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Tumblr media
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MC: *who wasn't listening to the announcement and completely missed the point of the beanfest*
MC: *has been gathering ingredients and making snacks out of them and giving them to the players (doesn't matter if they're team monster or team farmer)*
Grim: *is already out of the game* Myah... I don't understand why no one's attacking you yet.
MC: Hm?
Leona: Hey, Herbivore. Do you have any snacks left?
MC: Yes. Do you like barbeque?
Leona: When did you have the time to cook?
MC: I asked Hornton to roast them for me.
Leona: Tch. You better hide. The monster team are on their way.
MC: Oh, perfect. I need to return this cooler to Trey.
Leona: ...
Leona: How are you still intact right now?
MC: Hm?
Grim: Don't ask.
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Four Times
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland Malleus Draconia/GN!Reader Summary: Four times someone realizes how Malleus feels. And the time he finally realizes it himself. Word Count: 3,032 Note: Something I've been thinking about for awhile. Some Malleus fluff because why not? Warnings: None --- Leona grumbles as he trudges through the halls. Profesor Crewel had sent the Ramshackle prefect after him. He follows behind you as you walk ahead, hands stuffed in his pockets. Despite rolling over when you found him, you persisted until he got annoyed enough to give up on a peaceful nap.
“You’re such a goody-goody, herbivore,” he grunts.
Tossing him a smirk, you pause to poke at his arm. “Professor Crewel said he’d give me extra credit if I managed to drag you to class. How could I pass up that opportunity?”
Scoffing, he swats your hand away. “Your grade doin’ that bad?”
“Kinda… Malleus has been helping me out with potion theory. But Grim tends to mess up our potions because he just dumps everything in without reading the instructions.” You sigh while shaking your head. “I’d be doing fine if it wasn’t for that…”
You presume walking. “To think the overgrown lizard would actually tutor someone,” Leona grumbles. “Ya should’ve asked Vil. He’s the potion expert.”
“I was, but I mentioned needing help with potions to Malleus, and he offered to help first. He knows just as much, I think,” you explain.
There’s a pause as you pass by the athletic field. “Child of man?” Speak of the devil. Malleus floats on his broom above. Leona feels his annoyance rise immediately as he lands.
“How fortunate to see you,” he says with a grin. His gaze flickers to Leona. “And Kingscholar.”
“Tch…” Crossing his arms, he only glares back.
“Hello, Malleus. How’s gym class?” you ask.
“Nothing too exciting. What about you? Are you off somewhere with Kingscholar?” Leona’s ears twitch at the mention of his name once more.
He blocks the both of you out once he realizes you’re actually lingering to have a chat. However, his keen eyes watch as you happily discuss some mundane topic. Gaze flickering over to the overgrown monster, his nostrils flair. 
There’s a certain scent coming from the dorm leader of Diasomnia. It’s really only noticeable for those with enhanced senses, and it seems even he doesn’t notice. The way the lizard is angled toward you speaks volumes. Leona scoffs as he notices the slight dilation of his pupils. These are small things most wouldn’t pick up, but to Leona’s perceptive gaze, it’s like waving a giant red sign while wearing flashing lights.
And based on the way you’re reacting, you’re just as unaware. Just a couple of oblivious idiots. No wonder you both like each other.
He scoffs. Loudly. “Something wrong, Leona?” you ask, breaking away from your conversation.
“Aren’t ya supposed to bring me back to class?”
Eyes widening, you quickly grab his arm. “Sorry, Malleus, gotta go! See you later!” you spit out a rushed farewell before bolting down the hallway.
One glance over his shoulder, he sees a confused and slightly dejected lizard. Leona’s barking laughter echoes down the hall. He can’t wait to tease you about this once you finally know. --- Ace’s glances don’t go unnoticed as Deuce takes a look behind them as well. “What are you looking at?” he inquires, seeing nothing of interest. It’s just you walking with Malleus Draconia while casually chatting. 
The redhead gestures behind him. “Them! Isn’t it weird?”
“Uhhh… I mean yeah it was a little weird when he first started showing up, but the (Y/N) seems alright with it.”
“That isn’t the point! He’s been hanging around a lot lately. What’s one of the most powerful mages hanging around us scrubs? Isn’t it weird??” Ace hisses while throwing more glances behind him. 
Deuce hums thoughtfully. “True… Maybe he just wants to make friends with other dorms?”
“Meh! I don’t know what you two are worried about. Obviously, he’s realized that I’m gonna be a powerful mage and wants to learn from me!” Grim boasts, cutting into the conversation.
Rolling his eyes, Ace snorts, “Only in your dreams.” Taking another peek, he nearly chokes on his spit. You’re busy tracing the palm of Malleus’s hand while muttering something about palm reading. The third year watches you intently as you point out something.
Even Deuce looks startled as they lock eyes. “See???”
“Hey, hench-human!” Grim turns to you both, crossing his arms. “Whatcha doin’?”
Pausing in your walk, you show Grim Malleus’s palm. “I read a book about palm reading a few days ago. I was just trying to see if I could actually read anything off Malleus,” you explain, still holding his hand as if it’s not a big deal.
“Palm reading?” Grim tilts his head as he stares blankly.
“Well, it’s a way to read into someone or even possibly guess their future. It’s all for fun though.” You point to a long line on Malleus’s palm. “See this is the life line. Depending on the length and curve of the line, it’s supposed to tell you how long you’ll live. Malleus has a really long one, so I guess that means he’ll have a long, prosperous life.”
“It’s a very intriguing method of fortune telling,” Malleus muses.
“Hey, can ya read mine!?” Grim asks, excitement on his face.
You glance at his paws. “Um… I don’t think it’ll work since you don’t have hands.”
“Mrrrww! What a load of baloney!” Grim huffs before rushing ahead. “I don’t need anything to tell me my future!” he yells.
Ace and Deuce had remained silent as they watched the entire exchange. Not once did you let go of Malleus’s hand. The owner of said hand doesn’t seem to mind at all. He looks entirely too pleased with himself.
“Do you think…?” Deuce trails off gaze wide.
“Yeah. I don’t know if we should be relieved or scared,” Ace mutters as they share a look while you walk ahead of them with Malleus in tow.  --- “Kalim, thanks for the invite!” You greet the second year with a smile
He returns the greeting with a big grin of his own. “I’m glad you could make it! And you brought Malleus!”
“I had to make sure this one didn’t forget the time,” you joke, nudging Malleus’s side.
“It’s my first time in the Scarabia dorm. I didn’t realize it would be so warm,” Malleus mumbles to himself. He’s busy looking around at the other party-goers.
“Please, enjoy the food and the music!” There’s a large table filled to the brim with amazing food.
“That’s a lot of food… though I’m pretty sure Grim’ll finish most of it,” you mutter, spying said cat already piling his plate up.
As Kalim leaves to greet more guests, Malleus turns his attention back to you. “What should we do?”
“We could get some food if you’re hungry or dance?” You point at the dance floor where everyone is gathered. The music is upbeat and loud.
“Hmm…” Malleus ponders for a moment, before deciding. “I’ve heard Viper makes excellent food.”
As you near the food, the students all part. You hand Malleus a plate, ignoring the looks and whispers. “Since this is all Scalding Sand cuisine, a lot of it will probably be spicy. Are you okay with spice?”
“Yes, I don’t mind.” You start putting one of everything on the plate.
By the time you’ve found a place to eat, you’re carrying three plates between the two of you. “Jamil really knows his stuff.”
“Everything is very seasoned,” he notes.
Kalim stops by once more after you’ve polished off most of the meal. “Did you like the food? Jamil spent all day preparing everything!”
Malleus nods. “Viper is indeed very talented. Please, send him my compliments.”
“Sure!” Kalim glances around, but Jamil is nowhere to be seen. “I’ll let him know later. I think he’s busy preparing some more food.” His gaze darts around before he seems to find what he’s looking for. “You two should join me on the dance floor!”
Malleus hesitates as he takes in the other guests. “I don’t know if I’m suited for this kind of dancing…”
“Don’t worry about how you dance, just have fun! Come on!” Grabbing both your hands, Kalim drags you two on the dance floor.
Some people stop to stare, but most are in their own zone. As Kalim starts dancing, Malleus stands there looking lost. Confusion spreads on his face as he eyes Kalim’s movements. “Perhaps this kind of dancing isn’t for me…”
You take his hand before he can leave. “Don’t worry, Tsunotarou, we can do this together. Just follow my lead.” The dance lessons Vil had beat into you awhile ago are about to come in handy.
Taking both his hands, you start swaying to the music. Eyes focused on you, Malleus follows your lead as you move quickly around the dance floor. It’s less polished than what Vil had taught, but it’s exhilarating to move around while throwing in a few spins. Ducking under his arm, you’re spun around and meet Kalim before being spun once more into Malleus’s arms.
Laughter and cheers fill the room as more people join. Malleus throws his head back in laughter as you spin him around. Green eyes glitter with joy as the music slowly fades away. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he pulls you close to his chest.
“Thank you, child of man. That was probably the most fun I’ve had dancing,” he whispers, pressing his forehead against yours as you attempt to catch your breath.
Standing a bit away, Kalim watches the scene thoughtfully. Smiling to himself, he claps his hands. “I’m happy for them!” His words are lost as another lively tune starts. --- If you were to ask Sebek what he thinks about the Great Malleus Draconia tutoring a magic-less human, he would scoff. His lord has better things to do. So, he’s not sure if he’s still sleeping when he comes down to the library to study, and he sees the future king of Briar Valley teaching the Ramshackle prefect.
Sitting side by side with a few books open in front of them, they talk in hushed whispers. You’re hunched over with brows pinched together as you work on the latest potion homework. The young master points to something in one of the books. Eye lighting up, you quickly scribble something down with a satisfied nod.
As Sebek draws near, he bites his cheek to keep from raising his voice. “Young master?” he greets. He notes that others studying nearby have stayed a good distance away, which is right as Malleus Draconia deserves space to study.
His dorm leader looks up. “Hello, Sebek. Here to study as well?”
“Yes, sir! I needed more information for class.” He glances over to you.
Smiling at him, you gesture to the seat across from your own. “Do you want to study with us, Sebek? Malleus is helping me with potion theory.”
The half-fae jumps at the opportunity to be taught by his lord. “Of course I wo-” However, the words get caught in his throat. Malleus peers at him with a look that he hasn’t seen before.
Recalling some advice Lilia had given him, Sebek quickly shakes his head. “Erm… I would rather study on my own for now.” He quickly excuses himself to find a place to work.
He had thought he knew all about Malleus Draconia. However, the look he had given him is new. He isn’t sure what to categorize the look into. The way his lips pursed and brows pinched, spoke of annoyance. Yet, the flat look in eyes and the slight set of his shoulders, said more. What it said, Sebek would need to think about it.
Finding a table, he can’t help but look back. Malleus leans over to whisper something, which causes you to laugh. His lips spread into a smile, showing off his sharp fangs. His hand lingers on yours as he points out something on your work. His gaze focuses only on you even when you’re busy writing. There’s a softness to his eyes that Sebek has only seen a handful of times from someone else.
“Mother?!” he gasps loudly, standing up suddenly.
All eyes turn to him. Sebek slowly sinks back into his seat and ducks his head. The realization settles on him like a weight. Taking another peek, he can’t help but see his parents. They always share the same looks, looks of pure adoration and love. --- There’s a constant frown pressed on Malleus’s lips. He realizes it’s a bit childish to be sulking at his age, but he can’t help it. His favorite human has been busy for the past few weeks. He hasn’t been able to see the Ramshackle prefect due to their duties taking over. He knows that duty comes before personal matters, but he didn’t expect them to be busy for so long.
Another heavy sigh echoes in the dorm living area. “Young master, is something wrong?!” Sebek asks, having counted that Malleus had sighed exactly sixteen times within the span of ten minutes.
Even Silver is a bit worried at the deep sighs from him. “Is there something bothering you?” he inquires.
Malleus waves them off. “My child of man has been very busy lately. I haven’t seen them for almost three weeks…”
“I did hear there were some renovations happening at Ramshackle,” Silver muses aloud.
“They said they would let me know once I can visit…” He sighs once more. 17 times now. His fingernails tap incessantly on the table as he’s lost in thought.
“Khee hee, it sounds like you’re quite fond of the Ramshackle prefect,” Lilia chortles, eyes shining knowingly.
Scratching his head, Sebek still can’t wrap his mind around his recent revelation. “Excuse my ignorance, but I do not understand what makes them so…special?”
Malleus frowns, fingers stilling in their movement. “They’re kind and brave. They’re wiser than most despite being young. They can be humorous and witty,” he lists easily.
Lilia grins, leaning over Malleus’s shoulder. “You’re more than just fond of them, hmm~?”
“Of course. I like…” Brows pulling together, Malleus stares off as his voice fades away. The other three are quiet as they watch him. There’s a sudden glint in his gaze. “I see now,” he mumbles to himself.
“Oh ho? Did you figure something out?” Despite the question, Lilia already knows the answer. 
Standing up, Malleus nods. “Yes. I’m going to see the prefect now.”
Before anyone can say anything, he teleports away and appears at the gate of Ramshackle. The dorm is quiet despite the renovations that are supposed to be taking place. Walking up the path, the door is already open. He knocks, but there’s no response, though he can hear some noise from inside.
Walking in, Malleus heads in the direction of the commotion, which is coming from one of the many rooms. You’re setting down a table while Grim pushes a chair in place. 
Grim is the one to notice him first “Eh? Hey, it’s Tsunontaru!”
Wiping your face with a clean towel, you greet him with the usual dazzling smile. “Malleus, what are you doing here?”
Your clothes are disheveled. You look sweaty and tired. Despite all that, he can’t help but think you look as wonderful as ever. “I wanted to see you,” he states plainly. “It’s been twenty days since we last spoke.”
“I’ve been so busy with redecorating the dorm, I haven’t had time to do anything else,” you say more to yourself than him. “Do you want something to drink?”
He shakes his head. “Can we go for a walk?”
“Sure! Let me clean up first. I’ll meet you outside.” Ushering him out to the hall, you leave to put on a clean shirt.
It doesn’t take you long to come back down. The path around Ramshackle is familiar and worn. You’ve walked the same route with Malleus many times. He’s quiet as you round the corner to the back of the dorm. With the slight curve of his brow and the way his gaze remains unfocused, you can tell he’s thinking about something. You wait patiently for him to tell you whatever is on his mind.
He finally comes back to the present. “I had a sudden revelation today,” he starts, “about myself. It was quite surprising. Have you ever felt anything so strongly that it changes how you view things?”
“Well,” you hesitate before nodding, “yes, something like that has happened recently.” You chew the inside of your cheek as you pick your words. “Recently, I’ve been thinking about my feelings and how they’ve changed for a particular person. I may have known, but I chose to ignore it out of fear.” 
Inhaling deeply, you let the confession tumble out. “I…I like you. A lot. As more than just a friend!” You feel suddenly too warm as lime green eyes study you with such intensity.
Malleus holds out his hand, void of his usual gloves. “May I have?” You give your hand to him without a second thought. 
He places it, palm down, over his heart. You can feel the thumping of his heart, and it almost seems to echo in the quiet night. “Malleus?” Your voice is barely a whisper as you stare at his hand that covers your own.
Using his other hand, he reaches out to cup your cheek. His thumb rubs against your face with an aching slowness. “My heart knew how I felt, but it took a bit for me to realize how I feel about you. I was planning to confess to you, but it seems you’ve beaten me to it.”
Leaning into his touch, your eyes close briefly. It feels almost like a dream for him, one he doesn’t want to wake up from. Eyes opening once more, you ask, “So what now?”
“I’d like to court you properly, if you’ll let me.” The look on his face is serious with a touch of wonder.
You grasp the hand that’s stroking your face and interlace your fingers together. “As long as I can court you too.” He’s sure you can feel his heartbeat quicken as he responds with a bright smile and a squeeze of your hand.
It’s no surprise to some when they see the two of you hand-in-hand the next day.
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Tumblr media
*screams* It's Malleus 😭
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
TWST x Villain Recruiters: Hijinks Ensue
I saw on Twitter that it's implied that Jack Heart is Ace's brother and mygod that idea has such a grip on me. The villain recruiters being in TWST!?!?!? Sign me the FUCK up!!!
Plus Malleus finally being able to wear a hat without cutting holes in it is 😭😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus: little cheebs
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random-twst-things · 13 hours
Twst housewarderns as romantic quotes I found
Characters include: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and our beautiful malleus
Tw: Tooth rotting fluff (?)
Authors note: These love poems and quotes can vary from TV shows, movies, or just poems written by poem writers.
Tumblr media
Ngl, I was blushing while finding one for him, 🧍🏽‍♀️
I feel like he really tries to be romantic for you
And he just wants you to know that he really does love you
"You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought."
-Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company
Tumblr media
He can be a real romantic if he really wants to be
"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."
-John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
But, if he isn't trying to be REAL cheesy (his words not mine), I think he may say this instead?
"I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But I want to spend every irritating minute with you."
Tumblr media
*inhales* This man right here is gonna show you how much he loves you (which is A LOT)
“and if the devil was to ever see you, he’d kiss your eyes and repent.”
-Farouq Jwaydeh
I feel like he could relate to this poem because deep down, he knows he isn't the best man or person
Tumblr media
This guy is so sweet omg
He just IDK!?
This is definitely his family he's referring to when he says "They" saw YOU
"I hadn't told them about you,
But they saw you bathing in my eyes.
I hadn't told them about you,
But they saw you in my written words.
The perfume of love cannot be concealed."
- Nizar Qabbani
Tumblr media
This beautiful man will tell you a beautiful poem
I have two types of poems, which I think he would say to you
"I'll be loving you, always woth a love that that's true"
- Patsy Cline, Always
Or maybe
"I wasn't expecting you. I didn't think that we would end up together. The single most extraordinary thing I've ever done with my life is fall in love with you. I've never been seen so completely, loved so passionately, and protected so fiercely. "
- Beth Pearson
Tumblr media
Yeah, he isn't gonna say this poem in person
He'll probably send it through text or smth
Still love him tho
"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you"
- Baby, Dirty Dancing
Tumblr media
*sighs dreamily* Malleus
they asked, "Do you love her to death?"
I said, "speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life"
- Mahmoud Darwish
This poem is him and he is this poem
You can't convince otherwise
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Tumblr media
Bedtime story from the Valley of Thorns the Spider and the Dragon
Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived deep in the woods of the Valley of Thorns. So called because the valley was protected by a wall of thorns. The dragon was the ruler of the valley, the strongest and wisest creature all others relied on. Even though they respected him, they were very afraid of him because of his size and menacing appearance.
One day the dragon, who used to walk alone in the woods, noticed that a spider had made cobwebs on his favorite roses. «You have a lot of courage nesting on my beloved roses!» «Please, great dragon», pleaded the spider who turned out to be a female spider, «Among these flowers i have placed the eggs of my children. Please let them grow safely among your beautiful roses. In return, i'll be your friend and protect you». Was a small and helpless spider offering to protect him, the largest and strongest creature in the Valley? The dragon laughed, but decided to spare the life of the spider and her children.
Some time later, knights entered the Valley. Their king was very old and had no heirs, so he promised the throne to the knight who would kill the dragon of the Valley of Thorns. They went in, making their way through the thorns, taking the dragon by surprise.
They were about to kill him when suddenly one of the knights fell to the ground, dead. The same fate befell all the other knights, who perished one after the other from the poison that the female spider had injected into them. Unfortunately, to do this he resorted to all the little strength he had left after having laid the eggs of his young.
«When you told me you would protect me, i didn't believe you, but i was wrong. You are small, but the power of your poison has nothing to envy to the power of my flames, and your friendship is precious». When the female spider died, the dragon was very grieved, but then the eggs of her young hatched. «Our mother gave her life so that we could come into the world. To honor her memory, from now on, we will stand by you and protect you, great dragon».
From that day on, the dragon was no longer alone, the spiders continued to decorate his roses with their webs to protect the dragon and the Valley of Thorns with their deadly venom.
*The story is inspired by Aesop's fable of "The Lion and the Mouse", with a mixture of "Charlotte's Web" and "Maleficent".
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lemonmaid · 2 days
I'm liking having a mental breakdown and stuffing my fatass with popeyes anyways here is...
Chick Flicks that I think the Dorm Leaders have a guilty pleasure for.
Do to that this a different world everything that is popular reference is going to be different! I don't think TWST world has guns or bombs?? So Legally Blonds JFK reference could refer to a King in Port o' Bliss (since Sam is from there, which is a reference to New Orleans). Heather's reference to the Vietnam War could be an overbolt war between kingdoms (obviously for the very very wrong reasons) and JD could've overbolted and Veronica had to kill him.
And I think TWST do have its own fairytale, Enchanted is one of them like "omg what if magic doesn't exists and someone from our world goes there!"
Riddle Rosehearts : Legally Blonde
I feel like he was forced to 'catch up' on pop culture, Cater showed him ( this world's equivalent movie). Out of all the movies he was shown, he liked this one the most.
"So what what's you're favorite part?"
"I loved the fact she proved to everyone that she wasn't a bimbo. Like, seriously? Fashion merchandising is a business school, she wasn't taken seriously because of her greek fraternity? I'm sorry that pink is "too girly" to be taken seriously".
Leona Kingscholar : Heather's
He only watched it because he crashed moive night at Ramshackle. He actually stayed awake for the musical.
"I didn't take you for someone who liked musicals"
"I don't but this moive was enjoyable. You're not supposed to cheer for the cast but to see their flaws which I understand wanting to fit in"
"So you wanna see the live performance?"
"This is on Broadway?".
Azul Ashengrotto : Mean Girls
Azul wanted more guest to come into the lounge so he opened a moive night, Mean Girls was a popular request so popular it is played every Wednesday.
"You know what Azul, you remind me of the mean girls group"
"How so?"
"Well, you're not a fashion statement but you, Jada, and Floyd are kinda of the "It" group. As in "don't fuck with us".
Kalim Al-Asim : Enchanted
Kalim has forced everyone who befriends him to watch this movie, he is obsessed with this type of romance, the very naive and the smitten serious type.
"Oh Yuu! My favorite scene is obviously the dancing in the city!"
"Aww that's so cute Kalim!"
"Yeah! I love this moive! My parents funded the company to make a second one!"
"Oh... Kalim that's .. precious"
Vil Schoenheit : Crazy Rich Asains
This is definitely Vil's favorite moive, like, we've both cried to it. Because for real best romance movie in decades.
"Vil why are you crying?"
"Shut up, you're crying too! I wished I had someone who didn't care about my appearance or my background. I wish I had someone who stood by my side untill the curtain fell"
Idia Shroud : A Slient Voice
I couldn't think of a live-action Idia would genuinely liked, but this counts. Anyways, we had to show him this movie.
"but he... and she....AHHH"
"You know this is rumored to be based off a true story but the guy actually died"
Malleus Draconia : Twilight
You wanted to try and binge watch this entire franchise with the gang one night for a goof, you happened to see Malleus outside and invited him to watch with the gang. To say he was very very interested in this series was a understatement.
"Child of man, explain to me this. Why is she choose the guy who wants nothing to do with her but stalks her?"
"Malleus, I couldn't tell you but don't be an obsessive dick who tries to have an off and on relationship. That's toxic".
"I think I see, but can you explain why the grown man imprints on a literal baby?"
"I cannot tell you".
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Hi, if is still valable... Can you do Malleus x MC together, after Malleus take MC whit him în The Valey of Thorns. Not forcefuly, whit her consent. And show their dayli relationship whit a loving MC, please if is posible... 🥺🥺🥺 And I love your posts your talented! 🥰😊
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
It was your first summer vacation after you started studying at NRC...
You still hadn't made it home and you didn't really have anywhere to go.
So you thought to ask if it would be possible to spend the summer vacation with your boyfriend
Oh, Malleus would be really excited.
He would very much like to introduce you to his own home and culture...
Even if it might be a bit old fashioned.
You can see his tail wagging excitedly.
Also, this is a good opportunity to "get used to" the citizens to the idea of ​​a human ruler...
Some find it hard to accept.
Malleus might try to teach you some of their ways beforehand.
He wants to make sure that the visit is as comfortable as possible.
Maybe you'll even meet his grandmother.
Malleus would be happy if you did.
Of course, your time is not flawless.
The closeness of you and Malleus is silently frowned upon.
But nobody really dares to say anything.
Malleus can be scary.
Summer vacation feels like a really short time.
Malleus really wouldn't want that time to end.
Maybe little spell would help him?
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juno-of-wonderland · 2 days
mc/reader student diasomnia is a dragon
mc/reader is a boy since it's a school for boys
Malleus Draconia
- both you and Malleus were surprised to find someone of the same "species" (because from my interpretation there are several sets of fae)
- Malleus will feel a set of feelings, he wants to respect your space at the same time as he wants to get close, but since you seem calm and don't feel intimidated, he will eventually choose the last option
- it's almost a relief to meet a fae dragon so calm and kind, in his homeland they are all so competitive and noisy
- Malleus is scary, you are scary, you are the scary duo 
- small detail, Malleus is even bigger, about 2/4 cm 
- if things turn into something romantic, they're exchanging jewels and if you're from a faraway region, Malleus will ask and happily listen to you talk about the treasure you gave him 
- hugs will be very common because yes! 
Lilia Vanrouge 
- I wouldn't be surprised at all 
- let's face it, this guy has seen it all 
- will find it cute that you are quiet/calm 
- you feel that he is someone you can trust, so you will ask for advice, which will surprise you a little but he will help anyway 
- if it evolves into a relationship, get ready to fly and travel with him 
- respect, that's all 
- only started talking because of a school project 
- you don't mind him sleeping in the middle of something, even find a suitable place for him and Silver will be very grateful 
- you would try to do something for him to have more energy like a coffee or buy an energy drink, it works but not for long 
- in winter times, they would light the fireplace with their own flames and relax there, even read a book 
- if it's a romantic relationship, he loves lying on top of you, your body is warm and soft, a great bed and he would love how you would pamper him because he deserves it 
Sebek Zigvolt 
- this is a huge unknown for me, sorry 
- I think I would respect you but you couldn't get close to Malleus 
- his strength and dedication are commendable to him 
- you would hate your screaming and would definitely tell you to shut up but in a classy way 
- the only form of relationship I can think of is "people who seem to have been married for 30 years" lol, anyway, both would do their best to make each other happy
- he wholeheartedly accepts your courtship gifts
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norcerro · 2 days
Tumblr media
Bby malleus and long haired lilia are just ☺️👌👌
This was a raffle prize for event i did over the weekend and im happy with how it turned out 😌
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akechisu1 · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
MC: *laughing*
Malleus: *frowns*
Lilia: What happened?
MC: He's sulking because Ace pointed out that we have no pictures together despite the fact that we're best friends. *laughs again*
Lilia: *chuckles* Malleus, you should know that friendship is strongest when you barely have any pictures together.
Malleus: I have just realized...
Malleus: How am I going to reminisce my time with them after they passed away?
MC: Imaginatio—OOUUUCHH!
Malleus: *has pinched their cheek* This is your fault. You should've been fond of taking photos, but no.
MC: Why are you blaming me—*laughs*—I don't like taking pictures because I don't feel photogenic!
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bloomin-szn · 2 days
twst as tweets pt 3 :}
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ensaladaaa · 2 days
“Lovely” Malleus x Reader
tis been awhile. but heyyy sorry ab that, the last x readers i’ve posted was when I was on break and i’m back in school sadly
anyways this one-shot doesn’t really have a plot BUT i recently found a twitter account @/favromancequote and immediately had to base it with malleus so majority of the romance stuff he says comes from that account (pls give it a glance)
Warnings: none !!
Includes: fluff, malleus spoiling the reader with words and stuff, gender neutral, lovey dovey stuff, this might be a 2-part, ummm early valentine’s day one-shot?
Tumblr media
Day: Valentine’s day
I stared at my calendar that’s hung on the wall right next to my bed.
Valentine’s day.
My eyes wandered to the hearts drawn around the day, the hearts I drew when I finished my date with Malleus (which was like a month before, besides I was still high off of the love he gave me).
I scratched my bed head. Does Malleus even know what is valentine’s day? I shook my head and sat up to get ready for the day.I perhaps could stop by Sam’s Shop to pick up flowers for him. Maybe even sweets, but I’ll worry about that after classes
(Small Time Skip)
I dashed towards Sam’a Shop to pick up my stuff (I sneaked to Sam’s Shop to drop off a list I needed when it was lunch)(It feels like the ADuece followed me).
I stood there while Sam went into the back of his, almost seemingly infinite, store.
My day was pretty uneventful. Besides me seeing Rook gift Vil some bright red roses that’ll put the Queen of Hearts roses to shame. Then I saw Ace jokingly giving Deuce a single rose, which he then handed to me. He claimed that he didn’t want ‘Ace Cooties.’
Sam came back from the i fire back story of his with bags filled with sweets and a bouquet of roses, “I got your items, Imp.” He placed the items on the counter as he rung me up.
“So who’s are these for?” Sam glanced at me as I handed him the needed Madols for it. “Seems like you got yourself a valentine!” He continued, giving me his signature smile.
I dipped my head a bit, “Well what if I wanted to get these for myself?” Sam huffed, “Now who would get themselves so much chocolates, a certain.. dragon plush and a large bouquet of roses?” I jokingly rolled my eyes and grabbed my bagged items.
“Maybe me,” I said. Sam shook his head and let out a little chuckle. “Alright! Whatever you say then,” He then waved to me as I was heading out, “Come back soon!”
At Diasomnia Dorm.
I rocked my body on my feet, lifting my weight with my tippy toes then shifting it back to my heel. Lilia had let me into the dorm, guiding me to the lounge area. He didn’t question the large amount of gifts in my hands, which I’m grateful he didn’t.
I asked if he could get Malleus, which is why I’m currently alone at the moment.
My nerves were bundled up, thoughts racing in my head. Malleus would love these, I know. Yet, why does my stomach twist in nervousness?
“Dear, is that you?”
I almost scream from his voice. I shifted to stand still on my feet, yet my hands couldn’t help but clutch onto the bouquet tighter.
“M..Malleus!” My face was most likely flushed, hell maybe he could even see the sweat building up near my hairline.
“Um..” I scurried to him, shoving the roses in his arms, “I got you these! And.. I got you more. I-it’s near the- at the lounge!”
I immediately stepped back from him, nerves finally taking control of me. My fingers fumbled with eachother.
“Oh- Dear…” His green eyes stared at the red roses, examining them and taking every little detail as if he’s inputting it into his brain.
He leaned down a bit to take a breath of the floral scent from the rose. “These are lovely, my dear.” He looked back up at me, yet tilted his head at me.
Oh god, he noticed my jitter.
“Why so nervous, love?”
He stepped towards me and rubbed my cheek, he definitely could feel the heat emitting from my face.
“I- um--“ Oh god, I can’t speak.
He grabbed my hand, “Your face felt hot, come on.” He nudged me to the exit of the dorm. “Let’s go back to your dorm, shall we? You’ll be getting fresh air as well.”
I snapped back from my embarrassed state, “Wait I have other-“ I looked back to the lounge area where I set my gifts…
To see it gone.
I gasped and stiffened, looking around the area. “I swear I-“
“Don’t worry, Y/N.” Lilia grasped my shoulder. He sent me a small wink and whispered, “It’s already at your dorm.”
“Wh-“ I started but Malleus tugged my hand. “Dear, is everything ok?” He asked, looking around the lounge as well.
“Oh- Um. Yes!” I quickly said, turning back to Malleus. “Let’s.. go back to my dorm, shall we?” I gave Malleus a nervous smile, which he seems to swoon at.
He tugged my hand, leading me to the entrance.
At Ramshackle
“Malleus!” I said aloud, stopping him from reaching the doorknob to my dorm. He turned to me, with a concerned gaze, “What is it, dear?”
I shoved myself between him and the door,“I- I have a surprise!” Malleus looked stunned, “Oh..? A surprise?”
“Yes! And I need to.. set it up!” I really was trying to see where the hell Lilia sent it to.
“Oh- yes of course. Go right ahead.” He nodded, letting me open the door and slip in.
I shut the door behind me quickly yet quietly and heaved a sigh.
Now to find where the hell Lilia put it.
“Found it!” I whispered to myself. I found it in one of the unused rooms, luckily the dust in that room hadn’t affected my gifts that much.
I grabbed the items and rushed to my lounge, hurriedly placing it on the couches and coffee tables next to it.
“It isn’t much but…” I swallowed my doubts, grabbing the last item. The dragon plushie.
My doubts immediately crawled back out of my throat, “Did I really get him a dragon plushie..?”
“Dearie? Do you need help?” I heard Malleus voice outside by the entrance. I shook my head, an attempt to shake the doubts off, and hugged the plushie to my chest.
“I’ll just give this to him first.”
I cleared my throat and skip over to the entrance, “No! I’m done actually!”
I open the door to see him, arms crossed, with a worried look on his face. “I’m sorry Mal, I got a bit- nervous y’know?”
The plushie was still pressed against my chest. I looked down at it which made him follow my gaze, “Oh- what’s that?”
I sighed. I lifted it and face the almost child-like version of a dragon to him. “This was one of my gifts.. I wanted to give it to you first.”
My doubts immediately became overwhelming, making me hug the plushie again, facing the front away from him.
“Actually no! Um- I didn’t know why I bought this actually I’m sorry. L-let me put this-“
“No!” The loud exclamation from Malleus stunned me to silence. “No. No.. Please let me see it.” He held his hands out, “If it’s gifted from you, I’ll forever cherish it.”
I slowly handed it to him. ‘Someone please help me from this moment oh my god how dare I-‘ My thoughts continued on.
“I love it.” Malleus’s deep voice cut me off.
“Wh..What..?” I stared up at him, obviously stunned.
“I love it! I’ll cherish it forever.” He held the dragon plushie in his arms, “Do you have.. other gifts?”
I snapped from my stunned faze, grabbing his arm and pulling him in. His proclamation of loving the dumb little dragon plushie made me feel ultimately lighter, “Yes! Yes I do!”
I led him to the lounge. The couch and coffee tables were filled with chocolates, sweets, even the chocolate strawberries we snacked on during the early stages of our relationship.
I even added more bouquets of flowers, as if the one I gave him wasn’t enough.
“I- Happy Valentine’s day..” I mumbled. Malleus only stood there stunned, “Love.. You did all of this?”
He turned to me, a huge smile on his face. Even his fangs were showing and the corner of his eyes were slightly wrinkled, “Sweetheart, I love it!” He wrapped his arms around me and spun me around, “I love you!”
I held onto his arms, shocked. “I love you..!” My response was shaky, flustered and slightly dizzy from the sudden movement.
He sat down onto the rug, still holding onto me and making me sit down next to him. He buried his face into my shoulder, his silly plushie in his lap.
“Love..” He pulled his head up, “I love you. I will love you for the rest of my life.” He rested his hand on my cheek and tilted his own head, like he’s studying me.
“..My heart is yours. Please don’t ever give it back to me.” A whisper so small. I was lucky to even be this close to him, words only resided for me alone.
He grabbed my hands, rubbing his thumbs over my knuckles, “My life was stale and shuttered until you. Colorless and drab until you.” He brought my hand up to his lips, where I felt his breath.
“I kept my broken heart to myself, until you came and took it in your gentle hands and breathed life into it. Into me.” He planted his lips onto my knuckles.
“You healed my heart, when nothing else could.” He looked up at me, his eyes looked like it was shimmering.
My heart was melting. I felt like pudding in his hands. I felt like.. I could be anything if he was by my side.
“I'm here to stay, and I want to spend every day proving that to you.” He leaned in closer to me, his whispers of love echoing in my ear. I felt like I was on fire.
I felt like I was a little school kid finally sitting next to their crush.
“I love you, my rose.”
He finally planted his lips onto mine.
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hnsoka · 4 months
Tumblr media
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