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Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #18 (because I have no motivation) :
Keeping up with Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Crowley : I love all my students..Equally.
Deuce : Headmaster ! Have you seen yuu/mc ?
Crowley : ...
Crowley : Who the fuck is that-
Tumblr media
Yuu/Mc : Oh hi epel- wait a minute what are you holding ?
Epel : It's a jar.
Yuu/Mc : I can see that but what is inside the jar- ?
Epel : Oh I trapped Vil inside cause he told me to be more ✨G r a c e f u l✨
Yuu/Mc : ...What the fuck-
Epel : *proceeds to aggressively shake the jar and menacingly look at it* how's that for graceful-
Tumblr media
Vil, banging his small hand on the glass : Epel get me out of here right this instant
Tumblr media
Ruggie : Here is your lunch and that weird, expensive as fuck dessert I wrestled over three people for.
Leona : Why thank you Ruggie, I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Ruggie : ....
Leona : Why are you looking at me like that ARGH-
Ruggie, chocking leona with his magic pen : WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BANK- I MEAN DORM HEAD-
Tumblr media
Lilia : Hello, welcome to my cooking show ! I am here today with Jamil Viper who-
Lilia : ....
Lilia : We haven't even started to cook and you're already trying to commit suicide ? Hey put that pot down I use it to grill the meat of my enemies-
Tumblr media
Lilia, has trapped Jamil in a cup : Don't worry if you don't want to help, you can stay in here.
Lilia : Epel is good with inventing new spells, I should make malleus meet him- But wait that could end up creating a second fae vs human war....
Lilia : ...
Lilia : Perfect, I didn't have enough fun with the first one anyways, ROUND TWO LETS GO
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this I greatly appreciate it and if you just scrolled all the way down to see this message it means I am in your house-
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writingseaslugs · 3 days
Crowley | SFW | Drabbles - Slow dancing on the kitchen tiles, Reader isnt/hasnt been a student at NRC but maybe Staff like the Nurse?
Oh no, I made him soft! Also totally almost forgot to post this up today whoopsie daisy. Been a super slow day for me just chilling. Will probably get to writing tomorrow but gloomy, kinda snowy days just make me so lazy.
Disclaimer: This is an AU of Twisted Wonderland where all characters (minus Ortho) are 18+. If you’d like more information about the AU, please refer to the links below!
Request Information | AU Information | Masterlist
Dire Crowley: Slow Cooker
“I thought you wanted to eat something for dinner.” You said, feeling Crowley’s hand on your lower back, the other coming over to clutch onto your hand. The gentle piano music filtered through your shared kitchen as he slowly danced with you, guiding you easily on the kitchen floor. You weren’t glamorous at the moment, in fact you were still wearing an apron, yet somehow you felt like you were at a ball.
“I do, but it’ll take a while for it to cook.” He said, going to dip you. You chuckled as you were brought back up, his hand squeezing your own as he smiled, “Aren’t I so generous to help entertain you while you wait for the food to finish?” He asked next and you let out a small huff of amusement.
“Oh so generous. Whatever would I have done without you here?” You said a bit sarcastically, making the overgrown raven pout, “I’m just kidding, Dire, I’m enjoying myself right now…it was just unexpected is all.”
“What is life if not unexpected?” He said and another amused huff escaped you. You two stopped dancing as the song came to a close and he began letting go of you, but you decided to wrap your arm around his neck.
“If you’re feeling generous enough…could I get a kiss tonight as well?” You asked, batting your eyelashes and Crowley smiled. He leaned down to kiss you, but you stopped him, “Without the mask please, I don’t want my eyes getting poked out.” You scolded.
“Fine.” he said, taking off the mask and revealing his handsome face. Why he always covered it was beyond you, but you didn’t mind. You were the only one who ever got to see him like this, so it always felt special. His lips found your own in a quick but sweet kiss that you melted into instantly. As soon as your lips met though, you heard the chime of the oven going off.
“Ah, that’s my queue…thanks for the distraction, Dire.” You said, giving him another soft kiss, “Go set the table and I’ll bring out the food.”
Tumblr media
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RSA swap: "Who are yuu? Who am I?"
"It seems someone else has filled your place in NRC, “Ai” . . . ♡" Summary: You and Yuu are different people, how curious… let's see. SFW, no warnings, bulletin points. ft. You, Che'nya, Yuu, Crowley.
Tumblr media
                                 “Temper with the clock by a couple moments,                                      now your companions have completely changed.”   ❥ “Yuu” : Your frankly unfortunate Night Raven College counterpart.
• When you met this poor soul, it was during Riddle’s overblot, at least people looked out for them, though, and you were far too overwhelmed to dwell on it or remember them after you left the area with Che’nya. • However, you didn’t remember many other things, such as where you came from, or if people were actually waiting at “home” so you never mentioned it to the headmaster of RSA, only saying that you didn’t have anywhere safe to go back to. • You two have completely different views of going home, but you wish them luck nonetheless, asking your friend Cater to relay the message; and he tells you that the ramshackle perfect hopes you live happily in your new home here in twisted wonderland. • You find yourself stressed at the hearsay of their ridiculous workload and frankly horrible housing. Crowley is truly.. uncaring, like a neglectful father. • Riddle tells you about the newest scuffles and troubles the ramshackle perfect finds themselves in during your study sessions with him and Che'nya, it's almost absurd.   ❥ “Ai”/”Aia” : You, or rather, the version of you that I write. • You are the new RSA student, the lover of this school's Che'shire cat who is very smitten for you, and, unlike your NRC counterpart you have a.. Semi-easier life. • See, sometimes you worry where you came from or if you’ll ever remember the life you used to have, but you have no intention of finding out; though your dreams are quite adamant you at least try to see your future. Which is just as terrifying to imagine when you don’t know the flick of a page about your life thanks to amnesia. • Seeing the future has its perks however, in the fact that it gives you hope you can find a way to use magic and truly fit in this new twisted world. • Your dreams also played wingmen for you, not to mention: seeing yourself going on dreams with Che’nya was embarrassing at first… until you admitted it and decided to look into it, which led to the discovery of you seeing the future while you dream or focus. • Thankfully only your dreams, and the more lucid variety are reliable narrators; Nightmares are not fortune tellers in your case, unlike your NRC counterpart. Not that you’d know, or find out. • Sweet dreams, you lovebirds. . . .   ❥ Your host who holds the pen: let me explain things from beyond the page in this Author’s Note. • In RSA swap, the default name for you would be “Ai” or “Aia” because of the mystery between You and I (Yuu and Ai). • Since you do not remember anything before the start of this story, you do not want to go back “home” ; it is the Pandora's box in your eyes, and you would rather not risk it. The “Schrodinger's cat” theory is terrifying when it becomes your truth, after all. • One curious thing is how you and Yuu never encounter each other by chance, but always get very close to. Not that you try, but a part of you says it’s better this way; you would rather not come in contact with Crowley by happenstance.
• Enjoy your life in twisted wonderland, because you, my dear muse, will stay for life.
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Malleus: Child of man, do the thing.
Yuu: What thing?
Malleus: The thing that never fails to make me happy.
Yuu: Oh!
Yuu: *smiles*
Malleus, smiling back: Thank you, child of man.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
assorted twst doodles
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Cultural differences
Summary: Malleus's way of courting (dragon fae style) creates a misunderstanding between the two of you.
Or in which lilia is an old man™ and is having the time of his life.
A/n: In honor of the announcement of chapter 7, I decided to post this early. May all of you dragon simps get your dragon man. (it's me, I'm the dragon simps)
Genre: fluff
Pairings: Malleus Draconia x reader
Warnings: second person pov, you/your pronouns, gn!reader
Tumblr media
"Lilia, child of man doesn't make sense." Malleus was munching on fries, with a pout on his face. He was apparently, what lilia called 'sulking'. Let me assure you he was not! Absolutely not!
Lilia brought up his hand to his face to stifle a chuckle that escaped him at the sulking fae prince, who put another one of the fries in his mouth.
Lilia finds situations like these quite entertaining, he loves observing the youth of today. They are peculiar, to say the least.
Though lilia understands malleus's crisis, he couldn't help but be amused.
After all, how many times do you see a powerful fae at his knees for a magic-less human he befriended in an abandoned building.
"Well, tell me what happened," Lilia said with as much seriousness he could muster and put his teacup down.
Malleus' eyes lit up and he visibly perked up about getting the chance to talk about how he have been trying to court you.
"I took prefect for a walk with me in the woods behind ramshackle where we danced to once upon a dream." He lets out a dreamy sigh, his chin resting on the back of his hand.
What a wonderful night that was.
The sky seemed jewel studded with how many stars there were. Your warm hand in his considerably colder ones. An impulse to hold you closer. So he asked you for a dance to which you delightfully agreed, blush adorning your face. He will never forget the night when you two sang the greatest love song in all of the twisted wonderland together while dancing.
Eyes his went to your lips many times, but he was afraid he would scare you if became too bold so he restrained himself.
"It was good until that but then I tried to give them jewels from my treasury as a token of my affection, but they keep refusing! I don't know what I've done to anger them. I just wish to mend our relationship, lilia." Malleus let out a defeated sigh his lips formed into an adorable pout.
Lilia knew the meaning of the word treasury, what malleus really meant was his hoard. Like every good dragon, malleus has a hoard as well. It has all of the knick-knacks malleus collected over the long period he has been in twisted wonderland.
Let it be jewels worth millions of madols or a weird thing he found on the street, all of them has a special place in his hoard. He was allowed to take a part of it with him to Night Raven College when he came, the rest is in his treasury room in the palace of Briar Valley.
Lilia, who was far older than Malleus and well aware of human courting traditions, couldn't help but laugh endearingly at the young prince. He then adjusted his expression, looking fondly at the child he had raised, who had now become so old that he has his first love!
Oh...Lilia distantly remembers the feeling of falling in love for the first time, he doesn't remember his first love anymore, for their existence had been erased by the cruel, cruel time that doesn't spare anybody, but he does remember how he felt with them and how gentle they were with him.
At the time he was a battle-hardened General, a war hero, not exactly used to kindness, but he remembers that they were far kinder than anybody he had met before, even now after a few centuries later, he has yet to meet someone like them.
Lilia pulled himself back from memories of long forgotten past and turned to his prince.
"Malleus, they are human." Lilia said simply.
"I am aware lilia, I still dont see what I could have done to have them cross with me." Malleus gave lilia a half-hearted glare.
"Malleus, they are human. You are trying to court them like how dragons court their mate. They don't know how dragons court their mate. They aren't familiar with your courting methods." Lilia nodded towards malleus sipping on his tea, and malleus' eyes widened in realization. Of course! How could he have been so foolish!
Malleus shot lilia a grateful look and said a simple "thank you." And headed out to find you. He must fix this. He has to.
So, you weren't even aware that he was trying to court you? He let out a chuckle.
Of course, why didn't he think of it before? Oh yes, he was too engrossed in drowning in his misery that he didn't notice.
Well, he supposes it's not all lost, after all. He could just explain things, but ah! Humans don't receive precious jewels as a confession of their feelings.
He does have other ideas as to what to give you.
You were coming back from your class, after a long and exhausting day. Professor Trein had given you to write a ten-thousand-word essay on The Human-Fae War that happened in early 1300's.
Your face bloomed into an amused smile as grim grumbled about ace taking his sandwich. You let out an exasperated sigh. They may be idiots, but they are your idiots.
You got grim settled in the bed quickly. He was complaining about not getting enough sleep the whole way back and got yourself settled on the couch in the living room.
You took out your homework, your assignment sheets as well as books you've borrowed from the library and got to work.
It was fascinating really, how two species that hated each other so much could come together like this. Humans and Fae...they have a long-standing history of hate and slaughter. It's gruesome.
The war went on for almost a century.
You were halfway through the essay when, from the corner of your eyes, you saw green fireflies shimmering in your garden. You abandoned your work to greet your friend who, you're pretty sure, has been avoiding you for the past few days.
"Child of man."
The two of you stared at each other for a minute. Trying to read each other, either by expressions or literally trying to read thoughts in Malleus's case. (He would never do this without your permission, but he was contemplating it)
"Look I-"
"Child of man I-"
"You go first."
"You can go first."
You scratched the back of your neck with an air of awkwardness surrounding you.
"Okay...tsunotaro, I don't know what I did so that you got mad at me but I am sorry."
Malleus' eyes widened in bewilderment.
"Child of man...I thought you were cross with me." You thought he was angry with you...? A small tender smile formed on his black-painted lips. A smile that was much different from his usual teasing smile followed by a taunting remark. How the corners gently tilted upwards, a sparkle in his eyes that reflected an emotion you couldn't yet place, but you were sure that your eyes reflected the same.
Small laughter bubbled out of his mouth, and not being able to help it you let yourself chuckle with him.
The sound of his laughter was so alluring that you were left wondering whether he had put a spell on you.
Little did you know he wondered the same about you. You had either bewitched him or he was a fool, a fool in love.
"Well, then, I shall make it up to you, beastie. Would you do me the honor of granting me your company for a stroll in the woods once again?" Malleus asked, gallantly. He was quite over the top with his dramatics -posing in a bow, holding out a hand for you to take- while smiling teasingly.
"I would love to, tsunotaro." You couldn't help but chuckle at the dragon fae's antics. Taking his arm you strode along with him to the woods behind Ramshackle.
A gentleman as ever, Malleus produced something in his arm but hid it behind his back before you could take a peek.
"Hey! No fair!" You pouted, seeing your adorable face the future king couldn't help but smile endearingly.
"You shall wait patiently beastie. Patience is a virtue," he said as you strode towards your and Malleus's special place.
He had taken you there for a walk before once. It was a beautiful, beautiful night. Perhaps you should say magical.
Malleus had taken your hand and invited you for a dance. Holding you close like you were the most precious treasure he has ever held. Spinning you around like a fairytale prince (which he was). Your eyes went to his dark-painted lips many times that night, wishing to have a taste of what you thought to be the most forbidden fruit this world had to offer.
You danced and sang one of the songs from your home. Your eyes went to your eyebrows in surprise that the very same song existed here. Malleus seemed fond of the song as well. You could see his bright green eyes soften every time a word of the lyrics left his lips.
"We are here," he announced. You looked around, finding it hard to imagine such a place could be near the desolate place you had come to call your home.
It was a mountain stream. Beautiful, clear water flowed down the steep grades. Shining moonlight above it, making the water in it shine like stars had been brought down to earth.
"Child of man," Malleus quietly pulled you out of your daze. "I brought this for you." He said, but before he could bring out whatever he had been hiding behind his back, you fixed him a stern look.
"Mal, I told you that I can-" before you could say another word, his hand-that he had placed upon your mouth- cut you off.
"I know," Malleus began with an uncharacteristically tender look on his face. "Lilia explained that humans do not court as we do. So I have brought you this." He removed the hand from your mouth and brought out a bouquet from his back.
They were gorgeous, the flowers. The bouquet consisted of red and pink asters. You chuckled, you couldn't have picked more perfect flowers yourself, they were gorgeous but not enough to distract you from the meaning of them and his words from before.
Seeing your joyous reaction, Malleus's eyes filled with hope. "Child of man, I-" he started but before he could get out another syllable, you put your hand on his mouth and cut him off. Amusedly watching as his eyes widened in surprise, clearly not used to people cutting him off, especially in such a familiar manner.
"I would love to, Tsunotaro."
I wish I had a malleus.
Edit: for clarification pink asters mean sensitivity and love and red aster means undying devotion
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TWST Incorrect quotes#277 Bigger is Better
Yuu: Your hands are so big *Playing and toying with his hands*
Mal: Do you know what's even bigger?~
Yuu: W-what?*Double take, looking at him*
Mal: The love I have for you!*Smiles at you, kissing your knuckles, not understanding what he was ...insinuating*
Yuu: That's…
Yuu: That's so much better than what I had in mind...
Tumblr media
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fl3x1 · 3 months
Tumblr media
I present; Rook Hunt without the horrid fucking bowl cut bangs .
au where everything is the same but he has curtain bangs or smth idfk
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tezret · 7 months
Fae Culture
Malleus standing at the end of your bed: You’re ethereal
You/Reader, looking over at him: Was it really necessary to wake me up at… *looks over at phone* 4am to tell me this?
Malleus: Yes…
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ranimotia · 1 month
Tumblr media
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leonakingscholarship · 8 months
C'mon Malleus, join them 🤨
Tumblr media
(My favorite OB form will always be Riddle and Vil since they look like Queens and I love it hfnfnnfnfbf)
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Vil Schoenheit | SFW | Drabbles
Today is my bday, and so i wanted to ask if it's ok to ask for something where Vil celebrates my bday with me? Feel free to decide on the details youself!
If you don't like this request just please ignore it.
I hope you have nice day/night!
Okay first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad I saw this today so I could write it out! Hope you enjoy celebrating and have the best day ever my dude!!! I'm literally sitting on a pile of laundry on my chair because I didn't have time to move it to the bed in my rush to get this out.
Disclaimer: This is an AU of Twisted Wonderland where all characters (minus Ortho) are 18+. If you’d like more information about the AU, please refer to the links below!
Request Information | AU Information | Masterlist
Vil Schoenheit: Birthday Mornings
The first thing you noticed upon waking up was the fresh scent of breakfast wafting through the dorm. Your stomach betrayed you as it growled and you hummed, slowly rousing from your slumber. You blearily made it out of the bed before noticing that this certainly wasn’t your dorm. A small giggle erupted from your throat as you recalled how Vil convinced you to stay the night with him.
The door opened to his room and in came Vil, already dressed and ready for the day, alongside a serving trey with two plates and glasses on it. “Ah, you’re awake. Good morning, my love.” He said, walking over to the bed where you were standing, “Sit back down, I brought some breakfast.” He said and gave a small peck to your lips.
You hummed, not bothering to argue with him as you plopped yourself back down. He put a small bedtable over your lap and put your plate of food and favorite morning beverage in front of you.
“Thanks, Vil…though you know you didn’t have to do all this.” You said, going to take a bite of the pristine breakfast. It was cooked to perfection which made sense as Vil was the one who cooked it just for you.
“On the contrary, what boyfriend would I be if I couldn’t do this much for you on your birthday.” His smirk said it all and you laughed.
“Of course…well then, what do you have planned for us today?” You asked, having a feeling he made the perfect day for you. He shot a knowing look as he scanned over your features before he cleared his throat.
“After breakfast, I’m treating you to a spa day, then we’re going to go out for a stroll before getting some lunch at your favorite cafe in town.” You hummed, already liking what he planned, “Then we’ll head over to your dorm to watch your favorite movie.” You felt Vil getting closer, “And after I’m helping you prep for a fancy night out at one of my favorite restaurants that I’m sure you’ll love.” He lifted your chin and placed a small kiss on your lips.
“Sounds good to me. And after dinner?” You asked, brushing your lips against his own.
“After dinner, we can come back to the dorm so I can help you out of your formal clothes and we can take a relaxing bath. I’ll make sure to pamper you well.” He said with a smirk and a shiver went down your spine.
“I…I like the sound of that.” You murmured, albeit a bit shyly.
“I figured you would.” He always knew exactly what to say to get you all worked on, “Now come on, finish your breakfast so we can begin your spa day.” Another kiss was placed on your lips. You swore you wouldn’t mind celebrating every birthday like this. That does beg the question…what should you do for his?
Tumblr media
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twistedchatterbox · 7 days
Waking up with Floyd Leech.
Gender neutral, body neutral reader x Floyd Leech. Reader is not implied to be Yuu. I wanted to add some more depth to my characterization of Floyd, I think he could be so.. gentle, and caring if his romantic love was returned by someone. An eel must protect his shrimpy, y’know? Waking up in the blind hours of the morning, you and Floyd undress each other, bubble baths, you propose to Floyd in all meanings except no rings, Floyd Leech gets flustered from heartfelt words, making out; in no particular order. Warning; mention of past water-burn injury, reader is okay though! 2321 words. ... You were barely awake when you felt a pair of very happy hands on your form, picking you up with a gentleness you’ve always known, and you found yourself thinking a very familiar train of thought; Floyd Leech is an amazing boyfriend. Not many would understand, agree, or even expect such an answer, most people would probably call you delusional or gone in the head for even suggesting it; but not many could ever look beyond the surface, let alone bother to get close enough to see all the layers there is to this unexpectedly adapting boy. You giggled sleepily at the raspberries blown at your neck from a smiling pair of lips you recognised the feel of so well; but you yawned and settled into his hold anyway, knowing he would never drop you. He always handled you with a delicate touch, you are his shrimpy! And since he’s your eel, he’s gotta protect you, he could never hurt you. He was always so serious about it too, growing up witnessing the love between his parents, his grandparents, sleeping with the tales about the mermaid princess, Floyd always loved the idea of love, but found that he loved you even more than that. You’d always be so much fun, but then you became much more important than fun; Floyd Leech has always been a bit spoiled, no could deny him what he wanted, Jade would not let them, his parents would get him what he wants, but this was different, he wanted you for good. And whether anyone else believed it or not, Floyd has always been adaptive to emotions, he knew very well what feelings were like, he was famous for the sour moods of his after all, but he also understood it all very well, even the loveliest ones. When you held your arms a bit higher so you could circle them around his neck, he let you, even peppered your face in kisses to go alongside your sleepy smile. You yawned as you felt his hands caress your hair, and Floyd just laughed; he knew you were not saying what others would have assumed, you humans simply did this thing while waking and sleepy, but you were so cute so he’d always let you! Murmuring with a kiss and a nuzzle to his collarbone, You did not complain upon being picked up fully off the bed, this is something you recognise by heart at this point: strong arms and laughter that’s almost distant but so warm to even your sleepy state, most people would be terrified, but you wouldn’t be here if you were most people anyway. His little shrimpy, his lovely little shrimpy; he loves you very very much, you think, and smile at the thoughts that rise as you nuzzle onto his skin, inhaling his natural scent with a breath. He smells like the sea, but so sweet, and just subtly minty, it’s a mix of things that suit him. Underneath the layers of sea salt and mint, he smells like vanilla and ice cream, it’s endearing to think about how well that describes him you think in the back of your subconscious mind. Being brought to the bath was, well, something that happened; you were never not used to it but that was not to say it didn’t shock you at all, it was difficult to put a name on this feeling, but you grew to like it anyway. His steps were quiet as he allowed you to snooze, not even dropping you in the bath; Floyd was not a moron, contrary to popular belief, he knew very well what could hurt people even if he feigned ignorance and was very ‘playful’ about it. Floyd did not want to hurt you by being careless and dropping you, he had one hand cradling your head and the back of your neck; knowing that was the most vulnerable part of you. He blew some cold air onto your face and giggled at your bemused expression as you did the same thing back, gently rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and stretching to wake up your sleeping body, slowly but surely. Floyd gently set you down on the edge of the bath, supporting your back so that you wouldn’t slip, murmuring such a lovely “Good morning” with a smile that was never seen away from you. You yawned a drowsy “Mhm”, blinking and focusing your eyes until they stopped trying to close idly, “Good morning,” you whispered with a smile. Many would expect him to throw you into pools or the bath, not caring; but he cared very very much, far above and beyond the bare minimum. Floyd Leech has always been so much better of a boyfriend than they’d ever believe, there was never a “oh he wouldn’t care” in your relationship, he’d always remember things that mattered; your favourite songs, the outfits that made you feel confident, the places that made you anxious, the people you didn’t like, the things you were too shy to buy on your own, when and where to buy things you needed for you anytime he noticed you were running low or forgot… and even your favourite snacks, you mused as you noticed the fruits resting on the chair he must’ve dragged here to set plates on. Not to say he was never playful; that’d be a lie. He’d set himself between your knees and lift your shirt off you with a chuckle as he watched your gears turn with a blush until you laughed, tugging the waistband off your bottoms while he undid the buttons of his pyjamas in a jolly humm. You’d get in the bath together, with you lying on his chest, a position both of you have always been fond of. The darkness of the room could never be unnerving when you were held so gently by those arms, he’d gently squeeze you every now and then to remind you. You’d nuzzle right in too, lying on your left side so that his dominant hand could toy with your right, always fascinated by your hands. He just loved holding you so much, he’d chirp cheerfully and you loved that noise far more than either of you would willingly admit. Those chirps, built in noises to communicate, he’d had those ever since he was a tiny elver. Noises he knew and used even before he understood what speaking meant, no one else other than you would hear those nowadays; Jade would probably poke fun at him and sour his mood, and it was none of Azul’s business what he sounded like when chirping. It was always you who made him so happy; those chirping noises bubbled up in his throat with affection, he loved you so much he could not physically show you the full extent of his adoration. So, he’d bite you a little on your exposed shoulder, nibbling and moving across to bite the place between your neck and leaning to your shoulder, a small little bite of affection; you’d grown used to it, simply relaxing and leaning to your side so that he had more room to work with, trusting him not to hurt you. He peppered kisses across your skin, happy as ever knowing the faith you put in him. And you laughed with a subtle nod. When your stomach growled the tiniest bit in hunger, Floyd was not the one who’d poke fun; why would he? He woke you up so early, so you got hungry earlier than other days, that’s why he brought food with him like a good mate! He’d reach out of the tub to grab some berries and feed them to you between his claws, yes, claws, he was in his moray form after all. The ‘tub’ being big enough to be considered a pool by most people was made to accommodate his mer-form, even as he laid closer to the edge and cuddled you in a warm bubble bath before the crack of dawn.  You knew Floyd must’ve gotten an idea when you saw the way his fins flapped and his smile broadened. Placing a plump strawberry between his teeth, he gently lifted you on his chest, inviting you closer: That strawberry had no right to be so tasty when you tasted it on his lips and kiss. You let out a comfortable sigh, ever contempt in the way his lips felt on yours, lazily circling your arms around his neck and leaning in, you savoured the moment. He’d place a hand on the small of your back, as if you’d ever stop kissing him of your own will, your cheek rested against his as you sighed, his gills flapping at the feeling of warm air. He’d give you a comfortable hug as he laid down a bit more, letting you lay on top of him like a weighted blanket, sometimes he’d feed you, sometimes you’d feed him, nuzzling noses, cooing at his chirping noises, in love with the way he sounds, you’d ignore the outside world, forget about phone alarms that he may or may not have turned off, letting him love you, care about you. Massaging the oils into your skin and scrubbing away the knots on your back, you’d simply melt into his magic touch and let him do as he pleased. Floyd Leech is a wonderful boyfriend. You’d say at any given chance, regardless of what anyone else had to say about it, after all, they’d pause and wallow in shame when you clapped back, asking them how they’d know better than you, did they think you were nothing but a naive fool? Moments like this made you so proud to be the one who’d tell those people to shut up; because Floyd Leech really loved you so much, even if he was cheeky about it. You knew what he meant though, and it didn’t matter what others thought. You were brought back to wonderland from your daydream-land when you felt him gently wash the soap off your body, saying something about his shrimpy being sleepy; you blushed, sheepishly mumbling with an averted gaze “Well.. I was thinking about how you are such a good boyfriend” and his hands stopped the action with the thump of his heart for that moment, when you looked at him again; you saw his flustered state and widened eyes, only for him to blink and avert your eyes this time. You swear your heart leaps for him, this loverboy has your heart in his claws and he holds you so gently. How could you not love him as much as he loved you? With such kind hands, and he never let his adoration be secret, you were confident he’d shout it from rooftops if you asked; even if he was always shy about it when you got so intimate with meaningful words. “I love you,” said softly, holding so much happiness in such a tiny string of words, “you hold my heart, and i wanna be yours to keep if you’ll have me.” and you meant every word, some would call you a fool and tell you that he was fooling with you; but you’d tell him that if that was a code-name for your long-term commitment to him? You’d take it, and you’d brag about it too. He looked so stunned but so .. relieved once he processed it, never has anyone seen Floyd Leech look so in peace. People would have said it was terrifying, but you loved it, but you loved him too; so, maybe you’ve always been just a different case. You were proposing in all but without rings to him barely the crack of dawn, making out in a bubble bath, after all; maybe it’s fitting that you fit him and his tempo so well; there was not a single other soul on earth or under the water’s surface who could say they were this in sync with Floyd Leech, or, on the flip-side, you. His arms circled your form gently, holding you like glass; it was a habit he has kept from the time you got injured during a shift at monstro lounge, some dumb guppy spilt boiled water along your back and your screams of agony still haunts him, Jade and Azul even now. They don’t let you in the kitchen not because they don’t trust you but rather that they don’t trust the kitchen, if anything. Floyd especially was frozen to see you in such pain, caring for you so tenderly until you were okay again was torture of its own, only because he hated to see you hurt. But he knew he had to stay, eel’s must protect their shrimpies, after all. “As if I’d ever let you go anyway,” Floyd murmured as you nuzzled up to his neck with a smile. Protectiveness has always been a trait engraved in him, so you never understood why others expected Love to be such a foreign concept to someone so caring. “I love you too” he spoke, muffled barely by your hair when he mumbled “ so you better say it back always, shrimpy,” and you obliged. Floyd Leech is a lovely, cheeky boyfriend; and a caring future husband. You mused with a smile on your face, waking up in the dark, in a warm bath, in the arms of this adorable guy, “I love you too.”.
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Yuu: I don't think your mother approves of me.
Riddle: Don't worry about it. She doesn't approve of me, either.
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