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kimbap-r0ll · 21 hours ago
Just readed the promt, where we get possessed by chernabog and i was wondring, if you wouldwrite a part 2? The fights and the aftermath of the possession?
Tumblr media
Thank you for the ask! I have been so busy I haven’t been able to write for seven characters recently, sorry about that, uni is keeping me busy. Here's the first part for those who want to see it!
Dorm leaders react to Yuu being possessed by Chernabog Part 2
Thankfully, Malleus was nearby on his usual walk when he spotted Riddle being hurled across the field by you, or whatever the smoky figure behind you was. He knew immediately of who it was, it was written in old history books about how he could return in centuries to come, and here he was, tormenting you and Riddle in the process
Malleus runs towards you, magic pen in and and a surge of magic enveloping the field. Riddle tried to get up but he could feel his bones aching from the fall that he had to endure. “Wait, don’t hurt them!” Riddle shouted at Malleus, but the fae prince didn’t seem to hear.
“Do not fret, human, I will make sure this ends peacefully,” Malleus says, and before Riddle can react, Malleus shoots lightning towards a direction he is pointing at. First, Riddle thinks that he hit you, but he realized that he actually went ahead and hit another part of the school. The tower?
There happened to be bells up there, and that would likely stun Chernabog, at least Malleus hoped, and it worked! Right when the bells rang, Malleus hit the stunned you and right after that the smog disappeared, leaving you falling from being slightly lifted into the air. Riddle ran to catch you, causing his body to instead hit the ground once again
“Thank you, Malleus,” Riddle said to the Diasomnia student. Malleus just smiled and walked off like nothing had happened. Riddle made sure you were taken to the medical wing as soon as possible, and he stayed by your side until you woke up.
The aftermath was sweet, he was just glad to have you back and that you were alright now. You didn’t seem to remember quite what happened, and he didn’t give a lot of details about it to you either, in case it would strain you. But you did notice he smiled more often than before when the two of you hung out
The three Savanaclaw students watched as you glared back at them. It had to be done, something to stun you or at least knock you out, and Leona had magic strong enough to cause you to, well, turn to sand, so there had to be a way!
Wait...perhaps that could work? Leona weighed the odds of how he should deal with this, it was clear that there was something hovering over you, though because of how dark the room was he wasn’t sure. If he could aim for that, similar to aiming for an overblot phantom, perhaps he could save you from being possessed any longer
“Stay out of this, I think I have a plan,” Leona told Ruggie and Jack with an arm blocking them from going forward. “Wait, what are you thinking of doing?” Ruggie asked but before he could get an answer, Leona lunged forward, tackling you to the ground. The others could see you attacking Leona as well, both with your own hands and whatever smoky figure was hovering above you. But right when it seemed like Leona’s head was about to be sliced, he managed to grab the smoke.
“There, thought there might be a weakness, didn’t think it would be the horns,” he smirked, though he was bleeding from his forehead. Then, using his unique magic, the smoke went into flames, who knew it could do that? After long, agonizing minutes, Jack noticed the sun was coming up, and with that suddenly the smoke disappeared, like the sand.
Leona took you to the medical wing immediately, carrying you gently and muttering to himself about hoping that you weren’t dead. Thankfully, the nurses told the Savnaclaw students that you were fine, and that you would wake up soon.
Leona never told you what happened other than that you hit your head on the floor and passed out, teasing that you need to be more careful. But you did notice he was a bit more protective, or at least he was wrapping his arm around you a lot more than he used to. Don’t ask him about it, he’ll just look away and say that he likes your company, “that’s all.”
Azul couldn’t find the headmaster, of course that useless crow man wouldn’t be around when they needed him the most! So, instead, he turned his heels and ran back, perhaps he was thinking he could somehow save you, but how? He stopped midway, remembering how you called him “worthless,” but he shook his head and tried to tell himself it wasn’t you, it was whatever “Chernabog” was. He advanced, but was quickly joined by Malleus.
“Are you running late for something?” Malleus asked, and Azul fumbled with his glasses. “Ah, well, t-there’s this thing, Cherna...bog I think was his name? It’s possessing y/n,” Azul just spilled all of the information, maybe the fae prince could help? Without a second wasted, Malleus joined with Azul to help take the demon down.
When they came back, Crewel had been dueling with you/Chernabog for a few minutes. He looked beat, his coat was frayed and there was some blood on his face too. You on the other hand, looked unscathed. “Are there any large windows here?” Malleus asked, and Azul looked at him in a confused way. “The sun will rise soon, in about ten minutes, this demon hates its rays.”
With that, Azul shouted at Crewel and Malleus to follow him, and the trio all ran to another side of Octavinelle: towards the sea. There was no way they would get sunlight, right? Well, unless they broke through the middle part of the Lounge, where most of the sunlight was collected. With that, they pushed you in at the ten minute mark, hoping it would do something.
It was a strange scene; a black fog of some kind caused you to scream, then it disappeared. You were in the water but Azul quickly got you out of it and the trio all ran to the infirmary. Other than the fact that you had been possessed, the nurse said that you were fine with the exception that you were likely going to get sick from being dunked in cold water. Azul thanked Crewel and Malleus, and Crewel said that this didn’t count as any kind of extra treatment for his students before telling Azul and Malleus that they were brave “but unfashionably reckless” in pushing you in.
When you woke up, Azul was in tears. It was a bit of a sight, especially for everyone who came by to see you. He squeezed you so hard you thought you were going to choke haha. But nonetheless, you were confused but happy to see him and get a hug from him when you woke up. He didn’t tell you what happened, but you did hear mentions of a demon possession from time to time around the Lounge.
Similar to Azul, Crowley isn’t there. He was probably out on some party downtown, or maybe he fled after he felt the magical pressure you exerted. Kalim felt hopeless, should he just give up, curl up and cry? No, he had to save you, and perhaps the only way to do that would be to go back and fight you himself
He ran back, back to his dorm and realized so much of the building was already in tears. You weren’t anywhere to be found though, but then he saw a spark far out in the desert. Jamil had taken the fight to the desert. Kalim, calling for his carpet, flew there and found a smoky figure hovering over you and Jamil on the sand.
“Jamil!” Kalim shouted, but there was no response. He...he couldn’t be dead, right? Kalim dropped from the carpet and stood in front of you. You sneered, snapping at him to get out of your way. “No, I’m not letting you hurt Jamil,” Kalim said, eyes determined. You seemed to get angry, getting ready to hit you, but right when you were about to slap him out of your way, he ran up and hugged you.
Chernabog wasn’t expecting that, as seen by how you froze up. He squeezed you tightly in his arms. “Y/n, I know you’re in there somewhere, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m not going to let you be taken by this thing, you’re better than that!” Kalim said, tears sliding down his cheeks. You writhed in his grasp, it seemed that Chernabog for some reason couldn’t use his magic to push him off. Kalim just held onto you as long as he could, until the sun’s rays began to shine into the desert.
With that, suddenly you let out a scream, the smoke disappeared, and you fell into his arms. “Y/n!” Kalim shouted, carefully holding you. The fight seemed to be over. With that, he took you and Jamil to the infirmary, and Jamil woke up a few minutes afterwards with a lot of bandages wrapped around him. “Thanks for saving me,” Kalim told Jamil, but he just shook his head and said it was his job. Meanwhile with you, it took you three days to wake up, but Kalim didn’t leave your side, sometimes forgetting to eat.
When you finally woke up, he was ecstatic and nearly knocked you out as he lunged for a hug. You laughed, asking what had happened, to which he explained in tears that you were possessed by something, but you were fine now because Jamil saved you. “Ah, correction, Kalim saved you,” Jamil commented from his hospital bed. Either way, Kalim didn’t let you go for a long time, just happy that you were back
He didn’t think the fight was going to be this long, but then again, Vil was just a student but he was skilled in magic. He took the fight outside, near the forests of Pomefiore. Perhaps it would be better for defense, but even then it felt unsafe as he couldn’t see you sometimes. This caused him to be tossed from side to side during the fight.
Vil’s hair was disheveled, he could taste blood in his mouth. He saw you laughing from afar, ready to throw another ball of fire in his direction. “N-no, you’re not...winning like this,” he muttered and threw another spell to make you go flying backwards. But then, a sliver of an arrow flew passed your head. It was Rook.
“Rook, stay out of this! It’s dangerous!” Vil shouted, trying to get up but falling back, his ribcage hurt so badly. “Non, I think you should fall back,” Rook countered, taking out another arrow. “I have an idea on how to take the creature holding y/n hostage,” Rook continued. He aimed, something was on the arrow but Vil wasn’t sure what.
The arrow was wrapped in what looked like a silver necklace, perhaps a charm that could counter this “Chernabog” that was possessing you? Before Vil could ask Rook what he was doing, he shot and nearly aimed at your heart.
The smoke suddenly flew up, shouting in pain and trying to charge at them, but a few inches away from Vil he stopped and fell. The smoke disappeared. You, on the other hand, fell over. “Good, I thought that the Yen Sid charm I got would work,” Rook shrugged. “The what?” Vil asked, and Rook looked over at the dorm leader. “Ah, it was a legend that Yen Sid fended off Chernabog in the past, who knows though, I thought it was just a tale.”
Vil, with the help of Rook, helped you get to the infirmary as fast as possible. Vil himself however was placed in a hospital bed alongside you. He couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in his bed and wondering if you were okay behind the separation curtain. Thankfully, the next day, you woke up and looked alright, Vil broke into tears as he hugged you, a rare sight for everyone including you. He didn’t say why you were here, but he just kissed you on the head and said he was happy you were alright.
“Come back you wannabe y/n!” he shouted, and that caused the smoke figure hovering over you to cause your legs to stop. It looked back. Idia had been shouting at it all kinds of insults that he had learned from the lobbies of all the games he had played. Thankfully, it seemed to have worked since you weren’t going after Overblots.
“You want to fight? Let’s see how strong you are then,” your voice was distorted, but the magic building up was nothing to make fun of. Idia readied himself for the fight. He wasn’t the best at magic, but his technology skills were unmatched. With that, he decided to find a way to teleport you, perhaps you would do badly in the sun?
While he was fumbling with some magical device, he kept defending himself from your attacks. He hid behind multiple building parts, sometimes behind trees. He sometimes tried to hit you with simple magic, but it did nothing but make you stronger, so he stopped that. Finally, after some tweaking on the watch he had brought with him to the fight, it was ready to send you somewhere else.
“Follow me,” Idia glared at the demon, and right when it was charging, he opened up a portal and the two (three?) of you fell into a different location. You were all at what looked like Leona’s hometown, far more sunny than what Idia was used to. But this was good, as clearly you didn’t like the sun. You began to scream, shout profanities and the smoke burned up and turned to ashes.
With that, you fainted, you fell to the ground but Idia ran to catch you. He held you in his arms, stuttering if you were okay. With that, he teleported the two of you to the infirmary of the school and tried to explain what happened to the nurse. “Wellsoademonshowedupandpossessedy/nbutitwasn’tgoodwiththesunandthankfullyitdidn’tfindanyoftheotheroverblotedstudentsorharmanyoneandI’mjustscaredthaty/nwon’tbealrightand-“ “Okay just take a long rest,” the nurse stopped him.
Idia couldn’t sleep, he kept sitting next to you, he wasn’t even able to watch an anime on his phone because of how worried he was. When you finally woke up the next day, he breathed a sigh of relief and hugged you, telling you welcome back. “From what? What happened?” you asked him. But Idia didn’t say anything, he just said that he’s glad you’re safe. When you two return to Idia’s room, you two snuggle under blankets and play Animal Crossing.
Malleus wasn’t confident in his magic, but then again, he was skilled enough that he could match against Chernabog. He was fighting against you, no, the smoke behind you was the target. As he shot lightning at the smoke, he kept being hit with different kinds of magic.
Thankfully, Lilia appeared on the scene, shouting at Malleus if he was alright. “So, it is real,” Lilia looked over at you and up at Chernabog, who was grinning at the two students. Lilia took out his magic pen, and began to help Malleus in defense.
“What would be a weakness of Chernabog, I’m not sure if it was in the scrolls that we read,” Malleus asked Lilia, shooting a counter attack at your fireball. Lilia didn’t respond for a bit, before he said two words. “Bell chimes.” With that, he quickly looked out the window and at the tower that held the bells. It was far, but perhaps you could be led towards it safely?
“I’ll fly there, Lilia I’ll need your help as well,” Malleus told Lilia and began to run out of the woods and towards the school. He then was able to fly upwards, looking behind him and seeing you do the same. Things were going in plan, and when Malleus got close enough to the tower to hit it with his lightning spell, he used as much magic as he had to cause the bells to chime three times. You halted in the air, the smoke suddenly freezing up and writhing as the bells chimed. The lightning caused a flash across campus, causing everyone to wake up. But more importantly, it was causing Chernabog to scream, curse at Malleus, and finally leave your body.
Lilia caught you as he was behind Malleus and Chernabog, then the two Diasomnia students ran to the infirmary. The two asked the nurse if you would be alright, and they had told them that you would be okay. “But I’m so confused, what happened?” the nurse asked, but the two didn’t say anything. Malleus didn’t leave your side, and it looked like he could overblot in any minute because of how concerned he was about your health. Lilia left to inform Sebek and Silver what happened, saying he would come to visit you and Malleus in the morning.
Thankfully, you woke up the next day, saying you felt like you blacked out. Malleus sighed a breath of relief, and for the first time, you saw him shed a few tears. “Ah, don’t worry about me, my love, I’m just glad you’re alright,” he explained, brushing some hair strands out of your face. He didn’t tell you exactly what happened, but maybe he will later on. For now, he just enjoyed your company, holding your hand as you rested in the hospital bed.
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sanctum-of-ramshackle · 18 hours ago
“Do you want to play a game?”
[TWST AU]: An MC/Yuu taking the role of Jigsaw.
Gender Neutral MC/Yuu
[Synopsis]: In this timeline, this MC/Yuu is not what they seemed to be and they like playing games.
[TW]: Graphic descriptions, cursing, and manipulation.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let say MC/Yuu was an ordinary high school student studying to be an engineer before being transported to Twisted Wonderland.
They’re very intelligent, and somehow kept up with their friendly facade.
Well, they don’t always act nice.
They’re actually a serial killer continuing the works of John Kramer A.K.A. The Original Jigsaw Killer.
MC/Yuu has kidnapped and forced terrible people to participating in their sick and twisted games to give them a second chance in life to become better.
Law Enforcement were already tracking down who killed the victims and they didn’t suspect a high-schooler to be the one behind the murders.
Once they traveled to Twisted Wonderland, the first part is the same.
Grim discovers them.
Crowley drags them (plus Grim) to the ceremony.
Except this time, The Dark Mirror sees something through MC/Yuu’s soul that should not be provoked.
The mirror would keep shut about their dark secret as it also senses if it slips up, MC/Yuu will go after for blood.
Crowley would be oblivious and to some students, too.
Except for others who may suspect something is off about MC/Yuu, but can’t figure out why.
Also they adopted Grim as their “apprentice.”
Tumblr media
MC/Yuu: *Enjoying time with their friends*
Deuce: Oh, MC/Yuu. You have something on your face.
MC/Yuu: *Has a red stain on their cheek* ‘Crap. I became sloppy.’ It’s nothing. It’s probably from painting a portrait. Wanna see?
Deuce: Oh! What did you paint?
MC/Yuu: A rose bush. ‘Thank god I finished the painting after torturing that pig (Tortured a Savanaclaw student).’
Tumblr media
[Ramshackle Lounge]
MC/Yuu: *Building the reversed bear trap*
Grim: *Tugging at their sweatpants* MC/Yuu, I’m hungry.
MC/Yuu: In a minute. I’m almost done with this piece.
Grim: Why are you building that thing anyway?
MC/Yuu: Well…I couldn’t forget what I studied. So I’m exercising what I can remember.
Grim: …
MC/Yuu: …
Grim: …Tuna.
MC/Yuu: Fine. I’ll get your tuna.
Tumblr media
[Heartslabyul Lounge]
Riddle: Dreadful news I received.
MC/Yuu: *Acting concerned* Riddle, what happened?
Riddle: My mother is being hospitalized.
MC/Yuu: Oh no. That sounds terrible. Was her injuries serious?
Riddle: Of course! She has broken fingers and her jaw was fractured… *Realization hits him* How did you know she was physically injured?
MC/Yuu: … *Their facial expression became blank*
Riddle: *Feeling fear* MC/Yuu?
MC/Yuu: One of my inventions during a game. I should’ve given her a craniotomy as she thinks she’s right on everything. What a bitch.
Riddle: *Horrified and backs away from them* You…
MC/Yuu: That’s right. I forced your mother to participate in one of my death games. Her screams were delightful to hear~ *Smiles creepily*
Riddle: *Lost for words*
MC/Yuu: *Reverts back to their blank expression* She should become a better person after her treatments.
Riddle: Why? Why would you do that?
MC/Yuu: Because of second chances. I want terrible people to appreciate life, and not waste it on frivolous things.
Riddle: …Who else knows about your secret?
MC/Yuu: *Sighs* A follower of mine. He was too easy to manipulate.
Riddle: Then you know I have to report on you.
MC/Yuu: On what evidence? No one will believe you~ *Leaves the lounge*
Tumblr media
✨Reblogs are appreciated and helps create more content✨
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cupids-chamber · a month ago
Tumblr media
CHEKA: Why does auntie where make-up.
LEONA: To look pretty.
CHEKA: But she's already pretty..
CHEKA: Uncle, you should wear make-up!!
Tumblr media
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kalims · 5 months ago
imagine the dorm leaders staring to the point of running into a wall and yuu just so happens to witness the moment 😭
<- parts: 1 2
dorm leaders staring until they run into a wall.
includes: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, kalim al asim, vil schoenheit, idia shroud, malleus draconia.
warnings: crack, fluff, very light injury, not proofread, watch out for mistakes hehe. may be ooc I only studied their characters once while writing this.
hello twst fandom, I guess this is my official entry to society 🤔
Tumblr media
✦ riddle rosehearts.
he couldn't help it you know. he was supposed to be running an errand for crowley before he caught sight of you casually conversing with your first year freinds.
why won't you talk with him like that. 😡
he gets so lost in his thoughts until he crashes straight into a wall just when you glance at him.
ace slaps a hand over his mouth looking blue trying to hold in his laughs and deuce just looks horrified. was there some unspoken rule in this situation he shouldn't break?? 😨
oh no.
oh no no no no no.
this was like straight out of his nightmares and it couldn't be anymore embarrassing because where did he go wrong 😡 both of you stare at each other as he rubs his forehead and then he starts getting red??
false alarm. not out of anger but out of embarrassment, you bet he's tailing it out of there ASAP before he makes more of an embarrassment of himself.
he literally can't stand within your presence without tensing up to the fact that it's so obvious so students start to think he has a crush on you. so it's in due time he'd hear some random student whispering about housewarden riddle. 💀
in the distance if you listen closely, you could hear someone's head getting collared. OFF WITH Y--
✦ leona kingscholar.
bold of you to assume he's actually paying attention to anything, moreover someone. listen he's way too tired of everything so all he could think of was probably sleep.
so in a universe where he actually gets distracted by our gorgeous, beautiful, handsome mc.. he probably goes like 'oh there's my human pillow.' and then 'I can almost taste my long deserved rest.'
since he's so occupied thinking about more sleep (expected) he just rams into a wall so he just places his palms over it and stares at it as if it's gonna lessen anything he's currently feeling. second hand embarrassment, irritation... he doesn't know what to feel.
so basically. ure staring at him staring at a wall.... until he turns to you and does a quick scan of his peripheral vision to check if anyone saw that uhm.
accident yeah.
tbh I don't think he'd really care, but since you're watching it does elicit a small reaction from him👩‍����.
gets over it super fast. well that's in the past now whatever.
he just pretends nothing ever happened cause why the hell would he care about whatever that was 😁 and proceeds to drag you to his next nap.
✦ azul ashengrotto.
I'd like to imagine that he breaks his glasses in the process of not so gracefully colliding with a wall.
hastily discards the evidence my slowly shoving it in his pockets. forgetting that it something essential to his everyday life so he straight up runs into the wall again.
...while you watch the entire thing. he says something about him being too clumsy as he seemingly checks the surroundings admittedly with blurry eyesight, expecting like someone's gonna jumpscare him at any moment. 💀💀
can someone bring his octopot please he wants to crawl inside it and wallow because this ruins his imagine of himself even though it was an accident 😄
he'd be better off if you weren't the one who witnessed the entire thing sobs.
he really hopes he tweels didn't see that or else he'll never get the end of it. small or big they'd never leave him aloneeeee.
please. offer to guide him to his next class and he'd probably play along knowing that there's another spare in his pocket because... you helping him = free therapy.
✦ kalim al asim.
he's so pure that it actually hurts.
there isn't an ounce of embarrassment in him on being caught in the act and hitting himself in the process with it.
so he just rubs his head and flashes you this absolutely jaw dropping, binding (I could go on and on) wide grin while laughing 😍
jamil being the somewhat fretting freind he is would probably scold him even if it is a light injury.. but jamil won't be able to scold him about something he didn't witness right 👀
kalim proceeding to accidentally blurt it out as jamil facepalms. but that isn't the point.
the point is that he'd turn the whole situation that's supposed to be quite, at the very least. embarrassing full of laughs.
great seven how did this ray of sunshine end up at ncr.. 😃
✦ vil schoenheit.
you don't understand potato-- this is a matter that he needs to tend, and fix immediately!! forget everyone, this. is. an. emergency. 😡
rook is probably in the backround crying comical tears "oh mon dieu!", somewhere up the tree?? where did he even come from, had he always been there?? 🤨
I mean he's not the kind of person that would lose it and throw a fit since he considers himself mature. so his alarm would depend if it smudged his makeup, formed a small swell on his precious face, or nothing in general is wrong.
if nothing is wrong he'd still insist you on helping him in checking his face is nothing is truly wrong.. because he can't see it well you know. 🤗
but if something actually happened to his face say goodbye. he leaves with a slight hurry to his steps, rook trails behind him with glittering sparkles?!?! this is just for comical reasons so idk.👸
then you see him later on impossibly looking more beautiful than the time you saw him an hour ago. ⁉️
✦ idia shroud.
his hair shrinks the more you stare at him so can you like stop looking at him with those eyes sad face☹☹.
you're both having a stare off, you can decide what kind of expression you'd have but I guarantee you his face would be like, this. 😁
he's frozen and backing into the corner so please leave before he starts tearing up because WHYYY WHY HIMMM 😭😨😓
he has seen this exact scenario in way too much anime series but he didn't think it'd actually apply to him too. but this is bad since he isn't as smooth as the main character, sobs.
ortho ends up rescuing him from the ultimate nightmare after somehow sensing that his vitals are going overload 💥💥
see this is why he doesn't go out.. 😞
✦ malleus draconia.
if he was in his dragon form then the wall wouldn't even make him blink and simply cease to exist ✨.
anyhow. I don't really think anything would happen, it doesn't bother him much even if you are watching and instead warns you about the danger of walls he just discovered 😊.
warned lilia, silver and sebek too. maybe and sebek takes it too literally and starts shouting his praise and appreciation for the warning. while watching the wall like it's gonna jump out and start stabbing him.
he doesn't make a sound even when he bumps into the wall and just blinks slowly while turning to you and resuming to walk as if nothing ever happened.
.....what do I put here...
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drac0nia · a month ago
┈ leona, malleus, ace x reader. lowercase intended. g/n reader. mild swearing. plot convinces ?
Tumblr media
dazed, confused, and somewhat annoyed; waking up from his precious nap, he was met with being shook awake and have been told that his lover's boyfriend is coming over. "the hell y'mean your boyfriend is comin'?" said he, in a husky tone, rubbing the bridge of his nose before realising what your words meant.
he huffed, grabbing your wrist then pulling your body to his; placing most of his body weight on you whilst he cuddles your form. "well tell 'em to cancel and come back tomorrow. i'm gonna keep 'ya busy for another few hours."
amused of how hard you try to somewhat push him in your bathroom all of a sudden; was there surprise waiting for him in there? "whatever do you wish to achieve by moving me to the bathroom, my dear?" he chuckles. you repeat your sentence again before he stood still as a rock after the realisation hit him. boyfriend?
thunder grumbles outside, malleus once so happy, could now be recognised as 'nihilleus'. "i see... well, such an ordeal like this shall not irk me. surely you are just toying my emotions to amuse yourself, no?" the look he gave you and how he held your hand so tenderly was enough to pull on your heartstrings, and stop your little joke on him.
merely scoffs at what you said, he spent enough time on the internet to know what you're doing. frowning at your failed attempt, you pinch his cheeks out of spite. "oi! it's not my fault you're bad at pranks!"
he pushed you on the bed before play fighting with you. in the end, he has both your hands pinned on the bed while he attacks your face with kisses. "go attempt another prank again, i'd looooove to see how you mess that one up." he giggles before smooching you again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · a month ago
The Prefect
Their prefect wasn't perfect.
By all means, they were far from perfect.
But that’s what made them fit in with all of them.
Because who in NRC was perfect?
This magic-less student had wormed their way into the hearts of those at NRC.
As they had the Prefect’s.
The Great Seven help those that tried to hurt their Prefect. 
Villains loved deeply and intensely.
They would destroy anything that harmed what they considered theirs.
They would conquer the world if they had to.
Because that’s what it meant to be loved by a villain.  
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iiratix · 2 months ago
Hello!! Im not sure if requests are open but if they are here is my request :
Can you please make headcannons for an AU where cracking your bones in twisted wonderland is basically breaking them? And in our world it's completely normal, also this isn't supposed to be an x reader, just headcannons for heartslaybul
Where the Prefect give the entire group a test of courage, or in their case, worry
Heartslabyul | Savanaclaw | Octavinelle | Scarabia | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Diasomnia
Tumblr media
The two of them were busy with each other, joking like any other day. It's rare for Y/n to be able to enjoy the freedom of a full day like this, without them realizing it, they already feel a bit of stiffness and aches in their necks.
Following Ace closely from behind, Y/n reached out to the back of their neck. Massaging the nape, trying their best to reduce the ridiculous amount of ache. If only school hours were over, they would've gone back to the dorm, laying down on the bed and enjoying resting their entire body from the fatigue. It would've seemed all of those long — forgotten troubles had finally caught on physically, tiring them out. 
"Oh, that's right! N/n~ Don't be lazy, okay? After all, you should really keep an eye on Grim—"
Y/n felt their joints shift slightly back in the right direction. Hearing such a beautiful voice in their ears, they felt a relief that cannot be expressed in separate words. They smiled slightly, shook their heads left and right, feeling the joints return to the right direction completely.
They raised their heads to face Ace once more, but what they found was a pair of hands holding their cheeks roughly, their interlocutor's eyes filled with concern. The warmth of his gloved palm radiating out of the black leather glove. For once, Ace was far more easy to read. And to decipher what he's currently feeling. What they cannot tell; is the exact reason for this sudden switch of a personality. 
The type to show his worry but in another kind of way. Trying to remain cool and compose, cracking up another story of an excuse. Ace won’t fully admit it whenever he feels worried per se, even if he did, he still tries to cover up with different excuses.
"I'm joking~! Come on, don't take my words seriously! You can be lazy but don't do it again!!" Y/n blinked incessantly, questioning her friend's sudden 360 degree behavior.
"What do you mean...?"
"Ehhhh...? What do you mean, what do I mean?"
Ace won’t fully admit it, however, he himself has a certain soft spot to his first friend by this school. Despite the roller-coaster disaster they must overcome, he keeps an eye out for Y/n more specifically. He is indeed a jerk and a tease, but behind that facade, lies a figure that would keep an eye out for his friend's well-being.
"Listen..." He started talking once more, so Y/n had no choice but to hear what he had to say. "I totally understand. Like really!"
"There are times when you want to just give up, but as far as I know that's simply not your style!!" Y/n who listened to Ace felt dizzy for a moment, knowing that there was a misunderstanding that occurred in such a short time.
“And what you just did was completely lame!! Can't you tell I'm joking?? Or Prefect, are you really sensitive?? Where is the lost and presumptuous magicless student who fought such a terrifying student?! ”
“No, wait—”
"Just because you can't handle one harmless joke doesn't mean you can break your bones like that."
"Fortunately, you didn't completely break your bones—"
"Because I didn't break it, you idiot. I crack ‘em. To be specific, I'm aiming for the joints rather than bones." Ace for once looked taken aback, he looked at the flat Prefect of Ramshackle House, confirming the truth of where they had spilled. He casually put his hands behind his head, turned and walked ahead in front of them. 
“Oh, of course I know that! I was just trying to see the stupid look on your face.”
At the end of the day, Ace is quick to dismiss that embarrassing misunderstanding, but bringing it up would certainly make the tip of his ear brightened up.
Tumblr media
It was a normal evening, the warm light that seeped through the window, falling down onto their figure. Two students are currently reviewing their notes, until one of them finds it tiring to keep on taking pre-notes. 
Deuce mutters under his breath, reading the same words over and over again. Test will soon come and he cannot slack off during that time. He need to get a high score, he need to maintain a well-built report, he need to—
The end of his writing turned into a messy scribble. He bopped his head up, pupils shrinking by the sound. Deuce heard something, something that resembled the sound of a breaking bone. And who would've thought, it is precisely coming from the person on the other side of his table. His mouth was agape, taken aback by what they've done to themselves, carefully watching their next movement. 
Apparently, while he isn't looking at all, Y/n managed to crack the bone around the wrist area, popping through those bubbles that become the reason for their stiffness. However, showing displeasure, it seems like it wasn't enough to get rid of it entirely. They violently shake their hand around, trying to ease it down. Planning to do a round 2 of cracking down until the negative pressure disappears. 
But alas, a hand prevented them from doing so as they were seen to do it again. A gloved hand that held her other wrist, gently, carefully, as if it was afraid to harm it any further. Raising their heads up, Y/n lifted one of their eyebrows, taking notes of the worry by Deuce expression. 
"Don't do that."
"Don't do what?"
First of all, you’re, I mean they’re cruel if they did it out of purpose. If not, congratulations, they have made the baby of the group worry over their action. The type to worry and show it evidently, even frowning while looking at their direction.
Overwhelmed by his concern, Y/n cannot prevent the cold sweat that dribbles down their forehead. What is his problem? He suddenly holds their wrist, preventing them from moving any further. At times like this, they would’ve come up with a snarky comment. But, they cannot bring themselves to do that when he stares at them intently.
“You’re going to break your bones.”
“I— Pardon me, what—?”
Unlike Ace, who takes an entire detour around Twisted Wonderland to get to the point. Deuce immediately says the reason behind it all. In his mind, he assumed that Y/n was aware of the consequences behind their action. Thus, he didn’t appreciate the way they made him worry.
“You’re trying to break your bones.”
They snorted, finding it adorable how his worry switched to a confused expression. How can they hold back a laughter when Deuce takes the wrong kind of deduction. Y/n lower their head, trying their very best to refrain from laughing. It’s too much for them, too funny in their opinion. Especially when he thought they were trying to break their bones. What kind of fool would willingly break bones like that? Not them.
“Pft— Deuce, I'm sorry.”
After a moment of explanation, Deuce cannot help himself but feel embarrassed. Face overheating from the small mistake. The entire study session, he cannot bring himself to look at them, knowing the smug expression that awaits him.
Tumblr media
It was probably enough for their normal activities, talking rumors, taking quick photos and even walking peacefully down the halls of the NRC. Cater and Y/n chatted cheerfully, exchanging information about how the day had passed and whatnot. Unfortunately for them, their last subject is PE class.
“Ne, ne~ Have you heard? The Adeuce duo is at it again!”
“What did they do this time… Hm—?” Y/n reached out to massage their shoulders, frowning slightly. They could swear it was painful to move it. Meanwhile, they tried to listen carefully to what he was talking about. However, one thing that caught their attention overall was the stiffness in their shoulders. It must be because of Vargas's completely relentless workout.
"Which also reminds me, we haven't taken a picture together yet! So, how about we…"
Y/n groaned in satisfaction, twisting their shoulders back a little forcefully to get that wondrous feeling. Well, that's when the light of the shutter binds right in their eyes. A swift and unstoppable light had blocked their vision. To that, they reacted by blinking rapidly, reducing the hazy light that appeared in their vision, slowly returning to their sense of sight.
Cater was looking at them. Pupils blown wide, mouth parted open and phone in hand. The reason behind that light was the camera being accidentally pressed. As a result he took pictures that could be said to be somewhat traumatic from his point of view.
He would be surprised rather than worried. It would happen after a moment of stunned silence, before expressing his concern still with a bewildered expression.
". . ."
". . ."
The two of them stood in awkward silence, trying to figure out what each other was thinking, especially Y/n who wondered what was up with that flabbergasted impression. They stared at him, brows furrowed, lips parted, until Cater smacked them on the head.
"Hey! What was that just now?!"
"What are you talking about?!"
Cater will initially think it's some kind of joke that's trending these days. Ignoring their inquiries, he immediately searches for the hashtag that is relatable to this situation. Much to his dismay, he did not find it and grew even more confused. There's no way they would've done it by accident, right? Or is it? 
"Let's get you to the infirmary."
"Huh? Wha— Hey! Cater-senpai!!"
Y/n felt odd, the way Cater wrapped their hand against their wrist and gently, forcing them to come along is quite uncharacteristic of him. And furthermore, the way his cheerful and bright demeanor switched to a stoic one, made them feel uneasy. They never did anything, other than fixing their one and only lament which lies by their shoulder. Why does this – or rather nothing – have anything to do with the infirmary?
“I’ll make sure you get a checkup.” If possible, Y/n wished they’re the one who smacked Cater by the head.
He practically dragged them to the infirmary, making sure nothing bad happened to them after the checkup. It's a senior's job to keep an eye on his juniors, right? And he just did what he was supposed to do. It took some time to explain it thoroughly to him. When he finally got the point, he laughed it off. Probably planning to do this kind of trick in the future.
Tumblr media
What are other ways to bond over other than a baking class? Of course, it had become a common schedule between the two. Where Trey specifically taught them a new dessert recipe and they continued to jot it down in their notepads, ignoring how their fingers were screaming the word, tired.
"Make sure to only use a teaspoon and a half." Y/n wasted no time, they jotted them down, scribbling pen on a piece of paper, eyes trained by the notes slowly filled with the different kinds of recipes they had learned over the last few days.
Trey looked at them, smiling very sweetly. Act like any other proud chef looking to his future successor or beyond. He reached out and patted them on the head, telling them silently how they were doing pretty well in today's lesson too. He returned to his explanation, doing so through action as well. Baking something for Riddle and teaching someone while doing it? He might have killed two birds with one stone.
However, this has been going on for quite some time. Even Y/n had realized such a fact, releasing and clenching their fists countless times. Focusing on the current Baker, they contemplated what to do to release the amount of pressure with their fingers. Y/n looked back at Trey, nodding along with his explanation.
Trey suddenly stopped what he was doing, facing completely at Y/n who was trying their best to write with their other hand, the hand they rarely used to write. While their dominant hand is currently being cracked one by one, with the help of the thumb pressing the area around the bottom of the finger.
Sensing the silence, Y/n looked up from their notes, noticing the worry that was showing on Trey's face. "Hmm?"
I do not understand the purpose behind this, but if they ever wished to see their disappointed mother's expression all over again, there you have it. Arm crosses, brow furrowed and the way he looked down on them, it yelled out the most unacceptable word, disappointment. 
"Y/n, what did you just do?"
"Uhm… I… I cracked my fingers…? You know… Like… How some cracked their knuckles but I'm doing it one after another…"
Y/n forced herself to be quiet. The way Trey deep creases – if possible – makes him look like an ordinary mom who disapproves of every action they take no matter what the outcome. Whether it's good or bad, it doesn't matter in this case. Disappointment will always be disappointment. The kind of feeling that was currently choking them alive.
He's not the type to ask why, he's the type to look at them, asking by the way his alluring gaze was present. At the same time, it shows the privilege he has been having this entire time. The same kind of instinct of an older brother, that's ready to scold his younger siblings for their wrongdoing. 
"Don't do that. Scratch that, you cannot do that."
"Do you understand?"
That one word, that one word is enough to hold authority over many people. Quickly, they nodded their heads, completely shutting their mouths, obeying his orders. It brought satisfaction to Trey, patting them on the head once more, returning to his own bakery.
"Good. I'm just keeping an eye out for you, you know? Sorry if I sound harsh."
Trey is possibly used to multitasking at once. Hence, he's finishing up the dessert he's currently making, before looking for a way to help out with their dilemma and problem. Taking care of his junior is what a dutiful senior would've done. 
"Here, if you ever feel your fingers constrict, avoid doing so. Instead, dip your fingers in warm water."
Trey motioned for them to put their fingers in the bowl he had prepared, waiting for the cake to finish baking. Reluctantly, Y/n slowly dipped their fingers in the water, feeling the warmth coursing through their skin and bones, a soft sigh of pleasure leaving their lips, smiling contentedly.
"...This is nice."
"It is, isn't it?"
Of course, he did not forget to reward them at the same time, giving a slice of a fresh baked cake to them after their hard work in keeping up with his own personal baking session. Patting their head for the umpteenth time this day.
Tumblr media
How fun isn't it? They are friendly, very sweet and not forced or anything, to help Heartslabyul once again. With what? Ah, it's time to paint the roses red. Offering another hand to help Heartslabyul who was short on hands, they had been doing this job for an entire hour.
Red paint drenches the pale white Rose. The smudge of the smudged color fell to the ground while the brush gently dipped into the paint can. Y/n yawned, showing signs of exhaustion as they carefully brushed the white flowers of the same color. How did they end up in this situation again? They couldn't be sure.
Finishing the top area of ​​the rose bush, they carefully descended the ladder, keeping an eye on the ladder. The least they wanted was to misstep and fall to their own deaths. Y/n dropping the brush on the inside could hurt. Felt really tired from the job. They've been painting for what seems like forever and their break is aching from all the careful positioning they've been in.
They raised their arms up, bodies arched forward, ignoring the presence of someone trying to check their condition.
"Y/n, how's your side—"
The voice was magical, dispelling all feelings of tightness behind them. They hum in satisfaction, lowering their hands. But, out of the corner of their eyes, they could see a familiar scarlet color. Which reminds them of a bright and dazzling rose. Behold, Riddle Rosehearts in all… Glory… ? Or worried?
Needless to say, he was horrified. He stood there, unsure how to react. Riddle wondered how they could look at him so innocently. It was as if they had never tried anything like splitting their spines in half. In the first line, he would stutter, trying to get out of his daze and accept the answer.
“I… You…”
“You? Me?”
Staring at each other head on, two students, one a dorm leader and one an invited prefect. Opening their lips, they tried to ask once more, however that soon turned into a dreadful expression, seeing the familiar beet red by Riddle's face.
Riddle cannot express his concern, albeit the misunderstanding. He assumes it was all an intentional action, as if they would've done that to begin with. But, he's consumed by rage, in an adorable kind. Ahoge tensed up, comical white eyes, face flared up in the sea of red – due to anger, I might add – last but not least, the angry pout by his lips. He even tried to remember whether they unintentionally break the rules.
"Why did you do that?!"
"Did what??? I'm just painting the roses red!! Is it not enough for you?!" The two yelled back at each other, having their argument and objection. Apparently, their little roundup of aggressive yelling caught the group's attention. It was at first Ace and Deuce, who's seeking out for their dorm leader before Trey and Cater come along, watching the two bicker together.
The other watched in amusement, watching how Riddle did not say his famous line yet. Even with the look of anger in his face, it was obvious for the others it wasn't simply over anything unrelated to Y/n conditions.
"...Ne, senpai, are we really just going to watch them?"
"Don't worry, the two are all bark and no bite."
"This is totally them~!"
"Hold on, is it just me or did they keep on surviving dorm leader wrath?"
It took an entire argument to come into a adjournment. However, it is worth the fight. Became at the end, you'll receive a blushing mess Riddle due to embarrassment. For the entire week or more.
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iidias · a month ago
UPDATE: @/shyflowers deleted the post. they blocked me on this account, but i saw on my main that they deleted the post and is completely ignoring the fact that they need to face the consequences of their actions. not only that, but everytime someone tried to call them out for what they did, they deleted that person's comment. they also turned off their asks.
UPDATE 2: they changed their url + deleted the post im talking about. tulips, if ur seeing this, we all ready know what u did. there's no use in deleting the post, or turning off ur asks and submissions. just come forward and apologize, it's that easy.
UPDATE 3: im pretty sure they deactivated their blog. their blog name was pinktulipsblog but i didnt want to disclose it for their privacy (also bc i dont want anyone to send threats to them). still though, they could have just stepped forward and apologized, yet they couldnt even do that. pathetic.
i think i caught an art stealer??? idk. i asked them abt it and after seeing art that looks exactly identical and then asking for proof they drew it the blocked me and deleted my replies to their post. so.
this is the original twt link: https://twitter.com/usachangm/status/1401891831441334276?s=20&t=vu2dJ72WOJGKQ3J33gUtoQ
the post in question that i am talking about: https://shyflowers.tumblr.com/post/691455669401010176
here is a screenshot of both drawings side to side as well.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if anyone else finds any info on this, pls lmk!!
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twistyprefect · 6 months ago
Request for my ✨beloved gremlin✨ Leona, Vil, Azul, and Jamil hanging out with their significant other when they just stand up and go “my children/dumbasses need me” and seeing them later scolding one of the first year crew for being well… who they are as people.(dumbasses your honor)
{hello fellow gremlin! time for MC to beat up another first year B) }
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Leona was used to his partner saying somewhat strange things, especially at weird times
he was napping with them in the gardens when suddenly they shot up from his arms and looked around
"I can feel Ace doing something stupid..." they mumbled before getting up fully
he sighed and followed them a bit further behind, still waking up as they approached Ace
he snorted and watched them in amusement as they scolded Ace for whatever dumbass thing he was about to do
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul knew his partner saw the other first years as their children in some way
he was used to them doting on the other first years, making sure they made it to class or had snacks
so when they, in the middle of a shift with him in the lounge declared they had to go check on Deuce, he just shrugged
a few minutes later they returned, dragging the first year in question behind them and putting him to work
Azul just chuckled and didn't question it, handing Deuce a tray of drinks for him to carry
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Jamil, much like his partner, had his own Resident Idiot to take care of, so he didn't mind when they also did it
they were sitting in Scarabia's kitchen, finishing up dishes for the night when his partner paused
"I think I can feel Sebek about to start another argument, be right back." they exclaimed, rushing out of the door
about ten minutes later, Jamil wandered out near the mirror room to find his partner scolding Sebek
he chuckled as he saw Sebek's ashamed expression; he guessed that only his partner and Malleus himself could make Sebek look like that
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Vil was thankful for his partner's caring and loving nature, showing them off for it as much as possible
they were in the middle of a spa date, face mask firmly in place and feet soaking in rosewater when his partner sat up
"Epel is going to do something stupid. I bet he's gonna start a fight..." they said, getting up and pulling their shoes on
he chuckled and waved as they left, deciding to finish the spa date up a bit early
about fifteen minutes later, he found his partner scolding Epel in the lounge, the first year pouting and crossing his arms in front of his chest
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pandoa · 2 months ago
"the language of ily"
Tumblr media
lilia teaches malleus the wonders of modern texting slang. but when his child of man sends him a strange text that says “ily”, he struggles to find the meaning behind (Y/n)’s peculiar acronym. 
~malleus draconia x gender neutral reader~
warnings: none!
Tumblr media
“So,” Malleus stared at Lilia in awe, “the children of men have deliberately established their own mailing language as a means for more efficient and simpler messaging techniques?”
Lilia quietly chuckled at the boy’s cluelessness. “Well, yes, but it’s more of a texting language rather than mailing, I would say. It’s electronic, fufufu.”
“Incredible…” The Diasomnia dorm leader glanced at the small device laying on his lap with pure mesmerisation. Humans were a fascinating kind, no doubt. Though, even with the longer life span he had compared to the non-fae beings, Malleus could never fully comprehend the mechanisms of modern technology. “Say, Lilia…” the fae prince said hesitantly, “do you think you could teach me this ‘texting language’ of the children of men? (Y/n) is often around that Heartslabyul student, I believe his name is Cater Diamond, and occasionally uses these intriguing terms to converse with their friends.” Malleus averted his gaze with an uncharacteristic sense of embarrassment shown within his body movement. “I wish to understand at least some of these terms.”
Lilia’s face lit up with exhilaration. His young prince had a crush! On the prefect, at that! Wiping off the proud tears from his ruby-colored eyes, he craned his head up to Malleus. “Of course, I will teach you! My days of gaming late into the night with online users have paid off, hehe~”
Sliding closer to the housewarden’s figure, Lilia proceeded to explain the many acronyms, slang, and emoticons to the astounded heir of Briar Valley in vivid detail.
“Now this, Malleus, is what internet users type when they are uncontrollably laughing at a message. It stands for ‘Rolling on Floor Laughing.’” Lilia intelligently pushed up his imaginary pair of glasses.
“Am I required to truly roll on the floor as I laugh to make this acronym accurate when I use it?”
Lilia paused, pondering on his prince’s question before replying with a playful, “Yes.”
The younger fae flinched from his seat at the sudden sound of his phone ringing. “Oh! Apologies for the interruption, but my child of man has delivered me an electronic letter.”
“It’s called a text, dear Malleus, but go on.” Lilia, who was now conveniently behind Malleus, had begun scanning the blinding phone screen in search of anything he found amusing. “What have they sent?”
“It is a strange acronym with the letters I, L, and Y. I’m afraid I do not understand.” Malleus dejectedly stared at his device, looking quite similar to an endearing puppy pouting at his genuine confusion.
Having enough of the housewarden’s sulking, however, was Lilia as he placed a contemplating finger under his chin, utilizing a portion of his brainpower to help the younger fae.
I, L, and Y… Could it be? 
“Ah, yes! Of course!” The prince’s caretaker jolted up in excitement after a small moment of silence as he deciphered the adorable acronym you had sent. How cute! Clasping his hands together, Lilia exclaimed with a slight skip to his step in joy. “Malleus, this is great news! It means ‘I love you.’”
“I have a deep affection for you as well, Lilia. You have been my caretaker ever since I was a small fae, so that seems self explanatory. But what does this have to do with my child of man?” 
Exhaling in discouragement, Lilia vigorously shook his head from side to side. The mage before him had significantly misunderstood his statement. “No, no, Malleus. (Y/n) is saying ‘I love you’ in that message.”
“Why would they feel the need to inform me of your emotions?”
Oh, Great Seven, he was hopeless. The bat fae raised his palm to smack himself in the face. His poor, sweet, innocent prince. So gullible, so oblivious. Every romantic advance (Y/n) seemed to make never failed to fly over the top of Malleus’s dense head to the point that all of NRC had known about the prefect’s romantic intentions towards the fae except him. It was, in all honesty, a comical sight to see. Although, to the relief of (Y/n), Lilia’s amusement never prevented him from playing matchmaker for the two students. It was in the name of blooming love, after all!
“Malleus, I want you to look me straight in the eyes.” The older fae took hold of Malleus’s much taller form as he levitated himself up to meet with the slow-minded prince on an even level. “(Y/n) has just told you that they love you.”
The dorm leader sat blankly and unmoving on his spot in the Diasomnia dorm lounge. What? Had he heard Lilia’s words correctly? Malleus had sent his caretaker, for the millionth time that day, another empty stare into oblivion.
“Love? As in the intense feeling of fondness for an individual? The emotion that releases a number of chemicals in a living body such as high levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, a neuropeptide produced in the hypothala-“
“Yes, yes! That love.” Lilia quickly interrupted his precious housewarden’s unnecessary scientific definition as he was growing impatient to the boy’s oblivious nature.
Silence soon befell on the two Diasomnia students.
“Then,” Malleus rose from his seat, breaking the quiet atmosphere. “I must go to them and reciprocate their feelings.”
“Right now? It’s practically midnight-“
“It is no matter,” he confidently declared. “I am always there at this time admiring their gargoyles, anyway. Thank you, Lilia, for enlightening me on the ways of modern letter-exchanging. I deeply appreciate it.” Malleus bid the shorter fae a goodbye with a swift nod of his head. “I shall be off, now.”
“Ah, yes, go ahead.”
And so, with a flick of his wrist, Malleus had disappeared with shimmering green sparkles following him thereafter before he could even finish saying “child of man.” Seeing as the dorm leader was gone, Lilia had let out an exasperated sigh. Acting as Cupid and modern translator for his dearest Malleus’s necessities was wholeheartedly a huge honor; although, he could do without the exhaustion that came with it. Relieved to finally have some leisurely time alone, Lilia kicked off his shining black boots and sunk into the comforting cushion of the dorm’s couch. 
Rest for the single father of three, at last.
Nevermind, scratch that. There was never rest for the single bat dad. Startling what appeared to be the entirety of the Diasomnia dorm was none other than the tumultuous voice of Sebek roaring from the entrance way of the lounge. 
“Oh, he went to go see (Y/n).”
“HE WHAT???” The first year shouted with disbelief evident in his boisterous tone. “WHY WOULD HE GO AND SEE THAT HUMAN?! THEY ARE NOT EVEN WORTHY OF THE YOUNG MASTER’S GAZE—“
Lilia, who had hopped down from his area on the couch, floated over to Sebek’s proximity while placing a quieting finger against his lips. “Hush now, Sebek. Let the young lovers flourish.”
“—Will be giving me new little baby grandchildren soon, fufu~”
The first year froze in complete distress at the old fae’s comment. “Gr..GRANDCHILDREN?!?!?”
“That’s right, but, uh, Sebek,” Lilia took notice of the green-haired boy's wavering shoulders and dilating eyes with concern. “Are you feeling well? It looks as if you’re about to collapse.”
“The… young master…and human… having…childre…”
“Oh for Seven’s sake, SEBEK WAKE UP—”
Tumblr media
a/n:  (y/n) can have malleus, i want his adorable bat dad I MEAN-
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viluvr-archived · 4 months ago
Hello Hello!!! may I request placing butterfly clips on their hair w/ Leona, Vil, Rook, Cater, Malleus, and the Tweels? I hope this is alright! have a great day<3
Tumblr media
Leona , Vil , Rook , Cater , Malleus , Tweels .
Gn!reader :]
( a/n — tyty! Have a great day too, sorry it took so long :<< this req is so cute T^T )
Part 1 — Part 2 .
Tumblr media
When "Leona can I put butterfly clips on your hair! Pretty please..? PLEASE?" fell out of your mouth, he thinks about it real hard, why's he even thinking about it like it's a life or death situation? He asks himself.
He might look silly, oh but it'd feel good when you play with his hair.. maybe he'd indulge it just one time.
Please run your hands through his hair, comb it, massage his scalp/head, and re-braid the front braids of his hair. If he feels bold enough to ask that then he'd be responding with a snarky remark like "Hey, you wanted to do this, so it's only fair I get to enjoy it too y'know" and he smirks and grins smugly while saying that. (Watch out for his soft purrs while you do things to him/his hair.)
"Leona! 'M done, come see what I did to your hair!" Should he look at it? It only felt good when you braided, combed, his hair, etc.. but what does it look like?
"Ahh, yeah, thanks but.." there he got dragged to face the mirror while you hold onto his face lightly squeezing it for him to face it and not getaway. And, he thinks it looks... good..? Well, he supposes it's not that bad!
"You like it? Yeah?" You ask while watching him check himself out, looking and touching his hair, "Yeah, I like it. You wouldn't mind doing this.. more, won't you?" 'Course you don't but it's nice to tease him once in a while.
Growls at anyone who he sees or hears chuckling at him/his hair, those people who laugh, giggle, chuckle at him shouldn't try and hide it, he senses it anyways! So, no escape.
Tumblr media
Well.. maybe yes, maybe not that he'd agree, but you can tell he indulges you 95% of the time with the fact he'd allow you to play with his hair when he doesn't want or like anyone touching or playing with it, he doesn't want a ruined or messy hair after all.
"Hm, very well then. Go ahead, dear." So please, don't mess his hair up as much as possible! He trusts you the most 'and the best.
Well, it relieves his stress the moment your hands brush his hair.
"Hey, gentle now. Don't tug on my hair too much. Alright?" It's a meltdown because he says it with so much care and gentleness, give him butterfly kisses, please
"Vil, hey, look! Do you like it?" You grin excitedly at him, hoping he'd like it. He stares at the mirror, touching and admiring the clips, and the little styles you do to his hair. "Thank you, I appreciate it really. Best believe I won't take it off as a reward for doing and bring so good" and with that, he gives you a smooch on the cheek, he prefers to call it a peck anyway.
"Really? You like it! That makes me so happy, Vil." He admires the sight of you being happy and giddy, he holds your hand and thumbs it. "Why not I do the same to your hair? So then, we'd match." "I like the idea of that, Mr. Schoenheit."
Tumblr media
He's thrilled! Go ahead, go ahead! Do anything, he's yours.
If you wanna do it then beware, he moves and giggles a lot out of excitement. (He's trying his best to behave!!) "Rooook.. how many times do I need to tell you, to stop moving so much" "Ma chérie, I apologize! I beg for you to not stop!" It's kinda... weird to see Rook without his hat, after all it's what's unique about him, the Pomefiore house warden.
"There! Finally.. check it out, Hunt!" You send him a wink, while he giggles excitedly. He won't take it off too, "Oh my.. it's amazing! Gorgeous! It'd be an honor to display a pretty thing at school, I'll leave my hat behind and wear these clips at school." Lo and behold the whole school's jaw-dropping with the sight of Rook not wearing his hat, and! He has butterfly clips on his hair, isn't that too childish for Pomefiore?
Don't worry, he views it very elegant. No need for Vil to take it away from him!
Tumblr media
Funny because you and Cater suggested the same idea at the exact same time, blurting it out at the same time.
"Babe... you are amazing! Great minds think alike after all" jokes on you he already bought the butterfly clips and the materials you'd need, and now he's already laying his head on your lap, taking out the small, loose ponytail between his hair.
"There, ya comfortable? Or should I lay differently?" "Mm, no need. C'mere let me do it already." He'd film it and post it that's for sure, (always with your permission ofc!)
He's very patient, making sure you take your time styling his hair and putting adorable, adorable butterfly clips on his hair! He always melts when you caress his face. He also tries his best to be himself whenever he's with you, you made him himself after all. You reassure him to take it slow and he's very appreciative of that.
"There! Done Cay, you look adorable! Mwah" kissing his cheek while you give him the hand mirror, wow, a kiss and he gets his hair done wonderfully by you. He's definitely doing yours next time and he's not going to take it off! He's showing it off even, he has the best partner in the world he says.
Tumblr media
He was just laying on your lap, then you started fiddling with his hair.
He fell asleep, tho. He seemed half awake so you asked for permission. "Mal? You ok with me putting these cute butterfly clips on your hair, hm?" He just nods and hugs your waist, then went to dreamland.
Chuckling at his actions, you proceed to part his hair and brush it. His hair is so silky and smooth, it was like fine silk. "Mal, you there? I'm done" He woke up seeing you smiling at him gently, what a sight to see, he gently holds your face and caress it then proceeded to admire what you did.
They're adorable he thinks, but what's important is that you're happy about what you did and that's more than enough, if it makes you happier he'd wear it! He even puts some flowers on his hat and of course, it makes him happy to wear the clips, showing it off. No one dares laugh at him, no one laughs at your works and what you do.
He ends up wanting to sleep with them because he claims it's a memory/souvenir to keep. Lilia had to take it off him but couldn't, he ended up calling you to take care of your lover, he was pouting and you didn't like that do you had to promise you'd do his hair again, and what makes him happier? You had butterfly clips on your hair too so you're matching. Happy dragon noises, indeed.
Tumblr media
TWEELS ! [ not poly. ]
JADE thinks it's fascinating, sure! He's agreeing, it's ok to try new things after all. Just make sure the aesthetic matches the octavinelle dorm and his uniform, or else Azul would not like it for formalities. He'd truly hate taking it off, he'd try to make Azul agree.
"It's ok dear, you can put clips on the long strand of my hair." Decorating his bangs is so fun, like butterflies and cute clips on them? Adorable.
"Thank you for agreeing, Jade! You look really adorable!" Adorable? That's a new one, he thinks. Floyd gets jelly and wants those clips too, so he had to buy Floyd those and... kinda style it on him.
FLOYD is giddy and excited, he looks like a lightstick. "Really, really, really, shrimpy?! You wanna do that? Okok! Sit, take your time, hehe!" He moves a lot like Rook, but please don't get mad at the poor eel, he's just excited :( he promises and tries not to move too much! Please don't stop
"Wooooahhh! This is me? My hair? It looks s'different! I like it, I like it!" This one's a stubborn one, Azul might not wanna try and ask him to take it off, or else he'd... "Why! Shrimpy made this and it's special. And it's not ugly!" "Floyd we never said it's ugly.." "OK! Then I won't take it off because it's pretty! That's final blah blah!" Anything for you AND HIM after all.
Tumblr media
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amorisqasayid · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ the twst boys as campus crushes has been keeping me up at night. i'll come at you with my hcs of this each day or so for a different dorm. my victims today are OCTAVINELLE 
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ gender neutral reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ warnings ,, mentions of making out in azul’s, fungi mentions in jade’s. fluff <33
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ been a minute since i posted anything so here we get another installation of campus crushing <33 and with the fish mafia too
Tumblr media
you can’t tell me that…
azul isn’t that smartass that you sit next to in economics. it got to a point where you were more than sure he had to have been a computer. at least he’s pretty to look at, not that you’d ever admit it aloud. he’s actually had his eye on you since that one time you let him borrow a dark blue ballpoint pen since he forget his. your so kind, and smart, and beautiful—and your conveniently in need of help in economics. so, he makes this elaborate plan to get you to study with him and eventually you give in. the study, not-a-date, is going well until you and azul finally catch each other in a stare off. neither of you were sneaky enough to keep the other from noticing each other’s wandering gaze. part of you wanted to shut the books and leap over the dining table to make-out with him. how would he react had your lips pressed his own? you were about to speak, but instead, azul spoke. “ i don’t think either of us are particularly interested in studying any longer. we should do something else, ”
you can’t tell me that…
floyd isn’t that hot guy on the basketball team who is constantly bothering you, his friend from high school, to become team manager. it would be easier just to agree at this point. he’s always talking about how the extracurricular points would look good on your resume, even though he quite frankly doesn’t know the first thing about resumes, nor does he care for them at all. he just wants to spend even more time with you. your differing majors and paths ended up pulling you both apart slowly and he wanted to stop that somehow. so, after days and days of bother you, and buying your lunches, you finally caved and became the team manager. surprisingly enough, you ended up having a lot of fun, and you got even closer to floyd. close enough to say you were head over heels for him. you didn’t blame yourself, though. you couldn’t, not when each big game he pointed at you and called you his lucky charm. “ this one’s for you ! “
you can’t tell me that…
jade isn’t that mysterious guy in your nature studies class. he always looks so enthralled with the plants around him, his eyes never seeming to drift off and his heart completely in it. you once worked on a project with him and figured out that he was organized as he was passionate. all it took was one joke about shiitake mushrooms being avid gossipers, and he was in love with you. he even began meeting you in the hall, escorting you to your classes while he went on and on about his love for fungi. he was still enigmatic, and there was still way more you needed to learn about him before you’d be completely comfortable in his presence, but his endearing love for mushrooms felt so innocent that had he wanted to trap you, you would have walked straight into it. it was hard not to fall. jade was beautiful as he was charming, and you couldn’t resist his voice when he said, “ let’s go on a little camping trip. just the two of us and the sky above. “
Tumblr media
tags ,,, @ghost-hyacinth @yakoko @pandoa @idiaia​ @sleepybunboo @mlk082​
dm me or send an ask if you’d like to be on it as well !
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kimbap-r0ll · 3 months ago
Can I a request reader staring at Jamil, Vil, Riddle, and Idia and they’re trying to figure out why before reader starts rolling up some papers and saying “Don’t move/freak out, but there’s a cockroach on your head”?
Oh no! ;-; This sounds so sad but funny at the same time, thank you for the request!
Jamil, Vil, Riddle, Idia vs a cockroach (feat.y/n)
He hates bugs. Absolutely. Hates. Them.
That's why you felt so bad that it landed on him somehow and you were now determined to take it out without his knowledge. Of course, slapping a cockroach dead wouldn't be a good idea, but at least getting it off of him would be good!
The two of you were sitting together in the library, he was reading and you were writing down answers for your homework, and when you looked up from your work you were greeted with two faces: Jamil's, and a bug's.
You begin to roll up your homework, your gaze not once leaving the top of his head, and then Jamil looked at you with a puzzled face.
"What is it?" he asked, and you didn't respond. He closed the book and got closer to you, you flinched. "Is there something on me?"
"Look, don't move, don't scream," you said slowly, your arm slowly rising up along with the roll that you had in your hand. Jamil furrowed his eyebrows. "But there's a cockroach on your head."
He stops. He's about to scream but you manage to swing the cockroach off of his head and it scurries away into a hole in the wall, Jamil's basically gasping for air and repeating "ohgreatsevenisitoffofme" and you sigh, patting his shoulder. He decides to never sit in the library for the next few months after that, and he's super thankful of you too. Expect some food from him as a gift for the next week!
He doesn't mind bugs, but if it were to crawl on him he would obliterate it
Somehow a cockroach managed to enter his room. His perfect, spotless, sparkling room!
You guys were doing your own things (own beauty things really) with him doing his nails while you were trying to stylize your hair. Hat was when you saw something on Vil's head. A brownish, reddish little creature was sitting nicely.
You look for something to grab, and the only thing you have is some of the magazines that Vil had on the floor and you begin to roll it up. Vil was still talking to you about how Neige getting that one role for the upcoming show was predictable (and how Vil wanted to be that character ;-;) but you didn't hear him.
"Well? Y/n, did you hear me?" Vil put the nail polish away and examined his finished nails, when you told him to stop moving. He scrunched up his face and turned to you. "What is it?"
"Don't move," you say, steadying yourself like you're Rook on a hunt. "There's a cockroach on you and I'm going to-" "THERE'S A WHAT"
Before you know it, Vil swings his head and the cockroach goes flying. You try to run after it but Vil ends up using some magic to kill it :/ is that allowed?. He sighs, looking back at himself in the mirror. "Well, thank you for letting me know, I'm just glad it didn't ruin my hair." Vil won't do much in return sadly, but you're just glad that he didn't burn the entire dorm down after that.
He too doesn't mind bugs, but if it were to get close to him he'll probably slap it off of the Twisted Wonderland universe
Sadly as pristine as this boy is, the rose garden is bound to have insects and that includes the versatile cockroach!
He was with you in the garden, taking a stroll and finally deciding to sit down and enjoy the weather with you. Riddle was talking to you about how his mother wants him to come back for the break but Riddle wants to go to Trey's house, and you were nodding while leaning your head on his shoulder. Until you heard something flutter and you looked up. Something was on Riddle's head.
You only have the paper menu you stole from Mostro Lounge earlier that day so you decide that it will do. Rolling it up, you step away from Riddle and stand above him.
"What's wrong? Is there something on me?" Riddle asks, he looks clueless, even smiling at you. Oh you're ready for his face to turn red in a few seconds. You debate whether or not you should tell him, but decide it might be better to warn him than to face his wrath after you whack him on the head.
"Sorry if I hit you hard on the head," you start. "But please don't move, there's a cockroach on you right now."
His eyes go wide, and he sadly doesn't listen to you and instead stands up really quickly to grab your roll of paper. But by then the cockroach had already fallen off of him and he was now looking at it with a roll of paper in his hand, furious. He probably tried to stomp it but it scurried off and he sighed. He shouldn't get worked up on it, but oh well. By the way, he's thankful you tried to get it off of him, but otherwise the entirety of Heartslabyul goes into cleaning mode for the next week (expect Ace and Deuce to come running to you to cry about it too!).
He doesn't mind bugs, but if he feels it crawling on him he'll scream (can't kill it either because he feels bad :/)
The two of you were together in his room, playing some games and eventually just scrolling through an anime catalog.
That was when you realized that something scurried on the wall. You thought you were imagine things since his room was so dark and it was so late at night, but your suspicion only got confirmed when you heard something buzz and you saw it stop on Idia's head. It was a cockroach.
You almost screamed yourself, but you could only imagine how freaked out Idia would be so you decide to calm down, grab the game magazine he had on the floor, and roll it up to confront the bug.
"I was thinking of watching this one, but it's pretty popular, it's about a spy who has to make a family or something for a mission but I don't know if you're interested-" "Hey Idia? Don't move your head," you interrupt him and he looks at you from the corner of his eyes, not moving his head an inch. He doesn't ask, but you know he's wondering what it's about.
"Don't freak out, but there's a cockroach on your head." You tell him, and he just freezes. You almost wonder if he's breathing as you whack the cockroach off and manage to catch it with a spare cup. You end up taking the cockroach out and letting it loose in the school yard, but when you come back Idia's still frozen.
"...eep is it gone?" he sounds like he's not breathing so you nod. That's when his body deflates and he says "Great seven that scared me. T-thanks for catching it." He'll be really grateful for it, and the two of you get back to watching anime right after that.
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cupids-chamber · a month ago
Tumblr media
Azul: Okay, yes. I may be morally corrupt.
Azul: But I'm also incredibly hot and I think that makes up for it honestly.
Tumblr media
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kalims · 3 months ago
Hi, there~! So I have this really fun idea in my head. I would like a headcannon in which the fem! reader asks the Dorm Leaders to be her pretend boyfriend. But what happens when the boys fall in love for real? Super fluff, please! Thanks!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
today's promise.
parts : one, two, three.
characters : riddle, leona, azul.
cw : book 1, 2, and 3 possible spoilers. implied harassment, fake relationship, eventual pining, fluff, this post is long-term fake relationship kinda thang.
includes : fem!reader.
wc : 7.1k words, 39.7k characters.
note : I tried to basically make the thing diverse, which included me stealing an idea from spy x family. the whole party scene basically 👩‍🦯 also I originally had no plans to post this yet, but since it's been a long time since I've active I figured to just put it. don't expect the next part to be out anytime soon lmao, I'm exhausted. sorry that this came out like a month and a half late
reblogs are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
✦ riddle rosehearts — when a creep is borderline harassing you and you need help to get rid of them. what better way was to drive them out with no needed force?
what the hell? you shove your newly acquired phone further under your blazer, shrinking a little when crewel's line of sight passes by your figure. you start praying to the gods, wherever, whenever to give you mercy when you feel another buzz sounding from the device.
they were anonymous, an unknown number that told you to just call them C. which is kind of hilarious since it just reinforced your impression of a troll on them.
it's been a few weeks and a few days since you've started to receive– admittedly concerning texts. of which you've brushed up as a troller, your previous thought ended up far too wrong when you received a mouthful of detail on your current attire.
which would've been normal if they also didn't pair it with a descriptive text about your classes, and what you do when you get home.
you sent the person a simple text to leave you alone, before pressing the block button. you didn't hear from them for a day. it was apparently temporary peace until you found a sealed letter in your seat, the signed name caught your attention immediately. 
– C :)
it's contents were too morally wrong to even say.
so you decide to entertain them for a while. getting to know each other, never really answering their questions that are too personal for strangers to know of. you started off asking their name, they didn't grace you with a reply.
next you tried asking if they were on the same yearl, it was simple. but it would greatly slim your suspects if they said yes.
they said yes.
next, you asked. what dormitory are you in? 
heartslabyul, C replied immediately. 
well they clearly thought that your knowledge of their dorm would do harm.
"hey, riddle!" the boy himself slows down his steps. peering behind him curiously, the previous stern look in his eyes slightly softens when it only catches of one of his close freinds. "prefect. something you need?"
"yes actually."
he listens dutifully. and at some point riddle just halts in his steps, and in turn you do aswell. "someone is bothering you? unbelievable! it's off with their—" he fumes. an immediate scowl gracing his features. there is a noticeable fury brimming behind riddle's eyes.
you grimace. a pool of uneasiness starts to rise in your stomach. it wasn't as though you were afraid of them, but more like..
the lack of evidence would most likely pin the blame to you instead.
"I'd prefer a more.." you gesture at his reddening face. "peaceful approach."
your method is certainly.. interesting it wasn't like riddle disliked it but he would've preferred to get the problem apprehended right away. but then again he can't really speak since he isn't their target of offense.
he looked embarrassed to hear your whole grand plan. he doesn't want to say no because who is he? a dorm leader to turn away from someone who is suffering at the hands of his fellow student.
riddle seems immensely more furious than you'd ever seen him when you inform that its a heartslabyul student. he would honestly just start marching onwards his dorm to interrogate the students themselves but even compared to the whole population of the school. there's still a lot of students in the heartslabyul dorm.
but since both of you figured it'd just do harm, you somehow convinced him to abandon his previous idea and proceed with yours instead: it's simple, probably effective if done properly, no one would question it since they don't know the behind the scenes, and maybe it's a chance to get to know riddle a little better. 
the first week was very awkward. you'd think he'd forgotten about it since he barely does anything to make the promise realistic but you threw the whole assumption out of the window since he seemed far too tense when you attempt to make a physical affection towards him.
thankfully his embarrassment and red face was usually mistaken for a blush of shyness so it had done a lot despite it being an unconscious effort from riddle. students had taken notice and started to gossip, much to his dismay. but then again the whole plan wouldn't have worked if word doesn't get out.
"us suddenly entering a.. relationship so suddenly would be suspicious." riddle says one day. matching your pace and looking straight ahead. as a whole, he was completely right. even after the whole overblot incident. you and him didn't really show any indication of actually being interested in each other romantically.
you nod. "yeah... but they wouldn't have any proof that this is a fake you know. therefore this could work." riddle shakes his head at you. "that is a weak contradiction."
apparently but expectedly, C caught word of the whole thing. and created a whole new number to start bothering you with. the first thing you see is them questioning you about the riddle, addressing the rumors and if they were true. in a way that depicts them looking absolutely crazy.
you would send the whole convo to crowley and hopefully get them suspended, even better if expelled but you don't really know the exact location of this person. you've tried getting an ignihyde student to help you, since they're basically geniuses with tech. but you've come to learn that they use public phones to contact you.
no not the free ones like from your old world. a whole, actual smart phone would be free to use in various stores in case of an emergency. if this was back in your world it would've been 100% robbed already.
(not canon I think this is for plot purpose)
the second week ends up going smoother than the last. you both agree showing affection in public but on a more minimal note, like how those sappy couples do. ace and deuce naturally find out first. walking into you and riddle seatedt on a bench with you casually leaning your head on his shoulder, to which he responded with placing his over yours. you both stare at the pages of a history book.
admittedly with great reluctance and the embarrassment he thought he'd gotten rid of.
ace had screamed so loudly that it made his housewarden jump from his seat and set his enraged eyes on the former. he was expectedly punished for possibly disturbing nearby students with the loud noise. and riddle took personal offense from his reaction alone.
you watch calmly from the sidelines, involved with the chaos as always though being only left to witness it.
"honestly dude? ew, why housewarden?!" ace groans. finally cornering you in the ramshackle dorm, traces of red paint all across his hands. deuce follows behind him, nodding and looking torn. of course, they didn't need to know so you just resorted to telling them the classic. "we hit off."
they didn't leave you alone. and had the most weirdest excuse to pull you away from riddle whenever they happen to see you two together. you can't tell if it's because they're lowkey protective or they just wanna spite riddle, mainly ace but deuce seems reluctant but involved regardless.
cater, of course finds out a few days later after your first year freinds do. I don't know what you expect but he's the main reason why the majority of NCR. are aware of your current status with the housewarden. if there's a fast way to get everyone aware of your status, leave it to cater and his trusty skills with social media.
cater might go a little overboard sometimes but he'd probably start of with something like hinting -> posting pictures of you and riddle (his first one was in a library, with riddle looking over your shoulder as you sat.) and -> captioning the posts with the most obvious shit like love birds. 🙄
...and he is also the reason why you are being spammed online by a bunch of curious fellow students.
contrary to what the adeuce had thought. trey was actually the one who found out first. riddle being unable to hide it with his obvious behavior and eventually confiding in trey with a red face and sputtering words. of course riddle didn't relay your secret, you trusted him enough to keep and aid you after all.
(only him.)
eventually the whole thing just starts to blend with his whole schedule. suddenly the hand holding, cheek kissing, and affection in general doesn't affect him as much as it did before. on the contrary, he sometimes finds himself enjoying it which is outrageous because he thinks it's inappropriate to feel such a thing towards you when this whole thing is just..
in fact he starts to incorporate you into his life. he makes that he brews two cups of tea to bring over in the mornings, one for you, one for him. even better if you both caught moment alone in the gardens, just with the occasional chatter (with riddle making sure your student and personal life is doing okay) and the silence whom you don't know how it melted from awkward to comfortable.
as a second example, there is a special spot for you whenever there's an unbirthday party. sweets especially to your taste, or just general pastries like bread if you aren't too into sweets. (don't ask why you're now seated next to his seat, on his very own special table while your freinds are staring into your soul.) did I mention he completely disregarded grim and even asked adeuce to take care of him while he gets you all to himself?
thirdly. he'd grown accustomed to squeeze you into his schedule, another example being study sessions on a quiet spot in the library consisting of the torture of school, ensured after classes of course. but if riddle is beside you, helping you along the way surely it won't be too bad?
it all would've gone alone fairly well if azul and kalim didn't come barging in the middle of one of your sessions, kalim exclaiming over a new addition to their study group? while azul wears a suspiciously polite look. riddle nearly screams in suprise before going a little red at the realization–
he'd forgotten that he, along azul had taken the intuitive to tutor kalim. well, it was mostly him believing that jamil should have a break, therefore ending up up offering. he's not sure about azul though but he definitely had some kind of ulterior motive.
now the two are some kind of third and fourth wheels to your 'not dates' azul is now excessively asking a lot of questions. probably having noticed the now close intimacy you two share. some simple, and some far too embarrassing to answer.
you had to pull riddle away before he actually collared a fellow dorm head, there's a slim chance he will since riddle is always so formal, respecting and strict. azul didn't break any rules so there wasn't a need for a punishment.
slim but definitely not impossible!
he wasn't aware at first. too entranced to notice that his red faces weren't from embarrassment or shame anymore but from actual shyness. he seems to grip your hand a little tighter, spending so much time with you that there was a moment where he forgot he had duties to attend to.
ah.. you almost forgot, the creep that had been bothering you wasn't heard from for... days? your days had been going so splendidly that it brought you the blessing of forgetting about them…
as a final precaution you swipe open your messages and to your absolute delight the last time they texted you was about a week ago. nothing was heard which meant that they hopefully got the whole memo.
"riddle, thank you." you smiled at him one afternoon. riddle raises a brow at your frankly, rare thankful behavior. "for what?"
you beam at him, so blissfully that his hearts starts running laps. it had such a hold on him that he had to verbally clear his throat. "they're gone! I didn't notice but they haven't been bothering me anymore." who? they? who is they?
you don't know if you were hallucinating but it almost seemed like the strands on his head, shaped like hearts, drooped as if it broke.
"so.. you don't need me--my help anymore?" he questions quietly. the answer is so clear in your head, but even you pause in silence. unable to answer.
riddle doesn't know how he got the courage to do what he had in the following moments. maybe a burst of effort to keep you with him.
he huffed. "hmph, prefect. you've stolen something from me." your face constricts into slight horror but mainly confusion is present as you point at yourself. "me? I have?"
he grabs your finger and navigates it to point at his chest. "yes. stolen items must be replaced. there isn't a problem if I want yours right?"
"👁👄👁" that was smooth.
✦ leona kingscholar — when you've accidentally told your freinds that you're in a relationship in a spur of the moment, and now have to prove it to be true.. or else.
it was nice having freinds. other than a pair of boys atleast, you love ace and deuce but sometimes.. you'd just prefer it if sometimes we're a little calmer.. and not full of half hearted brawls that you always get dragged into.
socializing was a pain in the ass sometimes, and definitely hard to do when you know absolutely nothing about the new world. so you literally felt like some foreign kid in a new school, on a new continent, starting school. 
so you'd guess it's the reason why you started clinging onto a pair of ladies, just your age. they were attending another college a few ways over NRC, they were apart of a sorority. as crazy as it seems that those actually exist here aswell.
well.. not exactly clingy but you let them basically do anything they want to you. they're actually really nice. it sounds like you're just a loser but you'd just rather not walk up to someone and go. "hey! wanna be freinds?" it sounds way too awkward. 
"you're really pretty, you know?" A twirls a lock of your hair and giggles. you blink in slight embarrassment and guiltily stare at your shoes. "thanks.."
B perks up from the bed. "well yeah! im suprised you haven't got a boyfreind yet." she teases. behind her sits C, C grunts and not so violently pulls B from the hair which causes the girl to jerk back.
"stop moving.." C mumbles. 
B sits up, exasperated. "whatever.. anyways! the house is gonna host a party next month." she points at you. "you in?"
you pause and think about your schedule. it's clean, right? finally, you nod. "yeah."
A grins "for once were letting in plus two's! you better make sure you bring someone. kay?"
who the hell would you even bring? well… ace or deuce would count but if you brought one the other is bound to start following as well. kinda like they come in a two in one package.
"speaking of… do you have anyone in mind?"
B leaps up and starts squealing. "oh MY GOD!! don't tell me you're gonna bring a boyfriend!" she laughs. slapping you playfully. in the spur of the moment you answer.
"heh… in your dre–"
"um yeah.."
they all pause. "WHAT?"
"so you're telling me, you told your freinds that you have a boyfreind? " leona scowls. leaning his cheek on his palm as his tail lazily swishes behind him peering up at you, looking half asleep.
he groans. "out of all people.. me, really?" you sigh and nod mutely. "sorry. it was in the spur of the moment, i kind of... blurted it out and they don't believe me."
leona makes another sound of seeming irritation. "so your pride is on line? fine.. remember, you're indebted to me after this."
he pauses. "oh, for the record. you're gonna listen to whatever I say. got it?" you can only nod. he was the one accepting after all, it hardly seemed like a fair deal but whatever gets him to succumb to your one wish.
this will be okay right? this will be beneficial to him, even better if it requires minimal effort
leona still can't wrap the thought of why, you've chosen him out of all students in the school, even one of your so dear, first year best freinds would be a better choice. he internally sighs at your carelessness. If you hadn't been so quick to be defensive then maybe he wouldn't be in this situation at all..
but then again he would still need to lift another limb if he ended up not accepting with ruggie being busy in the meanwhile. he thinks, watching you scurry around. obviously struggling and lowkey annoyed at his vigorous commands. is this how a king feels? to be able to get someone to obey without much complaints.
ruggie doesn't know what in the seven is going on and why you were like some kind of new, additional servant to the housewarden but he doesn't really care, if anything your involvement had made his life a lot easier.
and what does ruggie appreciate? something to lessen the load of work leona just piles on him! nice see you again prefect. now you're gonna be someone that ruggie's gonna use to skip out on all the work he deems to hard for his poor, overworked self. be ready. he's gonna work you to the absolute bone.
accompanied by lots of school works, upcoming tests and more errands from crowley. adding leona's needs didn't exactly help your case. if anything it made your headaches more frequent and, more prone to passing out because you could literally see your vision blur at random times in the day.
your 'freinds' ended up inviting you to some kind of acquaintance party. which you'd be stress free of going to if it weren't the fact that they insisted for your so called 'boyfreind' to come along. for a couple of freinds, they sure are persistent on humiliating you. but what can you do? they have more influence than you.
"there's a party, I need you to go with me."
you had told leona when he had his back turned to you. "hngh... what a pain..." you could hear him mumble and perhaps even the small disappointment of knowing that you'll be going alone. it's not that you minded his reaction to the situation, if you went alone then you'd be proved as a liar.
the party was in a few weeks. prior to the party then you'd go along as his errand runner until the day arrives. even then, there's still a small bubble of hope. despite the fact that you're sure he won't even bother. for now you'd trust him, leona isn't known for his promises. but he helped you during that time in octavinelle, even if the intentions were made to benefit himself.
..and if he just put up with your little plan. he'd get an obedient little 'servant' he can boss around with ruggie. if you can deal with crowley then you surely can put up with leona. at the very least, his commands are just him being his lazy self compared to the piles crowley would give you.
his commands usually being "fetch me another pillow in the closet." or "get me meat from the kitchen." leona being leona.. = never putting the effort to do something rather than snooze the whole day.
the first week consisted of you mainly getting more packed with work. crewel noticed the tired face you sported in class, he even caught you sleeping several times. usually he'd whip up a good punishment.. but, maybe you need it. of course he'd confronted crowley about it but you don't exactly know.
and your whole load got lighter, even if it isn't a lot. and using the confusion into advantage the following days goes by with you feeling lighter than you'd ever been.
leona still stayed the same. you don't even know why you went to him. he didn't make it believable nor initiate anything that implies that he'd chosen you. you were frustrated because even your freinds had noticed despite their being not even from NCR. you'd never posted about leona, only the occasional food pics you'd post on magicam.
they'd still pester you about showing his face.
of course. the school doesn't even know about your whole predicament so if leona doesn't want to, then why even bother? after all, they're not the ones who you're appealing to. slowly this whole things seems very useless since you'd just end up indebted to the lion who didn't lift a finger to help you.
"maybe jack would have been a better option?" you mumble randomly. carefully folding a piece of shirt that definitely belongs to leona, it's scent is eerily familiar. you fan yourself with your hand, it's absolutely hot in here.. how do these boys even survive in the heat?
unkownst to you of the lion that just walked in on the right time to pick up on your words despite still being far away from you. if there was one thing leona hated– it was being compared.
this is weird, what would leona want to call for you? "for your hard work, I'll give you a little prize." leona stretches. ears twitching pleasantly at the sensation of his bones popping. then he lays down and glances at you side ways. "what're you waiting for? come here." while you stood dumbly in the middle of the botanical garden.
and that's how you ended up casually tucked under leona's arm on a patch of green in the botanical garden. the grass tresses tickle your face as if it was caressing it. it brought little comfort to the racing heart you had, and you feared that leona could pick it up. "well this isn't bad is it?"
he opens his eyes and peeks at you, a little exasperated. "herbivore. calm down will you? don't catch feels for me so fast." before you could answer he's already fast asleep, even going as far as snuggling closer like you were his pillow!
"that's not..." you trail off. awkwardly adjusting your position as you'd tried to wriggle out prior, which ended up being a fail since you failed to recognize how strong a lion could be.. you sigh and succumb to your ultimate demise. might as well catch up on some sleep, right?
(is it really a coincidence for leona to suddenly pull you to nap just after you've looked so exhausted? I will leave you to interpret that.) <- a factor to his invitation, the minor one being him hell bent on proving that he's obviously better and not one to compare to.
"leonaaa.. leonaaa! I know you're in here.."
ruggie ends up finding his housewarden and the prefect of ramshackle snuggling into each other like a pair of lion mates.. er... lion and human mate?? was that even okay.. a lion and a human together wasn't very common, lions liked to stick to other lions. uncommon but you're not the only case.
the second week passes by with less stress than the first one. you're now somehow obligated to attend leona's mandatory morning, afternoon, and night naps. the fact that the leona himself is dragging himself to your class instead of actually sleeping to drag you to sleep with him. (that was confusing) is suspicious enough as it is.
so jack ends up having an urge, something to resolve his curiosity that he can't help. though he has an inner crisis, he ultimately ends up asking you about it to which you casually reply. "oh, leona? we're... together.." you mumbled.
what now 😃
jack is honestly quite confused. come on now. you and the housewarden? that's the pair that no one would expect. if he remembers correctly. you and leona barely talked to each other and even got into a few disputes yourself! it just sounds kinda bizarre given how he treats you like a nobody.
^ typical leona behavior to everyone else but still.. 
from what you know. leona doesn't own a magicam, hell. you haven't even seen him carrying a phone around. but apparently you were wrong when ruggie casually showed you leona's page like it was nothing. you woulda assumed it's just ruggie trying to mess with you if the followers didn't have the verified user of @/farena. people from leona's homeland struck you as people who don't really care about technology but guess you're wrong again..
(leona wasn't following back)
somehow theres actually stuff that the page has: for example a blurry picture of leona sleeping. and the caption being messy letters that you used enough brain juice to form 'unca leona'. you laugh and follow leona as a joke, scrolling through his page full of blurry pics and selfies from cheka. some from the king himself.
though you don't know if you're suprised if leona followed you back or how he was still awake. his 0 following now turned into 1.
now you have a curious big brother in your dms whose curiously asking who you are. and your freinds pestering you once again, this time quering about the mysterious follow of a prince! you almost forgot they knew your social media.
you end up ignoring them in favor of actually getting to know farena. you suppose that if you'd told leona he'd definitely get upset and stingy with you so you decide on not letting him know. farena exchanges greetings with you before going into a discussion about leona.
as if some kind of flip. he did a 180° and is now telling you embarrassing stories about leona. sending you old pictures of a young leona that you'd never thought you'd see.
what an entertaining night..
the third week arrived faster than you had thought. you were mainly focused on completing your tasks as well as balancing your student life. if anything both are pretty much the same. at that time, leona had pretty much given you access to everything he owns. he no longer makes a fuss over you arriving at the dorm, if anything. he seems pleased.
and sometimes he calls for you himself! last time you remember he was just about seconds from grumbling away because of your presence alone due to the confiscation if your dorm! and now if lions could purr you could pretty much imagine him doing so because he seems so intent on letting you sleep next to him.
did I mention he kicks grim out of the bed when he thinks you don't know as you both sleep? someone get this cat a break because you are both grim's blessing and nightmare. all these boys are doing crazy things to sever his bond with HIS henchman! >:(
oh you wanna sleep on his bed? wait for him would you?  you're hungry? fine. lion prides usually have their individual fair shares anyways. basically the epitome of "we share everything." this doesn't extend to him only you know, so there's unspoken rule that you have to share yours too. he doesn't really ask much but you're starting to question why he keeps taking your blankets, returning it and then taking it again after a few weeks.
(I'm sure you know)
surprisingly leona's attendance to class had been so frequent whenever you were somehow involved to the point where trein had asked you to 'help' him in class. by that he really meant being some kind of assistant.. not that you minded (you did) but why?
oh… crewel is his potionology teacher? he hates the professor because he treats leona like a goddamn puppy. so leona just skips it all out until somehow you had gotten involved. just when he was about to step out from the classroom to skip you enter to pass a stack of paper to crewel. the man asks you to assist him with some things.
why's he suddenly in his seat??
did I mention that lions are quite possessive of things they claim?
the weeks just blur in comparison and now you're walking to the party alone. shivering at the unfortunate winter blessed upon the streets of.. this world or whatever.. it's been only a few times since you've left campus, a majority only ever to visit the girls. 
you peer at your watch. he's 32 minutes late... you sigh, shoving your cold fingers in your pockets. what was the point in waiting anymore? you'd be more of an embarrassment if you turn up to the party more late, and partnerless..
the cold, merciless winter doesn't do justice against the icy feeling your heart adorns.
that's how you arrived at the doorstep of your freind, particles of visible snow clouding your attire. as they struggle to hold in their laugh. "you're late!" I know..
"c-pfft..come on in!"
you nod. dusting off the snow over your jacket and hanging it. it's too bad. you look down at the attire under your coat. cause for once you had actually tried to make an effort to make yourself look presentable. to try and make yourself look appealing even, in the slightest hopes of impressing…
hm. you shake your head and stand awkwardly in a corner, everyone doesn't seem  to notice you.
this normalcy--, you glance at someone making hand motions. then their hand bursts into a dance of fiery, passionate flames. --is something I can never get.
after all… there is no such thing as magic back in your world. it's dull, boring and certainly tempted to just pluck away all your hopes and burn it when you start high school. 
you ended up staying for more or less, half an hour. you let yourself explore the house, it was quite big. smaller than ramshackle but it looks more regal and clean. you're almost jealous. the food was good, there wasn't a lot of meat. mainly vegetables. 
the most you could do was escape to the front porch to ignore their never ending remarks. your phone in your hand as you engage in small, admittedly idiotic talk with your two best freinds, seated on a swinging, wooden..swing thing. housewarden collared me again. ace's text read. it provided you with small warmth to fight against glacial temperature.
you smile.
you don't have animal ears like the savanaclaw beastmen but you can almost hear a pair of footwear crunching in the snow. then there's a pair of shoes entering your vision. you look up and--
"this party's boring, let's go." he doesn't acknowledge the fact that he basically stood you up for like an.. hour or two? you always knew he was prideful. instead he engaged in a minute length staring contest. until he slouches his shoulders and sighs in defeat. "fine, have it your way."
"you know I set up an alarm, I missed it." you blink and stare at him from your peripheral vision, it looks like he's going to continue. "can ya believe that? I'm disrupting my sleep for you. tch, so don't act so sad when I've gone through all the trouble. all right?"
".. you don't need these losers anyways. all you need is me."
you stay quiet when he sits down beside you, spreads his legs and slides his arm behind you, stretching. like he owns the house. the swing creaks under his weight.
it doesn't feel so cold anymore. "I'm here now so you owe me." you shake your head. the whole thing was basically pointless but you were too happy to end the whole pretending thing. "what do you want.?"
he grins. "you."
you gawk. "huh?!"
me after writing the last part..👩‍🦽
✦ azul ashengrotto.
"to sum it all up, you would like an experience?" azul hums. the slightest tip of his hat casts the ever mysterious persona over his face, making it more eery.
you blankly nod. a bit embarrassed to admit that you've come to him for the silliest of reasons: to experience a relationship to the full extent.
you weren't that desperate. just.. curious. you know what they say don't you? curiosity kills the cat.
azul assumes a confident look. "hehehe.. I can do that, aren't i so kind." for I, am gracious.
woah is this some kind of deja vu..
this time around, after learning through your past lessons. you've skimmed every part of the contract for any loop holes that might and will be used against you.
oh.. this whole thing was a grand plan was it? to get you to be his anemone.. servant? but wasn't he banned by crowley from ever using his unique magic? perhaps there's still some kind of catch that you haven't caught on yet. you cast one more suspicious look at the smiling azul before signing your signature on the very bottom.
anyhow, the details of the contract was for azul to help you experience a relationship. in return you'll be an additional help, whenever. if he needs a helping hand you'd be inclined to aid him.
there was this absolutely embarrassing silence that made you want to self destruct. because he's just there smiling like nothing is wrong as he tucks the contract into his... sleeve? what the hell how could that fit in there. 🙁
you shake your head just as he extends a hand towards you. when you look up he displays you an awfully charming grin. "shall we?" you take his hand. "where are we going?"
"I must not let a lady walk by herself, no? even it isn't night. it is still dangerous."
it was first thing in the morning when you set out to octavinella since you knew azul would be up anyways, plus there were less students around the campus. even your grim was fast asleep in the mornings, you'd have to go back quickly if you don't want him to make a fuss about the lack of breakfast. not that crowley provided you with it anyways..
when you arrive in ramshackle. grim is already on the front porch, looking gravely hungry. his ears perk up when he catches sight of you. and then droops again when he sees azul on your side, to him. looking very suspicious as always. "hey you! what're you doing with my henchman!" grim screeched. obviously still scarred from his previous experiences that weren't so pleasant with the octavinella dorm leader.
you had to restrain grim before he could start tearing up azul's coat.
the first week is relatively normal. and azul actually makes it so that you feel as though you're actually in a relationship with him. but you've both come to an agreement that the affection will remain to a certain 'professional' extent, as he is not entirely comfortable with it. which you've come to learn, he isn't used to it.
you once accidentally bumped shoulders with him when you were sitting on a long chair with a few other students, his glasses fogged up for some reason, his face was tinged pink and he jerked back so far that you thought he actually hated you for 10 seconds straight.
he kind of stayed more hyper aware of his surroundings after that.
I kind of got off topic so let's continue the whole thing going around the first week.
azul has made it possible to organize some kind of dates, exclusively only ever happening whenever he's sure that both of your schedules align. It's surprisingly a daily occurrence since the first and second year's schedule are pretty much the same. (if I'm wrong please inform me.)
it wasn't too long before the tweels found out. maybe a couple of days after you've made the deal with azul. after the promise of floyd leaving him alone if he'd tell them why he's acting to affectionate with the prefect of ramshackle, which ends up with floyd looking a little disappointed and jade, bemused.
"ehh.. that's too bad, I thought you actually charmed shrimpy.. your game is weaker than I thought."
"excuse me?!"
"fufufu.. most entertaining, azul looks flustered."
after more comments from floyd. azul eventually makes a promise that he will absolutely charm you to fall in love with him merely out of spite of his childhood freind. and you're just confused why he's taking the whole thing a lot more seriously.
second week is filled with vigorous efforts of azul trying to woo you after doing excessive research of your own interests. he isn't usually so fired up over floyd's teasing as he'd basically grown up with it, but for some reason he is?
you're just confused why he's suddenly so determined to treat the whole thing more seriously than before. you don't exactly find the sudden change unpleasant, just a little suspicious as to what made his transition so apparent.
you always 'accidentally' bump into azul at the most convenient times. it usually happens whenever a class had ended and there isn't another for a while. azul just smiles and invites you to sit with him for lunch. which is a suprise since he was so adamant on keeping the deal under wraps.
you could only sit beside him. silently weeping at the prying stares many had thrown your way. the twins ended up sitting in your table (you could've sword azul's glasses cracked when floyd separated you two and sat in the middle of you and azul)
jade only displays a cool, menacing smile as usual.
by then you'd gotten unusually close with the trio. finding out things you hadn't even assumed, like how azul seems so aggressive with the twins sometimes out of goodwill. now you have a pair of lowkey protective eels and a stupefied octopus that can help you for a price scam.
being friends with them had its pros, came with it was the cons. which included several of the students that tried to be freindly with you being less talkative, suddenly paling in the middle of the conversation. (unkownst to you about the two glowering eels behind you)
the possessiveness is given by all three of them. for a reason still unknown but you're still skeptical.
the information that this whole thing is just playing pretend would most likely be tucked neatly in the back of your mind. where you'd admittedly forget for a few moments, too deep to escape from the temporary loneliness and certainly too real to register that it isn't.
here's the thing. azul is absolutely great at deceiving, you're already aware the moment you learned just how many contracts he'd 'earned'.
and unfortunately for you. there was a time where you'd actually thought he genuinely loved you because the way his eyes just.. sparkle, crinkling up and the soft smile.. you just rather shake your head and convince yourself that it wasn't real, it never was.
"thank you for your help, as promised. I'll help out with whatever you need as payment."
azul's brows creases. "wha—oh.. ahem. I see, much appreciated. let's talk about the details later." he nods. uncharacteristically quiet.
there is a moment of silence before he speaks up again, looking more confident than ever. "just wait a second. would you like to extend the deadline?" you blink in bewildered and gape like a fish.
so all you could muster up was a small. "huh?" where was this going and where did he get the idea? you can almost feel your heart just about to swim away! the offer is so tempting but you aren't sure about what he wants..
you shake your head. "for um.. how long?"
he smirks. "forever."
okay I lowkey got embarassed writing that so bye 👋👋
🏷 : @dicetheroll @ravynous @gh0stbastard
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xenya1111 · 3 months ago
is it ok if grimm and the NRC staff also react to mc/yuu being a girl please?
The staff and Grim’s reactions to Yuu being a girl
Warnings: None, a bit of some tooth rotting fluff lmao, hope you enjoy @stoeolq !
Tumblr media
Dire Crowley:
Honestly he’s the first one who knows your secret he just doesn’t care lmao
He’s such an irresponsible guardian like you CANNOT tell me this man couldn’t care less about your existence and this man is only putting up with you until he finds a way for you to go back home, even then this bitch is lazy as fuck and hasn’t even bothered finding a way home for you yet 💀
That is also why the other staff members have vowed to be your legal guardians (and I mean all the staff because it’s so bad to the point where all of them were like “we’re taking care of her now” since he’s so irresponsible) and also they were used to Crowley being a disaster when it comes to taking responsibility for things, let alone his own students, so they already had a feeling they needed to take care of you. You being a girl just makes them more obligated to help you 😭
Thing is, one good thing (one tinyyy small thing) about Crowley is he would never admit it, but he’s honestly thrilled that you’re the only female student, since NRC has never had a female student in the past and you are an exception to that rule, but at the same time with the way he practically threw you into NRC, with no protection whatsoever, we can all collectively agree on one thing: this man SUCKS at being your legal guardian.
He’s by far the most ridiculous guardian you have, heck he’s so irresponsible when it comes to taking care of you that the other staff members literally had to step in and make sure you were okay, this man threw you into an only boys school without protection, he almost left on vacation during chapter 4 and almost left without giving you a good food supply for the winter, and when you literally got kidnapped instead of coming to your recuse he pretends he’s on voicemail & hangs up on you. Overall, I honestly think this bastard does not give a fuck whether your a girl or not I’m sorry 😭
Tumblr media
Divus Crewel:
Probably the best father figure other than Trein, I feel like if you were a girl Crewel would always make sure your well fed, he’ll always make sure you slept well, if your not focused in class expect a mug of coffee to be placed on your desk, don’t ask him about it, it’s from him just drink it he does not like being put on the spot about spoiling you lmaooo
Crewel always gives you snacks in class, he personally tailors a female uniform for you, he definitely gets a soft spot for you but would never admit it lmaooo
Had to make all the other staff members stop teasing him since he said he would never have favorites but once you came to NRC he has a favorite & it’s you: and everyone has noticed 😭
After chapter 4 happened he always made sure, from then on out, that you knew if you ever needed to go somewhere on break you could always go to his home since he knew ramshackle dorm gets cold during the night.
Crewel spoils 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 rotten 👏🏼!! I just know that one this man gains a soft spot for you he will go all out when it comes to spoiling you. From the latest phone, since he had looked at the phone Crowley gave you and he told you it was a really cheap phone, and it barely had any data on it, to the latest clothes and shoes, you will be spoiled rotten from him, no complaints this man will take a liking to you and will see you as his own.
If you manage to actually bond with him and if he’s able to grow closer to you he’d definitely look into actually making himself your legal guardian. If he does grow close to you, he may or may not still be pondering over those adoption papers in his desk at his home but you don’t need to know about that!
I feel like Crewel would honestly do the best he could when it comes down to taking care of you. At the end of the day, he knows he’s not your actual guardian, and he knows your not his child, your someone else’s, but over time, somewhere deep inside of him knows he’d love to have you as his own even if you guys weren’t related by blood, he just gets so protective of you since to him, you’re like a puppy, all alone in this world and he must take care of you.
Also do not expect your grade to raise! Just because he cares about you doesn’t mean you can slack off in class and expect him to raise your grade just because! But if your struggling and he sees that you need help he’ll always offer tutoring after class, he wants you to succeed and he’ll make sure of it.
(Can y’all tell my favoritism is showing 😐😑😐)
Tumblr media
Mozus Trein:
Probably the other best parental/guardian figure, honestly I feel we can all agree on the fact that Crewel and Trein are the best guardian figures out of all the staff, but with Trein, he’s raised two girls so he knows how to handle them
Honestly when he figured out you were a girl he also got a little bit protective since he knows how rude boys can be, they can also be really gross so he knew he had to do something to help you out
Once he saw how irresponsible Crowley was when it came down to making sure you had food and basic necessities, he immediately felt his fatherly instincts kick in and he always made sure you were well fed and if you needed help he also made sure you had access to tutoring
Trein honestly is just so disappointed with Crowley when he saw how he neglected his duties as your guardian, he could never imagine being like that to his own girls
Will never admit it but you remind him of his two girls and it warms his heart, it brings back good memories of when they first came into his life and he appreciates it
He honestly loves that your a girl, he definitely loves your personality and your easier to work with, when he eventually gains that soft spot for you he may even set up a little date with you and his girls so you could meet :)
Tumblr media
Ashton Vargas:
Soccer mom. This man is a soccer mom no ands ifs or buts
When he finds out your a girl he’s honestly concerned with how you’ll do in an only boys school
Immediately looks at your muscles and would tell you that you are weak as hell and he’s gonna train the shit out of you so you can defend yourself
I honestly feel like he wouldn’t really care all that much? He would mostly want you to be safe at all times: hence why he wants you to build those muscles so you could punch anyone who even thinks of laying a finger on you
Overall, he’s the same as always, but expect him to become more protective of you since your a girl and all, he wants to make sure your always safe :)
Tumblr media
Honestly I feel like he wouldn’t exactly be a parent or guardian, he would be an uncle lmaoo
But he’s one of those cool uncles you enjoy having, he always offers you part time jobs at his shop so you can earn fun money
He always gives you discounts and depending on how helpful you are in the shop he’ll even give you stuff for free, just make sure you do good and help out and heck he’ll even buy some stuff for you if you don’t have any money on you
He likes spoiling you, he doesn’t really care that your a girl, but the voices in his head tell him otherwise. He finds it fascinating with how you’ve been able to make it this far without anyones help. He’s definitely one of your biggest supporters, he likes you a lot :)
On special days like your birthday he’ll let you make one wish and if he doesn’t have it in his shop he’ll personally go out and buy whatever you want. He just wants you to have as much fun as you can before you go back, he also always makes sure your okay and he always makes sure you have basic necessities, since Crowley never does. Heck he’ll even supply some of those if Crewel and Trein couldn’t that month, he’ll step in and take over for them if things get too hectic without them
Overall, he tries not to get too excited about you being a girl, but he finds himself spoiling you constantly and he always finds himself looking forward to your visits to his shop after classes end
Tumblr media
I feel like Grim also probably already knows your a girl since you guys have been together since the beginning
When he first found out, I honestly feel like he wouldn’t really care all that much, all he would say is “now I’ve gotta protect my henchman from all these boys!” And then go and demand you to get him some tuna 💀
Even if grim always says doesn’t care, he definitely shows it in his own way. For example your menstrual cycle.
When grim senses that you get your cycle, he immediately goes and kneads your lower back & stomach and then proceeds to purr loudly
It’s basically an instinctual thing for cats to do so i also HC if you were a girl I could definitely see him doing that to you when you get your cycle. Even though he says he’s not a cat he’s still got cat like tendencies.
If you get emotional on your cycle (same), he would sleep with you on your bed that night, and he will not stop purring until you fall asleep
Cats have healing frequencies with their purring, so I could definitely picture him doing the same thing normal cats do, and he’ll most likely always tell you it’s cause your his henchmen and he’s gotta take care of you lmaoo
Overall, he would most likely tell you that he doesn’t care if your a girl or a boy, your still his henchman, but if you look at the signs closely, you can definitely find that he keeps it a secret that your a girl (which is a miracle with how much of a blabber mouth he is), and he does love having you around, he does care, Grim is just too proud to admit it
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twistfantasies · 3 months ago
Synopsis: They say something hurtful to their s/o and make them cry 
Characters: Ace Trappola, Jade Leech, Leona KingScholar, and Riddle Rosehearts 
Warnings: This is MUCH longer than part one. 
Part (2/2)
Read the first half: here
{A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s the second edition, as promised! This took 3 sittings to write lol. Sorry for the boring formatting but I don’t think I have the guts to deal with tumblr today.} 
Ace Trappola 
Ace doesn’t have the guts to seek you out immediately
He’s too busy holing himself up in his room. Likely wasting hours laying down; either staring at the ceiling or tossing a baseball in the air. 
His braincells are working overtime (a very rare occurrence in his case), and he’s got the classic ‘Angel vs. Devil’ advocate on each shoulder 
Ya know, think Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove 
According to his Angel, you’re better off alone. He’ll just make things worse and that’s the last thing he wants. The best option is to let himself brood and you have your space. He can wait for you to come to him, and then he’ll apologize. He needs to reflect to be better for you.
As for his Devil, he’s pissed that you ran off without him in the first place. It whispers that the issue wasn’t big enough to warrant a scene. It was only some mindless teasing, and telling him off would have been better. 
It’s a game of tug-o-war between the two. Ace’s pride doesn’t want to admit that he’s in the wrong, and wants you to apologize to him. It wants to march over to Ramshackle, demand you talk to him, and to keep going like nothing happened 
The Devil nearly wins, but somewhere in the back of his mind the Angel has an ‘ace in the hole’. One holding back that sinful pride 
It says that this fight, while small on the surface, is one that would repeat itself if left alone. It’s not the first time Ace’s teasing has gone too far, and he knows it. He has always chosen to ignore it, thinking that you can handle it. He projected himself onto you in many ways, and that’s the real problem. 
If he wants you to stay with him, then it isn’t the teasing that needs to stop. It’s the projecting. He needs to try listening more and treating you like his partner rather than a friend with benefits. 
In the end, his Angel wins
Yet he is still Ace. Patience is not his virtue, so the Devil will have his advocate. 
The fool bolts to Ramshackle, ignoring the protests of his upperclassmen and his dorm’s curfew. Not wise, considering the punishment awaiting him, but he’ll deal with that tomorrow. 
For now, all Ace is concerned with is getting to you before he passes out or does something stupid again 
Without concern for your sleep schedule, he’ll bang on the door “Oi! Open the door (Y/N)! We gotta talk,” 
If you don’t respond, he’ll keep banging until you do. It will progressively get louder and he won’t let up for a moment. It is in your best interest to open it and let him in 
When you do choose to open it, you’ll find him a mess. He didn’t bother to clean himself up after his little existential crisis. 
Once inside, he at first gets cold feet. He initially planned this long ramble about how he would be better, but one look at you makes his thoughts become static 
In the end, all he can manage is to pull you into a tight hug. One he hopes conveys how sorry he is. For earlier, and for overlooking your feelings 
If you hug him back, he’ll calm down significantly. Ace won’t want to go back to his dorm in fear of riddle so perhaps offer him merciful refuge. Give him a glass of water and let him go wash his face. 
You can sentence him to the couch, or spend some time together. He’s okay with either, but you can’t go to bed just yet. Now that he’s calm, he’ll try to scrounge pieces of what he wanted to say earlier but couldn’t.
“Hey,” he starts, facing you with his characteristic determination, “I’m gonna be better. I don’t know how just yet, but that’s my problem to figure out. Just know that I'm gonna do better by you. The next time I make you cry, it’s going to be because you’re so damn happy and can’t help it. I won’t accept nothin’ else, alright?”
Will you give Ace a second chance? 
Jade Leech 
Jade is not one to act on impulse. Every move he makes is done with intent.
Every word is weighed against all others in his vocabulary
Every step is taken considering the optimal route 
Every hour is maximized, even for personal affairs and hobbies 
Jade has always been this way ever since he was a child. How else does a person become so meticulous in everything they do? You noted his behaviors early on, surprising him.
Drawing conclusions based on past experience, deducing his nature should have labeled him as cold-hearted -unapproachable- in your eyes.
 Definetly not someone to be loved or admired 
Yet, you remained fond of him. Finding security in his planning and trust in his words. If he always chose his actions carefully, then he would never lie or hurt you. He found the refreshing point of view charming, agreeing with it.  
“Many may try to harm you, but I am the least likely to,” is what he said. However, even then his words were picked selectively. Even then, he secured himself. 
‘least likely,’ is not definite. If you noticed, which he is certain of, you had not commented and instead played along. 
That conversation had been months ago, yet Jade found himself reflecting on it more in one day than during the timespan between. 
After your argument, he had steeled himself to forget his emotions until your ‘situation’ was taken care of. He met with Floyd and Azul in the VIP lounge, quickly informing them of your whereabouts and why he would be working the night shift. 
As always, he spoke guarded. Only reassuring that you would not be leaving the dorm for the rest of the night and leaving out information on the ‘lovers spat’. Utterly useless, since Floyd and Azul knew Jade well enough to sense there was more. However, neither pried.  
Instead, they readjusted the system. Now Floyd would accompany you through the day, Azul would escort you home, and Jade would personally track any abnormal behaviors from a distance. 
Needless to say, the targeting did not last much longer. Floyd may be decent at tracking, but he’s always been the one to strike in a hunt. Now Jade? He was still on your schedule, yet not bound to your side. With Floyd on guard duty, he was easily able to follow the clues after every ‘accident’. 
Two days
Two days and it was done. He had a hunch before, but it turns out that multiple people with grudges teamed up for this plan which is why their tracks were covered well. Jade still found them though, and his brother was just itching for a good squeezing. 
Unfortunately, Jade held no pity for them. Though he did offer them one last solace. 
“You have succeeded, albeit only temporarily. I grant you the mercy of this knowledge. You have also hurt someone precious, and so I will let my brother here handle your punishment. I have some loose ends to tie in the meantime,” 
With that, he leaves and lets another important issue cloud his mind. 
Jade had lost his composure with you, which normally wouldn’t be too harsh since he does have his moments. They normally appear as taunts or light teasing, but that is not the issue 
Even if he lost control over his voice, he still could have acted.  He hurt you, but instead of fixing it he chose to use the situation to his advantage. Using your moment of distraction to handle the more pressing issue, and letting your emotions fester. He also made you feel unsecure by lying though omission, despite doing it for your own safety 
Now Jade wonders, how well can you truly predict him? Enough to know he did not mean what he said? Enough to understand why he did not resolve your misunderstanding promptly? 
He first finds Azul near your dorm, who informs Jade that you’ve gone to the botanical gardens to relax. The two experience a silent communication, and Jade knows his absence has hurt you. Likely more than his words or lie. 
He finds you seated on a bench, laying back and watching the wind sway the trees. You are unsuspecting, calm, and now Jade understand why you were targeted over himself. 
“If you stare hard enough, perhaps the trees will bend to your will. Although you will then no longer need Grimm for magic lessons...” he permits himself to sit next to you without asking. You glare at him from the corner of your eye, and Jade deflates slightly. 
Something tells him that you know everything. That he spoke impulsively, that he purposefully ignored you, and that someone was after you because of him 
Yet something itches, that you do not want an apology for those issues. His only clue is how you haven’t left, and merely sit defiant as a way to say ‘we’ll? I’m waiting...’
“I suppose that an apology is in order,” he breaths, reaching out to lay a hand over one of your own, “If I am correct, you are already aware what I spoke the other day is not true,” you nod, “that I purposefully distanced myself,” you nod again, “and that I withheld knowledge concerning your safety” you nod for a third time
“I am sorry for hurting you, but not for trying to keep you safe. I do not regret that and never will. Yet -above all else- I am sorry for being distrustful and leaving you alone,” 
Will you accept Jade’s apology?
Leona KingScholar 
The moment the door slams, Leona is out and chasing after you. If his underclassmen know what’s good then they won’t get in his way or spread anymore gossip. They are the reason he’s in this mess anyways. 
He tried fixing one problem, but ended up with one much worse. Leona could handle your anger. He’s not the type of guy to hold his tongue, and that gets you both in many fights or troublesome situations. 
Yet those are petty fights. Normally about how he talks to your friends, skips class, or carries you around like a rag doll. He could brush them off and so could you, because deep down you were aware that he never actually aims to do harm
When it matters, he’s straightforward and heartfelt. You believe that when things get serious, he would never ditch you. Not for a moment has he lead that trust astray, until now 
In your eyes, he put his “ pride” over your trust. The initial plan was to brush his dormmates concerns off, but Leona took it too far. Though this isn’t the first time one of his schemes evicted bad karma 
Leona catches up quickly. No matter how fast a human you may be, speed is a lion’s game. 
He grabs you by the bicep just before you are able to enter the travel mirror and leave Savanaclaw. 
“Quit running before you get hurt...” he trails off, the scent of salt hitting him again except more powerful than before. Without letting go, he reaches out his other hand to wipe your tears, only to get pushed away 
While he’s startled, you rip your arm from his hold and push through the mirror. Leaving him with a last warning.
“Go away! I never want to see you again!” the command rings in his head. His arm drops limp to his side, before he growls and punches the rim of the mirror in frustration. Leona curses under his breath, before turning around and letting you go 
He can’t chase after you now, no matter how much he wants to. There is a reason Leona did not want his underclassmen to think your relationship is serious- why he told such an abhorrent lie. 
In his culture, the most respected person in an individual’s life is their partner. The moment you accepted his companionship, you became important to Leona. Which means that if you want it, then it happens. He may complain, he may groan, whine, talk back, etc. 
but whatever power he has, is now yours. You just don’t realize it. 
The same cannot be said for others. People that have bad motives. So, he lied as a preventative measure. Used his pride as a scapegoat, asserted his dominance, and planned to brief you in later. 
He tried to set things right before matter became worse, and failed. Now Leona needs a loophole. Some way to fix this without confusing you or overstepping a boundary. A way that involves a medium. 
More like an errand boy. Leona can’t send Ruggie, because the hyena by default is required to respect you as much as Leona. Jack Howl? No ties. Hates drama. No ulterior motives. 
A quick bribe, pull at the heartstrings, and before Jack realizes it he’s already delivering a penned note to your dorm. 
“The house-warden is pretty bent out of shape these days. Snappy, moping, and honestly a real pain in the ass. Give the letter a chance, maybe he’ll surprise you,” Jack said upon leaving the note
Refuse him or not, you will take the letter. It’s enchanted to keep reappearing until opened by the intended recipient
 If you ask why Leona has not come himself, Jack will simply emphasize the letter again with a huff 
“Your word is binding, understand? I can claw, scratch, scream -do whatever other stupidly desperate thing you’re picturing right now- but I can not come near unless you say so. Now that you know this, let me explain everything first, and if you still want to run away then go ahead. Just know that if you don’t show up, I will keep hassling your bushy-tailed friend. Maybe I’ll enlist the gluttonous cat? All the tuna in the world in exchange for the stubborn prefect; what will he choose?”   
Will you return to Savanaclaw?  
Riddle Rosenhearts 
Riddle tries to follow you. He screams in his head to move, find you, explain himself, and bring you back 
Trey is looking at him expectantly, as are the rest of his dormmates. In his frozen state, his eyes scan their faces. Some of sympathy, others withholding frustration, and a few near ready to go after you in his place 
Riddle understands, you are beloved by all. You have a place here. A place with him. 
Resolving to move, he pushes his chair back to make haste. Yet, he pauses midway in a panic to stabilize himself against the table. It’s then he realizes how his legs are like jelly, and how afraid he is to speak with you again. 
Riddle nearly falls over, with Trey steadying his shoulders at the last second. He hears his name being called, yet is too absorbed in his thoughts.  
Most specifically, the voice whispering for him to let you go. 
It is no secret that Riddle has changed since meeting you. He’s become more sympathetic with his peers, and has somehow managed to become more than just respected in their eyes. He is grateful for the impact you’ve made on his life, and only a fool would not notice his adoration...
What has he done? What can he offer you? He has joked many times that you will find no better in all of Twisted Wonderland 
Does he truly believe that? No, and now you have the chance to go home. A world he has never seen before, where you can be happy. If he lets you go now, then it will make separating much easier. There will be no goodbye. He will simply return home to his mother, and when the new year begins it will be like you never entered his life. You can be free from everything-
His face stings. Riddle’s sight finally focuses on those around him, specifically on the rageful freshmen glaring daggers into his skull and with a hand raised
“Just shut up already and go after them! You’re such a big baby- ‘boo hoo I'm holding them back. My name is Riddle and I talk superior but really I’m just afraid of everything’,” Ace mimics Riddle’s voice, pretending to sound like a crying toddler, ”that is what you sound like. Damn straight you aren’t good enough for them, but you better finish what you started or someone else will,” at the end of his lecture, Ace points towards the rest of Heartslabyul’s residents and nearly all agree aloud. 
Riddle goes red, all self-deprecating thoughts vanishing at the taunt and mixing with embarrassment. Ace tries to push past him yet gets halted. Not by a collar, but merely Riddle standing in his path. All signs of jello-legs gone, as he looks his underclassmen in the eye. 
“That,” Riddle says through his teeth, “is not necessary. Rest assured that they will not be leaving Twisted Wonderland. I swear it on the name of Rosehearts,” he dismisses the final unbirthday party of the year and sends Trey to retrieve some spare stationary. Once received, he bids all a goodnight before returning to his bedroom. 
The next day arrives, and Riddle is carrying his suitcase to where he’ll be staying over summer break. On the way there he stops to release a messenger crow, one carrying a very important message. 
He walks up the steps to the house, nervous about the previous day’s events and his mother’s reaction. Waiting for a response letter will also be very stressful. The list seems to only grow...
He takes a moment to steel himself, and knock on the door. Once. Twice. Three times. As the rules dictate. 
He hears steps grow close and clutches his suitcase firm. When the door opens, he offers a meek smile, “may I come in?”  
Too surprised to speak, you step aside wordlessly and usher him inside Ramshackle dorm. 
“I am aware you may not wish to see me after yesterday,” he begins, setting his suitcase down to take your hands, “but I cannot let that be our last meeting. If visiting home is what students do over break, then I will be staying here. I want you to stay in Twisted Wonderland. I want to spend time at your side, and I am sorry for leading you to believe otherwise. I am willing to spend the entire summer earning your forgiveness, but do not leave. Please,”
Will you remain in Twisted Wonderland with Riddle? 
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