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eponinexxvii · a day ago
Ignoring the House Wardens (I)
a/n: this is my first attempt at a fan fic so don't roast me please. also i made this really fast so excuse any mischaracterizations
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twistedmischieftales · 2 days ago
Currently imagining Riddle not knowing how to properly show his love to you right now. Then Chenya learns of Riddle's situation and he says "Just plop a hedgehog on their head!". Obviously Riddle finds that advice absolutely ridiculous.
But in state of panic when he was trying to confess his love to you finally. He just grabs a little hedgehog that happened to be passing by and just puts it on your head.
The both of you just share a moment of awkward silence. While Riddle is blushing mad red as he realizes what he just did and fears he blew it now. Though after that moment of awkwardness, you chuckle while gently putting the little hedgehog into your hands. "Awww! I love hedgehogs!"
Riddle still is trying to recollect himself from that awkward moment. But he's happy to see you smiling, and to learn you love hedgehogs too.
Sure he didn't succeed on confessing his love to you in the moment yet. Though he will be giving thanks to Chenya later for the idea that led to him seeing you very happy at least.
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spookyredjelly · 2 days ago
"Replaced?" Sneak peek!!
Read the story here!! ➡️ Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
TAG: If you want to be tagged in the next part, I suggest you use this beautiful shrimp emoji!! 🦐
A little teasing while you guys wait for part 4 to be released. I’m having lots of fun writing this story and I’m so happy it’s as appreciated as it is!
Tumblr media
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, finally making your eyeballs turn red and shiny. Could you take anymore of this? Could you really stand there as all your friends will reject and throw you away like a mere stranger? A mere bully?
- Riddle listen-
- Sorry. I cannot listen to this anymore.
- Y/n you’re gonna have to calm dow-
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hajimeshoe · a day ago
overblot squad with an MC/S/O who was done with life the second they entered twisted wonderland.
The no bullshit type who also instigates when in goofy moods. They don't smile often.
Anyone who threatens them... it kinda goes like "give me a reason... I dare you..." and s/o will fuck your life up if you physically harm them.
They have a resting bitch face, and they ALWAYS look angry or annoyed. A lot of people ask if they're upset.
When in contact with overblots, instead of trembling with fear, they act like they just got told to do chores as they started doing chores.
And when they deal with overblots in fights, they genuinely get annoyed when the overblot squad acts like they're the only ones dealing with that kind of stuff. (Literally looked at Jamil and told him he was a slave to people born richer than him just like everyone else)
A realist and pessimist at the same time.
Sleeps way more than Leona, and will not wake up until they feel like living. And their social meter is extremely low.
They eat a lot. Like- a lot. And they will sleep it all off
MBTI is an INTP to give you the rest of the context
Coolio! I'm an ISTP-T, which I found out while trying to figure out different MBTI personality types because I was hella confused. Also, We don't technically know who's overblotting from Diasomnia yet, right??? So I can leave my precious dragon boy out of this, right??? No? Well, it was worth a try *cries in not wanting to think about a Malleus overblot* -Sorry this took so long! I just moved and had no wi-fi until today
OB!Gang with INTP S/O
Would honestly be frustrated
"You've broken fifteen of our 810 rules in less than an hour! How DARE you!"
He was apologetic after he overblot and stopped getting on your case for every dorm rule you broke.
No wonder you're friends with Ace and Deuce
Wants you to stop causing fights so badly
Like, why are you either causing fights or sleeping??? Are you secretly related to Leona???
"Wait, you told Jamil WHAT?"
Bro gets sick of you when you're awake at this point-
Like, he threatened to turn you to sand during his overblot and you just held out your hand with a sarcastic smile-
Honestly, though, he's glad you aren't opposed to his naps or sleep schedule, a lot of the time he'll also be willing to nap with you even if he's already had one
But if Ruggie wake's him up, then he's trying to wake you up too <3
Fairs fair, after all
He doesn't give a fuckk if you instigate fights, he'll watch it in amusement
You would get along with Floyd so damn well and Azul swears on what little of his sanity is left that you two are never meeting
Both of you would be causing fights together left and right-
He loves you, he does, but- OH FUCK THE TWEELS ARE HERE! Take a nap while he locks you in his office where you three can never meet, yeah?
He's also low-key wondering if you're Leona's secret sibling or something despite the fact that you're magicless
He'll let you sleep in his office when you need to
He also does everything in his power to try to get you to smile and gets a little insecure when he's unsuccessful
Azul just starts to have some self-doubts because "I'm their boyfriend, why can I never make them happy?"
However, cuddles and reassurances can fix this!
He did get a kick out of you looking at Jamil and telling him to get over it
Jamil is just glad that you don't need 24/7 supervision
You won't burn down the house trying to cook, you won't somehow accidentally cut your arm off with a spoon and you can be left alone longer than a toddler without anything going to hell?
In this case, he practically considers you perfect with how often he's dealing with Kalim
Also, you were egging him on when he overblotted???
What's wrong with you? You have no magic-
Oh, wow...you won...
"Everyone's a slave to richer people, Jamil, get over it and eat a snickers or some shit!"
Okay, first of all, you're audacity-
Aaaand now he's stuck with you
"Isn't it supposed to be "You kidnapped me, I'm calling the cops?"
"Nope! You kidnapped me, so you clearly want to put up with my bullshit!"
The only actual issues he has is when he has to go drag you out of a fight or get you to stop hyping others into fighting for your entertainment
Then he just hypnotizes you and pulls you away while scolding you like some sort of child
Honestly looked up child leashes on the twst version of Amazon to see if they had a two pack (one for you and one for Kalim)
"Love, don't start fights, it's not beautiful at all", "My sweet potato, sleeping too much can be bad for your skin!", "SPUD! As much as I love you, if you do not cease this nonsense then so help me-"
All are common phrases from Vil when it comes to you ❤
Just tell me- how did he fall in love with you??? Like, you're a cross between Kingscholar and Epel and he is about ready to pull an evil queen on both of them some days
But he adores you despite your incorrigible habits that he tries to help you break
Don't expect to sleep in when dating Vil, though. Once he decides you've had enough? He's cursing your bed, pillows and blankets
All in the name of love, he swears!
Idia tries to get you to just stay in his room with him to stop you from getting into fights
He's respectful - lets you sleep for as long as you want
Although he get's a little loud when he plays video games sometimes
Ortho will honestly bother you more about your sleep schedule than him
Confused dragon boi <3
He's a sweetheart and is confused as to why you're starting fights "Because it's fun"
Totally did not ask Sebek to accompany you during school hours in order to protect you, keep you awake during lectures, and keep you out of fights- definitely not, how rude of you to accuse him of that
he would never, Malleus is completely innocent!
"Malleus Draconia, I am TRYING to sleep so if you do not get your screaming cucumber from my bedroom then so help me nobody will be able to save his suicidal ass!"
Oh, you're pissed off now
Welp, time for him to go save Sebek from his (surprisingly dangerous) magicless Child of Man
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m3iyo · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: things they do to show that they love you.
chrtrs: trey, cater, riddle, ace
warnings: gn! reader ( for cater's, the picture leans to male, but u can just ignore that!!), fluff, pretty short, me showing favouritism for riddle.
notes: just a lil fluff thing before i hit yall with angst 😇 ( IF I STOP WORRYING THAT IT'S BAD AND J SHOULDN'T POST IT ) i couldn't draw for the others, srry about that :(
Tumblr media
TREY bakes you your favorite sweets. yes, he does bake for his friends, but everytime he does it for you, he takes a bit longer and tends to try and make everything perfect for your liking. he always finds a way to put little hearts on them too.
Tumblr media
CATER always talks about you on magicam. it doesn't matter if the topic is not related to you at all, he'll always find a way to bring you up in a post/convo. he made different story highlights too, one just for you and one for you and him. ( don't be surprised if there's more than one story highlight about you tho.)
Tumblr media
RIDDLE schedules a study session for you two everyday after school. and no one should be interrupting you guys. he makes sure to prepare tea and your favorite snacks everytime. he'll sometimes hit you on the head (gently) with a notebook if you keep lazing around tho. sometimes you'll catch him staring at you while smiling, and when you tease him about it, he'll become red and decline it. he also gets carried away talking to you and the tea becomes cold.
Tumblr media
ACE makes sure you don't miss any meals. it doesn't matter if you're running late, he'll somehow always make you sit down with him as he pushes your part of the meal in front of you. if you say you're not hungry, he'll quietly look at you before taking a small portion from his meal to his spoon and hold it in front of your face while muttering, “ just have a small bite, at least. ”
Tumblr media
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mimitwst · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Welcome to MimiTWST'S Cafe! We have NRC'S Boba Teas on the menu~! ☆:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:☆ All 7 Dorms make their debut! Choose your Soul~. ♡( ◡‿◡ )
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fairytalewonders · a day ago
Yuu: How do you connect with a fictional character?
Malleus: What?
Azul: What?
Riddle: What?
Iida: *pulls up a 500 slide presentation* I'm glad you asked.
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simpforsimeon · a day ago
Yuu: What do you call a cow that's sick?
Riddle: What?
Yuu: *snickering* Cow-VID *wheezes*
Riddle: I'm done, I am a done with you and your shitty humour, Yuu!
Yuu: Come on, that's actually really funny! *still wheezing*
Riddle: No, it’s not! *insert angry Riddle face*
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twst-drabbles · 2 days ago
Riddle 9
Summary: You and Riddle wash the hedgehogs after you found them soaking in mud.
Tumblr media
You nudged your shoulder against Riddle's as you gently poured water over the hedgehog. "Hey, pass the soap please."
Riddle, in all his hiked up pants glory, blinked as though exiting a trance. You can practically see your words hitting him a second later. "Ah, yes." He reached behind the tub and passed it to you. "Sorry. Here. Remember to rub their bellies at eleven times."
"And wash them clockwise. Yes yes, I'm aware." You said, while blatantly ignoring the tedious task. You got most of the mud off doing it your way while the hedgehog in Riddle's hands was still fussing. "You doing okay?"
He look pretty tired.
"I'm... Alright, I suppose," he said, not quite sounding sure of himself.
You snorted at the indignant huff I'd the hedgehog with Riddle. It paddled its little legs, probably demanding him to hurry up.
"All that anger took it out of you, huh?" He was yelling quite the storm at some mischievous second years that were having a water balloon fight.
Riddle visibly deflated against the rim of the tub. He let the small creature go. It went for a swim.
"...it did," he hesitantly admitted, "those students shouldn't have been making a mess in such a public area. The rules on pages 67 to 73 all say where and when you should play with water."
He straightened his back, eyes thinned to a glare that lacked any of that fury you saw earlier. Now he just looked annoyed and tired.
"Today was a hectic day," you simply stated, remembering all the exams that were given to you, "can't blame you for being so tired."
You squeezed the little animal in your hands, scratching your nails in a spot you know it liked most. It snuggled deeper in before you decided to let go. It went off to swim with its buddy.
"Even so, I can't slack off in my duties," Riddle propped himself up on the tub, watching the hedgehogs have their own fun.
You couldn't help yourself and gave in to the urge to ruffle his red hair.
You laughed when all Riddle gave you was a weak slap on the wrist. He didn't bother to fight you a second time when you went right back in.
"Duties or not, you still got to relax when the opportunity is there. And come on, the chance is staring right back at you." You pointed to the hedgehogs looking at the both of you. "Do you want to ignore them?"
Riddle looked back at you, clearly unamused.
You didn't falter. "Well?"
"Well..." Riddle sighed, leaning his side against yours, "I suppose a few minutes won't break any rules"
"Atta boy!"
"Don't say that like I'm a child."
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evil-catboy-duo-fan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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heccfriccart · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wooo part 4! Might take a quick break after this one, but we'll see how it goes :)
part one / part two / part three
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toothgawzze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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This Must Be A Dream (Multi-Fandom)
**-Was struck with a beautiful thought. To wake up in someone's arms, or wake up with someone in my arms, has always been a fantasy of mine. Perhaps today is the day I make that dream come true?**
**Mindless fluff. Broken sentences and a bunch of run-ons, but that's part of the charm. Happy reading! And may your own fantasies become realized.**
. Not proofread
Riddle Rosehearts:
Pretty eyes open onto a dreamlike scene. The plush pillows supporting your head make you feel like you’re lying on clouds. The warmth of the sun rays dancing across the bedsheets warm your face, and the comforter covering your body shelters you from the cold of the AC. Beside you is Riddle. Your love, your one and only. Arms around your waist, he’s nestled into the crook of your arm and against your chest. He’s a lovely sight. Strands of hair falling across his angelic face, brows relaxed, and lips in the shape of the most contented smile. Not a trace of worry or stress in sight. You can’t help but smile as well. How could you not? With the sun making the room shine in golds and yellows, and the warmth and safety of the bed lulling you to sleep once more, you can’t help your soul swelling with the most indescribable content. In this moment of morning where the birds are singing- and your beloved is at your side- and time seems to both stretch on and stop short- you yearn to preserve this happiness forever.
You don’t remember how or when, but it seems you’ve awoken unto a fairytale. Clouds hover on each side, looking as fluffy as cotton candy. Drenched in shades of golds, purples, pinks, and blues, you even feel like taking a bite. And before you resolve to wake yourself from this gorgeous expanse of white and sun and cool breeze, you hear a twinkling voice behind you. ~~ “You seem in awe of the sunrise, my dove. But even with the sky at my mercy and the freedom to dance on clouds, you’re the only one who renders me speechless.” ~~
With that one line, you feel your heart flutter and a cheesy grin appear on your face. Laying back down on what you had–in your sleepy state–mistaken for a cloud, now realizing it was Dvalin, you look at Venti upside-down. He’s softly strumming his lyre, though most of the sound gets lost in the wind. And on his face is the prettiest sun ray of a smile you’ve ever seen. Pretty enough to rival the sunrise itself. Gazing at you for one last second, Venti focuses on his lyre again. This time, you can hear a faint rhythm that you recognize as an old love song he sang to you long ago. You can’t remember the exact words, but you do remember how it made you feel–as if you were walking on sunshine. As if the stars decided to sing you praise. As if the one you love just promised to be yours forever. Turning your attention to the bluest of skies, you decide that if this was a dream, you don’t ever want to wake up.
“Yakshas don’t sleep,” you’ve heard your beloved say many a time. And many a time, you find yourself chuckling at that memory as Xiao slumbers in your arms. He’s so beautiful, so perfect in every single way…. You almost cry thinking about how much he must trust you. And when he sleeps, you see the lines of worry and pain ease, and his face relaxes into an expression one might even call contentment. Now, as the sun is slowly waking up from its bed beyond the mountains, you wonder if Xiao is dreaming. You hope he is. You hope he’s dreaming of clear skies, a cool breeze, a field of flowers, and the song of a flute. As the sun rises and casts its magic rays of light onto the fields and rivers and seas below and makes them glimmer, you pray to Celestia that Xiao sleeps for a while longer. Anything to keep the agony that lies in wait for him at bay. Anything to delay his fight against demons for a minute longer. In these quiet moments when Wangshu Inn, along with the whole rest of Liyue, is sleeping, you find yourself willing to forfeit even these peaceful mornings if only to see your dearest Xiao smile.
Nazuna Nito:
Though you slept a full four hours this night, you still wake up with sleep in your eyes and a blinding headache. Before you can move to get up and make yourself a cup of blazing hot coffee with way too much cream in it, you realize you’re trapped within an embrace. Your darling Nazuna’s embrace, specifically. With your head squished against his chest and his arms around your upper back and cradling your head, you almost find yourself blushing if not for the fact that you’re so desperate for comfort that you don’t even care anymore. And with this realization of your situation, you’re hit with a dose of clarity. The sun is fully shining through the windows, hurting your eyes. And the AC has just turned on, making you shiver with only the thin blanket covering you. But despite this, you find yourself actually liking this morning. Yes, you’re probably very late to work, you have a headache, and four of your papers are overdue + a presentation you need to set up and finish before you arrive at ES, but something is going right this morning. Maybe it’s the way Nazuna is hugging you to his chest as if protecting you from the dangers and heartache of the world… Maybe it’s the way he looks ethereal laying in the sunrise–blonde hair shimmering and expression warm… Or maybe it’s the way you’re both still in bed at the same time. No one has left before the other. It’s just you two, basking in each other’s presence. But no matter the details, you just can’t shake the feeling that maybe today is going to be a good day.
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coralinnii · a day ago
Legend has it... Twisted Halloween series
Tumblr media
Behind pumpkin spice lattes and sweet candy, there comes stories of the things that go bump in the night. Legends and myths carry with them stories of those who may or may not have lived to experience it. 
For each character for each day (except weekends) starting today, there will be a short blurb for every student character inspired by a horror trope or legend in the spirit of Halloween month. I will be writing on the spot for every story so the genres (no beta we perish like big people) will be dependent on how the stories end up so even I can’t tell how it’ll be. This is purely motivated by my love for things spooky and/or ooky. I will write warnings for each blurb if needed but I’m warning you now since I love horror stuff, it will not be the happiest of stories. I’m probably not gonna go full dark but this is a forewarning. 
This is the index, but it may change depending on how the blurb will end up. 
Day 1. Silver (ghost!Yuu x exorcist!Silver) 
Silver works as a police officer during a hit-and-run trial, and he’s trying to console the victim of the incident. He’s trying his best to convince you to leave before it’s too late.
Day 2. Jack Howl (werewolf!Jack x childhood friend!Yuu)
You and Jack were so close as kids but he keeps refusing to have a sleepover with you when you reached high school. Then one day, you found out the reason on your way back one night.
Day 3. Epel Felmier (incubus!Epel x victim!Yuu) 
Your classmate was so confusing. So sweet and demure, but sometimes he seems to turn into someone else, someone with less than good intentions. 
Day 4. Rook Hunt (slit mouthed woman!Yuu x ghost hunter!Rook)
You missed the days where your immortal life was easier, when most people run at the sight of you. But, this creepy hunter keeps chasing you!
Day 5. Leona Kingscholar (demon!Leona x demon hunter!Yuu)
You get a kick out of debunking ghost stories and haunted places with your disgruntled friend, Leona. Except this night’s adventure was more than you ever expected to experience. 
Day 6. Idia Shroud (VC ghost!Yuu x target!Idia)
Idia has this unprecedented confidence behind the screen, with fans and friends at his fingers. However, one casual online chat broke his confidence as he say something he can’t take back.
Day 7. Floyd Leech (merman!Floyd x swimmer!Yuu)
A nobody at school, your only solace was taking in the serenity of the ocean cove away from the big city. However, a dweller has more than happy to show you a part of his world.
Day 8. Vil Schoenheit (Huli Jing!Yuu x fiance!Vil)
People call you the unrivaled beauties and with rumors of engagement in the air. Vil was prepared to devote himself to his beloved but his old friend Jack warned him that you were not as you seem. 
Day 9. Trey Clover (candy witch!Trey x partner!Yuu)
The man from the pastry shop near you was so sweet, also offering endless sweets on your way to work. You were melting in his touch when you two started dating. This was a man who was as sweet and pure as sugar, right?
Day 10. Jade Leech (cannibal!Jade x partner!Yuu)
Your husband was always experimenting with every dish he made but he smiles when you take a bite each time so you think it’s no big deal. Afterall, what’s the worst to come of it?
Day 11. Malleus Draconia (dragon god!Malleus x sacrificial bride!Yuu)
Traditions must be upheld, even at the expense of morality as you were lead to what many said was instant death. It didn’t matter to you, you were willing to give yourself to the being of inhuman power.
Day 12. Cater Diamond (imposter!Cater x skeptic!Yuu)
Everyone knows him and was just that approachable but not to you. You couldn’t explain the shiver you feel when you lock eyes with him. You only hope he doesn’t notice you.
Day 13. Platonic!Ortho Shroud (medusa!Yuu x nonhuman!Ortho)
You were cursed to exist as history’s most hated woman. Your gaze leaves all living beings petrified but all you wished to feel the loving embrace of another once more
Day 13.5. Lilia Vanrouge (grim reaper!Lilia x ex!Yuu)
He disappeared after breaking your heart and honestly you were thankful because moving on would be impossible if he stayed. As you almost got rid of him in your heart, you two meet again…and he looks distraught to see you.
Day 14. Ruggie Bucchi (street kid!Ruggie x ???!Yuu)
You and Ruggie despite hardships, never worried so long as you had each other. You would also look after each other, no matter what.
Day 15. Kalim Al Asim (bitten!Kalim x survivor!Yuu)
The two of you dreamed of wedding bells, laughing children and boisterous family dinners. Now, the only thing you pray for is to keep hearing his heartbeat.
Day 16. Jamil Viper (Djinn!Jamil x owner!Yuu)
He can’t be here. How can something you can’t even see or prove be here. In your house, in your room, trying to slither into your heart.  
Day 17. Azul Ashengrotto (crossroad demon!Azul x human!Yuu)
He may be greedy but he knows that good things come to those who wait. And the moment the wait is over and you decided to make the deal, it would be worth it.
Day 18. Ace Trappola (ghost bride!Yuu x survivor!Ace)
Ace was not a romantic man but he could be for the one. He kept denying it but he was looking forward to your wedding, even dreaming it…even when it was impossible. 
Day 19. Deuce Spade (hitchhiker ghost!Yuu x civilian!Deuce)
Deuce couldn’t just leave you alone, shivering in the dark. After all, this road was notorious for car accidents and mysterious attacks. 
Day 20. Sebek Zigvolt (soldier!Sebek x ghost!Yuu)
He was a devoted man through and through. He promised he would return to you and in return, you promised to be here when he does, no matter what.
Day 21. Riddle Rosehearts (Frankenstein monster!Riddle x assistant!Yuu)
He was a monstrosity. A freak of nature and you wanted nothing to do with him, even if he was someone you once loved.  
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mlk082 · 4 hours ago
HIHI! I was a bit curious if you don’t mind doing a Riddle x Kitsune! Reader (Romantic!) hcs?
(Also if you feel uncomfortable with this request please ignore it!)
Anyway, you have a lovely day / afternoon / night and a splendid year!!
Riddle x Kitsune! Reader
Secretly loves foxes but never told you that, and he has still never told you.
You figured it out but Riddle thinks he’s sneaky.
Doesn’t really let your ears or tail, but he stares at the way your tail moves sometimes.
Thinks it’s pretty normal considering that there are a lot of beastmen and kind.
Your habits are interesting to see. And Riddle never misses to see whenever your ear twitched.
Turn cute puppy dog eyes into cute fox eyes. Riddle knows what you’re doing, but still says yes almost every time.
Foxes don’t count as cats, do they? But technically, you’re under the beastmen category, so it’s fine for you to be in areas of festivities.
Thinks you have a good sense of smell, so asks you if Ace stole tarts.
Greets you good morning, and it doesn’t matter how cute a look you could give him, you are getting yourself out of bed.
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k1ngdom-of-thieves · a day ago
That last idia fic was adorable and put my mood up! Can i request the same topic but with Riddle? Please and thanks
Of course! I’m so glad you liked that fic
Here’s the fic for anyone whose curious
Riddle hearing his crush talk themself down
Tumblr media
Riddle was making his usual rounds in heartlabyul when he heard three very familiar voices. Two of them sounded panicked, definitely Ace and Deuce. He would’ve thought they had broken one of the rules again if it wasn’t for the third voice.
The voice was quieter, and was trembling. Even though it was difficult to hear, he could almost automatically tell that the voice was y/n’s.
He immediately thought it was best to leave, the idea of eavesdropping on you made him shudder at the thought of it. Buuut, he’s also a teenage boy who doesn’t know how to get close to his crush. So he does what most socially awkward people do. Stand in the same place like a deer in headlights.
At first, all he heard was Ace trying to apologize for making an insensitive joke with Deuce yelling at him about it. Then he heard your voice, saying that you agreed with Ace. That you’d never be good enough for a perfectionist.
His heart sank. He had been so caught up in his own thoughts and feelings that he completely forgot to think of yours.
Instead of giving you the idea that he was interested in dating you, he made you scared of your feelings for him. Riddle thought about all of the times that you had tried to get some alone time with him, only for him to get too flustered and shut you down.
He knew that he had to fix his mistake. Or his many mistakes. He couldn’t bear to listen to you talk down to yourself because of his inability to understand his own emotions.
Riddle walked up to the three of you with a perfect stride. Accompanied by very shaky hands. He asked if he could speak to you privately. Ace and Deuce looked at you with completely slacked jaws.
“I’m sorry that I gave you such a terrible impression of my feelings. Please let me try again. Will you be willing to go on a d-date?” He was doing so well until that last part.
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linawritestwst · 2 days ago
twst characters as things from my class gc!
Tumblr media
UM. HELLO THERE. so, i wish i could say that YAY HIATUS IS OVER I'M BACK, but.. nope, it's not over yet. i think these first months of uni will be very busy for me and when i finally manage to get some free time, my energy levels are just too low for writing, haha.. so yeah, i'm not sure when i'll be able to go back to writing imagines.
but i didn't want this blog to be totally dead, so i decided to do this fun little thing! i saw a lot of people doing posts like this and my class gc is. well. a whole circus, so i thought i should try this too. idk if these are going to be "in character" but i hope they sound like something twst characters would actually say.
this is going to be mostly heartslabyul, because i feel like our class really has heartslabyul energy jnmfdkdldf.
riddle: *a voice message* "trey, tell them that if they don't come to this event, they WILL regret it and the headmaster will kick their asses. no, actually, i'd be okay with doing it myself. you can just send this message to them. i wish everyone a good day, a good life.. and i wish for those who won't come to at least have pretty tombstones when i'm done with them."
ace: oh well, looks like i'm gonna get my ass kicked.
cater: i'd rather get my ass kicked than go to that event and die of cringe.
deuce: i'm sorry, i don't really get this, can someone send me their notes?
riddle: here *sends a pic of his notes*
ace: oh, of course you're the type to have ✨a e t h e t i c ✨ notes.
cater: you forgot the 's'
ace: oh, of course you're the type to have ✨a e s t h e t i c ✨ notes. (edited)
(for context: one of my classmates mentioned that he's really into cooking and he's been trying to learn how to bake, but my prof said that there is no need for a man to learn how to bake unless he wants to impress a woman and even if he does it to impress her, she's gonna start using him, because now she knows he can bake. yes. he was very serious about it)
trey: the fun thing is that i'm actually bi and i already have a boyfriend, so hearing that i'm allowed to bake only to impress women is.. an interesting experience.
fem!yuu: i don't care that you already have a bf, i'm still gonna make you bake for me.
cater: so i tried to take a pic of professor trein for fun, but i couldn't take a normal pic from this angle, so it looks like he's on top of the world and he's looking down on all of us
cater: this is so deep, i know
(these are other messages after that one baking incident)
jamil: what's the deal with him saying that cooking for women is not masculine enough?
lilia: i got it, boys, we're only gonna cook for other men from now on
epel: the things that we have to do to keep our masculinity..
cater: marrying a man that you cooked for is the next step
(again, for context: we have to make a short video introduction for all of us and we're planning to make it look like a tv show opening, but we don't know what song to use)
ace: seriously, y'all are acting like that one shrek scene
ace: idia goes "ANIME OP", cater goes "POPULAR SONG", idia is still sending anime ops and cater is still suggesting popular songs meanwhile lilia suddenly goes "A RANDOM SONG FROM THE 80'S"
trey, saying this to ace and deuce: i don't know how to stop you two from fighting all the time, so i'm just gonna send random recipes every time you two start arguing.
trey: and it looks like i already have to send the first recipe.
yuu, showing a drawing they made for a class event: i wasn't able to fit in all the letters, so i had to do it in a more.. creative way.
ace: ah yes, happy inter
translation day everyone
azul: *a voice message* you got it all wrong. we, dorm leaders, have other things to do and you all still have to do these tasks. so have fun with all of these assignments, hehe~
yuu: *also a voice message* hehe.. hehe.. hehe.. *STARTS CRYING*
vil, sending a picture of his tired face: can you see how tired i am of reading all this nonsense now
deuce: i'm gonna be honest, i wish i could put more effort into this, but i can't
ace: dude, no one here has put any fucking effort into this
kalim, trying to do his dorm leader duties and write a class schedule + add professors' names: um. guys. i just realized that i don't know any of our professors' names
kalim: also, what is even the headmaster's first name
yuu, who's too tired of crowley's behavior: crowley. it's just crowley. write it like that
bonus: twst characters as songs that were sent for that one video introduction thing. i am only gonna do some characters, because some songs are too "local" and obscure for everyone's understanding hdfkdmfk
ace: all star by smash mouth
cater: not exactly a song, but someone sent a tiktok that looked like this very ~aesthetic~ and pretty sitcom intro.. but with bts members. it just feels like cater to me
trey: friends opening theme
ruggie: never gonna give you up. i just feel like he would send it. or ace.
floyd: you spin me round (like a record) by dead or alive
kalim: parappa the rapper ost. or azumanga daioh opening
vil: listen, if i had to assign both by todrick hall to anyone in twst that would be him or cater
idia: *SIGHS* someone decided to send bnha openings. yeah
lilia: anything from maneskin's discography
silver: wake me up before you go go by wham! get it. get it, it's because silver is always sleepy and-
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