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Replaced? (part 3)
Part 2
Female reader!, Twisted Wonderland fanfiction, angst
I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to give more well built answers to some of your comments: I’ve been very busy with work and school, I’m trying my best but know that I read ALL the comments! I’m really happy you guys like "Replaced?" so much and it makes me want to write more! As for messages, I read them all as well! But for spoilers reasons, I can’t reply to them☺️
If you want to be tagged in the next part, I suggest you use this beautiful shrimp emoji!! 🦐 You just have to add it to your comment, (or you can also only comment the emoji) and I’ll know to tag you!
TAG: @idkanametoputhere @mobbu-min @donuelle @hoo-hoo @cyanpasm @da-disappointment @intheheaven @aydencake @alaya-ignis-blog @p1nk-m1lk @kalims @1ocalb0zo @riivine @gardenofpurity
TW: blackmail, body shaming, feeling down, blaming own self, belittling…
Tumblr media
Part 3: What’s wrong with you?
- That’s too bad Y/n…
You stood there, completely stunned. Vanessa had reach her hand into her pocket, grabbing her smartphone, showing the screen to you: screen that was displaying an audio recording app… oh… how dumb you felt. "Stupid! You are so stupid..!" is what you thought to yourself. You could’ve told her a different way! Hell you could’ve completely ignore her! You wouldn’t be in this kind of situation if you hadn’t let your anger issues take over your words, now… now she was going to use that against you!
- I was ready to give you a chance… By now, the audio recording had stop. But you really want to play this game…
"What game?", you thought, still unable to speak up or even blink. She had in her hand a very well built proof of your hatred for her, and the worst part was that it was very, very convincing. You finally felt a small amount of energy running through your legs, allowing your body to move forward and take a step towards her.
- I suggest you stay where you are. You don’t want me to fake an injury, right?
Oh she was twisted. She had every cards in her hand… At any moment, she could ruin your reputation. She would even go as far as hurting herself to make you seem like a violent person, and if she did, you’d be done for: the Headmage would expel you and you’d have no one to turn to. It was a terrible situation you found yourself in, and it was partially your fault…
- Cheer up Y/n! I’ll only use this if you annoy me! She smiled.
- What do you mean by that..? You managed to mumble.
She shook her head and giggled, putting her phone back into her pocket as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. She looked you up and down as she made her way toward the stairs, not giving you the answer you asked for as she took a first step up. The girl turned around, giving you one last glare and sighed:
- You’re not very smart, are you? She scratched her temple. It means that if you’re being a bitch, I’ll make your sweet friends listen to this audio I now have!
And right after saying that, Vanessa walked up the stairs, humming happily. But you just stood there, shaking. Grim was asleep in your room, you couldn’t talk to him. It was too late to call Jack and have him calm you down, too late to go to the Mostro Lounge and cry in Floyd’s arms… and of course, way, way too late to send a message to Deuce or Ace… You took the last ounce of strength you had in your body, guiding your weight to the couch as you let yourself fall on it.
- What’s wrong with me..? You whispered to yourself, your voice stuttering.
You wanted to grab your phone and call Ace, or Deuce… you missed them. They would always do something that would cheer you up, no matter what it was, you still laughed. They really did throw you away like you were nothing but a mere empty can of a disgusting drink they had try… you didn’t matter to them. If you did, they would’ve been right there with you. If they did care, then they wouldn’t have leave you for her. They just pitied you, all this time you thought you were friends, they couldn’t have cared less about you.
You looked to the window, noticing small green lights outside: of course, you could’ve recognised them between million other lights. You swung your legs off the couch, pulling yourself up and you then made your way to the front door, being cautious not to make the slightest of sounds. You closed the door behind you, still being very careful, and walked towards the pretty sight you noticed earlier.
- Hello, Child of Man.
You turned around, facing the man who just spoke.
- Hey, Hornton… you smiled, but your heart wasn’t really into it.
He stepped closer to you, making you feel very small in comparison to his tall height. He reached his hand to the side of your face, gently placing a strand of your hair behind your ear as you shivered from the cold feeling. His hands were indeed pretty cold, but you put that on the cold weather. You sighed, feeling relieved that he wasn’t disgusted in you like your friends were, or like Vanessa was.
- You seem upset, is something the matter?
He spoke so softly and calmly, that made you want to burst out into uncontrollable tears and sobs: you wanted to sit and just cry. That’s all you wanted to do, as pathetic as it sounded…
- This girl… she wants to ruin me completely…
- Are you referring to Vanessa? What as she done to make you this sad?
You explained everything. You had cross your arms over your chest, shielding yourself from the sudden wind that was blowing cold, sniffling as you told Malleus what had happened these two last days. He listened silently, analysing your facial expressions and every inch of movement in your features, making sure he could catch your tears if any dared to fall down your cheeks. You remembered everything and told your horned friend everything, in details. How Deuce and Ace took her side, how she made you so mad you injured yourself, how she used you to get "proof", threatening you of blackmail…
- That sounds terrible indeed… He delicately held your wounded hand, tracing gentle circles on your palm.
- I just… don’t know what to do. I don’t want everyone to see me as a monster… A tear threatened to fall from your eye.
Malleus’ hand found its way to your cheek, wiping away the tear that had yet to fall with his thumb, slowly tracing over your skin. You bit your lip, trying not to cry in front of him: you wanted to be strong, or at least try and show you were, but you really, really wanted to let out all your emotions.
- "Everyone", like you said, will not fall for this snake’s vicious plan, only the stupid could believe such a liar. He caressed your cheek. And if some eventually decide to take her side, those were people you couldn’t have count on, and therefore, it would be the opportunity to let go of them.
Finally, he brought you close when he noticed your eyes getting red. He had a hand on your back as he held you close to his body. You held back a sad whimper and wrapped your arms around his torso lazily, finally crying your heart out as you buried your face in his chest. He played with your hair a bit, you could tell because he accidentally ran his finger into a knot, undoing it, careful not to hurt you. You could hear his deep voice humming a relaxing tune, one you swore you had already hear once upon a dream: you felt his chest vibrate as he lulled you to sleep. Your eyes eventually grew tired of pouring salty tears and you felt your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Before you could even realise it, you fell asleep against Malleus, and as the caring person he was, he picked you up, bridal style, and carried you to your room. He then got up from the ground, securing you in his arms as he flew onto the roof, next to your bedroom’s window.
- Ah! Hornton! Grim said, looking at Malleus as he opened the window, you still in arms.
He smiled at the demon cat. Grim gave him enough space to lay you down in the bed.
- Take care of her while I’m away, will you?
Grim nodded and took his place next to you, sighing peacefully as the horned man covered the both of you with the bedsheets. He then smiled at your relaxed expression, listening to your calm breathing. He waved goodbye to Grim as he made his way back to the window, closing it behind him as he stepped outside, disappearing into the dark of the night.
~ The next morning ~
The rain woke you up that day. You had groan and turn around a few times because of the thunder rolling… but it was simply impossible to go back to sleep after being awaken like that. What did make you sit up from your comfortable position though, was a loud noise, like a drawer closing, in your bedroom.
- Vanessa?! What are you doing??
- Oh God! Just go back to sleep… I’m just looking for something to wear!
You stood up, still shocked at how straightforward she was. Forget straightforward, she could’ve just asked you! It’s not like you could refuse anyway… she had something against you.
- See I’m going to this unbirthday party… Ace and Deuce invited me!
- I see…
She took notice of the saddened look on your features and only smiled, taking absolute delight in seeing you so pathetic and weak. She then let out the most annoying sounding gasp when her eyes feel upon your favorite blouse: it was an off white color, lace on the sleeves and collar, ruffles here and there with beautiful silver pearls.
- Take something else. That’s my favorite.
- You think I care? Don’t forget our little deal~
That’s not a deal if it only benefits you… or if it threatens me! You sighed, loudly.
- Don’t be like that! I have the perfect red skirt to wear with it! It’ll suit me better anyway, so it’s no waste!
- Haha… very funny. You better bring it back like it was.
- Yeah, yeah…
She then left, not even giving you another glance as she made her way back to her own room, slamming your door on the way.
- Mya-!! What happened!?
- Go back to sleep Grim… it was just Vanessa slamming the door.
He sat up, yawning like crazy as he stretched his tiny body. You ruffled his fur, right behind the ears as you got lost deep in thoughts.
- I have an idea! Let’s go hang out with Jack!
- Sure… that’ll be better than doing nothing, right?
~ 11 AM, in the courtyard ~
- I will teach her a lesson she’ll remember!!
- Jack- Calm down-
Jack has been growling for a while now. All because you told him about Vanessa… well, you only told him about what has happen earlier this morning. He didn’t need to hear about the blackmail, did he? It was something you could handle on your own, no need to worry your friends over nothing.
- She has no right to treat you that way!
- I know, I know…
Of course you knew. But it was also your fault. In all of this, you weren’t totally innocent… so you’ll deal with it yourself. After all, all you had to do was to not annoy Vanessa… easy enough!
- If she bothers you again, call me.
- Floyd told me the same… you giggled. I’m glad I can count on you, Jack.
- Anytime.
You sighed, somewhat happily. Walking next to Jack as he told you about his weird dream, Grim stopping to look at all the bugs in the grass… that was a pleasant morning, away from you worries.
- Y/n!
You turned around. Riddle was coming your way, which you found odd: did he need you for something? Wasn’t he supposed to prepare the unbirthday party? He seemed mad…
- I’m gonna need an explanation from you.
- About what..?
- Vanessa made me listen to something I wish I never listen to.
You gulped. She didn’t… she couldn’t have! You did nothing wrong!! You haven’t even seen her since she stole your shirt! Why did she do that?!
- So?
Jack had his hand on your shoulder, gently rubbing it to reassure you. He saw how distressed you got after Riddle told you why he was mad. Grim had jump on your other shoulder, menacingly staring at the Heartslabyul student.
- What’s your problem?? Grim hissed.
- My "problem", is that Y/n has insulted Vanessa, for no apparent reason, and unfortunately for her… Vanessa recorded it all.
- What? Jack said.
You were shaking by now. Sweat dripping down your forehead as tears pricked the corners of your eyes. You bit the inside of your cheek, your heart beating loudly and echoing in your tempers.
- I-I didn’t-
- What’s wrong with you? You’re not the same since she got here. Riddle sighed. I did not expect this behavior from you Y/n… I’m honestly disappointed.
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More beauty and the beast Au picture content?!!! I demand more!!! Give us a full on ficlet, more cute pictures!!! Hell I wanna see Jack go best mode on the Gaston in this story!
SDJDSJFDSJKJSDF just cause anon asked nicely 😳😳
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Your boyfriend is an idiot.
★synopsis: You just wanted to make fun of him, but in the end… ★warning: no! (except for my bad English) ★chasters: Jack Howl (Ruggie Bucchi), Sebek Zigvolt (Ace Trappola), Idia Shroud (Leona Kingscholar) x fem! Reader + bonus
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
BONUS 1!!!
Tumblr media
BONUS 2!!!
Tumblr media
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Hi Jin! I was wondering if you can do the 1st years with a male s/o who has a plushie of them and cuddles it when they are asleep?
Their Boyfriend Has A Plush Of Him!
{not proof-read}
I’m just imagining those jumbo nesoberi plushes but mostly because they’ve been in my wish list for a while
Tumblr media
Ace came over to your room because he was bored and wanted to hang out with his boyfriend
He was sitting on your bed when he noticed you had a plush that looked very similar to him
He started teasing you on how you need a plushie that looks like him to not feel lonely but he secretly finds it cute that you love him enough to get a plushie of him
Your little hangout turned into a sleepover in your room because Ace didn’t want to walk back to his own room. Besides, your room is comfy
You had already fallen asleep when Ace came back from changing and saw you cuddling with the lookalike plush
Ace scowled and pouted as he walked over to you and ripped the plushie out of your arms and onto the floor, replacing the empty space with himself
He had managed to wake you up with all the shuffling and when you questioned him, he merely said “ You don’t need that plush because you have me. Now cuddle me~!” You couldn’t help but tease him for his whining but you would never deprive your boyfriend of his needs.
Tumblr media
Deuce bad come over to your room for a study session because he needed help in a subject you knew relatively well
He was sitting on your bed when he noticed a plush that looked very similar to him, almost an exact copy
He started messing with the plush and teasing you with how cute he thought it was for you to have this
Your study session turned into a sleepover as you started working into the late hours of the night
Deuce had come back after getting ready for bed to see you already passed out with the plush held tightly in your hands
Deuce pouted a little as he slowly tried to remove the plush from your arms and replace it with him without waking you up
You did end up waking up from all the shuffling but when you questioned Deuce he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me. You’re my boyfriend okay?” You couldn’t help but tease him for being jealous over a plush but you would make sure you always had time for him
Tumblr media
He was out on a jog and ended up running the path back to your room instead of his, most likely out of habit, and decided to just chill with you
He noticed a plush sitting neatly on your bed that looked extremely similar to him
He, of course, pointed it out and showed that he didn’t really care if it looked like him but, in reality, he thought it was cute
You somehow managed to get Jack to sleep over in your room with the excuse that it was late and he was already there with you
When he came back from changing he saw you already asleep and comfy with the plush trapped securely in your arms
His ears drooped at the sight and carefully tried to remove the plush so that he could snuggle himself in your arms
He had managed to wake you up and when you asked him what he was doing he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me b-but don’t look too deep into this!” You teased him for his tsundere behavior but you promised to leave it be for now but you would absolutely bring it up again
Tumblr media
Epel had went over to your room to initially hide from Vil but then he got all giddy to see his boyfriend it turned more into a visit
You were both chilling on your bed when he noticed a small plush laying on your bed that looked very similar to him
He started blushing when you noticed him staring at the plush but he found the concept of you having that when he’s not around adorable
Vil had eventually found him thanks to Rook but he allowed Epel to sleep over but only because you were his boyfriend
When Epel got ready for bed, you were already tucked in tight with the plush held securely in your arms
He pouted as he saw you cuddling it and took it out of your arms and threw it on the opposite side of the bed as he cuddled to you instead
He accidentally woke you up, which he felt guilty for, but when you asked why he moved your plush he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me. I’m your boyfriend okay?” You could only smile and tease him for being jealous but you promised to make more time for him
Tumblr media
Sebek was told to take a break from guarding Malleus by Lilia so he went to the only person he knew he could complain/grieve to: his boyfriend
While ranting about his day of course you listen to him he noticed a plush on your bed that looked exactly like him
He commented on it of course but was blushing because oh great seven you have a plush of him whenever you feel lonely and oh no that’s adorable
Lilia had managed to get Sebek to sleep over in your room to extend his break and Sebek, not wanting refuse Lilia or leave you, took order and decided to stay
He was ready to go to bed when he came back and saw you cuddling with the lookalike plush of him
He could feel the jealousy rising in him as he ripped the plush out of your arms and wrapped your empty arms around him instead
As much as he didn’t want to wake you up, he did and when questioned as to what he was doing, he said “You don’t need that plush because you have me. I’m much better than a plush!” You softly laughed and agreed with him before teasing him for being jealous which he denied full heartedly
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hello twisted wonderland players
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THEM >>>>>
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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More JackBek Agenda :DDD
Tumblr media
Was gonna make it in a ballroom, but meh, garden waltz is cuter;;;
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Savanaclaw: Moonlight
I haven’t written anything in a while so I decided to do this! It’s the second part of dorm ideas for the Moonlight AU by @jackplushie! My favorite bois’ turn hope y’all like it.
Yuu @ everyone: Quit your job.
Boys: Why?
Yuu: Join my emo band phantom thief squad.
Savanaclaw Precinct
Originally just a slow inactive station, Savanaclaw wound up with a lot more work, both at home and abroad, when the Moonlight Thief first burst on stage. With so many early targets being under their jurisdiction, the officers there quickly became the most experienced with the Moonlight Thief specifically. (For as much good as that actually did in stopping any of the thefts.)
Leona is the chief at Savanaclaw. A figure well respected and revered by his fellow officers, if not by himself. Leona's elder brother is a famous figure in international law enforcement, and when it came time for Leona to forge his own path, he decided to stay as far away from Farena as possible. Which unfortunately meant getting stuck in a nowhere city. Leona had no chance of making a name for himself, and mostly spent his days lazing around his office. Until that is, the Moonlight Thief started targeting his precinct. Museums then Villas then Galleries, Leona hadn't had this much work to do since he started. But he was still good at his job, and he quickly managed to always be on top of the Thief's movements. No matter where they struck, Leona was there to meet them. Maybe that's why they so quickly started targeting other cities, and when they did Leona was the first to get called. He finally had what he'd always wanted: recognition. Nothing would solidify that more than catching the Moonlight Thief, permanently for once. It was a shame he got along with them so well.
Ruggie is Leona's second in command, which means he winds up doing a lot of the busy work. Leona wound up hiring him unilaterally upon seeing his potential and they've been stuck together since. Ruggie is... a bit of an oddball when it comes to the Moonlight Thief, he doesn't actually disagree with their actions and usually snickers over the upset rich people they leave in their wake. But his job's his job as he's told them almost everytime they've had a standoff. Ruggie also has the dubious honor of the only person to manage to steal something back. Sure, maybe they got a bit too close and maybe Ruggie wound up getting handcuffed and maybe everytime they meet up Moonlight is either trying to recruit him or staring daggers his way, but the look on their face when Ruggie was halfway to his backup and flashed the necklace at them was priceless.
Jack is a rising star rookie detective at the station, a no nonsense by the books type much to the chagrin of... everyone else. But it's hard for anyone to complain when he gets results, mostly because he's a beast physically. Jack is the only detective other than Ruggie who Leona trusts to lead the defense of a potential theft target. In large part because he's the only other one who's capable of keeping up with the Moonlight Thief, well more than keeping up. He's the only one who can consistently catch up with a fleeing thief. He's had almost as many close calls as Leona, even if Jack drops the ball more... embarassingly. Jack only lies in his reports when he explains why he failed to arrest the thief, because no one believes he got outrun. Usually Jack finds himself getting tricked by some gadget, or worse the thief will make use of his good nature as an opportunity to get away. Not without blowing a kiss back at their 'favorite good boy in blue'. The others might know what it's like to fail to arrest, but those moments are ones Jack is keeping to himself. If only because his tail gets close to spraining whenever he remembers them.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
savanaclaw special<3
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malleuss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The best screen caps from the savanaclaw book
Also( poor Ruggie is trying his best but how strong is Leona that he can overpower someone’s signature spell?!)
Tumblr media
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sebek, adeuce, jack, jamil reaction to reader randomly picking them up bridal style and effortlessly carrying them around? (the message above ask box, I'm not sure what relationship/courting meme means ? so, if you can't do this ask, please ignore it ^^;)
Ace Trappola: 
Tumblr media
Ace is surprised but amused, asking if you were going to be his new mode of transport through NRC now. You considered dropping him at that statement but he wrapped an arm around your neck, settling himself into your arms as he felt pretty secure (and hoped you wouldn’t drop him on his ass). 
Deuce Spade:
Tumblr media
He’s surprised, not knowing how to feel at your sudden show of strength. On one hand he wants to be the one carrying you like this, but on the other, he found it very attractive that you could scoop him up so effortlessly. He wouldn’t mind if you do it again, preferably alone so he doesn’t have the moment ruined by others teasing him. 
Jack Howl:  
Tumblr media
Jack just knows he has to weigh a fair bit, so not only is it embarrassing to be carried around by you but he can’t help but wonder if your back is alright, too. He’s flustered and stutters out for you to put him down, wiggling so much it nearly causes you both to fall. 
Jamil Viper: 
Tumblr media
A bit stressed out, if he’s being honest. He would immediately want to be put down but could be convinced to stay if a bug was nearby. You comment that he’s slender and easy to pick up which makes his cheeks turn several shades darker. He doesn’t appreciate if you do it without asking but if you were polite enough, he might consider giving in once in awhile.
Sebek Zigvolt: 
Tumblr media
He’s alarmed and demands to be put down immediately, his cheeks red and warm and so cute that you can’t resist teasing him. He was a bit on the tall side so it was a little difficult managing to pick him up by surprise but if there was anything you could do, it was catch Sebek off guard. 
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italoniponic · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm slowly realizing one of the motives I love Jack is because maybe I'm don't have that much of a moral compass like I think I have...
But I would kill for you, darling. You just need to ask
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mall-0-ry · 13 hours ago
Hello! i'd liked to make another request, and i'm sorry that i kept on sending one! it's because you're the most active creator here.. soo0-- Can i request for 1st year scenario reactiom, of learning that MC/YUU/YN is dating their Housewarden
It’s alright to send requests! i do not really mind! i hope that this work that i did would be alright for you!
Tumblr media
- He was shocked.
- How did he found out? well, he was trying to apologize for the trouble he caused, by bringing riddle a tart.
- He knocked at the door only to not get any answer, so he opened it and went inside.
- There he saw, You and Riddle Cuddling, while telling him how much you love him.
- He was too shocked to even move an inch.
- but he was too dumb to even keep quiet.
- So he, Shouted “ EW! “
after that, He was collared and was made to do a 6000 words apology, for barging in the room and making a ruckus.
- 100% told Deuce, unconsciously because he was complaining about the collar.
- “ Just because i found them cuddling and being lovey dovey, doesn’t mean he have to collar me! “
- in the end, he’s Very supportive, but he would still tease you and riddle!
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade:
- Found out, because Ace was complaining, and had slipped the secret.
- asked you if it’s true.
- told him that it’s true, and was very happy that you found someone.
- Supportive Baby.
- promises to keep the secret.
- would definitely keep up his word.
- would bonk ace hard on the head, for teasing you two.
- while trying his best not to laugh.
- Makes sure that you won’t get into any trouble, because of Grim and Ace’s constant brawls. (maybe a little of his too.)
- “ The House-warden is looking for you, Y/N! “
- super supportive.
- like very.
- Have i mentioned about being supportive?
Tumblr media
- He knew.
- He already knew.
- At first, he was slightly shocked.
- He found you and Leona cuddling at the Botanical garden, when he was looking for you. so he put in the pieces that you two are together.
- Was told by Leona to protect you from trouble.
- so he’s often roped into “Trouble” that Ace, Deuce and grim dragged you into.
- He’s very supportive, but won’t show it.
- he’s one of the supportive Babies.
- “ you should go find Dorm-head leona, now “
Tumblr media
- He found out, he was shocked.
- He didn’t think that his House-warden would lower his standards *sobs* Just kidding~
- part of the supportive babies.
- Genuinely happy!
- why?
- because Vil has been directing his attention towards you and would often teach you about Makeup and etc.
- He’s as free as a bird!
- His happiness only lasted for a few seconds before Vil spotted him, and asked him to join.
- He could not refuse!
- very sad.
- gave a wonky smile before accepting.
- Vil told him his smile is ugly.
- he made it even more uglier
- He was then taken by rook, who Vil summoned to put an eye on him.
- He was slightly happy!
- Slightly teases you about your Relationship with Vil.
- Would often come by Ramshackle to give you the makeup kit vil bought for you, and some skin care products.
- Loves the thought that you wouldn’t be single and complaining.
Tumblr media
- He was RoBotiCallY HapPy!
- Made a calendar reminder about your monthly Anniversary with Idia.
- calls you Big Sister/Brother
- doesn’t want to call you Sister/Brother in law.
- Would be the one bringing you gifts, that’s from idia.
- doesn’t mind being an Errand boy for Gifts.
- supportive baby.
- hugs you every time he sees you in the hall.
- “ Big brother wants to play this game with you! you should stop by!”
Tumblr media
- stalks you.
- still cannot accept.
- Still also cannot accept.
- Lowkey found you and Malleus cute together.
- Came to conclusion that
- If Malleus Sama is happy with you, then it’s alright.
- starts to slowly support your relationship.
- still would stalk you.
- screams at anybody who would come up to you to flirt.
- Made the whole campus know about your relationship with the Dragon fae.
- was proud about it.
- got a scolding by lilia.
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random-posts-of-many-things · 11 hours ago
Going to Ikea with the first years
Inspired by this commet
Tumblr media
Going to Ikea with the first years
Ace Trappola ♥️
Dumbass got lost right away while you were browsing in the pillow section. You hear an intercom call "Y/N come to the front of the store you son is looking for you" You sigh going to pick him up.
Deuce Spade ♠️
He got interested by the egg themed room that was being show cased (Because Ikea). While walking away from the cart you go to buy and piece of random home decor. Somebody stole from the cart Deuce saw them an immediately went after them luckily you grabbed him by his collar and dragged him off to get Ace.
Jack Howl 🐺
He looked in the fake plants section to see all the cactus that were he was about pick up the last one before you stopped him. Instead you bought him a Fluffy cactus blanket his tail was wagging like crazy but he denies liking it. You find a wolf pup plush and throw it on the ground he immediately dove to save it only find it was an plush.
Epel Felmier 🍎
Get called your child many times and sometimes daughter. He freaks out before Jack calms him down. He finds fake apples and carves them and it somehow works. But that was after trying to eat one and almost choking. Tries to help with the heavy lifting but fails.
Sebek Zigvolt 🐊
Loud ass crocodile can keep his mouth shut. He finds a gargle statue and Screams like a five year old to buy it for Malleus. He even flops on the floor and kicks his legs it was quite a sight for oncoming people. You decide to get an mini version so he doesn't throw an tantrum again.
Grimm 🦝
The raccoon had to come with and he slept in the shopping cart mostly before you guys enter the food court. He goes and scares away the worker perparing the food an burns down many displays before the water sprinklers turn on. He gets you all kicked out.
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twisted-lover-boys · 2 days ago
Hi- Nathan anon here- just wanted to add to the beastmen type bf saga- and I thought of giving the savanahclaw boys a liger bf, they’re basically a mix of a tiger and a lion- feel free to ignore this if your too busy
Savanaclaw Trio With A Liger Boyfriend
{not proof-read}
We went from mythological creature to hybrid I love this saga so much—
You have no idea how much research I did on ligers because they look so cool but are so sad :((
Tumblr media
Liger beastmen are very rare in beastmen culture but Leona can’t say he’s never met one since his boyfriend IS a Liger
He didn’t know you were one until you told him because, when he first met you, he just thought you had a unique color compared to other beastmen
Leona loves your lazy moments together. Just chilling in the security of his room where no one can bother you
He can’t keep up with your energetic moments so he just ends up cutting you loose with the other Savanaclaw students but makes sure you don’t get too hurt or too wild
Leona tends to be protective of you because of how rare you are. Others would try a bring you down because of your race but Leona is there to make sure it never happens
Leona loves you with his full heart and even if he doesn’t show it all the time, it truly means everything he says and does
Tumblr media
Ruggie has seen a lot of people in his lifetime but a Liger is something he’s seen very few of and he can’t believe his own boyfriend IS a Liger
He’s only seen them once maybe twice before but he’s always thought you had a unique color for a beastman
Your lazy moments together are very chill since it’s a time where he can actually relax from his rather taxing jobs
Your hyperactive moments is when he can get tasks done because you can release your energy by either helping him or keeping students away from him while he works
Ruggie wouldn’t call himself protective of you but he is wary about others more than you because they could easily harm you, physically or mentally
No matter how much trouble you or him cause together he will always love you
Tumblr media
Jack has never seen a Liger before but considering his boyfriend IS one, he can’t really say he’s never seen one now
When he first met you, he just thought your color scheme was cool but now that he knows the truth about it, it’s even cooler
He isn’t too fond of your lazy moments since he never gets anything done on those days because he’s too busy showing you love
Your hyperactive days is when he’s the most productive, usually going the extra mile for a workout or just to burn energy
Jack isn’t completely ignorant on how others would tend to treat you so he’s here to make sure you always feel loved and appreciated
Jack loves you so much it’s tooth-achingly sweet when others see you interact. He is a puppy in love
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