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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
Yuu: I don't know how to tell you this, tsunotarou, but you're in love with me.
Malleus: What?
Malleus: I am.
Grim: What kind of confession did I just witness???
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
TWST!Memes #36
Tumblr media
Only those two will drop EVERYTHING if their "Yuu senses" tingle...like spidey senses
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nuitthegoddess · 2 hours ago
Royal Sword Academy boys
Tumblr media
The 3rd years
Tumblr media
The 2nd years (one held back, Aurelian)
Tumblr media
1st year and 4th year
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tezret · 2 months ago
Fae Culture
Malleus standing at the end of your bed: You’re ethereal
You/Reader, looking over at him: Was it really necessary to wake me up at… *looks over at phone* 4am to tell me this?
Malleus: Yes…
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leonakingscholarship · 4 months ago
C'mon Malleus, join them 🤨
Tumblr media
(My favorite OB form will always be Riddle and Vil since they look like Queens and I love it hfnfnnfnfbf)
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Waking up the morning after and S/O says “my legs hurt.” - Vice Housewardens
Are you okay?
Do you need anything?
Is extra nice to you all day and gives you lots of sweets.
Watches you when you walk.
Will smile at you and won’t tell you why when you ask.
Is literally so smug.
Decides to cuddle you for some extra minutes and gives you kisses before getting up.
Will watch you get up and chuckle.
Checks on you throughout the day and is more flirty than usual.
Teases you to fluster you.
Is smug, but more subtle about it.
He’ll give you that smile and start to tease you.
Will rub circles on your thigh.
When you said that your legs hurt, he asked “How much?”
Will not apologize for it and also waits for you to get up so he can see how you walk.
Will check on you through the day.
Takes a minute to process.
Instantly holds you closer and kisses your neck teasingly.
Cuddles you for a bit.
Is also smug but isn’t an ass, and actually asks you if you’re okay.
Does not feel bad.
Pays attention to your legs more than usual and just stares at you in general all day.
Will not shut up.
Also doesn’t let you go for some time and playfully squeezes the flesh of your thigh.
“Maybe next time I should mark you more and be kinder on your legs.”
Upon other thinks that make you red.
Every time you are in the same class or Rook sees you in the hall, he will call you out.
Will just go up to you, give you a kiss, and ask you how you are.
Isn’t very fazed.
Will make you say why your legs hurt.
Still smiles at you.
Kisses you all over and tells you that you could stay in bed if you want to.
Checks on you all day.
Chuckles when he watches you walk.
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bunnwich · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Ramshackle Dorm's a pretty nice place. It's empty, abandoned... Perfect spot for a snooze.
He wait for you.
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cancerdust96 · 2 months ago
*Jamil, which was turned into a snake due to an accident in the chemistry class*
MC/Yuu: Ha, I always knew you were a snake.
*jamil snake, hissing angry* >:(
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miraclebeliver · 4 months ago
Could you do a part 2 when they boys turned into children and their s/o decides to taking care of them? with idia, malleus & riddle please?
Ofc^ personally it was one my favourite hc's to write so it's my pleasure!
First part with leona, azul and kalim here and part three with vil, rook and silver here
Request: idia, malleus and riddle has turned into a children, now their s/o has to take care of them.
Pairings: idia shroud x reader, malleus draconia x reader, riddle rosehearts x reader
Warnings: none, reader is gender-neutral, word 'princess' is used for reader once(malleus)
Tumblr media
Idia shroud
When ortho found his nii-san as a child, a child that is younger than him, he nearly went into overdrive.
Ortho has always been a bit protective of his brother, but he really doesn't know how to take care of a toddler. He tried to search the internet but whatever he did never worked because idia was crying. Loudly.
So he did what he thought best, hand his nii-san over to you. The only responsible person on the campus.
When you saw ortho you enthusiastically waved at the boy, having taken him as younger brother as well, but then you noticed a child with him.
Ortho explained the situation and you were relived that it'll only last for few hours at most.
You take a look at the baby shying away from your gaze, you have to stop yourself from squealing at how cute baby idia is.
He is a smol ball of blue, also very shy.
Idia is a very behaved toddler, only asking you for his game console or snacks in between the sessions.
He tugs at your sleeves asking you to bend so he can whisper in your ear about what kind of snacks he wants.
Not bratty or demanding at all. He is very chill as a baby. Still doesn't likes strangers though.
"Y/n saw me as a baby." He whispers staring at the floor with dead eyes.
Tumblr media
Malleus draconia
Malleus turned into a child, you weren't sure how it happened but you found him crying in backyard of your dorm.
Malleus still had his horns, so you had to take care of them while picking him because they are sharp enough to stab you if not careful.
But once you picked him up, he just. Stopped crying. Instead was looking at you with his big green glowy eyes. You almost felt your heart burst.
Malleus, unlike idia, is very bratty and demanding. And he wants all of you attention on him. Because of him you had to drop grim off at heartslabyul, because you can't take care of two arsonist children.
You called Lilia, who was very happy to malleus as a child again, to take him to diasomnia but malleus refused and Lilia might have gotten the other side of his bangs burned.
Malleus really likes your presence and ramshackle and wanted to stay there forever and protect his princess from any bad prince who might try to take you away.
He said this with oversized white shirt pooling around him and a wooden sword in his hands raised high. A very cute sight, you should've taken a picture.
Malleus doesn't like vegetables, he on the other hand loves fries. You will have to coax him eat vegetables or hide them or grind them, for him to eat.
He will eat fries as a meal all three times a day and as snacks too.
"Fufufu...to think I would turn into a child. But regardless I am grateful to you for taking care of me, child of man.
Tumblr media
Riddle rosehearts
Riddle is still riddle as a kid.
Still very strict about upholding the Queen of hearts laws.
Ace and deuce were screwing around with a potion for the homework for the alchemy class (it was probably brewed wrong) and next thing they knew they had splashed it all over their dorm leader.
Needless to say both of them were ready for a beheading but when no shouts of anger came they looked down to see mini version of riddle.
So they can to only person they knew would be down to help them. You.
Riddle is such a crybaby. Now, he not only shouts in anger, but he also cries.
Riddle is a very good boy, eats his vegetables, does his homework, and doesn't mess around with the things he knows he shouldn't.
He loves when you read him a story before bed. All about the knights, the princes, the princesses and all those legends about the great seven.
But his favourite will always be the Queen of hearts.
He likes to tell you about her in his baby voice, his eyes shining as he tells you about the women he idolizes.
He still loves tea, though. He will drink milk if you insist, but he still prefers tea.
"Ace! deuce! As soon as I find them it'll be off with their head! But, ah, thank you for taking care of me, prefect."
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faeryarchives · 2 months ago
pov: kalim went to his family dentist for an appointment
dentist: it's been a while since i last saw you! let's start to see if there is something wrong with you, now open up.
kalim: ah
kalim: mister it's just sometimes i feel like i am annoying the people around me and i don't know who are those who consider me as a real friend or just see me as a mere acquaintance.
kalim: there would be days that i just feel so overwhelmed then the next thing i knew its being replaced by an empty feeling you know?
dentist: that's not what by i meant but do you want a hug-
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ryllen · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
can you guess what’s my favorite twst ships are?
Tumblr media
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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
[Idia's Room]
Idia: There’s my pretty lover.
Yuu: I’m not going with you to Comic-Con.
Idia: W-What? Can’t a man just be happy to see his lover?
Yuu: He can, but it’s still not changing my mind.
Idia: Well, maybe what’s IN my PANTS will change your mind?
Yuu, hopeful: Really?
Idia pulls a paper out of his pocket: It’s a list of this year’s panelists.
Idia: It’s LONG, isn’t it?
Yuu ( ≖_≖) (❛ω❛ ) Idia
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luxthestrange · 12 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#186 Mal...
Mal: Look, I know you think my judgment's clouded because I like Yuu a little bit Lilia, holding Mal's notepad: You doodled your wedding invitation Mal: No, that's our joint tombstone Lilia: My mistake~
Tumblr media
Look me in the eye and tell me this isn't canon
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nuitthegoddess · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
They may not be in the Gala or Fairy Gala but they be vibin n’ thrivin
Copy from this pic:
Tumblr media
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tezret · 2 months ago
Liar Liar Pants On Fire!
Riddle: Don’t accuse me of favouritism!
Riddle: I love [Name] and all non-[Name]’s equally
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leonakingscholarship · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Hi! Hru? Hope you're well. Could I request the dorm leader's x crush reader. Where their crush comes to them upset saying they think they have a stalker? They show them a lot of love letters that slowly get very concerning. They say they feel like they are being watched a lot, and what do they do to make the stalker stop and comfort their crush? (The person is a random person within their dorm) If you're not comfortable writing this you don't have to!
Their Crush Has A Stalker - Housewardens
Your smile was gorgeous and you lit up the room wherever you walked. You could even make the rain stop and the sun come out and the white roses in the garden turn red.
Riddle loved to talk with you and be around you. It always a pleasant time, and he was in a slightly more grumpy more mood when he went a day without talking to you.
And one day, when you came up to him, Riddle was alarmed that you were upset. You showed him all the letters you've been getting and told him about being watched.
Riddle decides to keep you really close to him and almost never leaves you alone. Tells you to lock your door and cover the blinds.
Gets to Ramshackle before you do, so he can see who is giving you the letters.
Collars them immediately, and brings this to Crowley.
"I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."
Hated that someone would do that to you.
Hates that you're being stalked in general and the letters you showed him really ticks him off.
You are always always around Leona in hopes that the letters stop and they leave you alone.
But they got worse, and more creepy. Leona hated seeing you so upset and scared of whoever this person is.
The stalker probably already knows that you've been around Leona, so he makes you sit on a bench alone without him.
When Leona sees something move around you, he sneaks to it catches the stalker.
Wants to beat the living shit out of them but won't do it in front of you.
Does it later when you aren't around, and keeps the stalker doing his bidding.
"Shh. I'll always be here."
Sends Jade and Floyd, with the promise that they can do whatever they want to the person afterwards and Azul will cover it all up.
Reads over the letters you showed him and used Jade's profile of every Octavinelle student to figure out who did it.
Lets you stay in his office for however long you want, whenever you need to.
Deals with the situation right away. Azul wants to guarantee your safety and comfort as soon as possible. It's his top priority.
Azul wants you to trust him and wants you to know that he cares for you.
Catches the stalker following you and deals with them promptly.
"Please, rely on me. I'll always keep you safe."
Is disturbed at you having a stalker.
Doesn't like that you keep receiving letters and how bad they get.
Suggests you hold his hand when in public and gives you as many hugs as you want.
1, he gets to hold hands with his crush, 2, the stalker will think that you're dating and will leave you alone!
If they don't leave you alone though, Kalim doesn't want to put you in a situation where you are by yourself to use you as bait.
Decides to stalk the stalker by stalking you.
When he sees you being followed, he catches them and does not let go of them.
"Don't worry! I'll always help you. With whatever you need, I'm here!"
You were supposed to be coming to Pomefiore to help Vil practice his lines for a movie coming out.
He knew you were quite the movie watcher and thought that he should invite you over so he could give you a teaser. Just for you! <3
It was a thing Vil often did. Give you these little things slyly, in return for your growing affection for him. Vil often doted on you, but always with good reason.
He had a packed schedule and even more so with unexpected shoots popping up, due to some problem with files being lost. You were kind enough to offer to keep track of the plants he grows for his products.
He also saw you complete something absolutely magnificent, yet you were not rewarded properly. Vil gave you respect, on top of everything else he adored about you.
He immediately has to refrain from scowling in front of you when you show him the letters. These were horrifying, and it made you feel unsafe above all.
Vil knows that with his responsibilities and schedule, he might not be there if the stalker seeks you out. While he does try, he can't control it totally.
As such, he gets Rook to watch over you when he can't (which is 41% of the time).
Escorts you back to Ramshackle, or if you are scared to be alone, Vil will give you an extra room at Pomefiore.
Sends out a letter to be left for the stalker, telling them to meet you by the beach. Vil catches them there and gives them a punishment for doing that to you.
"If you need me, don't be shy to reach out. I'll rush to you, always. I promise."
How long have you been dealing with this?!
Refuses to do nothing.
Gives you a pin to put on your clothes that has a camera built in. A skull pin on the front pocket. And another in the shape of a small safety pin to put on the back of your collar.
Identifies the same figure in all the shots and sends some of the photos out to them.
Uses it as blackmail. If they don't stop stalking you, he'll take it to Crowley and everyone else who can get them in trouble.
Gives them the worst tasks possible since he's the housewarden and they are an Ignihyde student.
"Whenever you get scared, I'll keep you protected. Even if i'm not physically there. Tech is great, right?"
You were to be treated with the utmost care. You were someone to be showered with love and affection. You never deserved pain, or fear, or sadness.
Malleus wants to reach for you the second he sees you distressed. He isn't sure if he should touch you though, so he refrains from doing so.
When he sees the letters, he can't help but scowl at them. Turns away from you though.
You should never feel unsafe. Escorts you to Ramshackle, or gives you an extra room at Diasomnia if you don't feel safe alone.
You are almost always seen with Malleus, and he watches everything around you. He is very aware and tries to pick out the stalker.
Even if he can't, you being seen with him should give people the impression to back off. But, if it doesn't, and the letters are still continuing.
He does everything possible.
Malleus figures that the stalker won't approach if he is with you, so you'd have to be alone. Or appear to be. However, Malleus doesn't want you to be in that position in case the stalker does something before he can get to you.
He has an idea of who is the stalker, and is not pleased that it is someone from Diasomnia.
Malleus knows where they are, and what club they are in. He doesn't want you interacting with the possible stalker, so Malleus suggests that you wait in the hall and appear to be casually passing by.
This shouldn't be too dangerous since there are other people around.
You turn into an empty hallway, and the stalker follows distantly behind. You turn down another hall to the left, and there Malleus waits to see if he was right.
He was, and does not let the stalker out of his hold.
"Whenever you are afraid, I will rid you of it."
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