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twst Incorrect quote #268
Ruggie: “You shouldn’t be using a straw.”
Jade: “I know it’s bad for the environment, as you land dwellers say.”
Ruggie: “No, it’s just a weird way to eat spaghetti.”
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I want mine to be a crack post. So the dorm leaders + Sam(whom they’re buying the supplies from) reacting to mc buying prank supplies and scaring Crowley just for fun.
A/N: Aight. I gotchu. I love writing crack mm mm mmm it's the good juice. We love torturing bird-man in this house. Especially after he threw us in that dirty-ass dorm like we were trash. Like, you expect me to sleep on dust covered sheets with spiders making a nest in the corner? Nah. This isn't Cinderella bestie and we have standards.
Setting the Scene <3
MC to their love interest after being Crowley's bitch for yet another day: Listen. The F*ck. Up. We will not be taking this abuse. We will not be taking this absolute DISRESPECT. Okay, we have a saying back on "earth," and it's called "hoez mad". Which is me. I am the hoe and I am mad. And you? You are my accomplice. You see this ring???
*waves promise ring in their face*
THIS is the ring that YOU gave me when I snagged you up and made you mine. The chain of foreverness that you imposed on my alien-ass-self.
I pulled your emo-wannabe ass back from the brink of valhalla and you will be paying me back - at a very unfair trade on my end - today. We are destroying whatever pride that cocky pigeon has and we are doing it now.
Riddle Rosehearts
-100/10. Will not comply or even be associated
bitch he isn't getting in trouble for you??? The fuck you think he's going to do?? Collar the headmaster?
The moment you step out of that door, he's tattling - no cap
Best drag him by the ear because he'll throw you under the bus
does not pass the vibe check
threatens to break up with you if you get him in trouble
so YOU threaten to break up with HIM if he doesn't at least carry your stuff
aight. he's in. it was a bluff so please don't dump him
he will cry and then stuff his face with tarts
he doesn't understand how covering everything in Crowley's office in tin-foil will make you feel better? but go off I guess
The entire time he is just complaining about how you both are wasting resources and time.
Riddle really needs to stop ruining the fun (T ^ T)
Leona Kingscholar
"That's hot"
Likes when you get mad lol Crowley should piss you off more often
He’ll watch but won’t do nothin
Another spoil sport in that he thinks it’s too much effort
He’s got some balls considering he’s no better than Crowley
Deadass is this a relationship or are you his servant
Okay that’s Ruggie’s job not yours
Speaking of, he suggests just making him doing it or the literal man children you babysit (*cough* deuace *cough*)
Lets you drag him by the foot to Sam’s shop. Why fight back?
Watches you swap Crowley’s toothpaste for mayo and wonders if you should really be considered future royalty
Doesn’t trust you around his food or personal items when you’re pissed at him
Azul Ashengrotto
“Can we get icecream after?” (〃ω〃)
Yes Azu, we can get nommies after but you must pull your weight
Man is Simp? Simp do anything for affection? Need I say more?
The BEST at covering tracks too. One bat of your eyelashes and he’ll buy out Sam’s store just to make you happy
Has a bit too much fun. One taste of rebellion and all the pent up r a g e from getting his businessman privileges revoked blossoms
They grow up so fast . He’s a natural born criminal
You wanted to do something small scale, like swapping the sugar for salt in Crowley’s coffee. He lets you, but goes the extra mile
Azul says “go big or go home,” and uses his henchmen to spam Crowley’s close conspirators with complaints from ‘student families,’ and essentially throws all of NRC’s shady business *cough*ghostbride*cough* back in Crowley’s face
Now the headmaster is up to the neck with work
Are you proud of him? He avenged you both and barely moved a fingie
Azul accepts payment in cash, credit, or kisses pls <3
Kalim Al’Asim
“Pulling pranks isn’t nice MC”
“And neither is nearly giving me a heart attack with diabetes tea. Quit complaining and move-“
You must trick the sunshine to comply
This is a game and the headmaster is happy to be pranked! It’s all in good fun Kalim~
He comes up with dozens of ideas but settles on on you pick bc he loves u
Anything to make his treasure happy ^_^
If worse comes to worse he can just throw some money to pay for the next school event so you don’t get expelled
You both get to work on covering the floor of Crowley’s office in plastic cups full of water
And…Kalim does not get the memo and blocks your way out *facepalm*
No problem tho! He calls his magic carpet through the window and it rescues you both from the makeshift island, also known as Crowley’s desk
Did he just step on important trade documents? Oops-
Fwoooooosh you both are out the window and safe
Thank him because you both were actually caught, but he payed off the snitches to not say nothin
All in the name of love so you get a taste of sweet sweet revenge
Vil Schoenheit
Uhm…no 💅
Too much effort
Honey why do you even want revenge? Keep stressing like this and you’ll be a potato for the rest of your life
Is that a potato spore or just a dry patch of skin? Nono dear lets go put that money towards some skin care products okay?
U g h
Fiiiiiiiiiiine. One prank. And it better be both small and still funny
A schoenheit does not waste their time. We must be efficient with the best results
Which is why we are putting hair dye in Crowley’s body wash. J u s t enough to stain him a lovely shade of baby blue, okay?
Rook will do it. He’s better at being a cockroach on the wall anyways
Now lets do our nails. In exchange for helping you, Vil is picking the color. No, you have no rights in this exchange
Idia Shroud
“Alright” (; ̄ェ ̄)
Yes, it’s that easy. He hates conflict
With you and ortho. He doesn’t mind messing with other people
Especially since that rotisserie chicken confiscated his talking tablet at the last ceremony
Idia wants vengeance. If it wasn’t for you, he would airdrop photos of Crowley picking his nose to the entire campus
Instead he settles for something more basic. For you. Because you don’t know how to have fun 😒
Special orders truth peppers from sam’s black market. All you have to do is eat one and you can’t tell a lie for at least a month
Idia does his little techy thing with the cafeteria camera so you can slip it into Crowley’s lunch (that you are forced to bring bc he treats you like an errand boy)
A few hours later, you both are chilling in Idia’s room with nommies and watching Crowley make a fool of himself by spilling his secrets
Cruel? A bit. Necessary? Yes
Malleus Draconia
“Is this what you like to do for fun? Have I misjudged your character”
Mans is so down. He wants to be a little rebellious
And damn is he e v i l
Like y’all forget that he is a powerful wizard. You think he hasn’t made a potion or two for his own purposes
He doesn’t even give you room to think. Just shoves a coin purse in his pocket and poofs you both into sam’s store
Nearly giving said tradesman a heart attack but whatever
“I need everything here and whatever you have in the back,” malleus purchases enough to make an alchemy lab in your dorm
And conjures the most v i l e smelling potion you have ever seen with a smile
And a little evil cackle for measure. Lilia taught him that no good villain is worth their salt without an evil laugh
He leaves you with a kiss on the forehead to go “do the dirty work,” and doesn’t even tell you what’s up
He…turned the headmaster into an actual bird
But like, Crowley can still talk so all you hear around campus is him squawking for someone to fix this
It’s pretty obvious who pulled the prank. Malleus is the only one powerful enough to make something even Trein can’t reverse
You both end up in the slammer
Still better quality than Ramshackle tho
Sam ze Tradesman
Cha-ching 💰💰💰💰💰
He knew there was a reason he liked you
Has Sam ever mentioned that you are his favorite wallet student??
Well you are
He sells you anything and everything you want. No questions asked and a firm believer of snitches get stitches
If he gets caught tho then you’re on your own
Jk he wouldn’t do is favorite customer like that
Or would he???🤔💭
Well. Maybe not so long as these pockets of his stay stashed with cash
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Drew our adorable fluff ball, while taking a break from writing~
Tumblr media
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Might as well make my first Twst post on this god awful app my appearance and body hcs for the characters, if you have a problem i quite literally do not give a shit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of these were done on different days, some a few weeks apart then others so they may look a lil off (the most recent and last one was the Ignihyde one)
(Proshippers and Racists dni)
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Reposting more of my old fanarts since my brain doesn't want to draw right now
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Hi- Nathan anon here- just wanted to add to the beastmen type bf saga- and I thought of giving the savanahclaw boys a liger bf, they’re basically a mix of a tiger and a lion- feel free to ignore this if your too busy
Savanaclaw Trio With A Liger Boyfriend
{not proof-read}
We went from mythological creature to hybrid I love this saga so much—
You have no idea how much research I did on ligers because they look so cool but are so sad :((
Tumblr media
Liger beastmen are very rare in beastmen culture but Leona can’t say he’s never met one since his boyfriend IS a Liger
He didn’t know you were one until you told him because, when he first met you, he just thought you had a unique color compared to other beastmen
Leona loves your lazy moments together. Just chilling in the security of his room where no one can bother you
He can’t keep up with your energetic moments so he just ends up cutting you loose with the other Savanaclaw students but makes sure you don’t get too hurt or too wild
Leona tends to be protective of you because of how rare you are. Others would try a bring you down because of your race but Leona is there to make sure it never happens
Leona loves you with his full heart and even if he doesn’t show it all the time, it truly means everything he says and does
Tumblr media
Ruggie has seen a lot of people in his lifetime but a Liger is something he’s seen very few of and he can’t believe his own boyfriend IS a Liger
He’s only seen them once maybe twice before but he’s always thought you had a unique color for a beastman
Your lazy moments together are very chill since it’s a time where he can actually relax from his rather taxing jobs
Your hyperactive moments is when he can get tasks done because you can release your energy by either helping him or keeping students away from him while he works
Ruggie wouldn’t call himself protective of you but he is wary about others more than you because they could easily harm you, physically or mentally
No matter how much trouble you or him cause together he will always love you
Tumblr media
Jack has never seen a Liger before but considering his boyfriend IS one, he can’t really say he’s never seen one now
When he first met you, he just thought your color scheme was cool but now that he knows the truth about it, it’s even cooler
He isn’t too fond of your lazy moments since he never gets anything done on those days because he’s too busy showing you love
Your hyperactive days is when he’s the most productive, usually going the extra mile for a workout or just to burn energy
Jack isn’t completely ignorant on how others would tend to treat you so he’s here to make sure you always feel loved and appreciated
Jack loves you so much it’s tooth-achingly sweet when others see you interact. He is a puppy in love
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If you're still asking for overblot characters I was curious about Jack and Epel.
Tumblr media
Overblot Epel
First of all he overblots because of Vil. I’d imagine that his overblot would happen due to extremely foreseen circumstances of being berated over and over again
This isn’t new, it’s just his life, but it’s adding up and eating at him. He’s trying, okay, can’t you see that? He’s doing his best to be prissy and high brow and suppress the instinct to bite someone every time they misgender him or call him pretty and whatnot.
He’s another case of just overusing his magic on accident in combination with the mental anguish. It’s not a mental breakdown, persay, and it’s not him snapping, it’s a slow burning fire that simply had more kindling added to it
The day isn’t anything spectacular. There isn’t a major event coming up, there isn’t a big fight, there’s no failing tests or stress beyond normal. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear him down.
He takes his dance classes. He does pretty well in them, which only serves to frustrate him since he hates ballet, it’s uncomfortable and it hurts, he hasn’t trained for this. He aces his potionology tests with Rook’s help, which is great except that now Vil’s looking at him smugly, and tells him he expects this of him all the time.
It’s time for their daily duel. It probably shouldn’t be daily, but it is because Epel simply can’t keep himself from telling Vil to shove off.
This is what causes it. Epel fights with all his might, trying not to hurt Vil but still attempting to win. And, of course, he loses.
Then he gets up. When Vil has his back turned, he blasts him with an elemental attack, seething.
“Again.” He demands, “I want to go again.”
“Spudling,” Vil says tiredly, “You’ve lost once. Do you want that to happen again?”
Epel nods, and Vil sighs before readying himself.
Epel loses again, but his control is waning.
“Again.” He says, glaring, “I’ll win this time.”
“Epel.” Vil says firmly.
He stops, though, because Epel isn’t asking anymore. He’s already slinging spells his way, no care for how harmful they might be. Vil is on the defense, doing his best to dodge and block. He hadn’t expected this, though he probably should have, and he’s somehow both impressed and pissed.
Epel is exhausting himself at this point. His magestone is nearly completely black, and Vil can see.
“Stop.” He says, “Epel, stop.”
“No!” He cries, and flings a fireball at him.
Ink begins pooling down from his hairline, covering his face in a delicate black mask. His hands shake and his lip quivers, and he continues shooting it at him, “No! I’m going to win! I’m going to win!”
He’s consumed with blot, and Vil reels back at the realization. He understands, now, that he went too far. He should have kept his comments gentler, or stopped Epel from going again and again
Epel looks both delicate and strong at once. His blot phantom is a prince, decked in red and blue and gold, glaring down at Vil
Epel himself wears intricately designed armor, like a knight, but worse. He looks down empty tears in his eyes, the look in them dead.
He’s a little difficult to take down. Fighting him doesn’t help, he doesn’t have restraint and honestly nobody even wants to fight him. No, what it takes is Vil calling in some help from the spelldrive team to just. Calm him down.
Leona takes charge, tugging Epel close despite the danger and telling him to stop acting like this, nobody questions his strength, and if he doesn’t he’s off the spelldrive team.
It should piss him off more. It should make him go harder, but instead he sags in Leona’s grip, sobbing as the beastman holds him up. There’s an unspoken understanding between them that Leona does care, and that Epel idolizes him more than anyone else in NRC.
“You’re alright, herbivore.” He says to Epel, patting his head, “Let’s get you somethin’ to drink.”
There’s nothing to be said. His overblot was an accident, it was never meant to happen. Nobody apologizes, but the behaviors change anyway. Vil loosens the leash a little, Leona takes up some of the slack and makes sure Epel is alright from time to time, and Epel does his best to not let things get to him so badly
Tumblr media
Overblot Jack
Jack is a tough nut to crack considering everything. He’s a dependable hard worker who keeps his nose clean and never cuts corners. He’s excellent in most skills, he’s strong, he tries his best in class, and he rarely gets into fights.
What, on earth, could cause this guy to overblot?
Werewolves: the monsters that wolf-beastmen are said to turn into when possessed by the power of the full moon. People often tell young kids not to stay up too late or they’ll turn into them
Jack is dependable. He gets to sleep at 10 pm, he wakes up early to do his runs, he studies hard to memorize things and do well. So when he begins to slip in these areas, staying up later, sleeping in longer, going as far as to growl at Crewel, it’s evident something is wrong with him.
It started as a prank, really! Ace and Deuce were having a little fun, started settling Jack’s water jugs outside and turning them into moon water. In the sun, it doesn’t look different, though in the nighttime it lights up a lovely pale blue color and shimmers with energy.
They begin to realize their mistake soon enough. Jack’s been accidentally snapping handles off doors, he accidentally injured Epel in practice. His hair looks sharper, puffier, and so does his tail. And he looks to be in a very, very bad mood.
At lunchtime he rips and tears at his food, hunched over it. He eats with his hands, too, which is worrisome. He’s glaring when Ace reaches over to steal a fry off his plate, and-
He bites him.
Ace reels back, screaming. Jack looks indifferent.
It’s a week of this before someone intervenes. Jack’s gone pretty much mute, but he still manages to do schoolwork most of the time. The only people he’ll listen to are the dorm heads, and even then it’s risky.
He begins to grow fur. It’s soft white, like his beast form, but it seems…matted. It makes him look somewhat terrifying.
What makes him overblot is the final intervention. All of the dorm leaders have cornered him, blocking all exits. Leona’s crouched, ready to tackle him if he gets violent. Riddle’s already got his pen out, poised to off his head. Azul, Idia (in person, yes) and Kalim stand mostly as bodies to prevent escape while Vil and Malleus block the other exits. He’s completely cornered.
It’s late at night, which only makes him more agitated. He growls and snaps wildly at those he would normally deem to be his friends, eyes glowing yellow. Moonlight leaks in through the atrium of the botanical gardens, and he begins to shift.
Bones crack and reappoint themselves, he’s growling a deep rumble, and he looks distinctly not human, not even close to himself. He’s somewhere between wolf and man, but closer to animal as he howls.
This is his overblot.
There’s ink designed in tendrils crawling up his arms and legs, splotches of it painting his ears, and behind him is his phantom, another wolf. It sits proudly, silently, stoically, but it doesn’t move to attack at all. It seems this one has more presence of mind than Jack
He runs at Leona, who dodges and grabs him by the scruff, forcing him to the ground. Riddle casts his signature spell, snapping the collar around Jack’s neck quickly. It interrupts something, leaving Jack whining with wide eyes on the floor, looking up pitifully.
The phantom stands and moves closer, carefully avoiding Leona but doing much the same as him. One massive paw sits in the middle of Jack’s back.
Riddle crouches down, gently petting Jack’s ears. “I believe my freshman have done this to you. Let me help fix this, it’s the least I can do.”
Everyone is silent as they watch Jack’s labored breathing and dog-like whines. He slowly gets up, ears flicking and swiveling as he tries to orient himself. He can’t speak - he knows he should be able to. He thinks he recognizes these people, but his mind is scrambled.
The phantom disappears quickly, and it’s Leona who’s left to keep him under control. Jack stops putting up a fight, but he doesn’t exactly submit either, growling and snapping when Leona gets close.
It takes Riddle, again, to calm him. He’s tugging the beastman along toward the alchemy room, talking on the phone with his mother and father, asking what they know. The strong dormleaders flank them, because having a werewolf loose in the school can’t be good.
Azul and Idia get to work studying in books while Riddle takes notes from his parents. Everyone else is on dog sitting duty, though it’s hard when Jack keeps trying to escape from Leona.
Eventually, near sunrise, they finally have a cure. Riddle removes his collar just as Jack begins to drink it, causing a dissonant moment where the beastman looks ready to attack again and seems to be calming down.
Eventually the day is saved and Jack turns out to be okay, much to the relief of everyone. He has to take a few days off school to recover (and shed) but all’s well that ends well
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shiba-inu2006 · a day ago
overblot Leona staring MC down: You're brave to challenge me... herbivore
OB!Leona: What??
OB!Leona and everyone else: *confused*
MC rubbing their temples: Imma go.. I ain't got time..
(This totally wasn't a vent post)
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kiwibirdmother · 18 hours ago
TWST Pirate AU: The Baby Scheme
Pirate Yuu who never chose someone to love, and who wants to STAY single. She has an entire porting island where she employs those who are escaping from persecution and slavery who want to run their own lives. The island's workforce heavily consists of women.
She has wealth. She has power. She has a title and a reputation. She's outrun, outsmart, and bested the great seven. And yet, there is something missing in her life. One thing that, unfortunately, can only be given to her by a man.
One day, a few of the great seven ended up shipwrecked on the island from a hurricaine, and they needed to rebuild parts of their ships, so they needed to stay on the island. Yuu could not believe her luck.
Yuu doesn't mind them being on the island, but there is something she wants from them. She does not want to marry, or be taken care of, or make many deals. But what she does want, is a baby. No matter how independent and powerful she may be, she has always wanted a little one to raise and love. She knows dying before having a child, would be incredibly heartbreaking for her.
All the other men who come onto the island are filthy and disease ridden. She knows that people like the great seven would never become so filthy. She's seem the women they've picked forst hand, the inspecton process. Only the clean ones they find are who they sleep with.
So, she goes to a captain from each ship and makes them a deal. We all need relief every once in a while, and do you seruously think any of these women would fall for your tricks? You'll be left high ajd dry for quite a while on this island. And then what will you do? Sail around for more months without any garuntee of a body to hold?
Of course, they didn't say no. They knew you had the same standards as them. It was a good compramise, they get the relief they're desperate for, and she gets her baby.
But here's the thing: they don't know her plan. She told them she had contraceptives in place.
Sure, it's dishonest, but she is completely freeing them of fatherly duties! She knows Leona and Jamil would NEVER want children, so it it really any different if they never find out about the baby? Nothing changes, we all get what we want.
Luckily Savanaclaw, Scarabia and Pomfiore were all stranded for two months. The first try while ovulating...wasn't successful. But the second time around you were smarter. You convinced them to angle your hips higher. You also took too long to lay on your back with your legs vertical to the wall (the upside down angle assists contraception) the first time. So instead of running all the way back to your house to lay against the wall, you just ran and hid in a closet in their temporary house to do so.
The second time around, it worked! Two weeks after your period was supposed to start, and three after all of your "partners" left, you were pregnant!
But let's just hope that none of them meet your child. Because BOY, would that be bad...
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Dealing with costume services: a compilation.
Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle and Scarabia edition
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twst Incorrect quote #242
*MC walks into the classroom*
Jack: *doesn’t look up from his homework* “You look nice today MC.”
MC: “Oh thanks… Wait, you didn’t even look up.”
Jack: “No, but Epel’s heart rate sped up when you walked in the room so…”
Epel: *choking on his apple juice with now a huge blush* “JACK!!”
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supremeshrimpy · 4 months ago
courting rituals
Tumblr media
Savanaclaw Edition
Summary: Driven by infatuation and love, the boys try and court you in their own way. 
A/N: This took a while to research and some interesting searches, so please leave a like or comment. Anyways, please enjoy the read. 
Characters: Leona Kingscholar, Ruggie Bucchi, Jack Howl
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar ‌ (Lion) : 
In courting, some lions will rub heads with each other. Imagine Leona helping you study in the library and while you are working out a question, he just lays his head down on your shoulder and rubs his head into your neck
"Focus on your work, Herbivore."
Male lions will patiently follow whoever they are trying to court anywhere. Leona following you around to the classes you have together is just so adorable. He'll follow close behind you and glare at anyone who even looks your way. 
"I'm only going to this class to get Ruggie off my ass."
Leona would be in LOVE with your neck. Always nuzzling his head against it, throwing his arm around it, etc. He finds your smell divine. 
"You smell decent today." 
Ruggie Bucchi ‌ (Hyena) :
So, hyenas are an interesting one. Hyena packs will always be very aggressive towards the males. So, I feel like Ruggie is scared of you once he realized he really liked you. So, whenever he approaches you to court you, he immediately runs away after about two to three minutes. 
"I think Leona's calling me, bye!"
Male hyenas will follow around a female they are trying to court. So, I see Ruggie shadowing you throughout the day. From taking you to class to studying with you. He just wanted to make sure no one else is trying to take you from him. 
"Here, use my book, shishishi"
Hyenas also try to impress whoever they are courting. Ruggie's attempt to impress you would range from direct jesters to indirect jesters. To be direct, he'd compliment you or do something for you without requiring something in return. Ruggie being indirect would be him making concerned comments about your health. 
"Your hair looks nice today."
Jack Howl (Wolf) :
Wolves are big on physical contact with their potential mate. Honestly, if Jack wasn't so concerned with people seeing him be 'soft', he would love to be close to you in public. So, he'll have to settle with touching shoulders with you while studying. Even just touching shoulders will get his tail wagging like silly. 
"D-don't worry about my tail, just focus on your book.
Wolves will groom their mate and Jack is no different. He'll fix your uniform throughout the day, redo your  hair if it gets messed up, and even do face masks with you just to make you happy. 
"I-it's so cold, do we really put this stuff on our face?"
Wolves in the courting process will treat  the other like royalty, and Jack is the same. Always offering to hold your bag, grab you lunch, and help you clean around Ramshackle dorm. He's such a good boy.
"There is just a lot of dust in here."
Please leave a comment
Tumblr media
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mall-0-ry · 7 hours ago
“I keep trying to be a better prince, even when everything i do seems to back fire ”
I’m yet again getting scolded for causing troubles. i can’t take their judging faces and mean glares that’s directed towards me. all i did was defend myself from those who came to mock my entire well-being..
my Brother Farena could only disappointedly sigh for what has transpired as he tries to lessen this ungodly mood by reasoning with our Parents.
“ Mother.. Father.. You shouldn’t be too harsh on Leona, he’s trying his best! those people mocked his very own well-being, he couldn’t just sit and listen to them bring him down and make a fool out of him”
“ I do not see the need to side with him farena. he caused so much troubles. what a troublesome son i have. “ Father hissed as he glares at me. as he opened his mouth to spew more toxic words towards me.
“ Leona. i expected better from you! why can’t you be like your Older brother?! “ he said while hitting the table.
“ Hah?! you expect me to be like my brother? when i’m not even him! “ I retorted, i could only jolt in realizing what i’ve said. the dining room was filled in silence as my father grit his teeth.
“ You insolent Brat! Why did i even bother to raise you here in this Grand Palace?! “ he stood up, hitting the table.
“ Dear! let’s not cause more problems! we should be eating Right now, not fighting “ my mother stood up trying to calm down my raging father who’s still glaring at me.
I shrunk down in my chair as i pick at the food, with no interest to digest it.
“ you shouldn’t have said that leona. you made his mood even worse.. “ Farena says as he cuts his steak into smaller pieces. i stare at him at his indifference about the situation. “ You should eat even a couple of bites “ Farena suggested while staring at the steak that’s on my plate.
I hummed quietly “ It’s not like his mood is already worse, before i came here “ i whisper as i angrily pouted. i stabbed the steak and slice it up into uneven chunks. and ate.
i saw farena sigh and looked away.
Now i’m currently in my room, alone. i’ve always liked the cold wind, it’s refreshing. i closed my eyes and heard a knock.
“ Who’s there? “ i warily asked as i sat up slowly. “Dear, it’s your mother, will you let me in? “ My mother asked softly as she lightly Pushed the door open.
“ Mother… what brings you here..? “ i cautiously asked as i stood up.
“ I’m here to talk about what happened.. “ My mother said as she sat on the corner of my bed.
“ i’m sorry..” i apologized as i plopped down on the bed.
“ You don’t have to say sorry.. now tell me what’s bothering you..” my mom calmly said as she pats my head gently.
“ I.. i just feel so unwanted.. “ i hesitantly said as i glanced at my mother who has a shocked expression.
“ My dear.. i’m sorry that you feel that way, we never intended to make you feel unwanted, useless and.. incompetent.. “ Mother says as she pulled me in a hug.
I shed a tear as i hugged her back.
“ I keep trying to be a better prince, even when everything i do seems to back fire.. “
Tumblr media
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ikathousandflowers · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© artwork belongs to disney official line stickers!
if you're planning to make it an emoji to your discord server, the file is not 256kb so you'd have to decrease the file yourself (or i could make a separate one but idk)
had a bit of trouble on jack's part but i went with "I'll take care of it" since it makes much more sense (^ワ^)
i guess octavinelle is next 👀
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acey-wacey · 4 months ago
my heart totally melted with your baby mc/reader hcs😭may i please request the same concept with riddle, leona, azul, and malleus?
Of course, lovely! I really loved those ones too!
🌹 Riddle Rosehearts🌹
Tumblr media
At first, Riddle isn't really sure what to do with you.
He scolds you for getting yourself transformed but gives up when he realizes you're just playing with the rose pin on his uniform.
He's reluctant to take you to class but he cares more about his grades than the embarrassment of having a baby in his lap.
During the class, Ace says something stupid but before Riddle can reprimand him, you point your chubby little finger at Ace and say "off wit his heab!".
Riddle is now heart eyes for you.
He carries you around in his arms, glaring at anyone who dares to question the child he's holding.
Riddle: I've only had Y/N for a day and a half but if anything happened to them, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
All the Heartslabyul members are completely speechless about how head over heels their strict dorm leader is for this baby.
Most of them have never seen him genuinely smile until he blows bubbles on your tummy just to make you laugh.
It's a complete 180 in his personality, reserved only for baby you.
He lets regular you get away with way more than his own dorm members but as a baby, he doesn't even care what you do.
You tug on his hair? He laughs and offers you his hand to hold instead.
You knock over a red paint can for the roses? He scolds Ace and Deuce for letting you get into trouble and goes to wash you off.
He didn't realize that he loves kids so much until your transformation and now he has baby fever.
You eventually fall asleep on the couch while he reads you a storybook, wondering if you'll remember everything when you turn back to normal.
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 🦁
Tumblr media
Leona does NOT like kids.
At least that's what he tells everybody else.
He has some experience from babysitting Cheka on occasion but it will be a reluctant agreement.
He spends a good five minutes grumbling about how he shouldn't be the one who has to take care of you.
Ruggie gets tired of it pretty quick and offers to take care of you instead.
Leona immediately gets defensive.
Absolutely no one else can be trusted to take care of you. Ruggie will just get you into trouble.
He knows that isn't true but he isn't going to admit that your chubby toddling form has been growing on him.
He expected you to be rather high maintenance but after trying to figure out what you want for a good long while, he realized that you were quite content just to sit on his lap and play with his braids.
Leona sat there sulking while you giggled in his arms.
One thing he did appreciate about baby you is your inclination for napping.
It meant that he could sleep too instead of keeping a constant eye on you to make sure you don't get into trouble.
He held you tightly against his chest to prevent you from wandering away just in case you woke up.
The steady rise and fall of his breathing lulled you to sleep until you would turn back to normal, not opposing to the previous position.
🐙 Azul Ashengrotto 🐙
Tumblr media
To be honest, the only reason Azul even took you in was so you wouldn't be left alone to Jade and Floyd's devices.
He didn't really have time to give you the attention you wanted but he felt really bad about it.
After every meeting, he would play with you, stretching your feet up and down as you giggled hysterically.
Apparently, the concept of the human baby feet was foreign to both of you and Azul was quite interested in the your tiny, squishy toes.
He studied you as he played, taking notes for future reference, then blushing profusely when his first thought was of a child you and he would have together in the future.
Eventually, he ended up forgetting all about his business duties and closed the Mostro Lounge to play hide-and-seek with you.
Jade was a bit concerned but after seeing the grin on Azul's face, he left the two of you alone.
As soon as you gestured grabby hands at Azul, he was complete putty.
He picked you up and refused to put you down for the rest of the day, even during some of his obligatory meetings.
He assumed it must have been harder for his clients to take him seriously while he bounced a laughing baby on his knee but any objections they had were quickly silenced with a glare from Floyd.
When you fell asleep on his lap, he was so afraid to disturb you that he didn't get up from his chair all night, instead sleeping upright just to keep you comfortable.
🐲 Malleus Draconia 🐲
Tumblr media
Malleus had to nearly pry you away from Lilia, who was dead set on taking care of you.
It took some persuasion, and by that I mean bribery and a good word from Silver.
Malleus, not unlike Azul, wasn't particularly familiar with the whole "human baby" concept and he found you fascinating.
How you just stared at him, studying his face for so long his legs went numb with your weight,
How you touched his horns with the gentlest stroke and giggling at the smoothness of them,
He couldn't help but giggle with you, amazed by your childish lack of inhibition.
He would never let anyone touch his horns normally but he guessed it was okay if it was you and if you were just a baby.
You quickly grow on him, figuratively and literally.
You're attached to him now and you aren't letting go.
He hugs you tightly as you wrap your arms around his neck while walking around campus.
You definitely got a few confused stares as the Prince of the Faelands carried a tiny human baby.
Sebek didn't trust you, even as a baby and he was constantly on the defensive.
Malleus loved to give you forehead kisses and watch your face scrunch up with laughter.
He was so gentle with you which seemed a stark contrast to his usual harsh and intimidating demeanor.
He misses your cuddly nature a bit when you turn back and sometimes uses the cold on your midnight walks as an excuse to hold you closer.
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idiashroud-otaku · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Disney Twisted Wonderland Exhibition | The World Born from Villain 😭🖤
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twisted-lover-boys · 16 hours ago
Hi Jin! I was wondering if you can do the 1st years with a male s/o who has a plushie of them and cuddles it when they are asleep?
Their Boyfriend Has A Plush Of Him!
{not proof-read}
I’m just imagining those jumbo nesoberi plushes but mostly because they’ve been in my wish list for a while
Tumblr media
Ace came over to your room because he was bored and wanted to hang out with his boyfriend
He was sitting on your bed when he noticed you had a plush that looked very similar to him
He started teasing you on how you need a plushie that looks like him to not feel lonely but he secretly finds it cute that you love him enough to get a plushie of him
Your little hangout turned into a sleepover in your room because Ace didn’t want to walk back to his own room. Besides, your room is comfy
You had already fallen asleep when Ace came back from changing and saw you cuddling with the lookalike plush
Ace scowled and pouted as he walked over to you and ripped the plushie out of your arms and onto the floor, replacing the empty space with himself
He had managed to wake you up with all the shuffling and when you questioned him, he merely said “ You don’t need that plush because you have me. Now cuddle me~!” You couldn’t help but tease him for his whining but you would never deprive your boyfriend of his needs.
Tumblr media
Deuce bad come over to your room for a study session because he needed help in a subject you knew relatively well
He was sitting on your bed when he noticed a plush that looked very similar to him, almost an exact copy
He started messing with the plush and teasing you with how cute he thought it was for you to have this
Your study session turned into a sleepover as you started working into the late hours of the night
Deuce had come back after getting ready for bed to see you already passed out with the plush held tightly in your hands
Deuce pouted a little as he slowly tried to remove the plush from your arms and replace it with him without waking you up
You did end up waking up from all the shuffling but when you questioned Deuce he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me. You’re my boyfriend okay?” You couldn’t help but tease him for being jealous over a plush but you would make sure you always had time for him
Tumblr media
He was out on a jog and ended up running the path back to your room instead of his, most likely out of habit, and decided to just chill with you
He noticed a plush sitting neatly on your bed that looked extremely similar to him
He, of course, pointed it out and showed that he didn’t really care if it looked like him but, in reality, he thought it was cute
You somehow managed to get Jack to sleep over in your room with the excuse that it was late and he was already there with you
When he came back from changing he saw you already asleep and comfy with the plush trapped securely in your arms
His ears drooped at the sight and carefully tried to remove the plush so that he could snuggle himself in your arms
He had managed to wake you up and when you asked him what he was doing he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me b-but don’t look too deep into this!” You teased him for his tsundere behavior but you promised to leave it be for now but you would absolutely bring it up again
Tumblr media
Epel had went over to your room to initially hide from Vil but then he got all giddy to see his boyfriend it turned more into a visit
You were both chilling on your bed when he noticed a small plush laying on your bed that looked very similar to him
He started blushing when you noticed him staring at the plush but he found the concept of you having that when he’s not around adorable
Vil had eventually found him thanks to Rook but he allowed Epel to sleep over but only because you were his boyfriend
When Epel got ready for bed, you were already tucked in tight with the plush held securely in your arms
He pouted as he saw you cuddling it and took it out of your arms and threw it on the opposite side of the bed as he cuddled to you instead
He accidentally woke you up, which he felt guilty for, but when you asked why he moved your plush he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me. I’m your boyfriend okay?” You could only smile and tease him for being jealous but you promised to make more time for him
Tumblr media
Sebek was told to take a break from guarding Malleus by Lilia so he went to the only person he knew he could complain/grieve to: his boyfriend
While ranting about his day of course you listen to him he noticed a plush on your bed that looked exactly like him
He commented on it of course but was blushing because oh great seven you have a plush of him whenever you feel lonely and oh no that’s adorable
Lilia had managed to get Sebek to sleep over in your room to extend his break and Sebek, not wanting refuse Lilia or leave you, took order and decided to stay
He was ready to go to bed when he came back and saw you cuddling with the lookalike plush of him
He could feel the jealousy rising in him as he ripped the plush out of your arms and wrapped your empty arms around him instead
As much as he didn’t want to wake you up, he did and when questioned as to what he was doing, he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me. I’m much better than a plush!” You softly laughed and agreed with him before teasing him for being jealous which he denied full heartedly
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