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m3iyo · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you squeeze their cheeks and these are their reactions. (cheeks as in face cheeks what r u thinking bae 😟😟)
chrtrs: leona, riddle, floyd.
warnings: gn! reader.
notes: if u saw my previous note, ignore that, i am not writing the angst fic it's so cringey i hate it.
Tumblr media
bet his cheeks are not that squishable
probably abit sturdy too ( not as sturdy as vargas' tho 😟/j)
before you can even squish them he's got a hold of your wrists
“ The hell do you think you're doing? ”
when you reply that you just wanted to squish his cheeks, looks at you like you're crazy
let's go off your wrists though
now u can squeeze them >:))
just lets you do that and continues wtvr he was doing (sleeping)
overall, his cheeks r not that squishable but 6/10 bcs he let u do ur shit and did not kill u right then and there.
Tumblr media
his cheeks r so cute im about to cry
he lets you squeeze them but looks at you confused while trying to act like he's not flustered
if you coo at him he's probably gonna get red
thinks about it all day
10/10. very squishable. you should do it again, yes.
Tumblr media
he probably does this to you all the time so he's sort of surprised
his cheeks probably have a weird texture tho, maybe bcs of his eel features idk
squeezes your cheeks back in return while smiling
his habit of squeezing your cheeks become worse after this
expect him to run up to you and squeeze your cheeks everytime he sees you
7/10 only bcs he's cute but he doesn't have to squeeze you that hard all the time..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twistedlotus · 2 days ago
#WHAT WOULD I DO ? , vil, leona .
..cw for mentions of vomit
› ..even though there is not a lot of words, these the closest moments to happen in your relationship. gn reader. — this was inspired by what would i do? by strawberry guy bc i bawl my eyes out to the beginning and had this idea while taking out the trash.
Tumblr media
holding back your hair while you throw up.
i don’t believe that vil would do this, ever really. so when you come along, everything somewhat became clear to him while this happened, that youre the one for him, and that he loves you.
although i do think he would absolutely despise vomit, the soft rubbing on your back as he holds back your hair is enough to say that he loves you, even without words.
letting you cry into his chest.
to me, leona wouldn’t really do something like this either, unless he knows that he loves you. to him, this shows his trust and care for you, even if its something simple like this.
i think he would be a great person to cry to. he seems like a decent listener, holding you in his embrace as you sob and cry for whatever reason without saying anything, because sometimes actions speak louder than words.
Tumblr media
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azlrse · a day ago
➳ bro's the type to.. (a kalim al-asim x gn!reader dating headcanons)
cw: none, just extreme fluff
a/n: i'm partially free from my school works and guess who's daydreaming about her irl crush-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bro's the type who has this puppy love crush upon meeting you. He was intrigued that someone who came from an unknown background/from another world and doesn't have such ability to do magic is what makes him curious for you.
Bro's the type that would get know you first before his feelings for you surfaced to the top. He wants to know everything about you (but not in a creepy way) and loves to give you small trinkets that reminds you of him.
Bro's the type that would spoil you so much before you became his significant other. Ranging from lots and lots of food cooked by Jamil to gifts that money can buy. Please accept those gifts, that would make Kalim's heart soar up above.
Bro's the type who realizes and accepts that his love for you isn't some platonic love but a kind of love that says 'i really really like you- no, I love you' kind of feeling. He wholeheartedly accepts that you are the reason why he goes to school earlier than usual, why he goes to Ramshackle Dorm first in order to fetch you for classes where he sometimes offers to study in the library just the two of you, and why his grades had increased since the second semester.
Bro's the type who would gush about you to his dormates and to Jamil about you. He would gush about you non stop as he paces back and forth while his beating heart is threatening to come out of his chest as he keeps on rambling about you.
Bro's the type to be the first to comfort you during you days of darkness. If you want to be alone for a while, he'll respect your decision but would happily indulge to your desire for a hug if you needed one.
Bro's the type that invites you to take a ride on his flying carpet and seeing the sparkling stars above. Kalim would melt like a stick of butter as you hold him for support and he'll gladly loop his arm around your waist.
Bro's the type who would carry you in bridal style if you scraped your knee or sprained an ankle. He doesn't take no for an answer as he carries you towards the infirmary and stays with you as you fell asleep and holds your hand to reassure himself that you are doing okay.
Bro's the type that would become extremely nervous as he gets ready to confess his love for you. Kalim is pacing back and forth (again) while carrying a small box of gold as his courting gift to you. When he finally speaks out that he really liked you, you can how his face is sweating and couldn't help but stare at his shakey hands as he hands you over his gift of courtship. You accepted his confession and you saw his mouth contorted into the most adorable grin you've ever seen as he spins you around in the air.
Bro's the type that gives you kisses 24/7 and is big on PDA. He wants everyone to know that you are Kalim's lover and treats you like some kind of royalty. He loves holding your hand with his while walking around the corridors of the school.
Bro's the type who makes a keychain locket that was hooked on his magic pen. When he's down or just misses you, he would open up the small latch of the locket and sees your adorable face.
Bro's the type who would fight for the relationship he established with you. Because the heir of the Asim family loves you so much and would do anything to keep you safe and loved.
Tumblr media
Do not republish, edit, or repost to other websites.
Reblogs and likes are appreciated! 💕
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marsgod · a day ago
Hello! May I please request a gn!reader that loves marine science and all things ocean and how they would get along with the Octavinelle boys? Reader did not know that the Octavinelle trio were merfolk until the events of Book 3 unfolded. (Platonic please, if you don’t mind)
hey hey! sorry this took so long<3
⇢ Octavinelle x Gn! Reader
⇢Warnings; Platonic relationships. gn! reader, marine biologist! reader
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengretto
He’s definitely interested in any facts you randomly go off on about, especially if you start ranting about Octavinelle and how much you love it all
It’s an ego boost for him&lt;3
But not rlly, Azul is actually interested in the facts, he also definitely learned something new about himself during your rants about octopi
Skip forward to book 3, when you happen to learn about them being mermen, he bluescreens damn near every time you ask about his mer-form
and asking him to change into it
.. He’ll do it maybe once but from then on it’s only on special occasions (or if he’s in an extremely good mood)
please just compliment his form, not specifically cause it’ll change the fact of when he’ll reveal it to you (..maybe tho?)
and definitely not because of the bias discounts..
and definitely because he’s genuinely pretty and god damn he needs the boost in his confidence (also the truth)
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
While he also is very interested to hear about anything you have, Jade likes to create mental notes about any other mer-creature hybrids that may help convince them of one thing or another
Already knows about him and his twins’ hybrid species, you can’t really surprise him with anything but he likes to give you any facts that pop into his head
just to watch you become confused and scramble to add it to notes or attempting to evidence of said creature doing that
It’s not that it hasn’t crossed his mind to show you, Jade just wanted to wait before you went and started turning him into the guinea pig
But like, the wait was worth it because hearing your excited gasp and nearly trip over yourself to grab anything you could about eels to do.. whatever and sketch, to pics, whatever was super amusing to him
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
Floyd is equally energetic as you are about it, he can list any defense tactic any sea mer-person can do once he gets going, simply due to either scaring, fighting, or some other “experiment”
He definitely doesn’t even attempt to hide his mer-form away, and loved the attention you give him in that form
Be careful because he will try to squeeze and/or bite you if you’re not paying attention
srsly watch out bc he has sOME CHOMPERS
he went nomnomnomnomnomnom-
He’s very pleased by the little human being absolutely enchanted with his eel teeth and whatnot, but don’t think that stops him from messing around with you
because it doesn’t<33
Tumblr media
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curekibouka-writing · a day ago
Howdy do~! I’ve got a fluff/angst headcanon in mind: The dorm leaders’ (including Jamil’s) fem! s/o suddenly wakes up screaming in the middle of the night because of a traumatic nightmare of them Overblotting. As she wakes up, she tearfully tells them she’s scared of losing them a second time. How do they comfort her? Please and thanks!
A/N: This was a request sent to me more than a few months ago, and considering my upper limit being 4 characters per headcanon, I assume this request wants me to write Riddle, Leona, Azul and Jamil?
For Raven's TwstOBer day 5: Dream
Riddle Rosehearts:
Riddle is quick to brew you a cup of herbal tea to help ease your mind and hold your hand as he asks you what’s wrong. 
You tell him you were dreaming of his overblot, the way he lost control and demanded obedience, the way his choker bled onto his pale neck as if it’d cut through. You tell him you fear it happening again, that you’d lose him to the monster raised by the same mother. 
Riddle sits next to you and looks into your eyes very seriously, he reassures you with great certainty, “It won’t happen again. I’ve changed, well, I am trying my best to change.” 
The world he thought to be absolute was only so because he knew nothing of the outside. The world he thought was wrong has expanded into so many colours, so many experiences, so many people, and so many hours beyond that small window. Every day, he’s learning something new. Every day, you’re teaching him something new. He could never return to being a thoughtless doll now that you are in his world. Likewise, he could never return to treating the world like a doll house, thinking that everything can be defined by absolute and ironclad standards. 
“I think with my own head now,” he promises you, “I am here by your side on my own accord, just to raise an example. Regardless of whether it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, I will stay here. That is how I know now that no one is or needs to be absolutely correct, not me, not mother.” 
Leona Kingscholar:
Leona doesn’t want to give anything a damn in the middle of the night but he will sit straight and listen to you until he knows you’re fine, so you’d better start talking so he can get back to sleep. 
You tell him you were dreaming of that magift tournament, that time when his laughs cut deeper than his claws, that time when he gave up on everything, everyone, and himself, once again. You recall the despair that made up his roar reverberating in your veins, you recall the sand and dryness that evokes a sense of helplessness, you recall the crimes he almost committed. You tell him you don’t want to lose him to the monster that everyone makes him out to be. 
“Tch. And what can we do? What can you do? Can you crown me king? Can you change what my own people say about me?” Leona almost scoffs in his reply, cynical as always, though you shouldn’t be surprised, “Fact is, life’s not fair. There are things I can’t change no matter what I do, let alone you, herbivore.” 
He doesn’t sound especially comforting with a frustrated hand at his temple, but you’ll have to understand his reassurance in his language, “But there are still battles I’ll have to take head on, and when I do, I want all the chess pieces at my disposal,” he gestures at himself, “be it a king,” while his tail points to you, “or a pawn.” 
He was born to lead, it was just never made known to him. If you choose to be his kingdom, this time he won’t abandon his people that easily. 
Azul Ashengrotto:
Azul pulls up a chair and sits in front of you looking the best he could in the middle of the night. He begins to calmly and soothingly ask you questions that would guide you to tell him what’s wrong. 
You tell him you were dreaming of breathing in the sea, losing your breath over seeing his true form, in awe, in fear. He was not like himself, all his grievances bursting out as spilling ink, dark and spreading. You stared into his constricted pupils, crazed and furious and blue like the ocean, blue like ice, blue like tears. You tell him you fear the monster he always hid inside him, you fear that anger, that vengeance would take over him again. 
Azul grimaces briefly. The implication that he would stoop to something which he so meticulously hid isn’t pleasant for him, he values his benevolent and sophisticated image after all. However, since it has happened once back then, and he certainly has not forgiven or forgotten how he had been wronged, so he at least acknowledges that your fear is well-justified. 
“How rude of you, to accuse that I’d revert to being who I used to be?” he puts on his fake sad face which quickly transforms to all the confidence and charisma he has when roping someone into a contract. “I’ll have you know I am a changed man. Have you not seen the Mostro Lounge’s profit this month? Have you not seen my performance in the previous practical alchemy exam? No one here can make light of me.”
You silently note that he is still using achievements to “measure” his worth. But you sigh and relent, this will take time. And if anything happens while he’s still fragile, well, at least this time he won’t be alone. 
Jamil Viper:
Jamil rushes in, alerted and concerned, but he runs a hand though his hair in relief when he finds you in one piece. He was about to excuse himself if you were fine, but he does notice the cold sweat running down your forehead. 
In response to his worried questions, you answer that you were dreaming of the winter holiday, of being blasted to the ends of the dimension and your heart pounding with every icy breath you take because every second you waste on getting back was one step he edges closer to death. You were dreaming of his maniacal laughter, of all the things that were so raw, so violent, and yet so true. Not that you want to hold him back but… you’re afraid of losing him to the monster he’s capable of being. 
For freedom, Jamil would give quite literally anything, and that hasn’t changed. He knew there would be prices to pay, sacrifices to make, he always knew, but the weight of those prices sank in for the first time after his overblot. He had a narrow vision, thinking that if he’d lose them anyway, what good is there in searching for treasures? 
But after almost losing everything, it’s different. If he’s gonna be stuck here anyway, laying the groundwork for a better, smarter scheme, then why not take what he can to make this cage a little less miserable? The path he has to take before arriving at a destination can surely be paved into valuable memories too. 
He places a hand on yours, “There… are things that I don’t want to risk in the life I’m living now, I can’t afford to be desperate like last time. But I will find a way. I will obtain everything I want. One day I’ll be free, not as a monster, but as me.” 
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idiasdiscordkitten · a day ago
Headcannons for Jamil, Azul, Idia, Jade, Leona
How would they react when they realise that they have a crush on someone? Do they understand their feelings right away or does it takes time?
this is a good one! thank you so much for the request :)
leona, azul, jade, jamil, and idia realizing they have a crush
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
💛 immediately embarrassed, but not in a “i-i like them?” type of way, but more of a “damn it, really?” type of way.  he’s frustrated
💛 he’d rather not have feelings for anyone, but you?  you’re trouble.  you’re not a delinquent or a bad person, but you tend to come along with a lot of noise, and he prefers being left alone
💛 the only problem is, when he’s alone, leona can only think about one thing:  you.  he knows he’s got feelings, he’s aware he has a crush on you, but he is constantly denying it to himself.  
💛 since he’s not going to be king, he doesn’t need a mate, it doesn’t matter, and relationships are a hassle.  but he keeps thinking about your scent, your smile, the way his pulse changes when you’re around.  it sucks
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
💜 azul is not fully aware of his feelings at first, attributing it to him feeling intimidated by you.  after about a week or so, though, he realizes that he’s not intimidated by you at all.  if anything, he’s intimidated by the thought of your rejection
💜 he's convinced that you would never like him back, so when he’s alone, he’s pretty gloomy over it.  if you’re around, though, he’ll overcompensate and try to be as likeable as possible, clinging to that little glimmer of hope that you could return his feelings someday
💜 it’s painfully obvious to everyone around him that he’s in love with you.  he thinks he’s extremely subtle about the whole thing
💜 the twins tease him constantly, but it makes him feel worse because the whole thing feels like a joke
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
💜 fully aware of his feelings and quite comfortable with them honestly
💜 jade thinks you’re interesting.  you’re not bad looking, either, so it makes complete sense to him that he’d develop feelings for you
💜 whenever you visit the mostro lounge, he will present himself as a romantic butler type, eager to serve you hand and foot.  it’s not like it’s very different from his usual work demeanor, but every move he makes is a conscious decision
💜 he’d be very disappointed if you didn’t return his feelings, but it’s hard for you to even know that he felt any particular way about you just because he is so difficult to read
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
🧡 jamil’s actually pissed off that he’s got a crush
🧡 it just causes problems.  he can’t have a single thought to himself anymore.  his mind, his private place, has been invaded by thoughts of you.  he can’t find anywhere to be alone
🧡 he feels extremely conflicted over this, though.  he’s obviously sick of playing servant and dealing with annoying people like kalim all the time, but his thoughts of you aren’t exactly...negative.  in fact, he feels happy when he thinks of you, and that terrifies him
🧡 he’s never been able to have something be truly his, so he figures that, should he ever actually pursue you, you’ll never feel the same way, or maybe someone else will swoop you up instead.  it’d be easier if you hated him so he wouldn’t hold out hope for something between you, but you’re just so kind and warm to him...
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
💙 fear
💙 life isn’t an otome game.  if you select the wrong dialogue option, you can’t just restart the save and try again.  he’s absolutely terrified by his feelings of you because he is consumed by them
💙 he’s engaged with enough media in his life to know that he’s got a crush on you.  but there’s no way someone as perfect as you would like some loser shut-in like him.  there have to be S-Tier suitors waiting for you out there
💙 ortho comments on his hair becoming pink more often than normal, and it just makes it worse.  is it really that obvious?  might as well just keep his distance and wait for it to pass
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diavolosbaby · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland request. I'm in my 30s now so I'd be old enough to be a teacher but what if we stepped that up to a guidance counselor? y/n would be a crucial part in the overblot students' therapy. it doesn't have to be romantic just something that was on my mind
Being the NRC guidance counselor
Characters: overblotters
Genre: angst a bit? Reverse comfort, platonic, maternal figure more than friend or lover
Format: one big paragraph mess (just my thoughts on how’d it go)
Pronouns: they/them (gn reader)
Being the NRC guidance counselor would include some things that aren’t exactly in your line of work. For example, deadly tantrums (the overblots). Crowley would hire you right after the first overblot and have an assembly introducing you. When you go up to speak and tell your intentions, no one really takes you seriously. But when Leona’s over blot happens and in such a public setting, people start getting tense. You want to help, so you send out a survey and have everyone fill it out. You look at the results and talk to individual students. In fact, you spoke to Azul before his overblot. He didn’t say anything concerning, but you knew better. He wasn’t being open. You didn’t blame him, he didn’t know you. After his overblot though you started noticing the pattern in the overblots. It was the house wardens. So of course your next target was Kalim. You stayed over the holidays to watch him and noticed him acting differently than how everyone had described him. Of course, since two new students always seem to be with the overblotters and they only started when they came along, you brought that up with Crowley. He dismissed it and you didn’t bother bringing up your suspicions to him again. He never listened. What threw you off is when The vice housewarden overblotted and not the housewarden. You thought this job wasn’t for you, investigating wasn’t the job for a guidance counselor anyway. No one would blame you if you looked for work elsewhere. You were almost going to throw in the towel, until a student willingly knocked on your door and asked if you had the time. You were ecstatic, they actually had problems they wanted to talk about. With you! That student was Vil shoenheit. You listened and you gave him solutions and similar situations such as his. He came in annoyed and left relieved. You thought it was going well, until he overblotted as well. You were in the dirt, you didn’t prevent anything. But hey, more people willingly come to talk to you now and you schedule weekly sessions with the students who overblot. You track their progress on growing as a person and offer them a place on campus if they just need to calm down. You talk riddle down, You reassure Azul, Vil, and Idia, you build up Jamil and Malleuses’ self identity. Even if Leona takes advantage of your office and takes naps there because he needa a “mental health break”. It was a mess at first, but you’re really helping. You can feel it. They don’t feel like going to you is a drag anymore, they go to you happily because they know you can help them.
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dreamofjoys · a day ago
Sebek thinking that GenZ!Yuu is trying to kidnap Yandere!Malleus
*Sebek sees GenZ!Yuu always talking to Yandere!Malleus*
*One day, Sebek decides to confront GenZ!Yuu about their malicious intent infront of Yandere!Malleus*
GenZ!Yuu: Why would I do that?
GenZ!Yuu: *Scoffs* I have no reason to kidnap him. Besides, do YOU know how much time and effort it would take to kidnap tsunotarou, the crown prince of Briar Valley? I barely have the strength to carry him and drag him to other places. Not to mention, he could crumple me with his grip. And also, do you know how much money I have to SPENT on him? He's a big man, he EATS A LOT, and he's definitely picky, only choosing to eat food with the finest ingredient. Where am I suppose to get this resources from?? Im BROKE ASF AND IM ALR STRUGGLING TO LIVE *proceeds to rant about their difficulties in life*
GenZ!Yuu: Besides, I rather Malleus be the one kidnapping me. At least I won't have to worry about house bills anymore. I get to live a rent free life with all the luxury goodies. Even if Im depressed, at least I can wipe my tears with money.
Sebek: *shock pikachu face*
Yandere!Malleus: *blushes* Well, if that's what you desire, I can make it come true for you.
At that moment, Yandere!Malleus had decided to kidnap GenZ!Yuu on the spot. He brings them to his private tower, locking them up and giving them whatever they want. GenZ!Yuu is happy, because they no longer need to worry about money, exams and etc. Bonus is that they get to live a rent free life and have a lover who is ready to give them the whole world.
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kimbap-r0ll · a day ago
Just readed the promt, where we get possessed by chernabog and i was wondring, if you wouldwrite a part 2? The fights and the aftermath of the possession?
Tumblr media
Thank you for the ask! I have been so busy I haven’t been able to write for seven characters recently, sorry about that, uni is keeping me busy. Here's the first part for those who want to see it!
Dorm leaders react to Yuu being possessed by Chernabog Part 2
Thankfully, Malleus was nearby on his usual walk when he spotted Riddle being hurled across the field by you, or whatever the smoky figure behind you was. He knew immediately of who it was, it was written in old history books about how he could return in centuries to come, and here he was, tormenting you and Riddle in the process
Malleus runs towards you, magic pen in and and a surge of magic enveloping the field. Riddle tried to get up but he could feel his bones aching from the fall that he had to endure. “Wait, don’t hurt them!” Riddle shouted at Malleus, but the fae prince didn’t seem to hear.
“Do not fret, human, I will make sure this ends peacefully,” Malleus says, and before Riddle can react, Malleus shoots lightning towards a direction he is pointing at. First, Riddle thinks that he hit you, but he realized that he actually went ahead and hit another part of the school. The tower?
There happened to be bells up there, and that would likely stun Chernabog, at least Malleus hoped, and it worked! Right when the bells rang, Malleus hit the stunned you and right after that the smog disappeared, leaving you falling from being slightly lifted into the air. Riddle ran to catch you, causing his body to instead hit the ground once again
“Thank you, Malleus,” Riddle said to the Diasomnia student. Malleus just smiled and walked off like nothing had happened. Riddle made sure you were taken to the medical wing as soon as possible, and he stayed by your side until you woke up.
The aftermath was sweet, he was just glad to have you back and that you were alright now. You didn’t seem to remember quite what happened, and he didn’t give a lot of details about it to you either, in case it would strain you. But you did notice he smiled more often than before when the two of you hung out
The three Savanaclaw students watched as you glared back at them. It had to be done, something to stun you or at least knock you out, and Leona had magic strong enough to cause you to, well, turn to sand, so there had to be a way!
Wait...perhaps that could work? Leona weighed the odds of how he should deal with this, it was clear that there was something hovering over you, though because of how dark the room was he wasn’t sure. If he could aim for that, similar to aiming for an overblot phantom, perhaps he could save you from being possessed any longer
“Stay out of this, I think I have a plan,” Leona told Ruggie and Jack with an arm blocking them from going forward. “Wait, what are you thinking of doing?” Ruggie asked but before he could get an answer, Leona lunged forward, tackling you to the ground. The others could see you attacking Leona as well, both with your own hands and whatever smoky figure was hovering above you. But right when it seemed like Leona’s head was about to be sliced, he managed to grab the smoke.
“There, thought there might be a weakness, didn’t think it would be the horns,” he smirked, though he was bleeding from his forehead. Then, using his unique magic, the smoke went into flames, who knew it could do that? After long, agonizing minutes, Jack noticed the sun was coming up, and with that suddenly the smoke disappeared, like the sand.
Leona took you to the medical wing immediately, carrying you gently and muttering to himself about hoping that you weren’t dead. Thankfully, the nurses told the Savnaclaw students that you were fine, and that you would wake up soon.
Leona never told you what happened other than that you hit your head on the floor and passed out, teasing that you need to be more careful. But you did notice he was a bit more protective, or at least he was wrapping his arm around you a lot more than he used to. Don’t ask him about it, he’ll just look away and say that he likes your company, “that’s all.”
Azul couldn’t find the headmaster, of course that useless crow man wouldn’t be around when they needed him the most! So, instead, he turned his heels and ran back, perhaps he was thinking he could somehow save you, but how? He stopped midway, remembering how you called him “worthless,” but he shook his head and tried to tell himself it wasn’t you, it was whatever “Chernabog” was. He advanced, but was quickly joined by Malleus.
“Are you running late for something?” Malleus asked, and Azul fumbled with his glasses. “Ah, well, t-there’s this thing, Cherna...bog I think was his name? It’s possessing y/n,” Azul just spilled all of the information, maybe the fae prince could help? Without a second wasted, Malleus joined with Azul to help take the demon down.
When they came back, Crewel had been dueling with you/Chernabog for a few minutes. He looked beat, his coat was frayed and there was some blood on his face too. You on the other hand, looked unscathed. “Are there any large windows here?” Malleus asked, and Azul looked at him in a confused way. “The sun will rise soon, in about ten minutes, this demon hates its rays.”
With that, Azul shouted at Crewel and Malleus to follow him, and the trio all ran to another side of Octavinelle: towards the sea. There was no way they would get sunlight, right? Well, unless they broke through the middle part of the Lounge, where most of the sunlight was collected. With that, they pushed you in at the ten minute mark, hoping it would do something.
It was a strange scene; a black fog of some kind caused you to scream, then it disappeared. You were in the water but Azul quickly got you out of it and the trio all ran to the infirmary. Other than the fact that you had been possessed, the nurse said that you were fine with the exception that you were likely going to get sick from being dunked in cold water. Azul thanked Crewel and Malleus, and Crewel said that this didn’t count as any kind of extra treatment for his students before telling Azul and Malleus that they were brave “but unfashionably reckless” in pushing you in.
When you woke up, Azul was in tears. It was a bit of a sight, especially for everyone who came by to see you. He squeezed you so hard you thought you were going to choke haha. But nonetheless, you were confused but happy to see him and get a hug from him when you woke up. He didn’t tell you what happened, but you did hear mentions of a demon possession from time to time around the Lounge.
Similar to Azul, Crowley isn’t there. He was probably out on some party downtown, or maybe he fled after he felt the magical pressure you exerted. Kalim felt hopeless, should he just give up, curl up and cry? No, he had to save you, and perhaps the only way to do that would be to go back and fight you himself
He ran back, back to his dorm and realized so much of the building was already in tears. You weren’t anywhere to be found though, but then he saw a spark far out in the desert. Jamil had taken the fight to the desert. Kalim, calling for his carpet, flew there and found a smoky figure hovering over you and Jamil on the sand.
“Jamil!” Kalim shouted, but there was no response. He...he couldn’t be dead, right? Kalim dropped from the carpet and stood in front of you. You sneered, snapping at him to get out of your way. “No, I’m not letting you hurt Jamil,” Kalim said, eyes determined. You seemed to get angry, getting ready to hit you, but right when you were about to slap him out of your way, he ran up and hugged you.
Chernabog wasn’t expecting that, as seen by how you froze up. He squeezed you tightly in his arms. “Y/n, I know you’re in there somewhere, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m not going to let you be taken by this thing, you’re better than that!” Kalim said, tears sliding down his cheeks. You writhed in his grasp, it seemed that Chernabog for some reason couldn’t use his magic to push him off. Kalim just held onto you as long as he could, until the sun’s rays began to shine into the desert.
With that, suddenly you let out a scream, the smoke disappeared, and you fell into his arms. “Y/n!” Kalim shouted, carefully holding you. The fight seemed to be over. With that, he took you and Jamil to the infirmary, and Jamil woke up a few minutes afterwards with a lot of bandages wrapped around him. “Thanks for saving me,” Kalim told Jamil, but he just shook his head and said it was his job. Meanwhile with you, it took you three days to wake up, but Kalim didn’t leave your side, sometimes forgetting to eat.
When you finally woke up, he was ecstatic and nearly knocked you out as he lunged for a hug. You laughed, asking what had happened, to which he explained in tears that you were possessed by something, but you were fine now because Jamil saved you. “Ah, correction, Kalim saved you,” Jamil commented from his hospital bed. Either way, Kalim didn’t let you go for a long time, just happy that you were back
He didn’t think the fight was going to be this long, but then again, Vil was just a student but he was skilled in magic. He took the fight outside, near the forests of Pomefiore. Perhaps it would be better for defense, but even then it felt unsafe as he couldn’t see you sometimes. This caused him to be tossed from side to side during the fight.
Vil’s hair was disheveled, he could taste blood in his mouth. He saw you laughing from afar, ready to throw another ball of fire in his direction. “N-no, you’re not...winning like this,” he muttered and threw another spell to make you go flying backwards. But then, a sliver of an arrow flew passed your head. It was Rook.
“Rook, stay out of this! It’s dangerous!” Vil shouted, trying to get up but falling back, his ribcage hurt so badly. “Non, I think you should fall back,” Rook countered, taking out another arrow. “I have an idea on how to take the creature holding y/n hostage,” Rook continued. He aimed, something was on the arrow but Vil wasn’t sure what.
The arrow was wrapped in what looked like a silver necklace, perhaps a charm that could counter this “Chernabog” that was possessing you? Before Vil could ask Rook what he was doing, he shot and nearly aimed at your heart.
The smoke suddenly flew up, shouting in pain and trying to charge at them, but a few inches away from Vil he stopped and fell. The smoke disappeared. You, on the other hand, fell over. “Good, I thought that the Yen Sid charm I got would work,” Rook shrugged. “The what?” Vil asked, and Rook looked over at the dorm leader. “Ah, it was a legend that Yen Sid fended off Chernabog in the past, who knows though, I thought it was just a tale.”
Vil, with the help of Rook, helped you get to the infirmary as fast as possible. Vil himself however was placed in a hospital bed alongside you. He couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in his bed and wondering if you were okay behind the separation curtain. Thankfully, the next day, you woke up and looked alright, Vil broke into tears as he hugged you, a rare sight for everyone including you. He didn’t say why you were here, but he just kissed you on the head and said he was happy you were alright.
“Come back you wannabe y/n!” he shouted, and that caused the smoke figure hovering over you to cause your legs to stop. It looked back. Idia had been shouting at it all kinds of insults that he had learned from the lobbies of all the games he had played. Thankfully, it seemed to have worked since you weren’t going after Overblots.
“You want to fight? Let’s see how strong you are then,” your voice was distorted, but the magic building up was nothing to make fun of. Idia readied himself for the fight. He wasn’t the best at magic, but his technology skills were unmatched. With that, he decided to find a way to teleport you, perhaps you would do badly in the sun?
While he was fumbling with some magical device, he kept defending himself from your attacks. He hid behind multiple building parts, sometimes behind trees. He sometimes tried to hit you with simple magic, but it did nothing but make you stronger, so he stopped that. Finally, after some tweaking on the watch he had brought with him to the fight, it was ready to send you somewhere else.
“Follow me,” Idia glared at the demon, and right when it was charging, he opened up a portal and the two (three?) of you fell into a different location. You were all at what looked like Leona’s hometown, far more sunny than what Idia was used to. But this was good, as clearly you didn’t like the sun. You began to scream, shout profanities and the smoke burned up and turned to ashes.
With that, you fainted, you fell to the ground but Idia ran to catch you. He held you in his arms, stuttering if you were okay. With that, he teleported the two of you to the infirmary of the school and tried to explain what happened to the nurse. “Wellsoademonshowedupandpossessedy/nbutitwasn’tgoodwiththesunandthankfullyitdidn’tfindanyoftheotheroverblotedstudentsorharmanyoneandI’mjustscaredthaty/nwon’tbealrightand-“ “Okay just take a long rest,” the nurse stopped him.
Idia couldn’t sleep, he kept sitting next to you, he wasn’t even able to watch an anime on his phone because of how worried he was. When you finally woke up the next day, he breathed a sigh of relief and hugged you, telling you welcome back. “From what? What happened?” you asked him. But Idia didn’t say anything, he just said that he’s glad you’re safe. When you two return to Idia’s room, you two snuggle under blankets and play Animal Crossing.
Malleus wasn’t confident in his magic, but then again, he was skilled enough that he could match against Chernabog. He was fighting against you, no, the smoke behind you was the target. As he shot lightning at the smoke, he kept being hit with different kinds of magic.
Thankfully, Lilia appeared on the scene, shouting at Malleus if he was alright. “So, it is real,” Lilia looked over at you and up at Chernabog, who was grinning at the two students. Lilia took out his magic pen, and began to help Malleus in defense.
“What would be a weakness of Chernabog, I’m not sure if it was in the scrolls that we read,” Malleus asked Lilia, shooting a counter attack at your fireball. Lilia didn’t respond for a bit, before he said two words. “Bell chimes.” With that, he quickly looked out the window and at the tower that held the bells. It was far, but perhaps you could be led towards it safely?
“I’ll fly there, Lilia I’ll need your help as well,” Malleus told Lilia and began to run out of the woods and towards the school. He then was able to fly upwards, looking behind him and seeing you do the same. Things were going in plan, and when Malleus got close enough to the tower to hit it with his lightning spell, he used as much magic as he had to cause the bells to chime three times. You halted in the air, the smoke suddenly freezing up and writhing as the bells chimed. The lightning caused a flash across campus, causing everyone to wake up. But more importantly, it was causing Chernabog to scream, curse at Malleus, and finally leave your body.
Lilia caught you as he was behind Malleus and Chernabog, then the two Diasomnia students ran to the infirmary. The two asked the nurse if you would be alright, and they had told them that you would be okay. “But I’m so confused, what happened?” the nurse asked, but the two didn’t say anything. Malleus didn’t leave your side, and it looked like he could overblot in any minute because of how concerned he was about your health. Lilia left to inform Sebek and Silver what happened, saying he would come to visit you and Malleus in the morning.
Thankfully, you woke up the next day, saying you felt like you blacked out. Malleus sighed a breath of relief, and for the first time, you saw him shed a few tears. “Ah, don’t worry about me, my love, I’m just glad you’re alright,” he explained, brushing some hair strands out of your face. He didn’t tell you exactly what happened, but maybe he will later on. For now, he just enjoyed your company, holding your hand as you rested in the hospital bed.
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munv · 20 hours ago
Yes it is October. Yes I am busy. And yes we have reached 200 followers. Do I have something in mind? Yes I do. Will I share it just yet? Absolutely not <33
This goes to all my fellow malleus lovers but let me be honest it’s not really yandere idk at this rate ☹️
Tumblr media
YANDERE MALLEUS absolutely loves to see you dressed up all cute just like the little doll you are. He buys you anything you want but every little thing must come at a price, no? Just say the word ! If you so wish to desire even the rarest of jewels he would get it just for you.
YANDERE MALLEUS bows down to you alone and that’s on period. You are far greater than any treasure and he wishes to keep you to himself for as long as life goes on. Not to mention he finds it absolutely adorable whenever you struggle for some reason.
YANDERE MALLEUS would simply drop dead if he saw you in a dress. He feels the urge to cover you up so only he is allowed to see this view alright?.
YANDERE MALLEUS may seem all sweet but that’s only because you are his most beautiful jewel and the one person who can steal his heart. He tried to convince you by him locking you up in a tower is the safest way, why won’t you believe him dear? It’s for your own good! This way..no one else can steal you from him.
YANDERE MALLEUS makes sure that whenever you interact with someone he keeps tabs on them. You only need him so why are you bothering with these pesky insects? Let him take care of them for you dear. He also makes it so that all evidence is gone thanks to Sebek. He can’t let his precious treasure eyes be tainted with the bloodshed of something so unworthy now can he?
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amorisqasayid · 2 days ago
[ ✽ ] ˖ ˚ ◞ ┊ʺ KINDNESS IN CARE
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ an anon requested riddle with a caregiver friend !! 
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ gender neutral reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ warnings ,, fluff
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ i just finished another request omg. two requests in two days ?? at the expense of some of my assignments , yes , but requests done none the less. anywho !! im gonna go catch up on class work <33
Tumblr media
riddle’s caregiver friend who pulls him away from his studies to make sure he still practices recreation. he is in need of a break every once in a while, but always refuses to take a moment to himself. you knew that he needed to stop driving and take time to enjoy the flowers every once in a while. you guide him away from the books on his desk and two the cup of tea you made him. 
“ come now, dear. you should take a break.” you pushed the biscuits closer to him and tugged the books away. he should’ve reprimanded you, but he never even romanticizes the thought. no one in the dorm had even watched him yell at you once. you managed to get off the hook with nothing but a slap on the back of the wrist. “ (y/n) , i still have much to do—” “ spare your mind a short break and then you could get back to work !” your hands were stubbornly on your hips and your brows furrowed. you had no intention of leaving him alone about it. so, he surrendered instead.
riddle who’s jealous of ace and deuce for being able to hang out with you so long. since you guys didn’t share many classes together, the few moments he got were spread on a timeline, farther than he would’ve liked. before he could even admit the fact that he wanted to hang out in your presence more, you had suddenly texted him about going to the local festival. it made flowers petals burst in his heart.
you looked down at your phone, waiting for a reply from riddle. the question was audacious, but you thought it couldn’t have been so outrageous that he decided to block you. 
rosy hearts <3 : I would be honored to attend the festival with you. Tell me when you’d like to go and I will escort you from Ramshackle.
your eyes grew wide and you had to reread the reply over and over again. it was real. and it was riddle. you could tell since his grammar was so perfect and all of his i’s were capitalized. 
riddle who’s still learning how to express his appreciation to his caring friend, and only really knows how to by spending time in their presence. you never pointed out that riddle seemed to be around you a lot more, because you didn’t want it to shoo him away. instead, each time you caught him shuffling closer to you, you just grinned and greeted him, placing him into the conversation with sincerity.
Tumblr media
tags ,,, @ghost-hyacinth @pandoa @idiaia​ @sleepybunboo @mlk082​
dm me or send an ask if you’d like to be on it as well !
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sanctum-of-ramshackle · a day ago
“Do you want to play a game?”
[TWST AU]: An MC/Yuu taking the role of Jigsaw.
Gender Neutral MC/Yuu
[Synopsis]: In this timeline, this MC/Yuu is not what they seemed to be and they like playing games.
[TW]: Graphic descriptions, cursing, and manipulation.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let say MC/Yuu was an ordinary high school student studying to be an engineer before being transported to Twisted Wonderland.
They’re very intelligent, and somehow kept up with their friendly facade.
Well, they don’t always act nice.
They’re actually a serial killer continuing the works of John Kramer A.K.A. The Original Jigsaw Killer.
MC/Yuu has kidnapped and forced terrible people to participating in their sick and twisted games to give them a second chance in life to become better.
Law Enforcement were already tracking down who killed the victims and they didn’t suspect a high-schooler to be the one behind the murders.
Once they traveled to Twisted Wonderland, the first part is the same.
Grim discovers them.
Crowley drags them (plus Grim) to the ceremony.
Except this time, The Dark Mirror sees something through MC/Yuu’s soul that should not be provoked.
The mirror would keep shut about their dark secret as it also senses if it slips up, MC/Yuu will go after for blood.
Crowley would be oblivious and to some students, too.
Except for others who may suspect something is off about MC/Yuu, but can’t figure out why.
Also they adopted Grim as their “apprentice.”
Tumblr media
MC/Yuu: *Enjoying time with their friends*
Deuce: Oh, MC/Yuu. You have something on your face.
MC/Yuu: *Has a red stain on their cheek* ‘Crap. I became sloppy.’ It’s nothing. It’s probably from painting a portrait. Wanna see?
Deuce: Oh! What did you paint?
MC/Yuu: A rose bush. ‘Thank god I finished the painting after torturing that pig (Tortured a Savanaclaw student).’
Tumblr media
[Ramshackle Lounge]
MC/Yuu: *Building the reversed bear trap*
Grim: *Tugging at their sweatpants* MC/Yuu, I’m hungry.
MC/Yuu: In a minute. I’m almost done with this piece.
Grim: Why are you building that thing anyway?
MC/Yuu: Well…I couldn’t forget what I studied. So I’m exercising what I can remember.
Grim: …
MC/Yuu: …
Grim: …Tuna.
MC/Yuu: Fine. I’ll get your tuna.
Tumblr media
[Heartslabyul Lounge]
Riddle: Dreadful news I received.
MC/Yuu: *Acting concerned* Riddle, what happened?
Riddle: My mother is being hospitalized.
MC/Yuu: Oh no. That sounds terrible. Was her injuries serious?
Riddle: Of course! She has broken fingers and her jaw was fractured… *Realization hits him* How did you know she was physically injured?
MC/Yuu: … *Their facial expression became blank*
Riddle: *Feeling fear* MC/Yuu?
MC/Yuu: One of my inventions during a game. I should’ve given her a craniotomy as she thinks she’s right on everything. What a bitch.
Riddle: *Horrified and backs away from them* You…
MC/Yuu: That’s right. I forced your mother to participate in one of my death games. Her screams were delightful to hear~ *Smiles creepily*
Riddle: *Lost for words*
MC/Yuu: *Reverts back to their blank expression* She should become a better person after her treatments.
Riddle: Why? Why would you do that?
MC/Yuu: Because of second chances. I want terrible people to appreciate life, and not waste it on frivolous things.
Riddle: …Who else knows about your secret?
MC/Yuu: *Sighs* A follower of mine. He was too easy to manipulate.
Riddle: Then you know I have to report on you.
MC/Yuu: On what evidence? No one will believe you~ *Leaves the lounge*
Tumblr media
✨Reblogs are appreciated and helps create more content✨
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starriwonderland · a day ago
Hihi! I wanted to request a headcanon of Idia and Azul of how they would take a male s/o out on a date :D thanks!
Hi! I love this idea so much! I tried my best to make the reader male! I got stuck on what to write so I added crack because this is the twst-verse I hope that's okay!
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, Crack if you squint.
Warning(s): mushrooms, slight ooc on Azul's part sorry I'm still learning about him, mentions of social anxiety on Idia's part.
Reader: Male
Character(s): Idia and Azul
Tumblr media
I'm joking💀
Azul will take you on a date AWAY from Mostro Lounge because he doesn't want the Tweels interfering
They still did anyway
Got the right from Headmaster to leave the campus don't ask how. All you need to know is Crowley is graciously giving his full permission.
A gentleman, he bought you flowers and wanted to take you to dinner!
Wanted everything to go perfectly but Tweels intervined :,)
Took you to a fancy restaurant and you guys sat down
You both ordered pasta as the waiter respectfully wrote down what you wanted.
A band was playing music to fit the romantic atmosphere
Everything was perfect...too perfect (Leech twins cue to come try to mess everything up for funsies)
His glasses went askewed when he finds out Jade is the 'new waiter' when there food is delivered.
"Unfortunately I will be serving you now as the last waiter has finished his shift" obviously it was a lie. Since when did jade work here?
Azul was kinda nervous about eating now as Jade expectantly waited for you both to try your food.
One bite and it was evident that the recipe had been modified with mushrooms
Jade looks every bit pleased by you guys reactions to the fungi and notes everything down.
Well if that wasn't embarrassing enough Floyd is now trying to take over the music band because "their taste in music was too sappy and boring" the guests are just bewildered at the scene.
"If you two are here, who's watch The dorm and Mostro Lounge?" He asked in a serious tone.
Azul looked very upset until he heard joyous giggles coming from you. He loved your laugh and now he's laughing too.
You were having a great time regardless of the twins shenanigans.
Of course he'd take you out again on a proper date though (or at least try to. </3)
Tumblr media
Idia loves you to bits he really does!
But he REALLY hates social interaction
Ortho has to drag him out of his room kicking and screaming just in order for him to go to class.
Usually your dates would be watching anime or gaming sessions or just chilling in his room
Honestly, you didn't really expect Idia to want to go on a date with you anywhere outside his room, because...well he's Idia.
Well time for the surprise of your life
This introverted otaku somehow gathered himself together to ask his boyfriend to go to a movie with him.
Idk what the Twst equivalent of a studio Ghibli movie is but that's where he wanted to go.
Got permission from Crowley a while back in a slightly more civil way than Azul, with the help of Ortho. (Ortho almost blew up the school again💀)
Actually Ortho had convinced Idia to ask you. "I want Nii-san to go make good memories with Y/n-san!"
Before he could have second thoughts and cancel, Ortho shoved him out of his room.
*Locks Idia out of his own room cutely* /hj
Oh well no turning back now.
"Y-y/n I heard that they were releasing this new anime movie that would be in theaters only and I r-really would love it if you go with me." He muttered almost inaudibly while averting his gaze.
Of course you said yes this was a rare opportunity!
He actually hadn't freaked out about social interaction for about a good thirty minutes but to be safe, you decided to do the talking at the ticket counter
Idia links his pinky with yours while you stood in line, since he was still a little shy when it came to PDA
On the other hand, literally clung to your arm like a life line when you were trying to pass people to get to your seats, he's internally screaming. Idia sweetie you'll make it harder to get to our seats in time—
Once you and the blue-haired male sat down he visibly relaxed.
He enjoyed it more than he thought he would, and knows ALL the lore on whichever movie was showing at the theater.
"This actually wasn't that bad..." Idia noted to himself while starting to blush
He was gonna ask to do it again until—
"OooOoo pwetty!" A little kid attempted to grab at his long flaming blue hair.
*screeches and uses you as a human body shield*
The whole thing was hilarious and you had to restrain your self from bursting out in laughter.
You calmed him down and returned back to the campus after getting something to eat.
Regardless of what happened earlier he would definitely want to go out with you again.
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spoops-screams · 2 days ago
| MC who has terrible luck
Tumblr media
Character(s): Malleus Draconia
TW: Injury, car/carriage crashes, illness, minor angst
Notes: Gender neutral MC || My friend sent me a meme about the fact that everyone has one friend who can never catch a break and seems to be targeted by god himself. Unfortunately, that friend is me according to her and everyone else so after the risk of losing the house, my health going to shit in the worst way for me at the time, various other complications and a car crash within the past 2 months, I figured I needed a better way to cope which is this <3
Tumblr media
He's constantly horribly concerned about you even before he knows you all that well considering everything he hears going on around you. He considers that it might be the first years you hang around but it doesn't take long for that theory to be disproven
On top of constantly being roped into every single overblot incident and more, everything in the entire world seems to quite literally be against you
His life isn't really led by luck with his magic often taking the lead and ensuring him safety and success. With you, who doesn't have that privilege, it's a completely different story which is made much more evident when you don't seem to react to any of the frankly horrifying situations that you find yourself in
How you could be so used to this really makes him worry about how your life was before
You'll joke about some higher power targeting you but even Malleus begins to genuinely believe it with certain things going wrong only when you were present
The first time he attempted to bring you to the valley of thorns, he'd had to take you through the mirror and by car the rest of the way to the castle because teleporting, he had found, made your blood pressure drop drastically, something that he doesn't think he'd ever come across before
And only when you are in the car - a magically powered limousine - does another car somehow crash into it, from your side and only affecting your side in any way that mattered
But you act like you're completely fine. A little shaken and sporting a few small cuts from the glass which shattered on you but otherwise alright. Even he himself was panicked by the occurrence and yet you acted like it was a regular kind of incident
Even when he takes to putting up elaborate shielding spells around you, nothing seems to help. Your health which he had begun always closely monitoring, would take a random turn for the worst with a sudden deficiency which Silver and himself are absolutely certain there should be no way that you have
And whenever the spell weakens when it's been up for too long, something ridiculous will happen that the spell can't block like a tree branch falling directly onto you
It genuinely terrifies him because you seem to accept every incident so easily
Crowley forgets your staying in Ramshackle and a government issued bulldozer comes into the school to take it down since it's a safety hazard while you're in it? He's never teleported so fast in his life but catches you climbing out of under some shattered wooden planks. "Don't worry, only like 3 planks fell on me and most of them were rotting and light anyway :)"
One of the horses violently throws you off of it into a fence? You sit up with a wince and give him a thumbs up. "I'm alright :D" Well, you shouldn't be!
You're mortal already, he hates the risk of you suddenly getting into some freak accident that he can't save you from which only seems to be amplified since it's you
He gets so, so worried some days and will cling to you so much, absolutely refusing to let you out of his sight
You make him really tempted to just keep you in Briar valley but, knowing you, you won't be safe there either. As much trust as he has in magic, he certainly can't be certain of your safety when even he's struggling to keep up with everything that goes on
He's used to time moving slowly but here you are giving him whiplash
Tumblr media
Do not repost or claim. Only reblog 💕
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fuzzybonefluffy · 23 hours ago
Will you love me if I'm a worm?
character: Ace Trappola, Cater Diamond x gn!Reader warning: mistakes, because English is not my native language! commentary: perhaps this can be called a request… I'm not sure I understood @kalims-pessimist-bestie request correctly. But I hope you will still like it X)
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
It's him.
It's all his fault. 100%.
Ace and his jokes are sometimes out of place. This happened at the alchemy lesson, when he, for the sake of a joke, threw into the cauldron the leaves of flowers that stood on the windowsill… He seems to have forgotten that since this is an alchemy room, then all the flowers here are not decorations, but ingredients.
Ace is a dumbass, but you love him for that, don't you?
The boiler exploded. Just exploded. Boom!
Ace was scared at first because all that was left of you were your clothes. He didn't find anything that could be you…
Most likely almost killed you, the shoe was very close to you.
When you were already safe, and Ace moved away from what was happening (which was, in fact, quite quickly), you were inundated with jokes.
Ace is not Jade. Ace doesn't know the language of worms. For that, Ace knew you perfectly well, and this allowed him to silently understand your reaction.
But he still didn't like your being in the form of a worm, because knowing your reactions is one thing, but seeing them is completely different.
He is not the victim, but Ace still does not recommend the worm form to anyone. 0/10.
Promises you that he will not do this anymore…
His next victim was Deuce, but that's another story.
Cater Diamond
Despite the fact that Crowley gave you a phone with instructions that it was needed exclusively for emergencies, which means no social networks, this did not stop you.
You, like the Cater, are an active user of Magicam. I'm sorry, Crowley, but otherwise why is there such a gorgeous camera on this phone???
You and the Cater often hold joint photo shoots or flash in each other's profile photos. But even when you are not visible, you still help each other…
You have been in this world for a little more than six months and have already got used to the fact that Photoshop does not exist here. More precisely, in your usual understanding.
And really, why, if there is magic here, and alchemy is an ordinary thing, where only a recipe and ingredients are needed?
This time you are interested in purple smoke… Сater even found a recipe.
You borrowed the ingredients from the science club. Secretly. The scientific club itself does not need to know that something was borrowed from them.
But it seems something went wrong…
Сater is in the same panic as Ace from the sight of your clothes, but at the same time is less catastrophic and notices you almost immediately.
He's not laughing… But she still takes a couple of photos of you. Of course, to show you later. No, he won't delete them, don't even hope.
Pretty quickly turns himself in to Trey, as a member of the science club. You spent less than an hour in the form of a worm.
Riddle punished you both.
Your phones have been taken away.
And they were also seated in different dorm rooms.
But you still communicated through the wall.
Teaching a Cater Morse code was your best idea ever.
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littleventcrawler · 2 days ago
Monster Idia x Reader Headcanons
Genre: Fluff
Like my writing? I take requests! (NSFW or SFW)
Monster Idia who’s pushing 8ft tall
Monster Idia who is just a wall of muscle 
Monster Idia with messy untamed hair and fur that goes in all directions 
Monster Idia with big ole claws and sharp teeth that poke out of his mouth just a bit 
Monster Idia with two sets of horns, one spindly and long and the others straight and sharp 
Monster Idia who’s covered in scars from fights he didn’t start
But monster Idia who’s really an awkward sweetheart, who would never hurt a fly, who wishes he wasn’t so scary 
Monster Idia who’s so big and clunky he struggles to navigate around your house but insists on staying with you 
Monster Idia who wants to hold you all the time but is also scared of hurting you because humans are so so so fragile 
Monster Idia who almost cries when you ask him to hold you because you wouldn’t ask that if you thought he was scary or ugly 
Monster Idia who holds you for the first time for real and never ever wants to let you go 
Monster Idia who NEEDS you in his lap all the time 
Monster Idia who loves loves loves when you put your hands on his chest because they’re just so small compared to him and it’s so cute and dhjsbxbdhaisb
Monster Idia who slowly gets more comfortable with his own strength, less scared of himself 
Monster Idia who likes picking you up and carrying you around for literally no reason other than he can 
Monster Idia who would give and arm and a leg for you to pet him, run your hands through his hair, comb through the ring of fur around his neck that rests on his chest 
Monster Idia who’s fur gets fluffed up when you fluster him
Monster Idia who’s hand completely engulfs yours and he loves it 
Monster Idia who wants to be with you all the time even when you sleep, but your bed isn’t big enough to hold him, so more often than not you find yourself laying on the floor with him 
Monster Idia who cant decide if he likes using you as a pillow or being used as a pillow more 
Monster Idia who sleeps like a rock but still purrs when you stroke his hair or kiss his forehead in his sleep
Monster Idia who loves loves loves his little human and would maul anyone who stepped between them 
Monster Idia who’s OBSESSED with your praise and will do anything to earn it because it lets him know he’s making you proud 
Monster Idia who’s like a big lap dog and wants nothing else but you
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idiasdiscordkitten · 19 hours ago
Hello again >:) Ok so prompt for Vampire! Trey, Leona, Floyd, Jamil, Malleus. Can be spicy if you feel like it ;) So, Reader doesn't know that the other person is a vampire and cut themselves pretty deep, thus bleeding. The twst character, being the only other person there, have to bandage their wound and help them. Are they comfortable? Stressed? Hungry? Horny? Up to you~
now this right here is the kind of content i live for. i love stuff like this! i'm going to do my best :) thank you for the request!
i think i am going to keep this mostly non-spicy, just because it wouldn't apply to most of them
you guys i love writing the boys as supernatural creatures
trey, leona, floyd, jamil, and malleus as vampires tending to an oblivious, bleeding prefect
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
❤️ trey is a little uncomfortable with the fact that you’re bleeding, since it’s not like he has fresh blood all that often, but his priority is making sure you’re alright.  his teeth ache, but he’s able to put those desires aside to tend to your wound
❤️ he cares a lot about what you think of him.  he doesn’t want anyone to view him as someone (or something) to be afraid of, so he does his best to appear as “normal” as possible
❤️ you notice that he’s a little shaky, but when he tells you he’s just a little squeamish, he’s very convincing, and you don’t suspect a thing
❤️ after he makes sure you’re going to heal up just fine and you’re back at the dorm, he goes back to his own room to cool off.  he wasn’t about to lose it, or anything, but he certainly feels dehydrated.  moreso than usual
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
💛 his instincts immediately kick in, telling him to completely devour you, but he fights back so that he doesn’t draw suspicion.  if anyone finds out he’s a vampire, it’ll just bring more attention to him, and he’d really prefer to be left alone
💛 leona figures that you’re too stupid to patch yourself up, so he grits his teeth and carefully bandages you up
💛 once he’s closer to you, the scent really hits him and he starts to zone out a little, just holding on to you for a second and staring.  when he hears his own name, he snaps out of it.  his excuse is that annoying herbivores like you are preventing him from taking a nap, so he’s extra tired (not that that’s a lie or anything)
💛 after you’re all fixed up, he orders you to go home.  if you’re *that* injured, he’ll ask ruggie or jack to escort you.  he needs some time alone to drink something, anything, to get your scent off his mind.  it was just too good
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
💜 you may not know that floyd’s a vampire, but you do know he’s dangerous.  if there’s anyone you don’t really want to be injured in front of, it’s him.  and with good reason, too
💜 he glances at your cut and laughs a little, smiling.  he wants a taste really, really bad, and he’s honestly a little turned on by your scent, too.  he absolutely wants to take you
💜 when he grabs you, he takes a closer look and contemplates whether or not he should actually bite you.  would it really be all that interesting?  or is the punishment for such an action too lame, too much of a turnoff
💜 “aw, i didn’t know little shrimpies could bleed like that,” he says.  he decides that eating you now would be too easy, and right now, you’re not really worth the trouble.  he fixes you up and lets you go, but even though he does a good job bandaging you up, he makes sure to make it “messy” at first so he can get a sample of your blood for later
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
🧡 jamil has phenomenal control, since he’s had to take care of kalim his whole life, but it takes a lot of energy to maintain that composure.  your blood smells so good to him, so unique, that he almost breaks character for a second
🧡 he fixes you up really quickly.  you don’t think anything of it, since he’s basically a professional malewife, and he’s grateful that he’s got plenty of experience with situations like these
🧡 but god, is he hungry
🧡 all he wants to do is use his teeth.  that’s all.  it’s frustrating to him that he has these fangs and he can’t even use them...  maybe someday
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
💚 he knows you’re bleeding before you do.  he could tell that your blood smelled good even when it was trapped beneath your skin, but now that it’s free?  my, what a special child of man you are
💚 malleus knows that everyone is terrified of him, though.  the thought of you being scared of him, too, is just too painful.  he’s old enough to be able to restrain himself without issue, so he makes sure to be as gentle and warm as possible while he tends to your injury
💚 he knows his skin is cold, so he tries not to let his touch linger for too long.  you two have never made skin-to-skin contact before, and he laments that it’s under these circumstances.  he hopes you don’t suspect anything
💚 your kindness proves you would never hold judgment towards something like that, and he’s relieved that you didn’t seem to realize anything.  after you leave, he realizes his own tongue is bleeding.  has he really been pushing his fangs into it this whole time without noticing?  it’s time to feed, then
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