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ai-0uch · 2 days ago
I am on my knees begging for you to draw Jack
Tumblr media
The Goodest boyo ever ✨✨✨
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treysimp · 2 days ago
Now Entering: TWST Thirst Zone
Twst Character's Body Hair Headcanons (who's forearms do I want to gnaw like a rottweiler with some rawhide?)
Tumblr media
If you want to know my reasoning:
Tumblr media
Body hair is cute and endearing and cuddly and soft and if you have it you are also all of those things. 🥰
Tumblr media
Lucious gorgeous soft body hair oh my god hold me:
TREY, Deuce, Sebek, JACK, Leona, Malleus, VARGAS
Has no body hair, is bitter about it:
EPEL, Ortho (maybe someday Idia will build it for you buddy)
Has no body hair, is smug about it:
Azul, Jade, Floyd, RIDDLE, Lilia, Crowley, NEIGE
Has no body hair, spends a ton of time removing it:
VIL, Jamil, Cater, CREWEL
Has a ton of body hair, it's so pale you can only see it in the sunlight:
KALIM, Ace, Ruggie, ROOK, Idia, Silver, Trein
Cat (all hair):
Tumblr media
Honest question: do people want to be tagged in headcanons? I feel like people that ask for tags usually want actual fics rather than this silly BS, but I just don't want to be obnoxious mostly haha
Love you, reader!
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mall-0-ry · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sras-is-doing-something · 8 hours ago
More JackBek Agenda :DDD
Tumblr media
Was gonna make it in a ballroom, but meh, garden waltz is cuter;;;
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bloomingjarofhoney · 2 days ago
Explain French
Tumblr media Tumblr media
First year shenanigans
thought i'd take a stab at doing some text messages. might do more cause this was really fun!
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thesunshineriptide · a day ago
If you're still asking for overblot characters I was curious about Jack and Epel.
Tumblr media
Overblot Epel
First of all he overblots because of Vil. I’d imagine that his overblot would happen due to extremely foreseen circumstances of being berated over and over again
This isn’t new, it’s just his life, but it’s adding up and eating at him. He’s trying, okay, can’t you see that? He’s doing his best to be prissy and high brow and suppress the instinct to bite someone every time they misgender him or call him pretty and whatnot.
He’s another case of just overusing his magic on accident in combination with the mental anguish. It’s not a mental breakdown, persay, and it’s not him snapping, it’s a slow burning fire that simply had more kindling added to it
The day isn’t anything spectacular. There isn’t a major event coming up, there isn’t a big fight, there’s no failing tests or stress beyond normal. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear him down.
He takes his dance classes. He does pretty well in them, which only serves to frustrate him since he hates ballet, it’s uncomfortable and it hurts, he hasn’t trained for this. He aces his potionology tests with Rook’s help, which is great except that now Vil’s looking at him smugly, and tells him he expects this of him all the time.
It’s time for their daily duel. It probably shouldn’t be daily, but it is because Epel simply can’t keep himself from telling Vil to shove off.
This is what causes it. Epel fights with all his might, trying not to hurt Vil but still attempting to win. And, of course, he loses.
Then he gets up. When Vil has his back turned, he blasts him with an elemental attack, seething.
“Again.” He demands, “I want to go again.”
“Spudling,” Vil says tiredly, “You’ve lost once. Do you want that to happen again?”
Epel nods, and Vil sighs before readying himself.
Epel loses again, but his control is waning.
“Again.” He says, glaring, “I’ll win this time.”
“Epel.” Vil says firmly.
He stops, though, because Epel isn’t asking anymore. He’s already slinging spells his way, no care for how harmful they might be. Vil is on the defense, doing his best to dodge and block. He hadn’t expected this, though he probably should have, and he’s somehow both impressed and pissed.
Epel is exhausting himself at this point. His magestone is nearly completely black, and Vil can see.
“Stop.” He says, “Epel, stop.”
“No!” He cries, and flings a fireball at him.
Ink begins pooling down from his hairline, covering his face in a delicate black mask. His hands shake and his lip quivers, and he continues shooting it at him, “No! I’m going to win! I’m going to win!”
He’s consumed with blot, and Vil reels back at the realization. He understands, now, that he went too far. He should have kept his comments gentler, or stopped Epel from going again and again
Epel looks both delicate and strong at once. His blot phantom is a prince, decked in red and blue and gold, glaring down at Vil
Epel himself wears intricately designed armor, like a knight, but worse. He looks down empty tears in his eyes, the look in them dead.
He’s a little difficult to take down. Fighting him doesn’t help, he doesn’t have restraint and honestly nobody even wants to fight him. No, what it takes is Vil calling in some help from the spelldrive team to just. Calm him down.
Leona takes charge, tugging Epel close despite the danger and telling him to stop acting like this, nobody questions his strength, and if he doesn’t he’s off the spelldrive team.
It should piss him off more. It should make him go harder, but instead he sags in Leona’s grip, sobbing as the beastman holds him up. There’s an unspoken understanding between them that Leona does care, and that Epel idolizes him more than anyone else in NRC.
“You’re alright, herbivore.” He says to Epel, patting his head, “Let’s get you somethin’ to drink.”
There’s nothing to be said. His overblot was an accident, it was never meant to happen. Nobody apologizes, but the behaviors change anyway. Vil loosens the leash a little, Leona takes up some of the slack and makes sure Epel is alright from time to time, and Epel does his best to not let things get to him so badly
Tumblr media
Overblot Jack
Jack is a tough nut to crack considering everything. He’s a dependable hard worker who keeps his nose clean and never cuts corners. He’s excellent in most skills, he’s strong, he tries his best in class, and he rarely gets into fights.
What, on earth, could cause this guy to overblot?
Werewolves: the monsters that wolf-beastmen are said to turn into when possessed by the power of the full moon. People often tell young kids not to stay up too late or they’ll turn into them
Jack is dependable. He gets to sleep at 10 pm, he wakes up early to do his runs, he studies hard to memorize things and do well. So when he begins to slip in these areas, staying up later, sleeping in longer, going as far as to growl at Crewel, it’s evident something is wrong with him.
It started as a prank, really! Ace and Deuce were having a little fun, started settling Jack’s water jugs outside and turning them into moon water. In the sun, it doesn’t look different, though in the nighttime it lights up a lovely pale blue color and shimmers with energy.
They begin to realize their mistake soon enough. Jack’s been accidentally snapping handles off doors, he accidentally injured Epel in practice. His hair looks sharper, puffier, and so does his tail. And he looks to be in a very, very bad mood.
At lunchtime he rips and tears at his food, hunched over it. He eats with his hands, too, which is worrisome. He’s glaring when Ace reaches over to steal a fry off his plate, and-
He bites him.
Ace reels back, screaming. Jack looks indifferent.
It’s a week of this before someone intervenes. Jack’s gone pretty much mute, but he still manages to do schoolwork most of the time. The only people he’ll listen to are the dorm heads, and even then it’s risky.
He begins to grow fur. It’s soft white, like his beast form, but it seems…matted. It makes him look somewhat terrifying.
What makes him overblot is the final intervention. All of the dorm leaders have cornered him, blocking all exits. Leona’s crouched, ready to tackle him if he gets violent. Riddle’s already got his pen out, poised to off his head. Azul, Idia (in person, yes) and Kalim stand mostly as bodies to prevent escape while Vil and Malleus block the other exits. He’s completely cornered.
It’s late at night, which only makes him more agitated. He growls and snaps wildly at those he would normally deem to be his friends, eyes glowing yellow. Moonlight leaks in through the atrium of the botanical gardens, and he begins to shift.
Bones crack and reappoint themselves, he’s growling a deep rumble, and he looks distinctly not human, not even close to himself. He’s somewhere between wolf and man, but closer to animal as he howls.
This is his overblot.
There’s ink designed in tendrils crawling up his arms and legs, splotches of it painting his ears, and behind him is his phantom, another wolf. It sits proudly, silently, stoically, but it doesn’t move to attack at all. It seems this one has more presence of mind than Jack
He runs at Leona, who dodges and grabs him by the scruff, forcing him to the ground. Riddle casts his signature spell, snapping the collar around Jack’s neck quickly. It interrupts something, leaving Jack whining with wide eyes on the floor, looking up pitifully.
The phantom stands and moves closer, carefully avoiding Leona but doing much the same as him. One massive paw sits in the middle of Jack’s back.
Riddle crouches down, gently petting Jack’s ears. “I believe my freshman have done this to you. Let me help fix this, it’s the least I can do.”
Everyone is silent as they watch Jack’s labored breathing and dog-like whines. He slowly gets up, ears flicking and swiveling as he tries to orient himself. He can’t speak - he knows he should be able to. He thinks he recognizes these people, but his mind is scrambled.
The phantom disappears quickly, and it’s Leona who’s left to keep him under control. Jack stops putting up a fight, but he doesn’t exactly submit either, growling and snapping when Leona gets close.
It takes Riddle, again, to calm him. He’s tugging the beastman along toward the alchemy room, talking on the phone with his mother and father, asking what they know. The strong dormleaders flank them, because having a werewolf loose in the school can’t be good.
Azul and Idia get to work studying in books while Riddle takes notes from his parents. Everyone else is on dog sitting duty, though it’s hard when Jack keeps trying to escape from Leona.
Eventually, near sunrise, they finally have a cure. Riddle removes his collar just as Jack begins to drink it, causing a dissonant moment where the beastman looks ready to attack again and seems to be calming down.
Eventually the day is saved and Jack turns out to be okay, much to the relief of everyone. He has to take a few days off school to recover (and shed) but all’s well that ends well
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lumpia-ni · 2 days ago
I’m sorry WHAT!?
(I know the tsum event was like couple months ago)
Crowely : Good news boys I have found a way to get the tsums back to their home!
Leona, Sebek, Floyd, Epel, Jack , Riddle and others : YAYYYYY
*Yuu in the background spying on them* : YOU DAMN FUCKING BIRD YOU CAN GET THOSE CUTIES BACK BUT NOT ME!?
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malleuss · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The best screen caps from the savanaclaw book
Also( poor Ruggie is trying his best but how strong is Leona that he can overpower someone’s signature spell?!)
Tumblr media
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twisted-fishbaiit · a month ago
Pillow fight!🪶
Tumblr media
First years sleep over
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twst-shenanigans · 3 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #242
*MC walks into the classroom*
Jack: *doesn’t look up from his homework* “You look nice today MC.”
MC: “Oh thanks… Wait, you didn’t even look up.”
Jack: “No, but Epel’s heart rate sped up when you walked in the room so…”
Epel: *choking on his apple juice with now a huge blush* “JACK!!”
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ikathousandflowers · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© artwork belongs to disney official line stickers!
if you're planning to make it an emoji to your discord server, the file is not 256kb so you'd have to decrease the file yourself (or i could make a separate one but idk)
had a bit of trouble on jack's part but i went with "I'll take care of it" since it makes much more sense (^ワ^)
i guess octavinelle is next 👀
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not-idia-shroud · 9 days ago
Jack: This is a mistake. Mc, enthusiastically: A mistake we're going to laugh about one day! Jack: But not today. Mc, still enthusiastic: Oh, no. Today's going to be a mess.
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nyxlovesthemoon · 6 months ago
First years
Tumblr media
2nd years
Tumblr media
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myuunji · 6 months ago
110% ft. First Years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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felidity · a month ago
Tumblr media
So the new Port Fest event cards has got me thinking…of this
Also another attempt at the lineless art style
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bloomingjarofhoney · 19 hours ago
sleep demons
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tezret · 2 months ago
Everyone Will Remember This, Jack
You/Reader, banging your homework on the table out of frustration:
Jack: Hey, stop that! How would you like it if I banged you on the table?
Jack: I am going to go die now, bye…
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