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Alright everyone pose for a picture and give a Happy Halloween! 🎃✨
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A lone candle, a flickering flame.
They touched you, in places no one ever had.
Emotionally, as well as physically. Their hands were cold. The freezing depths of the deep, dark, sea. In a way, their curiosity was bottomless, treading the thin line in between love and obsession.
At first, You asked them to. Ordered them to hold you, comfort you. Guiding their hands around your waist. On your shoulders, stroking your hair. You had to teach them. Demons were never too adept with shows of affection, but you thrived from their clumsily touches.
Floyd was always enthusiastic, hands flowing with the fluidity of water. He wasn’t the best student, but he always seemed content to wrap himself around you as long as you needed him to.
Jade was a bit more stoic, listening to your orders like a robot. He always did what he was told, although his hands lingered just a second longer, even after you told him to stop.
Azul let you lead him by the nose, throwing his everything into your every order. Give him the slightest indication of discomfort and he’s throwing himself at your feet, begging for you to let him make up for it.
Although as time passed, they started to change. They started seeking out your touches. Their hope, in the darkness. Your soul reaching out to them, tendrils of light bringing warmth to their skin, flowing into their veins.
Azul is fond of head rubs. He closes his eyes, eternal bliss by your hand. He’s a lot more comfortable in his demon form, although the slime means leaves much to be desired.
Jade likes you in his arms. There’s something awfully comforting about the weight when you sit on his lap. He likes it when you lean into him, your heartbeat thumping softly into his chest.
Floyd likes you. Any chance he gets, he throws himself at you, entrapping you in his arms, his legs, his tail. He wrestles you to the bed, sometimes, fingers running down the side of your torso in an attempt to tickle you. You squirm, pearls of laughter bursting from your lips.
You craved their touch, as they craved yours.
The light and the shadow, forever entwined.
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bunny café moment
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everything's going to be all right
alternate title: there would be times you just feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by not being able to keep up with the things happening around, and they are there to help you along the way
Tumblr media
⚘ silent company; you tend to distance yourself from everything during burnouts - the things you used to love, work and social life. having someone to accompany you in silence can make you feel that it is okay to feel tired and not to be okay all the time and that it is valid to take a rest from the busy world. they would just lay by your side doing their own thing like reading, sleeping or surfing the net + definitely the type to hold your hand time to time and keep you close to them ❤️
— riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, jade leech, idia shroud, silver, malleus draconia
⚘ adventure time; if you feel so unproductive even by doing your favorite hobbies, why not discover new things you can possibly enjoy? 100% sure they would try to do even the most random things with you just like knitting, painting by numbers, swimming and many more. every once in a while, going out and being enthusiastic on the things you never taken up before with someone you love might lit a spark again inside 💛
— ace trappola, deuce spade, floyd leech, kalim al asim, epel felmier, sebek zigvolt
⚘ me time; its time for you to focus more on yourself, and there is absolutely no way for you to disagree. they want to make you feel that sometimes it is okay to spoil yourself after reaching an achievement and not to overwork thy self. baking together, having skin care routines, pranking people and mini concerts in the comfort of your room - what could be a better feeling than having the best time feeling goofy with your lover right? 😉
— trey clover, cater diamond, ruggie bucchi, azul ashengrotto, vil schoenheit (1), rook hunt, lilia vanrouge
⚘ learning about boundaries; don't get me wrong, they would listen when you open up to them on how you are feeling and tell that you are also just human - it is normal to feel that way. but sometimes you need to put boundaries to not biting off more than you can chew and that it is okay to say no. it maybe hard but by letting you pushing the pause button first and spending your time with them away from the stressors in your life makes you feel more at ease. when you are ready to jump back in - they would assist you to by regularly keeping an eye on your activity routine to lessen the possibility of you being overwhelmed 🥺
—jack howl, jamil viper, vil schoenheit (2)
I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF U GUYS STILL RECOGNIZE ME 😭 but still um hi aerie here sorry for disappearing without any notice 😖 its just for a month i feel like i can't keep up with the things i love before including writing and i really don't want to just post stories or fics without giving my all so i went on a break
it actually went great~ i am still adjusting to my college life and i found friends i can really trust and very glad for! now i am currently fixing my schedule so i can write small drafts about the future stories on my list <3 + i haven't open my inbox for a month sorry about that 😭
so that's it for now and as usual i hope you enjoy the update and love you all mwah 💕
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Me and my boys
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you get lost while visiting the mall with him. 
part two w/ malleus, riddle, idia and azul
— warnings: cursing (ace), joking threats (ruggie, ace)
— characters: jade, leona, kalim, jack, ace + ruggie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Arms Tonite (part 1)
Who needs therapy when you can work yourself to exhaustion? Not these boys!
Characters: Riddle, Ruggie, Azul, Jade, Crewel (mentioned)
CW// exhaustion, passing out, illness, implications of disordered eating, food mentions, vomiting (not related to the disordered eating), hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
“I’m perfectly fine.” Riddle had insisted, standing up straight, “I understand the importance of sleep, but I have to finish this. It’s the last thing I have to do, then after that I’ll rest.”
In a rare occurrence, Riddle managed to be breaking not only his own rules, but also his mother’s rules and the queen of hearts rules, all for a paper. The paper in question? Headmage Crowley asked him for a semester’s report of not only the Heartslabyul dorm, but the overall management committee (consisting almost entirely of Riddle)
“Please, you look exhausted.” You begged, grabbing his shoulder, “You won’t put your best work in if you’re tired.”
“It’s due in three hours, Prefect. I can’t simply abandon the task. And like I said, I’ll rest once it’s finished.” He sighed and shoved some papers around before pulling out his pen because, yes, he is handwriting this report in his delicate cursive. Every letter nearly penned to perfection.
You sat near him in the library, cradling a to-go cup of tea. You had managed to get him to eat, at least, and have some tea of his own to drink, but it seemed very little else was going to make him budge. The only thing that could stir him from his task was maybe the dorm getting set aflame.
After sitting quietly and playing on your phone for a solid two and a half hours, Riddle finally stretched and let out a sigh. “Done.” He murmured, standing up, “That complete’s this week’s tasks. I’m finally….” He blinked, staring into the distance for a moment before shaking his head as if too clear it, “I’m finally done.” He smiled, “Thank you for keeping me company, Prefect.”
“Of course,” you responded, standing up and stretching as well, “It’s not every day you break the rules, much less pull an all nighter and a half.”
Riddle hummed, attention solely on fixing his appearance. He fussed and fussed with his tie before sighing and simply taking it off, earning a surprised reaction from the Ramshakle Prefect.
“I believe it’s time for breakfast about now.” He said, taking a shaky step around the table, “Would you like me to escort you?”
You shook your head, eyes narrowed, “Riddle, you said you’re going to rest now.”
“I have to deliver this to the Headmage-“
“You need to rest.” You insisted, looping an arm around his bicep, “You’re not used to this, and you’re not really built to be off your schedule. You need to sleep.”
“I’m fine.” He snapped, making a weak attempt to snatch his arm back, “I’ll be fine.”
“You’re not fine.” You said sternly, forcing him to look at you, “What’s going on? You’ve been acting weird for like, a week.”
“It’s nothing.” He insisted, refusing to look you in the eye, “It’s…”
He suddenly went very still, then began to sway on his feet. He shook his head again, rubbing at his eyes with his free hand, “I’ve been having nightmares.” He finally admitted, still not looking at you, “About my…”
You nodded, finishing for him, “Your overblot?”
He nodded, his grip tightening on you for a moment, like he was worried he may fall, “I don’t wanna hurt you.” He mumbled, sounding like a scared child, “You’re my friend, I don’t wanna hurt you.”
You frowned and pulled him a little closer, “You won’t hurt me. Everything’s okay, it’s alright. C��mon, you need to-“
Suddenly, Riddle’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he became dead weight in your arms. He slumped into your grip, head thudding gently against your chest.
“Riddle!” You yelped, adjusting your grip before carefully scooping him up, “Holy shit. Riddle? Riddle?!”
Your yelling did not stir him, but it was clear he was still alive. As you carried him bridal style to the infirmary, he began to wake.
“H…huh? Wha’s going on?” He slurred, blinking at you blearily.
“You’re going to the infirmary.” You said firmly, “You passed out. Something might be wrong.”
He shook his head and tried to squirm in your grip, but his attempt as escape was stopped with the stern look on your face. Instead, he ended up shrinking back, going frozen in your arms. “I-“
“If you try and say ‘I’m fine’ again, I’m going to tell the medic to keep you locked in there for a full day. You’re not okay.” You said, turning the corner toward the infirmary. “It’s okay that you need help, but you really scared me.”
He was silent as you carried him inside, laying him down gently on the bed before running off to tell the nurse what happened.
He didn’t bother a third escape attempt, as he knew that it would do nothing but serve to frustrate you further, and he wouldn’t make it far.
He felt helpless as you looked over at him worriedly,but simultaneously felt warm and soft. His mother was never one to coddle him, instead simply handing him medicine and a book to read if he was sick. His father was much the same, pushing him further and further to simply power through it.
The act of simply accepting someone else’s care felt more taboo than the rules he’d already broken, but with his eyelids weighing lead and his limbs heavy as molasses, the fear of punishment had no room to occupy his head.
He felt your hand grazing against his forehead and a soft whisper against his ear. He heard you settle down beside him in a chair, fingers lacing with his own in a steady, warm, comforting motion.
He fluttered his eyes open to see you on your phone, texting someone with one hand, the other holding his. He flushed a little, less from embarrassment and more from a warmed heart.
“Thank you.” He said softly, eyes drifting back shut.
“Of course. Sleep well, Riddle.” Came the soft reply. He felt your hand slip from his, but then soon after felt the covers of the infirmary bed being tucked in close around his neck, cradling him in the heavy weight and the soothing smell of antiseptic. He soon found rest, dozing soundly in the quiet.
Tumblr media
Ruggie is a busy man. He has chores on chores on chores, and commitments even further than just that. Spelldrive practice, laundry duty, cooking, cleaning, running errands for Leona, classes…
The bags under his eyes only grow each time you see him throughout the day, zipping from task to task with the speed of a cheetah.
“Ruggie!” You call, “Hey, it’s almost dinner. I’m cooking up something tonight, wanna come and have some?”
“Eh?” He jumped, eyes wide, “Oh, wait- food? Huh?”
You laughed a little at his frazzled response, gripping his forearm gently, “I’m making some Jambalaya. Sam gave me the recipe, so it’s bound to be good. Do you want some?”
Ruggie opened his mouth to say something, only for his stomach to begin growling at that exact moment. He would have been embarrassed, but simply played it off, “I think my stomach says yes.”
You grinned and gave him a gentle pat on the head, earning a glare and a swat at your hands from him. You laughed, “Meet me there when you’re free, alright?”
You dismissed yourself and went back to the dorm and got to work in the kitchen, all while Grim complained about who-knows-what. Well, the food was ready in about a half hour. You waited for Ruggie, who was rarely late to a free meal. Waiting ten minutes turned into twenty minutes, which turned into thirty minutes. Thirty minutes turned into an hour, then into two, and then Ruggie finally showed up, looking worse for wear.
As you opened the door to invite him in, he mumbled something incoherent before dropping directly into your arms.
With a yelp you caught him, arms firmly around his waist as you hauled him inside and laid him on the ramshackle sofa.
He woke up about a minute later, groaning and trying to sit up.
“No!” You yelped, “Lay down. Jesus, what happened to you?”
He laughed weakly, turning to look up at you, “You almost seem worried.”
“I am worried, Ruggie. You showed up way after dinner time and passed out immediately. What happened?” You demanded, smoothing the hair from his face.
His eyes fluttered shut and he hummed under the touch, leaning into it slightly before he realized what he was doing and recoiled. “I just had a long day. I’m fine, it’s not to bad this time.”
“This time?” Your eyebrows shot up as you looked at him, “Does this happen a lot?”
He shrugged, giving an almost guilty smile, “I work a lot and I work hard. It happens a little more than it should, but this one wasn’t too bad. Didn’t mean to scare ya,” he said, finally sitting up, “I’m lucky you caught me. You’re pretty strong, have you considered the spelldrive club?”
“Ruggie.” You said, a little too softly for his liking, “You shouldn’t work to the point of passing out.”
“It’s work or starve.” He said plainly, stretching. “Speaking of, do you have anything to eat?”
You sighed a little, leaning down to kiss his temple, “I’ll heat it up. It’s been ready for a couple hours, since I’ve never seen you this late to a free meal. I think it turned out pretty good. Stay here, I’ll bring it over.”
He looked ready to argue, but then just shrugged and mumbled a ‘thanks’.
When you returned with two plates, he raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t eat?” He asked, blatantly surprised.
“I was waiting for you.” You replied, shrugging, “Bone apple teeth or whatever.”
He let out a laugh, said another quick thanks, then tucked into the meal. He started out politely eating, but by the end was shoveling food in like he was filling a black hole.
You watched him and snuck little bit of andouille to Grim, who happily ate it despite the fact that he burned his mouth from the spice.
“That was amazing. Thanks, Prefect. You really look out for me…I appreciate it a lot.” Ruggie said, eyes nervously looking anywhere but your face before he sighed and finally made eye contact, “You’re a really good person.”
You laughed and shrugged, “I know. Now,” you hummed, wandering off to grab a blanket, “You’re stuck here now.”
“Eh?! Wait-“ Ruggie tried to protest.
“No. You’re staying the night. You passed out on my doorstep, you’re staying and you’re sleeping here tonight. No more chores or duties. You can leave in the morning. I don’t want you making yourself worse.” You say firmly, walking over to toss the blanket directly on his head.
He let out a grunt in surprise, ears making little mountains of the blanket as he pulled it off his head. “You’re just as bad as Leona with all that bossiness. Time is money.”
“Time is time, money is money.” You said, “And if you’re short on food money, come to me. I’m not much better, but I’ll always share.”
Ruggie’s eyes went soft as his ears twitched. He sighed and settled down on the couch, wrapping himself in the blanket. “Fine. If it’ll make you feel better to know I’m here, I guess I can stay the night.” He muttered, trying to hide the pink tint to his face.
“Thank you, Ruggie.”
Tumblr media
“Hmm? Oh, hello Prefect. What brings you here at such a late hour?” Azul asked, eyebrow quirked somewhat as he stared.
You sighed as you entered his office, walking right up to him, “Azul. It’s four am. How long has it been since you last slept?”
He hummed, eyes flicking back to the spreadsheet before him, “Three days? Four? I’m not positive. Regardless, that doesn’t answer my question. Why are you awake right now?”
“Couldn’t sleep. Nightmare.” You responded simply, picking up some papers near him.
He eyed you warily as you read them, poised to snatch it back until he recognized them as just invoices he had filled out an hour or two prior. “And you came to visit me?”
“I saw the VIP room’s light was on, figured you were either asleep at your desk or still awake.”
“Doesn’t explain why you trekked across campus to see that particular sight.” He responded in a lightly teasing tone, “You missed me, didn’t you?”
You looked up from the invoices you were pretending to read, grinning a little, “Who wouldn’t want your company? But, regardless…” you hummed, putting his papers back down on the desk. He was rather quick to line them back up in order and place them in a stack off to the side.
“You’ve been awake too long.” You said simply, “Three days isn’t a healthy amount.”
He waved a hand dismissively and rolled his eyes, “Truly, it isn’t too bad. I get less sleep in the Coral Sea.”
“See, that’s not comforting in the slightest.” You replied, crossing your arms. “Jade and Floyd aren’t twelve feet long on land. And I’m pretty sure bedrooms in the Coral Sea don’t have locks.”
“How would you know? You aren’t merfolk.” He mumbled, attention back to his task, “If you simply came to chastise me, I’d request that you leave. I have a lot more work to do.”
You sighed before slowly, ever so carefully, closing his laptop directly onto his typing hands.
He looked up with an icy glare, lips in a firm line. “Prefect.”
“It’s time to sleep.”
“I’m not a child you can simply put to bed.” He scoffed, retracting one hand to open the laptop again.
You continued pushing it down, eyes fixed on his, “Azul, please. I know you’re not a child, but you need to rest. You’ll pass out.”
“Leave.” He said firmly. “I don’t want to hear your pity. I’ll see you in the morning. Have a good night.”
You stared at each other for what seemed like forever before you sighed, removing your hand from the laptop. “Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Tomorrow came, and it was evident rather quickly that Azul should have listened. His normal grace and poised was replaced with unusual clumsiness and accidents that raised the eyebrows of even the teachers.
Alchemy class had a joint session between your group and Azul’s, and by the fates you were assigned as partners.
An awkwardness hung in the air as you worked. Azul seemed determined to pretend everything was fine while you shot worried glances at him.
It was clear something was seriously wrong beyond just uncoordinated behavior when Azul began to sweat excessively. Like, he doesn’t even sweat that much in PE. He nearly tripped over air and tried to catch himself on the rim of the cauldron. Luckily, the ever talented you caught him by the back of his lab coat just in time, pulling him back to standing.
“A-ah, thank you.” He stuttered, eyes glancing about, “I was…testing gravity.”
You looked at him completely unimpressed, “Azul, did you get any sleep last night?”
He scoffed, “This again? How many times do I….do…do I need to….” His expression went lax and he stood completely still for a moment before he suddenly twisted and dropped to the ground.
The surprise of him actually passing out caught you off guard, but you were quick to react, managing to tug him away from your cauldron and force his lab coat off.
“What happened over here?” Crewel asked, walking up close behind, “Ashengrotto-“
“He’s okay.” You assured, listening to his heartbeat, “He just passed out. Hasn’t slept in days, the heat must have gotten to him. He should to go the infirmary-“
“I’m fine.” Came a sudden voice from below you. Azul looked…terrible, honestly, as he blinked at you, “I’m alright. Sorry for the fright.”
“What? No, you’re not fine!” You yelped, only to be cut off by Crewel.
“Ashengrotto, I think it’s best that you take the rest of the day away from working.” It was…uncharacteristic of Crewel to be so gentle, but Azul was one of his best students and everyone knew it. There was an evident amount of concern in his stern words that made everyone freeze.
“You evidently need to rest. And you’re already light years ahead of these Pups.” He said, staring at Azul with a look that read ‘I dare you to challenge me’. “Prefect, will you keep an eye on him?”
“Yes, Sir.” You responded, nodding. You looked back to Azul, who looked both shocked and ashamed. “C’mon. Let’s go.”
“Sorry, what was that?” Crewel asked, eyebrow raised.
“Nothing! Thank you, Professor.” Azul said, slowly rising to his feet.
As the two of you shuffled slowly out of the classroom, you could sense Azul’s embarrassment.
“Hey,” you said gently, “I think it’s time for you to rest. You work harder than anyone else in this school.”
“That’s not the….never mind.” He mumbled, “You may return to class, if you wish.”
“What? No.” You gently smacked the back of his head. “You’re my buddy. And isn’t there some sort of simile about coin collecting and polish or something?”
He hummed, mind wandering deep to try and think of one as you walked him back to his dorm. He didn’t even notice you had done so until you asked, “Hey, where’s your dorm room?”
“Huh?” He blinked at his surroundings, “H…uh, it’s…um.” He rubbed his cheek and fixed his glasses, “Down the hall to the left. Third door.”
He felt his legs wobbling and growing heavier with every step as you guided him to his room, arm holding him a little closer than normal. For a moment, his mind blanked and he genuinely thought he was turning back into his Merform, eyes wide as he looked down and shrieked.
“Oh my god, what?!” You panicked.
“M-my- I took my potion this week, didn’t I?!” He yelped, almost tumbling over as he looked at his legs.
It took you a good minute before you realized what he was talking about, and another one before you realized what was going on. “Azul, I promise, you have legs.”
“No, they feel like-“
“You’re about to pass out again. Unlock your room door so we can get you to bed.” You said, holding him by the shoulders, “Your brain is shutting down from exhaustion. You’re running on fumes.”
He didn’t have it in him to keep arguing, instead just doing what you told him to.
When he finally got inside the room, he practically collapsed onto the bed, landing with a big fwomp. He had half a mind to kick off his shoes and labcoat, and take off his glasses, but the feeling of cold sheets made his mind flood with melatonin.
“Azul,” you gently said, “C’mon, just a little longer and then you can sleep.
He whined, then caught himself and tried to cover it with a cough and a, “You’re right, thank you.” As he toed off his shoes.
The glasses were easy to take off and set aside, but managing to get him to squirm out of his labcoat turned out to be more difficult since he couldn’t exactly stand.
When finally somewhat undressed, he settled down on his bed, eyes drooping with every passing second.
It was up to you again to get him under the covers, since he was practically asleep already.
As you were about to stand, one of Azul’s eyes opened and he murmured in a croaky voice, “Prefect? Will you do me a favor?”
“Hmm?” You turned to look at him, “What is it?”
“Will…” he looked ready to change his mind, but instead took in a deep breath and continued, “Will you stay?”
You smiled, coming to sit beside him again. “Yeah. I can stay.”
Tumblr media
Jade Leech is someone you would never know was sick until he was dying. Every perfectly practiced mannerism lead him to being able to cover even the strongest of urges to crawl under the covers and hibernate for the winter. Nothing seems to rattle this guy. There’s no startling him, at least not on purpose, or sneaking around him. He’s a complete machine.
Except for the one time he caught the flu.
Like I said before, you’d never know he was sick until it’s a dire emergency, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to a slip up every once in a while.
“Ah, Prefect. How may I assist you today?” Jade asked pleasantly, gloved hands crossed neatly in front of him as he smiled lightly.
“I just came for a drink or two.” You responded with a smile. “How are you today?”
He hummed in contemplation as he got to work on your usual, “I’m doing well, I believe. And you?” He was, in fact, not doing well. He had been running off every thirty minutes to frantically puke, but Floyd was at basketball practice and Azul was in his office, so nobody was around to say something about his little white lie.
“Eh, I’ve been better. Grim got detention again, Ace got collared, Deuce blew up a potion again. So, yknow, the usual.” You grinned, leaning toward him.
Jade nodded, though his normal smile was replaced by a look of extreme concentration as he finished your drink. It took him a second to respond, “That sounds like quite the eventful day.”
You took a moment to look over him, noticing the slightly pale tone to his skin and the look that seemed more clammy than usual. “Are…are you alright?”
He raised an eyebrow, and his practiced smile returned, though it looked uneasy. “Prefect, you’ve already asked that.”
“You…” You hummed, frowning, “Ah…you’re right.” You settled, smiling back. “Anything interesting happen here?”
“Hmm.” Jade pressed his hands flat against the counter, trying not to dig his fingers in, “Ah, well, this morning Floyd…” he stopped, covering his mouth before he could think twice, “E-excuse me a moment, Prefect.” He managed to say before speeding off toward the bathroom.
Despite his clear intention to be alone, You’re The Ramshackle Prefect, which means it’s your obligation to follow him.
Upon entering the bathrooms of Octavinelle, you frowned. You managed to find Jade (well, you found the stall he was kneeling in) wretching.
Unsure if you should stay or not, you didn’t approach, but it didn’t take long for Jade to flush the toilet and emerge from the stall, notably gloveless.
He looked surprised to see you there, eyes going wide for a moment as he wiped away spit from the corner of his mouth.
“Jade?” You asked nervously.
He brushed past you, walking over to the sinks. “Ah, Prefect. Needed to use the lavatory as well?”
“You we’re just throwing up.” You stated plainly. “Jade, I….You’re sick, aren’t you?”
He paused a moment before he went back to lathering soap on his hands, “What lead you to that impression?” He asked cooly, but his scratchy sounding voice wasn’t exactly convincing.
“You look pale, and clammy, and you were just throwing up.” You say with wavering confidence. “If you’re sick, you should probably just take a break.”
Jade grit his teeth, took in a deep breath, then plastered a smile on his face. “I appreciate the concern, Prefect, but I assure you that I’m fine.”
You weren’t convinced, but an irritated Jade is ten times scarier than an irritated Floyd, so you decided not to push it and instead murmured an apology to him.
Jade honestly couldn’t stop himself from feeling a bit bad at shutting you down, but he pushed down that feeling and instead offered you a newly gloved hand. “If you merely came to chase me down, then it would be my honor to escort you back to the bar.”
You took his hand with a nervous smile as he guided you both back to the bar, eyes trained forward. His movements were perfect, as always, though a bit sluggish.
As you sat and chatted with a few nearby people and Jade continued to play bartender with mysterious disappearances every half hour, it overall seemed like maybe you had imagined it. Jade didn’t seem distressed, he wasn’t sniffling or sneezing or anything, so maybe he really was just…
One second ago, Jade was standing behind the bar, pouring a drink for some rando nearby. The next, the eel was laying on the ground with glass shattered around him. And the second after that, you had jumped over the bar to get over to him.
“Go get Azul.” You ordered the Octavinelle student that had rushed over at the same time. As you slid off your jacket and tucked it neatly behind Jade’s head, you heard footsteps rushing off and a bit of panic from the patrons nearby.
You checked Jade’s pulse, loosened his bow tie, and gently tried to wake him up.
“What’s going…on.” Azul approached you, voice in a whisper, “What happened?”
“Not sure. I saw him throwing up earlier, but he said he was fine. He’s sick.” You said simply, mind wracking for other information.
“Oh, Jade…” Azul muttered. “Okay, I’ll carry him to the VIP room. You make sure he’s okay, I’ll take over the shift at the bar. Come find me when he wakes up.” He said, pulling out his pen.
He lifted Jade into the air with a simple levitation spell as you three disappeared from the main area to Azul’s office. You think you saw someone step behind the bar to clean up the glass, but that wasn’t the most important thing.
The most important thing is that Jade Leech is currently unconscious and ill.
Azul set him down on the couch. Jade’s long legs dangled off on side slightly, and he looked a little scrunched, but anything is better than the floor of a bar.
“He appears fine.” The dorm leader confirmed after he looked over Jade, “He has a fever, though he’s sweating so it isn’t too bad. It seems he’s mostly just tired.” He shuffled around some papers on his desk before slipping them into the vault and locking it. “I’m trusting you alone in here. Don’t make me regret it. Keep me updated on his condition, okay?”
You nod, eyes wide as Azul lets out a semi-pleased hum and leaves.
After three hours of no updates to his condition, Jade finally opens his heterochromatic eyed. He lets out a quiet groan, sitting up from his uncomfortable position on the couch.
“You’re awake.” You breathe out, relieved, “I was starting to get seriously worried.”
Jade blinked, rubbing at his eye and pushing his hair from his face as he croaked out, “What happened?”
“You’re sick.” You say, “You passed out. Speaking of, I need to tell Azul you’re alright.”
“H…” he paused, blinking, “I... I couldn’t have passed out.” He says, “How could I have passed out?”
“I don’t think you can gaslight yourself out of being sick.” You say. “Listen, I don’t care if it fucks up your scary reputation, you’re going to attend to the fact that you’re sick. You could have gotten seriously hurt, Jade. You almost fell into glass shards.”
“Glass shards?” He asked, tilting his head to the side.
“You dropped a glass before you passed out. I was really worried.”
He laughed a little, “You and your tender disposition.” He sat up properly, motioning for you to sit near him. “I suppose, though, I must thank you. Perhaps your tenderness is an asset unaccounted for.” He said. He tried to stifle a yawn, but his lack of energy got the better of him. “I deeply appreciate you, Prefect.”
You patted his head gently, earning a momentarily shocked look from the eel. “I’m glad you’re okay, Jade. Take a break. I’ll tell Azul you’re awake and grab you something to eat, okay?”
He laughed a little, something soft on his face, “Will you be playing my nurse today?”
“You got a problem with that?”
He hummed, smiling in a sweet, genuine way. “Not at all. Thank you.”
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offthedeeepend · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Jade said 'I'm going fishing for octopus today.' Maybe I should cook up a whole roasted moray eel."
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myuunji · 5 hours ago
Yuu’s pronoun is they/them.
rkgk compilation
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prompt: true love kiss
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twistedmischieftales · 22 hours ago
Azul: There's been a decline in profit lately in our business...We need new ideas to bring people in again. Have any suggestions?
Jade: Mushroom themed drinks, dishes and events.
Azul: No.
Floyd: A nice squeeze with every order.
Azul: ...No.
Y/n: Jade and Floyd in their eel forms and people can pay to have a swim with them.
Azul: Hmm...Interesting idea but--Wait a minute. WHY ARE YOU HERE?!
Y/n: Free snacks.
Azul: We don't offer free snacks.
Y/n: Sure you don't~
*Y/n pulls out a bag of chips and starts eating from it without a care. While Azul just stares on in silent rage.*
Floyd: Oh! Can I have some, Shrimpy?~
Y/n: Sure!
Azul, forcing a smile: Y/n?
Y/n: Yeah?
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I have come with more jadesil content.
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Episode 3 was extra wild for Mailo.
That "Oh no he's hoooot!" Moment.
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wip 🐬
Tumblr media
¿Cuál que estaba dibujar? 🐬 or 🦈 🤔
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