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Reader with Robotic Limbs
Author’s Note: I put the entire list of first years into a random name picker and got the three you will read soon.
Request: Yes by @elizyo23
Pairing: Ace, Sebek, & Jack X Gn! Reader
Tumblr media
The first time he noticed that something was off about you was you always wore gloves, always carried an umbrella on sunny days, and your wardrobe mainly covered your arms as well as legs. When it came to having to fight, you always hit the hardest, harder than jack or Sebek. The gears in his little head were turning 
When he asked, Deuce would lecture him to respect your choices that you made. He continued to somehow always bring it up in a conversation. You continued to not tell him since he was being annoying about it and let time take the lead on this one.
He completely forgot about it and immediately remembered when he saw you in a short sleeve and some baggy shorts one morning during VDC training camp.
He saw the smooth intricate plating and designs on your arms. Color him amazed and this sparks more curiosity, meaning more questions.
He lightly teases you about it and would eventually ask what happened if you didn’t tell him already. He’ll help get the pieces together if your arm breaks during a battle and might complain when you need to have someone around to help while your limb was getting repaired.
Funny story how he found out about your mechanical limbs. 
Since you started training under Lilia, Lilia instructed him to strike you with his wooden sword. 
For about half an hour, you blocked his attacks and would occasionally tap him with your wooden sword. After a while, he got frustrated and decided to take you down by punching you. Originally, he was going to hit you in the chest but you moved and he ended up punching your arm really hard.
He fell on his knees and held his wrist as he screamed in pain, scaring the birds. Demanding to know an answer of why your arm was so hard, you told him the truth. He doubted you before you showed him your mechanical limbs and he tried to argue that you cheated by having them. You commented that he at least has his original limbs he was born with.
Yeah, Sebek got a good slap to the back of the head that day. After that, he behaved and treated you as usual while being respectful/ more mindful of the things he said to you. He grumbles everytime that Lilia and malleus gush over your mechanical limbs in awe. I can only imagine his parents’ reactions to you if you ever visited his home.
Very respectful, right off the bat. 
He didn’t really raise any suspicions about your choices, like Ace did, and went about his life at NRC as usual. You wore gloves? That’s fine if you don’t want to show your hands or hated germs. Long sleeves and pants? People can wear whatever they’re comfortable in. Carried an umbrella around on sunny days? You hate the heat and understands if Vil lectured you about your sun exposure or something.
One day, you were at a Savanaclaw training and you were suffering as you felt like you were baking. Jack noticed and asked about it, to which you told him that you’re literally made of metal and being out in the sun is not helping. 
Noticing the confused expression on his face, you lead him to shade and rolled up your sleeves and loose pant legs to your legs. Jack would be in awe, but keep it in and understood the reasoning behind your choices.
From now on, Jack is more understanding and will remind you to take care of yourself. He offered to help you on days that you had to make repairs to any of your limbs. Jack won’t push for you to reveal your past regarding your limbs. He will spar with you, only if you have padded covers for both of your sakes yet mainly for him. You both already made the first mistake after a small spar which resulted in Jack almost breaking his hand.
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Can we get the first years with a s/o that's like Collei?
[First years with a S/o like Collei]
Tumblr media
-At first, he never really understood why you were so suspicious of people, he was lucky to even get you to consider.
-Ace may seem like the insensitive type but he would never bring up trauma.
-Especially to his partner,not even as a joke.
-Otherwise, the relationship is pretty fun, a lot of laughs and hanging out.
-Yes, Ace can be pretty hard on you, like telling you to forget about your problems and such, but he does it because he doesn't want to see you stress.
-No matter how much he objects that, deep down it true
Tumblr media
-You being suspicious of people made him a bit curious of why but also he would get it.
-He used to a delinquent so he isn't new to betrayals or some messed up topics.
-But after getting advice from Trey that you may have a good reason for that.
-He ends up taking the advice and it paid off, you told him in your own time.
-In general, the relationship is chill, he makes sure you are comfortable and would speak up for you, making sure that anyone doesn't hurt/insult you.
Tumblr media
-A true gentleman.
-Never asked about your past and is always open to listening to your troubles.
-Since he grew up around around lots of people(I think, wolves live in packs,right?), he would never truly be in your position.
-But nonetheless, he is still a great listener.
-Your relationship would also be quite relaxed, and very healthy.
Tumblr media
-Epel isn't nosy so you would tell him issues in your own time.
-Epel can see why you would be wary of him and why you would be pessimstic but he can get a bit impatient.
-Vil is the one who mostly advised him to wait for you to be a bit more open before he finally breaks into your comfort zone.
-Once you tell him, he tries to comfort you.
-The keyword here is tries honestly but he did make you laugh trying so that's something.
-In your relationship, he at first tries to proved his strength but soon it becomes all about you to be honest, like if you healthy and happy, he is too.
Tumblr media
-Sebek never thought that something would come between his love for Malleus but here you are.
-And he is not sure if that is a bad thing.He kind of knew it might happen someday anyways.
-Everyone in Diasomnia is actually pretty surprised and supportive about it and would occassionally give advice but they didn't expect you, the complete opposite of Sebek.
-like where the next date should be, what gift to get you.
-Like Epel, Sebek could be pretty impatient but he the thing is that he could be pretty loud about it.
-Soon he would give up and tell you in your own place.
-He is aware that bad things happen to humans but that is in the past now and he is focused on making you happy now.
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< event m.list ┆ texting your boyfriends “they’re busy”
Tumblr media
characters: ace, epel, sebek, jack, deuce / gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Sebek: Malleus isn't answering his phone!?
Yuu/Mc: Oh- i'll call :)
Malleus: Yes?
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"Remember you said..."
or the voice lines
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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"I'm not sure how else to say this, do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 7/7
GN!Reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Sebek, Lilia, Silver)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? I’m not sure I am familiar with that term. Do explain, child of man.”
Malleus’ green eyes glitter mischievously as he places his hand on his chin. He cut a handsome figure in the moonlight. The gloss of his horns shined and his chiseled face was gracefully shadowed by his softly-curled hair. He stood eerily still, his composure hinting at his not quite human heritage. 
Malleus was the most beautiful thing you had seen in your life. You swallowed audibly before you responded.
“That is… um…” he was messing with you right? You weren’t entirely sure how old he was, but you were certain he was older than you. But he was fae, you supposed. Did they use the same slang? Did they ‘make out’? You had no idea.
Malleus walked closer to you, his white teeth peeking from behind his lips. It was hard not to think about how sharp those fangs looked.
“Proceed, prefect.” He said with a smile, clearly getting a kick out of your hesitation.
“Do… Do you want to kiss me?” You said, voice shaking, all of the confidence you had at the beginning of this interaction evaporating.
Well, it was a bit more than kissing that you were asking him for, but you weren’t sure if you had the courage to spell it out just yet. 
“Oh?” Malleus further closed the distance between your two bodies, causing you to step backwards into the door you had been unlocking prior with an audible bump. “A kiss? Where would you like this kiss?” 
You could feel his breath on your cheek, his expression coyly hidden from you due to the close proximity of his face.
Finally, Malleus chuckled and kissed the cheek that he had purposely ducked near.
“Here?” He said, clearly holding back a full laugh.
“No.” You shook your head. 
You’re glad he wasn’t mad at you, but you weren’t sure what him playing games meant either. 
God, why didn’t you crush on a nice human boy? You kind of understood those in comparison. Well... okay you also didn't understand those all that well either.
“I see. Then…” Malleus moved his mouth to your earlobe and lightly pecked along the side of your ear. 
You couldn’t contain the shiver that went through your body as your breath sped up from the sensation. It felt mean. He knew exactly what you wanted, you were sure of it.
“Not where I…” You trailed off. Whatever this game meant to him, you were certainly enjoying it.
“Ah, I see, I see…” Malleus moved painfully slow to lightly scrape his teeth across the juncture of your neck. 
You felt like you might die happily if you were smited on the spot. 
“Here?” He whispered, moist breath causing you to break out in goosebumps.
“My… my lips, Malleus, please…” You shuddered. It was almost painful having him be so close and touch you so gently. You wanted more.
“Oh? My, my, Prefect. Do you care for me so?” He had long stopped hiding his grin. This ass. 
Malleus’ hand drifted to the back of your head as he knotted his fingers in your hair. Slowly, so painfully slow, he pulled you towards him. Raising your chin with his thumb, you stared at the way his feline eyes were blown out into almost perfect circles. 
Eyes almost completely black, Malleus descended upon you, softly pressing his lips to yours.
It was achingly tender, it felt like more than a kiss. 
It felt like words left unsaid, something far larger and more meaningful than a quick peck shared between two awkward young people. 
You’d never felt anything like it.
Pulling apart just as slowly as you had come together, Malleus stares into your eyes meaningfully. Stroking your face with his thumb, you are met with an expression so loving that you briefly think of crying from the emotion of it all.
“Is that all, my dear?” Malleus questions.
You shake your head so aggressively you might have cracked your neck if you did so just a smidgen harder.
“No! I want more of you! As much as you’ll give me!” You almost yelled, courage swelling in your chest for a brief moment.
“I’m not sure you understand what you are asking, human.” Malleus says with a cocked brow, “You might want to think twice between asking for something as open-ended as that from a fae.”
“You would never intentionally hurt me.” You state with confidence. 
If he really wanted to harm you, he had every opportunity. Instead he helped you, saved you from danger and spent almost every night walking with you and talking about your highs and lows. 
If this was just a long con, if he had intended to hurt you this whole time… maybe you deserved it at this point.
Malleus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was trying to tease you of course, but he was only half-kidding.
The problem was that if he started, he wasn’t sure if he could stop. But it looks like you had already made that decision for him. 
It was for exactly that reason he loved you so.
“…I accept.” 
“…Accept?” What? What was he accepting?
“Your affection.” It felt like his smile could stop your heart. “However…”
Your back straightened as you steeled yourself for his request. What did he want?
“You must accept mine as well.” He stated with a nod, as if agreeing with himself. “And…” 
He leaned forward again, lips a millimeter from your own as you swore you saw the smallest amount of smoke escape from between his teeth.
“You must know that my affection comes with a price.” He said, kissing you gently on your forehead.
“I want all of you in return. Immediately.”
Your face burned hotly at the implication. 
While you had just been inviting Malleus inside in the hopes of feeling him up a bit, this offer was far better than expected. 
You inhaled through your nose and tried to keep your voice as even as you could manage.
“If you’ll have me.”
Grinning, Malleus pushes the door behind you open and ushers you inside the lounge.
“Oh my dear, I will.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek’s piercing green eyes narrow at you. You find yourself involuntarily shrinking back in intimidation. 
Well now you’ve done it, huh?
His right hand firmly grasps your shoulder and you find yourself gulping for fresh air. You would have never described him as scary before now but…
A strand of his perfectly coiffed hair falls onto his forehead as Sebek leans nearer, unblinkingly getting closer and closer to your face. 
He murmured your name quietly, and you felt how you imagine prey does in their last precious moments. Thinking of how many loud predators are at their most quiet before unhinging their jaws.
Within the blink of an eye, you were pulled forward by the tie into a stiff, yet gentle kiss. 
Sebeks eyes slid back open as he slowly pulled away from you, his gloved hand drifting to cup your cheek. 
“It seems I am in quite the predicament!” He huffs, reeling back to his full height as yet another strand of lime hair gently floats to his face. 
“You are?” You ask quietly, eyes open wide in anticipation. What kind of mixed signals bull is this?
“Yes. The young master is away on family business, and I am finding myself in need of a place to stay while Master Lilia repairs-“ He coughs and begins his sentence again, “I mean… remodels my room.” 
Sebek can’t will himself to make eye contact with you in the slightest, the color on his pale cheeks morphing into a rose-pink blush.
“I see.” You say, playing along with whatever-the-hell-this-is. You dramatically turned your head to the side, putting on a slight theatrical accent to intensify the ren-faire mood of it all.
“Well, you are of course welcome to stay here. I could always use a guard to help me, a poor magic-less human in a big scary haunted house.”
Sebek snaps his gaze back to you and his cat-like pupils widen, shoulders visibly loosening at your agreement. It seems he was more nervous about your reaction than you thought.
“Since… since I am here…” he pauses, clearly thinking on how best to respond. 
“I may as well keep you safe!” He finishes smugly, puffing out his chest. Sebek was clearly proud of how he was able to ask to stay at your dorm so gracefully. “A knight would do no less.”
You nodded and tugged him inside, slowly leading him to the couch that you so desperately wanted to touch him on. 
Sebek seemed to be scanning his surroundings, but for what, you weren’t sure. Maybe the comment about ghosts really did worry him.
Finding a comfortable seat on the well-worn couch, you pat a spot across from you to beckon him to join. 
Sebek takes a seat much in the way you picture a robot might. Well, if you didn’t already know a real one. A robot from the shows of your childhood, specifically.
You hoped that Sebek taking the initiative earlier would help him loosen up, but his back was as stiff as a board as he looked at everything but your face, hands folded politely in his lap and skin shining with a hint of nervous sweat.
“Sebek?” You called quietly, willing him to look at you again. 
You noticed that each time he interacted responded he would slightly loosen, as evidenced by his back curving slightly when he leaned forward to peer curiously at you. 
Well, you took the initiative to ask him in the first place, so…
Taking one last large breath through your nose, you crawled onto Sebeks lap. Your hands begun getting to work on his fashionably-impractical collar. 
It felt like you were undressing a highly realistic statue for a moment, but his eyes gazed up at you as if awestruck, waiting to see what you would do next.
He mumbled your name softly and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, so I’m not ‘human’ anymore, gorgeous?” 
Face visibly darkening at your question, Sebek shook his head fervently. 
“Not… not when you look like this.” He muttered, unable to will himself to blink. Missing even a second of this moment seemed unthinkable.
You finally finished undoing his complicated jacket and pushed it to the side. His skin seems to almost glimmer under the evening light. 
You dropped your head to nibble right under his chin, restraining yourself from laughing when he slapped his hand over his mouth with a gasp.
“Ah… that’s very…” He was writhing slightly, his eyes sliding shut.
“Sebek?” You asked again, teasingly. You were lying if you said that you weren’t tempted to tease him for as long as the night allows.
His gaze turned up at you as he gave the most breathtaking expression of adoration, breath uneven, smile bright yet sheepish. 
At this point, his hair had completely fallen on his face, the apples of his cheeks had simmered to a stunning rose, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. 
“What do you want me to do?”
“Ah…” he paused, clearly having not thought that far ahead. After a beat, Sebek pressed his mouth into a firm line and looked once more at you like he was making a declaration of war.
“I’m… I’m willing to take responsibility so… even if I… if you want me, you can have me. Any of me.” 
You froze in shock. His words had felt so serious that it scared you a little. It really wasn’t like him to be so quiet and thoughtful.
“Even if Malleus said no? Because you had to protect him instead?” You mused out loud.
Sebek’s gaze guiltily shot out to the side, clearly surprised. He did seem to be genuinely trying to contemplate your question though. 
It was something that you had said impulsively, but you couldn’t help but be curious. What would he say? You knew that Malleus' wellbeing was his calling in life.
“If Malleus needed me to be by his side… then I guess I would need to take you with me.” He said with a cheeky grin, looking very proud of himself. 
You were charmed that he had thought that far ahead, to tell the truth.
Sebek raised his hand to your cheek once more and ushered you forward, placing the other hand on your waist. 
“I won’t let my love life-! Ah!” Sebek gasped and sputtered, “My, um, passions…” he corrected himself quickly but clumsily, and you pretended that you didn’t hear the word ‘love’ just now (you did though, and this was going to be burned into your brain for a while).
“...it won’t get in the way of my duty.” Sebek finished firmly, speaking a bit louder than strictly necessary. It seems that he was not yet done with that thought, though.
“While I am fae, I…” He swallowed audibly, bracing himself for what he was about to say.
“I am also just a man and… that part of me right now… wants…” He paused yet again, searching your face for something. 
You weren’t even sure if he knew what he was trying to say, but you understood that whatever it was, it was a vulnerable moment for him.
It seemed that he had settled on a different approach as he began his speech again.
“You, out of anyone, knows how much I value loyalty.” He said, tapping his fingertip on your chin. You felt your ears burning at the action, dragging your eyes away from him in a pleasant embarrassment.
“If you are in danger, I will come find you. If you ask me for anything, I will give it.” Sebek’s voice was getting louder as he gained confidence. 
“My leige and country will always be a priority but…” His breath was shaky. 
You tried to figure out what emotion he was feeling right now, but it was unclear. 
“If you’ll have me, if you would be mine tonight…”
“…I hope you are ready for a commitment, my dear human.” He murmured, eyes sliding shut as he moved to shakily kiss you once more.
You were.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? A cute young thing like you coming onto an old man like me? What will people think, hmm?”
Lilia seemed to be positively tickled by your question. If his age was any indication, you would think he would be very experienced in these interactions. As always, he was very committed to being coy.
“You don't seem to be someone that cares much for what people think, Lilia.” You shot back playfully. 
His mischievous nature was a part of him that you were quite fond of. If he wanted you to play along, you were more than willing to do so. 
Lilia’s shoulders shook with quiet giggles, “I want to make sure to give you a fair warning, lovely Prefect.” He shrugged and let out a dramatic sigh. 
“I suppose my boyish good looks can sometimes distract from the fact I am a father of three, you know.”
Calling himself a father of three when the trio in-question looked older than he did made you want to laugh, but you knew that he meant that statement sincerely.
“I like to think I’m good with kids,” You said, raising an eyebrow. “And I’m into DILFS.”
Now Lilia’s chuckles had turned into full on shaking laughter, tears of joy brimming in the corner of his eyes.
“I’ll never stop being impressed by the new slang of the times. You are aware that I do know what that stands for, yes? Are you broadcasting your true intentions, my little Prefect?” Lilia seemed to know that while you had already spilled your overall wants to him, this was probably a bit more forward than you had intended at the moment. 
“And if it is?” You replied stiffly. Why does he keep answering questions with questions? It was infuriating. 
“Hmm…” Lilia tapped his chin with his finger in thought, “I’m a little too old for one-offs at my age.” He trailed off.  
“So, if you are serious… I will oblige.” 
His smile split his face and his fangs peeked enticingly over his lips. You audibly gulped, suddenly being hit with the embarrassment and nervousness that you had been desperately trying to choke down. 
You were positive that you wanted him. You had thought of every single perk and drawback and decided that no matter what they were, you were absolutely smitten with the mysterious and playful man. 
Now, faced with that romantic reality being a possibility, you felt like fainting. Your dreamy fantasies always cut themselves off after you confessed, as it all felt too absurd to keep dwelling on them.
Those doubts sure didn’t stop you from shooting your shot, though.
Lilia moved closer to you slowly, carefully, in a way that felt almost too graceful to be natural. Somehow he seemed to be just the barest bit taller than he had been just a moment ago. You pushed that odd thought away from the forefront of your mind. Maybe it was just your imagination. 
Sparing a moment to briefly glance at Lilia’s feet to check that he wasn’t floating again, you found yourself about to scream when your eyes had flicked back up and Lilia was directly in front of you. Behaving like a horror movie jump scare was a hobby of Lilia’s that you didn’t know if you could ever quite get used to. Your flinch made Lilia look as amused as ever. You thought that pranking you would get old, but apparently not. 
It’s rude to play with your food, you thought. Wait… why did that of all phrases come to mind?
Gingerly reaching your shaking hand forward, you combed the ends of your fingers into Lilia’s unnaturally-colored bob. Eyes sliding closed, the boy looked like a pleased cat before it got too overstimulated and bit you on the hand. 
Your movements briefly froze at the thought of how soft his hair felt, and yet how his cold skin contrasted with the sensation. 
He looked the most inhuman you had ever seen him. Lilia’s bright pupils were constricted into thin slits and his skin almost seemed to be glowing in the evening light. 
It felt dangerous, it felt thrilling. It felt both like you should both be afraid and that you had been waiting your whole life for this moment. 
It was like you would be safe from any danger, but not because of anything that you controlled. You were safe only due to the fact that the greatest danger of all was almost purring into your hand in affection.
Lilia seemed to be waiting for you as he held his serene smile and continued his ever-so-slight nuzzling into your touch. You supposed his patience was because time meant something a little different to him than it did to you. 
Steeling yourself, you placed a soft peck on his lips, chastely pulling away to see his reaction. Lilia’s hand stopped you from getting too far, and you were pulled back to his cool and smooth mouth. 
Keeping your whimpers at bay as your lower lip caught on his fangs with a soft scrape. There was a spicy-sweet sting on your tender skin, it was the first bit of heat that his body had allowed. 
“I need a little more than that, love.” He murmured against your lips, pushing and pulling you back and forth like the ocean playing with the sand before a large wave came up to swallow a few feet more of the coast. 
He was a good kisser, you thought. Any other ideas swiftly melted away when met with Lilia’s experienced ministrations. 
Slowly, carefully, you both separated from each other. Lilia looked incredibly pleased, trailing his hands down your back to pull you ever closer. 
You shivered, both from the coolness of his body and from the warmth spreading through your own.
“Is this really what you want?” Lilia asked, his eyes meeting yours with a meaningful gaze. 
As hazy with lust as your mind was, something was bugging you again. Did he look just a bit taller? Was his hair just slightly longer?
It felt like something was changing, but that passing thought made you feel a bit crazy. 
Were you imagining things because you knew that magic and fae were real? It wasn’t impossible.
After that long trail of distraction, you finally reply.
“It is.” You said, leaning closer to him in the hopes of feeling his skin on yours again.
Lilia’s eyes flickered with a new emotion, and he nodded firmly as he stared into your eyes. 
“I hope you know what agreements like that mean to a fae.” He whispered, pushing you inside of your humble abode. 
You were going to learn a lot about this topic tonight, Lilia would make sure of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silver’s auroreal eyes were wide, he looked like you had hit him up the side of his head with one of his training swords.
“Make out? With me? On your couch?” 
He was perhaps more awake than he had felt in years, his ears aflame and his usual serious demeanor slipping into something much more socially awkward and bewildered. 
“Yes.” There was no backing out now. You had been desperately dropping hints to Silver that you were interested in him for months, and this was your final hope that he was just being oblivious this whole time. 
You had attended his knight training when he invited you (which gave you a great view of how toned his lean arms were) you asked him to let you ride along on his broom during PE (since he was soooo good as horseback riding and all) and you had spent a ton of time learning how to make sweets and treats to try and earn his favor (you figured that he had enough of Lilia’s ‘healthy’ recipies). 
You made physical contact whenever you could, taking great joy in the first time that the beautiful boy had fallen asleep on your shoulder. You had to hold back the giggles that wanted to spill out of you when you spotted the squirrels and deer that tentatively walked closer to watch Silver sleeping soundly. It was so sweet, you would never get tired of seeing how much animals loved him. 
Even Grim was especially attached to Silver, toddling after him whenever you three spent time together. Whenever you asked Grim why he was so obsessed with Silver, he would either fervently deny it, or say something along the lines of ‘observing him’ and then insult you. It was cute regardless.
As much as your little not-tanuki bestie talked smack, he really did have some things in common with all the cute deer that shyly watched you two sitting on an outdoor bench. Silver's body sleepily swaying in the breeze just like the willows in the distance. 
All of those quiet moments were what did it for you. 
One time you both sat in the library and Silver was barely keeping his head up while he added his own notes to your sloppily-kept handwritten potion instructions. You couldn’t help but be charmed by how hard he was working to stay awake to help you. 
Once he was done adding his notes and corrections, Silver had softly patted you on the shoulder to tell you that he was done. He was sleepily smiling down at you, and while he was always a bit quiet, you could hear his next murmur crystal clear.
“…proud of you.”
You were fucked. How could you not love him?
In this moment, unlike the heavy and unfocused smiles he had awarded you in the library, Silver’s eyes were sharply narrowed and quizzical.
He seemed to be analyzing you. It was the same look you saw on his face when you had a shared history class and he was concentrating on an particularly in-depth essay. 
Even scarier than that, it was the look he made right before he won a practice duel.
It made you slightly uneasy, to tell the truth. 
“You like me?” He asked finally. 
“Silver... I don’t know how I could make it more obvious than I have.” You said with clear exasperation and tiredness. “I ask you out every week, I spend all the time I can spare with you, and I told you I loved you last Thursday.” You snapped.
You weren’t angry, you could never be angry at him, but you were exhausted.
“Ah…” Silver’s face was slowly heating up. You felt like your jaw could hit the floor. He really hadn’t noticed, apparently. 
“...I thought you meant like… f-friends or family…” He muttered, seeming to be mid-crisis at how oblivious he had been. You sighed.  
“Look. To be completely straightforward: I like you. It’s probably more than that at this point.” You inhaled shakily, “It’s okay if you need time but…” 
You bit your lip, idly wondering just how much pressure you could put on your skin before it bled.
Maybe this would be easier if he rejected you at this point. Maybe you could get him out of your head and stop convincing yourself that this was a possibility. Maybe you could talk yourself out of loving him.
“You don’t have to answer now. You can take your time, I just…” you trailed off in dejection, “I just wanted to make sure you knew”.
You began opening the front door to go inside. You didn’t want to run away, but you also weren’t sure how long you could have this conversation without crying. 
If he didn’t like you ,that was one thing. But you don’t know if you’d ever been more frustrated in your life. What else were you supposed to do?
You felt something warm circling your wrist.
Silver held your forearm calmly, staring at you in silence. His gaze was intense, a look you had never quite seen before written across his face.
“Don’t go.” He said firmly, slightly squeezing his hand to emphasize the point. You couldn’t look away from that small touch that connected you both. 
You stopped turning away and just waited, looking at him. Taking in his halo of soft hair, the way his jaw tightened. You wanted to reach forward and gently trace every fleck of the evening light that graced his elegant face. You would wait forever for him if he needed it. 
“Please let me… please let me take you up on that offer.” 
You felt like you could both throw up and win a Spelldrive Tournament by yourself at the same time.
Tumblr media
And that concludes part 1 of The Couch Series! Did it live up to your expectations? Are there other sorts of series you would like to see with everyone? Just the first years, just the Housewardens, the staff?
Let me know! Thank you all for your support and look forward to more to come (including continuations of these, as well).
Thank you reader, love you!
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kaiijo · a month ago
the first years crushing on you
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, sebek notes: none other crushes: housewardens
ace trappola
When Ace likes you, there’s a lot of back and forth banter and teasing between the two of you. He’s a bit mean, but he knows (or at least, he hopes he knows) that you don’t take it to heart. He likes to talk a big game but Ace is kind of hopeless when it comes to romancing someone. Such a showoff for you.
Because your clubs meet on different days, Ace often bugs you to come to practices. Most times you say no since you use your free time to catch up on studying or to do preparation for your next club meeting, but today’s different and you take up Ace’s offer to watch practice.
There’s a practice game going on when you enter the gym, shoes squeaking against the polished wood floors. Jamil and Ace drive down the court, shouting and dribbling. As you sit down in the bleachers, you watch Jamil pass the ball to Ace, who notices you out of the corner of his eye. He bounces the ball twice and says, “This one’s for you!” Without even looking at you, you know who he’s talking to.
It’s also at the exact moment that Floyd chooses to take the game seriously, crouching down into a defensive position from his previously lazy stand, eyes gleaming with mischief. Ace aims and shoots and the ball, predictably, is blocked when Floyd jumps up.
“Too bad, crabby,” he jeers and Ace scowls at him. Jamil looks exasperated as he throws a look at you that tells you to fix whatever you started.
“Don’t worry, Ace,” you yell. “You’re always a winner in my heart!”
deuce spade
When Deuce realizes that he likes you as more than a friend, he stops being able to function normally around you. He’s dropping things left and right, stuttering and tripping over most of the things he says to you, and he’s some shade of pink constantly.
Deuce never wished for the ground to swallow him whole more than this moment. He’s standing, frozen, in horror, staring at the tea that drips down the front of your white uniform shirt. Now, this problem is two-fold; one, that’s Riddle tea — or, it was — and Deuce’s sure Riddle’s going to have it out for him, and two, he spilled it on you, the person he likes so much and just can’t seem to do anything right around.
Deuce scrambles to get napkins, the force of his pulling causing the container to topple off the table and skitter across the dorm floor.
“Hey, Deuce,” you say and he steels himself for your ire, for you to tell him you never want to ever talk to him, look at him, or breathe the same air as him. It never comes and instead you smile gently and say, “It’s okay, it’s laundry day tomorrow anyways.”
“I’m really sorry!” he finally blurts out.
“It’s seriously okay,” you say. Then, you add, “Let’s brew another pot before Riddle notices.”
“Notice what, exactly?” Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Deuce, however, doesn’t feel the impending doom he expected. All he can focus on is the little wink you give him and his face blooms a bright pink.
jack howl
Because beastmen usually have one partner they’re with for their whole lives, Jack is very discerning about crushes so if he likes you, you’re definitely a special person. Jack tries his best to act casually around you but the excited twitch of his ear and the rapid tail wagging is a dead giveaway. Plus, he puts in a little more effort into whatever he’s doing when you’re around (like Ace, he’s a big showoff around you).
“Are you sure you’re okay with carrying all that?” you ask Jack as the two of you make your way to class. He nods, head still visible over the mountain of boxes. You were running an errand for the librarian when Jack found you struggling to balance the massive pile, swiftly moving to take the entire stack from you.
You have to walk up five flights of stairs to bring the books to the correct section, and Jack does so with ease, the two of you chatting on your way up. You ask about his siblings, watching fondly as he perks up. He asks about your parents and how your grandmother’s health is. You’re surprised he remembers.
“Okay, you can put them down there,” you say, pointing at a table and Jack sets them down.
“Need my help with anything else,” Jack asks, trying his best to subtly puff out his chest.
You consider it for a moment and say, “Yeah, I could use your height.”
Jack resists the urge of his inner wolf to howl proudly, but his wagging tail give everything away. 
epel felmier
Epel can’t decide what approach to take with you, if he wants to try to show you his manliness or if he wants to use his cute charm to win you over. He shows a very keen interest in things that you like — he watches shows and reads books that you like so you can talk about them together and he practices activities that you like so he can do them together.
Epel clutches the novel close to his chest, scanning the crowded cafeteria for you. He bristles when some Savanclaw meathead brushes past him roughly, scoffing like it was Epel’s fault. Epel rolls his eyes, glancing down at the book in hand. It’s over five-hundred pages and between school work and Spelldrive practice, it’s a miracle he finished it so quickly. That’s Pomefiore for you, tenacious to the end.
He finds you as you come in with some of your friends and darts for you. He calls your name and you wave at him. “Hey!” You peel off from your group and approach him, smiling widely.
You notice the book in his hand and gasp, “Is that the new book in the Paladin’s Sword series?”
“Yeah!” Epel leaves through the pages and says, “I really enjoy them!”
“Me too!” You ask him, “Have you seen the movies?”
Epel considers lying (he hadn’t lied about liking the books, he did wind up actually enjoying the series) but he shakes his head. You nod sagely and say, “Let’s watch them together sometime then!”
Epel’s heart skips a beat.
sebek zigvolt
Sebek goes to Lilia for advice on what to do about a crush, and given that Lilia is centuries old, the advice is a little old-fashioned. Sebek walks you to classes and brings you bouquets and gives you secret admirer notes that are a little clumsy and awkward, but so Sebek that it’s endearing.
Sebek watches anxiously out of the corner of his eye as you slide an eggshell white envelope out from your textbook. Ace and Deuce “ooh” and “ahh” and tease you over it, Deuce suggesting, “Maybe it’s a secret admirer.”
Ace shakes his head. “Who’d like this one?”
Sebek’s eyes narrow. How dare Ace believe that you were undeserving of affection? Didn’t he know that you were so special and incredible, second in Sebek’s heart only to Malleus? The audacity! How dare he?
Deuce snickers, “Stranger things have happened.”
Well, that’s certainly not how he wanted to confess to you, and his heart sinks to his stomach at the deafening silence in the room. When he glances at you, you’re beaming, and his heart is afloat once more.
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ange1princess · a month ago
Where do you want me❔
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary ❕ Where's the wildest place they've had sex.
Ft. ❕ Gn!reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Lilia, Silver, Sebek)
CW❕MDNI, sexual content, sub(?) Reader and bottom reader, exhibitionism, one spank, that's literally all. All characters in this are 18+
A/N❕Sorry Malleus' is so short oml i didn't even realise T_T but anyways Reblogs always appreciated!! Also not proofread :P
Kofi ❕ Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‣ Not one for too much risk, it was in your bedroom at ramshackle the only difference is he fucked you against a huge window.
"Do you like this, my beloved?" He says as he pounds into you while looking down at the people walking by, the thrill of being seen or caught being fucked by possibly the strongest person on campus has you clenching around him, pleading him to go faster and harder. Your answer comes out as a whimper, pushing yourself against him in sync.
You don't know how much the poor, possibly weak glass pane could handle. But you didn't care, not when your brains foggy and the only thought in there is the need for his cum to fill you up, hoping someone catches you being claimed by the horned prince.
‣ Oh he likes risk, because what's life without it, right? (Ok immortal.) In the air. I'm sorry you cannot look at me and tell me he wouldn't, birds eye view as you're over everyone he can show off two things like this, both his strength, and you! (Yes I'm a firm believer in him having wings in his true form and being able to fly <3)
"Look! There's Ace and Deuce, looks like they're looking for someone~ hm, what if it's you darling?" He chuckles as the both of you start drifting towards them, not close enough to be spotted too obviously, but close enough that if they tried hard, they'd definitely catch you. You bite down on the side of his neck to muffle the moan that threatens to bubble out of you.
"I know you can't keep it in any longer sweetheart, let go, let them see who you belong to," he whispers, his voice coming out steady, unlike yours which just comes out as a whine. "Don't think I haven't seen how the blue one looks at you, maybe we should give them a show?" You clench at the thought. Something about having Duece see you this hot and bothered, tongue lolling out of your moth as you throw your head back, makes you want more. The possessive lilt in Lilias voice only egging you further.
‣ Nothing too special, the two of you went to a music festival and ended up fucking on an empty stage with an audience around you, but dw no one remembers much because everyone was either too tired or too stoned, good for you guys.
He's lost in the pleasure, he either doesn't care or doesn't see the group of people eyeing the two of you with unbridled hunger in their eyes as you cry out for him to move faster, your body moving according to his whim. Your back is arched, your ass in the air as the waves of your skin seem amplified by the strength of his thrusts. He leans over, his chest flush against your back as he whispers in your ear, "Look them in the eye," he's talking about the people in the crowd. Something bubbles up in his chest, is it pride? Is it arrogance? It can be either, signified by his self satisfied, smug smile.
You do as he says, you just want to cum at this point, and you know if you don't listen to him, he'd edge you or worse, leave you high and dry. So you stare into the eyes of a random stranger, your mouth opening to let out a wanton moan, your jaw going slack just like your body. You were close, you knew it but you can't cum, not yet, not till he gives you the go. "You did so well, go ahead, cum for me," that's all the permission it takes for you to come undone, you didn't even take into account the multiple people with hands down their pants trying to relieve themselves whilst watching.
‣ Another that's not one to go too further from tradition. But one time he got really hard during a meeting because you kept teasing him and had to excuse the both of you do that he could bend you over and make you see stars in the room next to it which had a one way mirror, aka you can see the other's having a meeting but they can't see you.
You can't help but look back at Sebek, your neck craning as you see his face scrunched up, trying to keep his cool although it's getting harder by the second. He's bent you over the glass table, the cool glass of the table giving solace to your heated skin. "S-seb, faster, please," is all you can manage to say as your eyes drift to the rows of people at the meeting in the other room. "You're fucking filthy, d-don't tell me how to fuck you," his breathings uneven and you can feel his annoyance as he smacks you, surely leaving an angry red print on your behind.
"This is all your fault, couldn't keep your slutty hands to yourself for an hour?" His thrusts keep getting faster and harder, you know he's going to punish you, you just don't know how. But you realise it as soon as it happens, he pulls out of you, jerking himself off as you whine at the emptiness. He tell you to shut up as he cums all over your ass, his breathing ragged as he tries to fix himself the best he can, straightening his hair and clothes, he looks as good as new unlike you, who's spent and sensitive, the only thing keeping you upright the thick glass of the table as he tells you he'll take care of you at home and that you need this, to learn both patience and discipline.
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to ange1princess. Do not repost, translate or take credit for any of my writings.
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supremeshrimpy · 4 months ago
courting rituals III
Tumblr media
Diasomnia Edition
Summary: Driven by infatuation and love, the boys try and court you in their own ways.
A/N: I’m sorry to say this is the end…of this mini-series. I’m excited to continue writing and with all the positive review, I feel motivated to do so much more. As of now I don’t have anything else planned, so please leave me a request if you want anything specific. Also, sorry if Zebek’s a little long, I have a soft spot for him.
Characters: Malleus Draconia, Lillia VanRouge, Sebek Zigvot
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (Dragons) :
Dragons are some egotistical creatures, theirs flirting is insults and flattery, however their insults are just a test to see if their potential mate is strong. After Malleus realizes his feelings for you, he’s constantly switching between complimenting you and making fun of you. His compliments are so sweet on the ears while he spits insults out like fire.
“Ah, it brings me joy to see you got rid of that hideous dress, this one suits you much more.”
Dragons are as materialistic as they are egotistical; they like shiny things, why not put shinies on the apple of their eye? As of recently, you notice necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and jewels appear on you counter and you knew it was him. When Malleus saw you wearing the emerald necklace he had left on your counter the night prior, his heart swelled so much. He honestly felt like it would burst.
“That necklace looks gorgeous on you.”
Dragons always want to be right and so does Malleus, even if that means twisting your mind so that you agree with him however he likes when you argue with him. Malleus loves that fire in your eyes when you when you know that you’re right. He wants a future with someone as strong as you; he wants one with you and he knows it.
“You are still intent on arguing with me on this aren’t you, Child of Man.”
Lillia VanRouge (Bats) :
Bats like to follow around and guard whoever they seek as a mate. Lillia is usually found near Malleus’s side however whenever Malleus is off doing his own things, Lillia is found right beside you. While you’re laughing at some dumb joke he made, Lillia is glaring at some students who are taking a look at you.
“Maybe we could go to the library, its too crowded here.”
Bats use sound for lots of thing, one of those things just happen to be for attention grabbing. Lillia was getting annoyed that you were playing more attention to your studies than him. So what could a little squeak do?
“You’re so jumpy, khee hee hee.”
Let me tell you this next one might take you out…nose boops. Bats like to boop each others noses. Picture this, you sitting down eating while studying and suddenly Lillia is standing over you. The second you bring your head up to meet his eyes, he’s right in your face. Boop
“Your face is absolutely adorable, little one.”
Sebek Zigvolt (Crocodile) :
Crocodiles are furious beasts, when they see a mate; they stalk them. Things are differnet with Sebek, he was on a call with his mom the second he figured out his feelings. His mom told him, “You must watch them from afar, figure out the best course of action.” So, Sebek being the mama’s boy he is, he tried that. He’s been watching you walk to class, what you eat, how you study. Of course you caught on, he was so embarrassed he ran away.
These next two will knock you out, crocodiles will do jaw rubs when passing by a potential mate. I see Lillia becoming very interested in Sebek’s little schoolyard crush and started to bother him about courting you faster. So, when they were on their way back to the Disonmia dorm and Lillia spotted you walking towards them, he knew he had to give Sebek a little push…literally. The second he did, he scurried off in to dorm, leaving Sebek to get flustered and rub his jaw against yours in the heat moment. Sebek then ran off.
Crocodiles blow bubble when they see a mate they want. Sebek would be drinking something while studying with you. You’ll look up after hearing popping noises, only too see Sebek staring at you with a look of pure love. The second he notices you caught him, he chokes on his drink. He’ll start trying to play it cool while his face sits at a cherry red.
“Ahem…do you need help with something, human?”
Tumblr media
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natewriteslol · 2 months ago
how bout first year getting teased by flirty f!crush headcanon?
plus they are the only person they flirt with
Warnings: none
Pls enjoy :)💞
-He gets flustered from your boldness, he’s had experiences with people who flirt in middle school. But since then he really hasn’t had that, certainly losing his touch with that type of stuff.
-But especially with his crush? He’s absolutely losing it on the inside, it bubbling up to the surface in small amounts. Telling you to quit it while swatting you away.
-“Don’t say stuff that you don’t mean you-you weirdo! I’m getting tired of it!” 
-“Who says that I don’t mean it, Ace?” 
-When he’s talking about it with the others, they tell him that they’ve never experienced something like that from you. 
- “I guess you’re their special person, Ace.”
-Sooner or later, he confronts you in the middle of your flirting, making himself confess his feelings for you. And you do the exact same.
-At first he just thinks that you’re doing this for jokes and that’s just the way your humor is. He tries hard to not think super deep about it, but his mind lingers somewhere else. 
-The compliments, saying you want to take him out, the lingering touches. He already had a major crush on you, and this most definitely didn’t help. 
-Eventually he starts to talk to the Heartslabyul members (except for Riddle since he’s kinda strict with that lovely dovey talk), organizing a whole ass meeting to come to a conclusion as to what you’re trying to do. 
-Are you serious? Are you joking around? Is Deuce going insane?
-Every single person said that they’ve never experienced this type of Y/N made him almost faint. Was this some type of prank? This is all just too overwhelming for him. 
-Eventually he pokes the question if you actually like him, and you realize that you most definitely need to take the wheel and confess. 
- “Deuce, of course I like you. That’s why I was doing all of that flirting in the first place,” you said, being held in his arms on the couch.
- “I just didn’t want to make assumptions,” Deuce said, his voice muffled from him burying his face in your shoulder. 
-He has never experienced this type of affection from another person before 
-Most people (while he is gorgeous) people found him incredibly intimidating and never dared to “bother” him, besides his good friends
-So for you to walk into his life and flirt with him so heavily, Jack just wasn’t prepared. Wanting to utilize his heavy feelings toward you into working hard, thinking that it would go away. (It didn’t.)
-He would blush a great amount, trying to shoo you away, yet you would persist
- “D-do you act like this with everyone you meet? What is with you?” Jack asked as you looked at him with loving eyes
- “Of course not, it’s all reserved for you.”
- “...Don’t say things like that when you don’t mean them, Y/N. It’s not funny.”
- “Who said that I was trying to be funny? I flirt with you because I like you, Jack.”
-How could you be so straight forward like this??? Are you not afraid of anything?
-Jack held his hands in his face while you hugged him, he was in so much shock and disbelief from such luck. Yet at the same time, he was the happiest man on Earth. 
-While he has been flirted with countless times, most of them were under the premise that he was a lady, as a joke, or they weren’t extremely serious about him
-Epel was very in love with you, but he was trying really hard to suppress it. He had thought that maybe if he just kept it on the low, he wouldn’t think about it that much. However, that was completely impossible. 
-It was all your fault! I mean, how was he supposed to forget about his feelings for you when you do is flirt with him?  
-One day, he became so overwhelmed with his feelings for you that he decided to come clean with his feelings. 
- “Y/N, I just, I really like you! And I don’t even care if you don’t feel the same, I just wanted to come clean and-”
- “Epel, I wasn’t flirting for no reason. Didn’t you notice that I only flirted with you?”
- “Y-you make a good point, but wait- WHAT?! You like me back?” 
-The worst denier of his feelings out of every freshman honestly. He detests humans and their weird habits and especially you yourself. 
-You shouldn’t be so close to Malleus! Just stay away from him, you make him feel things that he shouldn’t! And your stupid flirtatious ways, he absolutely despises them. 
-Do not ever ask if he’s blushing if you want to lose your ear drums. 
-Yet a part of him...loves it. He loves you, he’s constantly going above and beyond all for you. Sebek memorizes things about you and could read you like a book, yet you frighten him so much. You didn’t care about any form of judgement, you always knew what to say. 
-Once he describes his feelings to the other freshmen, they diagnosed him with a crush on you. Sebek adamantly denied this, saying that he could never, but eventually he just started to list reasons why YOU don’t like him. 
- “They’re so...ignorant to the way the make me feel. I feel like an option of some sort to them and they just flirt with everything they see-!”
- “No they don’t” Jack interrupted and then continued “Y/N was telling me the other day they only pursue when they want someone really badly. They don’t flirt carelessly.” 
- “Uh, you know for someone who pays close attention to little details you sure don’t realize that that behavior isn’t normal for Y/N. You’re the only person they flirt with Sebek,” Ace said, relaxed in a chair and appreciating his position as Sebek’s therapist. 
-This realization made Sebek go completely red, cupping his mouth, holding his hand on the ground as he turned into a bright crimson. It made everyone laugh and cheer for him, he confessed to you later on that week. 
-And that is what started the lovey dovey partner with extremely flustered and angry duo on the NRC campus
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animusicnerd · 16 days ago
“The mirror was right, I DON’T belong here” angst and comfort ig with Azul, Jade, Riddle, Deuce, Sebek? If you’re feeling mean, maybe some or all of them agree?
Tumblr media
☾ Genre: Angst, slight comfort
☾ Warnings: Self-deprecation, some abandonment issues
☾ Pairing(s): Azul, Jade, Riddle, Deuce, Sebek x Gn! Reader (seperate)
☾ Notes: Lmao, I'm not dead, I swear. Just tired and I'm sorry for the wait, anon!
☾ Twisted Wonderland and its characters do not belong to me ☽
Tumblr media
It was stupid. You didn’t know why you said that or why it came out of nowhere. You just knew that the two of you were fighting and the next thing you knew, after keeping it inside for months, you finally said it,
“The mirror was right; I don’t belong here!”
Azul Ashengrotto
His eyes widened at your sudden outburst. He wasn’t sure what to make of it or what to do at all. The two of you were just arguing, right? Granted, Azul wasn’t sure what you were arguing about anymore but how long have you felt like this? Why didn’t you tell him? He was sure that you belonged right here at NRC right next to him. By his side. That stupid mirror didn’t know what it was talking about. 
“You do belong here,” Azul states, his voice firm. He wasn’t sure what to do about your glossy eyes or the frown on your face. He barely had any experience comforting people, always just leaving before it got worse or offering something for the person, but this was you.
The person who saved him from his overblot. The person who still loved him despite nearly dying from his hands. The person he loves.
He briefly remembers his mother holding out his hand when he was younger, a soft smile on her face as she cooed at him to let it all out. Azul always felt better afterwards, wrapped up in his mother’s arms as she stayed silent and let him sob his heart into her chest.
He held out his hand, unsure if you would take it or not as the two of you were just fighting. But he had to try something right? To his relief and surprise, you threw yourself into his arms. Arms wrapped around his back and tears soaked his button-up but Azul didn’t care. His own arms wrapped around you and he hugged you as close as possible without hurting you. “You do belong,” he murmured.
Jade Leech
“Well, you’re certainly not wrong,” Jade murmured. Tears welled up in your eyes and you quickly turned before he could see them. However, the eel was quicker and he quickly snatched your wrist before you could leave the Lounge. “You really don’t belong here in Twisted Wonderland, much less at the college but it’s not something to cry about.”
Lifting up your head to look at him, Jade cooed as he wiped away your tears. You let him despite the fact that he just told you that you don’t belong. Not at NRC. Not in Twisted Wonderland. You don’t belong. Anywhere. 
“And why should you care what an old mirror says?” he asked with a grin, showing off his razor-sharp teeth. “Mirror or not, at the very least I believe that we were meant to be together.”
Riddle Rosehearts
“Maybe, you don’t belong here.” Cold eyes glared at you as you stood there looking at the redhead in disbelief. Riddle could briefly hear Ace and Deuce shouts of protests as they were held back by Trey and Cater. Your stupid cat was glaring at him, seemingly getting ready to fight but you quickly stopped him, silencing Ace and Deuce as well.
Riddle waited for you to shout, to yell, to do what you’ve been doing for the past five or ten minutes. Waiting for you to make a retort about how he shouldn’t have said that. Waiting for you to break down and cry. Waiting for a reaction. For something.
But it never came.
Only silence and your turned back to him. “Well, since I clearly don’t belong here, I should go. C’mon, Grim.” 
Brief regret filled the dorm leader as he watched you go. He wanted to grab your hand and pull you back to him, saying that he didn’t mean it and that it was just a moment of weakness on his part. But the damage was done and he watched as you walked out the door with a heavy weight in his chest. 
Face blank, Riddle turned towards his surprised dorm mates. It was no surprise that Deuce and Ace glared at him before running to your side. Trey and Cater stared in disbelief and before they could open their mouths, he said, “Leave them. If they can’t handle the truth, then they could stay with their precious Prefect for the night. I have better things to do.”
Deuce Spade
“What? Why would you think that?” Confusion filled Deuce’s face as his anger faded before carefully grabbing your hand. He held up his hand, unsure if you were willing to let him touch you—the two of you were just in a fight after all. The first-year wasn’t sure what to do but he at least knew that he had to choose his next words carefully. “I’m… I’m not sure why you think that but I think you do.” 
He interlaced his fingers with yours, his grip soft in case you wanted to pull away but, to his relief, you didn’t. Instead, you tightened your hold staying silent letting him rub soft circles on the back of your hand. 
And although Deuce wasn’t sure what to say, he knew that you needed this; a moment of silence to recollect your thoughts. Both of you did and he was fine with that. He would stay quiet and by your side as long as you needed him to.
Sebek Zigvolt
“And the mirror is right! You don’t belong!” he hissed. Your lips pulled itself into a thin line and Sebek felt his heart drop as you turned away from him. He shouldn’t have said. He shouldn’t have said that. He should’ve kept his mouth shut. It was always better when he did that and now he opened his big mouth again and ruined everything like always. “Wait, I didn’t mean—”
“Save it, Sebek.” His mouth shut as he stood, heart rapidly pounding against his chest as he waited for you to talk. “I just… I’m glad we can agree on this. I guess.”
Sebek shook his head as he took a step towards you. “No, I didn’t mean it. I swear I didn’t.”
“Are you sure? Because as far as I remember I was always just the stupid, weak, magicless human to you,” you scoffed. 
But you weren’t. You weren’t that to him at all. You were kind and fun and strong. You weren’t any of those bad things to him. You were the one that he loved.
And yet, he watched you leave. Let those stupid words fly from his mouth and didn’t think before he said anything like he was always told to. Maybe the mirror was right. You didn’t belong in Twisted Wonderland, at NRC, and not by his side.
Tumblr media
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twst-shenanigans · 3 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #232
MC: “I want someone who can insult me while making me feel loved at the same time.”
Sebek: “What nonsense are you saying, human?!”
MC: “…. This one! I want this one!”
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arent-i-the-fairest · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐟
getting matching necklaces for you two to wear!
author’s note : pls matching necklaces (or matching anything, really) are so cute!! me and my friend just bought a pair recently and i adore them~! (≧∇≦)
(if the pics aren’t loading for you, i went ahead and put what they are next the boys’ names hehe)
Tumblr media
idia shroud — yin and yang cat necklaces!
Tumblr media
“idia, you good?” you asked, watching him become completely still and staring at his palms, where his half of the necklace sat. then the tips of his hair started to turn into a cute pink.
“all these c-cheesy romantic things you do are gonna kill me.” he finally spoke in a quiet voice. well, not that i’m upset about it, he whispered to himself with an awkward grin.
“i better go ahead and get you a coffin then, because i got a lot more things coming— i ordered some other matching things, like shirts, oh and—!” idia cuddled into his hoodie, excited (and kind of nervous at the same time) at what was in store for him.
idia’s not a big jewelry guy, but he does wear this surprisingly frequently! when he isn’t though, he has it on him in a pocket or something. he likes to play around with it when he’s in the middle of class, bored. it’s entertaining to him for some reason. but then again, anything other than listening to a teacher’s long-winded rambling is.
one time he accidentally lost it and cried on his bed for like two hours while ortho went out to hunt for it. and phew idia was so relieved when it was found, he can’t even express it or put it into words.
jade leech — mushroom necklaces!
Tumblr media
“i love it.” jade gasped the second he saw it.
“oh, that was quick— i’m glad you like it though! i had a feeling you would, since you’re so interested in mushrooms and all.” you smiled, pulling the magnets apart and handing one of the necklaces to him.
he went ahead and asked for you to put it on him. “how does it look, dear? does it compliment me well?” he grinned. you giggled, nodding. “you’re lookin’ handsome, jade.”
wears it everyday, 24/7– and if for some reason he can’t, like if azul says it breaks mostro lounge uniform policy, jade will go and keep it safe in his room. (or just ignore it— i mean, if his brother can get away with wearing his tie all loose and shirt unbuttoned, he should be able to wear a little mushroom necklace)
it does look a little silly on him though— in a good, adorable way! it’s just that he looks so professional and then you see this little plastic mushroom hangin’ off his neck and can’t help but giggle, y’know? it’s precious!
very protective of it and always makes sure he knows where it is, this thing is never getting lost— and thank god, because this thing costed a pretty penny.
sebek — dragon necklaces!
Tumblr media
“so, you humans symbolize your close bonds with necklaces?” sebek asked, analyzing the jewelry before grinning. “hmph! well, i must say, for a lowly human, you do have fine taste.”
“i’ll ignore the lowly human part— but thanks! i was thinkin’ about the fairy of thorns, and how she could turn into a dragon or something, then it led me to choosing this.”
sebek grinned. “hoho, so you’ve learned a thing about her! but there’s much more her highness could do, such as how she could wield flames of a bright gree—”
“sebeeek, i already know about that!” you whined. you told me about it for about the tenth time yesterday, you thought. “but anyways, there’s a phrase you haven’t said to me yet— just two words.”
he put his hand on his chin. “a phrase i should’ve said?” he hummed to himself before choking. “oh— OH!! i apologize for my discourtesy! human, i am grateful for your gift, THANK YOU!”
“n-no need to shout it!”
he likes it so much more than he admits, omg— he totally went to shove your gift in silver’s face and fanboyed about it to lilia (plus showed it off to like at least 3 random students who were just trying to pass by). but anyways, sebek wears it pretty often! and it looks so good on him too!!!
sebek is another one who will protect this thing like he’s gonna drop dead if he loses it. but on the off chance that he does lose it, he’s making people get up left and right to keep an eye out for it, while he himself goes around to check every crevice of the campus—
(also, he totally cried when he realized he didn’t know where it was lol)
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takalzuoom · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pinkanonwrites · a month ago
May i request some sleeping on them hcs for the first years? Thank you ❤️
Sure thing! Housewardens Version of this is here, and Vice-Housewardens version is here!
GN!Reader, They/Them Pronouns
Tumblr media
This boy is so incredibly smug, he's just got the most proud, devious little smile on his face as soon as you doze off against his shoulder. The ol' Trappola charm must really be working for him to actually get you to trust him enough to fall asleep next to him and not expect to be drawn on in marker or poked and prodded in your sleep.
Jokes aside though, deep down Ace actually is really happy that you trust him that much. He knows he can be a bit of a troublemaker and an instigator, but knowing that you still feel comfortable enough to use him as a human pillow makes him feel really soft and fluffy inside. He'll make a genuine effort not to disturb your rest.
He's probably gonna fall asleep on you in return. After trying to sit still for so long, it's basically inevitable that he'll get drowsy as well. He turns his head in his sleep to unconsciously tuck his face into the top of your head, nuzzling gently back and forth as you greet him in his dreams.
Tumblr media
Deuce is also incredibly happy and relieved that you trust him so much, though he's a lot more tense when you manage to fall asleep on him. He can barely believe that you feel so comfortable with him, and the last thing he wants to do is jeopardize that trust by accidentally waking you up with his nervous fidgeting.
He does everything in his power (without moving or speaking too loudly) to keep other people from accidentally waking you up as well. If you're out in like, the Heartslabyul common area, he shoots that delinquent glare at anyone who comes into the room making too much noise, even his own upperclassmen. Nothing's going to wake you up as long as he has anything to say about it.
From that point onwards, Deuce makes a concerted effort to be the one sitting next to you at any events and outings. Not that he didn't prefer to sit next to you already, but now that he knows how likely you are to doze off on his shoulder he's even more pushy about being the one seated next to you. He picks a lot of small arguments with Ace and Grim over it, flexing his boyfriend rights even though the use of the very word causes him to blush.
Tumblr media
Before he's even consciously processed what's going on, Jack has instinctively slung a protective arm over your shoulders to keep you from sliding off of his in your sleep. It takes a second after that for him to actually process what's going on, but once he does his face flushes hot and embarrassed, ears flattening against his head as he glances around to see how many people have noticed your current position. Regardless, he doesn't remove his arm.
Once he's sure no one is paying too close of attention to the two of you, he'll subtly turn his head to rest his nose on the crown of your own, silently taking in your familiar scent. It makes him feel dozy and comfortable as well, like laying out in a warm sunbeam on fresh, green grass. If he let his guard down even a little bit more, he'd probably join you in dreamland.
Pinned between his back and his seat, Jack's tail can't help but keep wagging away with what little space it has to move. If it were all that visible to anyone else he may make an effort to stop it, but since it's so hidden he doesn't really see the point. He hides most of his emotions already, but the ones he feels for you aren't ones that he feels ashamed of.
Tumblr media
He's sitting still and pretty on the outside, but on the inside Epel has gongs and fireworks blasting in his mind, a cacophony of celebration and cheers. I mean, letting his partner sleep on his shoulder is super manly, isn't it? And if you feel comfortable enough with him to do that, than surely you think the same!
He's doing his absolute best to tamp down all his excited, jittery energy though. If he gets too hyped up he might risk jostling you awake, and that is the absolute last thing that he wants to risk doing. Epel is giving everything he's got to keep still and poised, but the big, wobbly grin on his face is such a giveaway for his true emotions.
This specific incident burrows deep into Epel's mind and never lets go, so much so that whenever he sees you looking the slightest bit tired from this point on, he invites you to rest your head on his shoulder. "Yer tired, right? Rest for a lil. I gotcha." Those fireworks and cheers in his head return without fail every time you decide to take him up on that offer.
Tumblr media
Despite all odds, you've somehow managed to fall asleep on Sebek Zigvolt's shoulder. Congratulations! You've also somehow managed to catch him so thoroughly off-guard that for a few seconds he becomes genuinely speechless. You're... You're sleeping? On him? Did he bore you or something? How rude!
I won't lie to you, the first time you fall asleep on Sebek he quickly jostles you awake, asking if he was boring you so much with his words that you were able to fall asleep of all things. Once you clarify that you fell asleep on him because you felt safe and comfortable he flushes bright pink, turning to hide his expression while he barks, flustered, that he supposes sleeping on him under those conditions would be "acceptable".
Anyone walking past the two of you would see Sebek sitting like a statue, face gradually getting redder and his brow furrowed in intense concentration as you slumber blissfully unaware upon his broad shoulder. He's really not used to such open physical affection, so he isn't really sure how to channel or vocalize it. But if he makes you feel safe enough to fall asleep, he'll give it everything he's got to not wake you up a second time.
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writingfool001 · 5 months ago
Sebek: "All humans are pathetic!"
MC/Yuu: "Aren't you literally half human and fae...? So, you're just half as pathetic."
Sebek: "....."
Later in time
Silver: "How did you get Sebek to stop calling you pathetic human?"
Yuu/MC: "I one uped him and made him realize his mistake."
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kaleidoscopewonderland · 9 days ago
Making a Tied Fleece Blanket for the NRC First Years
Notes: I made matching fleece blankets with one of my best friends and sheesh, if someone made one of these for me I would absolutely melt. So that’s pretty much the plot of this—the NRC first years melting like pining snowmen in sunshine.
I am presently in my Sebek era so please, just this once--put the Sebek slander aside and enjoy how cute he is. His part is probably my favorite one in this list, he's just so precious...
Anyways, please enjoy! ♡
This is definitely the first year that teases you about making him a blanket.
He's too grateful for it to truly come off as mean, but he's got that "are you in love with me or something" energy all the way until you threaten to take it back; that is when he changes his tune.
Like "no, this is mine now, shove off"
Jokes on him though, because with the way he's constantly wrapped up in that blanket in the Heartslabyul dorm, he gets teased way more than he's ever teased you.
Trey teases him, Deuce teases him, Cater teases him... even Riddle has said some things! Dude... not cool.
He does what he wants, though, so tease him or not he's still walking around with the blanket draped on his shoulders.
"What's that, you guys? You're jealous the Ramshackle prefect hasn't made you a blanket? Well, it's not like they could go around making one for just everybody... I guess they had to pick their favorite... hm."
In essence your blanket is the heart of 90% of the teasing Ace is involved with, whether he be the victim or the assailant. It's an endless cycle, and it's going to continue to be until someone either removes the blanket from the premises or one of you confesses your feelings.
Ace isn't embarrassed to use the blanket when you're around--in fact, whenever you're in the same dorm for the evening, he'll have it draped on his back like a cape.
Just call him the King of Hearts and Blankets.
Let me tell you, if anyone ever damages this blanket, they are in for it.
Spill something on it? Dead. Rip it? Dead. Get cat or Grim hair on it? Dead.
He's not about to share this blanket either. He'll waste every breath bragging about it, but everyone else can only look, not touch.
In general he's probably the loudest about receiving this gift from you. He loves the thought that went into it, loves the practicality, loves how warm it is... and, most of all, he loves how it’s from you.
Good choice in gifts, Prefect. Now it's his turn to spoil you--brace yourself!
This sweet, sweet boy... is literally so confused.
Was it his birthday? A holiday? Did you mean to give this to him?
Once you confirm that, yes, you meant to give this blanket to him for no reason in particular--he's speechless. I mean, really speechless. He almost couldn't thank you because he was so stunned by the gesture.
He immediately tries to think of ways to return the favor. He'll offer to study with you more, bring you a few drinks or snacks before class, little things that he hopes add up to bringing you the same amount of joy that you brought him.
You catch on quickly, though--you just know him so well, don't you Prefect? You tell him he doesn't owe you anything, that you had fun making the blanket so really it was a win for both of you. He still doesn't know how to express proper appreciation for the gift, because he seriously treasures that thing.
The first thing he does is send a picture to his mom--of course he wants to show her, it was one of the best gifts he's ever gotten! Bad move, though, because now his mom is trying to convince him that the two of you are unconsciously dating and--even though she's never met you in real life, she's kind of starting to sound convincing...
Or maybe she's just trying to help Deuce realize his feelings for you, but either way, some sort of message is getting across. And that message makes Deuce's heart pound every time you're around.
He brings up the blanket so much that eventually you assume he likes the pattern and shape of it, so one day you buy a bunch of fleece and invite Deuce to Ramshackle to teach him how to make one for himself.
Grim likes to lay on the fabric as you work and wrinkle it up. It proves very difficult to get much of it done, but well... Deuce loves the time he's spending with you. Maybe if he weren't already trucking along at the pace of a snail with a broken back, he'd try to go a little slower and extend your time together.
All good things must come to an end though.
Eventually his blanket is finished, and proudly he hands it off to you, telling you it was his thank-you for spending the time with him and teaching him. It's a little messed up--his cuts were uneven, some of the strands he cut never quite made it into a knot, he'd accidentally had one of the layers of fleece flipped on the wrong side...
Still, you already treasured it. Now you both had cute fleece blankets! It was perfect!
Immediately you propose a movie night together where both of you can curl up under your blankets and watch something on TV. Deuce accepts readily, but the whole time he can't help but think....
He wanted to have this evening together with you again, but next time, he hoped it would be in a more romantic context.
Seeing you all curled up in the blanket he made you gave him the confidence he needed. It was decided then--the next time you two do this, you would be aware of his feelings, and hopefully you'd be able to call your time together a date.
Just you wait, Prefect! He's gonna give you a confession you deserve!
Now, since you were an individual who came to Twisted Wonderland as poor as dirt, Jack was in the business of lending you clothes to wear during your outside-of-school adventures, since you couldn't very well buy much for yourself. It was mostly hoodies and jackets, but he let you know you had free rein to his closet any time you needed, regardless of what you wanted to borrow.
He just wanted you to keep warm, okay?! He meant nothing else by it! It was just a friend looking out for a friend, so...
Anyways, because you did this you'd often tell Jack constantly how much borrowing his hoodies and jackets meant to you, and he never really understood why you were so grateful. They were just clothes, right?
You would try to explain it to him--that wearing his clothes just made you feel so safe and comfortable, and you enjoyed having a reminder of him on your person whenever you could, it just made you feel so close to him and it truly melted your heart that he would be so considerate. He'd usually just brush your words off with an embarrassed and curt "Don't worry about it", but now things were starting to change.
He didn't think wearing a hoodie was half as life-changing as you making him a whole blanket. For absolutely no reason at all, just because you cared about him.
His tail was wagging even before you handed it off to him. You talked about how you made sure to get the right size fabric, pick the colors and patterns you thought he'd like best, cut the fleece and tie the knots with care--you were just so thoughtful, he wasn't really sure what to make of it??
And the blanket was so soft and warm and it smelled like you-
Not to mention, every time he saw it he couldn't help but think about how you'd tied every single one of those knots. All by yourself.
All this just to show him a little bit of love. Gosh, he was just melting inside.
He protects the blanket with his life. He's somehow convinced himself Ruggie is out to steal it, to the point where he's threatened the poor hyena, then yelled at Ruggie when he replied with, "Dude, I don't want your weird homemade blanket, I could make my own".
Like no Ruggie, you couldn't. This one was magical and special and perfect. You wouldn't get it.
It's not just a gift to him. It was a token of your affection, proof that you had been thinking of him. Even if it got too hot in the Savanaclaw dorm to use as a blanket, Jack would just fold it up and use it as a pillow for the night, because frankly he was quite addicted to it.
During that one Camp Vargas trip, though, he'd made the reluctant decision to leave the blanket behind--he didn't want it to get damaged, you know. That trip though... he slept horribly, he really missed that blanket.
So much so he almost invited you to stay in his tent as a replacement. Almost.
...He'd have to work up a lot more courage to do that in reality, though.
Basically, that blanket is his ultimate comfort item. Whether he's stressed, or angry, or just having a grey day, you could easily find him in his room with the blanket in his arms.
He just hopes one day he can make it so that you two could share the blanket you made--maybe on a movie date, or just lounging together in one of your dorms? Don't worry Prefect, he's building up the confidence--he's just waiting for the right time, he refuses to mess this up!
And you didn't make it with any fabric Epel would consider 'girly'. Kudos.
As hard as it was to witness, Epel had a whole enemies to lovers arc with the blanket. It's like his internalized toxic masculinity had a fight to the death with his crush on you and his crush won over, not without an epic anime battle taking place in the middle.
He just stood there at first, wondering if this was the equivalent to receiving chocolates and flowers and stuffed animals. The homemade quality felt very... gentle, and the panic of you not seeing him as the man he wanted to be was high-key freaking him out.
He was overthinking everything. After a minute of gawking you just told him he didn't have to pretend to like it if he didn't, and it was only when he blurted out how much he loved it that his thoughts started to clear up.
That was right... he loved it.
Okay, so he loved the blanket. But what did you mean by giving this to him?
Epel always had this sort of stormy look when he was overthinking--it was like you could see the dark clouds rolling in his sky blue eyes, like you could feel the electric of impending lightning in the air around him. Finally you ask what was on his mind, and he tells you.
Oh, was that all? Silly Epel, you didn't need a reason to do something like this! You did it because you thought of him--don't worry, you had fun making the blanket, so it's not like you were putting in rewardless labor just to send him some kind of subtle message he was missing.
You suppose you'll make the message as clear as possible. "I was thinking about you and wanted to show you how much I care about you."
...so he loved the blanket a bit more now.
That's basically how things were going--he'd notice something about the blanket, or just think about it a little more, and suddenly he was more and more attached.
Can you imagine his reaction when Vil said something about the colors clashing with the established palette in his room? Like listen here you social media clown, this blanket is perfect and precious and it belongs everywhere so why don't you shut up and mind your own business?!
Vil was terrifying. It worked out okay, though, because Vil soon found out the blanket was from you, and his previous interest in harmonious aesthetics was quickly replaced by an interest in Epel making a move on you.
Come on baby potato, you represent the Pomefiore dorm--the dorm of beauty and grace and perfection. There's no way you shouldn't be able to woo the Ramshackle prefect, you hear?
Just know that if Epel starts to act differently around you, it isn't entirely because of the blanket. There's also a Vil involved, and that Vil really wants the two of you to get together.
How many times did you have to explain to this guy that the blanket wasn't a ploy to get Malleus's attention?
No, you didn't want him to give the blanket to Malleus on your behalf.
No, you weren't trying to curate Malleus's favor by getting in good graces with one of his knights.
No, you weren't trying to bribe him to tell you more about Malleus. You were well aware he'd do that for free, anytime and anywhere.
Goodness, Sebek, can't you see this is just about you? You care about him. You made a blanket to show your affection for him. Those were the only elements in the equation.
Oh, and you did see the patterns of fleece in Sam's store that made you think of him. That factored in too.
Sebek still tries to connect your gift-making and gift-giving to Malleus, but you don't really mind. If you were the type to crush on perceptive and sharp men you'd be making the blanket for someone like Jamil or Azul, not this overenthusiastic mint-chocolate-chip half-fae with the same gung-ho personality as Naruto's Rock Lee.
Ooh, better yet, he's got the energy of Nishinoya from Haikyuu. Kiyoko was to Nishinoya what "Wakasama" was to Sebek. Now that's a critical-thinking analogy English teachers ought to praise you over.
You have to admit, you're a little surprised because… well… Sebek thanked you after that by saying your name. Not "human", not "Prefect", not some insincere nickname that implied inferiority--your name.
Like an equal??
If Lilia hears about this he's gonna think you and Sebek are one wedding bell away from tying the knot. Something about that blanket has made Sebek respect you on a whole new level and, frankly, you were starting to wonder if it was just Lilia playing a prank on you at this point. It was almost too good to be true.
Unlike some of the others, Sebek doesn't really bring the blanket up that much. Sure--he uses it, he loves it, but he doesn't really see the point to it. Driving it into the ground that he likes it might make you regret giving it to him, and that was the last thing he wanted.
Instead, he made sure to express his full gratitude in one fell swoop--through a beautifully written letter, done in remarkable penmanship and expressed with words that made clear his obvious intellect.
Dear Friend,
I write you this letter today in response to this most lovely gift you've bestowed upon me--a fleece blanket of two patterns, containing a duplexity that shows a comprehensive and vast understanding of my nature and values on your part. I commend you for your consideration and obvious attention to craft and detail. One should think such a wonderful gift would be more fitting for Lord Malleus who, although he is remarkable and admirable in every way, doesn't quite fit the character you've established within the finer details of this blanket. Alas--I can tell you've crafted this entirely with me in mind, and the more I dwell on the details the more I feel as if I understand myself with the lens through which you view me. The green is a shade I recall telling you I adore, and the lightning pattern that so resembles the Thorn Fairy's magic is an ode to one of my favorite stories to tell. You've shown you truly listen to me and care about what I have to say, which is a precious and priceless thing.
I write this letter to thank you for your kindness. In this letter I vow to return your affection tenfold, to such lengths that a human like you could never replicate. For my master is Malleus and Malleus alone--I serve my land, my family, and my mentors with all my heart and strength, but so long as I'm around I can still promise you will never need to feel alone, for I care just the same about you. My protection, my respect and my strength is yours to trust in.
Thank you again, Prefect. I shall treasure this gift for all my days to come.
With utmost respect,
Sebek Zigvolt
He may still be trying to come to terms with the idea of dating--not always an easy thing, being a knight to the Prince of Briar Valley--but he has Lilia, and it's no secret Malleus and Silver approve of you as well.
Stay strong, Prefect. You just might be getting a confession soon.
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