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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
Yuu: I don't know how to tell you this, tsunotarou, but you're in love with me.
Malleus: What?
Malleus: I am.
Grim: What kind of confession did I just witness???
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wolken-himmel · a day ago
In which Azul asks (Y/n) to be his dance partner for a PE extra credit class. However, there are a few obstacles.
Firstly, he can't dance. Secondly, he might have a little crush on the prefect.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
Despite the busy clanking of dishes and chattering of students outside of his office, Azul had been staring at the mirror on his desk for more than half an hour already. A look of desperation was etched onto his face, and his reflection mirrored that expression perfectly. His silence was broken by a wistful sigh that escaped his lips.
"(Y/n), oh dear (Y/n), please..." Azul muttered. "Will you be my partner for Vargas' dancing class?"
The remnants of his voice echoed out into a heavy silence again, only to be broken by uncontrollable laughter by none other than Floyd. His face was contorted into a giant grin as he shifted in his seat across from the desk. "Jade, look! The boss is preparing to propose marriage to Shrimpy," he teased and held his rumbling stomach.
The dormleader tensed in embarrassment when even the usually more composed Jade broke out into amused chuckles. "Well, Azul... I've never seen you so worked up before," Jade remarked and tilted his head to the side. "It's been about an hour you've had us sit here with you... You do know that chaos is happening outside right now?"
Azul jumped to his feet and slammed his fists onto the table. The act of desperation caught the twins off-guard. "That's because this is a dire emergency! I'm about to flunk PE— and the only way I can salvage my grades is by participating in this dancing class for extra credit."
"Oh— dancing is so much fun!" Floyd chimed in excitement. "Although... I can't imagine you dancing, boss. That would be a strange image in my head."
Exactly then, the desperation on Azul's face increases tenfold. "That's the issue: I can't dance at all! I'm as clumsy as Kalim in a porcelain shop in this human form. You don't want to see me dance, really. It's pure embarrassment."
Jade hummed in acknowledgement. "And you have heard of the prefect's dancing skills, so you wish to ask for—"
"Yes. That's the gist of it."
"But..." Floyd trailed off, "don't you have a crush on—"
"Shut your mouth, eel!" Azul shouted at the top of his lungs and shot Floyd the angriest glare he had ever mustered.
A knowing grin appeared on Jade's face. "Well, look at it more positively, Azul. That's two birds with one stone, eh? Just make sure to not embarrass yourself too much in front of the prefect."
To that, Azul opened his mouth, only to close it again without having uttered a word. His pale cheeks had warmed up considerably, leaving a soft redness on his face.
"Don't worry, boss. We'll cheer you on! Now go and catch your fish!"
And without being allowed to protest whatsoever, Azul was pushed out of his office by none other than the twins. With each eel holding his arm, he was — against his will, might I add — guided out of the Mostro Lounge and towards wherever they suspected to find you.
They struck gold when they found you alone in the library, hunched over a thick book with yellow pages. Without any warning, the eels pushed their leader out from behind the bookshelves.
The yelp that escaped Azul's lips caught your attention, and your eyes flitted up to meet his nervous ones. After having gulped down his anxiety, he stepped forward and shot you a small smile. "(Y/n)? C-Could I talk to you for a moment?" he asked carefully.
"Oh Azul, yes of course." You pushed the dusty book away from you and turned your whole attention to him. Once you had done so, you noticed the way his anxious eyes darted from one place to another. You furrowed your eyebrows in concern. "Hey, you look really pale... Are you alright? Did Floyd get you in trouble again?"
"No, no... That's not it," Azul said, chuckling softly. Then, he took a deep breath and summoned all his courage. "I'm sorry if this sounds like a strange request, but please hear me out. Perhaps you might have caught wind of my lesser prowess in flying classes—"
Your lips quirked up into a grin. "Yeah, I saw you dangling from your broom the other day. I was really concerned for a second."
His courage slipped down the drain as quickly as it had appeared. The smile on his lips wavered, but he caught himself just in time. "Well, then you get how dire my situation is," he continued with a twinge of desperation to his tone. "If I don't improve my grades through a bonus class, I'll fail PE... So, there's this dancing class next week that will give a boost to my grades. I wanted to ask if you'd like to be my dancing partner. I've seen you dance a few times when you worked at the Mostro Lounge— when you thought that nobody was looking."
"I've never seen you so nervous before, Azul." You quirked an eyebrow in surprise.
"Please," he muttered and clasped his hands together. "I'm really in a pinch here, (Y/n)."
Much to his relief, your surprise soon morphed into a smile of delight. "Of course, I'd love to be your dancing partner! This will be so much fun." An excited sigh escaped your lips. "Do you know how to waltz? I think that will be the main focus of the dancing class."
A nervous chuckle escaped his lips at that. "Floyd tried to teach me, but he said I'm a hopeless case." He bashfully rubbed his neck. "I had to buy him new shoes after our lessons."
"I'm sure you can't be that bad, Azul..."
"That's kind of you to say, but don't underestimate my clumsiness with these legs."
And really, you had underestimated his inability to dance. The consequences would haunt you after weeks of dancing classes and the final examination. As you lounged in the Ramshackle living room after everything was said and done, you let out a heavenly sigh as you submerged your aching feet in a bucket of ice cubes.
Grim, who had dumped a fresh batch of ice into your bucket, shot you a questioning look. "Do you need more ice for your feet, henchhuman?"
"That should be enough, Grim... Thank you," you said gratefully and patted the empty couch space next to you.
Without wasting any time, he did as you asked and happily curled up beside you. "So, did you pass that dancing class?" he asked curiously while drifting off to sleep.
You hummed proudly. "We did! But... my feet paid the price." A sheepish chuckle escaped your lips as you moved your aching feet. Although the pain had already subsided, you winced when you noticed how swollen they looked. "Azul really stomped on my feet more than a dozen times."
"I don't get why you were so keen on helping him out," Grim scoffed and forced one eye open. "What has he ever done for you?"
"He was just so adorable when he asked me to be his dancing partner... I couldn't say no."
That was when the cat monster's eyes shot open in what looked like horror. At once, he bolted to his feet and launched himself at you. "No, don't tell me—" he wailed out and grabbed you by your collar to shake you back and forth.
An airy giggle escaped your lips, only reaffirming the cat's suspicions. "Hehe, yes... Azul is really adorable. What is there not to love about him?"
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mrs-schoenheit · 2 days ago
Hear me out …. Tighnari!Yuu x Jade Leech
A series of…
Jade : What do you think of this mushroom prefect?
Tighnari!Yuu : *eats the mushroom* *vomits* *pass out*
Jade : Poisonus it is ^ ^
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mlk082 · 2 days ago
Angstober is here!
Could I request a scenario where after a month or two of dating, vil's s/o found out vil only asked them out to one up Neige (neige had a crush on s/o)?
Whether or not Vil grew to like his s/o romantically over the course of the relationship is up to you~
Vil remembered it well.
Neige was more of a space cadet than usual that day. He and Vil had done a shoot for a magazine together, and Neige thought it was a good excuse to visit Pomefiore later that week.
"Hello Vil! It's good to see you! I thought it would be good to catch up, we didn't really have time after the photoshoot."
Of course, good host Vil had to be, he invited the raven-haired boy inside. They sat down in Pomefiore's elegant lounge, on the plush violet seats. They shared tea, but didn't have so much conversation due to Neige being distracted.
"Pomefiore is awe-inspiring. I understand why you would be so taken by it, Neige," Vil said, proud
"Huh? Oh! Yes, it's beautiful,"
Vil raised his flawless brow, Neige's sickening honey-eyes had been searching for something. For someone. It was obvious from the way he was shifting about, trying to see the people passing, "But the dorm isn't what has you so engrossed, is it?"
"...I'm sorry, Vil. I deceived you. I didn't come here because of the photoshoot,"
"..I came to see (Y/n). I know they're a resident of this dorm...I'm sorry for trying to trick you."
As if you could, you witless loon
He came to see you? Of course, Neige had to like you. You, the one thing he wouldn't get. Really, having a crush on someone of Pomefiore was natural, but for Neige to admit it so confidently and state how he liked you so..so...he really was a simple-minded goof.
Staring out his window, Vil could see you walking up to the gardens. You had come from the west. Vil kept tabs on all his residents, and he knew you were just by the gazebo. Then you would have walked up the path to admire the single, and forbidden, apple tree. You would have passed the fountain, tossing pocket change to make a wish like so many silly students, and disregarded the patio filled with people.
Why did you wish to be alone so many times? Had you come from the east, you could have avoided all people by taking a more scenic trail. The flowers were as lovely as you, did you not see the beauty in them?
Vil called Neige.
"Hey Vi! You don't usually call me, did something happen..? I hope not.."
"Perhaps you should be worried Neige. I didn't tell you earlier, but I carry feelings for them as well."
Vil remembered planning how to ask you out that night.
He remembered seeing Neige defeated for the first time.
He remembered seeing Neige angry at his loss, and wiping his eyes across his creamy white sleeve.
Maybe it wasn't fair, because Vil spent more time with you. Saw you in class, escorted you back to the dorm, even sat in the gazebo with you. It wasn't fair at all, because Neige only had so much time to spare, and couldn't be the knight in shining armor to save you from Vil, who was stealing your heart with no consequence.
Or so Vil thought.
"You used me..." tears rolled down your cheek. You couldn't even look at Vil.
Yes, he did use you. You were the one thing he could have that Neige couldn't. Neige would be the jealous one, wreathing every night. He would be one tearing himself apart each day. Neige had adored you, and Vil stole you from him. Plucked you like a flower.
You were a jewel, and Vil placed you on his broken crown.
Love, was a fickle thing.
This hurt more than it should. It shouldn't have hurt at all, because Vil finally out-did Neige. He was finally better, because he wasn't the one hoping and wanting and envying.
Yet it hurt Vil to see you cry in his arms, the cause being himself. Over the course of your relationship, Vil had grown to love you. It was impossible not to.
Vil could see why Neige liked you, but Vil knew why he loved you. You made him feel loved and cared for, like he was a person, not someone too-perfect that should be limited in what he can and can't do. Vil cared for you in turn.
You pulled on his heart strings, pulling him closer in your direction. You were the goal, not Neige's defeat.
It was Vil's arms that held you. His bed in which you slept. His lips you kissed. Not Neige's or anyone else's, which filled Vil with a warmth he couldn't describe. A possessiveness over you that he didn't want anyone else stealing you away. Protective, that Vil cared for your safety, and disapproved of your reckless acts.
Vil loved you, because he wasn't supposed to.
"Why are you so cruel..."
He was the villain. He isn't supposed to get what he wants.
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luxthestrange · 12 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#187 Spider
Yuu*Barging into the kitchen with a scared look*THERE'S A SPIDER!
Yuu*Starts to climb over the kitchen counter*KILL IT!?
Jamil*Is also climbing onto the kitchen counter*YOU SAW IT FIRST YOU KILL IT!?
Jamil*unties his hair and lets it flow like a Disney princess with a sassy look*SINCE WHEN?
Tumblr media
Kalim*Being hugged by Yuu and Jamil after he grabbed the spider and tossed it out the window*???... I don't know what's happening but I like it!*Hugging you and Jamil back*
Tumblr media
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vaa-sya · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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For the courting meme, may i have 8, 21, and 27 for jamil?
Jamil Viper:
Tumblr media
8. ♥ Are they loyal to their partners?
Jamil is actually a dedicated partner. He wouldn’t see the purpose of cheating on a person he’s bared his soul to, who knows him better than he knows himself. Being that vulnerable with someone came once in a lifetime for someone like Jamil. He didn’t want to start over with some and he felt like, if he were pushed to cheat in the first place, it was likely that his partner was that one that had betrayed him first. 
21. ♥ What was the most romantic time they had with their partner?
It had become a trend to meet each other in the kitchen, you innocently asking what he was making, Jamil asking if you’d like to be his taste-tester. He didn’t need one, of course, but having you with him always made cooking feel more fun. It’s a thing you continued to do even after you officially began dating, challenging him to cook things more outside his range and helping him when you were needed; you loved the serious look on his face as he measured out ingredients and loved even more when he smiled in triumph at making a meal perfectly the first time around.
27. ♥ Have they had dreams about their partner/the person they are courting?
Jamil only had them when he hadn’t seen or spoken to you that day. It was as if his heart was reminding his brain that, though he may have gotten a break that day, you would be an ever-present thorn in his side if he didn’t confront his feelings. The dreams are never much of anything, simply seeing your face in every person he glanced at.
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random-twst-things · 22 hours ago
Mc showing Malleus decent human respect and kindness:
Malleus out of nowhere: I love you
Mc: I'm sorry, what?
Malleus: I love you
Mc genuinely confused:...huh?
Malleus: is this now how humans show that they love someone?
Mc still processing his words:......
Malleus: hmm, it would appear I said, or did human courting incorrectly, I'll have to speak to lillia about this *disappears*
Mc STILL processing what they just heard: huh? Wha?
Mc throughout the whole day still trying to process his words:
Tumblr media
(HELP, this is just how I'm pretty sure I'd react if this happened to me 😭)
(P.S: I think I'm stuck in a Malleus phase)
(edit: I just saw the grammar mistake I made 🥲)
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mimitwst · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Welcome to MimiTWST'S Cafe! We have NRC'S Boba Teas on the menu~! ☆:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:☆ All 7 Dorms make their debut! Choose your Soul~. ♡( ◡‿◡ )
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polkapo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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blushing-concubus · 16 hours ago
Hello hello author! could I request some Hcs for Vil, Rook, & Epel when their S/O’s friends bring their normally stoic and aloof looking S/O to them drunk and they’re just talking non-stop about how lovely their boyfriend is, how utterly in love they are with him, how they want to bring them nothing but pure happiness in their lifetime together
S/O is still completely deadpan while saying all this btw, they don’t even look drunk at first glance, but S/O can’t walk straight and their ears are bright red and flushed, so they definitely aren’t sober ;)
Oh, to be wasted and in love, refusing to shut up about your boyfriend. I say as I don't like alcohol.
Anyway I hope you like these, thank you for requesting!
TW: Mention of alcohol, drunk Yuu
Info: Yuu is reader, all characters are of legal drinking age.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil is unamused at Yuu’s drunkenness to say the least. That being said his heart is melting at all of the sweet things Yuu is saying. As monotonous as it sounds to the outside, Vil knows these are Yuu’s true feelings about him.
Hearing them talk about how much they adore him and only want to see him happy is making it  hard to stay mad at his lover for their reckless behavior. Hard, but not impossible.
As touching as it is to hear them gush over him, Vil is still going to lecture them about not making this a habit. He, as a celebrity, has a reputation he must keep up in the public eye and as his partner Yuu has to uphold themself to a higher standard than getting drunk at a public bar. 
Once Yuu sobers up in the morning Vil is waiting oh so patiently for them to notice him sitting at their bedside. They may have a hangover, but Vil will drill into them that, while he appreciates the sentiment, they need to be more careful.
Rook Hunt
Rook is clutching his heart as if he’s been shot, his beloved is waxing poetry about him and their undying love for him? He’s immediately all over them, holding them and trying hard to hold back his own flowery word vomit.
He’s soaking up everything Yuu has to say about him, listening intently as they go on and on about how they want to make their boyfriend the happiest person in the world. About how much they love him and want the best for him.
Eventually Rook can’t hold himself back from repeating the sentiments back tenfold. Rook and Yuu both gus about how much they love each other. Rook is only slightly concerned at how drunk Yuu is, but isn’t too worried unless it becomes a habit.
In the morning Yuu has a pounding hangover and barely remembers anything that happened last night. Rook is more than happy to remind them while helping them nurse their hangover.
Epel Felmir
As a country boy from a small town Epel is pretty used to seeing people drunk, hard cider is easy enough to make and it gets the job done. Plus it tastes halfway decent. He’s flustered when Yuu comes home and they’re sprouting overly-loving nonsense about him though.
He’s trying his best to ignore it, but damn is it hard, especially when they keep droning on and on about how handsome, reliable, and strong he is.. Honesty Yuu will be the death of him. 
At some point Epel is going to have to guide them to bed otherwise Yuu is going to keep talking all night and that definitely won’t be helping the painful hangover they’ll have in the morning. 
He probably has some obscure remedy for hangovers that’s known back in Harveston, so he’ll  prepare that in the morning before they wake up. Yuu called him reliable and now is the perfect opportunity to prove them correct. Though he is going to chide them on their drinking, not necessarily because of how much they drank but because he wants to go with them next time.
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fairytalewonders · a day ago
Yuu: How do you connect with a fictional character?
Malleus: What?
Azul: What?
Riddle: What?
Iida: *pulls up a 500 slide presentation* I'm glad you asked.
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simpforsimeon · a day ago
Yuu: What do you call a cow that's sick?
Riddle: What?
Yuu: *snickering* Cow-VID *wheezes*
Riddle: I'm done, I am a done with you and your shitty humour, Yuu!
Yuu: Come on, that's actually really funny! *still wheezing*
Riddle: No, it’s not! *insert angry Riddle face*
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faebaex · 2 days ago
author note: hello??? not a soulmate au fic??? who thought it was possible  ̄∀ ̄ also why specifically a black footed cat? Bc they are so cute! They are also considered the deadliest cat in the world >ω< anyway, i have some more fics in mind with this particular reader, specifically some platonic ones with a certain someone ¯▿¯
Please note that this is a female character. 
characters: Leona Kingscholar x F!Black Footed Cat Reader
Tumblr media
“The sun beating down on you. The soft breeze tickling your skin. 
“... /N...”
You hummed, your ears twitching softly. 
“... F/N...”
Huh. The birds were loud today. Did they usually come to this part of the Savanna? Hopefully they’d buzz off soon.
“... F/N! Come on, first bell is going to ring.”
A gentle shake of your shoulder had you startling awake, squinting to see a white haired wolfman looming over you awkwardly. You groaned, moving to roll over, “go away, Jack.”
Another shake, “come on, if you’re late to class again it’ll be another detention.”
You huffed as you sat up, still half asleep as you squinted and tried to adjust your eyes to the light. You were in fact not bathing in the sun in the Sunset Savanna, but actually hidden away in the ferns of the temperate zone in the botanical gardens. Perhaps not as hidden as you thought, considering Jack still seemed to find you. 
You stood languidly, not at all in a rush, no matter how impatiently Jack frowned down at you with his arms crossed. You brushed off your uniform, shaking off your blazer that you’d been using as a makeshift sheet before sliding it back on. 
“What class do we even have?” You mumbled, fingers attempting to comb your hair back into place. “History of magic,” answered Jack as you began to leave the botanical garden, you slightly trailing behind the more eager wolf. 
“Why do you even do this, Jack? As if you care if I’m late to class. Also, I’m nocturnal, if you hadn’t noticed, so this is a major drag...” You grumbled, feeling slightly irritable at being disturbed during your lunchtime nap, even if he was only trying to help, in his own way.
“You’re right,” retorted Jack bluntly, “however, Ruggie-senpai has entrusted me with the duty of making sure you get to class, and I will not disappoint my superior!” Ruggie? Why was he bothering you? Or specifically, why had he set Jack to bother you? What an inconvenience, this was definitely getting old fast. 
“... Whatever. Can I borrow your history textbook?”
You hide in the shade of the trees as you watched Ruggie hanging up his load of laundry outside the Savanaclaw dorm. You took his distraction with hanging out what looked like Leona’s uniform to stalk towards him silently, succeeding in getting behind him without him noticing you. “... Senpai.”  
You watched as he spooked, his ears and tail straightening as Leona’s uniform shirt slipping from his fingers and fell into the dirt. Ruggie whipped around, not looking any more relieved when he saw that it was you who had snuck up behind him. 
“A-ah F/N, I’m actually really busy at the moment. You know how it is, I gotta finish with Leona’s laundry and then start on--”
“Why did you tell Jack to follow me around?” You cut him off, your slit pupils honing in on him like you would pounce on him at any moment. Ruggie cringed, his cagey demeanour not making him look any more innocent.
“I don’t know what you’re talking--”
“Jack told me.”
“Aw man,” Ruggie grabbed Leona’s wayward shirt off of the dirt, throwing it over his shoulder before lacing his hands behind his head, “why does Jack always got to be such a stick in the mud...” 
You said nothing, your gaze still zeroed in on him as you waited for him to talk, quirking an unimpressed eyebrow. Ruggie breathed a long suffering sigh. “Look, this isn’t me!” he unlaced his hands to hold them up defensively in front of him, “Leona told me to do it, and well... I didn’t want to tell you what to do so... I delegated to Jack. I didn’t think he’d snitch, though...” He muttered under his breath. 
Leona? Your head tilted to the side in disbelief and you narrowed your eyes at Ruggie, wondering if he was messing with you. Did he think you wouldn’t approach the Housewarden over this? Ruggie could sense he was in danger, as he immediately tried to assuage you. 
“I’m telling the truth! Why else would I go through all the trouble of recruiting Jack of all people? With all the work that Leona gives me anyway, why would I bother you if Leona didn’t demand it? ... No offense...” Ruggie added, a tad bit nervous at the thought of facing your wrath. He certainly understood it, having been on the receiving end of Jack’s helpful nature before. 
“Why is Leona bothered about whether I go to class or not? He’s hardly one to talk.” You huffed, your brow furrowing in frustration. Ruggie shrugs, turning back to his laundry as he pulled Leona’s shirt off of his shoulder and began to hang it up. “Beats me. Maybe he’s been getting stick from Crowley about Savanaclaw’s attendance.” 
You hummed, your tail swishing in irritation as you turned to head back inside the dorm, but not before throwing a comment over your shoulder at Ruggie, “I won’t forget this.”
“Aw, don’t be like that, F/N!”
It had been a week since your conversation with Ruggie. And what a week it had been. You weren’t willing to let this slide, sure Jack wasn’t all that bad to be around but the constant herding from class to class got tiresome after the first time, let alone every class, every day. So you decided to give your housewarden a taste of his own medicine. 
Every day this week, you’d disturbed Leona’s naps at every opportunity. One way or another, you’d make sure that whenever he laid down to rest in the botanical gardens, something would happen that would inevitable force him up. Setting off the sprinklers, making noise - you made sure the temperate zone was no longer the best place to catch a nap. But now it was the end of the week, and you decided to confront Leona personally. 
It took a moment to find him, hidden away amongst the foliage in the botanical gardens. He was lying on his back, napping without a care in the world. You stalked silently, until you loomed over him. Pulling a small water bottle from your blazer pocket, you released the cap and held it over Leona’s face.
Drip... Drip.... Drip...
Leona frowned as the first drop hit his forehead, his brow scrunching. And then another came, followed by another... You heard him ‘tch’, the back of his hand coming up to wipe at the water as his eyes slowly opened... Looking directly into yours. 
You recapped the water bottle, shoving it back into your blazer pocket. “I have a bone to pick with you, Housewarden.”
“Don’t tell me you’re the one who has been disturbing my naps.” Leona groaned, his eyes sliding shut again.
“Annoying, isn’t it? After all, you sent Jack to ruin mine.”
Slit green feline eyes found yours again, “Jack? As if.”
“Tch, it’s not my problem that hyena can’t do his job properly...” Leona replied gruffly, shaking his head and languidly letting out a yawn. You leaned forward, your hair falling from your shoulders towards him, “Well, call them off. Or it will be your problem - because if I can’t nap, I’ll make sure you can’t either.” 
Leona’s eyes narrowed at you, “is that a threat, frosh?”
You narrowed your eyes back, “a guarantee, Housewarden.”
The two of you glared at each other for a long moment, a stand off between two of the most stubborn personalities in Savanaclaw. Eventually, Leona sighed and his hand shot out to grab hold of your wrist and before you could brace yourself, he had tugged you down beside him. “If you want to nap so bad, nap now.”
You glared at the lion, who simply ignored you and settled back down, his eyes already closed. Was that a yes? Would you be able to return to your nap schedule, undisturbed by the likes of Jack? You huffed, rolling onto your side. This wasn’t over. 
“Stupid lion...” You muttered under your breath, receiving a soft snore in response. Seriously?! He’d fallen asleep that quickly? How does he do that? You grumbled some more as you got yourself comfortable, your own eyes sliding shut. You weren’t going to turn down a free nap...
When Ruggie came to find Leona, to corral him to yet another of his make-up classes, he groaned and laced his fingers behind his head. With Leona’s arm slung around your neck, and you curled into his side fast asleep, he knew that his job just got that much more difficult...
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thecl0wnfather · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Personally, the idea of saying the most chronically online shit to Sebek would be funny as fuck
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luxthestrange · 14 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#184 The pros & cons
Idia: Pros and cons of dating me. Idia: Pros. You'll be the cute one and ortho will love you too Idia: Cons. Holy shit, where do I begin-
Tumblr media
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bunnwich · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When @comingyourlugubriousness & @oseathepebble were drawing theirs I also had started mine! Azul gave Yuuta a "beastman for a night potion." So what do you say? Ya gonna tip this bun fat marks to bully you while you drink your fruity beverage?
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