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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 2 days ago
Yuu: (holding a bat) love yourself!
Azul: are you... threatining me? or trying to cheer me up?
Yuu: 50/50 chance
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twistedoverbloat · 20 hours ago
Pt 9 scammer get scammed. And a cute arson date!
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But thenn
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nervouslywaitingforlife · 2 days ago
*a stack of paper falls and this is on the paper*.... hi
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honeyuuyuu · 5 hours ago
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oh my cafe halloween honeyuu-
tried my best- not much but I’m happy to destress a bit-
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sanctum-of-ramshackle · 2 days ago
“Do you want to play a game?”
[TWST AU]: An MC/Yuu taking the role of Jigsaw.
Gender Neutral MC/Yuu
[Synopsis]: In this timeline, this MC/Yuu is not what they seemed to be and they like playing games.
[TW]: Graphic descriptions, cursing, and manipulation.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let say MC/Yuu was an ordinary high school student studying to be an engineer before being transported to Twisted Wonderland.
They’re very intelligent, and somehow kept up with their friendly facade.
Well, they don’t always act nice.
They’re actually a serial killer continuing the works of John Kramer A.K.A. The Original Jigsaw Killer.
MC/Yuu has kidnapped and forced terrible people to participating in their sick and twisted games to give them a second chance in life to become better.
Law Enforcement were already tracking down who killed the victims and they didn’t suspect a high-schooler to be the one behind the murders.
Once they traveled to Twisted Wonderland, the first part is the same.
Grim discovers them.
Crowley drags them (plus Grim) to the ceremony.
Except this time, The Dark Mirror sees something through MC/Yuu’s soul that should not be provoked.
The mirror would keep shut about their dark secret as it also senses if it slips up, MC/Yuu will go after for blood.
Crowley would be oblivious and to some students, too.
Except for others who may suspect something is off about MC/Yuu, but can’t figure out why.
Also they adopted Grim as their “apprentice.”
Tumblr media
MC/Yuu: *Enjoying time with their friends*
Deuce: Oh, MC/Yuu. You have something on your face.
MC/Yuu: *Has a red stain on their cheek* ‘Crap. I became sloppy.’ It’s nothing. It’s probably from painting a portrait. Wanna see?
Deuce: Oh! What did you paint?
MC/Yuu: A rose bush. ‘Thank god I finished the painting after torturing that pig (Tortured a Savanaclaw student).’
Tumblr media
[Ramshackle Lounge]
MC/Yuu: *Building the reversed bear trap*
Grim: *Tugging at their sweatpants* MC/Yuu, I’m hungry.
MC/Yuu: In a minute. I’m almost done with this piece.
Grim: Why are you building that thing anyway?
MC/Yuu: Well…I couldn’t forget what I studied. So I’m exercising what I can remember.
Grim: …
MC/Yuu: …
Grim: …Tuna.
MC/Yuu: Fine. I’ll get your tuna.
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[Heartslabyul Lounge]
Riddle: Dreadful news I received.
MC/Yuu: *Acting concerned* Riddle, what happened?
Riddle: My mother is being hospitalized.
MC/Yuu: Oh no. That sounds terrible. Was her injuries serious?
Riddle: Of course! She has broken fingers and her jaw was fractured… *Realization hits him* How did you know she was physically injured?
MC/Yuu: … *Their facial expression became blank*
Riddle: *Feeling fear* MC/Yuu?
MC/Yuu: One of my inventions during a game. I should’ve given her a craniotomy as she thinks she’s right on everything. What a bitch.
Riddle: *Horrified and backs away from them* You…
MC/Yuu: That’s right. I forced your mother to participate in one of my death games. Her screams were delightful to hear~ *Smiles creepily*
Riddle: *Lost for words*
MC/Yuu: *Reverts back to their blank expression* She should become a better person after her treatments.
Riddle: Why? Why would you do that?
MC/Yuu: Because of second chances. I want terrible people to appreciate life, and not waste it on frivolous things.
Riddle: …Who else knows about your secret?
MC/Yuu: *Sighs* A follower of mine. He was too easy to manipulate.
Riddle: Then you know I have to report on you.
MC/Yuu: On what evidence? No one will believe you~ *Leaves the lounge*
Tumblr media
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underqualified-human · 2 days ago
This song encapsulates Medea!Yuu and their relationship with their mother perfectly
[more thoughts under cut]
'he' refers to literally any TWST boy, platonic or not
'go ahead and give him this' - 'this' could refer to Medea's spell/potion book or a vile of the poison she used to kill the princess of Corinth.
Medea automatically assumes anyone [mostly men] who tries to get close to Yuu is only doing it to try and use them for their own personal gain, or to try and get Medea's help with something. Because of this [and the fact that they grew up running away from people who wanted to kill their mother for multiple accounts of treason] Yuu grew up lonely and with a lot of trust issues.
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blushing-concubus · 4 hours ago
Imagine if the mirror officiated Yuu as the Eighth dorm leader at the entrance ceremony.
Ramshackle hasn't had any students in it for almost a century. Its history and dorm culture lost to the sands of time, hidden away deep within decimation and writings buried deep within the school's archive.
And yet the mirror deems this magicless, for lack of a better term, interdimensional alien as the missing dorms new head? It sounds absurd, like a movie with a lackluster plot.
But it gets better. A dorm cannot be one person alone, and as such Crowley has to decide on switching in a few students to become residents of the 'new' dorm.
Who better than some if the fledgling first years? After all, Yuu is a first year and the dorm is being given new life by thier hands, why not fill it out with fresh faces eager to carve thier way into school history?
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dollysuta-oi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Warning: this post contains mentions of forced marriage, mentions of rape, and TWST 1-6 spoilers (sorta?)
So imagine if Yuu was like Nanno from the series “Girl From Nowhere?”
Girl From Nowhere is a Thai series about a girl who brings karma towards people who rightfully deserve it like a teacher who preyed on his students, two girls who tried to get Nanno raped, a girl who plagiarized other artists’ work, and more. Pretty good series, I recommend it.
So the mirror transports Nanno!Yuu to Twisted Wonderland and they’re having an absolute field day bringing rightful punishments towards the boys there, Crowley isn’t safe too.
While the OB boys pretty much got slaps on their wrists for things like attempted murder and assault in canon, Nanno!Yuu makes sure it’s much worse
Crime: Tyrant who got on his dorm-mates’ asses for pretty much breathing the wrong way, at the wrong time, at the wrong place
Riddle gets knocked out of his Dorm-leader position and has to go through the whole year with a huge amount of humiliation and who knows what his mom might do to him if she found out?
Crime: 20 year old still in high school getting other students injured because he wanted his dorm to win
Leona gets expelled and sent home immediately, bringing his family’s name to shame and with some extra misery points, gets married off.
Crime: Enslaving students and kicking Yuu out of Ramshackle
Azul gets charged with enslavement and forced labor and on top of it all, his mother has a hard time dealing with her son’s guiltiness and the charges pressed on him.
Crime: Trying to get Kalim expelled from Night Raven College by mind controlling him and putting his dorm-mates through horrid training
Crime: Attempted murder against Neige
Crime: Kidnapping and trying to destroy the world because his brother died
I‘m not fully through with chapter 4 and I haven’t done 5 nor 6 yet so that’s all I could write.
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britishassistant · a day ago
The Supervillains will most likely torture that villain for that unwanted kiss... Then offer to give them a better experience.
Thank you for the ask, dear anon!
Yuu is exasperated by these offers, even as they joke. “A new kiss? Fine— if you don’t mind me biting you like I did him.”
It discourages Riddle, Azul, Vil, and Idia.
Malleus and Jamil find it hot but are embarrassed.
Leona triples his efforts in response.
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twst-b1txhes · 2 days ago
OM!MC and OM characters fall into Twst while during meeting :D- like they fell into desk. And Broke :)
Riddle : *red as Strawberry tart*
Leona : *sleeping*
Azul : ......contract? :D *hold the contract*
Kalim : :0 another friends?! :D *being sunshine*
Vil : great. Another potatoes. (Asmo hear this and get angry :D)
Idia : in his room and didn't notice.
Malleus : didn't invite as well :)
Y/N : oh. Another victim like me.
Yuu : .....God.?
Yuuken : wtf is happening-
OM!MC : *fake dead because someones staring*
OM characters : *fake dead too :)*
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twistedwonderlandsimps · 5 months ago
POV: You’re Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Riddle: (angry) you're a rule breaker!
Yuu: and you look like you're thirteen dude
Riddle: (even angrier) you take that back!
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twistedoverbloat · a day ago
I missed punk yuu, and all the punkness that they talk shit about the RSA kids all due to them acting as if they better
Punk doesn't care if someone tries to act like their better then them, but if you try their friends they will fuck you up-
Punk Yuu know's of the people who talk trash about them with their Mohawk and studded leather jacket with hell raiser on the back. Shit Riddle got a pass for talking about their parent since Ace rocked his shit, but this little prince bitch thinks he can say something about YOUR mother and also make fun of your friends?? Naw, got them fucked up.
Yuu rocked and mixed the prince's shit and even stomped him out in their platforms. Sebek had to held them back since the prince's friends tried to jump them. But with Sebek and Jack also with Deuce slipping into his delinquent persona Yeah no, they backed up and since this happen during a neutral ground for both schools? The principles got involved and Yuu said to Ambrose that "If that lil bitch boy try me again you'll see why I'm a NRC student!" Ambrose even backed a little when they barked that at him, NRC boys cheered and hollered at them with cheers since that's how they do it.
Since Niege and Punk are Frenemies he even defended them saying the prince started it all and that isn't the way Prince's should act.
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kalimmunchies · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
malleus my beloved
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gigisafeplace · 28 days ago
Twst quotes #02
Yuu: How do you know how to kiss? Like who teaches you?
Azul: Well it’s actually a class, but unfortunately it’s full right now.
Azul: Would you like me to tutor you?
Idia: That was smooth.
Yuu: Is there a cactus where your heart should be?
Vil: What’s up your ass this morning!
Malleus: *walks in* ...Hey.
Vil: Hmm… nevermind.
Yuu: So... what would you do if you were in bed with me?
Jamil: Depends. Is your bed comfortable?
Yuu: Yes.
Jamil: I'd sleep.
Yuu: ....Thou shalt not marry each other, for thy art both sinful...
Eliza: I just wanna fucking marry Idia!!
*playing twister*
Azul: Right hand red.
Kalim: *ends up on top of Jamil*
Jamil: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
Yuu: We stopped spinning like 15 minutes ago. Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't notice.
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cancerdust96 · a month ago
MC/Yuu: You know, you were always like a father to me.
Crowley: O-oh...? That's what you thought of me as? I...feel very complimente-
MC/Yuu: You will never return with the milk and you'll never be there when need you the most.
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yuusishi · a month ago
Overblot Bingo
Yuu: [pulls out piece of paper]
Ace: Whatcha got there
Yuu: It's a bingo for things I experience every month in NRC
Ace: Why're all of the boxes "Fight an Overblot Student"
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