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A commission for @thatlethalsoul of the alchemical mishap that lead the birth of the nightmare that is Jaydia ✨
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wolken-himmel · a day ago
In which Azul asks (Y/n) to be his dance partner for a PE extra credit class. However, there are a few obstacles.
Firstly, he can't dance. Secondly, he might have a little crush on the prefect.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
Despite the busy clanking of dishes and chattering of students outside of his office, Azul had been staring at the mirror on his desk for more than half an hour already. A look of desperation was etched onto his face, and his reflection mirrored that expression perfectly. His silence was broken by a wistful sigh that escaped his lips.
"(Y/n), oh dear (Y/n), please..." Azul muttered. "Will you be my partner for Vargas' dancing class?"
The remnants of his voice echoed out into a heavy silence again, only to be broken by uncontrollable laughter by none other than Floyd. His face was contorted into a giant grin as he shifted in his seat across from the desk. "Jade, look! The boss is preparing to propose marriage to Shrimpy," he teased and held his rumbling stomach.
The dormleader tensed in embarrassment when even the usually more composed Jade broke out into amused chuckles. "Well, Azul... I've never seen you so worked up before," Jade remarked and tilted his head to the side. "It's been about an hour you've had us sit here with you... You do know that chaos is happening outside right now?"
Azul jumped to his feet and slammed his fists onto the table. The act of desperation caught the twins off-guard. "That's because this is a dire emergency! I'm about to flunk PE— and the only way I can salvage my grades is by participating in this dancing class for extra credit."
"Oh— dancing is so much fun!" Floyd chimed in excitement. "Although... I can't imagine you dancing, boss. That would be a strange image in my head."
Exactly then, the desperation on Azul's face increases tenfold. "That's the issue: I can't dance at all! I'm as clumsy as Kalim in a porcelain shop in this human form. You don't want to see me dance, really. It's pure embarrassment."
Jade hummed in acknowledgement. "And you have heard of the prefect's dancing skills, so you wish to ask for—"
"Yes. That's the gist of it."
"But..." Floyd trailed off, "don't you have a crush on—"
"Shut your mouth, eel!" Azul shouted at the top of his lungs and shot Floyd the angriest glare he had ever mustered.
A knowing grin appeared on Jade's face. "Well, look at it more positively, Azul. That's two birds with one stone, eh? Just make sure to not embarrass yourself too much in front of the prefect."
To that, Azul opened his mouth, only to close it again without having uttered a word. His pale cheeks had warmed up considerably, leaving a soft redness on his face.
"Don't worry, boss. We'll cheer you on! Now go and catch your fish!"
And without being allowed to protest whatsoever, Azul was pushed out of his office by none other than the twins. With each eel holding his arm, he was — against his will, might I add — guided out of the Mostro Lounge and towards wherever they suspected to find you.
They struck gold when they found you alone in the library, hunched over a thick book with yellow pages. Without any warning, the eels pushed their leader out from behind the bookshelves.
The yelp that escaped Azul's lips caught your attention, and your eyes flitted up to meet his nervous ones. After having gulped down his anxiety, he stepped forward and shot you a small smile. "(Y/n)? C-Could I talk to you for a moment?" he asked carefully.
"Oh Azul, yes of course." You pushed the dusty book away from you and turned your whole attention to him. Once you had done so, you noticed the way his anxious eyes darted from one place to another. You furrowed your eyebrows in concern. "Hey, you look really pale... Are you alright? Did Floyd get you in trouble again?"
"No, no... That's not it," Azul said, chuckling softly. Then, he took a deep breath and summoned all his courage. "I'm sorry if this sounds like a strange request, but please hear me out. Perhaps you might have caught wind of my lesser prowess in flying classes—"
Your lips quirked up into a grin. "Yeah, I saw you dangling from your broom the other day. I was really concerned for a second."
His courage slipped down the drain as quickly as it had appeared. The smile on his lips wavered, but he caught himself just in time. "Well, then you get how dire my situation is," he continued with a twinge of desperation to his tone. "If I don't improve my grades through a bonus class, I'll fail PE... So, there's this dancing class next week that will give a boost to my grades. I wanted to ask if you'd like to be my dancing partner. I've seen you dance a few times when you worked at the Mostro Lounge— when you thought that nobody was looking."
"I've never seen you so nervous before, Azul." You quirked an eyebrow in surprise.
"Please," he muttered and clasped his hands together. "I'm really in a pinch here, (Y/n)."
Much to his relief, your surprise soon morphed into a smile of delight. "Of course, I'd love to be your dancing partner! This will be so much fun." An excited sigh escaped your lips. "Do you know how to waltz? I think that will be the main focus of the dancing class."
A nervous chuckle escaped his lips at that. "Floyd tried to teach me, but he said I'm a hopeless case." He bashfully rubbed his neck. "I had to buy him new shoes after our lessons."
"I'm sure you can't be that bad, Azul..."
"That's kind of you to say, but don't underestimate my clumsiness with these legs."
And really, you had underestimated his inability to dance. The consequences would haunt you after weeks of dancing classes and the final examination. As you lounged in the Ramshackle living room after everything was said and done, you let out a heavenly sigh as you submerged your aching feet in a bucket of ice cubes.
Grim, who had dumped a fresh batch of ice into your bucket, shot you a questioning look. "Do you need more ice for your feet, henchhuman?"
"That should be enough, Grim... Thank you," you said gratefully and patted the empty couch space next to you.
Without wasting any time, he did as you asked and happily curled up beside you. "So, did you pass that dancing class?" he asked curiously while drifting off to sleep.
You hummed proudly. "We did! But... my feet paid the price." A sheepish chuckle escaped your lips as you moved your aching feet. Although the pain had already subsided, you winced when you noticed how swollen they looked. "Azul really stomped on my feet more than a dozen times."
"I don't get why you were so keen on helping him out," Grim scoffed and forced one eye open. "What has he ever done for you?"
"He was just so adorable when he asked me to be his dancing partner... I couldn't say no."
That was when the cat monster's eyes shot open in what looked like horror. At once, he bolted to his feet and launched himself at you. "No, don't tell me—" he wailed out and grabbed you by your collar to shake you back and forth.
An airy giggle escaped your lips, only reaffirming the cat's suspicions. "Hehe, yes... Azul is really adorable. What is there not to love about him?"
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hi *faints*
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eponinexxvii · a day ago
Ignoring the House Wardens (I)
a/n: this is my first attempt at a fan fic so don't roast me please. also i made this really fast so excuse any mischaracterizations
Riddle Rosehearts
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Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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saayatsumu · 2 days ago
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yeehaw if you think epel is a gremlin
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crienosaur · a day ago
May I requst azul with a s/o that loves octopuses ♡♡♡
SSORRY I FINALLY GOT THE MOTIVATION FOR THIS IM SO SORRY TO THE PERSON WHO WAS IN LINE BEFORE YOU BUT I NEED TO DO THIS. I didn’t write much bc my writing style is weird but I assure you I will be writing more octopus lover fics. Should I write a reader who isn’t Yuu and doesn’t know that Azul is an octo?
Based off the fic by pinkanonwrites
No warnings >:)
Azul Ashengrotto x Reader
He’s terrified. He’s shaking. He’s- AN OCTOPUS-!! Well- he’s always been an octopus. But now he’s a full on tiny guy-!!
Tumblr media
Like THIS THING!!! There are many problems with this, but the main issue… is that octopi can’t hear. He has no idea what’s going on. He can’t sense much from the safe yet distancing confines of the pot he’s in. It was previously filled with herbs. Floyd dumped them out onto the floor because Azul needed it more. Floyd is sprinting around the school, jostling poor Azultopus around. Where is Floyd taking him? Imagine his surprise when the lid is opened and he’s greeted by your ecstatic face. He’s nearly relieved. You LOVE octopi. But…. oh no…. you L O V E octopi. How is he supposed to face you when you’re looking at him like that? Maybe he’d prefer the bullying…. Nah- it’ll be ok… you’re so gentle with the big pot he’s in. You look down at him and say something he can’t read off your lips. But your smile is so soft. He can’t even imagine how sweet your words must’ve been. His colors change consistently for a while, displaying his emotions and indecision. Does he want to hide or does he want to hug you with all his arms? You and Floyd set up a big solitary tank for him to sleep in. In… your room……. He’s absolutely terrified again. But, you change clothes outside your room. You do this silly thing where you kiss the tank each night before you fall asleep. You’ve been ranting while you do your homework. He has no clue what you’re saying but DAMN you’re passionate. You’re also struggling with your work- he’ll help you when he can communicate better. Today you transfer him back into the pot and carry him out to the beach. Floyd holds a weird bottle and tells you to get into the water with Azul. Once you’ve gone deep enough, you open the pot and Floyd shoves the bottle to Azul’s beak. He returns to his true form and you scream— Azul looks up at you, startled, and asks if you’re ok with him. He assumed you’d be accepting of his normal form… You assure him you’re MORE than ok. “Sorry— I just- I’m WONDERFUL AHAHA— Floyd just… didn’t tell me that the octopus was you…”
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oriigirii · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Trust Fall" Ft. Wendy & Azul
This is probably one of my most colorful pieces and im so proud of it (except for that horrendous bg) but heres some love for my first Twisted Wonderland OC
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hajimeshoe · a day ago
overblot squad with an MC/S/O who was done with life the second they entered twisted wonderland.
The no bullshit type who also instigates when in goofy moods. They don't smile often.
Anyone who threatens them... it kinda goes like "give me a reason... I dare you..." and s/o will fuck your life up if you physically harm them.
They have a resting bitch face, and they ALWAYS look angry or annoyed. A lot of people ask if they're upset.
When in contact with overblots, instead of trembling with fear, they act like they just got told to do chores as they started doing chores.
And when they deal with overblots in fights, they genuinely get annoyed when the overblot squad acts like they're the only ones dealing with that kind of stuff. (Literally looked at Jamil and told him he was a slave to people born richer than him just like everyone else)
A realist and pessimist at the same time.
Sleeps way more than Leona, and will not wake up until they feel like living. And their social meter is extremely low.
They eat a lot. Like- a lot. And they will sleep it all off
MBTI is an INTP to give you the rest of the context
Coolio! I'm an ISTP-T, which I found out while trying to figure out different MBTI personality types because I was hella confused. Also, We don't technically know who's overblotting from Diasomnia yet, right??? So I can leave my precious dragon boy out of this, right??? No? Well, it was worth a try *cries in not wanting to think about a Malleus overblot* -Sorry this took so long! I just moved and had no wi-fi until today
OB!Gang with INTP S/O
Would honestly be frustrated
"You've broken fifteen of our 810 rules in less than an hour! How DARE you!"
He was apologetic after he overblot and stopped getting on your case for every dorm rule you broke.
No wonder you're friends with Ace and Deuce
Wants you to stop causing fights so badly
Like, why are you either causing fights or sleeping??? Are you secretly related to Leona???
"Wait, you told Jamil WHAT?"
Bro gets sick of you when you're awake at this point-
Like, he threatened to turn you to sand during his overblot and you just held out your hand with a sarcastic smile-
Honestly, though, he's glad you aren't opposed to his naps or sleep schedule, a lot of the time he'll also be willing to nap with you even if he's already had one
But if Ruggie wake's him up, then he's trying to wake you up too <3
Fairs fair, after all
He doesn't give a fuckk if you instigate fights, he'll watch it in amusement
You would get along with Floyd so damn well and Azul swears on what little of his sanity is left that you two are never meeting
Both of you would be causing fights together left and right-
He loves you, he does, but- OH FUCK THE TWEELS ARE HERE! Take a nap while he locks you in his office where you three can never meet, yeah?
He's also low-key wondering if you're Leona's secret sibling or something despite the fact that you're magicless
He'll let you sleep in his office when you need to
He also does everything in his power to try to get you to smile and gets a little insecure when he's unsuccessful
Azul just starts to have some self-doubts because "I'm their boyfriend, why can I never make them happy?"
However, cuddles and reassurances can fix this!
He did get a kick out of you looking at Jamil and telling him to get over it
Jamil is just glad that you don't need 24/7 supervision
You won't burn down the house trying to cook, you won't somehow accidentally cut your arm off with a spoon and you can be left alone longer than a toddler without anything going to hell?
In this case, he practically considers you perfect with how often he's dealing with Kalim
Also, you were egging him on when he overblotted???
What's wrong with you? You have no magic-
Oh, wow...you won...
"Everyone's a slave to richer people, Jamil, get over it and eat a snickers or some shit!"
Okay, first of all, you're audacity-
Aaaand now he's stuck with you
"Isn't it supposed to be "You kidnapped me, I'm calling the cops?"
"Nope! You kidnapped me, so you clearly want to put up with my bullshit!"
The only actual issues he has is when he has to go drag you out of a fight or get you to stop hyping others into fighting for your entertainment
Then he just hypnotizes you and pulls you away while scolding you like some sort of child
Honestly looked up child leashes on the twst version of Amazon to see if they had a two pack (one for you and one for Kalim)
"Love, don't start fights, it's not beautiful at all", "My sweet potato, sleeping too much can be bad for your skin!", "SPUD! As much as I love you, if you do not cease this nonsense then so help me-"
All are common phrases from Vil when it comes to you ❤
Just tell me- how did he fall in love with you??? Like, you're a cross between Kingscholar and Epel and he is about ready to pull an evil queen on both of them some days
But he adores you despite your incorrigible habits that he tries to help you break
Don't expect to sleep in when dating Vil, though. Once he decides you've had enough? He's cursing your bed, pillows and blankets
All in the name of love, he swears!
Idia tries to get you to just stay in his room with him to stop you from getting into fights
He's respectful - lets you sleep for as long as you want
Although he get's a little loud when he plays video games sometimes
Ortho will honestly bother you more about your sleep schedule than him
Confused dragon boi <3
He's a sweetheart and is confused as to why you're starting fights "Because it's fun"
Totally did not ask Sebek to accompany you during school hours in order to protect you, keep you awake during lectures, and keep you out of fights- definitely not, how rude of you to accuse him of that
he would never, Malleus is completely innocent!
"Malleus Draconia, I am TRYING to sleep so if you do not get your screaming cucumber from my bedroom then so help me nobody will be able to save his suicidal ass!"
Oh, you're pissed off now
Welp, time for him to go save Sebek from his (surprisingly dangerous) magicless Child of Man
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mysteryshoptls · a day ago
R Azul Ashengrotto Outdoor Wear Personal Story
"S-So heavyyyyyy!"
Tumblr media
[Dwarfs' Mine – Campsite]
Day 2 of Camp―
Kalim: Oh no… I spilled water on all of the firewood we gathered! Once they're this wet, it definitely won't catch fire anymore, huh.
Kalim: Hrrrm, what should I do? Lilia's been gone for a while now, and Cater's off foraging for food…
[quick footsteps]
Azul: Kalim-san, whatever is the matter? I thought I heard a loud sound coming from over here by the pop music club tents…
Kalim: Azul! Actually, I've just ruined most of our spare firewood…
Azul: How distressing. It's imperative that you gather additional firewood as soon as possible. It may only be in a small capacity, but allow me to help you.
Kalim: Eh? You sure?
Azul: Of course. We must all help each other, especially in times of trouble, yes? Come, let us go.
Boardgame Club Member A: …Hey, did you just see what happened?
Boardgame Club Member B: Yeah… It's gotta be a hallucination due to fatigue, but… I thought I just saw Azul-senpai offering to help another club for free…
Tumblr media
[Dwarfs' Mine – Forest]
Kalim: There's not much firewood, huh…
Azul: It seems most of the branches that were strewn about the forest floor were already gathered on the first day of camp.
Kalim: Ah! Can't we just snap branches off the trees, then?
Kalim: Look, the branches on this tree are thin and'll probably burn good, don'tcha think?
Azul: Unfortunately, live branches are not suitable for campfires.
Azul: It will contain an abundance of moisture, so even if we were to burn it, it would produce a massive amount of smoke.
Kalim: Really?
Azul: Indeed. If there are no logs suitable to be used for firewood to be found in this forest… How about we head towards the river we passed by on the way to the campground?
Azul: We may be able to find driftwood washed ashore there.
Kalim: Driftwood, huh…But if it's near the river, it might be wet too.
Azul: Actually, no. As strange as it may be, as driftwood floats down a river, its bark can get scraped off by all the rocks and boulders, which makes it easier to dry.
Azul: As long as some time has passed since it has been washed up on the shore, all the moisture should be drained, and would be suitable for firewood… It seems.
Kalim: I see… Thanks for telling me! You really do know everything, huh, Azul?
Azul: Fufufu, I only learned of that myself just yesterday. There is an avid campfire enthusiast in my club that would not stop going on about it.
Azul: Well, putting that aside… Let us work together to gather more firewood.
Tumblr media
Kalim: Thanks to you, we gathered so much firewood! Alright, let's bring them all back to the pop music club tent.
Azul: (Well now, I should have made enough of a good impression by now, but just in case, I'll give it one last push.)
Azul: Ah, Kalim-san. I'll carry the firewood for you.
Kalim: Eh, you sure?
Azul: Yes, please leave it to me. I'll bundle it up and hoist it onto my shoulders…Urk!?
Azul: S-So heavyyyyyy! I can feel every muscle in my body screaming out. If this keeps up, I'll be completely crushed underneath it all~!
Kalim: Eh, is it that heavy…? You okay, Azul? Here, maybe I should help too.
Azul: No, I can't allow that. I am the one who offered to carry all of the firewood, after all.
Azul: I will stand by my words until the very end and assist you, Kalim-san!
Kalim: Azul, you… You're such a great guy!
Azul: (With this, I've given Kalim-san the impression that I've helped him without needing consideration for my own hardship. Now, just one more time to seal the deal.)
Tumblr media
[Dwarfs' Mine – Campsite]
Kalim: We're back, Cater! I see you're back too.
Cater: Yeah. I found some food, and now I'm making dinner. Where have you been this whole time, Kalim-kun… Oh, you were with Azul-kun?
Kalim: Yeah, we ended up needing extra firewood. Azul helped me out a ton!
Cater: Eh, when you say he helped you out… He didn't ask you for any gold or silver treasures or anything as compensation, did he?
Azul: How rude. I simply helped Kalim-san with only the best intentions.
Cater: Uh-huh…
Jade: Cater-san, could I borrow you for a moment? There is a tool that I seem to not be able to find…
Cater: Ah, suuure. I'll be right there. Kalim-kun, I'll leave the campfire to you!
Kalim: Yeah! …Azul, you should rest for a bit here. You carried all those heavy logs, you must be tired, yeah?
Azul: Thank you very much. Then, I'll take your kind offer and sit down here.
Azul: Whew… There may have been many difficult moments while camping here, but there's also been many invaluable experiences.
Azul: I'll have many stories to tell my family the next time I'm able to head home for a long holiday.
Kalim: Oh, definitely! When I head home, I'll definitely tell my dad and mom about this camp!
Azul: …Kalim-san, when you do, how about you also inform them of the wonderful memory we created carrying firewood earlier?
Azul: Like how I quickly came to your aid when you were in a bind, or how I shared my firewood knowledge with you…
Azul: Or how I sacrificed my own body to carry all the heavy firewood… By all means! Please tell the Asim family!
Azul: (All according to plan. This will be the foothold I need to allow me to start a business connection with the Asim family…)
Kalim: Yeah, I’m gonna talk to them about everything! I'll mention you, Lilia, Cater, and Jade!
Azul: …Eh?
Kalim: I'll tell them that camping with everyone was totally the bestest!
Azul: Uh... Kalim-san. I'm sincerely counting on you... please?
Tumblr media
Requested by Anonymous.
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Tumblr media
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fairytalewonders · a day ago
Yuu: How do you connect with a fictional character?
Malleus: What?
Azul: What?
Riddle: What?
Iida: *pulls up a 500 slide presentation* I'm glad you asked.
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marsgod · 4 hours ago
Hello! May I please request a gn!reader that loves marine science and all things ocean and how they would get along with the Octavinelle boys? Reader did not know that the Octavinelle trio were merfolk until the events of Book 3 unfolded. (Platonic please, if you don’t mind)
hey hey! sorry this took so long<3
⇢ Octavinelle x Gn! Reader
⇢Warnings; Platonic relationships. gn! reader, marine biologist! reader
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengretto
He’s definitely interested in any facts you randomly go off on about, especially if you start ranting about Octavinelle and how much you love it all
It’s an ego boost for him&lt;3
But not rlly, Azul is actually interested in the facts, he also definitely learned something new about himself during your rants about octopi
Skip forward to book 3, when you happen to learn about them being mermen, he bluescreens damn near every time you ask about his mer-form
and asking him to change into it
.. He’ll do it maybe once but from then on it’s only on special occasions (or if he’s in an extremely good mood)
please just compliment his form, not specifically cause it’ll change the fact of when he’ll reveal it to you (..maybe tho?)
and definitely not because of the bias discounts..
and definitely because he’s genuinely pretty and god damn he needs the boost in his confidence (also the truth)
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
While he also is very interested to hear about anything you have, Jade likes to create mental notes about any other mer-creature hybrids that may help convince them of one thing or another
Already knows about him and his twins’ hybrid species, you can’t really surprise him with anything but he likes to give you any facts that pop into his head
just to watch you become confused and scramble to add it to notes or attempting to evidence of said creature doing that
It’s not that it hasn’t crossed his mind to show you, Jade just wanted to wait before you went and started turning him into the guinea pig
But like, the wait was worth it because hearing your excited gasp and nearly trip over yourself to grab anything you could about eels to do.. whatever and sketch, to pics, whatever was super amusing to him
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
Floyd is equally energetic as you are about it, he can list any defense tactic any sea mer-person can do once he gets going, simply due to either scaring, fighting, or some other “experiment”
He definitely doesn’t even attempt to hide his mer-form away, and loved the attention you give him in that form
Be careful because he will try to squeeze and/or bite you if you’re not paying attention
srsly watch out bc he has sOME CHOMPERS
he went nomnomnomnomnomnom-
He’s very pleased by the little human being absolutely enchanted with his eel teeth and whatnot, but don’t think that stops him from messing around with you
because it doesn’t<33
Tumblr media
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honeyuuyuu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
old art-
Instagram  ✎  Devianart  ✎ Reblogs help! ^^    
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evil-catboy-duo-fan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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heccfriccart · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wooo part 4! Might take a quick break after this one, but we'll see how it goes :)
part one / part two / part three
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tamaiory · a day ago
Azul 🐙💕✨
Tumblr media
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thesunshineriptide · 2 days ago
I Think Something Might Be Wrong
Characters: Azul, Floyd, Grim. Mentioned: Riddle, Leona, Yuu, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus, Jade.
Cw: biting
Tumblr media
Night Raven College is in complete disarray. This isn’t unusual, per say, but there’s something distressing to it.
Riddle can’t get his students to leave their dorm, not even their dorm rooms.
Mostro Lounge is completely overwhelming Yuu, leaving them stressed and snapping at anyone nearby.
Malleus’s students simply won’t leave him be, they’re following his every movement and asking for advice every three seconds.
Idia is crying in a corner, and while that’s not new, the fact that he’s banned from his games until the end of the day is.
Kalim is miserable as he focuses on his party, managing every detail to perfection.
Vil is exhausted from his morning workout, and is covered in dirt as a result of it.
Leona is sulking in his dorm, growling as one of his students tries to enter and tell him breakfast is ready.
And Azul is simply, plainly, and wholly confused as to why nobody is where they’re supposed to be and why nobody is concerned.
See, when he woke up in a completely different place than when he fell asleep, it immediately set off alarm bells. Was it a prank? Surely it was a joke played on him by the twins. It wouldn’t be hard, he supposed, to sneak him into Ramshackle dorm in the middle of the night.
But there’s something…even more different. Grim, Yuu’s precious ward, was sleeping on the bed with him, tucked around his feet. When he nudged the creature with his foot, he earned a sleepy, “Morning, Henchman.” from him.
Azul laughed, which only made Grim look confused. The creature shrugged, then said, “It’s tuna time! Get up, or we’ll be late!”
This made Azul pause. Since when was Grim ever so blatant with him? But, he supposed, maybe it was a joke after all.
He got up and padded down the stairs, groaning at the feeling of walking. Why would walking hurt? Why does he hurt all over? It was so bad, actually, that he had to grab the railing of the stares to keep himself from falling.
“Azul? You good?” Grim asked, scampering toward him, “You look sick. Do I need to tell the teachers you aren’t coming today?”
“Pardon? No, no, I’m quite fine. Thank you for your concern, Grim.” Azul said, “Actually, do you know where Yuu is?”
Grim paused, “Jeez, you must be in pain if you’re asking for them. They’re probably busy at Mostro this morning, though. Why?”
Azul’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion, “Why would Yuu be at Mostro Lounge?”
Grim stared back, “Because it’s in their dorm?”
The two stared at each other.
“What an amusing joke. Now, will you tell me where they are really?”
Grim scampered up Azul’s leg, settling into his arms as he yelped in surprise. “You don’ have a fever. Did you hit your head last night?”
Azul huffed and set Grim down, “I’m not- this little joke needs to end now, Grim.”
The concerned look Grim gave him made fear pool like lead into his stomach. “Henchman, I think you need to see the nurse.”
“Pardo- I’m well, thank you! I…” he sighed, deciding to let it go for now, “Well, if Yuu isn’t here, I suppose there’s no harm in tuna.”
Grim was quickly swayed over into forgetting the conversation at the mention of tuna, and he cheered as he ran down the stairs in front of Azul, straight to the kitchen.
Azul did his best to make it downstairs, gripping the railing. He stretched his back when he finally made it to the bottom and shuffled into the kitchen behind Grim.
It was clean - cleaner than he had ever seen it. It looked somewhat renovated as well, with cool, teal hexagon backsplash and freshly painted white cabinets. On autopilot, Azul went to grab a can of tuna and a plate for Grim, trying to remember what he could of the night prior. When Grim was served and Azul quietly began to make himself breakfast, he paused, staring down at his own hands.
Since when did he know where everything was? Since when did he go into someone else’s dorm and eat their food, especially when they’re out?
He began to put the food away, only to hear Grim yell, “Henchman! You have to eat breakfast, I know you! Get to cooking.”
He paused again, distraught, but barely had time to register it before he heard a knock at the door.
Surely this must be the end to the nightmare, he thought, the prank must be over since he didn’t give in.
When he opened the door, he was met with Floyd.
“So this little prank i-“
“Do you remember everything?” Floyd cut him off, looking worried and almost sick.
“What?” Azul asked, “What do you mean?”
“Who’s the housewarden of Scarabia?” Floyd asked again in a rush, his heterochromatic eyes staring down at Azul.
“Kalim Al Asim.” He replied, “What kind of question is that?”
Floyd let out a sigh of relief and practically tackled Azul in a hug, “Thank the seven you remember. Nobody else does, not even Jade. I think it’s because I-“
“Get off my henchman!” Grim cried, running over to them. He crawled up Floyd’s legs and waist, nails digging in as his bit down on his hand.
Floyd looked confused and shook his hand, watching Grim refuse to let go.
“I won’t let them rope you into a contract!” Grim said around Floyd’s hand, though he honestly could have said many other things and they’d be none the wiser.
Azul managed to break free of Floyd’s hold long enough to tactfully remove Grim from the eel.
“Azul,” Floyd said, “You’re missing’ your magic, right? Cause Shrimpy’s suddenly got some and it looks like yours.”
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