes narrow at the sight--and while to others it might have looked like he was glaring in pure jealousy, half of his expression was because he was trying to find a smooth way of doing the very same thing to you--send you off with a kiss on your cheek. He didn't have the audacity of his father--instead, he grabs your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips.
"Happy Halloween, my friend." He gives you a toothy grin. "Do not fret--we'll be out here until the end of the evening, so do consider coming out to enjoy our display."
"They've done that every night this week, though..." Silver mutters. Lilia pats him on the back, which was a very fatherly way of saying 'we don't mention that part'.
You don't even have time to turn around before a sloppy kiss is pressed against your other cheek. Sebek--the culprit--looks like he's having an internal crisis over his own actions.
"Be safe! Happy Halloween!"
Alas, Silver was not going to let you leave without giving you a parting gift as well. "Happy Halloween, Prefect."
He places his kiss on your forehead, and then goes back to guard by your door quietly. All four of your favorite Diasomnia boys smile at you, and you laugh before lunging forward and planting a kiss on each of their cheeks in return.
"You guys! Awe! Happy Halloween--oh, and hey, this may be off-limits territory to anyone else, but don't be afraid to pop in for a drink or a place to rest, okay? It makes me happy that you guys are so close by... bye-bye for now!"
The door shuts behind you. The air outside suddenly turns lovesick.
"They're just the most adorable little thing, aren't they?" Lilia says in a thoughtful tone, his mischievous smile still on his lips.
Malleus stares at the door you disappeared behind. How long was it socially proper to wait before he takes you up on the offer of a visit?
"The best," he agrees.
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faebaex · a day ago
Tumblr media
This is like one of my favourite card arts bc omg you can literally see Sebek's life flashing before his eyes 😭
The same Sebek who will call you human, burst your eardrums with his obnoxiously loud voice and has survived through endless amounts of gruelling knight training with Lilia
That SAME Sebek is running for his life bc he pied the man on the edge that is Jamil 😭 a lesson learned
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bakuhatsu-sensei · 4 hours ago
Sir Malleus Draconia ✨
Tumblr media
dont mind the repost, commissions open :)
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idiasdiscordkitten · 2 days ago
ooooo idea idea idea!
first years (platonically) with a gn vampire reader who’s lived a long time and tells stories about the things they did
whether it be a life threatening adventure or a simple funny story where an old time friend did something funny
just their reactions to it ig lol
love your writing so much if you couldn’t tell 💕💕
thank you so much! it means a lot that my writing is being received well ; w ; i'll try my best!
the first years hearing stories from vampire!reader
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
❤️ still not fully convinced you’re a vampire, but a little too scared to find out for sure
❤️ whether you really are a vampire or not, ace thinks you’re making up your stories.  they’re just too crazy to be true.  he will, however, make a note of what you’re saying about historical events for exams
❤️ he’ll loudly interrupt you with things like “no way!”  or “are you being serious right now?”  because he’s just that blown away.  you’ve got him questioning his own human lifestyle, if the other side is more fun...
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
❤️ deuce is extremely impressed with any and every thing you say, and he takes it all at face value as 100% fact
❤️ he never realized vampires were real until you told him, so he wants to learn everything he can from you
❤️ he listens wholeheartedly with wide eyes, having a great time hearing about your life!
Tumblr media
Jack Howl
💛 he remembers hearing about vampires as a kid, but never actually expected them to be real.  his instincts, for some reason, tell him to avoid you, but he doesn’t want to pass up the opportunity to hear about your life
💛 jack thinks you’re really cool for living through such exciting times and still being here today.  he wants to get stronger so he can have a legend of his own
💛 at the end, he’ll ask if you’re being for real, but deep down, he knows the truth
Tumblr media
Epel Felmier
💖 he’s really intimidated by you, to be honest.  vampires are known for their beauty, as vil’s said before, so epel feels a lot of pressure to live up to YOUR expectations, rather than the other way around
💖 he's eager to hear what you have to say, though.  especially if you did something particularly dangerous in your younger years.  he’s definitely got some things he can learn from you
💖 he feels a massive sense of relief after realizing that vampires aren’t all about everlasting beauty
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
💚 he already knows everything he needs to know about vampires because of lilia
💚 sebek takes this as an opportunity to show his bravery in front of you.  he does his best to appear unbothered by your tales, but he can’t help but admire your adventures
💚 he will be repeating every single thing you tell him to malleus
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malleuss · 19 hours ago
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britishassistant · a day ago
lol reactions of the other minions that yuu is the sibling of their boss in the runaway adoption au?
Yuu is Riddle’s Sibling
Trey: Oh no. Ohhhh nooo. He’s recognizable. He’s too recognizable, and he remembers them too, from when they were Riddle’s small and cute sibling. They’re not so small anymore. (They are still cute though)
Cater: He’s not like Trey or Chen’ya, he’s never seen Yuu when they were little. Still, it’s startling to hear that someone like this is Royal Flush’s younger sibling!! Though there’s clearly some drama here~~
Yuu is Leona’s Sibling
Ruggie: Uncomfortable. He is so uncomfortable. He’s deleting that Magicam post as fast as he can. He is not risking his comfortable position over a bit of choking-by-proxy.
Jack: He is alarmed. He doesn’t know whether to leave Yuu with Leona or take them far, far away from him. His big brother instincts are rebelling in the face of years of Leona-senpai’s apparent neglect from the siblings’ yelling match in from of him.
Yuu is Jamil’s Sibling
Kalim: Look!! Yuu is alive!! Kalim is so happy Yuu is alive!! And they look so good now!! Jamil, doesn’t Yuu look so good now?!? Wow they’re pretty!!
Yuu is Malleus’ Sibling
Lilia: He remembers how small and sweet they used to be!! He still can swing them around and around like he used to when they were little (though it looks odd given his current form).
Silver: He’s happy to see Yuu again, after all these years. They’ve thrived outside of his home environment, even though he could never fully understand their anxiety. He’s glad they’re doing so well and made so much of themselves though.
Sebek: A warring feeling of jealousy at Yuu’s being Malleus’ sibling who couldn’t match up to Silver and Lilia’s prowess and reverence because they’re Malleus’ sibling. Also very pretty.
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