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“I’ve liked you from the very start.”
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i love you.
love in the air | episode 7
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Because whenever there's a storm, there's always rain.
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"How about you ask me first if I want him to sit on my lap." Says Akk, the man fighting for his life.
Tumblr media
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All the KinnPorsche fics that had me in a chokehold - completed recs because I know we all have PTSD from incomplete fics
So here I am after thousands of years of being off tumblr for one reason. KINNPORSCHE. Now if you’re like me and you like to hyper fixate on things, then you know what’s it’s like to spend hours trying the find the best fics to satisfy that boost of serotonin. So here I’ve listed all of my favorite KP fics I’ve read on AO3. Now, I mainly read smut but I do enjoy a little fluff every once in a while so WARNING: I’m gonna list some of the most toe curling, smut filled fics of them all here, some summaries are VERY EXPLICIT. I do read Vegas/Pete and Kim/Chay fics as well but this is primarily dedicated to my two favorite kingpins. Originally this was going to be a complete/incomplete rec list but I then realized it was going to be a monster of a rec page. Anyways ENJOY !
Update 10/1/22: Happy spooky season! Can I just say that I honestly did not expect my little list to blow up like this? You guys all fed into my praise kink, not gonna lie. And some of the authors saw it!?! I am not worthy!!! You all deserve the love!!! I realized I left out a couple fics and I am back to right my wrongs! So any * you see has been added since the orig post date... I might need to make a second list.....
The Kings Tree - LuckyDragon
Summary: Kinn was seven when he woke up one morning to discover a small silver circle on the back of his left wrist.
Chapters: 14/14 Words: 78,474
In the Eye of the Beholder - asleepby2
Summary: Rich, the latest recruit to the main family's famed security detail, has no idea what exactly the two dons have going on and he's determined to find out.
- or -
Kinn and Porsche as observed by an oblivious fool.
Chapters: 3/3 Words: 7,883
tiny spark, mighty flame - BeStillMySlashyHeart
Summary: In a world where the touch of your skin with another could reveal your soulmate, Kinn keeps his collars high and his gloves on. What happens when he's not allowed to do that anymore?
Chapters: 11/11 Words: 29,452
A Little Wicked - midnightsurge
Summary: “There is a way to get her off your back,��� Kinn seems reluctant to say. “I don’t know how willing you’d be to go through with it.”
Porsche raises an eyebrow.
Kinn sighs and finally spills. “If she thinks you’re with me, she won’t dare approach you anymore.”
Porsche freezes. He stares Kinn down.
Porsche never pawns the watch. Kinn never kidnaps him. Somehow they still fall for each other.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 11,146
Paperwork Promises - surrealsunday
Summary: Filing paperwork and tending to the needs of rich, stuffy executives was never Porsche’s dream career, but a job is a job. That job is made a lot less easy – but maybe a bit more interesting – when the boss he’s been avoiding since that very first day in the elevator, gets a lapful of coffee and an eyeful of Porsche. Just when Porsche was getting used to the monotony of the every day…
Executive Bossman Kinn | Assistant Smartass Porsche
Chapters: 8/8 Words: 80,533
fool me once (fool me twice) - perfumes
Summary: Porsche wondered if any of it was real. It sure seemed real at the time, when Porsche chose scissors to Kinn’s rock, when Kinn looked back at him with such devastation. Such love. It felt real when he’d looked up from the fish they’d caught and said: So kind. Why do you keep your smiles to yourself?
Now, Porsche wore handcuffs again. He left them lying alone in his cell. He could barely look at them.
Perhaps, Porsche had only seen what he wanted to see. Perhaps, he had only ever been a replacement to Kinn. Until the real thing came along.
“I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago,” he said. “But I need your help. Will you give it?”
Vegas smirked.
(Or: When Kinn believes Tawan over Porsche, Porsche asks Vegas to help him fake his and his brother's deaths to escape the mafia world. Years later, Kinn visits a small, private beach and orders a drink.)
[Episode 9 Canon Divergence]
Chapters: 8/8 Words:  30,528
Parallel Love - PrinceHeart
Summary: “Do you take Porsche Pachara Kittisawat as your lawful spouse?”
Kinn’s jaw clenched at that, then he reminded himself why he was doing this.
“I fucking do.”
Or where the only solution to bloodshed, violence and disaster between the two mafia clans, is simple. An arranged marriage.
Chapters  20/20 Words:  64,154
between the sheets - DasWarSchonKaputt
Summary: “And who’s that?”
“Oh. That’s Porsche. He’s Khun Kinn’s live-in boytoy. He’s harmless, mostly. Just a pretty face.”
A boyfriend can go so many places a bodyguard can’t. As the threat of a potential leak in their security forces looms large, Khun Korn hatches a plot to place an added layer of protection around his heir presumptive. Enter Porsche, former bartender, current bodyguard, and reluctant fake boyfriend of Kinn Theerapanyakul.
Chapters: 8/8 Words:  70,456
cravin’ - yeetlegay
Summary: It’s only when Kinn is two knuckles deep in Porsche’s ass, his teeth buried in the meat of his thigh, that it occurs to Porsche he probably isn’t that straight.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 1,847
Trials & Tribulations - rainbowcolored7
Summary: In which Kinn is a renowned lawyer for TK & Associates, as well as a certified bastard, and Porsche is his new assistant who isn't sure whether he'll scald him with hot coffee or fuck him before he decides to quit.
Chapters: 3/3 Words:  26,348
Your teeth round my organs - androktasia
Summary: “Aren’t you meant to finger me?” Porsche asks, breathless, as Kinn smears lube around the rim of his hole. Kinn looks up, pausing his movements, and Porsche shifts slightly, almost unconsciously, as though trying to get him inside.
“Where did you hear that?” Kinn asks.  
“I watched some porn,” Porsche says, and Kinn raises an eyebrow at him, unimpressed. He remembers the kind of porn Porsche likes – shrieking women lying back and taking it from coarse, grunting men. “Gay porn,” Porsche clarifies after a moment.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 3,148
Weak Spot - tessalane
Summary: Kinn nods and clears his throat. “Yeah, I’m – I’m taken.”
“And who is the lucky one?” His uncle snorts, clearly not buying it. He crosses his arms in front of his chest and scans Kinn as if his nephew would say, “ha, sorry, I was just joking.”
Kinn seems hesitant for a moment, but then he turns around and points at Porsche. “It’s Porsche.” He holds out his hand and fakes a smile aimed at Porsche. “Baby, come here.”
What the actual fuck?
Chapters: 11/11 Words:  35,920
give it to ya like you never had it - mirrorofprinces
Summary: “Porsche is extremely close to signing. In fact, he has a final meeting with the execs on Monday morning. The only condition is that he wants to request his first partner, and it’s you.”
Kinn takes a long drink of his whiskey, sets the glass down, and runs his tongue over his teeth. “So you had to meet with me, urgently, to tell me that a beautiful boy wants me to fuck him, thinking I’d say no.” He drums his fingers on the bartop. “Which means there’s a catch.”
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 7,448
right here beside you, i’m still - P1n3appl3_p3n
Summary: When Kinn gets sick, Porsche steps in to lead the major and minor families. They are grossly in love.
In his five months as head of the minor family, this is his first meeting with other clan heads without the weight and presence of Kinn, and to some it probably appears like blood in the water. Porsche much prefers to sit at Kinn's right hand, but he knows he can manage on his own.
His grin is careless, a careful veneer. Time to show these assholes the minor family isn’t one to be underestimated.
“Let’s begin.”
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 3,869
You picked a dance with the devil, You lucked out - aby01
Summary: Feral alphas are devastatingly violent, brutally vicious and absolutely loyal. To have one under your control means great power. Kinn has been looking for his own for years now.
He just didn't think he'd find it in a mouthy beta that tricks him out of his favorite watch.
Chapters: 4/4 Words:  34,025
Note: this is a A/O/B fic, if that’s not your preference genre then skip ahead... But you should really try anything once 😉.
Make Me Come Undone -  ahdriking *
Summary: Porsche fucked up. He fucked up badly.These are his consequences. Kinn teaches Porsche a lesson in trust, and being careful what he asks for. Unfortunately for Porsche, some lessons have to be learnt the hard way.
Chapters: 1/1 Words:  15,108
give him something to believe in. - Skamtrash *
Summary:  vegas and kinn make a bet to see who can fuck their bottoms better. the couples fuck next to each other to see who will win, pure filth ensues.
Chapters: 1/1 Words:  4,134
The Things We Do For Love - Hissnoiice - A/O/B fic *
Summary: He loves in the way a Theerapanyakun does. Kinn is his father's son afterall, looking after what is his has been ingrained in him since birth.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 8,021 
If You Like Series
like real people do -motherfleckers
Summary: A series of fics set in a fluffy AU where Kinn is a celebrity singer and Porsche is a bartender in a small beach town. That's it, that's all there is.
Works: 2 Words 20,279
speeding through all of these red lights - foreigncars (lunarsoo)
Summary: “I’d like to work for you.”
Porsche didn’t expect his words to draw such an easy laugh out of Kinn. He can’t say he doesn’t like the sound of it, but it’s a little disappointing that he gets to hear it at his expense.
“Why would you want to work for me, Porsche? You know what I do, right?”
- Alternatively, the one where Porsche asks to work for Kinn instead.
Works: 4 Word: 90,539
What I Would Do - TheObsoleteOne
Summary: Kinn was always in control - he had who he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted.
Of course Porsche would end up being the exception.
Works: 3 Word: 36,042
note: author does not have a series summary so i placed the summary for part 1 instead. Part 2 is a Kim/Chay one shot that I found cute. Part 3 as of now is incomplete, hoping the author finishes because I really did like this series. I still placed it on the list because part 1 ended well and is worth a read.
Readers Choice - here's where I gush over some authors
Note: Can I just give a round of applause to the following authors for having multiple works ready for me (and you) to spend countless of hours - and I literally mean hours reading through. 
Note: this author also happens to have all of the sexy scenes from the KP novels translated... just saying 👀....
The power in the taking
Summary: They warned him, when he started working for the Theerapanyakun clan. Forget leadership, forget duty to his people, forget all that – they warned him. Kinn Theerapanyakun, clan heir: obsessed with power.
Porsche should have fucking listened.
Chapters: 2/2 Words:  17,005
Public Consumption
Summary: Porsche agrees to be in a gay porno. Kinn doesn't work here.
Chapters: 1/1 Words:  13,598
and its VEGASPETE counterpart
Brand Recognition
Summary: Vegas wants his top billing back. Pete likes being on the bottom.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 6,910
Sample Tasting * 
Summary: Porsche wants Kinn to ask. Kinn just wants the answers.
Chapters: 1/1 Words:  10,037
Note: also part 3 of Public Consumption 😉
Intent to Cherish -  A/O/B fic
Summary: A mouthy beta runs off with Kinn's watch. He goes to get it back
Chapters: 4/4 Words:  47,670
Knowing him, knowing you
Summary: They do the threesome thing, every now and then.
Kinn and Tay meet Porsche
Chapters: 1/1 Words:  12,619
Note: Okay so i couldn't resist throwing this Kinn/Prosche/Tay fic in here, so good and so smutttttyyyy
The Crown
Summary: “Your Highness” Porsche greets after opening the door and finding Prince Anakinn standing there. He keeps his voice flat and emotionless as if he was addressing the King or his General. He bows his head for a few seconds, not looking him directly in the eyes as he’s taken to doing the last few months.
Porsche doesn’t miss the way the way the corners of the prince's mouth tightens at his tone.
“Lieutenant General” Prince Anakinn – Kinn – returns, his voice carefully neutral.
Lieutenant General Porsche and Prince Kinn are together and in love, until they aren't anymore.
This is a love story.
Korn is the villain.
Chapters: 6/6 Words:  25,752
Mr. and Mr. Theerapanyakun-Kittisawasd
Summary: The life of the It couple in Thailand, billionaire Kinn Theerapanyakun and supermodel Porsche Kittisawasd.
Works: 2 Words:  8,634
the undone and the divine
Summary: In the aftermath of battle, all that's left is need.
Need to touch, to feel, to be certain that one is alive and whole.
Kinn and Porsche give in to their need.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 1,587   
but you’re everywhere (yes you are)
Summary: What if Porsche, upon remembering the kiss on the pier, went to Kinn and said that he remembered? What if there was no diamond auction? What if they'd had a different start?
Would it make them any softer?
Chapters: 3/3 Words:  92,424
even though you’re not mine, you’ve got that look in your eyes
Summary: "He doesn’t do that kind of thing."
What Yok means when she tells Kinn this: Porsche doesn’t engage in sex work.
What Kinn hears when Yok tells him this: Porsche doesn’t take men as clients.
One day, Porsche is struggling to make ends meet, enjoying the occasional hook-up in the back of Yok’s bar. The next, Anakinn Theerapanyakul is offering him an obscene amount of money to get added to his roster of “friends”.
The money’s good, the sex is better, there’s no way that this can backfire, right?
Chapters: 2/2 Words: 26,805
The One Where Porsche and Kim Are Gym Buddies
Summary: When the Phoenix comes up to Kim at the gym and introduces himself as Porsche, it's only polite to reply. They're both in the fighting circuit after all.
One conversation leads to another and soon they're gossiping about their romantic lives.
Romantic lives being the rich dude who's been railing Porsche into next week and the cute guy that Kim can't help but want to spend more time with.
It's nice having a friend who doesn't know your brother.
Chapters: 2/2 Words: 19,598
Happy reading! I will be making a separate list for the current ongoing fics, hopefully by the time i get started they'll be close to completion. Let me know if your interested in the VegasPete or KimChay list, I dont have as much but still good to spread.
i'm the one for your fire 
Summary: This series is canon compliant with the exception of Kinn and Porsche being in an established Dom/sub relationship.
It will explore various aspects of a Dom/sub dynamic with lots of bratty Porsche and doting but firm Dom Kinn.
Works: 5 Word: 39,660
gone was any trace of you *
Summary: Kinn is looking at Porsche like he’s seen a ghost.
Porsche blinks and the haunted expression is gone, Kinn smoothing it over with something neutral, but there’s still something fragile at the edges of it, like a crystal figurine balanced on a ledge. Kinn’s body relaxes in a way that’s purposefully casual, tucking his outstretched foot back onto the bed.
“You were in the bathroom,” Kinn says. He phrases it like an answer rather than a question
Or: Porsche left Kinn in their bed with nothing but a note. In the aftermath of the shootout, Kinn can't stop thinking about it.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 11,097
all of me (is all for you) *
Summary: The water has saturated Porsche's white shirt completely, soaking through the vest beneath. The translucent material clings obscenely to the swell of his pecs. His nipples are clearly visible through the sheer material, hard and pebbled, with the unmistakable shape of the metal barbells pierced either side of them.Porsche’s head jerks up to check if he can still hide them from Kinn, but it’s already too late. Kinn is standing across the room, staring in Porsche’s direction, entire body coiled tight like a spring.Or: While Kinn is away on a business trip, Porsche gets his nipples pierced as a surprise for their anniversary. Kinn comes home earlier than Porsche expected.
Chapters: 1/1 Words: 9,940 
Please leave comments and kudos to the authors, they deserve all of the love and more 💞
***yeah im gonna need to make another list...
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The Eclipse is for the queers.
The Eclipse is for the queers who are fighting. The ones who are out and proud and have no other choice but to push against the hatred.
Tumblr media
The Eclipse is for the queers who are too afraid to fight. The ones who are out and scared and can only watch from a distance.
Tumblr media
The Eclipse is for the queers who are hiding. The ones who are fighting internally, who can only hope for a world where they can truly love.
Tumblr media
The Eclipse is for the queers who are trying. The ones who fake a smile and try to lift everyone else up, when they can't really carry themselves.
Tumblr media
The Eclipse is for the queers who are faking. The ones who wish to be themselves but believe success is a bigger cause than happiness.
Tumblr media
The Eclipse is for queers, the proof that we can all make it.
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Are you... jealous? Furiously jealous. LOVE IN THE AIR (2022), Ep. 7
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day 4 - favorite outfit(s): kinn’s ombre suit & porsche’s white t-shirt + gun holster combo
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COLORS IN VICE VERSA (2022) — dir. X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas
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Vice Versa (2022) Episode 12
(requested by @billlkin)
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From denial to discomfort to acceptance to joy to protection, the journey of Kan and Thua and eye contact in episode 8.
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#they know what they're doing-
love in the air | episode 7
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Phayu and his long hair | Love in the Air - Episode 7
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Rain said I get active [about Phayu]
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Boss Chaikamon as PAYU || Love in the Air (episode 7)
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KINNPORSCHE: THE SERIES (2022) dir. Khom Kongkiat
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