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Pop Music Club ♦️☀️🦇🎸🥁🎶
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Personally, the idea of saying the most chronically online shit to Sebek would be funny as fuck
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me: “ i wanna destress-”
also me: *proceeds to draw (most of) the vice dorms’ gesugaos-
fuck me- i was about to colour jamil’s hair but krita just fucking- died halfway??? and so I was left with no .kra file and I can’t colour over fucking pngs so I’m left with Jamil’s hair uncoloured- help- ;-;;;;
no bitches?
Instagram  ✎  Devianart  ✎ Reblogs help! ^^  
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New art and merchs for Ichiban Kuji!
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Sebek insisted. Lilia's just being a menace
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Ace Trappola:
- He’s acting like he doesn’t care.
- truthfully, he’s devastated.
- Ace would definitely try to hide his tears while gripping onto deuce’s Shoulder.
- Ace would try to act cool and happy for you.
- He’ll make sure that we’ll remember him, by telling you to not forget about him and the others.
- He’ll Hug you tight and would hesitantly let us go.
- He’ll make jokes to lighten up the mood for a bit while gulping down the sadness.
- “ Remember when i broke the chandelier…?”
- Ace would tease your tear stricken face.
- “ Are you sure.. that you want to Leave?”
Deuce Spade:
- He would try to look cool and tough.
- also would try to look happy for us.
- But when you him that it’s okay to cry..
- He would definitely start crying.
- He would breakdown crying while holding grim back on running after you once we stepped inside the Mirror back to your World.
- Just like ace, he did his best to look happy for you.. when deep down he’s(they’re) deeply saddened because of it.
- Before we enter the mirror, he’ll run up to you and hug you , tight.. like a mother who’s afraid to lose their child.
- While hugging us Deuce told you to take care of ourselves.
- He’ll hold your hand while trying to calm himself down but he still ended up crying.
- He’d give you a small gift of sorts so we can always remember him.
- “ I thought that we four would stay together.. forever.. “
- He’ll give you his Can of Tuna maybe a two or three.
- He’ll ask you to take him with us to your world.
- since he doesn’t have anyone close to a family other than you.
- He ended up blowing out fires due to being frustrated and Sad.
- He’ll thrown a temper tantrum while clinging onto you.
- He kept on telling you not to leave because he’s the great grim and that he needs his Henchmen.
- He’ll for sure threaten Crowley to burn the mirror down (In which all NRC students wants grim to do but they can’t just force you to stay.)
- “ You shouldn’t leave the great grim! You’re my henchmen! You’re supposed to be.. by my side always..! “
Riddle Rosehearts:
- Would also do his best to look happy for you, but couldn’t bring himself to do it because he ended up shedding a few tears.
- He would feel sad, since you’re leaving already.. he was planning a tea party for you but it has to be cancelled.
- He’d work himself non-stop because he wants to finish his works so he can spend more time with you before you go.
- Was too distracted about the news of you going back to your world, that he started giving little punishments to the rule breakers.
- You made him feel whole this few months of Being with him, since he never felt like that with his mother.
- He’d personally ask trey to make you Tarts to take back home.
- When you’re about to leave, he ran up to you and scooped you into a big tight Hug, that made you, not want to go back.
- “ My rose, why’d you have to leave so early..? we didn’t have enough tea time with each other.. so why? “
Trey Clover:
- Would try to look happy for us #4
- Obviously sad since he didn’t get enough time to spend with you since you’re slightly busy(?)
- He’ll give you a small cake and tart to bring home.
- He’ll also hug you tight while asking you to take care if yourself more.
- He doesn’t really want to let you go, since you are his shortcake.
- “ I should’ve baked with you more, when i knew this would thing would happen so early.. “
Cater Diamond:
- He would ignore the sudden pain when he heard that you’re leaving soon.
- “ Let’s Take lots of pictures, so I won’t forget you! “
- Would try to look happy for us #5 while smiling.
- He’d follow and eat with you everywhere, saying that he wants to spend more time with you since you’re leaving soon.
- Would Make a Crowley Slander Group.
- Would rant to the people who’s in the group, because he wants to spend more time with us.
- He’ll join riddle in hugging you while letting out a few tears.
- He’ll hold you tight like what’s riddle’s doing.
- He’d ask you not to forget about him and the memories you made with him.
- He’ll hesitantly let go while going back to his original place.
- “ I need to let you go, because I don’t want to hurt myself anymore, while holding myself back to run after you.. please don’t… leave.. “
Leona Kingscholar:
- He won’t show it, but he’s surely upset at the news.
- He’ll just sleep all the uneasiness that’s settling inside him.
- Surely, you’re a “Brat” but he may or may not have become emotionally attached to you.
- He doesn’t want Cheka to know the news, because he knows how Attached Cheka is to you, It’ll surely make the young child Dispirited.
- He’ll invite you to take a naps with him, He doesn’t want to say it but, it makes him calm to know that you’re beside him sleeping.
- He’ll try to hang out with you even though he may be annoyed here and there but he’s content to know that he’s with you.
- Shoving the uneasiness building inside him, he chose to try and be happy with you before you go..
- He can’t bring himself to beg you not to leave because of his Arrogance.
- While you’re walking to the mirror, the gateway to your world, he gritted his teeth and grabbed you by the arm and hugged you.
- “ I want to be selfish for a while.. “
- “ I can’t be a king without you.. my Queen”
- “ Can’t you just stay here.. forever, Lioness?”
Ruggie Bucchi:
- “ I knew this day would come..”
- He would follow you around#2
- He would ask you to help him with his chores in the Dorm to spend more time with you
- He bought cheap snacks to eat with you while talking to each other.
- Annoying Leona every time you both got the chance.
- He found a dandelion and gave it to you, and told you to blow on it after making a wish.
- This boy is so greedy for your time, but you happily give your time to him.
- Before you leave, you gave him a donut Plushie, which made him tear up a little.
- Turning your back on him, you faced the Mirror.. you lift your hand up and touched the glass, as you were about to go in fully you suddenly heard a shout and felt someone tackling you down on the ground.
- “ Please! Can i be Greedy?! Can i be Greedy just this once again..?! Please don’t.. leave me, my Dandelion..”
Jack Howl:
- He gave you a Cacti🥺
- His ears would be flattened to express his Saddened feeling.
- He would wag his tail unknowingly when you pat his head, while you’re getting ready to leave
- He doesn’t want to look weak, so he made sure to look happy for you.
- He doesn’t want to delay your leave more so he just patted your head and left, despite wanting to hug you tight.
- He clenched his Hands while watching you walk up to the mirror.
- He whispered.. something before leaving the room.
- “ I can’t bring myself to watch you leave, so I’ll just leave so I won’t be hurt more. “
Azul Ashengrotto:
- He first thought that it was a joke, when the news was spread.
- He would occasionally ask for more info from the student
- “No one would stay with a dumb octopus like me.”
- This man would mask his Sadness with a
- smiling face.
- He’ll try to look happy for you #5
- Uneasiness overtook his whole consciousness.
- He tried his best to make Crowley stop using blackmails, in the end he didn’t won.
- Part of Cater’s “Crowley Slander” Group.
- He chose to spend his time with work in mostro lounge, because he believed that.. if he even spend a single day with you, he’ll start breaking down.
- When he arrived at the hall where you and the other students are at, He started feeling Depressed.
- As you turned to face him, he paled and started trembling slightly with eyes wide.
- You walked towards him and hugged him tight.
- “ Please don’t look depressed when I’m about to leave.. azul.” You spoke softly while tightening the hug, you felt him hug back in a fews secs.
- “ Angelfish.. why’re you leaving so soon..? I thought that.. you’d stay by my side, you liar..”
Jade Leech:
- The news slapped him in the face and he started feeling slightly gloomy, but nevertheless he still smiled.
- You didn’t know that this man was breaking down slowly inside, because he’s always smiling.
- Jade would often visit you in ramshackle, helping you with packing your stuffs.
- He wants to squeeze you like what Floyd always does to you.. but he can’t bring himself to be so casual, and he minded your space unlike his dear brother.
- Once The day arrived he started feeling anxious.
- After breaking free from Azul’s hug you then faced Jade who’s “calmly” watching, you walked towards him and hugged him also.
- “ ah, my dear you shouldn’t make me more disheartened, I’m trying my best to hold myself back. “
Floyd Leech:
- Tantrums here, Tantrums There, Tantrum’s EvErYwhErE!
- He was in a very happy mood but the news roundhouse kicked him on the face hard.
- He skipped his class to just barge into ramshackle while you’re packing up your stuffs.
- He tackled you onto the ground and squeezed you while he started mumbling incoherent words.
- He’s also part of Cater’s “Crowley Slander” Group.
- His mood swings are hitting him like a brick that fell from the highest part to his face.
- Floyd began begging you not to go, and that staying is much more better.
- The day finally arrived, and you saw Floyd hunched back behind his brother’s back.
- You went up to him and hugged him tight.
- Floyd started tearing up slightly while Hugging back.
- “ Shrimpy, why can’t you just stay here? It’s much more fun.. than that boring world of yours. “
- “ I don’t want you to leave me or.. forget about me! You’re my Koebi-Chan.. my one and only Koebi-Chan.. “
Kalim Al Asim:
- When he heard the news he was ecstatic for you, since you finally get to go home to your Worried parents!
- He was Happy for you! Like very happy, but everytime he smiles at you he feels his heart tighten.
- He’s slightly not familiar with his “newfound” emotion, and he hates it.
- He doesn’t want to feel those things again.
- He spent a few hours enduring the feeling of uneasiness, when he came to a conclusion that he’s just sad because of the news.
- After realizing that he’s sad because of you leaving, he planned on throwing you a big feast! But.. it was never meant to happen.
- He only got word of it late, and came rushing to the hall of mirrors and just for you.
- He knew that you had to leave soon since you came here.. but he didn’t know that it was this soon.
- When he arrived.. you were already gone.
- “ I was late.. why.. did you have to leave early? My jewel.. “
- “ We could’ve had a feast together before you leave..”
Jamil Viper:
- He knew that he can’t just brainwash you to not leave.
- He doesn’t want you to ever leave.
- You were the only one who understood him, so why did you have to leave?
- He also knew that begging wouldn’t change your mind, so he’ll just try to bitterly accept the truth.
- He knows how much you’ve helped everyone in NRC, with those many accomplishments.. yet you still chose to leave.
- He’s very much disheartened.
- But when Kalim proposed the idea of throwing a feast for you before you leave made him happy but he will deny it.
- In the middle of chopping ingredients he got a message from one of his basketball teammate (ACE) asking where they were, and that You would be leaving soon.
- Once he red the message he dropped the knife and ran to where you were, with kalim trailing behind him.
- When they arrived they didn’t see your figure anywhere.. but.. you already went in the mirror.
- “ I.. is this a prank?! It’s not funny, I thought they wouldn’t leave so soon— i— I’m a fool.”
Vil Schoenheit
- This man would busy himself in his room while testing a few makeup styles, instead of thinking about you leaving.
- He won’t say it but he’s very much disheartened, because his potato is already leaving.
- He thought that he has enough time to spend with you but he was deeply wrong.
- He’ll invite you over to Pomefiore to Model a few clothes and try on some new heels, as a way to spend some time with you.
- Once the day came, he stood idly beside rook while watching epel talk to you.
- He turned away while clenching his fist.
- ‘Why did you even have to leave? Aren’t you happy here?.. or.. you’re not.’ He thought while glancing at the mirror.
- ‘It’s such a shame, that they’d have to leave soon.. Haah this is to be expected.’
- He mumbled while trying his best to not walk to the mirror and destroy it.
- “ My dear Belle, why must we part ways so bitterly? “
Rook Hunt:
- FrEnCh HeRe! fRenCh ThErE! frEnCh FuCkiNg EvERyWhErE!
- He was happy at first but then he realized that you won’t be here anymore.
- He would stalk you around whenever he has free time.
- He’d make conversations with you to spend time with you, but it’s mostly centered with vil.
- would try to look happy for you #6
- He would occasionally give you flowers as gifts whenever he “Bumps” into you.
- While watching from afar, he would occasionally frown at the sight of you being happy with other people.
- Also Part of Cater’s “Crowley Slander” Group.
- He can’t help but feel uncomfortable with the thought of you leaving and never returning.
- As to when you’re about to leave to talk to the ignihyde members, you noticed rook standing still beside Vil.
- You went up to him and hugged him, making him snap out of his thoughts.
- “ Belle Fleur, J'espère que tu serais heureux… once you’ve returned to your world, but please don’t forget about the times we’ve spent together, Mon joli bijou.. “
- “ Je suis triste, to think that you may never come back here again.. Mon Joli bijou.. “
Epel Felmier:
- He got so shocked, he couldn’t even form any words.
- Epel wanted nothing more than just to spend time with you.
- He wanted to impress you with his apple carvings once more before you leave.
- He bitterly accepted the fact that you’re leaving so soon, Because vil told him it’ll make him stronger by not being in denial.
- Epel offered to watch over grim once you return to your world.
- The day came, Epel came running at you with full speed tackling you into a hug.
- That’s when he realized that you might never come back here again, so he started crying.
- He continuously beg you not to go, while clinging onto you with a tear stricken face.
- He never thought the possibility that you might never come back here once you step inside the mirror.
- “ why can’t the people we cherish, stay?.. “
Idia Shroud:
- He knew the day would come.
- He knew how you longed to go back to your world.
- He is undeniably sad, Which made ortho want to Use a power beam to destroy the mirror.
- He busied himself with playing and watching till the day you’re said to leave.
- Cater invited him to the Group Called “ Crowley Slander “ which made him shocked on the amount of familiar members.
- As you glanced around you finally saw his figure, and you ran up to him and hugged him from behind which shocked Idia.
- “ MC?! I- uhm.. hello and.. goodbye! “
- ‘ Goddamn it Idia, atleast tell them a proper goodbye…! ‘
- ‘ whatever.. they won’t even care if i did.. haah.. why do they have to leave..? Can’t they just stay.. ‘
Ortho Shroud:
- To be honest, He can’t feel human emotions, he only knows what those human emotions are, well since he’s a robot and that it’s embedded in his core.
- He’d always cheer up his Big brother with words of encouragement and motivation.
- He’ll find a way to make you two interact and spend time with each other.
- Ortho wanted nothing more than giving Idia the chance to be with you.
- He wanted nothing more.. than to see his Big brother talking to you confidently without stuttering here and there.
- Ortho tried to destroy the mirror with 3 Power beams but was always caught by Crowley.
- He then joined Cater’s “Crowley Slander” group with Idia.
- The Day soon came, Ortho forced Idia to go to the hall with him, where the other students who’s close to you are present.
- Needless to say, they were quite surprised in Idia’s Sudden appearance.
- Once Again, Ortho decided to power up a power beam from his hands and aimed it at the mirror.
- But was stopped this time by Idia and Riddle.
- After witnessing his brother become flustered at the sudden contact he decided to hug you.
- “ Big sis! Don’t worry, I’ll research for a way to get you back here! I Promise, So then you and Big Brother Can Get Married! Hehe.. “
Malleus Draconia:
- “ Ah.. seems like the day has come, that the child of man will leave.. “
- He was very sad, like.. Lila had to console him.
- He would visit you in your dorm every night.
- Would try to look happy for you # 7
- With his Emotions spiraling inside of him, he unknowingly made thunder storms due to his magic.
- Also part of Crowley Slander group in an anonymous acc.
- He would occasionally glare at everyone from afar whenever they talk to you.
- He invited you to Diasomnia to Have a Chat, so he could spend some time with you.
- He’d occasionally ask you if you’d like to listen about a Daily Life of a Fae, in which you agreed on.
- Night walks with him is a way to spend time with you.
- Alas, The day came and he was nowhere to be found along with Silver and Sebek.
- So,, once you’ve said your goodbye to Lilia, you glanced around for Malleus once more and went inside the mirror.
- “ Unasked once again, this is fine.. I’m used to it. “
- “ Child of man.. i hope that you won’t forget about me.. “
Lilia Vanrouge:
- “ It appears that the time has come for thee, you yourself, agonizingly have to go back to thy world..”
- Lilia would often make you flinch whenever he would appear out of nowhere.
- He’ll compose short songs with you in the Light music club.
- Lilia knew that you had to leave, he cannot bring himself to beg you not to.
- Lilia himself wanted nothing more, than for you to stay here.. together with him.
- He kept on calling himself selfish for wanting to make you stay.
- Lilia became busy consoling Malleus.
- Cater actually invited him in the “Crowley Slander” Group because they’re club mates.
- The Dreaded day has come, The Diasomnia students were no where to be seen..
- You turned to look at the mirror and made your way to the mirror again.(Savanaclaw Ruggie’s part)
- But was stopped by a sudden figure that appeared out of nowhere, and the figure started talking.
- “How could you think that.. this wouldn't hurt me?”
- “ Leaving without saying goodbye? My.. you’re one cold hearted Human.. “
- “ My darling, can’t you reconsider your decision..? “
- “ you’re… leaving soon?..”
- He for real thought that you were playing a prank on him so he just stared at you stoically.
- You thought that it’d be best to leave him alone which made him disappointed.
- He’ll just sleep the whole uneasiness that’s building up inside him.
- (Bogart wag naman, lab lab ka namin)
- He was being scolded by sebek for not watching over malleus.
- Is part of “Crowley Slander” group but he hasn’t interacted with the others nor have he chatted there.
- He’ll try to stay awake just to have a small decent talk with you.
- Silver offered you to sleep beside him, you merrily took the offer.
- He woke up to you gone, no trace of you.
- Feeling the panic rushing over him he yelled your name hoping to find you.
- But alas, fate wasn’t on his side, He got so immersed in trying to have some time with you that he forgot that it’s the day that you’re destined to leave.
- His face paled in horror and his uneasiness became evident, he hurriedly ran to where the others and you are.
- Only to see you, being sucked in the mirror.
- “ My lady.. I.. apologize for being late, I’m.. sorry very, very sorry..”
Sebek Zigvolt
- He didn’t care about the news at first, his top priority is his Waka-sama, not a mere lowly human.
- Every time you try to talk to him, to spend more time with him, he’ll make up excuses to ignore you, which made him feel bad.
- Why is he running away from a lowly Magic less human? He thought with disappointment settling inside him.
- He knew that he shouldn’t be attached to a human, but why.. does ignoring you make his heart clench.
- He shook off his feelings and prioritized Malleus once again.
- The Day came, he was walking down the empty hall.. ‘wait..? Empty? ‘He thought while stopping in his tracks.
- ‘I swear.. that there’s supposed to be something happening right now.. but whatever! I shall look for Waka-sama and Look after him.’
- Sebek glanced to the sides and saw silver running towards the Hall of Mirrors.
- Sebek Begrudgingly trailed after silver and went inside the Hall.
- “ What’s the Commotion here?!”
- ‘ MC… already left and we were too late.. Sebek..” silver mumbled while lowering his head down.
- “ The human… left?…” why does my heart feel heavy..?
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Wrangling Malleus is Lilia's favorite pastime 😔
Tumblr media
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Oddly specific, but could you write about how Malleus, Lilia, and Leona would take care of a reader who works at a hospital and has been working overtime and is getting burnt out, but refuses to relax? Thank you. 🥺
Burn Out - Malleus, Lilia, & Leona
Doesn’t like forcing you to do anything.
But he can't sit there while he sees you hurting yourself. You need proper sleep, and he's afraid that any moment you'll pass out somewhere because all forms of you is exhausted.
Emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.
Here is a herbal tea to calm your stress. How about you take a nap? His arms are always open to you. Would you like a snack?
Tries doing these little things for you to gently coax you to sleep and relaxing without actually forcing you.
But if you don't take it, he starts to get a bit worried.
When you finally come home, he's sleeping with you, and he won't let go the next morning until you call work to tell them you're taking a day off.
And he's still not letting go. You just stay in bed and catch up on sleep. But if you really won't, then you just sit and look pretty.
Dear, don't you know that's not good for you?
And he knows you know so he isn't going to tell you that.
Instead, Lilia will tell you his deduction of your burn out, and proceed to say that he wants you to rest.
He knows you know the damaging effects so he isn't going to repeat it.
He'll mention it casually when he puts you in a lock so you stay in pillows and blankets.
Doesn't want to resort to locking you down though, so asks you nicely to stay and take a day off.
You need a mental health day, and he's more than glad to help. Anything you need.
Chocolate, sleep, tea, alone time, all of it. But you aren't allowed paperwork or any work in general. Just rest.
Will say that you look tired.
Will then pick you up, and it doesn't matter how much you complain, you're going to bed. He does that sometimes anyway so it shouldn't be a problem.
He knows you want to, so take a breather will ya?
You're sore in all aspects, and he doesn't like it when you're cranky, so get your ass to bed and stay there.
You don't have to sleep right now, but you aren't doing work.
How about the two of you go outside and lay in the grass under the sun?
And yes, the two of you because he knows you'll run off and really burn yourself out if he doesn't keep you on a leash. (not literally, it's a form of figurative speech.)
He doesn't want to add to your stress though, so he'll be a charming asshole and coax you into relaxing.
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he’s just a proud dad of three boys 
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Hold The Reins (GN!Reader/Silver)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: G
Tags: Reader’s body not described nor are pronouns used, fluff, friends to lovers, confessions, first kisses, I don't actually know that much about horses.
Words: 3.4k
Author’s notes: For every sexy thing I write I have been cursed to then immediately make something that would be at home in a YA novel, apparently.
Want more TWST? Here’s my masterlist!
Silver had a problem. 
The Ramshackle Prefect had been sneaking their way into his every thought, and it was not stopping.
It started one day when he saw you on his way to the stables. 
Silver couldn’t say why, but for some reason you looked excruciatingly lonely to his eyes. You let out a haggard yawn, while struggling to read your book. It seemed like you might have been on that page for a while. As you rubbed your forehead and mumbled to yourself, he felt like he couldn't take his eyes off you. This caused Silver to do something rather uncharacteristic of him. He decided to see if you wanted to come with him to the equestrian club. 
His thought process was simple: as someone who drew animals to them, they helped him when he felt stressed. There were few times that he didn’t feel better after sleeping in a meadow surrounded by woodland creatures. While he couldn’t give that same experience to you outright, he hoped that maybe you liked horses.
You seem surprised that he had invited you along, but your shy smile and barely-hidden enthusiasm made his chest feel warm. Animals really made anyone feel better, he thought. 
Upon first glance, the horses seemed to make you a bit nervous. You had mumbled something along the lines of ‘are they the same?’ when Silver asked if you had any questions. 
He wasn’t quite sure what you had meant by that.
The easiest way to get you near a horse was to offer it a treat as a bribe, so Silver asked if you wanted to feed one of them. You looked between him and the horses a few times anxiously while chewing your lip, but seemed to make up your mind and nodded after a moment. 
Silver handed you some oats to offer the horse and showed you how to hold your hand so as not to get nipped by an excitable steed on accident. 
“Why does holding your hand like this help?” You asked curiously, miming the palm-up gesture that Silver had modeled. 
“Because your fingers can look like carrots to a hungry horse.” He replied. You giggled. 
Silver hadn’t meant his reply as a joke, but seeing your smile again made him wish that he had told it as one. 
His face melted into a smile as he watched one of the horses approach your open hand and nibble at the feed in your palm. 
“You can try and pet him if you’d like now. Just go slow,” Silver said encouragingly, “They like the neck best usually, but this one likes strokes on his nose.”
You reach out with shaky fingers to stroke the horses’ muzzle gingerly. It was a beautiful white stallion with a dusty brown diamond on his face and big chocolate-colored eyes. 
It nuzzled into your palm affectionately, moving its face up to nibble at where you had held the oats in your palm just a moment ago. You laughed at the cheekiness.
“Still hungry, huh? I like a guy who’s straightforward,” You say with a laugh, “Am I okay to give him more, Silver?” You asked, your eyes practically sparkling at the question. 
Silver swallowed thickly. Those things were dangerous.
“J-just once more. He’ll get fat if we spoil him too much.” He said, clearing his throat in hopes of covering the surprised stutter that had eked out of him.
You nod enthusiastically and carefully repeat your actions from earlier to give the horse another mouthful. The horse tickles your hand with soft chomps once you’ve run out of chow. It huffs upon discovering that you were out of treats, quietly neighing in displeasure. 
“Sorry buddy, no more!” You say, presenting both of your empty palms to the horse for confirmation. 
The horse sniffs both hands in a final check and bobs its head. It seems to be done with this indignity as it trots away back to the other horses in the pasture. 
“He’s bossy, huh?” You joke to Silver, smiling over at your companion.
Silver’s eyes soften. He was pleasantly surprised to see how observant you were with them. 
“Yeah, he’s the hardest to get to behave, but he’s the fastest steed by far.” He had been pretty good with you though, he thought. As food motivated as Lancelot was, he didn’t approach a lot of people without lots of coaxing. With that in mind, Silver was struck by an idea. 
“Do you want to try riding him sometime?” 
You seemed surprised that he would ask. You looked hesitantly at the horse again, but the softening of your eyes was unmistakable. 
“They do seem the same as the ones in my world, huh?” You murmur thoughtfully. 
Oh… so that was what you meant earlier. He sometimes forgot that you aren’t from here. 
Perhaps part of your apprehension was due to that uncertainty? Silver could empathize with that. If you were in the Briar Valley rather than Sage’s Island, perhaps worrying about unfamiliar animals would even be the correct instinct. 
“If you want to join the equestrian club sometime… or even just try to learn alone with me, I would love to help you ride.” Silver offered.
If you asked him why he had done any of this, he wouldn’t be able to answer. Other than there was something in the back of his mind that told him when he walked by earlier that he couldn’t leave you alone. 
If you had something in common, he wouldn’t need to leave you, right? 
You took Silver up on that offer the next week. 
It was slow going due to Lancelot being finicky as all get out. Silver would try and fail to choose another horse for you repeatedly. As much as Lancelot didn’t want to cooperate, he would also take it upon himself to chase off the other horses that approached when Silver tried to coax them over. It was strange, he hadn’t seen the horse act like this before. 
Silver had a good sense for animals of course, but this one didn’t want to communicate with him at all. It was strange.
Silver was a serious but patient teacher. He would actively wait to see if you would realize your mistakes first if they were minor and fixable, or kindly take over and assist if it was more urgent. He knew this herd front to back, it was only natural that you would improve quickly with such a careful and thorough guide.
After a bit of this rigamarole, you were able to tack and begin slowly riding Lancelot. You had instincts, Silver thought. He also briefly was reminded about how he had once told you that you were surprisingly skilled with a sword. If this college had a knight course rather than a magician one, maybe you could… well, there was no use thinking about that huh? 
Since you would go back to your own world at some point. 
Silver felt the slightest pang in his heart at the thought. He would need to unpack that later. 
You both met each week for riding practice, and he was proud to see your improvements. You were able to saddle and ride by yourself now, and you could brush and care for the horses before and after riding, as well. 
That loneliness that Silver had felt off of you that first day seemed to have melted away, and you were positively glowing every time after you went riding. You weren’t quite to the point of comfort of doing any sort of tricks or the like, but that was more due to Lancelot’s stubbornness rather than any choice or lack of skill on your account. 
One day after practice, you both were walking back to Ramshackle. Silver had insisted as a matter of chivalry that he was supposed to escort his guests from the stable home, but it was really due to the fact that he wanted an excuse to spend more time with you. 
He knew that none of his fellow dorm members would really object anyway, but it made him feel better to have a backup excuse regardless. 
The last few days had become a little more difficult for Silver for a few reasons. The largest one was realizing just how fast his heart had begun pounding in your proximity. 
You had tripped in the barn after finishing hanging up all of the equipment when cleaning the stable. Due to his trained reflexes, Silver had been able to swing an arm around your waist to pull you back to standing, whispering a strained ‘careful’ against the baby hairs of your ear. 
You had sprung up stiffly at the contact and apologized, thanking him profusely for his help. You seemed flustered, especially since after that brief encounter you had practically ran to go grab your change of clothes to and get out of your riding gear. 
Silver felt the tips of his ears burning. Were you always that soft? That warm? That inviting? He felt a shiver down his spine. It was time to start thinking about these feelings, wasn’t it? 
That was the first time that you had sent his heart into overdrive. The next time was when he had fallen asleep on a bench outside the library. 
Silver had originally been waiting for his father to call upon him for a favor that had been vaguely requested that morning. Mysterious as ever, father had just said, ‘wait for me at three’, and left it at that. 
Silver had become used to Lilia’s lack of detail on requests that he had thought ‘unnecessary’ to elaborate on, but since he didn’t have another class before meeting his dad, he had accidentally drifted to sleep on a bench while waiting for three to come to pass. 
He had awoken to the feeling of his hair being softly tucked behind his ear. You were smiling down at him, face closer than it ever had been before. Silver stared at the flecks of color in your eyes that he had never noticed until now. Did they always look like that in the sunlight? 
He idly wished that all of his dreams were like this. Your hand felt so gentle and your gaze so caring. More soft than even the most comfortable bed. 
“A lovely dream…” He mumbled, half-lidded auroral eyes getting teary from a yawn that he was unable to resist. Silver covered his mouth modestly and rubbed at his eyes.
To his surprise you were still there. 
“What was the lovely dream?” You asked, tilting your head to the side in curiosity.
Silver immediately flustered while trying to bang his empty brain around in his head for an explanation. 
“Uh, just ah…” His mind was blank. Well, blank except for…
“We… We were going for a ride.” He lied, “And… you did a jump perfectly. Lancelot was very well behaved and happy.” It wasn’t good to lie. He knew that. But telling you that he thought you were so gorgeous that he assumed he was still dreaming seemed like something he would rather stab himself with his own wooden sword than say. 
It takes a lot of work to stab yourself with wood, for the record. 
“Aww, that does sound lovely.” You reply, a fond smile creeping across your face.,“I’m jealous, I wish I could have such nice dreams too.” 
Silver chuckled. He felt the same, though the dreams both of you were wishing for were very different. 
“Ah, there you are, Silver.” He heard a familiar voice trill. Father stood behind the Prefect, clearly beaming upon seeing the two of them speaking. 
“Thank you for waiting for me. May I steal my dorm member, kind Prefect?” Lilia asked with an overly formal bow. He seemed to be having a good time with whatever schtick he was on today. Silver smiled just slightly. Father was just so funny sometimes. 
“Certainly! I would not wish to keep him from you, kind vice-dorm leader.” You replied, mirroring Lilia’s overly formal manner. Lilia seemed to adore the affect, floating ever-so slightly off his feet with a little bounce. 
“You are as charming as ever, my dear. I will see you later.” Lilia said, tilting his chin in the direction that he wished for Silver to join him in walking. Silver nodded in response and rose from the bench, gathering his bag and straightening his clothing. 
“Oh, just a second Silver.” He heard you say. 
Before he could ask why, he felt the caress of your hand on his cheek and felt his skin lit up scarlet in surprise. 
You held a small blue flower between your finger and thumb, showing it to Silver with a blinding smile.
“I had tried to get this off of you earlier, but I think I only succeeded in waking you up. Sorry about that. I’ll let you go now! Have a good day, you two!” You say, tucking the blue bud you had removed from Silver behind your ear and waving them goodbye. 
Silver couldn’t hear the last couple words you said due to all the blood pumping through his ears. 
Lilia’s mischievous grin grew impossibly wider.
Silver and Lilia watched you walk away in still silence, observing that you were seemingly making your way to the mirror room.
“Adorable, aren’t they?” Lilia chuckled, his eyes boring into Silver’s meaningfully. 
Silver thickly swallowed. He hated how his dad saw right through him sometimes.
“Yes. They are.” Silver replied, keeping his voice as even as he could manage.
“Do you plan to confess to them soon?”
“Just checking. Life is short, you know.” Lilia said with a fond smile, wrapping his arm around Silver’s shoulders affectionately. He was floating just slightly to reach him at the right height, which Silver always thought was a funny sight. 
Silver missed seeing his father looking more like himself, but it was hard to argue that his boyish form didn’t suit his troublemaking personality. 
Having fae for family was troublesome in all kinds of ways, no matter how much he loved them. 
And now he was here. Flustered by his blossoming feelings for you while walking you back to your rickety mansion. Even worse, he was hyperaware that he was so obvious about his deepest feelings that even Father had caught on after seeing the two of them talking for only a moment. 
He would very much have preferred for Lilia to be in the dark, but he supposed that was mostly wishful thinking. There was no hiding anything from him. 
There were fireflies in the air, and you gasped softly upon seeing them. It was a perfect evening, and you were lucky enough to have Silver next to you. 
You gazed at the handsome man out of the corner of your eye, hoping that your lashes would hide the direction of your focus. 
Silver walked beside you elegantly, posture perfect, back straight and uniform sadly hiding his refined muscles from years of training. You felt the tops of your cheeks burn at the thought. 
Silver was exceedingly beautiful, of course. You would have to be blind to not see it. It occurred to you that even if you were blind, you could perhaps trail your fingers across his refined bone structure and realize his beauty anyway. 
You wondered what it would feel like to do so. 
What would he feel like? 
Getting back to the subject, you were hyper-aware of Silver’s attractiveness. You were enthralled by him, and you had no idea what to do. While Silver was always thoughtful and kind towards you, it was often hard to read, so you had no idea if he reciprocated your feelings of want. 
He was so very kind to you, but he was kind to everyone. That thought stung a bit. 
If he was indeed kind to everyone, were you being too selfish to think that kindness meant you had a chance? The idea hurt, but once you thought it, it burrowed and writhed just below the surface of your thoughts. 
You stopped in your tracks, spying a faint glow pulsing mysteriously in the distance. 
“Silver,” You began, “What is that?” 
You pointed toward the curious glow. Everything in your body made you want to go towards it, but you knew better than to do that without asking. 
“Do you want to look?” Silver asked, as if he read your mind in that very moment. 
“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you if anything happens.”
Silver gingerly extended a gloved hand for you to take. You had to force yourself to not thrust your hand into his grasp the moment that he asked. 
Deliberately using all of the grace and restraint you could muster, you took Silver’s hand and followed him through the trees to the cause of the glow.
It was like anything you had ever seen. A meadow of bioluminescent flowers surrounded you, softly displaying the area with a warm disbursal of dim light. It felt homey and welcoming, like fairy lights outside in the evening of a perfect summer day. 
Silver looked at your wide-eyed wonder with pride. He was so glad that you could both see this together. These plants only glowed under highly-specific conditions, so it was exceedly lucky that you had spotted them. You looked ethereal in the low light, and Silver had to will himself not to stare. 
“Prefect?” He asked, praying that his voice wouldn’t shake.
“...I have a question.” 
“What’s your question?” You asked, dragging your focus from the flowers to Silver’s serious expression. It made your heart flutter. Why did he look so focused? 
“If you were given a way home right now, would you leave?” 
He had finally asked. The sword of damocles that had been swinging over his head was acknowledged. If he wanted to think about the future, and he wanted you in it…
“I’m not sure.” You replied. Your eyes looked far away, staring at the haze of the evening that had yet to beget the stars to shine above the two of you. 
“I miss home. I miss it so much that I cried regularly the first few months…” 
Silver quietly whispered your name. He desperately wanted to envelop you in a hug, but he refrained while you were still talking.
“At the same time, there are some dreams I have that are starting to make me wonder if here is a better place for me after all.” 
Silver’s mouth was dry. What did that mean?
“Like… what dreams?” 
Your expression was complex, hopeful, anxious and perhaps…
“Like love? Maybe?” You said with a nervous laugh. Should you tell him? Would that be a mistake? 
What if you were misreading the signs? 
What if all of his kindness was really just that? 
What if he-?
Your thoughts were cut off by a firm grip on your waist and a blossoming warmth on your lips. 
Silver held you tightly, desperately. He tried to make every word that he couldn’t audibly say be conveyed by the passion of his embrace alone. All of his restraint toppled and laid broken at his feet. There was just you and him in the sweetly fragrant dusk, him stroking your cheek with his thumb and the low light of the flowers hiding the sweet flush of his face. 
“Stay. Please. If you have the choice, please stay.” He begged breathlessly. 
He would never ask the universe for a single blessing again. 
It was you, it would always be you. 
You stared into the swirl of emotion in Silver’s eyes as your vision blurred with the swell of salt water. Both of you knew how much he was asking. It felt like a sharp knife to your heart, but you had already made up your mind. 
You had made up your mind a while ago, actually.
“If… if you stay with me. Then I will too. I'll stay.” You said, a slight shaking hiccup in your voice.
Silver pulled you into his arms, chest heaving, thoughts in euphoric disarray. 
“Yes. Yes, I’ll stay.” He whispered. 
The emotions of it all were so overwhelming. He didn’t dare to close his eyes for too long to truly realize that this was a feverish figment of his lovesick imagination. 
Silver held the back of your head in his hand, a shaky grasp holding onto you gently. 
“You know… you’re lucky that I’m not an actual fae, just raised by them.” He chucked, eyes crinkling in mirth. “A bargain like that could get you into a lot of trouble.”
This time, he had meant it as a joke when you laughed.
“If it’s you, I don’t mind.”
"I feel the same."
Tumblr media
You finally got your Silver kiss! Are you happy?! (I am)
Horsegirls: please tell me if I got anything wrong thank u.
Let me know what you all think.
Love you, readers!
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Tumblr media
They all loook so good
Lilia looks so good on here Omg please the way he’s staring?? Ahhhhh skdjdjdkf the way he gazes at you those those eyes and that hand sksdnmfdm
And malleus front and center and looking ready to use magic
Then you have sebek ready to lecture you but he looks so cute and adorable so it’s fine ajsnsjd and then you compare HIS BUILD TO SILVER?!?!
Sebek is more broad shouldered and silver more thick anddodjjdfjf ahhhhhhhh
Silver is buff in his own way but…silver, that baton, the way you have it held 👀👀 skdjdjdjdnfkff please sir, lilia what have you been teaching your son??
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this is mostly just music club sorry (i’m lying, i am Not sorry)
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Diasomnia, What... | Diasomnia
Notes: I just played the Halloween event again, and I got to the Diasomnia chapter in book four... reference the title for my thoughts. These boys are so chaotic, I just wanna pinch their cheek!
This is just sort of a drabble now that I've got fresh inspiration. Enjoy! ♡
"All we have to do is keep this door shut like our lives depend on it!"
"Great Seven, Sebek, you've said that like thirteen times..."
"Master Malleus has entrusted this task to us!"
"I know..."
A giggle behind them seems to startle Silver and Sebek out of their... conversation? Both boys still have their arms locked and pushed against the door, but their heads spun around to zero in on you, dripping in blood.
Fake... fake blood.
"Prefect!" Silver's eyes were wide at the sight of you. "Oh dear, you're hurt!"
Keeping one arm against the door, Sebek frees his other arm to swat at you--you're standing too far away for him to reach you, but he continues to reach for you like you're a too-cute stuffed animal in a claw machine anyways.
"Prefect, you need immediate assistance! Your human fragility cannot handle-"
"You guys are so silly. I'm fine--it's fake, you know? I was just helping everyone out with scaring the Magicam Monsters away--Grim and I are the half-alive victims on patrol from site-to-site. That way I can still wear this sweet costume the ghosts made me."
You spin around, showing the costume off. Sebek and Silver sigh.
"I'm happy to hear you're having fun," says Silver with a reserved smile on his lips. A sound comes from inside the house, and suddenly Sebek and Silver have their whole bodies pressed against the door again, preventing any exit. You raise an eyebrow at them.
"So I'm guessing... I shouldn't enter my dorm now?"
"Oh, you mustn't," says Sebek. "And this time, human, I say it for your own sake. Master Lilia is scaring some Magicam Monsters in there!"
"Father would surely be able to spare you," Silver advises kindly. "But he's having a little.... too much fun with his prey right now."
Screams come from inside the house. Sebek and Silver both shiver from memories of being given the same Halloween treatment.
"Terrifying..." Silver mutters.
You sigh as well. "Let me guess--'no one would ever actually live in this dump of a place', did I get that right? As they walked in? Honestly-" you give something of a sheepish laugh. "At least my dorm fits the haunted house vibe, ghosts and all. I'll have to work on it."
"It's not that bad," Silver tries to comfort, and--behold--a piece of roof single falls just in time off the top of your dorm. Silver, Sebek and you stare at it blankly. "...maybe Lord Malleus wouldn't mind us stopping by to lend a hand though..."
"Maybe we should get Master Lilia out of this dump before it collapses." Sebek adds and, upon your offended look, simply says, "What?!"
"Well, if I can't go in, I guess I'll just keep you guys company until the ghost is clear..." You decide, pretending not to see the way Sebek sputters at you ignoring him. Or maybe he's sputtering at your pun--it was pretty good after all.
"Good idea," Silver grins. "You don't want to be an accidental victim to what's gonna happen when the Monsters find a way to escape-"
He's cut off by green flames spawning around your yard, a thunderous voice calling out to two individuals with phones and selfie sticks in-hand. Malleus appears amidst the flames, and in a voice resembling the very type of spirit he's dressed up as, he... lectures them?
...It's scary enough. Had you not known your dear Tsunotarou as closely as you did, you'd certainly be running for the hills; you wouldn't even need the terror build-up that Lilia had undoubtedly gave these two inside. By the flames alone, the couple in front of Malleus looked terrified.
"Human!" Sebek hissed at you. "Stop your giggling!"
"I can't be flattered?" you ask innocently. "Whether you're doing this out of your own annoyance or not--you guys are protecting the place I call home. It's sweet."
"Is that really something to giggle over?" Silver asked, sounding genuinely curious.
"Probably not..."
And yet, you still laugh.
As Malleus is scarring the Magicam Monsters for life, he just so happens to glance over at Silver and Sebek. He shouldn't be surprised to see you there--his eyes have a naughty habit of always finding you, unconsciously or not. You're standing there next to his two knights, a huge smile on your lips, dripping in... blood??
With one final scare, Malleus sends the couple running, shouting apologies and promises as they flee. In a second the housewarden is in front of you, hands on your shoulders, inspecting you for the source of your injury. You just blink at him curiously until you finally catch up to what is going on.
"Oh! This is fake blood. Scary, isn't it?" You laugh again. Malleus stares at you, blinking slowly, until finally a dazzling smile breaks across his lips.
"Kheeheehee... did you think our little Prefect was hurt, Malleus?" Lilia croons.
The vice housewarden appears beside you, wiping some fake blood off your cheek with his thumb. "You look like a mess, dear, why don't you go inside and wash up. I promise our dorm will be here to protect you in the meantime--no one will be able to enter your dorm with us around."
"I'm offended, Lilia. You're sending me off without so much as a 'Happy Halloween'?"
The fae surprises you--you feel a doting kiss pressed on your cheek, and as he pulls away his thumb traces over the kiss he'd just placed. He gives you a cheeky smile.
"Happy Halloween, Prefect."
Malleus's eyes narrow at the sight--and while to others it might have looked like he was glaring in pure jealousy, half of his expression was because he was trying to find a smooth way of doing the very same thing to you--send you off with a kiss on your cheek. He didn't have the audacity of his father--instead, he grabs your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips.
"Happy Halloween, my friend." He gives you a toothy grin. "Do not fret--we'll be out here until the end of the evening, so do consider coming out to enjoy our display."
"They've done that every night this week, though..." Silver mutters. Lilia pats him on the back, which was a very fatherly way of saying 'we don't mention that part'.
You don't even have time to turn around before a sloppy kiss is pressed against your other cheek. Sebek--the culprit--looks like he's having an internal crisis over his own actions.
"Be safe! Happy Halloween!"
Alas, Silver was not going to let you leave without giving you a parting gift as well. "Happy Halloween, Prefect."
He places his kiss on your forehead, and then goes back to guard by your door quietly. All four of your favorite Diasomnia boys smile at you, and you laugh before lunging forward and planting a kiss on each of their cheeks in return.
"You guys! Awe! Happy Halloween--oh, and hey, this may be off-limits territory to anyone else, but don't be afraid to pop in for a drink or a place to rest, okay? It makes me happy that you guys are so close by... bye-bye for now!"
The door shuts behind you. The air outside suddenly turns lovesick.
"They're just the most adorable little thing, aren't they?" Lilia says in a thoughtful tone, his mischievous smile still on his lips.
Malleus stares at the door you disappeared behind. How long was it socially proper to wait before he takes you up on the offer of a visit?
"The best," he agrees.
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Class doodle
Tumblr media
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• Aww ☺️💕 •
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Sir Malleus Draconia ✨
Tumblr media
dont mind the repost, commissions open :)
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