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Replaced? (Part 4)
Part 3
Female reader!, Twisted Wonderland fanfiction, angst
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TW: belittling, breakdown, fainting, mentions of starving self, mentions of being dehydrated, stress…
Tumblr media
Part 4: I just wanna leave.
- I never thought you could act like this towards an other girl, towards the ONLY other girl.
Riddle had this look on his face, a look you hated to see as a child. One that described how disappointed he was, how much faith he had put into you but it just vanished into thin air after he heard some well built lies… You were not that close with the Heartslabyul housewarden, you respected him highly and would always see him as a broken kid who grew up in an awful environment. But now, you saw him as a stranger: you didn’t recognize him anymore, just like you didn’t recognize Ace and Deuce… Will Trey and Cater also think like the rest of them? Will all of Heartslabyul see you as what you’re not? A monster that finds entertainment in bullying a girl out of jealousy..? Your ears started ringing, you could feel the rage building up in your stomach and boiling hot.
- Listen- I don’t know why but she hates my guts..! I wouldn’t have said those things if she didn-
- Enough Y/n. Don’t try to justify what’s not justifiable… it’s a pity it has to come to this.
- What do you mean? Jack said, a frown on his face.
Riddle sighed, an exasperated one. He looked over at Jack, giving him a glare that said it all: "Stay out of this."
- Y/n L/n, as for respect of the students in my care and for respect towards the victim, you are forbidden, as of now, to step a foot in The Queen of Hearts’ dormitory.
- W-what..?
- Isn’t this out of proportion?! Jack growled, his hands tightening into fists.
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, finally making your eyeballs turn red and shiny. Could you take anymore of this? Could you really stand there as all your friends will reject and throw you away like a mere stranger? A mere bully?
- Riddle listen-
- Sorry. I cannot listen to this anymore.
The wolf was startled, just like Riddle. Grim gulped: he never saw you snap like this at all.
- Do you really think your in position to raise yo-
- Yes I am!! I’ve been putting up with this shit for too long!! And it’s only been two days!! You had trouble breathing, holding onto Jack’s arm as you felt yourself getting weaker. I am done with this bullshit!! Vanessa has been nothing but an arrogant little bitch with me!! She told lies, stole from me and even blackmailed me!!
- Y/n you’re gonna have to calm dow-
- What in tarnation is going on-
Cater walked by, Trey at his side. Deuce and Ace were following behind, Vanessa running after them. Trey looked worried but you feared he’d follow Riddle in every decision he’d make. Cater walked towards you, picking up his pace as he saw how distressed and upset you were. He saw your tears and was quick to catch them, looking at Jack for explanations until he realized you were still digging daggers into Riddle’s eyes with your own.
- What the fuck happened to her?! Riddle??
The genuine worry on Cater’s face made you realize one thing: you were NOT okay. Jack had his arm wrapped around your waist as he felt your grasp onto his arm getting weaker and fading slowly. He tried calming you down, purring in your ears: "it’s okay", "you’re fine"… and then, darkness. What was happening, you didn’t know. All you could say about the entire situation was that you heard Jack and Grim panicking, Trey ordering the other about what had to be done: carrying you to the infirmary, making sure you just fainted and nothing worse… you heard Cater yelling at Riddle, accusing him of being the cause of all this. Riddle defended himself, telling everyone that you accused Vanessa of being the reason behind your state. The girl and Ace were quick to argue while Deuce couldn’t even be heard. All their voices started to fade away, no sound reaching your ears after a while… pure darkness. Pure loneliness…
~ A while later ~
You woke up in a dim lit room. You could tell it was the infirmary by the smell of clean sheets and all the white you saw: the bed was oddly comfortable, you took a glance around yourself only to notice Grim resting on your chest, purring loudly. Sitting on some chairs around your bed was Jack, his arms crossed over his chest while he slowly started to drift off to sleep and Cater. Cater was wide awake though. He held back a yawn and almost fell off his chair when he saw your eyes open.
- Y/n!! How are you feeling??
- F-fine..? You didn’t even know.
You didn’t know because of how tired you were: you were sleep deprived.
- Oh hello Y/n. Jack said half asleep. How are you..?
- What did the doctor say..?
Cater and Jack looked at each other. What? Was your state serious? Were you in danger? Grim spoke up suddenly:
- You need sleep! Food! And even water!! You’re in too much stre- Cater slammed his hand on Grim’s mouth.
- We said we were gonna take it easy! Geeeez-
The redhead then proceeded to explain to you what had happen while you were out. It turned out you really were sleep deprived, just like Grim said. But your body was also weak because of the lack of food and water in it. Jack then said that you had unconsciously drink the water the doctor gave you, mentioning it wasn’t enough considering you most likely were dehydrated.
- And you also were under a lot of stress.. doc said it wasn’t healthy. Cater added.
- I see.
You still felt angry, your blood still boiling hot in your body. It didn’t matter if you needed to eat or drink, sleep or relax, right now you wanted to punch a bitch.
- When can I leave the infirm-
- Where is she?
The voice that was heard just now was a deep one. A deep voice with both concern and rage in it: you quickly figured who it was by the sound of it.
- M-Malleus Draconia?? Cater said with worry. Who are you talking about..?
- Obviously the student Y/n L/n. Where is sh- his eyes fell upon you before he could finish his sentence.
"Oh dear Seven" you heard him say under his breathe: the way he looked at you, sadness in his eyes but also anger on his features… he walked towards your bed, in a hurry. Before you could even blink or say anything, his arms were draped under your legs and around your back, picking you up and holding you protectively against his chest.
- What are you doing? She needs rest! Jack said.
- She will rest where she will be protected. I trusted you guys since you’re her friends but clearly, her stress was due to you being the most selfish and horrible people.
- Mal’… it’s not them… your nose started itching. Cater and Jack were there for me…
Your throat ran dry: you were already in need of more water in your body but the sadness that filled your lungs suddenly made you wanna cry. You wanted nothing more than to sob, cling onto Malleus as you screamed out the pain your weak being was feeling. Too much pressure, too much stress, too much sadness, too much rage… you helped them all. You had to deal with their stress, anger and sadness: when they threw pamper tantrums, when they overblotted, when they left you… you were always there, suffering for them to be happy. You realized, only now, that everything was too much for you to handle anymore.
- I-I just wanna leave… please… you choked on a sob, finally crying out your pain.
Malleus looked desperate to help you, soothing you gently with his voice, whispering in your ear: “it’s gonna be just fine”, “do not worry anymore”… he held you closer as he indicated to Grim to follow where he would lead.
- Cater Diamond, Jack Howl, I apologize for misjudging you two. He slightly bowed to them, careful not to drop you even though his hold onto you was firm enough. Please do tell the ones who caused Y/n to fell ill and to be this upset that I will personally deal with them if her state worsen. Understood?
Your two friends gulped and swallowed hard as the horned man’s glare was most certainly enough to make the strongest mage in the world shake with fear.
- Y-yes sir!! Cater obliged.
You cried into Malleus’ chest, feeling him take his leave from the infirmary. He walked down the hallway, making sure to shield your shaking form from the prying eyes. Grim was on your tracks, following him up close, staying by your side no matter what. Your throat was hurting, you started to have a headache, your eyes itched from how much tears you were pouring onto the Diasomnia housewarden’s chest…
- I’m bringing you to Diasomnia Y/n. You’ll stay with us for as long as you need to. Don’t worry okay? He said in a reassuring voice.
- Can… can you tell Floyd and Jade..? Tell them I’m staying with you…
Malleus nodded, telling you he’ll make sure to bring the twins to you as soon as possible. But for now, he wanted you to rest: you had to be laid down into the most comfortable bed and eat the most delicious meal. The fae obviously told Lilia to take care of everything, you would be treated just like a princess.
~ At Diasomnia ~
- I’ll stay by her side Malleus. Why don’t you go tell the Leech twins about this?
- I should yes… but it’s upsetting leaving her behind.
Lilia pushed him out the room, hurrying him into the hallway while he gently closed the door behind him. He reassured him that he would keep an eye on you and will tend to all your needs while you were here.
- Take care of her.
- I will.
On these words, Malleus took his leave, making his way to Octavinelle as he entrusted you to the short man. You were still asleep after all the crying you did: you were weak, your body still lacked sleep and water. You also didn’t eat in a few days, which was due to all the stress everyone put you through and the insecurity you felt because of Vanessa. Dried tears stained your cheeks as you slept somehow peacefully, your form shaking a bit due to the cold temperature at Diasomnia.
- I’m sorry you had to go through all this alone Y/n. Lilia sat next to you on the bed.
He brought the covers up to your chest, tucking you in. He then added another layer of warmth with a blanket that he laid on top of the bedsheets. He had cautiously prepare a glass of fresh water on the bedside table for when you would wake up and he made sure to ask Silver to cook something that would boost your energy. It was best to keep Lilia away from the kitchen, right?
- Malleus won’t let anything happen to you again.
To be continued…
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horrible shirts for the twst guys again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
night in da woods
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grassie · a day ago
New art and merchs for Ichiban Kuji!
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⤷ ✧ Jack Howl with a crush
Gender neutral
- order 42 | Headcanons | Jack
Note: In a very Jack Howl mood today
⇥ Riddle Rosehearts • Ruggie Bucchi ⇤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bro is literally in love with us
He’s in some deep denial for a while. He doesn’t even think when he does those questionably romantic gestures for you.
Friends don’t usually escort you all around campus. Even if you don’t have the same class, he walks you there and then rushes to his own classroom so he doesn’t get marked down as late.
Those roses he grew for class? You would usually just leave them in a little vase after the project, not give it to a friend
Jack is a genuine nice guy so most people wouldn’t question it, just jokes about it that he would just brush off.
When he does figure out his feelings, he just stops doing all of that. It’s a sudden change, and then a bunch of people are confused
“Did you guys fight or something?”
“No I’m just…”
He can’t explain his behavior. He feels nervous when he thinks about what he always did.
Of course, if you needed anything. He’s not gonna turn you down, he can’t do that anymore.
He’s gonna be very distraught and nobody to help him. Maybe Vil would give him a piece of advice on one of their morning runs. Jack can trust Vil with something like that since he isn’t the type to pry about his personal life
“Just tell it them straight, if you get rejected then you can move on.”
“I can’t do that.”
“Why not? Why ask me for advice and then not take it.”
Jack knows what he wants in a partner and he wants it to be long term. He just very nervous about it.
It slowly becomes more obvious to everybody. (Because he’s blushing and walking away whenever you come around) Then it’s not really a secret anymore.
“Jack, where are you goin’?”
“Why is your tail wagging?”
“Uh restroom..”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
ツイステ Twisted Wonderland SPOILERS - Jack Howl “BR/LOOM” Birthday 2022
DUO will be Deuce >>> seems like it follows the same-year logic for now?
previous years “White Suit” and “Union Letterman” will be available on different banners | all birthday banners feature the birthday boy as 100th-guaranteed SSR
a 10-keys will be given on actual birthday date
a GuestRoom Campaign featuring the birthday boy broom (with cute animation) will be available for 10 birthday medals (reminder you can’t keep the birthday medals for the next birthday boy)
Tumblr media
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Mc: BEHOLD, the field in which I grow my fucks! Lay thine eyes upon it, and thou shalt see that it is barren!
The gang:
Jack: Are they okay?
Ace: in all honesty, no, no their not
Grim: they haven't slept in 96 hours (4 days)
Epel: Maybe I should give them a sleeping spell disguised as an apple
Deuce: how about we just tell them to sleep?
Grim: You think I haven't tried that?
Meanwhile Mc:
Tumblr media
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octo-hyacinth · 2 days ago
Hi hi! I love your writing so much! I was wondering if you could write about the First Years finding out that Mc is deaf (like maybe Mc's hearing aids run out of batteries so they can't hear them anymore)
ooh im so glad you like my writing <3 enjoy!
First Years with a Deaf S/O
Characters: Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier
Content Warnings: Ace being the least helpful (to no one’s surprise), but he still cares, fluff obviously lol
A/N: I’m surprised I wrote this as fast as I did! Sorry it took a while to start, but it only took me a couple days once I did start,,, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
It was just like any regular day, you were walking to class with Ace and Deuce, and you were trying to resolve yet another conflict between Ace and Grim, something about stealing food, but you couldn’t actually get many words in. Unsurprisingly, it was just the two bickering and occasionally turning to complain to you, like you could fix anything while they were still talking.
You were starting to give up, and were zoning out, and after a minute, it was so nice, like they’d miraculously gone quiet and let you have some peace.
But wait.
Why would they do that?
Ah, of course. The batteries of your hearing aids died.
Almost right after you came to that realization, Ace tapped you on your shoulder, and started saying something that you couldn’t understand, obviously. He tried speaking again before registering the completely lost look on your face, then he seemed to remember that you had hearing aids and they didn’t last forever. He made a I’ll be right back sort of gesture to Deuce, and grabbed you by the arm and started walking you back to Ramshackle so you could get some new batteries.
As you rummaged around for them, he just leaned against the wall, watching you silently. But once you got your hearing aids working again, he grinned.
“Heyyy, Prefect’s back in action. You doin’ alright now? Maybe you should keep some batteries in your pocket from now on so I don’t gotta keep walkin’ you back.”
Deuce Spade
Unlike Ace, Deuce may not catch on quite as quick, but he’s definitely not gonna tease you at all because your batteries died.
You were in alchemy class, paired up with him, and you were both trying your hardest to measure the ingredients right and put them in the cauldron in the right order. Deuce was reading out instructions to you, being careful to say everything word-for-word, since you’d probably understand it better than him, and you were doing most of the measuring and pouring. But at some point, everything went quiet, and as you turned to him to ask him to keep going, you realized he was still talking.
At the same time, he looked up and was wondering why you stopped, and he tilted his head in confusion, and judging from context he was probably asking what was going on, but you tapped your ear, then shook your head. It took him a minute to understand, but eventually it clicked for him and he raised his hand to get Crewel’s attention, then left the room in quite the hurry.
After about ten minutes, he came back up to your spot, breathing heavily, and held out his hand to you. He was holding batteries for your hearing aids! How sweet.
Once you replaced them and could hear again, you thanked him, and asked him how he got ahold of some so quickly. He simply smiled at you fondly.
“Heh, don’t worry about it. Just know I’ll always have your back, okay?”
Jack Howl
It was late in the evening. The setting of the sun flushed everything in an orange tint, its last rays shining through the windows of Ramshackle while you were sitting comfortably with Jack and the rest of the first-years, having a movie night.
Your head rested gently on his shoulder as he leaned against the couch, yet with near perfect posture. You never caught him slouching, ever, even when he was at his most relaxed.
The movie was building up to its climax, and the final showdown was about to finish, and almost all the boys were yelling and whooping and cheering at the action scenes, and you were getting pretty invested yourself, but then you stopped being able to clearly hear what was going on. You let out a soft “aw, damn it” as you got up to look for some batteries while, unfortunately, the boys would get to keep watching the movie.
But before you could even leave the couch, Jack rested his hand on your shoulder, gently pushing you down, clearly wanting you to stay in your spot as he got up instead.
Only a couple minutes later, he returned with fresh batteries for your hearing aids, and opened his hand, like he was waiting for you to give them to him. So you tentatively set them in his rather large palm, and he delicately replaced the batteries for you as fast as he could (clearly keeping the movie in mind), and handed them back so you could put them back on.
The sounds of the battle immediately flooded back in, and you couldn’t help the warm smile that spread across your features. You told him how sweet he was for getting and even replacing the batteries for you (you didn’t tell him you probably could’ve done it faster, it’s the thought that counts after all), and he averted his eyes to the ground, but he was clearly biting back a smile, and you could see his tail wagging a bit as well.
“It’s nothin’. I’m glad to be able to help ya in any way I can. I didn’t want you to miss out on the movie, anyway. If you need help with stuff, I’ll always be here for you.”
Epel Felmier
You were sitting out on the fresh grass in front of the school with Epel, watching him carefully carve another apple. It was a nice day out, you said, and you wanted to hang out with him somehow during some of your precious free time. He had mentioned a while back how he was into carving out apple designs, and you excitedly suggested that you watch him. You were quite interested to see what he could do, after all.
And after some time, more and more carved apples started to surround him, each with a beautiful, intricate, unique design, and he seemed to not mess up once with his precise cutting.
After a bit of prompting, he started to explain the steps to making one of his simpler carvings, a little swan with layered wings. You tried following along with your eyes, but you quickly realized at at some point during the tutorial you’d stopped hearing him, and you groaned out loud, quite exasperated at how often your hearing aid batteries seemed to die.
Epel looked up from his project, quizzically tilting his head until you tapped your ears and rolled your eyes. He noticed the irritation, but he had a little grin on his face as he dug around in his pocket for a few moments. He finally held up his hand proudly, like he was saying “ta-da!!” with just his body language. He was holding a pair of batteries for your hearing aids? But how would be possibly know to hold onto them today?
Once you replaced them and could hear again, you heard him chuckle and give a cheeky smile.
“Ah always keep a pair of ‘em in mah pockets, every day, just in case ya ever need ‘em and yer not anywhere close to Ramshackle. Guess today was the day, huh? Ah try to be helpful, y’know, just fer you. Glad it finally worked out an’ ah got to do somethin’ nice fer you.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thesunshineriptide · a day ago
i loved the pose reactions sm! are you possibly able to do the twst boys reaction to reader having a lot of anxiety due to a big test coming up please?
I don’t normally do ones for every twst boy but I’ll make an exception because I’m susceptible to flattery smfhskfhkshf /t
Anyway each section will probably be short but yeah! I got you. Also I’m writing this under the assumption that the reader is a first year
Twst Boys When You’re Anxious About A Test
characters: everyone
Cw// none :D
Riddle “Rose Of The Classroom” Rosehearts will GLADLY help you study if you’re anxious for a test. This comes at a price though because he may tell you he’s a patient teacher, but he is a Liar. On the other hand, you WILL get a hundred percent on your test and he will treat you to a tart and some tea afterward so. 5/10 mildly traumatizing but effective
He has study cards from when he was learning that and you do drills for like an hour. If that doesn’t work he sends you to Riddle. 6/10 he’s not that helpful
He’ll google the answers for you and then quiz you on them. If you get something wrong he just tells you what it is and has you write it in your notebook. 8/10 he’s not a great tutor but he’ll help with the anxiety
Tells you all the wrong information as a joke but when he begins to girlboss too close to the sun he’ll take it back and tell you (what he thinks are) the real answers. It should be noted if you’re nervous for a test he’s also nervous because he’s a slacker 4/10 an asshole
Also nervous, ends up doing an impromptu study session with you the night before. He makes hot cocoa and steals some of trey’s coffee rolls and you two have a good time studying and talking. He’s the king of finding roundabout ways to study (pneumonics, doodling notes, singing little songs, audiobooks, etc) so if studying via drilling doesn’t work he’s honestly best bet. 9/10 most pleasant person to study with and you end up getting a good grade too!
He will not help you study but he will help with the anxiety. Kind of. He hands you a fidget toy and then takes a nap and uses you as a pillow. Being forced to sit still for an extended period of time gives you a long while to a) calm down and b) rethink everything you’ve learned and check it twice. If you’re really anxious for something like an exam, he’ll send one of the froshes from the dorm that does well to tutor you, or if you really really tug on his heartstrings, he might write a quick study guide on a napkin and hand it to you. 4/10 he’s not really helpful unless you’re like, seriously distressed
He’s more likely to just tell you to chill and that it’s not a big deal than anything else. He might be inclined to help you study (he’s so fuckin smart dude) if you’re willing to pay a price. The price is food feed him something and he’ll tell you whatever so long as he’s still eating. The second he’s done he’s out of there. 2/10 he’s got the brains but he is anti sharing-is-caring
A good boy who would love to help you study! He does his best in classes so he’s genuinely helpful and doesn’t ask for anything in return! 9/10
He can totally help you with that, just, yknow. You can’t get something for nothing. So he’ll give you one of his illustrious study guides and a shoulder to lean on so long as you’re willing to pay the price… 7/10
Literally Azul’s right hand man. He could help you…but he’ll probably just say you should talk to Azul. If you’re really important to him, he might make you a cup of tea and let you vent for a bit. Probably won’t help you study unless it’s something that interests him, sorry. 6/10
He might help you study, he might tell you it’s boring and then basically kidnap you. He’s a great anxiety relief though, because you will soon forget your troubles when he’s excitedly showing you his dance moves or squeezing you close (and tight enough to break your ribs. You won’t have to do the test if you’re in the infirmary though!) 8/10
He’s also anxious about the test. He doesn’t know what’s on it or what he’s going to do. You both will be having an anxiety attack by the end of it 1/10
“I’d help you but I have to help Kalim. I guess you can come sit in on our tutoring, as long as you stay quiet.” He is so tired man but he’ll help out when he has time. 8/10 he will probably tell you to stfu at least once
He’s a lot like Riddle in the sense that you WILL ace the test and probably be miserable during the study session. What differs them is that if you get too distressed, he’ll help you calm back down. 9/10 he didn’t mean to make you cry sorry potato
Why do you want to go to him? Well, it’s actually not a bad idea because he would LOVE to help you study. Helps you study for hours on end until you get it. Is incredibly patient and explains things in different ways until you understand what he means. Shows you the practicality of the study. 10/10 he’s an excellent study partner
0/10 he doesn’t know what’s going on or how to comfort you. You will end up comforting him and you will both probably fail the test tbh
He doesn’t know how to help emotionally and probably runs away. If he does help you study, he’s nervous and fumbling over his words the whole time. His information is sound but his delivery is confusing. 6/10 he’s trying
Tells you the answers because he doesn’t know better. 11/10 most helpful
He didn’t know there was a test but he’s studying for it now! You two will probably sit in comfortable silence, studying independently but near each other, maybe exchanging a few questions back and forth. He probably has refreshments available for you and is genuinely just enjoying your company. Super calming to be around (if you’re not scared of him, which, if you went to him for this, you probably aren’t.) 9/10
Hit or miss because if it’s for history he might tell you something that’s not on the tests/in the textbooks and then you might accidentally get a mark down for it. If it’s for anything else though, he’s a patient teacher (and a father) so you’ll probably get high marks! He might also offer you refreshments and it will ruin the vibe a little but don’t be rude he cares about you. 8/10 two points off for his shitty, well meaning cooking
Great for anxiety relief, bad for studying. He’s a certified narcoleptic which means studying is mostly gonna be spent on trying to keep him awake. If you have an endless amount of coffee then he’s a lot better as a study partner and is genuinely smart. He’s trying his best to help even if it’s a little bit of a struggle, but it’s a good time anyway. 8/10 he’s a sweetie
He pays a lot of attention in class and unless you make it explicitly clear you need comfort, he will probably help and hinder at once. Probably yells (accidentally?) or makes fun of you when you don’t know something. If he goes too far and you get mad or start crying, he softens so fast it’s incredible. 4/10 you take -100 emotional damage
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tinyfantasminha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
NO CAUSE THOSE EYES AND THAT GRIN IS [email protected]?:!#!!$!$%@%$%@¨¨%!¨%!¨%!¨%???????WWHEN WHER ENWHNEN?????????????????????????
THE EARSSSSS THE HAT HAS HOLES FOR HIS EARS FJNJKVCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · a day ago
Jack Howl's Flower Bouquet Meaning
Tumblr media
I'm going to start off by saying I don’t know much about Jack aside from the main story line and events.
Also, some of these flowers I'm not fully sure of or the ferns, but I tried my best and will probably come back and edit this post as I learn more and find out which flowers are which.
On a side note: We found out that the ribbon on the hat is dorm themed. The yellows and oranges really suit Jack’s style. These bright colors also give a contrast to the dark robes and such which I think is nice!
Did anyone notice that Jack’s smile kind of matches Leona’s? It’s adorable, the first year is learning from senpai.
Note: Flowers have different meanings in different countries and regions and it depends on colors too. I’m just going to list some flowers that I think they are, but I could be wrong lolol
Orange Flowers in general: Excitement, bold, enthusiasm 
Yellow flowers in general: Joy, optimism, friendship, and hope.
Marigold: Strength, power, light that lives in the persons heart, Honesty, vitality, and vigor. In jp, these flowers can be a sign of respect for the dead.
Maple (Acer): practicality, balance, calm, at rest, peace 
Proteas: Courage, strength, resilience 
Globe Flower: Welcome, gratitude 
Spider Mums: liveliness, sympathy, 
Flowers can be assigned to days too: Since October 11 is on Tuesday (in Japan), These are the flowers:
 Nasturtium: loyal, conquest 
Geranium: good health, friendship, happiness, good wishes 
Dahlia: commitment and kindness 
Red Hot Poker: Knowledge of true self, more than physical strength.
Random Fact: Anniversaries could also be considered, since its the 3rd bdays for all the boys, their flower will be Sunflower: strength  be well, strength, happiness, male healing, confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness. Sounds just like them doesn’t it? 
Credit: Thank you to Lala (@/mobagehellocal) and Chris (@/jaberwockk) for talking flowers with me 🌺💚💕 Please, go talk flowers with them too. They are such nice people. 💚💜💕
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oseathepebble · 2 days ago
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idiasdiscordkitten · 2 days ago
ooooo idea idea idea!
first years (platonically) with a gn vampire reader who’s lived a long time and tells stories about the things they did
whether it be a life threatening adventure or a simple funny story where an old time friend did something funny
just their reactions to it ig lol
love your writing so much if you couldn’t tell 💕💕
thank you so much! it means a lot that my writing is being received well ; w ; i'll try my best!
the first years hearing stories from vampire!reader
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
❤️ still not fully convinced you’re a vampire, but a little too scared to find out for sure
❤️ whether you really are a vampire or not, ace thinks you’re making up your stories.  they’re just too crazy to be true.  he will, however, make a note of what you’re saying about historical events for exams
❤️ he’ll loudly interrupt you with things like “no way!”  or “are you being serious right now?”  because he’s just that blown away.  you’ve got him questioning his own human lifestyle, if the other side is more fun...
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
❤️ deuce is extremely impressed with any and every thing you say, and he takes it all at face value as 100% fact
❤️ he never realized vampires were real until you told him, so he wants to learn everything he can from you
❤️ he listens wholeheartedly with wide eyes, having a great time hearing about your life!
Tumblr media
Jack Howl
💛 he remembers hearing about vampires as a kid, but never actually expected them to be real.  his instincts, for some reason, tell him to avoid you, but he doesn’t want to pass up the opportunity to hear about your life
💛 jack thinks you’re really cool for living through such exciting times and still being here today.  he wants to get stronger so he can have a legend of his own
💛 at the end, he’ll ask if you’re being for real, but deep down, he knows the truth
Tumblr media
Epel Felmier
💖 he’s really intimidated by you, to be honest.  vampires are known for their beauty, as vil’s said before, so epel feels a lot of pressure to live up to YOUR expectations, rather than the other way around
💖 he's eager to hear what you have to say, though.  especially if you did something particularly dangerous in your younger years.  he’s definitely got some things he can learn from you
💖 he feels a massive sense of relief after realizing that vampires aren’t all about everlasting beauty
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
💚 he already knows everything he needs to know about vampires because of lilia
💚 sebek takes this as an opportunity to show his bravery in front of you.  he does his best to appear unbothered by your tales, but he can’t help but admire your adventures
💚 he will be repeating every single thing you tell him to malleus
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bloodiegawz · a day ago
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baby-twist · 13 hours ago
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kimikitti · 15 hours ago
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It's Spoopy season everyone! Here are some of Obi's favorite photos with everyone.
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