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Natasha: I want to wrestle you
Y/N: okay let’s go to the mat and-
Natasha: in our room
Y/N: baby if you want me that’s all you have to say
Natasha: I. Want. You
Y/N picks up Natasha and carries her to their room…
Tumblr media
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sersi · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow Iron Man 2 (2010) dir. Jon Favreau
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wasn't midnight rain | n. romanoff
about me | natasha romanoff masterlist
pairing: professor!natasha romanoff x collegestudent!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
series summary: your professor hated you. you hated her. but what was once such a simple relationship full of hate and anger, became much much complicated when it became full of love, and pining, and what ifs. especially when you fell in love with her while dating her son.
warnings: smut (minors, please do not interact); mommy kink | choking | very very light (and barely perceptible) voyeurism | very very light bdsm (tying, slapping) | degradation | praise | semi-public sex. curse words, fighting, severe parental issues, cheating
Tumblr media
trope: angst, pining, enemies to lovers, forbidden love
date started: november twenty-eight
Tumblr media
• chapter one: she is midnight rain
• chapter two: midnights like this
• chapter three: he is sunshine
• chapter four: all of me changed at midnight
• chapter five: full of cages
• chapter six: picture perfect, shiny family
• chapter seven: all the love we unravel
• chapter eight: (didn't choose the) midnight rain
• chapter nine: it came like a postcard
• chapter ten: she stayed the same
Tumblr media
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I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER — natasha romanoff x camgirl!reader
Tumblr media
word count: 1,344
summary: what would your ideal date be, if I were to take you out on one?
warnings: 18+ | top!natasha, bottom!reader, car sex, daddy kink, exhibitionism(?), public sex, dirty talk, fingering (r receiving), age gap (reader is 23 and natasha is 41).
a/n: hello and welcome to the first chapter of the natasha x camgirl!reader ! I decided to split this into three parts, hope you all enjoy reading what I have wrote ! <3
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Today was your second meeting with Natasha, you looked around the café hoping that she was just late and not ghosting you, “ma’am are you ready to order?” the waiter asked and you shook your head “there is someone else, I’ll wait until she comes”, this was probably the third time you had to explain this to the same waiter.
“Look I don’t want to be rude, but you’ve been waiting here for almost an hour, the person probably stood you up, now—” the man said “actually the person is already here” a familiar voice interrupted the man before he could go on “oh I see… er- well I guess I’ll come back for your order” the waiter ran off, embarrassed.
“Hey, I’m sorry I was late, I got caught up in something at my office” Natasha explained herself as she sat down next to you, “it’s okay, you seem pretty busy these days.” you reassured. “It’s so sweet that you waited for me without ordering anything, thank you but, you must be hungry” she cooed as she reached over to pat your cheek.
Your heart skipped a beat at the affection she gave you, “I hope you saw my message” you said “Yes, I did, I didn’t know you missed me that much” she smirked as she watched the heat rise up to your cheeks, “I owed you a video, okay? It’s not about missing you or anything” you defended yourself, clearly you weren’t going to admit that you did miss her. “Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetheart, don’t worry though, I’ll make it up for leaving you so lonely for the past few days” Natasha said placing her hand over your thigh and giving it a sure squeeze, you had to fight every fibre in your being to not whimper.
“Don’t say such things, we’re in public” you whispered, “embarrassed are we?” she teased before planting a kiss on the corner of your mouth “anyway dear, decided on what you want to order?” you glared at her, how could you decide on what to eat when she has been riling you up the moment she came here, you huffed and moved all of your attention to the menu.
Her hands inched up your thigh and your eyes shot up at her face, “we are in public!” “I don’t see a problem” she smiled down at you, “in the video, you told me you missed me very much, let me make it up to you” her hands moved your underwear to side before running them down your folds, feeling the wetness build up.
You whimpered softly “please, not here” you grabbed her hands “shh, you don’t want me to leave you alone here all needy, do you?” you immediately shook your head “exactly, you were so good for me during our first time, come on let my hand go” she cooed using her other hand to give your flushed cheek a slight pinch.
your eyes roamed around the café hoping that no one would see what was going on between the two of you “natty please, make it quick” you submitted to her will and bit the inside of your cheek to prevent sounds coming from your mouth.
Natasha smiled proudly as you parted your legs for her under the table, running her fingers up and down your folds before finding your clit, “that’s really good baby, just stay like that, if you move or make a sound everyone will know how much of a dirty slut you are, letting yourself be taken here, you wouldn’t want that would you?” she whispered in your ear and you felt the adrenaline spike up, the fear of being caught getting converted into pleasure as she played with your clit, shaking your head, you sputtered out a small no and Natasha’s smile grew.
Natasha continued on playing with your clit even after a waiter dropped by and asked if you wanted water because your face was red, “mph, gonna cum” you whispered out, trying your hardest to not moan, “this fast?” Natasha asked genuine surprise on her face “poor thing, come on get up” she removed her fingers from your wet pussy and wiped her fingers using your skirt “let’s go and continue this in my car, pup” you practically ran after her.
“Natty, wait!”
Tumblr media
She pushed you inside the car the moment you reached it, Natasha got herself in and pinned you down to the backseat “so good for me, you were, you took everything so well for daddy, my pretty girl” she praised and you beamed.
“come here” you smashed both of your lips together, hands found their way to each other clothes taking off whatever you could, Natasha unhooked your bra and cupped your breasts, massaging them firmly, you moaned with need into her mouth, your hands unbuttoned her shirt, you let your hands roam around her hard muscles growing wetter when you felt them flex.
“mmmmm, daddy” you moaned as she moved her kisses down to your exposed neck, her warm lips on your skin drove you crazy, “oh fuck!” you gasped as Natasha’s warm mouth captured your nipple, she sucked and licked one while her fingers pinched and played with the other.
Natasha clearly had a breast fixation, last time too she was too busy playing with your tits “natty” you whined out when she bit your nipple, you rubbed your thighs against each other, desperate for any type of friction.
Natasha released your nipple with a pop before latching onto the other one, this time her fingers traveled down to your throbbing cunt “oh fuck baby, daddy’s got you so wet, hm?” she mumbled against your breast, you husked out a yes. Her fingers slid into your pussy, one by one until four of them were in, you felt so full.
“fuck, the things you do to me y/n” she growled before practically shoving herself down between your inner things, her tongue pressing flat against your pussy “ohhh yes, just like that daddy feels so good!” you cried out your hands tangling her hair in between them trying to press her as close as possible against your pussy.
Natasha ate you out messily, her chin was coated in your juices, her tongue sucking on your clit while her fingers pumped in and out relentlessly, you cried “daddy! I’m gonna, I’m gonna, OHHH” your nails dug into her scalp “кончи мне в рот, щенок”
“вкус такой чертовски хороший” she moaned against your cunt, lapping your juices into her mouth.
With a loud moan you came into her mouth, but what you didn’t expect was you squirting but you did and it felt so good. Natasha moaned against you, her mouth being filled with your cum, she mumbled something but you couldn’t comprehend what she said.
The orgasm washed over you and you slumped down on her car seat panting, trying to catch your breath. “You squirted” it was simple the way she said it was in a voice of wonder, you raised your head to look at her, good god her face was a hot mess.
You sat up to look straight at her, Natasha’s lower portion of her face was covered with cum, saliva, practically coated in your juices, with some of it dripping down her chin. “It’s not like it’s the first time you haven’t seen me squirt” you mentioned since you have squirted on live, multiple times.
She hummed before wrapping herself around you and snuggling against you “y/n” she murmured “If I were to say, I was to take you out on a date, what would your ideal place be?” you looked at her confused “well, I don’t really know I haven’t been on many dates before, but somewhere nice and fancy? I want to go out like all those rich people do, yknow? But why such a question like this?” you chuckle awkwardly, she didn’t move her head from the crook of your neck as she answered.
“I want to get to know you better.”
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Her name
Natasha x female reader
Tumblr media
I’m just really bored and have no idea what I’m doing but….enjoy? Bc Nats so hot k bye.
“Natasha, Natasha, Natasha” I say her name just to say it. To have something that belongs to her in my mouth even if it’s intangible, MY tongue taping around in MY mouth to say HER name. “Na-ta-sha”
She smiled down at me…that sweet cheshire grin. Her full body weight on top of me as she plays with the hem of my vest, twisting it around in her fingers and then untwisting it, just in order to twist it again. She keeps looking down at her hands and then meeting my gaze.
I can tell how vulnerable she is here with me, if I could I’d hide her away from the rest of the world just her and me. “Natasha, Natasha, Natasha” I whisper slowly again making sure each syllable is clear and distinct. She smiles and shakes her head gazing down again.
“I love you” I say, We’ve never told each-other that before, it was no secret but to say it was different. Though to say it was not scary it was right…it felt right in my mouth just as right as her name felt.
She looks up at me blankly, I’m still smiling. I watch as a wide smile grows on her face and she moves closer up my chest to burry her head in the nape of my neck she stays there for a while until she travels to my ear to whisper “I love you too Y-N”
AN- idk
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Wanda: Can I say something?
Natasha: Sure.
Wanda: Your smile is the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen.
Natasha, blushing: Can I say something too?
Wanda: Of course.
Natasha: This smile only exists when I’m with you.
Yelena: I think I’m going to throw up.
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fluorescence ; natasha romanoff.
Tumblr media
pairing ; natasha romanoff x mutant!gn!reader
synopsis ; in which you get a little too immersed in your book.
words ; 0.8k
themes ; fluff, mutant au, housemates au
warnings / includes ; no warnings, there's very gay tension in this one folks, very clear Feelings™ for each other, sun-and-moon dynamic, reader has cool powers :D
Tumblr media
Fantasy had always enamored you. The blazing dragons of the sky, the glinting swords of knights, and the soft pastels of intricate ball gowns never failed to send you into a romanticized haze. It was the longing for a life you knew you couldn’t have, the sweetest of romances between forbidden parties, the thrilling action that had you gripping the book so tightly, it was a wonder its spine didn’t split into half.
On a particularly dreary winter night, you had been so immersed in the story of the princess and the dragon that you hadn’t even realized your powers getting the better of you. Vines snaked up the walls and ceilings, crawling out of your room and into the hallway. Small wildflowers blossomed by your nightstand, but you had yet to notice.
You let out a breathy laugh as you rolled over on your bed, not once ripping your gaze from the inked words, just about drowning in your thick woolen blanket. With this action, leaves sprouted from the vines and criss-crossed over your bed. Within minutes, your room started looking more like a forest than a place of slumber.
Finding your nose buried between the pages of a book far too thick for her liking wasn’t an uncommon feat for Natasha. Finding her laptop shrouded with greenery and roses, however, was not. Her narrowed gaze traced over the vines leading out of her own sanctuary and into the hallway, confirming her suspicions by twisting right into your bedroom.
She pushed away from her work desk with an amused sigh, careful to sidestep the plum-hued orchids in the midst of fluorescence by her feet.
“You have a peculiar way of luring people into bed with you,” Natasha murmured humorously once she ducked under the canopy of leaves decorating your doorway. “While I appreciate the flowers, I do have some recon papers to organize.”
In an instant, your wide eyes snapped away from the worn pages of your book, finding solace in your roommate’s entertained gaze. It took you a second to realize the repercussions of your slipping reign over your powers. The green was hard to miss, after all.
“I am so sorry.” Your voice came out far smaller than you intended it to, but you slanted your lips into an apologetic smile to make up for it. “I didn’t realize.”
Natasha shrugged it off lightly, a small smile of her own playing at the corner of her lips. It relieved you to see that she wasn’t actually mad. She meandered over the foliage and sat beside you on the bed, raising an eyebrow at your book. “So you didn’t send me those flowers on purpose? I’m offended.” A faux gasp of indignation escaped her lungs, but was ultimately betrayed by a striking grin.
With a scoff, you nudged at her shoulder with your own. You placed a bookmark (also your receipt from your last grocery run with Natasha) where you left off and pushed the story to the side. Bringing both your palms together, you conjured a singular, minuscule canary buttercup, its petals falling soft against your fingers. Natasha watched in muted awe, green irises darting between your concentrated expression to the flower unfurling in your palm. Nimbly, you slotted the canary behind her ear, smoothing your thumb over her carmine hair, before shifting down to trail over her cheekbone. For just a second, your eyes slid to her lips, slightly parted and lightly glossed—so very, very kissable—
Breath hitching in your throat, your fingers curled in on themself, and you reluctantly pulled your hand away. If Natasha had noticed you ogling her mouth (which, she most definitely did) she didn’t mention it, to which you were extremely grateful.
Natasha seemed mildly disappointed when your warmth retracted, but she cleared her throat and the twinkle in her viridescent eyes came back just as quickly as it disappeared.
“There. You happy now?”
She made a jokingly unimpressed noise. “It’s small.”
“Seemed fitting,” you teased. “You’re not very tall yourself, you know.”
Natasha shot you a spineless glare. “Don’t even start.” She looked oh so pretty with that flower behind her ear, dappled moonlight casting sharp shadows over her even shaper features. The both of you fell into a comfortable silence before she spoke up once more. “You know, the recon can wait. That book must be pretty good to make you lose control of your powers.”
A warm flush spidered through your skin, and you reached over to grab at the frayed book once again. “You want me to read a bit to you?”
“Nothing would be better,” Natasha quipped as she laid down, sinking into your plush pillows with a pleased grin, inhaling the crisp fougere scent of your air freshener and enjoying the small moment of home with you a little more than she should’ve.
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*Y/N pisses off Natasha*
Y/N: Why are you staring at me through a fork?
Natasha: I’m pretending your in jail
Y/N: Why?
Natasha: Its spiritually healing
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Natasha Romanoff x Beefy!Reader
18+ only, read at your own risk
Requested by @200605chaeng: I know this is so old (or cliche) but what about beefyR being completely in love with her best friend (nat) who has a boyfriend and never experienced a real orgasm. then one night she founds out he was cheating on her and came to R and you know what happens next. (sorry english is not my first lenguage) always re-reading your works bc AMAZING ❤️‍🔥have a good day/night❣️
Word count: 988
AN: I know you sent this ages ago, but thanks for being patient. ❤️
No pronouns used.
Every time you see Natasha with her boyfriend, a little part of you dies inside every time. You thought her unhappiness with Bruce was obvious, but she hasn’t broken up with him, so either she loves torturing herself or she’s convinced herself that she’s still in 7love with him.
If she was your girlfriend, you would give her the world and treat her like the queen she is. You wish you could tell her how happy she makes you just from seeing her in mission briefings every morning, but you respect that she’s in a relationship, no matter how little you approve of it.
It’s awful having to keep the feelings to yourself, but you have no choice.
Until one night, you’re returning to your room after a workout and find Natasha sitting outside your door, crying.
“Nat?” You slip off your headphones, running over to her and kneeling. “Nat, are you okay? What happened?”
“Bruce,” she sniffles, reaching out for you unexpectedly and you let her wrap her arms around your neck. She buries her face into your chest and you feel your T-shirt wet with her tears.
“Do you need me to beat him up for you?” you ask, trying to make a joke to lighten the mood but she cries harder.
“He…He…” she hiccups, clutching onto you tighter. “He cheated.”
“He did what now?” You had been joking, but now you’re serious about hurting the doctor for betraying Natasha like that. 
“I came…back from work and caught him…in bed with another woman,” Natasha sobs. “Am I…not good enough?”
“You’re perfect, Nat,” you insist. “Bruce is a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve you, anyway.”
You carefully pick her up and carry her into your room, setting her on the edge of your bed and sitting next to her. You keep one arm over her shoulder comfortingly as she leans into you, tears streaming down her face. 
“I was so dumb for being with him for so long,” she mumbles, her hands still wrapped in your shirt. “He was such a chore to be around, he never wanted to do anything with me anymore…” Natasha trails off, struck by another fit of sobs.
“I would have given you the world,” you think, not realizing you’ve said it outloud until Natasha stops sniffling and looks up at you curiously.
“What did you say?”
“Oh, uh…That wasn’t supposed to be outloud.” Your face turns pink and you look away from Natasha, embarrassed by your own actions.
“Did you…ever have a crush on me?” Natasha asks timidly, and her wording makes you feel like you’re in grade school again. 
“I still do,” you admit. 
She traces her hand over your cheek, touching your lips and then resting her thumb on your chin to tilt your head down. Natasha moves closer to you and kisses you softly; you can taste the tears on her lips.
“Nat…” You don’t want to be her rebound, especially with how fresh her breakup (?) from Bruce is. 
“It’s okay, I want you too,” she insists, holding tightly onto your shoulders now, marveling at their strength and wondering what it would be like to be under you, all that power used just to pleasure her.
“Are you sure?”
“I want you to make me feel good. Because Bruce never did,” she whispers against you.
You don’t even have time to marvel at the fact that Bruce was so unsatisfactory in bed; had you really expected anything less?
“Okay, Nat. I’ll take care of you,” you promise. You gently slip your strong hands under her thighs and lift her up so you can lay her back on the bed. Natasha tries not to squirm, already feeling hot from the touch of your hands on her bare skin. Bruce had never made her feel this way before, she knows this one night with (and hopefully more) will be so much more different. 
You hover over her, making sure to brace yourself with your arms on either side of her body, and lean down to kiss her again, this time with a little more passion. Natasha hooks her hands around your neck, holding you against her and preventing you from pulling away. 
“Please touch me,” she begs, the fire between her legs reaching an unbearable degree just from kissing you alone.
You smirk but don’t say anything, trailing one of your hands down her body and into the waistband of her shorts. Natasha’s hips jerk up when your fingers trail over the wet spot on her panties, and she gasps into your mouth. You push them to the side and touch her heat directly, smiling when her body rolls in response.
“You’re so wet for me, Nat,” you say, and she whines when your fingers find her slick entrance. You push two of them inside of her and she moans. 
“Fuck, Y/N,” she pants, scratching at your biceps as you start to thrust into her with short strokes. “Right there,” she says, when you curl your fingers against her front wall. You make sure to press into it harder with each thrust, and her eyes roll in her head every time.
You press your thumb against her slippery clit, her juices trickling down your hand.
“You gonna cum for me, baby?” you ask, and Natasha bites her lip and nods frantically. She is so overwhelmed with pleasure she can’t even speak, and she buries her face into your neck, nipping at your collarbone as she nears her release.
Her orgasm crashes down on her, soaking your hand and her entire body trembles. 
“I got you, Nat. It’s okay,” you whisper, stroking the back of her head as she pants uncontrollably. 
Finally, her tremors die down and you pull your fingers out of her.
“I’ve never felt like that before,” she admits, snuggling into you and sighing in happiness. “Can I stay here with you for a while?”
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Nat: What are you wearing???
Y/n: A shirt?
Nat: I know that moron, what does it say on the shirt?
Y/n: It says 'MILFs are my kryptonite'
Nat: We don't know any MILFs?
Y/n: Duh I'm talking about Wanda and Scar
Nat: They don't have children
Y/n: Oh yeah then why do I call them mommy?
Nat: Some psychologic need for praise and reassurance from women that are older and have a motherly aura about them?
Y/n:...Your new therapist is rubbing off on you
Nat: Maybe I could give you her number
Y/n: Nah I'd rather keep calling them mommy and let them spoil me like they have been
Nat: Do you have stuffies too? *laughs*
Nat: Oh wow, you're such a spoilt brat
Y/n: Damn right I am Natalia and don't you ever forget it
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cthulhus-curse · 2 days
now this NEEDS to be some sort of fic or ficlet especially with puppy nat
i’m begging you.. please
Tumblr media
Warnings: Non-Binary!Boyfriend!Nat (uses they/he pronouns), Masturbation, Voyeurism, D/S Dynamics, Degradation | 18+ Minors DNI
It was an accident. You never actually meant to invade his privacy, but as you stared through the cracked open door of your shared bedroom, you simply couldn't tear your eyes away. They lay sprawled over the bed, a hand holding his phone while the other sloppily moved up and down between their legs. Smiling, you couldn't help but feel pride at sight.
"Y/N," Nat moaned, eyes focused on his phone. They stared at the nude images flashing on it, pictures you loved sending whenever you went away. The poor thing found it impossible to hold back his urges, to stop themselves from jerking off at the gift you gave him. "Fuck!"
Their cock twitched adorably in his hand, the tip flushed and leaking with pre-cum. It was a delicious sight, surely tasty enough to make you drool if you were to use your mouth to finish them. But then again, only good puppies got rewards. Nat had touched your property without previous permission -- he was meant to be punished.
"Hmm you're such a dumb little whore, huh? Too fucking desperate to wait for permission?" You laughed as you stepped into the room, eyeing Nat who turned to you mirroring a deer-in-headlights before scrambling to cover themselves. "Oh by all means keep going, puppy. Don't you want to show me your slutty little cock? It looks so cute, huh? Practically begging for my touch."
"Y/N," he cried, but you didn't even pity them. "Please, I just-"
You didn't allow Nat to stop by any means necessary. He was to put on a show for you, their face slapped as you stopped his words before ordering your partner to keep going. Even if his dick was painfully hard, hand cramping while nearing an orgasm, you forbade them from taking a rest, let alone relieving themselves.
"It's what you get for being such a bad boy," you huffed, rolling your eyes as your hand palmed at Nat's cock, forcing a strangled scream to escape the depths of his throat. "Shut up and keep going, mutt. Show me what a good pup you are and follow my orders."
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femalexfuries · 1 day
First Encounter
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Tags/Warnings: Tall!Bodybuilder!Natasha, FitnessModel!Wanda, Small!Reader, Age Play, Mommy Kink, Daddy Kink, Slight Angst, Mentions of Past Violence, 18+ Only
Length: 2.1K
Summary: Wanda finally decides to let you meet Natasha.
You sat on the living room floor playing a game on your tablet while an array of sounds filtered in from the kitchen. Wanda would periodically poke her head around the doorway to check on you before resuming her cooking and obsessively checking the time. Natasha would arrive in less than fifteen minutes and part of her wanted to text the woman and cancel their dinner plans. The timing felt wrong but she knew the excuse would only prolong the inevitable. She could only keep the two of you separate for so long before the divide in her life became unbearable.
Wanda had been candid with you from the moment you met. She approached you at the gym and admitted to having a silly crush on the girl who only came early in the morning or late at night to walk on the treadmill. She was an amateur fitness model and personal trainer with a bodybuilder girlfriend and you simply could not fathom what she saw in you. While you found yourself to be fairly attractive, Wanda was absolutely stunning and had a seemingly perfect relationship from the way she talked about her love and devotion for Natasha. She did her best to be patient and ease your anxiety concerning your place in her life and the objectively unusual dynamic she had between you and her girlfriend.
Despite having proof that Natasha knew as much about you as Wanda said she did, you had trouble understanding why the two of you were never allowed to meet. She had shown you pictures of the older woman, sent pictures and videos of you, and sometimes let you listen to them talk on the phone. However, you were never able to speak directly with her and the frustration you felt at feeling as though Wanda was hiding something finally boiled over. When you finally confronted her after almost two months of secrecy, she conceded and expressed her fears; apologizing for being so difficult but pleading with you to understand wanting to keep you safe.
Natasha was a difficult person who at times would become uncontrollable. Even after years of being together, there were moments that not even Wanda was able to calm and contain her. You were tiny and innocent and she feared that her partner’s explosive personality would be too much for you. She knew that Natasha was a good person at heart but her numerous convictions for fighting and short temper made her nervous to bring you around. Having the two of you meet and bond only to be torn apart due to the older woman’s actions would crush her.
Finding a little girl to love and care for was a dream they shared, but Wanda had always been sure to express her reservations about realistically adding someone so vulnerable to the situation. When you came along and captured the auburn-haired woman’s heart, she felt so close to this dream that the reality became scary. Natasha promised that she would be so much better and pleaded for the opportunity to prove herself all in the name of getting to be a part of your life. The older woman never begged for anything and Wanda felt touched in a way at seeing just how serious she was about making amends for the sake of a family.
Now, in only a few short minutes, the two most important people in Wanda’s life were finally going to meet whether she was ready or not.
You were standing in the doorway of the kitchen watching as Wanda seemed to be frozen in place; staring off into nothing while the water from the kitchen sink continued to run. A look of confusion adorned your features as she seemed to break out of her trance suddenly.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. Mommy just got distracted for a minute.”
Just as you were about to speak, a series of loud knocks echoed from the entryway; startling both of you. Wanda did her best to swallow her anxiety for your sake and put on her best look of confidence as she came over to press a kiss to the top of your head.
“We’ll have a good time, okay?”
You nod your head slowly and grip the fabric of her shirt as she walks toward the front door. She gives you a final look of reassurance before undoing the lock and slowly opening the door to reveal the individual on the other side. You cling harder to Wanda and hide yourself behind her as she steps back to allow her girlfriend into the home.
“Can you say hi, baby?”
Wanda tries to nudge you forward gently but only succeeds in bringing you next to her. Your head is bowed down and you feel so scared you can barely fathom speaking. The feeling of fingers running through your hair calms you slightly before Wanda bends down to try and urge you to be polite and introduce yourself.
After taking a deep breath and trying to muster up a bit of courage you finally peek up shyly at the woman standing expectantly before you. She seems even bigger than Wanda described and easily towers over your five-foot frame.
“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you say in practically a whisper.
“Mommy has told me all about you, little one.”
Her voice is laced with confidence and her posture is more assertive than you could ever hope to be in your life. You suddenly feel more nervous and try to slide back behind Wanda but to no avail. She instead holds you in place while you continue to try and shimmy your way out of her hold.
“You don’t have to be scared, Y/N. Mommy would never let anyone hurt you.”
Natasha frowns slightly at the words and implication that she could do you harm. She understands the meaning behind her girlfriend’s attempts to calm you but feels slightly hurt at being seen as so frightening. Normally, the tall woman would revel in such a display of fear; instigate such a feeling even. With you, things are suddenly different.
The redhead steps back and crouches down to rest on her heels while never looking away from you.
“Look what Daddy got you, baby. Here you go.”
She holds a stuffed bear out and your eyes widen slightly at seeing the toy she had apparently kept behind her back until now. You barely register the title she uses for herself upon seeing the adorable plushie that you want to hold very badly.
“Mommy?” you say a bit unsure and wanting her help.
Wanda gives a faux gasp as she points at the teddy bear.
“Oh he’s adorable! That’s very nice of Daddy to bring you a present. What do you say?”
You bite your lip but this time allow your mommy to nudge you forward and within arm’s reach of Natasha. She’s almost as tall as you even when trying to make herself seem smaller.
“Thank you,” you say in a barely audible voice.
If you hadn’t dropped your head down as soon as you accepted the bear you would have seen the smile on Natasha’s face. She stands as you hold your bear close and looks down at you. Her precious little girl.
“Don’t worry, I got something for Mommy, too,” she says before backing up to open the front door and reach for something on the porch.
She turns around with a bouquet of flowers and sheepishly holds them out to Wanda who accepts them with a smirk.
“Really laying it on thick, huh?” Natasha is about to look a bit crestfallen when Wanda chuckles. “They’re beautiful. Thank you.”
They stare at each other for a brief moment, sharing an undefined look, before Wanda turns to see you’ve disappeared. She nods toward the kitchen, stating her intention to put the flowers in a vase and finish cooking. As she turns and walks toward the other room, Natasha follows.
“This looks amazing. Thank you,” the older woman says glancing over the spread.
“Don’t thank me yet. Let’s see how this,” she stops mid sentence when she sees you think about grabbing some of the silverware put out for her and Natasha. “No no, baby. Mommy will cut your food up and feed you.”
“But, Mommy,” you whine.
Wanda raises a single brow at your tone, effectively silencing you.
Natasha watches the scene before her with great interest. She knows the dynamic of your relationship and the role she wants to take, but seeing things in person is a whole different animal.
“No need to try and show off for Daddy. She knows you’re just a little one who needs help.”
You pout slightly at her words and try to hide the growing redness on your cheeks with your new bear. Being disciplined would be bad enough, but the thought of Natasha watching made you feel weak.
Wanda turns away as you slump down in your seat knowing she’s won.
After finishing up your food, you were excused to the living room where you currently sat on the couch with a cartoon on. You had yet to let go of the bear Natasha gave you and were currently trying to think of a name while absentmindedly looking at the television.
“One more episode and then it’s bedtime, little bear.”
An involuntary groan escaped your lips at hearing you would be put to bed sooner than you would like. Wanda and Natasha would likely want some alone time but you wished you could stay up just a bit longer.
“Come sit with Mommy.”
The phrase, like many directed toward you, was not a suggestion. Your mommy told you she always knew best and to listen to her. You had no reason to doubt her.
You climb into her lap where she promptly cradles you and places soft kisses to the side of your temple. She starts to hum quietly and brushes your hair away from your eyes when you begin to fuss slightly.
“Mommy,” you say with a whine knowing she was trying to make you sleepy.
“Shhhhhh little one. My tired baby is getting ready for night night time.”
Despite your protests you bring your hand up to rub at your eyes and Wanda smirks.
“Someone gets a little fussy when they’re tired,” she says with a glance toward Natasha.
The redhead is seated on the opposite side of the couch watching as you begin struggling to keep your eyes open. She turns her attention away to the cartoon for several minutes before once again returning her gaze to you and Wanda. In only a matter of minutes you appear to be asleep; clutching the fabric of your mommy’s shirt in your hand.
For a few more minutes the two older women sit in silence until Natasha speaks.
“She’s perfect.”
Wanda hums in response.
“She’s fragile. Not just because she’s tiny, but because she’s had a lot of disappointment in her life. She needs me. As much as she tries to pretend she’s capable, I know she needs someone to take control. To make things easier. That’s what I want to do.”
Natasha knows what’s coming next.
“Can you do that?”
The redhead frowns.
“Do what?”
Wanda tries not to roll her eyes.
“Make things easier. Not harder. I want you to be a part of this. To keep you separate is hurting me so much but I know I need to protect her. She shouldn’t have to be strong like me. Like both of us.”
“I can. Make things easier, that is. You have to at least let me try, Wanda. Please.”
Natasha moves down the couch to press against her girlfriend’s side and wrap an arm around her shoulder. She looks down fondly at you before holding the back of your head in one hand and gently rubbing her thumb over your scalp.
“One chance, Nat.”
Wanda speaks quietly after several moments; after mulling over everything she has to gain or lose. In the end, she knows she always wanted Natasha. Needed her. To have her so close and yet so far away was an unbearable feeling. She was worth all of the hardships they had faced and more.
“I love you,” is all Natasha says.
This is all Wanda needs to hear.
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carolinesam99 · 2 days
Nat tutoring Y/N
Nat: So we should still study a little more astronomy later, maybe over some Milky Ways or some Mars bars
Y/N: or pancakes
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brooooswriting · 3 days
can you write one with natasha x reader with like angst with happy ending ? maybe nat like pushes reader away and is mean to reader and doesn’t come home anymore because nat thinks reader can do better and nat doesn’t deserve love and happiness and reader makes her feel everything good she never thought she would ever have or deserve and it brings back bad memories for reader and she just completely closes herself off because they were fine and it just makes reader insecure and maybe just goes reckless like taking lots of missions in hopes she gets hurt and also punching a punching bag when working out without gloves hurting herself and they talk it out and fix things
Take my love
Natasha x Reader
Another night where Natasha didn’t come home, she didn’t text you back nor did she call you to tell you where she is. It’s been like that for around a month, she barely came home and if you saw each other she was rude to you, telling you that you were clingy and annoying.
You’ve asked the others if they knew what was going on but they didn’t know. It hurt to see her acting this way and it made you question yourself. There was a time where you weren’t sure about the relationship and it seems like you were right.
So, you fell back into old habits. Love was never easily given to you and it made you built up habits that could kill you, but with Natasha they got less.
Every night you went to the training room to let out your frustrations, not even taking the time to wrap your hands you punched the bag until it was broken. Tony wasn’t really happy about that but didn’t say anything. The pain it caused made you forget about the pain your relationship with Natasha caused you.
The team noticed a change but they decided to give you some time to figure out what was happening. Your willingness to do stupid and dangerous things got worse and worse.
“Fury, I thought I could go on the mission with Wanda. I know that she doesn’t need help but I’d feel better if I could be a back up” you told him. “Fine, I’m sure she’s fine with it. You’ll leave in 10, so hurry” you quickly went to change.
“Where you going?” Natasha asked when she saw you in your tactical suit walking to the hangers. “Mission” you mumbled walking past her. She was confused, normally you told her when you had missions and you’d come to say goodbye. Sure, over time it got less but you’d at least tell her.
“Are you crazy?” Wanda screamed at you when she finally carried you back to the jet. You jumped in front of her getting shot several times, stomachs, shoulder and leg. She knew screaming at you was kind of useless as you were nearly unconscious due to loosing a lot of blood and the pain you were feeling.
She tried to press down on all your wounds while programming the jet to fly back to the compound. “Y/n, stay with me alright? We will be there soon and everything will be fine” she tried to calm you and herself being deeply scared of losing you and having to tell Natasha that it was her fault.
“Wands, calm down. Everything will be fine, even if I die. It’s more important that you live, tell Nat I’m sorry for not being good enough and that I love her” your eyes fluttered close and Wanda tried to shake you to wake you up.
“Bruce! Make everything ready for an operation. Y/n got shot and she blacked out, I think she’s still alive but I don’t know” Wanda cried out sitting next to your lifeless body using her magic to press down on all your wounds.
But there was something that just wouldn’t give her peace. You’ve never been so reckless and while you always tried to save everybody you could have easily just pushed the both of you down. Her gaze fell to your wounded hands from before and to how thin you’ve gotten.
She hated what she was doing, she really did but she just had to know. So, she used her magic to see what was going on inside your head. The girl who lost her whole family was taken back by the pain she felt inside you. It was so dark that she wasn’t surprised about your behavior anymore.
You didn’t want people to judge you for killing yourself, so you tried to get yourself killed.
But before Wanda could think about it further the jet landed and Bruce and Tony rushed inside to get you out. You were immediately carried to the o.r.
Natasha, who wasn’t informed about your injuries, stood at the side shocked as they pushed you past her. “Wanda… what happened?” She was too stocked to really speak, barely getting out the three words. “She sacrificed herself for me… if she survives this, go and talk to her, your insecurities are killing her” Wanda told her before disappearing.
The witch decided that she wasn’t going to break Natasha’s heart like that, if you weren’t going to survive she would mourn enough. As much as she’d like to comfort the widow, she needed time for herself.
After a couple more moments of shock Nat sprinted to the O.r. where the rest of the team already was. “Nat, I’m so sorry” Clint said as he walked over to hug her but she pulled away. “No, she’ll be fine and then there’s nothing to be sorry for” she told him sitting on a chair in the corner away from anybody.
Guilt and anxiety was eating her up. She was so scared of loving and being loved that she thought it was better to push you away, but now that you may be on your death bed she couldn’t believe how stupid she was. You were the greatest person she knew and you’ve always done everything for her. And Wanda’s comment didn’t make it better, so she decided to do to the witch.
“Wanda” she mumbled as she opened the door after knocking. “Natasha” the witch answered coldly. “I have to talk to you. I need to know what you meant by your statement. I know I fucked up with the way I treated her but I know that what you said implied that this was my fault and I HAVE to know why” she begged causing Wanda to pet the space next to her.
She liked Natasha, they were friends and she knew she went through a lot, so she wanted to make this easy on her. “I had to go through her head to know why she was acting like that and turns out, the way you kind of neglected her caused her to get back into a depressive episode. She turned to self destroying behaviors. I believe that this mission was a try to get herself killed” Wanda explained hugging the other woman tightly as she sobbed.
After some comfort from the younger girl and reassuring, the A.I. called out for Nat. “Miss Romanoff, Mr. Stark and Mr. Banner want to see you” the two ran to the men to figure out what happened to you.
“Tony, is she alive? Can I get to her? Please tell me I can see her” the redhead rambled with panic in her eyes. “Calm down Romanoff, Y/n will be fine. Most of the bullets went through, we stopped the bleeding and repaired what we could. She should wake up in an hour, but she won’t be able to go on missions or train for a while” and with that Banner let her into your room.
When she saw you laying there she couldn’t hold in the tears. Sitting down next to you she grabbed your hand and placed kisses on your broken knuckles. And that was her position for the following hour.
You slightly stirred awake causing Natasha to stand up and lay her hand on your cheek. “Hey my love, you’re alright. I’m here, you will be fine” she repeatedly told you as you woke up. “Natasha? What are you doing here?” You asked the woman shocking her slightly. “You don’t like beating around the bush huh?” She chuckled nervously. “I’m sorry for how I treated you baby. I was insecure and thought this would make it easier for me, I didn’t want to believe that you like me so much that it’d actually hurt you.” She explained grabbing your hand.
As much as she hurt you, you understood that she was insecure and that she had problems with communications. “You’re lucky I love you, but if you don’t come and talk to me next time we’re over” you threatened before lightly kissing her lips.
It took a while until the trust was built back up, your injuries healed and your mind was back in the right place but every second of work was worth it. Natasha was the love of your life and you were hers.
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scarlettsandmaroons · 19 hours
she is midnight rain | n. romanoff
about me | series masterlist | natasha romanoff masterlist
pairing: professor!natasha romanoff x collegestudent!reader
Tumblr media
chapter one | chapter two: midnights like this
chapter summary: you just learned that your soon-to-be professor is straight up terrible. and in an attempt to drop out of her class, you instead became the target of her humiliation. you just knew you will hate her as she will you.
warnings: evident mommy issues (not really into depth)
a/n: im very excited to write this series (that's a lie, i'm only excited about the smutty parts, the beginning, not so much). will be trying to post an update every other day ꒰ ⸝⸝ɞ̴̶̷ ·̮ ɞ̴̶̷⸝⸝꒱
Tumblr media
for all your years in high school, and the very few months you had before college, you didn't have a plan. you didn't know where you wanted to go. you didn't know what you wanted to take. there were too many choices. or maybe there's barely any. you just couldn't choose for yourself, you couldn't decide.
when you don't have a mother or in your case, when you have a mother who chose her boyfriend over you, you don't really have anyone telling you what to do, where to go. and maybe some people would love the same freedom that you had, but with that freedom was misguidance. you had nobody to help you choose, nobody to guide you, to teach you, to tell you what's best for you. you have to decide all that.
but when nobody told you what was best, what was the standard for best, how could you possibly have known. how could a child understand what was best for her when she was taught nothing about the sort.
you didn't know what you wanted, and your best judgement told you to trust in your friend and follow billy maximoff. he was your bestfriend. your other half. the only person you can confide in. you knew that you had to study where he would. you couldn't possibly survive on your own. you needed him to guide you. to tell you what to do. to protect you.
"you're in mrs. romanoff's class."
you were snapped out of your thoughts. you've been staring at the field the entire time. at the massive open field between the campus and the gate. you didn't know how long you've been here, for a moment, you didn't even remember billy being in front of you holding your class schedule.
"y/n, yoo-hoo. are you okay?" billy waved a hand in front of you. "what are you thinking?"
you sighed, "i can't believe i'm in college now and i still don't know what to do." you said, looking over billy's shoulder and getting once again lost in your own head. "how am i going to survive..."
"well, i'll survive." he said proudly, earning back your attention. you almost scowled at him for being a show-off. but he smiled at you. a soft reassuring smile. "i'll survive for the both of us." he said.
your heart fluttered a little. you didn't have a mom. or a dad. or siblings. but you had a family. you had billy.
"i know what i'm going to be. i have a plan. and while you don't have any for yourself, i'll carry you." he says.
you looked at your watch. freshman orientation is in a few, and seeing your attention on the clock sent billy the hint that you both should get going. nevertheless, your conversation didn't end as you both walked into the campus.
"how will you carry me?" you mused, not returning the same sentiment he sent you as you simply humored his words.
he held the straps of his bagpack. "mmmm..." he started thinking, "i'll get a job as soon as we graduate. you can stay with me and my parents until i get my own place which i'd be glad to share with you." he says. "that way, you can finally move out from your mum's house."
"that's... very free-loader of me." you chuckled, visualizing the life you'd share with your friend.
"well, you're my free-loader." he looks at you all giddy. "that's what friends do, right?"
you sighed, "yeah."
billy never had a good relationship with his twin brother, tommy. tommy decided to stay with his father after their parents got a divorce. billy on the other hand, stayed with his mother as she remarried.
you've never met mrs. maximoff's new husband. in fact, it's been a really long time since you'd seen billy's mom. the last time you saw her, she had some sort of a 50s haircut. from what your bestfriend tells you, she went through quite a few hair phases from a shoulder length side part to a long-haired rebonded look. at some point, you know she went crazy and got a full head of tight blonde curls. that was her, "going through a hard time with my husband so i must do something so incredibly different with my hair" hair. she went back to the normal big curls, fluffy airburn hair after she remarried though.
that's how close you were with billy. you were his sister, almost. you knew everything about him. even about his mother's haircuts half of which you're sad you weren't around to see.
"mr. stark's coming by for the orientation, did you know that?"
you looked at billy. "the rich guy who owns stark industries?"
"yeah. he's a friend of my moms and dad's."
"no way?!" you all but gasped. you did coo in shock a bit, looking at him with widened eyes. "damn, it must be nice to be connected to him." you say, your mind going on to imagine what your life would be if you were as rich as him. or even connected to him. then you wouldn't have to think about all the important decisions you need to make.
"he's connected to a lot of the professors here." billy mentions. "mr. rogers, mr. banner, mr. barton. but he's closest to mrs. romanoff. they're best friends." he looks at his watch. "i think he's here for the engineering department though. he's funding them lots."
"mrs. romanoff?" you ask, complete disregarding his following statement.
"he's the reason why mrs. romanoff met my parents." he says.
"i'm in her class right?"
you haven't taken a look at your timetable yet because billy has held onto it since it was given to you. eyeing all the names of your professors and giving you some kind of commentary about them. he knows a lot about them. mrs. maximoff used to be a professor here, and for the entirety of high school, billy frequented this very campus.
"yeah." he scoffed. "good luck."
"why? is she mean?"
"terribly." he says. "she's nice, but as your professor? she'll eat you alive."
you were in two of mrs. romanoff's classes, unfortunately for you. you had her in english literature, and business economics. and until classes had officially begun two days after your orientation, stories of how horrible she is; from how she failed more than half of the total students she's had in her lifetime, to how much she enjoys either suspending, or expelling her students over the littlest inconveniences became the center of all your conversations with billy. for someone who knows a lot about her, you wish he had gotten her instead of you. now the dreading fear of seeing her live up to your horrible expectations of her with you is just crippling.
"i'm dropping out of mrs. romanoff's classes." you blurt out during billy's long monologue of the stories he's heard about the professor.
he looked at you, "no! i didn't mean to scare you." he almost laughs. "she's actually really nice!"
you shot him a sharp glare. if he dares to defend mrs. romanoff after all the stories he's told, then he's better off shutting his mouth.
"yeah, no. too late."
there was a part of you that tugged at the idea of actually doing it. if there were something that stopped you, you would so give into it and drop it. you simply needed to know that you wanted to do—that you can do something about it so you can lie yourself into thinking that you have, this new life of yours, under control. and you were lucky enough to just serve into that purpose as you were unlucky enough to have stumbled upon a wooden door that had mrs. romanoff's name spelled out in gold letters.
natasha romanoff.
billy has been talking this entire time, explaining to you how mrs. romanoff could've been better than what he initially led you to believe. you've been taking mental notes but you haven't really been paying attention, so you only got, "she's the best professor here. constantly commended by the dean himself" and "her class is the hardest to get into. only the best of the best can get into it—"
you heard nothing further as you started fixating on how there was absolutely no way of telling if she was in as the massive window deemed useless with the blinds covering it. despite your efforts in trying to take even the smallest peak inside, no luck.
you can turn away. but you're here now. besides, not knowing whether or not she's in isn't really an inconvenience worth turning away from.
perseverance glinted your eyes. you weren't giving up. you put a hand on the handle, "y/n, no, she—", and you went in without hearing out billy, or even giving the chance for anyone to let you in.
you have to transfer out of her class before you have to go in it. as uncomfortable as this might be, it's this, or a whole year or more worth of wishing you got out when you could.
inside was a woman sitting at the desk just a few steps away from you. it was a relatively average sized room. it wasn't too small. not too cramped. but it wasn't too big either. not too empty. the walls of either sides were bookshelves. the back wall, a massive window overlooking the entire front of the school.
the woman lifted her head to see you, and immediately, you were taken aback by her... beauty. the features that are of the ordinary, but on its entirety, with all of it combined, created this image of the goddess sitting in front of you.
you melted. you pictured her to be an old woman, but now you see why everyone was so intimated by her. her simple gaze, and unmoving disinterest of your presence made you feel so small. to have such a gorgeous woman look at you like you didn't matter, exactly the way that she did you, is so intimidating. so belittling. yet, you were enamored. you were captured by her. she was just simply mesmerizing. satisfying.
she had red hair. massive curls that cascaded down her shoulders as if so intricately placed to look so neat and clean. she had a side part, though, it was barely noticeable as the part was a lot closer to the center than it should be for a side part. her eyes were so brightly... emerald. despite of the shadows created by the light behind her, it stayed so vibrant. like a gem. she had such a beautifully molded nose. and red lips. you wanted nothing else but to stare at her forever.
"i suggest you start saying something now, before this intrusion of yours becomes the reason why your time here ends."
her voice sent chills down your spine. you felt goosebumps. all the hair in your body rose. her voice was so terribly cold. she was composed, and calm. and had not a care in the world, especially you. the way she delivered it with such disinterest, almost in a condescending way made you feel so small. it gave you all the more reason to drop out.
she was looking up at you. her chin was resting at the back of her hand where she had a pen between her fingers.
she made your heart race in fear.
"i'm in your class." you take a deep breath. "i'd like to drop out."
you see the end of her lip twitch almost in amusement when her eyes dropped to the papers on her desk. she fixed her posture and started fixing the mess she had laid out. she did it so painfully slow as if you weren't there. but when she stood up, placing both of her hands on her desk, you knew she wasn't trying to torture you. the way the end of her lip raised into the slightest grin made you realize she was having her fun with you. like one of the students she'd amuse herself with first, embarrass, torture, belittle, before kicking out. almost like you were a toy. one of the many for her.
you gulped.
"tell me, miss y/f/n y/l/n. why do you want to drop out?" she asks, slowly going around her desk before she gestured to a chair in front of it—not to offer you a seat, but to require you to do as she wants, and sit down. "you haven't even seen me in class yet. i doubt you even had the chance to attend your very first class which you will soon miss if you continue to—waste, my, time."
you gulped again. something about the way she stares at you while she walks to the small table by the bookshelf where she had a few glasses and whiskey made your throat dry.
"i heard stories."
"i assure you, miss y/l/n," you flinched a bit when her glass hits the surface of her desk, later followed by her body dropping to her seat in the most elegant way. "whatever you heard is true."
goosebumps again. not good goosebumps. "please let me leave because i want to cry" goosebumps. her eyes were piercing through you, you can't imagine moving. to even relax your shoulder and somehow offending her with the slight movement is such horror for you.
she took a sip from her drink. before letting the glass hang barely by her fingertips as she leans closer to you, her chin resting once again on the back of her hand.
"how old are you?" she asks.
"i just turned 18." you answer quickly as if it would disappoint her if you waited a beat.
"what is something worth knowing about a y/f/n y/l/n?" you didn't notice the way your name rolled off her tongue. you didn't notice she knew your name this entire time. she said it with such grace. never had your name sounded so foreign. so new. so beautiful.
something about her was pulling you in. sucking you into her. and you weren't sure if it was the fear of getting kicked out, or just because of her sheer charms that made you blurt out every thinkable thing about you.
"i'm 18. i just turned 18." you started, taking a deep breath in and calming yourself down when you realized how quick you were talking. "i can't drive for the life of me. i hate milk. i'm plainly unhealthy. i don't drink vitamins. or eat an average amount of nutrients and meals in general. i'm nocturnal, i can't fall asleep at night. i love juice, soda, everything but water. i have a complicated relationship with my hair. i..." the realization stunned you. the realization that you were sitting in the office of who you heard was the strictest professor in this very university, telling her about the most absurd, uninteresting things about you, when you might just be on the very verge of getting kicked out of your bestfriend's dream university.
you calmed yourself down. you tried to rid yourself of the panic you resorted to burying deep deep down, you fixed your posture, cleared your throat, and in the most modulated voice that you can harness within yourself, you said, "i am ambitious, strong, independent—" that's a lie. "bright, optimistic, and persistent. and i really want to have the opportunity to begin my year in this university—" hopefully not in your class. "because i know that i have the exact amount of wit, and dedication this school is looking for in a student." i don't want to be in your class. "if given the opportunity to... in a different class wherein i can flourish."
"well," she says as if impressed. you stood up when she did, giving her a hopeful expression like that's going to boost your chances of getting out of her class without suffering the grave consequences she's known to give.
she moved around the table again, this time, moving slowly towards you. step by step. closer each passing second. and when the two of you were finally faced to face with each other without the desk between you, her small smirk dropped. "no." she says in a way that showed you how amused she was of putting your efforts of coming in here to waste without sounding anywhere besides stern.
"i said no."
"no, what?" at this point, you were in distress. but you tried your best to hide it. you weren't very successful though. your voice raised, though you all but shouted.
her left hand rested on the surface of her desk when she leaned her hip against it, tipping her head slightly to the side, "look, miss y/l/n, i did not just waste all this time getting to know you and your... habits, just for you to drop out of my class."
her tone was unkind. she was cold, and stern. and she wanted nothing but to get her way. your attempts gave her mere amusement. she didn't acknowledge you, or your request, she just wanted to see the way your face would contort in shock when she declines you after letting you think your efforts would get you anywhere.
"but, mrs. romanoff—"
"BUT...! miss y/l/n—" she didn't shout, but the way she said it, the way her voice raised. you wanted to crawl into a cave and cry. especially with the way her eyes lingered on a little too long on yours before she looked away and returned to her seat. "i could so easily penalize you for entering my office with no permission." her tone was mad. graceful, elegant. calm and collected. but mad. "i would have you suspended if i didn't appreciate your... attempt, to even come inside my office, to speak to me and look me straight in the eye requesting me for something... you're gutsy. you could've used that in my class instead."
you weren't going to win.
today, you realized, that mrs. romanoff will always have the power. and if you can't handle that, then you're better of leaving the school.
she's dreadful. she's dark. she's the storm that angers the seas. and the rain at midnight. she is going to potentially ruin your chances of succeeding in this university—in life, and you will... hate her as you are now definitely sure she will you.
"i'll see you later."
you did see her later. a blissful 2 hours without her was replaced by dread when the moment you sat on the very back of the lecture hall, she came in. everyone stood before her, as if it were highschool, and you just went with it. just a mere clack of her high heeled shoes had everyone on their feet, their hands on their chest as if she was a goddess to be worshiped.
"good morning, everyone."
nobody spoke, it was mere silence after a beat of her greeting in which she gestured everyone to sit. you hid behind a tall man. the lecture hall was packed. although, there were a few empty seats up front.
"i'd like to begin today with..." she didn't have much with her. she only had a clipboard which she places on her desk. she took quite a while adjusting. but when she did; when she was leaning back on her seat, her legs elegantly crossed, where her hands rested on her knee, she looked straight ahead. and for a moment, you thought you can feel her eyes boring through the people you're hiding behind of and staring at you. "i have absolutely zero tolerance for any of your bullshit." all the calmness of her tone before was replaced by a sheer sharpness. "you either do as i say, exactly as i say it, or you leave this classroom. better yet, this school. are we clear?" she was stern. and you were scared. "now," she says with an exhale. "you at the back," you froze. "are we clear with that?"
Tumblr media
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exstlle · 2 days
fuck it, i love you | series masterlist
Tumblr media
▸ pairing: natasha romanoff x camgirl!reader
▸ summary: the more you spend time with her, the more harder you fall.
▸ series warnings: top!natasha, bottom!reader, sugar daddy natasha (?), daddy kink, dirty talk, dom/sub relationship, cum-filled strap on usage, age gap (reader is 23 and natasha is 41), fluff.
read for context!
Tumblr media
main chapters ;
ⅰ. i want to get to know you better
ⅱ. for my eyes only
ⅲ. fuck it, i love you
Tumblr media
♝ minors/ageless blogs & men dni.
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