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luxthestrange · a day ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#184 The pros & cons
Idia: Pros and cons of dating me. Idia: Pros. You'll be the cute one and ortho will love you too Idia: Cons. Holy shit, where do I begin-
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heccfriccart · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wooo part 4! Might take a quick break after this one, but we'll see how it goes :)
part one / part two / part three
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terristre · 8 hours ago
Halloween is just around the corner! Haha so I wanna know with that event in the game depending what server you play, what dorm has the best costume in your opinion?
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DO i like ignihydes costumes best or do i just like when orthos a Mischievous Little Boy
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tealfloyd · a day ago
Cater: If you add 'uwu' at the end of a sentence it makes it cute.
Kalim: You're right uwu.
Ortho: This is fun uwu!
MC: I also agree uwu.
Leona: I'm going to kill all of you uwu.
Malleus: Don't uwu.
Leona: Fuck you uwu.
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t-007ghost · 2 days ago
Are there any Twisted Wonderland discord servers not just for pure roleplay for adults? (Preferably like, 20+)
I'd love to make some twst friends/mutuals around my own age lmao but joining new servers and shit spooks me
Alternatively I'm down to make a simple server for any 20+s in the fandom
Sorry about the tags
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idiaia · an hour ago
I've mentioned this b4 but here's the new art-request kinda thing
How to join:
You literally just ask Ortho a question.....that's it
For example :
"Ortho, what are (some characters you wanna see idk) doing?"
"Ortho, Can you visit the gaming club?"
"Ortho, force Idia to reveal his fav anime"
Such an such
I'll draw your asks as if it's actually Ortho answering them and I will draw these in my chibi style
Tumblr media
There are no time limitations you can join anytime you want
Tags : @amorisqasayid
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eriange · a day ago
finally got the time to play the halloween event yayyyy
and i am CACKLING
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LMAO I LIKE THEIR DYNAMIC SM the way they are ready to throw eo under the bus i mean i would do the same to leona, lovingly
Tumblr media
poor ruggie ToT
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
floyd is so cute his tiny frown (which i didnt screenshotted T^T)
crewel make up your mind bro
Tumblr media
seriously why did idia gave him a rocket launcher in the first place
Tumblr media
IDIA LMAOOOO i really love his lines sometimes
the magicam monsters are assholes and like ortho i would rocket these annoying ass people down if i had the chance
Tumblr media
Pomefiore family is so cuteee 🥺🥺
the way epel tried holding off to call vil so he wouldnt be ambushed by the people
him and epel are so chaotic and feral i wonder how vil handles them
twst events are a blessing
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raymioo · 2 days ago
Twisted wonderland birds bc i cant draw humans
I just realized i forgot the rest of the staff
Epel and silver don’t have anything special about them-
Epel got the emo cut 🖤
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Why did i do this.
Why am i awake at 1 am.
I remember in middle school I made a comic series called Cray Cray Chicken Family and the funny thing is that they’re not even chickens.
Have a messed up family tree from it-
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hanafubukki · a day ago
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Beg the question about your age, considering you might be a fae and all and yet there’s the possibility that you’ve been OB this entire time too 🤔
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know I mentioned this before, but the history in twisted wonderland is twisted 🤔 I wonder if this is a nrc thing or all the world thing.
Considering book 6c makes me wonder
Tumblr media
Please, I would like to know too
Tumblr media
Feral first years, I am here for it 🙌 kick their ass
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light-mega-z · 2 days ago
As I continues to venture through...
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Sir. They don't show respect to you first. Do you think they know the curtsey of the gentleman way even?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Epel's proud moment was dashed away by Rook's lovely way of poetry explanation
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chaos. That's what you walked into
Ortho... it's complicated yes and no
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jail 😂
Tumblr media
Honestly, even tho I know the gist of what happened at this dorm from spoilers, witnessing it already makes me gobsmacked
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes. I encourage another arson. Burn them to the ground Malleus
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anise05 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mintmoth · 2 months ago
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Other people have colored my comics before but I thought I'd give it a go myself with one of my existing ones lmao
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ambimakesarts · 3 months ago
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Behold the complete set of TWST redraws!
I actually planned ahead this time instead of whatever I did last time.
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terristre · a month ago
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fisheem4mmal · 3 months ago
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Good job Silver, have a nice rest!
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lanshappycorner · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have you heard of the Shroud brothers? (ft. human ortho)
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trappolaces · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring; every twst boy 
ACE TRAPPOLA hugs you like he can’t afford to lose you. each hug with ace is tighter than your last and warmer than anything you’ve ever felt before. ace likes to lift you up when he hugs you, squeezing you so hard you have to whack his back to release you. will hug you as a hello, a goodbye, a how are you, literally will hug you for Any Given Reason.
RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS hugs you like a wooden plank. at first. he’s stiff and sore in all the wrong places as he awkwardly wraps his arms around you, one around your back and one on your shoulder as he taps your back repeatedly. feels like your 97 year old grandpa with back problems the first time he hugs you. as time goes on, and he gets used to your constant physical touch, he starts melting into your hugs. enjoys burying his head in your neck as he tells you about his day. 
DEUCE SPADE hugs you like a sweetheart. his hugs are soft and welcoming, and feel like home. always blushes when he hugs you- it’s a tradition at this point. although deuce prefers hand holding over hugging, he will never hesitate to drop everything to embrace you. literally. will drop all of his books if you hug him in the middle of the halls. 
TREY CLOVER is a little bitch boy who gets no hugs and no bitches and no friends because i said so 
CATER DIAMOND hugs you like you’re his soulmate. ever since you first met, cater’s made it a habit to engulf you in a warm hug that feels like cinnamon cookies and hot chocolate. his hugs aren’t tight, rather they’re light almost like. hear me out. fresh laundry???? loves giving side hugs during class. always has an arm around you. when you’re in private, he Will Wrap his legs AND his arms around you like a giant prehistoric sloth. 
LEONA KINGSCHOLAR hugs you like you’re the only two people on earth. he likes wrapping one hand around your waist and one against the back of your head, resting his chin on the top of your head. will stay like this for as long as he can. doesn’t like hugging you in public because it makes him feel vulnerable. it’s literally not Physically Possible for him to give you a mediocre hug, so prepare for a full on cuddle session if he has to hug you in public. his hugs are warm and soft and comfy. in private, hugs turn into naps as he carries you into bed, the sofa, the floor, literally anywhere with a blanket as he wraps his hands around you and snuggles into your warmth. 
RUGGIE BUCCHI hugs you like you’re the most important person in the world. his hugs are welcome after a tiring day of classes and they are Long. will literally swing side to side as he holds you in the middle of the hallway, refusing to let go of you as he asks you how your day is. Seriously. His Hugs are Long. when you’re in private, as soon as you come home, he’s engulfing you in a hug that turns into a kind of slow dance only the two of you know as he swings you around, shuffling in your embrace as he buries his head into your chest. likes smelling you like a fucking weirdo. especially loves it if you wear cologne or perfume!
JACK HOWL hugs you tentatively. he’s a little scared he’ll hurt you ??? with his alpha daddy strong muscles, so always hugs a little lighter than he wants to. but when he’s excited, all thoughts go out the window. prepare to get absolutely Crushed by gym rat #1. jack’s hugs are sincere and sweet. he doesn’t like to hug for long and he doesn’t like to waste hugs either. won’t hug you as a hello, but will hug you if he hasn’t seen you for a while. when you’re in private, however, expect a hug every time jack comes home. 
AZUL ASHENGROTTO always hugs you with a smile. will never initiate hugs, and isn’t used to giving them, but as soon as he started dating you, he starts expecting them. will wait for you to hug him when you greet him, and if you don’t, he’ll get pouty. his eye crinkle into half moons when you hug him, and he finds himself grinning so wide whenever you wrap your arms around him. loves hugs. hug him please. 
JADE LEECH hugs you surprisingly tight. his first hug with you was a light pat on the back as he ghosted his arms around you, smiling tightly. jade is more reserved than his brother, but when he gets to know you, he starts to crave your touch. won’t really do it in public much, but prepare for him to drop his briefcase and study books as soon as he gets home and sees you. will cradle you in his arms and murmur sweet nothings against your neck. also blows kisses against the shell of your ear because he’s such a hopeless romantic. 
FLOYD LEECH hugs you like a Hydrochloric Presser. good heavens. this man squeezes the absolute Shit out of you. will hug you for 10 minutes straight. attaches himself to you in public and in private- and no one can stop him. your professors have grown accustomed to you and floyd walking into class attached as one, as floyd squeezes you into his embrace and shuffles you to your spot in class. his hugs are SO tight but literal Heaven for all my touch starved readers. he will hug you Anytime. literally. Anywhere. at a funeral? sure! at home depot? of course! during final exams? obviously! but his hugs are welcome and never fail to cheer you up. needs at least one hug a day. 
KALIM AL ASIM will Jump on you when he hugs you. expect it. he will tackle you to the ground. literally sprained your arm the first time he hugged you because he jumped you in history class and toppled the two of you over on your chairs. said it was because you looked so cute today. likes hugging you in Public AND in private!! kalim has a certain physical affection meter that Must be filled each day, and it’s up to you to fill it! will cuddle with you before you go to classes, side hug you as you’re walking to your classes, and full on hug you whenever he sees fit. 
JAMIL VIPER doesn’t hug you often, but when he does, they’re tight and so full of love. hugged you for the first time after he won his basketball championships, literally dropped everything and ran straight to you. loves burying his face in your hair, and is sort of like a cat in the way he constantly nuzzles you and demands you play with his hair. he is so cute i wanna cup him in my hands like a pair of warm ballsacks. 
VIL SCHOENHEIT will only hug you in private. he’s kind of tsundere in public, and refuses to go anywhere with you during school hours because he knows he’s going to cave and want to immediately wrap you in his arms. once you’re in private, he’s surprisingly clingy. likes to always be touching you. if you’re working on homework, expect to do it with one hand, because vil’s holding the other. if you’re scrolling on your phone, vil’s embracing you in a half cuddle as he sits in between your legs and lays on your chest. vil is Touch Starved because i said so and requires a certain amount of skinship at home. seriously. so tsundere. similarly to jamil, loves it when you play with his hair while you’re hugging. 
EPEL FELMIER laughs when he hugs you. no matter what kind of hug it is- he’s always giggling when he’s in your embrace. something about you hugging him makes him so giddily happy, that he always always finds himself tilting his head back in a laugh as he wraps his arms around you. hugs you with his hands around your back. is a little too scared to wrap his hands around your waist but is determined to do it at least once. thinks it’s so cool.
ROOK HUNT hugs you incredibly tight. will hug you the same in private and in public! whether it’s in the cafeteria at lunch or after classes are over, he loves opening his arms for you to crawl in. his hugs feel like a warm summer breeze and taking a dip in a pool on a hot day. they’re So Comforting. plus his arms are super buff from constantly carrying his bow around (archery takes so much arm strength) so it’s a plus to have those big strong daddy waddy arms around you every now and then. 
MALLEUS DRACONIA hugs you like he’s never hugged before. seriously. hugs you like a parched man finally drinking water for the first time. his hugs are SO tight. he’s cooler than the average human, so his hugs aren’t warm per se, they’re more cooling if that makes sense? likes hugging you more in private but doesn’t mind a simple hug here and there in public. enjoys hugging you when he sleeps, will tangle his legs with yours and embrace you tightly in bed like you’re going to run away at any second. 
LILIA VANROUGE hugs you like he’s a man on a mission. what does this mean? i don’t really know. but he hugs you with such a Passion and Determination that makes every hug feel incredibly special and meaningful. hugs with lilia are hugs of joy after completing an assignment, hugs that boost your mood after a long day. will hug you in both public and private. 
SILVER hugs you in his sleep rather than in waking. silver’s more on the reserved side when it comes to pda, and easily finds himself blushing and red when you hug him in public. he saves his affection for cuddles and evenings, when you’re tired and worn out. he likes thinking of his hugs like energy transfers, as he wishes the best for you when you’re cuddled in his embrace at night. also likes hugging when you’re watching tv or working on homework. will perch in between your legs as he rests his back on your chest, napping as you study. hugs with silver are like a sliver of heaven. 
SEBEK ZIGVOLT doesn’t hug you very often, but when he does, he goes bright red. doesn’t tell you how much he enjoys your hugs, but he Does. never initiates hugs because he’s too prideful to ask for one, but if he wants one, he’ll usually just stare up at you and plead with his eyes. usually ends up with him just sitting there staring at you with murder in his eyes. sebek’s hugs are like winter break in the middle of a long and grueling school year, they’re like baking cookies with the love of your life, eating a warm meal in the cool and harsh winter. he’s really warm as well. like a personal heater. 
IDIA SHROUD hugs you like his life is on the line. he’s also on the cooler side, body temperature wise, which makes his hugs extra comforting, especially at night. when the sheets get hot and the blankets too warm, idia’s there to cool you off. prefers hugs in private because he gets too flustered when you hug him in public. 
ORTHO SHROUD hugs you like he’s your best friend. his hugs are warm and caring, and just the right amount of length. idia programmed him to give Extraordinary hugs.
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