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can you tell my heart is speaking? {misc.}
@diodellet​ requested: how would these characters react to getting an anonymous love letter from their crush who, ~plot twist~ has really really illegible handwriting? (like doctor's penmanship but ramp it up by 200% hahaha) like who would try to deduce the sender's identity or who would mistakenly throw the love letter in the trash?
this was one of those requests where i read it and INSTANTLY got inspo - even though it ended up a little silly. i hope you like it!!
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characters: ruggie + jamil + rook + lilia + sebek
reader: gn!
cw: none!
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Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie is one of the easier ones to slip a note when he’s unaware. Just ask if Crewel needs to bother Leona about retaking any tests, go tell Leona about these tests until he threatens to bite a piece of you off your body, then slip into Ruggie’s room and leave the note squarely on his pillow. Most of the guys in the dorm don’t care enough to watch the weird freshman and remember what they’re doing, or they just assume you’re dropping something off for Ruggie as you tend to do.
When Ruggie gets the letter, he at first thinks he’s too tired to read. But then he blinks a few times, holds the letter closer and further from his face, and realizes that, no, his vision is just fine. He’s just got a mysterious letter to figure out, on top of all his regular work. Now, he just has to figure out if it’s a ransom note or a love note…
His consideration of it being a love note is 100% a joke. He doesn’t mean it. But after checking all of his belongings (the stash is still meager, but it’s been growing substantially) and realizing nothing is missing, he crosses ransom off the list. So he starts wondering if he forgot to repay someone, or if somebody could be collecting an IOU. But the list of people he allows to hold favors over his head is notably short, and they all accuse him of trying to hasten the process of them deciding what to use him for when he asks them about leaving a message for him. Ok, so it’s not debt collection, either.
At lunch, Ruggie holds the note in the sun and turns it around in his hands. Some of the symbols actually look like words…written by the kids back home, of course. When he thinks about it like that, he can actually make out a few words: confess, his name, and…love??
OH. So he was right when he found the note. He laughs at himself then, and is thankful he chose to sit by himself in the courtyard today.
That makes narrowing down the suspects way easier. There’s only one person in this school who even pretends to like him, and luckily it’s the one person he doesn’t mind getting a love letter from. Yeah, he wishes he could actually read what you wrote, but something tells him he’ll hear it straight from the horse’s mouth soon enough.
Did you think he’d run straight to you like a lovesick prince and clear the air, saving you from your multi-day suffering of wondering why you haven’t heard a response? You’d be right! - well, partially, about him beelining for you. But you know he’s going to tease you for your handwriting, mentioning how some of the kids back home wrote better than you. Lucky for you…a lot of them can write so well because of him. He’s not the neatest writer out there, but you can READ his handwriting, which would be an improvement on your part.
Ruggie showing up at your door nearly gave you a heart attack, even though it was what you’ve been hoping for. You noticed instantly the piece of paper held in his hand, full of your deepest thoughts and feelings for him. But why did he look so confused?
“What does this say?” He immediately asked, not allowing you to get a word in. Your eyes darted from his face to the note, an embarrassed heat creeping up to your face.
“Uh. Well. If I wanted to tell you, I wouldn’t have written it out, you know?” 
Ruggie stared at you for a few moments before laughing, crumpling the paper in his hand as he did so. Your heart sank - was he really going to reject you in such a cruel manner?
“Listen up, prefect! I’m going to give you some lessons in penmanship,” He declared. “I used to teach some of the kids back home, so this should be a breeze.”
“Oh, okay,” You agreed, not wanting to sound too eager. You didn’t wanted to say it (out loud), but he got a million times cuter when he talked about the kids in his neighborhood. “But...what about the letter?”
“I can’t read it.” 
“But don’t worry!” With the mischievous look on his face, you were suddenly reminded that Ruggie wasn’t simply some innocent underdog in the school just because he wasn’t one of the infamous overblots. “Your final exam will be rewriting it, and I’ll be watching you write every single word.”
You couldn’t tell if he was being flirty or mean, but your heart did somersaults anyway.
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Jamil Viper
Jamil is a difficult one to catch off guard, especially since (mostly unbeknownst to you) he has a crush on you, too. When you’re in the room, he finds himself watching you from the corner of his eye (or sometimes straight on during his less subtle days), noticing little things that only make him all the more wistful.
The one time he won’t do this is during basketball practice. This is for two reasons: one, he’d die of shame if he missed an easy shot because you were in the room, and two, he happens to be in a club with one of the people who would instantly blurt out any strange behaviors from him if spotted (Floyd). At least Kalim has the sense to stop talking when Jamil gives him a very pointed glare that would only encourage Floyd further.
So, as long as you rope Ace into your plans, talk to him by the bleachers for a second and sneakily place a letter on Jamil’s bag, he probably won’t even notice. And if your note is just on a piece of paper and not enveloped with stickers (please make it discreet, he would also DIE if he had a very obvious love letter on his stuff, regardless of who it’s from) then he won’t even suspect anything until he’s already reading the letter!
…unfortunately, Jamil can’t read the letter.
He tries! He really does! For about 30 seconds. Then he decides it can’t be deciphered and is probably a stray page of somebody’s notes that got stuck on his bag somehow. Ace, who is very aware of what it actually is, tries to casually question Jamil as he crushes it in his hands.
Jamil responds flippantly, saying he couldn’t make sense of it and it’s nothing any of them need to worry about. Before Ace can casually try to offer to decode some of it, Floyd takes that as an invitation to snatch the paper ball, shout a popular baseball player’s name out (nobody is sure if he chose a player of the wrong sport on accident or not), and throw it in the wastebasket across the room instead of the one right next to him. (It makes it! As the basketball club cheers Floyd on and Jamil rolls his eyes, Ace swallows nervously. He’s 90% certain that you just got rejected, hard.)
Ace not-so-subtly breaks the news to you the next day, and he winds up pulling Deuce into ‘Operation: Cheer Up The Prefect!” This involves ice cream (coincidentally they bring home more than you need in their own favorite flavors) and keeping you as far away from Jamil as possible. With how brutally Ace told the story, you’re positive you’d die of embarrassment if you had to meet him face-to-face.
But Ace notices during practice one day that Jamil keeps staring at him. When they take a water break, Ace almost implodes in relief when he’s finally approached.
“Hey, Ace. Is anything wrong with the prefect?”
“You care?” Ace asked, purposely taking the bite out of his words. 
“Well...” Jamil shoves his hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt - sweat tank? - and looks to the side, as if choosing his words carefully. “Kalim was planning another party, and I need to know if they’re sick or anything so he doesn’t get sick.”
“Oh. Yeah, they’re fine.” Well, as much as he hates it, Ace feel sorry for you. This guy is ruthless. But he can’t just leave it at that - he’s gonna get you closure, whether you wanted him to or not. “Hey, what did you make of that weird letter on your backpack the other day?”
“You still remember that? It was a piece of-” Jamil stopped, looking right at Ace. Shrinking away, Ace watched Jamil as his eyes shifted slightly, trying to figure out if Ace was messing with him. “What do you mean, a letter?”
“...I may or may not know the basics of what it said. And could’ve read it. Because I know who wrote it. And I can read their handwriting.”
Jamil’s eye twitched once as he started to connect the dots. He looked more annoyed than horrified, which Ace couldn’t decide if it was good or bad. “This letter is sensitive in nature if you only know the basics of what it said, and it just so happened to be the event right in between the prefect talking to me every day to avoiding me when ‘they’re fine?’ Did I get that right?”
Ace laughed nervously. “They don’t call Scarabia one of the smartest dorms for nothing...”
“Sevens,” Jamil cursed, turning on his heel. He was out the door before anybody could ask him what he was doing, but Ace figured out where he was headed. You were in for quite the surprise. To walk out like that...Jamil must really like you.
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Rook Hunt
Epel tried to fight you tooth and nail when you asked him to deliver the letter. However, after several rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors and even more accusations of you cheating, Epel finally (and begrudgingly) agreed to be your mailman. If Vil wasn’t in the room when he delivered it, he would’ve just tossed it at Rook and been done with it. However, he handed it over with as much grace as he could, listened to Vil’s curt corrections, and scurried out of the room (while Vil called out something against said scurrying.)
Rook knew exactly who wrote the letter as soon as he saw the first word. With handwriting as unique as yours, how could he not? You thought you could hide it when romance seized you so wholly you couldn’t help but express it in written words? How foolish!
Rook began giggling like a madman, and eventually, Vil’s curiosity got the better of him. “What do you have there?”
“It seems the little lovebird has finally decided to sing their song!” Rook exclaimed. Vil wasn’t sure if he’s ever seen such pure glee before.
“Ah, of course. Any highlights?” Code for give me the details, please!
“I would tell you, but I’m afraid I can’t read a single word.”
“Huh?!?” They don’t talk about the utterly disgraceful noise that left Vil’s mouth at that.
See, Rook knows what he received through deduction alone. He’s been expecting you to make a move for some time now, actually! And while he’s touched by what you decided, it’s such a shame that your feelings didn’t break through like you thought they might! Fortunately, Rook gets told he speaks cryptically all the time, so he can play your little game with you if you’d like.
Suddenly, you have Rook trailing you even more than usual, spouting long, wordy praises(?) and sonnets that put Shakespeare to shame. He uses excessively flowery prose and more dramatics than usual, so what little words you catch just don’t make any sense. You enjoy the show, and you’re happy to see he hasn’t rejected you entirely, but you’re also completely lost on any progress you thought you would’ve made with the letter.
Rook has had his fun. Now, it was time for the moment you’ve certainly been waiting for - he was going to answer your feelings and return them in full!
With the recent theatrics, he decided a simple flower and a knock on your door would be enough to express how genuine he was being. After all, he didn’t want to overwhelm you entirely and have you doubting him! So he knocked on your door between the end of classes and dinner, certain you’d be winding down from the day and have a second to spare.
When you opened the door, Rook bowed and offered the flower in his hand to you. “Ah, mon cœur, how lovely it is to see you again. I’ve come to officially accept your feelings and see...if you might be interested in pursuing a relationship with me? You know I do love a good pursuit.”
You took the flower cautiously, an eyebrow raised. “But I thought..”
“Oh! Nothing.”
“No, no! Do not be keeping secrets from me already!” Rook lamented, straightening his posture and grabbing your hands in his. “Tell me what it is that confuses you.”
“Well...” All of a sudden, you were feeling very embarrassed and sort of like a fool. “I guess, when you started with all the poems every day, I kinda thought...that meant we already were in a relationship?”
Rook blinked at you, unable to hold back his singular laugh. “My feelings are as strong as they have always been. I could feel the passion in your letter, I could see the love-”
“You couldn’t read the letter, could you?” You sighed. “Grim warned me this might happen...”
But Rook, thoroughly amused with the situation, only brought your hands to his face and pressed a gentle kiss on your knuckles. “Perhaps we are soulmates, then, if we so thoroughly understand each other with such indirect communication.”
Tumblr media
• • • • • • • Lilia Vanrouge
Are you confessing to Lilia via letter because it’s old fashioned and romantic, or because you’re scared? As you walk up the hill to the front door of Diasomnia, you still can’t figure out the answer for yourself.
If you know Lilia well enough to even considering there’s a CHANCE at a successful confession, you’ve definitely picked up on how he’s much…more than he leads on. Even if you didn’t know him that well, with the way everybody who knows him respects and admires him, you’d have to be stupid not to know SOMETHING was hiding beneath those “innocent, adorable eyes” and those “boyish good looks” and his “smooth, youthful cheeks.” (All, of course, are direct observations made by the fae himself.) So perhaps the chance at being gently let down is greater than you’d hoped, but certainly you’re trying to appeal to his more private side, right?
You approach the door, stand frozen in front of it, and slip the envelope with his name beneath the door before hurrying away. Okay, you wrote your confession because you were scared.
Lilia allows you to leave the dimension of his dorm before curiously picking up the letter. You aren’t very good at hiding your tracks, but against fae, most humans aren’t. He smiles at the hearts you’ve drawn on the envelope, carefully peeling off any stickers to keep. What a sweet way of telling him things he already knows.
Oh, he doesn’t mean to be demeaning! You’re simply so cute, it’s hard for him not to coo over every little thing you do! He’s been carefully tiptoeing around the subject for ages, but if you were brave enough to confess to him first…perhaps it’s time for him to truly confront the feelings that have been building ever since he met you. You are strange, and you are reckless, and you are oh so dear to him. It couldn’t hurt to at least see where a relationship would go within the year, right?
(Read: Lilia has some hangups about the difference in your lifespans, but fae aren’t exactly known to be selfless creatures. Lilia doesn’t hoard jewels and gold so much as he does the people he holds close to his heart, so it was really only a matter of time before you found yourself by his side anyway.)
Of course, even if Lilia can read the letter just fine, he has to have some fun with it! The hope and apprehension in your eyes when he meets you next is too enjoyable not to toy with, just a little. So, instead of asking you to dinner, Lilia asks if you need help with your unit on hexes and curses. Confused, you cautiously agree and suddenly, instead of a date, you have a two-person study group. At least he’s not avoiding you completely?
Lilia has you carefully drawing out the symbols in your textbook while he watches with his sharp eyes. You’re almost positive he’s leaning too close to you on purpose, and you’re 100% sure he’s being such a perfectionist just so he can fluster you more. When he purposely puffs a little air on your neck just as you’re finishing this round of symbols, making you jolt and mess up an otherwise perfectly straight line, Lilia clicks his tongue and begins to tell you to start again. You interrupt him.
“You’re being weird again.”
“Am I?”
“Yes,” You respond, turning to face him. Ah, right, he never backed away and now your faces were inches apart. Leaning back, you turned your head and huffed. Normally you’d find this endearing, but now you were beginning to feel like a toy. “What’s with this whole studying thing, anyway? I never mentioned having trouble in class. Actually, I’m doing just fine.”
“And yet you accepted my help anyway?” Your face began to heat up. Lilia backed away to give you your space again. “No, I just thought I might help you, since whatever curse you slipped underneath my door was absolutely abysmal.”
“I’ve gotta say, though, hearts are a strange choice of rune...”
“Oh,” Your face got hotter, and you sighed. “Listen, Lilia, if I overstepped...”
Before you could finish, Lilia leaned in again, one hand on the back of your chair and the other on the table. You weren’t caged in at all, but you felt as if leaving would be a big mistake - not that you wanted to, of course. Lilia was smiling, the carefully constructed way someone does when they’re waiting to prove you wrong.
“Don’t say that, little one. It appears I’m the one that overstepped. I only meant to tease you a bit, that’s all. I never meant to imply I wasn’t interested.”
• • • • • • • Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek’s eyes have been on you all day (more than usual). Lilia joyfully proclaims that he has “‘got it bad,’ as the youth are now saying,” but Sebek knows it’s deeper than that. Sebek knows you are planning something.
You and your two friends (which, now that he’s got suspicions, he refuses to admit are also his friends) have been hunched over something, whispering conspiratorially and laughing all day. What’s more is that the Young Master has been hanging around you at night more and more frequently. Dots are connecting in Sebek’s head, and he doesn’t like it one bit.
Before he can best decide how to confront you, you leave with your little entourage. But what’s this? Upon closer inspection, Sebek realizes you’ve left behind a piece of paper. He scans it closely, once, twice, then realizes…
Sebek is beside himself with grief, fury, and shock at your audacity. At your betrayal!! How could a human such as yourself - weak and simple-minded and kind and attractive and determined - stoop to such lows?! This isn’t right! It keeps him awake at night, and he decides the next morning that he must confront you before you do something you cannot undo.
You hear loud, aggressive banging on your door far earlier than Ace and Deuce ever arrive at your dorm. Excitedly sending the two a text saying Sebek is right on time, you jump down the stairs and try not to be too excited. After straightening yourself out one final time, you take a deep breath and open the door.
...Only to see a very frantic Sebek?
“HUMAN.” His voice is loud as always, but it almost sounds more tense than usual. You’re thankful Grim is the only other one in the dorm who sleeps, otherwise you’d have some very angry roommates right about now. “What is it that you’re planning?!”
“What am I planning?” You repeated. This was not how you were hoping this conversation would go.
“Don’t act like I haven’t seen you and the others plotting in the shadowed corners of the school!” From his pocket, Sebek presents your letter and waves it in front of your face. “I know this is a secret code, and I know you’ve got something nefarious up your sleeves!”
“What? I don’t-” You grab his wrist to stop his waving, only to look past the paper and see him so worked up, he’s got tears in his eyes.
“If you denounce all your evil plans to me right now, I’ll let you off with a warning! As a future knight of the young master, I really shouldn’t be making such deals, but-” And he cuts himself off, like the emotion is too much for him to handle. It’s almost sweet, how he offers up his integrity just to keep you afloat. Or maybe he’s finally accepted that Malleus actually likes you and would miss you if Sebek were to chase you away. It was hard to tell.
What wasn’t hard to tell was how distressed Sebek is, so you took the paper out of his hands and look at it. Deuce did warn you that your handwriting was rather messy. It would make sense that he couldn’t read it. How he got this idea in his head, you weren’t sure, but you didn’t want to watch him suffer for much longer.
“You figured me out, Sebek,” You responded sadly. Sebek looked absolutely scandalized. “I wanted to leave the young master vulnerable, so I was trying to take out the rising star that would one day defend him.”
“And how did you plan to do that?” Sebek scowled at you. You heaved a dramatic sigh.
“...You. I was trying to take you out.” For the effect, you paused for a moment before continuing. “On a date, actually. This isn’t a plan written in code, it’s a love letter.”
Sebek stared at you before clearing his throat. “OH.”
It was going to take a while to sink in and even longer to convince him, you could tell. You ushered him to your couch before he could faint.
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what would yandere Sebek look like in soulmate au?
Yandere Sebek Zigvolt
Tumblr media
Sebek was disappointed when there was no red thread around his finger.
This fueled his insecurities.
He suspected it was because he was half fae and not full fae.
Sebek decides to bury his sorrows and dedicate himself to Malleus.
This is the purpose of his life.
And then that day happens.
Sebek finally finds the red string on his fingertip.
At first he feels bitter.
So he has a soul mate, but the age difference is huge.
Even in this world, it's not okay.
He decides to continue to devote himself to Malleus.
However, everything changes when he sees you in class.
At first, Sebek would be shocked.
He doesn't understand why fate would have tied him to an ordinary person.
He was also a little disappointed.
Sebek had assumed that his soul mate would be a fae.
( Malleus)
After that, Sebek is angry.
How dare you be that close to Ace.
After all, you are HIS soulmate.
Sebek would take this oath very seriously.
And he would expect the same from you.
A relationship would be a must.
Sebek starts planning your future.
A future that doesn't include returning you home.
At the same time, Sebek tries to "teach" you the ways of your new home country.
If Sebek found out that you were trying to return home, he would get angry.
Sebek would shout that you are as crooked as other people.
This would be the reason why he would lock you out.
Sebek is not going to lose his soulmate.
This is best for everyone him.
Even if you are his soulmate it doesn't mean he won't punish you.
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orangelemonsstuff · 10 hours ago
Flowers for Date
Florist!Reader x Sebek
Summary: A knight of Malleus kept visiting your flower shop every now and then had asked you out on a date, would you say yes to it?
"EHEM!!" a loud voice announcing his arrival almost made you drop your freshly cut bouquet of daisies because of surprise
you place them on a decorated vase near a shelf and made your way to the counter to happily attend to a special familiar costumer
a familiar face you always recognize indeed
"a bouquet of roses... for Lord Malleus Draconia of Thorn Vall--" he didn't even have to finish his request since you already have his roses already prepared
you smile and told him that he had the same order of bouquet of flowers ever since the first time he came here
you say it's also the same everytime on his frequent visits
"f-freqeunt visits? don't be such a fool human, i am only here for the flowers because the young master likes them so much" he stammered, a slight blush adorning his face as he averts his eyes from you
you released a beaming smile, you told him how thankful you are for him telling his young master about your flower shop and always buying the flowers he uses at his castle from you
you are more than grateful to have the Malleus Draconia and his attendant to be your loyal costumers
heat rises up to his face as he place the madols on your counter as he treaded outside the shop almost bumping into one of the hanging pots near the the door
you could still see the blush on his face as he walked past by the glass of your shop
he's cute
"you seem to be having fun with that florist" not only the click of Malleus's teacup back to it's saucer but also his words that caught Sebek's attention
"i-it's nothing like that Lord Malleus, it's just for the flowers you truly like, I've heard they are you favorite kind of flowers" he defend
"Sebek, you bombarded my castle with the flowers you brought everyday from the human florist, and I didn't even order you to do it this time" Malleus responded shaking his head in frustration
"oh, I didn't mean to do such offending thing, FORGIVE ME LORD MALLEUS!!" he was just trying to be thoughtful for his young master, he did not mean to offend or anger him in any way
"Oh it is fine, i found the smell of roses divine after all" Sebek sighed in relief as his generous master have forgiven him already of his actions
"but you know, if you truly like the human florist so much why not ask them to go out with you this weekend? to go on a date the youngens say these days?" Malleus asked with puzzlement, Sebek seemed to have the human in his liking very much so why wouldn't he, the Demanding Sebek himself couldn't ask the simple human to a dinner?
"I'm supposed to be guarding you Lord Malleus, i am not free of charge to.... to even ask them out to have dinner with me" Sebek lowered his head down shyly
"oh please Sebek, i have Lilia and Silver, a one day off to have fun with your human isn't going to hurt wouldn't it?" Malleus retorted, although he did not mention it, he does not believe in Sebek's reasoning for he knows Sebek is still a young man, of course being shy to ask someone out of the blue will be a problem to him
"i guess you are right Lord Malleus, since it is your order then i will--"
Sebek tensed up as Malleus waves his finger at Sebek looking quite annoyed
"No Sebek, don't tell the human it is an order of mine, because in general it is you who would go out with them not me" Malleus had his arms crossed at the tense young man
"and it is not an order, you are free to do whatever you like"
Sebek gleamed in surprise, his young master is so generous and kind to give him a day off, the human better appreciate this but...
he wonders if the human would accept his invitation
Sebek inhaled and exhaled for the 20th time now, he was outside around the corner of your shop which is surprisingly isn't very busy at this moment, perfect time for him to get in to ask you out
but he is quite the nervous one, this is his first time asking someone out after all
okay, he can do this it's just asking you to have lunch with him this weekend and maybe some time on the nearby carnival port
now that he'd mention it, would you even agree to this? what if you reject him? oh god what if you reject him? his pride can't handle that
no, there's not much of people around, he can accept the rejection if it's only you on the shop at this time
he straightened his posture and walked in to the flower shop
the bells rang of joy as you turned your head to the guest but the familiar visitor isn't as loud as he was announcing himself before
he looked around and checked if there are people around the shop and when he confirmed there's none other than you, he stepped right in
you waited on him at your counter as he trudges his way bashfully to you, red once again blemishing his face once he arrived
he opened his mouth then closes kt and then once again opening it after swallowing a lump in his throat
"w-would you care to... um... go on a dinner with me? OR..!! OR UHH just go together on the ferris wheel on the carnival port?" your eyes widen on surprise, is he asking you out on a date?
noticing your expression he fumbled in anxiety and thinked of the a quick excuse so he won't embarass himself
"W-we can go as friends!! if that's what you're more comfortable with!!" he waved his hand on agitation, he did not want to make you uncomfortable with this after all
you broke into a small laugh, it shaken h a bit he thought you are be looking down on him, but you are not
you told him you would've prefer going with him as a date if the offer is still up
he nodded aggressively, the red in his face is now slowly depleting
you've accepted his offer
he coughed and tried to compose himself once more
"be here on Saturday around 4:00 p.m. d-don't be late" he's trying to be demanding but failed miserably because of the upward twitching of the end of lips
he's way too happy and stiff to be taken seriously but you didn't mention any of it, instead you just waved him off as you give your number to him exchange of his
he strided quickly outside of the store as soon as you say see you soon quickly vanishing from your sight
what a cute crocodile he is
Outside, here is Sebek walking a few step away from your store and then squatting down as he covers his face with his large hands
he was screaming inside
you've accepted his offer
other than that he managed to get your number
you've accepted his offer
he repeated the word inside his head amd even pinched his cheek to make sure it was all true
well of course you'd accept his offer! after all no one could not turn down his lord's order, this date would truly be fantastic under Malleus's guide
date huh?
oh man what should he do, he is way too giddy to function
it took him a few minutes to actually to be composed and calm again whilst still getting excitement shivers when he thought about your date
he was still shaky when he got back home
A/N: thanks for reading this lmao, il my Sebek favoritism is showing but i just love the idea of a dork in love with somebody and being shy asking that somebody as their first date, man i would love to be also somebody's first date
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rggie · a month ago
when you ignore the first-years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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angelizs · a month ago
[Club activities - part 1]
Tumblr media
Summary: Crowley insists you join one of the school's clubs, even though your schedule is already full. Having no other choice, you oblige, on one condition: you'll attend a meeting of each club before deciding which one you'll join. As expected, shenanigans ensue.
Notes: gn!reader, humor, it's kinda long, reader is oblivious, mentions of minor injuries but in a funny way dw, I had to research about horse management and now you'll know about it too
Part: 1 (you're here!) / 2 (soon!)
Tumblr media
"Do I really have to do this? Isn't it enough that I already am your unnoficial errand runner, Grim's babysitter, Ramshackle's prefect and have to deal with an overblot a month on top of whatever insanity the students decide to put me through while I try to keep my grades up to not lose my scholarship?"
You really hoped he would listen to reason, after all, you already have way more than enough on your plate. As it is, he obviously didn't hear to a word you said. How unfortunate. 
"Of course it's most crucial you participate in a club! As a model educator, I must set an example for my peers. How would it look if one of my students didn't partake in such an important school activity?"
Crowley looks agravated by the mere idea. You deadpan at him. He stares back at you. Grim snoozes in the background. 
"Well, which one will it be?"
You sigh, as if the weight of the world was in your shoulders.
"...Can I see the list, at least?"
Crowley smiles, his whole demeanor changing as soon as he got what he wanted. You brace yourself for what is to come, knowing it will be a headache.
After taking a look at your options, you decide to go in one meeting of each before choosing one to join. You could just randomly pick one and be done with it, but since you're already being forced to do this, you should do something you enjoy.
The headmaster gives you a genial smile and agrees on your conditions, telling you how kind he is for doing so and how it will be great for your education. You glare at him, defeated.
Better start sooner than later, right?
Spelldrive Club (Leona, Ruggie, Epel)
Good news, you've played spelldrive before, so you're not entirely lost!
You keep that in mind as you arrive at the field. It's pretty intimidating, with most of the players being thugs from Savanaclaw that look like they could fold you in half like a twig. You scurry to Epel's side.
He's surprised you decided to participate in a meeting, but really happy as well since it's a chance to show off his manliness to you. You chat for a bit as you wait for Leona, the captain, to arrive. Ruggie eventually joins you both, cracking some joke about your unexpected attendance and having a new member on the team.
Once Leona arrives, he looks just as grumpy as usual, but his ears are perked up and he's scanning the field as if looking for something. And it seems he finds it once his eyes land on you, leading him to your little group's direction.
Crowley had the decency of telling him in advance about your test drive of the club, but Leona warns you he won't allow you to slack off just because it's your first day. You're surprised he even bothered to tell you this, as you imagined he would be as unenthusiastic as he is about his normal classes. It seems he has high expectations for you. Epel and Ruggie look startled as well, but wisely keep their mouths shut.
Everyone did light stretchs and got their brooms, ready to play. It was... intense. You already expected it from what little experience you had from the tornament, not to mention that by being magicless you had a limited range of moves you could pull, but it seemed Leona was a strict leader when it came to the sport. 
That, or he wanted to show off today for some reason. According to one of Epel's snide remarks, Leona is usually more laid back than he was being. You couldn't help but worry it had something to do with you, so you kept your head low and tried to follow the best you could, least he screamed at you as well. Besides, his complaints did sound reasonable, even if he was blunt and kind of rude about them, so it was good he was so motivated!
And he wasn't the only one. Epel was giving his all, pulling stunts left and right to get points. You were amazed by his ability, since you've never seen him play before, you had no idea he was this good! Your gaze would wander to wherever he was and you could swear you felt him staring back sometimes, though he turned his head away too fast for you to confirm it.
Even so, he wasn't safe from blundering his play eventually. After marking a point, he turned in your direction, confident that you've been watching, chest puffed out proudly. Only to be met with your panicked look as you tried to signal for him to look behind. One of the players from Savanaclaw shoved him then, almost dropping him from his broom. Luckly, Epel managed to catch himself just in time to avoid an accident, making you sigh relieved, your clammy hands readjusting their grip on your own broom, heart beating wildly on your chest. Leona screamed at both of you for being distracted, but he glared harder at Epel.
Ruggie was another one set on impressing you with his techniques, doing dangerous tricks on his broom while in midair. You knew he was very good, he was the one you went against on the first time you played, after all, but still cheered on his tricks. His cheeky smile stayed firm on his face, growing at every compliment you threw his way. His tail was wagging behind him, but you didn't have to know that.
The thing is, if he started to pay too much attention on you to gauge your reactions, he got distracted from the game going on around him. On more than one occasion he was almost throw out while dangling on his broom with only his feet, somehow managing to get his balance back everytime. Leona looked ready to burst a blood vessel when it happened, you had a feeling he was going to be extra annoying to Ruggie for the rest of the week.
All in all, you couldn't do much, so you stayed at the sidelines watching your friends play. You were sweating all over, the scorching sun shining above you. Did you remember to use sunscreen? You closed your eyes and took one arm off your broom to wipe out some sweat from your brow, distracted. You were pretty tired. The shouting went on at the background. You had the impression your friends were calling your name. As soon as you were going to turn to their direction and see what it was that they wanted, everything went black and you lost consciousness.
You woke up at the infirmary, having a feeling of deja vu. Why whenever you tried to play spelldrive something had to happen? Epel, Ruggie and Leona were by your bedside, looking worried, upset or annoyed. They explained a disk went out of course and ended up hitting you at the back of your head, causing you to pass out. 
Ruggie proudly announced he was the first one to react and caught you just in time, before you hit the ground. Epel added that he helped Ruggie bring you to the infirmary and that Leona went off on everyone at the field for not catching the damned disk. Leona just huffed and pretended to not care, but you could tell he did just from how he stayed waiting for you to wake up.
As sweet as that little moment was, you didn't want a repeat of what happened and felt spelldrive wasn't really for you. Time to check out other clubs. 
(Epel excitedly asks for you to come and watch another pratice some time. Ruggie backs him up and pulls his puppy eyes on you. Leona looks like he would like that as well but stays silent, staring at you expectantly, ears perked up. You end up agreeing, not wanting to crush their enthusiasm. It seems they really enjoyed having you over. Not sure if the rest of the team could say the same, but a glare from Leona will shut them up if they dare to bother you.)
Equestrian Club (Riddle, Silver, Sebek)
There were horses on campus!? How come you never met one before? Time to rectify that!
You couldn't remember if you ever rode a horse before or not. Well, surely everything would turn out alright, since some of the most responsible people were on this club. Surely.
Riddle was the one that greeted you and showed you around the stables. There was a huge area dedicated to them, with all the horses having their own section and a fenced space reserved for riding them. They were all very well taken care of, as Riddle made sure to tell you about some of his duties as a member of the club. He even took you to meet his horse and taught you how to pet it!
You also met Sebek and Silver tending to their horses and talked with them a bit. Sebek expressed his diligence as always, talking loudly about his passion for the sport and how he would definitly make his Lord proud of his work. Silver was less overwhelming and seemed gentler surrounded by animals like that, as he told you softly that he was glad you showed interest in their club and how he hoped you'd enjoy it.
After such a warm welcome, you had your hopes high for this club! (Especially after what happened at spelldrive pratice). It didn't involve any magic either, so you could do everything just fine. All was well, until you were assigned a horse to tend for the day.
There was only one horse available, so you didn't have much of a choice, really. It was a beautiful white horse that truly looked straight out of a fairytale, with it's elegant aura and thick mane. If only it's temper could match it's appearence. It was one of the most petulant equines you've ever seen. It took a while for it to even let you get closer without trying to bite your hand off.
Silver said it still didn't have a name and Riddle told you that since you were it's handler for the day, you should name it. You decided to name it Maximus. Sebek liked the name, loudly approving it. Maximus seemed pretty content as well, so you patted yourself on the back for scoring one point with him.
The first thing you were going to do before actually riding him was to groom him. You decided to watch how your friends did it and mimick their actions. Riddle handed you a bucket with different brushes that you had no idea what should be used for. Sebek secured Maximus for you, saying it was to make sure he wouldn't move around while you tried to take care of him. Silver helped you two get acquainted, making sure you knew basic safety instructions.
You grab a round rubber comb, watching Riddle rub circles on his horse's side with a firm hold. Starting on Maximus' left side, you hesitantly bring the comb in contact with his fur, watching as he gives you a nasty side eye. You weakly start your sweeps, careful to not hurt him or press on a tender spot. Riddle tells you to use more pressure in order to remove the dirt from his coat. You increase your strenght as he nods approvingly. Just as he's about to turn back to his own work, he sees you sliding the brush down Maximus' shoulders and to his legs, his tail swishing in warning. He manages to pull you back just in time before Maximus closes his jaw where your hand was mere moments ago. Your arm trembles and your eyes are wide as he explains which areas are sensitive and that you'd better avoid them.
After using a stiff brush that reminded you of a broom to knock out the dirt you had loosened, being extra careful on the areas Riddle mentioned, you grab a soft brush. You feel dread pool on your stomach as you watch Silver kneel down to tend to his horse's legs. You stare at Maximus, hoping he would let you do the same, but you swear his expression is one that says 'I dare you to try and see what happens'. You gulp but still get down to it, better get it done as soon as possible. The front legs go swimmingly, the back ones not so much. As you're almost getting finished you accidently press on a sore spot. Maximus loudly neighs, stamps his foot and raises his knee, causing you to fall on your behind, surprised and very much still in hitting range. You were pretty sure that was it, you were going to infirmary again with the worst concussion ever known to man. Thankfully, Silver had noticed it just in time to drag you away, holding you by your armpits like a misbehaving kitten. Your knees feel weak, so you stay on the ground with a racing heart as you watch Silver calm Maximus down.
The next step was to clean Maximus' hooves. Anyone with half a brain cell could sense it was a bad idea to leave you to it, so you stayed back while Sebek did the cleaning. He didn't to it quietly though, he made sure to shout every step so you'd learn how to do it at a later date. You couldn't even find it in yourself to be mad at his condescending tone, too grateful for him helping you out. You thank him sincerely as he pauses mid rant. He stares at you with his mouth open, as if he had short circuited. Sebek stays strangely quiet for the next few minutes, not making eye contact with you but trying to steal glances your way without you noticing. Maximus huffs and it sounds mocking, somehow. 
To finish it up, you comb Maximus' mane, untangling it carefully, finding it surprisingly relaxing and by far the best part of this whole thing. When brushing his tail, you make sure to stand by his side, not behind, to avoid almost being kicked again. You look proudly at your work as Maximus flaunts himself. Riddle, Silver and Sebek compliment your efforts, making you smile sincerely despite being pretty sure Maximus hates your guts and has cursed your entire bloodline in his mind.
Finally, the time has come. You're going to actually ride the horse now!
That is, if you manage to mount it first. 
You try to mount Maximus' by his right side, but he doesn't budge. Plus, he's too tall for you to reach properly. He stares at you. You're sure he's laughing at your misery. Silver, bless him, comes to your aid. He hands you a safety helmet and calmly checks if the saddle is well secured with the girth and all buckles are fastened. He offers you his hand and you take it, letting him guide you to Maximus' left side as he explains just how to get up. He looks very princely like this, talking almost excitedly... or, well, as excited as Silver gets. He doesn't look like he's about to fall asleep, so that must count for something, and there's a rare smile on his face. He must really like his club. And the horses seem to like him just fine as well. Way too fine, actually, since they insist in interrupting him as he talks, demanding his attention. His horse smacks it's tail on your face as it nuzzles on Silver's hand. Maximus neighs amused, that bastard.
You thank Silver and let him get to his own activities, not wanting to take more of his time. He leaves, but his smile dropped and he looked almost disappointed. You wonder what that was about. Either way, you go find a steeping stool to help you mount Maximus. Riddle goes with you, insisting in supervising everything to make sure you won't have any problems. He holds Maximus' face to make sure he will stay quiet for you to mount him like Silver taught you to. As soon as you're seated Riddle withdraws from proximity, letting Maximus have some space. However, before you get time to grip the reins, Maximus takes off, leaving you to desperately hold onto his neck as he runs around. Riddle goes after the two of you, trying to stop him while you hold your screams in. After a full minute of this, Maximus suddenly stops, making you let go of your grip on him and fall to the side. Riddle fusses over you, making sure you're not badly hurt while reprimanding the horse for the stunt he pulled. 
You do feel sore all over, but refuse to back down. You're not going to let Maximus have the last laugh. You thank Riddle for his help and let him go back to his horse, assuring him you'll be fine. He checks on you once more to make sure you're ok before going, looking behing his shoulder as if you were about to fall again. You smile reassuringly. His face turns red like his hair and he scurries away. You take Maximus back to where you left the steeping stool, determined to mount him and actually stay there this time.
Sebek notices your struggle and decides to graciously help you once more. Maximus squirms around but eventually the two of you make him stay in place while you mount him. Sebek keeps his hand on Maximus while you adjust your footing and organize the reins. Once you're ready, you nudge Maximus with your lower leg, encouraging him to start walking. Sebek insists on being close the entire time, making corrections to your position and moviments, such as keeping your back straight and looking forward. Even with his harsh soldier like tone, you begin enjoying the ride and compliment him on his ability as a teacher, stating how much of an exceptional rider he must be. Sebek blushes and starts stuttering, words getting mixed up with one another. Without his clear instructions you start having a rockier time with reining Maximus, but he manages to not blunder his words too much when telling you how to halt and to dismount your horse.
At the end of pratice you're sweaty, covered in mud and sore all over. It was fun some times, but you rather not have to worry for your life at every meeting (the overblots and dealing with your friends antics was already more than enough life threatning excitement for you). You also feel you should steer clear from the stables, just in case Maximus tries to commit his revenge on you. Time to check out other clubs.
(The boys insist you only need some more practice, that you have potential, that Maximus will warm up to you. They are very earnest when telling you they enjoyed having you over, even if they had to keep an eye on you the whole time to make sure you wouldn't get hurt. When they ask you to come by another time, you can't say no. You suppose you do owe them one for all their help. They ligthen up when you agree, so you can't bring yourself to regret it, even if you know you'll have to deal Maximus once again.)
Basketball Club (Ace, Floyd, Jamil)
Oh, this is Ace's club, right? And it's a normal non-magical sport as well. Let's give it a try!
The first person to greet you is, obviously, one of your closest friends (and cause of your daily headaches), Ace. He had bragged to you about his ability in playing basketball before, something about being the best freshmen in the team and even Riddle complimenting him on his skill. He teases you, asking if you'll be able to keep up with him, which earns him an eyeroll and a friendly punch on the shoulder.
You quickly remember who else Ace mentioned being on the team as soon as you hear a loud voice call for 'Shrimpy' and two arms squeezing the air out of you. Of course, Floyd was overenthusiastic about your participation, telling you how your presence would surely make things interesting and how this class was starting to get boring so it was good to have something new added to it. You're not sure how to react so you reply telling him you'll do your best (and praying he'd let you go before you run out of air). Floyd stares at you for a bit, taken aback from such an earnest answer, before squeezing you even harder for being so cute. Ace comes to the rescue, saving you from passing out before the class could even start.
You also find another familiar face on the team, Jamil. You thank whatever higher being that was out there looking out for you for sending a sane person to keep you company. It seems Jamil shares the sentiment, as you start a light conversation about the club that ends up being more about Jamil complaining that he had to deal with Kalim's shenanigans his entire life and the only moment he's alone he has to babysit Ace and Floyd, least they cause a disaster and the rest of the team is blamed for it. You sympathize with him, promising to do your part in the babysitting duty for the day. Jamil looks really relieved as he thanks you.
Before pratice, just like in Spelldrive, you did light stretches, competing with Ace to see who can reach their feet when bending down or who can stay longer balancing on one leg. Everyone got separated in duos to train some passes before actually playing. Scattering across the gym, each at one end of the room, you and Ace threw the ball between yourselves. He always had some cheeky comment to make about your lack of skill, which only motivated you to throw the ball harder at his direction, technique be damned. All the while you had to be careful to avoid stray shots from the others around you. Perhaps you should have brought the safety helmet from the Equestrian club.
Floyd and Jamil (he must have been dragged into this, being one of the only ones able to handle Floyd) were right next to where your duo was. They both were obviously skilled, doing tricks with the ball to show off. You were actually pretty impressed as you observed them, so much so that you miscalculated your shot and instead of sending the ball to hit Ace, it went at Floyd's direction. As Floyd was busy annoying the closest student to his side, he only noticed the ball right before it hit him, too late to stop it. 
Thankfully his skull was thick enough that not even a basketball hitting him managed to hurt, though it did leave quite an impressive red mark on his face. Ace swore and scurried away from Floyd's other side, Jamil pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, you felt your heart drop. The student that previously had Floyd's attention took the opportunity to run away, leaving the four of you in this stalemate. Even with all the activity around, you could only focus on the way Floyd raised his eyes to meet your frightened ones, an impassive expression on his face and your basketball on his hand.
Instead of a frown and the deeper tone of voice you expected (alongside the promise of pain in your future), you were met with a wide grin, sharp teeth at full display, and a high pitched giggle. You didn't know which was worse. Either way, you felt like a prey caught in it's predator radar. Floyd told you that if you wanted to play so bad, he'd be happy to play with you! Ace was planning your funeral already.
And so, what was supposed to be a simple exercise of passing the ball became an impromptu game of dodgeball in which if you were hit, instead of being out you gained a concussion and a trip to the infirmary. Somehow, Ace and Jamil got roped into it as well, the three of you running around to avoid being hit by one of the deathly bullets Floyd threw at you. After noticing it, the club leader announced they could stop for a short break before picking out the teams for a game, in the hopes it would distract the eelmer enough to make him stop.
It worked, since the prospect of 'playing another game with shrimpy' made Floyd get excited to get you on his team. You sighed in relief, a bit out of breath. You and Ace sprawled yourselves at the floor to rest, not caring about how dirty it may be, your legs needed to lay down for a while. He turned his head at your direction and said it was your fault for having such bad aim. You replied with how it was his fault for being so bad at teaching you. You have a stare down that ends in both bursting into laughter.
Jamil and some other second year were the ones choosing the teams. He smiled mischievously, the same smile he had when he was planning something. Jamil could be the calmer one between your options, but that didn't mean he wouldn't cause trouble as well. In the end, you stayed on Jamil's team while Floyd and Ace were on the other. Floyd pouted and whined about how he had wanted to play in the same team as you and Ace seemed a bit miffed (you weren't sure if it was because he ended up against you or because he was with Floyd). Jamil had a very self satisfied smile on his face as he told you which formation your team would use. He sent a smug smirk to the others when you weren't looking.
You were wondering what kind of stunt Floyd would put to get what he wanted, but once the game started he just... didn't do anything. Jamil, on the other hand, was quick to catch the ball and take it to the other side of the court, dodging Ace's attempts at stopping him, jumping high and scoring some points. You were in awe, you had no idea Jamil was this good! As he went to your side with a self-satisfied expression in face, you showered him in compliments, saying how fast he ran and how high he jumped and how he looked really cool! While the smile stayed on his face, it seemed softer, and Jamil wouldn't look you in the eyes, murmuring something that you didn't catch about this being his strategy to win by having you on his side.
As the game went on you managed to get the hang of it, actually enjoying playing! Jamil and you made a great duo and Floyd was too desmotivated to try to win, so that only left Ace as your major obstacle. He'd often try to get the ball from your hands while making some sassy remarks and engaging in light hearted banter with you. Even when you weren't with the ball he stayed close to try to block you. It came to a point when you were going to try to score a point when he appeared in front of you, close enough that you wouldn't have time to dodge him. So, of course, you had to maneuver your way out, getting close to his face as you made sure to keep his hands away from the ball. His attention was solely on you, gaze unwavering as your noses almost touched and your breaths mingled. He was frozen in place and you took your chance, jumping as high as you could and dunking the ball on the net.
Your team cheered you on, a huge smile on your lips as you turned to see Ace's reaction. He was standing at the same spot, still looking at you. You winked playfully and blew him a kiss, rubbing your victory on his face, proud of your work. He blushed and crossed his arms, saying that you cheated by distracting him. His gaze remained on the lower half of you face. Before you could reply, Jamil whisked you away, congratulating you on your shot.
It was good your team got hyped up, but alongside it so did Floyd. He suddenly felt motivated to play against you and see you try to dodge around him like you did with Ace, since it seemed like lots of fun! (Which would not happen because have you seen his height?) It's not like you had a choice in the matter, anyway, since Floyd could easily take down any member of your team and go straight at you now that he felt like playing again. The last minutes were more like a game of tag between you two, Floyd giggling as he tried to catch you. You ran around the players, trying your best to make a complicated path to confuse him. 
You were actually having some fun, seeing Jamil get the ball from Floyd's hands to help you out and Ace try to get in your way to slow you down. Still, you were not used to that much exercise, your sore body becoming your own enemy as you got more sluggish, which in turn made you get more distracted. It was thanks to that you didn't notice Floyd until he was right beside you, ready to glomp you and squeeze as he trapped you in his arms. You'd blame it on your tiredness later, but as a last effort to get away from him you turned around abruptly, supporting your weight on your heel. Since you were worn out, you got dizzy quickly, tripping over your own feet and landing on the ground.
As soon as you felt sharp pain on your ankle you knew you were screwed, a whine coming out of your throat and tears welling in your eyes. Why must something like this always happen to you? The boys crowded over you, asking if you were okay or if you could stand up or if you wanted a hug to feel better. The answer was no to all of them.
In the end, you saw yourself staring at the infirmary ceiling once more, sweaty and tired, your ankle wrapped in bandages and propped up on the bed. Maybe you should stop going to sports clubs' pratices. Ace, Jamil and Floyd stood by your side, watching you to make sure you were alright, in their own ways. You felt a strong sense of deja vu, though you were grateful for them carrying you all the way up there (even if Floyd took the opportunity to squeeze you some). You could tell for sure that basketball wasn't for you. Time to check out other clubs.
(To lift the mood, Ace cracked a joke about how terrible you were at basketball and how you still had a long way to go before reaching his level. Jamil agreed, adding that pratice makes perfect. Floyd said he had much more fun with shrimpy around to keep him entertained. It wss pretty obvious they wanted to see you there again. The three of them looked at you with hope, even if Floyd's puppy eyes didn't work nearly as well as Ruggie's and Ace's and Jamil's tsundere act didn't fool you, you couldn't say no to them. You did have some fun as well, although next time you'll try to only watch and cheer on the sidelines, no need to be on the playing field and within squeezing distance.)
Track and Field Club (Deuce, Jack)
Despite your previous conviction, you decided to give the sports clubs one last chance. As this club didn't involve a game with complicated rules nor any magic, it seemed like the best choice. Positive thinking is key!
As soon as you steped foot into the field, Deuce and Jack came to great you, visibly happy to have you there! (They won't admit it to you, but they were a bit jealous that you had went to your other first year friends' clubs but not to theirs yet. They were determined to impress you.)
You tell them you're a little worried you won't be able to keep up with their pace, since Deuce has won prizes for his speed and Jack goes on morning jogs everyday. They reassure you that it's no problem, they'll help you the best they can!
The other members don't mind you much, letting your friends monopolize your attention. Jack asks if you've eaten and how has your diet been, you'll need some energy to run! Deuce asks if your uniform is comfortable and if the shoes fit in the right way, it's important to be able to move freely! They are very respectful and answer any question you might have patiently, which makes you feel welcomed. Maybe this time it won't be so bad!
To start pratice, the club leader tells all the members to run some laps. You notice you're pretty behind everyone else, but you're trying to not use all your energy at the warm up, so you don't mind. You take the chance to observe your friends running ahead of you, how the sun reflects on their skin, their shoulders going up and down, every step helping them gain speed. They looked really cool. This fills you with determination, promising to yourself to give it your best in this club.
After taking a break to drink water and stretching your muscles, you start the dynamics. It was a bit funny since you did them by basically moving in circles and changing the way you walk. Still, they were easier to accompany everyone than the laps. So far, so good!
Things start going downhill once you had to do the jumps. Everyone lined up, you staying at the last place, Jack and Deuce right in front of you. They explain that you should sprint, jump at the wooden board and land on the sand pit. Seems easy enough! 
It's not. On Jack's turn, he makes it looks effortless, even with his bigger built he manages to land with grace. You clap for him and he pretends to not notice, but his tail is wagging. On Deuce's, he catches speed quickly and jumps high, landing on his feet and turning to look at you. You cheer for him, a big smile in face as he rubs the back of his neck and thanks you with red cheeks. 
You try to copy their moviments, sprinting with a concentrated look on your face, focused on your destination. Unfortunately, you should have looked at the ground as well, since when it was time to jump you were just a tad too slow and tripped on the wooden plank, falling on the sand pit. You try again, this time focusing on where you're putting your feet, not missing the plank! However, you jump with too much force and doesn't land right, bouncing off the ground again before falling on your knees. You try one more time, jumping at the right place and not putting to much force. This time, though, your feet are not positioned the right way and you loose the strenght to support your weight, eating sand once more. You're going to blame this one on your recently sprained ankle and call it a day. (Thanks Floyd!)
After getting no luck on the long jump (and leaving with your hair full of sand), Jack and Deuce make sure you're ok. You reassure them that yes, your ankle is fine (for now), no, you didn't swallow sand (at least you're pretty sure you didn't) and yes, of course you want to keep going, it's going to take more than just that to deter you (you're a bit used to defeats). Finally, you start to train for the high jump. Especifically the landing, since if you fall the wrong way you could get seriously hurt. Please make sure you land right! Jack and Deuce will be watching closely, ready to help.
Everyone gets separated to go to different mats, some of the older students going straight to the jump. Your friends follow you, Deuce has a fist up as he talks excitedly about his progress on this jump. Jack listens by the side, nodding to some things or adding a comment on how he didn't jump quite that high, but it was an improvement anyway. They are like your personal coaches, instructing you to start by doing rollouts, than jumping and doing a rollout, then jumping higher and doing a rollout.
Once the basics are covered they join you, taking turns at running and flopping on their backs. It's fun, the way your body bounces of the mat and watching Jack and Deuce compete on who can flop harder. They add the bungee, which makes things more complicated since you had to reach a certain heigh to not get stuck on it, but it was a nice challenge. You did lose your shoe due to your feet getting caught in the bungee on the first try, though.
You were enjoying it, laughing along your friends! Until they added the bar. The bar changed everything. The height was a bit higher than it was with the bungee and it was nowhere near as soft. You watched, in awe, as Jack and Deuce flew just over lt and landed on a rollout. You were sure you'd get it too, after all, you did great on the other steps! You ran, turned around and used as much impulse as you could to jump. Instead of the soft embrace of the training mat, you were met with the metalic and hard feeling of the bar digging on your back as you landed right above it. Not even the mat could soften the blow, making you cry out, both in surprise and in pain. The sting was enough to have you wondering if you ever wanted to try this again in your life, the pain was not worth it.
Deuce was by your side instantly, bending down, asking if your back was ok and offering his hand to help you get up. Your hand clasps his, the force he used making your faces come very close to each other, noses touching, your breathless and flushed face right in front of his worried blue eyes. Said eyes widen as his face takes a red tone, he stutters apologies while backing away, hands covering his cheeks. Jack, who you hadn't notice coming close behind you, puts his hand on your shoulder, squeezing it comfortingly. He says you went well for a begginer and tells you how Deuce did the same thing on his first try. You giggle, putting one of your hands above his to show your appreciation. He quickly drops it and crosses his arms, saying the three of you better get going to the next exercise, eyes avoiding yours and conveniently looking at where the others on the field were gathering together.
There were obstacles scattered across the field, some closer than others. Deuce puffs out his chest and says it's time for the hurdle hops and that he'll show to you how it's done. You watch intently as he sprints and jumps at all the right times, not losing speed despite the things in his way. Jack follows him, a stoic look as he calculates just the right time to jump and cross every obstacle. It reminded you of when you'd watch race competitions back at home, how the runners looked as they crossed the finish line.
Filled with nostalgia, you try to replicate your memory, basing yourself on your friends' perfomances. You run and jump successfully on the first hurdle, feeling as if you're really improving! Though not for too long, since on the second hurdle you don't manage to jump high enough and just end up kicking it and falling on your butt. Oh well, you lasted longer than expected.
You refuse to back down, getting up and dusting yourself, ready to try again. Deuce and Jack support your enthusiasm, hyping you up on every try. It's a bit embarrassing to have them watching and commenting like this, but you feel warmth spreading through your chest and a smile blooming on your face. It's good to know people trust your ability to improve and do better, and you're not about to let them down!
There's one time you trip when you're near the hurdle and end up slipping under it. Another time you jump too close to it and almost full body slam it, falling on top of it. Your feet catches onto the edge of one of the hurdles and makes you fall. You end up knocking over one hurdle, keep running and then falling due to your lost momentum and equilibrium. You stay on the ground, defeated, your body screaming at you after so many falls. It wouldn't be so bad to give up, right? You really did try.
Deuce and Jack carry you to a bench and take care of you, Deuce handing you some water while Jack cleans the scratches you got from meeting the floor so much. They don't rub it in your face about your defeat (like a certain red haired first year would) and try to encourage you to keep trying. (They were pretty worried when you didn't get up though. They wanted to be one of the clubs that didn't make up you end on the infirmary.)
To end pratice, everyone would do a long run. The boys tell you can skip it, since you are already very tired, not used to this much exercising, chest heaving up and down and breath coming as short puffs of air. Jack says it'll do you no good to overwork your body and end up collapsing, Deuce backing him up. Still, you're stubborn, and you already did everything, you might as well go until the end. So you tell them you'll be just fine and agree to the run.
You keep Jack's words in mind, making sure to not overexerte it. Instead of holding a full on sprint you settle on a lighter jog, making sure your breaths are somewhat regulated. This makes you stay very behind the others but you don't mind, everyone has their own pace after all. Deuce and Jack were close to you, since they had very obviously slowed down significantly to keep you company, and you greatly appreciated that, flashing them a smile. Deuce offers a thumbs up and Jack nods his head.
There is a part where you trip and almost fall, but thankfully Deuce catches your arm and manages to keep you upright while still in movement. Though you two get extremely close again, your foreheads even knock on each other's. Deuce gets red faced again, instead of fumbling with his words he fumbles with his feet, tripping and taking you with him as his grip tightens on your arm.
Jack comes to the rescue and stays in the middle, still running prefectly even after having used so much energy during pratice. Guess the daily jogs do work. You look at his back muscles contracting, his shoulders moving, his tail helping him keep equilibrium, feet touchig the ground for a moment before they're gone. He seems to notice the eyes on his back as he looks over his shoulder, head tilting in confusion in such an endearing way you can't help but tell him what you were thinkin, about how cool he looks and how he must have trained so much for this! He looks taken a bit aback, ears twitching and tail wagging. So much so, in fact, that due to your closeness and his thick fur, it hits you, and due to your tiredness and the position it hits, you end up falling once again. You're not even mad, honestly. It was the nicest fall you've had so far.
Congrats, you manage to finish the run! Although you're drenched in sweat, hair sticking to your forehead and throat dry, you did it! But Deuce and Jack won't look you in the eye and keep blushing for some reason, you start to wonder if they're down with a fever at this point. Anyways, as soon as the run is over you throw youself (gently) on the ground, taking large gulps of air and spreading and stretching your limbs. 
All in all it was pretty fun, even if you did get some scratches and lost whatever little dignity you still had. But you found yourself all sweaty and sore again, not to mention that you didn't think that track was for you. You plan to check other non sport related clubs later, but first, you deserve a break.
(Jack's tail keeps wagging and Deuce's smile is glued to his face. They mentally high five each other for a job well done. They had made you feel welcomed! And you enjoyed yourself! Such a shame you're not entering the club yet... remember to not fall out ot pratice in order to build stamina. Jack can help you with that, going on jogs with you! And you were so good at the high jump, not to mention you were almost getting the hang of the hurdle hops, so maybe next time you try will be the time you make it! Deuce can help you if you need! It's very clear what they wanted, and since they did do their best it feels right to give them a little reward, so of course you agree to come to another pratice eventually. Their smiles give you the force to strengthen your resolve, as you bid goodbye to any possible dignity you had left.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shkanoin · 4 months ago
calling your boyfriends ‘bro’
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yulin-pop · 2 months ago
First years yelling at you because you think their housewarden is attractive
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I would’ve written more for Sebek but he would’ve written a whole essay
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squidwen · a month ago
TWST Scenario #4
Lilia: What do you think of my cooking, Prefect?
MC: *takes a deep breath* How do I phrase this…Your food is best to eat when you have a cold.
Lilia: Oh, how kind of you! Because of its medicinal properties? How nutritious it is?
MC: Yeah…
Malleus: You can be honest, Child of Man.
MC: You lose your sense of taste when you have a cold.
Sebek: *throws a book at your head*
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estcaligo · 10 days ago
"Remember you said..."
or the voice lines
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cupids-chamber · 2 months ago
Twst Otome Game update
Tumblr media
Let me introduce you to... "Twisted Lovers" A game where you can romance your favorite twst characters...
The game will be LAUNCHED ONLY IN THE DISCORD SERVER The link here.
Tumblr media
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kaiijo · 29 days ago
the first years crushing on you
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, sebek notes: none other crushes: housewardens
ace trappola
When Ace likes you, there’s a lot of back and forth banter and teasing between the two of you. He’s a bit mean, but he knows (or at least, he hopes he knows) that you don’t take it to heart. He likes to talk a big game but Ace is kind of hopeless when it comes to romancing someone. Such a showoff for you.
Because your clubs meet on different days, Ace often bugs you to come to practices. Most times you say no since you use your free time to catch up on studying or to do preparation for your next club meeting, but today’s different and you take up Ace’s offer to watch practice.
There’s a practice game going on when you enter the gym, shoes squeaking against the polished wood floors. Jamil and Ace drive down the court, shouting and dribbling. As you sit down in the bleachers, you watch Jamil pass the ball to Ace, who notices you out of the corner of his eye. He bounces the ball twice and says, “This one’s for you!” Without even looking at you, you know who he’s talking to.
It’s also at the exact moment that Floyd chooses to take the game seriously, crouching down into a defensive position from his previously lazy stand, eyes gleaming with mischief. Ace aims and shoots and the ball, predictably, is blocked when Floyd jumps up.
“Too bad, crabby,” he jeers and Ace scowls at him. Jamil looks exasperated as he throws a look at you that tells you to fix whatever you started.
“Don’t worry, Ace,” you yell. “You’re always a winner in my heart!”
deuce spade
When Deuce realizes that he likes you as more than a friend, he stops being able to function normally around you. He’s dropping things left and right, stuttering and tripping over most of the things he says to you, and he’s some shade of pink constantly.
Deuce never wished for the ground to swallow him whole more than this moment. He’s standing, frozen, in horror, staring at the tea that drips down the front of your white uniform shirt. Now, this problem is two-fold; one, that’s Riddle tea — or, it was — and Deuce’s sure Riddle’s going to have it out for him, and two, he spilled it on you, the person he likes so much and just can’t seem to do anything right around.
Deuce scrambles to get napkins, the force of his pulling causing the container to topple off the table and skitter across the dorm floor.
“Hey, Deuce,” you say and he steels himself for your ire, for you to tell him you never want to ever talk to him, look at him, or breathe the same air as him. It never comes and instead you smile gently and say, “It’s okay, it’s laundry day tomorrow anyways.”
“I’m really sorry!” he finally blurts out.
“It’s seriously okay,” you say. Then, you add, “Let’s brew another pot before Riddle notices.”
“Notice what, exactly?” Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Deuce, however, doesn’t feel the impending doom he expected. All he can focus on is the little wink you give him and his face blooms a bright pink.
jack howl
Because beastmen usually have one partner they’re with for their whole lives, Jack is very discerning about crushes so if he likes you, you’re definitely a special person. Jack tries his best to act casually around you but the excited twitch of his ear and the rapid tail wagging is a dead giveaway. Plus, he puts in a little more effort into whatever he’s doing when you’re around (like Ace, he’s a big showoff around you).
“Are you sure you’re okay with carrying all that?” you ask Jack as the two of you make your way to class. He nods, head still visible over the mountain of boxes. You were running an errand for the librarian when Jack found you struggling to balance the massive pile, swiftly moving to take the entire stack from you.
You have to walk up five flights of stairs to bring the books to the correct section, and Jack does so with ease, the two of you chatting on your way up. You ask about his siblings, watching fondly as he perks up. He asks about your parents and how your grandmother’s health is. You’re surprised he remembers.
“Okay, you can put them down there,” you say, pointing at a table and Jack sets them down.
“Need my help with anything else,” Jack asks, trying his best to subtly puff out his chest.
You consider it for a moment and say, “Yeah, I could use your height.”
Jack resists the urge of his inner wolf to howl proudly, but his wagging tail give everything away. 
epel felmier
Epel can’t decide what approach to take with you, if he wants to try to show you his manliness or if he wants to use his cute charm to win you over. He shows a very keen interest in things that you like — he watches shows and reads books that you like so you can talk about them together and he practices activities that you like so he can do them together.
Epel clutches the novel close to his chest, scanning the crowded cafeteria for you. He bristles when some Savanclaw meathead brushes past him roughly, scoffing like it was Epel’s fault. Epel rolls his eyes, glancing down at the book in hand. It’s over five-hundred pages and between school work and Spelldrive practice, it’s a miracle he finished it so quickly. That’s Pomefiore for you, tenacious to the end.
He finds you as you come in with some of your friends and darts for you. He calls your name and you wave at him. “Hey!” You peel off from your group and approach him, smiling widely.
You notice the book in his hand and gasp, “Is that the new book in the Paladin’s Sword series?”
“Yeah!” Epel leaves through the pages and says, “I really enjoy them!”
“Me too!” You ask him, “Have you seen the movies?”
Epel considers lying (he hadn’t lied about liking the books, he did wind up actually enjoying the series) but he shakes his head. You nod sagely and say, “Let’s watch them together sometime then!”
Epel’s heart skips a beat.
sebek zigvolt
Sebek goes to Lilia for advice on what to do about a crush, and given that Lilia is centuries old, the advice is a little old-fashioned. Sebek walks you to classes and brings you bouquets and gives you secret admirer notes that are a little clumsy and awkward, but so Sebek that it’s endearing.
Sebek watches anxiously out of the corner of his eye as you slide an eggshell white envelope out from your textbook. Ace and Deuce “ooh” and “ahh” and tease you over it, Deuce suggesting, “Maybe it’s a secret admirer.”
Ace shakes his head. “Who’d like this one?”
Sebek’s eyes narrow. How dare Ace believe that you were undeserving of affection? Didn’t he know that you were so special and incredible, second in Sebek’s heart only to Malleus? The audacity! How dare he?
Deuce snickers, “Stranger things have happened.”
Well, that’s certainly not how he wanted to confess to you, and his heart sinks to his stomach at the deafening silence in the room. When he glances at you, you’re beaming, and his heart is afloat once more.
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Ace: Grimm do you think... Sebek is tsundere who secretly loves Mc?
Grimm: Yeah I think he is tsundere who likes Mc.
Grimm: Mc thinks you are handsome
Sebek:... Really? Did they say so?
Ace: HA- Caught you
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mlk082 · a month ago
The hand holding scenarios are so cute ❤️
Could i ask for a part three with Ilia, Silver, Sebek, Ace, Jack, Leona, Rook and Epel? Thank you! 😊
"Can you hold this for me?" Lilia, Silver, Sebek, Ace, Jack, Leona, Rook, & Epel
Why dearest, of course he would.
Lilia is very strong, and puts his arms out to carry whatever you need. No questions asked, no payment required.
"You know, this reminds me of the times I carried Silver home back in the days. He would go to get apples, wanting to do it all by himself. And then he wouldn't come back, so I had to go and find him. That poor shopkeeper...always handing me a sleeping Silver. We are very close now, actually. I get a discount every time I go."
Gives you a teasing smile when you place your hand in his. You just wanted him to hold your hand. Oh, cheeky are you?
Is so proud of you for doing that without him having any idea. Little bat, learning so quickly. Smiles at you.
Will not only hold your hand, will pull you into a hug and then pepper your face with kisses just to tease you.
"Yes. However, I can't guarantee I won't drop it."
Poor baby gets so flustered when you hold his hand. Does not let go of your hand, and holds it protectively.
Tries to stay awake really badly because he doesn't want to stop holding your hand. Tightens his grip on your hand, but not tight enough to give you any discomfort.
Wants to pull you closer, but you're very comforting to hold, and he doesn't want to fall asleep on you. Has to refrain, so he laces your fingers together instead.
Alas, he starts to find himself sleepy, and so you find a nearby tree to sit against so Silver doesn't fall asleep on top of you. Still holds your hand, and since he's sleeping, he might as well hold you.
You should know better than to carry things too heavy for you. But fine, if you really are in such need of his help.
Did you just- just- put your hand- you want to hold- hands? You just wanted to hold is hand.
Sebek is blushing now because that was so cute and he wanted to hold your hand too and he didn't know how to tell you. And you just put your hand in his and smiled at him like that.
He sweared the sky just got brighter.
Hi, would you like to come back with him to Diasomnia? You could work on homework, maybe go over notes... Or none of those and just snuggle while HOLDING HANDS because Sebek isn't letting go.
Will ask you what you want him to hold, because he isn't falling to one of your tricks again.
Inspects your hand for one of those taser-things before letting you hold his hand.
Squeezes really tight and you have a challenge of who lets go first. Loser has to pay a kissing fee.
That was really cute AND sneaky, and now Ace has to get you back.
Something like "You steal all my sweaters, so it's only fair you keep me warm instead." for cuddles.
Best boyfriend ever, would carry everything for you. If Jack ever sees you struggling, or even thinks something might be heavy/hard for you, he'll take care of it.
Is so flustered that you wanted to hold his hand, like that was so cute. Please his heart is beating so fast.
Doesn't let go.
"I can carry you too, y'know. Not just your hand. If you want." (yes he always asks if you're okay with it before touching you)
You end up being picked up at some point, and he won't put you down unless you're uncomfortable or want to be put down. Jack holds you very close, and doesn't let anything come into contact with you.
His hand is soft too....
Hm? Hold something for you? Fine.
Proudly gives you his hand because he's Leona and the smug bitch thinks he can lift anything.
Will turn away from you because he doesn't want you to see him blushing when you put your hand in his.
God, that was so cute. Why do you do this? Do you have any idea how mushy it is? Do you NOT KNOW how it affects him? Because it does. A LOT!
Will not let you pull away. Ever.
You're holding his hand no matter what. You wanted him to hold your hand, so don't complain.
Would hold anything for you dear.
Just say the word and it's yours darling.
Will gladly hold your hand! BEAMS at holding your hand.
Happiness acquired.
Kisses your hand. Intertwines your fingers. Rubs circles.
"You'll be beside me wherever I go now, love."
Does not hesitate to give kisses to your cheek, and forehead as well. Do you want Rook to hold you too? He'll gladly princess carry you to the dorms. Where cuddling will occur. While holding your hand.
Please agree. He's more than happy to do it. Really. Please.
Is it something heavy for you?? You need someone strong stronger to do it for you? (of course you're strong S/O, he didn't mean it like that.)
You wanted him to hold your hand. Your perfect, delicate, cute hand. BRUH
Is so proud of holding your hand. Is grinning ear to ear. Will protect your hand, and squeezes tight.
Puts your intertwined hands in your pocket because it's cold outside. Yes, YOUR pocket. His pocket has holes....
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fuzzybonefluffy · a month ago
Epel: picked up the phone MC instead of MC Epel: MC, the kidnappers say that they have your child… Sebek: looks at the entire assembled company of first-year students Deuce: But we're... all here??? MC: MC: Fuck. MC: They have Crowley!
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rggie · 22 days ago
< event m.list ┆ texting your boyfriends “they’re busy”
Tumblr media
characters: ace, epel, sebek, jack, deuce / gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ange1princess · a month ago
Where do you want me❔
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary ❕ Where's the wildest place they've had sex.
Ft. ❕ Gn!reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Lilia, Silver, Sebek)
CW❕MDNI, sexual content, sub(?) Reader and bottom reader, exhibitionism, one spank, that's literally all. All characters in this are 18+
A/N❕Sorry Malleus' is so short oml i didn't even realise T_T but anyways Reblogs always appreciated!! Also not proofread :P
Kofi ❕ Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‣ Not one for too much risk, it was in your bedroom at ramshackle the only difference is he fucked you against a huge window.
"Do you like this, my beloved?" He says as he pounds into you while looking down at the people walking by, the thrill of being seen or caught being fucked by possibly the strongest person on campus has you clenching around him, pleading him to go faster and harder. Your answer comes out as a whimper, pushing yourself against him in sync.
You don't know how much the poor, possibly weak glass pane could handle. But you didn't care, not when your brains foggy and the only thought in there is the need for his cum to fill you up, hoping someone catches you being claimed by the horned prince.
‣ Oh he likes risk, because what's life without it, right? (Ok immortal.) In the air. I'm sorry you cannot look at me and tell me he wouldn't, birds eye view as you're over everyone he can show off two things like this, both his strength, and you! (Yes I'm a firm believer in him having wings in his true form and being able to fly <3)
"Look! There's Ace and Deuce, looks like they're looking for someone~ hm, what if it's you darling?" He chuckles as the both of you start drifting towards them, not close enough to be spotted too obviously, but close enough that if they tried hard, they'd definitely catch you. You bite down on the side of his neck to muffle the moan that threatens to bubble out of you.
"I know you can't keep it in any longer sweetheart, let go, let them see who you belong to," he whispers, his voice coming out steady, unlike yours which just comes out as a whine. "Don't think I haven't seen how the blue one looks at you, maybe we should give them a show?" You clench at the thought. Something about having Duece see you this hot and bothered, tongue lolling out of your moth as you throw your head back, makes you want more. The possessive lilt in Lilias voice only egging you further.
‣ Nothing too special, the two of you went to a music festival and ended up fucking on an empty stage with an audience around you, but dw no one remembers much because everyone was either too tired or too stoned, good for you guys.
He's lost in the pleasure, he either doesn't care or doesn't see the group of people eyeing the two of you with unbridled hunger in their eyes as you cry out for him to move faster, your body moving according to his whim. Your back is arched, your ass in the air as the waves of your skin seem amplified by the strength of his thrusts. He leans over, his chest flush against your back as he whispers in your ear, "Look them in the eye," he's talking about the people in the crowd. Something bubbles up in his chest, is it pride? Is it arrogance? It can be either, signified by his self satisfied, smug smile.
You do as he says, you just want to cum at this point, and you know if you don't listen to him, he'd edge you or worse, leave you high and dry. So you stare into the eyes of a random stranger, your mouth opening to let out a wanton moan, your jaw going slack just like your body. You were close, you knew it but you can't cum, not yet, not till he gives you the go. "You did so well, go ahead, cum for me," that's all the permission it takes for you to come undone, you didn't even take into account the multiple people with hands down their pants trying to relieve themselves whilst watching.
‣ Another that's not one to go too further from tradition. But one time he got really hard during a meeting because you kept teasing him and had to excuse the both of you do that he could bend you over and make you see stars in the room next to it which had a one way mirror, aka you can see the other's having a meeting but they can't see you.
You can't help but look back at Sebek, your neck craning as you see his face scrunched up, trying to keep his cool although it's getting harder by the second. He's bent you over the glass table, the cool glass of the table giving solace to your heated skin. "S-seb, faster, please," is all you can manage to say as your eyes drift to the rows of people at the meeting in the other room. "You're fucking filthy, d-don't tell me how to fuck you," his breathings uneven and you can feel his annoyance as he smacks you, surely leaving an angry red print on your behind.
"This is all your fault, couldn't keep your slutty hands to yourself for an hour?" His thrusts keep getting faster and harder, you know he's going to punish you, you just don't know how. But you realise it as soon as it happens, he pulls out of you, jerking himself off as you whine at the emptiness. He tell you to shut up as he cums all over your ass, his breathing ragged as he tries to fix himself the best he can, straightening his hair and clothes, he looks as good as new unlike you, who's spent and sensitive, the only thing keeping you upright the thick glass of the table as he tells you he'll take care of you at home and that you need this, to learn both patience and discipline.
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to ange1princess. Do not repost, translate or take credit for any of my writings.
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supremeshrimpy · 4 months ago
courting rituals III
Tumblr media
Diasomnia Edition
Summary: Driven by infatuation and love, the boys try and court you in their own ways.
A/N: I’m sorry to say this is the end…of this mini-series. I’m excited to continue writing and with all the positive review, I feel motivated to do so much more. As of now I don’t have anything else planned, so please leave me a request if you want anything specific. Also, sorry if Zebek’s a little long, I have a soft spot for him.
Characters: Malleus Draconia, Lillia VanRouge, Sebek Zigvot
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (Dragons) :
Dragons are some egotistical creatures, theirs flirting is insults and flattery, however their insults are just a test to see if their potential mate is strong. After Malleus realizes his feelings for you, he’s constantly switching between complimenting you and making fun of you. His compliments are so sweet on the ears while he spits insults out like fire.
“Ah, it brings me joy to see you got rid of that hideous dress, this one suits you much more.”
Dragons are as materialistic as they are egotistical; they like shiny things, why not put shinies on the apple of their eye? As of recently, you notice necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and jewels appear on you counter and you knew it was him. When Malleus saw you wearing the emerald necklace he had left on your counter the night prior, his heart swelled so much. He honestly felt like it would burst.
“That necklace looks gorgeous on you.”
Dragons always want to be right and so does Malleus, even if that means twisting your mind so that you agree with him however he likes when you argue with him. Malleus loves that fire in your eyes when you when you know that you’re right. He wants a future with someone as strong as you; he wants one with you and he knows it.
“You are still intent on arguing with me on this aren’t you, Child of Man.”
Lillia VanRouge (Bats) :
Bats like to follow around and guard whoever they seek as a mate. Lillia is usually found near Malleus’s side however whenever Malleus is off doing his own things, Lillia is found right beside you. While you’re laughing at some dumb joke he made, Lillia is glaring at some students who are taking a look at you.
“Maybe we could go to the library, its too crowded here.”
Bats use sound for lots of thing, one of those things just happen to be for attention grabbing. Lillia was getting annoyed that you were playing more attention to your studies than him. So what could a little squeak do?
“You’re so jumpy, khee hee hee.”
Let me tell you this next one might take you out…nose boops. Bats like to boop each others noses. Picture this, you sitting down eating while studying and suddenly Lillia is standing over you. The second you bring your head up to meet his eyes, he’s right in your face. Boop
“Your face is absolutely adorable, little one.”
Sebek Zigvolt (Crocodile) :
Crocodiles are furious beasts, when they see a mate; they stalk them. Things are differnet with Sebek, he was on a call with his mom the second he figured out his feelings. His mom told him, “You must watch them from afar, figure out the best course of action.” So, Sebek being the mama’s boy he is, he tried that. He’s been watching you walk to class, what you eat, how you study. Of course you caught on, he was so embarrassed he ran away.
These next two will knock you out, crocodiles will do jaw rubs when passing by a potential mate. I see Lillia becoming very interested in Sebek’s little schoolyard crush and started to bother him about courting you faster. So, when they were on their way back to the Disonmia dorm and Lillia spotted you walking towards them, he knew he had to give Sebek a little push…literally. The second he did, he scurried off in to dorm, leaving Sebek to get flustered and rub his jaw against yours in the heat moment. Sebek then ran off.
Crocodiles blow bubble when they see a mate they want. Sebek would be drinking something while studying with you. You’ll look up after hearing popping noises, only too see Sebek staring at you with a look of pure love. The second he notices you caught him, he chokes on his drink. He’ll start trying to play it cool while his face sits at a cherry red.
“Ahem…do you need help with something, human?”
Tumblr media
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