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Replaced? (Part 4)
Part 3
Female reader!, Twisted Wonderland fanfiction, angst
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TW: belittling, breakdown, fainting, mentions of starving self, mentions of being dehydrated, stress…
Tumblr media
Part 4: I just wanna leave.
- I never thought you could act like this towards an other girl, towards the ONLY other girl.
Riddle had this look on his face, a look you hated to see as a child. One that described how disappointed he was, how much faith he had put into you but it just vanished into thin air after he heard some well built lies… You were not that close with the Heartslabyul housewarden, you respected him highly and would always see him as a broken kid who grew up in an awful environment. But now, you saw him as a stranger: you didn’t recognize him anymore, just like you didn’t recognize Ace and Deuce… Will Trey and Cater also think like the rest of them? Will all of Heartslabyul see you as what you’re not? A monster that finds entertainment in bullying a girl out of jealousy..? Your ears started ringing, you could feel the rage building up in your stomach and boiling hot.
- Listen- I don’t know why but she hates my guts..! I wouldn’t have said those things if she didn-
- Enough Y/n. Don’t try to justify what’s not justifiable… it’s a pity it has to come to this.
- What do you mean? Jack said, a frown on his face.
Riddle sighed, an exasperated one. He looked over at Jack, giving him a glare that said it all: "Stay out of this."
- Y/n L/n, as for respect of the students in my care and for respect towards the victim, you are forbidden, as of now, to step a foot in The Queen of Hearts’ dormitory.
- W-what..?
- Isn’t this out of proportion?! Jack growled, his hands tightening into fists.
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, finally making your eyeballs turn red and shiny. Could you take anymore of this? Could you really stand there as all your friends will reject and throw you away like a mere stranger? A mere bully?
- Riddle listen-
- Sorry. I cannot listen to this anymore.
The wolf was startled, just like Riddle. Grim gulped: he never saw you snap like this at all.
- Do you really think your in position to raise yo-
- Yes I am!! I’ve been putting up with this shit for too long!! And it’s only been two days!! You had trouble breathing, holding onto Jack’s arm as you felt yourself getting weaker. I am done with this bullshit!! Vanessa has been nothing but an arrogant little bitch with me!! She told lies, stole from me and even blackmailed me!!
- Y/n you’re gonna have to calm dow-
- What in tarnation is going on-
Cater walked by, Trey at his side. Deuce and Ace were following behind, Vanessa running after them. Trey looked worried but you feared he’d follow Riddle in every decision he’d make. Cater walked towards you, picking up his pace as he saw how distressed and upset you were. He saw your tears and was quick to catch them, looking at Jack for explanations until he realized you were still digging daggers into Riddle’s eyes with your own.
- What the fuck happened to her?! Riddle??
The genuine worry on Cater’s face made you realize one thing: you were NOT okay. Jack had his arm wrapped around your waist as he felt your grasp onto his arm getting weaker and fading slowly. He tried calming you down, purring in your ears: "it’s okay", "you’re fine"… and then, darkness. What was happening, you didn’t know. All you could say about the entire situation was that you heard Jack and Grim panicking, Trey ordering the other about what had to be done: carrying you to the infirmary, making sure you just fainted and nothing worse… you heard Cater yelling at Riddle, accusing him of being the cause of all this. Riddle defended himself, telling everyone that you accused Vanessa of being the reason behind your state. The girl and Ace were quick to argue while Deuce couldn’t even be heard. All their voices started to fade away, no sound reaching your ears after a while… pure darkness. Pure loneliness…
~ A while later ~
You woke up in a dim lit room. You could tell it was the infirmary by the smell of clean sheets and all the white you saw: the bed was oddly comfortable, you took a glance around yourself only to notice Grim resting on your chest, purring loudly. Sitting on some chairs around your bed was Jack, his arms crossed over his chest while he slowly started to drift off to sleep and Cater. Cater was wide awake though. He held back a yawn and almost fell off his chair when he saw your eyes open.
- Y/n!! How are you feeling??
- F-fine..? You didn’t even know.
You didn’t know because of how tired you were: you were sleep deprived.
- Oh hello Y/n. Jack said half asleep. How are you..?
- What did the doctor say..?
Cater and Jack looked at each other. What? Was your state serious? Were you in danger? Grim spoke up suddenly:
- You need sleep! Food! And even water!! You’re in too much stre- Cater slammed his hand on Grim’s mouth.
- We said we were gonna take it easy! Geeeez-
The redhead then proceeded to explain to you what had happen while you were out. It turned out you really were sleep deprived, just like Grim said. But your body was also weak because of the lack of food and water in it. Jack then said that you had unconsciously drink the water the doctor gave you, mentioning it wasn’t enough considering you most likely were dehydrated.
- And you also were under a lot of stress.. doc said it wasn’t healthy. Cater added.
- I see.
You still felt angry, your blood still boiling hot in your body. It didn’t matter if you needed to eat or drink, sleep or relax, right now you wanted to punch a bitch.
- When can I leave the infirm-
- Where is she?
The voice that was heard just now was a deep one. A deep voice with both concern and rage in it: you quickly figured who it was by the sound of it.
- M-Malleus Draconia?? Cater said with worry. Who are you talking about..?
- Obviously the student Y/n L/n. Where is sh- his eyes fell upon you before he could finish his sentence.
"Oh dear Seven" you heard him say under his breathe: the way he looked at you, sadness in his eyes but also anger on his features… he walked towards your bed, in a hurry. Before you could even blink or say anything, his arms were draped under your legs and around your back, picking you up and holding you protectively against his chest.
- What are you doing? She needs rest! Jack said.
- She will rest where she will be protected. I trusted you guys since you’re her friends but clearly, her stress was due to you being the most selfish and horrible people.
- Mal’… it’s not them… your nose started itching. Cater and Jack were there for me…
Your throat ran dry: you were already in need of more water in your body but the sadness that filled your lungs suddenly made you wanna cry. You wanted nothing more than to sob, cling onto Malleus as you screamed out the pain your weak being was feeling. Too much pressure, too much stress, too much sadness, too much rage… you helped them all. You had to deal with their stress, anger and sadness: when they threw pamper tantrums, when they overblotted, when they left you… you were always there, suffering for them to be happy. You realized, only now, that everything was too much for you to handle anymore.
- I-I just wanna leave… please… you choked on a sob, finally crying out your pain.
Malleus looked desperate to help you, soothing you gently with his voice, whispering in your ear: “it’s gonna be just fine”, “do not worry anymore”… he held you closer as he indicated to Grim to follow where he would lead.
- Cater Diamond, Jack Howl, I apologize for misjudging you two. He slightly bowed to them, careful not to drop you even though his hold onto you was firm enough. Please do tell the ones who caused Y/n to fell ill and to be this upset that I will personally deal with them if her state worsen. Understood?
Your two friends gulped and swallowed hard as the horned man’s glare was most certainly enough to make the strongest mage in the world shake with fear.
- Y-yes sir!! Cater obliged.
You cried into Malleus’ chest, feeling him take his leave from the infirmary. He walked down the hallway, making sure to shield your shaking form from the prying eyes. Grim was on your tracks, following him up close, staying by your side no matter what. Your throat was hurting, you started to have a headache, your eyes itched from how much tears you were pouring onto the Diasomnia housewarden’s chest…
- I’m bringing you to Diasomnia Y/n. You’ll stay with us for as long as you need to. Don’t worry okay? He said in a reassuring voice.
- Can… can you tell Floyd and Jade..? Tell them I’m staying with you…
Malleus nodded, telling you he’ll make sure to bring the twins to you as soon as possible. But for now, he wanted you to rest: you had to be laid down into the most comfortable bed and eat the most delicious meal. The fae obviously told Lilia to take care of everything, you would be treated just like a princess.
~ At Diasomnia ~
- I’ll stay by her side Malleus. Why don’t you go tell the Leech twins about this?
- I should yes… but it’s upsetting leaving her behind.
Lilia pushed him out the room, hurrying him into the hallway while he gently closed the door behind him. He reassured him that he would keep an eye on you and will tend to all your needs while you were here.
- Take care of her.
- I will.
On these words, Malleus took his leave, making his way to Octavinelle as he entrusted you to the short man. You were still asleep after all the crying you did: you were weak, your body still lacked sleep and water. You also didn’t eat in a few days, which was due to all the stress everyone put you through and the insecurity you felt because of Vanessa. Dried tears stained your cheeks as you slept somehow peacefully, your form shaking a bit due to the cold temperature at Diasomnia.
- I’m sorry you had to go through all this alone Y/n. Lilia sat next to you on the bed.
He brought the covers up to your chest, tucking you in. He then added another layer of warmth with a blanket that he laid on top of the bedsheets. He had cautiously prepare a glass of fresh water on the bedside table for when you would wake up and he made sure to ask Silver to cook something that would boost your energy. It was best to keep Lilia away from the kitchen, right?
- Malleus won’t let anything happen to you again.
To be continued…
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TWST!Memes #40
Tumblr media
The Ramshackle "Kids" Big brother Yuuken,Middle/Older Sib you and the lil gremlin you gotta stop from dying by his stupidity i still wuv you grimmie
Both Yuuken & Grim judge and cockblock the boys and you's alone time...
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*Contains spoilers for twst chapters 5 and 7* (I think it was 7)
Overblot grim:
Ace holding onto deuce for comfort: GET YO FUCKING CAT B*TCH
Mc: it don't bite (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)
Deuce , also holding ace for comfort: YES TF IT DO
Tumblr media
Ace and Deuce: *high pitched screaming* AGHHHHH!!
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treysimp · a day ago
so on the inside your grim? screaming cat fits a descriptor for him pretty well
Actually you know what ya, you are 100% correct. I dedicate this edit to you anon:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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adrianasunderworld · a day ago
The ghosts in ramshackle need more love, I image them the kind to pull pranks on Yuu and Grim but will act like a group of uncles to them
Honestly I love them in the latest book of the Halloween event. They care so much about Yuu and Grim, they were so excited to spend Halloween together and made them costumes. They took over their fire wood chores over winter break and were so happy to see they were ok. The ghost are great, we need more in game content of the trio.
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Tumblr media
Inktober day 4 - Foam
Going off of a prompt from the TwstOBer list, I thought it would be fun to have Chandra attempt to give Grim a bath. Not a lot of animals are fond of getting dunked into a tub of water and soap, so I doubt a cat monster with flaming ears would take to it any better. Poor thing is struggling and clawing Chandra’s hands to get out of the bucket and Chandra looks ready to wring his neck. Chandra’s patience is being tested here but after a week of dealing with magic exams and having to deal with other students’ overblot situations, they can only be put together for so long. I imagine Ramshackle dorm’s water system is inconsistent so warm water is a gamble and Chandra had to boil water before bringing it up to the bathroom and wresting Grim into the tub. The lengths they go to get this “future grand mage” even mildly presentable, hopefully Grim will be thankful and forgive Chandra once he’s dry and can munch through a tuna can.
Please do not edit or repost without permission. (I edited my commission prices!)
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Tumblr media
twstOBer day 5: dream
just Guess how much trouble grim got in after trein found out he was sleeping in class
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's Spoopy season everyone! Here are some of Obi's favorite photos with everyone.
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Twisted Wonderland Whumptober
October 5th - hypothermia - Kalim
characters: kalim, azul, jade, floyd, yuu, grim
cw// spoilers for chapter 4, water, hypothermia, whump, one session therapy
The feeling of betrayal honestly hurt more than the rough landing directly into the near-frozen sand at the edge of Scarabia. Years upon years of trusting someone, only to find out that they hate you will always sting more than a serrated knife to the back.
The sand puffed up around them as the little group hit the ground, and while the merfolk seemed to recover quickly, the humans of the group took a little time.
“Sea Otter?” Kalim heard a voice gently say, with a prod to his side, “You alive?”
“‘M okay.” Kalim said quietly, finally shifting to sit up.
Floyd was hovering beside him, crouched down and leaning over to catch his eyes. He looked…genuinely worried, actually. His hald moon eyes were mournful, lips pointed into a light frown. Floyd wrapped one arm around Kalim’s back, helping him sit as he reoriented himself. “You hit the ground kinda hard. Does anything feel broken or wobbly?”
“How many fingers am I holding up?” Jade asked and- wait, when did he get over here? He was flanking Kalim’s other side, holding up three fingers. He, too, looked worried, though it was less plain to see than on his twin’s face.
“Three.” Kalim said, wiping his eyes with the heel of his palms. He found they were wet, and unfortunately extremely cold.
Jade nodded - not that Kalim could really see, he was not focused on the sand in his eyes - and Floyd began to tug Kalim to his feet, softly shushing his protestations.
“You’re alright, Sea Otter, we’ve got you.”
“Jamil hates me.” He whimpered, beginning to cry again, “He overblotted and its my fault, I should have…”
“It’s seriously cold out here, it’s like we’re under the ice floes.” Floyd commented, rubbing at his arms. He turned to look at Azul, who nodded slightly in agreement.
“Grim is a ball of fur, and we merfolk have some innate cold resistance, but…” Azul began. The scarabia housewarden began to shiver against the cold, his dorm uniform doing nothing to protect him. Short sleeves weren’t meant for freezing temperatures after all. He turned to find the Prefect in the same condition, and frowned. “I fear Yuu and Kalim will not last long in this cold.” 
“We don’t have any brooms or carpets to fly out on. What does that leave us for options?” Jade asked, a slight bitter note to his voice. He took off his scarf, gently draping it around Kalim, who was softly weeping.
“It’s a slog, but walkin’s our only way back.” Floyd grumbled.
“We spent quite a while in flight before we landed. It could take hours - possibly days - to trudge back on foot.” Azul pointed out, watching their companions with a keen eye. He removed his glasses and gently cleaned some condensation from the temperature changes from them, frowning.
“Jamil…I trusted you…” Kalim whispered, his tears leaving bright red streaks down his cold cheeks.
“You cryin’, little Sea Otter? Your tears are gonna freeze over, y’know.” Floyd gently prodded, pulling Kalim closer for warmth, a little pat on his shoulders in an attempt at comfort. 
“It’s all my fault. I drove Jamil to the brink without even realizing it.” He sniffled and wiped at his nose with the back of his hand. “The real Jamil would never do such things! He’s a good guy, he’s always helping me, giving me a shoulder to lean on, and-”
“Isn’t that attitude what drove him to the brink to begin with?” Yuu asked, interrupting him, an unimpressed look on their face.
“What?” Kalim asked, freezing to stare at them.
Grim let out a noise like he was being strangled, as he said, “Hoo boy, Yuu, you really go for the jugular sometimes.”
“I’m with little Shrimpy on this one.” Floyd admitted, “Sea Otter, you’re like…TOO nice. It’s kinda…grating.”
“Huh? Is it?” Kalim asked, looking genuinely surprised. He recoiled away from Floyd for a moment to catch his expression. He was mournfully serious, and it only served to make Kalim feel worse.
“Yes,” Jade spoke up, “If I were betrayed by someone the way you were…” He paused, looking down at Kalim, face set in a smile but eyes reading completely different, “I’d lash out with a torrent of unmitigated verbal abuse to break them down mentally, then bind them and drag them beneath the waves.” He smiled, a little bit more toothy, “Perhaps you should try something like that? As the way that you blame yourself and try to excuse his behavior is, quite frankly, a tad galling.”
“Galling? Really?” Kalim asked, voice wavering between upset and angered, “But, I mean, Jamil would never betray me. Ever.”
“Uh, newsflash, he did.” Floyd pointed out, tilting his head. “In fact, he was gonna make you out to be the bad guy and get you expelled. He’s an enormous Douchebag.”
“When it comes to underhanded ploys, Azul at his worst couldn't hold a candle to that.” Jade said, keen eyes watching Kalim. The poor boy hadnt stopped shaking, and it came to the point that Jade went to Azul and took his decorative coat, draping it around Kalim in an attempt to starve off the cold. Kalim was rapidly going from warm pink to pale-ish grey, which was not at all comforting. 
“...know. It’s okay to hold your head high and denounce him for the traitor that he is.” Jade had said, though Kalim felt like it was underwater for a moment. 
“You carry yourself like a goody-two-shoes, laughing off conflict with a flippant word or two. To twisted individuals like myself and Jamil- ah, I mean, to calculating individuals, those remarks are like barbs digging under our skin.” Azul adjusted his glasses, watching the panic rise on Kalim’s face as he continued, “I’d say you’ve been pushing Jamil since your formative years. Though, it’s not your fault in the least, of course. You were born into a very high social class. As showered as you were with affection from your family and everyone around you, you grew up with honesty and integrity. An upbringing like that would make anyone take certain things for granted.”
“That’s…not much of a compliment.” Yuu said.
“I would argue that in Kalim’s case, it might simply be a case of a naturally innocent disposition.” Jade added on, frowning slightly.
“Oh…” Kalim said softly, lips taking on a tint of periwinkle, “So Jamil is…bad?”
“Extremely.” Yuu said, shivering rather hard themself. They had bitten down on their cheek, forcing themself to muddle through it.
“In that case, I’d better get back fast!” Kalim said with newfound determination. He did his classic pose, fist clenched and all. He began to feel warm again, chalking it up to the coat and scarf around his neck, “I must punch him and yell ‘traitor!’ I owe him that much.”
“That, and we need to bring him to his senses fast. If we don’t, his life will be in danger.” Azul agreed. He covered his face with his hand, though it was clear there was a burning emotion eating at him. Guilt? Fear? Sadness? “We have to get back before his magic reserves run dry.”
“That puts us right back to where this conversation started.” Floyd grumbled, “How do we get back? Walkin’ really fast?” His sarcastic tone cut through the cold, letting a bit of levity hit Kalim, who giggled slightly.
“My nose is gonna freeze over if we stay out here much longer!” Grim yoweled, frowning.
“If there was a river, we could swim back.” Jade said,  “Sadly, all the rivers here are dried out.”
River…river…water…Water! Kalim turned his attention to Jade, “So…a lack of water is the problem?” “Yes,” Azul hummed, “Jade and Floyd can easily outpace brooms when they're in their true forms. But we can’t exactly restore a dry river…”
“Maybe you can’t, but I can.” Kalim grinned, teeth chattering against the cold.
“HUH?” Each of the mermafia asked at once, taken aback at this claim.
“Kalim, has the cold perhaps gone to your head?” Jade asked hesitantly. He reached out to touch him, finding that his skin was cold enough to be felt through his gloves, and frowned.
“My signature spell, Oasis Maker, can produce an enormous volume of water with just a smidgen of magical power. If I make you a river, you can get us back to the dorm, right?” He said confidently, brushing off Jade’s hand.
“Y-you mean to tell me THAT’S your signature spell? That’s insane!” Azul gaped.
“Aha ha! It’s pretty useless when we’ve already got running water.”
“Don’t ‘aha ha’ me! Some countries don’t HAVE that sort of infrastructure. Your power would make you nothing short of a hero to those people! That’s…thats…ABSURDLY marketable!”
Jade rolled his eyes and shoved Azul away gently. “I think we can leave Azul to his get-rich-quick fantasies for a bit. Kalim, if you would oblige us?”
“You just need a river, right?” He nodded to himself, gathering his strength, “Okay, I’m on it!”
He called down the rains, hands held out as the sparkling water fell down around them, quickly filling up the trenches of rivers long before, and long since dried. He smiled in wonder, ignoring the shaking in his knees and the overwhelming heat blooming under his skin. He wanted to take everything off, to cool down. It burned, it made him feel feverish.
“....and Sea Otter, you’re with me.”
Kalim looked over to see his allies transformed into their true forms, and nearly laughed. He had almost forgotten they were merfolk, nearly forgotten why he had called the rain. He came over quickly to Floyd, gripping onto his arm, the Ramshackle prefect by his side. Both climbed onto Floyd’s back, legs wrapping around his middle for stability. Kalim was up near his neck, clinging with his arms wrapped around him in a hug, while Yuu did the same to Kalim.
They began to move as the ice cold rain kept beating down, stinging against the skin like tiny glass shards. 
The world was a blur as Kalim drifted between being underwater and just above the surface. His hands began to feel numb and his eyes drooped. He found his shivering had returned, but barely noticed it, instead focusing on the pain.
He felt his eyelids grow heavy and his grip began to slip, leaving him limp against the prefect as Floyd swam as fast as he could. He felt the weightlessness of being underwater and heard several screams before he felt arms around him again, pulling him up and to the surface. Everything beyond that was a mystery.
“Kalim? Kalim, are you alright? Please, speak to me.” He heard a voice calling him distantly, with warm hands tugging him up.
He looked up to find Jade staring at him and - oh, this seemed familiar. Hadn’t this happened before?
“He’s alive.” Jade breathed to a group beyond him. Kalim noted that he was no longer in eel form, but rather back to being dressed, yet his hair was damp. He turned to look and found they were back in Scarabia, in the dining hall, and he was laid out on the table. He groaned, and Jade hushed him, “Quiet. Jamil is looking for you, and you are in no shape to fight.”
“We will protect you.” Azul promised, “Rest. Warm up. We’ve got this.”
“Yeah, Sea Otter. You’re in good hands. But we’ll be sure to save you your revenge punch, don’t worry.”
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tunabesimpin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just normal heartslabyul things ^v^! + the scrunkly!
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twisted-fishbaiit · 2 months ago
Pillow fight!🪶
Tumblr media
First years sleep over
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wolken-himmel · 2 months ago
8k Followers Special
In which an alchemy mishap gives (Y/n) the ability to confer a blessing of good luck onto anyone, simply by kissing them.
Now, (Y/n) has a line of students lining up to be smooched.
Idea by anon.
Tumblr media
"(Y/n)! Kiss me!"
"No— kiss me! I need it for an upcoming alchemy test!"
"Please— I need the luck to get the first wagyu sandwich at the cafeteria today!"
Although the Ramshackle mansion was under a complete lockdown, with the windows barred and the front doors closed off with a large bookshelf, the entire building shook due to the masses outside. Voices of hundreds mixed into one large mess, and only a few reached your ringing ears. Stuck with Grim, Ace, and Deuce in your dorm building, this hadn't been how you had expected to spend your afternoon.
The offset for this disaster had been an incident in alchemy class just earlier that day.
As you had been busy chopping up some leaves, you only noticed too late when your lab partner threw something strange into the potion mix. You narrowed your eyes at him and grumbled, "Grim, why did you add my lip balm to the kettle?!" You desperately tried to fish the little container out again, but it had already sunken to the bottom, its viscous content mixed into the rest of the liquid.
"Uh— it looked a little bit dry?" Grim explained innocently. "And I thought it could use a little bit of hydration."
From the table next to you, Ace couldn't help but snicker as he mumbled, "Your logic is flawed, Grim."
That seemed to have flipped a switch inside of the cat monster, and you had to hold him back in order to prevent him from attacking the red-head. "Tsk, no— don't you dare underestimate me!" the cat wailed and thrashed around to free himself from your grasp. "Me, the great Grim! Most powerful magician of all time—"
In his fit of anger, he had managed to knock over the small kettle on your desk. His paw had hooked onto the rim, making the kettle topple over, and the content to splatter all over you. The pinkish liquid mostly landed on your face, and only a few splashes appeared to be on your white lab coat.
A frustrated whine escaped your lips as you practically flung Grim at Ace. "Hey! You clumsy cat—" you yelled out in anger, only for that anger to morph into frustration. Taking off your safety goggles to wipe the pink liquid off proved to be a difficult task. "Uh... it's so slimy..." And it only became worse when you tried to remove the smudges on your face, especially your lips.
"Don't worry, nothing happened," Deuce assured while putting the kettle back into its original place. "But... your lips are kinda pink? Oh— and very well hydrated, thanks to the lip balm Grim added!"
Ace's smile turned into a mischievous smirk. "You should sell the recipe to Azul and market it as a magical lip balm. You'd get rich."
Grim seemed to approve of this idea, especially once money was mentioned. But, before he could voice his utter approval, you grabbed him once again tightly. "Come here, Grim! Revenge be upon you!" you exclaimed as a battle-cry before you squeezed him as tightly as you could, playfully burying your face in the patch of fur between his ears.
"Stop!" Grim laughed out loudly. "That tickles!"
Your little cuddling session was put to an end when a shadow looming over you blocked the light of the chandelier from above. The two of you froze in your places upon noticing that it was none other than Crewel who stood in front of your desk. "Grim and (L/n), your concoction looks marvellous," the professor said, sounding surprised as he looked at the remains of the pink substance in the kettle. "It's been a while since I gave an A to first-years, but you two deserve it."
"What— an A?" Ace cried out in disbelief. "For his glorified lip balm?"
Crewel, unbothered to react to his outburst, stepped over to the Heartslabyul duo and eyed their kettle suspiciously. "Spade and Trappola, your potion looks... chunky. You get a D." Without another word, and not allowing any protest, the professor disappeared to the next table.
Ace looked like he was about to explode. "What?! That's so unfair!"
Deuce, on the other hand, simply sank into himself in resignation. "Seems like you're lucky today, Grim..."
"Share your secret with us!" Ace exclaimed hastily. "Do you carry a rabbit's paw with you? Did you get up with the right foot?"
Grim shrugged. "Today was nothing special, aside from the little accident a few seconds ago." Having wrought his way out of your arms, he jumped into his own chair again and brushed his messy fur. "And then (Y/n) grabbed me and tickled the hell out of me—"
"Wait, Grim—" Deuce interrupted, "you have a lipstick stain on your forehead."
And indeed, there was a perfect, pink imprint, reminiscent of a pair of lips, on the patch of fur between his ears. A frustrated cry escaped his lips when the cat tried to wipe the stain off with his paw, but to no avail. The imprint couldn't even be smudged.
"Oops, must have been me," you cooed innocently.
"Yes, (Y/n)'s kiss gives people good luck!"
For a moment, Ace's eyes wandered between the two of you, more specifically Grim's lip imprint and your own pink lips. As if a lightning had struck him, the red-head jumped to his feet and gasped. "And your luck just started to kick in," he exclaimed and turned ro his partner. "Do you think what I'm thinking, Deuce?"
The sceptical glance you shot your two best friends, who really did seem to share one brain cell, didn't deter them from their theory. "I think it's just a coincidence," you remarked and waved them off.
"Ew, I can't get the lipstick off my fur!" Grim cried out, by now violently scrubbing his forehead.
"Alright, (Y/n)," Ace exclaimed excitedly. "Pucker your lips for us."
"No way I'm gonna kiss you guys!"
"It's for science," Deuce said and gave you the best puppy eyes he could muster.
A shiver ran down your back in playful disgust, especially when you grumbled in a low tone, "...alright, but make it quick." You feigned to gag. "I'll have to wash my mouth with soap afterwards."
"On the lips, please~" Ace said.
"Me too!"
You glared at them while scooting closer to your two friends. "You're idiots," you mumbled while pressing a quick kiss to Deuce's lips first in rather shy fashion, clumsy too. The tips of your noses touched briefly, and your cheeks were a bright red. When you pulled away, his lips were stained a soft pink as well.
Ignoring the way Deuce's looked like he was about to explode, you turned your attention to Ace and collected all your willpower to press a kiss onto his lips. Once it was done and over with, Ace chuckled out in amusement, "Hey, we gotta take our chances." Then, with his lips a faint pink, he leaned back into his chair, relaxed.
Before anyone could speak up again, Crewel had appeared by their table. "Spade and Trappola, it seems like I gave your previous test the wrong grade," the professor explained while handing them out their corrected papers. "You both get ten points added to your last test."
"Really?!" Deuce yelled out in disbelief, looking like he was about to cry out of happiness.
Ace threw his hands into the air. "It's working!"
As you were busy wiping your lips rather violently, you muttered quietly, "You're welcome... Just don't go around telling everyone about this."
"Of course!"
Yes, that's what they had said — assured you, promised you — and look in what a mess you were now: almost everyone on campus knew about your new ability to confer luck to a person with a simple kiss. The rumour had spread like wildfire, and now a massive amount of students had surrounded the Ramshackle mansion, demanding entry and to see you.
The furniture used to bar the front door wouldn't hold up much longer against the pounding from outside, and Ace, Deuce, Grim, and you were basically sitting ducks until your timely demise when you would be swarmed by your fellow students. And eventually, the bookshelf gave out and was pushed aside to allow a flood of students to enter.
This was it. This was how you would die.
However, it came to you as a surprise when Grim stepped forward, in front of the three of you, and put his paws out to stop the mass of students in the hallway. "For a generous 50 Madol, you can get a good luck kiss from (Y/n)!" he exclaimed, which caused the screaming and yelling to quiet down. His control over the crowd was astounding; instead of trampling all over you, they obeyed his command and got into line.
"Guys, why—" you stuttered out hesitantly.
"If you can't fight them," Grim explained, "just profit off of them."
Ace began laughing. "That's what Azul would say."
Upon noticing the unwillingness in your eyes, albeit mostly fear upon realising the sheer quantity of students in your home, Deuce put a hand on your shoulder and shot you a smile. "Come on, we'll make sure everything stays orderly," he shouted over the background noise.
The three's expectant gazes lingering on you, you were left no other option than to exhale and comply in resignation. "Fine, but get me some lip balm first—" you grumbled under your breath, "before my lips fall off from smooching a bunch of guys..."
"You heard my henchhuman!" Grim exclaimed in excitement. "Let's get to kissing!"
In no time, your three friends had managed to transform the ocean of students into one neat line... mostly. Although it was still loud and stuffy, you at least didn't feel overwhelmed anymore. The loud voices bickering and chatting still protruded the air, accompanied by the sound of Madol coins clinging loudly as they were handed over to your friends.
You took a deep breath and readied yourself to start kissing away.
The first in line was a group of Heartslabyul students. Much to your surprise, the three most prominent members, that being Riddle, Trey, and Cater, were in that group, as well. You eyed them curiously, and a smile grew on your lips once it was their turn to be kissed.
"Riddle, I didn't expect to see you here," you teased playfully.
Although his cheeks did turn a soft red, he quickly crossed his arms and let out a frustrated huff. "Don't worry, I'm not here to get a kiss myself. I don't really believe that luck can outweigh hard work in the long run—" His monologue was interrupted by a series of coughs from behind him in the queue. "Rather, I am here to make sure Cater and the rest of my dorm members don't do anything stupid." With that, he stepped aside without a kiss.
"They wouldn't dare to do anything like that," Trey remarked while stepping beside Riddle without having been kissed, as well. "And besides, a little dose of luck can be the little sprinkle of salt needed to perfect a cake that required a lot of work, to bring out the true flavour and sweetness."
"Yeah! You should try it out," Cater cheered and opened up the camera app on his phone. "Of course after I got kissed."
You couldn't help but roll your eyes in amusement. "Where do you want the kiss, Cater?"
"Well, my right cheek is fine! I wanna take a pic to post on Magicam," he explained and wrapped his arm around you sideways. With the lense of his phone trained onto the two of you, you pressed your lips to his cheek for a little while longer, until the familiar lightning of the camera struck. "Hehe, thank you~ What a memorable day!" A satisfied smile on his face, he walked away while diddling on his phone.
"You, too, Trey?"
An amused chuckle escaped the vice dormleader's leader's lips. "Actually, I'm just here to make sure Riddle doesn't collar anyone... I don't need luck for anything particular today," Trey explained, rubbing his neck sheepishly as he gazed at Riddle next to him.
"You two are just adorable," you cooed and broke out into a grin. Before either of them could react, you had already pressed a kiss to their cheeks each.
Trey was caught off-guard. "But— we didn't pay!"
"Shush, just go along," you said and waved him off.
Riddle, on the other hand, looked like he was about to explode with how red his face had gotten. His hands were clenched into fists as he seethed out, "Violating my personal space would normally grant you a collar..." However, he seemed to calm down soon enough, the sudden outburst leaving him flustered and embarrassed. "But you're lucky I'm lenient today..."
At last, Riddle shyly walked away, and Trey followed him worriedly.
Next in line was a group of Savanaclaw students, and at the very front of the queue, none other than their dormleader.
"Leona, hey— what would you need luck for?"
"I need to pass this semester, and that requires all the luck I can get— at least Ruggie always says so," he explained rather casually. "He urged the two of us to come here..."
"Right!" Ruggie chimed from behind his dormleader. "I myself need a little bit of luck to strike a few good paying jobs."
You hummed and leaned forward to press a kiss to the lion beastman's cheek, only for him to grab your shoulder roughly just as your lips were about to meet his skin. "What do you think you're doing, herbivore?" Leona hissed under his breath, glaring at you.
"Uh— kissing you on the cheek?" you asked in utter confusion.
"I want a kiss on the lips."
You narrowed your eyes at him. "No—"
Before you could free yourself from his grip and yell at him for his cheekiness, Grim appeared beside you and waved his short arms around. "That makes double, Leona!" your fellow dorm-member exclaimed happily.
"I'm willing to pay," Leona retorted.
Your jaw clenched and your hands tightened into fists, you hissed out, "You're a cheeky one."
He simply shot you a grin and raised his eyebrow mockingly. It took you all of your willpower to squeeze your eyes shut and press a quick kiss to his lips instead of slapping him for his audacity. "Wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked while you pulled away with a warm face, whether from being flustered or angry, you didn't know.
As he walked away in satisfaction, you were allowed to take a deep breath. "Ruggie, how about you?"
"Just the cheek will be fine!" he chimed, and you pressed your lips against where he had pointed to. A grateful grin appeared on his face as he ran after Leona. "Thank you, (Y/n)! I got a few job interviews to attend now. Catch ya later, shishishi..."
Next up, Jack and Epel.
You shot the wolf beastman a curious look. "Hey, Jack. Why are you here?"
"Just here to stop Epel from punching anyone," Jack grumbled while holding back a feral Epel by his collar. "He has the tendency to start fights when his dormleader isn't around to supervise him."
"You sure you don't want anything?"
A chuckle escaped your lips, and you tilted your head to the side, deep in thought for a moment. When you had made up your mind, you speedily leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto Jack's cheek. Before he could even register what had happened, you had pulled back again. "Here you go, it's on the house! Just because you're so sweet," you said, laughing. The gesture left Jack speechless.
"I... uh—"
"Now, where's Epel?" you asked while letting your gaze drift around, in search for the small boy that had vanished from Jack's side.
"Hey! I'm down here!" A look to your right revealed Epel, squished between two other Savanaclaw students. His lips were contorted into a large scowl as he marched up to you and puffed his chest out. "Way to make fun of my height..."
"Oh, sorry. It's just really crowded here." You shot him an amused smile. "What do you need the luck for?"
"I want lots of folk to buy my family's produce! Things have kinda slowed down again after Vil's advertisement."
"That's nice of you."
Epel nodded happily, an innocent smile growing on his lips. "Ma and Da will be so happy..." he muttered under his breath, his smile widening after you had pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. Without another word, he took off and disappeared into the crowd again, Jack following after him in concern.
Your eyes followed after them until they became one with the masses again.
"What a sprawling business you have up and running, prefect."
A turn to your left revealed a trio of three suit-clad students being the next ones in the queue. You narrowed your eyes suspiciously, quietly muttering, "Oh, the fish mafia."
Jade gasped, offended. "What an unsavory nickname for us gentlemen."
Your remark merely drew a chuckle out of Azul's lips. Although, his charming smile soon turned a little bit more serious again as he explained, "We're just here to get lucky, no shady business." At that, your shoulders drooped forward in relief, much to his amusement. "I just need the luck to get our newest menu to be popular."
"I'm just here in the hope of getting lucky on my next trip to the mountains," Jade said fondly. "There are these special mushrooms I wish to stumble upon."
"And I just wanna be lucky in general!" Floyd chimed and threw his arms into the air.
Your eyes wandered between the three of them for a while, suspicious of their true nature and intentions. However, when you couldn't find any trace of dishonesty or deception, you muttered, "Alright, that doesn't sound too bad..." You ignored the way their eyes flashed strangely and rubbed your eyes in exhaustion. "Is cheek fine for you three?"
"Yes," Jade and Azul replied.
Floyd, on the other hand, exclaimed, "Lips, please!" His answer earned him strange looks from his two fellow dorm-members, and even you couldn't suppress the surprised expression on your face. An annoyed grumble escaped Floyd's lips as he waved all three of you off. "Hey, I've got nothing better to spend my money on, anyway." Unabashedly, he stepped forward and puckered his lips.
A nervous chuckle escaped your lips before you mustered all your courage to lean forward and press your lips against his. Floyd let out a disappointed sigh when you pulled away, and he would have demanded another one if it weren't for Jade's hand latching onto his shoulder and pulling him back. Jade was easy to please with a kiss to his cheek, and he retreated with a satisfied smile. Lastly, Azul, who was rather queasy when your lips made contact with his skin. When you pulled away, his cheeks were dusted a light pink, and he stammered on his words. So much that Jade spoke on his behalf.
"Come by to try our newest menu some time, prefect," the vice dormleader announced calmly. Without another word, the three Octavinelle students disappeared from your sight.
"Oh- Oh! We're next, Jamil!"
"I can see that, Kalim..."
Your attention was drawn to your next customers: two Scarabia students.
"Hey, (Y/n)!" Kalim exclaimed once he stood in front of you, unable to stand still any longer. "I need the luck to uh... get a lot of candy! I want my coins back at Scarabia to be turned into these yummy chocolate ones, by some strange case of luck!" The smile on his lips was large and innocent — adorable, even.
"Really, that's it?" You raised an eyebrow, and he nodded eagerly. So, you grabbed the sides of his head gently to hold him still, eliciting a little giggle from him. The kiss to his cheeks made his giggles grow louder, and when you had completely pulled away, a goofy grin had appeared on his face.
You removed your hands from Kalim's face and turned to his companion, who until now had stood beside him quietly. The questioning look you shot the Scarabia vice dormleader caught him off-guard.
"I... uh, I actually haven't been able to think of anything for myself," Jamil said awkwardly, taken back by surprise when he saw Kalim hand Grim the money for the two of them, despite Jamil's protests. "I've been too busy trying not to lose Kalim in this mess." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.
"Oh, I'm sure you'll find something later on." Withour wasting another minute, you leaned forward and pressed a sweet kiss to his right cheek. The gesture left him dazed, almost hypnotised, and he immediately raised his hand to touch the patch of skin that your lips had touched.
Before Jamil could mutter as much of a 'thank you', Kalim had already grabbed his hand and pulled him away, saying that he wanted to look for his sweets now.
A smile grew on your lips at his words, but you were snapped out of it when a sneaky pair of hands suddenly grabbed a hold of your right hand and cradled it softly. Looking to your left revealed a blonde with large purple hat; it was none other than Rook. And Vil stood beside him impatiently.
A large smile decorated Rook's face as he got onto his knees, all the while still holding onto your hand. "Mon ange, I am here to have you confer your blessing upon this humble hunter, in the hope that he may score a lucky hunting session!" he cooed and gave your hand a gentle squeeze. "Of course, that hunter is none other than moi!"
"Rook, hello," you said and helped him to his feet again, amused by his antics. "Cheek is fine?"
"More than fine," he cooed, eagerly holding out the left side of his face for you. When your lips made contact with his pale skin, you swore you heard a swoon escape his lips. "Merci, mon ange!" The hunter shot you a charming smile before retreating to his dormleader's side.
You straightened your back to shoot the other blond a smile. "Good evening, Vil. What would you need luck for?"
"Working in the acting and modelling industry always requires a little bit of luck for auditions and what not," Vil explained smoothly. "So why not? I have nothing to lose."
"Alright. A kiss on the cheek?"
Vil shook his head and raised his arm instead. "On the back of my hand, please. It's not good for my reputation to run around with a lipstick stain on my cheek."
Although his request made you raise an eyebrow, you simply shrugged and took a hold of his hand. In one swift motion, you raised his hand and pressed a gentle kiss onto his knuckles. "Here you go, Mr. Schoenheit," you said while letting go of his wrist again.
Vil nodded in satisfaction and sauntered away elegantly, Rook following him loyally.
"Idia, this way!" the next person in line shouted.
"I-I don't want to, Ortho! I've changed my mind!"
A surprised look flashed over your face when you realised that it was Idia — in person, might I add — approaching you, or rather, being forcibly pushed towards you. He clamoured loudly, but Ortho wouldn't cease to stop his rocket boots until the two of them stood right in front of you.
Ortho shot you a friendly smile. "Hello, (Y/n)... please, would you be so kind and bless my big brother with luck?" he asked, his smile growing sheepish when Idia tried to wind his way out of his grip like a frenzied animal. "He may not look like it now, but earlier, he was a madman raving ecstatically upon hearing of you."
You hummed and turned to Idia. "Sure, where do you want the kiss?"
"C-Cheek, please..."
In contrast to his previous behaviour, Idia froze when you brought your face closer to his. He clamped his eyes shut and ceased to breathe — right until he felt your soft lips on his cheek. The tips of his hair flared up into a soft pink, the shade of the lipstick stain on his cheek. And only when you pulled away to make sure he hadn't fainted did he allow himself to smile in a silly and relieved way, as if he had braved a difficult fight.
"See?" Ortho chimed, also relieved. "That wasn't so hard..."
A chuckle escaped your lips at that, and you even leaned forward to pat his shoulder. "And you also get one for free, just because you're adorable, Ortho!" you announced before closing in and pressing a kiss to his forehead.
The robot-boy gasped in surprise, although his eyes soon fluttered close in appreciation. "Me? Oh, thank you! You're so generous!" A giggle escaped his lips as he pushed Idia forward and exclaimed, "Big Brother, say thank you as well..."
"T-Thank you..." Idia stuttered out, looking like he was ready to bolt out of this crowded place any time soon.
On their way out, the two Shroud brothers bumped into an entourage of Diasomnia students.
Sebek seemed to lead the group through the masses, rudely pushing students to the side and forcing his way through. "Finally! I managed to cut a way through the mass of people! This way, Master Malleus..." he exclaimed and gestured for his dormleader to step forward. "Everyone, make way— make way!"
"Oh, Sebek. This isn't making you popular..." Lilia muttered in amusement.
Silver, who had until then managed to fall asleep while standing next to his vice dormleader, jolted awake and let out a confused gasp. "Huh— Where are we going, Father?" he asked while struggling to catch up with the rest of the group.
Lilia floated up to ruffle the second-year's hair. "Just getting a good night kiss, Silver."
Once they arrived in front of you, you shot the group of a sheepish smile. "Oh, hello you three— and even Malleus..." Your eyes grew wide upon spotting the tall fae looming over you.
A giddy smile decorating his face, the dragon fae explained, "I could not resist the idea of being blessed with luck." Sighing wistfully, he began scratching his chin with his gloves fingers. "After all, I can certainly need it to receive invitations to some festivities I look forward to attending."
"Understandable, and you three?"
"I will use the luck to protect Master Malleus even better!"
Through his chuckles, Lilia managed to explain, "Silver wants to be lucky enough to not fall asleep as often anymore." Then he paused upon realising that the second-year in question had fallen asleep again. "And as for me? I think I'd like to have this luck make my culinary creations turn out even better than now!"
"Sebek, that's so you. Silver, that's totally understandable. And Lilia, you'll need the luck."
The first to be kissed was Malleus, who simply closed his eyes innocently, even having to bend down a little bit for you to reach his cheek, and then patiently waited for your kiss. A satisfied chuckle escaped his lips as he stepped back to eye you intently.
Next up were Lilia and Silver; as for Lilia, you simply pressed a kiss to his cheek, and as cheeky as he was, he returned the gesture smoothly, much to your surprise. You broke out into laughter and waved him off. As for Silver, who had fallen asleep, you simply pressed a kiss to his forehead. He stirred a little bit, but didn't wake up otherwise.
And last was Sebek. He straightened his back and raised his head like soldier in front of his king, ready to receive an order. His antics caused you to roll your eyes, but you nonetheless leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Although he might have been exploding inwardly, he tried his best to not let it show too much. So, when he walked back to Malleus' side, he was as stiff as a board.
Smiling, Lilia exclaimed, "We thank you for your generosity, (Y/n)!" Without further ado, the group of four turned around and walked away in closed formation.
A look of relief flashed across your face when you realised that the queue had come to an end for now, that the Diasomnia squad had been the last ones to be kissed. You sighed leisurely when Grim, Ace, and Deuce approached you. Your lips were sore, and you touched them to notice that your fingertips hadn't turned pink. "This is the end. My lipstick has worn off, anyway..." you muttered, confirmed by a look into a nearby mirror.
Ace got onto a chair to announce, "Everyone, we're sold out forever! Don't come back tomorrow or the day after that." A wave of disappointed sighs echoed through the living room of Ramshackle as the remaining students poured out.
"And as for us, we made tons of Madol!" Deuce cheered.
"(Y/n) and everyone sitting on a tree!" Grim began singing. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"
You mustered your most angry glare to direct at the cat monster. "Don't you dare continue that rhyme..." you hissed and wagged your finger at him.
However, Grim simply continued jumping around and singing, "First comes money. Then comes luck. Then comes my tuna!"
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