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honeyuuyuu · 6 hours ago
found yet another un-posted stuff-
Tumblr media
i think it was inspired by this- yeah definitely-
anyways is this your headmaster???
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insertsomthinawesome · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I told myself my first Twisted Wonderland post wouldn’t be memes-
Leona is from this Meme from this Music video  (also I just, used the in game drawing of the castle... i did not draw the background there xD) Rook is confused and maybe somewhat impressed... and also jotting down several notes.
Shout out to my friend for pointing out that Crowley looked like an abyss mage xD
-- -No Romance Included-
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mashed-potato101 · 3 months ago
Happy fathers day everyone! Have some Parent/Guardian Figure Staffs AU memes here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When mc prefers Crewel more as their father figure than Crowley
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine this: Child! Mc fanfic part 2 is coming soon
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twst-shenanigans · 4 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #230
*when MC is invited to the dorm head meeting*
MC: *walking in and sitting on Malleus’ lap*
All the dorm heads: ….
Crowley: “Why are you sitting there?”
MC: “There’s no free seats.”
Crowley: “But we brought in a new chair for-”
Malleus: *hugs MC tightly* “There are no free seats.”
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forgwater · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the housewardens/dorm leaders have finally done something beneficial for the whole school
look, even Malleus and Idia are there in person
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sober-pepper · a month ago
Yuu: You owe me an apology and 300,000 madols.
Crowley: Why 300,000 madols?
Yuu: Severe emotional damages.
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moeradoezstuff · a month ago
Yuu/Mc:Look all I did was form a plan on how we can escape from that monster from the mines, now-
Crowley: You're hired!
Crowley: You're hired! you're hired! You start Monday!
Yuu/mc:*dumbfounded*wha-i don't-what???
Crowley: You're hired! You're hired!
Yuu/mc: I'm hired where??
Crowley:*running away from his responsibilities*Oh seven's yes! you're hired!
Yuu/mc:was this some kind of job interview??
(After that)
Yuu/Mc:and that's how I became night raven college's therapist
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equestriagirl16 · 2 months ago
NRC staff and their guardian status with MC~🌹
Notes: personal headcannons cause I absolutely cannot get enough of the NCR staff being caretakers/parental figures to MC. It’s just so wholesome to me, and a lot of this isn’t new info just my take on said renowned info.
Inspired by: @wolken-himmel @hunniepotts @adrianasunderworld @mashed-potato101
Tumblr media
Dads: Crewel and Crowley
Tumblr media
It’s basically canon at this point that our dear professor would assume the main dad role.
He would have a long history of taking care of “unruly pups”, and having you come around like a lost stray in need of proper training. Well he just couldn’t help himself now could he?
Spoils the hell out of you, yes he would take you out shopping for actual clothes and necessities, yes he would pay for everything, and no you absolutely do not owe him anything in return. Would probably get genuinely upset if you insisted.
Would be the dad to actually remind you, in a reassuring way, that you are in fact a child/young so you really shouldn’t carry the world on your shoulders at least not by yourself.
Fairly overprotective and strict, he only wants the absolute best for and from you. Which means unfortunately you won’t get a sliver of favoritism in class, and no amount of batting eyes or cute little excuses in baby talk is gonna change that. “Well you should’ve thought of that when I specifically gave you a weeks notice before the assignment went out pup.” And then he pats you on the head with his stick(affectionately).
No dating no boys no nothing, in fact no friends. Just spend your time with your loving father figure, he’s sure that’d be much better for your mental health. “I hate men.” “But you are one.” “My point still stands.” He’s spent more time around the student body than you have so he knows, LORD does he know, that plenty of them will leave you worse for wear despite how nice of a person they are. And if anyone, no matter who they might be, leaves his little pup sad and whimpering. He’ll make sure to remind them why he adorns the name of Crewel.
But at the end of the day he absolutely loves you, and you bring a special light in his life too. He may be a little young for it(in his words), but a set of adoption papers happen to make his way on his internet browser more times than he can ignore. Only if you’d like, perhaps he could bring the proposition up in conversation during your next shopping spree.
Tumblr media
Oooooh Crowley, honestly this is mostly because he was the first adult to find you. We all know how this man operates, and yet he’ll insist that he takes care of you like his own child! *looks into the camera*
The man is on the complete other end of the dad spectrum. Ya know instead of responsible and nurturing he’s more so flighty and excitable. Literally just- “We gon need nutrition.” “So your kid likes apple juice?” “Oh no they love orange juice, but they’ve been bad this week.” “What grade is your kid in?” “Sixteenth grade.” “That’s not even a grade!-So they graduated college?” “No they…where is my kid??” He left you in the grocery store…again.
Don’t get him wrong though, he can step up to the challenge when need be, he’s still a whole principal. If anything he’ll at least make sure your academics are in line and your school life is decent, and thankfully he does play favorites!
However he definitely values independence, and just tends to think you can handle things on your own and believes a ton in your potential. Much to both your favor and detriment, sure there’s nothing you can’t handle but that doesn’t mean you should handle it all at once!
Does get serious when the situation calls for it. Like if you’re legitimately broken up about anything, or just in a bad place the secret dad switch in the far reaches of his brain finally switch into hyper gear. He can catch the slightest wind of it, and he’ll be the first one there to comfort you which he’s surprisingly good at. Both in physical comfort and advice, it gets you every single time.
He would never let you know this, nor could you really guess, but he would do anything for you. You mixed up his life in a very unexpected and interesting way, and even if he’s not good at showing it he does love you very much. Man would kill for you. Die for you though? Hmm, give him a sec to think.
Tumblr media
Uncles: Vargas and Sam
Tumblr media
To me he comes off as someone who definitely cares about you but doesn’t show it on as intimate of a level if that makes sense. He’s a gym bro, he shows his affection more in words of motivation and making you run just a few more laps. Cmon, he believes in you!
Obviously he values your physical health, but also because he knows that can translate into mental health. He may not be there for everything but he does what he can in the time he has with you.
Honestly he probably just figures that you already have a lot of people looking out for you, and he doesn’t want to overstep. So he’ll stay in his lane and make sure you’re working at maximum efficiency.
Of course that doesn’t mean he won’t be there for you when you need it. Is also ever so slightly protective, but aims to lift you back onto your feet more than anything. He knows your someone deserving of respect so he’s gonna remind you of that every time he has the chance, and won’t stop until your confidence is through the roof. “Come on, you’re really gonna let them tear you down like that! Remember what I taught you, no one’s strong like Y/N!”
But if you need a hug then maybe, just maybe, he’ll sweep you up and jostle you around until you’re too dizzy to even remember you were sad. You’re a rarity in this world, and you’re just as capable as anyone else. As long as he’s around he’ll never let you forget that.
Also, head pats for days and 100% calls you kid.
Tumblr media
I feel like I barely have to even explain this one. It’s Sam, he’s younger and more extravagant. Not rly dad material, he gives off more older relative/big brother vibes.
He’s got his own stuff going on plus a shop to run, he may not be around you 24/7 but would definitely encourage you to stop by and visit literally anytime. He absolutely loves your company and showing you all his little tips and tricks.
You can guarantee he’d sometimes let you’d off the hook when paying for supplies, for no particular reason at all of course. “I’m closing up shop for the night anyway, now run along little imp ‘fore the shadows get ya!”
Likes teasing you, just playful little pranks and jabs to keep you on your toes. Would never dream of doing anything remotely malicious, even does check-ins if your reaction isn’t the happiest.
Speaking of check-ins, I feel like he’d ask you about how things are going every single time you visit him. Since he’s on the younger side too he’d definitely be more in the know about how to deal with certain things, and give you more down to earth advice. The jump from free spirited shop keep to serious guardian is wild.
Also for any of my black/poc MCs out there, he has your back(especially if you were homesick). Another fully welcomed slice of culture, I have a personal headacannon that he’d be extremely helpful on hair days too. Not to say no one else is, but he would take pride in you sticking close to your roots(heh, get it). As well as picking out really cool styles for you. Maybe even have some spells to let you color it, the possibilities are endless.
A little protective but he doesn’t outright distrust anyone neither believes in shielding you. You gotta fight you’re own battles, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be there every step of the way. When you’re knocked down he’ll pick you right back up, now equipped with a few new tricks up your sleeve. And perhaps on some days many may notice that you have more than one shadow following behind you.
Loves you to death and beyond that, he’ll make sure everyday is full of laughs and you have what you need to stand out from the rest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This man has gray hairs, years of wisdom, and put multiple kids through college. He has earned this category.
I want to say since he already has a family of his own he wouldn’t completely take you in, but he’d definitely put you under his wing. Simply put he owns most the brain cells between all the staff, so he’d know not only how to but for your own sake that he should take care of you.
The amount of times he’s had to steer you away from the advice of a certain principal, and to be the guy to refute the extra baggage anybody put on you is ridiculous. “But Crowley wanted me to get the supplies from the town this weekend, and then I have to host a tutoring session with the guys, and run another errand-” “You’re not doing that.” “But-” “No buts, none of it. Now sit down and finish your tea, I fear you’ll collapse if you think for another second.” Firmly believes no one as young as you should be dealing with the sheer amount of bullsh!t you deal with. And trust that he’s seen a lot of it in his time working at that place.
He’s the epitome of responsible caretaker, will set your priorities straight and be very transparent with you. If your getting too distracted to focus on your academics, or putting yourself last after everything/everybody you have to deal with. He won’t hold back, you’re apart of the equation, the most important part.
He’s also very well versed in the emotional aspects of a young ones life too. Sure he’s not the most touchy feely type, but on like a psychological level he understands and gives arguably the best and most proactive advice.
This isn’t his first rodeo, honestly a lot of it is just second nature to him. He just has a lot of sympathy for you and your situation, and despite his demeanor he’s not one to leave a literal stranded child to fend for themselves. He’s a professor not a monster, and of course you remind him a lot of his prime parenting days. Which he’s secretly very fond of.
He won’t say it out loud, well at least not in front of other people. Perhaps during a nice quiet evening in his office he’ll tell you how genuinely proud he is of you and your progress. You’ll always have a means of support in him, but don’t misunderstand him he doesn’t play favorites.(yes he does)
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luxthestrange · 2 months ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#25 Family
Yuu & Grim: Goodnight moon
Yuu & Grim: Goodnight tree
Yuu & Grim: Goodnight ghosts & Creatures that only we can see*Both on feetie pajamas*
Spirits haunting the Ramshackle: Goodnight children~*Multiple voices speak*
Tumblr media
How bad are Yuu and Grim's home situation thanks to Crowley that even the evil spirits feel pity for us in the house...
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xenya1111 · 3 months ago
is it ok if grimm and the NRC staff also react to mc/yuu being a girl please?
The staff and Grim’s reactions to Yuu being a girl
Warnings: None, a bit of some tooth rotting fluff lmao, hope you enjoy @stoeolq !
Tumblr media
Dire Crowley:
Honestly he’s the first one who knows your secret he just doesn’t care lmao
He’s such an irresponsible guardian like you CANNOT tell me this man couldn’t care less about your existence and this man is only putting up with you until he finds a way for you to go back home, even then this bitch is lazy as fuck and hasn’t even bothered finding a way home for you yet 💀
That is also why the other staff members have vowed to be your legal guardians (and I mean all the staff because it’s so bad to the point where all of them were like “we’re taking care of her now” since he’s so irresponsible) and also they were used to Crowley being a disaster when it comes to taking responsibility for things, let alone his own students, so they already had a feeling they needed to take care of you. You being a girl just makes them more obligated to help you 😭
Thing is, one good thing (one tinyyy small thing) about Crowley is he would never admit it, but he’s honestly thrilled that you’re the only female student, since NRC has never had a female student in the past and you are an exception to that rule, but at the same time with the way he practically threw you into NRC, with no protection whatsoever, we can all collectively agree on one thing: this man SUCKS at being your legal guardian.
He’s by far the most ridiculous guardian you have, heck he’s so irresponsible when it comes to taking care of you that the other staff members literally had to step in and make sure you were okay, this man threw you into an only boys school without protection, he almost left on vacation during chapter 4 and almost left without giving you a good food supply for the winter, and when you literally got kidnapped instead of coming to your recuse he pretends he’s on voicemail & hangs up on you. Overall, I honestly think this bastard does not give a fuck whether your a girl or not I’m sorry 😭
Tumblr media
Divus Crewel:
Probably the best father figure other than Trein, I feel like if you were a girl Crewel would always make sure your well fed, he’ll always make sure you slept well, if your not focused in class expect a mug of coffee to be placed on your desk, don’t ask him about it, it’s from him just drink it he does not like being put on the spot about spoiling you lmaooo
Crewel always gives you snacks in class, he personally tailors a female uniform for you, he definitely gets a soft spot for you but would never admit it lmaooo
Had to make all the other staff members stop teasing him since he said he would never have favorites but once you came to NRC he has a favorite & it’s you: and everyone has noticed 😭
After chapter 4 happened he always made sure, from then on out, that you knew if you ever needed to go somewhere on break you could always go to his home since he knew ramshackle dorm gets cold during the night.
Crewel spoils 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 rotten 👏🏼!! I just know that one this man gains a soft spot for you he will go all out when it comes to spoiling you. From the latest phone, since he had looked at the phone Crowley gave you and he told you it was a really cheap phone, and it barely had any data on it, to the latest clothes and shoes, you will be spoiled rotten from him, no complaints this man will take a liking to you and will see you as his own.
If you manage to actually bond with him and if he’s able to grow closer to you he’d definitely look into actually making himself your legal guardian. If he does grow close to you, he may or may not still be pondering over those adoption papers in his desk at his home but you don’t need to know about that!
I feel like Crewel would honestly do the best he could when it comes down to taking care of you. At the end of the day, he knows he’s not your actual guardian, and he knows your not his child, your someone else’s, but over time, somewhere deep inside of him knows he’d love to have you as his own even if you guys weren’t related by blood, he just gets so protective of you since to him, you’re like a puppy, all alone in this world and he must take care of you.
Also do not expect your grade to raise! Just because he cares about you doesn’t mean you can slack off in class and expect him to raise your grade just because! But if your struggling and he sees that you need help he’ll always offer tutoring after class, he wants you to succeed and he’ll make sure of it.
(Can y’all tell my favoritism is showing 😐😑😐)
Tumblr media
Mozus Trein:
Probably the other best parental/guardian figure, honestly I feel we can all agree on the fact that Crewel and Trein are the best guardian figures out of all the staff, but with Trein, he’s raised two girls so he knows how to handle them
Honestly when he figured out you were a girl he also got a little bit protective since he knows how rude boys can be, they can also be really gross so he knew he had to do something to help you out
Once he saw how irresponsible Crowley was when it came down to making sure you had food and basic necessities, he immediately felt his fatherly instincts kick in and he always made sure you were well fed and if you needed help he also made sure you had access to tutoring
Trein honestly is just so disappointed with Crowley when he saw how he neglected his duties as your guardian, he could never imagine being like that to his own girls
Will never admit it but you remind him of his two girls and it warms his heart, it brings back good memories of when they first came into his life and he appreciates it
He honestly loves that your a girl, he definitely loves your personality and your easier to work with, when he eventually gains that soft spot for you he may even set up a little date with you and his girls so you could meet :)
Tumblr media
Ashton Vargas:
Soccer mom. This man is a soccer mom no ands ifs or buts
When he finds out your a girl he’s honestly concerned with how you’ll do in an only boys school
Immediately looks at your muscles and would tell you that you are weak as hell and he’s gonna train the shit out of you so you can defend yourself
I honestly feel like he wouldn’t really care all that much? He would mostly want you to be safe at all times: hence why he wants you to build those muscles so you could punch anyone who even thinks of laying a finger on you
Overall, he’s the same as always, but expect him to become more protective of you since your a girl and all, he wants to make sure your always safe :)
Tumblr media
Honestly I feel like he wouldn’t exactly be a parent or guardian, he would be an uncle lmaoo
But he’s one of those cool uncles you enjoy having, he always offers you part time jobs at his shop so you can earn fun money
He always gives you discounts and depending on how helpful you are in the shop he’ll even give you stuff for free, just make sure you do good and help out and heck he’ll even buy some stuff for you if you don’t have any money on you
He likes spoiling you, he doesn’t really care that your a girl, but the voices in his head tell him otherwise. He finds it fascinating with how you’ve been able to make it this far without anyones help. He’s definitely one of your biggest supporters, he likes you a lot :)
On special days like your birthday he’ll let you make one wish and if he doesn’t have it in his shop he’ll personally go out and buy whatever you want. He just wants you to have as much fun as you can before you go back, he also always makes sure your okay and he always makes sure you have basic necessities, since Crowley never does. Heck he’ll even supply some of those if Crewel and Trein couldn’t that month, he’ll step in and take over for them if things get too hectic without them
Overall, he tries not to get too excited about you being a girl, but he finds himself spoiling you constantly and he always finds himself looking forward to your visits to his shop after classes end
Tumblr media
I feel like Grim also probably already knows your a girl since you guys have been together since the beginning
When he first found out, I honestly feel like he wouldn’t really care all that much, all he would say is “now I’ve gotta protect my henchman from all these boys!” And then go and demand you to get him some tuna 💀
Even if grim always says doesn’t care, he definitely shows it in his own way. For example your menstrual cycle.
When grim senses that you get your cycle, he immediately goes and kneads your lower back & stomach and then proceeds to purr loudly
It’s basically an instinctual thing for cats to do so i also HC if you were a girl I could definitely see him doing that to you when you get your cycle. Even though he says he’s not a cat he’s still got cat like tendencies.
If you get emotional on your cycle (same), he would sleep with you on your bed that night, and he will not stop purring until you fall asleep
Cats have healing frequencies with their purring, so I could definitely picture him doing the same thing normal cats do, and he’ll most likely always tell you it’s cause your his henchmen and he’s gotta take care of you lmaoo
Overall, he would most likely tell you that he doesn’t care if your a girl or a boy, your still his henchman, but if you look at the signs closely, you can definitely find that he keeps it a secret that your a girl (which is a miracle with how much of a blabber mouth he is), and he does love having you around, he does care, Grim is just too proud to admit it
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honks-stuff · 4 months ago
Crowley: As some of you may know, I took a bit of a sabbatical last year.
Yuu: Do you mean you shacked up with a hairdresser but then they dumped you?
Divus: Pup, please! Raise your hand if you want to ask a question.
Yuu: *raises their hand*
Crowley: Okay, I think we should move on.
Divus: The hairdresser certainly did.
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twstmemebox · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This meme literally came from the trailer, imagine the movie 🤣
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How would crowley react and do when mc tells him they don't want to go home anymore and that he can stop searching for their world?
basically they feel more lively here in twisted wonderland
Dire Crowley
Tumblr media
The sigh of relief is really big.
Because Crowley hasn't even started his mission with 90% certainty.
And now he doesn't have to admit it.
This is the final decision.
Can't cancel.
Crowley still wants to be lazy.
If you ask the reason why he hasn't had time to find a way to get you back, he blames the Overblot cases.
Because Crowley's role in finding them out has been really big.
Now you officially become an NRC student.
Which is not a problem at all if you are a girl.
Crowley might get you a fake ID.
But it's really badly faked.
You'll have to ask for better from Azul.
Crowley will probably arrange a place for you to live after your studies.
You also get a little weekly allowance.
Isn't he kind?
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mashed-potato101 · 5 months ago
Imagine this...
|Twisted Wonderland|
Mc turns into a child due to an alchemy accident. Instead of making someone/people do the babysitting, it's the staff who will take care of them
Masterlist | Parts 1-? [Part 1]| Next≫
A/N: I grew incredibly sleepy while typing this midway. There are some words that are spelled wrong on purpose due to child speech. But please excuse any other grammar error, etc.
Tumblr media
You asked Crewel for a lab review and practice after class, which he gladly agreed to. Once your final class is over, you dragged Grim along since you knew he desperately needs it. In the middle of the lab, Grim accidentally added the wrong ingredient into the pot, causing an explosion and releasing thick smoke with you surrounded by it. 
The smoke finally began to disappear, Grim and Crewel noticed you have vanished as well. They both yell out your name until they heard a soft sneeze. The two look down where you stood and saw your small figure, sitting on the floor. Crewel picked you up as you let out a giggle. Grim began to panic, his henchman- I mean friend just turned into a child. Crewel, on the other hand, remained calm. He knew this would wear off within 3 days. 
Crewel couldn’t leave you with Grim, and he knew leaving you with Ace and Deuce would be a disaster. The three are always getting into trouble and he didn’t want anything bad to happen to his favorite pup. He could try asking someone or people to take you, but it would be too much to ask. Plus, he doesn’t know if he should trust them. 
Crewel’s eyes widened. Father mode activated. 
“I’ll take (y/n) with me and look after them. I suggest you head back to your dorm and review today’s lesson.”  
Before Grim could protest, the man left with you in his arms, leaving Grim by himself. 
The next day, Ace and Deuce are in their seat in potion class, waiting for Grim and their friend. They haven’t seen both of them and grew worried. The bell soon rang as Grim walked in by himself and sat on his seat. 
“Yo Grim, where’s (y/n)?” Ace asked. 
“Settle down now, pups. You know not to chat after the second bell rings.” 
Everyone looked up to see Crewel without his furry coat, but only to be replaced with... A toddler carrier? Inside the carrier on his back is a child, who looked very similar to their familiar prefect friend. 
“Um, Professor,” started Deuce, “Who is the child you’re carrying?” 
“Yeah, why do they look like (y/n)?” Ace followed along. 
Before Crewel could reply, Grim answered, “Because that is (y/n)…" 
“H A H ? !” 
You waved at everyone, “Hewo!” 
Crewel then explained what happen to the class, “There was a small accident yesterday as I gave them and Grim a lab practice. Nevertheless, they will return to normal within 2 days and I’ll be babysitting them.” 
“I’m sorry for asking, but, why couldn’t you just ask us to look after them?” spoke Deuce
Crewel scoffed, “And let you rowdy dogs handle them when you couldn’t handle yourselves? I don’t think so. Furthermore, you couldn’t even follow instructions and always put yourselves in trouble.” 
Well, he does have a point there... The trio stayed quiet, which satisfied the professor. Soon, the class began to start. Crewel gave everyone lectures as you sat above the table, reading a book he gave you. Many students in class could only gaze at you silently, gushing over your adorableness. Some gave envy stares for not having to focus on lessons during class. All of the sudden, a sharp sound of a whip slashed through the air, startling everyone. 
“Naughty dogs. Eyes up here, not at the pup.” 
Eventually, the word goes around; A prefect turned into a child and is in the hands of Professor Crewel. It is now lunchtime; you and Crewel are inside the staff room. He gave you food he had prepared for you. The other staff gathered around and asked Crewel some questions. Gaining the interest in taking care of you, they made a schedule of who’s who will have you. 
At that moment, Crowley barges inside the staff room after hearing rumors. Crowley yell at Crewel after he explained everything once more. 
“And you didn’t inform me about this!?” Crowley yelped, “You should have told me, I would love to take good care of them, for I am gracious!”
Crewel rolled his eyes, “Absolutely not. You are highly irresponsible and a terrible guardian.” 
Crowley let out a dramatic gasp. “HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH WORDS! I am certainly not!” 
The two started bickering here and there like divorced parents arguing about who should take custody of their child. You and the other staff grew tired of their yelling. 
Trein checked the time and sighed. “I apologize for intruding in your discussion, but lunch is almost over and we must get ready to head back.” 
Crewel cleared his throat. “Well then. Since my next class is going to have a lab, I’ll entrust you to taking my little pup with you, Trein.” 
Trein nodded as Crowley throws a tantrum. “Why does Trein get to watch over (y/n)!? Wouldn’t they cause trouble and distract the class? I can take care of them, you know?” 
“I highly doubt they would. In fact, they were being a good pup in my class this morning.” Crewel answered. “Also, don’t you have any businesses to do? Since our sweet little prefect can’t do your errands at this moment?” 
Crowley began to sweat like bullets. “I- uh....” 
The bell shortly rang, notifying everyone that lunch is now over and it was time to head to their next class. Crowley sighed, he was saved by the bell.
Crewel kneeled in front of you, “You will be staying with Trein, and I expect you to be well behaved and not leave his sight. I will pick you up later once classes are over. Do you understand, little pup?” 
You nodded, “Yes, I undestand.” 
Trein stood up with Lucius in his one arm. “Now, shall we go to class?” he asked you. You nodded and jump down from your seat and grabbed his hand. 
You turned to Crewel, “Ba-bye, papa. I’ll see you lateh!” 
As you and Trein walked out, Crowley crossed his arms and turned to the black-and-white-haired man, who wore a huge grin. “How come you get to be called papa but not me?!” 
Crewel smirked, “Because I take proper care of my precious pup, unlike you...”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twst-shenanigans · 3 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #245
*if Grimm had separation anxiety*
MC: *on the phone* “Crowley. I won’t be able to go to school today.”
Crowley: “Why?”
*MC passes the phone to Grimm who is sitting on their chest*
Grimm: “Meoww, Hisss?!”
Crowley: “I see. Stay safe.”
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forgwater · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
horrible father 0/10 would not recommend
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sober-pepper · 3 months ago
Crowley at Yuu, Ace, Deuce and Grim: Why is it that when something happens, it's always you four?
Yuu: Believe me, I've been asking myself that same question for a while now.
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