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Batman is so focused on losing his tiny shadow that he doesn’t realize there are actually three of them.
aka wanted to play with dynamic duo dynamics and i couldnt decide whether to give bats a kid, a preteen, or a dick hilariously close in age, but then, epiphany: all 3 at once. batdad speedrun
btw timmy got the other two interested in following batman around so they basically adopted batman, really
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so the netflix show has already shown us two of dream's other aspects, kai'ckul and the king of cats, but one of my favourite things about the endless in the comics is that they have a different incarnation for every single species and culture that has ever experienced them, in this case, if your people dream, you have a personalised Dream
and the comics are also part of the dcu, which means there are a LOT of other species out there to dream
many of these screenshots were taken from one issue which involves a meeting in dream's head between all of his different incarnations, some are just from other places in the comic, but my personal favourites include:
l'zoril, dream god of the green martians
Tumblr media
to fill out the superheroes requirement, kryptonian dream
Tumblr media
fish dream
Tumblr media
flower dream, and tree dream
Tumblr media Tumblr media
femme dream, with just as much dedication to not wearing a shirt as her masculine counterpart
Tumblr media
bird dream, insect dream, and robotic insect dream
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
two different kinds of cat person
Tumblr media Tumblr media
these funky lil guys
Tumblr media Tumblr media
whatever is going on here with the tentacle robot, the teen titans looking motherfucker, the dragon, and the guy in the witch hat (all equally dream of the endless)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a literal stone statue that speaks mostly in egyptian hieroglyphs
Tumblr media
and then there's this guy
Tumblr media
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AVA + staring at BEATRICE’S lips (s1 heart eyes version)
WARRIOR NUN (2020-) SEASON TWO | dir. Simon Barry + bonus
Tumblr media
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Summary: You make sure King K’uk’ulkan remembers who exactly his Queen is.
Pairing: Namor x Fem!Reader
Word count: 2.6k
Warnings: submissive!namor, dominating, begging, punishment. cunnilingus, maybe a little cock torture? and riding him. ♡ 
A/N: i had to make it since i saw no one else doing it lol. the image of a god quivering beneath you, begging for your touch was just... too dizzying to not share LMAO. my first fic! i hope y’all love it as much as i do <33 kinda AU to make it make more sense. pls leave notes for me in your tags, replies as i am new to this lol. ty!
Tumblr media
Three days.
Three whole days the King had been gone.
The first day was fine. Before he left he had let you know he had some business with Wakanda to deal with. Understandable, the alliance was still a fresh development between the two nations, and details had to be ironed out a bit more before either kingdom could move forward. Nothing wrong with that, you’d spent many nights talking to him about how entering into another war with Wakanda would be a fatal mistake on both sides. You were grateful he pushed aside his pride and chose peace. 
But three days without even an update on how things were going? He must be insane.
For a god who couldn’t go even 5 minutes without having to touch you, the idea of him having no issue with not hearing from you for hours, let alone days, had you baffled. Angered even. Who does he think he is?
You took the role of queen of Talokan with gratitude and humility, the weight of the title never lost on you. It was no cakewalk to rise to the occasion. As a surface dweller, just entering Talokan for the first time left you a panicked wreck. K’uk’ulkan introducing you to his loyal servants and citizens as the first and only human to enter their world was intimidating enough, and his proposal soon thereafter knocked the air out of your lungs for days. In reina becoming your official title. The utmost reverence the Talokanil carried for their King allowed them to welcome you as their own, though some warmed up slower than others. You did all you could to live up their expectations as Queen, and you had your husband to guide you through it.
Never had either of you had a bond so strong in your lives. The same love he held for his people extended to you. 
Which made it all the more infuriating that he would leave you here with not even a word in his place.
“In reina, I give you my utmost apologies. We still have not heard back from the King. We’ll let you know when we get word of him.” One of your servants responded apologetically when you asked if they’d gotten any update on him.
“It’s not your fault. I can’t verbalize how much I’ve appreciated your support these past few days. You will be richly rewarded for your loyalty and kindness.” You replied with a smile before returning to your bedroom. 
One benefit you’ve gotten over the past few days is getting to spend more time with your citizens, braiding baskets with the older women of Talokan, playing with the children as they tell you the wild, imaginative stories they’ve dreamed up, spending time with the women that served under you, learning more about their lives. Despite the radio silence from your husband, the love you had for the Talokanil grew exponentially, finally feeling like one of their own.
There was suddenly the sound of heavy footsteps leading down the hall to your bedroom, footsteps you could recognize from anywhere. Heat rushed to your ears, ready to explode when you saw him.
The door opened to his adoring, smiling face. “In yakunaj,” He breathed, quickly rushing towards you. Two male servants followed behind him, carrying what you could only assume were massive gifts from his trip to Wakanda.
Before he could wrap you in his arms you held an arm out to stop him. “Absolutely not.” He could see the fire in your eyes. “Thank you Aapo and Nicte.” You dictated as the two servants set down your gifts and quickly left the room.
“My love, what’s wrong?” He asks.
“What’s wrong? Are you joking?” You scoffed in disbelief. A wave of remorse hits his face.
“Y/N, I’m s–”
“Shut your mouth. Three days and no word from you. Were you having that much fun over there? How dare you disrespect me like that.” Your voice dripped with venom. He was taken aback by your fervor.
“Baby I promise, I didn’t mean–”
“Address me properly.” You barked out.
Confusion flashed across his face. “Y/N–”
“Address your queen properly. On your knees. Now.” You hissed out, your words coming out like daggers.
He fell to his knees, staring up at you.
“In reina.” He said, the title seasoned with fear.
Your right hand grips his jaw tightly, his coarse facial hair scratching at the pads of your fingers. “Do not ever forget who you belong to. You answer to me. I’m not just your little wife. I am the Queen of Talokan and you will treat me as such.” Your nails dig into his skin.
He’s never seen you like this. Sure, when he would quietly visit you on the surface some nights you’d be pouty after not seeing him for a while, but never had he seen so much anger coming from you. He’d be lying if he said the fright it brought him didn't leave him with warmth pooling in his lower abdomen. His hands snaked around your ankles and ran up the back of your calves as he rested his head on your legs, muttering apologies and kissing the exposed flesh of your legs by the slits up the skirt of your maxi dress. 
You pushed his head away from you. “You think you get to touch me after the insolence you subjected me to? I was asking after you daily, trying to see if any servants had gotten word of where you are. They look at me with shock, puzzled by how you hadn’t even spoken to me of all people. And you think you can touch me?” You spouted with fire, total disbelief at the gall he had. 
You looked down in disgust, seeing his hard-on. “Oh, you think this is cute?” Your eyes lit with fire as you raised your leg and pressed your foot on his painfully stiff erection. He winced as the corners of his eyes pricked with tears. Something about his miserable, sorry face lit something up within you. “How sorry are you?” You pressed down a bit more.
“I’m so sorry, In reina. I’m so, so sorry.” He pleads, staring up at you with his chocolate brown eyes.
“Sure you are.” You quickly shove aside your dress and press his face into your wet underwear. His eyes close as he smells your sex, rubbing his nose into it. “Show your queen how sorry you are.” You command, pressing your foot down more onto his cock. 
You allow him to rip your panties off as he takes your swollen clit into his mouth, feverishly licking small circles around it. He elicits a loud moan from you as he sucks on your bud. You shove his head deeper, savoring the way his hot breath fans over your vulva. You squirm as he licks between your folds and rims your leaking hole with the tip of his tongue. He hums as he tastes you on his tongue, sending shivers up your body. He knows your body better than the back of his hand, and his rhythm between taking your clit into his mouth and fucking you with his tongue quickly had you teetering towards the edge. With the softest nibble on your clit, you convulse as you climax into his mouth, nearly losing your balance.
You quickly tear your dress off and grab him by his hair, dragging him out from between your legs and standing him up tall. His deep brown eyes are clouded over, a look of total bliss enveloping his face. Seeing the power you have over him makes you stir. He’s always been so enchanting that you’d let him take charge and ravish into you night after night. It’s a first for both of you to take dominance in the bedroom, and with the look he’s giving you, it won’t be the last. 
You grab him by the jaw to meet your face, licking into his mouth to taste yourself on him. His hands instinctively take seat on your waist as he grips your skin. You smack his hands away.
“No touching.” You grumble into his mouth, before taking his plump lower lip between your teeth. He acts as if he couldn't hear you, lowering his hands to cup and massage your ass. It elicits a moan from you. He knows you love how it feels as he spreads you apart. You shove his chest, creating distance between you two.
“I said no touching.” You spit at him. He’s shocked at your resolve, you normally fall apart at the touch of his hands. You push him onto your shared bed. “Lay down for your queen.”
He scrambles up the bed as you crawl after him, sitting at his feet and eyeing his bulging erection. Your hand creeps up the inside of his thigh, the sensation making him groan. You lean over him, leaving your face hovering near his cock, your hand sprawled on his pelvis. He can only stare down at you, a full view of your cleavage hanging over his member as you stare into his eyes. You dip a finger under the waistband of his shorts, teasing him.
He was a quivering, sorry sight to see. To think, an actual god laid in front of you, dying for your touch. 500 years of life and nobody had left him a groaning mess like you have. You pull his green shorts down, his 3rd leg jumping out at you. You rub your index finger over the slit of the head, relishing at the sight of precum he’d accumulated from your touch. You take a long lick up his shaft, popping the head into your mouth, just to taste. He moans and curses. “Fuck, baby–”
You remove your mouth with a soft pop. “Three days without me left you feeling like this?” You slide your hand down to fondle his testes, another loud groan rumbles out of him. You watch him claw into the sheets. “Three days… without a word…” You run your hand up his shaft, fist closing around him. “I’m just a little confused…” You squeeze him. Hard.  He yelps, his hips bucking up under you. “...How you thought that was acceptable, Namor.” You know how much he dislikes you calling him that, as his lover. A name reserved for his enemies. His eyes shoot open.
“[Y/N], you know what I’ve said about calling me that.” He growls down at you.
“I don’t think you get to have a say in that right now, Namor.” You squeeze again, he yelps. “You’ll have to earn your title back.”
“Baby, I told you I’m sorry. You know how much I love you–” 
“Address me properly.” You move your thumb to rub on his slit. He curses.
“Fuck, In reina, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again.” He bucks into your hand. A writhing, miserable god. The sight leaves you drooling. You’ve never been so wet in your life.
You remove your hand and move to straddle him, pinning his hands above his head before he gets any ideas. You rub your bare pussy along his length, the friction on your clit making your lip quiver. The look on his face makes you want to drop this game and let him fuck your brains out. A quiet “fuck” slips out your mouth as you watch him bite his lip, his chest heaving.
“You think you’ve been good enough for this pussy, Namor?” You breathe out, planting your hands on his broad chest to keep steady as you rut up and down his length. He stares up at you, a begging look on his face as he nods earnestly.
You stop moving completely. You wrap your hand around his throat, constricting his human airways. You lean over, coming face to face with him. “No you haven’t. You hurt your queen. You’re not good enough.” His eyes plead with you, tearing up at how you’re edging him. “Say it.”
“I’m not good enough.” You reward his face with a slap.
“You’re not good enough for who?” You grab his jaw, nails piercing his skin.
“I’m not good enough for you, In reina.” He yelps out.
“And you should be grateful you have a queen so merciful.” You breathe into his mouth, your foreheads touching.
“I’m so grateful to have a queen as merciful as you, In reina.” He whines pitifully. It becomes apparent to you just how much perspiration has worked its way onto your two bodies.
You lean down, allowing him a single opened mouth kiss, groaning into each other simultaneously. His eyes flutter closed, savoring the contact. 
“You’re sorry, baby?” You ask, cradling his marked face. His eyes meet yours.
“I’m so sorry, In reina.” He nearly sobs out. You run your thumb over his lip, the sight of his remorseful face tugging at your heartstrings.
“I know you are, baby. I know you are.” You begin to pepper his face with kisses, from his forehead, to eyebrow, to his cheeks, before kissing his mouth. “My sweet K’uk’ulkan. In ajawo’.” You whisper against his skin as you move down his neck, leaving a hot trail of kisses in your wake. You kiss his chest, feeling how it heaves beneath you. 
You move to line his cock up with your leaky hole. “Show me how much you missed me, baby.” You hiss as you take in his full length. He moans loudly, taking a moment to revel in the feeling of being inside your tight, wet heat. You clench around him, your body telling him how much you missed him.
“Can I touch you, In reina?” He asks nervously.
You lean down to kiss him before you guide his hands to your hips. “Yeah baby, you can touch me.” You say with a grin.
“Thank you, In reina.” The genuine gratitude in his voice makes you clench around him again. He guides you up and down his shaft slowly, relishing the way you fit together. You missed the rumble of his chest as he moaned, the Yucatan Maya sweet nothings he whispered while you fucked, the way he held onto you like you’d disappear if he didn’t.
“Faster, In ajawo’.” You croaked out. You couldn’t stand it anymore, you needed him to pound into you. He gets the message and digs deeper into your hips, dragging you up and down his girthy cock as if you were weightless. This is what you really missed. 
“Fuck,” he grunted, before repositioning himself so that he was sitting up as you bounced in his lap, pulling the hair at the nape of your neck to expose your bare neck. He bit and sucked, leaving you with marks that would last for days. The feeling of his teeth on your flesh made you whine loudly.
The feeling of him entering in and out of you, the marks his nails would leave in your hips, and his velvety tongue on your flesh left you totally blissed out, all you could do is repeat his name. K’uk’ulkan, K’uk’ulkan, K’uk’ulkan, K’uk’ulkan. It only made him fuck you deeper to hear his name out your mouth. Soon, that familiar feeling of heat filled your stomach.
“Baby, I’m gonna–”
“Please, In reina. Please cum for me.” He breathed into your mouth. The ecstasy was too much, you came with a shout, and he swallowed the sound from your mouth, licking into you.
“Please In reina, can I cum?” He begged you.
“Yes. I want you to fill me up.” You whispered into his ear as he continued to rut into your cunt. The feeling of his hot seed spurting into you left you breathless, nibbling on his earlobe. You rode him out as he finished, leaning back to look him in the eyes.
He wrapped his arms around you, cradling your head on his shoulder. “Thank you, In reina. Thank you.” he whispered.
You kissed his cheek tenderly, exhausted. “Don’t embarrass me like that again, okay?” You spoke into the skin on his shoulder. 
He held you in his arms. “Never again.”
Translation note: In reina: my queen, In yakunaj: my love, In ajawo: my king.
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inspired by floccinaucinihilipilificationa
а люциус малфой ебет вазы, да.
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ALIEN (1979)
dir. Ridely Scott
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The fact that everyone adds 1973 whenever mentioning goncharov implies that there’s a newer, poorly made goncharov reboot
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3 for 1 package deal
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Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness (1992)
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Needless to say, I have binged watched Wednesday and it was amazing!!! Wednesday and Xavier have become my new OTP and I couldn’t help drawing them together because I love them that much and I needed to get my obsession with them out of my system somehow! Anyways hope you enjoy this and I hope I’m not the only one on here who contributes to the Wednesday and Xavier love– PLEASE! 🖤🙈
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feels like we only go backward mp100
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