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Pop Music Club ♦️☀️🦇🎸🥁🎶
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Ignoring the Housewardens (II)
a/n: y'all liked part one more than i thought y'all would? i lowkey made that because i was bored and it was just supposed to make me laugh (like calling floyd and jade thing #1 and thing #2) anyways, thanks for the support ig? also! i mostly just reblog fics but i'll sometimes make stuff like this so enjoy!
i forgot to tag this last time but it's gn!reader x the characters. in kalim's it says "you guys" but i always say that even if it's all women so lmk if that counts as gender neutral. technically speaking the reader isn't described at all (only description is having eyebrows in vil's) but yeah, i said "you guys."
Kalim Al-Asim
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Vil Schoenheit
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Idia Shroud
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Malleus Draconia
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horrible shirts for the twst guys again
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grassie · a day ago
New art and merchs for Ichiban Kuji!
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azlrse · 2 days ago
➳ bro's the type to.. (a kalim al-asim x gn!reader dating headcanons)
cw: none, just extreme fluff
a/n: i'm partially free from my school works and guess who's daydreaming about her irl crush-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bro's the type who has this puppy love crush upon meeting you. He was intrigued that someone who came from an unknown background/from another world and doesn't have such ability to do magic is what makes him curious for you.
Bro's the type that would get know you first before his feelings for you surfaced to the top. He wants to know everything about you (but not in a creepy way) and loves to give you small trinkets that reminds you of him.
Bro's the type that would spoil you so much before you became his significant other. Ranging from lots and lots of food cooked by Jamil to gifts that money can buy. Please accept those gifts, that would make Kalim's heart soar up above.
Bro's the type who realizes and accepts that his love for you isn't some platonic love but a kind of love that says 'i really really like you- no, I love you' kind of feeling. He wholeheartedly accepts that you are the reason why he goes to school earlier than usual, why he goes to Ramshackle Dorm first in order to fetch you for classes where he sometimes offers to study in the library just the two of you, and why his grades had increased since the second semester.
Bro's the type who would gush about you to his dormates and to Jamil about you. He would gush about you non stop as he paces back and forth while his beating heart is threatening to come out of his chest as he keeps on rambling about you.
Bro's the type to be the first to comfort you during you days of darkness. If you want to be alone for a while, he'll respect your decision but would happily indulge to your desire for a hug if you needed one.
Bro's the type that invites you to take a ride on his flying carpet and seeing the sparkling stars above. Kalim would melt like a stick of butter as you hold him for support and he'll gladly loop his arm around your waist.
Bro's the type who would carry you in bridal style if you scraped your knee or sprained an ankle. He doesn't take no for an answer as he carries you towards the infirmary and stays with you as you fell asleep and holds your hand to reassure himself that you are doing okay.
Bro's the type that would become extremely nervous as he gets ready to confess his love for you. Kalim is pacing back and forth (again) while carrying a small box of gold as his courting gift to you. When he finally speaks out that he really liked you, you can how his face is sweating and couldn't help but stare at his shakey hands as he hands you over his gift of courtship. You accepted his confession and you saw his mouth contorted into the most adorable grin you've ever seen as he spins you around in the air.
Bro's the type that gives you kisses 24/7 and is big on PDA. He wants everyone to know that you are Kalim's lover and treats you like some kind of royalty. He loves holding your hand with his while walking around the corridors of the school.
Bro's the type who makes a keychain locket that was hooked on his magic pen. When he's down or just misses you, he would open up the small latch of the locket and sees your adorable face.
Bro's the type who would fight for the relationship he established with you. Because the heir of the Asim family loves you so much and would do anything to keep you safe and loved.
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Do not republish, edit, or repost to other websites.
Reblogs and likes are appreciated! 💕
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mymainwastoocluttered · 18 hours ago
Hi!! 🌻 Just found your blog today and it's so cool???
Can't choose my favorite story, between the ghost bride fic, the one with chubby Brasilian reader (Latin MC's unite!!), the rivalry with Jamil, any story with the tweels fjsgjskgd
I love the way you write Leona (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡
Also I wanted to request/suggest something? Ofc no pressure!
Could you maybe write more about the self aware twst boys? Maybe more characters with the kisses prompt or something different?
Either way, thanks for sharing your work, its truly lovely!!!
Take care hon, see ya 🌻
Oooooiiiiiiiii! Thank you so much (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡ Since you didn't specify what boys you wanted, I threw their names on a wheel and let two be picked.
Self Aware Twst Boys getting kisses for the good work (Jade, Kalim)
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
— (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)
— Jade
Jade almost drops the pen when he feels the soft lips press against his skin for the first time
He had not expected the Watcher to bless him of all people
He's happy, though, placing a hand on his chest where the kiss was bestowed
If he gets the kiss before his brother and/or Azul, he'll be terribly smug
His already stellar performance somehow goes up, and his mood skyrockets every time his efforts are rewarded with a kiss
Though if he gets a kiss at random while doing something other than being at class, he'll get flustered. It's not obvious unless you're really looking for it because he's good at hiding near others
— (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)
His mushrooms have heard all about it
Floyd will be in a bad mood until he gets one too and Jade is more than happy to make it worse for the laughs
— Kalim
He honest to God squawks when he gets the kiss to his nose
Trein is not amused, but at least Kalim seems more focused on the lecture afterwards
Kalim's the type to brag without noticing, and then brag on purpose.
Jamil is not amused. He's also jealous but won't say anything because he just knows Kalim will start praying to the Overseer to kiss him do
Kalim does it anyway because he knows Jamil hasn't gotten a kiss
He's giving his all at school, at least, so Jamil's work is cut by a good percentage
It's the perfect way to motivate him
Kiss him outside the class and he'll smile so big the sun will weep
"Please, please, please kiss my best friend too–" "We are not friends–!"
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overly-niche-twst · 2 days ago
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cummin-n-cryin · a day ago
Can I request yandere azul-kalim-vil with a male reader who is 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁?
~Thank you for your request!
Tumblr media
You're What?
Azul Ashengrotto + Kalim Al-Asim + Vil Schoenheit x male!reader
Tw: Yandere, amab, obsession, kidnapping
Wordcount: 521 + 436 + 431
Side Note: Vil is always a bit hard to write but I hope this was ok!
Tumblr media
~Azul Ashengrotto~
Tumblr media
This is the worst thing that could have happened. All of his plans of a future with you are ruined! All that time he spent planning and scheming to make you fall in love with him and it turns out you can't fall in love with him anyway!
Azul will have a meltdown the moment the Leech twins tell him that you're straight. He'll cry about it for hours on end. He won't even eat or drink because he's so distressed by the news. Thankfully, the Leech twins are there to help him out!
When Azul has calmed down enough from the news, the Leech twins will more than likely try to encourage Azul to still go after you anyway; hyping up their friend, telling him how smart and cunning he is and that there must be something they could do that would keep you with Azul.
Perhaps he could force you to sign a contract? They could make you so desperate for Azul's help you would come crawling on your knees teary-eyed and begging, one sharp eyed twin suggests.
Or maaaybe~ A love potion? A love potion that would make you so needy for Azul that you just can't help but stay by his side~! It shouldn't be too hard to spike your drink when you're not looking. The other twin suggests with a lazy smile.
Azul is, as always, eternally grateful for the twins' help. He will reward them for their help as he puts their ideas into action. Crafting plans and scenarios he's sure that by the end of it he'll have you in his grasp.
From that day onward, you're constantly watched by the twins. Echoing laughter and menacing whispers follow you though the schools dark halls. You may even hear soft footsteps with the occasional creaking of wood around Ramshackle, especially loud as you try to sleep.
Azul despises the thought of merely being friends with you. It's not enough for him. He needs to have you with him. He needs you as his lover. If you have no romantic partner then someone could steal you away from him and he absolutely can not let that happen. He won't lose you to anyone.
He will do anything and everything to make you his. He will trick, lie, manipulate, steal, whatever it takes. He'll threaten the lives and reputation of your friends and especially the people you love.
For Azul, it's all or nothing. He'll do whatever it takes to make you sign that contract. To make you drink more of that love potion.
Whether you become Azul's romantic partner by your own choice or by Azul's influence, doesn't matter. He doesn't care if you hate him. He will have you and that's all that will ever matter.
The day that Azul gets you in his grasp, he will more than likely drag you off into the sea with him. He'll hide you away so no one will ever be able to take you from him.
You will only have Azul as company and to Azul, his company is the only thing you should ever need.
Tumblr media
~Kalim Al-Asim~
Tumblr media
Oh, that's okay!
Kalim reacts to the news pretty well. He doesn't mind that you two can't be in a romantic relationship together. He can still love you as a friend!
Admittedly, he is a bit disappointed. He really wanted to go and do all those cute romantic couple things with you. Well, maybe he could still do that, just disguise it all as a friend thing? He doesn't like tricking you like that but he's not really hurting you or anything, so it's not that bad!
Though, if you end up falling in love with someone else, things will turn ugly quite quickly. As said before, he doesn't like tricking you and he most definitely doesn't want to hurt you, physically or emotionally. But, can you really blame him when the person you fell in love with disappears?
Kalim will comfort you throughout the whole thing, playing the role of the concerned best friend. He just can't believe that the person you fell in love with just ghosted you like that. That's horrible! He'll listen to you as you cry saying how well the relationship was going and how much you cared about them. He'll listen to it all with a strained smile and a guilty heart.
Of course he knows what happened to them.
While he wishes he could tell you, he simply can't. He knows that if he told you you'd leave him and he can't let that happen.
Kalim wouldn't be the one to get rid of the person you loved. His family is very wealthy and has a lot of connections. It's not that hard for Kalim to hire someone to do the deed for him.
Though, there is also the chance that you might try to leave your "friendship" with him. Kalim won't believe you at first. Thinking that he must of misheard you or something, asking you to repeat what you said. When you repeat that you don't want to be friends with him anymore he'll respond with an awkward laugh and say that he understands.
You must be lying. He refuses to believe that you want to leave him. He can't let you leave him, he just can't...
So promise Kalim you won't be too upset when he chains you up, okay? He will give you anything and everything you want! He will make sure that you're always comfortable and happy while you're with him.
As long as you stay with Kalim, he doesn't care what relationship you two have. Whether you two are friends, best friends, lovers, it doesn't matter, as long as you never leave him.
Tumblr media
~Vil Schoenheit~
Tumblr media
Well… This is unfortunate.
This is a bit of a complicated situation. On one hand, Vil isn't too bothered by the news as he doesn't need to be intimate with you. Just having you with him is more than enough. But on the other, having you as a romantic partner is more permanent than having you as a friend...
However, pursuing you romantically while you are straight would be a terrible idea. Vil being a popular model and actor, the last thing he wants to do is tarnish the reputation he has spent his whole life creating. Trying to force you into a relationship with him could easily ruin his reputation and make him look like a fool. So, the next best option would be to become friends with you.
Vil is quite controlling of you and your daily habits. Telling you what skin products to use and trying to stop any bad habits you may have, like nail biting and such. He wants to make you as beautiful as he can. You are beautiful to him as is, but he feels like he could make you even more so.
There is a high chance you try to leave Vil. It's difficult to enjoy yourself when you are constantly being criticized for every little imperfect thing you do. While Vil may seem understanding of how you feel and will even let you leave, know that Rook will not be too far behind you.
You just don't understand. You don't understand that he's just trying to help you. That's okay, he's sure that in time you'll understand.
Rook stalks you around campus secretly taking pictures of you and documenting everything you do. He then goes back to Vil to report on his findings. Helping Vil to find out every insecurity and imperfection he believes you have.
Though, if Vil does get desperate enough or gets tired of watching you from a distance, he's not against kidnapping you. Rook knows of many hidden places and homes that Vil could keep you in. Besides, if he hides you away then not only will no one know where you are but he also doesn't risk his reputation!
No need to worry, Vil will make sure that wherever he does hide you, you will live in a home fit for someone so beautiful as yourself. Putting his most prized possession in a dirty and dingy home would only tarnish your beauty.
You'll live a comfortable life with Vil by your side, whether you want him there or not, doesn't matter, as you wont have a choice.
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thesunshineriptide · a day ago
i loved the pose reactions sm! are you possibly able to do the twst boys reaction to reader having a lot of anxiety due to a big test coming up please?
I don’t normally do ones for every twst boy but I’ll make an exception because I’m susceptible to flattery smfhskfhkshf /t
Anyway each section will probably be short but yeah! I got you. Also I’m writing this under the assumption that the reader is a first year
Twst Boys When You’re Anxious About A Test
characters: everyone
Cw// none :D
Riddle “Rose Of The Classroom” Rosehearts will GLADLY help you study if you’re anxious for a test. This comes at a price though because he may tell you he’s a patient teacher, but he is a Liar. On the other hand, you WILL get a hundred percent on your test and he will treat you to a tart and some tea afterward so. 5/10 mildly traumatizing but effective
He has study cards from when he was learning that and you do drills for like an hour. If that doesn’t work he sends you to Riddle. 6/10 he’s not that helpful
He’ll google the answers for you and then quiz you on them. If you get something wrong he just tells you what it is and has you write it in your notebook. 8/10 he’s not a great tutor but he’ll help with the anxiety
Tells you all the wrong information as a joke but when he begins to girlboss too close to the sun he’ll take it back and tell you (what he thinks are) the real answers. It should be noted if you’re nervous for a test he’s also nervous because he’s a slacker 4/10 an asshole
Also nervous, ends up doing an impromptu study session with you the night before. He makes hot cocoa and steals some of trey’s coffee rolls and you two have a good time studying and talking. He’s the king of finding roundabout ways to study (pneumonics, doodling notes, singing little songs, audiobooks, etc) so if studying via drilling doesn’t work he’s honestly best bet. 9/10 most pleasant person to study with and you end up getting a good grade too!
He will not help you study but he will help with the anxiety. Kind of. He hands you a fidget toy and then takes a nap and uses you as a pillow. Being forced to sit still for an extended period of time gives you a long while to a) calm down and b) rethink everything you’ve learned and check it twice. If you’re really anxious for something like an exam, he’ll send one of the froshes from the dorm that does well to tutor you, or if you really really tug on his heartstrings, he might write a quick study guide on a napkin and hand it to you. 4/10 he’s not really helpful unless you’re like, seriously distressed
He’s more likely to just tell you to chill and that it’s not a big deal than anything else. He might be inclined to help you study (he’s so fuckin smart dude) if you’re willing to pay a price. The price is food feed him something and he’ll tell you whatever so long as he’s still eating. The second he’s done he’s out of there. 2/10 he’s got the brains but he is anti sharing-is-caring
A good boy who would love to help you study! He does his best in classes so he’s genuinely helpful and doesn’t ask for anything in return! 9/10
He can totally help you with that, just, yknow. You can’t get something for nothing. So he’ll give you one of his illustrious study guides and a shoulder to lean on so long as you’re willing to pay the price… 7/10
Literally Azul’s right hand man. He could help you…but he’ll probably just say you should talk to Azul. If you’re really important to him, he might make you a cup of tea and let you vent for a bit. Probably won’t help you study unless it’s something that interests him, sorry. 6/10
He might help you study, he might tell you it’s boring and then basically kidnap you. He’s a great anxiety relief though, because you will soon forget your troubles when he’s excitedly showing you his dance moves or squeezing you close (and tight enough to break your ribs. You won’t have to do the test if you’re in the infirmary though!) 8/10
He’s also anxious about the test. He doesn’t know what’s on it or what he’s going to do. You both will be having an anxiety attack by the end of it 1/10
“I’d help you but I have to help Kalim. I guess you can come sit in on our tutoring, as long as you stay quiet.” He is so tired man but he’ll help out when he has time. 8/10 he will probably tell you to stfu at least once
He’s a lot like Riddle in the sense that you WILL ace the test and probably be miserable during the study session. What differs them is that if you get too distressed, he’ll help you calm back down. 9/10 he didn’t mean to make you cry sorry potato
Why do you want to go to him? Well, it’s actually not a bad idea because he would LOVE to help you study. Helps you study for hours on end until you get it. Is incredibly patient and explains things in different ways until you understand what he means. Shows you the practicality of the study. 10/10 he’s an excellent study partner
0/10 he doesn’t know what’s going on or how to comfort you. You will end up comforting him and you will both probably fail the test tbh
He doesn’t know how to help emotionally and probably runs away. If he does help you study, he’s nervous and fumbling over his words the whole time. His information is sound but his delivery is confusing. 6/10 he’s trying
Tells you the answers because he doesn’t know better. 11/10 most helpful
He didn’t know there was a test but he’s studying for it now! You two will probably sit in comfortable silence, studying independently but near each other, maybe exchanging a few questions back and forth. He probably has refreshments available for you and is genuinely just enjoying your company. Super calming to be around (if you’re not scared of him, which, if you went to him for this, you probably aren’t.) 9/10
Hit or miss because if it’s for history he might tell you something that’s not on the tests/in the textbooks and then you might accidentally get a mark down for it. If it’s for anything else though, he’s a patient teacher (and a father) so you’ll probably get high marks! He might also offer you refreshments and it will ruin the vibe a little but don’t be rude he cares about you. 8/10 two points off for his shitty, well meaning cooking
Great for anxiety relief, bad for studying. He’s a certified narcoleptic which means studying is mostly gonna be spent on trying to keep him awake. If you have an endless amount of coffee then he’s a lot better as a study partner and is genuinely smart. He’s trying his best to help even if it’s a little bit of a struggle, but it’s a good time anyway. 8/10 he’s a sweetie
He pays a lot of attention in class and unless you make it explicitly clear you need comfort, he will probably help and hinder at once. Probably yells (accidentally?) or makes fun of you when you don’t know something. If he goes too far and you get mad or start crying, he softens so fast it’s incredible. 4/10 you take -100 emotional damage
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saayatsumu · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is mostly just music club sorry (i’m lying, i am Not sorry)
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lovertopic · 2 days ago
Helping TWST characters with studies
Warnings (?): g/n reader, platonic
Characters included: Kalim Al Asim, Ruggie Buchhi, Riddle Rosehearts
Kalim Al Asim
im surprised you're doing this, jamil's usually in your place
so im imagining he was busy, probably cooking
"umm, i cant understand this. do you understand this? no? well, ah, JAMIL!!"
if you did understand it, explain it to him, boy will learn fast
throws you a feast to thank you
Ruggie Bucchi
okay, i have a while scenario for this
he helped you with some chore, probably cleaning
you're helping with studies to pay him back
"I'LL ASK LEONA!! BUY ME LUNCH" "…you wont ask leona, he'll ask you to do something before you can ask him" "ugh!"
dramatic af
he's a quick learner, so a little bit of explanation and he's good to go!
"but this wont help me make money, will it?"
Riddle Rosehearts
"hmm, this concept is sort of difficult." "OH! need hel-?" "ah, i understand now. y/n, you were saying?"
if somehow you end up in a situation where he can't understand something and you can
he'll be very very hesitant to ask for help
"I KNOW THIS!!" "oh ok." "…"
cue, he stares at you
"umm, why are you staring at me?" "………" "uhhh" "……i dont……"
his face is completely red
"you dont what?" "i dont know this. explain it. uh, please?"
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idiaia · 5 hours ago
Hey Ortho, would you like to play a video game with me? (Idia can join too!)
Tumblr media
Tag list : @amorisqasayid
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randomshenaniganery · 2 days ago
Leona turning immediately unmotivated for everything and being held back, riddle being a tyrant over his dorm, vil making life miserable for epel and kids like him, Azul taking advantage of dumbasses (crowley included), Malleus being emo walking around school while lilia t poses in the ceiling, jamil nearing his breaking point and kalim constantly throwing parties
Headmage Crowley: You know what I need?
Headmage Crowley: A person to solve all my problems, it has to be someone who can’t say no. ever. 
Headmage Crowley talking to the mirror: I’m going to put this person with no magic into the coffin and you just do your thing ok they’re technically not a student anyway they’ll just be here to solve problems don’t worry about it b im a GENIUS 
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scarlettjulezzz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I always laugh at how people is like "yeah, I got into twst bc I saw a pic of Malleus" or "I fell in love with how cool Leona was" and all the comments are basically how handsome or cool these badass charas where.
But there I was, 2020, found a fanart of Kalim and that dude never left my mind. For real. I almost became obssessed with his desing.
So yeah, if I gotta say thanks to someone for getting me into twst, is gotta be baby boi sunshine Kalim
(yeah! that's my yuu guys! i'll be intruducing him properly in the next few weeks, hopefully)
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skeledough · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
speedy screenshot redraw with kalim for day 4 - scarabia (insert devil emoji here im on desktop) also jamil was supposed to be here i just got lazy
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overly-niche-twst · an hour ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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britishassistant · a day ago
lol reactions of the other minions that yuu is the sibling of their boss in the runaway adoption au?
Yuu is Riddle’s Sibling
Trey: Oh no. Ohhhh nooo. He’s recognizable. He’s too recognizable, and he remembers them too, from when they were Riddle’s small and cute sibling. They’re not so small anymore. (They are still cute though)
Cater: He’s not like Trey or Chen’ya, he’s never seen Yuu when they were little. Still, it’s startling to hear that someone like this is Royal Flush’s younger sibling!! Though there’s clearly some drama here~~
Yuu is Leona’s Sibling
Ruggie: Uncomfortable. He is so uncomfortable. He’s deleting that Magicam post as fast as he can. He is not risking his comfortable position over a bit of choking-by-proxy.
Jack: He is alarmed. He doesn’t know whether to leave Yuu with Leona or take them far, far away from him. His big brother instincts are rebelling in the face of years of Leona-senpai’s apparent neglect from the siblings’ yelling match in from of him.
Yuu is Jamil’s Sibling
Kalim: Look!! Yuu is alive!! Kalim is so happy Yuu is alive!! And they look so good now!! Jamil, doesn’t Yuu look so good now?!? Wow they’re pretty!!
Yuu is Malleus’ Sibling
Lilia: He remembers how small and sweet they used to be!! He still can swing them around and around like he used to when they were little (though it looks odd given his current form).
Silver: He’s happy to see Yuu again, after all these years. They’ve thrived outside of his home environment, even though he could never fully understand their anxiety. He’s glad they’re doing so well and made so much of themselves though.
Sebek: A warring feeling of jealousy at Yuu’s being Malleus’ sibling who couldn’t match up to Silver and Lilia’s prowess and reverence because they’re Malleus’ sibling. Also very pretty.
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