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Pairing: Florence Pugh x Actress! Reader 
Summary: A documentary is being filmed to show a life that was taken in an accident. Florence who is accompanied by three other co-casts, share their memories and thoughts on the actress, friend and fiancé. 
| Heavy Angst with Light Fluff? | 4.3K | Death & Greif |She/her pronouns |
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Notes: I have used different coloured font for those who speak just to make it less confusing. 
AC: This was inspired by a song I was recently shown called ‘snowflake’ by Powfu ft. Jaden Smith & Sarcastic Sounds – I’m not exactly sure why I went with this idea but I felt it was something a little different and I was bored. I hope you enjoy & my apologies for the heavy angst (I’m not really sorry). 
Tumblr media
Florence opened the front door of her home with a tissue clenched in her right hand and greeted the camera crew and director that welcomed her with soft and sympathetic smiles. No smiles in the world were able to ease the paining stabbing hurt she felt in her heart but still, she let them in to her home with a soft smile and a few handshakes.
“I thought we could film in the backyard, if that’s okay” Florence suggested once closing the front door. “Yeah, that sounds great, we can just move inside once the sun starts to set” the director who is also the interviewer suggested earning a nod from Florence before she led them out to the back patio. The documentary took interviews with other friends, family, and co-stars over the course of two months. Now, it these interviews were the last to film before the documentary went to final editing. The documentary was a Disney+ exclusive given that you had worked closely with Disney and having a major role in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. 
Florence had the decking table set with plenty of refreshments along with a cheese board that she’d made herself and a few of your favourite snacks. She’d applied so little make up that she shook her head in the mirror with disappointment on the waste of products used, knowing today would end with soaked cheeks and puffy eyes and a promise she would wake up with a runny nose and stinging eyes. With her sat three close friends and co-stars that you worked with, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Hailee Steinfeld. The three arrived easy in the morning, the four of them having tea and coffee before sharing their thoughts on what to expect from the interviewer. 
The cameramen and crew set up their equipment as Florence, Elizabeth, Hailee, and Scarlett had made themselves comfortable at the table. A warm mug of tea gave Florence a sense of warmth that she so tenderly needed to get through the next couple of hours. When the documentary was first pitched to her by your manger and publicist, she said no and that if anybody were to tell your story it should be those closest to you and not a bunch of media outlets and information on past headlines and interviews. A couple of months later, your manger and publisher came back to Florence with the idea that she’d have full control over the documentary and the final cut was her call but again she said no and suggested that the only way they’d get her to agree to have the documentary moving forward would be for it to be a sit down with your closest friends and family while they share their favourite memories and wishes for you. It wasn’t a lie that Florence was rightfully pissed off that not even a year after your death that she was being asked for things like merchandise and interviews, photoshoots and other little things that didn’t sit right with her, she was grieving you and the last thing she wanted was to be placed in the spotlight. 
“We’re ready to start whenever you guys are” the director smiled softly once more. Florence was never going to be truly ready to do this, but she knew deep down you would’ve wanted her to do this for the fans. Those who made your career take off, the ones who showed up to events just to catch a glimpse of you, the ones who would send in their questions for interviews, the ones who made fan-pages and showed support for you in their own little way, the ones who made Florence smile softly at night as tears rolled down her cheek watching the fan cams people tagged her in, the ones who sent her messages with love, she was doing this for them. So, they could find closure and find comfort that even though you’re not longer here, you would live on through them and those closest to you. 
“I’m ready” Florence said in an almost whisper, her heart racing already. Scarlett placing a comforting hand on Florence’s knee giving her a light squeeze to say she’s here and it’ll be okay. But it wasn’t okay, nothing was the same since you left the world for another. Nothing was okay at night when Florence found the energy to cook dinner for 1 when it used to be for 2, or in the mornings when she expected to see a posted note on her phone from you telling her you’d see her after work and that you were thinking of her, nothing was okay, not a single thing. 
“We’d like to start with getting a couple of shots of the beautiful photos you have around the house, if that’s okay of course” Leon, the director spoke. Florence nodded slowly then led one of the cameramen inside. They took shots of the few photos that Florence had hanging on the walls of the two of you, some goofy ones from on set, ones with her family and yours and lastly, a couple from events that the two of really loved. The slightest smile tugged on her lips as she watched the cameramen get the shots before they returned to the table on the patio. There was a silence between everybody as the director got comfortable and grabbed their notes, the cameramen made sure to get the ‘perfect’ shots while Florence, Hailee, Scarlett, and Elizabeth sent each other soft smiles as they waited.
“I would like to start with some easy questions, some light ones to start. If at any point any of you need to take a break just say the word and we will” Leon spoke with a warm smile, the table giving him a soft nod in agreement. 
“I want to start with Scarlett, now, you met Y/n on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2013, tell us what you remember the most” 
Scarlett nodded as Leon spoke, a smile tugging softly at her lips as she remembered the memory. “I’d heard about Y/n from mutual friends of course, she’d just finished filming her small role in Iron Man 3 before we started filming Winter Soldier the following April. I remember being her age and how stressful filming things so close together could be but that didn’t seem to bother her, she was so excited and eager to learn. I remember she’d just turned 15 a few weeks into filming, her mother was on set every day and made sure she was eating between takes and doing her homework which was didn’t like at all” Scarlett chuckled at the memory of the roll of the eyes and slight groan you sent to your mother after a scene. “Everybody loved her, we all made sure to watch over her, especially at her age and working as much as she was. What stood out to me was just how beautiful and full of life she was, she was always pulling some kind of prank or joke on the cast and crew which made work more fun than what it already was, she made everybody excited to come back the next day” She adds with a wide smile. 
“In the movie, Y/n’s character becomes almost tied to your character, Natasha Romanoff, did the two of you practice lines together?” 
“Oh, all the time! Winter Soldier was her big major role. In Iron Man 3 she was introduced to Tony Stark who at firsts pushes her away but by the end takes her under his wing then in Winter Soldier her character gets a bit too comfortable with her status as Tony’s little helper and tries to adventure out and find her own feet which led to Natasha Romanoff finding her in a wrong time, wrong place situation. Y/n was so excited to work, she loved everything about filming sometimes when she wasn’t doing her homework you would find her behind the cameras with the crew watching scenes being taken and asking a million questions between shots. So, working with her as much as I did at the time and how close our characters became, Y/n quickly became like a little sister to me” 
Florence watched as Scarlett answered and couldn’t help but nod in agreement with her comment of how you’d ask a million questions, or you’d be seen with the camera crew between takes. 
“From there we move onto the first Avengers movie, Age of Ultron which is when you met her, Elizabeth?” 
“Yes, I did” Lizzie smiled, “She as a delight to work with and I remember telling Kevin just before we finished filming Age of Ultron that he can’t get rid of her character no matter what and he laughed a little and told me there was no plans on doing any of that. She had raw talent that not a lot of young people at her age know how to show or channel but she did, she was always on time, she remembered her lines better than any of us, she was respectful and like Scarlett said, a goof ball. We all had so many laughs together, I still have a video on my phone from a prank she pulled on Sebastian” She added with a chuckle before taking a small mouthful of water. 
“Do either of you remember when Y/n started doing her own stunt work?”
“She mentioned to me that she wanted to be an actress who did it all, she wanted to try going all genre of movies and do her own stunts but her parents weren’t a fan of the idea so but she somehow convinced them before we started filming Civil War so here she was at 16 years old learning to do her own stunt work then from there all her stunt work was her own and she loved it. She’d get so excited whenever she was able to do her own stunts” 
“Florence, you met Y/n at a movie premiere before working with her on Black Widow. Which premiere was that and do you remember it?”
“I first met Y/n in passing at a gala in 2017 and met her properly in 2019 at the Fighting with My Family premiere and then again at the Little Women premiere. She said she’d seen Midsommar and was blown away with the movie which then led to a million and one questions, she wanted to know everything about doing a film like that and mention how much she’d love to do something similar. That night we exchanged numbers and became friends after that. 
When I got the role for Yelena Belova, I remember telling her about it and she gave me the run down on everybody she’d worked with while doing Marvel and how much she loved everybody. She didn’t tell me that she’d also be in the movie so that surprised me a lot when I got to set the first day.”
“Scarlett, you mentioned in an interview that you saw something between Florence and Y/n while on set, did you push them together a little or just let things take their course?” 
“I knew Y/n had a crush on Florence shortly into filming Black Widow, she came to me and asked if I thought getting flowers sent to her while on set would be inappropriate. That was the first time I’d ever seen her nervous before, her cheeks were so red I don’t think any layer make up would’ve hid that” Scarlett laughed causing chuckles from the others. “I was there when the delivery guy came up to Florence with this massive bouquet of flowers, the little smile on Florence’s face told me she also felt something” 
“I know I never mentioned what was written on the card” Florence spoke while looking to Scarlett, “but that was her way of asking me out to dinner. The card said, ‘I hope this is okay and if it is, could I please take you to dinner when we’re not filming and if it is then enjoy the flowers and forget dinner’ and she drew a little smile face at the bottom. I don’t why I thought it kind of funny just way she worded it, but I did go to dinner with her two days later” she adds. 
“It was two? See now I didn’t know that”
“That’s because she ordered pizza, and we ate it in my trailer at like 11pm” Florence chuckled as the memory played in her mind. 
“So, from there on was it official with the two of you?”
“Not straight away, we took some time to get to know each other on that level. We’d been texting and catch up over drinks a few times before filming so we weren’t strangers, but I could she was nervous about a relationship due to personal things she’d told me, so we took it slow. Working with each other every day helped with that”
“If you remember, would you like to share the first kiss story?”
Florence’s cheeks went slightly red, and her heart sunk as her smile slightly dropped, it hit her she’d never feel your touch again. 
“I-it was cut from the movie because it was off script” Florence started, Scarlett kindly placing a hand on Flo’s back and rubbed gently. “We had a scene where Yelena was being harsh on Y/n character, it was sudden. I finished my line and next thing I knew she was leaning in for a kiss, I went for it. She didn’t even think about it or who was around us and I liked that oddly enough. I still feel her smile against my lips as she whispered a sorry when the director called cut. I have that clip on disc somewhere” 
Flo blinked back her tears as she told the story, her eyes fell to her hands in her lap as she slowly shook her head when her tears started to flow. “We’ll take a minute” Leon said before he gestured for the crew to give her a minute. They walked into the kitchen and waited until Florence was ready again. 
“If this is too much, too soon, don’t do this Flo” Hailee reached for Florence’s hand for comfort. “It’s fine, I can do this” she replied, “I just miss her so much”
“We all do honey, it’s okay” Elizabeth smiled softly at the broken blonde. 
After a few more silent moments, Florence said she was ready to continue, wiping the tears from her eyes not caring to retouch her light make up. Leon and the crew got comfortable in their seats once again before looking over his notes he mentioned that he wanted to talk more about the relationship if Florence was up for it. She nodded and mentioned she’d love to share her favourite moments. 
“What was things like for the two of you after filming Black Widow?”
“We wrapped up filming in October 2019 so that was a few months before Covid took over, we still spent time together, we went for lunch and tea because she saw how much of a tea drinker I am” Florence chuckled once more, “then when Covid started to creep in she got a little worried and would call me just to say she missed me. We made the decision for her to move in when they were starting to shut down things and ask people to stay home. I think that worried her because she’d been filming non-stop for a few years that she didn’t really have a home to go to, she was staying in hotels and trailers, or she’d fly home to be with her parents and she mentioned she didn’t exactly want to leave LA so I just told her she could stay with me while the pandemic was happening” 
“So, you both spent the two years together after only dating a few months?”
“Yeah. But it never felt like that, Y/n and I clicked. She always made me laugh to the point my insides would hurt, she was sweet, loving and she cared so much. I never felt like we were moving too fast or anything like that. That’s not to say we didn’t have arguments, we did here and there but we always came back and spoke about it like adults. With her the pandemic didn’t feel like a drag. Every day was exciting even though we couldn’t do much, she found something for us to do. I taught her how to make home-made ice cream after I learnt it myself, she would sit and watch me do my ‘Cooking with Flo’ videos and poke fun at the fact I don’t like doing Instagram live. Y/n found joy in anything and everything, I didn’t matter at all what we did, she was just happy to be doing something, you couldn’t get her to sit still for too long”
“Was that hard at any point with the pandemic?” 
“Uh, sometimes. I mean, like everybody, you discover things about yourself that you didn’t know, and I found that I suffer from anxiety more than I thought I did and for Y/n she struggled with something’s, and we went through a couple of dark patches, but she was working on it once the pandemic allowed us to leave our homes again” 
“I’m going to ask a tough question now, Y/n’s accident. Where were you or what were you doing when you heard the news? Can we start with Hailee?” 
Hailee nodded before looking to Florence whose jaw clenched and her eyes filled with tears once more. Hailee was fighting back her own as she took a deep breathe in before exhaling. 
“Y/n was insane to work with, I just want to say that. I loved working with her for the second season of Hawkeye, her character, and the way she brought them alive has always been inspiring for me when I was casted for Kate Bishop. 
That day should not have happened. We were getting ready to do a scene and she was to jump off a ‘building’, she was harnessed and hooked up to the safety wires, everything was normal about it. I watched as they took her to the jump mark and she had this big smile on her face, our photographer took a picture of her just as she gave the cameramen the thumbs up. Director called action and that was basically the end of it” Hailee paused as tears started to stream down her face, dabbing them softly with a tissue she continues, “She jumped like she’d been practicing for 10 minutes beforehand and next minute everybody just rushed to her. Emergency services were called, our Onsight paramedic asked everybody to step back. I remember seeing her lying there on the landing mat, I wanted to be by her side, but security wasn’t letting anybody near her, we all just assumed she’d broken a bone or something” 
Leon could see it was getting a bit much for Hailee and moved on to Lizzie, asking her the same question. 
“I was home with my husband, Robbie, we were just making lunch when Scarlett called me. She was crying so I said ‘what’s wrong? Is everything okay?’ and just said you need to come to New York, and I looked at Robbie and something just didn’t seem right, so I asked again, ‘Scar what’s going on?’ and that’s when she told me. 
At first, I didn’t believe her, how does something like that happen? There are so many safety steps for a reason, you know. I couldn’t stop crying that day, I just kept thinking it wasn’t true and that this was her playing a prank, a sick one at that but when I saw the headlines as I tried to book a flight to New York that’s when I sort of hit me that it was true, she was gone.” 
Lizzie grabbed a tissue from Hailee sending her a soft smile. Leon nodded a thank you and looked to Scarlett, again asking her the same question.
“Florence called me asking if I had heard the news, I said no as I was at my office doing some promotional work. Florence just bursted into tears and told me there was an accident and Y/n was hurt. I knew by Florence’s reaction that hurt wasn’t the word she meant and my heart broke. I was already in New York, so I called Lizzie like she mentioned and then I went to be with Florence.” 
“Florence, do you want to share?”
It wasn’t an easy nod, but she managed to do so as she grabbed a backup tissue. 
“I was with her in New York while she was filming, we were staying at a hotel, so she didn’t have to live in a trailer, and I was able to cook and what not. At the time I was getting the vegetables prepared for dinner and my phone just wouldn’t stopped buzzing. I had all these text messages and miss calls from friends and family. I opened a text from Raffie, my sister who said ‘please tell me it’s not true. Answer your phone, we’re worried’. I thought ‘god has somebody told them something stupid’ so I called her back and she said, ‘is Y/n okay?’ and I was more confused, I said, ‘yeah she’s filming why?’ and then she sent me the link to a headline. 
‘Actress, Y/n Y/L/N, pronounced dead at 25 after stunt fail’ in big bold letters made me sick. There was no way I just found out via the media, but I had serval missed calls from Hailee and Y/n’s manager. I stared at the headline in disbelief, Raffie says I hung up on her, but I don’t remember that. 
Hailee came to the hotel in tears as she told me. They needed me to confirm her identity which was stupid because we all knew it was her, but I went to the morgue they told me she landed wrong and that she wouldn’t have felt a thing. They let me be with her for a while longer after I confirmed her identity. She just looked like she was sleeping but she was cold and there wasn’t anything I could do to warm her” Florence broke into tears, “I just wanted to hold her, tell her I love her, that she is the love of my life, but she was just cold, and her chest wasn’t rising and down like it should’ve. My entire world just fell apart, my heart was broken. I stayed with her as they pulled the sheet over her beautiful face, I’ll never forget it.” Florence added with more tears, chocking on her words. Hailee stood up and walked to hug her tightly. Leon stopped the cameras to give the women a moment. 
“I can’t do this” Florence stood up, “I’m sorry, I hope you understand” she added before walking to her room. Her tears not stopped even after the Leon and the crew left, leaving the four women in a time of grief once more. 
Two months passed by, and the documentary was set to release in a matter of hours as Florence had your closet friends and family over to watch it together. She made sure to cook your favourite meal, your favourite snacks on offer, anything you loved she made sure that was on offer. Today was about you and the life you lived, short but strongly loved and adored.
The documentary was hard to watch but brought tears, smiles, laughs and more tears as your loved ones watched it as one. Florence finding a bit of comfort and closure by the time it was over. She knew the fans were waiting for a post of anything from her, so she did just that, pulling together 10 of her favourite photos and videos of you, 5 of each just to keep it even. 
“florencepugh: it’s here, it’s out and it’s beautiful. 
If you have the chance to sit down and watch this documentary, please do. Y/n was a gift to this world and this documentary shows it. From her goofy side to her loving side and back to her goofy side, she’s inspired each and every single one of us who knew her, and I hope you find the same inspiration in her like we have. 
Y/n loved you all to the ends of the earth, she saw the comments, the messages, the fan pages, the video edits, and she loved them. You guys are her family, she always said that, and I hope this documentary can help you deal with this sadness we are all feeling. 
I know some of you are mad about this situation and best believe I was mad as well. How could something like this happen? we don’t know. We know that everything was done by the book to keep Y/n safe that day but sometimes we can’t have answers and we’ll never truly understand what happened. We want somebody to blame, I understand but please, don’t blame anybody but the way life works. 
Y/n, my beautiful, beautiful angel, I love you and not a day goes by where I’m not thinking about you or looking back on our favourite memories together. I’m broken that we didn’t get the chance to go ahead with the plans we made but I will always call you my wife, my love, my darling, my snowflake, my all. I miss your smile and your contagious laugh, I miss the posted notes and the shared glasses of wine, I miss the warmth of you touch and the sparkle in your eyes, I miss you dearly, but I know wherever you are, you are with me, with all of us. I love you so much my angel, forever and I can’t wait to meet you again in another life. 
For now, I’ll see you later for tea and cake, my love x” 
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Just A Minute
Pairing: Scarlett Johansson x Reader
Summary: Meeting Scarlett for lunch while she’s at the office turns into a waiting game.
| Fluff | 1.3K | No warnings |
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AC: Couldn't sleep & kept thinking about how cute this would be, I hope you enjoy! 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Between Scarlett’s recent schedule consisting of filming, the outset and promo interviews it was a bit tricky to find time for the two of you to spend some time together. This morning before Scarlett rushed out the door, you both made plans for lunch, you’d meet her at the office and go from there. It would be the first time in weeks the two of you would be able to spend some one-on-one time, you weren’t complaining as you knew how important The Outset was to Scarlett and you were beyond proud of the business and respected the time, she put into it. 
“I’ll see you around 12:30?” Scarlett pecked your lips softly, “sure will, text me when you get there” you smiled pulling her gently closer, kissing one last time before she’s out the door. 
Your morning was spent doing what you loved the most, writing. You met Scarlett at a book signing and as starstruck as you were by the fact the Scarlett Johansson had read your book and wanted your autograph for her collection of books, she also was starstruck by your beauty and the twinkle in your eyes when you greeted her with a warm smile. The second time you met her was at your 3rd book release and signing, she smiled widely when you locked eyes with her, and it was actually her who made the first move by asking you to lunch later in the week. Now 2 and a half years later she’s your partner and you’ve never been happier. 
Time slips by faster when you’re working, but not today as you made sure to set yourself a timer, allowing yourself time to get ready and meet her at the head office. You wore something comfortable and cool given that it was the middle of summer, you made sure to put some sunblock on as you knew what Scar was like. Locking up the home and making your way by car to her office you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of finally having some one-on-one time.
 “Y/n! lovely to see you again! How are you?” Kate greeted you with a tight friendly hug. “I’m good thank you, how are you? It’s been too long” you smiled as the two of you engaged in small talk. “Scarlett is just on a video conference, but I’ll let her know you’re here, please make yourself at home” she smiled before knocking ever so quietly on the closed door. “Thank you” you whispered then made your way to the iconic sofa, sitting down you pulled your phone out and opened your writing app to continue where you left off at home. 
“She said she’ll be out in just a moment” Kate spoke, “can I get you a coffee? A tea or anything?” she asked. “I’m fine thank you” you looked up from your phone with a smile. 
10 minutes went by followed by another 10 minutes and another before Scarlett appeared from the office. She smiled softly to herself when she saw you were in your own little world on your phone, she knew the look of concentration on your face very well as she almost felt guilty to disturb you. “Hi honey” she spoke as you finished typing a sentence before looking up from your phone, a smile instantly tugging at your lips. “Hey!” you spoke with cheer; Scarlett grabbed a cold bottle of water from the refreshments table and placed it on the coffee table in front of you. She placed a soft kiss on your forehead, sure to leave a very faint outline of her lips from her lipstick, “I’m so sorry baby, I know we said 12:30 and I’m already 30 minutes over but I just need to do another video call, it’s an interview and I’m sure it won’t be any more than 20 minutes” she spoke. 
“Don’t apologise my love, I’ll wait here for you” you smiled, “plus it’s only an extra 20 minutes” you added. “You’re the best, I promise I’ll be all yours once this interview is done” she kissed your lips softly before grabbing herself a bottle of water and returning to the conference room, closing the door behind her. For you, you returned to your writing, completely forgetting about the ice-cold bottle of water that Scarlett had placed on the coffee table, that should’ve been your first sign that lunch was long cancelled. 
You were so into your writing that you didn’t even notice the photographer walk into the office and be greeted by Kate. By now it was hitting 2pm and Scarlett’s interview went longer than she originally thought. 
“Scarlett, Daniel the photographer is here to take photos of the new products” Kate informed Scarlett before she had a chance to interrupt your working mind at work. “I’ll be there in just a moment” Scarlett smiled then made her way over to you, slumping herself down next to you on the sofa. “How’s your book coming along?” she asked resting her head gently on your shoulder, she as hungry and getting exhausted. “It’s coming” you joked, kissing the top of her head gently, “are you ready to get lunch?” you asked earning a slight sigh from Scarlett, “I totally forgot about the photographer coming to do a few shots of our new products, can we move lunch to dinner? I know I promised you, it just slipped my mind” she spoke in a sorry tone, you nodded “that’s okay, I’m happy to wait but I am going to duck out and get us a snack for the meanwhile”. 
“I’m so lucky to have you” she kissed your cheek, “really, you’re amazing” she added. “Yeah, yeah, I know” you playfully rolled your eyes, “I could do a smoothie, what do you think?” you asked. “I’d love one” Scarlett smiled as you both stood from the sofa. “I’ll be right back in that case my love” you pecked her lips just like she did yours this morning before you grabbed your purse and left the office in search of smoothies. 
When Scarlett was finally done for the day, it was just before 6pm, she came out to see you curled up on the sofa, asleep with your phone still in your hand. “Darling” she whispered shaking you slightly. “Huh? I’m awake” your eyes fluttered open to see Scarlett nodding, “yeah, sure” she chuckled, “come on honey, let’s go to dinner”
Her words caused a tired nod from you as you sat up. Your phone now dead and your hair a mess you still managed to give her the loving smile she fell in love with. “Are you sure?” you asked in a joking tone. “Yes baby, work is done for the day” she chuckled once more, “how about we get some take out and head home?” Scarlett suggested. “My car is here so I’ll get dinner and meet you at home?”, Scarlett nodded, “sounds like a good idea, I’ve also told Kate I won’t be in tomorrow, I want to make it up to you so tomorrow, I’m all yours” she added with another smile making your heart fall in love with her all over again. 
Once home, shower and fed, the two of you were cuddled in bed. Scarlett ran her free hand through your hair as her other hand scrolled through the first few pages of your new book. She loved getting a little preview even if it was just a draft and none of the ideas were official. “I’m loving it already” she spoke before closing the lid to the laptop. “You’re always going to say that” you looked up at her with a raised eyebrow, “not at all” she joked, kissing the tip of your nose, “you’re so beautiful honey” she whispered in thought, your cheeks now red, “even more when I still manage to make you blush” she added with a light chuckle before kissing your lips softly. 
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Understanding the Johansson/Disney lawsuit thanks to Twitter wisdom…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here’s part of Disney’s statement…
Tumblr media
Yes. They’re excusing a breach of contract over the pandemic. Oh. So righteous.
Tumblr media
And because context is everything…
Tumblr media
Some say Johansson made a dick move because Disney is “the hands that feeds her”. I wonder if they’d say the same thing if this was Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr or some MAN of the likes.
Last, but not least:
Tumblr media
I say: good for her. Go after the mouse. Let it all burn if you have to.
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bloodstained-ballgowns · a year ago
No matter how you feel about Scarlett Johansson as a person, the fact is that with this claim, you should be supporting her in this case against Disney. It doesn’t matter that “she’s rich and she doesn’t need more money”, or whatever you think about the casting controversies. This is a legal breach of contract, that apparently meant she lost out on 50 MILLION DOLLARS. She is completely justified. And if she lost that much, how much did Florence possibly lose out on? Rachel and David? Anyone who’s acted in a Disney+ release, how much did they lose out on because the Mouse House are greedy fuckers who want 100% of the profits?
At the end of the day, it’s about Disney not thinking that because they’re a multi-billion dollar conglomerate they’re allowed to bully their actors into taking less than they were promised. It’s about protecting actors who are not white A-List Hollywood stars with the means to endlessly fund expensive lawyers from the same exploitation in the future. 
Until more information is released, I’m standing with Scarlett. You can’t really claim that you support professional women to demand what they’re worth and promised and then be like, “except her, she’s doing fine as is”. Even if her motivations were entirely selfish, or she doesn’t win, this case is so important. It’ll set a precedent for the industry going forward.
(maybe I’m mad that she’s destroying her own mcu legacy but i understand this was a bigger worry. also i’m a little confused because she just signed on to produce that Tower of Terror movie for Disney so is that now off? idk I just want everyone to be friends this fandom is never peaceful)
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