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Thank youuu I was so happy when I saw him ooo tho Azul came to me like 15 times lmao
I have 40 keys so hopefully I can pull Jack SR next banner鈥y goal is to get one SSR from each guy, if Cater comes than yayyy but if not it鈥檚 ok cuz I at least have his dorms!!
Lolol azul really wanted to come home to you Anonie 馃槀馃挄 at least he brought home the perfumes.
I hope you鈥檙e able to get Jack and Cater in 1 10 pull 馃檹馃檶 that鈥檚 great that you have his card, goes great with trey ssr 馃檶馃檶
I had a similar idea of trying to have one SSR of each boy until I saw twsts speed on everything 馃槀馃槀 then scrapped that idea real quickly. But here鈥檚 hoping all the boys come home to you 馃檶馃檹
Because, believe me, having a variety of cards will help in the future 馃槄馃檹
I hope you鈥檙e having fun with the Halloween event Anonie 鈽猴笍馃挄馃尯
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Tumblr media
character creation
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
@tea890 sigh.
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Are you normal or do you check your word count and learn you鈥檝e written 56k+ words for twisted wonderland ?
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any book 7 predictions? :)
I don't like to speculate TOO much, since it usually ends up going in a totally unexpected direction that renders all theorizing moot (gestures to episode 6) (did anyone have "it starts with robots breaking into the school and kidnapping everyone" on their bingo? no, I didn't think so). but I do feel pretty certain that the main crisis is going to involve Malleus deciding that the best solution to all these Uncomfortable Feelings is to just...magically put everyone to sleep for some hundred-odd years so he won't outlive them. problem solved! where did all this ink come from
there's a few things I would like to see from 7, but I don't have any solid expectations either way on:
the mysterious f o u r t h y e a r s
Malleus in full dragon form
child Malleus in flashback? :D :D :D
we'll probably get Silver's backstory, but maybe not his last name (I'm still terrified that he does have one, and it's...also Silver.)
SHOW ME THE DIASOMNIA UNIQUE MAGICS (I feel like Silver's could be something to do with dreams, that seems thematically fitting to me?) (and I know Sebek is supposed to be lightning-based but I do think it would be hilarious if his power was just A Really Big Bite) (he takes after his mom!)
it would also be super cool if Ortho got a UM, though I could see it going either way on whether or not he can even have one (I feel like narratively, Ace is more likely to get his during whatever ends up happening with Grim, so while it would be a nice surprise, I'm not expecting it for a while) (now watch as it's the first thing that happens)
I know they're not going to just show me Sebek's family (unless...? 馃憖) but any time they're so much as mentioned it's absolutely delightful and I want more of them
zero idea if it's going to go this way, but I would lose my entire mind if they did that one trope that's like
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(look, Silver's main personality trait is "loves his dad", I don't make the rules)
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CONGRATS ANONIE IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU 馃挄馃挄馃檶馃檶馃檶 Vil can home! Yeeesss 馃帀馃帀馃帀馃コ馃コ馃コ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ajdjsjshs Vil said that he鈥檒l come home but you need to give him all the gems ajdnsjskdnd but he looks so so good in that it鈥檚 worth it 馃ス馃敟
So happy for you Anonie 馃挄馃尯馃尭
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terrible news. the exact fanfiction i want has not magically appeared and i may have to write it myself. more at 11
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Tumblr media
Void cat but space, with moon for eyes~
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The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy
I tried to scroll past this. I really did
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was told to straighten my posture and align my heels. i now stand corrected
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Giant moment of YIKES today: listening to a podfic on ao3, and then being smacked at the end with the podficcer's patreon advertisement, where folks pay to get access to podfic. Glancing at their works where this advertisement appears, it's all blanket permission stuff.
Folks getting into podfic: DO NOT DO THIS. First, advertising patreons on ao3 is a huge no go, even when you do it auditorily rather than via text. It is very much against terms of service, and puts the site at risk. Second, though: authors giving you blanket permission to podfic are not giving you permission to make money off their work. I can't believe I need to say this, but if you are going to record fic for money? You need that fic author's SPECIFIC permission. And you should probably be sharing any proceeds with them, though that is something you can negotiate individually. But taking something freely offered for free transformative use and making money from it? That is a huge violation of trust in the community, and could result in authors pulling their blanket permission.
But DG, you may say, I should get to turn my side hobby into a hustle just like fanartists do! Fine. If you are a skilled podficcer who produces high quality audio, you already have an option for that - go pick up work as an audiobook narrator on audible. It's not hard for a skilled reader to find ocassional gig work that way, and it's something I did years ago when I was poor and unemployed.
In summary: Don't put the whole podfic community at risk just to make a buck. Follow the rules of the sites you use, respect authors' rights, and look elsewhere for your side hustle.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The remainder of the orders for the NN event :)
Lynn for @theknightartorias / @threadedcanes
Grim for @walfs / @folimoly 聽
Jhaez for @avelinereynard
Hyana Geriel for @gysahl
Rinalys Dawnstar for @dawning-star / @mitzy_nyan聽
Asta for @Astavielze
Aias for @nohr_queen / @queenofnohr聽
Layla Valor for @paperpuffs
鈽 patreon || website || twitter 鈽
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Tumblr media
my theme / graphics / design F.A.Q. @ my anons and a few others who've been asking some questions + some help, i just compiled every question into one post 馃憤
disclaimer: i am very much an amateur in making graphics so i still don't know everything there is to know, but i think it's good to make graphic design and editing seem more accessible and less intimidating! so like don't go to me for actual professional advice
.001 | header templates if you don't really feel like reading and just want to experience everything for yourself, here's a bunch of templates i made today. play around with them if u want :> i used canva since it's available both on mobile and pc but if you prefer to use a different app you can just check the specs/see if your app has similar functions
Tumblr media Tumblr media
TEMPLATE LINKS (I won't know who's made copies of the templates so it's fine if you're worried about being exposed): [1: SEBEK] [2: SAKUYA (PINK)] [3: FIRST YEARS] [4: TREY AND IDIA]
if someone is interested in using any of these as inspo or as a base i don't mind, and i don't need credit either 馃憤 but if you wanna let me know bc i'm a bit nosy go ahead
.002 | what apps would you recommend for editing? (mobile and desktop)
Tumblr media
photopea , if you want a browser alternative to PS. i tried it out for maybe twenty minutes and a bunch of the basic features i need in PS are present there, it's definitely good if you want to experiment more as opposed to other apps. here's a tutorial for it
Mobile and Desktop:
picsart [desktop] [google play] [apple app store]: i think a lot of people start out with picsart and i totally get it! it's very easy to use, there's also a lot of tutorials for it on YouTube :> > list of tutorials from their blog > this playlist of tutorials by tutorial edits
canva [desktop] [google play] [apple app store]: so so elite i love canva. there are times where i do prefer the freedom that powerpoint gives me but canva is just convenient. anyway she's good both for ur powerpoints in class and pretty decent for editing. the templates i made above are my first time doing edits (not for school) with canva and i think they turned out alright! > official canva tutorials > this pinterest user's short-form canva tuts > canva search keywords lists: [one] [two] [three] [four]
Mobile Only:
phonto [google play] [apple app store]: ily phonto, here's a tutorial
apps like krita or autodesk or csp or medibang or procreate are likely usable as well, i just don't exactly have advice for them since i don't use them
Tumblr media
Websites for Fonts:
Google Fonts
font identifiers [whatthefont] [fontsquirrel]
Websites for images/elements:
blobmaker.app (saves as svg, use a svg to png/jpg converter if you don't use an app that allows svgs)
getwaves.io (saves as svg, use a svg to png/jpg converter if you don't use an app that allows svgs)
haikei.app (basically a combination of blobmaker, getwaves, and a few other apps)
color tool
css drive (upload image, generate palette)
SocMed AU purposes:
MeMi Message (google play and apple appstore)
TwiNote (google play and apple appstore)
Fake Call
i used to use social maker and social dummy but i can't find them anymore lol
.003 | squiggly? refer to blobmaker, getwaves, and haikei for squiggly :>
.004 | pretty themes for tumblr desktop you can search the following tumblr blogs
.005 | how can i make my theme prettier? decorating your text posts:
copy paste dividers
post dividers [making your own, tutorial using photopea] [masterlist of dividers by firefly-graphics]
how to get gradient text on tumblr posts + gradient recs
theme banners/headers:
specs of the tumblr header: 640 x 360 pixels on mobile, 3000 x 1055 pixels on desktop
premade headers: [headers by spidaerman] [headers by ridleey] [alt link] [headers by villanaelle]
.006 | how to add *that* thing to the tumblr header theme
Tumblr media
for this part let's use canva again. the mobile theme header is 640x360px but you can totally adjust it to be bigger (but maintaining the same width to height ratio)
Tumblr media
so let's say this is the picture you want as your header, how do we add the details at the bottom? you can pretty much get any shape you want, whether it be from canva elements or one of the sites i mentioned or any other source you have. for this tutorial let's just use the ones on canva
Tumblr media
by scrolling through the elements portion, in this instance the lines & shapes portion, you can find a few that would work well
Tumblr media
when you choose what you want, adjust it both size and color wise, and make sure there's a substantial enough amount of space for other details of your blog to fit (icon if you're not hiding it, blog name)
remember to save the color of the element! copy paste that hex code! or just have it somewhere where you can look back at it easily
when you're satisfied, save it! then go on tumblr -> settings -> select the blog that you want to edit
Tumblr media
place the banner, and if you did it right it should be a perfect fit, but you can zoom in if you want! :> but wait we're not yet done! the colors don't create *that* effect yet
Tumblr media
change the background color to match the bottom color of the header! (and the accent as and text colors as well, if you want!)
Tumblr media
and we're done!
i think these are all the questions i've gotten so far? hopefully it helps!
Tumblr media
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