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Dorm leaders react to finding reader/yuu crying and overhear them say "I want to go home"?
A/N: Ah. Angst. My specialty lol. I am assuming you want imagine format? Hope so because that's what I am going with. Thank you for the request :)
Note: Idia's is so long. I went so overboard omg. I am sorry. I just think that he's neat.
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle has seen many people cry, and unfortunately been the instigator for no small number of occurrences. Prior to turning over a new leaf, he was heinously blunt with his criticisms. Everyone knows this.
At the time he thought those people to be sensitive and naïve to the cruel ways of the world. They needed to toughen up!
That opinion lies in the past now. He was a prick. Riddle won't verbally acknowledge it but he knows. There is no need to bring it up because he is trying to change his ways
Key word: trying
You can't uproot years of bad habits and trauma overnight. He has his moments. From freaking out over students not studying, dress coding half the school, lecturing his friends on their diet....nothing too harsh, and no permanent harm done.
"This is not your world MC; 70% is unacceptable for a prefect to score on an exam. Slacking will not be tolerated! What kind of example are you setting for the other students?! Your grades reflect on the school!"
Perhaps he could have taken a moment to think and not let his emotions overcome him. Riddle knew how hard you studied; after all, you came to him for help many times. Each occasion he happily obliged and saw you progress using his study guides
It is why he wanted you to succeed. To show up with a perfect 100 that would be celebrated over sweets
Instead you arrived apprehensive and hiding your test behind your back. Already fragile and he-...goodness.
He sent you off running
Likely to go cower in the library and beat yourself up for disappointing him. Just like he used to do. Great Sevens he is an asshole. Ace is definetly going to rip him to shreds or at least throw his tea collection into the pond
After a brief rest to wash his face in the restroom, Riddle goes to the library and his heart shatters at the sound of sniffles from behind a particularly large stack of books.
"I can't do this anymore...this is too hard...he's right...he's right...he's right...I want to go home"
Sweat pools at his chin and his hands clench into tight, clammy fists. After hearing that, Riddle can't bring himself to interrupt and stands on the other side of the books, silent, and with his head down
He always felt regret and frustration after having an outburst - but all pale in comparison to the absolute shame and heartbreak hurting you has wrought
Leona Kingscholar
"Go home. It's past curfew"
And...no response. You are very lucky that Leona tolerates you, because ignoring him so flat-out would get you two nights in the slammer back where he comes from.
A goody-two-shoes like you never bends the rules, which is why Leona is curious to see you roaming the botanical garden so late. Not going to answer him? Now it's personal and he is your problem.
At first he opts to follow you around. Not for any particular reason, and merely because he wanted to find out if you stashed any secrets in the area
His patience runs thin as you walk up to every plaque and study each plant. You can't seriously be out here at this hour for a botany lesson, can you? Why not do this during the day
Each time you study a plant your mood seems to sour further. For absolutely no reason, at least from Leona's perspective. Not unless you have beef with the flora and fauna - which is impossible. Maybe. He really doesn't know what to expect from you anymore.
Eventually curiosity grows to concern. He's kept himself entertained, following you and leaving commentary once in a while. Yet he can't help but be creeped out with how you move around like a zombie.
With one plant left, he observes as you once again ignore him to examine it...only to let it go and sit on the floor in disappointment.
"So...You're out of plants, what now?"
He doesn't expect an answer after an entire night of nothing.
"I guess I'll go 'home'...wherever that is"
"Finally talking to me, huh? The hell is wrong with you? Do you think it's safe to be out here this late?,"
"Safe? It's just as safe right now as it is during the day"
A part of him screams to shut up and end the conversation there. It's not his buisness and he can just pretend this night never happened.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He can't help it.
"It means that nothing here is like home. Not the buildings, or the people, or the food, not even the plants. You know, where I come from roses grow on bushes not trees. And I don't have to worry about the broom I sweep the kitchen with suddenly taking flight! I want to go home where shit is normal"
Okay. You got him. He definetly wasn't prepared for that level of a stress dump.
What's worse is that he can't comfort you. He wants to. Truth be told, watching you wander through the garden listlessly upset him more than he is willing to admit. Yet he can't do anything, because that level of homesickness is something no one can understand.
"...NRC doesn't store every kind of plant in this garden. We can check other areas tomorrow"
Azul Ashengrotto
"Ah! At last, my food critique is here," Azul glows, clapping his hands when you walk into the room, "The Headmaster has given the Monstro Lounge a great opportunity to market our buisness at the upcoming cultural fair. Our stall's menu must be perfect!"
Azul ushers you inside with a hand on the small of your back and leads you to a prepared table. Truth be told, he could easily taste the new menu items himself or have one of the tweels do it on his behalf. So long as it tastes good, it will sell, right?
Wrong. In exchange for a vendor's slot and location that will actually yield profits - Azul had to make this contract worth the Headmaster's time.
In short, he promised something "never seen before," that would fit the festival's theme. Naturally, he did not do this without a plan. He had one made long before approaching Crowley with the idea.
You. You are the plan. Azul was going to theme his stall off of your world. Neat, right? All he needs is for you to monitor his project for accuracy, which he has already half-succeeded in doing by luring you here to taste test a new menu
"Jade! Bring out the first item," Sweat drips from the side of Azul's head, his inner anxiousness getting the better of him. Perhaps he should have told you instead of making it a surprise? He only had a few dish ideas to build off of from the rare times you spoke of your childhood. Sourcing similar ingredients without any idea of how things should taste was a task in itself. What if he butchers it? Would you hate him?
Jade sets the first dish on the table, and you visibly straighten up in surprise. You eye him in confusion, as if to say 'where the heck did you learn to make this? How?' and he softly smiles, "Go on. Take a bite,"
And you do. You lift a piece of the dish to your face and smell the aroma before taking a bite. A moment of silence passes, and Azul thinks he may have just killed two birds with one stone. Literally. Death to any chance he had with you or with the festival.
"It...it's not quite the same," you stare at the dish in thought, suddenly solemn, "yet still similar. Nostalgic, even. Thank you for making this for me. Truly, thank you"
A mixture of emotions fill him as he signals for Jade to prepare the next plate. Should he take that as a good response? He failed in recreating the dish perfectly, yet you appear content. Sitting there, slowly finishing the meal bit by bit and cherishing every bite.
"You’re welcome. If it suits your taste, we can add this to our permanent VIP menu," he hovers near your side before laying a gloved hand on your shoulder, "just for you"
You reach to lay your hand on top of his, "I'd like that. Sometimes I want to go home, but this? It helps,"
At that, Azul steels himself. Not only would this dish be added to his menu, but he will personally learn how to make anything you every mention from your home. He would make you talk more, and hopefully find a way to carve a place for you in Twisted Wonderland where you will never have to want for somewhere else.
Kalim Al' Asim
"Is that really necessary?"
Kalim pauses - well, to be fair, everything pauses with a flick of his wrist. Dust rags mid-air, sponges amidst cleaning dishes, the broom sweeping the floor, and so the books that were rearranging themselves in alphabetical order.
He hadn't expected you home for hours. Did Ruggie lie to him about you watching spelldrive practice?
Kalim rubs the back of his neck bashfully, and flicks his wrist for everything else to resume motion.
"Oh, prefect! You're home early. I wanted to help you fix up this dorm in return for everything you have done for me! Do you like it?"
A wet mop flies over your head, " I..uhm..yes? Yes, it's very sweet of you to offer but do we really need magic for this? I could have helped," and nearly drenches you in dirty mop water, earning a grimace of disgust.
Kalim chuckles, waving you off and out of the kitchen. He felt bad for sneaking in to your home while you were away, but he wanted o surprise you! Which...also did not happen, but you said he was sweet for it and that is exactly when he decided to stop listening.
A mantra of 'they think I'm sweet!' plays in his head as he sends more tools to clean the house as you both talk.
He makes a joke about how cleaning is easy with magic, and that you can call on him whenever you need help around the dorms. He will happily do it on your behalf
Which...may not have been the best thing to say to a magicless prefect that has been busting their ass trying to survive and be independent in a world where they do not fit in.
Just a little bit insensitive.
Miniscule enough for Kalim not to understand why you're suddenly frustrated with him.
His brow furrows when you plop on the couch an bury your face in your hands with a frustrated sigh.
"Ugh...you just- you don't get it. I swear, all you magic folk wouldn't last a day where I come from...ugh, I want to go home already"
You say the last bit under your breath but he still heard it. Kalim is aware that sometimes he does get ahead of himself, and that he has clearly overstepped a boundary. Normally he is not so hasty, but with you? All he wanted was to do something nice, and his mind was clouded.
He knows better than to flaunt what he has in front of other people. Not everyone has magic or the free will himself and many other students here are lucky enough to have. You've been working hard to be seen for your efforts, and that's something he admires greatly.
One by one the tools fly back to storage for safe keeping. All aside from the broom, which flies into Kalim's open hand. He steps in front of you, and holds the other out to help you up.
"Sorry, hehe. That was rude of me. I still want to help, so can we try again? Your way this time?"
Vil Schoenheit
"What is that thing?"
He had not intended to sound so repulsed. Disgusted? Yes. Just a tad, but there is a fine line.
You quirk an eyebrow at his comment, and follow his line of vision to the make-shift bracelet on your wrist. It was nothing fancy. Just your old shoe-laces put into an adjustable braid.
You tell him as such, and Vil cannot fathom what compelled you to make such an eyesore. He catches himself this time and doesn't voice it as bluntly
But my dear, it completely throws off your uniform. Goodness it's worse than Ruggie's oversized vest that he refuses to tailor.
"They're sentimental and from the sneakers I had on before someone put me in the ceremonial coffin. I still don't know who changed my clothes; and frankly? Don't want to, but at least they left my stuff in there,"
Okay, he understands. A piece from your past is hard to let go of but do you seriously need to wear it around campus? It completely throws off your charm.
Vil has always had a nasty habit of imposing his standards onto others, and so for the rest of the week you find him constantly eying your bracelet whenever he is nearby.
He merely wants to snip it with some scissors, he thinks, ever so tempted one evening when painting your nails.
You are his soon to be lover. Well, once you ask him to be so. Then he will turn you down and ask you himself because (1) he is not one who seeks, but is one who is sought after and (2) he must always have the upper hand despite this mindset
Anyway. You cannot walk around with those dirty laces on your wrist. He cannot accept it despite trying to on multiple occasions.
His compulsion overtakes reasoning, and as your nails are drying he "accidentally" cuts the thin cord holding the laces together with cuticle scissors
Needless to say that you are upset. Much more so than Vil ever could have predicted, and he watches in guilt as you try to salvage the laces with various knots
"I am sorry, my potato. Allow me to get you a new bracelet - "
"There is no new bracelet, Vil. This is from my home. I...I want to go home. This is all I have left and I need to fix it!"
It is not every day that Vil feels regret for his actions. He convinced himself that he was doing you a favor by getting rid of the old thing, but really? He was being selfish and ignored your feelings for what he wanted
He pushes that down, choosing not to acknowledge his fault and silently takes the broken bracelet. With a few strategic knots he has it stable, but it'll take some extra loving to fix properly.
"We can go out tomorrow to get some supplies. With a few beads, I am certain that these pieces could bind a lovely necklace together!"
He will have to be honest about breaking it on purpose, but for now Vil is happy that you have calmed down and are satisfied with his solution. Part of him wants to decipher what you said; however, he'll set that aside and take heed from his previous mistake. Something is keeping you tied to your home, and if he wants you to stay then he'll have to create a stronger bond for himself and this world first.
Idia Shroud
What does he always tell you?
No, not that there is always a catch with 'f2p' games. Well - yes, he does say that but right now we are talking about the other thing
That the outside world sucks??? Hello??? He is essentially a broken record, repeating this every time Ortho or yourself try to get him to leave his room
Everything you need for survival can be acquired from one space. Need money? Work remote. Food? Delivery. Entertainment? Does he need to even -
Look. The point is made. Back on topic, Idia has enforced this time and time again. Yet you always insist on dragging him somewhere or going out on your own if he refuses. More often the latter, because you need to find him in a very special mood for him to go out anywhere physically. When you weren't as close, he would let you go off easily. It isn't his job to babysit you? Now though? He is a bit more 'tricky' on the topic.
Idia thrives on your attention. Absolutely adores it. When the CCTV picks you up as you bypass the Ignihyde security, his heart throbs because he knows that you have no other buisness here other than coming to see him or Ortho. Yet...he has issues being honest about this. Normally he'll be freaking out like a normie in his room until you knock, and then he speedily throws on his headset and pretends that he was in the middle of programming something important
Then you do your thing and "annoy," him with your "normie" talk. Tell him all about your day, joke around, play some games, maybe sneak out and get him stuff from the vending machine so he doesn't have to
And then it ends. Either it's late and you have to go home, or you have other plans to attend. Either way, you always extend an invitation for him to join. Just to get some fresh night air or go have some quality people time
As stated prior, at first he did not care. He'd let you go without a peep. Now? He has...ugh, emotional attachments *barf*. He hates knowing that you're leaving him to go have fun with other people, and he also is extremely uncomfortable with you walking alone at night. Did you not learn from what happened to him? Are you asking for a ghost to kidnap and take you as their bride/groom? He won't save you, y'know. He won't!
Needless to say, he is hella paranoid. More so about the second scenario than the first, because at least with other people you're just doing boring things like shopping.
So, Idia does what any sane person in his situation would do...and stalks you by hacking into NRC's security cameras. Just until you're in you’re home, safe, and he can relax. His intentions are pure and you haven't noticed yet. Why stop?
It's odd that on the night Idia begins to think his protective tendencies are unnecessary, that his anxiousness is justified
"What the f*ck?" He nearly growls, seeing three figures lurking outside his dorm, just beyond the entrance. Obviously not any of his students and seemingly waiting for someone.
His suspicions are proven right when you walk out the front door and one of them steps in your way. Idia thanks his past self for investing in high resolution cameras for his dorm, because he's easily able to get a clear picture of their face.
Unfortunately, audio recording is unethical (curse you Crowley) and he can't hear a word that they're saying - but it doesn't look good. Not from how you shrink backwards towards the front door, looking frantically for a way out. Sweat dribbles down Idia's neck as he debates what to do. He's not built for confrontation? But he's dorm leader, so isn't stopping this kind of stuff his job? Okay, but you're not a student of Ignihyde. Shit, you're his "friend" though. If he leaves you alone then why did he bother with all this in the first -
One of the figures grabs you by the collar, and Idia is out the door faster than Grimm when there's a can of tuna on the line. His desk chair left spinning in his wake as he bolts down the halls of his dorm
"Now listen here you little shit-"
"How about you listen ya filthy noob. I will give you three seconds,"
Idia throws open the front door an immediately pries the newly noted Savanaclaw student off you. His hair blazing double it's normal height and dark red, fueled by rage akin to what only Kingdom Hearts can evict from people. His eye begins to twitch just from looking at their false confidence fall apart. Of course, normies are all talk and no act when shit gets rough. What else did he expect?
"We have no buisness with you, shut-in. Butt out,"
"Three seconds. Leave or I will activate our military grade security systems,"
"Dude, you think we care?"
"Fine! Whatever! Don't think you're off the hook, prefect"
The title is spit out like a curse, and Idia nearly calls his newest project to chase after them ('Cerberus' Robotic doggos meant to deliver mail, but have an attack function. Why not?)
By the time they’re gone, Idia's thoughts begin to settle and his sense of self returns. He's outside, in his casual clothes with no shoes, there's a slight chill, and he's gripping something - or rather someone - tightly.
"Ah! I'msorryIdidn'tmeantotouchyou," he jumps back, his hair turning bright pink and hands shaking from what he did
You cough into your fist, "No prob. You didn't have to do that...I know you hate confrontation," your voice comes out shaky, and Idia's brain halts, "You're crying," he whispers in disbelief.
"What? No. Pssh. You seriously think that could shake me up? Have you seen the stuff I deal with daily?"
He is not convinced. If it were anyone else, he would have left. He can't handle this kind of stressful situation...then again, he normally can't handle confrontation either, but he just did so…
He sighs, inching closer "What...what did they say to you?" he can try. He might regret it, but he hasn't been rational all night.
Your eyes glaze over, likely reliving whatever conversation just took place before your eyes well up, "I know it's not true. I know. I know I can fit in somehow but I just want to go home. It would be so much easier if I could just go home,"
The last of your words are muffled by your hands as you frantically try to compose yourself. Idia doesn't need to hear more. He's intuitive. From what you've said and the way that student spoke your title...he gets it. Which is why he leads you back inside, lets you sleep in his bed, and prepares a special little surprise for those students with the camera footage from earlier. He was planning to stay awake playing video games, why not use his time more ‘productively’?
Idia stands by his words - the outside world sucks. Yet you know what sucks more? Pissing him off, and making one of the only people he has *barf* emotional attachments to, feel the need to leave him and go to another world to feel safe. There is a reason he was placed in Ignihyde, and it wasn't his smarts or reclusiveness.
No. It was his temper.
Malleus Draconia
“Prefect. Does this belong to you?”
Malleus holds out a phone unlike any sold in Twisted Wonderland. At first he thought his technological illiteracy was why he couldn’t pin point the design, so he brought the phone to Ignihyde’s dorm leader. Not even Idia recognized the brand, but with a bit of tinkering he was able to get the phone charged and working (through methods Malleus could not begin to fathom).
The home screen brightened up and soon they found your name in the settings. Malleus was surprised, to say the least. He did not expect you to be the owner of such foreign technology, or for Idia to throw the phone as if it burned him. Something about being a ‘red flag’ and invading your privacy? Eh. Surely there is nothing too concerning inside an old phone.
To be safe, he withholds his curiosity in favor of returning the phone to you. He could not navigate it even if he wanted to, honestly.
He made the right call. The way your eyes sparkle with recognition at the device and take it gingerly from his hands. You twirl it around a few times in disbelief, earning a bemused chuckle from him.
“I found it near the ceremonial hall. Be careful with your belongings or else they may one day end up in the wrong hands,”
You smile brightly at him when the screen lights up, and throw your arms over his shoulders in a hug, “Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I can’t believe you found this for me! I was so worried I lost all my pictures and data,”
You startle him with the physical contact. He definitely did not picture your first hug to go this way. Although he quickly composes himself, returning the gesture albeit with less strength.
He grows curious, “Pictures? Data?” wondering if there really was something worth while in the phone. You pull him at arms length and giddily start tapping away at the screen, “yeah! Having this means I can should you all what my world looks like! Food, people, scenery - oh, I think I have some memes saved too,”
He refrains from asking what a ‘meme’ is, too caught up in trying to understand you. Sure, he expected you to be happy that he found your phone but to see this level of cuteness? Are you missing anything else that he can find?
You hastily show him your phone and begin to swipe through the “camera roll,” as you call it. Once in a while you stop to laugh, explain who a person is or what’s going in in a picture. He soaks it all in like a sponge, committing each face to memory since they’re important to you.
Time passes, and you begin to slow down. Occasionally you’ll stare at a photo longingly, or revisit others to zoom in on faces or pieces of the scenery.
“I wonder if they miss me,” you whisper, and he understands where your heart is. Painfully so.
He stares at your reflection in the phone, wondering how such joy can be turned to sorrow so quickly, “They would be fools not to. You are…unforgettable…to say the least,”
You nod, wiping away a stray tear, “I hope so. I want to go home, but the thought of them forgetting me? Or the people here doing the same…I wish that I didn’t have to choose,”
You will never be forgotten. Malleus can assure you that much. The nickname “Tsunotaro,” will forever haunt him (affectionately) for the rest of his life - and you? He will always care for you, no matter where you go.
He cannot make that choice for you or take away your suffering. Neither does he regret retuning the phone and digging up these old memories. It pains him to see you so heartbroken, but he knows you love that world just as much as this one.
You won’t have to choose. He will find a way to bridge both worlds if it means that you can be happy. Then you can take him to all the places in those pictures, introduce him to the people and things you love - and then? He isn’t quite sure, but it’s a start to a long road of ensuring that you never leave his side.
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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
*Yuu and Idia flirting*
Deuce: Are they flirting?
Ace: They're way past flirting. I caught them making out.
Deuce: Are you sure Yuu wasn't trying to breathe life back into him?
Ace: I don't think so. When I used that much tongue at CPR training, I had to buy the dummy.
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felidity · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Posting this on cucumber boy’s Sebek’s Birthday because it’s on topic lol
Also this took longer than expected to finish 😅
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tezret · 2 months ago
You/Reader: What are you in the mood for?
Idia: World domination.
You/Reader: That's a bit ambitious Idia…
Idia: You are my world.
You/Reader: Aww! That’s so swee-
Idia, staring right into your soul:
You/Reader, calculating:
You/Reader: Oh. OH
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Can I request Idia, floyd, malleus, azul, and ruggie getting woken up in the middle of the night to their gf on top of them asking for a kiss?
Tumblr media
Idia, Floyd, Malleus, Azul, & Ruggie - Waking Them Up for a Kiss
Was still awake in the middle of the night.
He was mindlessly scrolling on his phone when you just randomly climbed on top of him.
Was startled and blushes instantly. Stops working..
Oh, you want a kiss? That's it??
He doesn't think you had to go on top of him but Idia isn't complaining.
Was grumpy when you woke him up.
He's a very hard person to wake up so the fact that you kept at it was annoying.
Does not understand why you're on top of him.
You want a kiss, fine, but he'll bite you for good measure.
He'll flip you over so he's on top of you instead.
The whole reaction is just "Oh, okay."
Is so unbothered about it.
Doesn't understand why you had to go on top of him but doesn't ask.
Is happy to indulge you with a kiss, and will give you as many kisses as you want.
Why would you do this? He has a busy busy schedule and sleep is precious.
Gets flustered and shy when he opens his eyes and sees you on top of him. Did you need something?
Could a kiss really not wait? Going on top of him wasn't necessary but he isn't complaining.
Gives you your kiss and goes back to bed. Azul is very tired and needs his sleep.
Is so annoyed and pissed when he gets woken up at God knows what time.
Rubs his eyes and groans.
Stops whatever he was about to say when he sees you on top of him. Is so thankful it's dark and you can't see his red face.
Flips you over so he's on top when he kisses you.
Please don't do this, his heart can't take it.
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kimbap-r0ll · 4 months ago
helloo, can you do a seperate headcanons for idia, malleus, leona, riddle and floyd's reaction when his child/children say their first word called them "dada" or "papa"?
Hi! Omg this is so cute, thank you for the request! I made y/n a parent in this too!
Idia, Malleus, Leona, Riddle, Floyd reactions when their child says "papa" or "dada" first
He never thought he would be the first to be called out by the child, but here he is, hearing his child mumble a “papa”
Idia’s eyes go wide, he stops rocking the baby back and forth, and almost drops the child due to the surprise
“OMG Y/N-ohshootdonotshoutthebabywillcry” then, in a whispered voice “*y/n!*”
He won’t brag it too much, but you will see him melt when he tells you, perhaps even see tears. A mission for being a parent was now completed, and he felt like he leveled up more than 20 levels
The way the fae would raise a kid would probably be similar to Lilia. In fact, Lilia’s basically the third parent
Lilia was the one taking care of the kid, probably watching them while they were lying in the crib when they started to squeak “dada”
Lilia smiles to himself, “yes, but I’m your grandpapa.” He's honestly surprised that the child's first words aren't some ancient curses like it probably was for Malleus.
Will tell you two about it, and Malleus will feel very warm in the inside. You’ve never seen him so happy, maybe he was floating a bit?
You two were with the kid, probably reading a book to them about the Circle of Life
Suddenly, the child grabs Leona’s tail (you all were sitting on the floor and Leona’s tail just happened to be in reach) and said “da!”
Leona looks at it with a confused face (maybe close to a tired face). The baby smiles and says fully “dada” while pulling Leona’s tail you are trying so hard not to laugh
“Yeah, I’m your dad,” Leona will sigh. He might not show it here, but later when he’s alone he just screams internally at how happy he feels
This man was probably a househusband
He knows how much he wants to love the child and give them the childhood that Riddle mostly missed out on. So he’s playing with the kid from an early age though Riddle can look awkward doing it because he’s not used to being anything other than stiff
Suddenly, the baby grabs one of Riddle’s fingers and shouts “papa” while giggling
Riddle goes silent, probably feeling his eyes tear up a bit. He kisses the top of the child’s head. Please tease him about this, it’s funny seeing him flustered about this.
Who let this man be a parent? Jkjk he would be such a fun dad (maybe?)
He was probably swinging the child around until you said that’s dangerous, and he resorted just sitting with the baby in his lap while he was zoning out.
Suddenly, the baby shifts and says what sounded like “papa”
Floyd grins, then, running to you with the baby probably holding the child in a dangerous way and says “remember when we made a bet about what the kid’s gonna say first?! It was ‘papa!’ now you have to buy dinner this week!”
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miraclebeliver · 4 months ago
Could you do a part 2 when they boys turned into children and their s/o decides to taking care of them? with idia, malleus & riddle please?
Ofc^ personally it was one my favourite hc's to write so it's my pleasure!
First part with leona, azul and kalim here and part three with vil, rook and silver here
Request: idia, malleus and riddle has turned into a children, now their s/o has to take care of them.
Pairings: idia shroud x reader, malleus draconia x reader, riddle rosehearts x reader
Warnings: none, reader is gender-neutral, word 'princess' is used for reader once(malleus)
Tumblr media
Idia shroud
When ortho found his nii-san as a child, a child that is younger than him, he nearly went into overdrive.
Ortho has always been a bit protective of his brother, but he really doesn't know how to take care of a toddler. He tried to search the internet but whatever he did never worked because idia was crying. Loudly.
So he did what he thought best, hand his nii-san over to you. The only responsible person on the campus.
When you saw ortho you enthusiastically waved at the boy, having taken him as younger brother as well, but then you noticed a child with him.
Ortho explained the situation and you were relived that it'll only last for few hours at most.
You take a look at the baby shying away from your gaze, you have to stop yourself from squealing at how cute baby idia is.
He is a smol ball of blue, also very shy.
Idia is a very behaved toddler, only asking you for his game console or snacks in between the sessions.
He tugs at your sleeves asking you to bend so he can whisper in your ear about what kind of snacks he wants.
Not bratty or demanding at all. He is very chill as a baby. Still doesn't likes strangers though.
"Y/n saw me as a baby." He whispers staring at the floor with dead eyes.
Tumblr media
Malleus draconia
Malleus turned into a child, you weren't sure how it happened but you found him crying in backyard of your dorm.
Malleus still had his horns, so you had to take care of them while picking him because they are sharp enough to stab you if not careful.
But once you picked him up, he just. Stopped crying. Instead was looking at you with his big green glowy eyes. You almost felt your heart burst.
Malleus, unlike idia, is very bratty and demanding. And he wants all of you attention on him. Because of him you had to drop grim off at heartslabyul, because you can't take care of two arsonist children.
You called Lilia, who was very happy to malleus as a child again, to take him to diasomnia but malleus refused and Lilia might have gotten the other side of his bangs burned.
Malleus really likes your presence and ramshackle and wanted to stay there forever and protect his princess from any bad prince who might try to take you away.
He said this with oversized white shirt pooling around him and a wooden sword in his hands raised high. A very cute sight, you should've taken a picture.
Malleus doesn't like vegetables, he on the other hand loves fries. You will have to coax him eat vegetables or hide them or grind them, for him to eat.
He will eat fries as a meal all three times a day and as snacks too.
"Fufufu...to think I would turn into a child. But regardless I am grateful to you for taking care of me, child of man.
Tumblr media
Riddle rosehearts
Riddle is still riddle as a kid.
Still very strict about upholding the Queen of hearts laws.
Ace and deuce were screwing around with a potion for the homework for the alchemy class (it was probably brewed wrong) and next thing they knew they had splashed it all over their dorm leader.
Needless to say both of them were ready for a beheading but when no shouts of anger came they looked down to see mini version of riddle.
So they can to only person they knew would be down to help them. You.
Riddle is such a crybaby. Now, he not only shouts in anger, but he also cries.
Riddle is a very good boy, eats his vegetables, does his homework, and doesn't mess around with the things he knows he shouldn't.
He loves when you read him a story before bed. All about the knights, the princes, the princesses and all those legends about the great seven.
But his favourite will always be the Queen of hearts.
He likes to tell you about her in his baby voice, his eyes shining as he tells you about the women he idolizes.
He still loves tea, though. He will drink milk if you insist, but he still prefers tea.
"Ace! deuce! As soon as I find them it'll be off with their head! But, ah, thank you for taking care of me, prefect."
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random-twst-things · 3 days ago
Mc in Vargas class: I hate PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: I'd rather break my arm then do PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: I'd rather not be able to walk then do PE
Idia: Me too
Mc: Should I break my arm to skip?
Idia: Me to- wait, what?
Mc: I said, should I break my arm to skip?
Idia: Why? 😶
Mc: so I could skip?
Idia: No, I mean, why not skip like a normal person?
Mc:.....That's what I'm doing? 🤨
Idia: No, because no sane person would break their own arm to skip when they could just walk away and out the class....
Mc: .....because I don't want to get in trouble by skipping?
Idia:....*looks at them with the most judgmental look they could make*
Tumblr media
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wolken-himmel · 6 months ago
In which (Y/n) always tries to make Idia smile because of how pretty his smile is.
But since he's self-conscious about his smile, (Y/n) needs to crack a few jokes to see it.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Say cheese, Idia!"
The Ignihyde dorm leader almost fell out of his chair when you suddenly jolted forward and began squashing his cheeks between your palms. Your outburst interrupted the serene silence that had formerly occupied his room, the two of you busy with studying for an upcoming alchemy test. However, your boredom quickly had gotten a hold of you, which now forced your good friend into his current predicament.
His eyes were ripped wide open, and he could barely open his mouth enough to let out cries of protest. "W-What— Why?" he managed to stammer out, his pale cheeks a bright red when you brought your grinning face closer to his. "Please don't tell me you're taking a picture." A shiver ran down his back at the thought of it.
"No, no." The eerie smile on your face remained, as did your hands on his cheeks. "I just wanted to see you smile," you explained cheekily.
His golden eyes threatened to fall out of their sockets, and he at first thought that he had misheard you. Biting his lip, his gaze fell to the floor. "...nobody likes to see me smile," he muttered under his breath in sadness. "Do you remember that one time I smiled at Grim and caused him to go into a coma?"
A sheepish smile grew on your lips at his words, and you couldn't help but let out a few nervous chuckles. "Oh yeah, that whole school ghost affair..." When he still wouldn't recover from his state of despair, you released your hold on his face, only to start pinching his cheeks. "But I'm in love with your smile, anyway! It makes you look adowable, wike a widdwe baby kitty!"
Idia let out a blood-curdling scream, immediately pushing you away in panic. Laughter escaped your lips as you fell back into your chair, unable to believe the flustered look on his face. The tips of his hair had already become a bright orange as he was quietly rubbing his red cheeks. Your laughter grew even louder when he furrowed his eyes at you.
He eyed you in confusion, put off by your strange behaviour. "What are you saying, (Y/n)? I'm not adorable—" he stuttered out when you had finally calmed down enough to listen to him again. "Y-You're the adorable one here..." It had taken him all his courage to utter that sentence, and he regretted it immediately. After realising what he had done, he let out a shriek and pulled up his hood to sulk in silence. He simply was overwhelmed, and he didn't have enough energy to keep up with you right now.
Feeling a little bit of pity for your friend, you edged closed to him to carefully nudge the hood off his head. However, he still wouldn't look you in the eyes. "And you always say you're not a smooth talker. Tsk," you cooed playfully, to which he shyly raised his gaze. Now a little bit calmer, you tilted your head at him and shot him a genuine smile. "Now, what do I have to do to make you smile, Idia?"
For a moment, the smallest hint of his usual grin appeared on his face as he murmured, "You could buy me the latest headphones—" Yet, when you shook your head, his grin disappeared as quickly as it had come.
A huff escaping your lips, you began pondering about a new strategy that would help you succeed in your new mission of making your friend smile. Idia simply eyed you warily, ready to dodge possible attacks should you try to jump him. However, he soon calmed down when you simply clicked your tongue and exclaimed, "I've got it now! How about jokes?" Your eyes were lit brightly as they bore into his uneasy ones.
He didn't seem as convinced as you were. "Eh—"
You cut him off quickly by pushing your index finger against his lips. The gesture caused his cheeks to redden in embarrassment. He sat almost frozen in his chair as you chimed, "What did the fish say when he swam into a wall?"
An exasperated sigh escaped his lips. "Idk."
You could barely hold your laughter in as you replied, "The fish said, 'Dam.'" An expectant look on your face, you stared at him, awaiting his reaction — a smile, perhaps. "Funny, right?" Wheezing, you nudged his side with your elbow.
"I wanna die." Idia simply let out a groan and buried his face in his palms.
A grin on your lips, you bowed mockingly. "I flame to please!" you chimed through chuckles.
In an unexpected turn of events, the corners of his lips tugged up into a little smile that spoke of amusement. It was obvious that he tried his best to suppress the smile, but he failed miserably. "That wasn't so bad," he replied, chuckling.
You couldn't help but gasp once you spotted the smile on his face. Tears swelling in your eyes, your hands rose to cover your agape mouth. "You're smiling!" you cried out in disbelief.
At once, the smile on his face wavered, and he lowered his gaze to the floor in embarrassment. "Oh, I'm ashamed of myself," he muttered to himself — but whether he was ashamed of laughing at your bad joke, or of his smile, you didn't know.
All out of a sudden excited, you inched closer to him and took one of his hands into yours. The gesture caused his head to shoot up, almost colliding with yours. Luckily, you could dodge just in time to avoid any head injury. His gaze travelled from your locked hands to your eyes, and you took the opportunity to say, "Your smile is so beautiful, Idia."
The stoicness on his face wavered, and a smile appeared — his typical evil gremlin smile that showed his sharp teeth. "My face hurts..." he pressed through the smile. "But it's alright... since it's for you, (Y/n)."
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lk2222 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Hell NRC!
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dangan-castle · a month ago
A random thing that popped in my head (Idia x MC)
MC: You have a nice last name!
Ortho: Thanks, MC!
MC: Mind if I take it?
Ortho: You want to be my sibling?!
MC: No, I want to be your sibling-in-law.
Ortho: *excitedly zooms to Idia’s room*
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sober-pepper · 26 days ago
Idia, after attempting to be social: *pouting*
Yuu: No one else wanted to be friends with you, did they?
Idia: S-Shut up! It was mutual!
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moomoomooing · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tezret · 2 months ago
Idia: So you think my judgement is clouded because I like [Name] a little bit?
Azul, holding Idia’s notepad: You doodled your wedding invitation.
Idia, pointing at the picture: No, that's our joint tombstone.
Azul: Ah, my mistake *watches from afar as Idia designs his & your wedding on Pinterest*
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mlk082 · a month ago
Its the 21st century! Princesses fight for their Princes! That being said, how would idia react to his crush challenging the ghost bride to a duel for his hand?
You barged in the doors and challenged Eliza for Idia.
She has her hand ready for slapping, and her ghost guards are already in front protecting her.
"No one is stealing my Idia!" says ghosty
"Excuse you? You stole my husband, not the other way around."
Holy fuck, Idia is dying. Like, yes, get the ghost bride away, but MARRIAGE???
Like, yes dear crush, notice me senpai, THANK GOD GET HIM OUT OF HERE, but YOU TOO WITH THE MARRIAGE???
Maybe you're doing the marriage thing for theatrics, oh yes, that's it, you don't actually like him. Is what Idia thinks.
You end up getting slapped and frozen in place.
"How dare you assume to love my Idia" ghosty says again
"You just met him, I've been simping since I got here."
Why does like you again? That was so embarrassing. Oh my God.
But he's a simp for you too...
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kimbap-r0ll · a month ago
I suddenly have an idea, can i have a headcanons for Jack, Idia , Leona and Riddle
with Fem reader was taken by a Corpse Groom, instead of Ghost Bride lol,
The Corpse Groom have found his true love but Fem reader doesnt want him since she's already taken.
Ps: It is inspired the movie i watched of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.
Ooh I love Tim Burton movies, thank you for the ask! This was super fun to write, though I wish I could've done these better bc this is such a good ask. I hope you enjoy these too!
Jack, Idia, Leona, Riddle react to their s/o being taken by a corpse groom
Uh oh! Ramshackle's prefect is suddenly missing! Grim is bawling his eyes out as he runs to the prefect's s/o for help!
Turns out, it wasn't just the ghost bride people had to worry about, there's a corpse groom too!
Crowley knows that this isn't a normal task, but the event seems to be very similar. At least they know the backbone of what to do, but how to rescue you?
He's absolutely furious that someone decided to kidnap you, let alone is wanting to take you to the netherworld with them! He's basically telling himself to stay calm but he can't because he's so angry he wasn't able to protect you.
Crowley might tell him to not panic but Jack's like "I know, but I need to beat the guy up" and all haha. He's trying to be respectful but he just can't! He's seen the incident with Idia, so he has an idea of how to rescue you, but before Crowley can say more to Jack, he's out the door and going to your rescue.
By the time everyone finds you in the dining hall with the groom and you wearing a beautiful wedding dress (arguing the hell out of the guy), Jack's ready to fight. He thinks you look beautiful in the dress btw, you can even see him blushing lol.
"I'm sure she told you, sunflower's with me," Jack steps in between the two almost-got-married couple. "Nonsense, I've met the person I want to spend eternity with, I will not allow anyone to interfere!" the groom responds. Jack puts a hand on the groom's shoulder and tries to reason it out (his grip is pretty tight though, causing the groom to wince :/)
It turns out one of the maids that were part of the event liked the groom a lot, and after a kerfuffle of fists and magic between the two men (with you cheering Jack on), the maid pushed herself in between and cried for Jack to stop hurting the groom. This causes him to immediately stop and look at her in a puzzled way.
The ending is basically the same as Idia's almost-marriage, the maid and groom get married and you are left in a beautiful dress smiling at the newly weds. Jack stands awkwardly next to you, an arm around you while a blush is on his cheeks. "You came all the way here to save me, thank you. I'm so lucky to have an amazing guy like you," you smile at him while leaning your head on his chest.
Jack's tail is wagging really quickly haha. He tells you it was nothing and that he's just glad you're safe. He only wishes that he could see you in a wedding dress another time, perhaps with him as the groom in the future haha. For now, the two of you just enjoy each other's company.
Oh no. Oh no it's happening again?! Another marriage in the school? He wants to lock his door and pretend nothing's happening until he hears his door being bust down by Ortho. "THEY GOT Y/N!!" Ortho shouts, and Idia feels his heart drop even lower.
"Y-you mean y/n's kidnapped? Oh no what am I going to do?!" Idia freaks out but Ortho grabs his hand and dashes for the door, Idia still in his pjs. The two of them find you eventually but in the most beautiful wedding dress they've ever seen.
Idia wants to say that you look beautiful, but he knows now isn't the time. He sees the groom, standing close to you and he doesn't know if he should just come in or if he should wait for the right timing. He sees some of his peers already confronting the groom (Vil telling him that this isn't right and such).
Idia ends up appearing right before you are forced to kiss the groom, shouting "STOP!" and running to save you. Though some ghosts and corpses try to stop Idia, he's mad-dashing to you and he ends up taking you off of the aisle. "She didn't agree to this! How could you be so inconsiderate, you're worse than those random npcs that block the pathways to next levels!"
A fight ensues, with Idia getting help from Ortho and Grim (who appeared to your aid with Crowley and Crewel). But, just like Jack's case, a maid finds herself stopping the brawl by getting hit with one of Grim's flames. Before she's about to fade away, she confesses her love to the groom, who instead kisses her and brings her to life. "I was wrong, I think you are the one," the groom says softly to the maid. You are let go of after that and the ceremony continues with you as the ex-bride.
"Hey, who would've known the two of us would end up having the same experience," you nudge him on the shoulder. He's having a hard time looking at you and he's just blushing and stuttering. "Aw, do you like me in a bridal dress?" you give him a wink, and his hair just flames red haha.
"L-let's just go watch some anime, my social battery's dead," Idia gently takes your hand. You wave at your friends at the maid goodbye while walking with Idia back to the dorms (Ortho's going to stay behind and party for a bit longer). You change out of the dress and spend the night cuddled next to Idia, safe in his arms.
He was sleeping until Grim and Ruggie came running into his room. He growled, glaring at them and asking them why they were asking for their deaths. That was until Ruggie huffed that you were "kidnapped by a corpse and is going to get married off."
He's suddenly up from his bed and bolting to the door, the two follow behind him. He's seen Idia with the ghost bride, so he guesses you would be in a similar situation and he goes to the dining hall first, not even asking Grim or Ruggie for details. If he needs to use force to get you back, he will.
Once he gets to the dining hall, he sees some of the students frozen and a lot of ghosts. His eyes then land to the front of the hall, a groom standing next to a woman in a beautiful dress. Great Seven, his s/o was gorgeous. Leona, though blushing, quickly walked up the aisle towards the two of you.
Other ghosts tried to stop him but he used magic against them and got to you. "Hey, meat-bag, herbivore's taken, pretty bold of you to take a lion's partner," Leona puts an arm around you, glaring at the groom. "I take it that this is Leona?" the groom looks at you, then glances back at him. "Not very well-suited for such a beauty like you," he continues. Leona thinks to himself that this guy was for sure dead now.
Leona gets ready to use his unique magic (which was what Crowley feared) but before he's about to blow the groom into dust, a maid runs in and places herself between the two men. "Oi, woman, get out of the way, I'm not sending you off," Leona looks surprised by the woman's actions. "B-but I love him, he doesn't deserve this!" she protests. Oh. Oohhh this was exactly like that time Idia almost got married!
Leona ends up stopping and the maid confesses her love to the groom. That's how the situation de-escalates and everyone's happy again. You get to keep your dress, but now you're standing off of the aisle and applauding the newlyweds. You look at Leona who is crossing his arms. "Thank you for saving me, I don't know what I would do without you," you tell him.
"Heh, it was nothing, what would I be if I couldn't even come to save you?" he responds, acting like the lowkey arrogant prince he was. He wraps an arm around you and you lean into him. He really likes you in the dress, but he'll never say it out loud. You only hear this from Ruggie a few days later.
It's like his worst nightmare. You getting in danger. He was about to sleep after studying and reading a book when Ace and Deuce came in screaming that you were about to get married off to a corpse groom. He's furious that someone kidnapped you, but also at himself for failing to keep you safe.
He asks Crowley for more details, but it seems that he doesn't care that much about losing you. Sighing, Riddle tells everyone that he'll go by himself if he needs to, but Ace and Deuce decide to join you, along with most of the first years. Riddle leads the way to the dining hall.
There, he finds the place decorated ready for a wedding ceremony. You are standing with the groom, though it looks like you're arguing with him about how you're not going to marry. Riddle smiles to himself, knowing that you were strong and that you could stand up for yourself. He also, for a moment, imagines what it would be like for him to be the groom while you wear a beautiful dress sort of like you are tonight. But before that, he readies his magic pen and approaches the groom.
"Excuse me, but who do you think you are trying to kidnap and take to the netherworld? Y/n here is with me," Riddle says calmly, though his words sound like they're laced in venom. The groom argues that you aren't with Riddle, and that you wouldn't settle for someone so "short." Oh no. You winced, readying yourself for Riddle's wrath. "...Short?" he says quietly. He feels his face go red.
A flurry of magic afterwards, a maid suddenly comes in and tackles Riddle. "W-wha?!" Riddle stops firing from his pen as the maid shouts at the groom to get to safety and to finish the ceremony, but the groom asks why she saved him. "I love you, and I want to see you happy," she responds. That was all it took for the groom to stop fighting and to change his mind.
Riddle was released from the floor and joined you in watching the ceremony continue with the groom marrying the maid instead. You looked at Riddle who was still dusting himself off. "Thank you for saving my life, Riddle," you say. "It was a bit cute to see you angry though," you giggled. Riddle jolted and looked at you with a surprised face, but he quickly turned away and coughed.
"W-well, I-I um," he stammered. You linked arms with him, kissing him on the cheek, causing him to go red even more. "Y/n," he suddenly starts. "I think you look beautiful in that dress, that's all," he says shyly. You smile warmly, glad that the two of you were together.
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natewriteslol · 3 months ago
Hi! Can I have a request/imagine where gender neutral MC asks the TWST boys a question: "Would you still love me if I was a worm?" as a random question; just for giggles?
Thank you!
A/N: We are doing the dorm leaders for this one :D
-You were in the middle of a study session in the library, completing homework for Trein’s class
-You all of the sudden looked up from your books and stared at Riddle
- “Would you still love me if I were a worm?”
-He looks up at you strangely, then starts to ponder
- “Well, if you could still be the same Y/N I know, then I would definitely still love you as a worm.”
-You were both cuddled up on the couch 
-It was completely silent, just how Leona liked it
-And then you propose the question, completely breaking the silence
- “Would you still love me if I was a worm?”
- “...I would eat you if I had the chance, now go back to sleep and don’t ask stupid ass questions like that.”
-He was in the middle of signing contracts and doing other paperwork
-You were sitting in the plush chair, feet up on the ottoman while you read a book
-It was comfortable silence with Azul occasionally muttering to himself, or asking you for something
-And then you popped the question
- “Would you still love me if I was a worm?”
- “My love...what?”
- And then you repeated yourself, giving a “stern” look “Would you still love me if I was a worm?” 
-He laughed a little to himself before saying “Well, I would need to accept you in all forms. So,” he sighed “yes, Y/N, I would love you even if you were a worm.” 
-You and Kalim were spending some alone time near the fountain in Scarabia
-He was giggling and putting his feet in the water and that was when you popped the question
- “Kalim, would you still love me if I was a worm?” 
- He gave you a slightly confused look, before laughing
- “Hahahaha! You’re so silly, Y/N! How did you think of that?!”
- “But of course I would still love you if you were a worm. I’d talk to you everyday and give you the best snacks!”
-He was in the middle of doing his skincare routine, cushioned by a plush seat with a glamourous mirror in hand 
-You were sitting on the bed on your phone, before looking at his robed back
-“Vil, would you still love me if I was a worm?”
-There was a pause, and then he began to giggle
- “What type of question is that, potato?” He said turning around with a smile, coming close to you after finishing his routine.
- He let out a sigh as if he were thinking heavily about the question, pulling you into his arms “But, I suppose that I would still love you if you were a little worm. I would give you a fabulous enclosure as well.”
-You asked him to walk with you since you wanted to spend some alone time with him
-As you gazed at the stars and gargoyles, you went to catch his attention
- “Malleus, can I ask you a question?”
- “Of course, you can ask me anything.”
- “Would you still love me if I was a worm?” 
- “What a silly question, why of course I’d still love- wait? Have you been cursed, child of man?!” 
- “No of course not! It’s just a silly question online, Malleus!”
-He’s a sweetheart, but it’s not good to have someone who isn’t exactly caught up on trends 
-Elderly ass man-
-You were both in the middle of playing Digcraft 
-Your beds were right beside each other (in game of course) and as you both layed there waiting for night to fall you started thinking to yourself
-And then it hit you
-“Idia, would you still love me if I was a worm?”
- “Babe, w-what?” 
- “Would. You. Still. Love. Me. If. I. Was. A. Worm.” 
- He started to get nervous, wondering if you were being serious 
-What if he answered wrong? Would you hate him?
- “But, I couldn’t do anything with a worm, Y/N?”
- “How could you not love me if I was a worm?!” 
- “I’m sorry babe wait I change my mind I would still-”
- “It’s too late. The damage is done, Idia,” you said, feigning disappointment from his answer
-”Babe pls-”
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