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In 2018 emissions from the private yachts, planes, helicopters and mansions of 20 billionaires generated on average about 8,194 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2e). By contrast, any individual among the poorest one billion people emits around 1.4 tonnes of CO2 each year.
Carbon Billionaires: The investment emissions of the world’s richest people
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I finished it!!
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The Country That Drowned,
The climate crisis is no longer just the future It takes place now and here. It demands human life and it destroys the future of children. South Sudan is experiencing severe floods in its fourth year, which is a direct consequence of climate change. 800,000 people have lost their homes to the water masses, and every day that number is getting bigger. 
The roads are washed away along with crops, cattle, clean water and toilets. Emergency aid in the form of food and medicine cannot emerge and people are fighting across the dry land against poisonous snakes and crocodiles.
In 1991, the year he graduated, Grarup won the Danish Press Photographer of the Year award, a prize he would receive on several further occasions. In 1993, he moved to Berlin for a year, working as a freelance photographer for Danish newspapers and magazines. 
During his career, Grarup has covered many wars and conflicts around the world including the Gulf War, the Rwandan genocide, the Siege of Sarajevo and the Palestinian uprising against Israel in 2000 and latest Ukraine and the climate changes have had his focus.
Jan Grarup / StudioMadebygrarup
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Prince, princess of Wales see how climate change is impacting Boston waterfront
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Every year "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" sounds a little bit more mournful.
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“Butterflies and bees are getting their own transport network as “bee bus stops” start to pop up around UK cities and across Europe. Humble bus shelter roofs are being turned into riots of colour, with the number of miniature gardens – full of pollinator-friendly flora such as wild strawberries, poppies and pansies – set to increase by 50% in the UK by the end of this year.
Leicester is leading the charge with 30 bee bus stops installed since 2021. Derby has 18, and there are others in Southhampton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Derby, Oxford, Cardiff and Glasgow. Brighton council installed one last year after a petition was signed by almost 50,000 people.
“We want to do it in as many cities in the UK as possible,” said Louise Stubbings, creative director at Clear Channel UK, which manages 30,000 commercial shelters on behalf of councils. The average bus shelter has a shelf life of at least 20 years. Ones with living roofs have to be specially designed because the soil is so heavy, especially when it is full of water, and Clear Channel is installing them only where shelters need replacing...
Clear Channel aims to create at least 1,000 bee bus stops in the UK, hopefully more. They are already established in the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, and the company is building them in France and Belgium later this year, with inquiries coming from as far afield as Canada and Australia.
“We want to roll this out to as many countries as possible. We see this as a long-term, scalable addition to our bus shelters. We’d like to do them everywhere, the positive effects are incredible,” said Stubbings.” -via The Guardian (US), 9/24/22
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A delegation from the United Nations recommended Tuesday that the Great Barrier Reef be listed as a World Heritage site “in danger,” urging the world to act quickly to rein in climate change or risk losing the planet’s largest coral ecosystem.
The U.N. mission, a joint effort by UNESCO and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, said in a new report that climate change continued to “significantly” affect the outstanding universal value of the reef. Without “ambitious, rapid and sustained” action, the site’s celebrated biodiversity and beauty remain in grave danger.
“The GBR has suffered a series of widespread coral bleaching events, occurring with increasing frequency, including four events over the last seven years,” the authors wrote. “The mission team concludes that the property is faced with major threats that could have deleterious effects on its inherent characteristics, and therefore meets the criteria for inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger.”
The report recognizes that climate change is a world issue that can’t be fixed by Australia alone. But the mission urged the country to adopt emissions targets that would dramatically limit greenhouse gases and protect water quality around the reefs, among 10 priority goals listed in the report.
Officials from UNESCO, the U.N. agency that monitors world sites of outstanding universal value, visited the Great Barrier Reef in March, just as it was undergoing another devastating mass coral bleaching event. Coral bleaching most often occurs when hotter-than-normal seawater in effect cooks delicate coral polyps.
The phenomenon sees coral turn ghostly white. Reefs can recover if water temperatures return to normal, but if warm temperatures stick around too long, large swaths of coral can die.
That’s exactly what has happened many times over the past decade along the Great Barrier, causing widespread concern among scientists.
The previous conservative government had faced years of criticism for its support of coal and fossil fuels at the expense of environmental protection. But the newly elected prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has promised a “new era” of climate action.
Still, the country’s environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, said Tuesday that the government would lobby against UNESCO adding the reef to its “in danger” list.
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April 6, 2022
LAPD show up in riot gear to a climate protest against JPMorgan Chase to arrest 4 climate scientists.
LAPD receives $8,000,000 of public money a day.
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“Tipping points happen when a small change — such as an incremental increase in global temperature — sparks a rapid and often irreversible transformation.
But they may not all be bad. "Positive" tipping points for the climate are also possible, as solar and wind power grows cheaper than fossil fuels, electric vehicles take off, meat substitutes become tastier and social norms shift.
"I think our best, and possibly last, hope of avoiding the bad tipping points is finding and triggering some good tipping points," said Tim Lenton, director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.“ -via GoodGoodGood, 11/22/22
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"Dragon," poem assembled using quotations from Wikipedia articles
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