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diavolosbaby · a day ago
Twisted Wonderland request. I'm in my 30s now so I'd be old enough to be a teacher but what if we stepped that up to a guidance counselor? y/n would be a crucial part in the overblot students' therapy. it doesn't have to be romantic just something that was on my mind
Being the NRC guidance counselor
Characters: overblotters
Genre: angst a bit? Reverse comfort, platonic, maternal figure more than friend or lover
Format: one big paragraph mess (just my thoughts on how’d it go)
Pronouns: they/them (gn reader)
Being the NRC guidance counselor would include some things that aren’t exactly in your line of work. For example, deadly tantrums (the overblots). Crowley would hire you right after the first overblot and have an assembly introducing you. When you go up to speak and tell your intentions, no one really takes you seriously. But when Leona’s over blot happens and in such a public setting, people start getting tense. You want to help, so you send out a survey and have everyone fill it out. You look at the results and talk to individual students. In fact, you spoke to Azul before his overblot. He didn’t say anything concerning, but you knew better. He wasn’t being open. You didn’t blame him, he didn’t know you. After his overblot though you started noticing the pattern in the overblots. It was the house wardens. So of course your next target was Kalim. You stayed over the holidays to watch him and noticed him acting differently than how everyone had described him. Of course, since two new students always seem to be with the overblotters and they only started when they came along, you brought that up with Crowley. He dismissed it and you didn’t bother bringing up your suspicions to him again. He never listened. What threw you off is when The vice housewarden overblotted and not the housewarden. You thought this job wasn’t for you, investigating wasn’t the job for a guidance counselor anyway. No one would blame you if you looked for work elsewhere. You were almost going to throw in the towel, until a student willingly knocked on your door and asked if you had the time. You were ecstatic, they actually had problems they wanted to talk about. With you! That student was Vil shoenheit. You listened and you gave him solutions and similar situations such as his. He came in annoyed and left relieved. You thought it was going well, until he overblotted as well. You were in the dirt, you didn’t prevent anything. But hey, more people willingly come to talk to you now and you schedule weekly sessions with the students who overblot. You track their progress on growing as a person and offer them a place on campus if they just need to calm down. You talk riddle down, You reassure Azul, Vil, and Idia, you build up Jamil and Malleuses’ self identity. Even if Leona takes advantage of your office and takes naps there because he needa a “mental health break”. It was a mess at first, but you’re really helping. You can feel it. They don’t feel like going to you is a drag anymore, they go to you happily because they know you can help them.
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spoops-screams · a day ago
| MC who has terrible luck
Tumblr media
Character(s): Malleus Draconia
TW: Injury, car/carriage crashes, illness, minor angst
Notes: Gender neutral MC || My friend sent me a meme about the fact that everyone has one friend who can never catch a break and seems to be targeted by god himself. Unfortunately, that friend is me according to her and everyone else so after the risk of losing the house, my health going to shit in the worst way for me at the time, various other complications and a car crash within the past 2 months, I figured I needed a better way to cope which is this <3
Tumblr media
He's constantly horribly concerned about you even before he knows you all that well considering everything he hears going on around you. He considers that it might be the first years you hang around but it doesn't take long for that theory to be disproven
On top of constantly being roped into every single overblot incident and more, everything in the entire world seems to quite literally be against you
His life isn't really led by luck with his magic often taking the lead and ensuring him safety and success. With you, who doesn't have that privilege, it's a completely different story which is made much more evident when you don't seem to react to any of the frankly horrifying situations that you find yourself in
How you could be so used to this really makes him worry about how your life was before
You'll joke about some higher power targeting you but even Malleus begins to genuinely believe it with certain things going wrong only when you were present
The first time he attempted to bring you to the valley of thorns, he'd had to take you through the mirror and by car the rest of the way to the castle because teleporting, he had found, made your blood pressure drop drastically, something that he doesn't think he'd ever come across before
And only when you are in the car - a magically powered limousine - does another car somehow crash into it, from your side and only affecting your side in any way that mattered
But you act like you're completely fine. A little shaken and sporting a few small cuts from the glass which shattered on you but otherwise alright. Even he himself was panicked by the occurrence and yet you acted like it was a regular kind of incident
Even when he takes to putting up elaborate shielding spells around you, nothing seems to help. Your health which he had begun always closely monitoring, would take a random turn for the worst with a sudden deficiency which Silver and himself are absolutely certain there should be no way that you have
And whenever the spell weakens when it's been up for too long, something ridiculous will happen that the spell can't block like a tree branch falling directly onto you
It genuinely terrifies him because you seem to accept every incident so easily
Crowley forgets your staying in Ramshackle and a government issued bulldozer comes into the school to take it down since it's a safety hazard while you're in it? He's never teleported so fast in his life but catches you climbing out of under some shattered wooden planks. "Don't worry, only like 3 planks fell on me and most of them were rotting and light anyway :)"
One of the horses violently throws you off of it into a fence? You sit up with a wince and give him a thumbs up. "I'm alright :D" Well, you shouldn't be!
You're mortal already, he hates the risk of you suddenly getting into some freak accident that he can't save you from which only seems to be amplified since it's you
He gets so, so worried some days and will cling to you so much, absolutely refusing to let you out of his sight
You make him really tempted to just keep you in Briar valley but, knowing you, you won't be safe there either. As much trust as he has in magic, he certainly can't be certain of your safety when even he's struggling to keep up with everything that goes on
He's used to time moving slowly but here you are giving him whiplash
Tumblr media
Do not repost or claim. Only reblog 💕
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blushing-concubus · 3 hours ago
Hi!!! Could I ask for some fluffy HCS for Riddle, Malleus, Vil, & Floyd when they realize their s/o who has a “horrible memory” due to the fact that they don’t pay attention to things that don’t interest them has in fact memorized everything about them?
s/o knows their favorite color, their favorite ways to relax, their personal beliefs and what makes them motivated, etc. etc.
they just generally care deeply about them and seem to subconsciously seek out and happily memorize something when it’s related to their boyfriend ��️❤️❤️
This is me, you’re asking me to write about myself. My memory is horrible, Anon, absolutely atrocious. But I can remember the most useless shit and/or certain stuff about people.
I hope you enjoy these headcanons!
Info: Yuu is reader
Riddle Rosehearts
Yuu’s poor memory is a small pet peeve of Riddle’s but he knows that some people can’t help that their memory is bad. It could be due to a multitude of things, almost all of which are out of a person's control.
But when he finds out Yuu’s horrible memory is simply because they don’t pay attention he isn’t happy. Is absolutely going to lecture them about not paying attention and probably brings up how it could harm their relationship.
That's when Yuu reveals that they’ve memorized everything about him up till this point. His favorite color, his birthday, his favorite food, animal, star sign.. Everything. It's touching to him that they go out of their way to remember him above all else but..
That doesn’t give them an excuse to slack on their studies. Yuu cares about him deeply, so maybe the key to their improvement is him. He offers to teach them in hopes that it will improve their attentiveness and grades. 
It kind of works. They certainly pay attention to him, but unfortunately not so much the material he’s trying to show them. Though there is slight improvement.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus has lived a long time and as such doesn’t remember everything himself either. He’s got other things to worry about than remember every trivial detail of the last two centuries.. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it though. In essence he sort of understands Yuu’s struggle to an extent.
That is until it's revealed to him that Yuu simply don't care about much to remember it. He finds it amusing, its adorable that his lover picks and chooses what they do and don’t deem important. Though it could cause some issues in the future..
He does know Yuu remembers everything he’s told them about himself, and even things other people have told them. Their memory seems to be centered on him and nealy nothing else.
He finds this touching and immensely endearing. Knowing he’s the most important and interesting thing to them is a blessing to him. They’re the same to him, his precious lovely partner.
He won’t exactly go out of his way to help Yuu improve their attentiveness, he’s more than happy it being solely on him. Though he will admit their grades could use some slight improvement.
Vil Schoenheit
Another one who has a slight pet peeve revolving around Yuu’s bad memory. He’ll chide them and definitely try to help them improve, self improvement is a big thing for Pomefiore after all.
And then either Rook tells him or he notices that Yuu doesn't have a "bad" memory, no, they actively choose to not pay attention. Vil is not happy, he's going to scold them for it and practically drag them into the pits memorization hell. 
Once Yuu reveals that they remember everything about him and the things they find important or interesting he's flattered, but that isn't enough to save them. Vil is steadfast in his resolve to improve his partner's attention span. 
There will be improvement, even if Vil has to send Rook out to make sure Yuu is keeping up with their schedule, if not they're getting dragged back to Pomefiore and not leaving until the material is drilled in. 
At least their grades are improving and they get kisses as rewards, right?
Floyd Leech:
Floyd can recognize Yuu's lack of attention to things that don't interest them because he's in the exact same boat. He's just more open about it, rather than hiding it behind a mask of "bad memory."
Doesn't blame them, doesn't see anything wrong with their pack of attention. College is boring, there's so many other things they could be doing than sitting through lectures. 
Once he finds out Yuu remembers everything about him and finds him to be the most interesting thing to them he's ecstatic! They're getting squeezed for being so cute!
Doesn't help them improve at all, if anything he enables them, or rather they enable each other. Why pay attention to a boring lecture when they could be running around doing dumb shit and having fun?
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raymioo · 2 days ago
Twisted wonderland birds bc i cant draw humans
I just realized i forgot the rest of the staff
Epel and silver don’t have anything special about them-
Epel got the emo cut 🖤
Tumblr media
Why did i do this.
Why am i awake at 1 am.
I remember in middle school I made a comic series called Cray Cray Chicken Family and the funny thing is that they’re not even chickens.
Have a messed up family tree from it-
Tumblr media
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mashed-potato101 · 4 months ago
Malleus x mc memes I've made
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek stopping Malleus from seeing his child of man
Tumblr media
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tezret · 2 months ago
Fae Culture
Malleus standing at the end of your bed: You’re ethereal
You/Reader, looking over at him: Was it really necessary to wake me up at… *looks over at phone* 4am to tell me this?
Malleus: Yes…
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kyooshi · 3 months ago
No but like imagine gen Z MC just annoying the shit out of everyone and them acting like caffeine runs through their fucking veins
Riddle, opening up about his issues: I never really had a nice mother, let alone a family..
MC, without hesitation: cowabummer
MC, on a call with Azul: am I on speaker?
Azul: yes, why did you want t—
MC: *moans*
MC: *bangs on pots and pans* I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS
Kalim: :0!! That looks fun!!
Jamil: their existence is making me grieve the fact that murder isn't legal.
Ace: Ayo can I have some water?
MC: it's not water
Ace: vodka! I like your st—
MC: it's vinegar
Ace: wh-wha—
MC: it's vinegar, pussy
Crowley: oh no! Another problem that totally wasted because of my lack of authority to the entire school and selfish actions has been running rampage and causing panic among the students! What ever shall I do
MC: die
Mc, at Malleus for no apparent reason: haha, thousand year old virgin
Floyd: Azul is causing a stir and now forcing me to make friends again
MC: my man, you gotta understand the holy sacred moto
MC: friendship is futile, murder is absolute
Floyd: I'm in love with you
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babylemonart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He did not learn a single thing...
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hnsoka · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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zero1yx · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
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mlk082 · a month ago
If You were Married - Malleus
(Note: To the Anon that requested this, it's here!! I hope you're still there.)
Is always awake before you.
Strokes your cheek and gazes at you adoringly.
Is very aware of his surroundings. When people sleep, they are unconscious and therefore in a very vulnerable position. He knows you're safe in his arms, but he always has a need to protect you.
Will not get out of bed until you do.
You like to sit outside while having breakfast. Look at the coy in the pond, things like that.
He has his things to do as ruler of Briar Valley.
It's stressful, long, and takes most of his focus. He is guarded, but Malleus has his own guard up as well, and pays attention to everything.
He doesn't get days off, but he gets some time to himself throughout the day. He's either doing appearances, meetings, or other work in his study. By extension, you're there since you're required to be as his spouse.
No one else is with you inside his study, only guards outside. So he gets to place you right beside him. More than likely, he's holding you in place by having his arm around your torso.
You like to have lunch outside as well. And tea. You stay outside for an extra hour just being together, empty tea cups to the side.
Mostly peaceful.
Sometimes, there are events or galas that the two of you attend, which happen at least 3 times a month for the two of you. They are always fun and lively, but Malleus always 'sleeps' right away afterwards.
It's the cutest thing ever how he's smiling the one minute, and then 'falling asleep' the second you're on your way home.
When that happens, he pouts when you 'wake' him up because he doesn't want to get his head out of your lap.
And you make it harder because you're playing with his hair and tracing his horns.
He rests by shutting his eyes, but doesn't sleep. He only sleeps when it's just the two of you alone.
Late night walks. Don't you dare let go of his hand.
Is waiting for you to get in bed like a puppy.
Multiple kisses goodnight and doesn't let go.
Loves it when you stroke his hair.
Malleus only sleeps when it's the two of you alone, because he trusts you. Anytime he's resting, his senses are still up. He only really sleeps when he's in a safe and trusted environment.
Reads to you because he enjoys the attention you give him when doing so.
Does not let you go almost anywhere by yourself. If you want privacy, you'll be given it. But other than that, someone is following you around.
It's just for safety, and because it's you of all people, you're given one of the best guards, hand picked by Malleus. (Usually Sebek.)
You have your own garden. Malleus likes growing mint. You have a lot of mint. The tea you make from it is probably one of his favourites.
Malleus likes more herbal teas, so you grow the flowers for that too.
Never lets you want for anything. If you want or need something, you get it instantly. You tell him not to spoil you so much, but he doesn't listen.
You have your own "Mally-Sense". Or maybe he's too obvious, but you have a way of always knowing what he wants to do.
Never puts you in an unsafe or risky situation. No scratch must befall your skin. No bruise, scrape, nothing.
Heaven forbid you cry for any reason. It could be a sad movie or story, it's gone. Burned. Sent to purgatory via roasting.
If someone upset you, you have to stop Malleus from doing anything dramatic.
Away from Briar Valley preferably. He wants to see other places, and ones with a lot of history.
Doesn't allow guards, because he wants to enjoy his time without all the dramatics of reputation. Is pretty sure people will know who is, so he has a disguise fit to the scenery and culture of the place you're visiting.
Gargoyles, ruins, historic places. Also many shops. It would have been useful to have a guide, but he wanted to explore and figure out for himself.
You get lost at some point and have to ask for directions, but you end up laughing about it afterwards.
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ray-of-light002 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The entire collection
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dreamofjoys · 2 months ago
Spicy ask for Vil, Rook and Malleus what would be the occasion for a f!reader/f!MC to be woken up with her beloved between her legs? 😈
a/n: anon... i think we have the same wave length
scenario: you felt something wet on your lower region, only to discover that your beloved boyfriend is feasting on you in the middle of the night
characters involved: vil schoenheit, rook hunt, malleus draconia x fem s/o
tw: oral sex, cumming, somnophilia, cock warming
Tumblr media
it was around 2am when vil ended his photoshoot
by the time he reached pomofiere dorm, everyone was already sound asleep, including you
now, hes not very happy about the fact that the photoshoot lasted till 2am (since he emphasizes heavily about beauty sleep)
he storms into his room, slamming the door close while letting out a small tsk
does his management thinks that he doesn't need sleep or something?!
that's when he noticed you, his s/o, sleeping soundly on his bed
you were wearing a purple night gown that vil had gifted you, hugging a small plushie in your arms, your lips parting ever so slightly as you breathe through your mouth
vil softened at the sight of you. you are the only person who he will never get angry at, the only one who he can confide to
he took a quick bath and changed into a purple robe to match with yours
climbing onto the bed, he settled beside you, admiring your soft features
that was when he noticed how.... delicious you looked
the hem of your gown rides up to your mid thighs, the outline of your breast was visible
he could literally your nipples under the night gown that he gave you
vil gulps, feeling his dick getting hard
he shifts closer to you, pulling your gown up to your stomach, revealing your plush thighs and your panties
“just one minute,” vil thought to himself as he slides your panties away, push your legs apart and placing himself in between them
he stares at your pink pussy, admiring the soft and delicate look of it
he place your legs on his shoulders, lying down flat below you, bringing his face closer to your pussy
before he knows it, he is already aggressively sucking on your clit, harshly tongue fucking you
you felt something wet on your lower region, feeling pleasure coursing through your body. you moaned, sub consciously grinding your hips on whatever that is letting you feel amazing. was this a dream? you slowly opened your eyes, finding your blonde boyfriend sucking your pussy dry, not that you mind. "vi-vil, faster please-" you moaned, slightly panting when vil increases his speed. his tongue exploring every inch of your pussy, making sure to eat you out. it was a long night, but vil had you cumming on his face three times, all the while enjoying you squirming and begging for more.
Tumblr media
let's be honest, he is definitely curious about your reaction to waking up and seeing him in between your legs, fucking you in the middle of the night
would you be happy? sad? angry?
he wants to see your face contorting into a mix of pleasure and confusion
he wants to see what you would do when you realise that thrusting his cock inside your pussy while you were sleeping
he wait tills you fall asleep before undressing you, discarding any articles that you have
rook went ahead to undress himself, not wanting you to feel alone and exposed
he gives himself a few pumps, moaning at the sight of you laying all vulnerable in front of him
prior to this, he had already asked you if you were okay with him fucking you in your sleep
"you can use me however you want!" you smiled at rook, sending blood rushing to his cock as he recalls about the memory
"fu-fuck, mon cheri." rook stares at his hardened cock that is already standing straight, tip touching his belly with a ring of pre cum leaking on the head
he wasted no time spreading your legs wide apart, inserting his long cock into you
the bed was shaking, almost as if it was almost breaking apart. you distantly heard the voice of a men moaning your name, and a women whimpering. the women's voice sounds like..... yours? in your hazy state, you slowly opened your eyes, wanting to know the origin of the male voice. what greeted you was the sight of your naked boyfriend between your legs, harshly pounding his cock into your pussy. his fingers dig into the flesh of your thighs, keeping your legs opened and wide for him. "ro-rook!" you moaned out, feeling his cock hitting your g-spot. "so... tight-" rook groans, increasing his pace as you screamed his name. all you could do was to lay on your back, scream and pull on the bed sheets while taking in whatever rook gives you as he uses you as his personal cock sleeve for the rest of the night. "mon amour, you did say that i can use your however i want, right?~"
Tumblr media
you and malleus had just finished three rounds of sex
feeling tired, you collapsed onto malleus
his cock was still inside your abused pussy
you could feel the head of his cock brushing at your g-spot, it seems like malleus has no interest in taking a break, seeing as to how his cock still remain hardened
you whined, looking up to the dragon with a pout
malleus raised an eyebrow, enquiring you to speak your mind
"no more sex for today, malleus. please... im tired, i dont have a crazy stamina like you........" annnnd you fell asleep on him
malleus frowns, he is well aware that humans are not as strong as faes but he didn't know that you would be this tired after three rounds
he pulls you closer to him, making no attempts to pull out
why should he pull out when his cock fits snugly inside your pussy? it's almost as if the both of you are made for each other
still feeling horny, malleus decides to pout, wishing that he could wake you up and continue the make out session
what if, he just fucks you while you sleep?
he gets to satisfy his urge, while you get the well rested sleep that you need
is a win-win situation, right?
malleus flips you on your back while he position himself on top of you, rolling his hips slowly so that he could drag his cock along your walls and feel it clenching around him. with each time he pulls his cock out of your pussy(but not completely), your pussy proceeds to pull him back into you. you whimpered in your sleep, feeling full and slightly needy for more of it. you sub consciously knew that it was malleus who was fucking you right now; after all, he is a horny dragon who doesn't know when to stop. "you are awake," malleus stops thrusting into you as he leans down to give you a kiss. "i thought i said no more." "im sorry, i just can't help it." "is okay, we can continue." green slitted eyes stares into yours, searching for any lies. you grinned and give him a kiss, motioning for him to continue. malleus resumes back to his activity, aiming to give you the best sex that you can ever have.
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d3i-cid3 · 2 months ago
Malleus will stand at the end of your bed watching you while you sleep like a sleep paralysis demon. You could be sleeping so peacefully and wake up only to see a dark shadow with horns and bright green eyes staring back at you- and then he just goes “You’re gorgeous” while your laying there wide eyed in fear ready to bolt out of your raggedy ass room
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onedayimgonnasnap · a month ago
MC giving the Yandere’s the Side eye
Warning: Crack, Cursing, Yandere
The MC’s gender is up for the reader to decide btw
(I decided to write this before school starts so have fun)
Tumblr media
Riddle: What the fuck… how dare you not acknowledge his speech, his 30 minute essay that he worked sweat and tears on. He memorized the whole damn thing. For what?
He proceeded to stare at you back while you both had a staring contest. He could do this all day-
-Illuminati music-
As he was staring into your eyes when he started to see his whole past flash before his eyes. How his only friend besides Trey and Chenya was his homework, to his mom not letting him eat a tart-
Wait, is that Bob Ross painting happy trees?!
It felt so overwhelming.
Next thing you know, Riddle let you go back home with tears in his eyes. He transferred out of the NRC.
He was mad that you just stared at him. He kept staring at you back with at you until,
MC: “ tf are you looking at you walking second place trophy looking mother fucker-“
The whole dorm had to hold him back while you ran for your dear life home.
Mc: “Bitches?”
Azul: “What are you talking about-“
Mc: “You kidnapped me because you had no bitches isn’t that correct? Shit with this attitude you have, you don’t even talk to me at school, after school and when you do it’s for business? The only friends you have are the Eels and even then they’re gonna get bored of you what then? You look mad stupid kidnapping me. 🤨”
Azul: *sniffling* …
Mc: “That’s what I thought you 50% off Squidward”
Kalim: 😃
Mc: 🤨
Kalim’s face slowly dropped as he felt like he made a mistake.
You got to go home with some gold as an apology.
As you both stared at each other he tried to use his unique magic but it didn’t work because you were staring at his forehead.
Mc: “Damn bitch you got a big ass forehead, I remember me and Grimm played Tic tac toe on your forehead once while you were sleeping-“
Jamil: “WAIT WHAT-“
Vil: Vil rolled his eyes as you side stared at him.
Mc: “You kidnapping me is some motherless behavior.”
He kicked you out faster than you can say motherless.
Rook had to cheer up Vil watching Soap Opera with him on the couch and some Ice cream while Vil sobs that you broke up with him.
Idia couldn’t handle the tension. He kept looking away to avoid your gaze. It was like the whole school watching his every move.
He started to cry after 2 minutes of you staring at him in silence.
Malleus stared at you back thinking this was a human thing. It soon began to be a 3 hour staring contest with no blinking.
Malleus soon saw your eyes turning fully black and you were whispering some Satanic shit from ChernaBog or whatever the tf.
You gave Malleus trauma, Sebek hates you, you got to go home.
Malleus still gets nightmares of it crying into Lilia’s shoulder.
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wolken-himmel · 2 months ago
In which (Y/n) surprises Malleus with home-made ice cream, only for it to melt when he breaks out into a full-blown monologue of gratitude.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
The front yard of Ramshackle was shrouded in the usual darkness of the night, although the moonlight from above instilled a feeling of serenity. At this time of the day, your mind was at peace, now that you no longer had to worry about your chaotic friends and their antics. Now, it was just you, the night, and your thoughts.
Oh, and also Grim, who soon made himself known.
"You put way too much effort into this dessert, henchhuman..." the cat monster grumbled under his breath while lying on the staircase leading to the front door, right next to you.
Your eyes snapped open at his sudden remark, and you were jolted right out of your thoughts. Returning to reality, you shot him a sly smile when you noticed how his lazy gaze lay on the small bowl in your hands; it was filled with velvety ice cream. The sight of the dessert caused your stomach to bubble in pride and excitement — this was your creation, your hard work and effort that had paid off.
"Maybe so, but it was worth it!" you chimed proudly. "I just hope Malleus will like it."
"What will I like exactly?"
A gasp escaped your lips upon noticing the young man by the gate to your property. The surprise in your eyes was obvious, and you wondered why you hadn't noticed him earlier. His appearances always were accompanied by a swarm of green fireflies lighting the night, but you somehow had managed to not notice him until now.
Yet, your surprise didn't diminish the excitement bubbling up in the depths of your stomach. As quickly as you could, you jumped up to your feet and stormed over to him. The bowl of ice cream shoved behind your back, you shot the visitor a toothy smile. "Oh, there you are, Malleus! I was wondering if you would show up at all..."
The fae quirked an eyebrow. "You are hiding something behind your back, Child of Man."
His comment drew a little chuckle from your lips. "What an astute observation," you teased, although you quickly noticed that he didn't take notice of the irony in your tone. "In fact, why don't you take a look for yourself, Malleus." A cheeky grin appeared on your lips when you clumsily pulled the bowl of ice cream out from behind your back and held it out to him.
For a while, Malleus merely stared at the bowl, his eyes narrowing as he seemed deep in thought. Every minute that he remained quiet caused the anxiety in your mind to double; what if he didn't like your little gift?
Yet, as you were about to remove the bowl from his sight, he stopped you with an amused smile. "Oh, what might this be?" A drawn out sigh escaped his lips, and he closed his eyes for a long moment. "The coldness it exudes, the sweet aroma of vanilla wafting over to me, the chocolate sprinkles on top— This must be ice cream."
"Yes! And I made it myself," you explained in relief. "Do you want to try some?"
Malleus furrowed his eyebrows in surprise. "Oh, Child of Man. Are you offering me this home-made ice cream?"
"Yes? I remembered that you liked ice cream so—"
With a swift gesture of raising his hand, he managed to silence you easily. The authority he exuded even when he didn't want to didn't allow you to continue on.
"I— I am deeply touched, Child of Man. It must have been decades since someone outside the Valley of Thorns offered me a gift," he explained and broke out into a larger grin. "You must know that I am very much grateful, and that I cherish your kindness above all else."
"Uhm... that's nice to hear—" You chuckled nervously and gazed down at the cold bowl enveloped by your sweaty hands. "But the ice cream is melting—"
Yet, he wouldn't let himself be deterred from his monologue that he saw as absolutely necessary, and thus continued on, "Hush, patience. There are a few things that I need to get off my chest first." Then, he took a deep breath and clasped his hands together elegantly. "To think that a small human like you would be able to inspire such happiness in my heart; I would not have been able to believe it myself even with the evidence right in front of my eyes. But, here you are. And I cannot find anything but genuineness in your eyes, Child of Man."
You cringed softly when you noticed how the mountain of ice cream toppled over to the side and became one with the ocean of already melted ice cream beneath it. "Malleus—"
He interrupted you with a sharp breath. "And so, I shall take your present with the utmost of gratitude. I am sure that it will be able to cure my taste buds of Lilia's horrid cooking this afternoon." It was only then that he opened his eyes and extended his hands eagerly, only for the smile to slip off his face when he noticed the puddle of ice cream in your bowl. "But oh— where has the ice cream gone to?" A blink, and then a frown.
"It melted while you talked..." you explained in amusement.
The frown on his face deepened. "But— I was looking forward with all my being to try your creation!" he cried out and put his hand on his forehead. "Oh my, and thus I ruin another cherished moment..."
The fireflies around him began buzzing around a little bit louder, as if wanting to comfort their distressed master.
"Oh, don't worry 'bout it!" you interjected before he could accidentally cause an earthquake. "I'll just get us some straws and then it's a milkshake."
Malleus' eyes snapped open at that to reveal utter confusion. "A milkshake?" he repeated after you.
"Yes, I'll be right back!"
A look down at his hands revealed that you had planted the bowl with melted ice cream into his hands and then bolted off to disappear within the mansion. The sight made a smile blossom on his face.
"Oh humans, such creative beings... always inventing new things. How adorable."
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tezret · 3 months ago
*Gasps in Victorian* ANKLES!?
Lilia, stepping into Your/Reader’s room: [Name]… why are you naked?
Yuu/Reader, panicking: I don’t have clothes.
Lilia, opening the closet: Oh? As far as I can see you have shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, hello there Malleus! Socks…
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