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This is what ? Yuu's Magicam is like constantly:
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But real question who out of the great 7 do you think would be most likely to tell ? Yuu to take a damn walk?
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Your honor they need to go to group therapy together!
They need to bond over close death experiences 馃拃
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TWST Incorrect quotes#332 Debating
Baby: Mah...
Mal*Looking at his child*No
Baby: abUA ama bu!*"Glares at Papa*
Mal: Dont you talk back to me!*Frowns at the baby
Baby *Starts puffing small fire out of their mouth and tail slapping on the ground in a tantrum*ABU!BUH BUH!
Mal: I said "NO" and I overrule you youngling!
Yuu*Knitting their firstborn socks sitting near the fireplace, with a sigh*Would you please stop arguing with our child...
Mal:...I might as well my love, I think they are winning...
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Hiya! Hope you having a wonderful day! I was wondering if you'd be willing to do more of NRC's resident gremlin, Bitey Child Yuu? Maybe how whoever you want figured out WHY the gremlin bites people? Might be fun. Feel free to ignore this if you're not interested. ANYWAYS, I hope you're having a fantabulous day!
The first people who find out the reason for the bitey child!Yuu's biteynes
Warning(s): Long as hell, not edited, cussing
Word count (since I guess this kinda counts as a fic too?): 2.7k
A/N: This too far longer to do than it should have i am so sorry but I hope you enjoy! did i do this all in two nights after putting it off for months? ....you cant prove shit
(Twst masterlist for the rest of the bitey child stuff)
You and Grim have always had a lot more in common than either of you really knew,
neither of you has any family
both of you grew up taking care of yourself
and both grew up on the streets with little food.
When Grim first learned of your habit, he just thought it was funny,
he didn't judge you nor did he care why you did it at the time
I mean, he often used his fire against people so he really has no room to talk.
It wasn't until around the end of book 2 that he started to learn more about his little roomie.
Grim was exhausted, after Leona's overblot earlier that day he wanted nothing more than to wrap up in the old dusty blanket the two of you shared. But he couldn't do that without you- not that he'd ever willingly admit it, but he had gotten used to sleeping with your small arms wrapped around him and he quite enjoyed it- but that's not the point.
He has no clue where you are, he walked with you into Ramshackle a little while ago but hasn't seen you since. With a defeated sigh he stomped back into your shared room having given up looking for you and decided to just suck it up and try and sleep...
Carefully opening his eyes, Grim looked around the room to try and find the source of the sniffling. He nearly started crying out himself when he realized the quiet weeping was coming from under the bed. The last thing he was expecting to see under the bed when he eventually gathered the courage to look, was his young companion curled in on themself, their small form shaking either from the crying or maybe due to the constant chill that always lingered in the poorly insulated house, perhaps it was both.
"Hey, kid-" even though he kept his voice to a whisper he still managed to startle the small human. "...um...you alright..?" There was a twinge of guilt in Grim that he couldn't ignore when he saw their messy face.
You didn't answer, only staring at the firey creature, with big eyes that shined bright with the reflection of Grim's flams and a messy wet face. He never really expected a response, you were never much of a talker, but he was a little hopeful.
"I can't believe I'm doing this.." Grim grumbled in defeat when that guilty feeling in his chest won and he grabbed the blanket and pillow off the bed and climbed under the bed next to you. Before you could react, he pushed the pillow toward you and shimmied the blanket on you, and laid under it right next to you.
That night was when he learned about your short life before Twisted Wonderland,
that you had no family, and you lived on the streets
he was able to connect the dots as to why you always bite people.
"So you bite people that you think will hurt you, or others?"
"...yeah?...I guess...."
The two of you fell asleep under the bed that night, but don't worry, the ghost found you and pull you both back onto the bed
making sure to tuck you in.
After that, Grim was noticeably a lot more protective and worried a lot more about you
he had taken it upon himself to make sure you were ok and safe and that you knew
he didn't want you to feel the need to bite people anymore
no matter how funny it was.
"Hey! Kid- What I say about biting people!? If someone makes you feel uneasy come to the great and powerful Grim! I'll roast 'em for ya."
Ace found it funny, be it a bit weird, when you bit people
but was extremely annoyed when you bit him.
It had to have been about the beginning of book 3 when Ace was informed of your reasoning.
"Ugghh..." Ace ground as he leaned his forearms on the Lounge countertop, exhausted from all the work he was forced to endure as punishment. Looking to his left he saw Grim uncharacteristically focused as he scrubbed the ever-growing dish pile.
"What's up with you?" He questioned, grabbing a dish to scrub so as to not face one of the Leech brother's punishments for slacking off. Ace was met with silence from the glowing cat-monster-thing. "Hey! Twisted Wonderland to Grim~ You there? ...what's up with you?..."
Grim was pulled out of his thoughts when Ace's hand came into his line of sight. "Huh? What 'cha say?"
Ace sighed, "I said, What up with you? You seem more distracted than normal"
"Oh... uh.. I was just..." Grim trailed off, searching for the words, but Ace took quick notice of the lack of snap back to his 'distracted' comment. "...Do you think they're okay? Yuu... I mean.."
Ace was taken aback by Grim's voiced worry for you. Yeah, he had taken notice of the small monster's growing protectiveness and worry of you during the past couple of weeks, but hearing him openly express it was... out of character for the creature.
"Well yeah of course they are. Besides if they're in a pinch, we know they'll just bite their way out of it." Ace lightly chuckled, expecting Grim to do the same. Only to be met with a curt nod and a quiet "...yeah. I guess..." and silence. Ace decided not to push it any longer...
That interaction stayed with Ace for the next couple of days
he wouldn't admit it but, he was slightly worried,
he could tell something had happened.
Until he was given some clarification a few days after when he got the chance to talk to you privately.
Ace found the small violent child sitting alone on a bench in the courtyard eating an apple he assumed they managed to get from one of the many trees. Taking the chance of a biting, he sat next to them which they took quick notice of, and stopped eating, looking up at him expectantly. If he didn't know better he would have said their big eyes were full of adorable childhood innocence, but he did know better, at least... that's what he thought.
"Soooo... how have you been?.." Ace had no clue what to say, and he could tell the kid knew that too due to the skeptical look they gave him. Taking a deep breath, be decided to just be blunt instead of beating around the bush.
"Ok- I'll just cut to the chase. What the hel- heck.." Ace sighed at the unintentional correction of himself, not liking that he unconsciously followed Riddle's rule of not cussing around the little shit, while he was not even around not less! *cough* um- anyway,,, "Just...what happened with you and Grim?" they tilted their small head in confusion "You know, he's gotten.. I think protective of you let's say and is worrying a lot more over you. I mean, just a few days ago he was asking if I thought you were okay while we were at the lounge."
Ace glanced down at them, not really expecting the surprised flustered look that was on their face. He found it... almost adorable, and he had a sudden urge to pat their head and pinch their cheek for some reason?
"...I think.. it might have something to do with what we talked about a few weeks ago.." Their small voice barely made it to Ace's ears, like they were talking more to themself than him.
"What did you talk about..?" Ace's tone was softer as his curiosity peaked, but a worrying feeling also grew alongside it.
And that my dear reader, is how Ace Trappola's heart grew two sizes bigger
I kid, I kid
But that is how he learned of his small friend's life, and subsequently, their reasoning for their biting.
He had a twinge of guilt in his chest listening to their story, and he did give in to the urge to pat their head
it was really the only way he could think of comforting you in that moment.
After that, he started seeing Yuu in a new light,
instead of a little shit that he kinda wanted to punt
he started seeing an actual kid, and a scared one at that
Ace also understood Grim protectiveness and worry.
...He may have felt the same..
There was a growing feeling in his chest that made him want to keep that small content smile on your face for as long as he could.
Deuce has always had a sense of duty when it came to Yuu
he thought he saw his younger self in them and, he felt he had to be a good role model for them.
He found out only a couple days after Ace.
Deuce stared at the sheet of paper on the desk in frustration, he had no clue what the answer to the written question was, with what little free time for studying he had he did his best to memorize the book, but that didn't work. He especially couldn't figure it out the constant clicking coming from the fire monster next to him.
After the test was finished Deuce tried to talk to Grim and ask him about the clicking, but the small creature quickly left as soon as he could, and Deuce followed soon after. He followed Grim out of the classroom and down the hall a bit unit the monster spotted the small child sitting against the wall, playing with their now untied bow.
"There you are! I thought I told you to wait right outside the classroom." Grim huffed as he made his way next to them, grabbing the long fabric and neatly tying it back around their wrist. Yuu wasn't allowed to take any of the tests or anything like that, they were only permitted to sit in on lectures and answer a couple questions from the professors. Deuce had too started to take notice of the difference in Grim's behavior toward the little kid in the past few weeks. At first, he didn't think much of it, barely even noticing until Ace pointed it out a little while ago. He didn't see any problem in it, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't curious about the cause.
Deuce continued to watch the duo's interaction before they walked down the hall toward the next class.
Deuce decided the best course of action was to talk to Ace and try to make a plan
but when he went to the redhead, all he got from him was a sigh and instruction to talk to you himself
he was confused but did as he was told and looked for you the next day.
Deuce sighed in relief when he saw Yuu trying to climb a tree in the courtyard, seemingly trying for an apple. Walking up behind them, he reached for an apple and placed it in their small hands, which they happily accepted. As they were eating the red apple, Deuce took the chance to talk.
"Hey Yuu, could I ask you a few questions?" He spoke in the soft voice he always used with them as he knelt down to their height. They glanced at the teen and nodded.
"Well, I've noticed that Grim has been acting a bit weird...and Ace too.. now that I think about it... Do you know anything about that? I originally asked Ace about it, but he just told me to talk to you..." Deuce trailed off, trying to connect what he could and figure it out himself. A part of him didn't think Yuu would know anything or even have noticed anything, they were a little kid after all.
"oh.." Deuce looked back at you, expectantly waiting for your answer "It might have somethin' to do with what I told them a little while ago,,, but I'm not really sure why they're acting weird.." He was caught off guard, that was probably the longest sentence you've used, with him at least. Deuce leaned towards you so he could hear your small voice better.
Deuce was not expecting the explanation Yuu gave him
he felt guilty for thinking they were just a misbehaving child like he was.
Tears spilled out of his eyes and he pulled them into an almost bone-crushing hug
he refused to leave their side for a long while after that, even trying to stay at Savanaclaw with them and Grim.
He still wants to be the best role model he can be for you, that never changes.
Ruggie saw a lot of himself in Yuu, but couldn't quite place why? other than the aggressive biting and love for food
but he didn't question it much, not thinking it was of any importance and not his business
besides, he thought of them as somewhat of an annoyance for the first month or so of school so he didn't care much to figure it out.
But he was soon given that explanation,
around the end of book 3, shortly before winter break.
It was the last day of Yuu's stay at Savanaclaw and they had been helping out Ruggie a bit with some of his chores. Right now they were helping him hang the laundry on the wire to dry, 'helping' as in they handed him the clips and sometimes articles of clothing.
"Why do we hang 'em?" "So they dry." "Why do they dry? and how?"
Yuu was uncharacteristically talkative today, it kind of made sense, they were at that age where they asked questions about everything cause they didn't know anything, and he was doing something that they may have never seen before.
They continued to ask questions and Ruggie continued to answer them, with Yuu following him all throughout the day. He didn't really mind, some of the kids back home would do the same thing so he was pretty used to this. That all lead to them to the dorm kitchen later in the day, helping Ruggie make Leona's dinner. Ruggie would tell Yuu what to grab for him and they would oblige and ask what it was for.
"Grab the seasoning that has a red cap, looks a little bit like tea and smells like the forest mixed with pepper." Ruggie instructed, not looking up from the bowl
"R..Ruos....Ruse..murry....?" Ruggie turned toward them, surprised by their trying to read the name, and was met with their expectant eyes waiting for confirmation, to which he nodded and took the seasoning.
"Were you trying to read the label?" Ruggie asked, "Yeah.." Yuu confirmed "Huh... Well, good job. You were close, it's pronounced 'Rosemary'" They only nodded and continued to wait for the next instruction.
Yuu trying to read the label lasted for a little while until Ruggie got curious as to how they got so good at pronouncing them. Well pronouncing them for their age, they weren't supposed to start learning to read for about another year. Of course, there's nothing bad about starting early, it's just strange...
"Hey Yuu, where did you learn to read so well?" Ruggie leaned his side to the counter, turning his full attention to them while the food cooked. "Is one of the students teaching you? or maybe one of the teachers?"
"Hm?...No, there was justa' bunch-ah bottles like these in the dumpster I stayed next to for a lil while...an I heard a lotta people say the names too." Ruggie was taken aback by the implications they gave, and before They told him anymore, he started to connect the dots on almost everything about Them, having had a similar childhood. Out of curiosity, he decided to press further into Yuu's life before Twisted Wonderland.
That evening, Leona's food was a bit burnt due to all of Ruggie's attention being placed on Yuu and their story.
From that point on he took them under his wing in a sort
he would teach them all about how to cook when he could, and would take them with him when he'd go looking for ingredients in the forest behind Ramshackle to teach about how they could be used.
He offered to let them stay in his neighborhood over the winter break, but they had declined in favor of staying at NRC with Grim
to which he accepted their answer and left them with a head pat.
Ruggie sees a lot of his younger self in Yuu, maybe that's why he wants to take care of them as much as he can...
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鈯 TWST Characters鈥 Reactions to Yuu Calling Their Dorm Leader 鈥淗ot鈥 鈯 || Multiple Character Scenario
聽 聽 聽 Character(s): Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Trey Clover, Cater Diamond, Jack Howl, Ruggie Bucchi, Jade Leech, Floyd Leech, Jamil Viper, Epel Felmier, Rook Hunt, Ortho Shroud, Lilia Vanrouge, Silver, Sebek Zigvolt (Twisted Wonderland) 聽 聽 聽聽Reader Type: Human, Ramshackle Prefect (Gender-Neutral Pronouns) 聽 聽 聽 Warning(s): Nothing! I also always use the Japanese TWST Terms (Dorm Leader instead of Housewarden, Madols instead of Thaumarks, etc.) in my writing. 聽 聽 聽 Genre: Scenario, Attempt at Comedy 聽 聽 聽 Word Count: ~500 words 聽 聽 聽 Scenario: They were just minding their own business when you asked suddenly, sighing out loud, 鈥淢an, why does your dorm leader have to be so hot?鈥 聽 聽 聽 Author鈥檚 Note: This idea just popped into my mind and I thought it would be a nice, fun, short thing to write! I鈥檇 definitely be willing to write a more in-depth idea of this scenario, but right now I just wanted to post something since it鈥檚 been a while. I鈥檝e been job-searching but, because I don鈥檛 have my transcripts or diploma at the moment, it鈥檚 been a bit difficult to get a job in my field. 馃槶
鈫 If you enjoyed my work, please reblog it if you can! Exposure on Tumblr is based on reblogging content rather than liking it, so your support would be much appreciated! 聽鈾 鈺扳攢鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹鈺
Tumblr media
Pretends that he didn鈥檛 hear you. Nope, he was not dealing with that today 鈥 especially when all he鈥檚 trying to do is mind his own business. Kind of dies a bit on the inside when those words leave your mouth, though. All he can think is why would you even tell him about that in the first place? Did you expect him to help you or something?
Trey, Jack, Jamil
Has to make sure he heard you right. Are you sure you meant his dorm leader (even though most of the others aren鈥檛 the greatest boyfriend material either)? Oh, so he did hear you correctly鈥 Well, that鈥檚 a bit strange. You certainly have interesting taste in men, they suppose. Nothing entirely wrong with that, but they don鈥檛 see the appeal.
Deuce, Cater, Jade, Floyd
Goes off on you for your horrible taste in men. Out of all the people at NRC that you could find attractive, it鈥檚 their dorm leader?? Doesn鈥檛 understand the appeal of them or your taste in men, and they make sure you know how much they disagree with your opinion about the attractiveness of their dorm leaders.
Ace, Ruggie, Epel
Starts laughing 鈥 like, laughing out loud as they hold their sides from the stitches your confession is giving them. How embarrassing for you, huh? 聽Man, your taste in men is absolutely abysmal if you somehow find their dorm leader of all people appealing. A part of them finds it kind of sad, but that feeling is completely overwritten by the amount of entertainment they get out of the situation.
Ace, Ruggie, Floyd
Found it a bit strange to be telling him that, but he鈥榮 glad you find his brother attractive! He sees you as a dear friend of his, so he wouldn鈥檛 mind seeing you and his brother together! If anything, that would make him one of the happiest people on the planet!
Agrees with you wholeheartedly! Their dorm leader is a very handsome young man with a lot of talent and future potential, so they agree 鈥 you certainly have great taste! Now, while they might not appreciate the words you chose to describe their dorm leader, they don鈥檛 disagree (cough Sebek cough) with your statement.
Rook, Lilia, Silver, Sebek
After their initial reaction(s), they also decide to tease you a bit. You just willingly gave them perfect blackmail material, you know. Now, why would you go and do that? 鈥ecause you trust them? Now that was a foolish reason. Since it鈥檚 you, though, they might keep this information to themselves.
Ace, Cater, Ruggie, Jade, Floyd
After their initial reaction(s), they decided to play wingman and try to get you to confess your feelings to their respective dorm leader. Whether it鈥檚 because they think you鈥檒l legit be a good match together or if they鈥檙e doing it just for fun, you鈥檒l never know. The help is much appreciated, though.
Trey, Cater, Ruggie, Jade, Floyd, Rook, Ortho, Lilia
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Yuu: (pointing Idia) you! to the mirror!
Idia: w-what?! why did you break my door Yuu!?
Yuu: (picking him up) you made Ortho cry and feel bad, now do the thing he wanted or I'll break everything in your stupid dorm, including you and your dorm mates
Idia: O-O-Ortho help! t-they are trying to kill me again!
Yuu: he can't help you now
Idia: (terrified) H-Help!!!
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Tumblr media
yuu's resident chef
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Through a lens of black and white
鈸 nwingmission
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twst as tweets pt 4
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Cater's latest post on Magicam is a picture titled "Self-care night with the homies" and it's ? Yuu in a face mask, sitting in a beanbag chair, talking to a full-length mirror that clearly shows Ursula's reflection, also in a face mask and drinking wine.
? Yuu is sharing all of the gossip.
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Yuu: Did you guys pick up on any weird tension between me and Malleus at that meeting?
Yuu: Because I think he might be into me.
Ace: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
Ace: Oh, I thought you were joking.
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TWST Incorrect quotes#333 NRC VS RSA
In an NRC & RSA Spelldrive match...with the help of Yuu they one...
Yuu: You were prepared for our best but not our dumbest!
Tumblr media
But they're OUR dumbest arent they?
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Tumblr media
Read from <- right to left!
POV: what i wanted to say @ book 2 but amping up the cockiness to 100 because Yuu isnt afraid of god
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Chef!Yuu memes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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