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hi *faints*
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TWST Incorrect quotes#186 Mal...
Mal: Look, I know you think my judgment's clouded because I like Yuu a little bit Lilia, holding Mal's notepad: You doodled your wedding invitation Mal: No, that's our joint tombstone Lilia: My mistake~
Tumblr media
Look me in the eye and tell me this isn't canon
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“Sorry to ask here, I couldn't send an ask-but for the prompts you were asking for a little bit ago: How do you feel about some Fluff being in a little sea-side polycule with The Octa-bois?”
Prompt from @the-trinket-witch
I had fun writing this. I tried to come up with as many scenarios as I could and I hope you like it.
Includes: Jade, Floyd, and Azul x reader
Scenario 1-
It was a tiring day today, first you woke up to having a sore back, courtesy of Grim kicking you in his sleep, then you had to come to ADeuce’s rescue after they spilt some food on Professor Trein, and on top of that Crowley gave you some more work to do to “Help him out a little bit.” It really wasn’t you helping him, more so you doing all of his work while he goes and runs around the campus doing who knows what.
Seeing as Grim was occupying Ramshackable, you head towards the library. It’s quiet so you would be able to focus on your work. As you headed towards the room though you could hear someone frantically running towards you.
“SHRIMPYYYY!” Oh boy- Floyd was here, right before you were going to do your work, just great. “Hello Floyd,” you replied, not turning to see him. “I’m not Floyd,” what? You turned around to see Jade staring at you, his eyes looking you down. You were confused, hadn’t that been Floyd calling you? “What? But I thought I heard Floyd,” you say. “Ah, I was impersonating him, I take it it was successful?” Impersonating, well it was quite good! You reply with a yes, and compliment his ability to sound like Floyd. “However Floyd is here too,” he said, looking up behind you. As you turned you were pulled into a bone/crushing hug. “HIYA SHRIMPY!” Said Floyd, his hug becoming increasingly tight. “Floyd- you’re choking me-“ you manage to say, almost out of breath. “Sorry,” Floyd says, finally letting you go. “Whatchya doing?” He asked, tailing you from behind as you proceeded to walk towards the library. “I have to finish some work” you replied.
Cut to 5 minutes later you have a whining Floyd on your shoulder a Frustrated Jade helping you work and more than half the library staring at you. How did you get here? You don’t know, all you remember is telling Floyd you needed to work and he wanted to come along, “I’ll help you work!” He said, “I won’t be a bother!” Why did you believe him? You were tired and just wanted to get things done.
“Come on shrimpy, I’m bored,” complained Floyd. “I’m sorry, but what do you want me to do about it?” You said, a growing annoyance showing in your voice. You looked up to see Jade next to you looking intently at the paper in front of him. He had offered to help you with your work after seeing how much you had. You sigh as you attempted to focus on your work again, but with Floyd leaning on you and the whispers of people nearby that was proving to be near impossible. Soon later Floyd’s complaints had simmered down as you heard an even flow of breathing coming from next to you. You turned to ses Floyd had fallen asleep on your shoulder. “I guess the boredom got to him,” you think to yourself, allowing a small smile. He looked so peaceful asleep, and he was much quieter too.
Finally you were able to finish your work, leaving you with all papers checked, emails read, and a sleeping Floyd. How were you going to wake him up? “Floyd,” you whispered, attempting to push him off of you. “Nngh,” he responded, squeezing you. You sigh as you get help from jade to pick him up and shake him awake, as if he was a salt shaker. Soon enough he woke up, “What? Shrimpy? Why’d you haveta wake me upppp,” he complained. Maybe you should’ve just left him to sleep on the chair.
Scenario 2-
Azul: So how much are you willing to do for MC?
Floyd: I would rob a bank if they told me to.
Azul: You already have-
Jade: I second that.
Azul: Great so we can all agree on something.
Scenario 3-
Movie night in Octavianville:
MC: So what should we watch?
Jade: What about a horror movie?
Mc: You sure?
Jade: yes.
Mc: Ok, theres this new one I’ve been meaning to watch…
3 minutes later-
Floyd: AHHH
Mc: We’re not even at the first jumpscare-
Floyd: I know, I just like screaming.
Mc: boy wtf-
1 hr later-
Floyd + Mc: AHHHHH-
Jade: hehe
Azul: *visible shaking*
When the movies finally over-
Mc: That was scarier than I thought-
Floyd: Hm, average at the most.
Jade: I found it quite enjoyable- are you ok Azul?
Mc: You’re shaking like a excited dog except you’re very not excited-
Floyd: OoOoOoOo~ was Azul scared?
Azul: WHAT NO-
MC: lol if you were scared you can just say it.
Mc: *lays on azul*
Azul.exe has broken.
Cheese takis
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Malleus: Wait- you don't have a lover?
Yuu: I have strict parents. What about you? Why don't you have a lover?
Malleus: You have strict parents :)
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"cuddle piles and kisses," twisted wonderland first years.
synopsis: after being invited to [name]'s dorm for a sleepover, the first years end up cuddling to sleep. before they fall asleep, [name] makes a point to kiss all of them goodnight - leaving them flustered before bed.
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, & sebek x gender neutral! reader
includes: nothing but fluff i think..?
note: the requests will be posted soon because there's a lot and i've had a really bad case of writers block recently.
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
it was 2:48 am on a saturday morning. the first years were all in ramshackle for a sleepover that you had organized. you've done almost everything that you had planned to do except sleep. so here you were, with your first year besties cuddled up in a pile of blankets and pillows.
ace -- was to the far left of you, holding your hand while facing towards you. he wasn't cuddled up close to you because deuce was there. he was still satisfied with being able to hold your hand, an intimate thing he wants to do with you that he's only been able to fantasize. his thumb traced random letters and shapes on the back of your hand. when you start to doze off, he traces: i love you, and a bunch of hearts on the back of your hand.
deuce -- got one of the arguably best spots in the cuddle pile after epel. he was curled into your left side, lying his head on a pillow and your chest and his arms wrapped around you. he loved how close he was to you and he slept almost baby-like with how he could hear your heartbeat. it was reassuring, and each calm and rhythmic 'thump!' gave him more reasons to love you. (it also made is own heart beat a lot faster unlike your calm ones.)
jack -- was like a pillow shifted to the right. your was head on his chest and it was near his heart and he had to thank the great seven for letting him stay calm so his heart wouldn't beat 100 miles a minute. he enjoyed the feeling that you were relying on him partially. he even built up the courage to play with your hair/shoulders. he was like a masseuse! (his tail was also wrapped around your waist because if it wasn't, it'd be wagging a lot in satisfaction!)
epel -- had what everyone envied. he got the best place, the best pillow, everything. he got the lap spot. his head was laid on your lap as his hands were wrapped around your waist drawing shapes near jack's tail and deuce's arms. he soon realized he had the best spot in the cuddle pile. he got to use your lap and tummy as a pillow while being really close to you! your free (right) hand played with his hair and he loved it. (he was thankful for once that vil liked to keep his hair so soft.)
sebek -- was to the far right of you. he was facing the ceiling, but had no contact with you unlike the others. you offered him your hand which he declined because, "i don't need some pathetic human's hand!" but he did feel slightly upset when you pulled your hand and used it play with epel's hair. but when epel fell asleep you removed your hand from his hair and grabbed sebek's hand yourself, intertwining your fingers. he fell asleep much happier and more comfortable with the reassurance that you're there. he squeezes your hand gently on occasion, and if he's lucky, he get's a squeeze back.
you were all cuddled up nicely after this successful sleepover. you were all beginning to nod off before you remembered one thing that you absolutely wanted to do. you didn't know if they were sleeping and you defiantly didn't want to wake them up if they were sleeping. hesitantly, you say, "are you all still awake?"
small mumbles of affirmation came from each person to signal they were in fact awake. you smiled, the plan would work! you nudged epel, asking him to get up. he complied, although a bit grumpy he'd have to give up his thigh pillows temporarily. you removed jack's tail and epel and deuce's hands from your waist softly.
you crawled over to sebek first, leaning down to give him a kiss on his forehead. "goodnight, sebek. thank's for coming to the sleepover, i hope you enjoyed it! sweet dreams," you placed another one on his cheek. "g-goodnight, human. sweet dreams to you to as well."
luckily it was dark or else you would've seen the blush that painted his cheeks. sure, it wasn't a kiss on the lips but it was a kiss. he was ecstatic. his joy didn't show on the outside except for the blush, but his joy would show in his dreamland fantasies where he got an actually kiss on the lips from you.
you then turned around to jack. you kissed his forehead, they you ruffled his hair and gave affectionate scratches to his ears. he had to literally sit on his tail so that it wouldn't start wagging. he was so happy but he hid that. only a faint blush covered his cheeks.
"g'night, jack! sweet dreams. sorry you'll have to miss your morning run for this, but i hope you enjoyed it," even in the dark, he could see your sincere yet apologetic smile. "i enjoyed it so it's fine, [name]. sweet dreams and goodnight to you too." you kissed his cheek and then ruffled his hair and scratched his ears again. the wolf beastman hoped that because it was dark, you couldn't see his flushed cheeks.
you crawled over jack and deuce's body to ace, who was propped up on his elbows watching your interactions with the others. that means he was next and he was so excited! "night, ace. have sweet dreams, kay?" you gave two kisses to both of his cheeks and ruffled his hair playfully. "night to you too, [name]~" he cooed. although he seemed chill about it, his cheeks were hot from being so flustered.
you returned to you spot in the middle, where epel crawled back on your lap and deuce laid his head on your chest. you leaned your head over to the side to kiss deuce's forehead. "night, deuce," you kissed the bridge of his nose because you couldn't reach his cheek. "dream about me, 'kay?" you said it in a teasing tone, leaving his heart beating even faster and making his cheeks extremely red. "good n-night to you too, [name]," he says before yawning. he was defiantly gonna dream about you.
epel waited a few seconds before crawling up to your face. he had the best spot in the cuddle pile but he missed out on the best part of it! "where's my good night kiss, [name]?" he teased, but you could pick up the actually question in his tone despite being tired. "i couldn't get to you with deuce on me, but you just made it easier," he didn't understand what you meant by making it easier, but he found out when your lips connected with his cheeks.
"thank's for coming tonight epel. it must've been hard to convince vil, but i'm glad you did it. good night epel. have sweet dreams." you were about to lean in to deliver a kiss to his other cheek but he beat you to it. his lips connected with yours, giving you instead a good night kiss. "good night, [name]. i hope you have sweet dreams as well and liked my gift for inviting me." he gave a teasing smirk before crawling down and laying back on your thighs. he kissed your stomach a little before resting his head.
later, that morning, you were the last person to wake up. before you woke up, ace and deuce were yelling at epel because they witnessed him kissing you. sebek tried to stop them because he was annoyed with their yelling. jack, on the other hand, tried to stop them from yelling so that they wouldn't disturb your beauty sleep. they all (and would never admit this) thought you looked amazing while sleeping, they only wished if they took a picture of you.
they were all so very thankful that you invited them over for the sleepover. they had the most amazing dreams thanks to having the cuddle pile and your good night kisses. please do invite them for a sleepover again, [name]!
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
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motivationwho · 5 months ago
On a cliff of a random mountain...
Riddle, grabbing Azul's arm to prevent him from falling : Azul, you're too heavy! I can't hang on..
Azul : Pretend I'm your dormmate, Riddle!
Riddle : *lets go of Azul without hesitation*
Riddle : *immediately grabs Azul's arm again*
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ladyorchidia · 18 days ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes #4 :
Yuu/Mc : *sees a group of first year students doing something stupid*
Yuu/Mc : what a bunch of idiots...
Yuu/Mc : ...
Yuu/Mc : *realisation*
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villainessxassassin · 11 days ago
"I think I've fallen for you, and I can't seem to get back up"
When you've fallen for them, literally.
includes: seperate! Vil Schoenheit, Riddle Rosehearts, Idia Shroud x reader
Maybe if you paid more close attention to your surroundings you wouldn't be in this predicament, but then again you could've sworn you tripped on literal thin air and just face planted to the ground, and to make matters worse it just had to be infront of one of NRC's most renowned Dorm Leaders.
In your attempts to save whatever embarrassing amount of dignity you had left, you just had to pair it up with some basic cringy pick up line.
"What are you-"
'dont say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid...!'
"I think I've fallen for you, and I can't seem to get back up."
ahhh... but you weren't lying, you've fallen both figuratively and literally in a sense.
Tumblr media
"As poetic as you may get, I'd prefer to be within eye level with someone that's confessing their love for me."
You couldn't tell if Vil was being serious with how blank his face looked. Despite your current awareness of the situation and the abrupt response you had infront of the pomiofere dormhead, a comical arrow pierced your very being as his words repeated again and again in your head.
Spiralling in utter confusion as his words gave off two meanings: one was that he just straight up rejected you and second was 'I'd prefer to be within eye level with someone that's confessing their love for me."
Maybe he'd give off a different reaction if you said it while maintaining leveled eye contact with him? You were already embarrassed enough so it's best to keep your thoughts to yourself on this one. On Vil's part he didn't know what to make of the situation.
But he did see potential in your attempt, so that's why he chose not to poke at you and instead helped you up without another word. Only a short 'be careful next time' left his soft lips as all you could do was stare, mind finally comprehending the fact that it was THE Vil Schoenheit you just stupidly tripped infront of.
how embarassing
To Vil, there wasn't anything special with what you said earlier, rather he's already heard similar phrases come out from other people's mouths that he can clump your statement with theirs. Yet for a brief second the corners of his mouth lifted ever so softly, before going back to their original position when he found you staring at him.
"I-" before you could even get another word out he's already had his back turned to you, walking back in the same direction where he came
You'd think he was annoyed, but in truth his heart started beating rapidly in his chest for some unknown reason he refused to acknowledge, but not wanting to loose touch of this strange feeling, he called out to you before he could turn the corner.
"Should you need assistance the next time you choose to say such engaging words, do come find me. I'm looking forward to whatever else you have instore."
Tumblr media
"If you're going to fall then do so in a more elegant and dignified way, and no that wasn't an invitation for you to just fall for— infront of others whenever you please!"
Despite it being you who should be embarrassed, Riddle seems to have shared the same shade of red you had slowly spreading across your face, though his was radiating a more darker shade.
Had you just kept your mouth shut he would have passed you off as clumsy, scolded you a little maybe for your miscalculated step before helping you to your feet, and went back on his merry way towards the hearslabyul dorm.
BUT NO. You just had to open your mouth and now you have reduced Riddle to what you'd call a deer caught in headlights. He was quick to clear his throat before crossing his arms while looking down on you with a deadpan look on his face. (Thought his cheeks still carried the tiniest tints of pink)
Riddle was always straight forward with his words, always quick to correct someone when they made a mistake, and or punish them when he see's fit.
But he couldn't list down your quick confession as something to be labeled as a 'mistake', and punishing you for something as trivial as making him shy embarrassing him would be plain immature on his part.
So he let you off with just a light scolding, but there wasn't any hint of annoyance or anything negative in his tone of speaking, seeming way to busy flicking his eyes to the floor and back to your own.
You also realized this was the first time you've ever seen Riddle not hold direct eye contact with anyone, which scared you a little. Perhaps even eye contact was something he couldn't bare to waste time on you on? (he just shy bby)
Coming back to your senses, your train of thought vanished when your eyes landed on Riddle's gloved hands on the collar of your uniform, fingers delicate with adjusting and smoothing out the folds and wrinkles as a soft sight left his lips and he finally held eye contact with you.
"Do be careful next time atleast. It would be a shame if you crumpled your uniform over something as trivial as getting distracted... And don't use me as an excuse for seizing your attention!"
Tumblr media
"Me?! uhm s-so would you like help getting back up...? Wait, no— first, are you alright? ah hold on—"
For once in Idia's whole entire life of living he has never felt this overwhelmed and confused before. He'll admit that pick up line was kinda lowkey something straight out of some generic romance anime that he can think of at the top of his head, but that doesn't change the fact people. you said it to him of all people.
If the pause button existed in real life he would have pressed that thing at light speed because the poor guy needs time to process things. He could have just apologized and walked away, maybe pretend he didn't see nor hear you and go on with his day, but even Idia wasn't that cold hearted to just leave you there.
Wether if you meant what you said or not, he offered his hand, looking at the side with quivering lips and squinted eyes. You could have sworn the tips of his hair started to change color, but that was probably due to the angle of the lighting.
He wanted to faint, but then that'd end up with both of you on the floor and that doesn't really paint a good picture in his head.
You apologize briefly after getting up, repeatedly bowing your head in a back and forth motion after realising how careless you've been with both your actions and your words. Idia did the same but in a less frantic matter, waving his hands infront of him while averting his eyes to look at anything but you.
After that day Idia couldn't seem to concentrate on his game at all. For starters he tried imagining what would have happened if the roles were reversed and he was the one that tripped.
Hell, he'd die from embarrassment right then and there. A part of him envied how easy it was for you to say such bold choice of words without breaking a sweat (but internally you were dying)
Yet he couldn't deny the fact it made him slightly happy, despite the situation he was placed in, it felt nice being dragged into what you'd call a "suprise event" in gamer terms. He couldn't imagine himself being in the same situation ever again after that encounter, but he wouldn't mind talking to you again under different circumstances.
"Unlike you, I don't need to trip over my own two feet in order to fall for you- Nope! there's no way I can say that and expect to continue living the day after!"
(have you seen Idia's voicelines? even if he said majority half of them sarcasticly im still swooning)
i fvcking tripped and that's the story of how this fic was born (I feel smart when writing titles/prompts but am horrible at writing them, sadly) -kishira
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sober-pepper · a month ago
[During the ghost marriage event]
Yuu, seeing everyone fail and get slapped: Wow. It's raining losers out here.
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squidwen · a month ago
⚓️Octo Confidante⚓️
Tumblr media
Summary: Wracked with remorse for triggering Azul’s overblot, you seek out the fallen businessman in hopes of earning his forgiveness.
After finding him on the outskirts of Octavinelle, an unexpected fight ensues and you end up back in his tentacles. But this time they’re gentle, comforting you after a painful truth is revealed.
Sequel to Tentacle Trapped. However, you can read this fic without reading the first instalment.
Over the weeks since Azul’s overblot you’d made an effort to check up on how he was doing. Admittedly, you had been hesitant at first. It had taken ages for the suction cup marks to fade off your skin; a constant reminder of the horrors you could have faced if Jade hadn’t saved you.
Being on the receiving end of all the rage and injustice Azul felt towards his childhood had put into perspective the extent of his pain, and you couldn’t - in good conscience - pretend all was now fine. Especially since you had played a major role in triggering his overblot.
 Unfortunately, Azul was nowhere to be found today. You’d checked the classrooms, the cafeteria, Monstro Lounge, and even asked Jade if he’d knock on Azul’s bedroom door, but the eel had come back alone.
“Azul has been acting erratically of late,” said Jade, ushering you towards the front door of the dormitory. You were wary. If he was seeing you out, why wasn’t he steering you to the portal mirror? “Going on morning walks. Afternoon walks. Evening walks, with nothing on his person. He owes me for the extra duties I’ve had to fulfil in his absence. A part of me is debating whether to challenge him for the title of dorm leader.”
You cringed at the thought of Jade running Octavinelle. The eel seemed to sense your discomfort and beamed a sinister grin at you. “But I digress. The currents don’t get strong until late into the night. Chances are Azul’s footprints are still visible in the sand.”
With a brisk nudge Jade tipped you out of the entrance hall and into the crisp ocean. The effects of the breathing enchantment surrounding the dormitory lightly stung the space behind your nose.
“Safe travels, Prefect. Oh, and if you run into a shark…tough.”
Waking through water was laborious. You might have been able to breathe sufficiently, but you still had to drag yourself hundreds of yards into the deep with kilolitres of brine weighing you down. It felt like a boulder was strapped to your back.
Suddenly, about a mile from the dorm the shape of the footprints changed.
You crouched down to get a better look.
What had once been the definite sole of a shoe had become a long groove in the sand, like someone had dragged a pole through it.
Your heart lurched in your chest. Drag marks? Out here in the open ocean there were no street lamps, or ways of communication. What if Azul had run into a shark? Or someone had taken the opportunity to jump him? Jade had said Azul went for walks with nothing on him. Not even his magic pen. And his contract career had no doubt made him enemies.
“Azul!” you screamed, cupping your hands around your mouth. There came no reply. The call left you breathless. This far from the dormitory the breathing enchantment was thin. But you couldn’t get the thought of Azul being hurt out of your head. Rasping, you turned to call in the other direction when something soft slid over your mouth.
You recognised the sensation. The familiar prickle of suction cups caressed your cheeks as a tentacle wrapped around your face. Your eyes trailed its length until its owner came into view. Azul’s lilac skin and other gelatinous tentacles were just as you remembered. They snapped you back to his overblot, making your breathing quicken. Azul tightened the grip around your mouth as a silent scold.
“I’m going to take it away,” he cautioned, “and you’re going to breath normally.” You nodded in understanding. Azul peeled his tentacle off, and looked like he was about to burst into a fit of laughter. It took you a moment to guess why: dozens of suction cup marks probably peppered your face again. Livid, you shoved him. It broke the dam, and he exploded into chuckles.
It was mirthful, without restraint or professionalism.
Your anger didn’t stand a chance against it. You were relieved to see him. Before you could think, you threw yourself forward and wrapped your arms around him. Azul went stiff as a board. You were touching him. The real him. His real form. So tenderly and sweetly. The octopus suddenly became aware of himself. Pathetic, and soft, and weak.
Azul wriggled out of your arms and drew back to look at you. “Why are you here?” Suspicion spiked his gaze. “I can take these impromptu meetings in my human form, but why have you sought me out now? Is it to make fun of me? Go on then.” He opened his arms and tossed his head back. “Lay it on me. There’s nothing you can say that I haven’t already heard. And you’ve already seen me at my worst.”
You looked at the floor. “Azul, I don’t blame you for thinking the worst of me after what I did, but I’m not here to make things worse between us.”
Azul sighed. “You’re not? I’d much rather you did. I’d pick that over having my life’s work destroyed.”
After Leona had destroyed the contracts it had taken a while for the effects to kick in, but day by day Azul had lost the talents he’d coveted. His flawless skin had spots on it, his words had lost their melodic trill, and he looked like he’d gone up a dress size.
“There’s nothing to pick on.” You were being honest. “You look fine.”
“Don’t lie-“
“I’m not! And why are you out here, Azul? All on your own? Miles from anyone. What if something happened to you? What if a shark-“
One of Azul’s tentacles slammed into your gut. You doubled over in pain as it coiled itself up around your arms, your waist, your chest, and finally slinked itself around your neck. Your body responded, twisting and writhing, but it was no use. Azul’s pupils thinned into horizontal slits, challenging you cruelly. Soft as the tentacles were, they were strong. It had only taken one to put you out of commission and the lightest squeeze would sever your airway completely.
“I’d be fine.”
“Point taken,” you said sheepishly.
“Sharks aren’t indigenous to these waters. Don’t let Jade get inside your head. It was impossible to get the first-years to scrub the algae off the dorm spires without them crying about getting eaten. And as for your question…I’m out here because I need to order things.”
“Order things?”
Azul drew his tentacle away. His expression was distant, like his mind was anywhere else but with you. “In my head. You know why I hate this body. How much I’ve suffered inside it. After all, you can only go so many years being picked on for your appearance before you decide to change it.”
“So why are you in this form now?” You tilted your head in curiosity. “The breathing spell still works out here. You could have been human.”
“Did you not see the footprints? I was human until I was out of sight from the dorm. But what would be the point in being human while trying to process what I truly am? I’ve still got to live with myself. When I go home, I will look like this.”
“I just don’t understand what you don’t see. There’s nothing wrong with you.”
Azul rolled his eyes and pushed past you. Speaking with you seemed to be a chore. “Go back. Tell Jade I’ll be home before Monstro Lounge opens for dinner.”
You grabbed his arm. “Azul-“ A tentacle shoved you off.
“There’s nothing you can say to me!” Forgetting that he wanted to be alone, Azul veered on you and shoved you briskly in the chest. You stumbled back, scuffing your ankle on a rock. The pain was sharp but you bit back your cry. “You don’t understand!” Azul’s lilac cheeks had turned purple with rage. “You can’t understand! All those years. My whole life. Don’t even try to cheer me up. You have no idea where to begin!”
Something snapped inside you.
“I don’t know?” You gripped your shirt and stomped forward. Azul drew back in surprise. “I don’t know what it’s like to crave respect, but settle for being left alone? Because every day brings another jab to my character, or my appearance, or my ability?”
Your words froze Azul. His shoulders stayed locked by his ears – poised and defensive – but his face softened. Perhaps a little too much. His cheeks went from purple to pale, his lips appearing almost white. He looked like he’d faint, but you didn’t care. It meant he was listening. An improvement on the last time you’d tried to make him see sense.
“Don’t tell me what I feel! Or what I understand!” Tears stung your eyes. “I know the pain of feeling so pathetic and useless you wonder if there’s any point to you at all. Even now-“
“I have no magic!” you screamed. Your throat was ripped raw. “It takes me hours to complete a task any mage could do in minutes. I have nothing! I am nothing! I can’t contact my family. I’m poor. I’m weak. I don’t understand how this world works.” You rambled off as your face swelled with emotion. Luckily, the sea water carried away your tears but the effect of them remained. “And do people really like me, or do they see me as entertainment? As a show? Something to compare themselves to and be reminded how lucky and strong they are. Is that why they spend time with me? Do people watch me struggle, and laugh?”
Azul started sobbing.
The sound wrested you back into yourself. You were meant to comfort the merman, not make him cry. And especially not make this all about yourself. Shame blanketed you. “Azul?” You reached forward and took him by the shoulders. He just kept sobbing, his head in his hands. You pulled him closer and bound him in a tight hug.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout.”
Azul couldn’t speak. He was near hysterics, barely managing a few syllables at a time. You shushed him. There was nothing he could say. Nothing he needed to. His chest heaved against yours, completely surrendering himself as he wrapped you in his own trembling arms. 
But his arms weren’t enough. It didn’t seem like he could get close enough to you. You could sense the hesitation in his touch as the first tentacle crawled across your shoulder. The suction cups barely gripped you, so you leant into them for reassurance.
It was the first time Azul had used his octopus form to be gentle with you. A part of your mind flashed back to the overblot, for when his tentacles had been used to restrain rather than embrace, but his softness usurped all your concerns.
The tentacle wrapped itself down your arm. Another mirrored the first, curling from your biceps to your wrist. You flinched at their coolness, like silk sleeves were being draped over your arms. 
You didn’t pull back. If Azul needed someone to hold you would gladly fill the role. Side to side you rocked him, a gentle and soothing sway.
It prompted two more tentacles to reach out for you. One went to cup the back of your head while the other snaked around your lower back. It squeezed in support and - trusting Azul’s intentions - you let yourself drop. The tentacle held you up easily. The one around your head played with your hair, lifting and curling the strands around itself.
Every part of you seemed to fascinate him.
“You’re not entertainment,” he breathed.
Fresh tears surged into your eyes. Azul felt their warmth as you buried your face into his shoulder. He pressed you closer. His tentacles held you tighter, like he was trying to wring the sadness out of you.
When Azul at last drew back, the tentacle around your head slid under your chin and turned your face to look at him. His cerulean irises shone against his red sclera.
You felt embarrassed for exposing yourself to him, but when you connect with someone so deeply it’s pointless to pretend. How can you hide a truth they know as deeply as you do?
Azul’s hands rested on your shoulders and guided you down to the sea floor. The remaining tentacles cushioned you against the rocks and silt, stroking your legs tenderly.
He hummed inquisitively.
“I’m not daft enough to believe I’ll get rid of years of dark thoughts and insecurity…but…” You choked on your words. Azul sat patiently. The way he looked at you was unlike anyone else had. There was nothing in his eyes except curiosity. Disbelief. You felt as though he would wait hours just to finish what you had to say. “You’re incredible,” you said.
“I’m not.”
“You are. You’re so quick to listen to bad things, why not the good?”
“Take your own advice.”
“Just, listen.” Azul relented. “You coveted what you could do. But you’ve earnt who you are. Where are your bullies now? Are they running successful restaurants while getting top grades?”
“I don’t even remember them.”
“So why care about what they said?” You squeezed his hands. A blush rose to his face, but you pretended you didn’t see it. “When they were children no less. I know it hurt at the time but kids are idiots. Just ask Leona.”
That got a laugh. “But they were right. I am clumsy, and squishy, and-“
“I’m not complaining.”
Azul’s eyes snapped to you. His blush deepened.
“I’ve…never been held like this.” You glanced at the tentacles around you. The tips of them continued their curling, as if they had a mind of their own. A blush was drawn out of you as they shifted over your figure, brushing over your sensitive waist and collarbone. Answer enough.
You leant forward.
Azul didn’t seem to know what he wanted to say. He tried the beginning of several sentences before settling on: “Thank you for saving me.”
“But it was my fault-“
The tentacle under your chin whipped to your mouth. You glared at him, your curse coming out muffled, but Azul bat his eyelashes innocently. You could have sworn one of the suction cups kissed your lips. A blush coated your entire face. Azul quickly drew the tentacle away. It curled and uncurled itself in rapid succession before he hid it behind his back, seemingly pleased with what it had just done.
“We-We’ll draw a line under it.”
You cocked your chin in agreement.
The water had turned a dark amber around you. The sun was nothing more than a buttery speck, rippling above the surface of the water.
Azul drew you up and dropped his tentacles. Your body pricked with gooseflesh as water rushed onto your freed skin, feeling as though you’d just opened the window after stepping out of a hot shower. Azul excused himself before disappearing behind a rock. He came back minutes later fully clothed and in human form. “I would have carried you back to the dorm but I’m still not…”
“It’s okay.” You took his hand. Azul’s palm grew clammy but he didn’t pull away. “Just until we get within sight of the dorm.” You winked at him cheekily. “Got to stay professional after all.”
“Agreed. Oh, and Y/N, if you need a job at Monstro Lounge to earn a bit of extra money, just ask.”
The minimal allowance Crowley gave you, and the state of Ramshackle, was incentive enough. “I’m yours. But I won’t be signing a contract,”
Azul raised an eyebrow, a cunning smirk on his face. Just like that he slipped seamlessly back into his business persona.
“My dear, Y/N,” he cooed. “You said it yourself. I either covet or earn. And I’d much rather earn you.”
Author note: Here it is! The sequel!
I love writing Azul because I connect with him the most out of all the characters in TWST. The man deserves to snap out of his (overly) self-critical nature and love himself.
But, of course, things are never that easy. Falling is easy, climbing back up takes work.
I hoped you enjoyed reading.
Please leave a comment/reblogs with comments. They are greatly appreciated. My TWST OC ask box is open.
Squidwen x
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twistfantasies · 4 months ago
How would Ruggie, Malleus, Jade, and Deuce react to their s/o sleeping with a plushie that they gifted them?
{Aww! This is so cute!! I love it omg. I sleep with my boba squish mallow and have no shame. I kind of wanna give each character a specific plushie to comment on....okay. I'm gonna. I have the power here lol}
Prompt: What if they caught s/o sleeping with a plushie? (Pre-Relationship)
Characters: Ruggie Bucci, Malleus Draconia, Jade Leech, and Deuce Spade Part (1/?): Next
A/N: I forgot the 'they gifted you,' part. I'm sorry! I hope it's okay
Ruggie Bucci
Plush Bunny
Sometimes Leona sends Ruggie on 'quests,' as you would often call them. Ruggie just calls them chores
Things like getting him lunch, cleaning his room, delivering papers, and recently he's been tasked with keeping an eye on you.
Word on the proverbial grapevine is that you haven't been doing so great. Falling asleep in random places, spending long hours in the library, working extra shifts at the monster lounge, and most importantly- you haven't visited Savanaclaw in over two weeks
Now Ruggie would get shanked if he ever said it out loud, but Leona has a soft spot for ya. Just like he does for Jack Howl and the other nosy freshmen
When Ruggie hears, "make sure those idiots aren't causing me extra work," it translates to "make sure those idiots aren't in any trouble. go help them,"
Think good-cop and bad-cop. Leona lays bad-cop, and marionettes Ruggie as good-cop
He's sent Ruggie to do a bit spying on you a few times, not that the errand boy complained. He has personal motives for these little 'quests'. Like sometimes finding you in the most interesting positions
"Aye Aye...geez, can't you do it on your own for once?" - "Care to repeat that" -"Nothing! Nothing..."
He never sees anything horrible. Just funny situations, like when you're in a sneezing fit or rambling about the 'oh-so-generous' Crowley to yourself when you think you're alone. Ruggie always gets a good laugh at your antics when you think no one is watching
But this- okay, this scenario is a new one for him.
"You really have no sense of decency...do you, prefect" he says, looking down at you napping under a tree in the courtyard
It wouldn't be so bad, if you weren't curled around a small stuffed rabbit. He just-
Pulls out his phone and takes a picture. No hesitation. Just quickly snaps it and then crouches over you
And stares. Anyone walking by would think him a creeper, with his ears twitching and face scrunched up in concentration
You...shit. He can't keep doing this for Leona if this is what he'll find. His shriveled little heart can't handle it
He definitely plans to rub the picture in your face later, but for now he'll lay down next to you and watch the clouds. To the onlooker it looks like your both chilling, but for Ruggie it feels more intimate. He's guarding you from anyone that might disturb your rest or trying to peak at the cute sight only he gets to see
Malleus Draconia
Plush dragon
So, this all began when Malleus asked about University life from your world. He wanted to know more about human culture and how dormitories in TW are different from what you know
Your world is definitely less exciting than Twisted Wonderland. You have to walk everywhere and don't have mirror travel? Dorms contain hundreds of students at once? No prefects? No set schedule? Who controls the chaos? That...sounds tiring
He wants to know more about the dorm culture. So you tell him about staying up late to study, coffee addiction, mutual understanding of finals stress among peers, how prefects are essentially called RAs, fraternities/sororities/etc, extra curricular clubs, bad cafeteria food, and most importantly- crashing in other dorms to escape your own.
He has never shared a dorm with another person, or a room. There were times he snuck into Lilia's room as a child after a nightmare, but he doesn't mention that to you
The 'dorm crashing,' you talk about- he wants to experience it. He wants to spend an entire evening with "friends" and enjoy a wild adventure
He nearly invites himself to spend the night in your dorm, but trails off since that would be indecent considering his...emotions
"Might I impose upon....ah. Pardon my boldness, I retract my previous suggestion,"
He wants to interject when you insist on his idea. It's improper but how can he say no when you are so excited?
And this is how Malleus ends up sharing your dorm for the night. You both set up sleeping arrangements on the floor of your room, which Grimm loves since the bed is now all his. After all, it is not a proper sleepover unless you both wake with backaches (from the floor, not what you're thinking of -_-)
You both go for a late-night walk, play a board game with the resident ghosts and Grimm, enjoy a warm beverage by the fireplace, and end the night discussing whatever thoughts come to mind.
It's the most fun Malleus has ever had. He's never experienced such a relaxed evening. Not once was there a moment of discomfort
Until you both settled in for the night, and you bring in that plush dragon. He's uncomfortable but not in a bad way
He says nothing at first and instead focuses on the crackling fire. He doesn't need as much sleep as a human, so he merely pretends until your steady breathing can be heard
He turns to look your way, watching how you snuggle into it's fur. The fire illuminating your peaceful face and blankets drawn up to your shoulders
You look so serene. No one has ever looked so calm in his presence or allowed themselves to be vulnerable. Then again- he's never dropped his guard this much around anyone other than his close dormmates. His family.
"Oh, if you only recognized these feelings I carry. Would you still allow me to witness this sight?"
He cannot help himself, and reaches over to tuck you in further and pat the dragon on it's head.
You're too precious. Welcoming a demon into your den and taunting him so...
Jade Leech
Similar to how Leona has a soft spot for you, so does Azul
You are the only person allowed back in the VIP lounge without permission. No contracts, no deals, no nothing. The space was offered in case you ever felt overwhelmed and needed somewhere to cool off
More specifically, when you first saw Azul's octopot you had mentioned missing having a safe-place, and that there was nowhere truly quiet in NRC for you to go. Azul immediately offered the lounge and instructed the tweels to let you in whenever (so long as a transaction wasn't being made. Then you could go to one of their dorm rooms)
You surprisingly took him up on the offer, and on occasion Jade would escort you to the VIP lounge for some quiet time. You'd normally do your homework in the corner as Azul worked, or fell asleep on one of the couches
Today was one of the times when Azul needed the room for work, but seeing your defeated expression convinced Jade to loan out his room
Floyd offered his as well, but it was rarely in a state to host company. So you agreed to rest in Jade's until his shift was over and he could escort you back to Ramshackle
"Please don't touch anything other than the desk and available seating. I have many dangerous specimens in here and cannot guarantee your safety. Rest well~"
It is not necessary, but he greatly dislikes you walking alone at night after closing. He will not take no for an answer, and will dismiss any rebuttal with a smile. Before you know it, you're half-way to your dorm while he is guiding you with a hand on the small of your back
After his shift, night had long fallen. He mentally prepared to once again swindle his way into walking you home as he approached his room. Though after opening the door? His plans changed
Laid on his bed, you have clearly fallen asleep while reading a light novel. In one hand is the book and in the other...a plush piece of toast?
He has seen you asleep many times in the VIP lounge, but never like this. Not in his room, completely relaxed, and entirely unaware of the danger you were in. His prior warning did not pertain only to mushrooms
"Aha...my dearest, it seems you are not as conscious of me as I thought. You are fortunate that I am merciful,"
He runs his index finger along your cheek and down your neck, stopping when his hand meets the plush toy clutched in your hands. He is showing you mercy, but at the cost of more self control than his twin could ever muster
"I adore you..." He doesn't need to walk you home, because he does not bother waking you up. He instead tends to his fungi, and spends the night sparing occasional glances your way until morning
Deuce Spade
Puppy Plushie
He may -or may not!- have been booted from his Dorm for a few days
He definitely did not shatter nearly half of Heartslabyul's fine china in a petty argument with one of his upperclassmen
Okay, but they were trying to ditch their duties and push all the work onto him! He's just trying to live an honest life here and they had the gull to pull the 'I'm your superior now do as I say,' bullshit
He sent a cauldron their way...and well, you get the rest. He's honestly lucky that Riddle did not collar him and instead Trey sent him away for a few days. Just until tensions cool off
Which is why he's here now. At your doorstep, in the middle of the night, with his pajamas on and nothing but a backpack. He doesn't even have proper shoes on! Just slippers
Annnd he's begging you to help him out. He's stayed over many times anyways. What's the harm in a few nights? It's just that this time Ace wouldn't be around
....lock the doors. He may have followed and Deuce is not in the mood for a second argument of the day. He just wants to do his homework and get some rest
"Please! I promise you won't even know that I'm here. I'll be super quiet,"
Say yes already and tell him to stop bowing. It's pathetic
Normally when Ace and Deuce sleep over, you have the living room set up for them. Since this is last minute he'll have to bunk in your room. You don't have fresh linens and it's too late to warm the living area with a fire.
Que you both fighting over who takes the bed. You're fine with him taking it, but Grimm refuses to sleep with him. Deuce also isn't happy kicking you out of your bed.
Egads his mother would have him hung for taking his host's bed. Especially your bed - the thought sends him overboard
In the end, Grimm ends up making himself comfy on one of the recliners in the room. Which leaves Deuce to share the bed with you after finishing his homework (that you begrudgingly help with)
He's already near a heart attack when you both get into the bed. Then he watches you lean over to grab a large plush dog...and snuggle it
He has never invaded your room when sleeping over. This is the first time he's seen you so...adorable. Utterly. Adorable.
He promptly turns so your backs are facing each other, and buries his face in his pillow.. Before he realizes it, an hour has passed and the grandfather-clock down the hall is chiming. Slowly, he peers over his shoulder to see that you've turned to face his back.
" Forgive me...I don't think I can do this-"
You wake up to find him in a blanket cocoon on the floor. He was not going to get any sleep staying in that bed
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kalimmunchies · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
malleus my beloved
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luxthestrange · 13 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#187 Spider
Yuu*Barging into the kitchen with a scared look*THERE'S A SPIDER!
Yuu*Starts to climb over the kitchen counter*KILL IT!?
Jamil*Is also climbing onto the kitchen counter*YOU SAW IT FIRST YOU KILL IT!?
Jamil*unties his hair and lets it flow like a Disney princess with a sassy look*SINCE WHEN?
Tumblr media
Kalim*Being hugged by Yuu and Jamil after he grabbed the spider and tossed it out the window*???... I don't know what's happening but I like it!*Hugging you and Jamil back*
Tumblr media
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raymioo · 15 hours ago
Fanfic Prompt Generator.1
☆Includes Trey, Jamil, and Deuce x reader, Prompt 2 can be platonic or romantic, GN reader.
Tumblr media
Modern AU???? Woah
☆Trey x Reader
The wind sent chills down your spine as you sat patiently on the couch. Winter had come and NRC was colder than you had expected, the fact Crowley hadn’t provided with any clothes didn’t help either. You watched the snow fall outside the window, putting you at peace. Frost glazed over the delicate glass, each snowflake different from the other.
“Hello love,” said a voice, it was Trey’s. The sweet aroma of chocolate and marshmallow filled your nose as he walked towards you, setting himself next to you. He passed you a warm white mug. “Thank you,” you said in response, a smile appearing on your face. The mug was filled to the brim with delicious hot chocolate, a few marshmallows bopping up and down around the liquid, dancing. As you took a sip the sweet drink filled you.
You lay on Trey’s shoulder as he flips through different shows. Maybe you’ll stay awake for one movie.
Tumblr media
Non canon personality? Stfu this is canon now
☆Jamil Viper
Jamil: Mc? Why are you screaming- HOLY SHIT- WTF WHY IS THERE GIANT ROACH-
Jamil: WAIT RIGHT HERE- *exits*
Mc: I- I’m just going to uh move- SIX FEET AWAY SIR AND OR MADAME- *backs up*
Roach: *moves forward*
Mc: SIX FEET AWAYYYYYY *running out the room in the hallway*
Roach: *follows*
Mc: *frantic running*
Roach: *more running, catching up*
Kalim, watching from a window: Jerry? What is he doing, OH ARE THEY PLAYING TAG? HOW FUN!
Jamil arriving: MC I’M HERE- wait what where’d they go- HOLY SHIT- MC STOP RUNNING I NEED TO KILL IT-
Kalim: Aw, poor Jerry
☆A 3ft tall roach- bye 💀
Tumblr media
I only have 1 thing to say, DEUCE DEUCE DEUCE DEUCEEEE
This was too cute to not do-
Yes this is Deuce you can not change my mind.
☆Deuce Spade x reader
His blue hair practically glowed as the sun began to fall into a slumber, allowing the moon to rise. You held Deuce’s hand as he walked you back to Ramshackable. There was a peaceful silence between you two as he led you along the path.
As you approached the door Deuce musters an awkward goodbye. “Good night prefect, sleep well,” he says, looking away to hide his face. It was almost as red as Riddle. He hadn’t gotten used to being in love, let alone with you. Everything you did set his body on fire, even the slightest thing like smiling at him as you pass by off to your next class.
You lean in for a kiss, only for Deuce to lean in too, your foreheads clashing. You rub it as Deuce realizes what had happened. “I am so sorry,” he repeats, worried you were hurt. “It’s ok, are you ok?” You ask, shrugging it off. Deuce responds with a quick nod, turning away from you to hide his embarrassment.
You give him a light kiss on the cheek as you wave goodbye, entering Ramshackable, leaving a flustered Deuce outside. “Did they, KISS ME?!!” He thinks to himself, pulling himself back to reality. What a nice goodbye gift.
Ace: OOoOoOoO someone’s in loOoOoOove-
Deuce: Ace so help me I will not hesitate to punch you right now-
Sad loneliness is me. I am the definition.
Cheese nugget
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rs-wonderland · 2 months ago
Sebek: Malleus isn't answering his phone!?
Yuu/Mc: Oh- i'll call :)
Malleus: Yes?
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mastersdomaine · a month ago
What if the dorm leaders saw our kisses and cuddle pile with the first years?
"caught cuddling and kissing!" twisted wonderland dorm leaders.
synopsis: somehow, someway, the dorm leaders happen to see your cuddle piles and kisses with the first years! how do they react?
characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, jamil, vil, idia & malleus x gender neutral! reader | mentions of first years x reader
includes: cursing, stalker-ish! idia, malleus is referred to as tsunotarou
note: sorry if idia and malleus are out of character because eng. server doesn't have their book.
riddle rosehearts: dorm leader of heartslabyul
he noticed the two were gone because it was surprisingly quite at midnight. usually, he could heard ace being a dumbass and deuce trying to stop him from being a dumbass. he goes to their dorm room and sees them not there. they must've left the dorm!
riddle did not give ace and deuce sleepover passes! before storming out of heartslabyul and to ramshackle (where he was sure the two were), he should've checked with his vice dorm leader to see if he had given them sleepover passes. if he did, he would've known that trey gave them sleepover passes so that they could go over to ramshackle.
upon arriving at ramshackle, he checks the windows first. it's late and it's the weekend so he wants to see if you and the troublesome duo are awake. he sees the adeuce duo and you, but in addition, jack, epel and sebek!
he watched as you kissed sebek, then jack, then ace, then deuce, and then he watched epel kiss you. he was pissed! at first, he was upset because you kissed two of his dorm members (the most troublesome ones at that), but he was pissed when epel kissed you! that should have been him!
he should be held in your arms while you both kiss! not epel! he should be cuddled up to your side, not deuce! he should be holding your hand and tracing shapes and words on it, not ace or sebek! you should be leaning on his chest, not jack's!
riddle would love to never ever admit this out loud, but he's jealous of first years. he does wish if he could take their places. if jack, epel and sebek were in his dorm, they'd all be collared. be prepared ace and deuce, tomorrow morning when they arrive back at heartslabyul, they'll be collared for their crimes!
he storms back to his room and pouts.
leona kingscholar: dorm leader of savanaclaw
he found out when jack asked to go to your dorm for a sleepover. he didn't care much, but he did just say, "yeah, go for it." and told jack to leave his room.
he forgot about it later on and he couldn't sleep. leona does have a random habit of getting you to come to his dorm, or go to your dorm when this happens. after calling you like 20 times with no response, he decided to go to your dorm, much to his demise.
when leona arrives at ramshackle, before busting to door down to yell at you for not answering his calls, he sees you doing something disgusting. leona saw you kissing jack - his underclassmen and dorm member!
he feels like vomiting. then you're kissing those two troubling heartslabyul herbivores? and the protégé(epel) of that prick(vil)? wait- that one kissed you back?! he's pissed, he feels like turning all of them into sand.
he's too angry to even try to sleep now. he can only assume you kissed that screaming one who always talks about malleus? disgusting.
jack doesn't get punished, but you and jack can see the anger that leona carries towards jack for a while. one day while he's sleeping in the botanical garden, he sees you walking by and grabs you to the ground with him.
you're now forced to sleep with this lazy lion, and he makes you kiss him goodnight. he won't kiss you back, but every time you're nearby and he's trying to sleep, you're required to kiss him goodnight or sleep with him.
azul ashengrotto: dorm leader of octavinelle
no first year in his dorm is in your cuddle pile, but he still did found out. he was attempting to look around ramshackle to see if it would be a good area for monstro lounge 2, but he instead got to see you doing unspeakable things with the first years...
azul saw you cuddling them! you were holding them or they were holding you. he even saw you kissing them, he felt like crawling in his pot and dying. but of course you wouldn't want to cuddle him, he is just a stupid, ugly, octo-twerp, but he still feels bad! :((
as he watched you kiss them, he is filled envy. he wishes to be them, but he wished desperately to hold you or hold onto you and receive kisses from you. fuck, if he's bold enough, he'll initiate the kiss like epel did!
he's upset with you and those stupid first years. he'll get back at them, but not at you, he loves you. but how should he get the others back. a contract? sick the leech twins on them? no, he leaves it alone.
but every time you see him, he either becomes really bold, really clingy(behind closed doors), distant, or really sad around you. don't worry, just hold the octo-baby and cuddle, comfort, and kiss him! he'll be happy after that!
kalim al-asim & jamil viper: dorm leader and vice-dorm leader of scarabia
no one from the two's dorm is in your cuddle pile either. but kalim and jamil find out about your cuddle pile and kisses when kalim went out for a magic carpet ride. but recently kalim has been reckless on these rides so jamil decided to come with him.
kalim makes a pitstop to ramshackle, his favorite dorm besides his own because you're there. he looks through the window to the lounge to see you and some of the first years cuddling!
if jamil wasn't there, kalim would have entered ramshackle and joined the cuddle pile. but jamil had to tell kalim that he wasn't invited and it'd be rude to intrude.
kalim pouts at this, but when he sees you kiss them and epel kiss you? he begs jamil to let him go inside so he can at least get a kiss from you! kalim has to be physically held back by jamil to stop him from going inside.
jamil decides it time to leave and pulls kalim onto the magic carpet to fly back to scarabia. "i really wish if i could go in there with them. a cuddle pile with [name] and getting a kiss from them? i'd love that!"
in return to kalim's statement, jamil says, "why not invite them over too scarabia for a cuddle pile?" kalim perks up, "really? then we could invite all of scarabia!" jamil shuts down his idea, "no, that's too many people."
"a third of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "half of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "how about a quarter of scarabia?" jamil lets out a sound of disapproval, "oh! i know now! it can just be me, you, and [name]!"
jamil lets out a surprised gasp, "yes, i suppose that would work. but wouldn't you like it if it was just you and [name]?" "no, it wouldn't be a cuddle pile if it was just two people. plus, i'm sure [name] would love to have you as company!"
the next morning, kalim ran up to you on main street. "hey [name]! can't you join me and jamil for a cuddle pile later tonight at scarabia? thank you! bye!" he ran off leaving you confused but happy for the scarabia cuddle pile later that night.
vil schoenheit: dorm leader of pomefire
he was going to send rook to see if epel hadn't had anything bad happen to his appearance, but rook had left campus this weekend, meaning he would have to check on his own. yes he's losing his beauty sleep, but he'd hate for his progress on epel to be ruined because of a silly sleepover.
vil looked through the window, seeing quite the sight. it was right when you first kissed sebek. then he saw you go to jack, then ace, then deuce and now- epel?!
you kissed epel first, and then he watched epel lean up and kiss you instead. he didn't know wether to be happy that epel had been bold, yet graceful like his teachings or upset that epel was kissing you. you!
the only person you should be kissing is you is him. no one but him. none other than vil schoenheit is fair enough to kiss you. yes, he's upset that you had kissed the other spudlings, but he's most upset that you had kissed epel.
when epel returned the next day, he had no idea that vil was going to make him do the most. extra etiquette classes, extra ballet classes, extra formality classes, everything. epel never got an explanation for the behavior, but he didn't get a break from it.
[name], you need to quickly get to the pomefire dorm and help epel out of his mess by kissing and cuddling the fairest of all, vil!
idia shroud: dorm leader of ignihyde
idia knew of this because both you and ortho practically begged idia to let ortho go. idia didn't let ortho go because he knew those other first years were going to be there, and what if they broke ortho?!
however, he did see everything that went on because - and you don't know this - he has cameras in ramshackle. everywhere in ramshackle. your room, the kitchen, the common room, outside, everywhere.
he watched the night go on, every activity that went on, he felt jealous of. you wanted to invite ortho, but not him? he's sad.
idia saw as you started to fall asleep with sebek, jack, epel, deuce and ace, he should be cuddled up next to you!
he loses it when he actually sees you kiss each one of them. why wasn't it him instead? very self conscious. he suddenly falls into a deep state of depression when he watches epel kiss you and then lay back on your thighs.
not only does he get the thigh pillows, but he got to initiate a kiss?! a very bold first year it seems. he's very sad.
malleus draconia: dorm leader of disomania
he didn't know because sebek surprisingly went to lilia, not wanting disgrace the great malleus with something as stupid as a sleepover.
he was doing his usually walks around ramshackle, waiting for you to come out and greet him. by now, you'd usually be out to see him. maybe you were asleep?
he looks through the windows to see if maybe you're getting ready to leave the dorm to meet him, but he's met with no sight. he instead sees you kiss sebek! he's sad. he means- go sebek! yay! but then again, you should only kiss him! malleus should only get [name]'s kisses!
he gets pissed, actually angry, when he sees epel crawl up and kiss you, initiating the kiss. the anger turns into sadness and he pouts.
very sad dragon boy walks sadly back to disomania.
the next night, malleus visits again and he sees you. he perks up again seeing you. you two continue your conversation into the early hours of the morning. when it is time to depart, he demands to same treatment those first years got.
"tsunotarou, good night." you say, hugging him. cuddling? done. now, all he needs is that kiss. "child of man?" you let out a hum of acknowledgment, "there is a human ritual i'm not familiar with. could you help me understand it?" you tell him to ask you and you'll try to explain it.
"a good night kiss. could you explain it to me?" he asked. his plan is in motion and he knows you won't refuse. "well, it's a kiss someone gives to another person before they sleep. there are a lot of scientific reason behind it but i don't really know." you tried your best at explaining.
"ah, i get it, could you give me a good night kiss?" he's bold about it, he knows what he's doing but he disguises it as stupidity. "o-oh, okay," you kiss him once on his cheek, "good night, tsunotaro." then on his forehead, "have sweet dreams, 'kay?"
"good night to you too, child of man." he returns his own kiss to your forehead. "thank you for showing me, have a good night."
kissing? done. now, he only has to get you to cuddle him in a bed and kiss him like that.
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http-rae · 4 months ago
little otp prompt (୨୧)
Tumblr media
yuu; what are you doing?
floyd, hanging upside down from a tree branch; shrimpy~! i'm trying to kiss you!
yuu; you're going to fall... please come down.
floyd; ...
floyd; shut up and kiss me, i'm getting lightheadead.
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