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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
*Yuu and Idia flirting*
Deuce: Are they flirting?
Ace: They're way past flirting. I caught them making out.
Deuce: Are you sure Yuu wasn't trying to breathe life back into him?
Ace: I don't think so. When I used that much tongue at CPR training, I had to buy the dummy.
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tartppola · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
since it’s halloween month im bringing back mw vampire adeuyuu au teehee
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octo-hyacinth · 2 days ago
Hi hi! I love your writing so much! I was wondering if you could write about the First Years finding out that Mc is deaf (like maybe Mc's hearing aids run out of batteries so they can't hear them anymore)
ooh im so glad you like my writing <3 enjoy!
First Years with a Deaf S/O
Characters: Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier
Content Warnings: Ace being the least helpful (to no one’s surprise), but he still cares, fluff obviously lol
A/N: I’m surprised I wrote this as fast as I did! Sorry it took a while to start, but it only took me a couple days once I did start,,, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
It was just like any regular day, you were walking to class with Ace and Deuce, and you were trying to resolve yet another conflict between Ace and Grim, something about stealing food, but you couldn’t actually get many words in. Unsurprisingly, it was just the two bickering and occasionally turning to complain to you, like you could fix anything while they were still talking.
You were starting to give up, and were zoning out, and after a minute, it was so nice, like they’d miraculously gone quiet and let you have some peace.
But wait.
Why would they do that?
Ah, of course. The batteries of your hearing aids died.
Almost right after you came to that realization, Ace tapped you on your shoulder, and started saying something that you couldn’t understand, obviously. He tried speaking again before registering the completely lost look on your face, then he seemed to remember that you had hearing aids and they didn’t last forever. He made a I’ll be right back sort of gesture to Deuce, and grabbed you by the arm and started walking you back to Ramshackle so you could get some new batteries.
As you rummaged around for them, he just leaned against the wall, watching you silently. But once you got your hearing aids working again, he grinned.
“Heyyy, Prefect’s back in action. You doin’ alright now? Maybe you should keep some batteries in your pocket from now on so I don’t gotta keep walkin’ you back.”
Deuce Spade
Unlike Ace, Deuce may not catch on quite as quick, but he’s definitely not gonna tease you at all because your batteries died.
You were in alchemy class, paired up with him, and you were both trying your hardest to measure the ingredients right and put them in the cauldron in the right order. Deuce was reading out instructions to you, being careful to say everything word-for-word, since you’d probably understand it better than him, and you were doing most of the measuring and pouring. But at some point, everything went quiet, and as you turned to him to ask him to keep going, you realized he was still talking.
At the same time, he looked up and was wondering why you stopped, and he tilted his head in confusion, and judging from context he was probably asking what was going on, but you tapped your ear, then shook your head. It took him a minute to understand, but eventually it clicked for him and he raised his hand to get Crewel’s attention, then left the room in quite the hurry.
After about ten minutes, he came back up to your spot, breathing heavily, and held out his hand to you. He was holding batteries for your hearing aids! How sweet.
Once you replaced them and could hear again, you thanked him, and asked him how he got ahold of some so quickly. He simply smiled at you fondly.
“Heh, don’t worry about it. Just know I’ll always have your back, okay?”
Jack Howl
It was late in the evening. The setting of the sun flushed everything in an orange tint, its last rays shining through the windows of Ramshackle while you were sitting comfortably with Jack and the rest of the first-years, having a movie night.
Your head rested gently on his shoulder as he leaned against the couch, yet with near perfect posture. You never caught him slouching, ever, even when he was at his most relaxed.
The movie was building up to its climax, and the final showdown was about to finish, and almost all the boys were yelling and whooping and cheering at the action scenes, and you were getting pretty invested yourself, but then you stopped being able to clearly hear what was going on. You let out a soft “aw, damn it” as you got up to look for some batteries while, unfortunately, the boys would get to keep watching the movie.
But before you could even leave the couch, Jack rested his hand on your shoulder, gently pushing you down, clearly wanting you to stay in your spot as he got up instead.
Only a couple minutes later, he returned with fresh batteries for your hearing aids, and opened his hand, like he was waiting for you to give them to him. So you tentatively set them in his rather large palm, and he delicately replaced the batteries for you as fast as he could (clearly keeping the movie in mind), and handed them back so you could put them back on.
The sounds of the battle immediately flooded back in, and you couldn’t help the warm smile that spread across your features. You told him how sweet he was for getting and even replacing the batteries for you (you didn’t tell him you probably could’ve done it faster, it’s the thought that counts after all), and he averted his eyes to the ground, but he was clearly biting back a smile, and you could see his tail wagging a bit as well.
“It’s nothin’. I’m glad to be able to help ya in any way I can. I didn’t want you to miss out on the movie, anyway. If you need help with stuff, I’ll always be here for you.”
Epel Felmier
You were sitting out on the fresh grass in front of the school with Epel, watching him carefully carve another apple. It was a nice day out, you said, and you wanted to hang out with him somehow during some of your precious free time. He had mentioned a while back how he was into carving out apple designs, and you excitedly suggested that you watch him. You were quite interested to see what he could do, after all.
And after some time, more and more carved apples started to surround him, each with a beautiful, intricate, unique design, and he seemed to not mess up once with his precise cutting.
After a bit of prompting, he started to explain the steps to making one of his simpler carvings, a little swan with layered wings. You tried following along with your eyes, but you quickly realized at at some point during the tutorial you’d stopped hearing him, and you groaned out loud, quite exasperated at how often your hearing aid batteries seemed to die.
Epel looked up from his project, quizzically tilting his head until you tapped your ears and rolled your eyes. He noticed the irritation, but he had a little grin on his face as he dug around in his pocket for a few moments. He finally held up his hand proudly, like he was saying “ta-da!!” with just his body language. He was holding a pair of batteries for your hearing aids? But how would be possibly know to hold onto them today?
Once you replaced them and could hear again, you heard him chuckle and give a cheeky smile.
“Ah always keep a pair of ‘em in mah pockets, every day, just in case ya ever need ‘em and yer not anywhere close to Ramshackle. Guess today was the day, huh? Ah try to be helpful, y’know, just fer you. Glad it finally worked out an’ ah got to do somethin’ nice fer you.”
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random-twst-things · 22 hours ago
*Contains spoilers for twst chapters 5 and 7* (I think it was 7)
Overblot grim:
Ace holding onto deuce for comfort: GET YO FUCKING CAT B*TCH
Mc: it don't bite (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)
Deuce , also holding ace for comfort: YES TF IT DO
Tumblr media
Ace and Deuce: *high pitched screaming* AGHHHHH!!
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 6 hours ago
Yuu: (holding a knife) do you think I could get away with stabbing someone?
Deuce: no
Ace: but we know this won't stop you
Epel: stab Vil first
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mashed-potato101 · 3 hours ago
Yall have seen Malleus and Leona getting bonked by Crewel. Now get ready for...
Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blushing-concubus · 5 hours ago
Can I request the first year asking for GN!reader phone number and they just casually pull an old fashioned phone like this ?? Imagine Crowley never gave us an actual smartphone lmao 💀
Tumblr media
Ah yes, a good ol’ rotary phone. Tbh, it's probably something that was just left to decay like the rest of Ramshackle but somehow survived and is in near perfect condition.
(Cursed phone mayhaps?)
Info: Yuu is reader, this is kind of crack, I am including Ortho in this purely because i think it’d be funny to see him trying to get Yuu’s number to set up Idia. That being said Orthos part is strictly platonic other than the Idia x Yuu going on 
TW: Crowley Slander, Ace and Ortho not knowing what a rotary phone is. One is more stupid than the other, athor lovingly bullying the first years & Idia
Crowley, like the useless birdbrain he is, never gave Yuu anything, except the ghost camera. The only reason they have one in the first place is because Ramshackle had an old rotary phone on a pedestal in an otherwise empty room. Creepy, but it's all they’ve got, so they can’t exactly complain. It's not like the so-called “Headmage” would listen anyway.
But today is the day they were dreading most, getting asked for their number and it’s by none other than their first year friend, turned love interest.
Ace Trappola
Decided to take the jump after pining for like three months. The only reason he’s asking for their number is because 1. He feels like they need to be in the first year group chat, and 2. Deuce is threatening to expose him for eating an egg tart his mother sent him. 
He’s blushing and can’t make eye contact, the situation only growing worse when Yuu fails to answer him. 
He was not prepared for them to hand him a photo of.. An old phone? Is it a phone? He’s squinting at it, being mildly upset because he thinks it's their way of shittilly rejecting him.
He was not expecting Yuu to flip over the photo and it have a phone number on the back. Now he’s just confused.
“I don’t have a phone other than this. If you want to talk to me you have to call that number. But even if you do call I probably won’t answer because that thing is in an obscure part of the building and I'm not risking moving it for convenience. It's probably easier to just show up at my dorm like you’ve been doing for the past three months.”
And with that they leave to go to class. Ace is now confused on if this was them accepting his confession or not. He still doesn't know if this is an actual phone or not.
Deuce Spade
Finally was convinced by his mother to ask Yuu out after months of talking about them to both Ace and his Mom. He’s been meaning to for a while now but could never gather up the courage or the confession was always crashed by someone or something else.
He’s trying, and failing, to keep his nerves and blush under control while waiting for them to respond.
He is extremely confused when they pull out a picture of a rotary phone. He knows what it is, his Mom has one in her house that's a sort of antique, but he’s never seen it used.
He does notice on the back  is their number though, which has his heart skipping a beat, because this is probably them accepting his confession!
“This is the only phone I have and it's in a pretty obscure place, so if you call I probably won’t hear it ring. Just drop by whenever you want to see me.”
And with that they leave, Deuce is still mildly confused about the phone picture, but is happy he finally got a chance to confess to Yuu.
Jack Howl
He takes a year to confess, but has absolutely loved Yuu for much, much longer. The only reason he’s confessing is because Epel is getting really fucking tired of seeing him dance around the issue. The other five are either Yuu themself, too stupid to notice, or Sebek.
Once he finally decides to bite the bullet and confront his feelings, his flustered self is greeted by a picture of an old phone. A number scribbled messily in the corner. He takes it, but kind of just stares at it in confusion, he’s seen these in movies, but other than that he doesn’t know why this is relevant.
“Sorry, that's the only phone I have, and it’s in a pretty inconvenient place too. I’m not gonna move it because it's pretty sketchy as is, but if you ever want to talk you can call me. I might not hear you though, so it's probably easier to just drop by Ramshackle.”
He gets it. Honestly he probably should've assumed they didn’t have a phone, being from another world and all.. actually have they ever even left campus? 
Before he gets a chance to ask they’re already gone, running away so they aren't late for what he assumes to be the dorm leader meeting happening soon.
Epel Felmir
Once he realized he liked them he started trying to figure out the best way to ask them out. Getting their number would probably be the easiest and if things go south he can save himself by saying he realized he didn’t have them in his contacts.
That being said its extremely obvious that he’s asking Yuu for their number in a romantic light. His face has a light pink blush on it and his make up is neater than usual, giving away something is up.
Yuu answers by giving him a picture of a rotary phone. He is not phased in the slightest, back home everyone has at least one in their house, even if they are pretty old fashioned they’re still useful. 
He’s also excited that this is an acception of his “discret” confession.
“I don’t really have another phone. This one is also pretty deep into Ramshackle and was there before I moved in so I’m not risking moving it. If you want to talk to me you should just come over, in all honesty.”
He gets it, plus it gives him an excuse to escape Vil for a while.
Ortho (Ft. Idia)
Tired of hearing his brother complain about how OP and cute Yuu is. He wants them to get together already so Idia can be happy!
Was told not to talk to Yuu about Idia’s feelings. He’s doing it anyway because Ortho is an agent of chaos in secret.
Flies over to them and starts explaining how Idia has a crush on them and that Ortho wants to give him Yuu’s number so they can date.
Yuu finds this extremely funny and thinks Idia is even the tiniest cute, so they give. Fishing a picture of their god awful phone out of their pocket, their number in bold on the front, and hands it to Ortho.
Is extremely confused. Doesn’t know what this is until he does a quick scan, finding out it's a phone type that has been out of fashion and use for years.
“This is the only phone I have, if Idia really wants to see me I’ll just show up and crash in his room.”
Yuu already knows Idia so well! This was a perfect plan, mostly.
Sebek Zigvolt
Does he even have a phone himself? I’m under the impression he, and the rest of Briar Valley communicate through carrier pigeon and town crier. No, but in all seriousness Briar Valley is appearly pretty behind in terms of technology so I'm genuinely not sure if Sebek even has a phone. We’ll say he was given one by Lilia for the sake of storytelling.
Sebek is emotionally constipated and afraid of confronting his softer feelings so he’s also apart of the “It took me a year to confess” club. He finally got off his high horse and decided to ask Yuu for their number. That's a common way humans ask each other out right? 
Doesn’t matter, he’s already doing it.
Yuu just stares at him for a minute, admiring Sebek’s blush and the fact that he’s quiet for once. Eventually they pull out the long dreaded picture, their number spread across the paper, and place it in Sebek’s hands. He’s confused immediately. 
“I only have this phone in Ramshackle, and chances are it's cursed. You’d be better off just showing up there than calling me to be honest.”
Ah, so he should get them a carrier pigeon! Human technology is useless after all.
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tunabesimpin · 2 months ago
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Just normal heartslabyul things ^v^! + the scrunkly!
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twisted-fishbaiit · 2 months ago
Pillow fight!🪶
Tumblr media
First years sleep over
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hanatata98 · 4 months ago
Scarabia Deuce ?! ♠️
Tumblr media
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strawberry-pie-thoughts · 4 months ago
Clueless Duo
MC: Ok, this isnt too different from my world let me handle it
Deuce: You mean your country right?
MC: No... The magicless world where I came from?
Ace: Sorry if you forgot to tell us you were an ALIEN!
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sober-pepper · 13 days ago
Deuce: Azul-senpai, what did Yuu have that attracted you?
Azul: So many things. Their quirks, kindness, smile and especially their BODY.
Deuce: R-Really?
Yuu: Relax. We're the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.
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mrs-schoenheit · 13 days ago
Adeuce : We are not paying for that
Floyd: *annoyed* why not? you ordered 42 coffee
Adeuce: We said 4 tea 2 coffee
Tumblr media
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twst-shenanigans · 25 days ago
twst Incorrect quote #266
MC: “I keep a picture of us in my wallet. Every time I’m having a hard time, I take it out to look at it.”
Ace, Deuce, Grimm: “Awe~”
MC: “And then I tell myself that ‘If I can handle these three idiots’ shenanigans, I can face anything.’”
Same brain cells trio: “Oh…”
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nyxlovesthemoon · 6 months ago
First years
Tumblr media
2nd years
Tumblr media
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myuunji · 6 months ago
110% ft. First Years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sk2lton · 7 days ago
texting him in class when you’re bored.
part one
— warnings: cursing
— characters: leona, idia, lilia, floyd, malleus + deuce
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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